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Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts (born 8 November 1986) is a Welsh international rugby union footballer currently playing for Cardiff Blues in the Pro12 league.

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Jamie Roberts lands first blow in build-up to Six Nations opener between Wales and England
The potential inside back line for of Mike Phillips, Dan Carter & Jamie Roberts looks a mouth watering prospect...
Dan Carter could play in between Mike Phillips and Jamie Roberts at Racing Metro
Our mistake - No Sexton for Racing today. He's been rested, along with Jamie Roberts & Teddy Thomas. Goosen plays ten. Laulala in centre.
Man of Match Jamie Roberts - doubt will be any consolation. Another good win for ABs and perfect end of a long season.
No words for my love for Jamie Roberts 😘 love being Welsh
Rhys Webb , Dan Biggar and Jamie Roberts all played amazing
Jamie Roberts is defiantly my man of the match too.
Well done also to the worlds worst commentator who acts like a child when wales is losing , and then gives man of the match to Jamie Roberts who missed 1000 tackles , well done Brian Moore you *** !! All blacks with Barret scores 4 tries in 12 minutes , but wales get a man of the match😳
Jamie Roberts the 'Dove' man of the match. It sounds so wrong.
Jamie Roberts deserved man of the match! :)
Jamie Roberts MOM feek me Brian Moore must have been wqtching a different game to me.
Wales centre Jamie Roberts is the Man of the Match in a match where the win 34-16...
you are an excellent commentator and very brave to give Jamie Roberts MOM! Deserved! Wales bottled it again!
Amazing tribute to you by Man of the Match, Jamie Roberts! deserved
Jamie Roberts named Man of the Match. That might have been a selection made in the games 50th minute
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Absolutely gutted for the Welsh rugby boys 68 years of hurt still continues that's why New Zealand are the greatest team in the world congratulations to Jamie Roberts for man of the match so the score was 16-34
If you were going to give any Welshmen the Player of the Day you give it to Hibbard or Webb.. Not Jamie Roberts
Pure class from Jamie Roberts great interview
Jamie Roberts is always man of the match. Swoon.
Well done boys, brilliant match, Jamie roberts man of the match x
Jamie Roberts put in a titanic shift there. Did an absolute job on SBW today.
Well played Wales. Brian Moore, who I believe chose this, is a *** - 34-16 to the ABs and Jamie Roberts is MOM. Hm
Such a shame that Wales couldn't keep the scoreline close, they were always going to lose but the way they played for 70 out of the 80 mins was fantastic, last 10 mins was a disaster, glad Jamie Roberts got man of the match, well deserved. If they could play that well against the All Blacks for most of the match, hopefully, they won't be too bad in the Six Nations.
how did Jamie Roberts get man of the match? Rhys Webb put in a better shift for the time he was on
Respect to Jamie Roberts, get well soon fella
Jamie Roberts get rid of that awful beard!
Well played the all Blacks but the score was not a reflection of a great game Jamie Roberts deserved m.o.m. a wrong bounce and there you go and the record continues. Fantastic match.
Well done Jamie Roberts on man of the match x
Man of the Match to Jamie Roberts? He went missing for parts of the game that Wales needed him...
Jamie Roberts, an amazing person and awesome rugby player
Jamie Roberts head is like the end of a steel toe cap boot.
Thoughts? Jamie Roberts class Dan Bigger class Aw Jones class Sam Warburton class (better than his opposite number) Rhys Webb class Rest of the starting team brilliant Subs??? Great words from Jamie Roberts
well deserve man of the match Jamie Roberts
Da iawn (Well done) Dr Jamie Roberts . richly deserved ...good leadership ...
All Blacks lead Wales 34-16 & the commentators thinks it’s credible to name Jamie Roberts Man of the Match! Absolutely disg…
A well deserved man of the match to Jamie Roberts🙏💯
On a brighter note, I could listen to Jamie Roberts speak all day 😊😊
I think your idea, Jamie Roberts, of 'playing magnificently' is very different from mine
Wales 16 NZ 34 - gives MoM to Wales' Jamie Roberts .Bonkers. Memories of John Abrahams in Gillette Cup!
Wales have just lost 34-16 to the All Blacks and Brian Moore has awarded Jamie Roberts man of the match. Seriously! He has!
Aw Jamie Roberts is a very eloquent lovely person
Touch of class by Jamie Roberts wishing all the best in the recovery of
Local Pub in hysterics! When Jamie Roberts given Man Of The Match! Which clown awarded him that? Sam outstanding, defence great created zero
Fair play to Jamie Roberts there, great gesture!
And Jamie Roberts is a medic so he must know the damage it is doing to his body.
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Well Done Jamie Roberts . Dan Biggar you were everywhere fantastic. .. why did Phillips come in Webb was awesome
What a lovely sentiment by Jamie Roberts.
Well deserved Man of the Match for Jamie Roberts!
Man of the match goes to Jamie Roberts. lack of team chemistry ruined the game
- Jamie Roberts ? You have been handing around with Butler and Davies for too long. Looking forward to the 6 N
Gotta agree with with his decision to pick Jamie roberts as man of the match
Don't understand how jamie roberts had motm.what about bigger? Thought he was first class today
How is Jamie Roberts the man of the match?
What a game, brilliant first half. Jamie Roberts man of the match well deserved!!! 👍 Proud to be Welsh!!!
Still not capable to kill the game 😑 on the plus side who needs Sonny Bill when you have Jamie Roberts
What the bloody *** happend. Wales had it!... Then gave the game away. Absolutley devastated. On the + well done Jamie Roberts!
Well done Brian Moore Jamie Roberts man of the match .All Blacks superb best team in the world .Well done to Ritchie Mccawl 100 caps iGreat Game to Watch .Dont Mind Losing if you try
Jamie Roberts with a well deserved motm, but not the finish they wanted. McCaw gets 100 w as All Black captain
*Jamie Roberts awarded man of the match* "Pol: SORRY, DID YOU SEE Rhys Webb?!" 😂👍
Jamie Roberts and Dan Biggar were both absolutely immense
Jamie Roberts man of the match someone pleaw tell me *** he done
Well done to Jamie Roberts the Welsh man of the match 😊 He had a great game. .
Jamie Roberts man of the match, well deserved!!
Typically Welsh.Jamie Roberts got player of the day?
Well we had them for 70 mins, slipped away in the last 10. Jamie Roberts a well deserved man of the match though! Well played bois
Jamie Roberts looks like he could be a Juggernaut
What is it with Eddie butler 4 times he asked who was man of the match Doesn't he like the answer of Jamie Roberts just because he's welsh
Great game well deserved MOM for Jamie Roberts
Jamie roberts deservedly man of the match, heck of a shift put in
Jamie Roberts, amazing play. 70 minutes of brilliance from Wales, and those last 10 minutes let 'em down as always. *** shame! Maybe next time!
Man of the match jamie roberts???.he had a great game...but dan bigger all the way...
Jamie roberts?? Really thought biggar was better. Certainly got to have the number 10 jersey from now on.
Don't want to predict the out come if the NZ All Blacks v Wales but at 76.36 mins into the match at 16 to 34 I think it's a done deal. The All Blacks are unstoppable - next years World Cup winners - looking forward to this- don't phone don't text don't FB me (except Michael&Erik & Tom) don't call round. And Jamie Roberts Man of the Match well deserved.
Well done Dr Jamie Roberts well done Wales yet again this could have been ours
4 tries in 13 minutes,and Jamie Roberts are the man of the match,lmao what a joke
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Well done jamie Roberts, shame about the rest of the team!
Well done so deserved Jamie Roberts man of the match xxx
Fitness and stamina a must in games like this a bit of luck too, they did there best just not lucky enough 🏉🏉🏉 Jamie Roberts what a beast
Bless Wales played so well today and then some lucky tries for NZ, excellent effort Wales team. Cymru am byth!!! Must've been good if Brian Moore is nominating Jamie Roberts as man of the match
Brian Moore gives Jamie Roberts man of the match??? Mental. Conrad Smith easily the best player on the field.
So close but yet so far again can't fault the attitude and performance from the team but Barrats try blew the stuffing out of wales.Jamie roberts and Dan bigger best games in a Welsh shirt I would say today.we will get there one day in what year tho I can't say lol
Got to be honest this is probably the best test match I've watched in a long while. Can't really say a man of the match as all the Welsh boys have put their bodies on the line. But Jamie Roberts outstanding, Tipuric, Hibbard, Webb, brilliant!!! Just the last 10mins all over again...A touch of class by the Kiwi's...All in all
Hiding in the toilet because it makes me feel sick watching anymore but making Jamie Roberts MOT will make easier
Win or potentially lose Dan Biggar, Jamie Roberts and Rhys Webb have been outstanding... aalso vast majority of the pack have given them the platform...
Really want to go on the pitch and mother Jamie Roberts 😊 and Biggar has redeemed himself. Then b*ks here they go again 😒
Don't quote me on this but it's the first time I've seen sonny bill in anyone's pocket. Errors everywhere! Jamie Roberts hats off to you sir
Jamie roberts has been class today, fair play Jamie boy
Jamie Roberts has been immense today.
Flippin heck... Jamie Roberts had his weetabix this morning. What a difference
Jamie Roberts is playing an absolute blinder- handstand forward rolls over Leigh 1/2p included!! :) Dan Biggar playing an absolute blinder in defence. Believe guys & finish them off!!
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18 mins to go and I think Jamie Roberts is man of the match. Outstanding performance
Did I just see Jamie Roberts take a step?
Jamie Roberts is the last person in the world I would like to receive a head butt from!!!
Jamie Roberts is having a class game ✌️
Jamie Roberts, Rhys Webb. In the running for man of the match. 25 minutes left. Where's my blood pressure tablets?
Jamie Roberts,..the Best Player in the World??...awsome!!!.
best I've seen Jamie Roberts play for a long time!!
Jamie Roberts has been immense tonight 🏉
Top try welshies Jamie Roberts is a brilliant centre
Jamie Roberts has sonney bill in his pocket !
I would love to see John davies and Scott Williams in the centre for WALES rather than Jamie Roberts who is just a crash ball man
. Would prefer for Foxy 2 start alongside Scott Williams instead of Jamie Roberts who forgot how to catch a ball against Fiji
Jamie Roberts' parents & brother presented with a Catholic/St. Mary's jersey combo with her number on it.
Eddie Butler-"Scott Williams calling for Jamie Roberts to come inside him". Yes Scotty, you and 50 daffodil hat slags in tiger tiger later.
Wales handling has been poor, Jamie Roberts in particular. Liam Williams is a terrier, punching well above his weight. 🏉
If fit, Jonathan Davies needs to partner Scott Williams against All Blacks and Jamie Roberts needs to be dropped.
Sam Warburton drops out of squad. George North returns to wing, Scott Williams partners Jamie Roberts at centre. Liam Williams at full-back.
Q on extra time tonite: who's harder, Sam Burgess or Jamie Roberts? 😳
Who would you start in the centres for Wales at ?Jonathan Davies, Scott Williams, Cory Allen, Jamie Roberts?
Whenever I'm late for lectures, I whack the game of thrones theme on my ipod, stride as if I'm Jamie Lannister and always make it on time
Guest Hosting for my man Jamie Roberts tonight.
GOAL DAGGERS! Jamie Cureton taps in from a few yards out and Burnett's team lead after 63 minutes at Adam Parks.
"I miss you too babe, wish I was with you 😔"
"I'm a man of my word, I'll be staying in Paris"Strong words from in todays
Cardiff Blues confirm Wales centre Jamie Roberts will leave the region at the end of the season. More details soon
Jamie Roberts interview: 'I 'm a man of my word – I 'll stay in Paris ', says Wales centre
Tropic Air MD, Jamie Roberts, was recently asked 'What is your favourite place to explore by helicopter' .. and...
A Welshman in Paris - an interview with on why he's staying put in the French capital -
The Harry Roberts story reminds me of the old geeza in Shawshank. 48 years locked up and now at 78 he is in the big wide world..
Jamie Roberts exclusive interview: ‘I’m a man of my word – I’ll stay in Paris’
Jamie Roberts exclusive interview: 'I'm a man of my word – I'll stay in Paris': The Musée d’Orsay on the left ...
Can't wait to see this one! Congrats to Jamie Sparer Roberts for casting!! Film Review: ‘Big Hero 6’ via
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Loads of big names on Fri night with Jamie Roberts, Tony Pulis
Once the messages deleted I forget about ya.
She say she love me whatever that is.
News: Jamie Roberts admits he was caught off-guard by reports linking him to a return to Wales after a slow start to his Racing Métro career
Jamie Roberts playing under a coach he doesn't know whether to believe-hardly a marriage made in heaven
“Britain's most notorious police killer Harry Roberts to be freed. Britain's too soft!
Jamie Roberts 'knocked' by rumours he, Mike Phillips & Dan Lydiate were to depart Racing.
Roberts hurt by Racing Metro rumours: Wales' Jamie Roberts says he, Mike Phillips and Dan Lydiate are staying ...
At 8.30 on hear Jamie Roberts on 'coach quotes', Tony Pulis on 'divers' and Magnus Backstedt on Geraint Thomas and Le Tour
Hey Divas! Mark your calendar for an with Jamie Roberts tomorrow at 1pm EDT (New York time). Her...
Jonathan Davies suffers injury blow, but Jamie Roberts starts for Racing Metro in first round of Eur
Watch some Wales’ top rugby players like Jamie Roberts, Leigh Halfpenny, Dan Lydiate in the French Top 14 on S4C:
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Cant be just me who thinks Jamie Roberts looks like Glen Quagmire :')
Half-time! A Cobblers youth team (and Connor Roberts) are 2-0 down at Goals came from Dior Angus and Jamie Calvin.
STS Rugby - Roberts dreams of future Blues return - Jamie Roberts has admitted he does dream of one day returning ...
Planet Rugby News Cardiff return on Roberts' mind: Wales and Racing Métro centre Jamie Roberts has revealed th...
[Roberts wants Blues return in future: Wales star Jamie Roberts has said he hopes to r...
Age ain't nothin but a digit so baby if you wit it we can kick it and get lifted off the sour and the piffin.
Girl we can blame it on the whiskey..
Great shirt presentation from Jamie Roberts ahead of tomorrow's game against Australia!
Jamie Roberts: 'I would love to return to play for Cardiff Blues before the end of my career'
Jamie Roberts interested in coming back to Cardiff? Must be the lure of hooped jersey, hope he wld wear it more than the red one nxt time
'Thinking of you': Jamie Roberts and Racing Metro's Welsh stars send support to centre Owen Williams
Roberts eyes Cardiff Blues return: Wales and Lions centre Jamie Roberts hopes to return to Cardiff Blues from Racing Metro at some st...
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Jamie Raskin, senior fellow: "[The Roberts Court] is most judicially activist court since the anti-labor court of the 1920s & 30s."
Wing George North is favourite to move to centre to partner Jamie Roberts in the Wales midfield to face France on Friday.
Saw 4 dead birds on the way to the shop. Did I discover a new epidemic? Am I Julia Roberts in "The Normal Heart"?
Comedian Jamie Roberts Does Comedy With A Purpose; read about it here
I beat Jamie Allen-Roberts in Yushino! Challenge me to a game, my username is Deanna Carpenter
Jamie McCormack with a very mistimed challenge on Roberts. Free kick comes to nothing though
would just love it if you took a photo of yourself just like Jamie Roberts & hold sign pantsonhead
The only thing I know about sex workers is Jamie Lee Curtis and Julia Roberts. Is that bad?
Check out the write-up Black Enterprises did on Comedian Jamie Roberts Does Comedy With A Purpose
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Pls Owen, to help Jamie Roberts did. Emma has been waiting 2 yrs 😔😔
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hi Will, pls like Jamie Roberts. We just need a boost. waiting 2 yrs !!!
Going to guess that in reality, Comcast guy is getting drunk with Brian Roberts at this moment.
Jamie Roberts put his pants on his head for pls help YOUR LOCAL GIRL👍👍👍
hopefully Jamie Roberts and Jonathan Davies have signed too!
Saw Jamie Roberts in the park riding a scooter
Our hearts go out to St. Mary's College (Md.) & Catholic University as they mourn the tragic loss of Jamie Roberts:
Saints & Sinners: Which list are Jamie Roberts, Richie McCaw, Ben Smith, Sean Lamont and Matt Mullan on?
Tonight on The Late Show with Jamie Roberts at NY Comedy Club 11pm show: Andy Fiori, Hadiyah Robinson, Dave...
Jamie Roberts and Jonathan Davies aren't quite the same opposition as Nonu and the rugby superlative Conrad-Smith.
Jamie Roberts comparing matthew morgan to mather on Jonah Lomu Rugby. Legend .
Jamie Roberts coming off the field with an arm/shoulder injury. Oh Lord.
'I won't do a Jamie Roberts and cry on my farewell' insists Scarlets star Jonathan Davies
Just seen Sam Warburton walking his dog in rhiwbina , same street I saw Jamie Roberts jogging down not long ago ! Think I'm going to set camp here for a while and get the full Welsh teams autographs 😁😁
Guest Hosting the Late Show W/ Jamie Roberts tonight. Filling in for the homie Jamie. My fam Dena Dave came to support.
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Jamie Roberts insists he can't wait to strut his stuff in South Africa once again, the country where his international career really took off.
So did Jamie Roberts, Dan Lydiate and Luke Charteris, look where they were in the 6N rest weeks.
OMW to Sunday Nite Live at NY Comedy Club with Jamie Roberts, ALWAYS a Great time, come join us 9pm
Come on Wales :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D. For god sake wheres James Hook, with no Leigh Halfpenny hes badly needed. Wow well done Wales pity you didnt play like this last week, it would be a Six Nations win today :-D. My poor Scotland feel badly for them :-(. What a try from my gorgeous Jamie Roberts :-D.
AFTERNOON SHOW: Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts - known as Gilmore & Roberts, have three albums to their name and have twice been nominated for the BBC Folk Awards. They play live for us in the studio, ahead of their appearance at Swindon Arts Centre.
Utterly disillusioned with where Gatland's taking this Welsh team. Regarding selection for Scotland, can't believe Gethin Jenkins keeps his place in front of Paul James. Expect another yellow card. He's finished as an international. Rhodri Jones at tighthead? He doesn't even make the Scarlets team! Only positive is dropping Priestland. Dan Biggar should have been in from the start of the campaign. Rest assured that Priestland will be back after he overcomes his latest loss of confidence! Individual selections aside, the coaching staff need to revolutionise their ideas on how to play test rugby. Couldn't believe Jamie Roberts comments that Wales are NOT predictable. Their physical approach in picking brawn to bludgeon their way over the gainline has brought success in the 6 Nations (albeit with a weak England and France for years) but has been nowhere near enough to beat the Southern Hemisphere. Check out the Rugby Championship decider between SA & NZ. Their backs are relatively small men who play with ski ...
Such an experience to hear the thoughts of Jamie Roberts & George North about the Lions Tour & Welsh squad tonight!
Wales not predictable - Jamie Roberts: Wales and Lions centre Jamie Roberts rejects criticism of Welsh tactics...
Ky! Luther Burrell great try. Mike Brown beat more people than anyone. Versus another unsuccessful crash ball from Jamie Roberts
Spring training game with Jamie Roberts, Gayle Davis, Len & Dorrie Johnson and Dean Lampe. Perfect weather and nice ride.
Dylan Hartley reveals England will target Jamie Roberts, Toby Faletau and Richard Hibbard via
Wales v France: Wales player ratings February 24, 2014 15. Leigh Halfpenny: 7.5 Racked up a 17-point haul with another accurate kicking display. He looked sharp and ambitious in attack and asked plenty of questions of Les Bleus, but he had very little to do in open play for most of the match, as the Welsh defensive wall stood strong. 14. Alex Cuthbert: 6 The Welsh winger used his size and strength to great effect in defence. He held the Frenchmen up, slowed their ball, and grappled stragglers into touch. But he was once again starved of the ball and he did not get much of a chance to stretch his long legs. 13. George North: 6 Made some powerful bursts, and looked dangerous throughout. He was rewarded for his perseverance, when some calamitous French cover gifted him his 16th international try. But he struggled with the defensive responsibilities of the midfield and missed six tackles, including one on Mathieu Bastareaud that nearly cost a try. 12. Jamie Roberts: 7.5 His unique blend of brute strength and ...
Walesonline player ratings 15 Leigh Halfpenny 8 Brice Dulin 7 Halfpenny, even with so many years still ahead of him, is the man who's done it all, Dulin, of Castres, is dependable and his stock has grown under Philippe Saint-Andre. 14 Alex Cuthbert 7 Yoann Huget 8 Cuthbert is still waiting to impose himself on the 2014 tournament even though he scored against Italy, Toulouse man Huget is a deadly finisher. 13 George North 8 Mathieu Bastareaud 7 A real clash of the titans in midfield, Bastareaud has more bulk but North's power is just as potent and the Welshman is faster and much more of an athlete. 12 Jamie Roberts 8 Wesley Fofana 9 Roberts has begun the championship well making his presence felt on the gain-line but Fofana is electric, one of the most dangerous striker runners in the game. 11 Liam Williams 7 Hugo Bonneval 7 A meeting of two players who prefer to be at full-back, Williams remains on the fringes of the Welsh back three, Bonneval only made his debut last weekend against Italy. 10 Rhys Pries ...
Nah, that's not Bee and Phillips. It's Jamie Roberts and Richard Bennett (blacked up)
Ireland v Wales: Wales player ratings February 10, 2014 15. Leigh Halfpenny: 5 Showed willingness to counter attack early on, after putting a lot of boot to ball against Italy last week, and slotted his only attempt at goal. But Halfpenny was kept quiet by the Irish defence throughout and was rattled by his British and Irish Lions understudy Rob Kearney, who was superior under the high ball. 14. Alex Cuthbert: 5 The Welsh flyer stuck to his wing for most of the match and was consequently starved of ball, but when he did get his hands on it, he was not given an inch by the Irish. The winger was also nowhere to be found when Johnny Sexton peppered the corners with probing kicks. 13. Scott Williams: 4 Williams was forced off early on after he sacrificed his shoulder in the process of clattering Brian O’Driscoll. If Jonathan Davies does not return soon, Wales will once again be left desperately short in the midfield. 12. Jamie Roberts: 6.5 The Welshman trudged forward throughout and occasionally managed to ...
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The ratings Wales v Ireland from Delme Parfitt 15 Leigh Halfpenny 9/10 v Rob Kearney 8/10 Kearney used to be the main man at No.15, but Halfpenny has usurped him in the last year and kept him in the shade on the Lions tour. The Irishman will have a point to prove on Saturday. 14 Alex Cuthbert 8 Dave Kearney 7 Cuthbert's rapid emergence in the last two years has seen him become a formidable finisher. Kearney is, with respect, the less talented of the Kearney brothers. Solid, but unspectacular. 13 Scott Williams 7 Brian O'Driscoll 9 Williams' reputation as an centre of genuine international class is developing all the time, but O'Driscoll is the master, the man who has done it all. 12 Jamie Roberts 8 Gordon D'Arcy 7 Both British Lions centres, but D'Arcy is in the twilight of his Test career now and Roberts showed last weekend against Italy what a gain-line menace he still is at the highest level. 11 George North 9 Andrew Trimble 7 North is one of the most blockbusting strike-runners in the world game. Tri ...
RBS 6 Nations Round 1 - The Big Fellas Perspective! Yes this is relatively lengthy but it covers 3 games. You don’t have to read it therefore? Yesterday we saw an indifferent Wales and a continued improving Italy at the Millennium Stadium. Italy under a new coach clearly came to play an attacking game; they seem to have lost a little in the strength of their pack but are playing a much more expanse wider / outfield game. I won’t even cover the howler from young debutant Esposito that lead to the Welsh try instead I was very taken by the skill and play of their centre Campagnaro who scored 2 tries, some excellent kicking by young Thomasso Allen. Wales showed some good aspects and I was impressed as ever with Jamie Roberts who together with Williams combined some good play. North, Cuthbert et al weren’t that outstanding but did enough, clearly. In sum a scoreline that mostly flattered Wales, who for me looked slightly ragged, tired, made too many un-Wales like mistakes and were unconvincing. NOW befo ...
Try! Great line-break by Jamie Roberts puts Scott Williams through for a try. Converted by Leigh Halfpenny. Wales 17 -3 Italy.Wales are showing sparks of flair, but need to settle down in the second half. Italy have been immense. Fantastic defence, inventive and chasing everything. I think the score doesn't really reflect their contribution, but it's points that count! Come on boyo's! Cymru am byth!!
Ffion saying Alex Cuthbert and Jamie Roberts went to the cinema whilst she was in work last night and had a £12 pic n mix😂
Well well well didn't expect to see Alex Cuthbert and Jamie Roberts at the cinema earlier!
as compared to Mike Phillips, Jamie Roberts, steve Jones, Lee Byrne etc, etc who were all playing when GN and AC started
Leigh Halfpenny is moving to Toulon and also joining a long list of Welsh players to go to France such as Dan Lydiate, Mike Phillips, Jamie Roberts, James hook, Jonathon Davies and Ian Evans. This shows that the Welsh rugby union are unable to handle the financial inequality from French team -admin Paul
Loads of players are looking to leave the clubs, George North, Richard Hibbard, Leigh Halfpenny, Jamie Roberts, Mike Phillips
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Potential back line of Mike Phillips, Dan Biggar, Jamie Roberts, Jonathan Davies, Cuthbert, North, Halfpenny in today's squad announcement
Ben you have been taken out the game by Roberts.
As I was at dinner my neighbors send me a text saying they dropped off my early Xmas present. I joked and asked if it was my Mannie Moo Moo. When I got home Mannie was in his usual spot face first into his bowel. Thank u to everyone for your support. And a very special thank u goes to the best neighbor and friend anyone could ever ask for. Jamie Roberts Mathis & Scuba Mathis for bringing him back home to me. God is truly amazing!!!
Jamie Roberts u r a true artist as a percussionist. You shall no longer be called Jaime but "The Chef"
Gareth Griffiths on Jamie Roberts, Mike Phillips and Dan Lydiate in Heineken ... - WalesOnline:... 8
Jamie Roberts may have a Munster midfield partner at Racing Metro next season:
Am assuming Jamie Roberts will appear on guitar?
as ever, the award for the largest chin in sport goes to Jamie Roberts
Gareth Griffiths watched Mike Phillips, Jamie Roberts and Dan Lydiate in Heineken Cup action for Racing Metro at...
was Jamie Roberts there? No doubt they ran of after they saw his stone island
apparently Jamie Roberts' comments were edited to suit an agenda. No integrity at the bbc anymore. Disgustin…
Maybe our Heineken Cup campaign isn't over yet. Always pleasant to beat the likes of Mike Phillips, Johnny Sexton, Dan Lydiate and Jamie Roberts. FYI - we were playing a French team.
yea the also have Jamie Roberts and Dan Lydiate!
Jonathan Sexton had some harsh words for this Racing side last week, could be Jamie Roberts' turn this week. Looks disgusted with the effort
Since when did Racing Metro have Johnny Sexton and Jamie Roberts!!!
change to see Jamie Roberts playing club rugbyloss to Blues
How can a team including jonny sexton, Mike Phillips and Jamie Roberts be playing so badly?!
Jamie Roberts just spewed all in his car whilst driving. Hungover much?
jamie roberts, sexton & Mike Phillips all starting this week. it's tough, but we're confident and getting at them! winning 3-0 :D
Yeah Jamie anyone has time time to do that on Xmas day. Give it a rest and stop gobbing in the food
yes! Will be a good game actually. Your backs look strong. Jamie Roberts is back will be interesting to see what he does
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Jobs done lets see if Jamie Roberts can play a week without getting injured
Good to see Jamie Roberts back playing. Racing really need him in the 12 channel. They're really struggling to get over the GL. Big time
Gettin on my nerves ain't tryna talk it out, you can hit the curb and walk it out 💃
That's why you gotta watch who you hang around 😈
Completed my first week of school and it has kicked my butt! With that being said I LOVE IT :-) a special thank you to my family who has helped me and a BIG thank you to my hubby for encouraging me every day. I love you Jamie Roberts
Will the return of Jamie Roberts galvanise Racing or will Quins win again?
Well done to everyone that fought tonight at WCMMA all the lads done awesome. ALL ST󾭩RS MMA on the map. Jamie Roberts Aaron Nunn Robin Ling Mario Michael Bear Gang Barbarians Bjj
Photo: dogshaming: And the caption contest winner is… Congrats Jamie DiGesare Roberts! You have just won...
Jamie Roberts takes the win on judges decision
Teams trade baskets late in quarter, highlighted by Jamie Staples 3-pointer for Amherst. Roberts then with a basket at buzzer. 8-8 after 1.
Roberts eyeing more success with Wales: Wales centre Jamie Roberts is desperate to be part of his country's 20...
Or...thinking left Jamie Roberts there! Or is he too slow?
Wonder what Gatland is thinking watching this, and to the point is Jamie Roberts sitting comfortably?
Chin up . Took that like the tank you are. Wish you a speedy recovery x
All these *** phonys say hello to my friend I think I'm tony.
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Made her bust it open now she leakin, I be makin moves on the weekend.
going to see hunger gamed at 12:30 with Jamie Roberts, might catch you if youre wandering about :p
Exclusive interview: Jamie Roberts on new life at Racing Metro - 'Footballers make money abroad so why can't we'
Oh you know, just playing some Brawl, reminding me of 3R and the bear cave and Darren D'Andrea, Chris Boon, Brock Dietrich-Scammell, Nick Hutcheon, Mazen Popat, Laura Whittingham and Jamie Roberts!
Taissa Farmiga as Zoe, Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie, Jamie Brewer as Nan and Emma Roberts as Madison i
It's my 22nd birthday. And Jamie and Cora are already sleeping.
Really disappointed with selective reporting of Jamie Roberts' comments, incredible poor quality and integr…
Roberts backs Wales to emerge stronger after crisis: Wales and Lions centre Jamie Roberts says ... via
Jamie Roberts fit again and ready to perform surgery on wounded Racing Metro after thrashing against Harlequin...
In case you hadn't heard, James Findlay is unfortunately unable to make the Royal Traditions Christmas Do on Saturday due to being in India with the British Council (definitely not jealous). However, fear ye not! Rosie Hood and myself will still be doing it, along with special guests Elly Lucas, Sam Sweeney and Jamie Roberts. All the tickets have gone, but you can still turn up and perch at the bar or at the back, and pop some money in the hat. Make sure you get there early for some Morris dancing by the wonderful Fool's Gambit Morris at 7pm. It promises to be a wonderfully festive, possibly quite silly, and very unique evening.
When I'm not busy being a dad or kvetching about how my life isn't at all what I planned, I'm working hard to promote these 4 comedy groups (and 1 more on the way) that I helped co-found and which feature some really fantastic comics: Charles McBee Akash Bhasin Miguel Dalmau Sergio Chicon Jamie Roberts Kevin Israel Matt Ritter Joan Alster Weisblatt Julie Kottakis Jahnavi Goldstein Ndidi Oriji Comedian Adam Bloom Max Neuman Daniel Enfield Aaron Kominos-Smith Eric Neumann
My cousins Jessica and Jamie Roberts I miss u guys so much
The Co-operative slogan is “Here for you for life”, and we pride ourselves on being there for our customers whenever they need us. Our businesses are there for our customers in often difficult times, when they need us the most.    That’s undoubtedly the case for The Co-operative Pharmacy, which is at the heart of the communities in which we trade, delivering a vital service through prescription fulfilment and its broader health care support.    So, today I want to share with you some of the nominations I’ve received highlighting the amazing work of our Pharmacy colleagues and the outstanding customer service they provide week in, week out.    Our Pharmacy Heroes When the Lairg branch in Sutherland lost its electricity due to horrendous winter weather, Linsay Mcneil and Heather Mcleay came to the rescue in this remote part of Scotland.    Alan Cargill, Regional Development Manager wrote to tell me:     “The extreme conditions had been termed as “white out” with strong snowfall and ...
Rugby News: Catch all the news and chats on Racing Metro have been given a boost with news that Jamie Roberts is finally ready to play again after an injury absence.
Seriously looking forward for my hubby to come home to me, all this working away kills it :( Jamie Roberts
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Jamie Roberts ready to return for Racing Métro against Harlequins after three months out with injury: ...
Wales centre Jamie Roberts is ready to play again for Racing Metro after 12 weeks out with an ankle ligament injury.
Thanks Jamie Roberts and Sylvana Serra for joining us for dinner. Now get some rest :-)
A big thanks to ALL that braved the weather and came to The New Orchestra of Washington's "Outside the Bachs" yesterday afternoon - we have the greatest group of supporters and we couldn't be more thankful. A huge thanks also to our fantastic ensemble which yesterday included: Dana Lyn, Laura Choi Stuart, Brandon Eubank, Grace Cho, Akemi Takayama, Jamie Roberts, Ko Sugiyama, Armine Chamasyan Graham, Luke Wedge, Eunice Kim, Robin Fay Massie-Pighee, Heidi Remick, Kristen Wojcik, Sarah Biber, and Jessica Powell Eig. Herr Bach, you are the man!
Was only in town for about an hour the other day and saw Jamie Roberts outside and Carwyn Jones in John Lewis!
What a fabulous weekend iv had with the hubby.cardiff was brilliant and we conquered the Christmas shopping mountain.and it was a little bonus following jamie Roberts around queen st lol .x
I would like to shout out a HUGE congratulations to the couple of the year, Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Roberts!
Purse shopping with Jamie Roberts fun fun!
2010  1)Plumhall  support from sarah carey with a couple of songs from robin fishwick (and from memory a traditional hungarian (?) piano piece in the interval from someone from the hostel robin worked at. 2) Gerry McNeice and Neive Boadle support from robin fishwick  3) Changing Horses support from Leesun  4) Hannah Atkins support Ian Griffiths & Jenny Hicken (who had come up from sheffield to see plumhall for our first ever show)  5)O'Hooley & Tidow support lucy ward  6)Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts support claire mooney   2011 7)Luke Leighfield support from Gavin Mart 8)Edwina Hayes support from Jessica Lawson 9)Rachel Taylor-Beales support from Bill Taylor Beales aka sir silence and the hush with a couple of songs from Mia Simmonds (whoes guitar teacher gerry mcneice joined rachel on stage for the encour) 10)Curtis Eller support from Gerry Cooper 11)Jonathan Day support from Kevin Dempsey 12)Brian Houston support fromAndy Doonan 13)Lucy Ward opening sets from andy calvert and gerry mcneice   ...
My wife would love one of these eh Jamie Roberts
... has had a stressful few days but.. I wanted to say I have the best husband ever. Thank you Joshua Clark-Parrick for always being there, Olympic! Also thanks to Jamie Roberts you're the best!
I'm a *** that has no friends:( I wish I was more like Jamie Roberts :(
I feel so blessed to have the most amazing mother. I cannot thank her enough for her support, love and wisdom. She is a fearless woman with a compassionate heart. I'm sometimes in amazement of who she is and what she represents to me and my family. Her kindness to help others is quiet and far reaching. She never wants recognition, rather she just does what is BEST always. Both my parents are the BEST role models I could have ever imagined to have in my lifetime. My parents shared their parenting with us as a TEAM. Not more than the other, equally present in our lives. Thank you for sharing this message Tealeye Cornejo. I also thought of my friend Jamie Roberts when reading this. I admire her strength and will to always do her best and to do God's will for her family.She is an incredible mother and as her friend this is one of the many qualities I admire in her.
Jamie Roberts, should sing this song.
Looking forward to next week when get to work with The Duncan McFarlane Band, Jon Palmer, Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts, The Albion Christmas Show and KAN just to name a few!
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Rugby Union: Christian Wade out for six months after damaging foot ligaments • England face injury crisis on wing for Six Nations • 'It is devastating news for player and club,' say Wasps Stuart Lancaster's already extensive backline problems increased further on Monday when the Wasps wing Christian Wade was ruled out for the rest of the season after suffering a foot injury in the closing minutes against London Irish on Saturday. Wade, who was picked to play against Argentina last month only to pull a hamstring in training, was told that significant ligament damage meant he needed surgery and would be out of action for six months, ruling him out of the summer tour to New Zealand as well as the Six Nations. Wade, who has scored five Premiership tries this season, one behind the leader, David Strettle, became the second England wing to be ruled out of the Six Nations in less than a week with London Irish's Marland Yarde ruled out for up to four months with a hip problem. In addition, the centres Manu Tu ...
Jimi Hendrix on the Midnight Snack, now! - Jamie Roberts.
On my last break . Missing my gorgeous, amazing girlfriend(: I love you more than you'll ever imagine ! Jamie Roberts, you are my EVERYTHING !!!
After weeks of having no club and speculation. Mike Philips has joined Racing Metro. Joining fellow lions Jamie Roberts , Dan Lydiate and Jonny Sexton
Had a good time at snooker been for morning and afternoon sessions can't believe Jamie Roberts fell asleep tho
Jamie Roberts Smith is playing well, but the receivers left their hands at home.
December 1! 30 days until 2014. 2013 has been AMAZING for me in MANY ways which Im beyond grateful & appreciative. 2014 will be even better! See me talk about my year in review LIVE TONIGHT on Jamie Roberts SNL Show at NYCC at 9:45pm.
Such a dope show at NY Comedy Club tonight for the Late Show with Jamie Roberts
Big up to Jamie Roberts and respect to all the artists involved in Before, I Could Draw... successfully cute launch last night and was truly impressed with everyone's work... I'll be trawling through a number of websites/portfolio's now over the next few days... was good to catch up with creative folk I know and finally meet a number of new faces... overall am proud to be involved, double thumbs up!
Making dreams a reality, on my way to Georgia Practice Facility to dedicate myself to myself and my Dirtbike! I can't thank Jamie Roberts enough for making this possible. Beyond ready for 165% commitment to motocross
I'll be at the New York Comedy CLub tomorrow night on the late show; at 11pm, hosted by the funny; Jamie Roberts!
Here you go Jamie Roberts, some of the less incriminating ones I could find !
Another sad day within the O2 family with the second round of redundancies leaving. Good luck to everyone and keep in touch, you'll have no choice but to Jamie Roberts he he x
JUDGEMENT DAY HAS ARRIVED. The Lions series win over the Wallabies down under brought plenty controversy with questions over initial selection with some of the games top performers missing out, Chris Robshaw the England captain being one to name a few. Was it really the strongest team that could have been fielded or could Warren Gatland not quite see past his beloved Welsh Dragons. This weekend sees the Welsh take on the Wallabies on home turf looking to get one over the ‘Ozzies’ for the first time in 5 years. Following the 20-13 defeat against England the Wallabies have found their feet again and after impressive victories over both Ireland and Scotland are looking strong coming into the encounter. The big argument that is sure to be brought up in many a beer fueled debate this weekend is that if Wales fall to the Australians this Saturday was the selection of so many Welshman the best starting XV down under? Although the British & Irish Lions came away with a victory a lot of the feedback that follo ...
I'm thankful 4 bein blessed wit my munchkin Arionna & soon 2 be blessed wit my new baby girl Aaliyah! I'm thankful 4 my biggest support system: my mom & Jamie Roberts. Last but not least I'm thankful 4 all my family, immediate & extended. Love yall❤❤❤
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Hey Jamie Roberts-what time does March of The Wooden Soldiers play the Detroit Lions?
Let's hope my fantasy team can nick the $1000 in Blondepoker Fantasy Draft to make up for me not going - go team Kevin Allen, Marc Foggin, Jamie Roberts, Marc Macdonnell and Dermot Blain
I believe this will be the first year I don't have all of my children home. Wishing Jamie Roberts would drive in for lunch today.
Scrum-half could join fellow Welshmen Dan Lydiate and Jamie Roberts at Paris club
Jamie Roberts wrote: Alright boys I'm Cage Fighting on WCMMA at The Troxy in London on december 14th, cameras, ring girls the lot! Inbox me for tickets. Boom!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! After the Tryptophan has worn off, come check me out as I join a few funny comics on Saturday, Nov. 30th at the New York Comedy Club at 10pm! Hosted by the very funny Jamie Roberts!
Jamie Roberts Mizzell youve got Huey Lewis and the News!
I am very Proud to announce that Graphics On The Side Ltd (Gots) has been in business for 2 years. I would like to thank everybody who has helped out along the way. 2014 is going to be a big one so watch this space. Cheers Jamie Roberts
Another Monday studying with no boxercise! 󾌠 Not long to go now and studying will all be over, hopefully forever! 󾌸 See you soon Victoria Shortland Jamie Roberts!
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