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Jamie Redknapp

Jamie Frank Redknapp (born 25 June 1973, in Barton on Sea, Hampshire) is a retired English footballer who was active from 1989 until 2005. He is now a football pundit with Sky Sports, and an editorial columnist with the Daily Mail.

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Wayne Rooney will be kicking himself, but all he can do now is find form to silence his critics, says Jamie Redknapp https…
The BIG Premier League quiz. Jamie Redknapp v There can only be 1 winner! Sat 8am Sky…
I love my job football dinner with , Jeff Stelling and Jamie Redknapp
Jamie Redknapp on Victor Moses: "It's nice to see a young English talent getting a chance". Moses (nearly 26) has 24 caps…
Hazard is thriving in new role under Conte, says Jamie Redknapp - but he reckons face big test at Southampton: https…
"With Antonio Conte you get the snarl and the smile. It's a nice balance," says Jamie Redknapp after victory
Jamie Redknapp: How Chelsea have proven they buy into Antonio Conte's approach
Jamie Redknapp reveals Emmanuel Eboue is trying to convert him to Christianity on 😂.
Watching A League of Their Own would love to go on a night out with Freddy Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp
Jamie Redknapp names the only centre-back in the Premier League better than Virgil van Dijk - http…
Jamie Redknapp issues blunt warning to Paul Pogba ahead of Liverpool v Man Utd
my wife's mate reckons she got off with Jamie Redknapp in a club. It's no Garry Parker on a bicycle though
Jamie Redknapp: "You have to credit Southampton, they were exceptional but West Ham were absolutely shambolic."
Jamie Redknapp: "Charlie Austin did everything well. He gave them a platform, it's complete contrast to what Zaza did for…
Jamie Redknapp: "I think it's a straight fight; either Rooney or Ibrahimovic will become surplus to requirements"
Jamie Redknapp says Manchester United are facing a "reality check" and Jose Mourinho must make big decisions
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Jamie Redknapp: West Ham’s Dimitri Payet is just like this Man United legend: Dimitri Payet brings ...
Jamie Redknapp has never watched Ben Gibson bar someone cutting these highlights up for him.
People met today: Pat Jennings, Ossie, Jamie Redknapp, Alan Smith and the one and only Martin Tyler 👍
Joe Hart will bounce back and prove he's a great goalkeeper, says Jamie Redknapp:
Jamie Redknapp: Man of the Match Eric Bailly will be Manchester United fan favourite
Jamie Redknapp believes that Liverpool will challenge for the Premier League title this season under Jurgen Klopp.
James Corden, Jack Whitehall, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp should present Top Gear. Chemistry is so good.
Sterling's England place is under threat after his display vs Russia, says Jamie Redknapp: https:/…
I'd do anything to be friends with Jack Whitehall, Freddie Flintoff, James Corden and Jamie Redknapp they are the funnie…
I want to be in Jack Whitehall, James Corden, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp's squad
Chelsea are right to offer John Terry a one-year contract extension, says Jamie Redknapp
Jamie Redknapp funny analysis stanislas corner. see!!
Jamie Redknapp has got to be one of the most gorgeous men alive 😍
Toby just asked me if Jamie Redknapp plays for Psy?! Psy?! Are they a team😂... Jamie retired in 2005 too😂🙈
Thanks Jamie Redknapp - lovely to have you on the show. football skills need a little work...
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COMPETITION: Who'd like the chance to meet Jamie Redknapp? Under three weeks to enter!:
Jamie Redknapp just gets bullied on a League of Their Own 😂
I'm a footballer, that's my job and that's all I want to be known for.
loved last nights premiere, so good having Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Jake Whitehall back on my screen 💙
Top right looks like Jamie Redknapp -- if only!
Which former footballers do you base your playing style on? Jamie Redknapp or maybe Darren Anderton?
Jamie Redknapp getting most hyped in that Budweiser fan goal advert because he's finally found his level.
Jamie redknapp honestly gets better looking the older he gets, what a beautiful man💘💘💘
Imagine going on a road trip with Jamie Redknapp, & it would be hilarious 😂
Would love a night out with and Jamie Redknapp 😂
From a personal point of view I want some medals because that is what you a...
Jamie Redknapp predicts where Man Utd, Man City will finish in top-four race
Have to say was at its absolute worst last night-. 4 hours of schmaltz, *** & Jamie Redknapp. West Ham z
Jamie Redknapp: "City will be hungry. You don't give the likes of Sergio Aguero another chance because they will lap it up."
Someone remind Jamie Redknapp that Blackburn won the Premier League too. Do not write them out of history!
All purpose parts banner
'Fans at West Ham hated me, but I thrived on it!': and Redknapp share Upton Park memories
Jamie Redknapp is the best when he gets angry. 😂
Love how very opinionated Jamie Redknapp swerved question about West Hams Fans! Only response 'I thought we had moved away from that'
They 'like match winners' at West Ham, says Jamie Redknapp. As if fans of every other club think "match-winners? We don…
The way Jamie Redknapp put Louis Van Gaal in his place, priceless. 😂
Jamie Redknapp said something before in amongst the usual rabble that I think applies to Everton more than most...
Got to agree with Jamie Redknapp. What game did Van Gaal think he was watching. West Ham outplayed and outfought Man Utd.
Jamie Redknapp said City will be "hungry" on Sunday. Clearly he's not watched them all season...
And I never thought I'd agree with Jamie Redknapp.
Does Jamie Redknapp Own a part of Sky Sports, League title ceremonies, Transfer Deadline days, Leaving Do's, Cup Draw, he's never off
Sit through all that and it's back to Jamie Redknapp. Good night folks
Now Jamie Redknapp has called it Upton Park! I am becoming obsessed by this
Jamie Redknapp arguably one of the worst pundits in football
*** Jamie redknapp has definitely been crying
Jamie Redknapp always has to mention his Dad doesn't he
Really want a friendship like James Corden, Jack Whitehall, Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff😂😂
Highlight of tonight's has to be Jamie Redknapp "I've got a stomachache Barry!" 😂😂😂
If they don't interview Harry Redknapp out of one of these taxi windows then what was the point of it all?
Jamie Redknapp is such a funny loser 😂
Socrates, Lao Tzu and Barry McGuigan vs Hermann Goering, Jamie Redknapp and John Lithgow's character from the movie Cliffhanger
Whenever I watch A League of Their Own all I sit and think is Jamie Redknapp or Freddie Flintoff??
Why leave these things to the police when we could hear Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp's opinions?
Jack Whitehall, Freddie Flintoff, Jamie Redknapp and James Cordon have me in stitches on every single episode 😂😂😂
Most normal people at best offer a bottle of champagne Jamie Redknapp, not a crate.
Jamie Redknapp: 'I bet Guardiola will be sending Bilic a crate of champagne'. No, he really won't do you vacuous little ***
Jamie redknapp is already licking guardiola's balls and he hasn't even arrived yet
Christ. On the plus side, we will have Jamie Redknapp to guide us through another emotional journey
Harry Redknapp clearly didn't give Jamie enough hidings when he was younger. The boy never shuts up.
Nothing worse than getting home, turning on TV and finding Jamie Redknapp leading a discussion of the 'West Ham way'.
I'm not listening to jamie redknapp, his dad looks like a retarded bull dog😂
If I ever come across Jamie Redknapp he's gettin a smack of my head
Just what everyone wanted: 45 extra minutes of Jamie Redknapp.
Jamie Redknapp could hardly hide his delight there 😂😂 good man 👏👏👏
Sky usually get these things right but not tonight, its about the atmosphere & the fans. Not Martin Tyler, Jamie Redknapp & Graeme Souness.
Jamie Redknapp finds the inside him as the boys attempt the great escape. Tonight. 9pm.
Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp with massive grins in the impartial Sky Sports studio.
I think I may be slightly in love with Jamie Redknapp and
A League of Their Own US road trip best TV in a long time and Jamie Redknapp
. Is the Jamie Redknapp price boost on "Utd to score 2+ and 8 corners", 8 corners total or 8 for Utd? . Thanks.
Jamie Redknapp looks more like 'Arry every day
Jamie Redknapp joins us on but his interview is interrupted by a mischievous and h…
Nicholas, Jamie Redknapp and Matt Le Tissier can't separate the sides in their Sky Bet tips,Thompson thinks Kane will score the only goal
Jamie Redknapp completely nailed it as The King was sitting there watching him destroy his fellow Frenchman
Wenger has brainwashed Arsenal fans into thinking fourth is good enough, says Jamie Redknapp https:/…
Jamie Redknapp speaks a lot of sense regarding Arsenal. Henry is defending Arsenal and Wenger too much. The club needs a mentality change
Gloucestershire Echo published Jamie Redknapp on injuries, fatherhood and why wife Louise is...: It's been 10 ...
If having Gary Lineker in a ad wasn't bad enough, they added Alan Hansen and Jamie Redknapp too.
LISTEN: SNF Podcast: David Jones is joined by Jamie Redknapp and Thierry Henry as Aston Villa fall closer towa...
Q8: Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen & Jamie Redknapp – who would you share a pack of Tear ‘n’ Share with? .
Jamie Redknapp joined Liverpool in February 1991. He was the last signing Kenny Dalglish made before resigning. Captain Al…
Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen and Jamie Redknapp star in comical new Walkers advert...
Thierry Henry and Jamie Redknapp talk fashion and Arsenal with Fenners and Helen.
David Platt, Sol Campbell, Paul Scholes, Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp & Robbie Fowler will play in the England vs Germany legends match.
LISTEN: SNF Podcast: Alan Smith joined Jamie Redknapp to analyse table-topping Leicester's win over Watford on...
Part of excellent interview with Martin and Jamie Redknapp ahead of tomorrow's derby with
Andy Townsend and Brendan Rodgers trying to stage a Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp .. Hilarious! Get away from that touchscreen!
I can hear whispers of Jamie Redknapp, Danny Murphy, Steve McManaman et al.
Join us after the break for analysis from Jamie Redknapp and Scott Parker on SS1
Have you pulled Jamie Redknapp off the street or is he in a rush to leave He's still wearing his coat!
League of Their Own is too much beautifulness on one tv show... James Cordan, Jamie Redknapp, Jack Whitehall & Freddie Flintoff😻😍
Jamie Redknapp: "Dimitri Payet makes me want to buy a West Ham season ticket."
Jamie Redknapp with some great punditry...
Top notch punditry from Jamie Redknapp, as usual 😒
😂😂 expert analysis. My ball bag has more sense than Jamie redknapp
Jamie Redknapp compares Tottenham starlet to Liverpool legend
Jamie Carragher & Jamie Redknapp recreate the moment on Sky Sports when Brendan Rodgers was sacked
Redknapp and Carragher re-enact THAT hilarious Henry reaction via
Jamie Redknapp: "Eddie Howe, Alex Neil and Quique Sanchez Flores work in very different ways, but they get results."
Jamie Redknapp: "Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done at Liverpool."
Jamie Redknapp: "That's three games on the bounce without scoring for Leicester."
Jamie Redknapp makes bold claim about Chelsea’s top-four hopes: Jamie Redknapp believes that Chelsea are capab...
Jamie Redknapp compares Tottenham starlet to Liverpool legend Jamie Redknapp has compared…
JAMIE REDKNAPP: Injuries. Whenever I am asked to write about the subject, I want to turn off my phone and hide. They are emotional
Jamie Redknapp hopes Wayne Rooney's goal can kickstart run of form
JAMIE REDKNAPP: Rooney reminded us what he's capable of. His goal could spark him into life
Although my dad Harry is the manager of West Ham we get on very well. Redknapp
Can't sleep cos Jack Whitehall & Jamie Redknapp are on 'A League of Their Own' and they're the 2 loves of mi life (+ pizza&chocolate)
can Jamie Redknapp come up with a meaningful & original comment on football?
Amazing piece of insight once again from Jamie Redknapp! Definitely worth the multi million pound contract.
The following Players who's comments on should be ignored. Jamie Redknapp. Niall Quinn. Martin Keown. Paul Merso…
Jamie Redknapp and Jamie Carragher recreate the television moment of the year!
Jamie Redknapp and Jamie Carragher recreating that Theirry Henry reaction 😂😂
you left out big names like Kasper Schmeichel and Frank Lampard to name a few, as well as Darren Ferguson and Jamie Redknapp
Jamie Redknapp has gone big with a 30/1 shot for Arsenal v Man City tonight:
State of Jamie Redknapp here. Less co-ordinated than Bafetimbi Gomis' limbs.
Jamie Redknapp has the same relationship with technology that Les Dawson had with the piano.
...and now we're left with Alan Shearer, Michael Owen and Jamie Redknapp...
Nothing of the sort! Ex Liverpool players just know more about football, evidently. Jamie Redknapp too, and Thompson!
He is literally worse than Darren Anderton and Jamie Redknapp put together 😫
Daniel Sturridge injured again, the new Darren Anderton, Jamie Redknapp and Owen Hargreaves all rolled into one
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Need some tips for tonight? Jamie Redknapp has given us his tips:
Throwback to last year's semi-final draw, and that look Souness gave to Jamie Redknapp:
Jamie Redknapp - 'Only Aguero is better than Daniel Sturridge in PL"!!! Ok mate!! An injured Sanchez is 10 times better you muppet!!
Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp, Roy Keane and Robbie Savage are probably the best pundits around atm I think
Jamie Redknapp praises Sam Allardyce and Duncan Watmore after Stoke win...
Jamie Vardy has taken the Premier League by storm this season. Sportsmail's Jamie Carragher, Martin Keown and Jamie Redknapp list their
Great piece of insight from Jamie Redknapp, these are the things he gets paid millions to tell us, incredible stuff http…
love 2 hear big interviews w/ Henrik Larsson, Graham Souness, Jamie Redknapp, Berti Vogts
Anthony Martial is the best young player since Lionel Messi, says Jamie Redknapp -
Jamie Redknapp giving managerial advice to José Mourinho, is like Harry Redknapp giving literary advice to William Shakespe…
John Terry must start for against says Jamie Redknapp:
"Anthony Martial is the best 19-year-old since Lionel Messi," says Jamie Redknapp. Read here: http:…
Jamie Redknapp arguing with Thierry Henry is like Stone Cold arguing with Shane O'Mac. There's only one winner.
Jamie Redknapp: “Mata must be a dream player to work with. He is a class act, never complains, is such a gifted technical p…
Jamie Redknapp arsenal didn't lose three games in a row,they just beat the team you played with, you absolute muppet of a man!!
On this day in 1992, LFC beat Chelsea 2-1 at Anfield. Goals from Dean Saunders (27th minute) and Jamie Redknapp (90th minute).
Personally I think it all truly started going wrong for Liverpool when the Captaincy went from the likes of Ronnie Whelan to Jamie Redknapp.
Tierry Henry and Jamie Redknapp... Almost make you long for John Wells and Brian Carney
The lack of Jamie Redknapp is only surpassed by the lack of Michael Owen which is only surpassed by the lack of Clive Tyldesley
Jamie Redknapp is not going to like this. The models are getting younger and younger!
“Costa is a vital cog in the jigsaw.” - Jamie Redknapp. More mediaballs:
Courtois must take some of the blame for Terry's red against West Brom, says Jamie Redknapp: http:/…
Mark Wright has said he'd love to see his mate Jamie Redknapp appear on the show.
Jamie Redknapp on Silva: "We should just do the man of the match interviews with him before the game to save time"
Ball hits crossbar. Jamie Redknapp: "If that's any lower, it's in the back of the net" . If my aunt had *** she'd be my u…
Can't Jamie Redknapp just retire from all his media engagements? The man is an absolute whopper.
Niall Quinn says the ref got the John Terry decision 100% correct. Jamie Redknapp agrees
Jamie Redknapp mixing up the Greys again, not particularly well though
Jamie Redknapp on John Stones: "He could be playing for Real Madrid in a few years."
Jamie Redknapp is on a 5/1 correct score for Man Utd v Brugge tonight:
Adnan Janzuaj could be the key to Manchester United's striker shortage, says Jamie Redknapp: http:/…
Graham Souness and Jamie Redknapp ripping into United. Poor scousers have watched us dominate for so long that they've gone bitter. Lovely.
Jamie Redknapp has just claimed Adnan Januzaj has more natural talent than Memphis Depay. Jesus Christ.
i see spice boy Jamie Redknapp is still in his boyhood stage , grpw up young man
I'm pretty sure Jamie Redknapp was trying not to crease up too 😜
Jamie Redknapp: Liverpool's new direct approach will blow Bournemouth away at Anfield...
I see Jamie Redknapp or Thierry Henry filling in for Gary Neville on Monday Night Football.
Jamie Redknapp, , Tony Gale & of all fancy keeping their title. Must be true then.
Juventus vs Barcelona: Jamie Redknapp picks three key battles in Champions League final ...
Jamie Redknapp offers a rare insight into the mind of Joe Hart.
Peter Wicks and Jamie Redknapp couldn't be more different yet so similar🙉
I was going to give A League of Their Own a shot, until I remembered how much I hate Jamie Redknapp..and James Corden. Just them all really.
Anyone else thinks looks like Jamie Redknapp ? 😍
Thierry Henry speaking is so much nicer to hear when not interrupted to Jamie Redknapp and Jamie Carragher.
This Pete lad from TOWIE reminds me so much of Jamie Redknapp😂
I don't want to turn into Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp on a Super Sunday evening 😂
Watch Jamie Redknapp really getting into his
"In his youth, Michael Owen was literally a greyhound." - Jamie Redknapp
It's that time of the week! New episode of at 9pm on with Jamie Redknapp & h…
Jamie Redknapp is such a beautiful man
Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp aim for world record glory on tonight's ... - Guinness World Records
Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and Jamie Redknapp ahead of the 1996 FA Cup final.
Thanks to and Jamie Redknapp, the Vauxhall ADAM now holds the world record for fastest 3-point turn!.
We're attempting to break World Records tonight! What record are we trying to break here?
Jamie Redknapp: Sherwood told me Cleverley's fitness levels are 'nearly off the charts'
Peter Wicks is Jamie Redknapp's long lost brother!
I liked a video from Gary Neville & Jamie Redknapp watch amazing Sunday League goals
That new Pete bloke sounds exactly like Jamie Redknapp
Pete couldn't be more like jamie Redknapp if he tried
Peter reminds me so much of Jamie Redknapp
AmyMay_F1 "Pete looks like Jamie Redknapp with long hair...
Pete looks like Jamie Redknapp with long hair...
This is a Jamie Redknapp with long hair and a beard.
This new guy on has the same facial expressions and sounds just like Jamie Redknapp. Hot.
nah I didn't fancy musicians well can't remember anyway. My first celeb love was Jamie Redknapp 😍
Pete looks and sounds like Jamie redknapp, but with longer hair.
Mate that Peter Wicks looks like Jamie Redknapp but with long hair!
Getting such a Jamie Redknapp vibe from Pete in TOWIE
Jamie Redknapp and Jack Whitehall playing life-size table football has literally made my night 😂😂😂
Love watching ' A League of Their Own' but I cannot stand Jamie Redknapp. He's not funny & tries too hard to be funny!
Jamie redknapp is a gift from the gods
Every time I watch a League of Their Own I fall a little more in love with jamie redknapp. Just wow! ❤️❤️
Ian Wright, Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen V Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp. Sky couldn't win anymore if they tried.
Jeff Stelling has just called Jamie Redknapp a "Sun worshipper" just like his knobhead Dad then
Jeff Stelling has as many CL medals as Jamie Redknapp, he has no place on this panel. Hush now.
Jamie Redknapp, Andrew Flintoff star in pre-match challenge before T20 Blast
Eh, why is Jamie Redknapp in a pair of pads chatting to Michael Vaughan on Sky Sports 2??
Ian Ward and Michael Vaughan discussing the Champions League Final with Jamie Redknapp. Not sure if they know the cricket starts in 5 mins
All the celebs at Headingley tonight - just seen Freddie Flintoff, Jamie Redknapp, Michael Vaughan, David Lloyd & Nigel Martyn!
.are a long way from winning the Premier League title next year, says Jamie Redknapp http:/…
EXCLUSIVE: Christine Bleakley admits cheating on Frank Lampard with Jamie Redknapp
Jamie Redknapp on Lionel Messi: "It is an honour to watch him play. What he did to Jérôme Boateng on that second goal …
Are Theirry Henry, Jamie Redknapp and going for the tightest pants award tonight?
Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports in his Marks and Spencer suit
WATCH: Who's got a harder punch - Jamie Redknapp or It's the Sky Sports Boxing Challenge!.
It's either the panel + callers views or Jamie Redknapp and Graham Souness.
you seen Jamie Redknapp and John Barnes doing rappers delight? I genuinely thought it was me and you for a Second...
Thierry Henry and Jamie Redknapp face off in the Champions League studio via
Not sure who is the worst pundit of all time. Currently a close race between Paul Merson and Jamie Redknapp
Always wonder why Sky employ Alan Parry but then remember they also have Jamie Redknapp so quality analysis doesn't matter then.
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Jamie Redknapp: "You don't become a RM hero or win the World Cup without being something special. Özil is just that" ht…
Jamie Redknapp: "When things don’t come off for Ozil people criticise. We do that too much in this country & its where…
Not to mention Jamie Redknapp virtually declaring Charlie Adams the greatest of all time for one 60 yard kick.
Alan Parry "How far did Jamie Redknapp say his shot was?"..."Well, let's just say I don't even go that far on holiday!" 😂
Only thing that ruined Charlie Adams goal was listening to Jamie Redknapp talk about it ! He sounds a bit hyper ?
Charlie Adams with a bad elbow and Jamie Redknapp thinks he's protecting himself . But different if costa does it
"He's kicked the ball like a mule" - Jamie Redknapp on Charlie Adams amazing strike.
I did think Charlie Adams' goal was brilliant but then Jamie Redknapp started talking about it and now I hate it.
Jamie Redknapp - left footers can kick the ball further
Jamie Redknapp is jizzing over Charlie Adams goal
I long for Clive Tyldesley to be caught on camera asking Jamie Redknapp if he "smashed it"
Kay Burley is popular on my t/l. In the same way Stan Collymore, Andy Townsend and Jamie Redknapp are.
A League of Their Own on The Late Late Show? Where is Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff?! Bring them over!
Geoff Shreeves looks like he borrowed one of Jamie Redknapp's suit jackets. Too small for his big fat kite
Jamie Redknapp's expert opinions on Lionel Messi, He actually said this".
WOW: World class punditry from Jamie Redknapp last night.
Brilliant insight from Jamie Redknapp. Top notch punditry.
😂😂😂 Jamie Redknapp! He looks like a bin man with a Topman card!
Jamie Redknapp "Chelsea won in spite of Kurt Zouma today, he looked out of his depth. I felt sorry for him". Zouma's tack…
Capital One Cup final: Jamie Redknapp looks at the key clashes - Daily Mail
Oh my goodness Jamie Redknapp is looking super hot today 😝😍
Jamie Redknapp examines the key clashes in Capital One Cup showdown
the other day I heard Jamie redknapp sag we have the best league. So how come the best players don't come here?
Jamie Redknapp [Messi or Cristiano?]: "Messi -- I honestly think he's the greatest footballer I have ever seen in my lifetime."
Sky Sports has won the rights to Major League Soccer. Just waiting for Jamie Redknapp to call it 'one of the best leagues i…
not sure about the hotter wife thing, Jamie Redknapp is a handsome bloke. Pretty sure he inherited his mothers' genes
[Daily Mail] . It is amazing that Ashley Barnes was let off but Jose Mourinho's agenda claim is nonsense. .
Arsenal Should Have Signed Geoffrey Kondogbia – Redknapp: Reports are out claiming that Jamie Redknapp savaged...
Arsenal Should’ve Signed Geoffrey Kondogbia – Redknapp: It has been reported that Jamie Redknapp savaged Arsen...
"Jamie Redknapp, a man whose football insight equates to Joey Essex pontificating on the political complexities of Syria."
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Just seen Jamie Redknapp slipping Dudek 3 ping pong balls with 'Real', 'Barca' and 'Locomotive Leipzig' written on in biro.
JAMIE REDKNAPP: The £50m Chelsea got for David Luiz allowed them to buy Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas and improve. Now look…
I am a positive person and do not allow things to get on top of me. -Jamie Redknapp. .,0
Arsenal's midfield was in disarray in defeat to Monaco, leaving Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp claiming they 'couldn't tackle a hot
I'm not too sure Richard Scudamore, Jamie Redknapp and co can call the the best in the world any more
I expect Jamie Redknapp to start campaign if LFC lose.
Superb week for Premier League clubs in Europe. Cant wait for that helmet Jamie Redknapp to next say we've got the best league in the world.
Never mind Sandra Redknapp, Jamie Redknapp could have scored that Soldado chance
Harry and Jamie Redknapp face off on Jeremy Kyle
JAMIE REDKNAPP: When Angel di Maria arrived at Man United, we all thought: ‘Wow, what an addition to the Premier League!’ Now he looks
"""If you're going to get in behind Rio Ferdinand, you've got to show him what you've got and then go in hard"" Jamie Redknapp"
Jamie Redknapp has that effect on people
Arsenal should have signed Monaco magician Geoffrey Kondogbia and Arsene Wenger's midfield ... -
Game day again. v Semi Final. Join me and Jamie Redknapp live on Sky Sports 1. Prediction guys?
New online series: Why I Love Golf. Jamie Redknapp tells us how he is addicted to the game. http:…
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JAMIE REDKNAPP: United fans deserve better from Di Maria. Does he want to be there?
Sportsmail trio Graham Poll, Jamie Redknapp and Martin Keown discuss the latest controversy, including that tackle by Ashley Barnes, and
have never understood the GNev hype. His only quality is that he's adjacent to, but not, Jamie Redknapp.
Jamie Redknapp on how Arsene Wenger improved Ray Parlour: "Suddenly Parlour was eating yoghurt. We were all eating yog…
Liverpool hero: Arsenal should have signed 'incredible' midfielder
Two nuggets of punditry gold from Jamie Redknapp:. 1 "Arsenal were off the cuff tonight". 2 "They couldn't tackle a hot dinn…
The Sky Sports news presenter has a wicked blue suit on.Jamie Redknapp take note
Remember when harry and Jamie redknapp wanted us to lose the UCL finals ??
if Jamie Redknapp said it could have been anything. I can never understand a word he says. No idea what language he's speaking!
Couldn't tackle a hot dinner lol, Jamie Redknapp is quality
Arsenal 'couldn't tackle a hot dinner' and should sign Kondogbia via
Jamie Redknapp believes that Arsenal are missing a player like Monaco's defensive midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia.
Jamie Redknapp has a very solid tipping record. Get on his picks for tonight here >>>
Graeme Souness and Thierry Henry have got more Jamie Redkapps in that studio than Jamie Redknapp's got European Cup winners' medals.
Jamie Redknapp is a proper little bell whif whose only footballing achievement has been living vicariously through Peter Crouch
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Everyone just get off Balotelli's back! If he was English would this go on as it has? Jamie Redknapp you absolute bell
Trying to work out who the biggest bell end is, Jamie Redknapp or balotelli.
I'm no Robbie Savage fan but the Mail giving him a kicking is a bit rich when they employ Jamie Redknapp and Martin Keown.
Until that is, Leicester go bust and hurtle down the leagues while Jamie Redknapp furiously denies his Dad is a ***
Imagine being Jamie Redknapp and knowing that in 30 years your face will have melted into this
Jamie Redknapp interviews Steven Gerrard: It can be *** at Goodison Park ...
Jamie Redknapp previews the Premier League clash between Hull City and ... -
WATCH: Jamie Redknapp and Alan Smith give their reaction to signing of Juan Cuadrado -
Yeah as should. Could do with Jamie Redknapp in the centre of midfield too
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