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Jamie Oliver

James Trevor Jamie Oliver, MBE (born 27 May 1975) is an English chef, restaurateur and media personality, known for his food-focused television shows, cookbooks and more recently his campaign against the use of processed foods in national schools.

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I liked a video Sprinkle of Glitter & Jamie Oliver | Veg Stir Fried Rice
I liked a video from BAKING WITH JIM & JAMIE OLIVER!
I agree! I was shocked. Too bad they have to endure Jamie Oliver next week. Ugh
Great to have spent time with great food system rebuilders such as Jamie Oliver's…
Wow, there's literally something less effective than Jamie Oliver's "putting junk food in a big pile, making it loo…
Jamie Oliver Roast - it's this month's Plant Based News!
Gordon Ramsay 'apologises' to Jamie Oliver on his last Nightly Show
Roast Lamb Recipe with Gary Mehigan Jamie Oliver’s pal and Italian food guru Gennaro shows you how to make perfect…
A Good sign! Much rather some long queues, unlike the empty Jamie's Oliver's that had to close down in Nottinghill…
You know you're not young and cool anymore when you spend 3 hours on a Saturday night watching Jamie Oliver cooking videos on YouTube
Freshman Jamie Rachek with a PR of 1.57m in the high jump to take 3rd place 🥉 at the UC Oliver Nikoloff Invitational. ✈🔴🔵
Mushroom & lentil pappardelle bolognese from Jamie Oliver
Here's how to make Jamie Oliver's delicious Lamb shanks in red wine's a doddle!
I thought the first thing the newly independent UK would do free of Brussels' yoke was…
I need to enter this. Similar to Jo, had Jamie Oliver crockery last 10 years (n…
Cadi Oliver is the active career HR leader for the Gamecocks with 23. is second with 20.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
At Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Brighton and got ourselves £50 of free drinks
Mexican chicken baguettes with guacamole and salad courtesy of jamie oliver delish :-D
Diet Update: Day 20. The thing that frustrates me about Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals is he never tells you how long to cook anything for
You may never speak to me again. Love pineapple on pizza, say skonn (sorry but am from Bristol) plus like…
Jamie Oliver just compared Wyoming to the Lake District 🙃
Gordon Ramsay just blamed last night's Nightly Show gaffe on Jamie Oliver
New post added at Heartland Newsfeed - Gordon Ramsay BLAMES Jamie Oliver for The Nightly Show going OFF AIR
You're doing a great job on The Nightly Show but is Jamie Oliver the only joke you've got, it's getting boring already!
'Jamie Oliver needs to focus on cooking again and ditch TV', says food guru who inspired the chef
Why does Jamie Oliver preach so much about junk food being bad but he continues to eat meat?? Doesn't make too much sense
She used to drink (half) pints but not for years. She's a snob now. I blame Jamie Oliver.
I made a jalapeño poached egg with avocado, grated onion and tomato from Jamie Oliver's cookbook and it's actually so incredibl…
I have no choice but to eat it coz man is not Jamie Oliver out here 😣
Personally, I'm hoping Boris Johnson becomes PM so that Jamie Oliver stays true to his word and leaves the country.
Didn't think I'd find myself recommending a Jamie Oliver clip, but this is handy: "How To Make Perfect Scrambled Egg
Update your maps at Navteq
I was so close to buying turkey dinosaurs today but then I thought of a disappointed Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver
Probably the worst member of dreierpod? You sound like Jamie Oliver mate x
Camilla helps Jamie Oliver turn food waste into feast
He is the musical embodiment of Jamie Oliver, but with worse clothes and he can't m…
he subscribes to a bunch of white nationalist channels + JAMIE OLIVER FOOD + LMFAO's Vevo channel
Jamie Oliver's Italian great restaurant. I ate at Yorkdale location. Fabulous.
Check out this video... The Boss reminds us of Jamie Oliver more and more... Happy Sculpting! :).
Jamie Oliver will be in soon. Woo Hoo! I am excited & one more great place to hang out
Anything that gets Jamie Oliver and his Mockney accent off our screens would be extremely welcome.
Jamie Oliver is just the Piers Morgan of chefs really isn't he 💤
I want to be able to say that the Yorkshire dales, Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver r my comrades and tell the world I'm immensely proud of it.
Gyozas shoutout to who made these at Jamie Oliver's cookery school 👅…
nice to see Jamie Oliver getting some copywriting work though
- Camilla lends Jamie Oliver a hand in the kitchen, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall...
It's funny how this has not hit the front page news!!. Don't do it to yourself .
Spencer was lucky enough to be cooking at the yesterday- a fantastic cause with Jamie Oliver and 30...
And I've never really liked it since I had it at Jamie Oliver's restaurant. They ruined it for me
budding Jamie Oliver. Cooking for kids. Give this boy a like
Associated Press - Jamie Oliver entertains royalty in London
New video by Associated Press: Jamie Oliver entertains royalty in London
The famous chef, Jamie Oliver, won the court process against largest food group, proving that their products are...
Jamie Oliver and the Dutchess of Cornwall turn into a feast:
Jamie Oliver thanks church volunteers for feeding hungry kids in school holidays - Premier
Jamie Oliver shares his delicious Beef stew recipes.
Thank you for the Body of Christ in the UK... let their witness shine for Christ especially in this hour.
How did Camilla cope in Jamie Oliver cook-off?
So, while Jamie Oliver is busy schmoozing with British Royalty, his own country is being attacked by nutters & he won't speak out against it
Interesting review of Jamie Oliver's latest restaurant Barbecoa ... . .
How did Camilla cope in Jamie Oliver cookoff?.
Jamie Oliver 'can't wait' to publish 5-ingredient book in autumn
I appear to have missed the memo about Jamie Oliver being appointed King of everything relating to any type of food or d…
Jamie's made sure they're methodical, clever, sociable, fun, with...
Camilla Parker-Bowles & Jamie Oliver jamming in the kitchen for a special.
Jamie Oliver talks about childhood obesity via
Happy to say that I dissuaded my son from eating those overpriced unhealthy burgers. Make them at home. .
Midweek - Jamie Oliver's Sicilian Fish Soup. Trying to eat more seafood - recipe has…
Boycotts work... just ask that *** jamie oliver.. your cash speaks louder than your concerns..
TV NEWS |. Jamie Oliver cooks up Quick and Easy Food for Channel 4
Ukharvest has just launched and they're partnering with Jamie Oliver and Foodrev bring together some of the Uk's to…
Jamie Oliver’s CEO cook off raises half a million pounds for food related good causes
Please RT? Jamie Oliver: "I never thought I'd have more than two kids"…
I hope you guys have stopped eating at McDonalds.
Jamie Oliver wins court case against McDonald's who claim their burgers are 100 per cent beef, it turns out it is...
These were the best things on School Dinners until Jamie Oliver banned them
Someone asked about Jamie Oliver. I commented on him because he's corrupt and an example of what not to do morally with your souls. If you
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Business leaders including Mars & McDonald's join Jamie Oliver's cook off to raise money for good causes:
I'M SO EXCITED!! I've got a new book coming all about simple cooking with big flavours using 5 ingredients !!
Camilla rustles up a salad with Jamie Oliver
Our favourite all time Jamie Oliver cookbook - perfect for families - Save with Jamie*
The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work. - Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver’s Friday Night Feast and black pudding do let us know when it's on
Jamie Oliver wins court case against McDonald's :
This story is a hoax based on some related events
There was no legal battle between Jamie Oliver and McDonalds. One person did file a lawsuit
It's 1 am and I have decided that ed sheeran reminds me of a young Jamie Oliver. That is all.
Their parents were sneaking chips through the school fences. "Don't make our kids have veg!" Terrible Jamie Oliver!
lol, you can get healthy stuff for a low price point. I mean, Jamie Oliver tried to make fat poor kids eat healthy stuff.
There's something about watching cooking shows, be it Jamie Oliver's or Martha Stewart's.
Please RT? Cooking up a storm with Jamie Oliver
How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver
It's Jamie Oliver's Jollof rice all over again 🙄
pops out to Jamie Oliver's . . . . . https:…
Check out this Classic Carbonara recipe from Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo "Just a handful of ingredients...
No salt in the meatballs in Jamie Oliver recepie
I know this seems random but I seen some1 tag a post on Tumblr: "gluten for ts" and thought "Jamie Oliver would write this"
Jamie Oliver and wife Jools celebrate daughter’s birthday with cute Instagram snaps
U know who annoys me? Jamie Oliver. why r u so smug about giving schoolkids grass for lunch???
Amazing to see your work cited by Jamie Oliver!
Gordon Ramsey banned them is he having a laugh or Jamie Oliver they having a laugh
Evening, i'm a Suffolk boy and my dream night out is me you and Jamie Oliver! If you fancy a beer when you are back let me know!!
Jamie Foxx: "She say she want some Marvin Gaye... some Luther Vandross...". Me: A LITTLE A NEEDLE
In this new school project video I work in a restaurant called "Jamie Not Oliver" as 4 differently moustached men. I love my hobby.
Bath. Last evening in England. Having dinner at Jamie Oliver in Bath. Stay tuned.
Mexican chicken and pancetta baguettes with guacamole and salad courtesy jamie oliver recipe, delish :-D
Jamie Oliver and wife Jools shared the cutest photos to celebrate daughter's birthday!
GATE TRUE SKY "spotif: lady staring at night time tape onto air cover i accident FAmaz is the straws - Jamie Oliver
Lentil tabbouleh by Jamie Oliver, see the recipe here .
Nice to see someone like Jamie Oliver supporting a sugar levy in Canada!
Have your very own Italian style night in with all the pizza pasta you name it!! all these beauties in my italy book https…
Diver Tom Daley tells Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty how he proposed to Dustin Lance Black
I'm starting to appreciate Ford Capris, right when they're getting mega expensive. I blame Jamie Oliver.
The biggest thing you can do to take control of your health is cook - Jamie Oliver
If I this Jamie Oliver pan, do I have to cook with it naked? 😂😂😂
Yes Please I huge Jamie Oliver fan I follow all he cook books and would Love to win the Pan amazing prize I have F&rt
I liked a video Jamie Oliver shows you how to cook steak in a wood fired oven
Schools do you have a young Jamie Oliver or Rachel Allen in your midst? Time to slice, dice & cook their way in The Big Sc…
"I consider myself a cook now that I've watched a few Jamie Oliver videos on YouTube"
I think he's telling me to cook something from Jamie Oliver 😂
Jamie Oliver is also awesome - cook his sow roasted lamb shoulder with rosemary, garlic and olive oil
Move over Jamie Oliver! Mother is wowed by Body Coach Joe Wicks' new recipes you can REALLY cook in 15 minutes ...…
Philip Schofield with Jamie Oliver at last nights pre opening party
Excited and proud! Jamie Oliver pictured by the new aged beef fridge https:/…
The three big tests for any policy. 1) Will Lily Allen disapprove. 2) Will it upset Jamie Oliver. 3) Will it inconvenience…
Mornin & delighted you are following us. Thank you.Need 2 see Jamie Oliver's Friday Night Feast -Chick Pie from NY was featured.
I love this Jamie Oliver recipe with broccoli and anchovies.
Jamie Oliver to shut 6 UK restaurants in tough Brexit market
Jamie Oliver being a bell end is my reason for not using his establishments.
Jamie Oliver joins the growing list of people blaming Brexit for their own personal failures. Quite the convenient scape…
Jamie Oliver recipe recommends baked beans to accompany fish pie. Wish the Spanish really had killed him now
Have read alot of comments on Jamie Oliver bout closing restaurants due to brexit and views seem to be not brexit but overpr…
Has Jamie Oliver asked Antonio Carluccio how he manages to regularly open new restaurants?
As it happens, all of the six restaurants that Jamie Oliver is closing are in constituencies that voted Remain: https:/…
Jamie Oliver, perhaps should've opened a handful of Top quality restaurants, instead of becomming a chain of pretentious sub par restaurants
Jamie Oliver is blaming weaker sterling and slower trading as he closes six restaurants
Jamie Oliver plans to close 6 restaurants after the plunging pound pushes up costs
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jamie Oliver needs to realise that many of his customers are just waiting by the phone for enough hours work to pay their rent.
Jamie Oliver blames Brexit for his bad business decisions.
If we knew Brexit would cause Jamie Oliver to go out of business alot more people would've voted out.
Jamie Oliver to close six of his restaurants due to Brexit. I think it's got more to do with his £12.8 million loss in 2…
Jamie Oliver to close restaurants because of Brexit. Nothing to do with the average food and lacklustre service?
Jamie Oliver should have opened a restaurant on Wilmslow road and had Indian chefs. 😆
Poor Jamie Oliver - I'm glad we're in the Jannie business. . might be a terrible farce, . but people will sti…
If only we knew at the time that Jamie Oliver's business empire would collapse because of Brexit. . How many more would have vo…
Jamie Oliver blames Brexit as he closes six Jamie's Italian restaurants
This has nothing to do with Brexit, it's because his food is no better than ours but four times the price!
Jamie Oliver's started down a never-ending rabbit hole now. Next month he'll be blaming Russia for hacking his pizzas.
Chef Jamie Oliver to shut six UK restaurants over uncertainty:
And another Jamie Oliver restaurant in Istanbul filed for bankruptcy after a year...
Jamie Oliver is closing a ton of restaurants because of Brexit:
How is Jamie Oliver shutting down 6 of his restraunts? I thought he was expanding.
That's life! Telegraph: Jamie Oliver closes six of his Italian restaurants blaming tough trading.
Gravy and now Safron shut in Truro. Jamie Oliver now shutting 6 restaurants now starting to take its toll. Thank u Boris & Nigel
Is it really Brexit forcing Jamie Oliver to close his restaurants? He shut 3 in 2014 citing "tough economic climate" https:/…
Has Jamie Oliver got a bit too distracted with his sugar tax campaign?
Don't blame Brexit chubster. My family went to one of your restaurants recently.the blame sits with you Mr Oliver https:/…
Jamie Oliver using as the reason for closing restaurants. Not the fact that the food isn't that great and is ridiculously overpriced
Karma.Jamie Oliver closing restaurants for telling us how to vote in referendum & reduce sugar. Now we're telling him wh…
Jamie Oliver closes six restaurants and blames Brexit. . Nothing to do with serving bland, overpriced food on manky old w…
Trying to perfect my steak ala Master Chef slash Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver for noche buena effectively eating...
Sting, Jamie Oliver, Jack Whitehall and Ricky Gervais are all on tonight's Michael MacIntyre show.
Just bought some Jamie Oliver sausages. It says on the packaging *** with a fork". Can't really argue with that.
My cousin calls me Jamie Oliver nice
VIDEO: on announcement of fifth baby
kitchen nightmares but with Jamie Oliver instead
A healthy soft oat bar recipe from Jamie Oliver
Coco, Blue Angel, have you seen Jamie Oliver's kids' names? lol River Rose, Moroccan, Pilot Inspektor, Messiah
Nahh but Jamie Oliver done his kids dirty 😭😭😭
Jamie Oliver is seen at the Primrose Hill Christmas Fair with wife Jules and their children including their most...
Jamie Oliver on what to cook, how to plan and what to eat on Christmas day:
Monthly draw to win a KitchenAid Mixer or products by Jamie Oliver, Le Creuset, Joseph Joseph & more
They can get right in Room 101 along with Paul Hollywood, Lee Evans, Paddy McGuinness, Jamie Oliver and John Bishop. Fuc…
I just saw Adil Ray on the TL, looked up and saw Jamie Oliver on the TV. Think I've got mild anxiety now.
Something humours for all my Jamie Oliver and Mrs Browns boys fans 3min play to watch
true my dads like Jamie Oliver or something
The new Bridget Jones, Martina Cole, Guy Martin, Bernard Cornwell and Jamie Oliver are all in stock, and at HALF PRICE this week!
Jamie Oliver, Phil Collins and Martina Cole are all releasing blockbuster books today:
This is my favourite from scratch mac and cheese. It's a Jamie Oliver recipe w/leeks:
soup can be awesome! Look what Jamie Oliver has on his site
What do you get when you cross Jamie Oliver and some Dave Eggers prose. the answer is this.
Did you know that Michael Phelps, Emma Watson, Eusain Bolt, Simone Vails,Louis Smith, Jamie Oliver all have ADHD
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Jamie Oliver is to cooking as Steve Erwin was to "Animal Conservation". FFS its TV not the UN! Outrage at Yourself!
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver mocked online for 'dodgy', 'abomination' of a paella recipe -
Jamie Oliver "excited" to discuss child health with Trudeau.
Jamie Oliver angers Spaniards with ‘insulting’ paella recipe.
.jamieoliver hopes to meet w/ JustinTrudeau to discuss childhood obesity and healthy eating
Jamie Oliver's paella recipe is panned online -
Spanish people are really angry with Jamie Oliver for screwing up paella:
Because leading Canadian experts and health sciences professionals don't know what they're talking about?
"ain't no dinner like a butter toast dinner" - Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver's paella recipe is panned online # some helpful advice?
What about all those people making vegan sushi? . . BBC News - Jamie Oliver's paella recipe is panned online
Jamie Oliver stirs controversy by putting chorizo - and Brexit - in his paella recipe
My Mum won't be happy about this. Chorizo? In a paella?. Insania.
Jamie Oliver's paella recipe is panned online
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver hopes to discuss child health issues with Trudeau | National Newswatch
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than Jamie Oliver's version combines juicy chicken thighs,...
Jamie Oliver wants to stop ppl getting fat (doesn't own a mirror), stop ppl using sugar (aspartame better?), and now to change paella! Stop!
Celebrity chef dishes on exciting culinary travel stories from his new show:…
Jamie Oliver stirs controversy by tossing chorizo — and Brexit — into paella recipe: Yes, Oliver has gone and...
Jamie Oliver angers Spaniards with 'insulting' paella recipe: Television chef Jamie Oliver has inadvertently ...
Chef Jamie Oliver hoping to meet with Trudeau
$$$ Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver hoping to talk child health issues with Trud... { News }
Jamie Oliver's paella recipe is panned online- for years I had been baffled by why anyone would rate him as a chef.
Jamie Oliver should try making pho in the States: .
After Jamie Oliver's jollof rice, I don't trust him with a take on anyone's national dish
Jamie Oliver's paella upsets Spanish chefs after including chorizo in his recipe . Jamie O…
Jamie Oliver angers Spaniards with ‘insulting’ paella recipe
'Your dish is everything but paella': Jamie Oliver's unorthodox recipe for a classic dish sparks online outrage…
Following a Jamie Oliver recipe that requires a bottle of balsamic vinegar; he describes as not too vinegary. Has melted my nasal hair.
Ed Vaizey is basically Jamie Oliver doing an impersonation of David Cameron.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Mary, Mel and Sue have now left bake off, with Jamie Oliver looking to take over. Blair Witch 2 might have been beat for worst follow up.
We all know sleep deprivation is hard - and the Oliver's agree:
The prospect of the work and look at 2:00 a.m. -Jamie Oliver
He was even named after me, Jamie OLIVEr. It was meant to be
Good on role of food & landscapes for our future. . Elephant in room: Paying more for better food is off the table.
For years I thought was a *** like Jamie Oliver and never watched him!!! How wrong was I???
Celebrities are not immune to the sleep deprivation that can come with new parenthood.
You don't have to wait for the holidays to make a turkey. Jamie Oliver hilariously shows you how.sort of.
Peewee and I at Jamie Oliver's Italian Gatwick before heading to Reykjavik, Iceland
If she ever saw Jamie Oliver she'd give him a bollocking for never washing this veg when cooking
I've never been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver but I think the names of his children have converted me to an active hat…
happy when they've gone but not too sure about Jamie Oliver though 🤔
Jamie Oliver "I"ve got a night nurse for fifth baby"
Confession: "Jamie Oliver's oozy zucchini risotto" from a box is actually like really really good, I'm almost sorry I made fun of its celery
Has Jamie Oliver named his fifth child after his favourite lettuce?
We need to reboot the food system people! Here's why from me, &
Jamie Oliver complaining about sleep deprivation. Hard life he has eh? I have around 5 hrs a night currently. Wish I could hire staff.
then you should retract your previous statement and write an official apology to Jamie Oliver himself✋🏽
What was Jamie Oliver thinking when he named his kids 😂
"We'll keep trying until we get one with a regular name" says Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver has named his child river rocket. And they say I'm a ***
Nah I will stick with Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson thanks.
Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals is ma life
Jamie Oliver reveals he and wife Jools have a night nurse for their fifth baby River Rocket
We all have that one mate... 😂. Ladies and gentleman, Jamie Donaldson!. (Credit: oliver_wilson/Instagram)
On our way to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen London restaurant! Eek! 󾍒
Barton was replaced on Radio 5 today by Jamie Oliver. Reminds me o that time we brought Kevin Kyle on for Sandaza
Jamie Oliver: 'I've got a night nurse for fifth baby'. I would too and drink night nurse. I'm not cut out for it!
I am truly disgusted by people who pick Jamie Oliver pasta sauces over the far superior Lloyd Grossman. Finally, I've said it.
. You couldn't go too far wrong with Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals and picking 1 or 2 to learn a week?.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Lots and lots of ingredients for this Jamie Oliver "15 minute meal".
Peter is subscribed to Jamie Oliver cause he wants the sweet 15 minute recipes
Dad is now entering the third hour of cooking a 15 minute meal from Jamie Oliver's book
Unless Paul and Mary want a break, Jamie Oliver can find his own gig! They are part of the charm of the whole...
Do you know Jamie Oliver's middle name, well we do
Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Oliver are cooking up an unexpected Friday night feast
The new Amazon Echo's best brand partnerships, including Uber and Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver's new sous chef is... Lindsay Lohan?
Great British Bake Off rumors are swirling: Mary and Paul out, Jamie Oliver in?!
My congratulations to Jamie Oliver and The Melbourne Gang horses and particularly Room Key at Laytown. Restored the fun into flat racing.
"Alexa, tell crying Jamie Oliver it's going to be alright...or something"
Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver (or that posh free range guy) with Frankie Boyle and Jim Jefferies for C4 please
Jamie Oliver accuses Theresa May of letting down the nation's kids.
It's teamed up with to create this colourful resource
This was amazing! Jamie Oliver's 2 nut and choc torte with cream. I made this for a dear friend of mine!
- There needs to be more education about this starting in primary school .Remember when Jamie Oliver tried to
Jamie Oliver is returning to 2nd Avenue, and this time he's teaching us his 30 minute recipes!
Have you seen the essentials collection at So pretty!
You're not acting like a parent: Jamie's blast for Theresa via
That's rich Tarquin and Guinevere. What have you named your kids again?
UK News Theresa May has let down every child in Britain over obesity, says Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is at times quite tubs himself though 🤔
You're not acting like a parent: blast at I'd say somebody's getting too big 4 their boots
I added a video to a playlist How to Cook Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver
If I don't get a Jamie Oliver cook book for Christmas or my birthday there will be war
I'll come down and show you lot how to cook. Be your own little Jamie Oliver 😂😂
no I don't want them to cook that.. Who eating hard food from Jamie Oliver
idk why my mum lets me cook tbh I'll end up setting the house on fire one day I swear I think I'm Jamie Oliver
Norman Cook: I texted Jamie Oliver to ask how much a glug of oil is
I'm just SUPER particular with how I like my roasts okay 😂✋ basically never cook a roast for me unless your Jamie Oliver etc
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mamma mia! The cook who inspired Jamie Oliver shares his favourite recipes 🍴
What a lovely interview of Jamie Oliver by Kay Burley. and other good things happening.
Peter Kay for laughs, Jennifer Aniston for glamour, Jamie Oliver - I'll drink while he cooks!
Jamie Oliver... Tear &share garlic bread recipe. Soft, spongy and with the crunchiest backsides...
to say I can't make food at all, I've just made scrambled egg on me Jamie Oliver😎😎
Liam Gallagher recalls the time he threw stones at Jamie Oliver's window while drunk
Yep i can't stand Jamie Oliver either !!
Is Joe Wicks a Jamie Oliver impersonator? Did I fall asleep and wake up in 1999?
Jamie Oliver is selling pasta to raise money for Italy. Seems a tad... waysist?
Jamie Oliver- makes you feel bad about the sugar content in your coke but not for the sugar in your alcohol.
Jamie Oliver- emphasise the ease of making 10 minute meals but has all the food pre prepared at his restaurants so food can't be made vegi
Jamie Oliver- charges you extra at his restaurant for full fat coke but won't supply a decent vegan meal
Cos like in concept I love Jamie Oliver he's such a nice guy but also if this guy refused me McDonald's IRL I'd punch him in the face
Poor Jamie Oliver will be like that "I'm not dead!" whilst being stuffed into a wheelie bin
I like the knorr veg stock for it, no so salty, ciabatta would be great, the Jamie Oliver chilli/ black pepper is a good add featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jamie Oliver restaurants are so overrated. That is all.
I am sure Jamie Oliver will have a suitable recipe for the fish jam!
'I want to be the voice that gets the nation healthy': Joe Wicks on being the next Jamie Oliver
I'm trying to get my Jamie Oliver on and burnt myself...
what.A.Legend. sorry I'm late to the party :p via
WATCH talk about win over Oliver Burke, Jamie Paterson and the transfer window.
Anyone else think Ben Gold looks like Jamie Oliver?
Joe wicks the body coach just sounds like jamie oliver has taken over the body of a personal trainer
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