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Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Marie Spears (born April 4, 1991) is an American actress and singer. The younger sister of pop star Britney Spears, she is best known for her portrayal of Zoey Brooks in the Nickelodeon television series Zoey 101.

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If you ever want to see aly get fired up just mention how Jamie Lynn Spears ruined Zoey 101 by getting pregnant
Jamie Lynn Spears singing one of Britney's songs is legendary😂
Pretending to like sushi so Jamie Lynn Spears would love me was my high school experience
Lie No. 54: Jamie Lynn Spears and 351 ocelots could beat Mariska Hargitay and 1 horses in a fight
I get told I look like Jamie Lynn Spears biweekly girl
FitnessM0TlVATE: Jamie Lynn Spears is all grown up, and this is what she's up to
Jamie Lynn Spears - Concert on the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro - April 2015
Jamie Lynn Spears ruined my childhood when she got pregnant and cancelled Zoey 101 right as she and Chase got together
Amanda Bynes talks about tabloids and Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy, 2008
Jamie Lynn Spears' family released a statement amid the reports of her daughter's condition after an ATV accident:
I am so sick over Jamie Lynn Spears daughter. Please let her pull through this.😭
Prayers for Maddie, Jamie Lynn, Britney and the entire Spears family.
Statement from rep: “The Spears family asks that everyone respect their privacy during this time.”
Praying for the Jamie Lynn Spears's daughter and the whole family):
Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter was reportedly in a terrible accident, and our thoughts go out to the Spears family.
Singer Jamie Lynn Spears reported to be praying for her eight-year-old daughter after ATV accident. Listen:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Send a prayer to and her sweet daughter tonight 💜 Maddie is in critical condition
Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter is reportedly in serious condition after an ATV accident.
daughter in critical condition after ATV flips over and she's unconscious underwater for minutes. https…
omg sending prayers for Jamie Lynn Spears daughter :( so sad and scary.
Fans are sending love and support to after news her daughter was seriously hurt in an ATV accident. https:/…
My prayers are with Jamie Lynn Spears and her family. I'm praying. 🙏🏻
8-year-old daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears in "extremely serious" condition after ATV accident, TMZ reports.
Please take a moment and join us in saying a prayer for Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, Maddie, tonight.
Pray for Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter! Maddie is in serious condition after scary ATV accident
Sending love,and Prayers To Jamie Lynn spears, And her Beautiful Daughter Maddie.🙏💙
Breaking: Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie is reportedly in critical condition following an ATV accident:
Lets all say a prayer for Jamie Lynn Spears little girl Maddie, who is in the hospital in critical condition
Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie was “badly hurt” in an ATV accident — airlifted to a hospital. Story developing:
I send my heart, thoughts, and prayers to Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie. Stay strong and keep fighting. ❤
PLEASE PRAY!! Sending her every ounce of healing energy!
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Can everyone please stop and pray for Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter Maddie right now. She was in a serious... https:/…
In other news, my stomach drops every time I hear about a child getting hurt. Keep Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter in ur thoughts & prayers. 🙏👍
We should blow up Jamie Lynn Spears's fax line and make her feel guilty for getting pregnant and ruining Zoey 101
Jamie Lynn Spears and Lynn Spears are riding bikes on Jamie's Snapchat and listening to 'Piece of Me'.
*At Nickelodeon Universe*. Jake: I really hope we see Jamie Lynn Spears"
Can you believe Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter is already heading to third grade?!
Josh Peck and Drake Bell are almost 30, Nathan Kress is married, and Jamie Lynn Spears daughter is 8. Feel old yet?
I still haven't forgiven Jamie Lynn Spears for getting pregnant
The trailer for Jamie Lynn Spears' TLC special literally just made me cry 😭
Watch Jamie Lynn Spears at our Celebrity Softball Game! Get your tix at
The Jamie Lynn Spears interview you've waited 7 years for is FINALLY happening:
Jamie Lynn Spears tearfully talks about getting pregnant at 16 in this new TLC special clip: https:/…
. katy perry or Jamie Lynn Spears. ...Or maybe just . because you are a celebrity
My girl Jamie Lynn Spears aka who ruined Zoey101
I would like to be like Britney, but maybe better, but I don't wanna o...
Jamie Lynn Spears opens up about getting pregnant at 16
Jamie Lynn Spears is ready to set the record straight.
Jamie Lynn Spears says she's 'not just someone's sister' in new TLC special
Alexa Nikolas (Nicole from Zoey 101) talking about Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy in 2007
The secret's out! Can't wait to share my story with When The Lights Go Out premieres June 26th at 10/9c! https:/…
SEE VIDEO! Jamie Lynn Spears discusses troubles in new tell...
No ones pregnancy will ever upset me more than Jamie Lynn Spears' resulting in Zoey 101 ending
Jamie Lynn Spears is ready to tell her story to the world in a new TLC special.
Watch the trailer for an upcoming TV special about
Jamie Lynn Spears is finally opening up about her life as a teen mom:
Hey TLC why not just release an entire documentary on Jamie Lynn Spears crying because your teaser didn't have enough crying in it.
Watch as Jamie Lynn Spears sobs as she discusses backlash after getting pregnant at 16:
Jamie Lynn Spears shares story in TLC special
Jamie Lynn Spears shares story in TLC special
Jamie Lynn Spears talks teen pregnancy backlash on TV special set to air on TLC:.
Jamie Lynn Spears 'not just a child star': Jamie Lynn Spears is ready to set the r...
Jamie Lynn Spears on the teen pregnancy backlash she faced as a former Nickelodeon star:
Jamie Lynn Spears talks about teen pregnancy backlash: "I'm not just a teen mom"
Jamie Lynn Spears 'not just a child star'
I used to have a huge crush on Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears shares story in TLC special -
Jamie Lynn Spears gets real about what it was like to become pregnant as a child star:
At breakfast with friends, funny how quickly the conversation turns to Aaron Carter, Solange Knowles and Jamie Lynn Spears.
4/4/16. Robert Downey Jr. is 51. Roberto Luongo is 37. Landry Jones is 27. Jamie Lynn Spears is 25. Austin Mahone is 20
Happy Birthday to my sister, Robert Downey Jr., Hugo Weaving, Graham Norton, David Blaine and the late Jamie Lynn Spears
a Goddess. Praise the inventor of Anime and Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears - The High Roller at The LINQ in Las Vegas - July 2015
Jamie Lynn Spears needs to make a show business change and move on to Mary Anne McCreedy to help her career.
Missed the Cut for women I would date if I had money: Kelly Clarkson, Jamie Lynn Spears, Farrah Abraham, and Pamela Anderson...
But also I want a blonde haired brown eyed daughter. My sons can look like me, but my daughter has gotta be a Jamie Lynn Spears.
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Photo: Jamie Lynn Spears showing off her amazing legs in a mini dress and heels. Check out our new website:...
Jamie Lynn Spears is coming to QU this weekend and all I wanna do is yell at her for ruining Zoey 101
Jamie Lynn is a true independent and she's finding that an uphill battle against the mainstream music industry. Another Spears family rebel!
Jamie Lynn Spears is performing at my school on Saturday and if she doesn't sing the Zoey 101 theme song I'm gonna be highly disappointed
"is Jamie Lynn Spears still with the guy that made her pregnant"
September 12th. Happy Birthday Jayden! Enjoy it with your mommy, Bryan,Lynne,Jamie Lynn,Maddie,Jamie Spears,Sean and hannah
In my life, southern girls have been some of the smartest on earth, so why does Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears ALWAYS seem so dimwitted & dumb?
CMIL Exclusive: The hits very close to home for
Britney Spears is like a second mother to Jamie Lynn Spears - FansShare
Just did an interview with Y'all can read it here!
Jamie Lynn Spears ruined Zoey 101 and my life
Jamie lynn spears pregnancy was an inside job
Jamie Lynn spears ruined my life when she got pregant
Why are yall shading on Jamie Lynn Spears' little girl for the show getting cancelled? 😂 If anything shade on Jamie for getting pregnant. 😂😂
I keep forgetting Jamie Lynn Spears is only 24 😭😭
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If Temple beats Penn State I will name my firstborn son Jamie Lynn Spears
ok I never wanted to tell anyone but I am the baby that Jamie Lynn spears was pregnant with that caused Zoey 101 to be c…
charlie carver, jamie lynn spears or kathryn bernardo sponsor? Dm me if interested. ☺
Jamie Lynn Spears reposted a picture I took of her
Was jamie lynn spears on Disney Channel before?
Y'all have no idea how many people this week have told me I look like Jamie Lynn Spears 😅😅
Jamie Lynn Spears gussied up at Peter & Whitney's white wedding.
yall do realize Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant four months AFTER they decided to end Zoey 101, right?
Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter is gonna go to school and be referred to as the Zoey 101 ruiner
my sister's college is having jamie lynn spears as its fall concert and that is yet another reason why i will never attend QU
The only way you can convince me to go to Fall Fest is if Jamie Lynn Spears performs the Zoey 101 theme song.
I have Cody C/aalfredo flores/Jamie Lynn Spears I can also make a solo dm list
She sings better than her sister lol Jamie Lynn Spears Performs Live vía
Jamie lynn spears got like everyone on Zoey 101 fired and then she got preggo and the show ended so thnx a lot!!!
How Could I Want More by Jamie Lynn Spears is in Vera's On The Drive, Vancouver. Download it now at
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It's been years, but I'm still mad at Jamie Lynn Spears for getting pregnant. I miss Zoey 101
You see, I was packing, but then I somehow ended up on Jamie Lynn Spears's Instagram...
I hate that show and I hate Jamie Lynn Spears for getting pregnant and ruining my small piece of joy
what might you be doing Jamie Lynn Spears
Zendaya, the pic of you and dinah at the airport, and Zoey 101 bc I think of Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears is such a horrible actress. Who even let her be the main character in Zoey 101
what ever happened to Jamie Lynn Spears?
Why do I see 10 year old boys googling Jamie Lynn Spears in the library
Jamie Lynn Spears was so bad before she was pregnant
still haven't forgiven Jamie Lynn Spears for being the reason Zoey 101 got cancelled
I heard Jamie Lynn Spears is playing short stop for the Chicago Blackhawks next year
the bump in her 60s hair slays me. And I spy with my brown eye a soon to be pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears!
every preteen girl when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant and ruined Zoey 101
Who is letting Jamie Lynn Spears play at country thunder this year 😑😑😑
Jamie Lynn Spears is playing at The Grizzly Rose (country bar) on 5/8. LOL
Lowkey nervous I'm gonna label the neurotransmitter PCPA as PCA on my psychbio test cause Jamie Lynn Spears went to PCA on Zoey 101
This weekend I got the usual. Trisha Yearwood, Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears - not sure if I see the...
Jamie Lynn Spears attends bow and arrow at Archery Event ah... . |
Jamie Lynn Spears before she got pregnant
Getting told by a stranger you look like Jamie Lynn Spears... Don't know if that's a compliment or not 😟
Jamie Lynn Spears teases new music at
Jamie Lynn Spears is now a country singer 😍
Jamie Lynn Spears, Wanna Secret to get Kim Hollywood 5000 Stars & Money? Check the Secret Trick on My Profile Bio
I love this celebrity headline so much. Maybe even more than the one about Jamie Lynn Spears waving a knife...
Jamie Lynn Spears pulled a knife on a crowd to break up a fight, proving that, much like her older sister Britney, she is not that innocent.
[Swift Helps Lucky Fan With Student Loans: Morning Mix] Did You Hear? :: We’re starting to understand why Taylor Swift‘s fans are so ride or die for her! The singer is very personable with the Swifties, and her latest random act of kindness is gifting a lucky girl $1989 to pay off some student loans. Um, can some more of our faves hop on this as well? [Buzzfeed] :: Britney Spears is a pretty tough chick, but who knew her little sister was a badass all her own? During a random fight at a Louisiana Pita Pit, Jamie Lynn Spears drew out a knife to break up the brawl! We definitely don’t want to get on her bad side. [Gawker] :: How’s this for irony? Over the weekend, The Weeknd got arrested for reportedly punching a police officer. During a trip to Las Vegas, the R&B singer got into a scuffle inside the Cromwell Hotel around 4:20 a.m. (even more irony!). He was then let go on bail for $2000. [Billboard] :: Mark Ronson‘s new album Uptown Special has a personal meaning to him, as he has dedicated the p ...
Everyone's buzzing about this one today! Britney's lil sister Jamie Lynn Spears broke up a brawl at a Pita Pit...
Happy wednesday, we're almost there guys. Today we're talking about the dog that rode the bus to the dog park alone, Jamie Lynn Spears in Pita Pit fight, Bonnaroo lineup, Huckabee slams Obama for friendship with Beyonce, the Keystone pipeline, and we have guest Anthony Rankin in studio with us. Tune in from 7-9am on 103.7 and 107.1fm.
You don't mess with a southern girl… especially one with a knife. Jamie Lynn Spears was eating with a friend at the Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana, when a fight suddenly broke out inside the restaurant
Here is incredible footage of that heroic master of knives, Jamie Lynn Spears, as she breaks up a fight in Pita Pit: http:/…
A video has emerged of that time Jamie Lynn Spears wielded a bread knife in a sandwich shop
Jamie Lynn Spears breaks up Pita Pit brawl with giant knife
Jamie Lynn Spears wields knife, breaks up Pita Pit brawl :Auto pickup by wikyou
“Here's video of that time Jamie Lynn Spears wielded a knife during a Pita Pit fight
Footage has emerged of Jamie Lynn Spears breaking up a fight with a bread knife
"Jamie Lynn Spears: Video appears to show actress holding knife, breaking up fight at Pita Pit."
Security footage of Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's lil sis) bringing out a knife to stop a Pita Pit fight, watch here:
That 911 call... "Yes, I'm an employee at the Pita Pit. A fight broke out, and now Jamie Lynn Spears is wielding a large knife. Hello?"
RE: Jamie Lynn Spears breaking up a fight in a Pita Pit. DAAAMN, glad to see Logan & Quinn are still together & Zoey is still a good friend.
You can finally see security footage from the beautiful night Jamie Lynn Spears pulled a knife at a Pita Pit brawl.
Jamie Lynn Spears is the the hero we need, not the one we deserve:
Diamond - Jamie Lynn Spears [Fotos de Zoey 101]: I used to love this song tho. This is fye idc!
Jamie Lynn Spears -- Pulls Huge Knife on Crowd to Break Up a Fight
It would suck to be Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter b/c our whole generation hates her & we don't know her. It's not her fault her mom got prego
I will never forgive Jamie Lynn Spears' satan child for canceling Zoey 101.
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This 'Zoey 101' marathon has proven that an aborted fetus has more ability to convey personality than Jamie Lynn Spears.
I used to have the biggest crush on Jamie Lynn Spears.
Jamie Lynn Spears was the worst actress ever but Zoey 101 was still the best show ever
Netflix, Panera, and Jamie Lynn Spears. Don't look now but you may be turning into a 15 year old girl
I'd like to think that Zoey 101 would still be coming out with new episodes if Jamie Lynn Spears hadn't gotten pregnant
Spent 15 minutes reading a detailed biography of Jamie Lynn Spears this is where my level of boredom is at
since when did Jamie Lynn Spears become a country artist lol
I've decided that Rydel doesn't look like Britney Spears.. she looks more like Jamie Lynn Spears, in my opinion.
Jamie Lynn Spears pulled a knife out on someone 😂
I don't hold grudges but I have never forgiven Jamie Lynn Spears for getting knocked up and ruining my favourite TV show on…
It trips me out how much Jamie Lynn Spears look just like Brittany Spears
2014 just keeps farting up the surprises up until the last hours of its life. Who knew that Jamie Lynn Spears would quickly become my new favorite Spears? (FYI: Bit Bit Spears used to be my favorite Spears.) TMZ says that last weekend the Queen of the Teen Moms, Jamie Lynn Spears, and a girlf
If we're ever involved in a fight with someone, we finally know exactly who to call: Jamie Lynn Spears.
Jamie Lynn Spears brandishes knife to break up fight
Jamie Lynn Spears breaks up fight with a knife. Here's the story.
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Jamie Lynn Spears breaks up fight with huge knife at Louisiana Pita Pit
I wonder what Jamie Lynn Spears does for money these days
Details and Charlize Theron and Sean Penn's secret engagement
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Eek! Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly pulled out a knife to break up a fight:
Britney Spears' little sis pulled a HUGE KNIFE on a crowd to break up a fight (no, seriously)
There's a good reason why Jamie Lynn Spears pulled a knife at Pita Pit: Don't get between Jamie Lynn Spears an...
Jamie Lynn Spears - How Could I Want More Lyrics: via 'Had this sent to me by a girl,wonder how to respond?"
Been told three times this week that I look like Jamie Lynn Spears... ***
Jamie Lynn Spears was such a babe on zoey 101 then got pregnant and broke my heart smh 💔
You are hotter than Jamie Lynn Spears in Zoey 101 😍😍
I wonder what Jamie Lynn Spears is doing right now.
Hi Britney I love you so MUCH !!! Can you follow me please ? I love u and your baby sis Jamie Lynn Spears
Making my dad listen to Jamie Lynn Spears on the way to my brother's. He digs it I think
Does anyone else think that Jamie Lynn Spears kinda looks like Carrie Underwood? Or is that just me?
just said I look like Jamie Lynn Spears 😑
Kerns: Jamie Lynn Spears set to open for Alabama
I was dumb hot when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant smh I'll never ever forgive her ever
Like whatever happened to Jamie Lynn Spears, how is she, how's her child? She must be perfectly fine since we never hear about her
Todd O'Neill band playin the Holy Ghost fair tonight in Hammond with Jamie Lynn Spears. Then we gonna blow the...
The thing I wanted to do to Jamie Lynn Spears when I was young on Zoey101 uyy n Daniela
I ain't no Jamie Lynn Spears, honey Has anyone heard of dates covered in shells?
I wonder what Jamie Lynn Spears is doing rn
Who tryna go see Jamie Lynn Spears at the SC County Fair with me thoughhh?
Jamie Lynn Spears' album is so great.
Jamie Lynn Spears has a country song on the radio rn... like what
Jamie Lynn Spears is a country singer??? Mind is blown
I'm convinced Chase from Zoey 101 is the one who really knocked up Jamie Lynn Spears. Dude was in the friend zone for way to long not to
Who knew that Jamie Lynn Spears was a country singer? Not I.
I don't think I will ever fully forgive Jamie Lynn Spears for getting pregnant and getting Zoey 101 cancelled ...
Jada is brittany spears little sister on the low. That's her real identity. Jamie Lynn spears
I'm in Got to talk about how loyal my fans have always been!! Read it here htt…
Saturday night it's a special ALL AGES SHOW with Jamie Lynn Spears! Tickets on sale now at...
The list of HOTTEST celebs, Jamie Lynn Spears tops the charts with this nude photo & more! . 👉. http…
I was just told I look like Jamie Lynn Spears from Zoey 101 😍😂
Back in 2007, Jamie Lynn Spears rocked the celeb gossip world by announcing she was pregnant at age 16. On June 19, 2008, Maddie Briann Aldridge was born, and after a while, the young mom and her daughter fell out of the constant spotlight. But what does Maddie look like now? Wetpaint Entert...
“I don't remember this scene in Zoey 101. that's Nikki Sims not Jamie Lynn Spears...
That's because it isn't Jamie Lynn Spears. Her name is Nikki Sims.
I feel like Jamie Lynn Spears from Zoey 101 was every guy my age's first crush
Jamie Lynn Spears was the only reason why I used to watch Zoey 101 back in the day
Didn't know Jamie Lynn Spears is a country artist now.
LOL, that was back when Jamie Lynn Spears was actually bae. xD
Am I the only one who's just now realizing that Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears are related?
I will never forgive Jamie Lynn Spears for ending Zoey 101
Chris Young and Jamie Lynn Spears to appear at 8 Man Jam « KMLE Country @ 1079
Jamie Lynn Spears's daughter looks nothing like THIS anymore! — See how much she's grown up!
I like Jamie Lynn Spears, and her voice is alright but there's not passion in her ;/ Her performances are boring.
still trying to forgive Jamie Lynn Spears for ruining Zoey 101
Job perk: I get to go see the Rhett Walker Band, Eric Paslay, Wyatt Turner, Colt Ford, and Jamie Lynn Spears for free 💁
Ashley Simpson or Jamie Lynn Spears. Either are equally useless
Jamie Lynn Spears embarrassed by father - The Express Tribune
A perfect example of getting pregnant at a young age not just effecting you but others around you is Jamie Lynn Spears and Zoey 101
Jamie Lynn Spears shows off her legs in oversized orange shirt via
Pictures: Jamie Lynn Spears performing at the studios!
While spending most of the day on the road, I found myself listening to 92.3FM and rocking to it. I knew every single word to every single country song played, singing right along with Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Cassadee Pope, Taylor Swift, Jamie Lynn Spears, Miranda Lambert and more. *** I even caught myself saying a couple of times "Oooh I love that song!". I just want to know WHEN in the world did that happen? Those that know me well, know how funny this is. So here it goes...I like country music. There, I said it!
Jamie Lynn Spears will be performing LIVE in the Direct Auto Insurance Garage on May 13!
Just got down watching Zoey 101 series Sean Flynn, Jamie Lynn Spears, Matthew underwood, Erin sanders, Paul brucer, and best of all alexa n
Since when does Jamie Lynn Spears sing country?
FACT: Solange Knowles wears a necklace made out of the skulls of Jamie Lynn Spears and Ashley Simpson.
have you seen Keith urbans hair it's the same highlights Jamie Lynn Spears had in 2005   10% Off
I have the same birthday as Jamie Lynn Spears, Robert Downey Jr & Heath Ledger.
Jamie Lynn Spears and Husband James Watson Make Their Red Carpet Debut at the ACM Awards—See the Adorable Newlyweds!
Normally girls you like when you're 14 aren't the same girls you like at 22 but good for you Jamie Lynn Spears 👏👏👏
I wanna go see Jamie Lynn Spears at cowboys!!
Jamie Lynn Spears coming to Notre Dame? A little past her prime but I'll take it
Jamie Lynn spears bday is April 4th 1991. I'm a stalker because I remember that from the zoe 101 days.
Loving the life I live..cant wait to go to see jamie lynn spears next week at cowboys
JAMIE LYNN SPEARS - Who knew she was a COUNTRY!. See her and the Swon Brothers with your PRINTED FREE TICKETS...
is Britney Spears really gonna be at the taste of country festival to support Jamie Lynn?!
lying in the green grass underneath the blue sky,looking at a good man and i know hes the right guy. hes got the kind of heart that any girl would die for so how could i want more? how could i want more. he treats me like princess lets me have it my have it my way. this song reminds me of the man in my life hes a GREAT guy i wouldnt and couldnt trade him for nothing. how could i want more by jamie lynn spears
Jamie Lynn Spears, on the carpet, says it's "always good" to take sis Britney's advice about performing
Jamie Lynn Spears—who is launching a country career—says she looks up to big sister Britney for advice
See Jamie Lynn Spears, Scotty McCreery and more stars cut loose in the PEOPLE photo booth!
does anyone know WHY Jamie Lynn Spears was invited to the GO AWAY.
"Britney Spears. Jamie Lynn was in attendance and she walked out after he said that. What a *** "
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Why is Jamie Lynn Spears coming to the spur this weekend??
Just found out my band the Zinghoppers is on the same bill as T.I., Sky Ferreira and Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's sis) for an event at ISU 👍
Fotoset: lindsaychrist: lxvemxneyparty: Jamie Lynn Spears leaves the audience at the 2014 American Country...
OMG Jamie Lynn Spears left the ACMs after this guy said this NSNDKSKD
For someone who hadn't stepped foot on a red carpet since 2007, this singer was sure owning it at the ACM Awards:
Seriously what is country music these days? You have people like Taylor swift and then Jamie Lynn spears going to country jam? Bring back Hank and Merle!
Jamie Lynn Spears leaved the audience at the American Country Music Awards after Blake Shelton’s rude comment on Britney. 👏
WHY is everybody snarking at Jamie Lynn Spears?? I loved her dress! Maybe love is the best accessory?? PIC
Join us on Friday, April 18th at the Clearwater Threshers game for Country Night with Jamie Lynn Spears post game concert! First watch the Threshers t...
This Sunday evening Jamie Lynn Spears for the first time showed to world her wedding ring. On red carpet of American Country Music Awards she walked with her husband Jamie Watson, and with her pret...
THIS THURSDAY - come see Jamie Lynn Spears make her Joe's On Weed St. debut!!! Get your tickets now at
Jamie Lynn Spears and her husband Jamie Watson posed together on the red carpet at the 2014 ACM Awards, showing off their new wedding bands -- pictures!
We had a great weekend at THE RUSTY SPUR! Thanks, as always, to our customers and the fans that came to support DOUG MCCORMICK and SOUTHERN BRIDGES!! Two great performances down and more to come soon!!! Don't forget about our next upcoming concert featuring JAMIE LYNN SPEARS on FRIDAY APRIL 11!
While absently watching a story about last night's ACM Awards (note: I'm not a fan): Me: some mumbled comment about Jamie Lynn Spears G: [looks up at tv]: she's a spear? Don't know why that cracks me up so much.
Can you believe Jamie Lynn Spears hasn't done a red carpet since 2007?!While the singer has been making some public appearances lately to promote her new…
Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ younger sister, got married less than a month ago. The 22-year-old actress and singer married Jamie Watson, a businessman, at the Audubon Tea Room in New Orleans. The two made their red carpet debut as husband and wife at the ACM Awards 2014 held at the MGM Grand G...
Jamie Lynn Spears chats with Access' Liz Hernandez at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2014 about serving as the official social media correspondent. Who does she most want to take a selfie with...
Jamie Lynn Spears flashed her wedding ring on the red carpet last night as she made her first appearance since marrying Jamie Watson.
Jamie Lynn Spears made her first red carpet appearance since becoming a married woman, showing off her wedding ring
Jamie Lynn Spears attended the 2014 ACM Awards, stunned on the red carpet and kept mum on the Britney Spears dis during the show's opening.
Jamie Lynn Spears at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - Arrivals at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 06, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks for ...
Fun fact that in inadvertently learned today: Jamie Lynn Spears shares the name of both of her parents Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears. Also, upon further investigation, it appears that her spouse also has the same name of Jamie.
Well, don't these two look good together? Jamie Lynn Spears and new hubby James Watson were all sm... You can find further on this from the source... here
Jamie Lynn Spears makes her red carpet debut as a married woman!
Our staff is excited to present Jamie Lynn Spears this Friday! Join us for an all ages, free of charge, acoustic music performance and autograph signing! Come into eat at the Lube leading up to Friday and secure one of twenty front of the line passes for the event! Hurry, while they last!
well if I can't get to vegas to see britney I'll settle for jamie lynn spears in Visalia
Jamie Lynn Spears, Dustin Lynch, Scotty McCreery and more ham it up backstage in Sin City,
The Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" star Jamie Lynn Spears debuts his hubby, the businessman Jamie Watson at Academy of Country Music Awards 2014 at MGM Grand Arena on April 6, 2014. It is their first app...
Jamie Lynn Spears gots a country single coming out 😳 hmmm, with her Mississippi accent I never heard before.
Jamie Lynn Spears steps out on first red carpet with husband.
Jamie Lynn Spears enjoys 23rd birthday in as she preps for CMAs via
Jamie Lynn Spears celebrates her 23rd birthday in Vegas as she gears up for Academy of Country Mu...
If anyone is a fan of Jamie Lynn Spears or the Swon Brothers, they're going to be at the Sierra Vista mall today from 6-8.
Don't forget - tonight at our community park from 6 pm to 7pm, acoustic performances by the Swon Brothers and Jamie Lynn Spears, all thanks to 102.7 The Wolf Radio Station.
I have the same birthday as Austin Mahone, Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Lynn Spears, David Blaine, and David Cross 😄
Girls with Guitars, starring Jamie Lynn Spears, Katie Armiger, and Jordan Anderson, is Wed Apr 16th at the Marion...
She will always be Zoey from "Zoey 101" “Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's little sis, gets married
Jamie Lynn Spears married a Watson, so I'm related to Britney now. Nbd
Jamie Lynn Spears married Jamie Watson so now they're both Jamie Watson
Jamie Lynn Spears married a guy named Jamie. So now they're both Jamie Watson.
Jamie Lynn Spears: Married to Jamie Watson! - Proud papa Jamie Spears (they like that name) walked her down the...
Jamie Lynn Spears: Married to Jamie Watson! - Mom Lynne Spears accompanied her betrothed daughter to a nail...
Jamie Lynn Spears does wedding dress + Ugg boots combo...
My March Madness bracket has a seal beating Jamie Lynn Spears in Game & Game is just fire everywhere as a trash can a…
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