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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) is an American actress and author.

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Sorry Jamie Lee Curtis, Hilary Clinton is not qualified to be President. She's been wrong 100% of the time.
In addition to campaigning for in Iowa: Sens. Cory Booker, Tim Kaine, Jamie Lee Curtis and Billie Jean King
Yogurt wars are on! Remember when Jamie Lee Curtis was the face of probiotics?
Jamie Lee Curtis is coming to Newton on Monday. What the heck
.team is ramping up visits to Iowa by surrogates, Julian Castro, Sen.Cory Booker, Jamie Lee Curtis.
Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis are the reason why the first season was so good 👌
Newton: Don’t miss out on at the office on Monday!
Dita Dirt Nap takes you for a very scary ride with Jamie Lee Curtis on the "Terror Train" in Dita's Den!.
This dance scene with Jamie Lee Curtis in Prom Night isn't just awesome. It's disco awesome!
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa on January 24-26, 2016
This Caucus season Newton will get a visit from Jamie Lee Curtis. She'll be in town Monday.
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis to stump for Clinton in IA
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis to campaign for in Iowa, Sunday thru Tuesday
Really enjoyed Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis is the best bit 👏🏻 Worried the 2nd season will go downhill in typical Ryan Murphy fashion.
I would really like to see Felissa Rose in a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis or Heather Langenkamp.
Watching halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis and I would have been besties in high school
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When my ex gf gets old, she's probably going to look like Jamie Lee Curtis.
📷 jjasonvoorhees: Jay is short for Jamie, a tribute to scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. In the film, Jay...
Jamie Lee Curtis of the old school. Danielle Andrea Harris of the new school.
Did you know that Jamie Lee Curtis is a baroness? That's what Jeopardy taught me today.
Fun fact: Jamie Lee Curtis is a baroness!
not sure if I should recommend Scream Queens or not. Serial killer stalking a sorority house. Has lols, mystery & Jamie Lee Curtis
Going up on eBay tonight- Halloween movie poster signed by the original star of the film, Jamie Lee Curtis!
No problem. The escape tunnel you're digging is hidden behind a Jamie Lee Curtis poster, right?
Jamie Lee Curtis being a badass is my favourite moment in this series so far (episode 8)
Donald Pleasence & Jamie Lee Curtis on the Set of Halloween II John Carpenter
Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to bag Nigel/Chris after seeing Spinal Tap. And she did! Ha
Jamie Lee Curtis is one of my favorite actress
LOL! i just get Jamie Lee Curtis, which isn't so bad but not as priceless as this :)
Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween movies though. Such an amazing actress.
I feel like I have a personal connection to Jamie Lee Curtis
So far only one episode in and I'm already enjoying Jamie Lee Curtis is a boss! 🙌🏻
were the Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta visuals only for Coachella? Never saw them anywhere else 😪
Claude's set in Sahara b2b Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta was the best set of my life
I almost made a joke about Laurie Strode asking Dr. Loomis if that was the boogeyman, but Jamie Lee Curtis plays Street Fighter!
I can't be the only one who thinks Jamie Lee Curtis got better with age
Sharon Osborne and Jamie Lee Curtis are both on this show and my heart exploded
did you hear jamie Lee Curtis listens to NSP? XD
Jamie Lee Curtis is a fan of Ninja Sex Party. Now, that's pretty awesome.
Anybody tell you guys you got a shout-out from freaking horror movie legend Jamie Lee Curtis?!
I don't love the "teenager falling in love with Jamie Lee Curtis" part of this movie?
The funniest part about Freaky Friday was that Chad Michael Murray fell in love with Jamie Lee Curtis 😂
Jamie Lee Curtis is AMAZING and the original Scream Queen!!
The most accurate portrayal of a mother I have ever seen in a movie is Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
The Freaky Friday remake with Lindsay Lohan = the best. Jamie Lee Curtis steals the whole *** movie.
Jamie Lee Curtis is a starbomb fan I feel so alive
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I liked a video from Scream Queens interview - Jamie Lee Curtis - Street Fighter, Psycho,
yeah... *** just had a Jamie Lee Curtis flashback!
Would not have pegged Jamie Lee Curtis for a Street Fighter or NSP fan but that's awesome.
Jamie Lee Curtis listens to Ninja Sex Party! AHH! . She's so cool!
both very good & an added bonus Jamie Lee Curtis is in the remake
What has Jamie Lee Curtis been up to
Remember Jamie Lee Curtis's guitar solo in Freaky Friday?? It changed me.
HRC ALERT: Join Jamie Lee Curtis and others by supporting HRC in 2016! Secure your HRC membership now --> AFTER REC...
I KILL NEW YORK II. JOHN CARPENTER :"Then ,Sister Patterson was the first choice as Laurie Strode for "Halloween .Not Jamie Lee Curtis ".
I KILL NEW YORK II. HAILEY ABREGO Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell ? They're just talentless lung *** .You`re a more talented lung ***
If you look like Jamie Lee Curtis did in that movie, YEAH. Otherwise, help your own sack buddy. I'm having a cockamamie cigar.
Finally watched the The show was a very entertaining clusterJamie Lee Curtis was seriously great though.
gravelbucket:. Jamie Lee Curtis back in the…
HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS Jamie Lee Curtis - "Scream Queens" star Jamie Lee Curtis says she dropped out of the show ...
Jamie Lee Curtis, once known as the 'queen of scream,' has fun with her role on 'Scream Queens'
Guys, if JJ Abrams created the magic of Forever Young with Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis, how could he go wrong with Star Wars?
My dad is yelling at me because he's convinced Jamie Lee Curtis is in her 80s and just looks really young for her age (she's 57)
It's like Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers- she would have never had a career without her part in - stupid ingrates!
I hope he ends up like Dan Ackroyds character in Trading Places. Only without the redemption and marriage to Jamie Lee Curtis
I only watch ha for Jamie Lee Curtis
After I figured out that I wasn't listening to Jamie Lee Curtis, I figured out ur awesome-Great podcast on
Stress level: Jamie Lee Curtis in Christmas with the Kranks
Jamie Lee Curtis is by far the best part of Scream Queens
Jamie Lee Curtis as Chris's Godmother. That would be awesome.
I don't like NCIS, but i like Jamie Lee Curtis on it? Makes no sense
Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are skipping Christmas, and everyone is aghast. Can you think of anything more horrifying and SHOCKING?
Jamie Lee Curtis on getting sober:. "Getting sober just exploded my life. I am more successful than I have ever... https:/…
The more I like Me,the less I want to pretend to be other people.. Jamie Lee Curtis.
"Did you seriously just ruin the movie for us?" "No. Jamie Lee Curtis will ruin the movie for you."
Plus I always had a thing for Jamie Lee Curtis 😉
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an all-star lineup of Ed Boon, Jamie Lee Curtis, and,
My teenage self seems to recall Jamie Lee Curtis appearing in that.
Jamie Lee Curtis 😂😂😂😂 that's it party boy is the double 😭
Laurie: It was the boogeyman... Dr. Sam Loomis: As a matter of fact, it was. Photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, behind...
Dredging up fossils curled up and frightened in the deepest corner of the closet like Jamie Lee Curtis. You really are the boogie man.
The only thing in Scream Queens that made any sense was that everyone recognizes that Jamie Lee Curtis is still hot.
Congratulations to Jamie Lee Curtis for her best actress in a comedy series Golden Globe nomination on Scream Queens
Jamie Lee Curtis best body of all time , ageing well gorgeous
Jamie Lee Curtis wants to be Jessica Lange so bad in Scream Queens
This is one of four movies which Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Akroyd have appeared in together
Forever thankful for the goddesses that are Bette Middler, Julie Andrews, and Jamie Lee Curtis
how quickly Jamie Lee Curtis, the Butler, Eddie Murphy, and Dan Ackroyd rally to work together is truly inspirational
Caroline Rhea, Felicity Huffman & Jamie Lee Curtis...such an iconic trio of actors.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest (married for 31 years) say good morning!
I want to believe this "Jamie Lee Curtis character hasn't read the book she wrote" thing is a Freaky Friday reference.…
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I just saw a woman that looked like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday when she becomes the hot mom
I mostly dived into it because of Emma 😂 and Jamie Lee Curtis obvi
I love Jamie Lee Curtis she is the best thing about this show
Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, a lot of people :)
We want to wish a happy belated 57th birthday to our favorite scream queen - Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise, was born on this day in 1958.
Jamie Lee Curtis was such a total babe in Fish Called Wanda
I want Kathy bates and Jamie Lee Curtis in there too
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jamie Lee Curtis ^^
yes Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite, and I smoked a joint dipped in embalming fluid.
LOL Jamie Lee Curtis is sleeping with the hot *** frat boy and wants to barf in his face if he doesn't get out.
at the mic ro-expressions of Jamie Lee Curtis in Screamqueens she's STILL better at flirting than RealityTVbimbos
Jamie Lee Curtis' 'Ladyhair' is STILL easier on the eyes than fake hollywood Paris Hilton bald-strips
I had no idea Jamie Lee Curtis played a ton of Street Fighter
I didn't know that the famous Janet Leigh from Psycho was Jamie Lee Curtis' mom. Now I know !
I just voted for Jamie Lee Curtis to win Favorite Actress in a New TV Series at People's Choice Awards 2016
Jamie Lee Curtis just paid the perfect tribute to the infamous Psycho shower scene
Jamie Lee Curtis reenacting the classic shower scene with the added scandalous toilet shot? Yaas
*** Jamie Lee Curtis kicked some serious *** in this weeks episode of Scream Queens
Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of Prom Night, 1980.
*** Jamie Lee Curtis is a badass in all the movies she's in and now too
Jamie Lee Curtis recreated her mom Janet Leigh's shower scene on
but it was fun to see Jamie Lee Curtis copy her mum.
I love Jamie Lee Curtis always have as an actress :-) From Johnny D.
Priyanka Chopra to battle Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis for top honors at the People’s Choice Awards!
Scream Queens is growing on me. Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts are always good but, unexpectedly, Nick Jonas is the best thing in it.
Kudos to the casting tho. Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis.
-NEWS- Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer, Lea Michelle, and Nick Jonas were all filming at Loyola
Tommy's casually sent me snapchats of Nick Jonas and Jamie Lee Curtis today
So Nick Jonas, Keke Palmer, and Jamie Lee Curtis all on campus today?
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Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lea Michelle are all in Scream Queens
Emma Roberts and her wardrobe!!! Jamie Lee Curtis!!! high fashion!!! cameos by Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande!!!
Next week on Nick Jonas looks like a hobo and Jamie Lee Curtis pays homage to Psycho in the best way. 🔪
What do Jodie Foster, Calvin Klein, JFK, Larry King, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Kornman, and Jamie Lee Curtis all have in common?
is a slow walker if he can't catch up to a hobbling Jamie Lee Curtis.
Donald Pleasence very good if slightly under-used, and Jamie Lee Curtis good in an early role.
Jamie Lee Curtis ready for Halloween at amfAR's Inspiration Gala Los Angeles https…
is so bad. It's just characters from other Murphy shows. How is Jamie Lee Curtis in this (playing sue Sylvester)?
How did Jamie Lee Curtis go from being milf-ish in her late 30's to looking like Anderson Cooper now?
A young(er) Jamie Lee Curtis stars - and the horror is so beautifully crafted and photographed too!
Can't watch "Halloween" without thinking Michael Myers is just Ryan Murphy forcing Jamie Lee Curtis to consider a lame script.
I'm not going to be able to sleep because I'm an *** and watching Halloween. Why won't Jamie Lee Curtis just call 911???
also Renee Russo,Edie Falco,Jamie Lee Curtis,Ann Curry and Ronda Rousey in the female Oceans 11
I always thought Donald Pleasence was supposed to be Jamie Lee Curtis's love interest in the Halloween movies.
Jamie Lee Curtis only made 8,000.00 dollars for acting in Halloween. R.I.P. Donald pleasance.
downloading it on catch up, yay! Love Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis.
LOL! I love Emma Roberts & Jamie Lee Curtis, so I just HAD to give it a shot!
Jamie Lee Curtis is too good also loving Emma Roberts
Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis all in one programme 😍 is perfect 😍👌🏼
Scream Queens is on at 10pm. A horror comedy series? Well, I'm curious. And it's got Emma Roberts & Jamie Lee Curtis in it!
Of course! Love me some Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee Curtis, plus it's from the creators of
YES - it's hilarious - Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis slay
I'm seeing Gerard Way tonight but it'd be cooler to see Jamie Lee Curtis play.
Back in the G Jamie Lee Curtis could've got that werk
Jamie Lee Curtis is just an amazing actress 😍
Let's watch a Halloween marathon and theorize how big Jamie Lee Curtis's *** is.
My housemate just revealed to me that when he was a teen, he had a lust filled crush on Jamie Lee Curtis.
I'm watching a show that has Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas and Lea Michele in it and it's really tripping me out
Why haven't we referred to Jamie Lee Curtis as JLC this whole time?
Coming up on Jamie Lee Curtis has a fight scene with 2 Red Devils and Supreme Court Justice Scalia scoop
This is how awesome Jamie Lee Curtis is. go big and ask or the answer will always be no.
"I was never really into Ryan Reynolds until he started to look like Jamie Lee Curtis." -Me to a future therapist. htt…
your face has some Jamie Lee Curtis ;)
All I see is Jamie Lee Curtis... someone could agree 😂. and yes I know it's not Jamie Lee Curtis lmao
checked her profile, it is indeed the real Jamie Lee Curtis- great 2 C she's on board!
is that post from the REAL Jamie Lee Curtis? As in, 'Halloween', ' Scream Queens'?
I only like the first Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis and the last Halloween😊
Meh... Carol from Walking Dead plays a better Jamie Lee Curtis anyway.
Also, Kate just pointed out that Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Hartnett have the SAME haircut.
Halloween vs Alien - Jamie Lee Curtis vs Sigourney. Who is the best ‘final girl’?
"Could you, like, chill for a sec?" - Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday and also me always
Jamie Lee Curtis is still pretty good looking tbh.
But it's bloody good seeing Jamie Lee Curtis on screen again 🙌
I can't be the only person who thinks you look like Jamie Lee Curtis when you have makeup on
Jamie Lee Curtis is in Scream Queens too. Still cashing in on her Halloween fame 40 years on.
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dam, Jamie Lee Curtis still looks good!
that Jamie Lee Curtis strip tease scene in True Lies.
Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock and Jamie Lee Curtis give me hope that not all white women age like processed hamb…
Anyway, going to binge watch Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis as the Dean is brilliant!!
I have some sexual feelings for Jamie Lee Curtis.
John Stamos doesn't make me want to eat yogurt? Neither does Jamie Lee Curtis??
Jamie Kennedy called it. Jamie Lee Curtis is the scream Queen.
Yesterday I mixed up Justin Lee Collins and Jamie Lee Curtis, for a full conversation. It was a long day.
Jamie Lee Curtis on Scream Queens = smart. But I'd be more impressed if Murphy also cast Linnea Quigley, Tiffany Shepis, and Danielle Harris
Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance starred in Halloween 1 and 2 but only shared scenes in last 10 min of each movie.
Oh good one! Did you know that actresses Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter?!
When I grow up I want to either be Julie Andrews or Jamie Lee Curtis.. or a combination of both lol
Jamie Lee Curtis daughter of Janet Leigh & Tony Curtis. Liked her in Perfect w John Travolta! Love JT in that! He's Rolling Stone reporter..
Jamie Lee Curtis recreates the iconic "Psycho" shower scene that originally featured her mother, Janet Leigh
*** yes Valerie Bertinelli, Jamie Lee Curtis, the list is long
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“To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.” –Jamie Lee Curtis ‘A Fish Called Wanda
Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty darn awesome as the possibly evil dean.
star Jamie Lee Curtis told me some scary stories, then gave me a big hug. Read
Jamie Lee Curtis and Elyes Gabel are on the same late show rn and I wanna watch it for Elyes but I don't wanna bc I'll miss Samantha,-
Jamie Lee Curtis taking an important business call on the go
Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, and John Carpenter on the set of 1980s The Fog:
RyMurphy tried to cast Jamie Lee Curtis as Sue Sylvester and it's not a great fit? Costarring Rachel Berry as Rachel Berry in a neck brace.
I bet Jamie Lee Curtis is the killer. No longer the victim?
"Scream Queens" better end with Jamie Lee Curtis announcing the killer is occasional irregularity.
I really think Jamie Lee Curtis is the killer for once in her life.
Jamie Lee Curtis never recovered from switching bodies with her daughter and became a killer
Wait you want me to watch this and you have Jamie Lee Curtis in that haircut tell us she's not a *** in the first ten minutes?
Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty awesome too
(The joke is that my mom has an uncanny resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis..)
Terror Train (rewatch) - Jamie Lee Curtis and David Copperfield struck on a murder train. What’s not to love?
I had no idea that Jamie Lee Curtis was Janet Leigh's daughter. WOW!
Scream Queens is stupidly funny show and Jamie Lee Curtis is good as Dean Munsch. IDC if ‘stupidly funny’...
I will always love the very first n original Halloween w Jamie Lee Curtis! Classic! 🎃
Jamie Lee Curtis recreates her mother's famous shower scene in Psycho. Super cool!.
You don't question Jamie Lee Curtis when she calls "dibs." 💕
"That woman looks like Jamie Lee Curtis if she didn't eat all that activia"
I LOVE Jamie Lee Curtis! She should win an award for the most inappropriate and awkward speech
Jamie Lee Curtis reveals the secret behind her 31-year marriage
I'm just waiting til we see Jamie Lee Curtis on stage at EVO honestly.
We saw Jamie Lee Curtis at school today.
Jamie Lee Curtis perfectly recreated her mom's iconic shower scene from PSYCHO
I love that movie tho. Jamie Lee Curtis getting them out is an added bonus as well
I'm sorry I said you look like Jamie Lee Curtis. . It was insensitive of me. Jamie is by far better looking.
is this new Road Games movie that you are in a remake of the Jamie Lee Curtis 1981 Road Games, just wondering?
Right?! I won't lie, I'm still going to watch because I love Jamie Lee Curtis... 😁😊
Well duh. She's Jamie Lee Curtis! I'm about to watch the second ep so I'll give my verdict in about 45 minutes.
The old Halloween movies when Jamie Lee Curtis was young are the scariest
Sometimes I wish I was in Freaky Friday so I could be Jamie Lee Curtis you feel me?
Let's all say a prayer that Jamie Lee Curtis lives until the end of Scream Queens because she is the best character.
Behind the scenes photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, Kyle Richards and Brian Andrews on the set of Halloween (1978)
Put Lindsey Lohan on Scream Queens I wanna see her fight Jamie Lee Curtis
catching up on this wks eps; Jamie Lee Curtis, did you keep rolling or have to do sev. takes? SO funny!
Long list of people that should be the next James Bond:. Flyer. Los. Rodrigo Santoro. ur mom. Gilgamesh. Jamie Lee Curtis. Trump Towers
Jamie Lee Curtis is a goddess and I'm beyond stoked to be able to witness her return tonight on
Hate on me but my favorite outfit is Jamie Lee Curtis's dress. I will rock Black year round--especially the viscose fabric dress.
Jamie Lee Curtis just recreated her mother's famous 'Psycho' shower scene
Liking the Jamie Lee Curtis homage photograph that's doing the rounds.
Jamie Lee Curtis has recreated her Mum's (Janet Leigh) famous "Psycho" shower scene, so cool!
The OG Scream Queen is running the school. Don't miss Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch Tues, Sept 22 at 8/7c on FOX. http:…
John Legend is actually just Jamie Lee Curtis' nickname.
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In the end we will all live on an island with Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Akroyd and this is what we will look like
Jamie Lee Curtis is the main reason that I'll be watching Scream Queens sept 22 ❤️ though I don't…
HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION Jamie Lee Curtis agreed to do her part only to make sure her character Laurie Strode would die
Jamie Lee Curtis, with whom Jennifer costarred in the 1986 movie "House Arrest", has also gone on record as a big...
Fun fact Jamie Lee Curtis is the voice of the pearl harbor audio tour.
This is a pretty good summation of my day yesterday. Except the disturbing Jamie Lee Curtis aerobic dancing. I...
She looks like a young Jamie Lee Curtis.
DWTS I can't wait! I'd love to see Matthew McConaughey dance! Also I think Jamie Lee Curtis would be fab!!
"I have very short hair. It's the only cute haircut I think I've ever had."- Jamie Lee Curtis
Negative, however there is a time and place for those shoes on Jamie Lee Curtis. and it ain't jogging!
so you're fine with the Jamie Lee Curtis walk from "True Lies?"
u r right...but this one reminded me of scene in Jamie Lee Curtis movie mothers boys
Jamie Lee Curtis was the Molly Ringwald of horror.
'There is a point at which you aren't as much mom and daughter as you are adults and friends'. - Jamie Lee Curtis
I always get him confused with Tommy Lee Jones for some reason. Never with Jamie Lee Curtis though.
Freaky Friday writers: So Lindsay will eat some bad Chinese food and get stuck in the body of Jamie Lee Curtis? I like your rationale, Jim
it's a new show starting in Sept. Nick Jonas stares in it and Jamie Lee Curtis. I've seen the previews and it looks awesome!
Jamie Lee Curtis: It hurts to laugh after A Fish Called Wanda
still though can't I be like the Jamie Lee Curtis of fandom? Sigourney? Amy Schumer?!
and he has a Jamie Lee Curtis haircut. He was a stunt double in Trading Places with Eddie Murphy
that's a mean name to call Jamie Lee Curtis, she was in Freaky Friday, the only good remake
I'm still trying to cope with moms who cut their kid's hair in the same Jamie Lee Curtis hair cut they get.
Broke back mountain with Jamie Lee Curtis and Activia yougurt.
Jamie Lee Curtis attends EVO 2015 dressed as Vega, brings Makoto, Dee Jay and Dr. B. with her
Funny 2 think that Christopher Guest is married 2 Jamie Lee Curtis & Chris Sarandon was married 2 Susan Villains have good taste
I want to watch Scream Queens BC I love Ryan Murphy & Jamie Lee Curtis but I can't handle Emma Roberts in me face for an hour a week
If you ask Jamie Lee Curtis whether she plays Ryu or Ken, she will wreck you.
Big questions with Jamie Lee Curtis: "Are you a Ryu or Ken person?"
iverbz: tHe look Jamie Lee Curtis gave this *** when he asked if she was a Ryu or Ken person.  Like if...
I'm watching 'Prom Night' with Leslie Nielsen & Jamie Lee Curtis and I honestly can't work out if it's a spoof horror film or not.
Managed to get Jamie Lee Curtis to admit that she's been "promoting yogurt that makes you s***." I think I'm done.
Sammy's doing that thing again where he sleeps with his hands clasped on his chest like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
Just started crying when Jamie Lee Curtis takes the guitar solo for Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday and this is what my life is now
Main goal when I'm a mom is to be Jamie Lee Curtis on the back of Chad Michael Murrays bike in Freaky Friday
Just like to say that Mitchell Johnson's a bell-end. And he looks like Jamie Lee Curtis
There will never be anything I love more than Jamie Lee Curtis angry-drinking.
Checked out the Jamie Lee Curtis documentary. Sweet Slumber Party Massacre shirt, dude!
Jamie Lee Curtis from How I Met Your Mother stars in Mean Creek about an indolent Archaeologist named Evangela
Running into Jamie Lee Curtis at the grocery store would probably take forever.
ugh that voice! I think Scream Queens on FOX will be better. They have Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, etc.
New chicken shed party in the works. Theme: Jamie Lee Curtis
"If Daniel had grey hair he'd look just like her (Jamie Lee Curtis)"
Anyone who calls me Jamie Lee Curtis is getting blocked
I KNEW it was only a matter of time before he called me Jamie Lee Curtis
Lol! I don't know what you're talking about Jamie Lee Curtis!
More for NSFW Jamie Lee Curtis awesome oldschool spice in Trading Places (1983)
You probably don't wan to use the bathroom after Jamie Lee Curtis
I think Jamie Lee Curtis and skyler Samuels too
Remember when Jamie Lee Curtis used to get her boobs out? Halcyon days.
"Every week is shart week at our houses." Signed, Erin Andrews and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, and Danielle Harris in their "fourth" Halloween films (Pleasence was the only...
Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence are back fighting against masked murderer Michael Myers at 11pm in the superb sequel Halloween II.
I knew life wasn't fair when Dan Ackroyd, as opposed to Eddie Murphy, got to sniff Jamie Lee Curtis' undercarriage in Trading Places.
Please stop playing that tired Jamie Lee Curtis blurb about her oh so wholesome mother and the Norma Shearer find of the century.enough
I can't even remember getting in last night ? Woke up in my pants & that blue top (very Jamie Lee Curtis)
Jamie Lee Curtis explains how 'Scream Queens' is so much more than horror via
Laura loves Jamie Lee Curtis and I think it's really funny
Jamie Lee Curtis should not be in the Halloween sequels
At this rate, it'll be all silver by time I'm 40. I'm like Jamie Lee Curtis without the money, looks or constipation yogurt.
Trading Places if for no other reason than Jamie Lee Curtis' scene with the mirror. IYKWIMAITYD
Note that A Fish Called Wanda also came out this year, so Jamie Lee Curtis was also snubbed. Great year for women.
Oh, and Trading Places. Jamie Lee Curtis had really nice boobs!
I just saw Jamie lee Curtis but whatever
What do you expect if you'd get if you remade True Lies without Jamie Lee Curtis?
They had Jamie Lee Curtis bustin it wide open on True Lies...& there was a *** scene in Alien for some reason if I remember correctly
"would not exist without Jamie Lee Curtis" - Ryan Murphy.
I'm more successful than I've ever been. I think it's a direct result of getting sober
Same pitch meeting for the Van Damme/Jamie Lee Curtis project in Mexico.
We should really start learning people's names. . I agree with brown Jamie Lee Curtis.
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