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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) is an American actress and author.

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this is Jamie Lee Curtis in Beverly Hills Chihuahua playing a character named "aunt viv"
Jamie Lee Curtis and Julia Roberts are a few of my favorite actresses. I know.random thought
Movies I still need to watch: 2nd Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis action film from 94
Upon review, Bill Paxton's character in True Lies was running a custom ARG for Jamie Lee Curtis's character and Arnold ruined it.
Says the guy who wrote that awful scene between Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies
Jamie Lee Curtis seems to remember it as a very positive experience in her career as well:
Jamie Lee Curtis. • probs responsible for me being a raging *** (thanks True Lies). • congrats on always being my g…
British director Charles Crichton. Here with Jamie Lee Curtis and John Cleese who starred in his comedy A Fis…
I know how this plays out: Anthony Scaramucci will team up w/ Eddie Murphy & Jamie Lee Curtis to steal the orange juice…
Namely, we can all agree with John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis.
So... JAMIE LEE CURTIS! I WAIT you are reliable because this would actually be awesome.
Jamie Lee Curtis, how can you film on the street Halloween wad filmed & not have the Queen of Hallowee…
Do you mean watch the 2003 hit comedy starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, or actually switching bodies?
Please get the same haircut as Jamie Lee Curtis
The big twist in II is just awful. Completely alters what…
In every long term relationship I've ever been in, one thing has been consistent. I tell them that my pops slept w/ Jamie L…
Um how much does Jamie Lee Curtis look like Carol from The Walking Dead? 😮
good point, I think Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies
The "Jamie Lee Curtis" because it's for older gals like her.
I woke up at 4 this morning and have had a day that can only be explained with this series of photos of Jamie Lee C…
The best *** on cinema screens EVER- Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places.
Please send a $5 Amazon gift card to akayyxxxso I can rent Freaky Friday & get my Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan fixes
Me seeing a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis: nice
in "True Lies" Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis save America from a nuclear terrorist attack
So is it Jamie Lee Curtis or Debra Hill doing the V/O?. Keep hearing both versions of the story..
squad rule you GOTTA respect jamie lee curtis
it works even better if you know Jamie Lee Curtis plays Street Fighter
Thinking if she likes it shorter, may let it get out to Jamie Lee Curtis length and keep it there.
Jamie Lee Curtis was such a Fox in her younger days..
Jamie Lee Curtis served some LOOKS in My Girl ! might have to cop some of that
Jamie Lee Curtis is my spirit animal
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
ea If you’ve ever listened to the sage advice of Jamie Lee Curtis, you probably know about the importance of...
This is me. I am old, pissy, drinking Jamie Lee Curtis.
Let's be honest; she stinks as a scream queen. Her persona was too whiny and sulky. She makes Neve Cam…
I thought this was Jamie lee Curtis
Naughty but reminded me of:. Kevin Kline: "Gorillas don't read philosophy". Jamie Lee Curtis: "Yes they do, they jus…
It's only taken me months but I've finally clicked to who The Waitress reminds me of, Jamie Lee Curtis 😂
SEAMUS to give him his FULL NAME must think that being named after a GIRL,…
Ahs6info’s info on the casting rumor:. Lily: No comment. Jamie Lee Curtis:…
Legit cannot stop referring to Jamie Lynn Spears as Jamie Lee Curtis.
I really want to see Ice Cube switch places with Jamie Lee Curtis in a movie.
So when is Hann going to fire Marty and Jamie Lee Curtis
In Freaky Friday they never explained to Chad Michael Murray what happened. . He think he genunily fell in love with jamie lee curtis. . Why.
Pretty sure Jamie Lee Curtis is on this plane, and looks fantastic.
I love that Ryan Murphy casts so many older actresses. I love seeing Jamie Lee Curtis, Kirstie Alley & Brooke Shields again
STAND IN search: couple more stand ins needed for tomorrow. One is for a Caucasian Female Jamie Lee Curtis (short...
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my biggest inspiration? Those pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis drinking her drink and scolding her friend
Jamie Lee Curtis is my fave kind of hero in this, all quiet integrity and unshakable resolve.
Just woke up from a real interesting™ and lowkey™ wild dream where Jamie Lee Curtis was my aunt and had just opened an LGBTQ house
Macron is Kevin Kline and is Jamie Lee Curtis in this 😍
Today I saw lookalikes of Coleen Nolan and Jamie Lee Curtis x
Y'all. Jamie Lee Curtis is at my work (movie shooting some scenes in our main building). I am fangirling so hard.
Mark Harmon and Jamie Lee Curtis both being on this episode of NCIS really throws me off
Danny Pudi got called brown Jamie Lee Curtis because he got a bad haircut, and they wrote it into the show.
4those who loved Jamie Lee Curtis rose tango in True Lies & who just ❤️tango... . Tango Santa Maria - Gotan Project
If they hadn't put Katy Perry name on the backdrop I would've been like "well when did Jamie Lee Curtis start singing"
Jamie Lee Curtis is doing SO GOOD. I honestly didn't know she sang
Jamie Lee Curtis did NOT come to play with you ***
some women off the top of my head: Lauren Ambrose, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lucy Liu, Geena Da…
Jared Kushner embodies treason. White, super-rich, destined to by played by a young Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie, he will do no time.
when is Jamie Lee Curtis going to return?? Missing her character... As well as COTE DE PABLO's ZIVA DAVID i terribly miss her...
Jamie Lee Curtis ( my girlfriend ) is totally the uncredited voice of the Liberty Island PA system in…
Jamie Lee Curtis recreates the iconic “Psycho” shower scene that originally featured her mother, Janet Leigh
I really thought it was Joey Fatone, Dave Navarro and Jamie Lee Curtis in the pic 😭
If it happens I'd love to see Dan Ackroyd cameo as Louis Winthorpe & Jamie Lee Curtis as Ophelia.
I'm saying anyone like Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis or even Neve Campbell are too worldly known and…
Amanda as Lohan and Ryan as Jamie Lee Curtis seems spiritually right
Saw on trying not to call Trump voters stupid. Reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis & Kevin Kline in "A Fish Called Wanda."
I love actors that go by three names Bryce Dallas Howard, Jamie Lee Curtis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman(rip), & Neil Patrick Harris, etc
It's just creepy that she looks so much how I imagined. Her mother, Ann, I already knew resembled Jamie Lee Curtis
Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson, Jamie Lee Curtis and others are all celebrity inventors.
I'm sure she doesn't - like Jamie Lee Curtis or Dee Wallace!
Me: "Jane Lynch is in Another Cinderella Story bc why not". "That and Freaky Friday.". Me: "That's Jamie Lee Curtis you *** "
By your definition, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Kidman and people with Turners aren't women
What's the difference between Jane Lynch and Jamie Lee Curtis
I think Jamie Lee Curtis and Buck Rogers got out of a trap just like this once.
"I wondered what it would be like to be as happy as Jamie Lee Curtis in a yogurt commercial."-on writing inspiration
Jamie Lee Curtis recreating the role made famous by her mother Janet Leigh, in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' (1960)…
Just found out Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.
Adrienne Barbeau, John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh on the set of The Fog (1980).
I've always put my family first and that's just the way it is. -Jamie Lee Curtis-. 🍼
how do you look like Jamie Lee Curtis, and also so handsome? Daaa-yamn. You single or.
I called Jamie Lee Curtis "Jamie Lynn Spears" by accident and I felt my soul leave my body and slap me in the face
yo I died! You look like Jamie Lee Curtis is True Lies. Rofl
I'd like to see General Leia recast with Jamie Lee Curtis. Trade one icon for another. Recasting worked out for Dumbledore.
just dreamt that Jamie Lee Curtis tried to kidnap me while i was on a jog...the most unrealistic part was the jog
Blasphemy. Jamie Lee Curtis asking "and how do you feel about that?" is iconic 🙏
Comb that beard to some music..Imma Soak it al in and sit back like Arnold Schwarzenegger watched Jamie Lee Curtis dance in True Lies 🔥🔥
Me realizing our government is now more crooked than Jamie Lee Curtis' wig in Halloween II
Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter Annie Guest both have grey hair now
"We should really start learning people's names". "I agree with brown Jamie Lee Curtis". Community -
Fav if you cry a little at Jamie Lee Curtis's final speech in Freaky Friday.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep and more gather for a private memorial at Carrie Fisher's home:
Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy. What more do people want? Jamie Lee Curtis you say? Yep - her too
Did you know Jamie Lee Curtis is his godmother?
Jamie Lee Curtis in Christmas with the Kranks is the future me..🎄🎅🏼
To quote the great Jamie Lee Curtis-to call you stupid is an insult to stupid people"
my favorite song is any and every word spoken in the voice of Jamie Lee Curtis
My love for Jamie Lee Curtis is so strong
John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis behind the scenes of Halloween 🎃🎬📽.
Anyone else feel like Jamie Lee Curtis is always up to something? Like she knows something we don't?
"I thought, while they're up and firm, why not shoot them once or twice." Jamie Lee Curtis. https:…
Are you sure? It has Eddie Murphy and that scene with Dan Aykrod in black face. Oh and Jamie Lee Curtis with short hair.
Gonna give Scream Queens a try because of Emma Roberts and Lea Michelle. Plus there's Jamie Lee Curtis who happens to be the producer.
Jamie Lee Curtis in her Halloween prime would be jealous
REmEmBeR Jamie Lee Curtis in those yogurt commercials? Me too.
I refuse to accept that Christmas with the Kranks didn't come out in the 90's. Jamie Lee Curtis's hairstyle alone.
I just bought some Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt today for the only reason I, or any man, always does -- diarrhea.
Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change it - Jamie Lee Curtis
The budget for True Lies (1994) was 100 million. Lots of military propaganda, but you forget because Jamie Lee Curtis is so good.
There was no yogurt involved. You're confusing me with Jamie Lee Curtis' Live.
I thought I saw Jamie Lee Curtis walking down the street today, but turns out it was just Anderson Cooper crapping his pants.
Day 10: That's Jamie Lee Curtis' vest from Christmas with the Kranks!
what about the scene in the movie True Lies, in the hotel room with Jamie Lee Curtis!!
by John Grisham directed by Joe Roth with a screenplay by Chris Columbus, and stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. 2/6
he kinda looks like Jamie Lee Curtis a little
There will never be a sexier dance than Jamie Lee Curtis stripping in front of Schwarzenegger in True Lies. Oh lawd.
The year she won Jamie Lee Curtis' deserved Globe? Johansson gave the best perf. out of the 5, but she's in wrong category.
Jamie Lee Curtis' stripper scene stole the whole *** movie.
Hey folks, Bill is going to be on Scream Queens December 6. Directed by Jamie Lee Curtis! How cool is that?
I'm uninterested in superheroes. I am only interested in real stories, real people, real connection. . Jamie Lee Curtis
I know you've seen My Girl, did Jamie Lee Curtis do your makeup?
I skipped down the street because I was excited to eat go home and eat yogurt. . Watch out Jamie Lee Curtis.
gaga playing guitar honestly reminds me of that one scene in Freaky Friday where Lindsay Lohan has to play guitar as Jamie Lee Curtis
My man, lighting a bowl: "what ever happened to Jamie Lee Curtis?"
Sarah: "If you could be any person in the world who would you be?". Carter: "Jamie Lee Curtis!"
Pretending that Jamie Lee Curtis would marry Tim Allen is an affront to womankind.
NEW picture of Taylor with Billie on the set by Jamie Lee Curtis
I just saw Jamie Lee Curtis at bed bath and beyond buying an espresso machine.
Plus I'm pretty sure that's Jamie Lee Curtis officiating so this is full of win.
Jamie Lee Curtis was 20 years old and looked 30
Joe just asked if Jamie Lee Curtis was dead
Scream Queens is the only place you can find Kirstie Alley and Jamie Lee Curtis calling each other ***
I never missed an episode last season. Jamie Lee Curtis is a hoot!! 😂
NotableHistory: Jamie Lee Curtis listening to records at her home in Santa Monica. 1983
Dogville, starring Elisabeth Shue and Jamie Lee Curtis. Directed by Roman Polanski, music by Bing Crosby. Budget: $50,000
If you've never seen Prom Night with Jamie Lee Curtis then you haven't lived
Happy 58th Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen Tasker in True Lies, 1994, directed by James Cameron.
Happy birthday to and star Jamie Lee Curtis. What's your favorite of her movies?
I kind of love the disco dance scene in Prom Night. It may be that I just love Jamie Lee Curtis.…
Thought I saw Jamie Lee Curtis on Court Street but it was just a townie, no worries
from Bahrain's pearl diving history & Jamie Lee Curtis in "A Fish Called Wanda," to her anti-nuclear movie & all of Algeria!!!
I liked a video Christmas with the Kranks movie (2004) - Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd
John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of Halloween:
Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1981 hot movie, Halloween II
my list of the top 5 people ever:. Ellen. Jamie Lee Curtis. Reese Witherspoon. Guy Fieri . Anne Frank . honorable mentions:. POTUS. Ernest Tubb
On this day in 1978 "Halloween" directed and scored by John Carpenter and starring Donald Pleasence & Jamie Lee Curtis wa…
Nice ..very nice... Maybe next will be Betty White..or Kirstie Alley..or Jamie Lee…
You have no idea how long I thought Jamie Lee Curtis was the mom on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
NEWS: EW Popfest with Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis & Ryan will be held at the Theater on Sunday Oct 30th at 2:15PM PST
Jamie Lee Curtis blasts Trump for 'gross, lecherous' comments on Lindsay Lohan
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jamie Lee Curtis praises James Corden for telling Kardashian trolls to "shut the f**k up!" http…
Jamie Lee Curtis looks like she'd be the high school theatre teacher in the arthritis medication commercial.
secrets of Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, and Jamie Lee Curtis - otherwise known as the
Jamie Lee Curtis on her 2 Golden Globes: 'I don't even know where they are!'
Can Jane Lynch guess star on Scream Queens so her and Jamie Lee Curtis can slay my life
My dream scandal: A video leaks of Jamie Lee Curtis slapping Lea Michele.
Jamie Lee Curtis is the godmother to Jake Gyllenhaal.
All time: George Burns and Gracie Allen. Still living: Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
We had Haagen Dazs ice cream bars and nobody told me and now they're gone so I'm eating vanilla yogurt like some sort of Jamie Lee Curtis.
"Guys, did you know that Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee were named after Jackie Chan and Jamie Lee Curtis?"
Jamie Lee Curtis playing with a prop knife on set of Halloween, 1978, Photo by Kim Gottlieb-Walker https…
Bill Paxton's character in True Lies (1994) uses the "Game Over" line from Alien (1979) while hitting on Jamie Lee Curtis.
Tony Curtis with his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis at his home in Beverly Hills in 1960.
Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies or Freaky Friday/Christmas with the Kranks? 🤔
True Lies has a great cast - Bill Paxton, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold, who's actually really good in it. And great action.
Geena Davis, Sigourney Weaver, and Jamie Lee Curtis are have fused into one person in my mind. Kicked out gen X, or maybe I was never in?
Freaky Friday, but Jason Vorhees switches bodies with Lindsay Lohan and stabs the *** out of Jamie Lee Curtis.
Last night hanging out at Backstreet, a young lady came up to our table & asked me if I was Jamie Lee Curtis! She...
Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Stamos are confirmed for the Comic -Con on Friday ( 22).
John Stamos and Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of
That doesn't look good. John Stamoa and Jamie Lee Curtis on set!
Promotional shoot for season 2. Jamie Lee Curtis, John Stamos and Keke Palmer on set.
I love Jennifer but I also respect. Jamie Lee Curtis. Sissy Spacek. Nancy Thompson
There's Dwayne Johnson & Jamie Lee Curtis. Well that is interesting 😄
Ah, o.k, I see what you mean. Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Ackroyd were great in that movie (and Eddie Murphy & Denholm Elliot!)
I would nut all over Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
Janet Leigh and her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis starred together in two Horror films: HALLOWEEN: H20...and...THE FOG
I get them mixed up but I'm sure Janet Leigh is Jamie Lee Curtis mum!
just saw Jamie Lee Curtis in the airport and told her "Geoff says you have a p…
my thoughts exactly. John Stamos& his sex yogurt or Jamie Lee Curtis&her poo yogurt would never allow such an atrocity to happen
We want a 10...He is married to Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween fame...Anything else???
Million dollar idea: like Elf Yourself, but it's actually Jamie Lee Curtis Yourself.
my fifth grade teacher just met Jamie Lee Curtis life is wild
wine is good. Jamie Lee Curtis is better
Halloween still had a good potential story line after Jamie Lee Curtis died.
Well I never. Jamie Lee Curtis is sinking a pint in the Chequers pub!
The first movie I ever cried at was Freaky Friday starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. I was 22.
If you eat enough Greek yogurt, a hologram of John Stamos appears and cage fights Jamie Lee Curtis.
Wes Craven and Jamie Lee Curtis for anyone wondering
Thank you for standing strong with all of Orlando.
yep. I saw like John Cleese in it& jamie Lee Curtis was kissing him but yeah didn't know some other dude was the bro
was like called a Fish Called Wanda & it was Jamie Lee Curtis & some dude
Lindsay Lohan's mom in Mean Girls was Ana gasteyer not Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis is NOT in mean girls
Jamie Lee Curtis and her son at the Warcraft movie premiere [via
I think you look like Jamie lee Curtis
people keep asking me if I've voted & I'm like well I can't & then I say "make good choices" like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
"The will be remembered and known as a city of love, inclusion, and community." - http…
My sister gotta up her game. Almost got to see Jamie Lee Curtis & Clint Eastwood! But almost though. Cmaaannn.
oh just Lady Gaga telling JAMIE LEE CURTIS how she studied ROBERT DURST to play THE COUNTESS in AHS.
Lady Gaga, Jamie Lee Curtis and others show support for Orlando Pulse shooting victims in video - South…
CONFIRMED: Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis will be on the panel. More cast will be added.
Lady Gaga & Jamie Lee Curtis photographed by Bryce Duffy for
Jamie Lee Curtis. Her dad's name was Bernard Schwartz (Jewish) but he changed it to Tony Curtis.
Can we talk about how flawless my bestie is?!?? She killed hat interview w/ Jamie Lee Curtis!!!
Even Cher, Ricky Martin, Debra Messing, Jamie Lee Curtis vote Hillary they are just too *** good!
When I worked with Jamie Lee Curtis in 'True Lies', she told me, You n...
"I just showed her a picture of my style icon, Jamie Lee Curtis, and voila, my hair evolved."
I'm contacting Jamie Lee Curtis and telling her you are ruining Activia
PREVIEW: Lady Gaga's interview with Jamie Lee Curtis for this season of Variety Studio: Actors On Actors!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Freaky Friday (03): solid remake. The script isn't always brilliant but Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are both very good.
Watching True Lies for 1st time in ages. REALLY fail to see why anyone would liken Jamie Lee Curtis's *** to that of a 10 year old boy.
““To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.” –Jamie Lee Curtis ‘A Fish Called Wanda’” Senator
Hillary and Jamie Lee Curtis in hysterics over shirtless guy Daily Mail Online: via
Remember when Chad Michael Murray fell in love with Jamie Lee Curtis, but it was really Lindsay Lohan
THE FOG Actresses Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter
Never forget that Jamie Lee Curtis and Chad Michael Murray went on a date and he fell in love with her
it is from that strange period of film history when pierce Brosnan, Jamie Lee Curtis and Geoffrey Rush were all stars
-NEW PHOTO- Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lea Michele at the for
Jamie Lee Curtis posted this pic with Keke Palmer, Lea Michele , Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd on her Instagram.
Jamie Lee Curtis was shocked to learn that Prince was reportedly addicted to painkillers, but it’s something she understands well, as she
on aging "We got Jamie Lee Curtis keeping us regular"
Jamie Lee Curtis reflects on her opioid addiction after Prince's death:
Jamie Lee Curtis to run for president with her campaign being Gene Luen Yang's book challenge. I'd vote for her!
Every time I drop Ben off at Rockhurst I yell "Make good choices" like Jamie Lee Curtis does to Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday. He hates it
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle kissing on the set of Halloween.
Jamie Lee Curtis in bed with Michael Myers on the set of '' (1978) John Carpenter'.
Kim looks like Jamie Lee Curtis here lol
The older Jon Bon Jovi gets, the more he looks like Jamie Lee Curtis.
*** tho, i want celeb cosplay now. I know Jamie Lee Curtis did Vega once, cause the mask.
1 of 5 stars to I'm Gonna Like Me by Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis behind the scenes of Halloween 2.
That's the one! Alex English and Jamie Lee Curtis. Gregory Peck if I recall correctly, too...
You're possibly too young to have seen Jamie Lee Curtis in "A Fish Called Wanda".
Directed by Garry Marshall with Jamie Lee Curtis, Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Bell, Lupita Nyong'o, Uncle Tom Cobleigh, and all
My favourite episode is the one with special guests Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasance, "Hide, it's Halloween"...
Unless you're Jamie Lee Curtis. Then you just see everyone ELSE die.
Brought to you by that girl-yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis uses to poop.
"Don't try to faceswap with Jamie Lee Curtis. It doesn't work that well." -
it's time for the big three to join freddy vs Jason vs Myers a quest to find Jamie Lee Curtis
Blessed to have a best friend to late night FaceTime with. I may not like Jamie Lee Curtis but I…
also the name of Jamie Lee Curtis' prostitute character in Trading Places
Freaky Friday. Lindsey Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chad Michael Murray. One of the films of our generation.
Dee Wallace and Gabrielle Stone in news is good. Hope they interact once like Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh in Halloween H2O
we could make a drinking game for it. Take a shot every time you see Jamie Lee Curtis or Lindsey Lohan
I know someone named after Jamie Lee Curtis.
That nude scene started like Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places and ended like her repeating it in 20 years time.
I loved working with Jamie Lee Curtis, and I felt she was a wonderful actre...
I'm watching a movie I've never seen before called with John Travolta.Jamie Lee Curtis was a lil freak
it was like way too real - and also Jamie Lee Curtis is my favorite
Jamie Lee Curtis with a Dr Pepper on the set of Halloween.
I dream of a glossary to whisper in your ear as you react like Jamie Lee Curtis in Fish Called Wanda to John Cleese's Russian
Confused about the part of the article that said "Malcolm in the Middle actress Jamie Lee Curtis". Was she on that show?
Somehow Clark has wondered on the set John Travolta/Jamie Lee Curtis aerobics film PERFECT.
From the national best selling team Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell. Books to Bed features…
Great film. Eddie Murphy at his best. Jamie Lee Curtis at her best too ;)
Vintage photo of John Cleese, Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis in a scene of the
In Philly at Franklin Mills some guy started jerking off loud to Jamie Lee Curtis striptease in True Lies. I'll take talkers
Just realized Jamie Lee Curtis is a scream queen. Like the definition of one is a female actress associated with slashers and horror films.
You dad will not be forgotten. By the way, you were mentioned briefly by Jamie Lee Curtis on yesterday's
hmmm wasn't that a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret agent, married to Jamie Lee Curtis?
Hey do you have that gif of Jamie Lee Curtis and that other girl? It's crucial, pls
I feel like I'm watching Halloween and Abigail is Jamie Lee Curtis..and Ben is Michael Myers minus the mask..creepy🎃🎃
I can see Jamie Lee Curtis as well.
If you've never had a *** over Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places, you're a *** liar! ❤️ 1/2
my daughter was always told how. she looked just like Jamie Lee Curtis her movies. were always my faves:-)
also Jamie Lee Curtis and her huge boobs.
So so love that is THE brown Jamie Lee Curtis.
I dreamt I watched on set as Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh filmed an episode of NYPD Blue with Dennis Franz. Got to chat with them, too.
Also Paul Rudd stars as the emotionless grown-up version of the little kid Jamie Lee Curtis was babysitting in the original Halloween.
Can they bring Samantha back for Gibbs loved the chemistry between Mark and Jamie Lee Curtis
Emma Roberts wants anyone from ONe Direction on Jamie Lee Curtis wants The Weeknd.
"It was emotional, I won't lie." Jamie Lee Curtis on recreating her mom's "Psycho" scene
They need to get Jamie Lee Curtis on
Did you know Jamie Lee Curtis, Martin Short and Alana de la Garza majored in
I would bang a young Jamie Lee Curtis all day.
Actress/children’s author Jamie Lee Curtis will help close out 2016 Annual!
I still need susan sarandon and Jamie Lee Curtis
John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis killed it first.
especially when it's Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis... God help us all
Connor Hawke was Jamie Lee Curtis dropping the Uzi down the steps in True Lies
Holy crap. Jamie Lee Curtis starred opposite both of the Keach brothers.
I remember a couple of times Jamie Lee Curtis caused me to sin.
Award-winning actress and bestselling author Jamie Lee Curtis will close out 2016 ALA Annual Conference
I just now realised that Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jane Lynch are two different people
Have you seen Jamie Lee Curtis' sexy dance from True Lies?
Brie Larson's blue eyeshadow reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis in MY GIRL: "A girl can never wear too much blue eyeshadow."
It's Mike Myers. He comes back twice each year, once for a new Shrek movie & once to try and kill Jamie Lee Curtis
Believe is playing and this 60 year old man screamed that it was his song and my head went back like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
Janet Leigh will forever be remembered, and she birthed Jamie Lee Curtis. Cheers to that.
Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of Halloween
Tonight's film is the eerie THE FOG directed by John Carpenter, starring Jamie Lee Curtis & her mother Janet Leigh
Morbid Monday fact: Producers for "The Exorcist" wanted Jamie Lee Curtis to audition as Regan MacNeil, but her mother (Janet Leigh) refused.
68-A Fish Called Wanda. Accidentally doing a Jamie Lee Curtis marathon. Not upset about it. in
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