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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) is an American actress and author.

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Trading Places if for no other reason than Jamie Lee Curtis' scene with the mirror. IYKWIMAITYD
Note that A Fish Called Wanda also came out this year, so Jamie Lee Curtis was also snubbed. Great year for women.
Oh, and Trading Places. Jamie Lee Curtis had really nice boobs!
I just saw Jamie lee Curtis but whatever
What do you expect if you'd get if you remade True Lies without Jamie Lee Curtis?
They had Jamie Lee Curtis bustin it wide open on True Lies...& there was a *** scene in Alien for some reason if I remember correctly
"would not exist without Jamie Lee Curtis" - Ryan Murphy.
I'm more successful than I've ever been. I think it's a direct result of getting sober
Same pitch meeting for the Van Damme/Jamie Lee Curtis project in Mexico.
Embrace your whole self! "The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people." Jamie Lee Curtis
We should really start learning people's names. . I agree with brown Jamie Lee Curtis.
The 9 best works from L.A., chosen by
brown Jamie Lee Curtis had some gams.
More for Jamie Lee Curtis sexy dance from True Lies [gif] mic
When you're watching True Lies and Jamie Lee Curtis takes her dress off.
'Scream Queens' is more than horror
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I wonder how much Activia yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis has eaten
Debbie had a daughter with Tony Curtis...his daughter was with Jamie Lee Curtis
I mixed up Melanie Fiona and Jazmine Sullivan, now I can't separate them in my mind. It's Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigorney Weaver all over again.
& to double up in Hall H on Sun: w/ Jamie Lee Curtis, Roberts, Michele//Bates, Bassett, Paulson, Pe…
"The Fog, Terror Train, Prom Night. How come Jamie Lee Curtis is in all of these movies?" "She's the 'Scream Queen'!"
in a True Lies cast meeting Jamie Lee Curtis must have almost certainly uttered the line; "and the dance is absolutely central to the plot?"
You can definitely see Jamie Lee Curtis is her daughter!
"Oh my god... I had a dream that I got a haircut and looked like Jamie Lee Curtis." -
32 but never done a hard day's work in my life, according to my father and Jamie Lee Curtis.
The pic of you when you were younger looks like Jamie Lee Curtis.
“Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in a shambles and you have to change it.” –Jamie Lee Curtis
I didn't understand before how Jamie Lee Curtis played the role perfectly, years later, I totally agree.
Jamie Lee Curtis is all kinds of second-hand embarrassment in that movie btw. Still gotta love her though.
Jamie Lee Curtis was just karate kicking and disco dancing her little heart out in on EncoreWest
will be starring as with Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and many more. In September on FOX!
New poster for Scream Queens starring Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis
Like will Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash and Nick Jonas' *** be enough to combat Emma Roberts and Lea Michele?
Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Skyler Samuels & Keke Palmer attend the world premiere of at on July 11!
Ross King has come out as Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis & John Carpenter, on the set of Halloween (1978) 🎃
I'll be playing Jamie Lee Curtis's role, not John Cleese.
Jamie Lee Curtis, left, and Wes Bentley attend the FOX Los Angeles Screenings Party 2015
Tonights champion thought Jamie Lee Curtis played Pamela Anderson in a TV movie. Methinks he doesnt know who Jamie Lee Curtis is.
"Jay is short for Jamie, reference to Jamie Lee Curtis. In the film, Jay has a younger sister named Kelly. In real life, Curtis also has."
Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis at the New York UpFronts Party Hosted By People and Entertainment Weekly!
New show Scream Queens has Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Kiki Palmer, Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and others in it!
awesome! I was telling Shannon you're moving by me! She's doing awesome, btw 😉 looks like Jamie Lee Curtis
Huh. Robert Englund and Jamie Lee Curtis both start in the same episode of the Nancy Drew Mysteries back in 1978. Neat.
Emma Roberts and shirtless Nick Jonas star in Scream Queens trailer: Jamie Lee Curtis makes her grand appearance as…
The entire cast of Scream Queens is perfect. From Lea, to Nasim Pedrad, to Jamie Lee Curtis. Fantastic 👌
Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell, will be the eternal Scream Queens!!
Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis be going hard in movies
Jamie Lee Curtis, Fred Thompson, and Tommy Lee Jones do commercials for Senior products. In 30 yrs, which stars of today will be doing them?
My mom is a perfect mix of Jamie Lee Curtis (in Freaky Friday) and Kris Jenner
Wait, isn't this with Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Hartnett?. Hmmm... why not?. It's full sunlight ... right now.
Good Evening SYFY Channel Happy Friday to you HI I would like to request Halloween 1 with Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle ! :)
Disease doesn't care if you are a celebrity, Micheal J. Fox has battled Parkinson for 22 years, and Jamie Lee Curtis is super irregular!
I just saw an Activia commercial and Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't in it. Life, as we know it, has ended.
I'd like to see Jamie Lee Curtis post a picture of Lindsay Lohan with the caption
For that cool "wise and experienced" look. I'd do it if my hair wasn't so dark. Love it Jamie Lee Curtis style.
Cooper has had diarrhea lately - I'm showing him pics of Jamie Lee Curtis eating Activia to help him be regular again
My ultimate celebrity threesome would be with Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver... now.
Currently watching something with Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver and Kristen Bell.
Check out Jamie Lee Curtis & Emma Roberts in new Scream Queen pics
How many times can Jamie Lee Curtis willingly throw down her knife in Halloween? Well, so far it's only twice but still.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
the last 3: definitely! Vietnam's on my list. Check out "A Fish Called Wanda." Kevin Kline, John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jamie Lee Curtis was a fox in that picture but I would never manipulate the FCOJ market with a fake crop report.
What if Jamie Lee Curtis is still in Lindsay Lohan’s body and is ruining Lindsay's reputation and Lindsay’s just eatin…
(1980 John Carpenter film) was set in Antonio Bay and starred Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis?
Halloween 2 (1981) behind the scenes photo with *** Warlock, Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence…
(script for Freaky Friday 2). Lindsay Lohan: *eats activia*. Jamie Lee Curtis: oh no not again
cute...RT. Tony Curtis at his home in Beverly Hills, with his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, 1960
My wife was a silver haired Jamie Lee Curtis and my children were unknown yet promising young actors.
So excited for because of Jamie Lee Curtis.
Really looking forward to Jamie Lee Curtis playing the Joker.
Jamie Lee Curtis and *** Warlock during the wrap party of Halloween II.
And then it dawned on me that I've had a slight crush on Jamie Lee Curtis for almost 10 years and I'm not sorry.
I do love me some JLC... 1st Look at Jamie Lee Curtis in Scream Queens via
arent Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis in that
Scream Queens: See the First Photo of Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis on Set: Showrunner Ryan Murphy shared t... http…
And Janet Leigh the one who played Marion Crane, also played Jamie Lee Curtis mother in Halloween H-20 ☺️
Is that a pic of a Jamie Lee Curtis fap session?
Jamie Lee Curtis interviews Sigourney Weaver & it's DELIGHTFUL. I want a whole book of this, like Hitchcock/Truffaut. htt…
Britney looks like a mix of Jamie Lee Curtis and the joker
Jamie Lee Curtis and P.J. Soles were hot in Halloween. And OMG Phoebe Cates. So instrumental for my hetero development.
Some ppl got like all the Lord of the Rings books on their toilets. Do u need sum Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt? How much time do u spend in there
Who green lit that Jamie Lee Curtis blogpost on Huffington Post?. HuffPost fails again. Gloriously.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest are also important to me
My look today is Jamie Lee Curtis in an Activia commercial.
CLASSIC Jamie Lee Curtis line to Sigourney Weaver: "There are not many women who worked with Jim Cameron, as we did, who didn't marry him."
This skinless grape looks like how I'd imagine Jamie Lee Curtis looked in the womb
Jamie Lee Curtis' interview with Sigourney Weaver for reads like the world's best boss battle script.
I saw Jamie Lee Curtis in Sellersburg once trust me
Anna Chlumsky received her big break in the 1991 coming-of-age drama "My Girl" costarring Jamie Lee Curtis and Macaulay Culkin.
Every time I see Allison Janney from the show "MOM" I can't help but see Jamie Lee Curtis and her breasts from...
whatever did happen to that Jamie Lee Curtis commercial? (did she ever find the nearest toilet?) lmao
Dennis Haysbert was on there too... and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Tom Arnold isn't busy. Just have to get Jamie Lee Curtis on board. And Bill Paxton
I'm watching A Fish Called Wanda for about the 50th time. John Cleese, Michael Palin, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline absolutely flawless.
So is Bill Cosby now best known for pudding or sexual assault? Kind of like Jamie Lee Curtis with Activia spokesperson or hermaphrodite.
"my mom is trying to prove that Jamie Lee Curtis wouldn't lie to me" "JAIME LEE WOULDNT"
Melissa/Carol the sexiest parts of Meg Ryan and Jamie Lee Curtis and the best parts of the Boogeyman!
Thank You, I'm there tomorrow. Do you know you look like a cross between Kevin Bacon & Jamie Lee Curtis?! ;)
- with his niece. Oh, and the one with Jamie Lee Curtis where she kills her man meanwhile she thought it was Michael. Oooh, -
I vaguely remember having a Jamie Lee Curtis action figure from this movie, She came with a robot bug thing and two machine guns.
Behind You, Jamie!: Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is attacked by Michael Myers in "Halloween".
Ariana, Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, & Keke Palmer are all gunna be on Scream Queens I can't wait 👏😭
Hope Julie Walters, Jamie Lee Curtis and Meryl Streep are having a good day 🌏
Rain of terror! Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nasim Pedrad brave the wet weather as they begin filming ne...
Not quite, it does star Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland.
No but I could try to look like Jamie Lee Curtis if you look like John Cleese LOL 😂
Happy from cast of Scream Queens coming to Stars Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis & Nick Jonas
BestMovieLine: “To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.” –Jamie Lee Curtis ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ 1988
Hali Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Isabella Rosesellini, as well as Debbie Kinney (my wife) all prove that short hair...
Strangely, the scared sexual arousal peeing only made Jamie Lee Curtis more aroused.
Am I the only one who thinks Tommy Lee Jones and Jamie Lee Curtis are the same person?
In when Jamie Lee Curtis tries to get Dan Akroyd to go to the drive-in on a date & he invites her to play bingo at church instead.
Idk whose bright idea it was to kill off Jamie Lee Curtis in the first 15 minutes of Halloween Resurrection
When did Jamie Lee Curtis and Anderson Cooper have a child?
Can't believe that Adam Ant and Jamie Lee Curtis used to be a couple!
Jhajariya is a 1980 slasher film, directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Johnson and David Copperfield.
she's up there with the most irritating people in film, after Reese Witherspoon and Jamie Lee Curtis of course!
working with Jamie Lee Curtis should be a Blast...I wonder if she has my sense of
yep I know I read about that 🙏 Excited! And they're doing a similar series on Fox with Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis: "I play Street Fighter more than you will ever know.". Newsman: "Are you a Ryu or Ken person?". JLC: "*scoffs* I'm Cammy!"
Now watching: HALLOWEEN (1978) with audio commentary from John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Debra Hill.
If David Arquette can win the WCW world heavyweight title, I believe Jamie Lee Curtis can blow up someone. SHE PLAYS CAMMY, COME ON!!!
Fox's Scream Queens is a new comedy-horror anthology series. It already has Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) and Emma Roberts on board. They will be joined by Lea Michele (Glee), Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike), Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Keke Palmer (Masters of Sex) The first installment in the new anthology series revolves around a college campus rocked by a series of murders. [ 98 more words. ]
Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande, and Jamie Lee Curtis are going to be in Scream Queens!!! Yes! 😭🙌
The man with a greek god bod, Joe Manganiello, along with one of the best singers I've ever heard, Lea Michele and also Oscar nominee, Abigail Breslin, and Keke Palmer and singer/actress Ariana Grande will all co-star in Fox's new comedy/horror anthology series, Scream Queens already starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts. From Ryan Murphy ("Glee", "American Horror Story") [ 70 more words. ]
I'm only watching for Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts :( I hope Sarah does make a cameo spot tho.
Who do you think Greg Anthony would choose? Julia Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elisabeth Shue or River Phoenix?
Ariana, Lea, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis all in Scream Queens sounds messy but watch it somehow slay.
Happy Birthday John Carpenter. . Here he is on set of The Fog with Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis & Janet Leigh
Those yogurt ads give me the impression that Jamie Lee Curtis is just a regular person
The chick in the Myrbetriq commercial looks a little like Jamie Lee Curtis. I thought I was watching an Activia commercial for a second.
Jamie Lee Curtis would be so proud.
Jamie Lee Curtis goes full on beast mode in Halloween H2O
Stevie Nicks just brought out Jamie Lee Curtis and pitched Activia between songs
Truth. ""Jamie Lee Curtis had some nice boobies in Trading Places." And in True Lies..”
The only person to ever have good chemistry with Chad Michael Murray was Jamie Lee Curtis.
I hope Jamie Lee Curtis, circa 1978, knows it's real love when I lick the screen. I hope she knows that...
"You know, Jamie Lee Curtis from the Activia commercials. She's so hott."
i need a custom keychain that says "can you like chill for a sec?" ala Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday at the press of…
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While promoting her movie "Spare Parts" horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis reveals what little she knows about her upcoming Ryan Murphy produced TV show "Scream ...
Here's a vintage Pizza Hut ad, which apparently does not feature a pre-Halloween fame Jamie Lee Curtis, as much as I may have thought. ;-) I'm referring to t...
WATCH: Jamie Lee Curtis talks + a kickball team who will def be watching.
# Jamie Lee Curtis . is great the Talk show Hosts are also great
when the ladies in the commercials shower it always turns into a tropical paradise and the Jamie lee Curtis poop yogurt
Rumor: Actress Jamie Lee Curtis was born with both male and female sex organs.
In theaters this Friday! Spare Parts starring George Lopez, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis, Steven Michael Quezada, Esai Morales and a host of New Mexico Actors. Amazing true story brought to the big screen and filmed in New Mexico.
. Jamie lee Curtis is my MOST FAVORITE actor in the the whole wide world💖
you need to start following Jamie Lee Curtis's lead on commenting on people. Your negative comments are just gossip!
Jamie Lee Curtis u understand our day to day urgency to save our youth! TY.
Jamie Lee Curtis a inhale all a Stacy Dash melanin or supm?
Jamie Lee Curtis is on the Talk, seriously she is more gorgeous now than when she was younger and she's such an awesome person
I just love Jamie Lee Curtis as an artist! I also love how she shares her views on the oppression of body image. :)
i always thought Jamie Lee Curtis was fine! She still looks Hot! Great Actress
The movie is almost over and I still refuse to believe that Jamie Lee Curtis would ever keep a rat dog in her purse.
Anothy Geary is married to Jamie lee Curtis ? is that true??
In the tire place sitting between 2 old ladies watching Jamie Lee Curtis on ...they were 😡😑 until this came on, but now they're 😎😂
In the next Halloween movie Jamie Lee Curtis will talk about her irregularity for 2 Hours.
does your 50 year old Jamie lee Curtis body need that yogurt that helps you poop? ;)
Jamie Lee Curtis guests on The Talk. Matt LeBlanc is on Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting on
Kids watching "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Movie requires me to suspend disbelief/accept the idea of Jamie Lee Curtis carrying a purse dog.
A tender moment between the late Casey Stevens and Jamie Lee Curtis in this promo press shot for PROM…
Our MAGIC Sneak Screening of SPARE PARTS starring George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis and Marisa Tomei is Thursday...
Bevy Loves to See an Octogenarian in an Ad Campaign: She's missed those Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt commercials?
Hangin with Jamie Lee Curtis at Starbucks. Well, more like standing next to her waiting for.oh...ok...yah she just left.
'If you just watch a teenager, you see a lot of uncertainty.' Jamie Lee Curtis. Follow for more
And Edy Ganem is on the Daily mail with the total look Giuliette Brown! Check this out!
I'm not interested in that one, I might try the new Fox show he's doing with Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts + Sarah M Geller
Very few people age gracefully enough to be photographed through their aging. - Jamie Lee Curtis
Every white lady with short, blonde hair is not Jamie Lee Curtis. HELP. :(
1. Pls 2. Why don't you know who Jamie Lee Curtis is?
Isnt jamie lee curtis the mom from Freaky Friday
Taemin kind of looks like Jamie Lee Curtis to me sometimes
His daughter Jamie Lee Curtis has the same talent as him and her mother Janet Leigh. What a combo that ironically came out!
Is Jamie Lee Curtis sitting on her couch with a pack of Activia watching the tonight?
Liv how could you forget Jamie Lee Curtis??
Jamie Lee Curtis and Sean Astin guest starring in the same NCIS episode? I'm feeling things.
Does Gibbs get it on with Jamie Lee Curtis cuz I could totally see that...
So yeah the Golden Globes but USA is playing an NCSI rerun with Jamie Lee Curtis as a guest star
its Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies, if she ripped the frilly bits off she'd look good.
Marisa Tomei and Jamie Lee Curtis look chic at Spare Parts premiere via
Jamie Lee Curtis and I meet on Red Carpet in LA for Spare Parts
Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver as you've never seen them before!
Emma Roberts & Jamie Lee Curtis are in it, it's abt a series of murders on a college campus
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts have landed the lead roles in 'Scream Queens'.
If Anne Murray & Jamie Lee Curtis had a kid it would be that Renee from
Rich guy (Dan Ackroyd) and poor guy (Eddie Murphy) are forced to swap lives by two rich dudes. Jamie Lee Curtis takes her top off.
Every time I read the word gyratory, I picture John Travolta & Jamie Lee Curtis in Perfect...
all time: Quvenzhane Wallis in BOTSW, J Lawrence in Winters Bone, Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies, Gabourey Sidibe in Precious
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts are announced as cast members for Ryan Murphy's new comedy horror
The Queen of Screen, is the Mother of Screams: Jamie Lee Curtis!
.new series 'Scream Queens' just landed 2 big names:
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts are set to headline Fox's new horror comedy series, Scream Queens.
Just a few short weeks after the horror/comedy anthology series Scream Queens was announced, actresses Emma Roberts and horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis have been confirmed to lead the first season of the series which is expected to premiere next…
Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis Will Scream for 15 Hours on Fox Show - Fox loves Ryan...
Jamie Lee Curtis, arguably the greatest Scream Queen in history, will soon return to her roots. Curtis, along with Emma Roberts, will star in Ryan Ford's new comedy/horror series, Scream Queens.
'American Horror Story's Ryan Murphy has tapped 'Halloween' and 'Scream 4' stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts for his new Fox series, 'Scream Queens'.
Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis Join Cast of Ryan Murphy's 'Scream Queens': Two big names are joining the ca...
still pretty *** . where is Jamie Lee Curtis when you need her
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts cast as leads in Ryan Murphy's horror comedy series, "Scream Queen" on Fox.
Lani swear she Jamie lee Curtis in True Lies wit her new cut
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts will star in 1st season of Fox's
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts to scream, fall down on Ryan Murphy’s Screa
Jamie Lee Curtis Returns to the World of Horror ->
An "American Horror Story" favorite will lead Ryan Murphy's new show:
It's official! and are Scream Queens in new horror/comedy anthology show http:/…
If they were to make an movie, I've found the perfect cast. Andrew Garfield, Jamie Lee Curtis as Judy & as R Fed.
Jamie Lee Curtis in season 1 of Scream Queens is sick as *** Now get Neve Campbell for season 2!
Fox loves Ryan Murphy. They love letting him make TV shows for their networks. The latest: Scream Queens, a 15-episode anthology comedy airing next fall on Fox that just casted Emma Roberts and original Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis.
should i be depressed or excited about the fact that i have the same hairstyle as Jamie Lee Curtis in "Christmas With the…
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Would you watch this film, if it were made?. . CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW remake. starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Blair
Okay Linda Blair or Jamie Lee Curtis which one would you date?
Sorry for the delay! Nov. 22 bdays included Scarlett Johansson, Jamie Campbell Bower, Mark Ruffalo, and Jamie Lee Curtis!
Christmas with the Kranks: Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis decide to skip Christmas one year. Based on a novel by John Grisham.
of course. Eddie Murphy at his best with Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Akroyd and Denholm Ellitot. A classic.
Happy Birthday Jamie Lee Curtis. A digital art work of Jamie Lee Curtis by Dan Newburn from a photo found on the...
can't believe Jamie Lee Curtis is in NCIS been waitin since Freaky Friday to see her alongside Mark Harmon again 🙏
How did Jamie Lee Curtis not get an Oscar nomination for 'Freaky Friday'
Living in Hollywood and working in Beverly Hills can be interesting sometimes. Like this morning when I opened the door for a nice lady, who then smiled and thanked me. It turned out to be Kyra Sedgwick. The same thing happened last year with Charlize Theron and Jamie Lee Curtis. ...Only in Hollyweird. ;)
Seriously, young Jamie Lee Curtis tho. I have a new 70's celebrity crush, along with young Jessica Lang.
was more fun than I expected. Jamie Lee Curtis is good, but I love Ben Johnson (The Wild Bunch) as conductor.
Sundance channel showing The Fog right now. 1980 Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis. WOW.
The scene between Jamie Lee Curtis and her real life mother, Janet Leigh, complete with car from Psycho, is so fantastic.
Mike Myers should have invited Jamie Lee Curtis to campaign door-to-door with him tonight
Michael Myers is Martin Luther in Also starring Jamie Lee Curtis as Katharina.
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Grandpa Shawn came out in Michael Myers mask? wow dawg. wow... was Jamie Lee Curtis there?
Jamie Lee Curtis and her friend from the 70's smoking a joint to Blue Oyster Cult, Mike Myers stalking behind.
Someone tell Jamie Lee Curtis her time's up. Now, give Amanda her Activia and beat it!.
Jamie Lee Curtis. That's who Mike Myers was after her because she saved her brother.
Acc. to I look most like Brad Pitt & Duane Johnson (?) but also Jamie Lee Curtis? Oh well. I'll take it.
Amanda Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis (and more talk about bullying for Bystander Revolution.
So was Jamie Lee Curtis considered a hot piece of tang back in the day?
"Halloween" - the movie - 1978 staring Jamie Lee Curtis -- for trivia Tuesday!! "Halloween" was made in only 21 days in 1978 on a very limited budget. The movie was shot in the spring and use fake autumn leaves. The character Laurie Stode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis was named after John Carpenter's first girlfriend. While the setting for the story is in Illinois, the vehicles have California license plates (due to limited budget). Because the movie was on such a tight budget, they had to use the cheapest mask they could find for the character Michael Meyers, which turned out to be a William Shatner, Star Trek mask, Shatner initially didn't know the mask was in his likeness, but when he found out years later, he said he was honored.
I love that Halloween is on right now. The most attractive Jamie Lee Curtis face is in about an hour.
Classics Vs. Remakes The F13 reboot was nothing more than an insult. It was so bad, I couldn't get through the first 10 minutes without falling asleep. Sure all of the originals are not scary, but at least they are entertaining. The reboot's are a joke and I wish they would stop, its offensive and pure trash. Its an insult to not only the classics, but the actors that made them what they were and still are today. All I saw was some burly looking hack with a hockey mask and a lousy deformity prosthetic and make up. Seriously, it was so pathetic, you could see the seems from where the face overlapped the back. Now let's talk about the deformity its self. The 80's version was actually good, they even did the degrade from being dead, under water all of it. The 2009 version looked like some fantasy wet dream made by a 4 yr old who got into mommy's clay. Good grief, it reminds me of Rob Zombie's trash reboots of the Halloween's. What a joke. He took something that was actually interesting and turned it into a m ...
Halloween introducing Jamie Lee Curtis is on AMC and it's a remastered copy... It looks amazing!
While watchin Halloween & talking about a young Jamie lee Curtis, " Doesn't she sell that poop yogurt?"
Watching the Scream Queen right now, love Jamie Lee Curtis!
There really should be a JAMIE LEE CURTIS horror movie marathon.that one I'd totally get behind.
Jamie Lee Curtis' so young in this movie. //halloween 2 on tv nbd
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"the best Jamie Lee Curtis on a napkin ever!. Tomorrow for lunch...'s (1978)
If Jamie Lee Curtis would've just killed Michael Myers in 1978. Would've should've could've
Jamie lee Curtis was beautiful back in her day
Watching the end of Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis like.jk it's quite funny tbh
How boozed up was Michael Myers in Halloween that he missed stabbing Jamie Lee Curtis twice
Watching "Halloween" & yelling at the tv bc Jamie Lee Curtis is a dumb ***
Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween is so perfect
Jamie Lee Curtis is an amazing and a talented actress. Enough said.
fact they hired Jamie Lee Curtis as tribute to Alfred Hitchcock who had given her mother,Janet Leigh, legendary status in Psycho
One day I am going to count how many different hair styles Jamie Lee Curtis has in Halloween. John Carpenter doesn't care for consistency.
Bruh jamie lee curtis in the 70s thoo
I always forget Jamie lee Curtis has a *** too
Jamie Lee Curtis is my hero in the old Halloween movies
we watched the first 2 Halloween movies tonight, with Jamie Lee Curtis, and the other night we were watching
I ❤ horror movies currently watching HALLOWEEN w/Jamie Lee Curtis my favor one of them all
Jamie Lee Curtis was good cuz if i'm running from a killer while babysitting… i'm ditching them lil rugrats. ✌✌
NW: Halloween . Never realized how old Jamie lee Curtis looks to be playing a high schooler. She honestly looks older than my sister
Mom and Jamie Lee Curtis look so alike it's scary.
Jamie Lee Curtis was the only white girl to ever lightweight think straight in a stressful siuation.
Jamie Lee Curtis as a high schooler, Donald Pleasance, best horror musical score. Fantastic. Don’t make em like they used to.
I like the way Jamie lee Curtis be screaming!
Jamie Lee Curtis' hair could have been so much better in They didn't care. They didn't even try. Smh.
Watchin the first Halloween right now on with jamie lee curtis while making halloween props.
Bruhh i remember watching Halloween when i was like 10 or so. With Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jamie lee Curtis is so cute in halloween
Young Jamie lee Curtis is kinda a dime
Jamie Lee Curtis had the best Halloween movies
Jamie Lee Curtis 1st movie had the biggest crush on her at 6 yr old hot then hot always these never get old
The original Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis is hands down my favorite movie this time of year. Music is still so creepy in this film
omg the Halloween movie ft Jamie Lee Curtis is finally on 😭😭😭 i've been waiting all october
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I wish I could be Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween.
Jamie Lee Curtis bought all her clothes at J.C.Penney and spent less than $100 for her character Laurie Strode
Jamie Lee Curtis played tf out of her part
Guys Jamie Lee Curtis went to the MFA this wknd, doesn't that seem a bit EERIE the week before Halloween
original Halloween movie wit Jamie Lee Curtis still the GOAT
Jamie Lee Curtis needs a whistle if she's gonna get anyone's attention!! Where is Rose when you need her?!?!
The film used Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Psycho star Janet Leigh to help generate interest in the film
Took Michael Myers far too many movies to finally kill Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jamie Lee Curtis. Master of the injured leg twitch
Jamie Lee Curtis is the iconic Scream Queen. Slasher movies will never be the same.
Jamie lee Curtis bumps into more corpses in Halloween than friends who bump into me at my own birthday party.
Watching the Halloween marathon on I just feel so bad for Jamie Lee so bad
John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN was released in movie theaters on this day in 1978. Jamie Lee Curtis, P.J. Soles, Nick Castle, Tony Moran.
I only wish that Jamie Lee Curtis could've looked like she did in PERFECT, when she was Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN.
today's pic post is another great horror movie from the 1980's This movie was directed by John Carpenter and of course it had the Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis this movie was remade in 2005 but that version sucked! Can you guess the movie?? It's probably pretty easy to guess the pictures pretty much give away the title!
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9 more days 'til Halloween...Silver Shamrock. Love it or hate it (I like it), Halloween III: Season of the Witch was released on this day in 1982. After Michael Myers died at the end of Halloween II (1981), the plan by John Carpenter was to make a new "Halloween" movie each year, each telling a different Halloween-related story. After this movie under performed at the box office, the film-makers decided to bring Michael back to life for future sequels. The voice of the operator that Challis keeps getting when he tries to call out of Santa Mira is Jamie Lee Curtis. A novelization of the film was published in 1982 by science-fiction writer Dennis Etchison under the pseudonym Jack Martin. Despite the film's commercial failure, the book became a best-seller and was even reissued two years after the film's release, in 1984.
All I want is for someone to love me more than Jamie Lee Curtis loves Activia
Well Halloween all of them ,Jamie Lee Curtis tho
Night out or night in? Definitely night in with Josh Hartnett and Jamie Lee Curtis!
Idina Menzel, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ricky Martin are the only celebrities I'll probably cry if I saw them in person
I forgot all of the Halloween movies with Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers. Blair Witch Project and ... — Thanks!
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