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Jamie Lannister

Prince Charming Luke Skywalker Mad King Black Hawk Down Cameron Diaz

Watched a film called "the other woman" last night. Jamie Lannister tongue punches some fartboxes and Kate Upton runs in slow motion. 6/10
"You won. One fewer brother. You must be proud of yourself. There’s really nothing you wouldn’t do, is there?" -Jamie …
Has everyone in Croatia worked for Game of Thrones? My driver for today just finished as Jamie Lannister & Arrya Stark's driver for series 5
Imprisoned Jamie Lannister couldn't get it done in that last at bat
Even in another movie, Jamie lannister still behaves like Jamie lannister
Brienne of Tarth be like "I'd rather be raped by Renly the fegit than Jamie Lannister". I ship her and Jamie tho.
goodnight I love jaime lannister and jamie fraser
So i wish i had remained oblivious to this movie called Oblivion. Saving grace: Morgan Freeman and the guy who plays Jamie Lannister.
I am starting to like Jamie Lannister :D
Everyone loves these Nick Jonas pics but his nipples look like Jamie Lannister's in The Other Woman
Somebody give Jamie Lannister a hand, like a round of applause obv,
Wearing a weird oversized Jamie Lannister mask is the exact opposite of being
I never thought I'd end up being this fond of Jamie Lannister.
How funny would it be for a couple to be Cersei and Jamie Lannister for Halloween!
Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones is a very cool guy
he didn't rape her in the show either. The only rape in the show was Jamie Lannister raping his twin on their son's coffin
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$10 to the first brother and sister to dress up as Cersei and Jamie Lannister for Halloween
they casted Jamie Lannister as Horus! come on, now.
you definitely don't want to be the "King Slayer" - Jamie Lannister wouldn't last in the NBA with his stunts!!
And now she is the brand new Jamie Lannister, Luke Skywalker, handless type.
Jamie Lannister is sorta like a medieval Luke Skywalker
What do you guys think of buddy and I being Jamie and Cersei lannister for Halloween?
If Jamie lannister was hand of the King. .
Using a graphics tablet instead of pencil and paper. Feeling like Jamie lannister
I'm comfortable with our hands in former-enemy genius-turned-Our Genius, Theo (Jamie) Lannister.
Maybe The Hock did infact teach Jamie Lannister how to fight
.I asked Jamie Lannister about you. He says hi.
Am I the only one who gets constantly annoyed by Jamie Lannister?
Jamie Lannister better start learning to use his left hand...
"lmao I spelt jamie wrong thanks to jaime lannister" me all the time
REDDIT: "Spartacus, Dannicles and Crixas vs Jamie Lannister, Brienne of Tarth and Brawn. (Spartacus/Game of thrones)" : ...
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ARGHGHGHGHGHGH is being filmed round the corner from where I'm sat! Off to find Jamie Lannister! ❤️
Their are no men like me, their is only me.. -Jamie Lannister.
she much more than just a kid .. u shall know Soon. . And you will soon have a love-hate relationship with Jamie Lannister too
In all seriousness though, I really hope Jamie Lannister has a better haircut in season 5
I've decided to be Jamie Lannister's severed hand for halloween.
If I don't get a full on rap anthology that chronicles Game of Thrones w/ Weezy as Jamie Lannister, Drake as The Knight of Flowers,Ill die.
I was watching games of thrones and a men cut Jamie Lannister's hand and it was so funny
if you go as Jamie Lannister, you have to constantly talk about how much money your father has.
why was Jamie Lannister in the first Shrek movie
I almost feel sorry for Jamie Lannister. First they cut off his hand, then they make him drink horse ***
My choice is the guy who plays Jamie Lannister in GoT. I think he'd be perfect for it.
I just learned that the man who plays the dad/uncle in "Mama" plays Jamie Lannister in game of thrones and well...yeah
wow that was awesome! Who would have guessed Jamie Lannister was actually a dragon!?
but there's some really good looking people in game of thrones like Jamie lannister Jon snow and some of the male stark kids
I mean the irony is that Sam heughan was actually in league to play Jamie lannister LOL
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Something you would never expect: RK decides that Jamie Lannister is ugly
Day 19 of Game of Thrones 30 day challenge character I like but used to hate: Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister is in the other woman!!!
I wonder if will fare any better than Jamie Lannister vs. Mr. Fantastic.
"I will kill the whole bloody lot of them, until you and I are the only two people left in this world." -Jamie Lannister
Also, Jamie Lannister is the hot guy in The Other Woman. Life, complete.
Unless it's Jamie Lannister who finds his heart and that's how he survives.
Jamie Lannister is the absolute man.
i have mixed feelings about jamie lannister bc on one hand hes super nice but hes in an incestuous relationship w his sister ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ??
I'm not sure yet, I've been leaning towards Jamie Lannister from GoT
just watched Jamie Lannister lose his hand. Quite awesome.
I did not think it possible to lose respect for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jamie Lannister), but the dreaded diarrhea scene is bad.
"By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right?!". Ser Jamie Lannister, the Kingslayer, Game of Thrones
BREAKING:. Scotland also votes to put the actor who plays Jamie Lannister on their flag. (cuz he's so handsome). (and a skilled swordsman)
Jamie Lannister reminds me of Draco Malfoy. "My father will hear about this!"
He's out at a birthday party dressed as Jamie Lannister…
Whaat why is Jamie lannister so nice now it's so confusing
I realize at some point I started picturing Agent North as played by Jamie Lannister and Agent South as played by Cersi Lannister o.o
Is it wrong to fall for Jamie Lannister?
My favorite description so far today: "Andre Williams was stricken with a double dose of Jamie Lannister hands."
So, who got the name Jamie Lannister >.>
I'm not saying I've been watching too much Game of Thrones, but last night I dreamt I was going to brunch with my uncle Jamie Lannister.
enjoying the sexy jamie lannister...Although he is such a jerk..
Jamie lannister: "I you were to ever marry cersei, she'll murder you, you can't marry her". "Well neither can you". BURN
Jamie Lannister is working the train today. Ok ok.
jsyk what he looks like in Oblivion
What is Jamie Lannister doing in this movie
Well I'll be damned, Jamie Lannister CAN do the right thing.
OMG! I love this! “Longsword Fighting ... not just for Jamie Lannister anymore ...
"Will you walk the line, like it's there to choose?". - Jamie N Commons
The partnership between the NFL and ESPN is more sick and twisted than Jamie and Cersei Lannister.
Fred and Mel - Longsword Fighting ... not just for Jamie Lannister anymore ...
Longsword Fighting ... not just for Jamie Lannister anymore ...
Jamie Lannister is becoming my favourite character.
She also saw Jamie lannister and brienne of tarth in a bar a few weeks ago so I basically want to kill my cousin
I cant wait for jamie lannister too ask qyburn to grow back his hand.
I had a sick *** dream that I was in Game of Thrones fighting white walkers with Jamie Lannister. 😂
I just saw someone who looked like Jamie Lannister at the hospital holyyy
Jamie Lannister playing right tackle now?
First celeb sighting: just walked by Jamie Lannister on John St and he is VERY handsome (and tall, not actor-sized) IRL.
Didn't realise the actor who plays Jamie Lannister is in Kingdom of Heaven
"I'll pay her bloody ransom. Gold, sapphires, whatever you want. Pull her out of there.". - Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister's character development is my fave
Wow I didn't realize Jamie Lannister was in Black Hawk Down!
Is it just me, or does this ref look like that one that fancies Jamie Lannister of Game of Thrones?
Every time I kill a spider for my wife, I quote on Jamie Lannister and say "The things I do for love."
Saw Brienne of Tarth and Jamie Lannister playing husband and wife on stage. My life is complete.
A comment in this video "Jamie Lannister is the only one shouting "what" in this segment."
Xinfinity On Demand has a free preview for HBO. Catching up on GOT.Jamie Lannister is hot (even though he raped his sis).
My entire family met Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth.
On a happier note. I genuinely love Jamie Lannister.
GOT S3 was season where I started getting confused as to the various alliances, like, why was Jamie Lannister tortured by his own allies
my rare Jamie Lannister vinyl figurine - present from New York!
what a heartbreaker ;) but I have a thing for Jamie lannister now :O
Oh look, Jamie Lannister is being haunted
Jamie Lannister "Who pushed Bran from the towers at Winterfell?"
barnyobarnyo: Jaime Lannister is a Leeds fan?!
There's a man that goes to my gym that looks like Jamie Lannister and I want to marry him
Dreamt I was part of the Game of Thrones cast, but it was Jamie Laing instead of Jamie Lannister
So hot and sticky. I feel as gross as Jamie Lannister looks and feels in season 3, episode 4.
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Brienne of Tarth, Jamie Lannister, Rob Huebel, Michael Showalter and Thomas Middleditch all on stage at once.
Plot twist: Jamie Lannister lost his hand because he turned the radio when JT was on. Ya don't do it
You know you're in LA when Jamie Lannister walks by while you're eating your dinner outside...
So I suggested Jon Snow and Ygritte for a Halloween couples costume to my wife. She came back with Jamie and Cersei Lannister LMAO
That awkward moment when you recognize Jamie Lannisters actor before he became Jamie Lannister.
Window seat on prop. Changed flights 2 get home early 2 wife. Like Jamie Lannister said, "The things I do for love!"
so you the king? My name's Jamie Lannister, biatch. :]
Also whilst watching Shrek 2, I realised Jamie Lannister is in it!
I was just called the Jamie Lannister of surprises. I'm the surprise slayer.
or very similar especially now with Sienna and Dodger aka Cersei and Jamie Lannister
The other night I dreamt that Jamie Lannister joined on stage to sing Over and Over with them.
Seb legit comparing our relationship to Cersei and Jamie Lannister
Sawyer looks a little like Jamie Lannister. island and should be connected.
i've just figured out why jamie lannister looks so familiar. He's clearly the spitting image of Prince Charming from shrek.
I don't like Jamie Lannister, but that doesn't mean I want them to be nasty to him D:
I sure hope they kill Jamie Lannister and send his head to Cersei now. For Sean Bean's sake.
winter needs to come, like right now! Jamie Lannister! 😍
I just don't get what you've seen in him, he's no Jamie Lannister
Sorry pero siempre seras Jamie Lannister no matter where you're acting, buddy.
Is that Jamie Lannister subbing players on for England?
Apparently Jamie Lannister is with me on the plane
» The Hock taught Jamie Lannister to sword fight
Can I have an affair with Jamie Lannister too?
*Jamie Lannister sends after an artist to draw for him*. Later: "Send a raven!", he roars!. *That night Cersei receives a *** pic*
“The Hock taught Jamie Lannister to sword fight -
The Hock taught Jamie Lannister to sword fight -
Then I see that Jamie Lannister is a Leeds fan who lied at Comecon. Saying he was trained to sword fight by David Hockaday
the resemblance between Steve Parish and Jamie Lannister is shocking. can west ham get some love on the podcast this week?
GAMES OF THRONE fans do u agree jamie lannister this character is machiam like edmwer? |
Oh yeah that's right they cut off Jamie Lannister hand! Lmao 😂
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Btw, watch "The Other Woman" it is a good film and it will change your opinion on Jamie Lannister
How Jamie Lannister has let himself go in just three short years!
TIL Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister) was the US Delta Force sniper in Black Hawk Down.
White Sox manager Robin Ventura is halfway between and Jamie Lannister.
Sob jamie lannister regrew his hand.
Why did jamie lannister get a haircut :(
*He contemptuously looks down at Jamie, ignoring his comments* We treated you well, Lannister. But we won't make the same mistake>
annoying stoner baby behind me just called Jamie Lannister "Prince — excuse me, King — Joeffrey's [sic] cousin"
People will hate me for saying it but Jamie lannister is one of the weirdest characters in GoT, he can be a loving husband or phyco rapist
When are Jamie Lannister and Brienne gonna get it on
That awkward moment when Jamie Lannister, the biggest *** on becomes your favourite character...
And I'm pretty sure that one of the tellers Jamie Lannister
Omygosh. Jamie Lannister, I have judged you so badly. Sorry.
We all know the Queen and Jamie Lannister are siblings and lovers. Im curious how that first conversation came about..
Nicki and Drake talkin bout that brother/sister love smh they wanna be Cersei and Jamie Lannister so bad
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Ladys and Lords, do you know JAMIE and TYRONE Lannister or EDWARD Stark? No? Me neither.
Nice of Jamie Lannister to lend out his armour. @ The Art Institute of Chicago
Working on reducing my to watch list .Mama it is today .My first thought "Jamie Lannister as the dad well that must end well for the kids"😉
Just saw jamie Lannister as an air traffic control guy... Welcome to LA I guess
"No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or the other.” . - Jamie Lannister
Goodbye to the beautiful left hand of Ser Jamie Lannister
Almost finished GOT. Really enjoying Jamie Lannister's character development; went from hating his guts to wanting to have his babies.
This train conductor looks like Jamie Lannister lol 👀
'We don't get to choose who we love' - Jamie Lannister. That jerk has some good left deep down!!
the Hock taught Jamie Lannister to swordfight, just how? So many questions
Watching Shrek 2 with the kids. I'm sure the similarities have been noted before but my god does Prince Charming look like Jamie Lannister.
So Dixie is Tywin Lannister. Does that make Jamie and Tyrion?
Jamie Lannister is one of my favs when he isn't porking his sister :/
So, Drake and Nicki are basically the rap game Jamie and Cersei Lannister.
ser Jamie lannister at his finest. Lmfao
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Conversación entre Cersei y Jamie Lannister. - What do you want me to apologize for?. - For leaving me. You weren't here. You left me alone.
Jamie lannister is my most hated character by farrr
So Jamie Lannister is basically Sawyer from lost except with his shirt on most of the time
“It’s not any more confusing that Jamie Lannister is Baron von Munchhausen and also Sting.”
Put your hand on my baby and end up with a hand necklace just like Jamie Lannister.
But Jamie Lannister is the father ffs! Imbred *** !
Casually watching a film when I notice the main man in it is Jamie Lannister. WHY ARE YOU NOT IN KINGS LANDING, WHAT?
so im watching The Other Woman and Mark is so hot so i was seeing who the actor was and its the dude who plays Jamie Lannister...WHO KNEW
Ian and Nina should do something like Jamie & Cersei Lannister
So Diggles present arrived & im the best friend ever because its a POP Vinyl Jamie Lannister, i dont even watch Game of Thrones and its cool
""People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it's served up." --Jamie Lannister, CK 792"
I ship Jamie Lannister with Death from supernatural :)
"He may be the perfect Jamie Fraser, but he’s no Jaime Lannister." Of course my bae is the best.
Lego good time gals! (Though I look a bit like Jamie Lannister)
everybody has a crush on Dany, it's cool. I'm all about Mr Jamie Lannister mmm
yep, he is an actor, he is Jamie Lannister (or Lannistar?) in
Jamie Lannister is the official BC of GoT.
Jamie Lannister what happened to you
i hate seeing gifsets from Game of Thrones and they spell Jaime Lannister as Jamie goD *** IT
Jamie Lannister is hot with his beard .
Met Jon Snow, Sam, Jamie Lannister and Brienne in Belfast. Turns out I'm collecting game of thrones cast this trip!
"good thing i am what i am. i'd be useless at anything else" - Jamie Lannister
My daughter's been watching Sofia the 1st. When do Amber & James turn into Cersei & Jamie Lannister? htt…
So our pilot looks like Jamie Lannister. So there's that.
Eh the sun burns my alabaster skin, and now I am having Jamie Lannister fantasies so it's all good.
Day 19. A character you like but used to hate. Jamie Lannister
Oh Jamie Lannister, you looked good in The Other Woman despite being a cheating ***
Jamie Lannister is gross but for I admire how much he loves his brother. In that sense, he's amazing.
Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth - Game of Thrones
Jamie Lannister deserves a hand after that episode. Great performance. 😏
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Brienne of Tharth and Jamie Lannister moments. all funny, touching, cute, and awkward.
Jamie Lannister has a leather jacket in season one episode one rn
even though you're still without a doubt Jamie Lannister and you're fooling nobody.
Looking forward to watching for the simple fact Jamie Lannister is in it
Quick reminder that Luke & Leia totally made out once. Cersei & Jamie Lannister are ALL ABOUT THIS.
“y do I think jamie lannister is hot” why does his sister think he's hot
y do I think jamie lannister is hot
I’ve been writing zombies and supernatural beings. Jamie Lannister might be helpful.
I dreamed of the Apocalypse again last night. Jamie Lannister was there so it wasn't all bad.
How can folks proclaim how "mad" the Mad King was then criticize Jamie Lannister 4 killing him w/ their next breath?
Hear me roar! You know I'm a real Lannister by the I'm growing.
I ship brienne of tarth and jamie lannister
Just watched a chick flick I'm pretty sure was written by a MONKEY because Jamie Lannister was in it.
Plot twist Jamie lannister will claim the iron throne at the end of "a song of Ice and fire"
The Other Woman was a dumb movie and I wouldn't rly recommend it to anyone but oh man can Jamie Lannister wear anything and look good in it
watching Mamma by myself, Jamie Lannister is the crazy dad! Also, I just found 26 cents.
Some of you guys walk around like you're Jamie Lannister when in reality you're more like Tyrion
Jamie Lannister was on set but we cudnt see him as they were filming a mile up in the dunes.
You can also watch Game Of Thrones and fall in love with Jamie Lannister :))
All I'm saying is Jamie Lannister just smiled, winked and waved at me.
jaime lannister jamie fraser you can see I have a thing for jaimes
Never thought I'd see the day I'd feel sorry for Jamie Lannister yet here it is
Prince Charming from Shrek is discount jamie lannister
Linda obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment. Jamie Lannister has just lost his hand my the way
tell him he looks like Jamie lannister in that picture
So. You're going to need an Adam Warlock, right?. Well, Nicholaj Coster-Waldau(Jamie Lannister) seems kinda perfect. Think about it.
On my way to work this morning I read The Red Wedding section in A Storm Of Swords! Which was cheerful! "Jamie Lannister sends his regards"
How do you circumcise Jamie Lannister? . Kick Cersei in the chin.. For more->...
why is it that Prince Charming from Shrek remind me of Jamie lannister from Game of thrones
Biggest incest duo on TV: Jamie and Cersei Lannister or Sukhi and Jinder from Amazing Race Canada?
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How Jamie Lannister really feels about his son...
I'm only about half way through reading a game of thrones, but I will never forgive Jamie Lannister for pushing Bran off the window
Jamie Lannister makes me question my sexuality
Jamie lannister is in the movie mama ***
I saw a Jamie lannister one in Chinatown!! :D
Darling is no Jamie Lannister that's for sure... Alex Salmond is selling snake oil and words.
That awkward moment of Game of Thrones, Season 3, where I actually feel sorry for Jamie Lannister.
Hmmm bumped into Jamie Lannister buying coffee in Coleraine ... he appears to have grown his hand back, has all...
Fangirling massively at Jamie Lannister at work today and I've not even seen game of thrones yet
I'm trying to join the Jamie Lannister / Luke Skywalker club!
dude I didn't even know who Nikolaj was but I could guess he was Jamie Lannister
I'm sorry but I find it incredible hard to look at Jamie Lannister without expecting him to start singing like Prince Charming from Shrek.
Just seen Jamie Lannister about to start filming on the set of Game of Thrones
7k around the Dark Hedges this am. Pretended Jamie Lannister was after me :-D
Jamie Lannister has got nothing on Francis Crawford of Lymond.
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Hands up if you didn't know Jamie Lannister was in Mama 🙌
Jamie Lannister looks like Prince Charming from Shrek 2 and it's all I can think about.
hey I love your face book page Jamie Lannister is better in the books, can you give me a follow, it would be appreciated ~TKS~
I've got 99 problems and they'd all be fixed if i was Jamie Lannister
They are plenty of reasons to dislike Jamie Lannister but him being the Kingslayer is not a good enough excuse.
Now I'm really confused because I'm pretty sure the conversation Lady Stark & Jamie Lannister has happens in the 2nd book
you WOULD think Jamie Lannister being on TV would help
"Yet he heard himself whisper, "Let them do it, and go away inside."" - Jamie Lannister
Ali can be the unsullied but I think ed is Jamie Lannister
You call me "brother" , well news flash I am Jamie Lannister for you baby 😏
I don't care if Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is 44 in 'real life'...Jamie Lannister is still a babeee 😍🙈🙊
Jamie Lannister looks good in modern clothing!
"He was a painter. A painter who only paints red" - Jamie Lannister ♥
This guy on looks like Jamie Lannister while he was imprisoned and covered in mud.
She bro-zoned you? No fears bro. Look at Jamie Lannister and prosper
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The love Jamie Lannister has for his brother, The Imp is too cute.
no! I find the guy who plays Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones to be very tool-ish. Start there!
I just started watching Game of Thrones. I can't take it seriously at. all. because Jamie Lannister…
How King baratheon died from a scratch and Jamie Lannister survived the whole season with his hand chopped off & no treatment is a mystery.
I'm having a tinder convo with Jamie Lannister right now
"Jaime Lannister: The things I do for love..." who does Jamie think he is? Courage the cowardly dog?!
So my cousin got jamie lannister... you fools you know not what you have done
Bran Stark falling from that tower Jamie Lannister pushed him out of.
His name in the show is Jamie Lannister, his real name is nikolaj coster-waldau :)
Happy birthday to the King slayer Jamie Lannister (well, actually the actor portraying him, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)
Oh but Jamie Lannister you're so clever tongued.
impossible to accept the existence of that queen's guard/GoT video without picturing Jamie Lannister slaughtering Liz ('the mad queen')
""If I was a woman I'd make them kill me, but I'm not thank the gods." -Jamie Lannister"
Anybody remember when Jamie Lannister was a Cowboy? is streaming on - bad sci-fi for your
Jamie Lannister is a playboy in The Other Woman.
Isn't possible Frederick is kinda like Jamie Lannister? Where he had to do a bad thing for an overall good?
Jamie Lannister is lowkey a nice guy
For starters, The Hound was a victim--he suffered. Perhaps it's Jamie Lannister who is the lovable villain.
Chris jericho looks exactly like jamie lannister
aww big Jorah ofc! he's a big dorty evil sister shagger but Jamie lannister would also get it
Just saw Jamie lannister from walking out of the crown bar in
Even all bloody and broken, Jamie Lannister is gorgeous.
If my boss is the Mad King then I obviously am Jamie Lannister
Day 19 Character that I used to hate: Jamie Lannister
Is that you hanging out with Jamie Lannister??. That is 10,000 pounds worth of awesome!
Can I please have John Snow or Jamie Lannister or both?
Oblivion. Hot bearded Apocalyptic Jamie Lannister has made me happy.
Watching the other woman and Jamie Lannister is in it and just 😍😍
Jamie Lannister in a rom-com with Cameron Diaz and Nikki Minaj is weirding me out. Needs more slaughter.
Maybe Jamie would turn out differently with a working hand? on a scale of Luke Skywalker to jaime lannister how well…
Started watching Game of Thrones last night. Jamie Lannister is probably one of the prettiest *** nozzles I've ever seen.
The things I do for love > the things Jamie Lannister does for love.
like watching JAMIE LANNISTER making out with Cameron Diaz and bunch of other women, driving an Aston Martin, wearing a suit
This haircut has aged Jamie Lannister by at least 10 years but at the same time has made him kinda buff
Tyrion and Jamie Lannister are probably the only Lannisters I am rooting.
Season 3 of is amazing so far. Love one-handed Jamie Lannister!
Jamie Lannister just lost his hand. Ouch! *Did i spell his name Correctly? Lol*
I can't take Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister seriously though... he looks like Prince Charming from Shrek.
Day 05: Who do you ship? Jamie Lannister and Lady Brienne. I know. I know. I shouldn't.
This mannequin at stonehenge reminded me of Jamie Lannister yesterday
Also since when is Jamie Lannister in this movie dang boy control your kids
Jamie Lannister's slyly turned Into my favourite character
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