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Jamie Lannister

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Anybody remember when Jamie Lannister was a Cowboy? is streaming on - bad sci-fi for your
Jamie Lannister is a playboy in The Other Woman.
Isn't possible Frederick is kinda like Jamie Lannister? Where he had to do a bad thing for an overall good?
Jamie Lannister is lowkey a nice guy
For starters, The Hound was a victim--he suffered. Perhaps it's Jamie Lannister who is the lovable villain.
Chris jericho looks exactly like jamie lannister
aww big Jorah ofc! he's a big dorty evil sister shagger but Jamie lannister would also get it
Just saw Jamie lannister from walking out of the crown bar in
Even all bloody and broken, Jamie Lannister is gorgeous.
If my boss is the Mad King then I obviously am Jamie Lannister
Day 19 Character that I used to hate: Jamie Lannister
Is that you hanging out with Jamie Lannister??. That is 10,000 pounds worth of awesome!
Can I please have John Snow or Jamie Lannister or both?
Oblivion. Hot bearded Apocalyptic Jamie Lannister has made me happy.
Watching the other woman and Jamie Lannister is in it and just ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Jamie Lannister in a rom-com with Cameron Diaz and Nikki Minaj is weirding me out. Needs more slaughter.
Maybe Jamie would turn out differently with a working hand? on a scale of luke skywalker to jaime lannister how wellโ€ฆ
Started watching Game of Thrones last night. Jamie Lannister is probably one of the prettiest *** nozzles I've ever seen.
The things I do for love > the things Jamie Lannister does for love.
like watching JAMIE LANNISTER making out with Cameron Diaz and bunch of other women, driving an Aston Martin, wearing a suit
This haircut has aged Jamie Lannister by at least 10 years but at the same time has made him kinda buff
Tyrion and Jamie Lannister are probably the only Lannisters I am rooting.
Season 3 of is amazing so far. Love one-handed Jamie Lannister!
Jamie Lannister just lost his hand. Ouch! *Did i spell his name Correctly? Lol*
I can't take Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister seriously though... he looks like Prince Charming from Shrek.
Day 05: Who do you ship? Jamie Lannister and Lady Brienne. I know. I know. I shouldn't.
This mannequin at stonehenge reminded me of Jamie Lannister yesterday
Also since when is Jamie Lannister in this movie dang boy control your kids
Jamie Lannister's slyly turned Into my favourite character
Jamie Lannister is in sweatpants and the wine makes me want to say more about this...
I am Jamie Lannister and Jon Snow's love child
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Jamie Lannister looks exactly like Prince Charming in Shrek 2.
The guy is a schizophrenic. By the way, I'm Jamie Lannister I don't lose.
The longer this drags on, the more I want Jamie Lannister and Chyna to break free and switch on these guys.
When Robert arrived in Throne room, after trailing behind en route to the capital, he found the men, and Jamie Lannister -
ยฑ on Jaime's sword and began. "It that Tywin Lannister's blood?" The king renewed his interest when Jamie shook his head timidly. ยฑ
I had a wonderful dream about losing my hand in a Jamie Lannister type fashion. Thanks for the vote of confidence, consciousness
Totally watching the other woman just to perv on Jamie Lannister
There's a female PT in my gym who looks like Jamie Lannister ..
Jamie Lannister says it in one of the episodes of Game of Thrones last season
So far my feelings about Jamie Lannister always seem to circle back to "But he has sex with his sister"...
Jamie Lannister is cheating on Leslie Mann with Cameron Diaz. At least it isn't his sister.
The Cercei Lannister of the Tea Party and her faithful Jamie
Did we just roll by Jamie Lannister's ride?!
Ash really reminds me of Jamie lannister from Game of Thrones ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
Mortal Kombat needs Jamie Lannister as special guest DLC.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cashier looks like young Jamie Lannister send help immediately
The aftermath of a magic trick. Just call me Jamie Lannister @ Adventure Brewing Company
"Watching Michael Bradley in this World Cup has been like watching Jamie Lannister after he loses his sword hand"-
Everytime I start to like Jamie Lannister I see Hodor carrying Bran and I hate him all over again๐Ÿ™ˆ
Michael Bradley's play has been like Jamie Lannister without his sword hand
rooting for Ronaldo is sooo fun it's like when Jamie Lannister became a good dude
And Jamie Lannister looks like a real-life version of Prince Charming from Shrek 2.
Also, pretty sure Jamie Lannister is in the audience
Apparently, I have "better hair" than a 4-inch high plastic Jamie Lannister toy. Er, thanks
A medicine which kills both insects and pests should be called Incesticide. But isn't that what you say if Cersei kills Jamie Lannister?
I tot Jamie Lannister is suppose to be hated. But then again he unintentionally awaken a Stark boy hidden power and saved a 500k population.
some of the casting choices are so perfect?? โ€ฆbut then there's Jamie Lannister and his freaking butterface.
I feel like any argument that is made by Jamie or Cersei Lannister is automatically wrong because they're screwing each other.
Jamie Lannister is finally reunited with his sister. Cersei is gonna miss his right hand more than him.
Half way through season 3 of Game of Thrones. I never thought I'd come to like Jamie Lannister, but I actually kinda do.
I never thought I would feel bad for Jamie lannister but my heart is breaking rn
ties are like kissing your sister. For anyone but Jamie Lannister that is a bad thing
If Margot Robbie was my sister, I'd definitely go Jamie Lannister on her.
Jamie Lannister SHOULD HAVE DIED IN SEASON TWO! I don't think I can handle the other seasons.
Goddaamnit Jamie Lannister I don't want to like you.
I say let Jamie Lannister get a hold of her.
made a Game of Thrones post sayin Jamie Lannister looked like a bootlegged Dennis Leary and I got a buncha Jamie fans flooding
As much as I want to hate Jamie Lannister, I just can't ๐Ÿ’” too hot fs
"Jamie and I are more than brother and sister...we shared a womb together...when he is in me, i feel...whole"- Ceresi Lannister
He's rich, has a thing for his sister, but no one can doubt he's easy on the eye! Jamie Lannister
pretty funny. They missed Sancerre and Jamie Lannister tho...
i just want to say that it is Jaime Lannister and not JAMIE. Ok. Please don't try to kill me in my sleep
I'd use Jamie Lannister's severed hand to do bad things to myself, that's how hot he is.
Remember when Cercei and Jamie Lannister had sex next to their dead sons body yeah I do
Gods of Egypt! Jamie Lannister as God aka Horus. -.
Would kinda like the guy who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones.
Jack Bauer threw Lady Catelyn out that window like Jamie Lannister threw Bran from the tower...
The Queen approaches the Iron Throne. Alas, Jamie Lannister was nowhere to be seen...
good night sweet Michela have sweet Jamie Lannister dreams ;)
I mean the Targaryens did it for centuries, Jamie and Cersei Lannister worked out super well too
Is it me or does Jamie Lannister look strikingly similar to Prince Charming from Shrek
they should make incense candles in the shape of Cersei and Jamie Lannister, and call them incest incense
Jon Snow finally faces Jamie Lannister and you know his wiener is huge
Okay fine! I like Jamie Lannister now. The Lannisters aren't that bad.can't believe I just said that...
Oh no im starting to feel sorry for Jamie Lannister. Crap.
My daughter's been watching Sofia the 1st. When do Amber & James turn into Cersei & Jamie Lannister?
Clearly Jamie Lannister took the phrase "go and play with your sister" abit too seriously
Jack Bauer channeled Jamie Lannister when he threw Catelyn Stark (Bran) out the window. I actually laughed out loud.
I really want to know who all get Jamie Lannister in "What character are you?" quiz so that I can go alarm Cerseis!! :D
He's basically the Jamie Lannister of the 1st book.
Lebron is about to pull a Jamie Lannister and turn everyone into a fan
Who would've thought that I would love Jamie Lannister so much?
I feel like Jamie Lannister when he lost his sword hand.
Spoken while skinning a dear in a tent talking to Jamie Lannister.
Slap ya face like lady stark did to Jamie lannister? "Akara is edible. gives protein. tinz. One wonders what one would..."
Actually no I could dig being a Lannister... Just not Jamie Lannister.
Robert Baratheon "If you take it off again I swear to the mother I'll pin it on Jamie Lannister" The man keeps his word even in death
On a scale from 1 to Jamie Lannister, how much do you love your sister?
characters I don't love but enjoy . Cersei Lannister. Jamie Lannister. Jon Snow. Sansa Stark. Tywin Lannister
Apparently Jack Bauer watched and picked up a Stark defeating tactic from Jamie Lannister.
I don't watch GoT- are you saying that is Jamie Lannister?
Now Jamie Lannister and Jack Bauer have each thrown a Stark out the window.
I didn't know Jamie Lannister wrote books lol
*** another but this time it was With Waterbending, Dragons, Sam Tarley, and Jamie Lannister. Crazy
I do believe Jamie Lannister just lost a hand.
Hamilton Collection
Will Graham, Jamie Lannister, Lucius Malfoy, Phil from Modern Family and Mr Fantastic were all in Black Hawk Down..
Does Ward 7 have a Jamie Lannister that could maybe take care of "The Mad Councillor"?
I wonder if Jamie Lannister will ever meet Bran Stark again
Except for his relation with his sister, Jamie Lannister's character is awesome! What do you think guys?
Never ask Jamie Lannister if he wants a hand.
Finally watching Season 2 of GoT and holy crap Jamie Lannister does an awesome Sean Connery impersonation!.
Really great piece about Jamie Lannister. Check it out!
Jamie lannister may only have one chapter in a dance with dragons but *** if it doesn't end on the biggest cliffhanger EVER!!
I like Jamie Lannister feel bad for him.
Crossing genres here, but Branch Connally reminds me of Jamie Lannister.
In April 20th's episode of Game of Thrones, "Breaker of Chains", Jamie Lannister maliciously and unforgivably...
Jamie Lannister's plotline is based on my life
Jamie Lannister though ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ mop chop and a bath between series 3 and 4 and he's practically a model..
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Jamie Lannister...Game of Thrones' - via
I think you're more of a Jamie Lannister babes .. Attractive at first but disturbingly creepy..
Good god! Jamie lannister looks like Prince Charming from shrek!
So weird seeing Jamie Lannister with blonde hair
...Jamie Lannister is Draco Malfoy. my father this, my father that.
This girl told me I look like Jamie Lannister today. I asked her if I owed her money.
Lets all give Jaime Lannister a hand
Jofferey was a right tool, I'm more like Jamie Lannister me just with 2 hands! Sick when he sinks a hammer in that mans head!
Just watched this weeks superb episode of Game of Thrones, I reckon I could be one of them heroes ? Either Jon Snow or Robb Stark? Maybe even Jamie Lannister and no Cheryl Panda Pants Cade I wouldn't be the imp!!!
I never got why Catlin Stark let Jamie Lannister go...random comment I know, but rewatching S2 at the moment
If did ...I'm not what's more evil... Rapunzel - Cersei?. Prince Charming - Jamie Lannister?. One of 7 -Tyrion?.
There's no denying the resemblance between Prince Charming from Shrek, Cheska from MIC and Jamie Lannister
.hope you're up to date on the Young Jamie Lannister fanfic I've been writing. Sure to be a topic.
+little tight but it was nice. She was shocked when she saw it had the Lannister lion on its chest* Jamie...
Jamie Lannister got 10 times hotter in episode 6. ๐Ÿ˜
You're only saying that because Jamie Lannister wasn't in it...
Jamie Lannister don't why just I started liking that sympathy for his lost hand or maybe he is good at least with tyrion!
Uzair that's as disturbing as incest. Dun be Jamie lannister.
Lets give Jamie Lannister a big Hand.heheheheheh
Well I did not know the guy who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones is Danish.
I do apologise for the rant. On a lighter note, HBO released a picture of a teenage Jamie & Cersei Lannister,
My Finale season Predictions; Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen and her Army will start to make plans of passing through the Narrow Sea what leads to Westeros where "Kings Landing" beholds the iron throne. Up in Castle Black, The Nights Watch will get ready to defend the gates against The Wildlings once again and this time I think they will lose. While Jon Snow has left and been out in the open, He will find Mance the leader of the Wildlings and probably succeed in killing this enemy but the other Wildlings will capture him and dispose of him. Further down in Westeros in Kings Landing the death trial will come to life with Tyrion Lannister saying his final vows, however I see a dramatic twist where Jamie Lannister will try and save Tyrion but will fail in doing so and both lead them to death. And last not but not least I'm lost where Arya Stark and the Hound are but they will run into trouble of some kind. Rosalia Zerilli , Liam Watson
I like the bearded, dirty looking Jamie Lannister more than the clean one..
when they were casting for Jamie Lannister did they just look for guys that look exactly like Prince Charming from Shrek 2
Jamie Lannister can rape his sister next to his dead sons body no problem, but putting John Snows life at risk is a step too far GoT
Jamie Lannister you grub. You cripple a young boy. You lose a hand. Ah don't belong in this day and age.medieval Justice
I actually quite like Jamie Lannister now
Caught my reflection in the bus window earlier and thought "Oh cool, I look a bit like Jamie Lannister". Then I realised that unfortunately it's when he 's close to death.
My dear fellow Game of Thrones fan's, It has come to a point where I feel obliged to give you a small lesson on not to doubt the author's intent on the masterpiece. I am tired of all the people asking themselves 'Why oh why did he kill that character?' over and over again. All the deaths and the plot turns are part of a bigger plan that George R.R. Martin has for the saga. For example, if he was not to kill Eddard Stark, Robb would never have started the war, never had captured Jamie Lannister, Jamie would still have both his hands but none of the public's empathy that makes him a bit likeable day after day. Got it? Now, an insight from a person who actually read the books, GRRM is still writting the *** thing and if you want to see what happens to them characters you love so much, why don't you just buy the book and see where he's going with all this? Just saying, that what i did...
Jamie Lannister's just chilling there with one hand. Ya know the casual
Great little mail day. Now we need the other two of deanery's dragons. I'm hanging on for a handless Jamie lannister
I hope the line up gets bigger for Supernova by November! Don't get me wrong I am quite keen to see The Hoff and Pam from True blood but so far they are just 2 out of 7 "stars" going. Meanwhile once again Sydney gets Stan lee,Jon heder, rose McGowan and Jamie Lannister :/
These Behind-The-Scenes Instagrams of Jamie Lannister's arm from are super gross
Dr. Inya, I heard d new emir of Kano is in secret talks with Jamie Lannister to free Tyrion Lannister. Is it true?
Jamie Lannister be like; I'd give up my right hand to be Ambidextrous.
I so ship Lady Brienne of Tarth and Jamie Lannister โ™กโ™กโ™ฅโ™ก
I think I'm in love with Jamie Lannister, Tyrion Lannister and my most favourite Kahleesi hmmm.
Cersei and Jamie Lannister! Forever gross. Gross and disgusting! Yuck. Barf.
Im going to tell the surgeons that if they mess up they can just give me a golden hand then I will be one step closer to Jamie Lannister
aw Jamie Lannister. i'm so touched huhuhuhu i love you already
I'm not trying to pull a Jamie Lannister or anything chill :-)
Ser Jamie Lannister is basically a Delhi boy whose response to everything is -" Janta mera baap kaun hai?"
Two more sleeps till we fly to Sydney, 3 more sleeps till I meet Stan Lee and many other amazing celebs (Jamie Lannister omg!) Eeeep! :D
Doing your hair like season one Jamie Lannister is hard when you have jew hair, but thanks to Suavecito Pomade and a little determination it is possible. part one of two season finale party tonight (i know it was on yesterday but I don't have HBO and it's hard to get people together on a sunday)
Thank you Erika Rachelle Lee for helping me find my new mancrush Monday crush! And he has blonde hair and he is dreamy. You know him! Jamie Lannister GOT
for GOT fans See Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister) for yourself up close and personal. this weekend
I am still wondering why I started liking Jamie Lannister ? Is it his short hair, golden hand, crimson sword and new armor ?
I'm 30 minutes behind on Raw, but HHH and Stephanie are such *** They are the Jamie & Cersei Lannister of wrestling.
The Garden is rocking. Lets be like Jamie Lannister tonight, Rangers.
We need Jamie Lannister on this team.
Jamie Lannister getting his hand cut off is my favourite scene so far. Finally starting to get into this properly. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I can't help but like Jamie Lannister
So disappointed by the lack of Jamie Lannister in this weeks Game of Thrones, fancy him so much it's bordering on obsession ๐Ÿ™ˆ
DID YOU NOT KNOW!! Oh jeez yeah Jamie lannister is the queens twin!
I've said it all week but I'm sure there will be another twist in GOT tonight my bets Jamie Lannisters got a hand to play no pun intended .
So thatโ€™s how they do it! Sangeet Prabhaker, a UK-based prosthetic and creature effects artist, has put up some mind-bending instagrams from Game of Thrones, including this one of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. In case you were wondering how they turned incestuous super-hunk Jamie Lannister into the one-armed sad sack he ends up as later on. HBO According to his instagrams, Prabhaker and the rest of the team at Creatures Inc. designed a couple different false hands for Coster-Waldau. Also, bonus instagram, hereโ€™s Catelyn Stark hanging around post-Red Wedding. View Entire List โ€บ
I just watched last weeks Game of Thrones, I thought for the first time ever the good guy was going to win then Oberyn goes & gets his head crushed... I should have known. I'm not sure why I still watch it, that ending proper upset me although not as much as the slaughter at the Red Wedding - the most harrowing bit of TV or film I have every seen. Don't get me wrong it does have its light moments like when one of the nicer characters, Jamie Lannister, rapes his sister at the side of the body of their dead incestuous son. I can't wait for tonights' episode! WINTER IS COMING Richard Miller!
Dear queen of my heart. By the beard of Zeus Jessie Walsh you are one fine specimen of man kind. You make me wanna do things I wouldn't usually do. If we were playing some beer pong I would let you win, i'd even give up my my daily morning ritual which consists of watching workaholics while eating my weet bix for you . You're the Hermione to my Ron, you're the Cersei to my Jamie Lannister, you're the veronica Courningstone to my Ron Burgundy. From an anonymous lover at t col
I do agree with you - Game of Thrones is a fantasy, commercial product and should be treated as such. If you like it, watch it, if you don't - well you can change channel!!! What I don't agree with the authors of the tv show regards the scene you mentioned (Jamie Lannister raping his sister Cersei). In the book, George RR Martin wrote the scene as consensual sex - so why change it to rape - especially since the authors have kept to the books' stories since Season 1?!
What was he trying to tell his brother/jamie lannister/the king slayer/?/get it.
Bumped into this lovely gentleman who kindly took a photo with me. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jamie Lannister from GoT httpโ€ฆ
Jamie Lannister [Nikolaj Coster Waldau] Yes he is a very good choice or I could be this character I not sure who
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My gut says Jamie Lannister will deliver next week
I'm almost as mad with the ending to this episode of GOT. As I was when Jamie Lannister lost his hand.
"You cannot kill the Kings. 4-4, 7:00 left in regulation." Obviously doesn't know Jamie Lannister plays for the
Jamie Lannister looks like the Burger King king
โ€œcoach, who would win in a fight btwn Jamie Lannister (w both hands) and Daario?โ€ That guy sex his sister
how Tyrion, Jamie Lannister, and Oberyn's wife felt is how Cowboys fans feel every year
I want a Jamie and Tyrion Lannister buddy comedy
"Who gives a dusty phuck about beetles" -Jamie Lannister
// ahhh!! I'm not over it! Can you believe that?! And Jamie lannister's face was classic!
Jamie Lannister gon ride for that
If Jamie Lannister ever gets killed I'll probably have to stop watching
Jamie Lannister needs to save his brother.
If Jamie Lannister doesn't smuggle his brother out of Kings Landing I'm not watching any more.
she's starting to *** me off I love bran and his gang and arya and tyrion and Jamie lannister
The moment where Jamie Lannister is amused during this trial by combat lol
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I don't know what id do without you, Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister has the best collars of anyone in the show.
I had no idea Jamie Lannister was refereeing this game.
I can't help it Jamie and Tyrion Lannister r sexy Lord Bailish or Little finger is sexy because they r dark & mysterious &HOT
"I love these brotherly chats between Tyrion & Jamie. only worthy Lannister family relationship
"Remember that time we came from a family of *** " - Jamie and Tyrion Lannister
Jamie and Tyrion Lannister brother bonding in a prison cell on the eve of his trial by combat is the best thing ever
Can't take Jamie Lannister serious after seeing him in the other woman
I shouldn't have to wait 45 minutes to see Jamie Lannister!
Jamie Lannister has grown on me... Then I remember he pushed Bran out if a window and I hate him all over again.
FINALLY Jamie Lannister graces us with his HOT presence! โค๏ธ
coach, who would win in a fight between Jamie Lannister (with both hands) and Daario?
Watching this movie wth a very familiar cast. Oh, It's Jamie Lannister!
Don't you think Jamie lannister is hot โ€” Nah
Ah... And Jamie Lannister just lost a hand
Tish Wright did you know the guy that played in the movie oblivion is the actor of Jamie lannister?
Not really sure if I'm a Jamie Lannister fan or not.
Jamie Lannister at Sydney supanova time to cry
"Stop, i Will fight for my Brother. " Jamie lannister adamsฤฑn ulan
Anyone catch Hall & Oates during their induction speech and think? Why are Tyrion and Jamie Lannister giving a speech at the Rock n' Roll hall of fame?
Jamie Lannister is 40 years old but I'm still in love with him
If Jamie Lannister were to do something by himself, would we call t achieving it 'single handedly'
Jamie Lannister is not so ugly finally
For a moment there I thought jamie and Tyrion Lannister were being inducted to the rock n roll hall of fame
Nothing on the TV this afternoon, so watched the first series of Game of Thrones. Has anyone else noticed how Jamie Lannister looks like the prince in Shrek?
Jamie Lannister is turning good and it's great
"I crossed a thousand leagues to come to you and lost the best part of me along the way, don't tell me to leave.". Jamie lannister
Does Jamie Lannister remind anyone else of Prince Charming from Shrek? Or is that just me?
Learn Tyrion, the youngest Lannister son, brother Jamie (cont)
Still can't believe they cut off Jamie Lannister's hand and then started blasting The Hold Steady
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I don't know why but I kinda like Jamie Lannister
And let's just say Jeff Carter is Jamie Lannister, just for the heck of it.
Jon Snow and Jamie Lannister are both really cute
Long gone are the days when I despised Jamie Lannister..
Accidentally read about Jamie Lannister and Tywin Lannister's secret.
I love Jamie Lannister now. He does care for his brother, and nothing melts my heart more than sibling love.
Addy is the biggest egocentric narcissist I've ever met. He needs to have his hand chopped off like Jamie Lannister.
I like how Jamie Lannister has a fearsome reputation, but has lost every on-screen fight he's had. Ned nearly killed him.
He is quite truthful! "you're about as truthful as Jamie Lannister"
you're about as truthful as Jamie Lannister
Amazing idea: Jamie Lannister is Hall and Tyrion Lannister is Oates. Please make this happen.
So they let Jamie and Tyrion Lannister in? Is there no limit to their power?.
Pretty sure I just saw Jamie Lannister in Thomas Dux.
I feel really bad for Jamie Lannister...
Post about my dream last night, it was cool and I want it saved. Don't read if you don't care, lol I had a dream last night that me and Tyrion Lannister were in love, but then during this made up ring ceremony from my homeland, where the man you're meant to wed is the first one to grab your ring from out of a bag of full of nicnaks and treasures (the men keep whatever they grab when they attempt, but the man to grab your engagement ring, which you personally choose, gets to marry you. Usually it's a game and everyone else purposely avoids the engagement ring.) Jamie Lannister was just joking around, reached in, grabbed a ribbon and the ribbon had gotten tangled around my ring, so I ended up engaged to him. It was just all this drama where me and Tyrion were severely upset, and my hand maid was talking to me about how the goddess doesn't make mistakes, that if I was meant to marry Tyrion, he would have found my ring no matter what. That Jamie found my ring was destiny and I had to honor the Goddess's wishe ...
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And they call Jamie Lannister pretty boy lol
If you read the books, Jamie Lannister has more honour than all the other men who called him king slayer
I'm not gonna watch it anymore as it turns out Jamie Lannister is about to become Darth Vader's Cat.
Tyrion Lannister and Jamie Lannister are the reasons my heart constantly breaks ๐Ÿ˜ช
' I was sick again but I am kinda recoverin now hehe.. Back to FB once again. And woah I just saw d recent episode of Game of Thrones and it was a blast. I can say that all my hatred for Jamie Lannister was already gone bcuz of the 3 episodes namely Oathkeeper, First of His Name n The Laws of Gods and Men. And can I already give d Emmy Award to Peter Dinklage bcuz his performance in The Laws of Gods and Men was so perfect. The episode was so intense and riveting. Watch it guys..
Now, Ser Barristan Selmy. RT. "Who do you think would win in a fight Jamie Lannister or Ser Barrastion Selmy
re: that jamie lannister post NAILED IT.
Idk maybe I was wrong about Jamie lannister he did save brienne from a bear and I rly like her
is it me or does Prince Charming in Shrek and Jamie Lannister from GoT look alike? hehe
Oh also Brianne of Tarth and Jamie Lannister.those are my only ships left.
when people spell Jaime Lannister as Jamie Lannister
LOLing at this GoTLCG tutorial because of the Jamie Lannister card. "[he] does not kneel to attack or defend during a military challenge".
there's a film coming out where Jamie lannister plays Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and some other bird at once. Jamie's a hero
ooh yeah love the Khal & Khalessi! It's getting good now seeing some pay offs on hunches! Jamie Lannister sux. Hate that guy.
Even Jamie Lannister's gotta have his coffee fix.
Jamie lannisters burd in sugar last nyte Chris Halliday
Awesome. I want to see it as it has hot as *** Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones in it!
Maybe Jamie Lannister will luck out and we find that Cersei has a fetish for getting fisted by a metal hand.
Jamie Lannister with a coffee cup during the wedding.
Cozy and fun afternoon with my bestie and her mum at the movies seeing The Other Woman. Slightly different from "Noah" from Monday evening but when I realised it starred Jamie Lannister all was right with the world.
How beautiful is this concept? Did you guys know about this? =) I just see Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones lol
Felt like Jamie Lannister mowing the front lawn today
I kinda want to see it. Cameron Diaz, check. Leslie Mann, check. Jamie Lannister, *** yeah.
Curious what Jamie Lannister would think of jazz SEND
Basically Catelyn, Cersei & Brienne get their revenge on Jamie Lannister.
Phil Dunphy, Ari Gold, and Jamie Lannister going ham in Black Hawk Down.
There's tons of unbelievable relationships in movies & TV & I don't wanna sound like a *** but Jamie Lannister would never wit Cameron Diaz
Now Jamie Lannister had arrived. Can anyone explain this?
"Lay with me Cersei, I incest" -Jamie Lannister, probably, at some point.
Jamie Lannister's conversation w/ producers about how he was cutting his hair for Kate Upton's 1st film must have been weird.
I tried to like Jamie Lannister's new hair-do...but I just cant. I just can't.
Jamie Lannister sighting on Black Hawk Down. Still has both hands
i'm starting to think Jamie Lannister is gonna turn into a kinda good guy but don't tell me
Season 4 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones: I think Jamie Lannister should have had the other Valarian sword...
I need to see mainly because of Jamie Lannister lolol ๐Ÿ˜
I told Jay that Jamie Lannister was not in that The Other Woman movie. Oops, my bad
If you've read the books don't spoil it for me, but I'm rooting for Jamie Lannister to learn to use that left hand.
Just realized that the male lead in is Jamie Lannister from So call me slow.
this is so pathetic but I kinda have a huge thing for Jamie Lannister now
So Jamie Lannister is in Black Hawk Down. Interesting
I wonder if Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore and Jamie Lannister from had the same prosthetic guy
Black Hawk Down is a great movie. Even Jamie Lannister is in it.
It was Jamie Lannister who pushed Bran from the window.
If you think about it; Jamie Lannister basically caused the War of Five Kings when he shoved Bran Stark out that tower window when Bran caught Jamie making the beast with two backs with Cersei. If he hadn't Catelyn wouldn't have suspected that Tyrion tried to kill Bran, taken him prisoner, the Lannisters wouldn't have picked a fight to get him back, Robert wouldn't have gotten killed, and basically every bad thing that happened in Game of Thrones wouldn't have happened. Nice going Jamie
Kind of a stupid joke but Puz and Pat reminded me of Cersei and Jamie Lannister.
The guy that plays Jamie Lannister is in a love movie what. Lol Actually I think that would actually be pretty good role for him. Gotta give the guy credit hes got a way with the ladies
The only thing I like about this The Other Woman movie, is that my boo Jamie Lannister is getting Hollywood heartthrob props.
[Spoilers S1,S3] Just a little irony I picked up from Jamie Lannister re-wat [
So the Jamie Lannister, Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz ends with him banging his sister, right?
Jamie Lannister *** *** He's an incestuous murderer who needs to get a grip on reality.
There's no way that Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Mann are going to be able to take down Jamie Lannister in
Cersei and Jamie Lannister are having a baby
Basically, when it comes to explosive diarrhoea acting, Jamie Lannister is no Jeff Daniels.
I think I might have to see because it has Jamie Lannister in it being well, NOT Jamie Lannister.
also, I don't care if he changed, JAMIE LANNISTER PUSHED A LITTLE KID OUT A WINDOW
And if the motorcycle pics aren't gone from my tl (bc horny) when I get back then I'm gonna beg a Lannister to kill me. Not Jamie tho, eww.
Jamie Lannister is in a new chick flick. Knew that was coming ๐Ÿ˜
Just wanna see the other woman for Jamie Lannister.
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