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Jamie Lannister

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Cheers Jamie Lannister. Now come back here and love me.
He died each night. But. Allah give him one more chance to do better😔. U can't understand. U Jamie lannister😂
Please people don't judge. They were Jamie and cersie lannister of house Bigg boss and they were jus…
Did Jamie Lannister kill the mad king ?
Tywin Lannister gave Jamie the best pep talk you can give a son season 1, and he got his *** captured by a Robb Sta…
is fancying Jamie Lannister weird if he shags his sister ?? Asking for a mate x
and the number of actors who would go on to be stars we all recognize today is crazy , Orlando Bloom, Tom Hardy , E…
+ tell me. Is it true that I am the child of Jamie and Cersei Lannister. The twins of casterly rock...wa…
Jamie Lannister from loves the banter!
Yeah we did! We simply didn’t turn up, gave away two sloppy goals and your front 3 pl…
Jamie Lannister gets Leeds, what a world
Jamie Lannister is a Leeds fan?! Now I might go back to hating him 😩😩
Ah man, as if Boro fans are getting trolled by the actual Jamie Lannister! 😂🤣🙈 ffs
I am the Jamie Lannister of pedantic royalty.
.Goodwill Ambassador & Jamie Lannister in supports program, kicks off women’s soccer tour…
If this was GOT, he'd be the MAD KING who was killed by his own KingsGuard, Jaime Lannister. Who is Trump's "Jamie"?
if you mean Jamie Lannister at the beginning of Game of Thones than hunny u got a big storm coming
Jamie Lannister finding Cersei in his bed after the rebellion, 281 AC (colorized)
I can't be the only one who thinks jamie Lannister is the real life looking version of Prince Charming from Shrek
Even if she would have said that she was high,drugged or stoned in the house it wouldn't have sounded as disgusting…
Cersie and Jamie lannister of India 😂 Ben and priyank
Should be made to wear that around his neck GOT/Jamie Lannister style...
Not a weird dream bt i'm the lead actress of game of thrones romancing Jon Snow, robb stark, jamie lannister back t…
I wonder what Jamie Lannister tastes like
I cannot believe they just flagged Jamie Lannister for spiking that football after the fake.
Everybody says that till Jamie Lannister throws little Brandon Stark off of a watchtower, and his moth…
Brendan the dog nonce ruined this Jamie Lannister wannabe
The budget was so limited in Season 1, they didn't even SHOW any battles…
So maybe Amazons would wear golden boobs, like Jamie Lannister's golden hand
Hope its another jamie lannister situation where he ends up surviving but doubt it 😓
*Thanking her Lord for stays and corsets, as well as thick petticoats, Jamie struggles to her feet…
*Yanking her arm away sharply, Jamie pulled the blade that she had been reaching for from her pock…
*looks at Jamie and smiles* when Jaime lannister got captured, Robb stark should've listened to him…
Great article by of related harms being caused by climate change to Greenland and the Maldives—when it comes…
I didn't know Jamie Lannister's real name was David Goffin.
I had a dream I was a Lannister and had a screaming fight with my siblings Tyrion, Cersei, and Jamie. We made up an…
Well they made Nikolas (Jamie Lannister) God of the aire so y not have am actually hot one
Some TV serials are like Ned Stark. They give a promising start and bite the dust instantly. Then comes TV serials…
Jamie Lannister is in the Aryan brotherhood and has a horseshoe mustache. — watching Shot Caller
Don’t ever be as loyal as Jamie Lannister
When is that prison movie with Bernthal and Jamie Lannister coming out? Shot Caller?
Ramsay Bolton is trash actually most of the men in this show with the exception of Jamie Lannister and the Stark men are trash.
Top 3 Jamie Lannister reaction shots to get excited about tonight:. Sees Brienne. Sees Zombie. Sees Cersei reacting to Zombie…
If Ryan Reynolds was playing Jamie Lannister could he grow himself a second hand?
Bronn convincing Jamie Lannister to ditch his sister
If anyone ever tries to stick you in the “family zone” remember there is Cersei and Jamie Lannister
Ok Nikolaj Coster-Waldau may be great as Jamie Lannister but his real rush to stardom was his part in The Other Woman ok
"Easy it is to tell Joffrey he is not my son, but can't tell that is Jamie Lannister who fathers him. Poor kid."
Jamie Lannister and Roose Bolton are both in Blackhawk Down
and then Bran stark gets full on rekt by Jamie Lannister
'Jamie Lannister sends his regards' - This line is haunting me so bad.
the opposite would be Jamie Lannister
Oblivion en TNT right now, great movie, great actors, nice plot, plus... Jamie Lannister
The mad pantsuit queen where's jamie lannister when u need him
Seahawks and Cardinals be all like Jamie Lannister.
Kind of like how Ned Stark spotted Jamie Lannister sitting on the iron throne.
Few people saying Jamie Lannister at 66/1👀. Get on here > It's under TV & Film Specials.
First the red wedding, and now, you're tying to do a Jamie Lannister on...
Thank you, Jamie Lannister, I respect you a little more now
we gave it a shot. I mean...Jamie Lannister is in it.
Apparently SEA and ARI are fans of Jamie and Cercie Lannister.
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I know one person happy about a tie...Jamie Lannister.
LIKE IT MADE ZERO SENSE. Carl who was about to get the Jamie Lannister special was calm the entire time 1/2
If the go slightly by the book he'll get the Jamie Lannister treatment, by next season you'll love him.
More like "Reek" Grimes! (w/ the jokes). Also, I'm sure Rick is headed 4 a "Jamie Lannister special".
Jamie Lannister watching right now like
I hope Carl turns into Jamie Lannister and kills the Mad Negan.
Carl is about to become Jamie Lannister.
Jamie Lannister, Owen Hunt, Remus Lupin, Will Turner, Qui Gon Jinn, all in the same movie?!?!! Where has this been my whole life
If Trump is Mad King Aerys, then that makes this dude... Brandon Stark? Maybe Jamie Lannister? Thoughts?
Three people that could possibly kill Cersei:. Arya Stark. Tyrion Lannister. Jamie Lannister.
Man, im like 10 mins in and there must be 8-10 actors who turn out to be A list in this movie. Jamie Lannister is in it
I dont blame you, i dont blame him either, we dont get to choose who we love - Jamie Lannister (Game of Thrones)
We can't choose whom we love, it's beyond our control.-Jamie Lannister
Cersei Lannister is going to die either only in the hands of her younger brothers, Jamie Lannister or Tyrion Lannister.
I have a crush with Jamie Lannister idk
Paul Robinson has been playing the Jamie Lannister role for decades.
The fact that Jamie Lannister would rather sleep with his sister than give Big Bri Bri a chance is just...smh.
Had the best day amazing bargain theater tickets, platform 9 3/4, sale in penhaligons and saw Jamie Lannister!! 😁
"We don't get to choose whom we love." - Jamie Lannister
I'm re watching game of thrones and I can't believe how much I hate Jamie Lannister, he's grown so much I luff him now 😭😭💕
I think Jamie Lannister is going to turn on Cersi next season. He will become a hero. 💪🏻
and the way he talks, it just screams Jamie Lannister
Nobody else seeing that Terry from Love Island is Jamie Lannister!?
When Jamie Lannister travels from Westeros to the San Siro but Khaleesi can't even cross some water in 6 seasons...
Totes hadn't thought about how Jamie Lannister killed The Mad King to stop the very thing Cersei just did from happening.
I'd pass. She's got jaws like that of Jamie Lannister.
2 handed Jamie Lannister vs Oberyn Martell, I think the Red Viper wins 6/10 times.
and is Jamie Lannister because character development/also slays.
tbh his cooking show would be far more entertaining if it was Jamie Lannister
NBA is like GOT. KD betrayed OKC & LeBron is Jamie Lannister. You want to root for him, but then you remember he pushed a kid out a window
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Turns out was the NBA's Jamie Lannister all along.
The sexual tension between brienne and Jamie Lannister is too much
I choose Jamie Lannister to represent me in trial by combat.
Jamie Lannister as Horus, because he has strong Egyptian features.
Jamie Lannister however. Such a nice line in coats
I just backed American Pixels - a Game Music Tribute Album by so would Jamie Lannister. maybe Tyrian too.
Have you ever slayed a king like Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister should be the next James Bond imo
Trent really does like a bogan Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister shared a link on Ceresi's timeline
Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are making me feel sick and sexy like Cersai and Jamie Lannister
looks like a cross between Jamie Lannister and will ferrell
Ned Stark Vs Jamie Lannister the dialogue led up to a great fight you couldn't wait to see.
Jamie Lannister is the best I love him
Amy Poehler & Will Arnett in are the original Jamie & Cersei Lannister
A glimpse of Cersei Lannister along with Jamie Lannister, going for a morning walk in King's Landing.(2016)
has anyone else seen the Jamie Lannister is Luke Skywalker theories? 😂😂😂
I haven't gotten there yet but lmao Cat Stark really gonna let Jamie Lannister go what a clown she is
I have those figurines too. I think I got Jamie Lannister
I want a Surreal Life with eldest sons of Westeros' great houses. Theon Greyjoy, Jamie Lannister, Samwell Tarly, Robin Arryn
It's a toss up between Theon Greyjoy and Jamie Lannister who got the best "THATS WHAT YO RAGGEDY *** GET!" redemption in Westeros (& lived)
Jamie Lannister has made the trip from Westeros to the San Siro. Incredible support!
Watching BlackHawkDown for the 1st time in yrs. Now recognizing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister & Tom Hardy in the famous faces
In 1994 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau or Jamie Lannister was in a movie named "Nightwatch". This is obvious foreshadowing.
Someone help me understand. . Jamie Lannister and Cersei Lannister are siblings right? Yet he loves her & he raped her??
Jamie Lannister's confession is like a Michael Corleone Baptism
you're the cutest when you got Jamie Lannister's butt wrong lmao
What the *** is Jamie Lannister doing with Trudy Campbell?
I love the commercial with Jamie Lannister and Trudy Campbell.
Girl: You are like a brother to me. Boy: Do u mean like Jamie Lannister and Cersei Lannister??
I keep thinking that one guy is Jamie Lannister. ALSO, Brienne was on stage at Madonna's Sydney show bye.
Jamie Lannister: resident hottie and master manipulator
"Fighting for a losing cause is admirable . But fighting for a winning cause is more rewarding". Jamie lannister
Why does Jamie Lannister look like Prince Charming from Shrek though.
Jamie Lannister isn't as much of a *** as he was in previous seasons..
non of them! Give me the viper all day! But if I had to choose, Jamie Lannister. He's a dirty fighter, the best
Don't worry Jamie Lannister, I'll always remember you for who you truly are.
Oh, hello there, Jamie Lannister. Maybe we can go to that tower where you pushed Bran off the…
Question: I made my character in skyrim look like Jamie Lannister and named him Mr Sister Fister. Do i have issues?
Sir Jamie Lannister, the Kingslayer. Whatever's the is he's still ah knight. - Stannis
By the GODS do I wish I was Jamie Lannister's sister...
|| Wincest xD I know there is Stancest and I don't see hate on it. Then theres Cersei and Jamie Lannister and I don't see --
Brienne of Tarth & Jamie Lannister are my ultimate buddy movie (well, tv show) pair. ^eb
I'd fight Jamie Lannister with a leek much better odds of winning unless I use my karate moves Guess who
can Jamie Lannister help his daughter?
"We don't choose the people we love." - Jamie Lannister Cant't wait for
"Writer is watching The Other Woman. I personally approve of Jamie Lannister's sexiness. Just don't tell (😂😂😂)
Jake and Liv are the Jamie and Cersei Lannister type of brother and sister.
I'm in love with jamie Lannister and it's so unhealthy
Jamie Lannister looks just like Prince Charming from shrek..
Good lord let this season of game of thrones have lots and lots of Jamie Lannister and Jaqen H'gaar
Just realised Jamie Lannister is actually Charming from Shrek
If I ended up liking Jamie Lannister, I can vote for
Anyone who so much as attempts to pinch me today will soon be going by the nickname Jamie Lannister.
Is it bad when I hear the name Jamie the first thing that comes to mind is Jamie Lannister?
Random Game of Thrones prediction: Jon Snow will be the one to kill Jamie Lannister. Check out the first time they meet, episode 2. Their c…
this is also making me wish for GOT. jamie lannister is too good for this
Floundering Cersei Lannister not only cheated on King Robert, but had sex with her own brother Jamie. Very gross people!
Jamie lannister changed so much thought the show I love him
Jamie Lannister could go ham with a sword arm why u go a fake gold hand
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"Let her go" Jamie demands taking the baby out of my arms. -Cersei Lannister, The Captured Queen
Go vote for Darrow and Sevro! unite! Obviously they would whoop pretty boy Jamie Lannister...
Episode 7. Jamie Lannister is so hot. Then I remember he'll never be interested in me because I'm not related to him.
Cersei and Jamie Lannister were Dominican in another life.
Jamie Lannister would like to have a chat
Crazy how much you hate Jamie Lannister and then come around to love him.
whatever you would watch it for dreamy Jamie Lannister
I'm pretty sure some of the people I saw being anti WestAllen were all for Jamie/Cersei Lannister & those 2 are actually blood related.
So sad that Sabriel & Mogget didn't win in their cage match against Jamie Lannister & Brianne of Tarth 😩
The struggle is real. Nobody wants to be &
He looks a lot like Jamie Lannister now!
Jamie never had another woman yet Cersei slept around with Lancel. Who's the most devoted Lannister?
Leonidas fought Jamie Lannister. That's all I came to see
Jamie Lannister looks like Prince Charming from Shrek 2 got it right
On a scale of... Luke Skywalker to Jamie Lannister
who new Jamie Lannister was one of the delta force snipers in Black Hawk Down
Cersei and Jamie Lannister are my favourite characters from by a country mile.
Ned,Robb, and Catelyn Stark dies, Tyrion Lannister kills his dad, King Joffrey dies from poison, Jamie Lannister loses his hand
So wait, did Jamie Lannister have to stand guard outside King Robert's door while he was being intimate with Cersei?
"If your gods are real, and if they're just, why is the world so full of injustice" - Jamie Lannister
Hoping a future Jamie Lannister is sent back in time to stop Joffrey, but he only has a bone sword and bell bottoms.
'Game of Thrones' season 6 spoilers: Jon Snow not the Lord Commander; Jamie Lannister, Euron ...: Fans already...
OMG, how could Lady Stark let Jamie Lannister go? Their family can't be trusted!! 😖😰😡
Ser Jamie Lannister , one of my favourite character on Game of Throne Series 😍😍😘
I've hated Jamie Lannister since i was 10 i just didn't know it yet
When life gives you jamie, be a vardy not lannister !
When Jon Snow does come back, not if, he is going to eventually come into contact with Jamie Lannister and kill him in combat
I don't get why Jamie Lannister is called Kingslayer as an insult that's a badass nickname
oh throw back to when Jamie Lannister was a ***
Is Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones the geezer from the Britney Spears Toxic video?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Quoting Game of Thrones...Tywin Lannister says something almost identical to this to Jamie.
Save it. Egyptians depicted themselves and their gods as BROWN, yet you cast Jamie Lannister and Captain Barbosa.
Jamie Lannister is in a movie with Cameron Diaz!
I've never actually met her, but I did see her once sitting down with Jamie Lannister!!!
Goodbye Jamie Lannister my work screen saver for 3 screens and goodbye coffee machine you will be deeply missed lol
You won. One fewer brother. You must be proud of yourself. There's really nothing you wouldn't do, is there? -Jamie Lannister
Merle Dixon and Jamie Lannister have better hands than Scott Chandler.
Cray Jay😂😂. Crazy Boy. Happy Birthday Jamie Lannister. Stay blessed and enjoy your day. Hmu if we still doing the whatsapp call. .
Well, what do you know. Jamie Lannister has a heart in there somewhere
David Goffin looks like the *** offspring of Jamie Lannister and Peeta Mellark. . I had a lot of thinking time during the long points.
Jamie Lannister is currently in an enthralling match against Andy Murray
It looks like Murray is playing against Jamie Lannister
Is it hosted by cersei and jamie lannister :/ ?
That is definitely Jamie Lannister playing an Egyptian 😑
. Why does Jamie Lannister have two hands.
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TATA if you also feel . Jamie Vardy > Jaime Lannister
"Gods of Egypt" = "Joseph and the Amazingly Monochromatic Egyptians" - Joseph + gods + Jamie Lannister -singing
I never thought I would feel a tiny bit of pity for Jamie Lannister honestly. After his point of view of slaying the king I loved him
I dont either. 😷 its just Jamie Vardy from Leicester and Jaime Lannister are quite same pronouncing. lol
I never thought I'd say this but I'm kind of in love with Jamie Lannister
oh, fangirl favourite's man. I don't care with Jamie focking Lannister. He just orang jahat yg tobat
So apparently Jamie Lannister plays tennis too.
I'm over here like Jamie Lannister got one hand, he cant be a God
Those Belgium tennis players look like Jamie Lannister.
Why is Jamie Lannister playing Davis cup for Belgium?
Gods of Egypt looks decent can't wait to see Jamie Lannister kick some ***
When Jamie Lannister cuts his hair, ew
what if the hug come from Jamie Lannister, Luke Skywalker, Rand al'Thor or Hook?
Jamie Lannister of house Vardy, the goal slayer.
Jamie Lannister sends his regards: The twin brother of Cersei Lannister, the Queen of Westeros, Jaime Lanniste...
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Is it just me or does he look extremely like jamie lannister?
I have no qualms with God's of Egypt casting Jamie Lannister and Leonidas considering that Set and Osiris are equally fictional.
my decision class will get shouted at tomorrow for talking about game of thrones too much, especially Simcock with Jamie lannister
How is it possible for me to be feeling sympathy for Jamie Lannister
"I've never lain with any woman but Cersei. In my own way, I have been truer than your Ned ever was." - Jamie Lannister
Trailer of Gods of Egypt (2016). King Leonidas fights Jamie Lannister and not a single frame without CGI. I'm sold. https…
Jamie Lannister is a lot more disturbed in the book than he is in the show
If I see Jamie Lannister in the street I will break his nose i swear
When Jamie Lannister saves Brienne from the bear! 🙊
I love Jamie Lannister because he loves Tyrion :')
Seriously though only good thing Jamie Lannister has done is save Brienne
Danaerys and Jamie Lannister are waiting for you! Game of Trhône quiz night
Jamie Lannister is a live action version of Prince Charming from I can't be the only who's thought of this!
I can see the title of tonight's podcast episode "Atty and the real life Jamie and Cersei Lannister" :D
Can someone please photoshop Freiburg as Jamie Lannister???
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My housemates that are dating are being Jamie and Cersei Lannister for Halloween.
Both Matthew McConnaughey and the actor who plays Jamie Lannister passed on the villain role in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Let that sink in
Couples costumes are the best, right? Like, who doesn't want to be Cersei & Jamie Lannister? >>
Watching s3e3. And all of a sudden *chop and Jamie Lannister screams* 😱😂 I'm glad it happened.
, we don't need him we have the silent assassin and Jamie Lannister
bana,bloom, McGregor, etc Jamie lannister dey there sef
Do you think the guy from The Longest Ride looks similar to Jamie Lannister?. They both have smelting stares tho. And James Reid, BTW.
At least hook Butch up with a gold hand à la Jamie Lannister. Reward from Penguin?
So no Jamie Lannister gold hand for Butch... How is it being on set with a mallet?
Oooh Jamie Lannister got a hair cut
Just when ya think Daryl's chain of ears was bad they go and put Jamie Lannister's severed hand 'round his own neck. Sweet Mother.
Oh goody. Jamie Lannister is back in Kings Landing minus his hand. Let the incest continue.
The way they humbled Jamie Lannister by cutting his hand.
Roman Godfrey is worse than Jamie Lannister .. Two sisters?
Is Rick about to turn into Jamie Lannister?
Did it get his hand? Is this about to be a Jamie Lannister thing? 😯
Jaime Lannister and not Jamie. Jon Snow and not John. Arya Stark and not Aria . Ramsay Bolton and not... oh wait we don't give …
Jamie Lannister is the actual worst
Boy: I like you. Girl: But, I think of you as my brother. Boy: I am Jamie Lannister. .
Tommy from Arrow could be Jamie Lannister's brother.
My parents are going as Daenerys and Jamie Lannister from GOT for a Halloween party😂❤️
I thought Jamie Lannister has no heart. That he breathes and lives in pure wickedness, yet I was wrong AGAIN.
.Jamie Lannister . have you seen my sister? .lol j/k
Jamie Lannister and The Hound are incredibly misunderstood in Game of Thrones
Great stuff Waise why do you call Malik Jamie Lannister - woh to cheeta banda hai! Call him Peter Baelish if you will…
Spotted ...Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones on my flight to Copenhagen ..DROOL😍
the guy who plays Jamie Lannister is in too
he's about PAID by HBO... Prolly wants to do smaller stuff, he's already gonna live forever as Jamie Lannister
Because even Jamie Lannister cannot escape the ALDUB fever. MEHEHEHE.
I added a video to a playlist Jamie Lannister rapes cersei
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I'm liking this new vampire Tristan in , unhealthy obsession with his sister , an immortal Jamie Lannister perhaps?
What if Jamie Lannister could get an eyeful of this!
U forgot to add Jofferey of House Baratheon, king of the Seven kingdoms and son of cercie and jamie lannister.
"- Jamie Lannister is like 'oh look no hands'. - And Ned Stark is like 'oh look no head' ". My roommate is so into
Alistair Lacey looks like a mix between Alistair Theron and Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister getting his hand chopped off is deffo the most intense part of Game of Thrones
face as he thought of having children. " let's enjoy this match I believe it's Ned Starks son against the lannister boy Jamie.
Max Landis is like Jamie Lannister . He's just misunderstood.
I bought a Jamie Lannister Funko to turn into a Jamie Benn Funko and my name is Jamie, so you could call this project Jamiex3
Jamie Lannister may be the best character in existence
there needs to be a Seven Days in *** sequel ft. Jamie Lannister as a sex-addict golf prodigy. Louis CK can be Mickelson.
Walter White was horrible, but fans love that character. Jamie Lannister has TONS of fans.
Is it normal to fancy Jamie lannister a little bit? Coz a do
I had too many dreams last night, another one where Jamie lannister was *** ***
Jamie Lannister turned out to be a good dude
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the other woman. Cameron Diaz. And Jamie lannister
We're like Jamie and Cersei Lannister. Minus the crazy brat . : ^)
Trinh-Duc - are you Jamie Lannister in disguise?
Heath ledger would've been a great Jamie lannister imo
Let's just agree to move on and enjoy 1st place, and Deadwood, and sometimes Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister touched Three's gun. Raquel is her name, if I remember.
brienne is like my queen. i like jamie lannister when he wasnt makin out with his sister. WHO IS THIS OTHER CUTE ONE
what's worse, John's lefty pitching or Jamie Lannister's lefty sword fighting?
Introducing Sir Jamie Lannister's golden hand of casterly can Roca. Also know as kingslayer.
can you say MERHABA to your Turkey fans ?? 😆😆😆 Comeoon lannister love you Jamie 😍
The guy who plays Jamie Lannister sure is fine \(//∇//)\
I should have now better than to quote GoT to jamie lannister ; A ;
Jamie Lannister looks like the human version of this mf
so Datak is the jamie lannister of now. Ha
Rewatching Kingdom of Heaven, never realizes GoT's Jamie Lannister is Neeson's nephew, and Rome's Lucius Vorenus is his man-at-arms.
Think Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are officially my new OTP after
Jamie Lannister is a Leeds fan, what is life.
how am I realistically suppose to watch any other program with jamie lannister in it now??? 😫
Think of the tie-ins! Jamie Lannister teaches us to count to five.
I guess the smartest guy in is Jamie Lannister. Especially after his hair cut.
Jamie Lannister becomes much more likeable the more time he spends with Northeners.
19) A character that I used to hate but now like:. Jamie Lannister . (Since he stopped banging bae and saved Tyrion)
Is it bad that Jamie lannister is beginning to be one of the best characters
Are you thinking about Joffrey. Such a spirited lad. I was his uncle, but I was also his dad. -MC Jamie Lannister
sticking to the blond theme I've made Jamie Lannister 😉
😂😂😂 if he was a game of thrones character he would definitely be Jamie Lannister
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