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Jamie Fox

Eric Marlon Bishop (born December 13, 1967), professionally known as Jamie Foxx, is an American actor, singer-songwriter, rapper, stand-up comedian, and talk radio host.

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Jamie fox's hairline looks like people giving ghost ***
Like Jamie fox .. fall for your type.. I always fall for the wrong type apparently
Boy must think he Jamie fox when Jamie played Ray and became Ray? *** u can't become Suge knight.
We are recommending Somerset fans go in the Fox Road stand tomorrow to cheer on the boys! Spread the message! .
maybe you should read, and watch everything and not just FOX, journali…
As recommended by and organised by Somerset fans should sit in the fox road stand tomorrow!
You must really hate CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, FOX, AB then right?
Heading to tomorrow for the QF? fans should congregate in the Fox Road End. Make as much…
Picture of Jamie fox from the movie sleepless and I think Denzel pic from equalizer so u know it's fake!
Leicester fans were out in force last night at The Foxes Arms with 100%LCFC Jamie running the Far Flung Fox show...
You use the telegraph and Fox News. Don't you love non biased media
Washington Huskies look to make Playoff return | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL. (SPEEDonFOX)
Fox just said it's smoke canisters and not tear gas. Whew!
definitely need to pick up the old episodes and Jamie fox show
I can really listen to Jamie fox and Jaheim songs all day 😊😐
The president is using major address to attack New York Times and CNN, "crooked media." Preferring Fox News. We live in d…
Dang I liked the music parts, but that girl was annoying. Did you expect what would happen to Jamie Fox…
I thought that was saying that for producer tag. I grew up watching Jamie Fox. 😎
Travis on Fox now saying this is true and ESPN released statement. Oh my.
This ship is ready for space. 🚀 Get ready for a new TV series from premiering September 10 on…
He's everything to me lmao the one episode with the Gavin/Jamie intro is amazing. AND THERES NO EXPLANATION FOR IT
Jamie is too *** cute for radio. Come on get her on TV much more!
Reboot perfect strangers with Kevin James and Jamie Fox?
Eboni just turned away while Brian was speaking. Total disrespect. Wake up Fox. CNN is hiring
Jamie fox here. .. Scott fox... from one fox to another.. .blame it on the alcohol.
If you don't like the lead, the show won't work. I can't watch Jamie Fox, I always picture him as Wand…
So me Jamie Fox is actually eating early. Not sure if this is a good thing or if I'll be sleeping during my next class. 😂😂
.is looking for “a regular kid” to star in the upcoming live A Christmas Story. Here’s how to audition:
Exhibit A: The fox is all die a soft dad! - Jamie, Feb 25, 2017.
Smoke an listen to Jamie Fox Unpredictable album screwed and chopped !! I'm puttin y'all on
Great pick, such an understanding movie. Jamie Fox showed he was awesome at acting (outside of sitco…
2017 what an amazing movie..Jamie Fox is growing in this
Top 5 running backs heading into the 2017 season | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL. (SPEEDonFOX)
Imagine —. Cersei: I thought you had three dragons. Dany: And I thought you had three children. Jon and Jamie: https:…
Sitting in your dressing gown eating a Chinese on Sunday night
Did u see the footage Jamie Fox posted on instagram.. he's definitely training. Just not showing it.
Ok I went and saw Baby Driver again yesterday with Jamie Fox and Kevin Spacey and John Hamm and…
TEXAS has Selena. TEXAS has Gary Clark Jr. TEXAS has Khalid. TEXAS has Erykah Badu. TEXAS has Jamie Fox. TEXAS has Leon Bridges
Comedians have dressed in drag for years for comic effect. Jamie Fox - Wanda, Martin Lawre…
Xena watching Beat Shazam... Jamie Fox hosting it. He said not to…
Hi Ian Great show but it was Jamie Fox in White House Down and Morgan freeman in Olympus has fallen.
Jamie Fox's best performance in a movie was when he played Ray Charles, if you say another movie let's be real you tripping
FYI - Jamie Fox, Peter Bevan-Baker, Sidney MacEwen, Matthew MacKay, Colin LaVie, Steven Myers have all responded. No word from my own MLA
Brian Molefe's favourite song by Jamie fox
Life is notes under our fingers -- we just have to figure out what notes to play. ~Jamie Fox.
Drunk Bill Murray interviewing drunk Theo Epstein is one of the best interviews ever.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Thanks to Fox sports go's regional ads, Andy Thorsen from the Northville golf course is going to haunt my dreams for the foreseeable future.
Is it me or does Karl Edwards JR look like T-Mobiles Jamie Fox on the Verizon commercial
If Fox doesn't grab a shot of Bill Murray in the rain, saying the heavy stuff isn't coming for quite a while, it's a major b…
BREAKING: FBI sources tell Fox News an indictment likely coming out of Hillary email investigation. The Clinton's time is…
"You can't just cut people out of your life and act like you never knew them!" . Me:
Cam's nickname for CB Leonard Johnson? Jamie. Cam says that's his middle name and he was playing like a fox. So Jamie. Foxx. - "Jamie."
Cam has nicknames for the CBs, and Leonard is "Jamie. That's his middle name, and he's kinda playin' like a fox...Jaime Foxx."
Cam Newton’s nickname for Leonard Johnson: Jamie. . Why?. “Cause his middle name is Jamie. And he’s playing like a fox.”
LOL. Leonard Johnson's nickname is Jamie Fox according to Cam
he was funny as *** but not like those guys. Hes like the next tier. Hes in that Martin, Jamie Fox & tracy morgan realm
Fox news picked up the Peter Kadzik to Podesta link
At least half of my absences are because I refuse to miss an episode of The Jamie Fox Show
man, the Jamie fox show is still funny af
For some strange reason, the comments under this article don't have the usual Fox viewer tone...
Ethan look like Jamie fox from sprint
When I realize my life is like Jamie fox in "Breakin All the Rules" now I just need to write a book and wait for my Gabrielle union
Jamie Fox is not a regular member of the committee, but he's sitting in for Darlene Compton who had to leave. I think that means he can vote
Girl wait I'm really joked out at Jamie fox right now
I almost forgot about Freakin Me by Jamie Fox! 😩😩😩
I have no idea why fox even has you on their c…
Jamie Fox and Barbara sing it for Hillary!
Fox who?!? Verizon cant handle the savings.Tha…
Hollyoaks stars reveal new Sienna and Warren drama in exclusive video chat
MLA Jamie Fox asks AG to clarify which officials were found to be in apparent conflict of interest. 1/2
stars reveal new Sienna and Warren drama in our exclusive video chat
Time to get rid of Megyn Kelly Who Emerges as Weak Link as CNN Breaks Fox News in October for First Time Since 2001
Jamie fox and Fresh Prince come on late nights. Be so clutch after work.
Jamie McMurray lands new sponsor for 2017 season | FOX Sports
((i am!! Jamie fox is making me sweat right now!
Will Smith is the best rapper turned actor and Jamie Fox is the best comedian turned actor... That's it. That is it.
anyone will say anything For their 15 minutes of Fame! So did Paula Dean, so does Jamie Fox! What does it matter Now?
Jamie Fox had the nerve to call Obama the messiah!
Probably not going to help Jamie Fox campaign.
2-on Trump "He looked so presidential in Mexico." Heck, he's an actor who played a role like Harrison Ford or Jamie Fox.
That one time she thought Laurence Fishburne was Jamie Fox.
Jamie Fox. Red Foxx. Vivica A Fox. Fox Mulder. You know them all. It’s not Fox News
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Annie (2014) w/ Jamie Fox SD UV code only
"I can't wait for the season to start.". sets sights after signing new contract:
Music collaboration between Barbara Streisand and Jamie Fox. Check it out:-) . Cheers from Shine On Hollywood!!
I've seen all ep. of the Jamie fox show, watched "The way you make me feel" vid 100xs, & family matters so I know how to wear a woman down.😎
Fox’s Eric Shanks & Jamie Horowitz will share growth strategies at the Sports Media & Technology conference, one of my faves.
Happy Birthday to this silver fox! My best friend, one of the kindest, funniest, most caring and…
Listen! I've said it before. I'll say it again. It's Thursday so... SHAKE YOUR MARACAS COCKERS!!!https:/…
Jamie lomas tho as warren fox in holly oaks 😍
Chilled day with my boys Jamie Fox and Tom Myers󾬏 apartment all cleaned and ready for you! Jadine Megan O'Keeffe xxx
I want Jamie Foxx to call me a stone cold fox
Wow!! cannot wait to hear this duet, Barbara Streisand and Jamie Fox . Streisand: "But I haven't sung in two...
Folks upset Bradley cooper was at the dnc. That wasn't him in American sniper, just as Jamie fox wasn't a real qb in any given Sunday 😭😭😭
Vivica Fox didn't wanna mess with Jamie Foxx on Booty Call because his name was Bunz but her name was Listerine lmao
Martin, Jamie Fox Show, Wayne Bro's & Fresh Prince that's my order
Tyrese and Jamie fox are actually a triple threat
In honor of the remake of the movie "Annie" featuring Jamie Fox. Here's Eliana Love singing Tomorrow
so sad, climbed on fox glacier in late 90s and photos today unrecognisable. Frightening glacier melt worldwide.
The episode when Mary J Blige was on the Jamie fox show ... And they sung together 👐
Bernie Mac show over my wife and kids and everybody hates Chris and Jamie fox show over wayans bros any day
thinks Michael j Fox and Jamie Foxx are brothers
I think Jamie Fox should make the cut from White House Down. He for fire red 4s 🙌🏼
I will say this, Jamie Fox Show was funny as ***
Every time I see Jamie Fox he got a different lining
I realized that I wouldn't be curved as much if i had a silver fox look. well the grays are coming in ladies!
She got her own by Neyo featuring Jamie fox and fabulous is big tune.
Jamie Fox was at my job and my manager is all excited 🙊
She gave me her CD at gas station. She 74 rapping for Jesus.
the future/Jamie fox comment. Guess that was old. But good one indeed
Someone put a side by side pic of Justin and Jamie fox
The popularity of past videos introduce !! Jamie Fox and Alan Donnel
OMG Jamie Fox getting That UNPREDICTABLE & Comfortable & not the USUAL ? LOL
Jamie Fox wore 21 thin silicone facial prosthetics in this film, which works better than foam in mimicking skin
This *** Will had every girl in the 90's *** even had Fancy from the Jamie Fox show
Jamie Fox charged with conspiracy to commit bribery
Jamie Fox a fool for that future commercial 😂
Snoop Dawg playing Battlefield 1 with Major Nelson. And Zach Efron. And Jamie Fox. What is going on?
I've never cared about celebrity news bla bla... but Jamie Fox and Katie Holmes 😱? Together? What happened to Tom?
Anyone could've used a picture of Ray Charles, but a picture of Jamie Fox as Ray Charles? ARTPOP.
When asked about PEI Interim Progressive Conservative party leader Jamie Fox stressed PC party is not linked AT ALL with
Tory opposition calling for update on capital budget: Jamie Fox says the federal budget has been tabled so now...
He lost to Tommy Lee Jones in Fugitive, Jamie Fox in Ray, Matt Mccoughahy in Dallas Buyers Club. If you saw those you know why Leo lost.
Denzel Washington won two times, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox, Olivia Spencer and others have won too.
.and she sucked. ..Adam Lavine and Jamie Fox the best so far.
I think jamie fox should be president
1985 version is definitely better than the 2010 Jamie fox version
I always want to call "Jamie Fox" even though I know her actual last name
Roar scare as Maclaren nurses injury - Fox Sports
but Jamie fox is gifted, I never really was a fan, but in that movie Rey Charles, well homie is awesome
I would to or pull a Jamie fox and blame it on the alcohol lmao
Watching Jamie Fox show...I love it when he sings😍
The Jamie fox show is too corny to be replayed this often b
if not for Jamie fox, or daft punk, we wouldn't know Kanye at all.
Jamie Fox asks why province 'hitting the reset button so early' by proroguing legislature
Wolf he was against Matthew McC for Dallas Buyers and Aviator lost to Jamie Fox for Ray
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
This offends people yet we've watch Jamie Fox, Martin Lawrence, the Wanyes Brothers, Robin…
Martin is definitely way better than Jamie Fox
God bless Jamie Fox for the rescue of the young man that flipped his vehicle. God bless, God is Good.😄
Jamie Fox, Forest Whitaker & Denzel Washington earned the Oscar for best actor ... sounds more like jealous tantrum
Love that Jamie Fox brought Def Comedy Jam swagger to the Golden Globes. Denzel, Terrence Howard & Wil Smith got it.
Sittin on my couch watchin the Jamie fox show.
Jamie fox show and all the ups shows is what I grew up with...
The Jamie Fox Show is on CMT. Really didn't expect them to be playing this type of show.
Katie Holmes to marry Jamie Fox? I ain't saying she's a gold digger (but maybe this bottle of tequila is...)
Yesterday she was watching Kobe courtside, today she was at Nappa valley and with jamie fox. AVA is chill I guess
Hi Jamie 💜, you sticking white Japanese Fox on your phone 😅 so do you know it has some means 😅 ?
Fox doesn't appreciate his name being taken in vain
wow is that really Jamie fox daughter are you sure she isn't adopted because she is hot
never heard of Samuel L Jackson or Jamie Fox?
a lot of actors do this, same with Jamie Fox a Vin Diesel I feel like I've lived a lie lol
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Lmao. See Jamie Fox. Smh. He be the Abr)b3 for inside 😂😂
When Netflix puts Martin, wayan bros, Jamie fox show, Fresh Prince on. It'll be a good year lbs
Be sure to catch Dr. Jamie Peters' segment with Game On on Fox 29 at 10:00am on Sunday, January 10.
Jamie Fox in Ray is really some of the best acting I've ever seen
Jamie Fox engaged?! — find out what a report is claiming! (via MTO)
Dis Jamie fox na aba boy I swear.. hustler in all fronts.. jack of all trade master of * love he's new song sha "in love by now"
exactly right ^^. What about Django starring Jamie fox?
Found Elaine's search history, what a melt x
Sounds like a great movie plot. Harbaugh played by Al Pacino, Jed played by Cameron Diaz, Ann Margaret=Denise. Jamie Fox as Kap?
Little orphan Annie has Daddy Warbucks or Jamie Fox in the latest release. That is who I'm going to need to get my butt to PP by the 21st!
Jamie,any examples of lies fox has been caught in?
Hey you guys gave Don the answer because Jamie Fox picture was on the board.
The Jamie fox show will always be funny 😂😂
I forgot Jamie Fox funny on the Low...
Watching the Jamie fox show til I go.
What would you do if you won this weekend's Powerball lottery? We asked this guy and regretted it. .
Bro I'm watching this good as Jamie Fox movie!!
she's not at all! She is so sweet, they are a great couple. Watch their vlogs on YouTube! "Jamie and Nikki"is their channel
Jamie fox is at the kings game it's lit
Jimmy butler and Jamie fox have an uncanny resemblance to eachother
Jamie Fox is less than 5 feet away from me and I'm trying not to lose my *** rn
Yall need to know who good music is . Tank.Avant.Jamie Fox.Tyrese. Brandy. jasmine Sullivan. Fantasia. they all just so real 😩❤️
Carly Florina to Fox: "I find it odd that Senator Ted Cruz did not renounce his dual Canadian citizenship until 2014..…
I've banned myself from watching O'Reilly and Kelly File. Getting rid of all Fox and Friends who report their own...
He spoke on Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner.. Wasn't that enough? Jamie Fox was front and center in regards to Trayvon
Jamie fox- slow needs to be added, but pretty great list!!!
Just had too much fun asking Siri what the fox says... . Why am I still awake?
Im still trying to figure out what Jake Gyllenhaal was doing in the music video blame it by Jamie Fox
if I had a say you 2 would be sacked
It could be fair to say that Corinne Foxx, this year’s Miss Golden Globe, has led a charmed life in her 21 years. As Oscar-winner Jamie Fox…
I didn't know she was dating Jamie Fox WOW!RT Katie Holmes ENGAGED?! Read the report! (via MTO)
I want to skip with Jamie Fox like foster child Annie did
Man I'm rewatching Jamie Fox in "Ray" .. He completely killed that role .. Jesus
Quantum leap: Al played by Jamie Fox and Sam played by.hmm maybe Michael Ealy
Jamie Fox does a better Ray Charles, than Ray Charles.
Lmao: Jamie Fox, Lil Kim, Tasha, Cassie, Laurence Fishburne and Tyler Perry. Imagine them all in the same room.
nah Aaron Eckhart is the president in the Gerard Butler one. Jamie Fox is the president in White House Down.
Never forget that time Jamie Fox made a song for Serena Williams
just realised that it's Jamie Fox that does the Chorus in 😕
but all *** named Quinten are straighter than Jamie Fox's hairline
I had a crush on Jamie fox after watching booty call. He's a strange type of freaky lol
ya'll remember the movie Bootycall with Jamie Fox ??
Congrats Jamie,I know you are so proud of your lovely daughter,Corinne Fox being named Miss Golden Globe
Quilt Tangent thought Jamie Foxx was an actual fox. Djanjo Unchaned was supposed to be a movie with talking animals
Yay Mythbusters Jamie and Adam UNLEASHED at the FoxTheatreDet 11/28 &
Yay Jamie and Adam UNLEASHED at the 11/28 &
Jamie Fox's daughter Corrine just named Miss Golden Globe! (I have to learn how to stick my neck out when I take...
😭😍🎌~ heyy u ah pimp and u need too take them Jamie fox glasses off
Ya'll forgot how much ya'll love Sheneneh? Jamie Fox did it. The Wayne's brothers. Tyler Perry. Why ya'll mad now?
That was a better Electro than Electro ... well the stupid Jamie Fox one anyway.
I've gotta called Jamie fox three times day 😂
went to the FOX, great show by Jamie and Adam. My son had a great birthday! What us parents do for our younguns
Nicknamed “the Old Fox,” Jamie’s manipulative grandfather will be played by Clive Russell in Season 2. http…
Jamie Horowitz's Fox influence continues with hires of SportsNation's Chris ...
Nigeria: A broke or broken economy? (1): A popular hip hop song by Kanye West and Jamie Fox that topped…
Jamie fox did a phenomenal job in Ray.❤️👏🏾
In progress: . Motion 48 - In recognition of the 140th Anniversary of the PEI Regiment . Now Speaking: Hon. Jamie Fox .
I'd call Jamie Fox "dzaady" if life ever allowed me to encounter him in a situation that allowed for such 😍
Fall for your type x Jamie Fox ft. Drake
Ion know how to work my phone because of the I-phone commercials with Jamie Fox💀
Update your maps at Navteq
Opposition leader Jamie Fox says as PEI's representative in the federal cabinet, Gail Shea set the bar high for those who will follow.
Jamie Fox is the Progressive Conservative interim leader
Borden-Kinkora MLA Jamie Fox is the new Interim Leader of the Progressive Conservative party of Prince Edward...
Jamie Fox, NJ Dept of Transp commish for and former United Airlines lobbyist who was at "chairman's flight" dinne…
also in my dream Taylor brought out Jamie Fox?
Tell me why he reminds me of Jamie Fox
Watching the Jamie fox show he funny asl
Niall Horan has found a new celebrity pal in Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox, guns, blood and institutional southern racism. Romantic night in?
Inquiry’s Trail: From George Washington Bridge to United’s Executive Offices: Photo From left, Jamie Fox is Ne...
you changed me Chris Brown and Jamie fox
Man what song did Travis sample on impossible it sound like 112 or Jamie fox
Giggin' with Jamie-Lee Fox Duo tonight at the Shafston Hotel 5-9 come on down for some cool funky tunes
Google Chris Christie and Jamie Fox if you want a laugh.
Shawntae Green VMA Facts: could this be Jamie Fox, who sang with Kenya West? Cynthia Turner took this? Thanks
All purpose parts banner
Goodness, the character Jamie Fox portrayed in Spiderman 2 is soo adorable LOL
Jamie Fox is a fool.. Must watch...
I remember that one ,the one with Jamie fox was complete mess
it's a similar film to 12 years a slave, by Quentin Tarantino and has Jamie fox and Leonardo dicaprio in it
stru, Lol! Lapho kudla iculo kwi background 'Endless love, or 'When I first say you-bey no Jamie fox'...imikhuba ebhorayo
If you're thinking about going to NB high. Don't
Cuz you change me baby ..that Jamie fox song fire
People wanting to go to College at NB are so ignored by the guidance teachers and Mrs Roger it's crazy
It is a total drag, we know! The tickets sold out incredibly fast. Hopefully more will be available next time.
I forgot how good Jamie Fox music is!
Jamie Fox ft Chris Brown - you changed me is a beautiful song
So Fox, owned by a guy who doesnt believe in climate change, bought national geographic.great..jjuusstty great
it always comes after the Jamie Fox Show 😭😭 Imma Find Out
You listing to Jamie fox you gotta dive into summin lol
(Singing)Need another dose this morning feeling like I'm going down (Jamie fox)
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Good luck to Jamie fox this weekend at Ohio and Louisville you're gonna kill it ❤️🔵
I'm following EVERYONE who goes and votes for "Krystal" from "Star Fox" for being "unique" (in the next 5 MINUTES!!). http…
Dude on the plane said I sound like Jamie Fox 😂😂😂
Martin does not got harder than Fresh Prince of bel air. I'd choose the Wayan bros and Jamie fox show over Martin.
never heard that Jamie Fox song. But I'll even settle for Kem - Share my life 😍
There may not be a man on earth doper then Will Smith .. Jamie fox close but not quite
Life Church's own Jenna DeLuca will be featured on the FOX 29 TV show The Real Winning Edge this Saturday at...
make it happen...! Martin Lawrence Eddie Murphy, Ricky smiley will do but I said Jamie fox as Wanda
. En el 2010 a- rod ties to jamie fox for leading 14 hr 100rbi season in a row
Idk about y'all but gold digger by Kanye and Jamie fox will always be my mf jam
smh the power of social media, once Jamie fox exposed him for bein a fraud I stopped takin him seriously
The OG Scream Queen is running the school. Don't miss Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch Tues, Sept 22 at 8/7c on FOX. http:…
Bruh Jamie fox stand up is hilarious
Celebs flock to U.S. Open to cheer on Serena, their favorite players: Alec Baldwin, Forest Whitaker, Jamie Fox...
Strange... Sirens... Ray Charles acting/blaming Jamie Fox to inherent. King Solomons.smh Let's watch Pans clean up there mess
Martin Lawrence and Jamie Fox are foolllsss, yes I'm going to see that lol
Martin, Fresh Prince, Jamie Fox, Steve Harvey, Wayans... Give me these in order of the best shows
I feel like Anthony Michael Hall might rat us out to the marshalls though... Also I dont want Christof Waltz and Jamie Fox to hunt me down..
DG update: Justine's sitting at the window waiting for her dad, Maxi downed a J20, Marco's dressed up as a tranny and Tracy'…
The Jamie fox show is wayyy to phunny
I forgot how funny the Jamie fox show was. 😂
I look like jamie fox in breaking all the rules after his wife left him
When you finally understand what jamie fox is telling you when he says "blame it on the alcohol"
I would argue this poll question is a little biased TOWARDS the Iran deal. Public still hates. http…
I feel like watching booty call now , Jamie fox was funny af on there
Up in here with Ja and Jamie Fox. Hard work pays off. Stay loyal people it has perks
you not dropping Jamie fox Cus the girl was Haitian
Standing next to Jamie Fox right now
Blame it by Jamie Fox was a necessary song.
You see me, now you don't. Just like Jamie fox acting like Ray Charles
this might be a *** question but the girl in Annie is Jamie fox real daughter right?😂😭
Met Jamie fox today mad I didn't get a picture but he's so humble. No security.. No Nuffin just him.
Agree. But they are DEFINITELY middle age+ now, no sign of youth left.Currently mastering the silver fox look myself as v grey!
the year he was nominated for The Aviator, Jamie Fox won for Ray
Just watched the newest Annie again with Jamie Fox in it, great movie!
list of famous people who go by different names: Jamie Fox (Eric Bishop), Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Johnson), Adam West (William West Anderson)
'You Changed Me' by Jamie Fox and Chris Brown is a lot of 🔥🔥🔥!. Too real. 💯
Donnie McClurkin, Steve Harvey, Jamie Fox, Queen Latifah - now y'all know they ain't foolin nobody!
Fresh Prince, Martin, the wayans bros. And the Jamie Fox show
Jamie Fox best role was Player's Club. I'm in here dying 😂😂😂
Young thug, Jamie Fox and Poppy need to shoot a wicked video in the country and at a street dance for Good times 😊☺️
Shawn Porter look like Jamie Fox trying to look like Mike Tyson
Now you see me.. now you don't, like Jamie Fox acting as Ray Charles
Jamie Fox ridin' the newest crave the Phunkee Duck. Last week we say Chris Brown ridin' one. Cool…
Jamie Fox is the king of slow jams lol. "Hollywood" should be interesting.
Why did the show the clip of the graham norton show with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone,Jamie Fox when I'm crying over the loss of them
I think the real disgrace is Jamie Fox man he SUCKED at singing the national anthem like seriously.
Jamie Fox needs to bring out KANYE and perform slow jamz
Jamie Fox has been killin it since Ray n Slow jamz
Jamie Fox singing tho... Its kool I still have love for him lol
Jamie Fox is the same who sings Omazing Grace?
How much did Jamie Fox get paid for that?? 😳😳😳
"is Jamie Fox gonna hold the mic with his right hand or the left hand... lol
A million ways to die in the west is hilarious! I loved the short cameos from Ewan McGregor, Ryan Reynolds and Jamie Fox!!!
goons always coming after plies. Did you ever see the YouTube video of Jamie Fox talk about his experience with Plies?
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