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Jamie Dupree

Jamie Dupree (born in Washington, D.C.) is a radio news correspondent for Cox Radio based in Washington, D.C.

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House Republicans full of confidence about tax reform vote | Jamie Dupree
Jamie Dupree bringing in the sass. Love it.
Roy Moore loses support, but stays in race for US Senate | Jamie Dupree
Jumping into the fine print of the Senate GOP tax reform bill Jamie Dupree - AJC
Check out the comments on my Moore story. Exactly what I would expect - Red versus Blue
mentioned you on his podcast today as "someone named Jamie Dupree". I wonder if he knows y…
Trump orders investigation of leaks related to Manchester terror attack | Jamie Dupree - AJC
Sharp elbows in Congress as GOP starts committee work on tax reform plan | Jamie Dupree - DDN
Are you serious? Jamie Dupree reports on facts only. If you can't handle…
Getting ready for Harvey – and the politics of hurricanes and disaster relief | Jamie Dupree - AJC
It's few and far between. As far as politics news you can trust Jamie Dupree for the same reason. I trus…
VA reform laws are rare legislative bright spot in 2017 for Trump, Congress | Jamie Dupree - AJC
Jamie Dupree in the Atlanta Journal Constitution outlines all of the efforts the Trump administration and...
Here are some thoughts from Jamie Dupree on the differences between 1986 and 2017. >>
How times have changed – Reagan vs Trump on major tax reform | Jamie Dupree - AJC
Trump frustrates supporters with inaction on immigration “Dreamers” | Jamie Dupree - AJC
Hearings for Trump Supreme Court pick to start March 20 | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Trump defends his work in office, spars with press over coverage | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Trump should appoint Jamie Dupree as the Press Czar!
Not on with Sean for now as I try to get my voice back
Jamie Dupree is correct. We want stopped. It's one of the main reasons w…
. Jamie Dupree says Trump responded he doesn't know of campaign contacts with Russia.
Pruitt loses one GOP vote, but still seems headed for EPA | Jamie Dupree - KRMG
Thank God! At least someone from GOP didn't lose their mind like Rand Paul & Jamie Dupree n think of this country/ppl more than GOP
Hoping will post his FB convo on "untidy" start to Trump Admin on his blog. Til then:
Jamie Dupree wants to be the story...not just report. So please read👌
Democrats demand broader focus in Congress on Trump-Russia ties | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
just get bud Dupree he's the Jamie Collins of mut16 plays well above his ratings and is a supringly good user or hook zonelb
Anyone know enough about this D.C. Reporter Jamie Dupree to know why he blocked me?
Trump’s National Security Advisor resigns over contacts with Russia | Jamie Dupree - news965
No swift legal moves by feds as Trump reaffirms support for immigration restrictions | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Questions swirl over future of Trump’s National Security Adviser | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Immigration groups on alert over recent reports of raids | Jamie Dupree - AJC
Reports from around the nation indicate a surge in immigration raids - WSB’s Jamie Dupree has more
Trump seeking new options to reinstate travel ban – WSB’s Jamie Dupree reports
Senate confirms Price for HHS Secretary in early morning vote | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Obama urges Americans to get involved to foster future change | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio.
Russian retreat was no secret on Maryland’s Eastern Shore | Jamie Dupree - WOKV
What browser are you using? . Here is a link to Jamie's page on our site:
Jamie Dupree takes a rather disturbing look at how some of your tax dollars are going to work:.
The DC press corps preps for changes under a President Trump | Jamie Dupree - WOKV
December 26, 2016 904a EST Jamie Dupree: Behind the scenes photos of reporting at the U.S. Capitol
WSB’s Jamie Dupree takes you behind the scenes at the U.S. Capitol
Some of the mundane - and unusual things - that your tax dollars are being used for - WSB’s Jamie Dupree reports
Penile implants, insect allies, Protestant musicians, and more – your tax dollars at work | Jamie Dupree - WOKV
I nominate Jamie Dupree for some kind of award in journalism. . Of all the list I'm seeing -- holiday shopping,...
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what happened to jamie dupree? I haven't heard him on your show in a long time? I enjoyed that segment on your radio show
My favorite moments on the campaign trail in 2016 | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
Our Jamie Dupree looks back at his favorite moments of Campaign 2016
Our Jamie Dupree looks back on his favorite moments from Campaign 2016
Everybody go do this. Nobody covers Washington like WSB’s Jamie Dupree.
Trump alters the national map with 2016 win over Clinton | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
Very good article. Salena is one of two journalists I admire and respect. Jamie Dupree is the other.
Jamie Dupree knew there was a chance...months ago.
Jamie Dupree is the MOST honest reporter in the business, bar none !
Thank you Wayne for you being you also a big shout out to Jamie Dupree, he was a rock star last night with his raw numbers!
“I will be President for all Americans,” Trump vowed. Clinton concedes by phone... Jamie Dupree - AJC .
Clinton calls to concede to President-elect Trump – WSB’s Jamie Dupree reports
BREAKING NEWS: The AP has called the presidential election for Donald Trump. WSB’s Jamie Dupree reports
Ok, I think I have it figured out. MI and WI are not completely counted yet. Check Jamie Dupree
Jamie Dupree keeps saying Hilliarys up in pa
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I just dragged out an email from January. "I'm convinced Jamie Dupree thinks Trump can win."
a reporter? Yes, but you’re also Jamie Dupree, the most connected man in DC!
did I just hear Jamie Dupree say Clinton is hanging on desperately😊
I think Jamie Dupree is right. Trump wins WI, and this thing is over. We wake up tomorrow with Trump as our President-elect.
my 12yr.old daughter just said "wow, Jamie Dupree is doing an amazing job of covering this" Thank you
Jamie Dupree is calling Ohio and Florida for Trump for Trump.
Jamie Dupree is calling it here. Doesn’t see enough votes in SFL for her
Jamie Dupree is the best detailed journalist to follow on election night.
that Jamie Dupree guy is spitting out numbers that are showing trump getting his *** beat worse then Romney
According to Jamie Dupree, Trump is underperforming Romney in FL. I hate Jamie Dupree now.
This is one of the best writers to follow this evening. Jamie Dupree sets the pace for the Washington press corp. M…
Your 8 yr old is a smart cookie, Jamie Dupree. We need more like them
I'm sensing Jamie Dupree is letting out all his frustration today. Almost over for you Jamie!
Who is that ditz Washington Reporter taking Jamie Dupree's place? ugh!
Wikileaks Sunday: UFO emails, but little from Hillary Clinton | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
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Sorry, Jamie "Reporter" Dupree, is the press area now in the middle of the crowd?
you can't ever tell Jamie Dupree anything.he's a Juan Wms type...always pathetically defending...
Who the *** is this guy? Part of the MSM? Jamie Dupree has been the best journalist this election cycle.
Jamie Dupree listened to the audio and people in the crowd were yelling he's got a gun.
Wikileaks doubles down for second day on Podesta emails – Jamie Dupree – WSB Radio
Wikileaks tries to turn up heat on Clinton, drops 29th release of Podesta emails | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Wikileaks drops 27th release of Podesta emails; more ammo for Trump? | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
Trump to visit Mexico before immigration speech | Jamie Dupree - AJC via
I know of two impartial journalists alive today, you and Jamie Dupree.
Clinton email story not going away | Jamie Dupree - AJC
Day One of the RNC starts with discord – Jamie Dupree has more
- Jamie Dupree just said Priebus said something important to the program was about to happen.
Mr. Trump, will you help Jamie Dupree get his press credentials for the Convention? He is a good man!
Justice Ginsburg backs down on Trump | Jamie Dupree - AJC
GOP spars with AG over Clinton emails | Jamie Dupree - AJC via
Hamilton Collection
What happened to Jamie Dupree, the most connected man in Washington, on the Patriot radio station?
I like Jamie Dupree. I don't listen to Sean. He is really a nice guy.
What's wrong with Jamie Dupree been sick a lot does not sound good
why hasn't Jamie Dupree been on the air. I thought he was getting better
thanks for sharing Jamie Dupree, have a great Friday :) (Via ➪ grow followers 🆓)
Hannity is scared of intelligence. First you and now apparently Jamie Dupree.
Jamie Dupree and Erick Ericsson are two peas in a pod
Adoptable Would you like to play ball?
Jamie Dupree: GOP Senators today of all stripes today urged Trump to get more specific on his domestic & foreign p…
love to listen to your radio show after work - where has Jamie Dupree been?
Why should he endorse. People like Jamie Dupree don't even vote to stay objective and removed
I hear the vaunted fair & balanced Jamie Dupree doing it ALL. THE. TIME.
Give it Up It's obvious you & 'inside' Jamie Dupree support Trump for his entertainment value.
What happened to Jamie Dupree at 6:54 in the morning?
Will Jamie Dupree be back on your show ever?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jamie Dupree, the most connected man in Indianapolis.
I guess these folks are not aware of the fact that Jamie Dupree does not vote.
Here's a replay of today's "The Break" noon edition of in case you missed it. :-).
It was the most connected man in DC Jamie Dupree
I listen to you on the Patriot love your show, was wondering...where has Jamie Dupree been?
U R right show is absolutely the worst. The only thing with any consistency on his radio show is Jamie Dupree
the only good part of his show is Jamie Dupree's daily bit
the old guard and all of its sycophants need to go. Amy, Jamie, Bree, and a lot more. Let's do this!
Our Washington Insider Jamie Dupree has 5 lessons from the Iowa caucus in his blog.
Jamie Dupree: "Just because you have the advantage on the ground, doesn't mean you win." He says you may see a boost for Sanders in NH.
Our Washington Insider Jamie Dupree: Ted Cruz was able to outwork and out-organize other candidates. Proves elections are the ground game.
Herman, while you have him on today's segment, ask Jamie Dupree about turnout at the rally's.
What Greg Bluestein said about Jamie Dupree on that long drive in Iowa.
Not a real journalist among Fox crew. Jamie Dupree last one standing.
If you missed it last night... WATCH WSB's Erick Erickson & Jamie Dupree give their post-debate reaction in Iowa:
Here's the latest from the Erick Erickson Show. Erick's Post Debate Interview With Jamie Dupree on
Coming up at 4:05pmon The Most Connected Man in Washington, Jamie Dupree, joins Sean for his report:...
We know now for sure the person that has Pull in the D.C. area. Mr. Jamie Dupree.
Jamie Dupree live on WSB giving his always concise recap!
thanks for sharing Jamie Dupree, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
Congress back for year end push | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via Please some good news for a change!!
Radio Show Recap: Nov 30: 'Jamie Dupree with the latest news out of Capitol Hill; Libs use PPFA shooting for p...
.White House again rejects extra checks on human beings | Jamie Dupree - WOKV via
White House again rejects extra checks on Syrian refugees | Jamie Dupree - WOKV via
who was the guy that used to be on in ur 6-9 slot, he was also on stage with Neal boortz and Jamie Dupree
hey Sean can you tell Jamie dupree he is a Establishment lover. He isn't neutral at all
Could this be the other shoe dropping as hinted by Jamie Dupree this morning?
'- Jamie Dupree has our answer. Call Motion to Vacate now. Stop voting w/ democrats. We need BADLY
Ur fantasy about being more knowledgeable than Jamie Dupree will never be realized so stop trying to best him. Just go with it.
I don't know why you have Jamie Dupree on the air. He sounds anti conservative & doesn't bring much to the table.
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maybe NOW you will realize that Jamie Dupree is an agent of the left. Well disguised to you all along, but open your eyes.
I love it when Jamie Dupree basically tells you you're an ***
When are you going to replace Jamie Dupree with a real unbias person.?We all know what he is about.Good riddence!
Conservatives threaten deadlock over House Speaker: WSB’s Jamie Dupree reports the most conservative…
what is wrong with Jamie Dupree Donald is on some network everyday i dont see him slowing down his ratings are great
again? Or still? Regardless, silly IMHO. On another note... Do I hear ur voice advertising Jamie Dupree in all?
thanks for sharing Jamie Dupree, have a great Monday :) Much appreciated (insight by
Republicans struggle to unite in race for Speaker | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
oh no. I’m just an amateur on the radio. Jamie Dupree is the guy you want.
Radio Show Recap: Oct 1: 'Tamara Holder and Ron Christie; Jamie Dupree; Lt. Col Allen West is fired up about R...
When I hear Jamie Dupree say Kevin McCarthy can be Speaker following inline w/ Boehner, it means corruption & compliance to Obama as usual.
NO JAMIE DUPREE. He's not "connected", he's a DEM IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. Ugh. Get him off.
Who thinks Jamie Dupree is not balanced? People that get emo when the truth doesn't match their agenda my seanhannity
.Where did you find that clown Jamie Dupree? Get rid of him.
so help me Hannity. If u don't get rid of Super Lib, obvious Dem, Jamie Dupree, I am abandoning your show. Why have him??!!?
Why worry about which party Jamie Dupree identifies with? He would be establishment in either.
thanks for sharing Jamie Dupree, have a great Wednesday :)
Feds release new batch of Hillary Clinton emails | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
IG Report: Feds did not defy immigration injunction | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio
Radio Show Recap: Aug 31: 'Jamie Dupree discusses what we can we expect from Hillary"s next big email reveal l...
Been around here since 1980 - never seen this US Capitol view of the Old Senate Chamber
Jamie Dupree's the most irritating mamby pamby, back-boneless on-the-fence in-the-beltway thinkr. Duz ur boss mk you hv him on?
Obama decides after 113 years, it's safe to screw William McKinley out of a mountain | Jamie Dupree via
Jamie Dupree was saying Trump mostly about Trump, Hannity interjected, citing his interview of previous(?) week. 1/
You're a dork! Reporters ask questions! They don't have an agenda, and they don't grandstand. Emulate Jamie Dupree!
Jamie Dupree: Trump tangles with a Univision reporter over immigration in Iowa.
Trump tangles with Univision reporter over immigration: WSB’s Jamie Dupree looks at why Donald Trump’s…
Union: Hack attack was larger than feds admit | Jamie Dupree - AJC via
Why does Jamie Dupree always have to correct Sean Hannity? Is Sean a demagogue?
why does your most connected man Jamie Dupree sound like he floats both ways, he's getting old
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Appeals court leaves Obama immigration actions on hold | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
Rare Sunday session looms for Senate on surveillance | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
What we learned from the NSA debate | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
Lawmakers still stunned by Hastert allegations | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
I just listened 2 Jamie Dupree & Sean Hannity arguing on why fast track is hidden
On Hannity today, he told Jamie Dupree that you could sub for him anytime. Go for it!
Your chats with Jamie Dupree highlight how much right wing spin you place on the issues.
Frustration simmers in Congress over TSA | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
House votes to block Obama legal defense on immigration actions | Jamie Dupree
Next on Sean Hannity. At 3:05pm Washington Correspondent Jamie Dupree joins Sean with his report.. he has the...
so what will Jamie Dupree say about your guest discussing the selling out of America by congress
If Jamie Collins would be in the top 10 of a 2013 re-draft then Dante Fowler and Bud Dupree are top 10 2015 OLB prospects.
Did anyone listen to Herman Cain&Jamie Dupree today discuss political games Senate is engaged in stopping any Constitutional restoration?
OMG Hannity telling Jamie Dupree the GOP in Cong are following HIS advice to pass Keystone & put on O's desk. What a joke Sean is.
US Senate officially starts debate on the Keystone XL pipeline - Jamie Dupree on 97.3 The SKY with Sean Hannity
- it just hit me, took a while but your guest Jamie Dupree-he could join your TV show and call it "Hannity & Dupree" not colmes
GOP tries to smooth divisions | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via Boehner should take this opportunity!!
When Jamie Dupree and Hannity debate, Jamie makes Sean sound like a rookie.
Boehner opponents quickly punished | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio we ask them to do there jobs and they are punished. Sad
Don't get me wrong, I don't think Jamie Dupree has drank the Kool Aid. But he may have gotten some dry powder up his nose.
Jamie Dupree has been there too long
I'm a fan of Jamie Dupree, Washington journalist for Cox Enterprises and blogger with Atlanta's WSB. Among other...
Sorry but Jamie Dupree is the best. The one true professional in the business.
I got this info from a posting by Jamie Dupree.
that's not what Jamie Dupree posted.
Thats right, Jamie Dupree the most connected man in Washington! Atlanta
Called and left message for Jody Hice, now I'm speaking to Jamie Dupree asking his thoughts on the speaker vote.
Different dynamic for GOP, Obama in 2015 | Jamie Dupree - WSB Radio via
Here’s what’s coming up on today’s (Wednesday, October 29, 2014) Sean Hannity Radio Show with : 12:30pm PT - Congressman Bill Cassidy of Louisiana’s 6th district is running against Mary Landrieu in Louisiana for the Senate and is getting a lot of support, Dr. Ben Carson will be helping out and lending his voice to the campaign this Saturday. Cassidy currently is up by about 5 points. 1:05pm PT - Our trusted Washington Correspondent, Jamie Dupree, joins Sean with today’s report: Republicans have called in some famous names to help a prized GOP recruit in one of the nation’s tightest races for U.S. Senate, as North Carolina has become a supercharged national battleground in the mid-2014 elections. 1:35pm PT - Tamara Holder Fox News Legal Analyst joins the show to talk about the legal aspects of the Ebola threat. Kaci Hickox claims she will sue if she is under house quarantine after refusing the 21 day isolation in New Jersey, and she also did not reveal that she is an employee of the CDC. Dr. .. ...
R U Jamie Dupree who was on Hannity radio today? Surprised U don't know missing link abt Benghazi. Call Aaron Klein/read book.
Here's what Sean Hannity has this afternoon on FM 102.9 AM 1310 NewsTalk KZRG. At 3:05pm, Jamie Dupree, our Washington Insider reports: 115,000 people could lose their Obamacare coverage at the end of September, because they have not been able to prove that they are U.S. citizens or legal residents. At 3:35pm, Noelle Nikpour, Republican Strategist, & Mark Hannah, Democratic Strategist and Former Kerry Campaign Adviser, join Sean to talk about Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is facing felony charges in Texas for child abuse and was accused in a previous incident involving another son who was 4 years old, KHOU-TV in Houston has reported. And at 4:35pm, *GETTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK* David Speigelmeyer, President of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, & Former Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge (who was also the first United States’ Secretary of Homeland Security 2003–2005) join Sean to talk about the various opportunities available in energy via the Marcellus Shale, that could provid ...
New VA report details continuity of care lapses
Today on Hannity. 4:05pm EST Jamie Dupree Our Washington Insider joins Sean for his daily report: Investigators...
Will be interesting to see if FBI comes to same conclusion as OIG that secret wait lists didn't cause VA deaths:
VA says there is no evidence delays caused deaths of vets. has more:
Probe finds no direct link between VA health care delays & deaths of veterans in Phoenix
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: VA: No evidence delays in care caused vets to die: Officials at the Departm...
Typical workday for Jamie Dupree in Washington stretches from 6:30 a.m.-10 p.m., he tells Hope Cox Radio pays
Today on Sean Hannity. 4:05 PM EST-Jamie Dupree Sometimes when you come back from vacation, you are greeted at the...
You'll hear at 6:53 on the unfinished business facing Pres. Obama after vacation. Here are 7 issues:
Via Obama returns to DC from vacation
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: Obama returns to DC from vacation
ALS has a WORSE 'component'; it's with dementia. I heard about it from our ABC/D.C. correspondent Jamie Dupree.
At 6:45 on reports the Pentagon says all options are open on ISIL
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: Pentagon: All options open on ISIL: Still grappling with the brutal video k...
At 6:45 reports one Senate Democrat isn't running away from the controversy of the Obama health law
President Obama returns to family vacation
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: Senate Democrat embraces Obama health law: In the fight of his political li...
Jamie Dupree, never says anything that will offend anyone in Washington, his reports are about the same as I could report. He must play both sides. He maybe the most connected man in Washington to some, but he has very little to offer. He should be on the local news reporting. Nice guy, but never has anything to really say. Hannity save your money. don
LIVE NOW on "Sean Hannity Show": Jamie Dupree, DEA agent paying an Amtrak employee for information.
Watching your tax dollars at work - this time at federal judicial conferences … …!…
At 8:15 reports more IRS emails are missing
Try telling them that some of your documentation is missing & see what happens! "More missing IRS emails
More IRS emails are missing, and evidently there was no true backup system in place:
At 6:45 reports more IRS emails are missing
Feds urge families not to send kids across US border
Republicans demand answers as IRS emails go missing
I have always enjoyed the Jamie Dupree daily interview, but seems he's been adverse & unenthusiastic lately. What's his deal?
Coming up on Sean Hannity 2:35PM Jennifer Griffin, Pentagon National Security Correspondent for Fox News, on the arrest of a man in connection with the Benghazi attacks in 2012. 3:05PM Our Washington Insider Jamie Dupree, joins Sean to talk about this "computer crash" that supposedly deleted two years of key emails in the IRS targeting of conservative groups. The GOP are pushing back and demanding answers, as this all looks more and more like a deliberate cover-up. 3:35PM Governor Mike Pence of Indiana another Governor who is leading the forge in prosperity and economic freedom in his state of Indiana, will we see him in 2016? How would he handle the homicidal behavior of ISIS as they murder everyone that crosses their path in Iraq. 4:05PM in today's News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Corporal Andrew Paulsen and Sergeant Mike Higgenbotham were members of the same platoon as 2nd Lt Darryn Andrews and were there the day Andrews pushed his fellow soldiers out of the way and took the direct hit of an RPG ...
Sharyl Attkisson is one of the best investigative reporters I've seen. Painfully objective and willing to dig into stories. She even ended up leaving CBS recently, at least indirectly on account of her willingness to go after stories. I rank her right up there with Jamie Dupree. For this story, part of the sub-plot of missing emails is due to the fact that it's actually governmental policy that such data gets backed up, and it's a felony if it doesn't. After all, what if Ms. Lerner needed to defend herself against something -- she'd have no emails to defend her story. But yes, as the story states, they likely use RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), which essentially is a setup using multiple hard drives with data stored in multiple places. If one hard drive goes down, it doesn't matter; just replace and go on.
CRIMINALS! "Republicans say it's more than Lois Lerner's emails - that the IRS evidently can't find emails from 6 other IRS workers involved in the Tea Party targeting scandal." Jamie Dupree, Cox Communications
Republicans move to get answers on the mysterious disappearance of IRS emails:
GOP pushes for answers on missing IRS emails.
At 6:45 reports the GOP slams the IRS for claims a computer crash erased emails on the Tea Party scandal
GOP pushes for answers on missing IRS emails
“Do they really believe they are smarter than everyone else?
your friend Jamie Dupree was not impressed with Hillary tapes, you don't seem to see he is liberal!
Plz GOP to go after IRS, the most corrupted institution and push for answers on missing IRS emails via
White House on missing IRS emails: "You've never heard of a computer crashing before?"
Evening. Nothing really caught my attention too much today on the Hannity program save for a discussion between Sean and Pat Buchanan. Pat surprised me by advocating a somewhat non-interventionist stance on Iraq. He believes that we ought to just let Iran take care of protecting the Iraqis: "The enemy of my enemy can be my friend." He also believes we should back Assad -- and that we should have also backed Gaddafi and Saddam. Why? Because Assad is and Gaddafi/Saddam were the lesser of two evils: crazy dictator who keeps things stable vs radical Islamists who throw everything into disarray. And then when discussing the ILLEGAL immigration crisis, Pat brought up this most excellent Ronald Reagan quote: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” You *** right! // News updates: The House plans to hold a hearing on immigration next Wednesday. (Courtesy Jamie Dupree) Louis Lerner and the IRS are complete *** (Courtesy Common Sense) Hillary disgusts me. (Courtesy Decency) [The Supreme ...
Today on the Sean Hannity Show: 1:05PM Jamie Dupree, our Washington Insider joins Sean. As voters go to the...
Jamie Dupree is joining Sean right now to give his daily report from Washington. Even as Republicans were pushing...
Jamie Dupree disingenuous Dem Apologist! Says Reps are ‘wringing hands over MarxCare’ but won’t mention LYING Dems or Obama Victory Dance!
Great scoop by on banning Capitol Hill "scrims."
First budget bill in Congress for 2015 would ban Capitol Hill "scrims" - what's a scrim?
At 6:45 reports Congress is starting budget work, with one bill banning the funding of ‘scrims’
Via Budget bill would ban Capitol Hill 'scrims'
Dupree says you're a good match for each other and will live happily together! That's better than Buzz Feed, You're welcome(:
Thank you WSB for Herman Cain show&Jamie Dupree,very informative,Rush is too polarizing now, please consider *** Morris instead.
What's next on the Obama health law via
SOCIOPATH - LIES, LIES and MORE LIES ! Watch the whole 18+ minutes of LIES. This guy NEEDS IMPEACHED NOW !
Hannity does have some good guests when he can get past the jabber: Jamie Dupree, Coulter, Bolton, others.
If Jamie Dupree defends 7 million signed up on the exact day of deadline how does he defend a 26% approval rating of O/care?
proof Jamie Dupree is bias for Democrats, he called Obamacare a success and didn't even challenge the numbers.
Jamie Dupree is coming up with his daily report from Washington. Now that the deadline has passed to enroll in...
Today w/ - at 3:05p CT, Jamie Dupree. At 3:35p it's Cal Thomas, & at 4:05PM Sean is joined by Tune in
Open enrollment deadline has passed for the Obama health law. Our Jamie Dupree says what's next.
Now that open enrollment has ended, runs down 6 things that happen next:
Now that open enrollment is over for 2014, what's next for the Obama health law?
"Via What's next on the Obama health law
Via What's next on the Obama health law
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: What's next on the Obama health law Now that the open e
What's next on the Obama health law
Please ask Jamie Dupree if there is any excuse for Obama lying about Obamacare & don't he shocked when he says both side do it
There was ample evidence over the weekend of a last minute surge in applications for coverage…
why do you bother having Jamie Dupree on? He clearly is a liberal who tried to defend them when he can.
Today w/ at 3:05p CT Wash Insider, Jamie Dupree. At 3:35p John Goodman of the & Roy of the Manhattan Institute
There was ample evidence this weekend of a last minute surge N applications 4 coverage under the Obama health law:
A surge of enrollments for Obamacare. At 6:53 hear explain why today's deadline is squishy:
Late surge to sign up for the Obama health law; deadline to 'start' application is tonight
President Obama, can you extend enrollment for Obamacare for .I am not sure...half a month? A month? Mr...
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: Questions raised on use of government credit cards
Need to get to work, but I got a comment regarding the three levels of news that I perceive: First you got your REAL REPORTERS like Jamie Dupree, Chuck Todd, Richard Engel and Steve Kornacki who attend the press conferences, interview people and conduct investigations. Then you got your pundits like Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Ezra Klein who take the information gleaned by the reports and offer their insightful analysis. THEN you got your bloggers like Yours Truly (AS IF) who absorb information from multiple pundits and then summarize this content to the general masses. I like "working" on the third level. Investigation bores me, but analysis fascinates me. However, opinions excite me the most. I like to hear lots of analysis and opinions, jumble them all together and then offer my own perspective. Just wish I got paid for this! You know, I got a website idea: PolitiSNAP. The premise: third-tier news "reporters" like me offer their own take on the news, but occasionally SNAP and releas ...
Congress kicks off the 2014 season today, 10 months away from key mid-term elections that will surely add debate to Capitol Hill in the coming months. Read more from Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider at:
Ten nuggets on the bipartisan budget deal via
- Something wrong with the podcast audio when Jamie Dupree is on the show. You can hear Sean but not Jamie. I use Stitcher
Ten nuggets on the federal budget deal from
Best write up of current state of play in DC I have seen, by the ever reliable
Ten nuggets on the bipartisan budget deal from Jamie Dupree
Shocker-They lied. Again> Ten nuggets on the bipartisan budget deal via
Some good scoop on the that Congress just passed.
So you thought Congress prevented a government shutdown with the budget deal, eh? Nope.
LIVE AT 6:45 AM with more on the passage of the budget, and the provision about military retirement pay
The budget compromise does not prevent a government shutdown. via
Ten nuggets on the bipartisan budget deal
Ten nuggets about the bipartisan budget deal approved by the Congress
All of the days top news and Washington watchdog Jamie Dupree Coming up in 3 minutes on with
Senators chafe at military retirement plan in budget deal | Jamie ...: Tucked into a bi...
Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider: Ten nuggets on the bipartisan budget deal
terry et. al- veteran cuts I budget deal- from Hannity SHOW, Jamie Dupree, most connected man in Washington- not cuts reduction in cola, like a teacher getting no step like a ss recipient getting no increase, and federal civil servants, the same kind of cuts. but no love for govt. bureaucrats, lots of love, veterans
AND YET WE BORROW MONEY AND RAISE TAXES: Calling out Congress for refusing to make difficult choices on the federal spending, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) again issued a list of government programs that he says clearly demonstrates why the budget deficit keeps going up for Uncle Sam. “The truth is we would much rather borrow money than cut spending,” said Coburn at a news conference in the U.S. Capitol. The page has 132 pages of details on spending that Coburn believes is questionable – backed up by almost a thousand footnotes from government reports and news stories. “The Department of Interior was counting sheep with high-tech unmanned aerial drones after delaying the opening of some national landmarks and closing others early,” the report said on its opening page. Coburn tallied up nearly $30 billion in possible savings. “When it comes to spending your money, those in Washington tend to see no waste, speak no waste, and cut no waste,” he added. Other examples in the report: + More than 100,000 ...
Feeling tired this humpday? Dragging your feet? This ought to fire you up and get your blood boiling:...
Senator Tom Coburn, the human "Wastebook", wasting taxpayer dollars that go to pay his salary:
As reaction shows, this has proven to be the most controversial item in the budget deal
LIVE AT 8:15 AM says military retirement, the most controversial part of the budget
On today's Sean Hannity Show...Jamie Dupree, Glenn Back and Pastor Rick Warren. Listen from noon to 3 on KQMS
Jamie Dupree · Two members of the House announced today they aren't running for re-election, Frank Wolf R-VA & Jim Matheson D-UT. 21 House members won't return after 2014, as 8 are not running for re-election, 11 are running for Senate and 2 for Governor
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