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Jamie Dornan

James Jamie Dornan (born 1 May 1982) is a Northern Irish actor, model and musician, perhaps best known for playing Sheriff Graham in the ABC series Once Upon a Time.

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Jamie Dornan & Halle Berry to Present at the 2017 Oscars via
Jamie Dornan and Leonardo Di Caprio to present at The
'50 Shades Darker’ actor Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are ‘very close’. .
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson look AMAZING on the premiere red carpet - see photos!!!
WATCH: Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan discuss the most "sensuous" moment in in this *exclusive* clip: https:…
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on the premiere tonight in LA! ❤
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's character posters for appear to be very mysterious and passionate…
Tonight on hits the black carpet with Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson!
I've honestly never seen a couple look so good together as Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
Just posted pics of my chats with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan of
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan light up premiere: ‘We make each other laugh a lot'
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson dish on at the L.A. premiere:
Lmao @ Dakota Johnson finding out Beyoncé is pregnant with twins and Jamie Dornan congratulating her.
The Version can confirm Jamie Dornan will join on The Graham Norton Show to talk on Feb 10th.…
Uh, so Jamie Dornan did this on last night
Any chance to see Jamie Dornan aka Sheriff Graham before the show ends? 🙏🙏
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jamie Dornan gets taped to a headboard in this hilarious spoof with Watch:
I like Jamie Dornan but he's just not Christian in any way
meanwhile Jamelia's are out here getting wet over Jamie saying "Millie"
Jamie Dornan on his way to Jimmy Kimmel (via )
Jamie Dornan shaved off his hair and I don't know what to feel
Warning: Jamie Dornan has shaved all his hair off and looks VERY different now.
I'd happily do this if my carriage was filled with the likes of Jamie Dornan, Vincent Cassel, Matthew McConaughey &…
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are both on late night shows this evening!
Intrigued? Watch Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson give an inside look at - in theaters February 10. http…
Emma Morgan omg Jamie Dornan with his Irish accent 😍
Jamie Dornan had a lot to tell me about his body hair.
ICYMI: Jamie Dornan & talk with Check out the exclusive interview: ht…
More pictures of Jamie arriving to added in the gallery:
why won't you get Jamie Dornan on your show James?? Do please now hes doing all the fsd promo PLEASE
So the actor Jamie Dornan is standing right in front of me. Omg 😲😋
Check the HQ pictures of Jamie arriving to earlier:
Picture of Jamie in the backstage at added in the gallery:
Jamie Dornan and I performed a scene from Scotch tape has never been this sexy.
If you need more... The Graham Norton Show with Jamie Dornan, Julie Walters, Stephen Mangan,...
Just a friendly reminder that Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy's bromance exists 💖
"Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan would make a nice couple" -Joy Magazine
"The premiere will see the red carpet rolled out with Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Kim Basinger, Rita Ora and writer…
I like keeping my opinions to myself on the Internet but this is an exception- Jamie Dornan is my fav spokesmodel for…
Joshua Jackson is a mix of Russell Crowe, Jamie Dornan, and Peter Krause
Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham from Pencil and charcoal on paper
Sheriff Graham reminds me of Jamie Dornan, so I see what that person means
That moment when you realize that Jamie Dornan played Sheriff Graham and you're barely realizing it now.
That time when Jamie Dornan was fascinated by Cillian Murphy 's hair as much as the rest of us 😂
Find yourself a man to look at you the same way Jamie Dornan looks at Cillian Murphy
2016 wasn't all bad , the Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan bromance was just gold . So many laugh out loud moments .
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are undeniably in love with each other. And I don't care about your opinion.
Slip into something comfortable & watch Jamie Dornan seduce Dakota Johnson again in the trailer: https:/…
Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan heat up sexy new trailer:
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan reignite their passion in the new trailer (Watch) h…
The Fall with Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson. (If it's available in Canada?)
Preferably starring Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy, Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain. Thanks in advance Hollywood.
Jamie Dornan's last season of The Fall is must-watch drama
Watch: Jamie Dornan had the most unsuccessful Irish goodbye from a sesh thanks to Bill Murray
Was surprised (and also a bit delighted) to learn that Jamie Dornan is a first cousin, twice removed to the late gr…
Jamie Dornan is excellent however. I'd love to see him land a major superhero movie role. Who though? Adam Warlock? Hmm...
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo talk to Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy @ 37.10 fb
Oct 20, 2006: 10 years ago today Jamie Dornan made his onscreen debut as Count Axel Von Fersen in Sofia Coppola's Marie Anto…
Welcome to Fife : Jamie Dornan, Andy Garcia and Hugh Grant take centre stage at St Andrews
Jamie Dornan and Hugh Grant look dapper while playing golf in Scotland
Jamie Dornan and Hugh Grant play golf at Alfred Dunhill Championship via
The Fall is back with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan - here's everything you need to know
(Evening Standard):The 3: Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan return for the..
5 Secrets About as revealed by Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson. Tonight, BBC2, 9pm, don't miss it!
I'm actually really upset bc of the fact that someone as hot as Jamie Dornan is currently not with someone as beaut…
"Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson pack on the PDA and share a passionate kiss as they confirm romance rumours."
Jamie Dornan is such a precious human being..and so is Dakota Johnson..they deserve to be precious together
If Brangelina destroyed you just remember that we still have Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
You can also submit questions for Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson on FB
When Sam caught this moment in between takes "Dakota and Jamie Dornan between takes, relaxing on the sofa in Christian's a…
Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson fans, The Fall season 3 is coming to Netflix next month
The Fall's Jamie Dornan on the role that made him a Hollywood star - ''I found Paul Spector very ...: Ahead o...
Watch the steamy trailer for with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
Thank you to our 10 Million FB fans! A special message from Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. [via https:…
DID YOU KNOW..?. In 2002, Jamie Dornan created a folk band with his best friend David Alexander, the Sons of Jim.
Jamie Dornan opened up about his life as a dad on
Watch Jamie Dornan in the new trailer for The Siege ... via
Two new HQ pictures of Jamie on This Morning added in the gallery: Thanks htt…
Jamie Dornan with binoculars appreciation post
Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan: 'The two of us in a comedy just isn't going to happen'
‘The most magical thing in the world’: Jamie Dornan gushes over fatherhood
For our French-speaking fans, a piece from Le Figaro about and of course its French star h…
This Morning viewers swoon over Jamie Dornan as he opens up about fatherhood.
The Fall star Jamie Dornan admits that he never took any acting lessons
Jamie Dornan insists serial killer Paul Spector does have good traits
Jamie Dornan on why serial killer thriller The Fall is his ‘happy place’.
Jamie Dornan goes to war in the first 'The Seige of Jadotville' trailer.
Watch: Trailer for Jamie Dornan war drama The Siege of Jadotville is full of action & drama ht…
I am 110% excited about The Siege of Jadotville because it's about the UN's blue helmets (and a lovely plus named Jamie Dornan)
Things are looking grim for Louis. Jamie Dornan stars in - NOW PLAYING!
Jamie Dornan heads into battle in trailer
Nice write-up in the about and the trailer that everyone is talking about:
Jamie Dornan in the trailer for The Siege of Jadotville, coming to Netflix
📷 boyzoo: Jamie Dornan at ITV Studios in London m
and alongside each other in WWII drama
Jamie Dornan says fatherhood is the 'most magical thing in the world'
Nw photos of Jamie Dornan at the studio for
A week before our tour has spoken about the bus!
wow it is confirmed Jamie Dornan will visit Dublin again and hope to see him or not?
Gah dayum Jamie Dornan why do you do this to me 😩
People putting words in Jamie's mouth again. Watch the interview and listen with your ears and NOT with what you WANT…
Jamie Dornan to show funny side in next movie:
Jamie Dornan’s Irish accent comes to the rescue in this trailer:
"Jadotville screening on September 19 in Dublin followed by a Q&A with Jamie Dornan, Richie Smyth and Alan Moloney" ht…
Take a deep breath - Jamie Dornan is on the show today. from 10:30am.
Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan are in a movie together fack
Dad of the Year! Jamie Dornan talks raising two daughters:
he's a Northern Irish actor called Jamie Dornan. Was in The Fall. I've a wee hankering for him.
The Siege of Jadotville starring Jamie Dornan looks unmissable
He seriously shouldn't be this hot with a moustache and a Father Ted accent but of course he is. It's Jamie Dornan. htt…
NEWS: Trailer of The Siege of Jadotville, release date, and new pictures of the movie on: http…
We look forward to welcoming Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan to BFI Southbank tonight
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan join The Fall cast for launch party via
📷 Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson Promoting Their Great Show ‘The Fall’ which comes back for season 3...
Gillian Anderson joins Jamie Dornan for The Fall three photocall via
screening and Q&A with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson tease series 3 at Q&A in London
Here’s our review of The 9th Life Of Louise Drax, starring Jamie Dornan and Sarah Gadon
Cillian Murphy on Thomas Shelby 's walk and Jamie Dornan weighs in on Thomas Shelby's smoking habit !
Jamie Dornan and Sarah Gadon talk The 9th Life of Louis Drax
It's hard to label but and Jamie Dornan try in this new interview:
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.and Jamie Dornan talk 9th Life of in a new interview! Watch:
And in-depth interviews with Jeff Bridges, Eva Green & Jamie Dornan, & Ethan Hawke's guide to
📷 50shades: Jamie Dornan arriving at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” today in New York City.
Will Gibson deliver justice for Spector's victims? returns with & Jamie Dornan
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan return in first trailer for The Fall series 3
When the "press" uses a picture of Matt Boomer as if it was Jamie Dornan...🙄🙄🙄
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — A. Jamie Dornan. B. Coco Martin. C. Paulo Avelino. D. Kris…
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson enjoy a steamy snog as they wrap... Via News Break:
Final of the night. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson both love singer Bob Dylan.
From the moment they met Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson had instant chemistry.
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have the same initials only backwards. JD and DJ. :)
All the best pictures of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on the sets:
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan on screen together, what a sight
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan will attend a preview of in September. Here's how you can go too
*dakota and jamie have lunch with erika*. Jamelias : THEY ARE FILMING
Little Giant Ladders
According to Jamie Dornan (Graham) won't return to the show for season 6. It was a false rumour sadly enoug…
Love how Jamie Dornan is oblivious to the fan taking his pic right in front of him. Lol
Jamie Dornan's shirtless beach outing in France is here to instantly make your day…
Cheeky Dakota Johnson flashes her bum as she films more sexy scenes with Jamie Dornan for 50 Shades ...
1ST LOOK at Jamie Dornan in Netflix Original film The Siege of Jadotville via
the hottest guys I ever know aka Justin Bieber and Jamie Dornan
All my HQ pictures from Paloma Beach filming on Tuesday now added in the gallery: pls credit h…
Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner yesterday at the beach
New photo of Jamie Dornan today on set
One more photo of Jamie Dornan on set
Jamie Dornan yesterday at the beach
New photo of Jamie Dornan today at the break from luck
Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson arriving to the set of today thanks to giovanna_cosma_ http…
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson today on set
More photos of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson today
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Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan make a sexy splash filming in French Riviera
The struggle is so real. I was gonna sing City Dove and then I stumbled across ANITA BAKER and omg Fairytale by Jamie Dornan
Anthropoid Official Trailer (2016) - Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy as Resistance fighters in 1942, Prague
I liked a video from ANTHROPOID Trailer (Cillian Murphy, Jamie Dornan - World War II
Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy Assassinate Nazis in the Trailer for Anthropoid
Get an look at the new WWII thriller starring Cillian Murphy, Jamie Dornan and Toby Jones.
Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy assassinate Nazis in the trailer for Anthropoid:
Tom Hardy stays at all costs. Jamie Dornan and Joe Manganiello also can stay. So ... sorry Alex Pettyfer.
E.L. James celebrated birthday by sharing a hot new Jamie Dornan photo!
Jamie Dornan as The Huntsman looks a lot like Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jojen Reed
And they say, "Sources say." One of the mags had Dakota Fanning and Jamie Dornan starring together in FSD/Freed?
Jamie Dornan & wife Amelia (w/her mini boy bag) out to dinner in Coal Harbour Quay 5/30/16.
What's filming in Vancouver? Jamie Dornan is in town until July shooting 50 Shades Darker:
Do you have any posters on your bedroom wall? What are … — Yeah. So far Jamie Dornan, Lawson, The Vamps and 5SOS. …
me too. She's Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shade's wife. So I like her husband too ;-).
I'm a fan of both Jamie Dornan and Leo Di Caprio (for Titanic and The Beach) but even I admit this is a stretch.
this the same as me saying 'I won't talk about jamie dornan now' but I still end up doing that. 🙊
Shut up and support Jamie and Dakota and the movies. These pics of Dak and Matt are PR moves have there been pics of J…
Can Jamie Dornan record some bedtime stories? I could listen to him for hours ...oh that voice *-*
Jamie Dornan what a beautiful name what a beautiful creature so beautiful BEAUTIFUL
Again,I would make a better PR than them...maybe Dakota or Jamie could hire me 😁 😜
I fully support Jamie & Dakota forever but we do not need this circus.
I haven't seen anything about Jamie this weekend either. It's too suspicious. We're not *** 😂
Jamie will be a cheater and Dakota a homewrecker... And we have 2016 people!!!
Jamie Dornan looks like a banana cake.I would like to bite him.
Dakota &Jamie don't think u can hide behind those glasses. We still know what ur thinking & feeling. U totally give yo…
“Jamie’s incredibly sensitive. If somebody’s hurting, he will hurt the most."-. (Jamie's father)
Jamie Dornan is number 1 most voted by hashtag.
I get so fricking turned on by Jamie Dornan that I frequently need new underwear changes throughout the day
"...I want to take you on every available surface of my apartment" . I NEED TO SEE JAMIE SAYING THESE SACRED WORDS https…
I approve of this message. Also Jamie Dornan shirtless. For...reasons.
Love this face expression. . Full shoot:
Are these cheating rumors just rumors or are there of truth?
Here we see Matt Hitt and Dakota Johnson doing their impression of Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner papwalking.
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson would make a cute marriage couple.
"Jamie Dornan and his wife, Dakota Johnson, leaving the Met Gala"💜
Vote now to see Jamie Dornan on a Metro bus! https:/…
Jamie dornan in Marie Antoinette makes me feel some type of way
We have totally and utterly FALLen for Jamie Dornan, this Monday anyway
That is crazy - I was literally there this weekend! Might have to go and stalk Jamie Dornan ;-)
"Jamie Dornan, couldn't have done it without ya.". -Dakota Johnson.
Say what? Dakota Johnson finds sex scenes with Jamie Dornan "pretty tedious".
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are the King and Queen of my heart.
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan wore wedding rings on the movie set! Pics:
Love the Irish they have given us some wonderful actors Colin Morgan,Jamie Dornan, Eoin Macken and great show Mrs brown,Father Ted.Thankyou
According to reliable sources in UK, Jamie Dornan will announce his divorce ending this year
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on set yesterday, April 11 (via IG) https…
The latest pics from w/ a married Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson:
yeah I do lol. David archuleta, Rob Pattinson, Jamie Dornan when he's on The Fall lmaoo
started watching Once Upon a Time...did not know Jamie Dornan was in it 😍❤️
I'm in love with Graham Humbert aka Jamie Dornan 😹😻
The Graham Norton Show with Jamie Dornan,via YouTube The best medicine😅
Jamie Dornan brings new meaning to Darker with his tight gray shirt:
Sure. As long as I can add pictures of Dylan O'Brien and Jamie Dornan. And some of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. A collage!
Colin Morgan and Jamie Dornan backstage for (season 2)
Dylan O'Brien, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are all my top celebrity crushes
// If anyone's interest in playing David Duchovny, Cate Blanchet, Jamie Dornan or Pewdiepie, please hit me or up? Thanks!!
I'd take Jamie Dornan from Once Upon a Time over 50 shades any day!
Gillian Anderson films the new series of The Fall but where's Jamie Dornan?...
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan on set today!
Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan kissed for another scene - new pics here:
More from today, Dakota Johnson (and Jamie Dornan) on set for the first scene, so cute !!
Jamie Dornan was Dakota Johnson's umbrella holder today! See new pics:
Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy in the same film?! Good god 😍😍😍😍
It is extremely unfair why Dakota Johnson shows her body more than Jamie Dornan and getting the same equal pay. She sh…
Jamie Dornan is just heavenly to look at
Saw 50 shades of gray last night for the first time and I can't get out of my head how gorgeous Jamie Dornan is holy smokes 💨
So there are two more '50 Shades' movies to be made, and Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hate each other. I don't know why this amuses me.
He is saying that I want to meet Me lol. Robert Pattinson will be Edward Cullen like Jamie Dornan is Christian...
Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector in The Fall. My new favourite tv show. Now I definitely know why he was
"Sarah Gadon stars alongside Jamie Dornan in the thriller The 9th Life of Louis Drax, due out this year."
I just can't do the whole FSOG thing. Jamie Dornan will always be Paul Spector okay.
Okay, so I have a few men that are 100% mine:. 1. Ben Barnes. 2. Jamie Dornan. 3. Marlon Teixeira . 4. Gaspard Ulliel
Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and Kim Basinger in Paris. Three sexy stars in the city of love!
Alexander Skarsgard provokes dirty thoughts in me, I just wanna hug and cuddle with Sam Claflin and Jamie Dornan, but with Alex no, no
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Many thanks to the British Isles for giving the females of Earth Tom Hardy, Sam Heughan, Jamie Dornan, & James McAvoy.
DID YOU SEE: A very famous Kim is joining Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan in the new film...
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are as filming wraps on The Fall
'You'll never meet a nicer serial killer than Jamie Dornan!' Gillian Anderson on The Fall 3: https…
Jamie Dornan: Gillian Anderson shared this brilliant photo as The Fall wraps up
Gillian Anderson calls Jamie Dornan the 'sweetest man alive'
Discover who's been cast alongside Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the new film
Jamie Dornan, sweetest man alive, just wrapped season 3 of You'll never meet a nicer serial killer.
She is brilliant as Stella Gibson. And Jamie Dornan is creepy wonderful as Paul Spector
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan to return in BBC's The Fall
Fall, The: 'Series 2' and Blu for 'Series 1' with Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson
Watching and it's so clear that Anton Yelchin is just a young Jamie Dornan.
Please stop asking Gillian Anderson when Stella Gibson will kiss Jamie Dornan's Paul Spector on . . NEVER should be the answer.
James Marsh, Jamie Dornan, Alicia Vikander, Tom Hooper...about how nice Eddie Redmayne is - quotes, pics from GQ Feb
I so love the people Dakota Johnson shout out: Sam Taylor-Johnson, E L James, and Jamie Dornan: she's the People's Choice and oh so classy!
Henry Cavill and Jamie Dornan and the exact moment I decided to never shave my face again
Rafe Spall: "Jamie Dornan and his wife Millie (Amelia Warner) are my son Rex's godparents. It's been terrific to see Jamie's career grow."
It's down there for sure. Lord knows Jamie Dornan and Tom Sturridge give him a run for his money.
Trying to decided which makes me more jealous:That Dakota Johnson's costar was Jamie Dornan? Or that her mother is Melan…
i was tryna find a Jamie Dornan name header like your Dakota Johnson one, but the one i have now was the best
How imagine yourselves your reunions with Jamie Dornan?
Remember that time when Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were totally awkward?
Dear Will I ever get to meet Jamie Dornan,Dakota Johnson,Robert Pattinson, and/or Kristen Stewart?
I hope it's a good year for Jamie Dornan, Saoirse Ronan, Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Claflin and Emma Watson ❤️
me too 😍😍😍i'd like to meet: Lauren, Ella Henderson, Natalia Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Lana Parrilla, Ian Somerhalder, Jamie Dornan
Wonderful design for all huge fans of irish actor Jamie Dornan. Sometimes eyes say it all...
Cillian Murphy: 'I couldn't handle the level of fame that Jamie Dornan has'.
📷 fifty-shades-of-grey-and-white: ichbcrane: Jamie Dornan as Colin Evans in “Flying Home” Fifty-Shades...
Can I have Bradley Cooper, Chris Wood, Jamie Dornan and Nick Bateman for Christmas please?
Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan in season two of The Fall. Photo: SBS
Next Bond will be one from these names:. Damian Lewis, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Dornan. .
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson taking a stroll after lunch.
Dakota Johnson dropped Jamie Dornan in favor of some screen time with Rebel Wilson
Is there any world in which Jamie Dornan isn't announced as People's Sexiest Man Alive tonight?
I will never tire of watching these beautiful moments. Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson | Behind the Scenes.
Jamie Dornan is on Celebrity GoggleBox tonight on watching TV with Nick Frost.
if it was Jamie Dornan it would be even better. or Cam Gigandet, Kellan Lutz, Ian Somerhalder & Joe Manganiello. I'll have them all please.
Lost in Miller Hart and fantasizing about Jamie Dornan. I'm so fckd 😭. Miss you guys❤️😘
Jamie Dornan played golf in Scotland and we're too busy swooning 😍
Pencil drawing and blue pen of Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector. ✏💙
Watching Gogglebox for the third time to see Jamie Dornan & his Irish accent in a white tee and black jeans eating pizza with Nick Frost.
Irish actor Jamie Dornan is ratings booster for Channel 4's Celebrity Gogglebox
Jamie Dornan has to be up there with the most beautiful creatures to ever grace this earth
Jamie Dornan please grace my eyes every Friday on googlebox
Jamie Dornan makes me feel things I can't explain
Jamie Dornan and Nick Frost on celebrity gogglebox. this is going to be fantastic!!
Jamie Dornan with his sexy tache on the set of Jadotville (credit to his co-star Amy Louise Wilson)
Because it's Monday, here's Jamie Dornan looking exceedingly good playing golf.
Foto: devotedtojamie: Following a remarkable eagle on the final hole at St Andrews, Jamie Dornan said:...
Jamie Dornan dropped a 30-footer on 18 at the Old Course in tournament
A moment to savour, Jamie Dornan after making eagle on the Old Course 18th earlier this week
Dakota Johnson is living in New York and Jamie Dornan is living in London — Oh I want to see them both but I can't
Is it still Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will play the m… — yes they will. DON'T BELIEVE IN RUMOURS ABOUT THEM!!!
Can we all agree that Jamie Dornan is the sexiest golfer ever? See all the hot new photos:
Life is too short for you to convince yourselves Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan do anything beyond barely tolerate one another.
"I've never had an on-screen relationship as intense with another actress [Dakota Johnson]" - Jamie Dornan
Falen OMG I just ran into Jamie Dornan at Poor Richards in Burnsville. U should be here.
You see how Jamie Dornan is not John Oliver's Christian? That's how I feel about Damian Lewis potentially being the new Bond.
Do you guys have any selfie with Jamie Dornan aka ??
'The Fall' season 3: Production time for Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson cast; plus, rumors
Which icon of creep shall we nominate next to read Poe aloud to a new generation? Jamie Dornan? Jack Gleeson?
I want to meet some Dornaholics, fifty family, Jamie Dornan and Tom Hardy it's not too much to ask is it?
If you missed all the fan pictures with Jamie from today, check them in the gallery:
On tomorrow at 10-30am a farmer who doesn't whinge, Jeremy Corbyn and Jamie Dornan as …
Happy fantastic Jamie Dornan Friday all.god's gift to all women an a jem to his wife an beautiful daughter...
I need a good makeup collage and London have the best, that's my excuse not because Jamie dornan lives there 😂😂😂
PICTURED: Jamie Dornan enjoys day out at Czech Masters golf tournament
Added HQ Untagged Shots of Jamie Dornan arriving at the after party
One more beautiful fan picture with Jamie from today!
Spying on the filming of the new Jamie Dornan film
If you missed them, check those 5 pictures of Jamie at the European Golf Tour in Czech today: h…
PICTURED: enjoys day out at Czech Masters golf tournament
Let's learn English verbs with Jamie Dornan! 😂 Jamie is a man with many talents... 💚
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