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Jamie Carragher

James Lee Duncan Jamie Carragher (born 28 January 1978) is an English footballer of Irish descent, who plays as a defender for Premier League side Liverpool.

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Jamie Carragher names the best No.10 in the Premier League.
So I just said goodnight to Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher 😳 love my job man
How much do Martin Tyler and Jamie Carragher love West Ham? They were getting so excited, awful commentary.
I’d love Jamie Carragher if it wasn’t for his accent spoiling it . Straight talker.
Jamie Carragher on Liverpool's second half against Sevilla.
It’s ok, Jamie Carragher has enjoyed the game. All will be ok...
Jamie Carragher is a disgrace on in game commentary. 100% dive, for a start, never mind the rest of his mindless ou…
Jamie Carragher: "If Mesut Özil had performed the way Dele Alli performed on Saturday, we'd be slaughtering him"
Arsenal are still a long way ahead of Tottenham, claims Jamie Carragher who believes Mesut Ozil would have been slaughtered…
Jamie Carragher: "If Mesut Özil performed the way Dele Alli did in that game, we would be slaughtering Özil."
Among the former players confirmed to play for Liverpool are Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Dirk Kuyt, Luis Garci…
Jamie Carragher and friends go Trick or Treating for Halloween
Jamie Carragher on why Jose Mourinho's tactics will cost Man Utd the title... and the statistics back him up
Watch: Jamie Carragher trolled Jose Mourinho at half-time of Leicester v West Brom (
Jamie Carragher exclusive: 'Arjen Robben is a true great - we should appreciate him more'. https:/…
Jamie Carragher reveals what he thinks will cost Manchester United the title this season
Manchester United must improve one record to win the Premier League - Jamie Carragher
FULL STORY: has his say on Jose Mourinho's record in games against top-six teams. https:…
Vg analysis from Jamie Carragher. Not sure what the debate is here. As he says, trying to win is how you win
Jamie Carragher was an awful footballer who was established by Houllier's ult…
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes Manchester United star is the "best in the world" htt…
"His way, of late, is not working" - . Mourinho's top-six record may cost Man Utd the title. Read more:
"The international break was an absolute godsend for Roy Hodgson". looks at how Crystal Palace beat Chelsea http…
criticises Jose Mourinho his tactics doesn't work
Jamie Carragher on why Premier League managers are reluctant to take a chance on young English talent. Listen:
If you watch & you slate Max Clark please just listen to Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher & understand what a full backs job is.
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have their say on Rafa Benitez's 'facts' rant
Carragher never understood Benitez facts rant - Carragher never understood Benitez facts rant...
.first interview as a columnist. Would he swap his medal for a Premier League title?…
🤷‍♂️ Jamie Carragher says he doesn't have a clue why Rafa Benitez went on his 'facts' rant.
.joins listen to his Total Football podcast interview via
Jamie Carragher would only consider coaching switch for job
Jamie Carragher would only consider coaching switch for Liverpool job. Photo credit: PA
Jamie Carragher's reaction to being allowed to say 's**t' on live TV. 😂👏. 🎥 -
Carragher never understood Benitez 'facts' rant. 💭🤔
Jamie Carragher calling Gary Neville "big nose" is comedy gold
Jamie Carragher reveals fury at Sadio Mane’s Liverpool injury lay-off...
Carragher never understood Benitez 'facts' rant
21 years ago today, Jamie Carragher signed his first Liverpool contract. 737 appearances later, he is a Liverpool legend…
How excited is Jamie Carragher about this? 😂. 🎥
Jamie Carragher says only Liverpool role could tempt him to quit TV for coaching
Reading Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher reminisce about Rafa Benitez's 'facts' rant reminds me of Gerrard's take. The fi…
Jamie Carragher: I've never known why Rafa Benitez went on his 'facts' rant
Jamie Carragher reveals the one job he'd give up Sky Sports punditry for: Carragher, who made 737 appearances ..
New columnist talks Harry Kane and boxing career. Listen to the interview: http…
Paul Hayward interviews the newest member of Jamie Carragher. Listen on our Total Football podcast. https…
Jamie Carragher responds to Gary Neville's not-so-subtle dig at Liverpool in brutal manner -
Good to see another impartial panel on a super Sunday featuring Everton & Liverpool.Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher
(Should Jay Rodriguez stay down? Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher discuss on MNF...) has been published on Da ...…
Jamie Carragher had a fantastic reply when John Arne Riise named his best Liverpool XI
I live for the Phil Neville and Jamie Carragher banter 😅
Phil Neville and Thierry Henry are also stealing livings as pundits. Only pundit I acknowledge is Jamie Carragher. He's always on.
Yea no one wants to win countless trophies for one of the World's greatest clubs. The k…
Jose Mourinho managed to have a dig at Jamie Carragher during
They have *** like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp, Phil Thompson, Graeme Souness working for them what you expect
Mourinho: . "I did to you the same as Henry did to Jamie Carragher I'm sorry"
Inside the Bold Street exclusive trainer shop loved by Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher calls the Arsenal players & board cowards
Jose Mourinho makes fun of Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry… by recreating THAT 'tou.. (Source: Mirror)
Mourinho hilariously makes fun of Carragher and Henry during interview.
Jamie Carragher gives his analysis of Liverpool FC back 4
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Jamie Carragher on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: "He is a good player for the squad, but central midfield, I am still scratchin…
Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher recreating that special moment 😂😂😂. Via: .
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher left stunned by Aaron Ramsey
I wonder if Jamie Carragher has got angry birds on that tablet to play during the ad breaks
April 2011. When Jon Flanagan knocked his idol Jamie Carragher out cold after headbutting him against Arsenal
So Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are doing the pre/post and here in America we have Arlo White, Lee Dixon & the American Dunce, Martino.
Luis Suarez wanted to join Arsenal in 2013 and the. current Philippe Coutinho situation reminds me of that,. says Jamie Carragher.
Jamie Carragher to talkSPORT likened Coutinho's potential Barca transfer to that of Cristiano to Real Madrid from Manch…
You have to love the transfer banter between Jamie Carragher and Peter Reid!
Jamie Carragher and Friends have a day out at Wimbledon
Everyone on about how VVD followed Paul Joyce and Jamie Carragher, but no one's talking about how he follows Steph Curry. Think about it.
Jamie Carragher and friends go to the Zoo
Jamie Carragher, Harry Redknapp, Michael Owen, Steve Bruce, Rafa Benitez, Brendan Rodgers and more on what they want f…
hi Amy, can you ask Michael if he would like Daniel Agger, didi hamann, Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness, John aldridge. On shirt
All else aside, George Osborne and Ed Balls are doing for politics what Garry Neville and Jamie Carragher do for football.
Jamie Carragher can't get in a argument with Eidur Gudjohnsen about trophies 😂😂😂
Eidur Gudjohnsen takes on Jamie Carragher over Liverpool’s ‘ghost’ goal -
Eidur Gudjohnson shares a laugh with Jamie Carragher and Luis Garcia over the infamous 'ghost goal'
'He’ll end up at West Ham' - Daniel Sturridge has his say on Jamie Carragher's comments.
Why have Jamie Carragher & Danny Simpson got beef with one another anyway?
fa cup own goals, Des Walker, Jamie Carragher, Gary Mabbot? Can't think of the other.
Jamie Carragher says new diving punishment has created 'more problems' for Man Utd .
Ronnie Moran remembered by Liverpool greats Phil Thompson and Jamie Carragher
'Man Utd embarrassing away in big games': Jamie Carragher -
Steve Nicol like Jamie Carragher and Phil Thompson have criticised FSG's transfer policy. 3 LEGENDS saying the same thing. Coincidence? 🤔
'Ticks all the boxes': Jamie Carragher explains why Liverpool should sign - International Business Times, UK Edition
Jamie Carragher makes transfer revelation about Mesut Ozil moving to Liverpool
David Luiz is getting torn a new one by Jamie Carragher on MNF.
Jamie Carragher: Why Eden Hazard should be crowned Player of the Year by
Jamie Carragher: "The Arsenal players are like a bunch of Son-in-law's. what Father would want to bring one of them Ar…
Mirror: Jamie Carragher tips Arsenal and Manchester United to miss out on Premier League top four
legend Jamie Carragher phones talkSPORT to hit back at...
Referees turn the tables on Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher aims brutal comeback after Steven Gerrard labels him as Liverpools most vain (Echo)…
Jamie Carragher and friends go to The Barber Shop
WATCH: Jamie Carragher remembers Liverpool great Ronnie Moran, who has died at the age of 83 h…
Jamie Carragher: Chelsea star must win PFA player of the year, Luiz is outstanding
Rush: "Maybe, in the future we can start a new Anfield dynasty, with Steven Gerrard & Jamie Carragher calling the shots."
The cat's out the bag. 50 mins with . 4pm. Subscribe: Free – on Xabi: htt…
Jamie Carragher. Arsène Wenger is a legend in the English game.But we have reached the point where his reign should come t…
Mirror: - Liverpool can have new managerial dynasty with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, says fellow Kop idol …
Even Jamie Carragher is trolling us through Arsenal Fan TV 😩
Waiting for either Souness, Neville or Carragher to react to a games big incident and then realising it's Jamie Red…
Jamie Carragher. Will the house come tumbling down without Wenger? No. They won before he arrived and they will win again…
Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard, Donald Trump, Brendan Rodgers and Wayne Rooney go on a Fishing Trip
Electronic Device Insurance
Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler reunited in Sydney for
News: Liverpool midfielder Emre Can may not stay at Anfield - Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher about to kill Jamie Redknapp for interrupting him 😂 [
Jamie Carragher gives his take on Emre Can's Liverpool future
Carra, Henry on Mings-Zlat clash: Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher were not surprised Zlatan Ibrahimovic went loo…
Jamie Carragher on Tyrone Mings: "That is digraceful. The stamp was horrific.”
Hilarious DAVID HAYE reacts to TONY BELLEW and Jamie Carragher training [MUST WATCH]
Gary Neville wishing Jamie Carragher good luck for his commentary today. 😂😂😂
Clark acting like Jamie Carragher there time for Chancel Mbemba
If Barcelona or Real Madrid want Coutinho, he's going just like Luis Suarez - Jamie Carragher https:…
We had Jamie Carragher and Sami Hyppia as our centre back pairing once. Now we have Klavan and Lovren smh
Something about watching Gary Neville, Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher go through a McDonalds drive through is strangely quite hilarious
Jamie Carragher pokes fun at former Everton captain Phil Neville over time as Manch
Jamie Carragher asked for his best moment of 2016:. His reply: "Gary Neville at Valencia" 😂
Jamie Carragher on his favourite moment of 2016:. "Gary Neville at Valencia!"
Finding myself agreeing with Jamie Carragher a lot pre match. F--King H---. 😟
Jamie Carragher's answer when asked what was his football highlight of 2016 on 😂😂😂
Jamie Carragher, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard sit down for Christmas Dinner together. [
Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football: "I'd love to be playing tonight and kick an Everton player up in the air. I'…
Expecting Sky to roll out Souness, Redknapp, Thompson, and Alan Parry tomorrow. Jamie Carragher too for a bit of impartiality and balance.
Jamie Carragher: Get off Pep's back, we're lucky to have him in England
Jamie Carragher on Karius: "He's had a pop at Gary Neville. He's had a pop at me. My advice would be shut up and prove you…
Jurgen Klopp responds to Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville's Liverpool criticism via
Jurgen Klopp hits back at Gary and Phil Neville for criticising his keeper. But not Jamie Carragher. lol 😂
Jamie Carragher on Loris Karius' recent comments about Gary Neville: "My advice would be, just shut up and do your job." h…
Jamie Carragher: "I'd swap Simon Mignolet with Loris Karius now.". Would you agree? 😬
Jamie Carragher when asked if Simon Mignolet should replace Loris Karius immediately:. "Yes.". Simple.
Jamie Carragher tells Loris Karius: 'Shut up and do your job' as GK makes another mistake versus http…
Jamie Carragher to Loris Karius at HT: 'Shut up and do your job' . Pretty savage...
"My advice to you would be 'Shut up, and do your job'.". - Jamie Carragher on Loris Karius' criticism of Gary Neville.…
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher tells Jurgen Klopp to drop Loris Karius as he's 'kill..
Relegation from the Premier League would diminish Leicester's title triumph, says Jamie Carragher:
You've got boys like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher who you could listen to all day then you've got Chris Sutton... stealing a living.
Jamie Carragher has branded Cesc Fabregas's assist to Diego Costa as the "pass of the season."
Jamie Carragher reveals why he believes Gareth Southgate will be successful as England manager…
“I think it’s time we look at Juan Mata and recognise him as one of the best in the league" - Jamie Carragher
Luis Suárez on Jamie Carragher in his autobiography 'Crossing the Line'. Revealing, but fair.
- F365: Jamie Carragher thinks Juan Mata should get more love. Is he the best No 10 in the Premier Leagu…
Wow, he is Britain's greatest ever sportsman for sure. He surpasses Jamie Carragher, John Wark and Ronnie O'Sullivan.
[Media: Liverpool Echo] Jamie Carragher takes on Chelsea with brilliant…
This is a great response to Chelsea's goading from
Jamie Carragher wins again with TEXTBOOK trolling of Chelsea's official account - :
This sums up the bitter nobody. Doesn't rate Kloop and thinks Carragher was a bottler.
A painful reminder for Chelsea fans...
- David Moyes isn't a bad boss, but he's in a bad job at Sunderland , JAMIE CARRAGHER: This is the weeken...
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Jamie has his own take on Gianfranco Zola's
Vote for Anfield Rap as the best footy radio show and Jamie Carragher as our best pundit here
I hope Jamie Carragher is watching CNN. This is how you control a giant iPad like a pro.
Waiting on Jamie Carragher to play with that TV complaining Trumps full backs aren't pushing high enough up the par…
Jamie Carragher has his own take on Gianfranco Zola’s Chelsea anniversary
Jamie Carragher was an awful defender. Look at the state of him.
READ: should be an example to all young players - here's a tribute - once a blue always a red - https:/…
"He's becoming one of the most important players" - Phil Neville & Jamie Carragher discuss Mata's role at Man Utd: https:/…
My top 5. Central Defenders of all time:. 1. Alan Hansen. 2. Ron Yeats. 3. Sami Hyypia. 4. Jamie Carragher. 5. Emlyn Hughes.
💬 "Daniel Sturridge is as good as Sergio Aguero". Jamie Carragher 17th October 2016
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher pick their Liverpool and Man Utd opposition teams |... via
Ryan Giggs to join Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on Monday Night Football as show...
Own goals, tough tackles and badge-kissing - Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher relive some Liverpool-Man Utd moments…
Jamie Carragher has been voted better than Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. Must be some sort of joke that
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher backing Manchester United to join Reds in Premier Lea..
Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher argue over who should get to work alongside LFC manager Jurgen Klopp
On this day one year ago, Thierry Henry & Jamie Carragher produced this reaction to Brendan Rodgers being sacked...
ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Thierry Henry & Jamie Carragher's famous reaction to the sacking of Brendan Rodgers.
I liked a video Manchester United vs Leicester City Analysis by Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, and
Gary Neville has a sly dig at Jamie Carragher & Souness's face when Gary Neville laughs at him 😂😂😂
FACT: Your girl will never look at you, the way Jamie Carragher looks at Jurgen Klopp.
'David Luiz not first-choice': Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness agree that David Luiz will not be...
"At age 19 I won more than Jamie Carragher in his whole career. He doesn't know football." - Mario Balotelli
Jamie Carragher on De Bruyne: "We're talking about a player who could become one of the best-ever foreign players in the Prem…
Yep - to be laid at the feet of Messrs Christian Purslow and Jamie Carragher.
Jamie Carragher, bad player, wonderful hater ,who cares.
Jamie Carragher column: John Stones is the future of England; Sam Allardyce is right to build his team around him
Good luck to everyone playing in the final, as well Liverpool legends Robbie Fowler and Jamie Carragher.
WATCH: Jamie Carragher had been waiting six months for this! What did Gary Neville learn from his time at Valencia? https…
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville felt Diego Costa should have been sent off against West Ham on Monday Night ...
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Ahead of Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher recalls the time he and Chris Kamara pranked Gary Neville.
Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster recreate the famous Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher scene .
Gary Neville returns to Sky Sports - and Jamie Carragher puts him in his place
BRILLIANT: Jamie Carragher's response to Gary Neville re-joining the Sky Sports team.
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are back together again! 😂👌
Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are writing an autobiography about their liverpool careers. At the moment, the book h…
Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Jamie Carragher, get some Liverpool legends in there
Jamie Carragher: Jurgen Klinsmann is my pick to replace Roy Hodgson via
Liverpool FC legends Jamie Carragher and Jason McAteer go back...
I hate Jamie Carragher with a passion!!
Jamie Carragher's last Anfield performance: against us, Steven Gerrard's last Anfield goal: against us, Ryan Giggs' last PL goal: against us
Jamie Carragher: 'This is where Liverpool will finish next season...
No European football gives and Liverpool a BIG advantage over ...
Liverpool News: Latest transfer rumours and gossip out of Anfield - Daily Star
Jamie Carragher: No European football will help Liverpool and Chelsea -
Jamie Carragher says Benitez stay is fantastic for Newcastle United
Jose Mourinho is an elite manager but Jamie Carragher, 38, scouser thinks he isn't the right man for Manchester United
Carra reveals the "advantage" Liverpool and Chelsea have next season: Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believ...
Carragher on why have a big chance for top four.
Jose Mourinho will turn Manchester United back into winners, say Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher argues that, for Chelsea and Liverpool, it will be to their benefit to miss out on European competitions next season.
Chelsea, Liverpool at an advantage in Premier League race - Jamie Carragher
Will Newcastle United make an instant return to the Premier League next season?
Carragher: "Klopp has already signed a goalkeeper and I am sure that is the first of many.”
Jamie Carragher: and will have a major advantage in the Premier League next year. http…
Jamie Carragher: "A big thing for Chelsea, an advantage for them, is no European football [next season]." htt…
ever hear of the Jamie Carragher Soprano-esque story?
Jamie Carragher is reacting to Manchester United appointing Jose Mourinho on now: https…
Carragher on Mourinho impact: Manchester United will soon be Premier League title challengers under Jose Mour...
"Sign a f**king left Back" - Jamie Carragher was not happy with Alberto Moreno's performance in the featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jamie Carragher was NOT happy with Alberto Moreno after Liverpool's final defeat
Wonder how many people from Liverpool are in Basel. 200 tops. Jamie Carragher is one of them, possibly Ricky Tomlinson and Steven French
Jamie Carragher believes John Terry deserved a better send off from Chelsea, should the captain not return ne...
Jamie Carragher column on why Chelsea should keep John Terry for 10 years & left field contender for job
Ronald Koeman is the right man for Everton - not Frank De Boer, insists Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher backs former Premier League winner for Everton job: Frank de Boer might be among the favourit...
Man Utd 2 Liverpool 1. Jan 1999. Andy Cole has a shot blocked by Jamie Carragher at Old Trafford
NEXT WEEK! Liverpool football legend Jamie Carragher is coming to 13 May >
WATCH: "Statue for Ranieri in the morning". Jamie Carragher on Leicester's title win. More: http…
Jamie Carragher: Mousa Dembele season is over after Diego Costa eye gouge -
LISTEN: MNF Podcast: Listen to our MNF podcast as Jamie Carragher and Scott Parker analyse Chelsea v Tottenha...
Jamie Carragher post-match, talking about Leicester winning the league. Like your mate talking about shagging when you know…
Jamie Carragher talking about Leicester winning the league is like Tim Henman commentating on the final of Wimbledon
“It’s the greatest achievement in the history of our game, it’s unprecedented" . - Jamie Carragher on
Good point on Sky by Jamie Carragher about breaking closed shop in monied era. restored interest in the league.
Forever having to put the subtitles on to actually understand what Jamie Carragher is saying on .
Jamie Carragher: Why Dele Alli reminds me of a young Wayne Rooney
LFC FANS! Signed postcard sets are available here…
Jamie Carragher is a walking blue waffle honestly
Jamie Carragher says Eriksen's worth to Tottenham is huge via
Jamie Carragher: "This is Arsene Wenger's greatest mistake at Arsenal."
! It's hard to argue with Carragher here
Jamie Carragher has vehemently defended under-fire referee Jon Moss, claiming the official had a 'fantastic' game during…
Jamie Carragher: Arsenal would have won this many titles with Luis Suarez Jamie…
Jamie Carragher: ‘Had Arsenal signed Suarez for £50m [not £1m], they would have won the Premier League in two of the last…
Arsene Wenger's biggest-ever mistake was not signing Luis Suarez, says Jamie Carragher
It's hard to argue with Carragher here
Jamie Carragher: "Not signing Suarez is the biggest mistake in Wenger's reign."
Jamie Carragher always looks like he's going to end someone. Tonight, I'm hoping it's Jamie Rednapp.
respect for Jamie Carragher (for once) a big man to stand up and say this when Mssrs Wright and Shearer (& DG) say different -
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Jamie Carragher talking total sense on Jon Moss. Hope Alan Shearer and Ian Wright are watching
Time may yet prove that last night was the greatest European night of them all. (Jamie Carragher)
Jamie Carragher: "In terms of Louis van Gaal I don't see him at the club next year if he doesn't get top four."
SkySports: Carra on Van Gaal's future: ​Jamie Carragher says Manchester United are "going backwards" under Lou...
Good touch and Cole following tradition set by Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand.
Martin Oneill is like a cross between Jim Watt, Jamie Carragher, David Lloyd, Len Goodman and Eric Bristow. Is there anyth…
Graham Souness, Niall Quinn and Jamie Carragher could you pick a better bunch who hate United 😂😂😂
Jamie Carragher 'can't believe' Liverpool signed Mario Balotelli. Hopes Chinese team signs him (via
Why always him? . Jamie Carragher says Mario Balotelli was worst ever signing:
Jamie Carragher picks Liverpool's 3 worst signings of the modern era -
Balotelli one of Liverpool's worst signings - Carragher: Jamie Carragher has named Mario Balot...
Jamie Carragher 'praying' Liverpool agree big-money deal for this striker -
Alan Pardew loses his cool with Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher after Benteke 'dive'.
Jamie Carragher has revealed Brendan Rodgers initially told him he wanted him to be on his staff, before appointing Mike Mar…
'I am delighted he is back' – Jamie Carragher weighs in on Jon Flanagan Via
Jamie Carragher says Jon Flanagan deserves a new contract - but not because he's a Scouser!
I guess you played more games than Jamie Carragher, Gary Lineker, John Hartson. All 3 are embarrassment 2 football?
Jamie Carragher has joined those calling for Jon Flanagan to receive a new contract, with his current deal set to...
“I am delighted he is back” – Jamie Carragher weighs in on Jon Flanagan contract situation
Liverpool news: Jon Flanagan wants to emulate Jamie Carragher as one-club man
The last time my notifications were this full was when I dissed Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher lmao!
Jamie Carragher "Arsene Wenger won't overspend on new signings, the only people who are overspending at Arsenal are the fans"
Daniel Sturridge was well off the pace but Liverpool must keep him, says Jamie Carragher following Reds' cup fin...
Budweiser's Dream Goal: Can you beat this Sunday league strike?
Who was Liverpool’s best player against Manchester City?
Rio Ferdinand just made Jamie Carragher look like a fool... Well, made him look like an even bigger fool
Andy Townsend and Brendan Rodgers trying to stage a Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp .. Hilarious! Get away from that touchscreen!
Jamie Carragher: Aston Villa are the worst Premier League team...
Jon Flanagan is like if Jamie Carragher and Xavi Alonso had a child
Flanagan is the most Jamie Carragher player ever. Makes up for the lack of talent with pure desire. Intelligent player aswell
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he is class. Reminds me of a young jamie carragher
The way that Noel roasts Jamie Carragher after the game on Sunday will never get old! 😂😂
Well done First to find Jamie CARRAGHER in our Liverpool
Remember that time Michael Owen, Phil Neville, Emile Heskey and Jamie Carragher all captained England in the same game? Good times.
JAMIE CARRAGHER: The clock is ticking. Daniel Sturridge, as he approaches the peak years of his career, won’t appreciate it fully but time
When did Jamie Carragher get on ex on the beach then 🤔😂
Can't wait to see Jamie Carragher analysing Adam Johnsons defence after this.
JAMIE CARRAGHER: Liverpool's decision has made me proud of my club again
Liverpool sacked Rodgers for wasting money, says Jamie Carragher
Liverpool legend, Cara, gives his thoughts on yesterday's game. Worth a read.
Want to be a winner Win a signed Jamie Carragher shirt!
Have you entered our Win a signed Jamie Carragher shirt!
That's enough! Carragher says Liverpool MUST get rid of TWO Cup final flops .
Remember when Jamie Carragher said Liverpool are in danger of turning into a Tottenham, ledge
Did Anyone said Jamie Carragher shd ve been shipped out when he was scoring those own goals and wasn't he doing mistakes when he was playing
Great to read about Alive & Kicking in the piece on making a difference
An important article on the power of featuring & more: https:/…
On Gabriel's English: "Doesn't matter, just look at Jamie Carragher, he couldn't speak a word of English and he won the Champions League."
Jamie Carragher: Premier League clubs have a duty to look after supporters... it wasn't nice walking out at Anfield, but fa…
Jamie Carragher says Liverpool must sign new goalkeeper and left-back | GiveMeSport
Jamie Carragher makes a great point why Leicester City won't choke from rivals
Football passion, fairplay on the stands, British humour and Jamie Carragher on TV 😁😉😉
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher says, 'Simon Mignolet and Alberto Moreno must be dropped' via
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