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Jamie Bulger

James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993) was a boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, who was murdered on 12 February 1993, at the age of two.

Jon Venables Robert Thompson

'I'm last to know' Jamie Bulger's mum lashes out after son's killer is re-jailed
Jamie Bulger's sick killer Jon Venables back in prison after SHOCK new child abuse claim
Jon Venables' was "as calm as a cucumber" when questioned about Jamie Bulger's killing, says his solicitor
Those would be the careful targets of the families of little Jamie Bulger or the Hillsborough victims? You're scum Bob. You know it too.
Those talking about unique political impact of appear to have forgotten about Tony Blair & Jamie Bulger
Compare Blair after the Jamie Bulger case to Labour now. He politicised a tragedy and won power, but something is very different
Colleague of mine earlier made similar point about rise of Blair and 'moral vacuum' following murd…
Jon Venables's lawyer during the Jamie Bulger trial, Laurence Lee, tells LBC he thinks teenagers guilty of Spalding murders should be named
you are too young to remember the Jamie Bulger case
The Jamie Bulger case. First time I cried after watching a news report. I was 7 I think.
You have to know the whole story. Don't forget Jamie Bulger was taken a few feet from his mother. There are many parents the same.
anyone who thinks having a profile pic of the Jamie Bulger killers is just an immature moron.
Can you think of any explanations for mental health incidents other than "due to video games"?. The Jamie Bulger case in 1993? (Maybe a film)
Icicle melts is about the murder of a child named Jamie Bulger
they need the cash to fund their next disaster. One every four years... Toxteth, Heysel, Hillsborough, Jamie Bulger..
You think Jamie Bulger could have been a one-off?! NOPE
. Bulger wheat always reminds me of poor little Jamie Bulger. .
Jamie Bulger murder horrific crime, but his killers trial was also miscarriage of justice.
Yes they knew what they were doing. Jamie Bulger is but a memory, but the swine are living free, protected. Depraved animals.
WATCH: I interviewed Shelagh Fogarty about her experience of covering the Jamie Bulger case & age of criminal resp.
it happened aswell once the killers of Jamie Bulger were realised - I'm sure one of them moved to Australia
Beware. This would be typical of how Thompson & Venables started. It led them to Jamie Bulger's brutal murde…
Watching a Jamie Bulger programme today made me feel sick, the fact 2 10 year old boys could do such evil things to a baby knocks me sick.
I was about 8 or 9. Still haunts me the same way that the image of Jamie Bulger being led off does. 👼🏼👼🏻
So did Jamie Bulger's mother but people only like to criticize "middle class" parents.
Venables joined a dating site in 2015:
Apparently now anyone caught selling nos can get 7 years prison time. Yet Jon Venables from the Jamie Bulger case was …
weren't the Jamie Bulger killers released by order of the European Court of Human Rights ? Rehabilitation impossible unfortunately.
Parents like Denise, Jamie Bulger's mum I have upmost for. Some VILE people out there. ALWAYS the offenders fau…
...and others see them and associate them with the disrespecting of Jamie Bulger charity?
Jamie Bulger would be 25 now. Never forgotten little angel
Possible compensation for Robert Thompson, convicted of killing Jamie Bulger as 10 yr old, for phone hacking htt…
12 year olds being 'taught' about the murder of Jamie Bulger! School shouldnt allow it
Was the shopping list Jamie Bulger went to the shops with?
by that reckoning, those awful Jamie Bulger child killers woukd
Perhaps I'll also reveal what you said about Anne Williams on the day of her death. And the insults re Jamie Bulger and the 96.
So kids throw stones and they're likened to the Jamie Bulger killers. What you got for us this time Kate?
EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Bulger's killer uses his new identity to look for love online.
Glad you quote Jamie Bulger case. Robert Ambridge can mock the dead and my taxes protect Jon Venables?
Ben Needhams family not supported like this. Jamie Bulger's killers could be locked up forever if gov. Wanted.
Jamie Bulger was even more deep than this, people in my class had to leave cos they were crying so hard
. Don't get me wrong, silly thing to do but what a costly mistake. . Remember - Jamie Bulger was left alone for minutes...
Jamie Bulger was right next to his MOTHER at a shopping centre and STILL got kidnapped, and you wanna be leaving your kids to eat tapas.
None of that justifies the cruelty I've seen posted about them. Who next? Jamie Bulger's mum?
The Jamie Bulger case actually makes me so ill, I can't understand any 10 year olds motive to kill a 2 year old.
My mate is so ruthless. He stole the Jamie Bulger collection tin and used the money to buy batteries.
That "donger" thing is as funny as the Jamie Bulger case
Jamie Bulger's murder case makes me emotional :(
One of which is "My James". Jamie Bulger's dads story. Very emotional which makes it hard to read at times :/
I have a feeling it was Jamie bulger but I'm not too sure :/
You know it's embarrassing when are referring to the "Jamie Bulger" it's James Bulger you clueless clueless women!
The jamie bulger killers got new identities and went to australia, one of thems now a serial paedophile, nice one UK judicial system
Researching Jamie Bulger today has made me realise how sick and twisted some people are
Jon Venables (convicted murderer of Jamie Bulger) is to be freed from prison (again) with yet another new identity. The Metropolitan Police allegedly still believe that Madeleine McCann is alive and are opening yet another investigation into her disappearance. I, as I imagine very many of you, have my own views on these matters. Anybody want to discuss?
So Jon Venables is 2B released on Parole how can this ever be Justice for little Jamie Bulger,also Steve Brookstein should keep his remarks 2 himself. No wonder his career went down the pan What a looser!!! Shame on him.
So Jon Venables, the little scumbag that killed Jamie Bulger, that defenseless 2 year old, is being let out of prison, just goes to show our justice system is beyond repair! When Venables gets out someone should shoot between the eyes and hang his worthless body!
It is most interesting,not to mention distressing, to log onto fb to read racist & prejudice comments about the tragedy that happened yesterday to a soldier in Woolwich. I have yet to see biblical or scientific data to evidence that what happened yesterday or throughout history, correlates to ones ethnicity, race, colour or otherwise. It is ones state of mind which drives one to such brutality. Removing all ethnics from the UK would not reduce the crime rate or such evil acts within Britain. Lets digress to the USA; three caucasian women were captive for a century and subjected to such brutality of its kind. Who came to the aid of those women? Although I do not offer reward and recognition for the first correct answer, it is merely food for thought. I leave you with several case studies within Britain; Jamie Bulger, Ian Huntley, the Yorkshire Ripper, the lake District mad hatter the list is endless. So on that note.'Argument Dun'' aka I rest my case!!! Big up to arl mi Ethnic and Caucasian breddrin dat ha ...
It is simple. Jon Venables should NEVER be given parole. I'M with Jamie Bulger's dad.
A picture of Gary Glitter with Jamie Bulger on his knee at Hillsboro certainly would.
Finally finished my book on all the horrible crimes of the past, from Jamie Bulger to Fred West.. Now it's time to read a happy book please!
I have the option to get on with my life, so does Robert Thompson. Shame Jamie Bulger never got to get on with his tho huh.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Venables and Thompson pure evil the way they murdered Jamie Bulger was diabolical they have had the life of riley no justice for the little boy and his family why are the government protecting the murderers is beyond me lock them up and throw away the key!
I genuinely staggered by the number of *** who are re-posting and sharing pictures that allegedly identify one or other of the killers of Jamie Bulger. Firstly there is a worldwide injunction in place to prevent identification and the Attorney General is already taking action to prosecute and quite probably jail those who breach the injunction. Secondly what if it isn't them and an innocent person is then attacked or even murdered?! Thirdly if it is them are you looking for them to be attacked or murdered, perhaps you would like to be involved yourself? If you don't respect the judiciary system we have in place in this country then either a. Feel free to leave this country for one which supports 'kangaroo' courts or vigilantes or b. study to become a barrister and then be called upon to join the judiciary.
The one on the right is Paul Jon Williams,Jamie Bulger killer Jon Venables. everybody needs to know who this is RT
Any of my friends/family that from this point post this alleged picture of Jamie Bulger's killers as they look now will be instantly removed from my friends list never to be re-added. Not only are you potentially risking the lives of innocent people who never had anything to do with that child's murder but you are also risking prosecution for breaking an international injunction against revealing the new identities of Venables and Thompson.
Plzhelpwhos son Jamie Bulger was killed 20 years ago plz fill in this E-petition and RT,
Blimey, 20 years ago today since Jamie Bulger was murdered? Awful day for the country :-(
I remember Jamie Bulger being taken like it was yesterday. God bless you Ralph, my heart goes out to you
Interesting article on youth justice in terms of the Jamie Bulger murderers.
Police 'stole identities of dead children' to give undercover officers new identities. "We can't understand what all the fuss is about." said detective Jamie Bulger & WPC Milly Dowler.
... individuals who were John Venables & Robert Thompson. In this situation the two indivduals abducted Jamie Bulger and had taken...
Remembering little Jamie Bulger who was murdered 19 years ago today.
The murder of Jamie Bulger is actually sickening and disturbing. He was such a cute little boy I don't understand how anyone could kill him.
If Labour was responsible for Barclays Libor fraud, then surely Kenneth Clarke as Home Secretary was responsible for death of Jamie Bulger?
Talking about the Jamie Bulger and Myra Hindley cases in Philosophy and Ethics class today. So sad :(
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