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James Woods

James Howard Woods (born April 18, 1947) is an American film, stage and television actor.

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.. Uh, huh.. Aw.. You Lie.. This is .. James Woods tried to pick you up, bu…
actor James Woods on AA flight Boston-LA month prior to 9/11.Reports suspicious behaviour -Mohammed Atta on plane.
James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once. He wanted to take us to Vegas. "I'm 16"…
Except for Robert Duval, James Woods and afew others
Hi Did you see this? After prison, you get to visit with James Woods!! That's cool.
Do you believe in getting angry drunk and yelling slurs with Susan Olsen, James Woods, Mel…
are we certain that James Woods does not have an acquired brain injury as well?
I've not seen either, but with likes of Paul Newman and James Woods in them i will need to give the…
James Woods an unemployed burnt out actor 🎭 who can't find a gig even in a low budget p…
I love that movie. So many highlights, but watching James Woods being showered in crabs by an expl…
If you are taking James Woods' word as the truth, I'm questioning your sanity.
James Woods, like Wagner and Céline, is proof that great talent and great evil can co-exist in the same body.
I think you might have found the only thing worse than F-List celebrity James Woods movies, Jim in this site.
It is. Jim Baker, Stone, Limbaugh, Loesh, Any number of white supremacists, James Woods, etc. Not one of…
You're a great man, James Woods!!! For those that don't get a chance, Thank you...
James Woods, but what about how much you admire, David Duke, a running dog of the KKK!
Some real modern day heros are Trump supporters in Hollywood like Scott Baio, James Woods, Tim Allen, Clint Eastwood and Chuck Woolery.
On Saturday evening, Hollywood star James Woods was threatened by Matthew E. Jacob of Huntington, Long Island,...
Yes. I still like the works of Charlton Heston, but loath his world view. James Woods manages to ma…
Are you under the delusion that James Woods is superman? What did that litt…
Matthew, DYK, that the only person on Earth that Christopher Walken is scared of, is James Woods? LOL, can I have…
Thank you Ron for standing up to this hater. James Woods, say goodbye to Hollywood.
James Woods scorched reporters 4lack of INV journalism by MSM when we R forced 2learn truth from outside sources like W…
who is this James Woods guy you talk about in Family Guy?
I refuse to believe that James Woods is this stupid, and he has instead slipped into Grandpa Simpson mode
And in celebrity news, James Woods is a moron, but Ron Perlman (on the other hand, is a national t…
Donald Trump appeals to his supporting base... That "base" consists of Tami Lahren, Scott Baio, James Woods, and 12.5 m…
I see Peter [retarded] Griffin is still claiming to be the real James Woods.
James Woods: Dems are starting a CIVIL WAR… . via
Watching White House Down...James Woods is the traitor, head of Secret Service, turns out he has a brain tumor, sound familiar?
Is that James Woods from the Kwik-E-Mart or James Woods who becomes Peter Griffin?
James Woods can't understand this kind of vitriol at a white president.
Nope. They are all on James Woods page talking about shooting ppl if Trump is found guilty.
James Woods is an *** No one should hire him, like, ever again.
Well it's not like Sean Astin and James Woods were doing anything.
I do believe James Woods just called Bill Clinton a rapist 😕😕😕
We need more stars like Scott Baio and James Woods that has balls to stand for their !!!
When you have James Woods, Scott Bayo, and Ted Nugent on your side. *** yo…
I think Sonny is going back to mom's basement and binge in Scott Baio and James Woods flicks, lol.
If Trump had been born poor, he would have been James Woods in Casino.
TV Show Idea: Bill Maher & James Woods are 2 buddies who try 2 pickup barely legal women. Series ends with both of them on Catch a Predator.
James Woods wasn't really acting in the movie Contact. He's that big of an *** in real life too.
How has there not been a James Woods call in on your show? If only we could get Woods and Vaughn in same phone call!!
I can't, I'm blocked by James Woods. I had to read the comments to figure out his evil.
You go James Woods... Keep up the great work my man!!!
hhhm, seems like James Woods is a big ole ***
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James woods is cancelled. I don't know her.
Is it bad that I agree with James woods on this one ?
Smh. Well at least told us how trash james woods was years ago.
Congrats! I keep trying to get James Woods to block me but no luck so far.
Right? I'm like "who the *** is James Woods and why does he have a blue check n…
NO ONE in Hollywood...legit...pays attention to JAMES WOODS anymore...he shot his credibility decad…
I always hated James Woods too lol what a POS.
James Woods, overlook the hate and just embrace the love ❤️ of we the true patriotic Ameri…
. "I never anticipated that one of the great joys of the Trump election would be the liberal meltdown" --James Woods.
James Woods went to MIT and is a REAL LIFE GENIUS . UNEDUCATED LIBERAL Neil Patrick Harris PLAYED A GE…
Neil Patrick Harris slams James Woods for "classless" attack on gender creative kid via
That moment when you realize James Woods is the smartest man in the room and NOT a liberal Hollywood…
James Woods and Richard Seymour Confirmed for Charity Series of Poker Season 4 Kickoff at MGM Grand
That would be Vince Vaughn or James Woods and Tim Allen. Their careers are suffering for it to.
So the only TV or Movies you watch are Clint Eastwood and James Woods one-man shows?
I've never liked you Paul, but that is funny. A lot like James Woods movies I guess.
During a meeting, Stephen Miller reveals to Ben Carson that school teachers are conservative Christians. James Woods rides in Air Force One.
James Woods is probably the only actor I'd like to meet. Oh and Tim Allen. Such cool, down to…
I used to remind James Woods of his scene in Scary Movie 2 until he blocked me
Youssef Zaghba looks like Prince and James Woods had a 3 way with a she devil. Glad you're dead
That may be true but it's liberals who are exhibiting a double standard. If, say, James Woods or Tim Al…
He was Dennis Miller to me before this. He's more like a cross between Victoria Jackson and James Woods to me now.
Is too Jewish to join the alt-right brotherhood w/ Chuck Woolery, James Woods, Chuck Norris, Jon Voight,…
James Woods is Just So Cool... Love your posts, Be a Fan of yours for Many Many Years... Keep them coming!!
I added a video to a playlist Alex Reviews | Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - James Woods Rules
When did James Woods turn into a Sith Lord?
You know what would be nice, Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, James Woods from their area…
He blocked me too! . I'm hoping for James Woods and Dinesh…
Gotta love Dumoulin's attitude: "I will go down in the history books for winning the Giro after pooping in the woods — it’s…
Woods form was down to James beattie. Rhodes would probably light up lea…
Out for a walk in my woods, it's stopped raining, but the trees are dripping like a full-on shower. . Only an *** would be without a coat.
Wish I could just roll up a couple woods and hotbox them on the way to bays graduation party 😂 but the way her grandparents set up...
Thank u James Woods for not buying into Hollywood liberal politics.. The ppl will always stand with u.
Have to go back to this generation to find them like James Woods!
James woods makes more sense than u snowflakes ever could
Could I suggest a guest for your show? I would love to see James Woods com…
LeBron James is better than Kevin Durant. More important, LeBron believes he's better than Durant on the Finals stage.
God no. However James Woods is the LAST person I'd get my info from. Racist, rude ***
I know I definitely agree with everything James Woods says because he's a pillar of political wisdom. 🤦
Woods Caperton Eastland, who led the lynch mob, was Senator James Eastland's father.
Time to cut the heck out of my Night in the Woods segment.
Come and worship Rev. James Woods preaching. I'll be worshipping livestream at 10:05
James Woods' opinions are a wonderful source of reality but watching the "Actor's Actor…
🇺🇸 James Woods🇺🇸. One of the few true Hollywood Patriots.
AMBER ALERT: Here's the man wanted for kidnapping a woman & her 4 kids, Octavis Crout, AKA Octavious Woods. . MORE: ht…
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Thrilled that someone blocked by James Woods likes my songs enough to follow me! (New one every Fri - no shortage of material!)
Over dinner, Lindsey Graham tells Rick Perry that the Feds are big fans. James Woods discreetly applies for other jobs.
Fun to see Johnny Carson re-run w guest James Woods just weeks before Pres Reagan took office! True comedy and talent http…
Wait until the halmark movie version with James Woods and Stephen Baldwin.
Trump will nominate his mom, James Woods, Jimmy Hoffa, or Liberace as Special Prosecutor.
Hollywood wants a more ‘authentic’ 2020 candidate via How about James Woods?
I saw a very young James Woods on Season 1 of Rockford Files, I sure do miss James Garner
It's making me think of that bit in Family Guy where they catch James Woods with a trail of candy.
I have an easier way - If it doesn't star James Woods, Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Kelsey Grammar or Jon Voight, stay home.
Pls. Alt-R has Alex Jones and James Woods & David Duke and Cernovich who denied Newt…
Thanks to everyone who came out to King Neptune's last night! And a big thanks to James Woods from Formula 5 for...
Very interesting when Hollywood goes hard right; James Woods, Dennis Miller, Ronald Reagan
Celebs I share my bday with: David Tennant, James Woods, Rick Moranis
Still suffering from being in Videodrome,James Woods now…
James Woods is one of the really sleazy dudes. Lyin' Jim they call him. Reliable falsifier.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
James Woods you are funny and smart. I am not surprised so many follow you. Plus you are a terrific…
A hick could mean James Woods here. He's about the dumbest loudest hick with a phalanx of even dumber hicks ready to shout "I am Spartacus!"
Wow. The actor James Woods just trolled me for respecting Muslim-Americans.
Ever wonder what happened to that old actor James Woods? Wonder no more. His head is buried, but it isn't buried in…
You're Brian Dennehy and a it was still okay to like James Woods old. That's cocaine was still good by ac…
James Woods is a washed up actor with nothing else to do,but try to bash President Obama.
Another win for the day: the alt right actor James Woods blocked me. Another victory for Clark Kent! Ha ha
Is that the washed up actor James Woods? I thought he was dead. Oh well.
Bad Picture of Dorian Gray come to life - James Woods, actor out of work.
This "actor" James Woods, depicting these people as demons below, claims to have an IQ of 180. Going by the company…
How would actor James Woods know that? Credible source or...?
Happy 70th Birthday to the great actor James Woods. He's been in many great movies over the yrs!
James Woods you are a hero. You're the anti-sterotypical brainwashed Hollywood elite actor. Wish there were more like you
"So... Hollywood actor James Woods continues to make it clear that he's a complete and total asshol…
Love Josh Brolin as Cable, but REALLY love Jonah Hill as Shatterstar, Nic Cage as Boom Boom, James Woods as Stryfe, and Air Bud as Feral.
Entry visa of James Woods, US actor famed for playing "Owl-Man" in cartoon regarding underwear fetishists, is revoked for re…
I see your James Woods in VIDEODROME and I raise you Dennis Franz in BLOW OUT
Why doesn't James Woods shut his piehole?
Can we make a movie with only Hollywood Trumpkin conservatives: Jon Voight, James Woods, Rob Schneider, Kurt Russell, etc.?
Alright I'm a little sad. Gilbert Gottfried as Iago, James Woods as Hades. And the genie? Dan Castellaneta. Bit of a bummer
I could not agree more with James Woods. and yet the Democrats just don't seem to get it. And they're moving even...
Morehouse College Football Athletics ran for the NFL scouts on yesterday!. James Woods. Austin Benton. Emmanuel Park…
I swear I thought James Woods and Gary Busey were the same person for the longest time
Woman sues actor James Woods after she was falsely ID'd as 'the Nazi salute lady.'
. "President Trump is actually doing everything he promised to make our nation great again." -James Woods .
dramatic lifetime of Roy Kohn is movie "Citizen Cohn" (played by James Woods) & stage of Tony Kushner "An…
Dumby Chuck Todd better watch out trying to mess with James Woods. I heard he has the highest IQ in Hollywood. Its off the c…
It doesn't bug me that actors voice their politics. James Woods, Scott Baio, and Stephen Baldwin can share all the ignorance they want.
. John Cleese . Roger Daltrey . James Woods . Anyone who ever played in Deep Purple except for Rod Evans and Joe Lynn Turner
Wonder if he wrote anything for Eastwood, James Woods or Vince Vaughn.
She could be the bar singer when Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and James Woods get drunk.
When I hear James Woods speak I realize he's still in character from when he played Roy Cohn.
Mary Matalin and James Carville, James Woods and nobody, yadda yadda.
Kubo and the Two Strings: I know it's Ralph Fiennes as the Moon King. I believe IMDB. But *** even knowing that, I still hear James Woods.
seems James Woods is the US equivalent of Lee Hurst...
James Woods makes it so hard to follow him. He's better than Frank Stallone anyway. I still feel like unfollowing b…
Man, that Rosanne Barr/James Woods mismatched buddy comedy I have in development is going to go through the roof.
co starring Joe Pesci as Bill Graham and James Woods as Ken Kesey and Frank Vincent as Sonny Barger
yeah, cuz James Woods, Arnold, Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, etc are all suffering so badly.
Gosh, haven't heard James Woods or Dennis Miller say that people shouldn't have access to healthcare.
is giving me James Woods as Byron De La Beckwith. Smug, confident, old white racist tease.
Little bit about me: 20 years ago I heard a promo on Asian TV billing James Woods as "action man James Wood!!" & now that'…
Wow! James Woods is more of an *** in real life than his character on Family Guy.
Close your eyes... Pretend it wasn't Charlie Sheen. Imagine it was James Woods asking God to kill Obama. imagine CNN t…
I met Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, Kevin Bacon at Sundance. Steve Buscemi is pretty laid-back. I met Judy Greer in Vegas
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I mean James Woods is still going after a guy who died to reveal identity... .
Vampires is one of John Carpenter's top 10 films mainly thanks to the brilliant James Woods.
the last lady replicant malfunctioned and stalked Tim Burton and James Woods so they definitely need kept in check
Blessings, to highly based Hollywood actor James Woods!
We need to get that great actor James Woods to round up all of Hollywood's Elite Democrats and Liberals like cattle and herd them to Mexico😂
It would be kind of amazing if Trump's inauguration was four hours of James Woods singing Kanye West songs.
James Woods is a poor man's William Fichtner.
is getting angry drunk with Jon Voight, Scott Baio, James Woods, Mel Gibson, and Michael Richards. She's the "entertainment"
More like James Woods and Kelsey Grammer demand a recount, which is funded by Trump.
Watched ER "Body & Soul" (2006) guest starring James Woods in an Emmy-nominated role as a professor with Motor Neur…
This summer I sat next to James Woods while having a Dabney Coleman (medium-rare) and chatted about filming of Salvador...
Gene Siskel placed James Woods as his pick for his 'Best Actor' suggestion to the Oscars for his role in the 1998 movie "Vampires".
Im holding out for Glenn Beck, James Woods or Gary Sinise. Or Cher.
I always thought a road flick with James Woods, Gary Bussey, and Steve Buscemi would have have commercial appeal.
James Woods, with all the Hollywood Celebrities leaving the country, your agents phone will be ringing off the hook…
Little Giant Ladders
Gary Johnson looks like if Dr. Frankenstein had made his monster out of James Woods
James Woods absolutely nailed it with this revelation of the biased media we rely on for accurate information. MSM needs 2…
Why do all the least talented actors support Trump? Chachi, James Woods, Antonio Sabato Jr & now Stephen Baldwin 😂
Phil, side question - why do you have uniformly terrible political opinions? James Woods? Gew.
James Woods on the African-American Museum: ‘This Slight of Justice Thomas is Absolutely Appalling’
She's ready to sit across the bar from James Woods, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and Scott Baio.
Why Bull? It looks like HOUSE MD, like that bad James Woods show that lasted a year.
Chuck Woolery is trash, but he'll never be the garbage James Woods is.
James Woods played slimy ahole Roy Cohn in "Tailgunner Joe." Turns out it was typecasting.
James Woods suggests Julian Assange might be killed to prevent the release of more damaging info on Hillary.
James Woods, also great actor. Not every conservative actor is Scott Baio.
I don't like it when actors get into politics too much. I'm ruined to James Woods now who is an excellent actor.
What if James Woods gave one of his 2 Oscar nominations, and Maryam Mirzakhani gave him her Fields Medal, and...
Hillary said something to Fox News that really bugged actor James Woods – no worries, he… https:/…
Scott Baio likes to get angry drunk with James Woods, Michael Richards and Mel
is what the had to settle for when James Woods, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and Donald Sterling wer…
James Woods will be the extra special guest speaker ... while at it plugging some b movie he made that went st8 to dvd..
What does Scott Baio have that Kirk Cameron, Victoria Jackson, James Woods, Adam Baldwin, Chuck Norris, Craig T Nelson & Stacey Dash don't?
James Woods holds Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in contempt over Trump comments via
I don't bother with James Woods but Chuck Woolery is so stunningly thick and ignorant it's impossible to take him seriously.
Feeling a little sad because I am not blocked by Dan Scavino. However Chuck Woolery and James Woods make up for it.
Also followed by Cruz and Alveda King, James Woods, Rick Perry, don't know why just am.
Scott Baio, Gary Sinese, Craig T. Nelson, and James Woods fits this profile immensely.
Do not ever tag us in a post with James Woods
they're one in the same. Except Casino has Sharon Stone & James Woods.
I'm famous for being nicer to my fans than anyone on the face of the E...
Breaking News: Finding out I will not be next Tiger Woods
Tiger announces he won't play in U.S. Open |
I was super excited for until I read James Woods is involved. Ugh.. I'll stomach through it for Conroy and Hamill.
'He could not run a corner shop' Nick Ferrari hits out at 'hopeless' immigration minister
Guy Woods's clients have included LeBron James & Jay Z. Now he runs his own clothing shop.
My parents loved each other. I was raised in a house of total love and...
Can we nominate you for President? Think it's about time we had President James Woods.
try a trail of Reese's pieces from Laura to a box propped up with a stick. Worked plenty on James Woods on Family Guy. :D
By the way, celebrities listed are Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, James Woods, the person who did the chrom *** mousepad giveaway's blog
and anyone that doesn't know that James Corden can sing obviously has never seen Into The Woods.
@ ppl who r like 'wow James corden can sing???'. Dude did u see into the woods?
James Dean in that Mercury '49. Junior Johnson runnin' thru the woods of Caroline. Even Burt Reynolds in that black Trans-Am…
I don't think there's a blessed thing on this plant that would be insulting to Gary Busey- He's one creepy dude (James Woods too)
The lifeblood of my career has been independent film.
Japanese boy abandoned in the woods by his family says he can't wait to go back to school
as James Woods' character said in the movie, "Contact"; that is inneresting.
How many who'll on 23 June, wld stay in a blazing cabin in the woods, if told the forest outside might have a…
I hope we can do that someday. In the meantime, fingers crossed we can see you our neck of the woods sometime soon. -James
Really glad to hear you talk about boxing on your podcast...and "the skin of James Woods' *** was a howler...
Actor Denzel Washington once dunked on the devil while he was possessing the body of James Woods.
The bottom line is to be in control of your own destiny.
but that isn't for 2 more seasons. it does look like i have Alex Rocco, Scatman Crothers and James Woods to look forward to in season 1 tho
James Woods was no time to pause to take a pill or stop and find a bathroom.
Ted nugent blocked me. Why?(sarcasm) is James woods going to do the same?
.James Woods posted a warning about that few days back
I'm pretty sure James Woods and Geoffrey Rush is the same person, just depending on how much sleep he got that night
The sniveling little shet portrays in 'The General's Daughter' is how I see him & IS the REAL James Woods.
Aaron Eckhardt > Jaime Foxx (at least in this one), Morgan Freeman > Richard Jenkins, and bad guy from Fast 1 > James Woods
Good to see Holmes and Newhouse with pet dog supporting the 17's. James Woods has disappeared into the trees with his young lady.
So... Zoom is Owlman. This is the "Crisis on Two Earths" plot, minus James Woods and Gina Torres' gorgeous everything.
James Woods is way too busy snorting cocaine like a madman to sue anyone.
James Woods is one of a Very few real men in the United States
James Woods looking devilish alongside Brian Dennehy on the US one sheet for BEST SELLER
James Woods fired his agent for not telling him that Quentin Tarantino wanted him for a part in Reservoir Dogs.
The 13 most famous active athletes in America
VIDEODROME commentary is incredible. Both the Cronenberg and James Woods/Debbie Harry tracks.
"The 13 most famous active athletes in America"
The 13 most famous athletes in America
Wire: The 13 most famous athletes in America
Love! But you know, by all means, AMPAS, nominate James Woods.
Congrats to a few winners of the UG Research Symposium: Alice Huang, Jeremy Amdur, James Leith, and Eliot Woods
If General Motors can't survive and run their business like a business, let...
I'm blocked by Rick Santorum, James Woods, Trump and a few others. "They can dish it out.
I always have a rule that acting is acting and truth is truth and you just ...
Vintage photo of Stills from the film Nixon with Anthony Hopkins, James Woods, M
It's a great battle, and it really is a battle, and there are people from a...
This LEGO recreation of Tiger Woods' iconic Masters chip-in is pure genius. Genius!
Watch: James asks Sebastian, Sharon Stone and Zach Woods what apps they like on their phone.
In the woods!?. Got to admit, not first place I thought I'd find pirates! Surprise tactics.
Not sure if James Woods actually said this but I love it anyway.
Shopping with a female is like James Woods when he sees a piece of candy in Family Guy
"Ms. Clinton is nuttier than Nancy Pelosi and Pelosi is the 'Gold Standard' of NUTS!"~James Woods
Have to say that Geoffrey Rush in does an amazing James Woods
Clint, Willis, Kurt Russel, James Woods, Kirsty Alley and a bunch of others have put their livelyhood on the line.
Kirsten Dunst, James Woods and Kathleen Turner on the set of "The virgin Suicides" (Sofia Coppola, 1999)
BREAKING. James Woods said the world is fighting ISIS, hunger, & disease but liberals only focus on a man's right to pee i…
Trump has been endorsed by Bob Knight, Tila Tequila, John Rocker, Frank Kaminsky, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, Aaron Carter, and also James Woods
If I did that it'd be hard to watch anything from Hollywood. I'd be left with Adam Sandler, Adam Baldwin, and James Woods.
James Woods: 'The World is Fighting Islamic Terrorism...Democrats are Fighting for Men to Pee in Ladies' Rooms'
From 1992 - James Woods is a con man, Louis Gossett Jr an old for-money boxer. Young Heather Graham in it
And yet, no one asks George Clooney, James Woods, Christopher Walken, John Hamm to justify not having kids.
James Woods and Daniel Baldwin in that one vampire movie... Who ok'd this.
also watched the Bill W bio with James Woods. That was pretty good.
Hey gotta make sure Allie Hackett didn't become Buddy Hackett. Same with Luke Woods / James Woods and so on and so forth. Thanks
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they have long face. Once I was drunk and yelled "Hooper" at James Woods. He said I'm not Roy Scheider.
So says the nut who follows *** like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, James Woods. Trump is xenophobe.
So was James Woods! Abby is better looking than Sharon Stone in Casino.
Busted! James Woods calls out Harry Reid for speaking 'out of both sides of his lying ..
You ever just stop and think, Conservatives go to James Woods and Chuck Woolery for insight?
I've watched this also & never laughed so much at Leslie Nielsen & James Woods (this is the best part of "Scary Movie 2").
Every Religion must admit the hateful heart of Obamas admin.! James Woods: Obama, Media Ignore Christian Hate Crime
I'm still torn, but he made me see Casino in a new light. Sharon Stone and James Woods are so good
MT James Woods speaks it straight up. Any questions? …
That coke-addled has-been James Woods supports him. As does Frank (never-was) Stallone. Figures...
I've never met the man nor have I ever seen his face but I dreamt that he was a cross between James Woods and John Munch.
SALVADOR, what a bummer James Woods ? Mr Roth-Actor on UK tv here last week said R.Dogs was Tarrations very FIRST movie.?
Known nowadays for his voice acting, James Woods admitted to James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio that he...
not only appreciates James Woods political stances we beleive your a stompingly great actor!
.Wondering how today can't sue for 'libel,' yet actor James Woods can sue someone for comment on
James Woods would be a leading actor again.
The longer you think about Hercules the more insane it seems. Paul Schafer , Rip Torn, James Woods, Danny DeVito, Bobcat Goldthwait, WHAT!?
Every four months, actor James Woods compulsively looks up information on the Basque people to remember why he believes they are not human.
James Woods isn't a bad actor but his political views are something else.
John Kasich looks like the James Woods character on Family Guy
James Woods is a subpar actor and a *** guzzling power bottom
Would trade a thousand James Woods for 1 Andy Kindler in heartbeat
and the fact Andy Kindler will never be 1/1000 as significant as James Woods.
James Woods is in the hood or should I say the Hills!👍🏼 @ Beverly Hills, California
please do 2 things. 1) vett James Woods the writer of article. 2)read the Bill!
LOL. Hey, if James Woods can win one, he just did today, anyone can do it. You need 2 do what does, travel 2 win
James Woods and Kathleen Turner break my heart every second of this
James Woods on on hate crimes against Christians
Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges, James Woods...ah, the good old days.
>James Woods voicing Lex. >Not Cam Clarke. No sir, I don't like it.
James Woods as Lex Luthor. Oh that could be fun?. Are they bring back Tim Daly too?
same. art, meh. Wish Tim Daly was in too. James Woods as Lex is awesome
I tried to get beat up by James Woods too but that never went through
Do you think I want to be the one lone voice against the Hollywood liberal ...
Replacements for Trump who would still give Fox great ratings: . -Megyn Kelly. -Jim Gilmore. -Michael Bloomberg. -El Bloombito. -James Woods
James Woods plays a communist. There can't be two movies like this.
james woods is outstanding in this movie. Ofcourse de niro is aswell. a great cast and a fantastic movie.
Sorry to be the one to tell you, but James Woods doesn't need the makeup anymore.
roger ailes is just James woods in the old man makeup, right?
📷 Josh Hartnett & James Woods by at the Sundance Film Festival, January 2000.
Why are ppl shocked that james corden can sing i mean he was one of the casts in into the woods remake
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