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James White

James White (7 April 1928 - 23 August 1999) was a Northern Irish author of science fiction novellas, short stories and novels.

Dion Lewis Buck Allen Brandon Bolden Gio Bernard Christine Michael Tom Brady Doug Martin Terrance West New England Keshawn Martin Tim Hightower Steven Jackson Karlos Williams Mike Wallace Denard Robinson Martellus Bennett Scott Chandler

Our friend Emilio Ramos is releasing his new movie Unpopular on Jan 31! Feat. Paul Washer & James White. Trailer:…
James White's blitz pickup up middle helped keep things clean for Tom Brady in the pocket to survey options and hit Chris ***
Now to watch my other boys.. James White, Lawrence Timmons, Antonio Brown, Mike Mitchell , Artie Burns,...
Watched part of a great debate last night with and James White for the win!
Patriots drafted in 2014 are Jimmy Garoppolo, James White, and Kyle Van Noy.
I appreciate Booker, Ty Williams, and James White all showing up the week AFTER. 😑
EMERGENCY!! Do I start Ryan Matthews in the finals? Other options are James White or Terrance West
murray, James White & Booker but I lost in the first round
and it has come down to this. Terrance West or James White? (or Duke, sitting quietly on the waiver wire?)
James White looking like Stevan Ridley with those butterfingers
is Robinson, Kelley and James White for Gordon a fair trade?
think the Pats can get Antonio Brown if they package Malcolm Mitchell, Duron Harmon, James White, & the Browns 3rd round pick?
Not an expert but I'd say drop Dion. Rawls and Kelley are feature backs now, Dion splitting reps with James White
need an rb2 and flex in ppr. Starks, James White, Hightower, Crowell, jj Nelson or Travis Benjamin? Thanks!
In my 8-3 redraft, I'm now down to Starks, Dixon, Hightower and Dion Lewis. I dropped Ryan Mathews and James White recently. Sigh.
should I start Dion Lewis or James White or both and take out Rob Kelley ??
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
you gave Kevin James money, and even worse screen time... I'm cancelling my account. Shame Netflix shaaame!
Seeing a lot of Jonny Flynn in John Gillon and a lot of James Southerland in Andrew White III 🍊
The champions and absolutely nailed the at the
"LeBron James says he doesn't respect Phil Jackson anymore via All the posses I know of were white.
"it ain't just black and white", como disse OSTERBERG, James in LIVING ON THE EDGE OF THE NIGHT, 1989, Virgin Records
Horny white babe Tabitha James enjoying a thick black ***
Michelle Obama, LeBron James and the do the at the White House.
When you're trying to listen to Panda by Desiigner but then the white version comes o... (Vine by james, gtfo)
Like a criminal from a James Bond movie, he needs a white cat to sit in his lap and pet while he plots his criminal…
Do you believe all this Bellichick, James White over Dion stuff? Feel like he knows how much better Lewis is than White
Deep Space Homer completely ruined James Taylor for me
Daniel Boone. James Daugherty. 1940 Heroic white nationalist stories of genocide in the Violently racist & dehumanizing. 1
Rut Roh, LeBron James says white people should never use the word "posse" in regards to blacks, even though blacks say it all the time. 😳
Shout out to LeGOAT James for calling out Phil Jackson for using dog whistle, white supremacist rhetoric.
When white ppl group their money, it's a network. When black ppl do it, it's a posse. LeBron James on Phil Jackson
Jesse James had a posse. He was white btw. How is that a black thing?
If you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on ret...
James O Brien who seems to be sorry he was born white lives in the the palest manor in London.
I got screwed when yahoo wouldn't let me pick up James White.
Thanks for the great review James. 'From woman in white to lady in black sometimes it's good to be bad...'
O.K. it is early,but a swath of the white stuff is across no. MN by Sat. AM. Timeline & specifics continue to evolve htt…
Baby, it's cold outside so let's stay home and bake brownies. . Photo by: James Ross | Image ID
should I start Rawls, James white, or Jennings in standard, non or?
Andrew White and Tyus Battle are on fire. .
think I'd rather go Coleman. not enough usage clarity with James White for my liking
Critics say Bannon is a white nationalist, while white nationalists say Bannon is in fact a white nationalist
Anyone picture the Trump kids with White House access while their father is never there like a Seth Rogan/James Franco movie?
"Journalists" like vile James O'Brien welcome mass non-White immigration to the UK and look forward to
what I come home to see by my door step. this is not okay! these white supremacists & neo nazis need to be stopped.. it's 2…
I hadn't noticed that square was white. That means they've filled in two rows!
The draft is white people sending black people to fight yellow people to p...
James also said he doesn't think Jackson would have used the word "posse" if he were white. "For me, we see the...
"James, /stop/," Natasha said firmly. Her hands were ghost white along the steering wheel again. She did--
I've been helping as much as I can after learning from Downtown White Police YouTube channel watch
If Rawls can't go, I have to pick up/start 1 of the following: Ivory, Starks, Dw Wash, James White, C Thompson. CharWest. Help!
I hear the term posse all the time in my white world. Lebron should maybe get over himself.
So King James got offended by the word 'Posse' because a white man uttered it but they can call each other 'N-word' all day long . Hypocrites
James on a black and white floorPUBA
James' experience of immigration being a white, privately-educated male born, raised & living in London.
Lebron James being his usual lil baby by getting mad that Phil Jackson, an unhip white guy, called his boys, "posse"
*** a typical white man who feels that he can say whatever about a black man Wowser. think
James, people who genuinely want to make a difference aren't allowed anywhere near the White House.
"Black Beatles? The original Beatles were white. If this was the other way around liberals would cry cultural appropriatio…
3 white men discussing why Lebron James was offended by a racist comment i
James got his black stripe! That's the last stripe on white belt. (@ Food Lion Grocery Store)…
Blue jeans white shirt, walk into the room you know you make my eyes burn, it was like james dean for sure.. 🎶
so, I have Geo Bernard, James White, and Tim Hightower. Who should I drop to bid big on CJ Procise? Thanks!
Ugly Evan why does the U.K. have James Bond a great looking ladies man as their spy & we get you?
Phil Jackson vs. LeBron James: Apparently white NBA coaches can no longer use the word 'posse'
I wonder does have any comment to make about supporting a white supremacist party? Or about what thei…
"Last night was like *** - Syrian rescue worker on situation in Aleppo since end of ceasefire
Dec 5th on all digital formats Benton Records Presents: James Garrison Summers - "White Candy"
Jarran Reed taked down James White for a TFL, but that’ll get wiped out by a holding call.
I need Doug Martin to be better than James White and Christine Michael today, or I'm going to look a *** fool.
who would you start, PPR Christine Michael, Doug Martin, or James White?
Need to trade 2 RBs (strong) for a solid WR. Would you offer Latavius + James White for Crowder or E. Sanders? Full PPR. Thanks!
1/2ppr 16 team. Drop Ryan Mathews, k.dixon or Dion Lewis for McKinnon or James White ?
Do I trade Tom Brady for Andrew Luck and Melvin Gordon? I have Ingram and James White at RB. If you couldn't tell I'm struggling lol
James White has shared his video for his cover of Lead Belly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night". The footage was...
Mark Ingram, Marvin Jones, Martellus Bennett, James White have 4.7 points combined for me. Pretty much sums up my fantasy season
Time for Tom to throw TDs to James White and Martellus Bennett
Play was a little slow developing as James White couldn't flash free quick enough. Timing is off and Danny Amendola picks up OPI call.
Choice between Shady, David Johnson, James White and Gio Bernard for 2 starting RBs and flex... who do I not start?!
Standard league. James White, Lat Murray, Sanu, or Justin Hunter in the flex this week?
In the Flex Giovanni Bernard or James White standard scoring
before you (rightfully) destroy yourself, w J Charles banged up, need an RB2 from G Bernard or James White, please
Morning! Jaquizz, Gillislee, James White, or Gio Bernard in a half point PPR?? Thanks!
To the RB guru: I've got Spencer Ware, Jamaal Charles, James White and CJ Anderson. Pick 3 to start in 1/2 point PPR.
if you could start 2 of 4 RB in a PPR league this week who would you start? CJ Anderson, Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, or James White
I'd go Ajayi, James White, Montgomery, Mike Davis (Hyde was in a sling today), Booker, Knile, Ivory, Jacquizz, Don Jackson
Need some help. I'm trading DJax for Bernard...need to drop an RB: J. Hill, Forte, Ivory, Crowell or James White?
I didn't see Gillislee in the waiver report. Somewhere between James White and Ivory as a potential high value handcuff?
.my RBs: Lacy (and starks), CJ Anderson, Spencer Ware, James White.. J Charles owner has Dion Lewis. Wh…
James White, my *** Good looking on that TD. I needed that!
Brady to James White for the touchdown!!!
- I have Matt Forte and Jamal Charles as my starting RB. Considering either Spencer Ware or James White as my flex? Non-ppr
Scott, I have Ware, James White, Ivory, D Washington. Leaning Ware - can I trust him, or go w/an alternative? Thanks
at QB Derek Carr or Colin Kaepernick & at RB1 & RB2 Johnathan Stewart & Ryan Matthews or James White & Jalen Richard.
pros help! I can't decide between Steve Smith, DeVante Parker or James White in my flex. Will Smith play?
Andre Tippett & James White are here to help celebrate our partnership with and to end teen dati…
1PPR - would it be wise to play James White over Woods or Wallace? Or would that be too risky?
Mike Wallace or James White as my flex in a ppr?
Need fantasy advice for tomorrow. Pick two from: Mike Wallace, Will Fuller (at Minnesota otherwise a no-brainer), and James White.
Standard League, need a Flex. Mike Wallace or drop him for Jalen Richard, Artis-Payne, James White or Enunwa?
really if Kentucky would play defense or James White in the New England RB in his prime, so take more defense
Should I start John Brown tonight? Or hold out for Sunday for M.Wallace, A.Foster or James White?
at a position they can produce well. Like with James White & Brandon Bolden at RB filling in for Blount & Lewis
James White or Terrance West for the rest of the season?
Will Fuller, James White, Smallwood or Mike Wallace in the flex this week? Half PPR. Love Fuller but that Vikings defense...
why is it Bolden and not James White/ the inactive DJ Foster?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Brissett to start with heavy use of James White & DJ Foster
Question on my mind before that... Where is Keith Ford? Not complaining, James White is doing well, just wondering.
Seeing a lot of James White. Keith Ford pretty absent here in 2nd half
Keith Ford hurt? Lot more James White than past weeks
Sir, would you trade away both Ware/Charles for Cooks/James White in a .5 PPR?
Danny Amendola, Chris Long & James White look ahead to the Bills:
help appreciated! Need a TE,should I pick Allen/Tamme/Waldord/burton? should I drop Gates or James White for the TE? ppr
start three: Abdullah, Rawls, Freeman, Hyde, James White and Jeremy hill (ppr)
should I drop McKinnon for James White? It's PPR and I do not own Peterson. I have Lewis in my IR spot
10-team standard keeper league. I own Charles. Pick up Ware for James White (9th rd) or Dion Lewis (15th rd) or hold? Thanks!
hey man would you drop James White for Christine Michael, PPR league. Miller & Anderson r my other backs.
don't be afraid of the suspended guys (Brady, Bell, Gordon) I took Vance as a late rd. Sleeper, James White obviously
If I have Matt Jones, would you favor picking up Rob Kelly over James White, Bilal Powell, and Theo Riddick?
Chris Ivory, James White, or Terrance West? Other RB is David Johnson. Standard. C-Mike already picked up
Need two starters. Standard... CJ Anderson. Hyde. Ware. Duke Johnson. or drop one for FA James White, Forsett or Chris Thomas.
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Both Shane Vereen and James White struggled at times with the wheel route. DJ looked so fluid.
gotta cut 2 eventually for the filth that is Def and K. James White, Cook, Ware, Michael Thomas, Corey Coleman. Any idea? NonPPR
If you develop a gospel that's no longer foolishness to the world then you no longer have the Gospel -James White
I like Duke Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Bilal Powell and James White (esp in PPR). ADP is lower on these guys than it should be
have Bennett now for drags and crosses with Gronk. Hogan is reliable. James White is getting better. Just need Dion to be 75%
We covered a lot of players in this one. James White, Karlos Williams, Jeremy Langford, RG3 and more!
A sow and cub eat clams in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Photo by James White.
Nate Solder, James White and Chris Hogan drawing large media crowds in foxboro today
Updated Big Board: Big changes with the RBs as Dion Lewis ⬇️, James White ⬆️ and LeSean McCoy ⬆️.
Help! Dion Lewis was going to be 12th rd keeper. Would you go with James White or Christine Michael (12) or J. Hill in 9th?
Thoughts on James White with Dion Lewis out till possibly week 6? via /r/fantasyfootball
New England Patriots running backs: James White poised for big role, but there's no replacing Dion Lewis
There's no replacing Dion Lewis, but James White will try. analyzes the state of the backs:
do you think James White is worth a p/u? 2PPR. Must place my bid tonight and it's him for a mid $ bid or Tyrell Williams for $0
As a side note- Terrance West and James White are still available in my league- which would be better?
I think it was to show how much he dislikes James White!
sorry you missed it. James White starts off on Romans 9
Dion Lewis and James White are a killer combo
go for 2 & a James White rush gives the Patriots an 8-0 lead.
James White and Tyler Gaffney get opportunities with running back injuries
Excited to reveal my cover shot by James White! Get your copy next week 🙌
Your friendly reminder that Keetan Johnston will probably challenge Jacksonville's James White for Tri-State Receiving crown
you rated jungle book higher than James White, you're not worthy
James White engages a Black Hebrew Israelite. It always gets tough for the BHI when they encounter someone who...
They added James White on Netflix and I highly recommend it. Christopher Abbott is a powerhouse in that film. Great character driven story
Join John MacArthur, James White, Paul Washer, Conrad Mbewe, and others at the TMAI 2017 International Symposium.
At the same time there are huge logs in the eyes of men like James White, Todd Friel, Douglas Wilson, Phil Johnson, John Macarthur.
I think James White and Dion Lewis make the offense unstoppable around mid season and on.
I mean I'm just looking at Keshawn Martin, Brandon Lafell, Michael Williams, and James White thinking "Hogan, Malcolm, Martellus, and Dion!"
Listen, get Drawn by the Father or Potters Freedom by Dr. James White. No works, faith alone.
"Meg Ryan photographed by James White for ESQUIRE magazine 2003.
Darryl Roberts, who shared No. 28 with James White last preseason, has switched to No. 27 - formerly Tavon Wilson's digi…
David Silverman (must be deeply embarrassed that his debate with James White is still on YouTube.
I remember that day. It was about 2 years ago listening to James White critque the ergun caner Calvinism Sermon
Plenty of Time for them to do that and their is a lot of option such as James White, Dion Lewis and others
Jimmy Garoppolo, Bryan Stork, James White and Cameron Fleming are what's left of the Patriots 2014 draft class. Good thi…
After the Gaffney waiver Dion Lewis and James White are the only running backs on Pats roster signed past this year
LeGarrette Blount re-upping with New England is solid. But I feel like Dion Lewis and James White can carry the load in that backfield.
I've James White, who's fundraising for on Donate now
Still want to see Dion Lewis and James White tear it up together
& this one too. 4.08 shuttle, 6.55 3 cone drill, 20 Reps Bench at 225. Think Dion Lewis & James White
When asked if veteran James White has leg up in RB battle, McKinney says no. Points out only RB with big game experience is Keith Ford.
Caught up with former rower James White about his preparations for Sunday's
RECRUITING UPDATE: Aaron Collins, Preston Brooks, and James White have verbally committed to play for in 2016.
More thoughts on Dr. James White, & black and white Christians who defend "Black Trash" from a biblical perspective.
My coworker (who thinks James White is better than Dion Lewis - and that DL is overrated) also thinks Martellus Bennett will be a beast.
TSFJ chats with James White about March Madness, Future Hendrix, Fur Coats, and Nick Lachey.
It would be very difficult without MGH, Adam Smith, Chuck, Nick, and James White.
"I don't understand the role of apologetics if it's not for the gospel. Anything short of that why are you bothering?" -Dr. James White
Failure of the modern man. Control (2007). James White (2015). Henry Fool (1997). Un homme qui dort (1974)
That morning, he and outgoing President James Buchanan left the Willard Hotel, which is nearby the White House,...
Great advice for challenges of modern day parenting!. "THE UNPOPULAR PARENT"
Is that the white guy who talks like a Southern black man from the 1800's?
Training done. We all know what tomorrow means & I'm looking forward to a rocking white hart lane!
On my way! To work (@ the 6 bus to work in thornwood in White Plains, NY)
a white lecturer at our school this week made some snide comment about knowing James Cone "back when he was still James Cone."
should take a look at Roddy White and Andre Johnson. They're not done yet and veteran could help young WR core. Look at James Lofton.
White Water Rafting Adventure on the James! Ticket on sale starting next Monday March 7!
Or CLR james wh has a name for every shade n combinn of black n white which makes u understand cultural divide
Donald Trump Jr grants radio interview to prominent white supremacist
true, but if you look at his work his done in music, I think it can surpass the line of "white privilege".
“It is not necessary for a man to be actively bad in order to make a failure in life; simple inaction will accomplish it...James Terry White
A white fallow stag in a forest in Switzerland, 1973. Photograph by James P. Blair, National Geographic Creative. http…
Macklemore regrets not talking to Iggy Azalea before recording 'White Privilege II': . Macklemore regrets not g...
fantastic talk from James "we need to get the white shirts on board"
Nah, that's who James white and Dion Lewis are:
James White trailer here. Go buy it
Cannot recommend James White enough. Available on DVD. Flawless in every way. My normally robust heart is aching from it
Lool Todd White never fails to inspire me
.talks to about its Made in Manchester message
©maiden16_ILN: bryan_white saying his thanks to Filipino fans and us Aldub Nation
Here's what happened during Donald Trump Jr.'s interview with a white nationalist via
Listen to Donald Trump Jr. talk with pro-confederate white nationalist James Edwards:
do you think James wade is the Jimmy white of darts? Best player never to win a world title?
📷 cvdlifee: Scott Mescudi on the set of James White. Kid Cudi is so *** hot
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
James White's surreal, retro artworks will take you to another world.
speaking on Sciemce Fiction + the medical humanities, James White + Kim Stanley Robinson
I liked a video James White, Jeff Durbin, and Coogi Logic
Have you ever read James White's Sector General series? They are my favourite sci fi novels (the good ones, anyways)
James White? Loved Sector General novels, think I've got 'em all!
For those of you watching the movie "Risen" (like James White) this is the HEATHEN playing Jesus
James White (★★★★) is a searing character study from the team behind Martha Marcy May Marlene:
Nicole Kidman by James White for Harper’s Bazaar Australia 2013, loving her makeup~
Zach Lavine is everything we were hoping James White would be in the dunk contest. But Gordon is an animal
James White. but that's neither here nor there, you right. Zachary Lavine is a better dunker than Vince Carter. 👌🏻💯
Friend's trust, I woulda bet money James White could out dunk Vince Carter when he was comin outta high school
James White still had the best dunks since Vince. If your to young YouTube JAMES WHITE DUNK CONTESR
is Matt Forte the new Dion Lewis the new James White the new Shane Vereen the new Danny Woodhead the new ah
that's like saying Nate Ebner and James White provided the Pats last year's Super Bowl just for being a part of the team
Congrats to Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon on their nominations for James White.
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Jonathan Simmons is what James White never was for the
lockett and floyd is an interesting offer. My RBs are Freeman, Lacy, Hyde, Karlos Williams, James White. Start 2
I think Alan Branch, Jerod Mayo, Brandon Lafell, James White & Danny Amendola, Scott Chandler gone be cut from the Patriots.
Season on the line--3 of Tom Brady's options on that play: Brandon Lafell, Keshawn Martin and James White. None bound fo…
TONIGHT AT 8PM EST. - AA- w/MMT FEATURES James White "Sunny Jim" !!!. Happy Anniversary to him and his lovely...
David Lee beat James White in a Dunk contest once! He shouldn't have won, but still!
James White had 5 catches on 16 targets, which is stunning in a few ways.
Not that it matters, but 16 pass attempts to James White, with 5 completions for only 45 yards - I'm a Brandon Bolden fan...
For example, James White. Cynthia Nixon could have easily been in the Oscar conversation with bigger promotion.
Today's Teaching is on. . Dr. Terresa White, Dr. James White. The hook that is in the Church that will try to...
Rose Byrne in Spy, Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria, Cynthia Nixon in James White, Tessa Thompson …
Adam Long, Greg Pick, Craig Scott, Connor Stokes, Tom Norton, Brad Moore, James White, - This is what the 30+...
There are positives though. Vollmer return sures up o-line quite a bit. Edelman opens up offense again. Emergence of James White. This team
James White finished the year with 38 catches for 347 yards in a part time role. . Shane Vereen - 53/423. 52/447 (with Pats last year)
88 of Brady's 100 yards passing have been to James White, Brandon Bolden and Steven Jackson.
RBs James White, Steven Jackson and Brandon Bolden have accounted for 156 of the Pats' 158 total yards
Really. James White kills it for 4-5 weeks and now he don't even get used.
ivory or James White? Crabtree or MFloyd .5 ppr for both
How high will Ivory rise in ranks if Powell is out? Need 2 RBs from him, Mason, Buck Allen, and James White in standard league
Are Ivory and Mason the plays in standard over Buck Allen or James White? Thoughts on Calvin vs. Martavis? Thanks!
Who should I start at my RB2 between Forte, James White, Chris Ivory, and Jeremy Hill?
better DK combo: James White and Martavis Bryant or Deangelo Williams and Keshawn Martin or Nate Washington?
'James White' star Christopher Abbott reflects on his role
Rashadd Jennings, CAP, or Doug Martin 1 ppr? Also Sammy Watkins or James White for a flex? same league
You keep chugging along with Scott Chandler and James White there, skippy.
Mark whats your thoughts on Eifert vs Ertz and James White against Miami this Sunday?
CJ Anderson, James White, Doug Martin: I have to start 2 of them
James White has four consecutive games of 14.0 FP or more. He has a total of 16 rushing yards over that span.
NE RB James White, worth starting? I also own Doug Martin, but he's been mediocre lately.
championship week, at flex would you start Rashad Jennings, Doug Martin or James White?
Meanwhile... 🤔🙄 the 🐐🐐🐐 just doing his thing. And btw who is James White?
Touchdown Patriots!. Tom Brady finds James White for the 9-yard score to tie the game at 20.
Karlos Williams, James White & Bilal Powell are my RBs for my fantasy championship.. PPR league.. Smfh. Opponent has AP & Doug Martin
would you start CAP and Denard over Lacy, Gore, Buck Allen, Christine Michael, and James White in standard? Good luck buddy
torn on my RB's in PPR league; pick 2. Javorius Allen, Tim Hightower, Denard Robinson, James White, or Frank Gore
Which 2 do I start Tim Hightower, Denard Robinson, or James White need to win the Championship
Can start two out of: Tyler Lockett, Michael Floyd, Eric Decker, and James White. Who should I go with?? Thanks!
I'm in the championship! Which TWO RB's should I start. Javorious Allen, Christine Michael, or James White? Thanks.
the finals...RB options are James White, D Martin, Artis-Payne, Gio B, Karlos Williams, or B Powell...thoughts?
Nonppr playing Karlos/Gore rb2/flex. Switch one CMichael,James White (don't trust belichek) or CAP?
PPR need your help to win the gold. Need 1 rb out of Buck Allen,Hill,Christine Micheal, or James White.
1) A dying Cynthia Nixon, sitting on her couch, suddenly unable to make words come out of her mouth, in the devastating indie James White.
Desperate RB situation: have to start James White, Steven Jackson, or Ameer Abdullah. Who's the best option?
Steven Jackson shouldn't cut into James White's growing role with the Patriots.
I had Kamar Aiken, Sammy Watkins and James White on my bench and still put up 120 and won my game this week
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ironically, RB was position of strength. Foster, Dion, Forsett, Rawls on IR, and have Lamar, James White, Hightower, Draughn
him, Cam, Watkins, & James White came clutch. Marshall & Bills defense screwed me from hundreds today. Only got $40 smh
Him, James White, Kamar Aiken, Watkins. Buck Allen cost me big money.
Shaun draughn or James White in PPR? Cooks or Watkins in .5ppr.
i lost Lynch and Rawls and Stewart and now have to choose 2 of James White, Brandon Bolden, Denard Robinson, or Bryce Brown..💀
Had Stewart,Charles,Rawls, and Foster this year all injured still finished first now I'm left with Charcandrick West and James White
john love your shows. I do radio also for iHeartMedia. Could I please get your help? Bernard or James White in a standard?
Playoff week 2: Need a RB and a flex out of Buck Allen, McFadden, Bernard, Ginn, Marvin Jones, and James White. Non-PPR
great show as always. Please advise Gio Bernard or James White in standard. Thank you in advance!
didn't help my situation! James White vs Gio Bernard in the flex is causing me headaches
How about this week.. James White or Gio Bernard. Great match up for Gio, but w Blount going down White should see touches.
Would you start Tim Hightower, James White, or Gio Bernard this week? PPR league
D.Robinson, James White or Theo Riddick in my Rb 2 spot? PPR?
Need to fill 1 WR and FLEX out of the following: Buck Allen, James White, Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks, Michael Floyd...
In the Semi's, would you drop Ryan Mathews for James White? .1 rush attempt .2 PPR. Got DWilliams; DRobinson; Toussaint.Thanks!
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I just held onto James White and Gio Bernard. Didn't pick anyone up except swapping the Giants kicker for the steelers one
Jeff durbin and James White destroyed Noah Adams. Loved James White's talk on Colossians, I wanted to sing the Gloria Patri 😄
Bryce Brown, CJ Anderson, James White, Giovani Bernard. Pick 2..or 1 and Crabtree gets the flex
who do you start this week? J Starks, James White or Gio Bernard?
James White or Bernard this week. Ahhh idk
So my waiver order right now is Hightower, Robinson, Bolden, Brown in my ppr league. Move Brown up 1? I own James White.
Pats lost Blount and Easley for the season. Down to Brandon Bolden, James White, Corey Dillon, Sam Gash and Horace Ivory a…
Fantasy football waiver wire: James White, Brandon Bolden in line for more work if LeGarrette Blount misses time: New England's backf...
James White and Keshawn Martin have stepped up for the Good game fellas.
James White just Mossed his dude, proving that there is, in fact, something in the New England water
James White is Randy Moss, good to know
James White caught that last pass, not Martin...
PPR league, need one. James White, latavius Murray, Buck Allen, or Spencer Ware?
Ingram has left my team in shambles. Buck Allen, sproles, blount, Ware and James White at my disposal. Who to start?
snuck into playoffs and want to stay: Cobb or Baldwin? Tyrod or Jameis? Pick 2: Javoris Allen, C West, James White? standard
Fantasy playoff Q: Buck Allen hot for BALT, but going vs SEA? Bench him for NE's James White?. Options: Ivory, C West, CJ Anderson, J Hill
Palmer or Newton this week at QB? Also, Buck Allen or James White at my flex in a 0.5 PPR league?
Ancient Heresies in the Modern Church, Part 2A -- The Trinity by James White
I need to pick an RB2 for my playoff matchup this weekend. Eddie Lacy or James White??
James White: The New Dion Lewis?: Week 9. The week where everything started to go downhill for the P...
Obviously losing Dion Lewis for the season hurt, but I think that James White can replace most of his production. BUF, PHI games were proof.
James White is not Dion Lewis but he still has the lateral quickness to get in and out of Holes
I know the Patriots better put use to Trey Williams next week. James White had 10Rec for 115 I believe it was. *** should have split wide!
Almost certain that James White was Mychal Kendricks' responsibility
Brady to James White as Mychal Kendricks blocked off. Brady's 421st TD pass, moving into 3rd ahead of Dan Marino. down 7-0
Rub route gets again. Chandler Jones picked Mychal Kendricks out of the play. Tom Brady easy TD pass to RB James White. Pats, 7-0.
Brady still 280 yards 3 TD w/ only Brandon Lafell, Scott Chandler, LeGarrette Blount, Brandon Bolden, and James White on most downs
I need 2 from James White, Moncrief and Hilton in a PPR league. Thanks.
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