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James Van Der Beek

James William Van Der Beek, Jr. (born March 8, 1977) is an American television, film, and stage actor, known for his portrayal of Dawson Leery in The WB series Dawson's Creek.

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Evan Peters, Tatiana Maslany, James Van Der Beek and Kate Mara will be starring in Ryan Murphy's "Pose". Set in the 1980's.…
James Van Der Beek says he had his ‘a-- grabbed by powerful men'.
Vilewood is more like it, and these morons have the gull to criticize conservatives. Preemptive FU to Vilewood.
James Van Der Beek shared his experience with Hollywood sexual harassment
In a show of support for women speaking out against harassment, male actors are sharing their own experiences
James Van Der Beek Says He’s Experienced Sexual Harassment in Hollywood: ‘I’ve Had My A** SO what did you do NOTHING? but now brag/Losers
Dawson's Creek star claims he was 'groped by older men' in Hollywood
James Van Der Beek says male executive groped him
James Van Der Beek says he was groped by Hollywood executives
James Van Der Beek, is now trending in
James Van Der Beek and Michael Gaston reveal they were sexually harassed by male Hollywood execs
James Van Der Beek shares experiences with harassment
The moment you realize *every* H'wood actor and actress has been sexually harassed: James Van Der Beek comes forward.
“For anyone judging the woman who stayed silent, read this for perspective." -
'When I was much younger...': Actor James Van Der Beek is the latest Hollywood star to say he was groped
James Van Der Beek, Terry Crews and are just a few of the men who’ve spoken up this week
Actor James Van Der Beek says that he was groped by "older, powerful men"
"I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger…”
“I understand the unwarranted shame." James Van Der Beek reveals sexual harassment he experienced as a young actor:
On top of Ronan NBC News is still covering up for H'wood. Look at the headline for the latest allegations...
James Van Der Beek shares his own experiences of being sexually harassed by "older, powerful men" h…
James Van Der Beek reveals he's been sexually harassed by "older, powerful men"
I watch music videos during cardio. Today I realized how bad James Van Der Beek is thanks to Collective Soul. 3 last names?
James Van Der Beek on Diplo's Advice for Playing Him in 'What Would Diplo Do?' | THR
have you seen James Van Der Beek playing Diplo on viceland omg 😊
James Van Der Beek as is my spirit animal.
I liked it a lot. Kristen Ritter is great, and James Van Der Beek playing a terrible version of himself is really fun!
At one point Joshua Jackson was being considered for the part James Van Der Beek plays in this movie…
after Don't Trust the B* in Apt 23, i might watch anything with James Van Der Beek. but What Would Diplo Do? is my new thing.
When you're waiting on the elevator and James Van Der Beek is standing there waiting alongside you. Ovulating.
James Van Der Beek's head on the body of a bird, maybe it's a t-shirt or a meme? I don't know
What Would Diplo Do? is worth watching. James Van Der Beek is under appreciated.
This gif of James Van Der Beek slow clapping and obviously dying inside is my new favourite thing.
James Van Der Beek leaves little to the imagination in a tight-fitting suit
I don't even know how to categorize the nutty genius that, against all odds, James Van Der Beek ha…
Favorite guest star? Hm... James Van Der Beek! He did an amazing job of portraying someone with a split personality!
One is him the other is James Van Der Beek posing as him for his tv show
How come nobody told me James Van Der Beek is playing diplo on a tv show???
"Hey James Van Der Beek, how did you prepare for your role as Diplo?"
From Dawson to Diplo, James Van Der Beek shakes off the Creek (and finds his cool) in
"Hey James Van Der Beek, what's Katie Holmes like in real life?"
Syfy responds with a 4 installment "Sharkicane" order to feature James Van Der Beek
so in OTH James Van Der Beek plays an anti Dawson Leery
maybe it could be the english version with James Van Der Beek and Mark Hamill
James Van Der Beek says it's game week
they are a part of a new James Van Der Beek sitcom in my life.
Hey James Van Der Beek, my friend and I are wondering what you are doing this very moment. Ok thanks bye.
a sucker for movies with multiple time lines. James Van Der Beek's old man makeup is laughable though.
James Van Der Beek in What Would Diplo Do is already my favorite.
James Van Der Beek was Ryan Reynolds before being Ryan Reynolds was fashionable.
James Van Der Beek got an abortion at 4 months but then raised it to full adulthood?!
I saw an ad with Diplo today, and then I realized it was James Van Der Beek! Is this what Lee Lee Sobieski feels like on a daily basis?
That moment when James Van Der Beek clearly can't figure out how to implement no-password email authentication securely.
The one with James Van Der Beek was pretty insane. I can't wait to see this one.
When James Van Der Beek called me, I was definitely down! Them voiceover checks…
Whoa! This weather man is James Van Der Beek 15 years from now!
Welcome to the future guys now you can watch James Van Der Beek play Diplo in a show called "What Would Diplo Do"
Why don't guys look like they did in the early 2000s? I mean Freddie Prinze Jr, Paul Rudd, Brad Pitt, James Van Der Beek.. c'mon now 😍
James Van Der Beek is hilarious. He needs more movie roles.
Imagine being at a Diplo concert and looking up and realizing it's not Diplo, it's James Van Der Beek
James Van Der Beek as Diplo is something else
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oh right so this is why James Van Der Beek is portraying Diplo in that show
Duplass brothers: "Hey, James Van Der Beek, want to play a sex weirdo in our new series Room 104?". JVDB: "That's my…
I’m not sure if everyone knows this but for some reason James Van Der Beek is portraying Diplo on a very odd Viceland TV…
James Van Der Beek is on the 1st episode of Diplo's new show. AMAZING!
I can't look at James Van Der Beek and NOT think about Dawson's Creek. Being typecast is better than never being chosen at all, eh?
Just watched this week's ep of That was wild... nice to see James Van Der Beek again he has some lovely…
Thanks, and I'm now terrified of James Van Der Beek.
IDK what's better, James Van Der Beek as Diplo or the commentors upset it isn't the real Diplo.
Check this-James Van Der Beek on ‘What Would Diplo Do?’, Playing Diplo, & the Experience of Being a Showrunner -
James Van Der Beek admits he forgot a MAJOR plot point in the finale!
DOVER STREET MARKET opens in Singapore, Dashboard Confessional - Live in Singapore, and James Van Der Beek as Diplo.
Hi Please ask James Van Der Beek : Who would you rather: Diplo or Dillon Francis?
James Van Der Beek kinda looks like Todd Frazier, Garrett Cooper, Michael Kay and David Cone all had a love child
I just caught my husband looking back & forth at my nipples like Katie Holmes looked at James Van Der Beek's eyes on Dawson's Creek.
After much soul-searching since Dawson’s Creek, it appears James Van Der Beek has finally found the perfect vehicle
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
James Van Der Beek gets weird in new 'Room 104' trailer:
James Van Der Beek is the best actor.
Just to think on something else less earth-shattering, who'd be better cast for Arcade in Marvel TV: Seth Green or James Van Der Beek?
Don't you mean casper van dien. James Van Der Beek and his awkward Dawson's Creek interview questions -
Is James Van Der Beek really tall, or Bianca Lawson tiny? Because she looks tall stood next to Sarah Michelle Gellar.
"Who's the boy toy?" The best part is that Michael references James Van Der Beek in 2008.
"Starring James Van Der Beek as Diplo", wow 2017 you are bringing it
Did they blackface James Van Der Beek to play Johnny Gill
Why does the dude playing Johnny Gill look like a black James Van Der Beek?
I'm not seeing NPH, but what about a Noah Wyle + James Van Der Beek hybrid?
If James Van Der Beek showed up, I'd be pumped for a ~3-4 jaunt?
Curiously, James Van Der Beek is still awaiting his first
He played the *** student with a crush on James Van Der Beek in "Rules of Attraction." Among other roles.
James Van Der Beek to star as Diplo in new Viceland series
TV actor James Van Der Beek is 14567 days old today. Small Straight
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📷 BLAST FROM THE PAST … James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams attending the 1998 NATPE Convention in...
James Van Der Beek is definitely not hungover today, but that Gregor Smart kid has got a rough few hours ahead of him
For those doing the this is you in 2 days and yes it will turn you into James Van Der Beek aka Dawson...
Also looks a little like someone to whom James Van Der Beek would declare "I don't want your life!"
I work with a 2 year old kid that literally has the same exact face as James Van Der Beek. I often call him Dawson.
James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams reunite 13 years after...
Jen and Dawson, back together where they belong!
I'm not above this making me oddly happy.
Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek Have a Dawson's Creek Reunion 13 Years in the Making
We can't get over Michelle Williams & James Van Der Beek's reunion:
Cue nostalgia overload: Dawson and Jen are back together again after 13 years apart!. On Saturday, Michelle Willia…
I'd love to see a remake of Twins with James van der Beek & Rhod Gilbert - they already look similar
co-stars Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek reunite for the first time since the series ended.…
Dawson's Creek Co-Stars James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams Reunite for the First Time in 13 Years
Dawson and Jen back together again! Would you watch a Dawson's Creek reboot a la Glimore Girls? -
Michelle Williams and had a Dawson's Creek reunion at Matt Damon's holiday party! -->
James Van Der Beek & Michelle Williams reunited for the first time in 13 years and it's giving us much feels!! h…
You don't have to wait for your lives to be over for a Dawson's Creek reunion after all...
Is this the one with the nanny to James Van Der Beek's two unruly boys?
Another good name for James Van Der Beek would've been James Van Der Forehead.
Oh so THATS Mata?! he looks like James Van Der Beek tbh I keep waiting for him to break down
James Van Der Beek! The guest stars never cease to surprise me.
James Van Der Beek can count ceiling tiles instantaneously
I think James Van Der Beek was like 25 when playing 15 year old Dawson.Think he was the oldest out of the four
I want to meet James Van Der Beek. I bet he'd like me. I've never seen a single episode of Dawson's Creek.
"This is the most unfun threesome I've ever been a part of. Someone is yelling and no one is having sex." - James Van Der Beek
I forget which book it was but James Van Der Beek read it and I couldn't have been happier.
This was not my idea. I'd probably go for like James Van Der Beek
Trompe L'Oeil confirms James Van Der Beek is a host. Like first generation prototype, never made it to t…
remember that time James Van Der Beek was on OTH? we could have gone without that.
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James Van Der Beek and I go way back. We were in the movie 'Angus' to...
My constant state of being is: the Nick Young '???' meme, Oprah Winfrey asking "what is the truth," & the gif of James Van Der Beek crying.
I can't stand this trivago commercial featuring an older, off-brand James Van Der Beek
Oh that was me a few weeks ago, don't worry. We are all powerless to James Van Der Beek.
"Are you a member with the zoo?". "I am not.". "Well, I can see you're already a member of the James Van Der Beek lookalike club!"
Maybe it's my rampant narcissism but James Van Der Beek is my favourite part of don't trust the b in apartment 23
I've been watching 'Don't Trust the B- In Apt 23' on But basically I JUST want a montage of the James Van Der Beek scenes 😂
All these years later, it's still weird that Dawson's Creek rhymes with James Van Der Beek.
I am useless when it comes to that. Books, TV series, movies, video games.. Destroys me. I James Van Der Beek cry.
.(James Van Der Beek) goes under cover to sell unsuspecting people the car of their dreams. Does he do…
I think that once you saw James Van Der Beek in Apartment 23, you can't take him seriously. You hair can't.
If you train your James Van Der Beek hard enough he evolves into a Ryan Reynolds
What does it say about me that James Van Der Beek's speech in Varsity Blues makes me tear up every time?
Love this concept, but I wouldn't be surprised to run into James Van Der Beek selling cars. It's a noble...
I'm communicating solely in James Van Der Beek gifs from now on
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Oh, my God ... Is it about James Van Der Beek?" The cast of Will & Grace is plotting something via
James Van Der Beek goes undercover to sell unsuspecting people a car. Does he do it?
hey James Van Der Beek, my name is Amanda, i am your biggest fan, I always love watching dawson creek the series. i admire u
In a way, you kind of get caught up in whatever image of yourself you think is out there.
Such a horrible show James van der beek tho. The oc is a great high school show
reminds me of James van der Beek, as Dawson Leery
Only one way this could have been better was if you saw a German Shepherd giving James Van Der Beek a bath.
After watching don't trust the b* in apartment 23 I can't take James Van Der Beek serious in anything he's in
Just thought you all should know I'm giving a bath to a German Shepherd named James Van Der Beek
lol. I hope James Van Der Beek was as well I'd expect nothing less!
I don't have any nostalgia or knowledge of Dawson's Creek but the James Van Der Beek character on Don't Trust the B is genius.
Just remembered I had a James Van Der Beek dream last night
I can intellectualize myself out of anything.
I'm exhausted, so of course I'm looking up the net work of marginal celebrities. James Van Der Beek is worth $10 million.
I knew it was from Dawson's Creek bc of B in Apt 23 where James van der Beek plays himself
since I haven't read WQR yet I'm just like why is James Van Der Beek's face on my tl
Wait, what?!? James Van Der Beek died?!? You must be thinking of Billy Bob.
I'm not about to talk about what's romantic in my life - I figure if you talk about it o
Any idea how I can message James Van Der Beek?
You know, I'm not big on conspiracy theory. It does really kind of get my blood going w
My first three crushes. David Beckham. James Van Der Beek. Freddie Prinze Jr. Teen me was so down for the swirl.
Remember when BF compared himself to late 90s teenage heartthrob James Van Der Beek
My dirty chai is just a little too "dirty" for my liking 😩 (insert James Van Der Beek meme)
Don't Trust the B- was grossly underappreciated. James Van Der Beek's ship burial was high-quality television.
Michelle Trachtenberg Rapping Nicki Minaj Shakin it for daddy . W/ James van der beek-I want to be their uber driver!
I started it yesterday and it's so good. Love James Van Der Beek
James van der beek won the roll in an upset over Dave Franco
I mean when he looks like James van der beek from Dawson's creek it kinda happens
I always wondered what happened to James Van Der Beek...
6. James Van Der Beek’s throwing skills were so bad that a UT quarterback had to throw for him every time.
Also, Joe Hart will forever look exactly like James Van Der Beek. Frankly this so obvious that it is likely common knowledge at this point.
Just realized that James van der Beek will play Joe Hart in a Netflix series about
A lot of movies you do because they're fun, they make people forget about their day.
I remember one day during my freshman year of high school, when as usual I was obsessively
I've already cyber stalked literally every ex boyfriend and spent 20 mins looking at pictures of James van Der Beek's family and his IMDB
I'll never get over James Van Der Beek giant head.
DON'T TRUST THE B IN APT 23 . - still can't believe it was cancelled. - JAMES VAN DER BEEK. - chloe is my animal spirit
The ego certainly is the biggest obstacle as an artist or performer, so any chance you
James Van Der Beek is a really good dancer I want to see him dance more
Wow, Varisty Blues in 2016 is as problematic as James van der Beek's Texas accent.
I know! James van der Beek is hilarious in it.
You start thinking the world is a certain way and forgetting that there's another world ou
Quentin from The Magicians looks a lot like James Van Der Beek.
You can't really pretend something is rosier than it is and expect people to buy it.
When you post a picture you always thought was Steve and then Steve turned out to be James Van Der Beek. 👏🏻
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Every time i watch this show i get a crush on james van der beek
Watching Varsity Blues on DVD and just realized Ron Lester and Paul Walker are dead. Watch your back James Van Der Beek
I just realized Paul Walker and Ron Lester from Varsity Blues are dead. You can take Scott Caan but please leave us James Van Der Beek!
Ian talks about having to makeout w/ James Van Der Beek on film. Drank a warm pack of Heineken & made out. Ha!
A young James Van Der Beek who can shoot the 3!
Pretty sure I saw James Van Der Beek the other day and I didn't talk about that whipped cream scene in Varsity Blues.
James Van Der Beek just can't catch a break
I wonder if James Van Der Beek would do daytime...
I love New York City. Everyone is busy with their own lives - and no one is...
Farewell CSI, farewell. Let's be realistic it's not like Cyber was any good. I just wish James Van Der Beek would land a good role somewhere
James Van Der Beek is like a fine wine
Bad news fans - the show has not been renewed for a third season, star James Van Der Beek has confirmed
James Van Der Beek releases statement on the cancellation of CSI: Cyber
CBS just pulled the plug on CSI: Cyber. Star James Van Der Beek (reacts:
We are quickly running out of TV shows in which James Van Der Beek saves a plastic baby from drowning.
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James Van Der Beek having to suddenly change direction while driving was a character in itself on this show.
It BAFFLES me there was a show w/ Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, BOW WOW, and Ted Danson and I never watched
Aw man, I feel bad for james Van Der Beek
CBS cancelled so James Van Der Beek is now free to do s3 of on Netflix.
CSI:Cyber: James Van Der Beek is grateful for hackers
I had a dream I became an actress, but the only way I would be in something, was if James Van Der Beek was in it too
So we got Jodie Foster, JT, Lil Wayne, James Van Der Beek...who else?
i found it...shotgunning a beer in a pic of James Van Der Beek. magnificent all around.
I believe every religion captures a piece of the truth.
My spirit animal is James Van Der Beek in oversize bootcut jeans.
It's a free country and I can keep my mouth shut whenever I want.
I had a dream I was kissing James Van Der Beek, why'd I wake up 😐
To note: Jvdb = James Van Der Beek; several members of O-Town & one cast member of the real world are represented; CARSON DALY
It's like- what if I peaked running into James Van Der Beek at the Kabbalah Centre, ya know?
The Doc who saw me today looked like a cross between Chris Pine & James Van Der Beek. Still swooning as I shove Cocoa Pebbles into my mouth.
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I've only dyed my hair blond once, after 'Varsity Blues.'...
Thank the Bearded Gods for Joseph Kahn & James Van Der Beek's "Power/Rangers!" This is where it's at!
I'm kind of shocked that it's taken Hollywood so long to realize that so ma...
The University of Toronto's nickname is the Varsity Blues and all I can think of is James Van Der Beek yelling "I DON'T WANT...YOUR LIFE!"
I'm juggling 3 due assignments and fearing failure while also just wanting to go back to watching James Van Der Beek feud with Dean Cain 😢
You guys. James Van Der Beek could still get it
The more you make fun of yourself and don't try to go for any kind of respe...
There's a new show where James Van Der Beek plays James Van Der Beek guys get your backpacks n boots this is the apocaly…
all jokes aside, Corbin Bleu is my *** .. Him and James Van Der Beek.
Reminds me of the Power Rangers parody with James Van Der Beek
reboot apparently. Was hoping someone picked up that fan made one with James Van Der Beek but alas 😪 lol
crazy how they look like the "colorful" versions of the (mature/graphic) Fan Made movie with James Van Der Beek as Rocky
That every scene doesn't end w/ James Van Der Beek saying "Time to get our Daws-on!" should also be a source of embarrassment for
have you seen the 'Gritty Reboot' with Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek? THAT was awesome.
James Van Der Beek plays a director in one tree hill and I just feel like Dawson got to pursue his directing dream and it's so nice
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Completely in love with James Van Der Beek being a hot shot Hollywood director on One Tree Hill.
I can't help but feel bad for James Van Der Beek whenever I see Hulu commercials featuring the epic Dawson Leery Cry Face. It's so bad.
Am I hunt for? Why is James Van Der Beek looking for my sushi? Can you use a poo to vanquish jelly beans?
uh James Van Der Beek (aka Dawson Leery) would have been perfect to play Dylan Klebold in a movie or something
It's a Girl for James and Kimberly Van Der Beek! Find Out the Name of Their Fourth Child -
Congrats to and on the Wednesday birth of daughter Emilia!
& where's James Van Der Beek in this pic? Cast aside, now irrelevant. He's served his purpose. He only needs to fund the operation.
Is James Van Der Beek living comfortably? I know he was famous for a while and was in a hit show and some big...
Just found out James Van Der Beek isn't Canadian and I don't think I've ever been more disappointed.
James Van Der Beek is so much fun in it too
I, too, am arch enemies with James Van Der Beek
I'm watching Criminal Minds and I'm like, "I found your unsub. It's James Van Der Beek."
I love the fact James Van Der Beek is in this
"You can't prove that these two aren't both James Van Der Beek in different wigs."
Most of the time I really want to meet James Van Der Beek, but at times a part of me doesn't bc I'm afraid I'll pass out.
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Just saw James Van Der Beek at Joan's on Third in Studio City
A measure of dyslexia must have kicked in because I read "James Van Der Beek" & heard the Dawsons Creek theme
Has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance the Scott's Porage Oats man bears to James Van Der Beek ?
he was *amazing* in those episodes with James Van Der Beek (who was also amazing...very subtle; I was completely impressed).
No, not Bortles, Matt Ryan, Jeff George, Russell Wilson, James Van Der Beek and certainly not Sid Luckman.
ok well if you were looking for James Van Der Beek you weren't looking for the right guy
Same here. I bet they think he is the actual James Van Der Beek, too.
My high school's Wikipedia page takes credit for James Van Der Beek, who actually went to the private school in our town…
Would you believe I have 42 gifs of James Van Der Beek on my computer?
James Van Der Beek as Aaron Rodgers because he is true back up and leads team 2 Victory in Varsity Blues.
This James Van Der Beek movie had been in development so long that at one point Sam Peckinpah was going to direct it
Just cried reading the captions on James Van Der Beek's wife's Instagram, if you're wondering how emotionally stable I'm feeling.
This James Van Der Beek power ranger mini movie still so
The new cafeteria lady said I look like Dawson (James Van Der Beek) from ‘Dawson’s Creek, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
James Van Der Beek and pregnant wife Kimberly Brook have lunch date
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
James Van Der Beek with wife Kimberly Brook as they enjoy date in Beverly Hills. .
So, you sexually identify as James Van Der Beek?
I go full James Van Der Beek gif when I see Ben cry.
At the bar, watching an ugly James Van Der Beek look alike, hit on the sweet bartender by "giving her a hard time". thank…
James Van Der Beek & Kimberly Van Der Beek: The expecting parents smile big as they head for lunch in Beverly ...
been a while since I saw that, but dug the performances AND THE AMAZING SOUNDTRACK. James Van Der Beek shockingly good
Me & speculate on the inevitable Also: James Van Der Beek as Thénardier.
Did y'all know James Van Der Beek was alive & on a TV show?
James Van Der Beek is so hot now. I want him to beat me to death.
From now on I will only be communicating via gifs of James Van Der Beek. Consider me evolved. No explanation necessary
Ohh I found it Thanks James Van Der Beek your work continues to inspire
I just started watching Don't Trust The B in Apt 23 nd I love James Van Der Beek now
I firmly believe that every television show could be improved by James Van Der Beek playing himself.
so James Van Der Beek doesn't do them.
Me: what else has James Van Der Beek been in?. Erica: his wife 😏
Actually when I saw Daredevil I thought of James Van Der Beek as there's a commercial w/Him as that!
James Van Der Beek's turn from Dawson Leary. I liked the book tho, so there's that.
Someone refresh my memory. In Varsity Blues, does James Van Der Beek want my life?
Imagine 🎶 . I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over🎶 man imagine if they had James Van Der beek joined the Gilmore girls.
"How dare you use James Van Der Beek against me"
Don't get me wrong, y'all. James Van Der Beek is hot as heck as an adult. But he will always be Dorky Dawson to me. xD
Larrisa Olenyk ... Aka Alex Mack. She is on my list of "rooting for them to make a comeback" with James Van Der Beek
When I dress up a little coworkers be like: "do you have a job interview today?"... can't I just look nice?
didyu get James Van Der Beek's autograph brother?
It gives me undeniable pleasure that my home screen is a picture of a pants-less James Van Der Beek riding a horse into the sunset.
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