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James Toney

James Nathanial Toney (born August 24, 1968) is an American professional boxer who has held world titles in the middleweight, super middleweight, and cruiserweight divisions.

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Win, lose, or draw it is supposed to be “lights out” for the career of James Toney come this Saturday night as he...
What's worse is 48 year old James Toney, whose fighting this weekend for the WBF 'world' HW title agai…
"I've brought James Toney in to speak with you as well"
Why does the James toney fight at eastern have to be the same day as UFC 211 😑
James Toney’s final boxing match Saturday at EMU
James Toney vs Sheppard - This is billed as Toney's final fight. The fight will take in Toney's hometown Michig...
James Toney is fighting this weekend in Michigan! It's his 92nd bout and he's fighting for the WBF World heavyweight title!
? ...A now 42 yrOld club fighting who (in 2015) boxingLegend (onPoints) ~
Final Fight For James Toney This Weekend - Fightnews wrote: By Bob Ryder Win, lose, or draw it is supposed to b...
*** no. That Ruiz fight was a side show. James Toney was a legit champion
Didnt fight a prime hopkins or prime jones for a reason or james toney all 3 in there prime spank joe
best James Toney fight? Against Roy Jones Jr. I love it when guys pop off at the mouth, then get po…
Toney vs Shepard May 13th? - Good Lord say it aint so James Toney is fighting again. Hope he doesn't get hurt ,...
Why do people act like Randy Couture-James Toney never happened. It's been proven.
biggest fight from America next week is James Toney fighting for another "world" title vs Mike Sheppard
jacobs aint no mf'n canelo...canelo is the james toney/mayweather of the sport today...DEAL WITH IT
A boxer in MMA? That happened. His name was James Toney.
AGAIN.the ropes are not your hand. Unless you're James Toney.
I didn't even go see James Toney's desp…
The Real Deal taught him a lesson, the same Holyfield who beat Tyson and…
The terror of James Toney, the speed of Roy Jones Junior, the intellect of Eubank Snr. And too much padding to get a KO, the…
Anyone thinking that rehydration saves you on fight night should check out James Toney vs. Roy Jones Jr.
Answer my question.we're talking about Ruiz... . James Ton…
James Toney Nobody?? Sit down and think about it. Toney an all time great.
😹good to know lol, my hero is James Toney.. but *** your hero beat my hero :(, but but but - GGG wil…
I added a video to a playlist Evander Holyfield vs. James Toney
James Toney and Mike McCallum during their first meeting for the IBF world middleweight title in 1991
Hey Toledo, come support Albert Bell at this fight on May 13th
I so wanted to post a pic of Roy Jones saying that to James Toney!
GGG vs James TONEY @ 160lb - Toney is a HOFER, with a Iron mandible but I can see GGG as a first man to stop To...
James Toney has to be on that list.
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That fight should take place in the *** octagon. James Toney fought in ufc so can Floyd.…
@ PaulSmithJnr James Toney v Iran Barkley. Toney at his best. Defence, timing, shot selection, ring generalship. Toney was an…
looks like James toney is still fighting on the 13th smh😕
I mean, that really was the same fight as Randy Couture vs. James Toney, wasn't it? Like almost exactly the same thing.…
“One Last Time?” James Toney to fight again; will face Mike Sheppard for WBF strap in May
James Toney returns to the boxing ring 'one last time' for 12-round title fight - Bloody Elbow
James Toney vs. Mike Sheppard is for some garbage heavyweight title. It's 12 rounds. . James Toney is in a 12-round fight in 2017.
James Toney to face Mike Sheppard on May 13 -
from 1987 onwards(in no order): Roy Jones Jr, James Toney, Finito Lopez, Pernell Whitaker, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
"The fight that James Toney fought against Iran Barkley was as close to perfection as you can be in a boxing match."
idk what they heck they are doing. Remeber when they had James Toney fight Randy Couture?
12th round of James Toney vs. Vassiliy Jirov was one of the best in ever. I watch it often just to hear Emanuel Steward yell!
I cant believe people are talking about it again, they need to see Randy Couture against James Toney. It won't happen
This man has been in with Daniel Cormier and James Toney, So i think he will be just fine
On This Day 1988, James Toney - one of the most skilled technicians to grace the ring, made his professional debut vs Stephen…
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I am sitting in our newly open James Barr PAC Lobby!! We even held a rehearsal out here after school! Thanks
*** James Toney really let himself go.
remember it well can't believe how much I hated James Toney
I liked a video The art of James Toney
- wish he'd just retire. It's getting like 2015 James Toney 😔
in 1988, James Toney made his pro debut with a TKO over Stephen Lee
James Toney was an unbelievable talent in 1994. This win shows just how good Roy was in his prime.
kind of like when James Toney fought Randy Couture. No buisness fighting at that level of mma
kind of reminded me of when James Toney fought Randy Couture...
Rare footage of James Toney sparring Gerald McClellan in the legendary Kronk Gym, back in 1990.
when we getting to see James Toney vs Randy Couture 2?
I'm trying to hip Dynamite Kid to the James Toney
Getting a kick out of , Chris Byrd, James Toney, Ray Mercer. Fun times.
not gonna lie James Toney vs Ray Mercer would be more entertaining than most HW fights today
James Toney: Canelo is a coward!: The current middleweight scene is being dominated by Gennady...
James Toney: Canelo is a coward!: ... dominated by Gennady Golovkin and a big super fight bet...
chaddundas "ASchmidtacular You have too much faith in the Nevada state athletic commission, my friend. They let James Toney fight in the…
have you heard about cheaters from Russia before? Lucas Brown, Luis Ortiz, Fres Oquendo, James Toney, Shane Mosley - Russians?
this day 2005 -James Toney vs. John Ruiz decision ruled NC due to Toney testing positive for illegal substance.
Here's a video of James Toney threatening to beat the calories out of Dan Rafael if that's something you're into
I have the a fighter to beat Andre Ward... James Toney! Too bad it's not 1993.
James Toney wins the IBF middleweight title, stopping Michael Nunn in the 11th. 10/05/1991
Great night at the casino got to play for heavyweight champs Lamon Brewster, James Toney, Riddick Bowe, Ray...
"What do Mike Jackson & James Toney have in common?" The fact that neither are pictured here?
UFC Fight Night 82 pre-fight facts: What do Mike Jackson and James Toney have in common?: Stephen Thompson. Wha...
One of the most perfect boxing performances in modern times. James Toney laying on the style vs Barkley
I'll give up my marijuana when Chris Christie weighs less than James Toney
James Toney would DIE legit would die Brock would pound him into oblivion. James Toney would become a rape victim.
I love James Toney but Brock would legit take him down and start ripping limbs off as he's pounding James Toney with his other hand.
James Toney calls out brock lesnar THANK GOD this never happened there would be no ufc Brock & Dana would be in jail
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When Imhotep's signed this morning, James Franklin breathed a sigh of relief.
4-star DE Shaka Toney to Penn State, visited Pitt last month, his Mom to James Franklin: I told you we were coming!
Shaka Toney tells DC Brent Pry that James Franklin said he'd kiss him on the mouth when he called to reaffirm his commitment last night.
I'm here in James Franklin's war room. Imhotep defensive lineman Shaka Toney just sent in his NLI. He's the 12th commit on PSU's board.
Thanka to James Toney Lee LarryWhite Glascock and Nicole LaTrice Dandridge for the love last night on The RoundTable
. Based on what? His win over James Toney? He did not achieve as much as Calzaghe or Ward did at that weight.
Will each one be able to do the Showtime Kick including Roy Nelson, Mark Hunt and James Toney?
Couture says Rousey/Holm like trying to strike with James Toney: 'It was a bad idea'
he qualifies in the sense that Roy Jones or James Toney would qualify if they were on the bill. No sporting merit
he is slowly transforming into James Toney(looks wise)
James Toney deserves way more recognition.
Just seen James Toney having a McDonalds in London. He's let himself go!
We want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Angel and Chris Toney on the birth of their son Connor James this...
a prime James Toney would have had the skill set to beat the likes of GGG and Ward. Incredible fighter.
and by the way, the "Floyd Mayweather style" -- only geniuses and James Toney need apply. Don't try it at home.
I'm gassed for fury that he won but lets be honest Klitschko is old now, if u were back in the day u would lose to Someone like James toney
James Toney vs Fury would be legendary
Roy Jones Jr. just mentioned that James Toney used to primarily spar to get in shape for fights. Explains alot, sadly.
The gem about James toney just made up for it with Roy.
MikeTyson , Roy Jones, James Toney, Anderson Silva, and my favorite fighters of all time lol
I won a nice bet from Pat Petronelli on Jones-Toney. James was way overweight close to fight time too, which did him no favors.
The fact that Jason Gavern beat James Toney tells you everything you need to know about Prizefighter.
James Toney was an excellent defensive fighter. He also walked forwards.
I liked a video James Toney full Ringside interview
more fighters that beat GGG, Gerald McClellan, Chris Eubank, James Toney, Roy Jones...
Roach brought James Toney back to the elite level from obscurity (when no one would touch LightsOut). Why don't you know this?
You, Hagler, Hopkins, James Toney, Golovkin and a few more!
Brian Viloria. Took Hawaiian Punch from 0-0 to a world title but his specialty is bringing back vets like James Toney.
May be Best Pregame Message since James Toney asked Roy Jones "what's your excuse going to be tonight"
The showboating, the brilliance and KO power of Roy Jones Jnr. (James Toney getting out showboated on this day 1994)
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|| I hope it's not a one 'N done deal like when Couture fought James Toney
As long as we all agree that James Toney really did tap King Mo with a guillotine.
James Toney was fat & way way past his best what bout Mercer V Sylvia??
James Toney used a right uppercut after slipping a jab or a right hand. Eddie Futch taught it to the…
mostly bums outside of James Toney and Virgil Hill
Floyd, James Toney, and Pernell Whitaker the best defensive fighters I ever seen.
People seriously think Oscar De La Hoya would beat Roy Jones Jr at 160? 😭😭😭 James Toney would whoop DLH *** at 160 too. And Hopkins did.
A person was sold about every 3 minutes in the antebellum era. One was called James Toney. .
We all love Sugar Ray Leonard as legendary boxer, but my god even James Toney would be a better commentator, just terrible
Maybe she just had a Sinus Infection but her doctor was James Toney...
I liked a video James Toney vs. Iran Barkley
He's waiting for Klitschko to turn 45. Next he'll start a beef with James Toney or Tarver
We need James Toney to come in & save the American heavyweight division
Kassi looks like a cross between James Toney and Azumah Nelson
Older James Toney famously got seriously buff that one time and he was clean. Oh wait...
Had James Toney and Bernard Hopkins fought in their respective primes, who would win?
thanks bro i appreciate James Toney was one of my favorites also
love your style when I boxed u and James toney were my homework
Great seeing Roy Jones on the sofa. If only he had rematched James Toney for the IBF CW title straight after Ruiz
James Toney was truly a great fighter in his prime …just thinking
did I miss something what has James Toney got to do with this
but honestly, it can't get anymore freakshow than Couture vs James Toney. That was horrendous lmao
His HOF speech is gonna sound like jabba the hutt with a mouthful of oatmeal but good lord James Toney was amazing
The only freak show I got is between my legs. James "Lights out" Toney
of course. She would just have to shoot like Couture did against James Toney. . Anyway, Wayne's World is on Comedy Central.
Riddick Bowe and James Toney sound PUNCH DRUNK. sad to see.
Freddie roach, *** hennessey, James Toney, Bhop, SRL,Julian Jackson say the same things about as i do, are they "fanboys" too?
Dunbar Bobcast students Jasmine Toney, James Wilson, and Keith Bates attended a speech by Hillary Clinton at...
It's time to face the truth, I will never be with you - James blunt
I hope everyone loves something as much as I love James Bay
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James Toney, 3 weight world champion was Ring magazine and Boxing Writers Association in 1991 .
DC is my guy. But he had James toney in him
Mine did when I thought I heard the follow-up signing of James Toney.
Didn't see it. Am in Dublin, on a diet James Toney would be ashamed of.
or James Toney. I expect MayPac2 in 10-20yrs just like Dempsy vs Tunney III
Toney? Really? Would James Toney now have made the difference between Protected fighter to blue chip prospect?
not good to generalise. There's always exceptions, David Haye and James Toney didn't do road work and they weren't too bad tbh
Nick Diaz called out James Toney, this should be interesting
Are you for real GGG wouldn't have beaten James Toney
Is Berto going to pull a Buster Douglas? Hasim Rahman? James Toney? Antonio Tarver? This was inspired by
I was a fan of Popo too. James Toney. Winky Wright. Joe Calzaghe. Chico Corales. I just love boxing. Lol
in 2015: James Toney lost last night, Antonio Tarver fights on Friday, Glen Johnson on Saturday and Roy Jones ne…
You guys letting me down with these suggestions lol I'm going to watch James Toney vs Iran Barkley
James Toney on Iran Barkley was one of the worst ever. Roberto Duran on Davey Moore. Ali on Terrell. Tyson on Biggs
I am not going to fight James Toney
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I just read something that says James Toney and mike Tyson are about to fight. Bruh
Different sport,but great line: James Toney, who looked like a melted Milk Dud, exclaiming "Do I look like I'm on steroids?!"
In 1991 the WBA demanded Mike McCallum fight Steve Collins, who he'd already schooled a year before. Instead he chose to take on James Toney
Doesn't help when a fighter needs subtitles, and his name isn't James Toney. I'd love to see a joint Scott Quigg - Frankie Gavin presser.
Probably one of my favorite heavyweight fights. James Toney vs Evander Holyfield in 2003:
in there with Hopkins, James Toney, Michael Nunn, even Paul Williams or Martinez in their prime. Prob still would be champ,
Best part of James Toney vs Glenn Wolfe from 1992 was George Carlin talking with Jim Lampley between rounds
Y'all would have hated Bernard Hopkins, Willie Pep and James Toney back in the day if you think Mayweather "ran" earlier
Roy actually beat Bernard. He beat guys who are highly regarded. James Toney. Mike don't have a great w on resume
pound for pound he was the best. Beat both Bernard Hopkins & James Toney. The only thing Roy couldn't do in his prime was rap
James Toney and Gerald McClellan sparring in Emmanuel Stewart's famous Kronk Gym in 1990. What a dr…
Video: theanticool: The Art of James Toney By: fergusmc69 I really like these types of highlights.
Photo: cenaclul—-sefeu: James Toney. One of my favs. Awesome technique. [vs Iran Barkley]
Photo: bestofboxing: November 18, 1994: Roy Jones Jr. defeats James Toney by UD to win the IBF Super...
James Toney said it best...Salvador Sanchez is hands down the best Mexican fighter ever.
James Toney the roid abuser and Michael Katsidis who was recently arrested for having a drug pipe on him 👍
BBBOC have a stance of too early is better than too late. Yet gave a licence to james toney and michael katsidis. The British hypocrisy !
true, but only just beating James Toney
Ashwin Balrak reminds of a kickboxing version of James Toney
Is James Toney Heavy Handed or are his knockouts a result of impeccable timing?
Efran with tdd of james toney and lima with the speed of tito.
That was the most pathetic low single takedown attempt to land since Randy Couture got James Toney. Woof.
“"Watching this old James toney"too nice” word I like his style, Roy jones gave him the business tho.
interviews James Toney the same day I lost to him on a video game..January 1994, Poconos, ESPN, Bushkill
Arjen Robben is in The Observer tomorrow. I haven't seen James Toney for a while. It's not been the ending in the ring we wanted
whens the interview published?. Also hows james toney these days,cut a sad figure over here last year.
Why would Dana let James Toney fight but not let Holly Holm try her skill in the TUF house, She's only t
james toney on antonio tarver not wanting to fight him - EsNews boxing
this day 1993 - James Toney KO'd Iran Barkley in 9 rds to win a World Super Middleweight title.
Didn't know james toney plays joe frazier in
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A truly sensational performance from James Toney. One of my favourite fights to watch.
Hey does James Toney promote a heavyweight boxer?
I'd get tickets if fought in Nottingham. Roy Jones & James Toney should have fought in the UK too!
Yeah, there are only two acceptable answers for "Best boxer to enter MMA":. James Toney. Ray Mercer. End of list.
“Is Holly Holm the best boxer to enter MMA?”James Toney.
Favourite new game is Etta James Toney Benn Elton John Candy Staton Island Records, courtesy of Billy new one go: Woody Allen
Toney Douglas (14 pts, 7 assists for N.O.) and Bernard James (9 pts, 3 rebs with Mavs) played their first NBA games of sea…
James Toney former world champion by IBF, division middleweight, super middleweight, cruiserweight and…
Pernell Whitaker, Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather, James Toney and Nicolino Locche, 5 of the best defensive boxers of all time. - Joao
Bruce Buffer choked up, James Toney choked up, Jack Reiss...still an ***
James Toney talking out his *** Alex Ariza already told their *** s that its Bob Arum stopping the fight!
I added a video to a playlist James Toney v.s Hasim Rahman
In what round does James Toney KO Joe Frazier, bro?
"To be a *** in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.". -James Baldwin http:…
that was the GOAT post fight press conference. That our James Toney/Jim Gray. Was that the Truax fight? I gotta look that up.
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I'd say he's fighting for the passion of the sport as much as James Toney is currently.
you should do your James Toney OWC for your stream Thursday, fun to watch and a few small steps closer to 100👍
He was training w/ James Toney back then, brah. Now he's better.
I wonder how good James Toney would have been if he could have kept his weight in check
about James toney I weighed less than you
undefeated boxer james toney got choked out in 31 seconds in his only MMA fight.
probably get Toney for less. Toney definitely got more sell on value and potential but James currently better.
Luke James further along than Toney but Toney the better prospect.
Remember when James Toney fought in the ?! What a mess!!! What were they thinking?!
Dont forget bout detroits own james lights out toney
Sonnen v Galvao is like Couture v James Toney of the grappling world. It's a sideshow to get people to watch really.
Hey now. Only one of them has a victory over James Toney...
Is it true Wilders next opponent is the bum that got beat in prize fighter by 90 year old James Toney?? Pathetic
I added a video to a playlist James Buster DOUGLAS fights Toney Tucker
Lol I'm a massive fan of mma and knew I had to learn a lot on the ground didn't want to like like James toney lol
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guy that beat james toney in prizefighter?? That guy?
I earned this fight beating a shot fighter in James Toney. Don't discredit my wins. This fight is an honor.
Property Check while spending time with the Fam. Toney YP Domenick Dawn Cyndi Dennis James
I wonder if Kingsbury trained any wrestling. These takedowns are almost Randy Couture on James Toney easy.
Did James Toney win his fight on the Roy Jones Jr card in Riga, Latvia?
James toney fighting on the same card
isn't James toney also fighting today??
back in hes day RJJ was pukka in the ring, such a good fighter but comeing back why? why do it? same with james toney saw hes pad work video
I've heard they love him over there, but yeah, that's crazy. Oh yeah, James Toney on the same card.
Roy Jones Jr vs Courtney Fry card is being televised by Russia TV 2. I don't think James Toney is fighting on it anymore though...
James Toney takes his place, rambles unintelligibly and calls everyone ***
Roy Jones and James Toney fighting on the same card tonight. ***
Is Mike Tyson-James Toney hybrid Mike Perez of Cuba the future of heavyweight boxing?.
Yeah James toney was supposed to be fighting Evgeny Orlov but toney didn't turn up in Latvia.. Jones is fighting Courtney Fry
James Toney saying Victor Ortiz has no heart and that he's Puerto Rican because of it made me a huge fan of him.
LOL James Toney is fighting on the same card as Roy Jones Jr, please give it up
Roy Jones Jr is fighting again... vs Courtney Fry July 26th. with James Toney on the undercard...
Who would have thought in the year 2014 Roy Jones Jr, James Toney, Jeff Lacey, Bernard Hopkins would still be fighting
2 OLD foes fighting this weekend in Roy jones and James Toney, Who would win at this stage now?
Roy Jones Jr and James Toney, arguably the 1 and 2 best fighters pound for pound 20 years ago, will fight in Latvia
Meanwhile in Latvia, James Toney & Roy Jones Jr will fight on the same card on Friday for the first time since they faced…
If you watch the James Toney and Roy Jones card live from Latvia this coming weekend, then it's time for an interventio…
James Toney would approve of some of the stuff Mauricio Herrera has done off the ropes tonight...
Naseem Hamed vs Marco Antonio Barrera or Roy Jones vs James Toney? I'm on the fence.
Is James Toney still fighting?? That man been fighting PROFESSIONALLY for almost as long as I have been alive lol
Eric Prindle may be not be a great fighter, but he's a great James Toney impressionist.
Roy Jones, James Toney vs Orlov in Riga Latvia one of the most bizarre combinations you'll ever see
*** no... Not unless David GAYE is willing to fight James Toney
Nothing against LeBron but seeing Toney Douglas and James Jones carry him to the bench was Paul Pierce pathetic.
I just realized Erik spoelstra sent out the two sorriest *** on the squad to go pick up lebron James Jones and toney douglas
James Toney made $500k to fight Couture. is 10X the fighter & a bout w/ Silva will make 100X the $. Let's do this!!
S/O to James Jones and Toney Douglas for putting in work and carrying LeBron off the floor 👌
lol aye he 6'8" 260lbs...and they had James jones and Toney Douglas tryna carry him lol
Nice to see former FSU star Toney Douglas with an assist tonight. (carrying King James to the bench) Tough loss. A/C not working is brutal!
Why can't we play James Jones and Toney Douglas more?
The only thing Toney Douglas and James Jones do for the heat is carry Lebron off the floor lol.
Toney Douglas and James Jones put Lebron on their shoulders doe.
Boxing is not a game you play. It is two combatants going after each other to win a battle for 12-36 minutes of speed, strength, and strategy. It is wise to get as much amateur experience as possible, just as in every other individual or team sport, so when one turns Professional they are well versed in this most unforgiving sport. Australian, Lucas "Big Daddy" Browne, WBC WBA IBF is one of the few successful Boxers to buck the trend of an amateur career, prior to turning Professional. He was a 6-2 (6 KOs) MMA fighter who, at 30 years of age, decided to venture into Professional Boxing. He stated "I started fighting because I didn't want to look back and ask what if". Those words are what many think or say, who don't finish their "bucket lists" at the end of an unfulfilled life. The Sydney based, Ricky Hatton Promoted, Browne is anything but typical. He has reeled off 20 straight victories (18 by KO). He has wins over Travis Walker (RTD7), James Toney (UD 12), and over 14-0 Richard Towers (TKO5). He has . ...
Friends in LA - we're looking for a roommate in our loft. If you know of anyone who you think would be a good fit (similar interests, professionalism, etc), shoot me a message. Thanks! cc: Tim A. Martin James Toney III
Nobody is able to get an athlete to open up the way Don can. The James Toney stuff was particularly awesome.
TIL James Toney was paid $500,000 for his fight with Randy Couture
do you still keep in touch with James Toney?
James Toney: 'Adrien Broner could be ruined.'
James toney most entertaining trash talker of all time
My top 5 fav fighters of all time whoever I got $ on James Toney Roberto Duran Manny Pacquiao Evander Holyfield
If they gave James Toney a shot yeah he actually deserves one
would you watch a Rampage vs. James Toney boxing fight, Shaq vs. Jose Conseco MMA fight, both or death?
Toneys Counter right hands are a thing of beauty!. James Toney - Old School Boxing
Butler looking like he has the same strength and conditioning coach as James Toney here.
That thunder outside sounds like James Earl Jones...
Mind you, he'd had 50-odd fights. Talking of old dudes, I see James Toney is fighting next month. In Latvia..
James Loney playing for Tampa Bay Rays.near as *** it James Toney!
If you want to see a great classic beatdown, check out James Toney fighting Iran Barkley from back in the day.
Roy Jones Jr vs. Courtney Fry & James Toney vs. Evgeny Orlov in Latvia! Do you think its time for these living...
2 professional boxers have both fought in UFC and both been battered, James Toney never went back after 1 fight
Roy Jones Jr vs Courtney Fry. James Toney on the undercard. In Riga, Latvia. Wait, what?
Roy Jones vs Courtney Fry with James Toney on the undercard. Oh dear.
undercard of James Toney v Matthew Barney and Shannon Briggs v Lee Swaby
that's in my life time maybe James toney too.he was unbelievable.
took James Toney 3 rounds to despatch of Legg, 83 seconds for to do it. Gonna be massive.
I love the Heat. There is King James, Dwade, Bosh.uhhh there is the guy with the high top, Mike Miller, and my fav. Toney Douglas
James Toney vs Carlos Monzon at 160, who wins and why?
Agree format is limiting. He is not unbeatable & hasn't beaten a Roy Jones, James Toney, Calzaghe, etc.. at 168
No my opinion of him is worse cuz he fights nobodies. At least you've fought James Toney.
With all that being said about James Toney I think it could be fun doing a DavidvsGoliath matchup
James Toney wants to fight Rampage and this is MMA not boxing, oh my dear lord! Did you hear this
Boxing with James Toney could turn out bad. For an illiterate marble mouth he's a very artistic pugilist.
James toney for a world title, Travis walker, Richard towers.. Do you have same opinion of I wonder
James Toney's team hunting fights with Eddie Chambers!. Would you be interested in seeing Toney back in the ring...
James Toney faces off against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 118 in his first MMA fight. Who do you favor to win this boxer vs. mma face off? JRSport… [ 13 more words. ]
James Toney vs Randy Couture really the funniest fight ever
This entire thing is really silly, but unless the fight started on the ground, Floyd would knock Ronda out in 45 seconds. She'd have to ankle pick him like Randy Couture did James Toney, but she wouldn't be able to catch him.
Just catching up on ringside! Eubank Sr tells he sees Roy Jones Jr, James Toney and Duran in his son
Chris Eubank Sr. saying his son is a mix of Roberto Duran, Roy Jones Jr and James Toney. And that he'd beat Gennady Golovkin right now 🙈😂
Hey everyone. How was your Mother's Day and last week? For me, my week was relaxing but I had to work as well as on Mother's Day as well. But this past Saturday, I covered and attended the Bermane Stiverne-Chris Arreola 2 fight. The fight was for the vacant WBC heavyweight championship. I want to thank James Toney, David Haye, Don King and Deontay Wilder for taking there time to do a photo op with me. Also want to thank as well Don King, David Haye and Deontay Wilder once again for letting me interview them (each and one of them). Lastly, thank you to Don King Promotions and Goossen Tutor Promotions for letting me cover the Stiverne-Arreola 2 fight. Anyway, this upcoming Saturday Juan Manuel Marquez will take on Mike Alvarado for the WBO welterweight title eliminator. The winner of that bout will face Manny Pacquiao who won the title (WBO) on April 12th against Tim Bradley in there second fight. I will be covering and attending that fight. So look out for photos and interviews. Marquez-Alvarado will air o ...
If Andre Berto comes into MMA it'd be huge. It'd be the anti-James Toney. Kermit Cintron should try out too.
Freddie Roach said the most talented fighter he’s ever trained was James Toney
It's hard to compare Floyd Mayweather to the earlier great welterweights because he doesn't fight as often and nor does he fight 15 rounds. It's unreasonable to consider him the greatest welterweight of his own era because he didn't fight the greats of his era in their primes. He ducked Oscar de la Hoya and Shane Moseley in their prime, and Vernon Forrest, who would have destroyed him, died in his prime and Pernell Whitaker and Chavez were too old to fight him, but he wouldn't have beaten either of them in their prime. He is still running from Pacquiao for some odd reason. He definitely is not the greatest Pound for Pound of all time because he's not even the greatest of his era. B Hop, Andre Ward, Roy Jones, Joe Calzaghe, and James Toney were/are far better boxers in their prime. He is definitely a Hall of Famer and he is ONE of the greatest, but he has ducked far to many fighters to be considered THE greatest.
my point, Different sports... just like Floyd would never be at Jose Aldo's level, ask James Toney how it went
Beautiful. Alexis Arguello, Julio Cesar Chavez and James Toney were masters of this combination also.
James Toney is a legend. Even more than Floyd Mayweather. Scan his credentials. He's a 12 time world champion. But Floyd is still good.
Really bad, I take 400lb James toney to beat him
toney stood in front of a blue screen and promised us all in a bad font not to change anything when he was in govt I demand answers
Tomorrow is race day again!!! The point season ended a few weeks ago and the awards will be handed out for the class winners!! CONGRATS TO ALL 2014 CLASS CHAMPIONS!! I'm the proud father of the champion of the Bomber class, James Toney!! Great job James!!! Women Concerned For Auto Racing will have food and snacks as always!!
Darryl "Sayf" Carman Gives the REAL differences between the "Philly Shell" of James Toney and Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Michael Beasley should be playing over Toney Douglas and James Jones should be playing over Rashard Lewis.
Wilder has great potential, but he ain't a James Toney yet
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