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James Toback

James Lee Toback (born November 23, 1944) is an American screenwriter and film director.

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(1/2) Wait one more. Alec Baldwin & James Toback came by our office in Cannes to sta…
Nastassja Kinski with Marlene Dietrich doll and director James Toback by Helmut Newton / 1983
Trio de maestros: with Bernardo Bertolucci and James Toback
The story of when Norman Mailer confronted James Toback to argue about the difference between bourbon and scotch:…
why isn't there an option toback James Wilson to score at anytime in the Derby game
*immediately Googles James Toback, shifts *** in seat*
When you find out a Bengals player is doing better than you in Pokemon Go
Any writer who references 98 Degrees, James Toback & Marlene Dietrich in Morocco, in one chapter, is my kinda writer.
You will never convince anyone to do anything unless you believe it should be done.
Harvard Man is the most James Toback-y movie ever.
I will miss Gawker's James Toback reportage the most.
"You must ... voluntarily tell me everything." Creepy story about a judge reminds me of that time I met James Toback.
James Toback says Robert Downey Jr isn't the same person he was around the late 80s, late 90s. Um good because that Robert w…
Bennett Miller & James Toback discussing their careers after our inaugural Gothams Classics night at
now James Toback is a different story..
Finally got to see James Toback's Fingers last night and sought out your review, I agree with the misogyny angle
Heads up for Neo-Noir fans, there's a remake of the James Toback-written 70s Noir 'The Gambler' coming soon (the original starred James Caan). This is the second time a 70s James Toback-scripted film of the 70s has been re-made, the other being the French thriller 'The Heart That My Beat Skipped', which I thought excellent and which was based on Toback's 70s film 'Fingers'. Hopefully Film4 might get a notion to show both originals-- 'Fingers' is particularly hard to see (it starred Harvey Keitel as the hoodlum who really would prefer to play the piano). I don't usually like Mark Wahlberg-- too macho, too Budweiser-and-baseball for my liking, but this looks too interesting not to see. And I'd be helping with the James Toback retirement fund!
Do you know you're in James Toback's film "Seduced and abandoned" with Alec Baldwin and Ryan Gosling? :-)
"remake of James Toback's [sic] 1970s James Caan vehicle [sic] about a college professor with the titular [sic] addiction"
James Toback and Alec Baldwin’s documentary Seduced and Abandoned, which premiered on HBO last year, chronicles the two filmmakers’ attempts to procure funding at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival for a movie inspired by Bernardo Bertolucci’s seminal 1972 sexual drama Last Tango in Paris. For the averag…
MOVIES Seduced and Abandoned Postby CAP » Mon May 12, 2014 12:10 pm This is not the noted 1964 Italian feature directed by Pietro Germi, about the irresistible little village virgin, Agnese (Stefania Sandrelli) and her impulsive suitor Peppino (Aldo Puglisi) – a delirious Italian comedy, in the guise of late Neo-Realism perhaps, although maybe I’ll do a review of that some time. :lol: Anyway this time the title is used for an amusing little documentary following maverick director James Toback and actor Alec Baldwin around the 2012 Cannes Film Festival as they visit the financing sector and pitch for an improbable feature called Last Tango in Tikret. The two are clearly good friends and at ease in front of the camera and mostly it’s a kind of self-indulgent charm offensive. But it does have a few good jokes, so I give it 6. Toback is a notorious arthouse wannabe and sleaze – I bracket him with Paul Schrader. But here Toback assembles his material efficiently enough, paces it well, there’s probab ...
James Toback's "Seduced and Abandoned' is a brilliant study of Bertolucci's "Last Tango in Paris" and Marlon Brando's lasting impact.
THE GAMBLER has one of the most unsettlingly satisfying endings I've seen in a LONG time. Another great James Toback joint…
Does anyone remember Bugsy? It was a best picture nominee in 1991, but recently I heard a younger critic whom I respect deride the movie over at The Film Talk despite his having never seen it. It might be the best picture Barry Levinson ever made, and it certainly was one of the greatest scripts James Toback ever wrote. It stars Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Harvey Keitel and Ben Kingsley in the story of Benjamin "Don't call me Bugsy" Siegel and the creation of Las Vegas. It is a great, great movie, and one anyone out there named Jett should see immediately now that it is on Netflix.
Get an insider look at the tricky wheelings and dealings that go on during the renowned Cannes Film Festival in the new HBO documentary "Seduced and Abandoned." Actor Alec Baldwin and maverick filmmaker James Toback are your unlikely tour guides who have set up cameras to follow them a...
Featuring interviews with Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Ryan Gosling, the hilarious Seduced and Abandoned screens until Monday. Alec Baldwin and filmmaker James Toback go behind the scenes of the film industry, providing ample high jinks and sharp wit along the way!
HBO's documentary Seduced and Abandoned with Alec Baldwin & James Toback is a MUST SEE.
Have you seen "Seduced & Abandoned" with James Toback & Alec Baldwin? How apropos of the New Abnormal. I'm on my 2nd screening.
"I've been ready to die since I was 19 when I flipped out on LSD for eight days" ~James Toback
Alec Baldwin & James Toback in the house for the SEDUCED AND ABANDONED Q&A!
Seduced And Abandoned with Alec Baldwin and James Toback in person
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SAW: Seduced and Abandoned - engaging documentary by James Toback and Alex Baldwin on HBO.
It almost starred Faye Dunaway & Cary Grant as directed by George Cukor. Now James Toback may make his dream project.
Q&A: Alec Baldwin on his and James Toback's movie biz documentary 'Seduced and Abandoned' :Auto pickup by wikyou
"Cinema is bigger than all of this other stuff." This Mon. at 9, Alec Baldwin and James Toback take us on a cinematic romp revealing the joys and challenges of the film making business. Who's coming with us?
Video: Alec Baldwin feels "Seduced and Abandoned": Alec Baldwin and filmmaker James Toback attende...
JDaters - have you gotten your DISCOUNTED tix for tonight's 92nd Street Y event with Alec Baldwin and James Toback? Make sure to stop by the 92Y bar for your FREE cocktail.
The Gambler Is Now Mark Wahlberg - The Gambler: Mark Wahlberg is giving new life to a prospective remake of 1974s The Gambler. The original, written by James Toback based on his own experiences, starred James Caan as a literature professor with a compulsive gambling habit. Wahlberg is now said to be "circling" the remake, written by William Monahan, who also wrote []
Mark Wahlberg And Rupert Wyatt Eyeing ‘The Gambler’ Remake For Paramount By MIKE FLEMING JR | Wednesday September 11, 2013 @ 12:50pm PDT inShare.Comments (0) I’m in transit from Toronto, but here is a hot project coming together quickly. I’m hearing that Mark Wahlberg is circling to star and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes helmer Rupert Wyatt is circling to direct The Gambler, a William Monahan-scripted remake of the 1974 James Caan movie for Paramount. The remake is being produced by original producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff and also Stephen Levinson. Caan played a college professor whose gambling addiction overcomes him even after he gets in big trouble with the wrong guys. James Toback wrote the original script.
Alec Baldwin and James Toback talk 'Seduced and Abandoned,' why theatrical exhibition is a 'quaint, outdated medium':
Spike Lee's going to direct a Mike Tyson one-man show. Didn't James Toback just do that about five years ago?
And yes: I loved the James Toback Mike Tyson movie. I love Spike Lee. Love Spike's filming of stage shows. I'll check out Undisputed Truth.
Alec Baldwin and James Toback discuss their Cannes-shot movie biz doc and Tom Bernard of Sony Pictures Classics weighs in on the Cannes marketplace in this double dose of Daily Buzz.
James Toback's Seduced and Abandoned is a rambly, funny, nichey doc about the film financing circus. Alec Baldwin v amusing host
picks up guided by Alec Baldwin and James Toback. Premiering at the 2013 Film Festival.
"It worked on director James Toback, a longtime Oscar voter. "I thought she was great in the movie, so I was (cont)
gonna be 15 mins late. Talking to James Toback. I know.
You missed the tiger eating James Toback.
Assembled from over 30 hours of interviews with Mike Tyson, director James Toback explores the life and career of the former heavyweight boxing champion. From his early years under the wing of famed boxing promoter Don King to his notorious match against Evander Holyfield and his conviction on sexua...
Would anybody have a copy of 'Fingers' (1978) by James Toback, featuring Harvey Keitel? For the less educated (!), It's the one Jacques Audiard's 'The Beat My Heart Skipped' was the remake of, back in 2005. US imports welcomed, Region 2 DVD most welcomed, digital file even better! Thanks.
Harvey Knows how to be annoyed playing the latest hits. From the film FINGERS, directed by James Toback and performed by Harvey Keitel.
"You don't really expect me to go without sex for more than 10 or 11 hours, do you?" Nureyev to director James Toback. Best. Quote. Ever.
James Toback perhaps shooting his gonzo cannes film (Chris Rock and Alec Baldwin in frame) at the IFP/Calvin Klein party.
With the 65th Cannes Film Festival about to get underway, Alec Baldwin and director James Toback, with a film crew trailing them, have just hit town to shoot a movie about what it takes to raise the financing to shoot a movie. The documentary they’re embarking on is called Seduced and Abandoned, and...
Alec Baldwin & James Toback are Shooting a Secret Film in Cannes?: Wait - what?! They're filming a se...
Sharon Stone is out in the cold again with amfAR. She's not coming back to Cannes for the annual event. Ubiquitous Alec Baldwin will serve as host next week of the fundraising event at the Hotel du Cap. Baldwin is in Cannes anyway, shooting James Toback's mockumentary about the fim [...]
Watch the James Toback documentary on Mike. Premièred at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. It got a 10-min standing ovation. :)
Famous director-writer James Toback will be shooting his next movie at the Cannes Festival on May ...
"Talent deserves support from the community. It's a very simple proposition. What is art about? It's about telling stories, from a deeply person perspective, to share with each other. The heartache that we all share. Except we have people where money is the most important object...and their *** are measured by the amount of money that they have. And their possessions."--Harvey Keitel on "The Outsider (a documentary about writer/director James Toback)" when asked about the projects he has worked on that he was proud of but were never seen or never had a chance because they aren't part of that money making world that runs the movie industry today.
A must-see! "& James Toback in person for screening & discussion of Last Tango IN PARIS!
Alec Baldwin & James Toback in person Thur. for a screening & discussion of Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango IN PARIS!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Fantastic upcoming event at Lincoln Center: "Last Tango in Paris" screening with Alec Baldwin and James Toback.
Now that sounds fun! "James Toback and I discuss Bertolucci:
Just bought my ticket.. Will be great to finally see it on the big screen and with hosts and James Toback.
Alec Baldwin and James Toback present "Last Tango in Paris" on Thusday April 5 at Lincoln Center
Alec Baldwin & James Toback's discussion of BARRY LYNDON was a hit! Now they take on Last Tango IN PARIS:
FB thread on the world's ultimate creeper, writer-director James Toback -
Savannah Film Fest screens BARRY LYNDON on Sunday and I interview the great James Toback on the films of Kubrick...
I am hosting a screening of Kubrick's great BARRY LYNDON, along with James Toback, at
Alec Baldwin and James Toback planning a secret film: Alec Baldwin is certainly plotting his ...
and the brilliant director James Toback..
James Toback, who turns 66 today, is another director who has a similar interest in black masculinity/sexuality.
An looking forward to seeing James Toback's documentary on Mike Tyson.
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