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James Taylor

James Vernon Taylor (born March 12, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

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James Taylor scraps Philippines concert plans over its extrajudicial killings of drug offenders https…
James Taylor played magic Green Onions pop up at Camden jazz cafe last night nb
Worst reaction I saw is James Taylor is an imported Yellowtard. *SMH*
"Musician James Taylor has canceled his Manila show in protest at Duterte's war on drugs …
Grammy-award winner James Taylor announced the cancellation of his Feb. 2017 concert in Manila | Photo from
James Taylor cancels Manila show over treatment of drug offenders in Philippines
Ultimate chill with James Taylor and John Mayer in my playlist today 😌
read comments regarding James Taylor cancelling his Manila tour due to his political stance.
“I don’t think of my music as being particularly political but sometimes one is called upon to make a political stand" -…
James Taylor cancels Manila concert, stating concern for alleged summary executions in the Philippines.
cancels concert to protest Duterte's bloody drug war...
READ: James Taylor cites EJK as his reason to cancel his Philippine tour on February.
You think James Taylor is just making a fuss? Nah, that's actually how having a principle works. Commendable.
Singer James Taylor cancels Manila concert, saying reports of summary executions of suspected drug offenders in...
James Taylor cancels his Manila concert because of Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs
James Taylor has canceled his concert in the Philippines due to the summary executions of drug suspects.   10% Off
James Taylor cancelled his concert in the Philippines to protest Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs
James Taylor cancels Philippines concert over drug war
James Taylor cancels Philippines concert over drug war via
When someone openly admits and declares and even boasts to the entire world that he has personally killed people,...
Coming from the news that James Taylor cancelled his concert as a protest against EJKs, I hope that Coldplay does the same
James Taylor cancels Manila show due to "deeply concerning" reports of summary executions.
James Taylor cancels Manila show over drug-related deaths
Dear victims of dirty drug war, . You've got a friend. - James Taylor .
When will they just change name to Popular Music HOF? When Baez, James Taylor,& rappers are in,its no loner abt Rock
You say never met one girl who has many James Taylor records as you, but i do.
James Taylor to play Wrigley Field with Bonnie Raitt in July
Austin had no clue who Phil Collins or James Taylor was.😳
must be listening to the James Taylor version. sounds so NICE it comes off like he really IS worried about her catching cold.
James Taylor: crossing generations and political lines
EVENT TOMORROW: James Taylor and Carole King tribute show at HopMonk Tavern - Novato
Currently watching James Taylor sing Sweet Baby James. Wondering how many of my brain cells could've been saved if BBC4 was there in 1998
Just listened to Sweet Baby James for first time. Looks like you've made me a James Taylor fan. Listening to the full album
Al Pacino, James Taylor, the surviving members of the Eagles (Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmidt and Joe Walsh),...
Al Pacino, James Taylor and the Eagles were saluted on Sunday evening at the Kennedy Center Honors gala.
New post: Al Pacino, James Taylor, the Eagles and more receive Kennedy Center Honors
Al Pacino, James Taylor, the Eagles and more received Kennedy Center Honors.
Sarah Taylor and Cynthia's doll from hey Arnold
"To me, much of what is artistic is people's creative & inventive ways out of impossible situations.". -James Taylor
TV TONIGHT: NATIONAL CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING James Taylor, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are among the...
James Taylor, Al Pacino and Mavis Staples feted at Kennedy Center Honors -
Tray Chapman, Sam Cooke, and James Taylor all instantly relax me.
That clip of Darren singing Fire and Rain like James Taylor sings it is my new favorite thing.
give jimmy Buffett over James Taylor at nats park any day
Listening to What I'm Thankful For (The Thanksgiving Song) (with James Taylor) by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, on my Echo!
James Taylor will tour US baseball stadiums with next summer ::
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Sweet Baby James. Tickets on sale Friday for James Taylor July concert at Wrigley Field.
‘Total disgrace’: The only thing missing from John Kerry’s Castro statement is some James Taylor lyrics
.announces 2017 summer tour stop at Park:
At first it was just James Taylor & Kelly Clarkson @ National Christmas Tree Lighting, but now a whole lineup! Garth Brooks! Can't wait.
Singer-songwriter James Taylor has announced a summer tour of four baseball parks, culminating in a date at Fenway…
James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt set for summer show at Fenway
James Taylor announces he'll play Wrigley Field again next yr (July 17). Was 1 of 7 major music shows there this yr. https:…
New podcast out today: An interview with Energetic and engaging Sodexo Healthcare CEO
JUST ANNOUNCED: returns to with Want a chance at tickets?
James Taylor to play Wrigley Field again this summer — this time with Details:…
🎤 JUST ANNOUNCED: James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt are returning to Fenway this August!. Details:
Your MCM doesn't know all the lyrics from James Taylor's 1969 classic "Fire and Rain"
James Taylor announces summer tour of 4 baseball parks
"Up on the Roof – The Music of Carole King and James Taylor", Yarm on Sun 12 Feb 2017, tickets:
James Taylor- In the Pocket on Warner Bros.BS2912, LP VG+, cover F Rock and Ro…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Music People, I need your input:. "Jackson Browne is to James Taylor as _ is to _". Give it to me.
All that jazz on WBOM. Now playing: James Taylor - Ray Charles - Sweet Potato Pie.
James Taylor has got a friend GARTH !!
Did you know James Taylor played banjo on "Old Man" after he met Young on the Johnny Cash Show…
Okay fair point, but they still have Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor to rally the youth vote.
Deep Space Homer completely ruined James Taylor for me
Does Dan Lindsay remind anyone else of James Taylor? Or is that just me?
come on, new york! also, good role models matter. James Taylor & Alison Krauss - The Boxer: Paul Simon Tribute
"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.". ~James Taylor~
Le Baron,, James Taylor ,Mat Damon -just another vote -we don't care what they think via
On this day in history I photographed the most intimate James Taylor show @ Electric Lady Studios. It was just ...…
HBD to the muse who inspired Graham Nash, Neil Young, and James Taylor. We'll be toasting Joni Mitchell at…
Important message. I am very proud that Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor are performing a benefit concert for this...
.has all the best talent&brains on her side:Katy Perry,Beyonce,Bon Jovi,James Taylor,Nye,Sanders&Warren.
James Taylor to perform at Hillary Clinton event in Manchester, N.H., on Sunday night
Meet Black Singles 300x250
James Taylor sings 'Road Runner' at UNC campaign rally for Hillary Clinton: James Taylor sings the Junior Walker…
Hillary has James Taylor dust off his rusty strings,to be the Alan Alda of easy listening, that he is. I'd rather see Huma. Vote Trump
Jimmy Buffett to perform in Brooklyn with James Taylor and Sarah McLachlan in December:
Inbox: President Obama to Campaign for Clinton in North Carolina on November 2 with James Taylor.
Playing Carly Simon and James Taylor on a Super Soul Sunday. "Everybody have you heard. He's gonna buy me a mockingbird. And if that.".
Feel sorry for James Taylor, up in the middle of the night for a few seconds chat!
James Taylor, Bernard Fanning and Kasey Chambers to play at Hope Estate, Sunday 12th February 2017.
Since were OK if E and MM r just friends, eto gusto Kong songs for them. I've got a frnd- James Taylor. One frnd-Dan seals. Frnd of mine-lea S.
The Green Mountain Club's is Vermont history. By its founding in 1910, James Taylor (1872-1949) gave...
Couldn't agree more. Look at UK stories of Fabrice Muamba & James Taylor to see where it was picked up and where it wasn't.
On my way to Down Ampney farm in the Cotswolds to catch up with old barometer farmer James Taylor
See Vince Gill and James Taylor's heavenly duet on "Bartender's Blues" at
John Kerry brought James Taylor to sing Up on the Roof. Hillary brought a reset button. . Kaine brings stupidity
I was listening to a John Mayer station and James Taylor came on. Makes me miss my dad.. 😢
Pictured from l-r: Joe Walsh, Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, James Taylor, and Vince Gill. Let that sink in for a min…
Having listened to great songwriters like James Taylor and Carole King, I felt there was n
Congrats 2 Mark Anderson and James Taylor, members of the New Vision Advocates, on being elected to the Council of Community Living Ontario!
Sailing to Philadelphia: Mark Knopfler and James Taylor (Chart & mp4). 1 of the ways I teach.
Baby Boomers have got a friend in James Taylor, muses Princeton Seminary President Craig Barnes in Christian Century
Countyline Republican Women's meeting is Thurs., Sept. 8th at 6pm, House of Restoration, 301 N. Czech Hall Rd. Speaker is: Dr. James Taylor
It would maybe be okay if they played some James Taylor, except they'd probably butcher it & my ears would bleed even more.
You’ve Got A Friend – The Music of James Taylor and Carole King - Fri 16 Sept. Go to
Jennifer Marie met/got hit on by James Taylor last night but these things are casual !!!
James Taylor to Perform at L.A. Benefit for Country Music Hall of Fame This Fall
Special thanks to my cousin James Taylor and his wife Tammy for letting me stay in their home! You made this...
Once again, The Beverley Show rocked!. There is a little ditty by James Taylor, one that I hadn't thought about...
Loving "Sounds of the 70s" on Yesterday, this evening - Carole King, James Taylor, Janis Ian, Joan Armatrading...
So made cuz there is no one to take me to Sulphur Springs tonight to watch James Taylor play😭😭
Careful: he's bout to deploy our Double TopSecret Weapon: James Taylor •&• Paul Simon
For the lover of songwriters in the best 70's-tradition (think Carole King, James Taylor, Carly Simon & Jackson Browne)-
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Dog: "That would turn me on." Last call before 4PM break. When talking about James Taylor with Jackson Browne at Fenway. Hilarious
I'm going to see James Taylor and Jackson Browne at Fenway Park tonight. So excited.
Ended up with a spare ticket for James Taylor /Jackson Browne tonight at Fenway. Any interest? Grandstand seat, make an offer.
sadly no for me tonight. Going to go see James Taylor and Jackson Browne at Fenway!
. This shows how Pathetic obama, Crooked Hillary & Kerry are. Iran knows how to play these fools. Where's James Taylor?
John Kerry would have needed James Taylor, the cast of Friends and the Pope to get 4 hostages from Iran.
Obama probably had Kerry apologize for only being able to come up with $400M. Maybe offered a James Taylor concert too.
Kerry: "How was that last James Taylor mix tape?"
Kerry will air drop James Taylor cassettes to them.
James Taylor did help the victims of Charlie Hebdo👉If you recall, John Kerry sent him to sing away the terror!
Kerry will have James Taylor broadcast a song to our Airmen before the Turks be-head them.
relax Obama's got us covered. Kerry and James Taylor are headed to Syria to make peace, calm everyone down
After 7.5 yrs of Democrats State Dept, the 1 thing that really stands out is Kerry having James Taylor sing you got a friend to the French.
One of the most magical times in Kelly Beck and my life, the night we met James Taylor and spoke with him...
Kerry should threaten to bring James Taylor over to Russia unless they meet his deadline.
It was actually a musical he produced very briefly in Cali. Features a bevy of great voices. Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor...
what would Kerry do send James Taylor. He's a fool.
Can't find Kerry & James Taylor? smdh How about that Demorat Gen Allen?
Get on the phone.James Taylor needed in ASAP! That'll fix things!
were in decline, not respected by world leaders and are considered a joke-proof is when Kerry brought James Taylor to France
I can't believe I'm seeing James Taylor and STEVE GADD in the same building. Never thought I'd ever see Steve Gadd perform live!!
Remember when Longhead Kerry the secret Jew took James Taylor to France to sing to them to make it all good again? Retard. LOL.
Dont forget John Kerry brought James Taylor 2 France 2 sing it as an apology 4 blowing off the Charlie Hebdo memorial
This song is a State Dept favorite...remember Kerry and James Taylor in France.only fitting!
I thought James Taylor sings on behalf of Kerry when Islamic Jihadists murder innocents. Is ISIS at the DNC tonight?
What, John Kerry isn't going to show up with James Taylor and have him sing as he did in Paris? For shame!
Obama still doesn't know what it's like to manage a Global crisis! He sent Kerry, James Taylor to Paris ***
Anything is better than the John Kerry-James Taylor duet!
Ooh, I think if we can reach out to John Kerry he can get us James Taylor too!
I'm not sure anything can top the expression on faces when Kerry dragged James Taylor to sing. The expressions said tone deaf.
James Taylor must have been busy bringing peace to the Middle East with John Kerry.
WRONG! ISIS only fears James Taylor when presented by John Kerry.
I forgot how cute and sweet James Taylor is. Total heartthrob.
The real question is can James Taylor now spell margherita?
."I guess the best thing is to send James Taylor or Paul Simon over to sing for ISIS."
So conflicted bc I want both James Taylor and Luke to be bachelor can we do both ?
So many options for live music tonight! James Taylor is at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and three lucky folks...
yup! Madison's great grandfather was James Taylor, the same line as the future president. It's all connected!
James Taylor got me missing Carolina and all my boys out there oh and all of
Thanks for this Richard. Just love what James Taylor does with this song.
Hi Richard. Looking forward to the Alphabet Hour with you today. Can I hear James Taylor - Upon The Roof please?
Join us 'Up On The Roof' on the 30 Jul for an incredible concert featuring the music of Carole King & James Taylor - http…
Let the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center know why you want to see James Taylor and you could win a pair of free tickets!
Do you get that a lot? There are tons of people have 2 "first names". Steve Martin, Liv Tyler, James Taylor, Jason Patric...
That was a wonderful series for England. Jason Roy is a tremendously talented cricketer. I want to see James Taylor play again
James Taylor and his All Star Band are coming to Rushmore Plaza Civic Center 7/23. On sale now!.
Aspen pego seguidilla flash:James Taylor, Sally Oldfield y ELO (cant get you out of my head)
John Kerry & James Taylor are on their way to Paris to sing"You've got a friend" Muslim terrorists htt…
Maybe John Kerry is in route to Turkey along with James Taylor force some forceful diplomacy.
After the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, John Kerry sent James Taylor. This latest attack is more serious. May call for H…
Happy 39th Birthday to my incredible son (and manager for the past 20 years) James Taylor. See you tomorrow! Dad x htt…
James Taylor from the Bachelorette looks like Jake Jagielski from One Tree Hill 😳
has anyone checked James Taylor's schedule yet ?
James Taylor didn't work. Maybe if they reunite Bread and Starland Vocal Band...
Congratulations to Marty Benninga of Sioux Falls, the latest winner of James Taylor concert tickets from K-101.
Woulda never thought the James Taylor send-off would be this emotional. Jesus, JoJo, get a hold of yourself.
James Taylor talks about love like its a Disney fairytale
James Taylor's weird, snitchy backstabbing basically makes him the Gretchen Weiners of
James Taylor is making out with a girl outside the Methodist church on Northgate so clearly he didn't win the Bacheloret…
Warren Oates, Dennis Wilson and James Taylor on the set of Two Lane Blacktop.
Excited to have the full set: H.M.Taylor's "Anglo-Saxon Architecture".
My dad says sounds like James Taylor. But he likes it. Ok dad!
I'll say it, if you take the rings out of the equation then LeBron James would go down as the greatest basketball play…
Happy 4th of July! My 9th spent abroad. Today I'm listening to one of America's greatest singer songwriters James Taylor…
I added a video to a playlist The Best of James Taylor (2003)
but Durant and Westbrook vs Irving and James would've been a *** of a finals
I added a video to a playlist James Taylor - On The 4th Of July
Happy 4th of July everyone! What a nice parade. Can't wait to go to James Taylor tonight!
Being James Bond's love interest could be lethal, survey shows - if Tom Huddleston & Taylor Swift were auditioning.
I don't take compliments very easily. I think most musicians suffer from low self-esteem to some extent. - James Taylor
Tom Hiddleston's emotions for Taylor Swift spill out onto his beachwear: . Just in case you're kept awake at n...
me too. I haven't listened in ages. There's something about James Taylor & the 4th of July that just works :)
James Taylor may be an all-American boy but he isn't Horatio Alger, an...
Pick an artist and a cover you'd love to hear them do. Mine: James Taylor singing Prince's "Cream"
The Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston thing is like the 30 Rock where James Franco pretends to date Jenna because he's in love with a body pillow.
To me, very much of what is artistic is people's very creative and inv...
meghan trainor . You said you never met one girl who. Had as many James Taylor records as you. Bu…
James Bond called- you're disqualified -. declares his love embarrassing way -
Tom Hiddleston's desperate Taylor Swift-shaped plea for James Bond is just like, SO SAD.
Right? Did he lose a bet? Has Taylor Swift convinced him SHE will make the new James Bond movie? Is he just THIS EXTRA? IDK IDK!
But I thought it was "love" that was winning. You know... Another James Taylor song??
It all comes down to the person you look for in a crowded room.
I'm glad about what's happening to the music business. This last crop ...
James Smith, Mathew Thornton & George Taylor; The 3 Irish born signatures on the Declaration of Independence
Fans blast James bond Hopeful Actor Tom Hiddleston on social media after he wears 'I love Taylor Sw
are we sure James Taylor isn't a character that John C Reilly is playing ?
First Kanye, now Taylor turns performance artist (maybe). James Franco has a LOT to answer for
I get it now. Tom Hiddleston pretending to date Taylor Swift is his James Franco doing General Hospital.
She was phenomenal. So glad to have seen James Taylor and her even if not at the same time! https:/…
Here's the Taylor interview Jamie refers to. It's in :
Janet.ent@ She is so fantastic , saw her in Manchester with James Taylor. But to watch her there ,great.
Isis killed 91 so far in Iraq! Show them love,empathy and compassion!get James Taylor to sing " you've got a friend!" Nuke…
Theory: Hiddleston's 'I ❤️ Taylor' thing is all an elaborate effort to stop people asking if he's going to be the next James Bond.
James Taylor has to be the next bachelor idc or wells
God Jojo is such a doofus. The Bachelor needs to be James Taylor or Wells next time around.
James Taylor is my pick. . Whether discussing music or this season of the Bachelorette.
I am so emotionally attached to James Taylor if she sends him home I'm not sure if I can keep watching...
James Taylor is going to go back to his room and strum along to Kenny Roger's "The Gambler"
James Taylor came off so weak right now. He wishes he was Jordan Rodgers. James Taylor "has no marbles"
James Taylor would be much more attractive if he had any small amount of confidence.
Sweet Baby James Taylor. I wish you had a shot because I love you...but even you don't think you have a shot.
PSA ALEX IS THE WORST GUY EVER ?& wells is the cutest and also James Taylor and the 2 other dirty blondes (not Luke or jordan )&ew derek
Lord knows when the cold wind blows it will turn your head around. James Taylor
Did you see James Taylor is a Kennedy Center honoree this year? Call your agent NOW!
Mavis Staples, James Taylor, and the Eagles to receive Kennedy Center Honors this year
James Taylor back in the swing at Royal Ascot and his heart is still in cricket
James Taylor concert tickets for Jul 16 at Spokane Arena in Spokane WA
I know who James Taylor is and find him inspirational.
Have you any idea who James Taylor is? Maybe you should tone it down a bit, his major heart op was only 2 days ago.
I'll take care of you James Taylor. 😘🏈🤕
I think James Taylor is my dream guy. He is so wonderful I just melt.
Where's the James Taylor in my life?
I'm not sure if I like James Taylor more or less because he reminds me of John. C Reily too much
The guitars you see James Taylor playing are made by James Olson, my cousin Sue Olson's husband. So there ya go!
I might go to James Taylor at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD - Jul 23
Maybe Silly Johnnie & James Taylor can sing another duet and it will be unicorns & rainbows again. . .
w. James Taylor - Ray Charles - Sweet Potato Pie coming up on That's too! - Stay on:
In honor of James Taylor coming to town tonight, here is James showing how to play "Fire and Rain" the 'Right' way!
Carly Simon, James Taylor, Anita Baker and Peter Gabriel was the soundtrack of my bab years
I don't care what kind of music you like, James Taylor has an angelic voice, his music is so relaxing
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
This playlist for the way to camp is already consisting of nothing but Van Morrison and James Taylor.
you win on music I expect, i am indulging in James Taylor
Congratulations to James Taylor on R1 win ahead of Oliver Barker and Rob Ellice. Race 2 at 16:05
We'll give away James Taylor tickets for his June 21 concert at the Don Haskins Center when you get back to work...
Crosby, Stills & Nash with James Taylor and Emmylou Harris -- "Teach Your Children"
Vote now: Who will win 'The Bachelorette'? Jordan, Luke, James Taylor, Robby, Wells, or … via
Favs from Bachelorette so far: Jordan, James Taylor, Luke, & Wells 🙃
My pics for Jordan, James Taylor, Chase, Christian, Robby and my tie breaker is Ali.
Is that guy with the guitar the REAL James Taylor? Does he have the Benjamin Buttons?
James Taylor concert tickets for May 21 at Mile One Centre in St. John's Canada
Ok so Jordan is obviously winning Chad scares me he needs a solid therapist. James Taylor so cute but…
I drafted Robby and James Taylor for my Fantasy Bachelorette League. One of them will win, book it.
Luke, Alex, Jordan, Chase, James Taylor, Luke, Wells, Nick??? So many good guys this time omg 😍
Not really living up to the name James Taylor but you're cute, you can stay
Nick Drake, Van Morrison, J. J. Cale, Randy Newman.. and James Taylor. . Here is our review!!.
Concert review: James Taylor is sincere and sweet at Mile One Centre
James Taylor coming across very well on his first commentary stint...
When you were planning to go to tims, but you end up at a James Taylor concert who even is James Taylor???
I guess France suddenly had a seizure of desire for James Taylor performances...
James Taylor is great chilling music
I love the first three, have never heard of James Taylor. I missed out on Prince, James Brown and Amy Winehouse. Forever regrets.
Radiohead and The Cure and Suzanne Vega and James Taylor and and and I'm sure there are an unfair and a fair few more.
Music review: James Taylor takes his time and lets his songs, band work their magic
Few people remember that James Taylor beat a significant heroin addiction cold turkey.. and .. you know what.
icymi James Taylor's childhood home in to be auctioned & open for tours on 6/4
I had 2 James Taylor tickets on the dash of my truck. Someone broke the window out and left 2 more beside them 😟
Listening to James Taylor on a lazy Sat morning and wanting so much to go back to bed to catch some more Zs…
- James Taylor has 'scariest fitness test ever' as the retired cricketer continues his road to recovery af...
Just hanging out with Mr. James Taylor.a super great gentleman !!
Twighlight walk to the 20k goal with James Taylor ❤️
James Taylor is surprisingly spry for a man 68-years-old. What a performer
Baking a cake for tomorrow's Preakness party while listening to James Taylor. Friday night you're pretty all right.
James Taylor concert intermission : so blissed out I feel like I've taken something.
Hey again..I got 1 James Taylor tic for toMar nite..make an offer..I can't throw it away😕
Anyone in St John's area looking for a ticket for James Taylor tomorrow night?
"Sweet Muscle Memory" is also my fave James Taylor album. It's mostly about the time Carly Simon hustled him in a bar arm wrestling contest.
Friends that hike and work together are at the James Taylor concert together.
Who knew I needed a punk cover of James Taylor's "Fire & Rain" in my life? Thanks for the Me First... intro and godspeed, sir
Raymond on wishes they had In the Pocket by James Taylor
TBT George Robbins and James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl during the Pullover Tour
hey pal do u enjoy Eric Clapton or James Taylor more
John Kerry better role out James Taylor in front of the Chinese: "You Got a F"L"iend"
oh no. Start up air force 1 we have to go on another apology your .get Kerry and James Taylor
Marine Ian Tennet, 22, Lance Corporal Scott Simm, 26, and James Taylor, 27, were all sentenced for their...
James Taylor concert tickets for Jun 22 at Frank Erwin Center in Austin TX
James Taylor tickets Jun 10 at Save on Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria Canada
Thank you to Amber for sharing one of her memories from the James Taylor concert that she won a pair of tickets...
James Taylor concert tickets for May 15 at Harbour Station in Saint John Canada
James Taylor performs at Harbour Station and photo gallery
Welcome back James Taylor to the 2nd set at Harbour Station.
Play well, open guitar case. Earn bread. Showin' my age. Play Sweet Baby James Taylor. He is my birthday gift this year. Lake Tahoe.
Sitting in the Green seats at Harbour Station waiting for James Taylor to begin.
It's finally here! James Taylor will entertain a sold out Harbour Station tonight! Who's going?
Richard Stewart, the last winner of 2 tickets to go see James Taylor at the Credit Union Place in Summerside next Monday. - Eddie the Intern
Eddie's at the Dream Cottage at CDN Tire & he's got 2 TIX to James Taylor! Find him & say "Q93 ROCKS!"
One more chance to score a pair of tix to James Taylor on Monday night at -- but first.. where's Eddie?
Eddie's at Shawn's in & he's got two tickets to James Taylor! Find him and say "Q93 ROCKS"
Where's Eddie!? Tune in now to find out -- and you could walk away with a pair of tickets to see James Taylor!
We're ON THE RUN with Eddie The Intern giving away tickets to James Taylor! Tune in now to find out where he is!
or Rep. Barbara Lee and Nancy Pelosi won't chose and Prof. James Taylor explains why
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
James Taylor & Carole King are as 'folky' as I get, never got Dylan either. More into Stones, Who, etc
James Taylor to give Alberta concert proceeds to Fort McMurray
I might go to James Taylor at Rogers K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Canada - May 12
Did you catch that time when our fearless leader jammed with Yo-Yo Ma and James Taylor?! More please..!...
Just saw James Taylor in the cell phone parking lot at sea tac airport! He was leaving and we were arriving so no pic!
loved the James Taylor concert. Thank you James. Thank you Steve!
James Taylor concert tickets for Jul 15 at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene OR
James Taylor concert tickets for Jun 11 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver Canada
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