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James Spader

James Todd Spader (born February 7, 1960) is an American actor best known for his eccentric roles in films such as Pretty in Pink; Less Than Zero; Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Crash; Stargate; and Secretary.

Raymond Reddington Robert California Alan Shore Cape May Megan Boone Andrew McCarthy Boston Legal Kevin Spacey Rob Lowe Sarah Koenig Steve Carrell Eric Stoltz

Didn't we already have an Avengers movie about this? Evil James Spader-bot tries to wipe out humanity?
I wonder if James spader knows about this
James Spader is such a brilliant actor
James Spader gets better & better & bette as Red - his lines are superlative, his deliveries even better. Amazing viewing 👍🏻
The only good part about this show is James Spader doing evil James Spader things though
I'd need to watch Dark World again. AoU I'll agree with for sure. Not to mention a criminal under-utilized James Spader.
Of course he did, After all there's only 1 James Spader.
I think also there's no question that Lincoln has been diluted dow...
When bummed; James Spader is a cure all. I think Johnny Depp has to move it on over. ❤️❤️
James Spader was one of the best things to happen to The Office in the post Michael Scott Era
The plan is to be Jim from the office in my middle age years and then become James Spader before I die
Altho I will say Xavier is rocking his James Spader Pretty in Pink *** haircut.
I feel like James Spader would have been an excellent Bryce...
James Spader is the best character in Pretty in Pink. Don't @ me
Like James Spader and Megan Boone in The Blacklist. Season 5 necessary to cure the suspense.Eager to know Liz's fat…
I didn't know James Spader from Stargate played guitar.
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James Spader's facial expressions are everything. 😌
James Spader: *runs into freezing cold water instead of letting a body double do it* 👏🌊
James Spader and Megan Boone doing promo together is everything.
I just remembered that we also have Harrison Ford and James Spader and Christopher Waltz and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and +
Wife's gutted that James Spader looks like Jasper Carrott in the current Sky ad.
It's a shame & James Spader didn't have a balcony scotch and discuss the 2016 election as Denny Crane…
Great interview, good to find out more about Redemption and to hear how James Spader operates :)
James Spader, grew up in North Andover MA. He's a great character actor of past 3 decades. Alan Shore is legendary!
I want a TV show where Cherry Jones, Eddie Izzard, & James Spader just sit around talking to each other. The best voices.
My chances of meeting James Spader are as slim as Raymond Reddington liking Tom Keen.
Though I guess, to be fair, James Spader's character was named "Mr. Grey" in SECRETARY. Edward Grey. Hm.
I could see him as a lit professor, CIA analyst,depressed artist,or an Andrew McCarthy emo in a John Hughes,or any James Spader par
-UPDATE- James Spader is scheduled to make an appearance on The Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday, September 20 https:…
Haven't got the urge to draw him yet.its six years since my Alan Shore/James Spader phase.!!
Watched this weird *** movie with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall (sp?) called Secretary... It was 50 Shades of Grey before 50 shades.
Does James Spader have the whole cast wrapped around his little finger? Love love love that guy!Love You too
Every time I rewatch the amazing I get impressed again with the great James Spader and his brilliant, brilliant!, performance!
I'm watching season two of and now I need Tina Fey to come ask me if its ok if James Spader cries on my stoop.
James Spader's voice is so different in sex, lies, and videotape.
he was spineless but sweet but James Spader was so great. Duckie got the girl with the big boobs in the end.
James Spader as a doctor I think he looks very handsome with him I get sick every day.…
Acting is easy and fun. You earn a lot of money, and you bang out with girls. The profession i
Oh my God, I would DEFINITELY vote for 1986 James Spader
In honor of the release of Season 3 DVD/Blu-ray 📀 on 8/2 let's have some fun!
James Spader on is brilliant! Definitely going to be some inspiration for my character
A millennial James Spader would be terrifying.
It is weird James Spader is just like a fedora bro on TV now.
Ellen Page in Juno, James Spader in Sex, Lies and Videotape & Juliette Lewis in The Other Sister
that works. Like 80s James spader sunglasses
I don't think that anyone can speak as beautifully as James Spader.
I thought I was going to hate Blacklist, because every time I see James Spader, I see Robert California lol. But it is actually really good.
Can we all appreciate how cool James Spader is and how he always takes time to talk to his fans
The first one, with my boy James Spader. I'm assuming that's what SG-1 is?
"If only they switched to a good burgundy people would be much more devout". God I love James Spader.
James Spader [6 Ideas] - The first perk of theater is the...: via
At the beach, reading Caitlin Moran. She is marvelous. I hope she likes James Spader. Well that might be too perfect
- new photo - James Spader on set of The Blacklist. (July 22, 2016)
I love Blacklist. James Spader is amazing in it.
A lot of Lincoln is great actors speechifying from Day Lewis, to Tommy Lee Jones, to Sally Field, and James Spader. This is an ensemble
James Spader deserves an sooo much for his great performance in Cape May 🏆🏆🏆
marmeenoir:. There can only be one Ra!. James Spader and Jaye Davidson in Stargate (1994)
James Spader as Alan Shore, Robert California and Raymond Reddington. 🔥 I love all these characters.
"Raymond, I do love" The Blacklist! James Spader is a man amongst boys
James Spader is the master , he deserves all the awards
James Spader deserves an Emmy for his brillant performance in The Blacklist
Waiting to long for his 4th Emmy, James Spader is the best.
After tonight you never forget the name James Spader again
Cape May on The Blacklist. James Spader is amazing! Oh, the feels...
You know, when you choose to make your living as an actor, it's all fi...
James Spader so deserves an Emmy nom for his work on Blacklist! His performance in Cape May epi was amazing!
Another Friday, another visit to the dentist. As demonstrated by James Spader.
James spader in the 80s: omg he's so hot wow his jawline and cheekbones . James spader in 2016: please be my sugar daddy oh god so sexy mmmlm
*** is with The Blacklist? Tolerating season 3 coz James Spader but Elizabeth Keen goes from loving him to hating him every twenty seconds.
I could listen to james spader's voice for hours, weeks, months and I'd never get tired 🔥😍
Congratulations to Chris Fritz of Bristol. Sheknew the Mysty Voice was James Spader. She won 5 Vermont State...
The cute thing is that Madison has a crush on Cole, I have a crush on Louis, but we both are crazy for James Spader ❤
Reddington is beautifully portrayed by James Spader every week!
James Spader as Raymond Reddington is something special to watch!
I'm truly amazed every week by James Spader on The Blacklist, Master Actor!
Give James Spader an Emmy, for his perfect performance this year
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James Spader is truly having the time of his life playing a mix between a jovial aristocrat and an incomprehensible crimelord.
I was watching this year's mtv movie awards and james spader was nominated for voicing ultron. I need a moment
Omg I forgot James spader was in it
James Spader is an amazing actor! His role in is beyond remarkable! No one is more deserving then Spader!
it's show the blacklist have loyal fans of the blacklist because James Spader is amazing actor
James Spader (one of my favorite actors) played in Pretty in Pink & I never realized. But he looks like a young Donald Trump in the movie😂😂
Blacklist fans love James Spader and want to see him recognized by
quick: would you prefer James Spader, Alan Shore or Ultron?
James Spader brings so many layers to Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist!
James Spader is the most genius actor on TV. Brilliant performance on . He really deserves award this year.
It's set to *** down here but I won't get wet in the pub later, unless it all kicks off hugely & pints are thrown or James Spader walks in
"Hey, you look sorta like James Spader!". How Stargate SG1 got cast, probably
James Spader's hair in this looks like one of those foot wiper hedgehog things
James Spader deserves an Emmy this year
Raymond Reddington played by James Spader is an masterclass in acting
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James Spader in Cape May gave a phenomenal performance as Raymond Reddington!
because he's James other words needed
Amazing actor from james spader for Episode Cape May
James Spader deserves more media attention & recognition by people all around the world. His talent needs to be admired.
yep he is named after James Spader's character Raymond Reddington.
Molly Ringwald kills James Spader, who attempts to blow up the school because Blane doesn't love him anymore
James Spader barfed on his plate during dinner with the Kennedy family
Please enjoy my review of the Blu-ray debut of Rob Lowe and James Spader's 'Bad Influence':
The Blacklist is good, but the storyline is starting to go a little into ridiculous territory now. I love James Spader though.
. Wrong on many levels. Surely this type of kink calls for James Spader, not Dan Aykroyd?
Acting for me, is a passion, but it's also a job, and I've always approache...
esp when they sound like James Spader
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James Spader could be telling me the best news imaginable but he could make it sound terrifying and creep me the *** out.
James Spader elevates The Blacklist to must watch status. Cant get enough of him.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
James Spader as Raymond Reddington. Very persuasive, plus if he didn't win verbally he could always shoot him.
James Spader is pretty hot in right!?
nobody is better than RED. James Spader is the best !!! ❤️💋❤️
Little miss in bed means it's now time to catch up on The Blacklist and wish I could imitate James Spader's voice.
I grew up a Red Sox fan. I grew up going to Fenway Park and the Museum of F...
There's nothing covert about James Spader on this fine Monday.
I want to be friends with people more like Anthony Bourdain or James Spader.
James Spader's style knows no bounds.
Supernova (2000). Angela Bassett, Wilson Cruz, and James Spader. Alien runs up on Angela and gets done up.
Another brilliant The Blacklist last night and James Spader and Brian Dennehy what combination. I want more of Dennehy.
I never thought James Spader could top his Boston Legal character but his performance as Reddington is just on another level.
revisiting Boston Legal because apparently my libido really needs some James Spader rn
it helps that my early interactions with celebs were Geena Davis was mean to my mom and James Spader didn't tip me
I wish I had Robert California as a boss. Or even just regular James Spader. The guy is awesome.
did you ever see the Robert California/Ultron mashup. It's James Spader getting to be full James Spader...
It's OK. I mix up James Spader and Eric Stoltz all the time too.
As usual, you did a fantastic job with the Cape May episode. James Spader really shined. Excellent perf…
no, but check out Less Than Zero for some brilliant acting by a young Robert Downey Jr. & James Spader.
You, Michael Watkins, & James Spader were perfection! This is a mini movie to be watched again and again.
I think somebody should alert James Spader and Andrew McCarthy just on general principle.
📷 redandlizzie: Andrew McCarthy on working with James Spader.
me too. This episode was mixed emotions in such an intense feeling. James Spader is an amazing actor.
📷 queentien: He is. James Spader♠️ is the best and this was an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning...
So would anyone. Being that that was James Spader when he was younger.👍🏼
Men learn to love the women they are more attracted to whereas woman get more and more attracted to men that they love - James Spader
nuptials didn't have a happy ending. James Spader dishes on THAT ending:
Spader says way less in this ep but he makes you feel more. As writers we're in love with our words but not needed with…
EXCLUSIVE: 'The Blacklist' star James Spader on that shocking twist via
I totally heart James Spader but can't have The Blacklist without Megan Boone.
And Steff, played by perpetual 80's jerk James Spader, and Duckie run their mouths and Andie goes to the prom with DUCKIE. Ewww.
James Spader is such a great actor ***
The Blacklist ends and Pretty in Pink was's a James Spader kind of night.
I love James Spader to death but this show is now completely off its rocker.
Is there a more quintessential character to represent the 80's than James Spader's Steff in Pretty In Pink?!
EXCLUSIVE: James Spader on that shocking twist (Spoiler Alert) htt…
When I see James Spader and my life is complete
James Spader on that shocking twist. Plus: Exclusive photos! https…
this song reminds me of James Spader, who I need to have relations with
More than 24 hours and I'm still haunted by and the Bravo and James Spader!
I'm watching the Avengers for the quadrillionth time, I needed to hear James Spader's voice
- you need to just cast me. I'd KILL to work with James Spader!
James Spader is for sure my favorite actor
SIDE NOTE: can we talk about the executive realness both James Spader and Kevin Spacey serve?
James Spader is such a ridiculously good actor. He makes every show he's in.
Just got caught up on Wow. Top notch performances James Spader
It's funny going back to revisit old movies, like the original Stargate and realizing that's James Spader lol
you and James Spader deserve Emmys for your performances on this show!
Just to point out: I don't cry that easily watching tv shows or movies. In other words: Give James Spader an Emmy. Now.
James Spader was fantastic as Ultron... If only the rest of the movie lived up to his performance.
📷 spaderislife: frostyfingers91: Omfg I met James Spader! Here’s what happened: I came to the set...
Why do I still have a crush on James Spader?!?.
That was an outstanding performance Mr.James Spader.
Watching James Spader as Red with Lizzie at "the end" was absolutely gut wrenching. Can someone say Emmy?
Have her come back to life next season. Make it so . and James Spader. Thanks for all the hard work.
I could listen to James Spader's voice all night
James spader has got to be my favourite actor! 🤓
James Spader was fantastic on the he really deserves a Emmy for that performance
I still haven't recovered from last night's episode. Incredible. James Spader was bewitching.
James Spader spills on THAT shocking twist:
I've just seen 2 GIFs of last night's episode & I could hear Red's heart break 😢 James Spader's acting is not from thi…
James Spader deserves so many awards for his acting in The Blacklist
I know I don't need to say it, but James Spader is at the height of his powers in this episode.
.I believe Tony Stark is likely coming entirely from a position of apologizing for James Spader
oh they are. I have always liked James Spader. I love him as Red. Megan is good as Liz.
you guys are funny too (blackened hearts)! Love the communication dynamics between James Spader and Megan Boone. Bravo!!!
James Spader referred to himself as Jim/Jimmy twice in his Kennedy story, then you asked if he's ever called Jimmy
📷 lizzingtonclub: “James Spader on set all week on Nassau Beaches.”   Long Beach, New York
That's fine. I'll have Andrew McCarthy and James Spader all to myself, no problem. He can take Jon Cryer though
wondering what it would be like to be a fly on the wall of a room with James Spader & Powers Boothe. "Smarmy Off"?
James spader is amazing in blacklist! Liked him in the office too
"Merrick Garland" sounds like an evil preppy James Spader character from the '80s.
James spader is so cute i wanna hug him
James Spader is only attractive because he seems like he could have just murdered someone & you'd never really find out if he did.
random thought james spader's cheeks look so soft I just want to squeeze them
When you love someone you have no control. That's what love is - being powerless (I love James spader)
Her brother, Brock, would definitely be played by James Spader.
Trying to start the saying "Later, James Spader" as a goodbye. Try it out tomorrow and report back with your findings.
Who would you rather punch in the balls - David Spade or James Spader ?
James Spader is the only human being alive who can wear a fedora without looking like a "nice guy"
nowadays watching Blacklist and James spader:)
1. It's ruining my life and simultaneously making it better. 2. James Spader is the baddest person around. 3. I need a Dembe.
James Spader looks like the guy out of Judging Amy..can't remember the character's name :/
Playing with buckyballs. I feel like I should be chasing James Spader through an inexplicably Egyptian spaceship.
A James Spader and Kevin Spacey movie would be amazing. I don't care what the plot/Storyline is
I was gonna go to bed but James Spader is in this episode of the office so now I'm interested
James Spader would prob be a good mob boss! :)
I lost interest in firearms because we had a dog that was scared to death of the sound of a rifle shot. - James Spader
like James Spader movies..he's kind of alluring--just like Ed Norton.
REAL TALK still holds up my GAWD and james SPADER with yr pimpin ***
you and I are of an age Joanna...remember James Spader from the brat pack days LOL.he was so hot!.
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James Spader was the best choice for Ultron for sure. All movements, his voice. Everything is perfect.
Everyone but Steff. He was bae. Though that was mostly b/c of James Spader.
James Spader's spot on The Office was his Blacklist audition. Had to have been.
the character that James Spader always played in the 80s
THE FAMILY is excellent viewing if your question was "Can Andrew McCarthy be as creepy as James Spader?" (answer: oh my yes.)
I was lucky enough to watch it while it was on. Only the true fans suffered through the James Spader season.
James Spader was right when he told me not to watch these because the acting was terrible.
It's not a coincidence that in the 80s Trump looked like Pretty in Pink James Spader. Read the signs ppl.
Is this a Marco Rubio speech or a James Spader monologue
UGH! clearly channeling his inner James Spader 4 tha portrait. Seriously he's looks like the *** in every 80's movie
James Spader is one incredible actor
Thus completes our transformation into 80s James Spader.
you mean there was a time you weren't in love with James Spader?
Rewatching The Blacklist. It's like the 80's again! I'm drinking cheap wine and in love with James Spader...
James Spader done such a good job voicing Ultron
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lol, I hated James spader's character Robert California. He was just eccentric in the most irksome way. 😐Nelly Bertram too 👎
Endless Love 81 no I never saw, but saw some clips on YouTube! James Spader is in movie right? Very young there! I would like to rent it!
James Spader null Let's get out the vote for James'
Really good, James Spader is excellent as red. Definitely recommend it.
Hey I feel that James Spader needs a Pop for his portrayal of Reddington on
How could you not love James Spader!?!?! Specially his voice!
The only men in my sex basement atthe moment are Jonny Lee Miller from Elementary and strangely, James Spader from Blacklist..
I was going to say she looks like Kim from "Tuff Turf" the movie Kim did with James Spader.
Boston Legal was epic because of Alan Shore/James Spader. Been one of my favourite actors since then
You, for some reason, remarkably resemble James Spader when playing Tad O'Malley. How did that happen?!
Ryan Phillipe is giving me SUCH pretty in pink James Spader right now.
Guilty Pleasures of the 80s 8 Movies of the 80s with C Thomas Howell, James Spader, Linda Blair, Tim Robbins & more
Why couldn't they have had James Spader, Idris Alba and Steve Carrell on The Office all together for a season?
Cage Doesn't have the legal background. Have to go Rob Lowe or James Spader.
Steve Carrell is great as Michael Scott, but James Spader as Robert California is my favorite.
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Actors/actress with the best voices? Off the top of my head Edward Norton, James Spader, Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo.
which Ivy League prep school was this? And where is James Spader?
James Spader in Secretary as the original Mr. Grey. Christian or Edward?
Actually I'd settle for a Blacklist - Elementary crossover because James Spader + Jonny Lee Miller. What is it.
. Where as for me it's yr lot William Hurt, Sam Elliot, James Spader voices ;)
Watching the most 90s looking film ever on Netflix w Madchen Amick and James Spader.
How much would it cost to get Bill Shatner and James Spader to follow him around with cigars saying, "Denny Crane"?
spoke to my father today. he explained ot me who James Spader was and I still did not know who James Spader was.
James Spader and Jeremy Piven probably the greatest actors on a tv series ever.
Tom, hardy, James Spader and Leonardo di Caprio...these 3 are Aguero, Ronaldo and Messi. . .
Honestly, James Spader and Alan Alda in , now there's some fine acting!
From the clip I just saw of The Blacklist, James Spader is cool but Joe Morton would be SO GOOD in this part.
Crash, directed by David Cronenberg, starring James Spader and Holly Hunter, 1996
Can't wait for in an hour. Did you see James Spader on The Late show last nite?
Tonight on see James Spader, Brandon Marshall, Sarah Koenig and Rev Run! CBS @ 10:35pm!
Tonight on James Spader, and Plus, Sarah Koenig investigates who REALLY took
I put Eric Stoltz in my same James Spader icon category
James Spader and John Lithgow have never been seen in the same room together lately.
Oh my god, stop everything! It turns out the actors James Spader and James Woods are different people! Totally merged into one, in my mind.
I added a video to a playlist James Spader & Rob Lowe (1991 full movie Thriller) B1NFLU3NCE
James Spader is probably my favorite actor
I want my eulogy to be a recording of James Spader reading a list of threats.
I genuinely worry that James Spader is an actual serial killer. Like do they even give him lines or do they just let him be his creepy self.
Dear let's show to Lee our love and how much we love him acting Joe MacMillan VOTE! http…
Just realized I share my birthday with James spader 😎
My niece's hair looks like James Spader's in Less Than Zero. We're heading to the bathroom to do bumps off the toilet seat
Still, the only things I like about Age of Ultron: James Spader's voice. The Hulkbuster LEGO model because it's brilliantly engineered.
how could we let anyone get so close to Sam 1 vote per browser per 48 hours let's do it
So watched Avengers aou when it came out then watch a bunch of Blacklist. Now watching Avengers aou again, Spader kicks ***
Something about drinking eggnog and listening to Gary Numan on vinyl makes me wish I could talk to James Spader on a landline.
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Looks great! Of course, James Spader is always good! 😉
FEW DAYS for Christmas ! Let's gift our beloved by making him on top again
I have never watched it either, but I'm sure I will sometime. I have always liked James Spader.
I'll miss young James Spader and his huge pet, though. Stargate is awesome.
wow really? I thought James Spader did a fantastic job as Ultron.
...and vote for as Best Actor in the Carter Matt Awards competition HERE:
Please help the amazingly talented win Top Actor 2015 for his role as Joe MacMillan https:/…
We need to keep voting for Sam to win Top Actor. …
Just got finished watching Avengers Age Of Ultron what a fantastic film and James Spader was fantastic as the voice of Ultron
This guy working on my internet at work looks exactly like James Spader.
I'll probably never be able to hear james spader's voice and not shiver.
➡️ VOTE, Pacers, & tell me: why does deserve to be for his
Tom Felton really comes into his own as Malfoy in this. Channels a James Spader-esque rich *** energy much better than he had before.
"Hello?" "It's me" " I was wondering if you're voting for Lee Pace or not"
I just have an attraction to James Spader.
OK, Dean, now if we could please get James Spader and Kurt Russell for the Stargate sequel.:D
Watched two season's of !! . James Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold, thank you for such a lovely time! Until the new year! :)
I should add my bae John Hawkes, Cary Fukunaga and eternal life ruiner James Spader circa 1990...
how did you get Michael Berryman and James Spader to appear on the cover of that book?
50 shades of grey was plagiarised. A 2002 film Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, aboutLawyer "Edward Grey".
James Spader has the 2nd best voice ever (after Morgan Freeman obviously). He could threaten to kill me & I'd still smile at him
James Spader just strung up Ron Perlman from a chandelier to threaten David Strathairn. This is the only way I can say how it delights me.
Didn't check online but remembered its James Spader in Mannequin not Judge Reinhold
James Spader is masterful as Raymond "Red" Reddington . Save Dembe! Catching last weeks episode.
I wish James Spader was my crazy uncle jimmy.
Ultron California by Red Letter Media - James Spader making an awesome Ultron even more so.
This fits surprisingly well. Lol Ultron California by Red Letter Media I could listen to James Spader talk all day.
James Spader: for those awkward moments when you can't afford Kevin Spacey
I adored the first series (the James Spader show as I called it) but, sadly, it's really dropping in quality
Guys when does The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon episode with James Spader air ???
Guys when does the James Spader episode air on Comedy Central India... ??
I go to watch the tonight show at 5:30pm James Spader on the tonight show on
It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for James Spader to play a sympathetic character, isn't it?
Plus James Spader?!? One of the greats. I'll watch anything he does
I would be devastated to see a James Spader character who didn't meet that description.
If Scott Walker had worn a hat like James Spader in The Blacklist, he'd be leading this race. Just one man's opinion http…
James Spader was the pulling card for me, tbh.
James Spader listening to Nina Simone? Possibly my aesthetic😉
no idea but honestly only James Spader's performance seemed worthwhile. Oh n the fight choreography
After seeing James Spader talk records on yesterday I'm convinced he improvised his Black Eyed Peas comment from the office.
This Kane story has gotten so bizarre. I expect James Spader & William Shatner to become involved.
According to James Spader, the new season of is a full speed freight train
Catching up on Season 2 of The Blacklist. Between this, Avengers: AOU and Boston Legal, I can't get enough James Spader. The man is a god.
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