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James Roday

James Roday (born April 4, 1976) is an American actor, director and screenwriter.

Dule Hill Maggie Lawson Shawn Spencer Timothy Omundson Corbin Bernsen Jensen Ackles San Antonio Anthony Rapp Taft High School Happy Birthday

Yes... yeeesss. and yes... Mandy Moored in Good Session! On screen with James Roday! Casting geniuses stil…
Roday to Star in CBS Comedy 'Good Session' // THANK U CBS! finale does NOT mean no more Roda…
If you liked James Roday in be on the lookout for his new comedy:
Great to see taking on a domestic role.
What's with the Pineapple's you ask? The pineapple gag was started by James Roday (Shawn) in the pilot episode. He improvised the line "Should I slice this up for the road?" and it became a running joke to try and get a pineapple into every episode. Season 7 in 1 hour! Will you be watching?
James Roday is like one of my fave men evuuur lol. I love him.
Another pic of James Roday and Dule Hill at PFAD.
it's crazy to think you've got a son who isn't James roday
Part 1 of 2 : James Roday - Shawn Spencer on Psych. jamesroday
Watching the Psych pilot episode with James Roday has changed so much.
There are only 5 celebrities I want to meet... . Dylan O'brien. Justin Timberlake. Josh Hutcherson. Robert Downey Jr. And James Roday. ❤️
Can I marry James Roday and that absolutely wonderful beard of his?
At Children's Ortho meeting with the surgeon for Hannah's toe. The male assistant is channeling his inner Psych. (think James Roday)... Hilarious. Making a difficult task fun--so glad when people enjoy their jobs!
My biggest achievement in life is that James Roday and Gal Mekel follow me.
Thank you for just being James Roday.
Last week the hit USA series 'Psych' ended its impressive eight-year-run. However, it didn’t take the show’s lead, James Roday, long to land back on his feet. Roday has already scored the lead role on the upcoming CBS sitcom, 'Good Session.' However, that is a chance that we could also see the retur...
It just hit me that Ilya Bryzgalov and James Roday have an uncanny resemblance and the universe is a better place because of it
Finished my psych collection today. I will miss you James Roday and thank you for eight great years.
'Psych' series finale postmortem: James Roday on landing that dream guest star and the ending via
I need to make a quick research on Google for James Roday. I will tell you what I think about him.
Shame on me but I really don't know who James Roday is... But if you like him to the point you hesitate with Jimmy...
I can't believe psych is over 😢 Bring on psych the movie! And James Roday's new sitcom good session
the Genie App, just guessed that I was thinking of James Roday ! via
James Roday, I know you're 38. but it's okay. I can look past that 😍
Happy Birthday James Roday ilysfm thankyou for making my day 99% of the time
Happy bday James roday God Bless u Waiting for Gravy and Psych The Movie . is the best show in the history
Psych: The Musical: Find Psych: The Musical at Movies and TV, home of thousands of title...
Yes! I still have a stain on my floor from ACTUALLY spitting out drink 1st time I saw James Roday do Chandler Bing on Psych lol
Happy Birthday to the sexy,talented and hilarious James Roday!!! :) ♡♡♡. .
me too. On the bright side, today was James roday's birthday.
james roday Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's been full of delicious flavor!
Mandy Moore cast in Good Session - psychlowdown: She will play James Roday’s wife in the pilot. (and series...
james roday more like james roMARRY ME
Back at the covered from hit James Roday…
I can't believe James Roday is a double earring guy!
James Roday party after at the Friars Club talking about
A very Happy Birthday to Native Texan and Television Actor James Roday. Born in San Antonio Texas on April 4, 1976. Born James David Rodrigues, he took the name James Roday because the Screen Actors Guild already had a James Rodrigues registered. James is best know as "Shawn Spencer" in the TV series "Psych". He attended Taft High School in San Antonio where his father is currently the Regional Caterer Manager for Taco Cabana.
wow! You get to share birthdays with Robert Downey AND James Roday! You lucky ducky!
you share a birthday with badass people! Robert Downey, Heath Ledger, and James Roday are badass!
research is important; theres a whole set of jokes that are only funny if you know James Roday's birth name is James Rodriguez
About that 'Psych' ending: After "Psych's" series finale on Wednesday, star James Roday spoke to Entertainment...
I've tried James Roday, Bill Gates & Mike Epps & got no responses
It was weird. Campbell guest-starred and James Roday directed, so lots of Evil Dead love.
Next-to-last is a blast. "Nightmare on State Street" nod to 80s horror, vigorously directed by James Roday, Bruce Campbell guesting.
The excitement of the Orchestra's trip to New York went up a level after meeting James Roday of "Psych" fame.
taypsychlowski: SWEET Tim Omundson in Galavant Maggie Lawson in Save The Date and now James Roday in Good...
What do you dream about? — Sharing cheesecake and espresso with James Roday and Christopher Moore.
Longtime couple and Psych partners, actors Maggie Lawson and James Roday, have recently put their eco-friendly Los Feliz home on the market with a price tag of
I'm still not over the fact James Roday and Maggie Lawson were in Pittsburgh yesterday...
Celebrity sighting: James Roday and Maggie Lawson in this morning. Still waiting to see Chloe Sevigny. ::sigh::
I flipping love Psych all the names that Shaun(James Roday) gives Gus ( Dule Hill) cracks me up
LOVE HER!!! Her and James Roday are so cute together! It makes me love her, James and psych way more! "She's made of sunshine!"
Maggie Lawson and James Roday are easily my favorite celebrity couple. On and off camera.
Maggie Lawson and James Roday nail polish !!! of & Maggie
Maggie Lawson and James Roday yes yes yes
The fact that James Roday and Maggie Lawson are in a real relationship since 2006 is awesome
The best thing ever is that Maggie Lawson and James Roday are dating in real life.
( WORLDSWAGG ) Psych season 8, episode 1: Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster s Goblet of Fire airs Wednesday on USA. In this episode, Gus attends a Harry Potter convention in London and things get a little weird. A summary of the show from USA reads: Psych is a quick-witted comedy/drama starring James Roday as young police consultant Shawn Spencer who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that Santa Barbara PD detectives think he s psychic. Psych also stars Dule Hill as Shawn s best friend and reluctant sidekick, Gus, and Corbin Bernsen as his disapproving father, Henry, who ironically was the one who honed his son s observation skills as a child. Also featured are Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson. Using his charm and well-tuned talent, Shawn convinces the cops that he s actually a psychic, and although highly skeptical of his explanation, they hire him to help solve tough cases. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus, Sha
Watch: Reveals Show Will Re-Make an Episode From S1, more deets on S8 (Video) via
"Extra's' Renee Bargh talked with Dule Hill and James Roday, stars of the USA Network show "Psych."
I love Psych!! James Roday cracks me up! I love all the different names he gives to Gus. Looking forward to some new ones tonight!
'Psych': James Roday knows you want to both hug and slap Shawn: "I think he is taking baby steps, but if you a...
oh man! I love Firefly! My HS principal was James Roday's acting teacher. Ha
It's a shame that I hate Shawn Spencer's character on so much because James Roday is really attractive, in like an attainable way
can I just say that tomorrow we will see James Roday in London referencing Harry freaking Potter?
psych is this really cool show with James roday and he's funny and he's a police consultant
So... Maggie Lawson and James Roday have been dating since 2006... Wut 😳
Also w/ a theme for for would've been nice to have appearance by James Roday or someone involved w/ Psych.
James Roday can I just see your hair in real life??? Pleassse 😍😍
Ideas As Opiates- Janice Whaley & James Roday: via look what I found
If you Google images of James Roday you'll find some rather unfortunate haircuts throughout his career.
Pt 1 of Ying Yang Trilogy! James Roday at his most SRS BZNS finest!
I watched more of Season 7 earlier. James Roday in a suit that's all I need to say lol
Photoset: lostwiginity: A normal interview with James Roday.
I'm convinced James Roday and I are the same person.
For my James Roday fans... "I'm a psychic... I'm also writing a book called, 'Crime-fighting for the Totally Unqualified.' I'm on page three... it should be done by Friday." Seriously, I did a spit-take!
Nothing gets me more PSYCHED than knowing Maggie Lawson and James Roday are together irl. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha!
David Boreanaz, Christian Kane, Jensen Ackles, and James Roday. Come find me. All of you. At the same time. Now. Plz.
I had a dream last night that while in Vegas I met James Roday and Dule Hill (Sean and Gus from my favorite show, Psych) here's to all my dreams happening in Vegas lol
i just sent chloe about 54068045 pictures of James Roday and Maggie Lawson bc perf couple bye.
Tbh, nothing makes me happier than knowing that James Roday and Maggie Lawson are together in real life.
I am ready for more laughs the premiere of psych is just around the corner. I'm psyched out on this James James Roday. And Dule Hill are back.
Whenever I hear "Shout," all I can imagine is James Roday and Dule Hill in positively ridiculous costumes. XD
We have come to it. The end of another year. 2013. I've gotta say this year was a pretty good one, especially if you're a nerd like me, and especially if you're me period. This is my year in review. *insert harp music here* (I'll just skip to May, since the first five months are unclear in my head. Except my birthday. I turned 26) (actually, I'll skip to May because that's when the movies start. I love movies) 'Iron Man 3'. The Mandarin was an Englishman named Trevor. Moving on. Benedict Cumberbatch was Khan Noonian Singh. And Alice Eve posed for Kirk in her underwear. And Robocop was a Starfleet admiral who went and got his head crushed like a melon. And Zachary Quinto. Did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch was Khan? "Now...shall we begin?" "Hello, Will." "Hello, Dr. Lecter." Superman soared onto the big screen in a majestic way, firmly rooting Henry Cavill's portrayal of the Man of Steel into the comic book movie zeitgeist. Michael Shannon's General Zod wasn't bad either. I'm not sure if you all know this, ...
I'm so loving the Psych Seasons i think that James Roday & Dule Hill r great actors. I love them as a team.
James Roday and Maggie Lawson have been dating since 2006? My joy cannot be put into words.
so I often find myself asking the question. which show has better pop culture references Supernatural or Psych? I love both of these shows and they are both filled to the brim with obscure 80's and early 90's pop culture references. but I have to say I think James Roday does a better job with these jokes, as he seems to magically find a way to get people laughing even if they don't get the reference. (although I think supernatural is the FAR superior show. its so good. )
I believe I will be watching James Roday's beautiful face on HD all day today.
Here is a couple quick videos from the set of "Psych" during season 8 filming of the food truck festival episode "Shawn & Gus Truck Things Up" In this scene, Shawn & Gus (James Roday & Dule Hill) had...
In PSYCH: THE MUSICAL, an unprecedented two-hour special event, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) dive into a world that's equal parts mystery and melody to track down an escaped playwright mad man, Z (Anthony Rapp, “Rent”), who six years earlier was deemed criminally insane after locking a critic in a back room of the theater that he burnt to the ground. The holiday event also stars Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Timothy Omundson and Corbin Bernsen. AFN|prime 7pm CET/JKT Friday.
Watching Psych the Musical and glazing the last pots of 2013. I love James Roday and Dule Hill even more singing and dancing.
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maybe some Psych until the early hours of the morning/??? can't get enough of james roday, bruh.
I'm finally watching Psych The Musical 󾌸󾌸󾌸 James Roday can sing!!!
Can we talk about how attractive James Roday is.
Not 2 minutes into the Psych The Musical holiday special and James Roday is singing "Hoody Hoo! Hoody Hoo!"
In the words of Shawn Spencer (James roday) I need to close talk with a girl lol
If I could be anyone else in the world I would be James Roday.
Wow like I told James Roday you guys totally pulled it off you were awesome!
Cuz I love me some Dule Hill and James Roday :)
Watchin Psych...James Roday is shaggable...just a lil fun fact of mine
Stars and and creator chat about tonight's big musical episode.
James Roday... I stop watching Psych for a few years and you get FAT?!
Have you ever met James Roday?... Seems like a genuinely funny fella.
I was thinking more of a young "Alan Tudyk" but I can see a little James Roday too.
how awesome was it to work with James Roday and Dule Hill??
Watching now, and James Roday is on top of his game. Quite good so far.
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James Roday is so freaking adorable on here, I can't even!
Why isn't James Roday in love with me?
that's what I'm saying. I am so jealous. She's also met James Roday and Topher Grace
I have id's reply, James Roday's reply but not Adam's reply!
I can't handle James Roday singing, it's so beautiful ;__;
I didn't know James Roday could sing so well. And also Maggie Lawson is bae.
He’s best known as James Roday, the star of the USA Network show Psych. But the 35-year-old actor—who plays fake psychic Shawn Spencer on the hit series—was born James David Rodriguez and he's half-Mexican. With the sixth season of Psych premiering tonight at 10/9c, we caught up with James to ask ab...
"Good actors, I won't deny it, but James Roday and Nathan Fillion are too puffy-faced to be on TV." That's...dumb.
James Roday is my I love a man with a sense of humor.
The 2013 Exclusive Interview in with James Roday is an actor, director…
If I fail all my assignments I blame James Roday.
james roday great ending to the weekend You and So funny!! Thank you for being you!!! You are the best at it!
Watch our new Drinking With the Stars episode: Talks
James Roday is pretty much my perfect man.
Is this really James Roday singing what
Thank God for Psych the Musical and James Roday and Dule Hill
This Psych musical is already pretty good... James Roday and Dule Hill have great pipes...
Somehow missed that James Roday wrote or co-wrote some of the psych episodes. He even direct several of them.
Totally in love with James Roday and Dulé Hill right now.
James Roday's voice is actually super cool
frick my life I almost had a heart attack cause I thought james roday replied to me but it was banana
Indirect to user James Roday, stop being so cute.
Basically I'm in love with you James Roday.
So happy it's on! And thrilled that it IS an actual musical, with dance numbers, choreography, duets, and every cast member breaking out in song (except Corbin Bernsen's Henry, of course). So far it's all been pretty great, too, and the plot is certainly intriguing... but I do wish they had explained in the opening narration that the musical special is set at a time before Lassie's wedding (no spoilers here) and they should have had James Roday and Dulé Hill sing Psych's theme song. Also glad to see the whole special is not in song, since it would have slowed down the storyline too much (plus would have been incredibly difficult on the writers, cast, and everyone else involved with this episode). Yay! Thirty minutes in and I'm excited to see what kind of musical numbers will be next!
"Gus, don't be the very model of a modern major general." ^A reference from Psych The Musical: the only time I've enjoyed The Pirates of Penzance. Going giddy over James Roday, Dule Hill, and Ally Sheedy! Courtney Sousie, Matthias Will, Christina Bennett
James Roday and Timothy Omundson dancing and singing together. Life = Complete
I'm watching psych the musical RIGHT NOW I'm so excited omg i love james roday so much!! and to top off the awesome that is this show…Anthony Rapp… totally in this …who is Anthony Rapp you ask? he plays MARC int he movie RENT Hee hee hee
Mark ...your twin ( James Roday) stoled all your dance moves and is performing in Psych the Musical . Now!
Love the show Psych. Love Dule Hill and James Roday. This musical show tho.not so much
And now ladies and gentleman, James Roday & Dulé Hill in PSYCH, the musical!!!;0)
Watch Psych tonight on USA channel. Remember lead actor, James Roday (James Rodriguez) is from SA and graduated from Taft HS. Tonight episode is a special musical version that I've read is really good !!
Gearing up to watch Psych the Musical!! Popcorn ready, just need drinks... Apple pie moonshine, ready! Now for pineapples... Just need James Roday and Dule Hill!
James Roday, Dule Hill bring to this interview:
great show...hope everybody watches this tonight...James Roday is a San Antonio local boy.and quite an entertainer!
I can now die happy having officially met and made physical contact with James Roday
Q: Psych has done over 100 episodes. How do the stars keep it fresh? —Larry L., Santa Barbara, Calif. A: The key, says James Roday, 37,
All I want for Christmas is Psych the musical. I know the meaning of Christmas isn't about receiving gifts or gifts for that most. Though my love for Psych is intense and I won't be able to watch the 2 hour amaze fest. James Roday singing can only be magic. 󾰬 I can't wait for it to drop in stores!! Ahh!
Psych: The Musical Preview: We Rank the Show's Best Musical Moments Dule Hill, James Roday, Psych Alan Zenuk/USA Network Get ready, Psychos. It's time to trade in The Sound of Music for the Sound of Suck It, and Doctor Who for some Doctor What because the true television event of the season—the thing we've waited seven seasons for—is Psych: The Musical, airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. on USA. If you were lucky like us and got to see a screening at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con, we're sure you'll agree that this two-hour musical movie extravaganza is pretty much the best two-hour musical movie extravaganza it could possibly be, complete with guest stars, callbacks, cameos and one glorious man-to-man tango. The episode follows Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) as they try to track down a playwright named Z, played by Rent's Anthony Rapp, who has escaped from the mental hospital he was placed in after allegedly trapping a critic inside a theater and then burning the theater down. In order to find ...
Who better to judge the best performers on USA Network’s “Psych” musical episode than series star, James Roday?The actor has quite the theater background, and he certainly prov...
It’s the moment all Psych fans have been waiting for: Psych: The Musical! Airing Friday, Dec. 15, Dule Hill (a Broadway vet!) and James Roday...
"Psych" stars Dule Hill and James Roday stopped by "Today" on Wednesday (Dec. 11) to talk about the upcoming "Psych: The Musical," which Roday says is several years in the making.
James Roday and Dule Hill appear on 'The Today Show' to talk "Psych: The Musical". Watch the video:
Loved just chatting with Psych's hilarious James Roday and Dulé Hill again, and creator Steve Franks on the phone... the musical episode sounds great! Watching it today. ** PSYCH THE MUSICAL premieres on Sunday, December 15 at 9/8c on USA**
Tomorrow for Starry Constellation Magazine I'll be interviewing Psych stars James Roday and Dulé Hill about the big "Psych The Musical" episode! Let me know if you have any questions!
Tomorrow we are interviewing stars James Roday and Dule Hill for
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Watching James Roday and Dule Hill in Psych makes any Saturday a good day! Their dialogue and physical comedy is amazing.
So here's a fun fact I didn't know until today. James Roday or Sean Spencer from Psych went to Taft High School thank you for telling me
Psych The Musical is just 13 Days away! Get the inside scoop from the stoop when Dule Hill and James Roday stop by to chat with Cat Greenleaf this week on USA Daytime.
James Roday and Maggie Lawson from the tv show Psych, most definitely!
Maggie Lawson: Girlfriend of actor James Roday. Actress. Currently stars as Juliet...
dulé hill & james roday are the only guys I need in my life tbh 😍
Okay the guy in this movie looks like James Roday, but sadly, it is now.
did you say that is the James Roday voice?
James Roday was hot back in 2006, now look at him lool
Jensen Ackles and James Roday just seem so similar...I can't put my finger on it
James Roday is so insanely attractive
James Roday and Dule Hill so need to be here in my life right now doing their musical "suck it" to everyone :-)
I just wanna hangout with James Roday, is that too much to ask???
James Roday is the greatest man to walk this earth.
No doubt about it. Tough week for James Roday. Titans loss to the Jags. Photograph in 49ers shirt... What's next
that's what I'm talking about. Love seeing honor the bet. Was wearing the jersey that painful, James?
Awww poor James Roday... but the 49ers red looks good on you...
Photo: dulehill: Never bet against the James Roday. Don’t ever ever do it. View...
Shoutout to James Roday's parents for making him
Added a new video: "The NIkki Rich Show Interviews James Roday and Timothy Omundson"
Me when I look at a photo of Robbie Amell, James Roday or Charlie McDermott:. Me: just don't smile, god *** it why are you so perfect!
James Roday & Dulé Hill have been missing from my TV for way too long.
i just lost so much respect for James Roday.
There's a dude in a hat who reminds me of James Roday in the Indiana Jones episode of Psych.
I wish James Roday has been nominated for Favorite Comedic Tv Actor.
In this one scene you can so easily tell it's not really James Roday and Dule Hill
I am thankful for James Roday and Dule Hill.
I literally love James Roday so much
woody cracks me up in santabarbaratown 2!!! So does Shawn Roday!!!
Hey everyone! Good morning. I promised more on my dad today and will follow up perhaps later on but I just received tremendous news that my show PSYCH has been nominated for a People's Choice Award! This is really great for the show as I always feel that we are the "little engine that could." In short, despite a true and die hard fan base, we always seem to get overlooked for awards, especially for our two leads James Roday and Dule Hill, who work tirelessly to bring you the enjoyment so connected with Psych. So finally, our time has come! 8 seasons in, but better late than never! So... shameless plug - or rather "begging"for your help... If you could log onto the following FB page for the People's Choice Awards and vote for our show PSYCH - that would be awesome! That's it for today, just out there and honest with you... it would mean a ton! Corbin...
Day 5: I'm thankful for Dule Hill and James Roday. Those two men are my bread and butter. I love comedies!
My sexual orientation is James Roday and Maggie Lawson not necessarily in that order
Psych is one of my favourite shows, & comedy isn't often my thing. Fwiw, James Roday & Dule Hill are both Mentalist fanboys.
And Dule Hill decided to be James Roday's sidekick.
except aren't you both white and not James Roday or Dulé Hill?
James Roday & Maggie Lawson || You're everything that my life's been missing: via Me sube el azúcar.
to my 18th bday, the day I met James Roday and Maggie Lawson but didn't care because I didn't watch psych then
I had a dream one time where James Roday proposed to Maggie Lawson right in front of me.
I love watching Psych! I love Shawn Spencer. I probably would love James Roday if I knew him personally. I could watch Psych all day.
James Roday (Shawn) & Maggie Lawson (Juliet) from Psych are dating n real life. My day just immediately improved 10fold from learning this.
I had a weird dream (again) last night about James Roday and Dule Hill
James Roday & Dule Hill from Psych for the podcast.
Friggin' James Roday is going to sleep and I'm still awake on the other side of the ocean, proof my sleeping pattern is a mess hhaaha
Can I have a James Roday of my own please?
James Roday is the best person to follow.
James Roday is only 18 years older than me, I'd totally be okay with that for him
played a game+Q was "which celebrity would u want your daughter to marry?" Dad said James Roday, Mom said Matt Bomer. lol! (cont)
Or james roday, Dule Hill, or drake bell *** you know who I like lol
G: Our boy James Roday is up for EW's new Underrated Entertainer of the Year! Show him some love and VOTE!
Whats crazy is its been like 10 minutes and i still havent gone to the corner store, im a lazy *** like james roday
Am I the only one who thinks that it's adorable that Maggie Lawson and James Roday are dating?
My fascination with James Roday is somewhat of a problem...
Yes, I watch them more than once. We met once James Roday as we waited for our bags in Vancouver...he is exactly like Shawn.
And the winner is... - Quand James Roday fait son discourt...
James Roday wrote that episode lol he's such a stan
Please get James Roday to guest star on :D
James Roday: James Roday is the extremely hot star of Psych on the USA network.
Psych season 7 on Fox Crime! Yaay, yippie! I love you James Roday a.k.a. Shawn Spencer! :*
James Roday would be a better Batman.
“What was your favorite part of being on Psych?” . Blowing James Roday to get the role.
The only I learned is James Roday is an awesome psychic and um well your just awesome
Am I the only one seeing the similarities between James Roday and Zach Braff?
NEW BLOG Some BTS video of star James Roday doing a scene as Shawn Spencer for season 8 (may contain spoilers)
And this goes to my fictional love, Shawn Spencer. Aka James Roday.
...all live psych events I go to & how the cast are, she loves James Roday & Shawn as much as I do so we fangirl about that.
OMG it just hit me who I think you look like, James Roday from the show Psych. You guys could be twins! :)
I'd love to see James Roday and Dule Hill have a vine account. I think it would be awesome
okay officially IN LOVE with James Roday from Psych 😍💍
James Roday is the coolest person ever.
James Roday and Curt Smith's friendship is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
You can tell Maggie Lawson really loves James Roday because she stays with him through this.
ill sit with James Roday all day and night! Wanna trade places?
James Roday and Maggie Lawson 1 of my faves & best interview ever. 15:00 in.
Photoset: James Roday : At the end of the scene, where she realizes that she’s guilty of a crime, if you...
Granted I also love James Roday so much.
Ah, so beautiful like a painting of the inside of someone's soul :) James Roday!
Fine, fine figure of a man who made "Psych" the best place to be for so long, c'mon Mr James Roday!
yeah. Always think Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin when I use that. Dule plays the Dean role well. James Roday is his Jerry.
. Oh it's a song from my fave tv show called Psych with Dule Hill and James roday
James Roday sent hugs and kisses to me!!! . Xoxo Natalie
The number of times James Roday takes his shirt off in the show, IS TOO *** LOW.
James Roday, you my friend are perfect 😍
If you're having a bad day, here's James Roday to cheer you up. 😍
I wonder how many people have tried to mail James Roday a pineapple...
I just adore James Roday. I'm sure is going to be creepy, yet funny like in typical Roday fashion!
salivating over young James Roday wow
Could be. Or like the end of the 80's movie white guy rap version of James Roday.
My uncle looks exactly like I look like my uncle so therefore I look like James Roday.
Gah. But James Roday as Shaun Spencer acting on a Spanish Soap opera is dulling the pain.
I want to be James Roday's Hair when I grow up.
I would pay all my monies for a James Roday Deadpool.
The guy people know from CASTLE and nothing else does seem like an obvious choice. Also Simon Baker, and James Roday.
I liked a video from James Roday&Dule Hill&john cena at the 2012 USA Network Event
here's a hint: 5 of them are James Roday and the other 5 are Maggie Lawson. Wait that's more than a hint...
The fact that James Roday and Maggie Lawson got married due to Psych shows that true love is real. . *cough* FOOTBALL
James Roday and Maggie Lawson are literally the cutest.
yup. Lol And of course he will he is James Roday :D
Hope you're not including yourself as cast member or notable guest star...also James Roday has a restraining order against you
Lololooll . Hilarity by James Roday. . How do the writers come up with this stuff? . I laughed so hard.
James Roday & Dule Hill filmed food truck episode near Stamp's Landing. Photos Back today for more scenes.
- James Roday & Dule Hill.. flawless! - if was the musical guest, my life would be complete
Liam James starred in TWWB, co-written/directed by Nat Faxon. Who was in Beerfest. Which included a cameo from... James Roday.
I'd cry!!! That's like better than James Roday's! Please!
Yep, I'm a nerd cause my are David Tennant and James Roday
oh my gosh I was flipping out lol! I mean it was for Mastiff Monday but still. Its James Roday, I stinking love him!
The only actors I really know/like are Seth Rogen, James Roday, Dulé Hill, and James Franco.
It's a little creepy that this exists but I want one for PDX. A blog of movie/TV shoots for YVR:
One of the best pictures that exists of James Roday. Its just perfect.
James Roday & Dule Hill film Food Trucks crime scene Spoilers if you didn't vote for
I know, I love seeing leads take shots at directing. James Roday from Psych does it too. They're always the best episodes.
I like to imagine Shawn Spencer and James Roday are just the same person.
James Roday in People magazine back in '07. Love this picture!
Was watching Dukes of Hazzard on comedy central today. And I think James Roday from is the race guy who always wins xD
List of some of the most attractive men on the planet:. James Maslow. James Roday. James Devlin. ... Lessons learned: name your kid James.
Had no clue James Roday was mexican and I have been watching Psych since it's inception
Teehee the James Roday high-pitched screams get me every time no matter WHAT he's in! XD
IMO def best James Roday hair out of his other movies :)
Watching Repli-kate with Psych-O friend mostly to see a young James Roday play a mousey scient...
I am watching Beerfest. This movie is terrible. But James Roday has a small part in it so that's cool.
Exhausted from spamming James Roday for two hours at 12am to 1:45am. I didn't even get a response. 😰
He is a slim version of James Roday from Psych
Watching season 6 of Psyche and is it just me or did Shawn (James Roday) get fat and old?
I was cheering you on when you said you’d help her with caps for the James Roday site since she couldn’t say no to me! ;)
When's James Roday going to develope some FASHION STYLE? That old shirt has gotta GO! It is NOT a flattering look.
Just found out James Roday is from SA. Makes it a bit cooler ;)
Attempting to emulate the lovely James Roday in Psych? Or...actually psychic...or not...
Hey remember when I dedicated my myspace bio to how much I loved James Roday and Johnny Depp?
if James roday says I love you back I'll never get over it ok
If I ever were to meet I wouldn't be able to just call him James. I'd feel like I have to call him James Roday or Mr. Roday.
Just one more thing though I have been watching to much psych and no I have the voice of Shawn Spencer in my head well james roday
James Roday likes the titans.i feel betrayed
I'm pretty sure James Roday is Olivier Giroud when nobody is looking.
and in the words of James Roday and Thank you
James Roday's little part in beerfest was hilarious to me.
Can I marry James Roday like can this please be a thing that happens
Meet Black Singles 300x250
the new Doctor Who is... James Roday! if that happens, I'll become an instant Whovian.
James Roday is all sorts of attractive! Makes this show even better! :)
Pssst! my secret indulgence is James Roday!!
It is one of the best shows on TV. James Roday and Hill are hysterical
Do you every talk about theatre with James Roday?
does Maggie Lawson and James Roday have an instagram?
for her of her and James Roday while Maggie just stood awkwardly. It was my birthday so they said Happy Birthday to me
You forgot James Roday's movie in December as well!
James Roday looks very nice in a suit
Today on Actor Genie actor director James Roday (What is most important to you about an audition
Pssst my secret indulgence is James Roday!!
Dude, are my eyes seeing what my brain is telling my eyes that they�re seeing? ~ James Roday
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