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James Remar

William James Remar (born December 31, 1953) is an American actor and voice artist. He has appeared in movies, video games, and TV shows.

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James Remar as Ajax in, 'The Warriors' (1979) direcred by Walter Hill
Watching PATTON for the first time and I notice a very young James Remar (Dexter's Dad) 20 mins into the film. Am I right?
It's all uploading in about 10 minutes. Thanks for your support. Hope you enjoy
Okay, I'm biased. But I'd still rather that James Remar was on Lucifer next week, not Gotham. xP
I'm expressing myself by acting. I'm learning about myself and making a...
James remar and gargoyles. Sorry Dexter's dad.
Rae Dawn Chong and James Remar? This feels like it should've been made for Skinamax
James Remar interviewed at Hulu’s 'The Path' S2 Premiere in Los Angeles via
Being a part of 'Sex and the City' was like being at the center of th...
FYI, that's supposed to be Clancy Brown who voiced Raiden, not James Remar.
Die back and get comfortable. Get the Complete Series in Blu-ray today:
Any good actor is a character actor.
How many of you ever watched Renaissance man with Danny DeVito, Gregory Hines, James Remar and Cliff Robertson.
Catching up on James Remar didn't play Buffalo Bob in Silence of the Lambs. Ted Levine did.
James Remar as Corporal Dwayne Hicks in "Aliens" before he was replaced by Michael Biehn.
In my own life, I find myself doing some task - driving or playing golf - a...
Went to Texas frightmare this weekend and met James Remar and Michael Beck from an all time favorite movie Warriors!
since you guys have been exploring concept figures would u ever consider doing a James Remar Hicks?
The Warriors- The Warriors A 1979 Classic Starring Michael Beck, James Remar, and Dorsey Wright in an old time fa
I’ve only just spotted James Remar plays two characters in Anyone know the reason why?
"James Remar and Sherilyn Fenn star in..." is the only description of something I ever want to see ever again.
James Remar well known actor, first time seeing him young! Lol man he sounds the same tho!!
Me and James Remar he was really cool to meet he signed my tales from the dark side movie poster…
Live long...and drool over James Remar. :D
James Remar gives this weird monologue about how he'll be watching them and how they're a family and then it's over.
This scene is so dark that I'm convinced not one frame is actually James Remar
I did not know James Remar was in this movie. I don't think I've seen it in 20 years though
Me and James Remar who was Ajax in The Warriors.
That's the movie James Remar was in right before Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.
First celebrity sighting: James Remar getting coffee just before the vips are allowed in.
James Remar will be attending Weekend of *** on
I have one of the books, I love the show so much though! I've met James Remar last year at comic con (Harry Morgan)
With James Remar and Michael Beck in attendance — attending The Warriors 35mm w/ live Q/A with James Remar and...
About to watch THE WARRIORS in 35mm with James Remar and Michael Beck in attendance!
The Warriors with James Remar (Ajax) and Michael Beck (Swan) in attendance presented by Texas Frightmare Weekend
(I mean, if we look past James Remar as Raiden)
Omg I cannot keep James Remar and Michel Beck apart to save my life, they are basically the same person b/c they were both in The Warriors
Don't miss this weekend. Warriors Michael Beck + James Remar will be there!
Come out and play-yay w/ James Remar and Michael Beck (Ajax and Swan) live in person Thur at 930pm for THE WARRIORS https…
Watch the trailer for The Dog Lover starring Allison Paige, James Remar and Lea Thompson via
I wonder what James Remar would have been like as Hicks. but I like Michael Biehn...
Dreaming of a 1982 Walter Hill version of THE REVENANT with Keith Carradine (DiCaprio) and James Remar (Tom Hardy).
Charlie Watts looks like James Remar as Ajax from the Warriors.
Watching one of the Best Movie Fight Scenes and One Liners in movie history with Actor James Remar
Once's all about James Remar as Ajax. CAN YOU COUNT, SUCKAHS!!??!!
Genetically modified polar bears gone awry starring James Remar and Sherilyn Fenn? I need to see this.
The dad in Dexter, James Remar, was Raiden in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and it gives me much life.
I just watched the Warriors reunion and James Remar not being able to watch was the most sinister.
*** it, guys, who let James Remar act again. Go on, James. Shoo, shoo!
is that James Remar at end of fallout 4 launch trailer? (Institute line)
I'm embarrassed for James Remar and Thomas Jane. And Currie Graham. No one else
- James Remar in Django Unchained. at for more news.
James Remar can't save this film. Feel bad since he's a badass in general
Comic writer Warren Ellis speaks about his upcoming six-issue mini-series about James Bond, entitled "VARGR."
I saw Unnatural and it was god-awful. A waste of James Remar and the a bear-creature worthy of MST3K
The gargoyle told James Remar not to tell anyone, Tells Rae Dawn Chong, she's the gargoyle. He's dead why??
Second time that James Remar has popped up today.
I actually didn't know about James Remar. Huh! 6 Actors Who Got Fired and Replaced in Popular Movies.
James Remar is going to be at Texas Frightmare. What. WHAT?! I have to get my finger bottles ready.
TIL James Remar plays two different characters in the movie Django Unchained, which allows a certain character to …
- James Remar played two different characters in Django Unchained at …
James Remar played two different in Django Unchained
Everything you love about is now in one place! Pre-order The Complete Series Box Set.
It would later spawn the highly underrated & fun TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE movie with a young Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, and James Remar
Allegra Carpenter, Ron Carlson, Ivana Korab & James Remar discuss lurking death in this still from
I'm only sad that my favorite (Ajax) played by James Remar isn't there. SO NEAT THOUGH.
I saw the video where the cast of the "Warriors" film reunited for a last train ride to Coney Island but it didn't have James Remar. Ripoff!
would obviously have to play James Remar's character.
Met James Remar this weekend. What a great guy. I am a huge fan of his and the movie "The Warriors". What a treat!
James Remar shoulda shot him while he had the chance
Got to meet James Remar today at Nashville.
was sick! 🎬 i knew my eyes wernt messing with me when i thought James Remar was playing two characters lol! 🔫😎
James Remar is at Wizardworld Nashville and I didn't know this till now I AM GOING TO CRY
The legendary James Remar discusses his career at
Actor James Remar in this pic from the mutant bear film in theaters 10-16
James Remar too big time to show up apparently
It's crazy to believe that I met Drake Bell, Adam Baldwin, James Remar, and Danny Trejo today!
Wonder if would roar a hello to James Remar for me before he's eaten? xD
Catherine on the red carpet of The Saturn Awards with James Remar
I liked a video Every Line of Dialog: James Remar - The warriors
Oh, and James Remar is utterly brilliant as the diabolical villain.
(scratches his name off candidate list for James Remar festival)
Jack looks like a young James Remar and oh god let me tell you about THAT crush!
So and James Remar should probably play brothers in a movie.
Sigourney, Michael Gambon, James Remar, Natalia Tena, Iain Glen and David Bradley for me, I need to raise money for autos! 😂
Tell me I do not need those Friday photos for James Remar or Christopher Lloyd, despite tickets for latter now appearing there, too.
Wow. Never knew about this. Aliens fans, this is worth a read. The Other Hicks - James Remar via
James Remar is not Christopher Lambert and Annihilation is the only film where that would be a problem.
well I hope so! Would love to see Michael C Hall with James Remar or Lauren Cohan with Emily Kinney!
Michael C Hall and Elijah Wood should star in a sitcom about two insane half brothers united by their father played by James Remar
Separated at birth? Kevin Bieksa and James Remar aka "Albert Ganz" from the movie 48 Hrs. with E. Murphy & N. Nolte!
We interview the actors who you know if you see them: Al Leong, James Remar, Tom Noonan, David Patrick Kelly & more:
Matthew Blank & Michael C. Hall at Premiere of Showtime's "Dexter" - Arrivals
I have a daft and fannish love for James Remar and cheered when he turned up in SATC. But I can't picture it!
just watched it again today with a friend (31) who'd never seen it. Still fab. Also: James Remar was meant to play Hicks!?!?
is watching know he's old enough to be my dad,but I've always fancied James Remar.("Richard Right" from Sex & The City)
MTVs new series has April Blair as EP and stars faves Austin Butler, Manu Bennett, James Remar - I'm in!
You have no idea how excited I am for jusy casting James Remar & will be at Gencon!
Be the best, represent the best...join the best. Plus you get to hear James Remar's voice. (Harry Morgan from Dexter.
that *** moment when you discover images of James Remar as Hicks in ALIENS and Jon Finch as Kane in ALIEN
On-set photos of James Remar as Corporal Hicks in ALIENS (1986) before being replaced by Michael Biehn.
Did you know? ALIENS had originally casted James Remar to play Hicks? Thanks to Shadow Writer for the information...
James Remar being pretty frank about his firing from ALIENS and his damaged friendship with Walter Hill.
I love alternate casting tales, that said this worked out Aliens is one of my favorite movies and I love Biehn's take
TIL James Remar was cast as Hicks but he was fired due to a drug problem, which he overcame. While Remar is A+, glad we got Biehn.
I entered a contest to win a horror video set from Enter at via
Update your maps at Navteq
James Remar pics from Aliens before he was replace by Michael Biehn. .
James Remar on getting fired from ALIENS. Thanks to Mike Neu...
This James Remar/recounting at while brief, is still kinda awesome: Check it out.
James Remar played Corporal Hicks in Aliens for one week before departing due to creative differences with James...
It's weird to think that James Remar was Hicks for a week before Michael Biehn.
Pics of James Remar as Corporal Hicks in before they recast him with Michael Biehn.
Photo: Behind the Scenes photos from ALIENS, featuring James Remar, who was originally cast as Corporal...
I always knew they replaced the actor who played Hicks...I just didn't know it was James Remar
Before Michael Biehn, James Remar was originally cast s Cpl. Hicks in Here's some set photos of Remar as...
I knew Harvey Keitel got replaced in Apocalypse Now and Eric Stolz in Back To The Future...but James Remar in Aliens?
I'm glad Biehn got the job, instead.
New rare on-set photos from Aliens show James Remar as 'Hicks'
Rare set photos surface online revealing James Remar as Cpl. Hicks before Michael Biehn was cast into the...
Before Michael Biehn, actor James Remar was originally cast as Cpl. Hicks! Here are some rare set photos from...
James Remar would have kicked too much Alien ***
Hamilton Collection
Woah... did you know this?- Rare Aliens Set Photos Show James Remar as Corporal Hicks - Dread Central
There is an alt universe, where Eric Stoltz is Marty McFly, OJ Simpson was the Terminator, and James Remar was Hicks
Check out this week’s all-new Wrap-Up, where Producer Scott Reynolds sits down with James Remar (Harry Morgan):
The amount of voice talent and famous actors in Destiny is ridiculous! Nathan Fillion, Peter Stormare, James Remar - it's crazy.
Warriors poster signed by Michael Beck (Swan) and James Remar (Ajax).
Holloway men are the best kind. James Remar
'Persecuted,' starring James Remar and Fred Thompson, is opening at 736 theaters this weekend:
Tom Berenger & James Remar are practically the same person. One just slightly more aged. Like Italian cheese with melanoma.
Jeremy Renner, Bill Paxton, James Remar, Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal with my boy Michael Mann Directing in a heist movie.
Tonight I got to meet Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern, James Remar, Michael Madsen and Quentin Tarantino. What an amazing night. Special thank to my wing woman, the superstar Allison Dorenbosch. One of the coolest LA nights ever. And yes, Ben Terry, tonight I got to shake hands and chat with Boyd Crowder. Super awesome guy, as expected.
"The problem with old men is, you can kick 'em down the stairs and call it an accident, but you can't just shoot 'em." "Keeping you at a disadvantage is an advantage I intend to keep." Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Denis Menochet, Tim Roth, James Remar, Zoe Bell. Unexpected free ticket to the "Hateful Eight" reading downtown this evening. Ostensibly a Western, in structure more like a locked-room mystery, with serious third act problems that QT announced in advance. Several travelers stranded in a mountain roadhouse during a blizzard, pursuing agendas that only gradually emerge. Russell great fun doing John Wayne, Tamblyn excellent, scenes between Jackson and Goggins sublime.
He will always be Sgt. Zim from Starship Troopers to me. I also get him and James Remar cosntantly mixed up Fred Thompson Religious Thriller Creates a Stir on iTunes Former U.S. senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson has a leading role in the upcoming movie "Persecuted," which explores timely issues, including religious freedom and censorship. Regal Entertainment has announced that the independent movie will open on May 9. "Persecuted" is about a televangelist, played by James Remar, who is being pressured into supporting legislation that would censor religious speech. When he refuses to support the measure, he is framed for the rape and murder of a teenage girl. Thompson plays a Catholic priest. Despite little marketing, the movie's trailer was recently No. 1 on the iTunes "most popular" list, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie was also well received when it was screened at the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 7. Thompson, who served in the Senate from 1994 to 2003, is no stranger to acting. He has appeared in several dozen movies and televisi ...
He's super goofy. Peter Boyle always brings it & Christopher Lloyd has some of the funniest parts. Also young James Remar.
Revisiting the film Band of the Hand and realizing, holy ship, this thing is packed with future stars. The most surprising to me was John Cameron Mitchell of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame. Other familiar faces include Stephen Lang (Tombstone, Avatar), Leon (The Five Heartbeats, Oz), and Laurence Fishburne. I always get James Remar and William Defoe mixed up so seeing that it was remar tripped me out again. I recall betting this guy at my old job that William Defoe had been in The Warriors. Nope, James Remar.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
First shot of S2 of House of Cards. I can't the only one who thought: James Remar will hit on Mercedes Ruehl soon?
thank you Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, C.S. Lee, David Zayas, James Remar, Geoff Pierson and the rest of the cast for a great run!!
Hellraiser: Inferno. (The fifth one.) Good gawd, where do I begin with this crappy rollercoaster? What seemingly (and oddly) starts out as your basic "dirty cop police procedural" turns into a weird psychodrama and then into a bizarre *** fantasy with Pinhead meeting you in the giftshop at the end of the ride. I can't believe IV gave credit to Alan Smithee but the director of this flaming turd kept his name on it. On an up note, James Remar, the guy who played the psychiatrist was fantastic. After I'm through with my Pinhead marathon I may find whatever movies he's in and binge watch them!
Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, C.S. Lee, and James Remar from Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ by djtomdog ...
check it out!!! Signed season 2 script for Christmas!!! From MCH, David Z, CS Lee, James Remar!!
Movie: RED 2 We just watched it on blu-ray here last night. Cast of big time stars: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Julian McMahon, Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Cox, Karl Urban, James Remar. ( Is Ernest Borgnine what? 500 years old now? :) For those who haven't yet seen RED, it stands for "Retired and Extremely Dangerous", to which I can relate. RED 2 is one of the FEW sequels, which are usually done more, just to make more money off a good movie, that I think was actually EVEN BETTER than the original. RED was both a great action movie, entertaining AND funny, and the sequel RED 2 is even more so! I give it 5 stars and now WISH we'd seen it when it was in the theater. Try 3D next time, for RED 3, guys, and we will surely be there!
Justin Chambers and James Remar give me the cries.
Now, 'bout to watch "The Phantom" (1996) again... I find it funny, as much as I enjoyed the movie how the main actors/actresses in this kind of just peaked here or shortly after this. -Billy Zane: Peaked with this and "Titanic" shortly thereafter, and then, just fell into a rut of B-movies and TV. -Kristy Swanson: Peaked here, after a handful of hits before this. Also fell into B-movie-dom. -Treat Williams: Peaked here in movies, went into some solid B-movies (his "Substitute" movies were great) and great TV (Everwood, and guest spots including "Leverage" & "White Collar"). -Catherine Zeta-Jones: the only one whose career took OFF after this movie. - James Remar: Mr. Wooden Character-Actor: went into B-movies continuing his wooden acting for the rest of us to suffer through, on the plus side, has had a solid voice acting career though. -Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: One of the best villains you can find in movies, TV, and even video games. Just oozes villain charisma, and recently reprises one of his best ro ...
Watching the beautiful Madeline Stowe & James Remar (Papa Salvatore) in this awesome Lifetime Xmas movie. Hot chocolate & Xmas movies rule.
What to Watch Thursday: Elementary Mobs Up, Runway Returns, Ausiello Happens and More On TV this Thursday: Elementary braves the criminal underworld, Sheldon makes a Big (bogus?) discovery, Grey’s doctors deal with parental baggage, Project Runway All Stars returns and more. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are 10 programs to keep on your radar. 8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | When Sheldon feels like a fraud after his latest scientific breakthrough, he gets a sobering visit from Einstein and Archimedes. 8 pm The Vampire Diaries (CW) | Mystic Falls honors the dead (i.e. half the cast) with its traditional Remembrance Day. 8 pm The Voice (NBC) | The Battle Rounds spill over into Thursday in the first of three Parks preemptions 9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | James Remar (Dexter) continues his run as Alex’s troubled dad, while Meredith considers continuing her mother’s research. 9 pm Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime) | Season 3 premiere: Eleven of your favorite des ...
Every few months, I'm left with a dilemma: do I prefer Christopher Lambert or James Remar?
Countdown to Halloween: Today's honorable mentions, be sure to scroll... Horror TV Series! 1. American Horror Story: Asylum (this is the second season of American Horror Story and by far the best yet. You do not need to see the first season as they change the theme, and the first season was lacking and I've only seen one episode of season 3 (spoiler alert: it *** . 2. The Following (interesting show that had some really good parts and showed what psycho's go through to obtain "friends". The only thing I really hated in this series was the little boy who was why to dumb for his age. Spoiler Alert: Kevin Bacon has a really bad time. 3. Tales from the Crypt (GREAT show that had equal amounts of comedy and terror, some more one sided than others but who cares, right? I'd even go to so far as to say it had one of the best "host" out there, the crypt-keeper. Be sure to see episodes featuring James Remar, Whoopi Goldberg, Judd Nelson, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jeffrey Tambor, Joe Pantoliano, and Andrew McCart ...
White Fang on telly - Bill Moseley and James Remar have just got their comeuppance.
I honestly liked Christopher Lambert as Raiden. Better choice at least than James Remar.
Mega Buzz: Good Wife's New Firm, Grey's Daddy Issues and Mother's Wedding Bride by Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams I am so excited for The Good Wife to return! Any scoop on upcoming cases? — Rosie ADAM: Strangely enough, The Good Wife will take inspiration from Friends for an upcoming episode — but probably not how you think. The case of the week is based on the (eventually dismissed) 2004 sexual harassment lawsuit brought against several of the NBC comedy's writers by a former writer's assistant. "Lockhart/Gardner gets in trouble," co-creator Robert King says. "One of their paralegals sues the firm for sexually harassing her and the firm unfortunately can't represent itself. So, over David Lee's objections, they go to Elsbeth Tascioni [recent Emmy winner Carrie Preston] to try to defend them." Will she be there for them? James Remar as Alex's dad on Grey's Anatomy is great casting! Do you have any details? — Barbara NATALIE: Remember Alex's brother, who tried to kill their younger sister? Apple, mee ...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Fear X (2003, DAN/GBR) C-91m. SCOPE *** D: Nicolas Winding Refn. Starring John Turturro, Deborah Kara Unger, Stephen Eric McIntyre, William Allen Young, James Remar. Moody thriller drama about mall cop Turturro, who lost his wife in a mysterious shooting and has since been trying to find out who killed her and why she died. Then he sneaks into the empty neighbor’s house and finds photos of a woman in Montana. He checks into a local hotel there and begins his investigation. Deliberately paced mood piece develops more and more into a Lynchian nightmare, with more than the hotel to remind you of Turturro’s role in BARTON FINK (1991). Not a bull’s-eye, but a nice show of talent by Refn (THE DRIVER). Hubert Selby Jr.’s (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) last screenwriting credit.
Things are really tense with Elijah Wood & James Remar on set together. . Wilfred Behind the Scenes: Staring Contest: h…
Right now watching Mortal Kombat. I remember Christopher Lambert was awesome playing Raiden. James Remar not awesome playing Raiden in MK2.
I feel like the Treat Williams scenes so permeate the film that I can't divorce some parts from others. James Remar, too.
pretty awesome =) Loving the show so far I just wish the breaks in between weren't so long
That movie still holds up, always will. James Remar as Ajax?? Shhheeiiaatt.bad *** !
Father and son, Michael C. Hall and James Remar, at the Premiere!
Some of the new voice cast announcements for Legend of Korra: Book Two
Legend of Korra will release Book 2 this year :
very similar to a Young James Remar ! From 48hours !
Here's a James Remar news clip that has nothing to do with Korra!
Wow so many people joining Korra cast!
Aubrey Plaza, James Remar and Lisa Edelstein join the cast of Book 2!
I wish James Remar was playing a bad guy though and not Korra's father
Cuddy (House) is coming to the Legend of Korra to play Kya. Two of my favourite worlds are colliding :-)
Now here's some trivia from IMDb: Ray Park and Tony Jaa worked as the stunt doubles for James Remar and Robin Shou in this film
I like how the film doesn't try to hide the fact it's a body double and not James Remar
Clearly that's not James Remar doing all the spinning and backflips
OMG James Remar hair in this scene is hysterical lol
Aubrey Plaza, James Remar, Lisa Edelstein and more join the cast of 'Legend of Korra' Book 2:
James Remar AND Aubrey Plaza in book 2 for the Legend of Korra? The cast just got 690% better. Omg👏👏👏
Aubrey Plaza, James Remar, and Lisa Edelstein are joining the cast for Book 2!
Cuddy on As if I needed another reason to watch.
Hey fans of Legend of Korra and Parks and Rec I've got some good news. -Afro Justice-...
Primeiro grande painel da comi-con ! Thursday, July 18 • 6:30pm - 7:30pm Showtime: Dexter You've been there for every edge-of-your-seat moment, every kill, inside Dexter's most intimate thoughts, watching him transform before your eyes. Now, after eight amazing seasons, it's time to say goodbye to America's Favorite Serial Killer. Join the cast, writers/executive producers, and surprise guest stars who are too big to mention, for a final farewell panel that even Hall H can't contain! Ralph Garman (KROQ entertainment reporter) presides over a revealing interview and Q&A session with the stars and executive producers of Dexter. Featured panelists include series star/executive producer Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), David Zayas (Batista), and James Remar (Harry). Also appearing are executive producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Scott Buck, and Manny Coto. Satisfy your Dexter obsession all weekend. The new season of Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 ET/PT only on Showtime.
Directed by Walter Hill. With Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler. In a future, dystopian New York City, turf gangs and cops rule the streets. When one gang leader tries to bring all gangs together against the cops Coney Island's The Warriors are framed for his murder and the entir...
Between raising the Brothers Salvator and Dexter Morgan, James Remar has killed any chance he had of winning Father of the Year.
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) [edit] Main article: 2 Fast 2 Furious Watched by Customs Agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes), Brian is caught by the cops and is given a deal by agents Bilkins and Markham (James Remar) to go undercover and try to bring down drug lord Carter Verone (Cole Hauser) in exchange for the erasure of his criminal record. Brian agrees but only if he is given permission to choose his partner. Brian heads home to Barstow, California, where he recruits Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), a former friend of Brian who had served jail time and is under house arrest, to help him. Pearce agrees, but only for the same deal Brian was offered, and with the help of Monica, Brian and Roman work together to take down Verone. After being hired by Verone as his drivers, the duo is going to a Customs/FBI hideout, where Roman confronts Markham over the latter's interference with the mission. After the situation is cooled down, Brian tells Bilkins and Markham that Verone plans to smuggle the money into his private je ...
The cast of movie 'Django Unchained' posing with taxidermy. Left to right: James Remar, Samuel L. Jackson, Walton Goggins, Christoph Waltz, Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kerry Washington and Jammie Foxx. The animal taxidermy is real the medical human skulls are plastic resin movie props.
Plot This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (March 2011) Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) is living in Vermont with her husband, renowned scientist Dr. Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford). A year previously, Claire had been involved in a serious car accident that leaves gaps in her memory. Combined with her daughter Caitlin's (Katharine Towne) departure for college, this leaves Claire profoundly affected. The Spencers — who have moved into the former home of Norman's father — live next door to the Feurs, who have just moved in and frequently engage in loud sex sessions as well as loud arguments. Overhearing Mary Feur (Miranda Otto) sobbing one day, Claire becomes concerned. When she sees Mary's husband Warren (James Remar) seemingly dragging something that resembles a body bag in the middle of the night and putting it in the trunk of the car, she suspects that Mary has been murdered. Claire de ...
New footage of 8th season and interviews with stars Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C. Hall and James Remar -
Sunday May 5th 8pmSean Meenan and Habana Outpost presents movies under the stars every sunday at 8pm. This year we will kick off the season with The Warriors, starring Michael Beck, James Remar and...
If my mall had a security guard that looked like James Remar, I'd never leave.
One of the mall security guys looks like James Remar
It's interesting in Django that James Remar plays 2 characters and dies twice
James Remar plays two characters in Django. Hehe.
Does anyone else think that James Remar looks like Chris Pratt in some shots?
Is it weird that I think James Remar is hotter now that he's older?
OH and why did James Remar play two separate characters?? So weird.
oh and Ray Winstone, Malcolm McDowell, and James Remar were amazing in their voice acting "THIS..IS...AN OUTRAGE"
If I got any more specific beyond, "James Remar is handsome and I adore him deeply for his (cont)
Finally got around to seeing Django Unchained and it was good. I was surprised by how funny it was. Also double James Remar was cool.
Why did James Remar play two characters in Django Unchained?
It bothers me that Lovejoy looks exactly like James Remar... Maybe because Giuseppe steals love and joy...
Now i know this film has done something to people... Callum Keith Rennie looks older than James Remar but younger than in Due South.
How old is this film because James Remar looks mid twenties and I know that ain't right unless this made in the 80s.
Hicks was originally played by James Remar, but Michael Biehn replaced him a few days after principal photography began.
My man, James've given so much gold 😂 [vid] —
Argh, the mustache guy is James Remar! Finally figured it out.
Into S2 of JUSTIFIED and loving every minute of it. But a huge questionç how in the *** has James Remar not had a role in this show yet?
James Remar is like the only warrior that's still in movies today.
James Remar and warm up for our photo shoot.
Newton's James Remar spotted on set of local pilot
I couldn't blame for making up a name for MP & putting him in her books. I do it all the time with James Remar! (
If James Remar isn't in this episode, I will be severely disappointed...
James Remar isn't on my screen yet... This bothers me...
I'm still dying over the fact that James Remar's character's son's name is Dex...
-James Remar, was mean and great in his position. The leader, Charge aka Jason Trost, was the best in my opinion of the three. While-
"I was taken in by a nice family. No abuse." His foster dad is played by James Remar. I call BS
James Remar is an enabler.. He's giving Dex information on how to cover hi tracks after a kill...
I'm 17 minutes into the first episode of Dexter. James Remar is in it. Do you know how many references I've made? Like 50.
Loved the who's who of character actors! James Remar (Dexter's dad!) in 2 roles! Franco Nero & Jamie Foxx shot was iconic.
The first time I watched it, I was 3 feet away from James Remar's doppelganger...
Lol,james remar got a head shot in the opening scene.guy is miraculously alive and well later down.did he have a twin...
It's so hard to get close to James Remar.
James Remar (aka dexters dad) is also in 2 fast 2 furious... Playing a cop... in Miami...
Once I addicted to James Remar acting, and now, I addicted to Bill Bixby acting.
Could you tell me about James Remar in 3-lines... 3LinesPedia
Jason Trost James Remar. Rickshaw has created an obstacle course for the superheros where…
Wonder why James Remar aka- Dexters Dad appears twice in Django Unchained. Is it just for a bit of fun? Oh well. Goodnight.
Here's a look at Jason Trost's All Superheroes Must Die. It's got James Remar in it, so you know it's bad ***
Rites of Passage (1999) screens on at 1am Sunday [AEDT]. (Dean Stockwell, James Remar, Jason Behr)
The only thing I could think about whilst watching Django Unchained... why is James Remar in it twice?
only in WestHollywood where I'm crossing the street with friends &see James Remar (from Dexter) driving the car and waving back at us...
The four fighters in the park walk past Mercedes Ruehl on a park bench. James Remar wants to get a piece. Bad idea, man.
Django Unchained (2012, USA) C-165m. SCOPE *** D: Quentin Tarantino. Starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Christopher, James Remar, Don Johnson, Franco Nero, James Russo, Don Stroud, Russ Tamblyn, Amber Tamblyn, Bruce Dern, Jonah Hill, Robert Carradine, Tom Savini, Michael Parks, Quentin Tarantino. Cult director Tarantino aims at westerns and slavery dramas in this long, violent thriller about slave Django (Foxx), who joins German bounty hunter Waltz (wonderfully sardonic), both intending to free the black man’s wife from the clutches of evil mandingo expert DiCaprio’s clutches. Not really an homage to spaghetti westerns (despite some familiar themes and the presence of Nero, the original DJANGO), more like a slavery drama or even blaxploitation a la MANDINGO (Washington’s character is called Von Shaft, after all). Finally, it’s also not too dissimilar to the psychotronic cult western EL TOPO (1970) with its ...
James Remar is great.The fact he played two characters in Django Unchained was weird but pretty cool.
Ok so, I am gonna have to say that Django Unchained has got to be either the top movie from 2012 or a very close second to Skyfall. Jamie Foxx is Awesome, Leonardo DiCaprio plays an awesome villian, Samuel L. Jackson is...well Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz deserves another Academy Award for his performance. The Cameo's in this film are awesome including ones from Bruce Dern, James Remar, Franco Nero, Jonah Hill but also see if you can spot Ted Neeley, Robert Carradine, Don Stroud and Tom Wopat...Yes Luke Duke...Trust me, if you haven't seen it it.
Idk if i like Christopher Lambert or James Remar better as Raiden.
The only explanation I find, is that Dr. King Schulz finally find death in the hands of the first man that he kills in the film. Just a little license used by Tarantino :)
I love James Remar. He is sooo underrated an actor. He is so Awesome on Dexter.
James Remar and James Russo are the new Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton.
James Remar aka Harry Morgan plays two roles in that film Butch/Ace Speck. Noticed him as soon as I saw him on camera. Any body else?
Did anyone notice they used James Remar twice in Django, he was the Speck brother who got shot in the head and the guy who shot Christoph Waltz at the end, if you dont know who he is, hes Dexter's father Harry Morgan.
Another cool one. James Remar (best known for playing Dexter's dad) as Hicks in Aliens. James Cameron decided he was wrong for the role for some reason and Michael Biehn was hurredly drafted as a replacement.
Don't you mean James 'Ajax from The Warriors' Remar? Think Michael Marks as Earl McGraw & Esteben Vihaio in Kill Bill.
Having finally seen Django I've decided that James Remar was double-snubbed for Best Recipient of a Fatal Gunshot.
Why was James "Dexter's dad/guy from Sex and the City" Remar in Django twice in two different roles? Can't proceed without understanding.
Also James Remar plays two parts - not sure why or if anyone really noticed
I still think James Remar or Michael Wincott would have made a good Dredd.
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I think it's hilarious that James Remar plays two different characters in and few people recognize it.
Check out this Amazon deal: All Superheroes Must Die [Blu-ray] by James Remar via
The guy that plays Dexter's Dad, James Remar is also Ajax in The Warriors. My mind is blown.
REVIEW: All Superheroes Must Die - Horrible...acting was crap, plot was worse. James Remar, what were you thinking?
I totally forgot James Remar was in The Girl Next Door.
Quentin Tarantino: Modern Day Slave Trader…. Lights, Camera, N-Word, Action Figures! First, Quentin Tarantino promoted Django Unchained as a ‘love story’. Then, the slavery-based film grossed $90.8 million — as movie goers were exposed to the N-word 109 times. Now, the film directer is cashing in for a second time over his further exploitation of African American slavery, green lighting his Django Unchained cast to be peddled as action figures. The nerve of this guy! Here’s what’s being reported by The Daily Beast: “Last fall, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. in tandem with the Weinstein Company, announced a full line of consumer products based on characters from the movie. First up are pose-able eight-inch action figures with tailored clothing, weaponry, and accessories in the likeness of characters played by Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and Christoph Waltz. The dolls are currently on sale via No one will go o ...
Casper Van Dien, Michael Pare and James Remar together in a Sci-Fi action flick would be awesome.
I think I was the only guy in the theatre that noticed James Remar played two parts in -- Quentin, you sneaky man.
I was just watching this while you were (presumably) America, while Canadian. James Remar kicks a whole lot of ***
Django Unchained is the eighth feature film by Quentin Tarantino (seventh if you count Kill Bill vol. 1 and Kill Bill vol. 2 as one film. I don't, they're entirely different to me). The film follows Tarantino's revisionist take on the two of the greatest atrocities of history (the Holocaust and Slavery in the United States) that he started with Inglourious Basterds. This time, Tarantino takes a more focused look at the atrocity itself rather than the revenge drama he has infused with every film he's made since 2003. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, Don Johnson and James Remar with brief appearances from Jonah Hill, M.C. Gainey, Michael Parks and Franco Nero (in a cameo role similar to Rod Taylor's appearance in Inglourious Basterds). The premise of the film follows Django (Foxx), a slave, who is taken under the wing of Dr. King Schultz (Waltz), a German dentist turned bounty hunter (an obvious reference to Doc Holliday), who seeks to colle ...
Anyone know yet why James Remar played 2 roles in Django?
Tarantino must really like him some James Remar.
James Remar in 48 hours is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. That's all.
the guy who was saying that was in The Crow, 48 Hours along with James Remar, and Commando
i HATED tarantino's cameo, loved James Remar, and couldn't stop cheering at all the dead racists
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James Remar getting killed in the first ten minutes of JUDGE DREDD was my generation's PSYCHO.
fortunately most people aren't the James Remar expert that you are, so I'm sure the distractions were minimal.
Can't believe James Remar did this movie. Smh
Not complaining, I like James Remar but its just bizarre. Maybe a weird thing for movie watchers to pick up on?
Does anyone know why James Remar plays 2 characters in Django?
Wait, James Remar looked like this once? Unf?
James Remar plays two roles in Django. I think that's who Tom was referring to
James Remar is in this episode of BSG & halfway through I realized he's not a figment of someone's imagination. Used to him as Harry Morgan.
Anyone else distracted by double James Remar? I kept expecting a twin brother thing. Why not shave the stache for one of 'em?
Are there any articles that explore the significance on James Remar playing two roles in Django Unchained? That seems like a thing.
Boston native James Remar aka Ajax was a dawg in The Warriors @ the end of the day he let a piece a Kat be his down fall...
James Remar played two roles in Django Unchained in what I guess is a nod to the original film's recycling of a limited supply of actors.
James Remar is in this movie. I haven't seen him since he Ajax in The Warriors and 24 Hours...
"Why don't u have a drink?" "No, drinkers lie and i feel like tellin the truth." Diane lane to James remar in the movie cotton club.
One more thing on DJANGO, I'm assuming that James Remar was playing the same character and that was a plot thread dropped for time.
We have now moved on to the lesser-known flick Arena, starring one Samuel L.Jackson and James Remar, AKA Ajax from The Warriors. Hmm.
no one big it was made in 2004, Emile hirsch, Elisha cuthbert, Timothy olyphant, James remar
Anybody got a theory on why Tarantino had James Remar play two separate characters in
Why did James Remar appear as two different characters in Django? That's the only thing I didn't get.
yep! And replace original Raiden with stupid Raiden aka James Remar. Would be awesome if they made another one
Anybody notice James Remar had 2 roles in Django?
I just discovered that Clancy Brown and James Remar aren't the same human. Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't fret; it doesn't matter.
Directed by Jerry London. With Burt Reynolds, Liza Minnelli, James Remar, Richard Masur. When call-girl Della gets caught in the middle of a drug bust at a hotel where she was meeting a trick...
Guess it could be my "foundation" has been disturbed and the "winds of change". Yet, James Remar was also in my ...
Warriors...come out and plaaayyyaaay.
I would also love to see (2000) with Annette O'Toole and James Remar again, please?
I knew James Remar played two characters in Django, I wasn't going crazy. I remember when that guy was a cop in 2 Fast 2 Furious
JANUARY All Superheroes Must Die (Jan. 4) This is a indy superhero movie from Jason Trost, director of The FP (last year's dystopian Dance Dance Revolution comedy) in which a group of superheroes lose their powers and are put through a series of brutal challenges. (Now available on VOD/iTunes/Amazon, in select theaters Friday.) Outlook: It looks way less silly than The FP, and the trailers actually look tense and dark. And it has Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class) and James Remar (Dexter) in it. Could be fun. Storage 24 (Jan. 11) Doctor Who's Noel Clarke stars in this thriller where a military cargo plane crashes in London, releasing its deadly cargo on the city — and a group of people are trapped in a storage facility with a horrific creature. Outlook: The movie's Rotten Tomatoes page is a bloodbath. By all accounts, it really really *** A Haunted House (Jan. 11) Marlon Wayans stars in this horror spoof, in which a family moves into a house full of spirits and the wife gets possessed by one of them. Ou .. ...
any fan of realized that James Remar died twice in Django
Fifteen minutes into 'The Quest' and I've seen James Remar, Jack McGee and Roger Moore. I had no idea...
Little Giant Ladders
Directed by Alexandre Aja. With Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Joe Anderson, James Remar. In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples.
Woke up feeling like Willem Dafoe. Already feeling more like James Remar. Next stop, Stephen Lang City.
Django Unchained from Leonardo Di Caprio! Django (Jamie Foxx) is a slave living in the Deep South after having been separated from his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). When Django is held for a slave auction, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), a bounty hunter who poses as a dentist, frees Django from his vicious masters, the Speck brothers (James Remar and James Russo), and gives him the option of hunting down and killing the Brittle Brothers, a ruthless gang of killers whom only Django has seen. In return, Schultz will free Django from slavery completely and help rescue Broomhilda from the plantation of the charming but ruthless owner, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).
203. The Quest So Madison and I left Gabe Powers after three films, but we were not done with Van Damme. We fired up Netflix Instant and found The Quest. For whatever reason, I missed this one when it came out. Let me just list the many ways that was stupid of me... 1. Old Man Van Damme bookmarks the film and his weathered French accent accurately predicts the middle age cinematic persona he's enjoying currently. 2. Van Damme plays a mime who hangs out with a bunch of Newsies. When he was a little boy, his mom died and his grandmother literally dropped him off on the streets, abandoning him. 3. James Remar plays a boxer. He is SO James Remar in this film. It's unreal. 4. Roger Moore is in this film as a thieving *** and he's just as charming as that implies. 5. Jean Claude Van Damme directed The Quest and, for the most part, it's actually very well directed. Lots of surprisingly appropriate Dutch angles. 6. The tourneyment is filled with international badasses. I kind of think most of them get shortc ...
Directed by Jean-Claude Van Damme. With Jean-Claude Van Damme, Roger Moore, James Remar, Janet Gunn. Chris embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery that spans the globe. Kidnapped and enslaved by gun smugglers...
My Full interview with James Remar is now up to view/listen too
Actor James Remar talks about Dexter Season 7 and Django Unchained With "The Luceman in the morning" on Kix 95.3 The Harbors New Country
Christopher J. Stevenson looks like James Remar, am I the only one who sees that..?
who was the better Raiden: Christopher Lambert or James Remar?
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