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James Poole

James Poole (born in Watford, England 16 July, 1964) has been involved in the development of computer games since the mid-1980s.

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Horrible, hoofy, time wasting, negative performance
Ten minutes gone. All even. Much like last Saturday, Max Harrop replaced James Poole just before kick off. 0-0 |
All I see is a menisist t shirt and a head? Where is the rest of the person?
Congratulations to our four amazing new members!! . Emily Daddona. James D'Amico. Sarah Kricheff. Conrad Poole. We...
New cinema planned for Centre in Poole in Dorset.
Look at what he inherited, he inherited a winning team, the longer we keep him the longer it will take to repair his damage
We will miss Trooper Casey and Trooper Poole big time. 💔
New cinema planned for in Poole in Dorset.
John Terry. have you seen the fitness instructor at Villa
Need to send her to Asda for some happy pills mate!
James playing Young, Dumb, and Broke while rushing me to my 12:30 late because I somehow overslept even that
I get to know James, not just his care needs.” A rewarding part of Chris' role is listening to people https…
2/2 Station is currently closed to prevent overcrowding. Sorry for the disruption. ^Mark
1/2 Hi James, we currently have severe delays between Victoria and Brixton due to an earlier faulty train at Green Park.
why is Victoria tube station closed? Huge queues, no explanation of what is happening...
James and Sons is a long established Firm of Chartered Surveyors and Valuers based in
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Bolton away was dreadful as well, from the moment they equalized was just a matter of how many we'd lose by
The list starts with James Comey, but it doesn't end there.
Thanks for responding. Great news! I hope it's still the same.. I know James…
Every cloud! I was supposed to be going, never been so happy not to get the time off
In life . . . yes because you weren't in Rotherham this evening 👍
Poole Pirates young gun James Shanes joins us ahead of our clash with the Ipswich Witches tomorrow night
Defo jay. I can't imagine how downbeat they were after that.
That was ridiculously poor management, throwing them all in together, nonce behaviour
Mk mongs game did him for me. Using the youth as an excuse rather than blooding them right.
You remember ages ago we were 3 up at half time at lost-
'We want Whitney out' from the travelling fans.
In the first leg of the Play-Off Semi-Final saw James score 5 points as Poole narrowly lost 44-46 🤓
That sounds like rubbish, but as I can't run any more I'm claiming a 'i would of done sub 3.30' 😀
loving the commentary lads. James from Poole eating vegan flapjack made by his wonderful wife
She could buy Asda if you keep playing danger high voltage!
It's been a fantastic window for us at Another big signing, we welcome James Poole!…
You look so awkward, is it because your standing next to the husband of the first girl you fantasised about!
Paul Hurry finished 2nd in the Final of the British Masters Grasstrack, behind Poole's James Shanes but ahead of Poole's Edward Kennett ⚒
Paul Hollywood why are you 'devastated'? Was you unaware of the time you dressed as a nazi? This must be a *** of a sh…
James, Mepham, Harries, Smith, Thomas, Poole, Broadhead and Roberts, if they continue to develop
Something was said about Trooper Poole. But haven't heard about Mr Casey
when you thought the bandit was going to throw out some Saturday Slotting
But your pockets are the thinnest out the sideman boys?
36' Handbags here at Kirkby Road, as James Poole squares up to Elliot Percival. The latter goes into the book. 0-1.
17' Goal! Castle saves a shot, but James Poole is on hand to sweep in the rebound for the visitors. 0-1.
LATE CHANGE: Max Harrop STARTS, James Poole does not. Tight hamstring during the warm up.
Happy 11th Birthday to my radiant son, King Thomas James Moore Poole.
Pretty much both teams dowe to 10 with bravo coming on
500 test wickets for James Anderson. Congratulations Jimmy! This is what had said years ago. :)
😂😂😂 traded in her Aunt Esther wig for James Brown's wig.
The days of 'changed the way you kiss me' blaring out in Liquid and watching a 19 year old…
James white may be the best 3rd down RB in the league
Nicki minaj needs to gonna the James corden car poole😂
Meanwhile, James Higgins, if you're out there, drop me a DM. We need to talk.
Social media searches failed to throw up any mention of James. Meanwhile, the club deleted the illness story from the website...
Poor James. Very unfortunate. Some might say convenient. Then the club said anyone who'd bought a ticket could be refunded if t…
Next communication from the club: James was too ill to travel. Hmm. begins to trend...
Rumours start to circulate on the message board. Where is James, is he ok? Questions are raised to the club...
The team jets off for Hungary. A die hard fan travels to the game - and there's no sign of James or indeed any fan with the off…
Only thing is, no-one has ever heard of James Higgins... Nor were there pics of him holding a shirt, fists clenched, with ticke…
The club subsequently announced that the draw had been won by 'Surrey-based Spireite James Higgins'...lucky guy
Let me tell you a story about what just happened at my football club, Chesterfield FC...
can you give a shout out to my mate James listening to you while painting his flat in Poole pls from Ross 👍
on Silver Moonlight by James Poole listen at
Jackson has looked decent when I've seen him play, this one could go either way but I think we've got a good un!
The 07.48 from Plymouth to where please? Can you clarify if you are travelling to Poole please? James
Well done to James Poole as first Male @ 10k with a time of 00:26:14
Pokemon servers going down more than a 12 year olds knickers at a jimmy Saville fundraiser
Amazing stuff! Well done James and thanks for the support! 👍🚲
So a busy weekend starts with James & the team taking the 8m x 6m stage down poole for Poole Goes Vintage
Well done First to find James POOLE in our Hartlepool
All first teamers are here. I'm guessing they'll all play at some point.
id have took a punt on him, we pushed him out wide a lot but certainly offered more than Milan did.
Giggling at for out the unedited video on the blog 😝
No chance if Bradford are in for him as well
SARJEANT RULED OUT: COVENTRY'S James Sarjeant will miss tonight's Elite League match against Poole due to injury.
6's on the jeep I call it lebron James
30 dead in France, rip. The world's a mess
Peterborough spent £750k on Gayle and £1m on Assombalonga, that's the difference.
I agree, would draw the line at Lee Hughes though
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Not that we'll know for a few years but be interested to know sell on fee we've negotiated.
I dunno, been hearing rumors of players hating jw 4 months. Probably had it to easy under smith
It all changed when HOLDEN came in weird that
Big Problem but loads of frehsies in
wanting to live closer to the Philippines
not for some clubs, clubs like Peterborough always get a good fee, that's not a fluke
In a post-Bosman world the precedent was set years ago. Fox, Gerrard, Dann (and agents) all did it because they know it works.
12 months away from Flanagan turning us down for morecambe
jb is not a fan. just a fan on money he creams from the club. No intrest in growing the club. He Loves it in league 1 😡
when you have to unearth a Bradshaw to pay a season and half rent on your own ground your on to a loser b4 you even start
we will always be the same as long as this blokes in charge. Look how poorer clubs have grown and took over us.
Shame jb won't sell the stadium for under the going rate, just the players
sets a precedent though , have a winge and Walsall will sell me, need to play hard ball else will keep happening
He played 373 minutes more than Gregory last season. More than Ajose. More than Grigg.
played over 80 games in 2 seasons, stats say he's not Injury prone
Wanna buy a car? really sought after, quality model, they're usually expensive, yours 4 next to nothing? I'll get a bus pass
James literally just called me 'little miss put on the pounds' so Is now carrying me through the woods as punishment
James Poole from talks all things MAR at today's the good, the bad and what to do next..
On this day in 2015.. we made Back to Black cover our Video of the Week! https:/…
"This is James Carville approved": a few minutes with Deborah Kass on her pro-Hillary print https:/…
Never like a transfer request, keep doing your thing and people will pay the money. Great player however, hope we stand firm in valuation
The first Black Miss Alabama's comments on the Dallas shooting causes controversy:
People.. Me and said "Miss, James, Simon, Peter, but does is what I'm doing on the John Poole
A helpful guide to buying property in Poole
can you not just DM me on here?! I'm in cold turkey at the mo and don't think I'll survive a re-lapse
James Weir, Regan Poole, Marcus Rashford, Tim Fosu Mensah, Gullerimo Varela, all included also academy graduate JOE ROTHWELL is in the 18
We need to go either 3-5-2 which means dropping the wingers or 4-4-2 and drop sawyers, formation is so rigid we never look like scoring
.celebrates his first half goal for at St James Park
Bring on more tonight - nothing to do with my tiny crush on James Norton...
Today we remember Adrian Evans on his 50th Birthday. Our thoughts prayers are with his family. Ade, Joel, Pat - forever i…
Really like how James Weir, Fosu-Mensah, Riley, Regan Poole etc have all gotten their debuts in the last 3 games. Hope to see more.
Lauren Abrahams Laurie Brown Charlie Oliver James Poole I expect my coffee to look like this from this day forth.
Now in stock at our Robin James Poole salon:
brought Regan Poole the other day, James Weir today. Probably gets a bonus for every youth player introduced lol
If ever we need back to back home wins it's now, bolster that squad with a loan striker, play your best players and let's get back on track
OKO Davies, Schachle, CGYC MacPherson and Ward suspended 2 games while James Poole and Jay Pylypuik suspended 1 game
90+1' - Substitution for and it's another debut as Regan Poole comes on for
James Haw - Poole . Paedophile had over 230,000 indecent images of children. via
... Rashford and Riley. Few others (James, Varela, Poole) who aren't technically academy graduates
Lingard, Blackett, Reece James, Saidy Janko, Pereira, McNair, Tom Thorpe, CBJ, Poole, Varella ; did LVG do the right things?
Riley, Rashford, Varela, Lingard, Memphis all starting with Poole, Weir and all that on the bench. Youth.
See more of the five youngsters hoping to make an impact v Midtjylland in our video:
PB you're simply peddling the line. Check out the Andrew Poole story and findings of Justice James Stevenson
James Bay and Jack Garrett sitting together. Somewhere a landfill is missing its indie.
morning big man, have a good day. Listen all day from 6.29am till 6pm. Musn't grubble! . James building boats in Poole
James Poole, Carson Beers and Riley Morris of named finalists for awards
We are excited to announce our new Student House Leaders for Year 12. PEGASUS:James Poole and Shayma Fleet
Hartlepool’s Michael Duckworth won’t be fazed by James Poole's games ahead of clash.
man of the match is academy product James Poole! He was always a good player !
James Poole. The George Boyd of non league football.
James Poole looks like a cross between zlatan and George Boyd
James Poole dont half remind me of George Boyd,who incidentally also started out in the lower echelons of English football
Listen to the smooth stylings of James Poole - Anyone But You
Its bang on 1 second into the recording. Annotated sonogram by Magnus Robb…..
please make *** cabin' happen. Friends and I keep shouting quotes across the office
Men: Who are your favorite suit designers? Ours include Henry Poole & Co (classy) and Richard James.
great customer service on your direct desk at your Poole fleets corner extra store by James 👍
Don't honor on free bet offers? Signed up for 25-1 on Wales, Italy and holland or money back. Phoned to ask
James Poole wins division 4 opener at 2XU match 1:
Ah just back from a weekend in Poole. Fantastic
that's 4 Ivor Powell, John Charles, Robbie James, Gary Speed and all Welsh hero's no longer with us. Tears of pride in Poole
Saddlers class today, sawyers, joc, Manton and chambers all fantastic as was kinsella and rico.
Top of the league now I've got the red wine and cheese board out
17- James Poole takes left footed and it flies just wide, Jon Stewart was scrambling in the Avenue goal...
Ok James, don't keep us in suspenders, what is your big news ? Can tell you what yr Dorset fans want, open a deli in Poole,
BREAKING: Rotherham have appointed Neil Redfearn as manager.
U18: Towns goal scorers tonight were. James Stone, Freddie Rogers and Elliot Poole came off the bench and scored twice.
Anybody think Comedy Central's 'undateable' is just recycling two and a half men?
Mourinho is safe now, if we planned to remove him then we would have gone for klopp.
Shelli talks about the incident with James and Clay’s hoodie (53:30)
◀ Join now and have Sex with Girls like that Stacey Poole chilling with Sarah James (X-pos…
well we had callums missus dancing last week. Now Kurts eggs are undercooked?
You know James has too much time on his hands when he can make videos😂😭
Result: James Copeland of Fareham Wheelers fastest in the Poole Wheelers Open 25 mile time trial.
never heard of James Poole I assume he's a striker as it seems like you need a lot more goals?
Since cut players now go through waiver process, should Bears prioritize Poole, Charles James, Barrow, McBride ???
did James Poole come from Hartlepool. If yes he's a good player
.announce signings of and James Poole alongside 4 departures, mostly on loan
Big welcome to our new signings Richie Allen, James Poole and Elliot Kebble ⚽⚽
James might have taken out Austwins, but I'm still glad him and Meg both left since they were the reason both Shelli and C…
Meg and James will walk through the jury house and Shelli will scream "I told you so!" And I will laugh my *** off. Sor…
James ya shoulda listened to clelli and got out austin that week
Stacey Poole and Sarah James chat with a pair HERE
David James Gandy on the cover of September issue of Mayfair Times | wearing Henry Poole & Co | photo by Rich...
Kermit the heart breaker, Miss Piggy, Regan Poole. Segun Odegbami & James Bond are trending cos they want
TRANSFER: Regan Poole secures a move to
DONE DEAL: Manchester United have completed the signing of Newport County youngster Regan Poole, for £400,000.
Manchester United have sealed the signing of Newport County defender Regan Poole.
St James Church, and its previous incarnation which was demolished & replaced by the current building in 1819
Happy Birthday Joe. Next time I am at Poole's I'll come and say hello.
I speaks good English but I can't spell to save my life
I looked it up for you... It's £30 return from Poole looks bloody expensive :(
MUFC have agreed a fee for 17-year-old Newport County defender Regan Poole. He’s heading to Carrington now for his medi…
can you give us any update on any signings chelsea may make? Except djilobodji
James/Meg saying Clay was all about Shelli from the first week.
you think Pogba will check to see how many favorites this got? Will that help him decide? *** it we have to all favorite this!
I'm with you, 9 red bulls and a pack of chili heatwave Doritos!
we have to keep believing! What happens if we stopped believing in Santa???
lol, it's not happening either way. And I'd rather never believe it because everyone who does will end up disappointed.
if we sign him, I will find you and buy you a decent razor
Imagine the scenes if we announce pogba tomorrow
hopeful considering Man U just paid that for martial...
Man Utd staff currently trying to send the correct paperwork across...
James Beattie in Poole today, never saw that transfer coming for 😂
"Nah but if you look at someone and they are black you sort of know they like rap" - James Poole (sports journalism) Leeds trinity college
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Hey love please check out Christmas cover. James Poole - White Christmas With A Twist:
The agony and the ecstasy of track. Big ups to James Poole and Claudia Schroegel for organising tonight's drills and the Mile challenge. Congratulations to Dion Paragas and Sorrell Walsh - king and queen of the mile today. Now that is day 4 in the bag (of sprouts)!
Thanks to James Poole and Claudia Schroegel for organising a great track session down at mile end and many thanks again for the poster! Special shout out to Stephen Adjaidoo for an awesome race.
Chilling out listening to by on Soundcloud X 😘💗💕
James Franco and Seth Rogen are my fave
Keanu Neal knows Poole would have scored if he cut outside and not inside..
Great chance to hear about the work of this Sunday at St James from 7.45pm.
wow love this song already james Poole your voice and this song is amazing is there any more songs I'm a fan :)
Judge : Malique Poole i sentence you to to life in prison . Leke : *yells out to crowd* YOO JAMES 2k later ??
Sub James Poole made a big impact on his home debut, taking excellent corners to create both Dover goals.
75 - GOAL!! CONNOR ESSAM. James Poole takes a corner and Connor Essam flicks it into the roof of the net! 1-1
1-1 here at Crabble. James Poole's brilliant corner swung in from the right, Essam rises highest to head home. 1-1
73 - DOVER SUB: James Poole comes on for Nick Deverdics.
James Poole on for Dover, home debut for him, replacing Deverdics.
A super Poole Scouts Carol service at St James church tonight. Great readings by Yasmina and Sarah, and a visit by Father Christmas!
just been looking at there sqaud there got an ex city player playing for them James Poole who is on loan at Dover from Bury
Meet grandchild Calvin James Poole, who arrived tonight.
My cheeks are sore this morning from laughing so hard, Ken Poole and Sharon Marlowe, Ron James was the best last...
LOAN WATCH: Joe Thompson was an unused sub for James Poole made his debut for as a second half sub
66 - SUB: Nick Deverdics comes off for James Poole, who makes his debut for Whites. The striker is on loan from Bury until January.
No place in the starting line up for loanees Callum Davies & James Poole v Gateshead, both on bench.
Please Don't Stop The Rain by James Morrison is in Bowlplex Branksome, Poole. Download it now at
Sleep well, my sun devil fam. Dream of John Jefferson, Keith Poole, Chris McGaha, James Brooks and all the other cup legends.
Bury have loaned James Poole to Dover Athletic on loan until Jan 1 and Joe Thompson to Wrexham on loan until Jan 5.
Disappointment with Japan FTA drove ADIC to change strategy to get what it wanted from China FTA: Robert Poole
Click here to support James Poole's memorial! by Cathy Hutchens Nealey
Bury duo farmed out on loan: Bury have allowed James Poole and Joe Thompson to leave Gigg Lane unti...
James Poole to Dover is a good deal too
James Poole, Joe Thompson and Joe Widdowson go out on loan...
Shorter days, cold weather and overindulgence can all put us off our stride. To combat this, James Poole and…
ON AIR NOW, a show from the archive... The Saturday Show With Paul Finch & James Poole. Listen at
James Poole says "Words are the most powerful tool the world has ever created"
Rosin is like an angel, I think I would have run James over with a lawn mower by now.
Say "crack on" one more time James. One more time
DOVER ATHLETIC have signed BURY striker James Poole on loan for a month -
Dover Atletic have signed James Poole on loan from Hartlepool until January
James Poole, Tom King, Chris Chantler and George Evans all trialled for Melbourne City yesterday.
James Poole has left hartlepool, got a feeling he'll end up at carlisle united
See moment dangerous driver arrested after crashing into school bus during 90mph police chase
Better watch out James Poole... There getting smarter...
James Poole, 20, was jailed for 22 months following the terrifying eight-mile chase, which was caught on camer...
Mrs k walks out to the common room and says "miss poole's having a nightmare. Do you want some chocolate James, she can wait a minute"
See James Poole, things are not always where they should be lol
latest news: Poole St James burials 1653-1684 (1742 entries) transcribed at
I ripped apart for his bashing of JMU fraternities and general idiocy. He really needed it. >>
Give me a shout when you're about please Cheers mate.
Been stung by so many price revisions recently that I kind of lost confidence and left it, linear as they come obv
Barely a blip in this move so far, typical the time I'm not on it.
Thanks James Poole for fixing my car. Now sat having lunch with my beautiful wifey Victoria Brocklehurst before work kidnaps me :)
looking really good pal big profit! West brom should be at least 3/1 as everton lost only once in last 15!
yeah I'm on at 2.28-2.3 I reckon they should be 2.14 pal!
Opinion on an Everton steam? Even without Barkley I think they move in.
Man I be missin my cuzzin Dee so bad.. R.I.P. James D. Poole gone but never 4gotten
Ivan just doesn't know what to do, just whacks it and it either goes along the ground or out for a throw/goal kick
Jones is gonna bemuse their cultured midfield!
Skybet going 1/500 that Januzaj gets booked anytime
i've requested for Young to be added to the market. Thank you.
Even betfair have no faith in him scoring :P
me too, might go AH if we start well.
fair one, usually see overs come in when fav does but no Roon & RVP, 1-0/2-0 makes sense. I think we score, we got dat guy!
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wow nice, CFC line up not as strong as expected?
Out of interest, were they a smaller price to win in Madrid last Feb?
interesting, I'm away to be muggy, Man U and Swansea + BTTS, screw trying to win money
surely it gets bigger when the team gets announced and cleverly and Giggs are starting
“Ramon Sessions puts LeBron James on a poster!!
Thank u James Poole have a great time last night
"as long as the federal tax code is incomprehensible to most Americans, IRS will continue to have vast power over its t…
james I think I need to bump into you in grandparenta live right near corfe!
best game for us so far Milan, they couldn't deal with you, constant threat
James Poole is joining Pools Player for live match commentary of the Fleetwood Town match.
Marlon Harewood starts for Pools today at Fleetwood. Jack Compton also in from the start. James Poole out injured.
James is also from bmouth not Poole lol
It really upsets me that my ex moved to Poole - James hometown blah should be me
Are any of you suffering? They should pray. Are any cheerful? They should sing psalms - James 5:13
Welcome to Poole's brand new baby girl! Lucy James Poole!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Back into blogging on gamification (thanks James Poole)
things for mates thanks James Poole n Daniel McCarthy
thx to for moving to London. Makes it much more enjoyable
Hitler was a Zionist Participant/Tool Research details Herein The “Holocaust” was engineered by Jewish Zionist brains, planned by them, financed by their money, and implemented by part-Jewish leaders, of which Hitler was almost surely one. After Hitler was given what today would equal hundreds of millions of dollars (see “The Prisoner of Ottawa” by Douglas Reed, 1953; “Red Symphony” a transcribed interrogation of Rothschild agent Christian Rakovsky, 1938; “Who Financed Hitler” by James Poole; and “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Anthony Sutton – he began to carry out his end of the bargain. After Hitler received this overwhelming funding, he did attract donations from tens of thousands of every day Germans, but that was because he was leading them out of the Jewish-engineered Versailles Treaty, which was designed to humiliate the German people and stampede them to embrace Communism (which strategy failed). What was Hitler’s end of the bargain? As the hard to find 1940 pamphl ...
Blimey, all done now apart from my chaotic bedroom. Even wired up the telly, stereo and phones. Have music! No aerial yet so no telly but easily sorted. Pictures up and beginning to feel like home, albeit a temporary one. Once curtains are up it will be. A huge thank you to Chris James Poole, Thomas Connors and Tanya Wisdom for all their help. Those stairs were a killer! Thanks guys. Xxx
Already done so at 3.00 this lunchtime ;-)
for the public: the Biblical record of GOD testing Abraham begins in chapter 18 of King James Holy Bible and continues to chapter 22:18.
But great news for , he laid Hughton yesterday at 1.28 so he can green up with ease :~)
On Monday Jan 13th at 8pm Atlantic standard time please join me and Jazz en Dominicana on the Compasillo show with Cesar Namnum and crew on 96. 1 fm We will be discussing HOT TOPICS including The new cd BUT BEAUTIFUL That has gain so much attention It will be a fun show hope to see you there Have a fantastic day Unlike · · Promote · Share You, James Poole III, A Scott Galloway, Aranzazu Olaizola Leroux and 2 others like this. Raquel Vicini Your "beautiful" cd adds value to my Sunday! Am truly delighted. Thanks a lot. Am looking forward to interviews tomorrow and maybe you can stop by Besos y Abrazos, con Raquel y Jose - 97.7 FM later on. Am proud of musicians accompanying you, excellent cd.
Had a great 4th of July . Had lunch with Lori Smith Davis, Dillon Davis, Mikayla Davis,and David Pete Smith and Mary Ruth Ford. This afternoon had supper with Buck and Paula Poole , my nieces Peggy Poole,Katherine Poole Culp, and Lindsay Masters and my nephew James Poole. Had a great time and made homemade icecream. Thanks Paula and Buck for the invitation..
Awesome time at Jordan lake with Misha Gritsenko, James Poole, Maddie Gann, Stephen Roark, Sarah Dinsmore and Brandon Gann.
You're in a mental hospital. Use the first 7 people on your chat list (no cheating) Your room mate: Chris Wright Licking the windows: Melissa Sigges Person helping you: Malcolm Wright Your doctor: James Poole (?) Person running around naked: Lynda Anderson (No!!) Person yelling nonsense about clowns: Aran Mount Person you went crazy with: Pamela Anderson Copy and paste this into your status (erase my answers) and share the craziness...
Well I'll be headed to ATL soon. So much going on this morning. The devil is at work, but I own the company and its time for some downsizing. These last reflective moments are emotional. I'm going to miss my friends Tiara Gottaloveme Simmons, James Poole, Samuesko Myers, Maria Reyes, Authetnic Washington, Chanel Blac Demuir, Kirk Goffney, Johnny Beavers, Neriah Neriah Kalicanin, Kei'Shawn Terry. You all have been my rock at some point or another. I love you dearly.
James Poole is on fire he has just put Pools 1-0 up
UNDERWOOD FAMILY SUFFERS A LOSS...R.I.P. COUSIN...AUBREY BUSHELON Our History The Bushelon Funeral Home, Inc. was established in 1975 by Aubrey Bushelon and his family. The establishment is located at 800 14th Street SW in the historic city of Birmingham. The family owned business was established on the principle of providing "premier professional services for all families desiring the best." At a very early age, founder Aubrey Bushelon had a vision. He would teasingly say to his loving mother, sisters, and any family member that would listen that, "One day I'm going to make a funeral home out of our house." Owning and operating his own funeral home was a childhood dream. As an aggressive, goal-oriented and hardworking teenager, Aubrey knew that the opportunity given to work at Poole's Funeral Home on the weekends would help him realize his dream. He would receive an insurmountable amount of knowledge and experience about funeral service from his mentors, the late founding owner, James Poole, and his sons ...
Peter Hartley and James Poole scored for Hartlepool yesterday I just wish David Middles and Gary Borough would score too...
A clash between Hartlepool United and Notts County in a League One would not normal garner much attention but there was something truly unique about the clash between the two teams on Saturday. Hartlepool won the match 2-1 to record back-to-back victories for the first time in 17 months but the real story emerges when you look at their goal scorers. James Poole put them in front in the fifth minute and then Peter Hartley netted the winner in the 70th after Jamal Campbell-Ryce had equalised for the visitors. That's right, Hartlepool won and their goalscorers were called 'Hartley' and 'Poole.' It is not like the two players have been banging in the goals this season either. Poole is a striker but his goal was only his third of the season while for defender Hartley it was the first time all campaign he has found the back of the net. It is not the first time that the North-East club has made headlines for rather odd reasons. In 2002 their team mascot "H'Angus the Monkey" was elected mayor of the town, while a ...
Peter Hartley and James Poole score as Hartlepool clinch their second home win of the season by beating Notts County.
Peter Hartley and James Poole formed an appropriate scoring combination as Hartlepool beat Notts County. Read more:
as in campbell-ryce!? James Poole and Peter Hartley are as white as it gets!
Video interviews with John Hughes, James Poole and Greg Rutherford now all available to view on Pools Player:
Hey, what do Greg Rutherford, James Poole and Jack Baldwin have in common? They all killed Portsmouth :)
Music & Lyrics by James Poole, Robin Varley & Sebastian Kinder Music production by Sean Jeffrey Video Production by The Soho Concept Director of Photography ...
Finally looks as if John Hughes will be playing James Poole, Nathan Luscombe and Jack Baldwin after a 4-0 win:
HEATH HOLD ON FOR AWAY WIN Heath recorded their first away win of the season at bottom-placed Old Colfeians on a cold south east London afternoon Heath dominated all phases of play for the first quarter of the game and it wasn’t until the twenty second minute that Colfs broke out of their own half, taking immediate advantage with a well-struck penalty from James Poole. Before that score, Heath had moved comfortably into a convincing 10-0 lead with two tries, both unconverted. The first came from Tom Burns and, being on the eighteenth minute, was long overdue. A Matt Goddard break, carried on by fellow centre Harry Appleton saw Burns on the end of an offload five metres out. From there, the big second row was unstoppable. Three minutes later flanker Al Harle – last season’s top scorer – stripped the ball from a Colfs maul on the half way line, sprinting 50 metres to score in the right corner. There had been other opportunities - a charge down by Marc Cashman and a high kick to the corner fr ...
Adam georgiou, James Poole and John Dargan too please lee?? Let me no xx
The Small Faces. Drugs may have been involved. Posted by James Poole at 4:47 pm freethinking nyc, James Poole Add comments Aug 172010 ‘Everything they ever recorded was either on, or about, drugs’ I’d love to know where that quote came from. Sadly, I don’t. It’s the kind of quote...
Big Ben Wharton's birthday bash tommorow...loads of banter on the golf course! 1st aim... to knock James Poole off his james perch! 2nd aim is to avoid coming into the 19th hole with less than 30 points on my card! Zac Bagwell Ash Kemp Thomas Bailey
Hartlepool United boss Neale Cooper finally gets to see James Poole in action ...: James Poole takes on Hull Cit...
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