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James Patterson

James B. Patterson (born March 22, 1947) is an American author of thriller novels, largely known for his series about American psychologist Alex Cross.

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The Alex Cross series by James Patterson is highly recommended. Start at the beginning though.
4 of 5 stars to 1st to Die by James Patterson
On page 74 of 259 of The Store, by James Patterson
Just finished James Patterson's murder house good book.
3 of 5 stars to Crazy House by James Patterson
I've just posted a new blog: Review: Crazy House - James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet
3 of 5 stars to The Moores Are Missing by James Patterson
James Patterson: SEX BOOK, by James Patterson and totally not a ghostwriter.
3 of 5 stars to The Gift by James Patterson
James E. Patterson, sent to Jamaica in 1892, the Seventh-day Adventist Church's first black foreign missionary (this is his…
5 of 5 stars to 16th Seduction by James Patterson
You must be thinking of James Patterson
4 of 5 stars to The Dolls by James Patterson
Lime refresher from Starbucks and a James Patterson book.
Red alert : James Patterson wants everyone to know that he did a marijuana once
Read James Patterson's book "FILTHY RICH". It will give you a lot of context!!
Electronic Device Insurance
In the book Word of Mouse,by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, there is a mouse named Isaiah who happens to loose all his family.But he
5 of 5 stars to 15th Affair by James Patterson
A guy who led his team to a top 4 seed averaging 27 PPG isn't on your list, yet somehow Patrick Patterson &…
3 of 5 stars to 3rd Degree by James Patterson
3 of 5 stars to The Store by James Patterson
Extravagant Readers to discuss "Zoo" by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge at September 9th meeting. See more at
Writing a James Patterson novel is like sex: pay someone else to do it.
Check out Private: by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro 2011 Paperback Book via
Check out Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis (2013, Hardcover) via
Finished listening to Guilty Wives (Unabridged) by James Patterson, David Ellis. Try and get it free:
Check out The Murder House by James Patterson and David Ellis (2015, Hardcover) via
Book buzz: James Patterson and Tom Perrotta prove popular
Sounds like a Tom Clancy or James Patterson plot line. 🙄
I'm finishing Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and starting Crazy House by James Patterson
New song THE LAWYER LIFEGUARD, written by James Patterson, Doug Allyn, read by Ryan Vincent Anderson by HachetteAu…
New song A PRINCESS IN MAINE, written by Jen McLaughlin, James Patterson , read by Susannah Jones by HachetteAudio…
Extremely mind blown with the plot of I feel like whoever wrote this is a big fan of Sydney Sheldon and James Patterson.
New from James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, Pottymouth and Stoopid! If you liked the I Funny series, you'll lov…
Airport bookshops seem to only carry James Patterson, Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, and Danielle Steele. Maybe a stray Tom Clancy as well.
David Baldacci, John Grisham, Danielle Steel & James Patterson. Authors that interests me.
James Patterson is at it again for middle school kids...
I had the pleasure of shooting James Patterson earlier this month for and the feature is out now onl…
New CD books: The Fix by David Baldacci, Two From the Heart by James Patterson, Fast and Loose by Stuart Woods,...
Check out my imaginary teammates! I'm 0-2, but who cares when you bat after James Patterson & before Gordon Korman…
New books by James Patterson, Richard Paul Evans and Stuart Woods, and new movies like Hidden Figures and La La...
[On The Ball quiz on Radio 2]. Michael Ball: Which Former President is to write a novel with James Patterson?. Contestant: Kennedy?.
James Patterson is writing a true crime book ab
James Patterson will write a true crime book about Aaron Hernandez, to be published in early 2018
James Patterson has a very good week, including No. 1 spot
So President Bill Clinton and James Patterson are writing a novel together:
Update your maps at Navteq
James Patterson partners up with Bill Clinton to write novel
Former Pres. Bill Clinton and novelist James Patterson collaborating on a thriller titled "The President is Missing" https…
Nothing can beat House of Cards: Bill Clinton Writing Thriller Novel with James Patterson
Quoted in about Bill Clinton and James Patterson's new book! You'll love my quote :)
Thriller readers and writers, check this out! Bill Clinton and James Patterson are co-writing a thriller. https:…
SPOILER ALERT: Ben Shapiro predicts ending of the new Bill Clinton-James Patterson novel
Beware the twist! Former President Bill Clinton is set to co-write a thriller with James Patterson:
Bill Clinton is co-authoring a thriller with James Patterson. "Snakes On A Plane.". Samuel L. Jackson is suing for rights…
will be writing a book with James Patterson, which will be released in 2018.
Former President Bill Clinton and mystery writer James Patterson are teaming up on a murder mystery. Though the...
Based on this, I think I'm going to fetch a psychic, and write a novel about 1940s Hollywood with The Gipper...
Is James Patterson writing a series on rapists.
On page 38 of 320 of I Funny, by James Patterson
Bill Clinton, James Patterson are working on a new thriller together.
From 2010 profile of James Patterson, President Clinton's new co-author:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Would you rather walk James Patterson or risk Rose McGowan
'The President is Missing': Bill Clinton and James Patterson co-writing a thriller. Read more here:…
Library budget cutting ideas: what if the government limited the number of books James Patterson could publish each yea…
Bill Clinton teams with James Patterson to write White House thriller
Bill Clinton and James Patterson collaborating on new political thriller
Shouldn't that be " James Patterson is writing a Book with HillBillies name on it"? Poor Patterson, I hope his cut is 80/ 20
Bill Clinton teams up with James Patterson for new thriller, "The President is Missing"
Bill Clinton pens first thriller novel with James Patterson
And in other presidential type news: James Patterson and Bill Clinton Team Up to Write a Novel
Bill Clinton and James Patterson are going to collaborate on a thriller:
Bill Clinton is writing a political thriller w/ James Patterson. Publisher says novel will feature "details that only a P…
Bill Clinton and James Patterson are writing a book together
We regret to inform you that Bill Clinton's & James Patterson's book has already been pulled off the shelves.
Bill Clinton is working on a novel with James Patterson about a missing president
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is working with best-selling suspense writer James Patterson on a novel called…
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Bill Clinton Teams Up with James Patterson for a Political Thriller, ‘The President is Missing’
Former President and James Patterson are writing a novel together:
Former President Bill Clinton writing his first novel with James Patterson. The President Is Missing will be released in…
James Patterson and Former President Bill Clinton are teaming up to write a novel
Former President Bill Clinton and author James Patterson are at work on a novel called “The President Is Missing”
Aaron Hernandez will be the subject of a new non-fiction book written by author James Patterson:…
In unexpected news, Bill Clinton is working with James Patterson on a suspense novel, “The President is Missing”
"A thriller for fans of Michael Crichton, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen and James Patterson." v…
Thank you James Patterson!!! Over 600 students are now the proud owner of a Next Level novel. HL Watkins thanks yo…
No turning back or my sisters secret by tracy buchanan! Fab thrillers! Or woman's murder club books by James Patterson!
The blurb on James Patterson's latest book is from...James Patterson!
If anyone wants to buy me the black book by James Patterson & a hard copy of 13 Reasons, I would love you forever
(Congrats to all these in line to win.) . James Patterson’s 2017 Co-Author Semifinalists
So in need of James Patterson's books rn
On page 110 of 400 of Maximum Ride Forever, by James Patterson
James Patterson’s 2017 Co-Author Semifinalists Will participate in the next contest. I was torn, needed to focus.
James Patterson is my favorite author he had amazing books--- worst case is my favorite
Thinking about starting the Alex Cross Series by James Patterson
Just finished James Patterson's BLACK BOOK. Good but not great.
Stephen King's 'It' scares up new readers, thanks to creepy trailer
James Patterson’s 2017 Co-Author Semifinalists announced for ... I made the top 10! 😮…
Has several classes to choose from. James Patterson on writing, Werner Herzog…
Even though I won't be co-authoring with James, still worth the money.
Didn't win James Patterson's co-author contest. again. These people reading the entries don't recognize my genius.
James Patterson: Is the world's bestselling author the main writer?
Check out Books. Stories.NYPD Red 3 by James Patterson and Marshall Karp (2015, Paperback) new lower price.
Stop telling people "anything by John Grisham or James Patterson" when they ask for book recs.
I'm not that James Patterson but I've got a rough draft if you wanna check it out.
James Patterson got shot down by HUNDREDS of publishers and KEPT WRITING NOVELS, who does that? Not the average person. C…
is James J Patterson. Ex-Pheromone, author of Bermuda Shorts & Roughnecks.
Check out Daniel X: Demons and Druids by James Patterson (1st Edition, Hardcover) via
SHARING: The excerpt from my James Patterson Bookshots, 50 Hidden Desires! (Love this part 😍)
I've entered to a copy of James Patterson's brilliant tween book, Jacky Ha-Ha with
HUNTED by James Patterson available to Providence Athenæum members as an eBook!
Someone put me on to some good books to read. I'm getting tired of James Patterson and I read almost all of them already
Check out this Amazon deal: The Black Book by James Patterson
James Patterson books are my favorite
Not sure what you mean exactly but I know, for example, that James Patterson doesn't write his own at this point.
lmao have you read any of James Patterson's books? they're pretty good. can't tell you any titles tho lol 😅
“I'm James Patterson I'll blurb my own goddamned book!”
5 of 5 stars to Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson
3 of 5 stars to Little Black Dress by James Patterson
Our Pop Fiction continues to please with plenty of Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Kathy Reichs, Nora Roberts, James Patterson plus much more!
New song MIDDLE SCHOOL ESCAPE TO AUSTRALIA by James Patterson and Martin Chatterton, Read by Michael Crouch by Hac…
On page 57 of 383 of I, Michael Bennett, by James Patterson
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Check out Michael Bennett: Gone 6 by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (2014, Paperback via
March 22, 1947: Prolific, best-selling author James Patterson is born.
On this day in 1947, James Patterson, one of the world’s top-selling novelists, is born.
On in 1947, mystery novelist James Patterson was born. Detective Alex Cross! via
James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein = want to read 😊
VIDEO: A collection of some of my interviews with incredible authors: James Lee Burke, James Patterson, William...
I just picked up Filthy Rich, by James Patterson & John Connolly, from my public library. 68 pages in...…
Night Sniper, my 1st BkShot with James Patterson, pubs 4/4. Meanwhile, why not check out THE EXILED: .
Finished Filthy Rich: - The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein by James Patterson and John Connolly with Tim Malloy (2016).
New Arrivals. Humans Bow Down by James Patterson & a piece of the world by Christina Baker Kline. .
The Jester by James Patterson and Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. Also The Thief of Always by Clive Barker. Childhood favs.
Boy in : sad story NYPD Red 4 James Patterson and Marshall Karp by
dark places by gillian flynn or invisible by James Patterson
I will bet good money that James Patterson has an erection right now after that girls fight.
Reading sail by James Patterson. My first time with this author, not bad at all. Aiming to finish soon
James Patterson - the most borrowed author in UK. I suspect it has something to do with him releasing 629 books eve…
Congratulations to James Patterson who is the UK's most. borrowed author for the tenth year running
`King of UK library lending’: James Patterson, revealed today as most borrowed author for 10th consecutive year…
I would argue that 3 of these things certainly are. 4 if you exclude James Patterson and Dan Brown from "books"
For all and any writer with a sense of adventure, & a competitive spirit: take this challenge from James Patterson
Tonight we recognized Truman MS, Collet Park ES and Van Buren MS for receiving a James Patterson and Scholastic Rea…
TIL James Patterson and Bill O'Reilly co-authored a children's book. Every time you open it it's accidentally the seventh seal.
I prefer to read mystery/suspense novels, books about business, consumerism and memoirs. James Patterson is my favorite author
"I find things I like and I do them." ~ James Patterson, Author. What do you like?
Want to be James Patterson's next co-author? Learn more:
James Patterson has got to be my favorite author ever
I'm fairly confident that William Faulkner's grocery lists were better written than most, if not all, of James Patterson's novels...
haven't read a Nicholas Sparks novel, I'm more on James Patterson, John Grisham and Robert Ludlum😊
On page 37 of 144 of Killer Chef, by James Patterson
Day 5: It was a slow reading day. I read 47 pages of Gone by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge. I hope to finish it tomorrow.
JR Novels and best seller books: MURDER HOUSE, by James Patterson and David Ellis P...
Oh! "Dr. Derosa's Resurrection" passed Sherman Alexie AND James Patterson in the Tapas store! I feel so POPULAR!
Everton Miles is an Teen Bestseller today (sharing a page with Judy Blume, John Green, James Patterson!)…
This book I'm reading called "The Murder House" by • James Patterson is LIT, I'm only six pages in and it's already getting JUICY!!
Hans Zimmer is becoming the James Patterson of composers
"I want to find out what happens to him next. I don’t feel like I know everything about him." -
Not James Patterson, but author of three 150 page prior to 5/2016
On page 200 of 449 of Private L.A., by James Patterson
Didn't James Patterson already do that with The Womens Murder Club?
1 of 5 stars to The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson
James Patterson new book Filthy Rich, true story. Look it up. You'll be interested
James Patterson new book, filthy rich... Look it up... Quiet interesting
have you read any Anne Rice or James Patterson
You gotta be in jail to appreciate a James Patterson novel, I think I read 10 when I was locked
It’s been said that love finds you when you’re ready. — James Patterson
I did a review of Med Head by James Patterson and Hal Friedman
Jacky Hart in JACKY HA-HA was a wonderful heroine for MG readers; devilish, endearing & smar…
“This was a perfect storm of crap, all flying through the same fan, right at him.”. ― James Patterson, Nevermore
In 17 games as a starter James Johnson averaged 11.3 PPG on 64.3% shooting. Why not start him at the 4? JJ>Patterson.
Why did James Patterson use Jeffrey's face on the front cover of his new book about a pedophile billionaire?
Marked as to-read: Woman of God by James Patterson
A wreath of new James Patterson Bookshots coming soon to the shelves @ Monessen…
Middle school is getting opportunity to expand their library with help from James Patterson:
Chapman Elementary School received a $6,000 grant this week from bestselling author James Patterson to support our school library.
Why is James Patterson always on the New York Times best seller list
Check out Women's Murder Club: The 6th Target 6 by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro... via
Check out Private: Private Vegas by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (2015, Hardcover) via
Check out Michael Bennett: I, Michael Bennett 5 by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge... via
Check out Michael Bennett: Bullseye 9 by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (2016,... via
Check out The 8th Confession by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro FREE SHIPPING
Little Giant Ladders
New books this week include the latest from James Patterson, Dilly Court, Nicholas Sparks, Mark Gimenez, Anthony ***
Patrick Patterson somehow gets mistaken for LeBron James in Cleveland
Can someone tell me how Patrick Patterson was mistaken for LeBron James while in Cleveland?
Patrick Patterson got mistaken for LeBron James at a Chipotle... in Cleveland . His story (via Snapchat https…
25% off of Stephen King, James Patterson, Nora Roberts and Louis L'amour! sale love books
Being the Gene Simmons of anything must be kinda cool. Like, better than being the James Patterson of something, anyways.
It’s based on the Middle School: The Worst Year of my Life book series by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts.
You Don't Say! James Patterson plans new round of bonuses for booksellers: NEW YORK (AP) — Employees at indep...
James Patterson decides not to (fictionally) murder Stephen King (but watch out, Baldacci, you could be next)
We talk about James Patterson's cancelled novel "The Murder of Stephen King," which hits a level of petty that I can't help but respect
James Patterson calls off book about Stephen King.
I am reading a really interesting book by James Patterson called "Gray Mountain". About the surface strip mining...
favorite author — probably Kathy Reichs or James Patterson
not a huge James Patterson fan but I definitely would've been keen, if just to see the mashup of SK villains.
James Patterson was about to release a new novel called The Murder Of Stephen King and then pulled it last minute:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
5* If you like the Alex Cross series by James Patterson you should check this out!
quick question: what Sidney Sheldon, Daniel Steele, John Grisham and James Patterson books have you read. and enjoyed?
Q2 There are huge male names writing for the age group - Derek Landy, Darren Shan, Robert Muchamore, James Patterson
I have a stash that's not included in this photo. Includes books from Robert Ludlum, Stephen King, Dan Brown, James Patterson, Baldacci etc.
A thriller adventure with the twists of Dean Koontz & pace of James Patterson
"You like golf, you like murder mysteries-then Sudden Death is your book!" James Patterson -
I also love to read a good book by: James Patterson, John Grisham, & Danielle Steele
Treasure Hunters. An illustrated novel by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.
It's crazy how much I enjoy drinking at home by myself and reading some James Patterson or watching sons of anarchy
(Sarah) Love it: 'the inescapable James Patterson' tops highest-paid author list
New post: ". No need to cook THEIR books! James Patterson, Jeff Kinney and J.K. Rowling top Forbes list of the wor…
James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Rebecca Cantrell, James Patterson to name but a few.
From Elaine Pasquali Title/Author 7th Heaven - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro This is one of the Women’s...
4th of July by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (2005 paperback)
I just entered to win an audio of THE TRIAL by James Patterson with Maxine Paetro at Thoughts in Progress
Women's Murder Club: 12th of Never by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro... via eBay
Check out The 9th Judgment No. 9 by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (2010, Hardcover) via
I read a lot of American Authors Linda, including the very popular James Patterson but John Grisham is my favourite by far.
Didn't see Kevin Hart or James Patterson coming! Good on them!
James Patterson would do justice to this story line.
OUT TODAY (US): Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World (James Patterson) (HBK)
4th of July by James Patterson, Maxine Paetro 2005 Hardcover Little, Brown and
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas- James Patterson. Don't get to see this side of the author often so I might as well relish in it. 💞
Outstanding seminars and workshops coming your way featuring Aaron Sorkin, James Patterson & Michael Hauge! Info at
James Patterson, Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum .I find myself reading their novels over and over again
finished Private Paris by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan and gave it 3 stars
Check out Private: Private Berlin by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan (2014 Paperback) via
Jay Snyder reads Zoo II: A BookShot by James Patterson and Max DiLallo - con...
James Patterson doesn’t write his books. And his newest readers don’t read.
James Patterson's publishing revolution: Short, cheap fiction for folks who don't read.
2 of 5 stars to Cross Justice by James Patterson
I'm reading George Eliot, Graham Greene, and James Patterson, at present, this vacation. Strange brew.
Here are some authors I'd like to meet: Christopher Pike, Eric Carle, Oliver Jeffers, Jon Klassen, Natalie Lloyd, & James Patterson.
J.K Rowling, Jenny Han, Kiera Cass and James Patterson are my kind of authors 💞
FFS that IPA plant James Patterson being interviewed on Sky by liar liar Peter Reith about the Liberals budget? ***
Also, "Teenage Murder Club" will be the name of my new bestselling mystery series. Move aside, James Patterson!
anything by James Patterson, I'm reading his series of Women's Murder Club at the momen…
James Patterson is just the Thomas Kinkade of books
Add Stephen King, James Patterson, David Gemmell, Christopher Paolini and [no regrets, no regrets] Dan Brown.
House of Robots: House of Robots by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein (2014,
. SF:The Ear, the eye and the arm by Nancy Farmer, James Patterson's Maximum Ride series
yes what do you want? I have a Maeve Binchy one that's very soulful. Chimamanda, James Patterson, Robert Harris. . .choose.
I also keep a fictional book on the side - my favourite authors being James Patterson and Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket).
PRIVATE INDIA by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi is on the Best Sellers List for Paperback Mass-Market Fiction
Because of authors Luke Jaci Burton, Nicholas Sparks, and James Patterson are the reasons I'm a hopeless romantic
"Because what's worse then knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?". -James Patterson (Maximum Ride)
30 MAR 1850: James Patterson, auxiliary bishop of received into Catholic Church at Jerusalem (Israel).
James Patterson renews pledge to donate $1.75M to school libraries (application in link)
Alex Cross series by James Patterson, Tomorrow series by John Marsden, Lucky series by Jackie Collins 😍
James Patterson's new move: 52 books /year
James Patterson plan for small books resembles what Elmore Leonard did so well but with great characters to boot --
In the fine print when you get a grant from James Patterson: you have to say BookShots! without rolling your eyes. Better practice.
5th floor. James Patterson hurls a wheelbarrow at Kunal Nayyar. Matt Groening chats with dirt all the while.
New Books as of 3-18-16: . Property of a Noblewoman by Danielle Steel. Private Paris by James Patterson. Promise...
We have new novels this week from Danielle Steel, James Patterson, Randy Wayne White, and other great authors!
Wow, I love I just won this for free, ♥ Maximum Ride The Final Warning by James Patterson-
4 of 5 stars to Maximum Ride, Vol. 9 by James Patterson
Maximum Ride 3 -Saving the World and Extreme Sports by James Patterson -
Thinking about how I started reading James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" series at age 8 and then thinking I really shouldn't have.
i mean, at its limit this becomes the Tom Clancy or James Patterson factory model
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I would support a Tim Wilson or James Patterson (even though I disagree with them on everything) over another colourless hack
Do you read a lot of books from people like James Patterson, Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Karin Slaughter etc.
Favorite author of all time is John Saul. I'd say Thomas Harris takes second place, and James Patterson at third.
My maternal 3rd-great-granduncle James Patterson was born 8 Feb 1807 in County Tyrone, Ireland to William (cont)
Give me James Patterson or Dee Henderson books and I will love you 5ever!
Teenage book recommendation: Treasure Hunters: (Treasure Hunters 1) by James Patterson, more at
READER OF THE DAY - Diane Comeau lit up when I asked her if she liked to read. "Yes! James Patterson and Wynn Dyer."
Check out new reads just in-Baldacci, Tami Hoag, Stuart Woods, Joyce Carol Oates, Kate Morton, James Patterson. Perfect for the coming storm
I'd have given anything to have had a Kindle or iPad. James Patterson. Steve Martini, Scott Turow, Grisham. TV got OLD.
The monster house by James Patterson and David Ellis is GOOD. Really enjoying it.
"Alright. Cause I got a book in mind. One of those James Patterson books."
On page 243 of 336 of First Love, by James Patterson
Lot of 3 Romance Hardcover Novels by James Patterson, see photo's
The more Zoo I watch, the more James Patterson leeches out in the writing, and the less I can stomach the show in general
I am SO excited to read these books to Scarlet. I love James Patterson but now Scar can love him too.
we all love James Patterson...but who knew he wrote children's books too?!
I had never known James Patterson also had a children's book li…
You're telling me Brendan Dassey read a James Patterson book?
Playing James Patterson - Better Is On The Way on WIAG, click link to listen
4 of 5 stars to The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
Have you gotten your copy of "NYPD Red 4" by James Patterson yet? Hurry on down to grab this latest installment...
Did you know James Patterson wrote kids' books?
Read book Daniel x, James Patterson's attempt at writing about aliens. Not his best book but still worth the read.
Better is on the way by James Patterson - Better is on the way by James Patte
James Patterson tops our list again from 2015
Mrs. Olson received a $4500 grant from James Patterson to support the library that will be matched by Scholastic. https…
I'm more of a James Patterson type and when I go urban I fw Eric Jerome Dickerson
I've just signed up to the James Patterson Masterclass x
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