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James Packer

James Douglas Packer (born 8 September 1967) is an Australian businessman.

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Look for MC interview next week on Access Hollywood by Liz Hernandez. She said she will talk about James Packer break-up!
James Packer, John Howard and Cardinal George Pell part of secret Chartwell Society
James Packer reportedly splits with Mariah Carey after disagreement over her reality show and ‘extravagant spendin…
Mariah Carey + James Packer called the wedding off 💔.
Cissas Blog: Mariah Carey and billionaire fiancé James Packer calls it quits:
Mariah Carey + James Packer called the wedding off 💔. by via
voguemagazine: Is MariahCarey’s relationship with billionaire James Packer over?
Is relationship with billionaire James Packer over?
Mariah Carey and billionaire James Packer reportedly call it quits I'm shocked.
Mariah Carey and James Packer have reportedly called it quits
James Packer ‘DUMPS’ Fiancée Mariah Carey "it reminds me of that village kid fresh in the city wants to eat...
Mariah Carey and fiance James Packer have split via EW
.and fiancé James Packer reportedly breakup weeks ahead of the Mariah's World premiere 🤔:…
They don't belong together? James Packer & Mariah Carey have reportedly split.
I knew Mariah Carey wasn't gonna last with James packer. Mariah deserves better.
Mariah Carey and James Packer have split — but may get back together
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Mariah Carey & James Packer Are Done for Now, Maybe for Good Do you think they’ll get back toge…
James Packer dumps Mariah Carey over excessive spending...
Mariah Carey and James Packer have split, according to a new, unconfirmed report:
How much are you spending when your billionaire can't afford you anymore??? Mariah Carey Dumped by Fiance:
Mariah Carey was reportedly dumped by her billionaire fiancé. Prayers for their his & her yachts:
Heartbreaker: reportedly dumped by billionaire fiance James Packer due to excessive spending.
James Packer split from Mariah Carey over her excessive spending: Casino mogul James Packer has called time o...
São Paulo | Mariah Carey and James Packer split?: She said previously: "To all of my lambs in South America, I am…
Mariah Carey, James Packer -- Done for Now ... Maybe for Good via
Mariah Carey and James Packer have called it quits, but from what we're hearing the door is not completely shut ... yet.
James Packer reportedly called off his engagement with
Reports say and James Packer are no more. 💔💔 via
I realize I'm the James Packer of relationships. You will be dropped spending money frivolously
Mariah Carey: the engagement's over, but the brand remains intact.
American pop star Mariah Carey has been reportedly dumped by her billionaire businessman fiancé, James Packer.
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Mariah Carey dumped by her fiancé casino billionaire James Packer over alleged "extravagant spending"…
They way govt and lobbying works is not right. PETA Credlin Karl Bitar Mark Arbib all now work for James Packer. Influence cover
Mariah Carey 'threw a laptop out the window and ran away screaming' after James Packer played Beyonce song
Robert De Niro and billionaire James Packer plan massive new development on the island of Barbuda
Robert De Niro and billionaire James Packer are building an overwater resort in Barbuda.
Mariah Carey and James Packer have his and hers yachts
Wagamama and Suicide Quad with my love James Packer — watching Suicide Squad at Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol
Mariah Carey revealed James Packer was a ''huge fan'' before they met. Did it scare her off? Details now on
James Packer's controversial $2 bn Sydney casino and hotel has been approved. -
James Packer set to cash in if investors back a radical break-up of the casino empire
Boring is best to win from James Packer's Crown casino split says
James Packer to split his casino kingdom
Mariah Carey says she and James Packer won't necessarily have a big wedding
So the NBN hired their camera-happy ex-policeman from James Packer's Crowne Casino. Bit of a gamble that.
James Packer, you better remember it's Mariah’s World and we’re just living in it!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Move Packer's casino out of the harbour-side public park .
like asking james packer what he does. Paris is successful in business, why do we hate on her?
Also, James Starks is over 30 and likely in his last season as a packer (only $750k dead cap hit if cut in 2017)
Mariah Carey engaged to Australia's fourth richest man James Packer
Nick Cannon congratulates ex-wife Mariah Carey on her engagement to James Packer...
let me find someone with James Packer money. I don't care about looks anymore 😂😂😂
Christian Hackenberg regressed under James Franklin, but Carl Nassib had no shot under Bill O'Brien. Bad fits are natural.
MANSION AUSTRALIA: take a peek inside the former residence of James Packer.
Socioeconomic spinoffs from Chinese development of farm is better than James Packer’s casino towers / dens of iniquity.
She lost any respect I had for her when she hooked up with James Packer.
Mariah Carey on planning 'Traditional' wedding to James Packer
James Packer better buy 1M copies of on the 1st day!
BC making the Packer fans race then walking away was outstanding
Heidi Fleiss we are recruiting for hostesses of the male kind and i think james packer is the HIGH END
YER I WAS THINKING OF DOING A MALE GIGOLO PLACE IN BONDI. and james packer you are wanted for auditions
Mariah to have 'traditional' wedding to Australian billionaire
If approved this hideous enormous phallic symbol of Packer's power will prove gambling sleaze thrives under Lib govt
of course, that NEVER happens in a casino owned by James Packer or in pokies clubs owned by clubs tycoons.
Pics: & James Packer spotted in Paris earlier this week (via
EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey Dishes on Planning 'Traditional' Wedding to James Packer: ET caught up with Mariah Ca...
: Times tough for Macau: *** James Packer’s casino partner has issued a warning on Macau and flagged issu…
Mariah Carey looked gorgeous in red while shopping with fiancé James Packer in Paris:
Police to investigate James Packer and David Gyngell brawl. Police have ...
I thought I had a good idea bringing James Packer & David Gyngell together to discuss a Roosters/Rabbits merger in 2014
Brett Ratner says he didn't quite play matchmaker for Mariah Carey and James Packer
talks about & James Packer's love Send your EVERYDAY!
Mariah Carey Engaged While Still Married to Nick Cannon - Mariah Carey and James Packer recently announced that...
Russell Crowe, James Packer waive $7 million in loans to South Sydney Rabbitohs.
Rabbitohs owners great waive: South Sydney owners Russell Crowe and James Packer have given the NRL club a massive… ht…
Crowe, Packer waive $7m loans to Souths: WEALTHY backers Russell Crowe and James Packer have waived $7 million...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
James Packer and Russell Crowe waive $7 million in loans to South Sydney.
now that wouldn't happen to James Packer!!
Mariah Carey and James Packer eye for wedding
"Our understanding of Christianity cannot be better than our grasp of adoption." -James Packer.
It’s Brett Ratner and James Packer. RatPac, get it?
James Packer's Crown Resorts warns $2bn Sydney six-star hotel and casino running up to 18 months late
PHOTOS: Mariah Carey loved up in Aspen with
: The Star is reborn in casino war James Packer and Crown Resorts has lost the momentum in the Sydney ba…
Mariah Carey and James Packer will reportedly tie the knot in Tahiti via
Mariah and James eye Tahiti for wedding
Mariah Carey reveals plans for her wedding to James Packer - NanoNews (blog)
Mariah Carey is eyeing up Tahiti as a potential wedding destination:
we are laughing at you-you are going to prison murderers . JAMES PACKER AND TOM CRUISE YOUR MOVEMENT . IS BUSTED casino c…
Mariah Carey is reportedly planning a Tahitian wedding to James Packer -
Mariah Carey and James Packer reportedly eye Tahiti for wedding...
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?. Mariah Carey and James Packer eye Tahiti for wedding via
James Packer's Barangaroo casino opening pushed back to 2021.
Mariah Carey considers Tahiti wedding with fiancé James Packer:
Why she look like James Packer low key
Nick Cannon sends best wishes to ex-wife Mariah Carey, fiance James Packer...
Mariah Carey and James Packer are engaged -
James Packer's father was obscenely wealthy media baron, like Murdoch.
.gushes about fiance James Packer and wedding details to
Mariah Carey and Australian billionaire James Packer are engaged.
Mariah Carey and James Packer engaged: American pop star Mariah Carey is engag...
James Packer has always been a little upstart/P.B.L. Meet in ,96 I said aren,t u Lucky 2 have a Dad like Kerry & he replied € Yes! isn,t...
James Packer, co-owner of City of Dreams casino+hotel via Melco Crown, steps down as chairman of his gaming empire. . http…
James Packer and David Gyngell's street fight in Bondi
James Packer in altercation with security guard at Crown Casino Kerry's spoiled Brat & his fat chick.
Would Mariah Carey still be dating James Packer if he was poor, fat and unemployed? I think yes
Seeing Mariah Carey dripping in diamonds is NBD, but on Wednesday morning, the singer arrived in Melbourne with James Packer wearing a
Wow, James Packer is off the Crown board, If only would do that at News Corp and 21st Century Fox:
James Packer and Mariah Carey to spend New Year in Australia. via
Mariah Carey moves in with James Packer - Tribble Agency (blog)
If the big recession comes on the fall of China's economy, James Packer will go broke.
Mariah Carey moves in with James Packer - Sydney Morning Herald
"Tax paid by companies controlled by Australia's richest business people, including Gina Rinehart, James Packer...
Does Benjamin Netanyahu have James Packer in mind for this Israeli casino?
I thought Mariah and James Packer was vomitus, but this is worse
James Packer officially opens new casino in Macau.
James Packer backed up by some superstar power for the opening of his new casino in Macau.
James Packer pays Di Caprio, De Niro and Scorcese $17m EACH to promote new casino
Next time we hear from Gerry Harvey & James Packer, their faces will be pixelated and voices disguised.
Are Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall the new James Packer and Mariah Carey? * 22
Mariah Carey and Kasey Chambers became friends after they met at James Packer's NRL Finals party
Mariah Carey speaks to ET on first public outing with James Packer - Daily Mail
Mariah Carey dons black sunglasses after date with James Packer in New York
Mariah Carey and James Packer make red carpet debut at Robert De Niro film premiere.
In June she holidayed in Europe, meeting up with ex husband James Packer and his new partner Mariah Carey - and now Jodhi Me…
That is ok, my team has Russell Crowe and James Packer
Resorts says James Packer will be based overseas during his role as director
James Packer stands down as chairman of Crown.
James Packer's ex Erica and Heidi Klum's ex-husband Seal re... |
Mariah Carey flaunts expensive bling from James Packer at surprise appearance:
NFL Free Agency James James: Eli Manning is a 'top notch guy': The former Green Bay Packer is happy to reunite...
James Packer ditches cigarette to greet Bambi Northwood-Blyth at charity dinner..
Mariah Carey and BF James Packer are living in the lap of luxury! See their $10K-a-day digs!
James Packer arrives at charity dinner with arm ...
(12/3) Jesinta Campbell y'day took the cake - IN CONCERT WITH JAMES PACKER same day 'ashamed to be Australian'. . Come on man.
Do you have ready to endorse your campaign too?
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Kerry Packer would have pulled the plug the moment they said "ultrasound". James asleep at the wheel.
James Packer flaunts slimmed down frame in Sydney ...
James Packer ditches cigarette on the pavement to greet model Bambi Northwood-Blyth at…
James Packer 'ashamed' to hear people booing Adam Goodes via
well it's time James Packer followed in the footsteps of his father & cancelled the show with a phone …
James Packer,if u r embarrassed to be an Australian, do a Rupert Murdock.
Adam Goodes: Packer ashamed of booing while 150 groups unite . Sydney Morning Herald-. James Packer has declared his shame "as an Australian"
Have we now reached a point where Australia asks Channel TEN's James Packer to make a stand and sack…
James Packer 'to bring' pop diva Mariah Carey to his native Australia to meet ... - Daily Mail
James Packer. Booing has been part of sport for yonks - where was your sanctimonious embarrassment when Paul Gallon got boos at 2nd SOO
Potentially - esp since James Packer has - but there is a serious divide here
When even a gaming magnate shows more decency & leadership than the PM. Packer says 'I am ashamed as an Australian'
Packer says 'I am ashamed ... as an Australian' via
Pics: James Packer's ex wife Erica and Heidi Klum's former husband Seal in new romance
Top story: Mariah Carey Flaunts Expensive Bling from James Packer at Surprise A… see more
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James Packer "ashamed to be an Australian" hearing Adam Goodes being booed. Hear his comments on Sky News shortly (
"To hear people booing him is something that I'm ashamed of as an Australian": James Packer stands by Adam Goodes
Mariah Carey proudly flaunts her $500k necklace from boyfriend James Packer ... - Daily Mail
Alon going up on former New Frontier site, west of Wynn. . Ex-Wynn execs Andrew Oascal & Rob Island running it for James Packer
James Packer and David Gyngell in Bondi altercation - Explosive photos have emerged of...
Mariah Carey and James Packer vacation with her children
James Packer and David Gyngell were seen fighting on street in Sydney.
With the internet agog with photos of superstar singer Mariah Carey and her billionaire boyfriend James Packer...
.& James Packer take a trip on a LOVE boat, with an extra guest... First pics!
BREAKING: Jon Stevens, Erica Baxter, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Nick Cannon and David Gyngell have just landed on James Packer's yacht!
I love Mariah and wish her the best but those photos with James Packer screams publicity stunt all over it lol
.was spotted hand-in-hand on a stroll while on holiday in Italy with Australian billionaire, James Packer. Huhuhuhu... 😁😄👏
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp plays in fight with James Packer's Zillow via
What is James Packer doing in New York? Can't imagine Kerry doing that:
Hilly makes an appearance. Good. James Packer recalling a Kerry story... Is his from the mini-series ?...
John Howard and James Packer add tribute to Richie Benaud writes
James Packer and former Prime Minister John Howard have paid tribute to Richie Benaud.
This is true right across the western world. Take Lachlan Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, Justin Hemmes, James Packer...
designer-fashion Collette Dinnigan buys $7m waterfront home from James Packer's right hand man - Daily Mail
James Packer's right-hand man sold his Watsons Bay mansion to fashion designer Collette Dinnigan -
South Sydney Rabbitohs now worth more than $20 million after James Packer buys stake... via
James Packer withdraws Sri Lankan casino bid after government backflips on tax concessions and denies casino licence
James Packer's Crown Group will not go ahead w/ proposed $400m Sri Lankan resort following government decision to scrap tax concessions
A nice James Packer cross-promotion between his Hollywood film play Ratpac and the core Crown casino business:
James Packer has reportedly paid Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro more than $15 million each to endorse his gambling mecca in Manila.
James Packer's $70m casino ads stars Leo DiCaprio & De Niro & directed by Scorcese. You'd almost pay to watch this.
Rajapaksa hands over power in Sri Lanka. Bad news for James Packer as reports new govt won't allow his casino.
James Packer says to someone special... with $100k earrings
James Packer gifts Miranda Kerr $100K set of diamond earrings for ...
the irony of Lloyd Williams' comments to new premierelect . James Packer to inject more into econ
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
James Packer, Robert De Niro to build five-star resort in Antigua via
James Packer to kick every goal he can for Labor
Fancy a share in a soon-to-be champion racehorse possibly worth millions? Here, have James Packer's.He's not that fussed.-Andrew Webster SMH
An interesting Peter Martin article on the extraordinary sweetheart deal James Packer has done for Crown in Victoria http:…
James Packer on night out with Brody Jenner's ex and Leonardo DiCaprio at LA club  | Daily Mail Online
Practitioners’ guide to criminal judicial review published. James Packer contributed the chapter on costs.
latest has the exclusive pics of Miranda Kerr with James Packer "Snapped in Spain" last week.
Miranda Kerr denies she's pregnant to James Packer via
''Miranda Kerr denies she's pregnant with James Packer's baby'' via
ICYMI James Packer's Crown Resorts has squeezed a 17 yr casino licence extension out of the Vic govt.
Miranda Kerr denies she's pregnant to James Packer
James Packer wins a 17 year extension to his Melbourne Casino licence, plus more pokies/tables. writes
Has anyone told James Packer, Jodhi Meares was married to "Kerry" Packer?
Miranda Kerr not dating James Packer: "I know the truth, I am single'
Miranda Kerr denies rumours she's pregnant with James Packer's ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Murphy says Meares was married to James Packer for just over 2yrs and "that haunts everything that's ever said about her"
Miranda Kerr responds to James Packer pregnancy rumours: Miranda Kerr has been forced to deny she is pregnant to..
holy jesus h tapdancing christ the Age has got breaking news of "James Packer pregnancy rumours" - i dont want to live in this world anymore
Miranda Kerr responds to James Packer pregnancy rumours via
the rumours are true, James Packer is pregnant.
Miranda Kerr responds to James Packer pregnancy rumours
Magazine claims has been ill with 'morning sickness'.
If James Packer isn't the father, Justin Wiener has a lot to answer for! via
Not much of a revelation -- she was Jodie long after appearing in the spotlight, even after marrying James Packer. Jodhi came later.
Jodhi Meares in court to face DUI charge: FASHION designer and former wife of James Packer, Jodhi Meares has a...
James Packer's ex Jodhi Meares two hours fashionably late for court after allegedly rolling car when drunk
Jodhi Meares - fashion designer and James Packer's ex wife - has finally turned up at Waverly crt, nearly 2 hrs late
James Packer's ex-wife, Jodhi Meares has waded through a sea of cameras for court appearance after rolling her car drunk. Next on
Incredibly down and deflated after tonight's game. James should run to the hills and we should cash in, we will need the money ...
James Packer's baby via International supersuckers enjoy sleaze as reward for sharing everything.
Miranda Kerr denies claims she's 'pregnant with James Packer's baby'
Girl on STV News being told about the 2.5% rise on train ticket fares...
'I'm not pregnant with James Packer's baby': Miranda Kerr denies she's expecting her second child with Austral...
Jordan Belfort and James Packer working together on Wolf of Wall Street TV show:
'I know the truth, I am single', opens up on
These terrorists and criminals with Eamon James aka Packer aka Frank Witter and Joeanna Pilger want to kill me in ASIO prison.
Model finally breaks her silence on THAT fight:
James Packer is not my boyfriend, says supermodel Miranda Kerr - Daily News & Analysis
Miranda Kerr opens up on love: 'I know the truth, I am single'
Miranda Kerr on James Packer: 'I know the truth, I am single'
Australian model Miranda Kerr was with Orlando Bloom for six years and married to him for three before they anno...
James Packer to build casino on site of New Frontier Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard
IT’S the love quadrangle that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood screenplay. Erica Baxter, ex-wife of James Packer, has been snapped canoodling with ­Orlando Bloom just months after his divorce from Miranda Kerr — the woman with whom Packer is now involved.
"One of the many divine qualities of the Bible is that it does not yield its secrets to the irreverent and the censorious," James Packer.
Was the Bieber, Bloom scuffle over Miranda?: THE Miranda Kerr/Orlando Bloom/Erica Packer/James Packer love squ...
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Orlando and Erica on summer getaway: James Packer's ex-wife and Miranda Kerr's ex-husband are reportedly holid...
Miranda Kerr is seeing billionaire James Packer on ... -
Miranda Kerr dating James Packer 'on the sly'
Miranda Kerr is seeing billionaire James Packer on the sly: Is Miranda Kerr telling a “Packer” lies? Confidentihas learned she's b...
Packer eyes China deals with Stokes - JAMES Packer is open to doing business deals in China with fellow billionair...
James Packer gambles on a third Macau casino
There is a shortage of low-cost public housing, and they sell off public housing, meanwhile people go homeless. Governments of all stripes are waging a war on public housing. Associated with this drive to privatise public housing, right-wing politicians and the media demonise public housing tenants with the same vicious zeal with which they scapegoat refugees and “ethnic” communities. Their aim in both cases is the same – to divide working class people and isolate one section of the masses from the rest of working class people. Moreover, the reason there aren’t more funds available for public housing is because, thanks to the state authorities, so much of this country’s wealth is hoarded by billionaire tycoons like Gina Rinehart, James Packer, Andrew Forrest and Clive Palmer. In Australia, only one in twenty five people in urban areas have access to public housing. In China, the proportion is nearly four times that figure and rapidly increasing all the time.
Barangaroo: another round of big changes that benefit James Packer's Hotel-Casino-Complex …
Shane Battier on Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron James' ear: "It's almost time for me to retire."
Barangaroo: buildings downsized, water feature scrapped to make space for James Packer's hotel-casino resort
Frank "I'm no James Packer" Lowy brushes off ASA's request for him to not draw a salary
Is it true that Packer received an M$800 tax return recently?
Extract from Rob Oakeshotts new book. In reply to a James Packer comment " I don't give a flying f...k. " Page 193
Channel Nine practicing for coverage a few weeks back
Bob Katter unmoved by James Packer's donation of $250,000 (Sure) 2012
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On 27 March Pru Goward and the NSW Government passed the most dangerous legislation against vulnerable children and families since Federation. These new Laws are NOT reforms to Child Protection they are Human Rights violations. Pru Goward stated in Parliament during debate of her legislation "It is always about money" It is very obvious this legislation is about saving money NOT what is in the best interest of vulnerable children. This Legislation is also designed to meet the needs of the rich, powerful and famous friends and associates of Pru Goward and their demand for other people’s children - this is blatant social eugenics at its ugliest. Nowhere is this legislation will Pru Goward’s Department be bound by any Law to provide help and support to families. Quick and easy Forced adoptions for well off childless couples without parental knowledge or consent will now be the priority of the NSW Government for children in Care to save money and create a supply of children to meet the demands of Pru Gowa ...
Did you notice james packer doesn't gamble
Erica Baxter, the ex-wife of billionaire James Packer, makes her debut on the BRW Young Rich list amid reports of a confidential divorce settlement worth more than $100 million.
Oakeshott to James Packer: "I don't give a flying f*** about my own career". Yay Oakeshott. Boo Arbib. Boo Conroy.
Miranda Kerr is visited by James Packer's personal assistant - Daily Mail
So, millionaires/billionaires James Packer and David Gyngell, have been fined $500 each for their public punch-up . . . . . That'll teach them! lol . . . . . That's about as effective as a personal trainer, coming to my house and confiscating one peanut M&M from my kitchen pantry . . . . . 😒
Eddie interrupts training for half an hour to reenact the James Packer fight. Buckley unimpressed.
Linking the theories of physicist Werner Heisenberg to the punch-up between James Packer and David Gyngell - on
Here's VIDEO of Australian billionaire and gambling magnate James Packer brawling with TV mogul right in the middle of the street in Sydney. Weighing in at a net worth of $6.4 billion, Packer traded blows with Gyngell over the fact a TV truck was parked too close to his house. Oh and if that's not enough, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is also somehow involved (WATCH)
.Breaking news - James Packer to fight Wladimir Klitschko next in Bondi.
10 hilarious responses to James Packer punching his best friend (and that includes the official statement).
That's got to hurt! James Packer sports a huge black eye as he flies out on a private jet from Sydney after meeting with David Gyngell fo...
James Packer and David Gyngell's fistfight reminds me of the time I glassed Bud Tingwell at the Kirribili Hotel.
Did heavyweight Aus businessmen James Packer & David Gyngell square up over Miranda Kerr?
"Karl Stefanovic cracks up over our James Packer v David Gyngell front page" BLOODY LOVE YA KARL!
Dear Australian media, the only ones who care about James Packer, Schapelle Corby and Miranda Kerr is YOU. Please stop being so shallow, grow up and report real news.
Karl Stefanovic cracks up over James Packer, David Gyngell headline on NT News
Carlton is looking to inject some aggression into its list. James Packer and David Gyngell have been named as priority draft picks.
James Packer and David Gyngell involved in a public brawl, I guess the elite are not exempt from bad behaviour.
David Gyngell threw his weight around with James Packer. The Police should examine all the evidence and act.
Media | The Guardian // Bondi brawl with James Packer: David Gyngell will cooperate with police
¦ 84 ¦ Watch video of James Packer, David Gyngell fight on Bondi street ¦ A brutal brawl between James Packer and Da…
James Packer has flown out of Sydney on his private jet after a violent fist fight with friend & Nine boss D. Gyngell
It's been cruelly suggested problems started when James Packer told David Gyngell he should bring back"Burgo's Catch Ph…
In case you missed it: James Packer and David Gyngell risk business reputations over Bondi brawl.
Brawl between James Packer & David Gyngell was highly unexpected, says photographer who captured pics of the fight
$BBOX What's going on at James Packer's place after his public brawl with David Gyngell?
have a launched an investigation into the “Bondi Brawl” between James Packer and David Gyngell
James Packer & David Gyngell going the biff is an awful example to set to the young at this time - but a part of me sti…
I was walking with mum (Doris, the mum mentioned in our latest podcast) and we were discussing the fight between James Packer and David Gyngell to which she said - and I quote (oh how I quote) "As billionaires you'd think they'd have a little more decorum. If you're gonna fist, go inside and do it! Nobody wants to see you fisting out the front of your house!" I then wee'd my pants with laughter - Tracina
This whole news coverage about James Packer and David Gyngell fight infront of his $20m Mansion in Bondi is getting way too much coverage .. vs Millionaire
Don't you just love the light hearted approach from the NSW Premier, Channel 9 and the NSW police regarding the fisticuffs between Casino mogul James Packer and Channel 9 CEO David Gyngell. How disgusting! So much for the campaign 'One punch can kill'. Just goes to show money talks and reiterates the fact that the Media are dogs.
James Packer flies out of Sydney with his black eye
Tonight: police now investigating the brawl between James Packer and David Gyngell. The remarkable tale of a carjacking victim, saved by a complete stranger. The former police minister back in the spotlight at the ICAC. And part one of a special report into youth suicide.
James Packer flees to Melbourne as police investigate the billionaire brawl. More
Can't help but feel sorry for James Packer. No of us wld wanna be caught on vid like that w our tracky dacks barely covering out butt!
Packer inseparable with David Gyngell since the big bash.
He stalked. He threatened. He assaulted. Now says it is time for David Gyngell pay. via
"Foxification" of Australian media continues. via
Besides, James Packer's "brand" is *** son of a successful businessman', so no harm done.
David Gyngell behaved like a thug and should be charged, says Paul Sheehan via
James Packer has landed in as fall out from the brawl continues
Gyngell admits fault as Packer emerges with a black eye
BREAKING: James Packer is exempt from NSW's "Zero Tolerance" One Punch law, because he's so friggin rich. Right
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i think its safe to assume Miranda Kerr isn't with James Packer for his MMA ability
Fight fans what fight would u rather see take place at - v OR James Packer v David Gyngell?
I wish James Packer would punch every journalist who has scolded him for not thinking about his "brand" before getting into a fight.
You know what I don't care about? James Packer. What DO I care about? Finding the 270 girls who were kidnapped to be sold into slavery.
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