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James Neal

James Neal (born September 3, 1987) is a Canadian professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Ryan Johansen Craig Smith Mike Fisher Paul Martin Ryan Ellis Alex Goligoski Matt Niskanen Mark Giordano Filip Forsberg Pekka Rinne Mike Ribeiro Colin Wilson Matt Cooke Austin Watson Mike Smith Matt Irwin Shea Weber Laurent Brossoit

find yourself someone who holds you like Ryan Ellis holds James Neal
This Nashville team has been the most impressive team all postseason and that's just a ridiculous shot James Neal.
From the looks of things, so is James Neal, Connor Carrick, Richard Clune, and Shawn Matthias. Hockey players are the best.
Almost sounded like Kenny Albert said "blocked by the dickless James Neal". . Which, well.
Golden Knights mock draft James Neal, Craig Smith, Matt Irwin are on the wish lists for expansion draft
Craig Smith has joined Ryan Johansen and Viktor Arvidsson. Filip Forsberg is with Calle Jarnkrok and James Neal.
NSH will likely protect James Neal. Vegas will most likely get Calle Jarnkrok but could go with Colin Wilson or Craig Smith
why do you think the won't protect James Neal? No way IMO he's exposed. I think they take Smith or Wilson
James Neal, Craig Smith, or Matt Irwin. Personally, I don't think two of those are even a remote possibility.
Brandon Pirri has a higher G/60 rate over the past 3 years than Evgeni Malkin, John Tavares, Zach Parise, James Neal, Brad…
Mike Neal, younger brother of Predators LW James Neal, had 5 points in 3 games on 3 Gs, 2 As and +4 rating for over weekend.
"I walk slowly but I never walk backward' by Abraham Lincoln is a quote that belongs on your social media post or something" -James Neal
told you...Sith Lord James Neal is force choking and the rest of the Nash sports media.
should read this as cathartic food for thought every time he thinks about the Pens trading James Neal away.
James Neal has those crazy eyes fam
nah it's got to be the Sith Lord himself James Neal.
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Well I guess now would be a good time to reveal my favorite non red wings player is James Neal?
"Almighty God, in his goodness and bounty towards us, sent this wonderful plague amongst the savages." - King James https:…
I age ten years every time they mention james neal
James Neal turns the puck over at the attacking blueline, take it back the other way. Ferland with his 2nd…
James neal took it to another level.
Malkin is going all James Neal tonight
A view from the other side! P.K. Subban, James Neal and Ryan Ellis talk about tonight's match-up.
OFFICIAL SCORING CHANGE: Game - at Goal at 10:25 of 3rd period now reads James Neal from P.K. Subban, C…
James Neal is a hockey hero that we don't deserve...
annoying but nowhere near how annoying it was watching the pens be set up in off zone and James Neal takes an stupid penalty
sesh Saturday. James is coming. Think Neal the seal is also on his way
Six years ago, the Penguins acquired James Neal and Matt Niskanen from the Stars for Alex Goligoski. Ray Shero's finest dea…
Had a great day showing participant James Neal around Beaver Creek in Maryland. James is…
Nodal: one of Neal Hefti's famous songs is (Hums Batman theme). Henry: Oh James Bond!
if only Jazz Hands James Neal brought it with a little more regularity...
Malkin a Penguin. Diff rules. Orpik and James Neal proved that
James Neal comments on the second goal (now credited to him) in Minnesota on Saturday... and the "aftermath"
3 Things to Know for video with James Neal and a projected lineup (with Ryan Ellis in it). .
oh yes, James Neal, PK Subban, Salomaki... Ryan Ellis on IR for a quarter of the season, but those aren't injuries
James Neal has an upper-body injury and will not return to tonight's game.
James Neal with Mike Fisher and Colin Wilson during line rushes. Craig Smith with Mike Ribeiro and Kevin Fiala.
Johansen and Smith should be fired from shoot outs so we can use people who are good at sniping, like, say, James Neal and Viktor Arvidsson.
.with a stop on James Neal late to keep the game tied at 1!
James Neal just torched Dan Girardi and nearly gave the the lead.
Especially no non call on James Neal
In relation to Kessel being booed:. When's the last time an ex-Penguin was booed? James Neal?
Gentle reminder that James Neal has cross checked his own grandmother in the teeth and let Murfreesboro hooker pee on his chest
James Neal continues to be a complete dirtbag
Helluva back check by James Neal and turn the play towards the other end
James Neal needs to do what he excels at: be a pain in the Rangers' ***
"We're looking forward to a good game" - goal-scoring leader James Neal chats on the bench with…
James Neal averages 0.86 points per game in 21 career games against NYR.
Vesey would rank second on Nashville in goals right now with 10, two behind James Neal. Jimmy has 17 total points, same as Forsberg & Subban
James Neal wasn't in the lampoons one. They did that the season after he was gone
I mean Mr Game 1 got a video and James Neal didn't
watching Homicide Hunter and the killer on this episode is named James Neal, coincidence? i think not
Video: James Neal and Austin Watson preview tonight's showdown with the
Blues coach Ken Hitchcock was asked how to slow down James Neal and his goal streak. "I hope he gets the flu," he joked.
Here's hoping James Neal isn't TOO superstitious or he may never wash his hair
James Neal tips in the Ryan Ellis slapper. trail the Sharks 3-1:
Filip Forsberg, James Neal and Ryan Johansen all have yet to score a goal for Nashville so far this season
Open House on 10/29 from 12-2 at 46 Oakside Road in Smithtown. Presented by James Neal of Caldwell Banker...
Can somebody help me verify if this is true? McKeithan Smith, Pastor Jack Fields, Herbert Shaw, James Neal, James...
James Neal, Ryan Johansen and Austin Watson are all helping out at the Neal Clinic pres. by
It was good to meet Neal, and lovely to catch up with you & Beth albeit briefly
Come on team sarcoma. Come on Neal.
Only in Nashville can you run into Melanie Collins, James Neal & Seth Jones on broadway
I've been told repeatedly that I look James Neal and Mark Melancon. . Should I plan on getting traded soon?
FL voters deserve an economic conservative, who will fight to cut taxes in DC, not Neal Dunn.
because James Neal is an amazing guy. :)
That was my first TV appearance, live on my own cutaway. It was amazing. Huge thanks to James Neal for believing in me.
team with Kevin love, Garfield, lebron james, shrek, and Shaq O'Neal
team with Vegeta, James Harden, spongebob, puss n boots, and Shaq O'Neal
The Thames Rib Experience was fantastic. Jay said he felt like James Bond
There is some irony in characterizing followers horrible after calling a woman you don't kn…
PG: Magic Johnson. SG: Michael Jordan. C: Shaquille O'neal. SF: Larry Bird. PF: LeBron James. I just wanted to type that to see how it looked. 🐐
josh is my baby. and so was Michael Raymond James who played Neal.
Nice to see Ryan Ellis and James Neal at training camp.
Just spent 2 ½ hours in w/ author Neal James giving my latest story the works. It's getting better & better.
team with lebron jordan, puss n boots, Shaq O'Neal, James Harden, and max burton
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I bought Panarin and Eichel, and Larkin, but got Bergeron, Bishop, and James Neal in sets.
This is an extraordinary endorsement
Today we have Dr. Keith Hourihan and Dr. James Neal adjusting patients until 4PM.
team with Garfield, Shaq O'Neal, larry bird, James Harden, and stewie
yes and I'll block you again faster if you do it again😒
no James I threatened to block you and joe because of that not Micky😂
James Neal was top 30 in Yahoo last year, multi-cat stud. You really think he'll drop that much with Johansen full time?
Good afternoon, today we have Dr. James Neal from 10AM-7PM & Dr. Dylan Casteel from 2PM-7PM.
team with Shaq O'Neal, James Harden, Shaq O'Neal, justin riley, and klay thompson
Ramblings on why I'd draft Gallagher over Perry this year, Neal's ceiling last year, and drafting Joe Thornton
team with jerry lucas, james harden,tyson chandler, jahlil okafor, Shaq O'Neal, and Vegeta
team with jason Voorhes, jerry west, eminem, james harden,tyson chandler, and Shaq O'Neal
Congrats to you've won the best player you have a choice between Wayne simmonds and james Neal
team with joakim noah, kevin garnett, Shaq O'Neal, Carmelo Anthony, and james harden,tyson chandler
James Neal to the Predators for future considerations
Harbingers: Khadgar! Score by directed by James McCoy, director of Hearthstone's launch cinematic.
team with lebron james, James Harden, frank jones, Shaq O'Neal, and Shaq O'Neal
Only 4 no.1 overall picks have won rookie of the year, MVP and FMVP. LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, & T…
Players with more power play goals over the last 2 years than James Neal:. H. Sedin, Zajac, McGinn, S. Reinhart, Sheahan, Shaw, Pouliot
Was told NFL still plans to interview FA Mike Neal before James Harrison, others linked in PED report. Harrison reports to camp today
Steven Stamkos on the ol' golf course with winger James Neal.
The 99 Scott was free to all a couple weeks ago. Best card I've pulled is a James Neal.
A full season of James Neal and Ryan Johansen, with Filip Forsberg and Craigslist Smith filling out top 2 pairings with carousel of 3rds
should get best hottest Wilkes-barre Scranton penguins to be on Malkins line!Hasnt had a consistent line mate since James Neal!
Phil Kessel is doing what James Neal never could do. Pick up the slack when Crosby & Malkin disappear
Internet, why are there no pics/gifs of Paul Martin and James Neal in the handshake line? Sigh.
Needs a Mike Ribeiro or Austin Watson or James Neal to be successful .. He's actually an upgrade over Arvidsson when he has a setup man
How does James Neal have brown hair but a red beard?
James Neal: pretend tough guy, probably likes dipping his pizza in ketchup
I will find out who James Neal is, and use this knowledge to make a campaign poster saying NO on Wasposition 24! Fisher for Bugbot
If James Neal didn't have such a history of diving I'd actually respect him
Quite the first 20 minutes in the series!! James Neal all over the ice and most notable so far!
How long was that shift by James Neal?!
James Neal's nuts are in this announcers mouth
James Neal is in the zone tonight. You have to think he is going to bury one.
James Neal is going to bury one tonight
I texted Sonya bc there was a lil profile on James Neal on my stream and she told me she's rooting for the Sharks and I'm CRYING
Started watching the Predators/ Sharks game and of course the first player I would pick out is James Neal ❤️😭
James Neal, retired from Columbia, will be the next ALA President. UIUC's Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe came in second.
I know James Neal hasn't been a Star in 5 years but I still got all choked up seeing him at the start of the SharksPreds game 😭
If the ever signed James Neal I would have a serious problem with that...Hopefully that never happens
No matter the outcome of the game, Paul Martin will be wistfully thinking of James Neal while listening to "Blue Jeans" tonight.
Not sure James Neal could disrespect the anthem more than he just did. Spitting and talking the whole time. Stay classy Jim.
Game 1. Round 2. Let's go . Create traffic. Play fast. Let Pekka be Pekka. . Need a big game from James Neal tonight.
The best result of this series would be if James Neal and Roman Polak collided and both spontaneously combust.
All purpose parts banner
I wonder if Paul Martin still makes breakfast for James Neal occasionally
There's been like 14 shots of James Neal during the anthem
Are you watching btw? Have you been introduced to the former-Pens James Neal-Paul Martin bromance?!
James Neal and Jamie Benn are two players I wish could be Red Wings
I don't see how James Neal fits on the Steelers.
team with James Harden, Shaq O'Neal, blake griffin, stephen curry, and ross teeter
Congrats and happy for Elected ALA President For 2017-2018 Term -
If the last video didn't get you, this will sock you right in the feels as has a moment with his parents. ht…
ex-roommates meet across center ice. . Paul Martin vs James Neal. who's going to win?
Our cast on their best behaviour... Thanks to our Stage Manager James Neal for the photo!
team with Trey ebert, michael jordan, Shaq O'Neal, James Harden, and shrek
1981 Lion of the Vally St. Louis, Missouri by James Neal Primm 1st Edition
Neal: "Just making it here, it's a blessing.". WATCH:
"Keanu Neal is the Kam Chancellor of the Atlanta Falcons.". WATCH:
Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said he targeted ``Keanu Reeves'' from the beginning. Then he corrected himself and said ``Nea…
Man if Washington plays James Neal in the final I won't watch hockey ever again
yes! i have pretty much nothing against any of those teams. James Neal is trash, but Id be cool with St.louis Dallas or SJ
.yeah I wouldn't want him at all. We had one that was about 25 times more talented named james Neal and we sent him packing
And the Falcons first round pick is. Keanu Neal! Safety from Florida!
Listen to Chef speak about the on with .
As opposed to the Malkin play, where number-checking took over. The James Neal reference proved that.
That was one of the worst dives i've ever seen. That was a James Neal territory dive
Love the fact Malkin wrecked Wilson, don't like the fact that took a page out of James Neal's book of diving.
Stars fans, we traded James Neal for Alex Goligoski. Let that sink in. Especially with what happened tonight. Good lord.
We traded James Neal and Matt Niskanen for Alex Goligoski.why.
Predators win first showdown with Ducks' shutdown line: Ryan Johansen, James Neal and Calle Jarnkrok were regu...
ICYMI: James Neal got the on the board first!
The same team that had the likes of Matt Cooke and James Neal? Ironic Neal gave Flower the concussion.
Didn't the employ scumbags such as Matt Cooke, James Neal and Ulf Samuelsson?
The have two 30-goal scorers for the first time since the 2005-06 season. James Neal hits 30 to join Filip Forsberg
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Don't forget how disgusting the are for employing sexual predator Mike Riberio. Preds only pay him 2 make James Neal look better.
Yeah, the real deal James Neal punches a one way ticket to snipe city going titty side Tuesday and lights the torch for …
Laurent Brossoit / It was the James Neal show on Monday night, as the Edmonton
James Neal introducing Laurent Brossoit to an NHL shot tonight, I see.
i can see that... but I really think Matt Joyce looks exactly like James Neal
The have acquired James Neal & Matt Niskanen in exchange for Alex Goligoski:
Brad Marchand, Alex Killorn, Brandon Prust(even though he's in the AHL LOL) James Neal, Alex Burrows
Mike Fisher on the wing tonight! He'll be on the top line with Ryan Johansen and James Neal
Mike Fisher will start with Ryan Johansen/James Neal. He's the FIFTH player to do so in 12 games since Johansen arrived last month.
Will be interesting to see Mike Fisher skating alongside Ryan Johansen and James Neal. At least it'll start that way.
Mike Fisher, now, will get his shot on the LW with Ryan Johansen and James Neal.
MVP Finalists are James Neal, Pekka Rinne and Patrick Kane cause the NHL is confused.
James Neal gets a little help from Dierks Bently.
Nice of James Neal to let Cody Hodgson take his shot for him.
Dierks Bently scores on 2-on-1 with James Neal in the breakaway challenge. Now Pekka Rinne is going to try to stop next attempt with guitar.
James Neal and John Scott will be playing in the All-Star game while Jonathan Toews and Alex Ovechkin are watching. Anyth…
You'll love our even more out of uniform! Shea Weber, Pekka Rinne, Roman Josi and James Neal.
James Neal has been added to Weekend in Nashville! . From
Craig Smith / James Neal scores winner late to lift Predators over Canucks 2-1
Head into the winning Predators room and hear from Coach Laviolette, Mike Fisher, James Neal and Craig Smith.
Ryan Johansen's 9th goal of the season. James Neal with primary assist (on one-timer), Mike Ribeiro also has a helper. 1 1
James Neal playing alongside Johansen. Could be a fun line to watch...
James Neal gets a little bump from Adam Lowry
team with lebron james, dan barnes, ross teeter, max burton, and Shaq O'Neal
In terms of NHL success, Josh Bailey and James Neal are the best. My favourite Eagle, though, was my old bus monitor Nick Dennis.
Jan. 15, 2011: James Neal and Trevor Daley each score twice, and four players earn two assists in the Stars' 6-1 win over the Thrashers.
James Neal draws a penalty for the bolts. Wait, no that was Stamkos. I get dives confused
was that the year we got James Neal and he didn't score a goal til that terrible one in overtime from the boards in that series?
200 goals for James Neal! Find his milestone item in for 24 hours.
Because the Predators traded for Ryan Johansen & not Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (reportedly), here's a Ryan Johansen story.
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I saw it on TV as a kid, one of the many spy spoofs made in wake of James Bond in the 60's. O'Neal was a good actor.
team with Paul george, joakim noah, Shaq O'Neal, james harden,tyson chandler, and james harden,tyson chandler
We don't allow John Scott in the all star game, but we allow Matt Cooke, James Neal, and Zac Rinaldo to exist and gave Raffi Torres chances
"I think the sky's the limit for us." Ryan Johansen and James Neal have formed a fear-inducing tandem.
Congratulations to the "Real Deal" James Neal who scored his 200th career goal last night
To wrap up our tribute to the late performs a haunting version of 'Life on Mars'.
So the worst C/W duo in the central is Ryan Johansen and James Neal. Sweet joseph husband of mary but not father of jesus.
Pekka Rinne, Shea Weber, and James Neal deserve national exposure. Nashville's only crime is not having a big TV market
best the 5-3 behind two goals for James Neal and three assists for Mike Ribeiro!
HA! I hate James Neal.more than Chris Neil. But I love Neil Smith.
Which trade was worse: Bobby Ryan for Jakob Silfverberg, Stefan Noesen & 1st round pick OR James Neal for Patric Hornqvist and Nick Spaling?
Hear from Colin Wilson, Mattias Ekholm and James Neal in advance of tonight's game. 🎥 >>
Wild head to Music City to take on James Neal & the Perds. Lineups, preview, & other useless nuggets here:
C'MON REF: examines James Neal's hit to the head of Mark Giordano
WATCH: James Neal takes head shot on Mark Giordano
James Neal hits Mark Giordano with a headshot while on his way to the bench
James Neal hit to the head of Mark Giordano
James Neal hit Mark Giordano in the head:
Hearing Shea Weber, James Neal, Pekka Rinne and Seth Jones are in the proposed deal
No more James Neal or Neil Walker so who are Root broadcasters going to call the "real deal" now?
VIDEO: Referee drops double F-bomb on James Neal before embellishment call.
kessel is the James Neal Malkin needed
So we traded James Neal for a 3rd line winger...
I wanna throughly hate him, here you go:.
James Neal somehow didn't score on this wide-open net
James Neal missed on a wide open net for Nashville, but made up for it in the end
James Neal misses open net, hits outside of the post instead
Playing Hornqvist in the third line makes the James Neal trade look just plain awful. A 40 goal scorer for two third liners.
Of course James Neal scores while he's on my bench.
Wow James Neal scored with less than a minute in regulation I'm at the game yall I'll draw the winner when I get home in a hour congrats yal
James Neal just gave 110% effort for that empty netter. Vintage Looch would tip his cap
And Real Deal James Neal seals it with an empty netter. 5-2
James Neal 🙌🏼. Just need the Blackhawks to win and I win tonight's Hat Trick Challenge
Forward James Neal scores empty-net goal for with 50 seconds left...
James Neal corrected his mistake...didn't miss this time
I will always dislike James Neal for what he did to Petr Prucha.
James Neal gets to drink from redemption's sweet chalice as he scores on the empty net.
Wait james Neal scored empty net this time!!
And that's a High-Five! James Neal hits the empty net for a 5-2 Nashville lead.
James Neal made up for missing the empty net earlier. He scored an empty net late. 5-2
I take back all the mean things I said about James Neal's hair tonight 🙌🏼
Welp... he got that one. James Neal hits the empty net to make it 5-2,
Pretty sure James Neal exhaled a little when Forsberg scored that second one.
But some angles too sharp for James Neal, even sans goaltender.
If Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant & James Harden all played on the same team. 😂😭💀.
Oh my god that James Neal post, if the hadn't already scored a few, I woulda been convinced for sure of a curse.
Well James Neal will be on the not top ten after that missed empty net shot
catch a huge break as forward James Neal hits the post on an empty net.
James Neal with the highlight reel heartbreak
James Neal hits the post on a wide open net after Mike Smith's failed poke check. Unreal.
James Neal just missed a wide open net.
James Neal hit the post with Mike Smith about 20 feet out of position. The Predators aren't COMPLETELY out of that scoring slump.
I just find it funny how James Neal's sister is dating Mario Lemieux' son... it's crazy
Hello Ea I just pulled regular James Neal and he's a movember I have proof to show you thanks
If Bill Guerin and James Neal had a love child, it'd be Matt Cullen.
Prosser day to day with back injury. Also a James Neal cross-check. Fletcher on Neal: "he was on fire"
Wild lose Zach Parise on hit by 'dangerous, reckless' James Neal:
Steve Ott might be smarter than James Neal
2. Martin Jones stymies Filip Forsberg, who one-times the beautiful saucer pass from James Neal.
Keith Jones says he likes Hornqvist, but he's not James Neal ... of featured in NBC s Science of Love
Matt Carle, how about making a note if where James Neal is on the ice
we're just ignoring the fact that James Neal went to a Taylor Swift concert?
Why James Neal's new girlfriend look like a 40 year old cougar that has 2 kids and a separated husband?
team with damian lillard, Caleb Barnes, kobe bryant, james harden,tyson chandler, and Shaq O'Neal
Yeah I do as a matter of fact but my belief on their shot at getting him isn't very high, maybe 25% chance.
yeah, something like that would be my guess too. Think the Jays will be in on him?
Surprised it's taken this long, thought this was a well known curiosity.
team with blake griffin, Gavin young, james harden,tyson chandler, Tim duncan, and Shaq O'Neal
Got the opportunity to meet Preds forward James Neal today! @ Ford Ice Center
neal was watching our practice and I started staring at him & waving and my coach kept yelling at me to pay attention to him & not james😂😂
James Neal traded to the Predators Video - NHL ...
Just met James Neal Jr. from Spark of Hope! 󾌵 James got to tell us how Summer Ends Music Festival has a...
Slap a couple shots call me James Neal !!
Are turtleman lolly dog squirrel and my son and I favorite picker banjo man Neal James coming back to TV. I see no listing. Bad 4 animalplan
I'm a better winger than James Neal
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team with Shaq O'Neal, jason Voorhes, shrek, lebron james, and patrick
Watching the James Neal NHL36 one more time before my new DVR comes next week.
Shea Weber solid in preseason debut
Nobody argues Pacal Dupuis is superior to James Neal. Ever.
David J. Neal: LeBron James' actions toward David Blatt in line with ...
The last time i had one of these i got super drunk in nashville and told everyone what i'd do to James Neal. So.
Predators forward, Plymouth Whalers alums James Neal day-to-day: report
forward James Neal has been listed as "Day-to-day" b/c of a lower-body injury. He left game vs. 2nd period & did not return
team with max burton, wade carnes, lebron james, Shaq O'Neal, and lebron james
Trying not to read into practice groups, James Neal's injury and "Skate of the Union" schedule in my Friday notebook:
team with Kevin love, Trey ebert, james harden,tyson chandler, Dwight Howard, and Shaq O'Neal
is like, james?? and Gino's really confused. He's like no the neal I know is Rebecca. and then, BIG REVEAL: sid and his land
Predators find offense in preseason victory
Don't read too much into the Predators' new practice groups, Peter Laviolette says. Plus an update on James Neal.
Another speaker at the 2015 James River Writers conference.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Have you signed up for the conference? Here's an interview with speaker Neal Hall
James Neal is day-to-day with a lower-body injury. Sat out of third period Wednesday for "precautionary reasons."
forward James Neal, who left Wednesday's game early, did not practice today and is day-to-day with a lower-body i…
"Happy Birthday's" Today. Lou Moore / Greg Theberge / James Neal . Enjoy your special day surrounded by...
So my hands-free texting voice thing on my phone can spell Matt Niskanen right but it has a problem spelling James Neal... . Yep
James Neal might get the 2nd Hat Trick in Preds history of playoffs
You're actually right, we have no chance. Especially without James Neal. 2013 was the closest we last got and we got swept.
Forget the article for a moment, read what my friend James Neal says. Its profound and true.
A Beginner's Guide to the MMPI-A by Carolyn L. Williams and James Neal...
LeBron James has now suffered 2 of the 5 worst home losses in NBA Finals history.
LeBron James is playing like a warrior. He's a Cavalier but a warrior at the same time. This is blowing my mind, man. Wher…
LeBron James or Shaquille O'Neal shooting free throws?
Is LeBron James actually Shaquille O'Neal at the foul line? Find out next week on Dragonball Z.
"Of course I have a headache." - LeBron James when asked how his head is feeling heading into the 2nd half
Lebron just graduated from the James Neal school of embellishment
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Troy Ave want to be Trinidad James so bad Lol
Congratulations to James G. Neal, recipient of a 2015 Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor Award:
I understand. In an ideal world, Nashville sign Martin and he makes eggs for James Neal once more.
Petition for the Preds to sign Paul Martin so he can be reunited with James Neal.
Can Paul Martin go to Nashville with James Neal? That'd be sweet. I'd be ok with that. You know, how I feel matters to the NHL. 😂
Unless there's a slam dunk first, like LeBron James in 2003 or Shaquille O'Neal in 1992.
Throwback: A 16-year-old LeBron James talks to a local TV station about his plans for the future. . WATCH:
If LeBron James wins the Finals for the Cavs, he will be the G.O.A.T passing Michael Jordan.
LeBron James IS a better player than Kobe Bryant; Shaquille O'Neal is the reason Kobe has 3 rings, Real Talk. Shaq led that team, NOT Kobe.
When the word 'craft' loses its meaning - maker on surviving current trends http:/…
Now we have James Neal from discussing the broadcasting of eSports
The BUILDER movie featuring O'NEAL's James Doerfling / Knolly Bikes is available on demand. Be sure to watch!
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