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James Mwangi

James Mwangi Macharia (born 23 June 1984) is a Kenyan long-distance runner.

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Looks like banks have been forced to convert there debts to Equity. This is how James Mwangi has been ma…
Utilizing digital media, Bonnie Mwangi has crowdfunded, raised 5.2 M KES and has accounted for every coin. Behold the future!
Dr. James Mwangi is almost in tears. You are a true living Angel. May God bless you. Wewe ndio Nuru kwa hii gi…
James Mwangi:If elected, all families in this ward will possess NHIF card
James Mwangi: If elected, i will ensure the law is followed to curb drug menace
James Mwangi: If elected, I will form a committee that consists of village elders to help run the activities of Shabab
James Mwangi: I will empower women by encouraging them to use uwezo funds
James Mwangi: If elected, there will a cyber cafe where youths will use it especially in applying jobs online
James Mwangi: I will look for scholarships that will help needy students
James Mwangi: I will encourage youths to do entrepreneurship programs that will empower them
James Mwangi: If elected I will dig boreholes in the ward to increase water supply
This is how Brewers line up. Starting XI. Duncan Ochieng,Collins Shivachi,David Mwangi, Marlon Tangauzi, James...
Salute my bro Mwangi Samwel. God above all. Your star will shine more brighter than before .
'This is an opportunity for all service providers' Eng. James Mwangi
Eng. James Mwangi, 'We have a strong private sector that extends beyond the region that ha useful & vast experience in PPPs'
Think Gideon Muriuki of Cooperative Bank and James Mwangi of Equity Bank. Both these men are the single largest...
James is a brilliant signing for Bayern. Will flourish in Bundesliga. Carlo can revive his career.
But James why not preach peace instead of being a partisan, whoever wins, we the mwananchi stand to gain…
If you have appealed then this meeting has no basis ~ James Orengo.
have you met yet? You're both speaking the same language of circular economy and off-grid societies
ask Mwangi why always Judge Odunga who is married to James Orengo sister (am seeing family interests there ).
Was the murder of Nakumatt's internal auditor James Karanja Mwangi the beginning of its downfall
This week on we feature James Mwangi, Executive Director - Dalberg. He shares his insights on matters Youth and Afr…
happy boxing day. na bro James Mwangi
happy boxing day to bro Samuel Murathe na James Mwangi
James Mwangi still wakes up before 4AM
Kenya's ECONOMIC MIGHT isn't in the MIDDLE CLASS. Equity's James Mwangi discovered this long ago and became a billionaire while at it
if I was james mwangi your staff at Rwanda kismenti branch could be feted working like bees especially teller 4
Hey James Mwangi thanks for the follow!
Hi, kindly assist me renew driving license for STEPHEN MWANGI GICHUKI ID no. 8932448
“Your website can be your hardest working employee... via
Name the bank with a Whack receipt. James mwangi awache mchesoo!
May be its because of my high expectations on politicians that make me very disappointed. I would give a Trump James Mwangi a chance
Road upgrade; 76.6% of Eastlands roads upgrade to Bitumen standards complete - expected date of completion is in March…
What everyone needs to know about economics today
Am greatful to God for these grt people . To Dad and Mum To James Gakenia Mwangi and...
This was pressured to support Kibaki by Peter Munga, James Mwangi and and Stanley Murage. - DN
Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor. - James 4:10
Google is sitting on technology that could make the NSA obsolete and make hacking impossible.
James 5:16 "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." Let's pray for journey mercies along our roads thi…
~ Kenya Highways authority, the patent authority Kenya industrial property institute, Equity Bank and now James Mwangi
ION at least William Ruto is actually earning his PhD unlike fake & honorary doctorates like James Mwangi, Chris Kirubi, Mutahi Ngunyi
KOT are too young to know that James Mwangi of Equity was a key manager at Trade Bank Ltd that looted from it till it collapse…
"Corruption is the manifestation of the worst in us" - CEO James Mwangi
The only thing that separates the rich from the poor is opportunity Well done Dr.Jam…
If Dr. James Mwangi was once last in class, why are you worrying of making it, wake up and do something
What a great initiative - only just seen this spot on. Interview with James Mwangi, Group CEO of Kenya’s Equity Bank
Kenyans are lazy. Dr. James Mwangi Ceo was a finance manager of some collapsed bank. He is now a saint on
my what astory..ifthere were 10pple like james mwangi and 10organisations like Equity..thenkenya would…
You look at Dr. James Mwangi &you see a man who is leading a purpose driven life. Doc. we celebrate you!
Dr. James Mwangi of : Corruption destroys the soul of the perpetrator and finally the whole society.
We are able to change lives by giving the little we can, God bless you Dr. James Mwangi & the fraternity
live from on with the guest tonight is he CEO Mr. James M…
I have so much respect for Dr.James Mwangi, he is an inspiration to many, a change agent in our society
Congrats Duale Jnr. Jst don't go to politics.. Be like Dr. James Mwangi of Equity Bank. Siasa achia Baba yako na Cord
Jeff, thank you for doing PR for CEO at Dr.James Mwangi and two of his relatives about
great show. Dr. James Mwangi indeed inspirational, God bless you
On the Bench tonight, C.E.O, Dr. James Mwangi, Tune in to
Join Dr. James Mwangi and two beneficiaries of the tonight at 10pm on the bench, with .
Tell Dr . James Mwangi to vie for presidency the Kenya economy needs wings to Resurrect.
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Amazing Conversation tonight on The Bench with and C.E.O Dr. James Mwangi
If Dr James Mwangi was number last in school, its all about attitude 4someone 2make it in life
Dr James Mwangi and gave me and am now a dental surgeon.
In a society with corrupt personalities, we have a genuine reason to smile, Dr James Mwangi creating a future …
My brother CK. Thats the best answer ever. The likes of you, Jimnah Mbaru, James Mwangi should start TV series
James Mwangi - what private funding can do - gave capital, advice, governance and the bank grew from Kshs 20B to 400B in 7 years
Congratulations Dr K on all you accomplished at the Bank. Looking forward to hearing what's next.
Dear followers.Thanks all for support and friendship during my tenure as AfDB_Group President .All the best to
'You can never dominate a can never stop innovation...' - CEO James Mwangi
James Mwangi extended his stay as Equity CEO to 2024. Hi, Mugabe?
James Mwangi Equity Group hopes to stay as CEO till 2024, don't think it bodes well for institution need to infuse new mgt soon
Today's sermon is delivered by James N. Mwangi - Evangelism committee chairman
Yet, Dr James Mwangi and thousands of other successes teach Seminars at Harvard
. After unvailing their simcard . I knew equity was gonna make safcom sweat . Expect more suprises frm james mwangi
big question is why? Hint. How does any one dare reject James Mwangi? "Sorry not interested" doesn't exist in his vocabulary.
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what did you expect.James Mwangi is not a man of his word.Says he supports women in business yet out to destroy my business & I
(See 8 Kenyans who have lost Sh 19.6 billion at NSE - JAMES MWANGI and his wife lead) Webkenni
James Mwangi, Julius Yego, . We are a blessed nation.
Za zigine Jeff.Dr James Mwangi is inspirational Yego would be inspirational. Hii ni self help mumbo jmbo
I subscribed to EQUITEL since I blvd James Mwangi's words. But noww even calling with it...
3. James Mwangi, however, said that “all Equity charges on mobile money remain Sh27, the addition is a fine by Safaricom.
now James Ng'ang'a wil hv to confess the bare truth to another lawyer and pay exorbitantly for him/her to conceal th truth, clif…
Equity's James Mwangi has no monopoly of knowledge. How can a NSE public listed bank with many depositors be left in the hands of one man?
In April, James Mwangi said he would lead Equity Bank for another 10 years. Why are we surprised that Julius jumped?
The grapevine had it that Julius Kipngetich current COO of Equity Bank was heir apparent to James Mwangi...Seems the latter not leaving soon
Julius was anticipated to succeed James Mwangi, good luck though
Uchumi Supermarket hits on the man who was being groomed to be Dr James Mwangi's successor at Equity Bank
nope! There's power in being CEO and if that's what he wanted chances are James Mwangi isn't going to leave
I thought was being groomed to replace James mwangi?
Innovation Week - . Dr. James Mwangi, CEO, Equity Bank - Specimen for Jeans, was from Lake Bogoria and KE got nothing.
Equity Bank’s James Mwangi set to serve for 10 more years -
During the day, they are with Ruto. At night they share a drink with Gideon moi and James Mwangi
that a billionaire in James Mwangi wakes up at 3am to read, shld ring a bell to all hustlers. Education has no end
Wings to fly is James Mwangi's best ever idea that has come to pass. bright student's dreams are rescued
Kenyans are generally known to be hardworking,enterprising and resilient lot. But within ourselves,certain communities are more successful than others simply because they choose to be. To give credit where it's due,the Kikuyu community is one such example and by virtue of knowing them through interaction and business,let me share some facts with you. 1.They broke corporate wall of dorminance.James Mwangi in banking,Gicharu..higher education,Tabitha Karanja and wine and S.K Macharia...Media ,wanjohi 2.They don't believe in witchcraft.Some people can't even build a stone house in their village. 3.They don't believe in handouts..that's why each one is looking for his own money.have you seen citizen interview with Kibaki's sister.? She benefited nothing directly from him. 4.Proximity to Nairobi has helped them save on many expense .compare someone from Mandera and Kiambu.Don't blame them for this advantage,it is a gift from their forefathers who settled there. 5.They are educated coz of b ...
I lost my Warret with all my documents James Ndungu Mwangi please inform me if found
Dr James Mwangi is pure kikuyu, just listen the way he is communicating .they bolow money instead they borrow money.
Q&A session with final panelists at scale conference moderated by from
Will Equity Bank win the MVNO battle with Safaricom? Interview with CEO James Mwangi
“Eradication of poverty starts in your mind” ― James Mwangi, CBS, Managing Director & CEO, Equity Bank.
"Agency banking transactions have overtaken branches and ATMs. In June, our Agents handled Kshs16B" Dr. James Mwangi
Just because James Mwangi and Bob Collymore are beefing I can't use Equity's EazzyCash on Safcom ?
The right way to do business in by v
How can a pastor afford a Sh 200 million mansion in Runda complete with a a pool near those of entrepreneurs- like James Mwangi of Equity?
Its wrong for someone to take over someones dream just because they have the money. Shame
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Jazz maestro Hellon in child kidnap drama via
Watchmen should learn to shoot, not march via
May Machakos Bus Station rest in weeds via
James Mwangi the CEO of Equity Bank has won the world’s most coveted awards in the business world among them being the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Forbes person of the year (2012). His rise to the top is fascinating and an...
Circumstances n situation are not permanent, today ain't definition of tomorrow and the future ain't continuation of the past. 'James Mwangi'
The will have a big transformation to the Kenyan economy. Kenya will become a cashless economy - Dr. James Mwangi
The introduction of is to help Kenyans access mobile banking affordably - Dr. James Mwangi
You can also individually sponsor this program by donating towards the program.Lets transform Kenya- Dr. James Mwangi
Our preparation of these scholars through our mentoring has seen them take up leadership positions in their schools - Dr. James Mwangi
pays for their school fees, uniforms and pocket money in their 4 year high school live - Dr. James Mwangi
These scholars who mainly are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, will support their families - Dr. James Mwangi
We are distributing opportunities to deserving scholars across Kenya through and - Dr. James Mwangi
Some of the kids in the program are orphans who need to be inspired and mentored - Dr. James Mwangi AM live
We realized the thirst for education in 2002 after the free primary education thus we introduced - Dr. James Mwangi
James Mwangi of is always an inspirational.
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Dr.James Mwangi: program ensures mentorship into leadership. It's totally transformative to kids as well as family
programme is very transformational for the beneficiaries says Dr James Mwangi of on with
A wonderful programme by in You got to give it to Dr. James Mwangi. Great job.
Programme entail school fees, transport to schools, pocket money, coaching & mentoring says Dr James Mwangi on with
Primary & secondary school teachers assist in spreading the word on programme says Dr James Mwangi on with
These children come from disadvantaged family who will come back and help their families Dr James Mwangi
Tune to AM live on NTV as Dr. James Mwangi speaks about the which has benefited over 2000 scholars.
Chair, Dr. James Mwangi on giving bright students in Kenya a 'Chance to Fly' live on NTV
Every August beneficiaries are taken through 2 weeks of mentorship by captains in the industry Dr James Mwangi says on
A chance to fly now on Dr James Mwangi Speaking about the program
Dr.James Mwangi on on the scholarships & steering education don't be a victim of circumstances & situations
Dr. James Mwangi CEO of to go live on after its now here. Don't miss this show
Dr. James Mwangi about to go onwith tune in
On Lifestyle: We speak with Dr.James Mwangi, CEO Equity Bank on the Wings to Fly program, Join at
James Mwangi has built Equity Bank from scratch and everybody can see how he got rich.. Who knows how Kirubi got rich? - A… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi speaks out on thin SIM technology -
James Mwangi proves brain matters more than accent
Now showing Dr James Mwangi of Equity Bank Kenya. -
The future is not a continuation of the pastJames mwangi
I have known James Mwangi, CEO Equity, as this serious person always talking about serious stuff until I saw him blush at ...
The past is never adefinition of the future ~Dr.James Mwangi
Circumstances and situations are not permanent, you determine your future - Dr. James Mwangi MD. Equity Bank Ke
"oooh yes, he screwd Trust bank big time. now Dr. James Mwangi is a hero
We are nothing without our families.James Mwangi, wife &son. thank u for an inspirn even'n. Next time apande super-bikes.
The future is not necessarily a continuation of the past - Dr. James Mwangi
Dr James Mwangi CEO Equity Bank is nothing but inspiring. Great role model to look up to.
so this man is called Dr James Mwangi which university did he do his doctorate
"Before we forget, Dr. James Mwangi was mentioned adversely in that collapsed Bank." cc
James Mwangi is in Forbes but has no accent; you were not even in your school mag & u r busy setting standards ...
A lot has been fostered by the business community in Kenya & Nigeria, including the likes of Aliko Dangote & James Mwangi of Equity Bank.
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I thought James Mwangi was the master creating financial wealth until i met Peter Lynch who makes him look like students
The Battle of the Regimes; the story of James Mwangi and the evolution of Equity
James Mwangi featured in The Battle of the Regimes
Pastor's Moment: One day in 2012, Equity CEO James Mwangi was interviewing Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta at the Kenyatta University and the audience was a group of students from different parts of Kenya. DPM Kenyatta then started a story, " One day in school the class 7's beat us and since all my class 6 classmates knew my father was President they urged me one saying, ' do something, show these guys your Dad is President' "So we all went to the telephone booth and we knew how to use the booth without paying and mzee picked the call and he listened to my story all the time responding, Aha.Aha...then when i was done he paused for a while, and everyone was waiting for my word. My dad then said, "You must learn how to fight your own battles" and he disconnected the call" " I had been beaten but I turned smiling and assured my classmates that all will be well as any other child at that age would do...I knew nothing would be done but luckily the next day the teachers heard about the incident of our beat ...
HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS - INVESTMENT GURUS: News of acquisition by Britam of 24.75% of HFCK shares owned by Equity Bank has energized the market even more.. As we talk, Britam has gained 13.07% in today's session alone with HFCK gaining 12.28%.. Equity has gained 3.26%.. Point is, Britam is doing very well in deal making nowadays having spent over 1.6 Billion in acquisitions recently.. But what making my heart merry is the fact that these three companies are just one! Reason being, (Equity Bank CEO - James Mwangi, is also director in Britam).. (Britam CEO- Benson Wairegi is the Vice Chairman of Equity Bank Board and director in HFCK).. (Equity Chairman - Peter Munga is the a Director in Britam and HFCK).. (Jimnah Mbaru is Director in Britam and a significant shareholder in both Equity and HFCK).. In other words, Mwangi, Munga, Jimnah Mbaru and Wairegi combined are directly or indirectly majority shareholders in the three companies involved and actually calls the shots in all!!! What many of you don't kno ...
I'm here wondering how much Equity Bank paid to Royal Media services to interview James Mwangi during news these scripted qns.
James Mwangi has decided to finish Bob Collymore politically, No more M-shwari.
LOOK at the LIST of individuals President UHURU KENYATTA is going with to Nigeria President Uhuru Kenyatta will this Sunday lead a group of Kenyan investors on a three day tour of Nigeria to seek an increase in trade between Lagos and Nairobi. The President will be accompanied by 10 investors who have made a mark in Kenya’s economy and want to expand their business interests to other corners of Africa. “Members consist of high profile delegation of businessmen who already have running interests in West Africa, or those with very high potential to tap into the huge market,” A statement from Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) said. Among those who will accompany the President to Nigeria is Equity Bank CEO, James Mwangi, Ms Betty Maina of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Mr Bharat Thakrar of Scangroup Ltd and Ms Jillian of the Organisation of Women in International Trade (OWIT). Other investors includes Lucy Muchoki of Kenya Agribusiness and Agri-industry Alliance, Mr Samuel ...
.Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Napoleon Hill, Dr. James Mwangi, William Ruto, Wangari Mathai, Steve Jobs, and many others...
Haiya, habari ndio hii hapa!! Via TheKenyan Daily Post REVEALED: MIKE SONKO is secretly collecting 1 million signatures to impeach EVANS KIDERO - Equity Bank indirectly funding the process and UHURU is aware * Tuesday March 11, 2014 - Unconfirmed reports reaching us indicate that Nairobi Senator, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, is on course to impeach his Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero, over mismanagement of Nairobi County. A source close to the Nairobi Senator told The Kenyan DAILY POST that Sonko has secretly been collecting signatures with a target of one million in order to impeach Kidero over the recent increment of parking fee that led to the matatu strike last week. Sonko, who owns matatus in Nairobi, is allegedly being assisted by other matatu owners and operators to raise one million signatures to send Kidero home. By today morning, Sonko had allegedly collected close to 150, 000 signatures and the response was good. The source further revealed that Equity Bank, whose owner is James Mwangi, is very much involved a ...
More success for James Mwangi at Equity Bank: a keynote at
If you ask me James Mwangi used the theory of pooling small sums of money to make a big and a likeable bank which is grown the Industry
James Mwangi exploited even the potential in the Guys who sell MAKAA in the Slums and pulled them to banking
Remember when BANKING INDUSTRY was for the Elite few in the society? James Mwangi saw the Potential of a Mama Mboga
James Mwangi Identified a market in the MWANANCHI and Exploited it. He made them feel wanted in the Industry
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Good leaders learn from their mistakes, since we are great leaders we want to learn from mistakes of others, James Mwangi MD
Dr. James Mwangi..."The future is better than the present"...
Whichever telco card comes to Kenya, we can acquire it at Equity Bank - Dr. James Mwangi
Payment processing and merchant business has grown by 58% - Dr. James Mwangi
Being a market leader, we are all over the country - Dr. James Mwangi
Our future will be driven by technology and financial intermediation. - Dr. James Mwangi
We are focusing on enabling Kenyans to creating wealth - Dr. James Mwangi.
Dr James Mwangi:An organisation cant be better than its leaders
We are moving small businesses to medium and medium to large - Dr. James Mwangi
We will reach maturity when Kenyans stop growing financially - Dr. James Mwangi
As the economy grows, so does Equity Bank - Dr. James Mwangi
Equity has grown on saving models and we continue to grow - Dr. James Mwangi
With our strategy we have become one of Africa's most respected banks - Dr. James Mwangi
Dr. James Mwangi takes the podium at the Equity Bank Group Q1 Investor Results
"Will Kenya's tech-city, Konza, rival Silicon Valley?" Construction at Konza City, Kenya’s pioneer technopolis, is expected to start in the next three months. The chairman of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (Kotda) John Ngumi said companies are waiting for an ongoing survey to be completed to start construction of infrastructure. “The survey is supposed to take 20 weeks, but we hope it will be shorter to enable the teams working on the water systems, power and fibre optic cables to move in,” Mr Ngumi said. University of Nairobi Enterprise Services (Unes) was awarded a Sh30 million contract to map out infrastructure lines and lease plots using GPS technology, setting the stage for implementation of the first phase. The government had allocated Sh773 million for the project in the 2013/2014 budget. Of this, Sh520 million had been earmarked for the construction of the sales pavilion. Mr Ngumi said despite delays in approval from National Environmental Management Authority (Nema), the constr ...
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"James Mwangi Who is a MAN?A MAN is the most beautiful part of God's creation who starts compromising at a very tender age.He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister. He sacrifices his dreams just for the smile on his parents' face. He sacrifices his full youth for his wife and children by working late at night without complaining. He builds their future by taking loans from banks and repaying them for a lifetime. He struggles a lot and still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife and boss.Men are not usually celebrated but they are the most important part of a woman's life and women cannot do without them.Please respect every man in your life because you will never know what he has sacrificed for you.Please send this write up to every man to make him smile and every woman to realize his worth.Thank God for men. International Men's day is today, celebrate the great men in your world.1"
Happy birthday to my Honey pie, James Mwangi Kimotho.Today, I told him, I love him to the moon and back, he counteracted by saying that his love for me is not just from the moon but the Sun.I'm still smiling Jay.You truly are King in this girlies world. Thankful for the laughter, tickles, moments, prayers, lil tag and pulls weve shared since I met you, we call them our Jay n Fay times ' which make us an item! Thanx for making your family and our love your priority.I pray an eternity together.they say wine gets better with each coming day, and so does each coming day with you.Love you to the Sun n . :)
It's just amazing how James Mwangi of Equity Bank cannot properly pronounce the name of his multi-billion company.
What makes a city "world-class"? Dalberg proposes a new definition, with new research supported by http:/…
Look for D. Capital's Lily Han at For more on our recent work developing a
HUGinsure is the world's first social impact insurance - what can it mean for and htt…
Happening now: Dalberg's Joe Dougherty talks at with + http…
Interesting perspective on "The right way to do business in from in
The right way to do business in by Dalberg's in
How can organizations transition from competition to collaboration? Dalberg's Andrew Stern at
If you expect anyone else to follow you, you must have absolute confidence in yourself. - Dr. James Mwangi.
i can comfortably predict within 5 yrs, Equity's CEO James Mwangi will be the richest Kenyan
Photo: Awesome lunch meeting with the brand identity guru that is Dana James Mwangi! With food loving...
James Mwangi of Equity Bank is the best CEO I have ever seen... I salute him for his contribution in wings to fly scholarship program.
Equity Bank chief executive James Mwangi has for the first time since the debut of the firm at the Nairobi bourse in 2006 acquired additional shares in the lender.
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Who are Kenya’s wealthiest? It has been a good year for the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), and the biggest winners have been top shareholders whose wealth has been on the up and up. In just three months to December 2013, Peter Kahara Munga saw his wealth increase by Sh1.5 billion from his stake in Britam, whose share price has risen by 84 per cent in the last three months. He made his first billion at Equity Bank, where he is chairman. Mr Munga is only one of the many Kenyans who are reaping millions of shillings from the NSE and in the process increasing their net worth by several million shillings. In this group, you will count Jimnah Mbaru, Baloobhai Patel and James Mwangi. Gains from this market in the recent past have seen both Kenyan and foreign investors record major financial gains. Most of the top gainers have diversified businesses ranging from real estate, industries and owning stocks in some of the thriving public and private companies in the country. James Mwangi Equity Bank’s chief e ...
On behalf of Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Barack Obama (who I should visit), my close David Cameron, Sir Alex Ferguson (who we had a long conversation last night) Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, (both who I share holidays with) Dr. Alfred Mutua, Dr. James Mwangi (Equity Bank) not forgetting Chris Kirubi and Manu Chandaria among my many other fellow billionaires and millionaires. We would like to pass our condolences to South Africa and the world at large for the loss of a hero in the name of Nelson Mandela. We love you Madiba.
What comes to your mind when these names are mentioned: 1.Manu Chandaria 2.Micheal Joseph 3.David Rudisha 4.James Mwangi 5.Jeff Koinange 6.Titus Naikuni... and the list goes on. Their names are band. Kids all over the world are being named after Mandela.Even at his old age, follow ups are being made concerning his health.People cry when he's admitted to hospital. What is your name!!!
i am Alfrick from Bomet county.i wish to see James Mwangi (former CEO Equity) he is good at finance he realy proplled eq ...
James Mwangi, Chris Kirubi and John Ngumi are among the guest speakers at the 2013 Africa Global Business Forum set for Dubai.
I propose Dr.James Mwangi of Equity Bank for the position of Cabinet Secretary of Finance...his reputation speaks for itself, best CEO in Africa and respected the world over...
:MMUSTAA Special General Meeting for Ranking of Chancellor Nominees.These were: Hon.Mwai Kibaki Dr.James Mwangi Dr.S.K Macharia Prof.William Ochieng Prof.Roselinda Mutua This is how it turned out. Dr James Mwangi-15 DR Mwai Kibaki-2 Prof William Ochieng-1 Prof Roselinda Mutua-0 Dr James Mwangi-CEO Equity Bank was elected with the majority as the new Chancellor . He is the 2nd chancellor replacing President Mwai Kibaki who was the universitie's 1st chancellor since its establishment in 2008. LONG LIVE MMUST. WE ARE PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU.
Dr. James Mwangi reinvented and transformed completely a loss making organisation through employee motivation, excellent customer care, strategic partnerships and hard work turned it around: Equity Bank's compounded annual growth rate over the past 10 years has been an incredible 78% and the bank has been growing ten-fold every 5 years for the last 20 years. From a staff level of 27, Equity today employs just under 8,000 people, it now has a presence in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, and was among the first financial institutions to open a branch in South Sudan. Its balance sheet of Kshs. 250 billion is equal to 25% of kenya's budget. It's possible to realize your dream.
Dr. James Mwangi, founder & CEO of Equity Bank is named Forbes Africa's Person of the Year. Equity Bank has 8 million customers!
the just concluded nominations spoke loudly that Kenya can conduct a peaceful election if leaders uphold the rule of the game&respect the forces of democracy that there was no violence all over except parts of Nyanza where democracy was armtwisted.That Kenyans elect leaders based on their performance to protect the rights of the poor majority,in Nairobi County the win of Waititu against Jimnah Mbaru spoke like as they say "be good to people on your way up for you need them on your way down" despite being a corporate guru Mbaru did nothing for Kenyans unlike Dr. James Mwangi, Dr.julius Kipngetich Michael Joseph, Adan Mohamed or Mohamed Hirsi or Ester Passaris who contributed largely on the economy that if today any of these men&women they seek elective post they can win easily as their is in everyone's lips but for Mbaru he made investment for the few elitists these again sends a message to Evans Kidero to prepare for a "heartbreak" that today Kenyan voter is more informed than 40years ago so much that the ...
There are two ways of getting the title Dr prefix your name... no actually 4 ways. 1. Get a honorarium from a University which recognizes the good work you have done in a certain field... such as given to Drs. James Mwangi, Raila Odinga, Mwai Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka et al 2. Subject yourself to extensive research and graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in a certain field of study like Dr. Allan N Mwangi. 3. Subject yourself to 6 years of study in or of human health, lack of it, well being and all factors that work for or against it, and graduate with a degree in medicine M.D 4. Start a church, get many members to exploit, go to a U.S theological college for six months (online) and get a certificate on mail with the titles Dr., Bishop, The Rev.,. like. You all know who!
Which business personalities will you be keeping tabs on in 2013? I've got James Mwangi, Cyril Ramaphosa and Folorunsho Alakija on my list.
So far the 'I am Africa' ads i've seen have been Kenyans. James Mwangi and Wangari Maathai.
Kawauchi Wins Hofu in 2:10:46 Two Weeks After 2:10:29 in Fukuoka, Hosaka Gets Age 63 World Record What is there to say about Yuki Kawauchi? Nobody understands why he did the two-week 2:09:57 / 2:12:33 double at the Fukuoka International Marathon and Hofu Yomiuri Marathon last year, but for reasons known only to himself, two weeks after a failed bid for a sub-2:08 in Fukuoka this year resulted in a disappointing 2:10:29 Kawauchi was back for a negative-split 2:10:46 win in Hofu, an apparent world record for the shortest-ever time between sub-2:11 performances, the 4th-fastest winning time in Hofu's 43-year history and the 4th-best of his own career. Fukuoka was his 3rd-best. Pacers Yuichiro Ueno (Team S&B) and James Mwangi (Kenya/Team NTN), both of whom were in Fukuoka, took things out just sub-2:12 pace through 5 km and then proceeded to gradually ratchet things down ever so slightly. By Ueno's departure at 20 km the lead group of eight was down to 2:11:33 pace, Kawauchi never leaving his place in the fr ...
James Mwangi:2012 AABLA Business leader of the year,Lifetime achievement award in banking & World Entrepreneur of the year
Dr. James Mwangi, beat Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu, president Joyce Banda and Stephen Saad to the title of Forbes Africa person of the year
Dr. James Mwangi, CEO and Managing Director of Equity Bank Limited is the 2012 Forbes Africa Person of the Year. When receiving the award at a ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Mwangi said, “The story of Equity Bank’s transformation in 7 years is an example that Africa can transform in our lifetime. Entrepreneurship has the potential to solve the Africa paradox of a continent endowed with resources, yet confronted by high levels of poverty.”
when the times and circumstances change, change with those times and circumstances...i.e - If you live next to this new Super Highway, you have to learn to cross it differently. You cannot be crossing it the way you used to do before the road was reconstructed.Dr. James Mwangi - CEO Equity Bank
Another reason why i aim at getting a fist class honours... Am frm a graduation ceremony at our skul en the guest speaker, Equity Bank CEO, Dr.James Mwangi has just offered 10 job positions to the top 10 best performing graduands in our uni...what a motivation!
By Gilbert koech Kenya needs innovative and creative people in order to improve the living standards of its citizenry and realize the blue print of vision 2030, Equity CEO Dr. James Mwangi has sa...
Genesis 41:38. so he asked them, 'Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God.' 4 Obama victory, we remember the lives and works of Tom Mboya, Martin Luther Jr, John F. Kennedy, all of whom whose lives were taken by the bullet by evil men who never wanted 2 c a better place 4 humanity. my current heros in this line r Dr. James Mwangi of wings to fly, Tegla Lorupe, Bill and Belinda Gates. Thank u all who touched my school life. God bless. am doing it to others too.
DEVELOPMENT IN AFRCA Developing the Next Generation of African Leaders by Busayo Olude African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to catalyse large-scale change in Africa by developing thousands of transformative leaders for the continent over the next few decades. Our model for change involves three steps: (1) we identify the most outstanding young leaders across Africa; (2) we develop these young leaders through an innovative, life-long program that focuses on hands-on practice; and (3) we foster powerful, life-long networks for these leaders that position them to achieve large-scale impact in Africa. ALA aims to develop the next Nelson Mandela, the next James Mwangi, the next Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and the African Sam Walton, Jonas Salk, and Steve Jobs. JOB DESCRIPTIONTo manage the careers and internships placements for West Africa as per the Careers and Internships annual calendar. To develop and maintain excellent relationships with partner organizations in West Africa for careers and Internships purpos ...
Joyce Banda fits as Africa's personality of the year. James Mwangi denies even women right to maternity leave
Dr. James Mwangi, Equity Bank 'My Role Model is Nelson Mandela; The way he has changed people’s lives inspires me every day.'
The only time i ever enjoy my life is night time when am dead asleep, taking a flight around the world in dreamland, having tea with Obama, playing golf with Billy gates, enjoying the game of chess with Richard Branson and having James Mwangi run errands for me as Raila looks over my two life tend to fall apart daytime~goodnite folks, am off to my world.
Friends, We need bold leaders who are able to stand up and tell you the truth- however bitter it may be. And one such leader is Dr. James Mwangi- the MD and CEO at Equity Bank Ltd. He is also the Chairman of Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat. Dr Mwangi has come out and doubted the efficacy of Vision 2030, and asked, are Kenyans feeling Vision 2030? Turn it the other way round; what are we doing as a People to Live Vision 2030? Now, this is a tough question, for in Vision 2030, we have broad theories, utopian as they are, but very practical towards moving Kenya to the next level. I have taken time to go through the Medium Term Goals and as good as their intended actions are on paper, they are wanting on the ground. And we do not want to be reminded of Water for all by the year 2,000. The year 2,000 came and went and no water was realized for all. Kenya will be celebrating our Silver Jubilee on the 1st June 2013, and try as we want, I am certain we will not achieve the basic 3 issues we set out to achi ...
Uhuru Kenyatta interview with Dr. James Mwangi when he attended the Equity Group 2nd Annual Gifted Scholars Leadership Development Congress at Kenyatta Unive...
African Banker magazine invites you to attend the first in a new series of Africa focused sessions at the IMF-World Bank meetings. This premier event will be an action-packed afternoon that will focus on key issues related to growth and development across the African continent including issues such as increasing trade flows, internally and globally, and how to ensure SMEs can play a bigger role in the economy. We've prepared a vibrant panel of experts including: HE Rundheersing Bheenick, Governor, Bank of Mauritius; Felix Bikpo, CEO, African Guarantee Fund; H.E. Stuart Comberbach, Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Japan and Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps (ADC) in Tokyo; Jean-Louis Ekra, President, Afreximbank; Omari Issa, CEO, Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF); Tunde O. Lemo, Deputy Governor, Operations, Central Bank of Nigeria; James Mwangi, CEO and Managing Director, Equity Bank; Masayuki Tamagawa, Head, External Representation Office for Asia, African Development Bank; Tim Turner, Director, P ...
Dr. Julius Kipng'etich's appointment @ Equity Bank as COO is a bullish signal for the bank and confirms a sustained bull run at the NSE midterm. The CEO James Mwangi said African markets to focus on are Nigeria, Ghana, SA, Ethiopia and Kenya. "We are in Kenya only" he added, signalling desire to venture into some or all other four. In other words these countries are the Frontier's proxies...Your take?
According to "African Business" editorial up to 50 billion US dollars is 'stolen' yearly by multinationals and yet they are able to lable Africa as being corrupt. We applaud former SA president Thabo Mbeki through UN Economic Commission which he chairs for coming with suggestions to remedy this continental bleeding. Leaders like the CE0 of Investment Facility for Africa,Omari Issa and current Ernst and Young World Entrepreneur of the year James Mwangi among many others are doing their bit to show that Africa isn't a dark continent there's more than enough potential here.
Tonight I celebrate Dr. James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO, for winning the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012 amongst 59-finalists. Listening to him on K24's "The Bench" was very inspiring, and his is true success story for Kenya by any standards. Truly we got what it takes to position ourselves on the global map as a nation, for all the correct reasons. We have top athletes, top tourist destinations and now tops in entrepreneurship. It further reaffirms my commitment to restructuring support to micro-enterprise, the new frontier to Kenya's prosperity.
Capturing the moment; James Mwangi was picked from among the 59 country finalists
My take... James Mwangi, Equity CEO was over the weekend named Ernst & Young world entrepreneur of the year. Equity is audited by Ernest & Young & this brings about conflict of interest.. Again, I don't think He is an entreprenuer.. He's just a smart CEO with a dark history of bringing down a bank... If they had to give it to an African, Africa has better entreprenuers like Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote, Chris Kirubi, Patrice Motsepe etc... To be CEO of Equity has very little to do with entreprenuership, that's management prowess.. If they were to cast their eyes wider, Eike Batista (Brazillian), founder of EBX, MMX, MPX, OGX, LLX & OSX would have won squarely...
James Mwangi of Kenya's Equity Bank Named Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of ...: “James has been pivotal in th...
James Mwangi named Entrepreneur of the Year (2012) by Ernst and Young!! Congratulations are in order! Read more -->
Business opportunity that will increase your dollars Dr.James Mwangi of Equi...
Its like James Mwangi siphoned some millions from Jimnah Mbaru. Nota Bene: The two are investment partners in various sectors.
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