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James Murphy

James Franklin Murphy (July 30, 1967, Portsmouth, Virginia) is an American guitarist. He is best known for his work in metal bands Death and Testament.

David Bowie Britney Spears Frank Ocean Donna Summer

When James Murphy speaks, the whole music world listens.
me: . james murphy: it keeps coming till the day it stops. I wish we could talk about it but that's the problem. me:
16. Murphy’s Romance with Sally Field and James Garner. God’s gift to the romantic comedy genre.
look I know I'm 7 years late on this but this is still my favorite feud and I refuse to believe that it's fake
The president is in his second controversy involving a Gold Star family. *His second*
I added a video to a playlist Movie by Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, John Landis
Me, an *** Which NBA team do you miss the most. You, James Murphy: The Sonics. The Sonics. The Sonics. The Sonics
Just going to say it someone needs to Run Connor Murphy...
watching Justin Turner rake, have to wonder about Alderson's evaluation of difference-maker hitters-Murphy and Turner
Lol...wait- was it "favorite food" or "food whose artificial coloring you most resemble"?
Oh sure, sarcasm is a totally unforgivable flaw. May you burn in *** with your baguette. 🙄
The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).
Lol my PLT SGT for reception sounds like Dave Chappelle as Rick James when he speaks normally to Charlie Murphy
"Rick James wouldn't just grind his feet into Eddie Murphy's couch "
I like most things ever but wow if stranger things isn't the James Murphy line about borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80s
Listen to Elliot's Freestyle at torres Auto by James Murphy 62 on
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Remember Charlie Murphy’s story about ‘Rick James’ after the white couch incident at Eddie Murphy’s?. Yeah, that...
And while I am of course not confirming that is James Comey, I have just convinced whoever holds the account…
The whole Rick James Charlie Murphy bit was my fave. Also the one about the *** Family lmao.
James Thelma Murphy , get your tongue out of that socket!
Not for college info. Check this from and this from…
For the second year in a row, organizers of Milwaukee's marathon get the distance of the course wrong.
The fact that rick James and Charlie Murphy fight is Mike tysons autobiography is hilarious and prince’s basketball skills lol
Along with this exhibition hold stock pieces by John Houston, Henry Wright Kerr, James McBey, Patrick Will…
Question: there's a meme out there that HS students don't use FB. Verdad? Be…
talk to me about HS student use of FB. Old people trying to sound hip say the kids quit a long time ago. Verdad?
Check out initiative and this scary stat 4 out of every 5 low-income students miss th…
For sure. Just read that "most people learn to read at school." Wondering how true that is. And for whom?
Huge congrats to new Head Coach James Murphy taking the helm Good luck buddy!
Must be a blend of both. Lang acquisition begins babbling & talking @ home then structured Lang in…
Does the person wearing them carry me around?
October 7 SAT scores will be available beginning TOMORROW. Log into your College Board account to view them.
legislators Rep James Murphy provide the honors.
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Billy Roche as Operations Director at the company.
By the early 1800s Irishman James E. Murphy was the largest sugar planter and slave-owner in the Danish slavocracy of St.…
If we're being honest, I'd have to go back to 1981 & James Brady, the last Press Secretary whom I believ…
James Murphy came back to make better music.
someone called James Murphy "the rich man's Alan Vega" and it's a sledge in perfect crystalline form
I give permanent side-eye to James Murphy for opening a wine bar, yet I’m a huge fan of Bryan Ferry, who is a human wine bar
James Murphy wanted Lou Reed or Leonard Cohen to perform on the new LCD Soundsystem album -...
*James Murphy voice* LCD is playing in Funkhaus, Funkaus
Oct. 2019: James Murphy announced as producer of forthcoming records by Taylor Swift, The Strokes and a solo Win Bu…
LCD Soundsystem's new single "tonight" is like James Murphy hisself is giving us a pep talk like we all secretly want
Listened to the new LCD Soundsystem track finally. James Murphy has been listening to Daft Punk I see
It's like working at Winnebago and not driving
CHARLIE MURPHY! - What I shout in my head whenever a Rick James song comes on.
Cancer doesn't want to be tarred by associating with
Her:When are you going to stop partying?. Me:I don't have an answer to that. *Watches MadTV sketch of Eddie Murphy and Ric…
"You hate the idea that you're wasting your youth, stood in the background until you got older" gracias por el brote nervioso James Murphy.
Serving in Congress, I walk past a dozen statues of men who wanted to keep my ancestors in chains. Think about that. htt…
The October Uncut has an interview with Tony Visconti and another with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. See here: https…
LCD's James Murphy on what a sweetheart David Bowie was to him. (From Tom Pinnock's interview in the latest UnCut.)
James Murphy not thinking much of David Holmes:
“You can’t steal from a thief, darling,” - David Bowie to James Murphy of ... so cool
Well done to James Murphy attached to for qualifying into the British Senior Open Championship !!…
James Murphy draped his studio in tinfoil and silver fabric to create Sound of Silver
Casper took us to Bairro Alto where a guy told us he was a supernatural 16th century tree & James Murphy…
Rick James denied grinding his feet on Charlie Murphy's couch...
Charlie Murphy knew he was a good actor cuz he irk my *** nerves every time he alone with James 😒😂😂😂
Also, avg age of 20,000 students is 27. 3 out of 4 work, many full time. 3 out of 5 are parents. Our student…
Not what I expected from someone breaking out the sticky at a jam session in Colorado.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
A bit like the infamous Inspector James Spud Murphy, on Shergar's disappearance, ' we have a good description'...
Eddie Murphy recording w/Rick James. Funeral on August 11, 2004. Once again Cleveland2:53) always on people minds.
All 3 of them are dead. Murphy, R. James, & Prince
So, James Harden is going to make $47 million in the final year of his contract. The NBA salary cap was $44.215 million a…
"This production of 'In Watermelon Sugar' is very very good! Exquisite!! Kudos to John Murphy, Director; James...
James Murphy joins on Tuesday,here he is getting some sage advice from David Bowie
You better not mean this amazing skit from Eddie Murphy impersonating James Brown 🤔
Congratulations to James Murphy on the purchase of a 2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod! -Lee
🎶 Tell me more, tell me more. Did you get very far. Tell me more, tell me more. Like does he have a car 🎶
The definition of gentrification is the fact that lcd soundsystem is playing in union park this summer. I hope James Murphy gets robbed.
Aren't you a Spurs fan? You should know all about James Harden in the conference finals
James Scott-Murphy takes his maiden overall win in Northern
James Murphy discusses his role in David Bowie's final album
"FETCH ME MY ARMOUR" . James Murphy talks to on Tuesday. Here's a clip:.
u got Charlie Murphy, terry , kanan, Tariq, the police department and teresi all against ghost. Man James got it bad this season 😣
David Bowie nearly recorded an album with James Murphy
Oh and that Rick James r.i.p Charlie Murphy
At least 142 Gaza families lost three or more members during Israeli attacks on residential buildings in 2014
Epic photo of young angler James Murphy with his 211 pound bluefin caught off San Diego on the Talica II 25…
Fav thing in Pt Break hard to ID, but 1 of Bodie's dudes stabbing the lighter fluid instead of twisting off the cap is up there
Glad you got some decompression time!
I just got off a 5-day, no-cell service backpacking trip in Colorado. My bra…
Among other things, this Lucius Veratius character reminds me of Charlie Murphy's stories about Rick James on Chapp…
James Murphy talks the return of with hear his party playlist here 👉
Unless you're like James Murphy or someone really cool you just look like a loser who can't dress himself
Relive the magic that is James Murphy (& Nick Zinner (h…
Yeah but Pharrell was all over the pop scene. James Murphy working with Britney Spears is way more shocking
Nuts to me that James Murphy produced a Britney Spears track. After a search on the internet, I think this is it:
Justice for that unreleased Britney Spears/James Murphy song that was a too-hip version of Donna Summer's "I Feel L…
Flint River Academy senior James Murphy signed with Central Alabama Community College on Tuesday, March 21st to...
I missed this paragraph before, but that's sure what it sounds like:
that is an important question. He knows it changed, but doesn't get concordance?
and when IS a proper concordance coming out? because the current one feels hinky as all get out to me
I'mactually kind of curious how thought the new SAT should be weighed against the ACT this year.
Maybe, but this also burns old SAT takers. I assume that no one thinks new to old SAT shouldn't be concorded.
so is he being purposefully misleading or ignorant of the changes to the SAT?
"Deacon said...the average critical reading score and math score for the applicant pool rose by about 16 points"
I wonder if this is part of the objection that had with the chained concordance
It might just be anti-ACT bias. Didn't some claremont college only start accepting the ACT a few years ago?
True. They must've used some sort of concordance table? Right? I hope so.
but it also screws over old SAT takers if they didn't actually concord.
that's what I thought. Maybe there's still some lingering anti-ACT bias.
how many times have you told east coast parents the ACT is just as accepted as the SAT?
that's sure what it sounds like to me. Iowa City like
what does he mean by the SAT came out higher? Does G'town not understand the test was recentered & 700 not the same as b4?
Students who took the old SAT would also have been burned if Georgetown didn't concord scores.
" that could have had an impact.". This is the admissions office. Aren't they the ones that decide if it has impact? 🤔
also content aside, Deacon no speaky too good..?
The dean of admissions sure makes it sound like Georgetown gave students who applied w/ SAT an unfair advantage ove…
Thanks for sharing. Another reminder of how important it is to simplify and streamline the FAFSA process.
Since there isn't anything on tv a Quiet Man is on.
james murphy tries to carry kinder surprise through US customs. im losing my egg
must be really interesting to see what math teachers think of SAT changes.
tofay was also the Long Island Math conference LIMACON at SUNY Old Westbury
sry not to notify.u same conf next yr on Fri March 16
yes the workshop was a Call to Action for teachers to take the SAT/ACT :)
Trump: “Germany has done very well in its trade deals with the United States.”. Actually: Germany has no trade deals with…
This is what happens when capitalists try to do biblical scholarship. For more see book "One Nation Under G…
Angela Merkel has a PhD in quantum chemistry. Donald Trump misspelled "tap.". Not exactly a meeting of the minds. https:/…
New Turing Test: If you think cutting Meals on Wheels & afterschool food programs is an act of compassion (for taxp…
A rare bipartisan HELP committee statement — the Senators want to be briefed on outage of a FAFSA data retrieval tool. h…
And BOOM, just like that, Meals on Wheels is now a bad thing in Right Wing Bizarro World.
with or without CA, trend shows outage causes huge completion cliff.
When interpreting, bear in mind the passing of early-March deadlines likely contribute to dip, too.
Feds repeal policy, resulting in higher debt collection fees. DeVos has ties to debt collectors https:/…
We've extended the deadline in order to facilitate increased opportunity for test takers.
On Ed. Dept.: "They don’t really view students as their customers. They view schools as their customers."
More like “10 years and 5 days ago, James Murphy was done with his studio because LCD Soundsystem released Sound of…
Can't wait to read four-part series, "Bridging the Divide," about school segregation in Baltimore. Hit…
😂😂😂 good to hear he's back in & fighting fit... I worry about him playing all that golf at his age 😳😂
loved LV. Sad to see it go but gladder that you two made it.
!!! (pronounced: chk chk chk) is a love child of James Murphy & Donna Summers. Nic Offer is all over the stage w th…
57m Red card for St Mary's midfielder James Murphy for nasty challenge on Chris Bass Jr. Still 1-0 to Geordies
David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) (3:53)
In last month we’ve had David Bowie, James Murphy and now The Smiths referenced on blog. My work is done
Jeanne Mosher has arrived in the County Courthouse. Judge James Murphy is presiding.
Got excited because I thought James Murphy was at hootenanny but it's just Rhod Gilbert in the audience
There are at least 3 billion dudes named "James Murphy" or "Connor Kelly" on the planet right now. cc:refute this
**james Murphy voice** Chicago I love you but you're bringing me down
Betsy DeVos believes public education has supplanted the place of the church & she intends to do something about it: https…
Manchester By the Sea is exactly the movie I needed.
Grant Shoults finishes 2nd in the 200 free, while Liam Egan and James Murphy take 7th and 8th, respectively.…
General James Mattis to be SECDEF. James Mattis and Audie Murphy cut from the same bolt of cloth.
Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with Fa... via
'Mad Dog' 'Warrior Monk' James Mattis named US secretary for defence, so how did he get his nicknames?
My idea of a really cool person has been james murphy in "daft punk is playing at my house" for the last 10 years
Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away is coming back to the big screen:
Draymond Green has as much leg control as Rick James after Charlie and Eddie Murphy wailed on him for grinding his feet i…
If I had a chance to be one other person, one person to entirely trade experiences with, I'd choose James Murphy.
James Grattan, Jamie Murphy, Stuart Thompson in action in draw 3 of WFG Jim Sullivan Classic!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Before Milt, there was Murph – James Murphy - who set the pace setting the franchise's receiving records.
Seeing behind that sound board reminds me of Rick James in that "Party All the Time" Eddie Murphy music video.
1. on The Office of Civil Rights: . 2. Rep Foxx's plans for ED:
Tom Kremer (1:34.66) qualifies second in the 200 free. Liam Egan (1:35.14) and James Murphy (1:35.40) also make the…
i want a movie with tom hardy, michael fassbender, james mcavoy and cillian murphy. directed by Nolan or Scorsese. make it happen Hollywood
Murphy is playing like he's James Bond today!
“Just for today, just let go, just for today….” . ― James A. Murphy,.
“ Just for today, ask someone how he or she is really doing. ” . ― James A. Murphy,
“Just for today, smile a little more.” . ― James A. Murphy,.
The uncertain future of the Office for Civil Rights
"I don’t lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even spell the word.". General James Matti…
survivor James Leavelle has the incredible distinction of witnessing 2 major moments in American history. Find ou…
You've been quoted in my "HateReading: The Failure of Reporting in Admission Testing "
WATCH "and the Modern - a new edition of with Kevin Murphy and James Heckma…
I'd say watched Rush last night and wanted to follow in James Hunt footsteps...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Meta-nostalgia: when you're yearning for a past state of bad faith that yearned for a state that never existed.
Many thanks to Brendan Dowling and James Murphy on completing the marathon and kindly making a donation to TCS.
In LCD Soundsystem's last (at the time) show, James Murphy says "thanks for supporting this weird thing" which is keeping me going right now
Ewan Russell, Alan Kehoe,Adam Harris, Conor Foley, James Murphy and Leigh obrien after winning the first year blitz
24' great strike by James Murphy saved well by Dave Roberts from outside the area. Keepers done well.
Very proud of 2 of my nephews today - s James Murphy the groom and Paralympic sailor Steve Thomas
I added a video to a playlist Gandalf vs James Murphy and Pat Mahoney
I hate Frank Ocean honestly James Murphy would never do this to me
Shouldn't they at least suspend the mouthguard?
Cavs only taking it to 7 so they can break Cleveland hearts harder. It's like an LCD Soundsystem song if James Murphy was way into the NBA.
Warriors favored, but their Elo rating is the lowest its been since they were 2-0 to start the season. Form is poor. htt…
Choon! Deceptacon (DFA Rmx) By Tim Goldsworthy & James Murphy for the Dfa by Le Tigre ♫
Raise your hand in you feel personally victimized by Lebron James
This adoration of LeBron James is highly amusing.
although when the fuzz isn't around it's nothing but Pete Rock, Fugazi, and Kanye. (aka Dad Rock)
Dadrock playlist will cover us. Nothing but Tom Petty.
Are there 1.5M jobs waiting for the other half?
well done. See if you can end it like JJ's first date with Nora.
Feel like Charlie Murphy in the Rick James skit rn
I added a video to a playlist Charlie Murphy true Hollywood stories Rick James
look up Landau Eugene Murphy Jr's audition from 2011
"Position available at ECF in Endowment Management Solutions" by on
I have New York I Love You stuck in my head but instead of James Murphy it's a Kermit voice
More pathways for Indigenous students. by James Murphy. Read the full story here:
My suggestion for you today is to bless your ears w/ the genius of James Murphy. Dancing like a fool also encouraged
This article on Joyce's Ulysses talks about first dates, horror and hand jobs. Happy from
Chief James Barber gives update on officer-involved shooting at press conference 4pm today at MPD Headquarters.
Does the Advanced Placement program help disadvantaged students? digs into the research:
"Welcome to the Jungle: Trade Associations and Reportable Persuader Activity" by James J. Murphy of
Fredo try out jumpshot 27 or try James harden. Im only a 90 overall and im not missin to much😂😂
*** James Reimer at 6 million with resigning Ryan Murphy and Victor Rask pretty much gets you there on it's own.
Mahogany Moments 1994 - starring Clare Scandelle w/Nick Drakes and James F Murphy on with Pickles!
"Injection of pace" eh Danny Murphy? Coming from the man who only ever walked around the pitch at Blackburn!
Flashback to a piece I wrote on Ulysses last year. Happy
Barely Half of Colleges Validate Use of SAT, ACT as Success Predictors via
I'll load up a dadrock playlist for when the fuzz are about.
I'm going to let drive when we go visit ACT in Iowa city
TBT: Almost one year ago Trinity Region Recreation Business Line Manager James Murphy was live with Al Roker...
James Murphy should call his band 'smart TV soundsystem' to appeal to this generation imo
Top Cops Made Bank on NYPD Rank and File: Test Prep for Cops Paid Off via
I am proud to announce that after 14+ hours on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror gap & universal back…
Murphy ends filibuster with Sandy Hook story
Sen. Murphy's closing remarks broke my heart!
check out this new fire "We Used To Dance" By James Murphy by The Playlist on
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The time said Congress is morally justified in forcing Americans to violate their religious beliefs
Senator Murphy's nick name should be "Iron Bladder"
Were I Senator Murphy, I would figure out a way to start reading James Joyce's "Ulysses" aloud. Excellent way to torture the opposition.
James Madison WROTE the Second Amendment. I take his word over Murphy.
Have you seen this 2? Do you think scaring people to death should be banned?
lol don't look like Eddie Murphy, but you do look like mandark
Very possibly the best single sentence of the 2016 campaign: "A spokesman for Christie denied he was a manservant.". ht…
watching set from roo is bringing back all the feels. best show I've ever seen. James Murphy is the authority on music.
I’d already be ahead of Murphy if it weren’t for "Big Game James” and if I lose to you now I’ll probably have him to thank.
Listening to James Murphy sin "All My Friends" while sitting alone on the polo fields was one of the most telling moments of my life
there's a Popeye's/Dunkin Donuts across the street from my last apartment now. *James Murphy voice* that's how it starts
Once a year I listen to that Britney Spears demo that she did with DFA. Now is the time for her to rebound with James Murphy at the helm.
I wanted to call it "Will you please shut up about cowriters, please?"
People seem to disagree a bit about but it's always civil.
is that the channel Spurs play their European games on. 🤔 many sleeps junior..🏌
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Joseph James Murphy you've got to watch, this is great!! Got to show the kids too!
I just watched Chapelle Show Prince & Charlie Murphy now Rick James 😭😂
Lego Home and landscape workshop for kids: Landscape architect Joe Murphy and architect James Gorski will hel...
When Rick James got slapped by Charlie Murphy and asks why, then says he slapped Charlie a week ago when he just did it I lost it bruh 😂
and you can watch it all when they launch a brand new TV station up North called Channel 4.
The A’s are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Sean Murphy. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
freaking THANK YOU for this !! I get so sick of ppl refusing to actually look into who is being cre…
James, if you still need someone to recommend a book, my bestselling thrillers are under $6
beatport : The magic of 2manydjs and James Murphy's antidote to EDM excess: …
Cannon kicked me in my chest like when Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James into that mirror and he coughed up blood.
Liked that Leo article. I just did this on racism in the film industry actually:
This by on Leo...but also lack of diversity in the industry- is great:
The magic of and James Murphy's antidote to EDM excess:
are you the gentleman who wrote the vanity Fair article on Beyonce?
James Joyce believed this one of the greatest stories in literature. . How Much Land Does a Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy:
Hamilton Collection
We don't. We just hate you. There was a memo and everything. "How Can We Hate On James Murphy of Portland"
amazing. i knew James Murphy liked the Modern Lovers but this song sounds SO MUCH like it blows my mind.
I don't know David Murphy,but if it's a question of honor involving this writer, I'm always giving the benefit of the do…
the guy next to me at jury duty looks like someone took James Murphy and stretched + adjusted the rgb values in Photoshop
I know those cuts were very real at the 2 AF MAJCOMS where I was invoked with planning them.
I so badly want to see again. So glad they're back, James Murphy is a genius!
Listen: campaigns to revive English words are dumb. But you should read this 1599 *** TWANG sentence out loud:
My current romantic situation plays out exactly like "Dance Yrslef Clean". James Murphy wrote This is Happening about my 20's.
I would die to collab with James Murphy, Jack White, Charli XCX, Tyler the Creator...the list is so long
The cutaway to the Thomas Pynchon novel on James Murphy's shelf is totes this doc's aesthetic in a nutshell. Murphy knew he was trolling us.
There is also an extended feature on James Murphy's ex-wife lol
James Murphy, so very niche! Because Stephen Sondheim packs Madison Square Garden, just like Billy Joel and Murphy's band LCD Soundsystem.
isn't billy only playing new stuff? James Murphy's shutting up and playing the hits!
My Bad Girls playlist would be the best Big Brother house - Rufus Wainwright, Bowie, Frank Ocean, James Murphy, Ed Sheeran & Donna Summer.
The best way to complain is to make things. - James Murphy
There was good build up play involving Murphy and Baldock but it was finished off by impressive youngster James Wilson.
Last time James Horan saw quarterback delivery like that was when Lacey threw that Hail Mary into Murphy at Irish SuperBowl 12
There are not enough James Murphy interviews on youtube.
Doesn't sound like I missed much but great to be back to winning ways with Murphy back amongst the goals!
yeah but it's not listed, on the james G Murphy website. The car is on April 9.
behind the scenes footage of the making of Murphy's Law! Creating the score with James McKenty &
Thanks for your feedback! Appreciate it. A fully updated version of The Real ACT Prep Guide (red book) is coming this spring
1 test is inadequate. 1/2 a test? will have 5 exams by June. And . needs to catch up. U know this, right?
200+ free sample question for every subject. All our free resources can be found at 2/2
The prep materials provided for the ACT reflect current test content. ACT offers a free full length practice test and 1/2
James Murphy - Good God on - Showcasing the best in DC gospel music
just took class with Isabella boylston James whiteside Marcelo Gomez Gillian Murphy Stella abrera and Blaine hoven. what is life.
that's a wonderful idea. Headed to the beach now
Happy Birthday to the funniest man I know, James LeJohn Murphy!! lol
Thanks, Sam. Apologies for not full representing your remark.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Central purpose of Industrial model was to transmit knowledge from those that had it to those that didn’t.
.i believe will do the right thing and 1. update practice tests & 2. make TIR free w/ fee waiver
Agreed. Sam was, I believe, touting need to move ed from duck liver tendency to force info into kids
the is far less transparent than the Remember when they added dual passages?
Sylvia Beach talks about James Joyce & how she came to publish ‘Ulysses’ from her bookshop, ‘Shakespeare & Company’. 🎥http…
huh? When has education ever been about just content?
but IS going to release the QAS tests free. . it's your move.
oh I know. They make too much money off people ordering the tests.
oh. I don't get why CB and ACT don't just release the TIR and QAS every year.
I thought I heard somewhere there would be a new ACT book released this summer
Buckeyes hope NIT vs. Akron is springboard next year. Plus who will LeBron James cheer for?.
2/2 the lack of good exams for the public is a compelling reason to skip the ACT, and take the
Hey & when will start releasing free, up-to-date exams, like does? 1/2
Correction: Colleges will have access to the content starting in Sept. (though it is not common for them to rev…
Really, whole "hunt" for ghastly. I despair. Read the books. You won't meet Dickens or Shakespeare either, yo…
*** Rick James was so high, he forgot he smacked Charlie Murphy 5 seconds ago lmao
Rick James squashed the beef with Charlie Murphy just to slap him down in the club the next week and dirty up his couch smh
Mark Ronson, Kaiser Chiefs and Roisin Murphy to play Alex James and Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival: DANCE music ...
The is purging all the from its site tonight.
Sally Field telling about how James Garner "kissed her to her toes" in Murphy's Romance is such a great story.
That James Corden guy looks like a lame version of James Murphy.
to James Murphy and the MCSC for the warm welcome and for hosting today's event with the of MYS
James Murphy - Faith on - Showcasing the best in DC gospel music
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