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James Murdoch

James Rupert Jacob Murdoch (born 13 December 1972) is the younger son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the deputy chief operating officer of News Corporation.

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1590s: Lord Balmerino secretly spoke to Pope for James VI. Then tried for treason for having done it. h…
Get over yourself,NFL is down because we the ppl won’t watch
A surprising number of Greenies are buying this claptrap from Gove. Copycat of Cameron and James Murdoch and Thatch…
Spine-tingling 😱 Te Iwi Kiwi v Sipi Tau. Sika Manu, Mahe Fonua and Ben Murdoch-Masila did the job for before the…
There are a number of the senior and Daily Mail employees who are now a…
Trump - Murdoch - Theresa May - can you remind us how quickly you were summoned to a priv…
Donald J Trump who is a proven pathological liar is now calling James Comey a proven liar. Look, if y…
. Former CIA Director James Woolsey is a major player at Genie Oil, along with Murdoch, Rothschild,…
Also, I think its fair to say based on his pub…
Murdochs for sale: Rupert Murdoch and his sons want out of the movie business, and maybe more:
Wish James O’Brien would run for office. And really really wish the days of Dacre, Murdoch and Barclay brothers...
is another great ride from James Graham, with tons of energy, a surprising shift in tone and…
Kleptocracy in action. Trump leans on the DOJ in order to force a fire sale of assets to his buddy, Rupert Murdoch. If not o…
"pitiful"--Fox News attacks victims of pedophilia. remember when NYT kept pub'ing pieces abt how James Murdoch was going…
Nevertheless I have a feeling that the Murdochs will still support the reappointment of James Murdoch as a fit and proper C…
James Murdoch warns No 10 not to shun Fox's Sky bid in Brexit run-up
Fox CEO, and supporter, James Murdoch says response a "concern" for all "free people". htt…
James Murdoch rebukes Donald Trump over Charlottesville and pledges $1m to fight neo-Nazis
Fox CEO James Murdoch criticizes Trump over response to Charlottesville. Read his full letter:…
I remember before election there were stories about how James Murdoch wanted to shift to center and pr…
James Murdoch makes $1m anti-Trump donation. “I wish there was something else I could do”, said the CEO of the group who…
'No good Nazis': James Murdoch breaks with father Rupert to criticise Donald Trump over
James Murdoch should watch Fox News. He'd get a real shock.
Bye Bye James Murdoch you agreed to destroy Fox News to help democrats - well too late - we dont watch your fakenews anymore…
James Murdoch donating to ADL in some sort of attempt at the World Championship Black Irony Award.
Thanks for the generous donation but James Murdoch should focus on cleaning up to prevent these beliefs from form…
*** kissing the left to please Daddy? James Murdoch, Fox CEO, denounces Trump's reaction to Charlottesville
CEO of Fox, James Murdoch, had to remind all staff that "there are no good Nazis." Not the sort of thing you'd think you'd…
If James Murdoch wants to help reduce prejudices, he should firstly look at the execs he employs at Fox News
This is either just face-saving "virtue signaling" by James Murdoch (my guess), or a beginning of the end for Fox News bei…
Chances are James Murdoch doesn't actually watch
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
James Murdoch pledges $1 million to Anti-Defamation League, writes 'standing up to Nazis is essential'
Fox News cess pool has probably done even even more damage to America than Trump. James Murdoch doesn't give a *** https…
Collinson: Sharp words from GOP senators and James Murdoch were indication of the damage Trump inflicted on himself
Interesting. Never realised that Murdochs really do rule the Anglo-American world. Dangerous men.
Me when another corporate oligarch like James Murdoch ignores reason & takes the cheap shot.
‘The President of the United States concerns all of us’ .
Trump has said so many damaging things, but as soon as it comes to anti-semitisim, people like James Murdoch pop out of no where
Fox’s James Murdoch blasts Trump on Charlottesville: 'There are no good Nazis'
'No good Nazis': James Murdoch criticises Donald Trump over Charlottesville | US news | The Guardian
James Murdoch you too can learn all about the "Best of the Civil War on PBS.Wa. Buy yours now. Selling out fast…
Ok.. i now have a slightly different opinion of Faux News.. James Murdoch has a ❤️ unlike the Grinch himself DJT
Hey James Murdoch why don't you go take a walk off a short pier? Rodger Ailes is rolling in his grave! Another Loud Mouth…
James Murdoch: "I can’t even believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis." h…
James Murdoch does not deserve a pat on the back.
If you wanted more evidence that Fox News is being taken over by liberal management unfriendly to Trump, look no further then…
All of us at are humbled by the supprt of James Murdoch. His generosity fortifies our commitmt…
James Murdoch should rip into his daddy because he's a war mongering Jew.
James Murdoch, in personal email to friends, writes, "what we watched this last week in Charlottesville and the reaction to…
Where have James Murdoch and the Republicans been with the unlawful killings and horrible treatment of black people and other POCs?
If he really means this, then James Murdoch needs to stand up to Fox News, the network he runs, first.
Based on James Murdoch's statements I say there's a 85% chance is fired tomorrow. Rupert is saying him or me.
ICYMI-- James Murdoch, whose father Rupert talks to Trump daily, donated $1 million to the ADL:
Rupert Murdoch must be close to resigning if James Murdoch is issuing "new direction" editorial guidance to all UK, US, Australian editors
James Murdoch is the latest horse in the Rupert stable to turn against Trump. The WSJ,NYP have already bolted. Will be next?
Liberals are speaking very fondly of James Murdoch the son Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch. Fox News is for everyone !
Not doing what rupert says... James Murdoch slams Trump for failing to condemn Nazi violence | The New Daily
James Murdoch giving $1mil to ADL is like Benson & Hedges giving money to Lung Cancer Research...
Rupert's son James Murdoch wrote a "scathing email" criticizing Trump, so that solves that
US: James Murdoch, the chief executive of 21st Century Fox donates $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League to fight anti-…
JUST IN: James Murdoch rips Trump for responses to Charlottesville violence
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Good for James Murdoch. Now what do you intend to do to stop Fox News from being the purveyor of hate?
James Murdoch rips Trump for response to Charlottesville violence
Yahoo: James Murdoch says that, in the wake of Charlottesville, he's donating $1MIL to the Anti-Defamation League. https:…
The scoop on James Murdoch slamming Trump. It's just too bad he doesn't have access to newspapers or TV http…
James Murdoch, whose dad talks to Trump almost daily, Pledges $1 Million to Anti-Defamation League as Trump Protest
New 21st Century Fox's James Murdoch slams Trump: 'There are no good Nazis’
Story coming soon - James Murdoch, son of Ripert +chair of 21st Century Fox, rips Potus response to Charlottesville, pledges…
James Murdoch, 21st Century Fox CEO and son of Rupert Murdoch, has denounced Trump's reaction to Charlottesville
Unlike many in GOP, James Murdoch not only criticized Nazis but specifically singled out "the President of the United State…
Fox's James Murdoch slams Trump's response to Charlottesville: "Standing up to Nazis is essential"
James Murdoch's letter is worth reading.
Super grateful for the words of James Murdoch. I hope he will work with rupertmurdoch to change tone @ Fox News
this all sounds so fake, y would eric send anything to HUFFPO? ITS A SET UP BY JAMES 2020, FOX will…
Stream of email correspondence between James/Lachlan Murdoch's staff, and Ofcom concerning meetings with Ofcom;
Roger Ailes wouldn't have done this. James Murdoch is stomping cockroaches when they come out to play.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
2. We all should attach their name to every reference to FOX. As in "James & Lachlan Murdoch's Fox News just reported."
1. David - we have to publicly humiliate James & Lachlan Murdoch (who are privately ashamed of FOX) until they clean it up.
James Murdoch is purging all Fox News conservative hosts
Poor James, senility seems to have set in. He seems to have forgotten the…
Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch. You OWN this. You could stop it, but you won't. .
My latest theory. Nixon did not die but became Rupert Murdoch.
Totally not surprised, that's the culture they have at FOXNews. Hopefully James Murdoch can change that
It's time to hold the Murdoch family to account for Enough is enough. Haul Rupert,James and Lachlan before congress.
James Murdoch (owner of wife . Kathryn Murdoch is an outspoken leftist who works for the Clinton Climate I…
Tom Watson's questioning is excellent, its seriously enjoyable to watch James Murdoch panic over his doddery dad's inade…
Breaking: A third of non-News Corp shareholders failed to support James Murdoch at BSkytB Annual General Meeting.
Did Bob Diamond spoke to James Murdoch before he came on the Select Commitee.
James & Lachlan Murdoch embarrassed by FOX. It's time to go after them & humiliate them into cleaning up FOX propaganda.
"James Murdoch sat on the Board of GlaxoSmithKline. He was appointed not long after a former…" — AutismDadd
Hedge funds set to lose hundreds of millions on wrong-way bet against Tesla - was the biggest short among U.S. st...
Are you irritated? James Murdoch has never stopped his quest for a steak and kidney pie!
Tesla's Model Y will be based on Model 3 and will come sooner than we thought - CEO Elon ...
“We're going to play a bounce game to get a game into Scott McDonald, James Keatings, if we can, & Stewart Murdoch.”
No coincidence, I've left too. Combination of James Whale type presenters & Rupert Murdoch owned sta…
Let's not forget CEO James Murdoch is the master at…
Reportedly James & Lachlan Murdoch are embarrassed by FOX. Public humili…
James Murdoch may be an *** but he's not an *** and he's legitimately trying to turn things at Fox…
Hey I remember when your CEO James Murdoch hacked dead people's c…
Hey you do remember CEO James Murdoch hacked into dead people's cellphones in UK.
James Graham's "Ink" is one of several London productions that look to the past to consider the uneasy present
I guess today's Tesla trading figure may be worse than expected. James Murdoch (newest Tesla board member) seeding…
Reportedly James & Lachlan Murdoch embarrassed by FOX. Need to humiliate them until FOX is cleaned up.
Tesla adds James Murdoch and Linda Johnson Rice to its board
Writing to heal : a guided journal for recovering from trauma & emotional upheaval / James W. Pennebaker
James Murdoch at Tesla. What next, Paul Dacre on the board of SpaceX?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Llike watching CNN, Wolfe Blitzer's mini me James Murdoch, wife, and never Trumpers are running the show and SR is dead bye bye
Calling complicit board of directors: Lachlan and James Murdoch, Peter Barnes, Ana Paul…
James Murdoch wants O'Reilly taken off the air for good, 2 sources say.
Lachlan & James Murdoch, Rupert's sons, would prefer to steer FOXNews Network in a politically neutral direction.
Lachlan & James Murdoch will soon overcome their fathers objections and shut down Trump. He is now becoming a liabi…
Are Lachlan and James Murdoch considering breaking from the Roger Ailes formula? Is this a test run?
James Murdoch backflips, claims to love the BBC, as he suddenly wants something:
James Murdoch is positioning to be "truth-teller" on Trump and Russia, versus Rupert loyalists like shouting "So What?"
James Murdoch talks 21CF’s global culture, Sky, more at Deloitte and Enders in London: ht…
"Companies should embrace what their customers care about it makes them stronger” James Murdoch & Chairman
James Harding, head of BBC news is an ex Murdoch employee, as is Andrew Neil . Robbie Gibb, brother is a Tory MP
James Murdoch Pitches Sky Merger as Good for Programming Diversity, Creative 'Vibrancy' in UK - Variety
Must suck being James Murdoch knowing that when your dad dies you're gonna be buried alive in his pyramid
James Murdoch is back as heir to the throne after his flight from hacking scandal
Ahead of Sky deal review, James Murdoch says, "We are in an era of ultimate plurality"
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Does Jeff Sessions have a worse memory than James Murdoch?
James Murdoch decries use of 'fake news' by politicians
Fox CEO James Murdoch says he worries term “fake news” is being co-opted by politicians to dismiss tough coverage
James Murdoch builds 'end of times' home in Canada | Daily Mail Online ➜…
Days before US election, wife of Fox boss James Murdoch used her influence to draw MSM attention to c…
.Fox boss James Murdoch is building 'End Times-proof' compound in your Canadian wilderness. Sounds suspicious. Cancel visa.
Wonder why Fox boss James Murdoch is so interested in Japanese sex robots and human head transplant surgery? The mind…
Fox boss James Murdoch used secret during US election to let "Leftist" friends know he and his wife w…
Megyn Kelly's $25 million offer from James Murdoch landing with a thud across TV land this very minute.
James Murdoch indicating that there’s no desire to change Fox News opinion programming…. but says there’s more of desire to…
I would just like my children to be able to eat fish when they grow u...
Love it when people come together for The Guardian into business with (Vice board director) James Murdoch.
“James Murdoch involved in News International email deletion”
Less chat and more news for Fox? James Murdoch: "I think there is a desire to break news, to focus on the news side”
Is this email deleting James Murdoch son of the Grand-High-Witch Richard Murdoch?
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Brighton defender James Murdoch has deliberately walked in on his extradition to Greece getting changed!
Far from being in the dark on phone hacking court hears James Murdoch was up to his armpits in deleting emails: https:/…
Funky! James Murdoch has claimed have discovered violet of his own home!
James Murdoch has made no secret his affinity toward direct-to-consumer digital distribution. Here's why:…
What any manager will try to bring to a company first and foremost...
James Murdoch talks NFL ratings, sports rights, VR, streaming and more at
Opinion does not mean fake. James Murdoch on Fox News.
Rupert Murdoch's son James was complicit in authorising the deletion of emails when the News of the World hackin...
James, Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch gave themselves massive multi-millionaire dollar pay rises just before
If you don't count sports and crappy American shows, you're behind Murdoch Mysteries!
James Murdoch involved in News International email deletion, court told.
–asks James Murdoch at if Fox News is really "Fair and Balanced," prompting some laughter from the roo…
James Murdoch on Criticisms of Fox: We Have a News Team That’s ‘Absolutely Fair and Balanced’
21st Century Fox CEO: Fox News 'to focus on the news side' even as it maintains 'engaging' opinion shows
Seeing newly released movies at home is on the way, says James Murdoch
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Murdochs Hacking Scandal is not over. For 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, it may have just really begun https:…
But where can I read its coverage of the phone hacking trial involving James Murdoch ?. I'd like to know what it has to say
And Turnbull's turning the ABC into a Murdochracy. Pffftt
Hey! We're officially launching of James Murdoch announces that app is ready to downloa…
James Murdoch 'involved in agreeing email deletion in hacking scandal' via
James Murdoch gives his father an A+ for handling of Roger Ailes sacking over sexual harassment
Multi-generation ability for Murdochs to breach basic corporate governance continues in the UK with big Sky protest
my roommate james murdoch told me the rothschilds told him to go D + squidillion or be purchased by the mob.
James Murdoch cops a protest vote from Sky shareholders
Over a quarter of investors oppose James Murdoch as chairman. Read more: $BSY
James Murdoch reappointed as Sky chairman despite 50%+ of independent shareholders opposing https:/…
shareholders register protest over James Murdoch. Read more: $BSY
Over a quarter of Sky investors oppose James Murdoch as chairman: Almost 30 per cent of voting shareholders at the…
I will never have any dealings with Sky. This is one of the many reasons. .
Affirmative action for the Murdochs?. Shareholders revolt against Murdoch's appointment as chairman, gets job anyway.
50% of independent shareholders vote against James appointment to run eventually approved.
Nicola from Murdoch James (Martinborough, NZ) is with us all evening! Drop by for a drop of the best Kiwi wine...
- Investors complain he won't be an independent chairman
Sky revolt over plan to crown James Murdoch: Investors complain he won't be an independent chairman. .
Almost 30 pct of Sky shareholders oppose James Murdoch as chairman
Sweney: Sky shareholder calls for James Murdoch to be replaced as chairman.
Sky shareholders register protest over James Murdoch: Sky posts 13% increase in sales in latest quarter as it...
Sky shareholders register protest over James Murdoch via
Sky shareholders register protest over James Murdoch
- Sky shareholder asks for removal of James Murdoch as chairman
So 21st Century Fox enabled the deal for James Murdoch to return as Sky Chairman, James Murdoch is CEO of 21st Cent…
Almost 30 percent of Sky shareholders oppose James Murdoch as chairman - Reuters
Hi what did you talk to James Murdoch about yesterday?
James R. Murdoch. Murdoch, the co-chief operating officer of Fox News donated between $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Murdoch's Agenda with the ABC is clear
Violence in capitalism : devaluing life in an age of responsibility / James A. Tyner
The polls of YouGov are based on leading questions and it is a mouthpiece for Murdoch's "Times" :'-)
Who owns the media, James? Hmm? Murdoch and his minions do as he tells them to do! LNP stooges, one & all!
Another garbage yarn that's been proven wrong just 2 hrs afterwards. Go back to Murdoch James
The real c. of interest with Wallace is that he was specifically ordered by Murdoch to "take out" Trump.
. Season 10 MUST! have the return of James Gillies! Murdoch & Gillies need one final epic show down.
James Murdoch New Chance for Redemption 'RESET BUTTON' This is why the settlement
James Murdoch gave millions 2 Killery switch to OANN -for now the best Payne Varney Dobbs Reagn Francis you go. William Murdoch/James Pendrick. Um. Yeah. As I said, all fault.
Latest news on James Murdoch:He's at Europa station waiting for you to stop hacking his groundcontrol module so he can descend to the planet
James Murdoch, in particular, is known to favor a model more like the Murdochs’ Sky News in Britain,
fyi "we can see the new headache James and Lachlan Murdoch now have before them."
He's just preparing for James and Lachlan Murdoch to take over.
There are bad people and there are bad corporations. Just as there are good people and good
I didn't know that Rupert & James Murdoch were female, tbqh. You learn new things every day!
..think Murdoch thinks he's some kind of super villain straight out of James Bond. Reality... *** !
I agree with James, it sounds like stress to me (not crazy). Hang in there Diana!
Drone captures rare footage of white whale calf having a frolic with mum: . Researchers from Murdoch Univers...
Here comes the news: James Murdoch has pointed gun at Morrisons.
Rupert Murdoch's son "James, whose wife had worked for the Clinton Foundation" - very telling indeed!
complained to 21stCentury that James Murdoch wanted rid of him to elect
Don't forget James Murdoch son of Rupert. is in tank 4 Clinton. Just look at Megyn, Wallace, Hume..
This would be a good way for Fox to redeem itself. Murdoch. James or Lachlan
And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay. They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay! Buzzing for Saturday
A-Z of grapes: Chardonnay, so ve... Wine from Murdoch James Estate via app:
Has James Murdoch bought Astana while the race is still on?
We need more journalists like James O'Brien, calling out Murdoch and his cronies here.
Ryan has stole the show im hame James
Rupert Murdoch knew about Roger Ailes behavior 20 years ago. James and Lachlan have known for 10 years, or more https:…
believed James trying 2 nix him 2 help elect Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn, is former employee of
The Joy of grammar [electronic resource] : a Festschrift in honor of James D. McCawley / edited by Diane Brentari,…
Ailes thought James Murdoch was trying to get him fired because his wife worked for the Clinton Foundation
Pungent quotes. Ailes on James Murdoch: "Tell me that mouth hasn’t sucked a *** ” according to a source.
Look at the hit Rupert Murdoch is taking aligning with this guy. And the pure hatred / bile vs. James Murdoch. Wow!
'Tell me that mouth hasn’t sucked a *** ' Ailes said of James Murdoch, watching him smoking via surveillance
CBS and Viacom vice chairman Shari Redstone, and 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch were just a handful of the bigwigs who descended on
James Murdoch: Fox's Streaming Deal with Hulu is 'Precedential,' Will Drive Growth of Other OTT ...
James Murdoch: Fox’s Streaming Deal with Hulu is ‘Precedential,’ Will Drive Growth of Other OTT Services
All you need to know about Jeremy *unt is he hid behind a tree in case he was seen meeting with James Murdoch of...
The Dungarees are heading to Nashville to write some big hits! — traveling to Nashville, Tennessee from Edmonton...
James Murdoch returns as chairman of Sky, 4 years after Britain's hacking scandal
Another sign we are living at a time best called/The End of Accountability/ James Murdoch to Return as Sky Chairman http…
James Murdoch returns as Sky chairman - Financial Times
James Murdoch is now chairman of Sky again — four years after r
Clifton's and James Murdoch hold up their brackets as county wrestling champs.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
wedged by the LNP & Murdoch to back the unimaginable to win votes but fracturing the left vote... mission accomplished
He also part-owns BSkyB and James Murdoch has not ruled out putting in other bid for 100%
A pro-Apartheid dirty energy company you've never heard of is illegally drilling in . htt…
in the context of the political reality of a Murdoch cheered LNP anti refugee gov about to win gov.
Like Rebecca Brooks, James Murdoch returns to his old job. Like nothing ever happened.
James Murdoch's return as Sky chair is a major concern, says investor
James Murdoch returns as chairman of Sky
James Murdoch awarded top job at Sky for successfully keeping a lid on that phone-hacking thing.
James Murdoch, who quit in phone-hacking scandal, returns as Sky chairman
Now in case you missed it I'm about to send my synopsis to James Aubrey to show to James Murdoch...
James Murdoch reappointed Chairman of Sky and days later BT suffers national outage. These two stories are unrelated.
James Packer's father was obscenely wealthy media baron, like Murdoch.
“I’ve gotten to know Al Gore..” James Murdoch told the Financial Times "We thi…
James Murdoch is married to Kathryn Hufschmid, who works for the Clinton Clima…
In the week when the tory-stuffed OFCOM decided there was no need to re-evaluate James Murdoch's reinstatement.
James Murdoch was responsible for NoW when it hacked phone of Milly Dowler and hampered the police investigation . Has he N…
James Murdoch back at Sky, Brooks at News UK, meetings with Cameron - Murdoch must feel as if phone-hacking never happened.
It predated James, but NDS 'Operational Security' reported direct to the office of Rupert Murdoch
James Murdoch: has the heir apparent changed more than his look?
That James Murdoch job interview in full:. "Can you start Monday?". "Sure thing Dad."
Tory love in at the BBC. James harding head of former Murdoch's editor & Osborne's best friend,
if Elizabeth Jagger marries James Murdoch and James Jagger marries Elizabeth Murdoch. Poor Rupert will be so confused!
Mark Wallace took a bribe from James Murdoch
too busy arranging playmates for her kids with James Murdoch's sprogs during Select Committees. Still, she got looked after.
"Storytelling will continue to define the world" meint James Murdoch bei
Fox's James Murdoch writes essay about media in 2016
James Murdoch has joined the board of
We agree with Fox CEO James Murdoch, lots of room for innovation and evolution within the realm .
Spotted the Ressence Type 3 on James Murdoch's wrist, the CEO of 21st Century Fox. Another recognition for the...
Why is Fox so pro Trump. Must want Hillary to win. James Murdoch's wife works for Clinton Climate..
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If anyone from would like to launch a class action regarding murdoch's hacks & this dangerous libel, count me …
The is already investigating murdoch's press & conservative uk politicians for inciting hate against disabled.
In the new I interviewed Rupert Murdoch's grandson James MacLeod, the founder of…
Following on from James Bond defeating Rupert Murdoch's plan 4 world domination in Tomorrow Never Dies.if only !!
jeff bewkes les moonves mark welch james murdoch & pierre have got to go Now
What makes you think the editor gets a say James?
All the prosecutions arise from News International betraying their sources & staff. Except for one James Murd…
This Could Get Messy: A Guide to Eating, to Drinking, to Doing Both at the Same Time. James Wirth - Murdoch Books.
Lets's throw back to the time I was James Bondage in a adult film.
Supermax staring Jeff Bewkes and Les Moonves and Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch a bunch of CEOS who get sent to supermax
(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is in no doubt that James Murdoch is ready to take a much bigger role at Twenty-First
James Murdoch: Exclude Megyn Kelly as a host from future Fox News debates
Live coverage of James Murdoch at the Leveson Inquiry
Paul Martin MSP motion 27/04/2012. "Rupert and James Murdoch and proper people to run BSkyB in Scotland." …
4 years after a U.K. phone-hacking scandal threatened his ascent, James Murdoch regains his status as Fox's heir
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
James Murdoch signals the unbundling of Fox properties from cable is inevitable and positive.
James Murdoch's relationship with Fox News powerhouse Roger Ailes will be closely watched. Good insight here
James Murdoch all set to take the reins of 21st Century Fox from father and ... - via
With mutual disdain simmering between James Murdoch and Roger Ailes, trouble is brewing in billion-dollar paradise:
James Murdoch Views Television as 'Real Killer App': James Murdoch, in partnership with his brother, Lachlan M... http:/…
James Murdoch, in partnership with his brother, Lachlan Murdoch, will be responsible for steering 21st Century Fox through ...
Given that James Murdoch contributed a comic strip to the Harvard Lampoon, it's amazing he hasn't made himself Exec Producer of The Simpsons
James Murdoch, COO of 21st Century Fox, donated between $1 million and $5 million to Clinton Foundation. But why? http…
James Murdoch, COO of 21st Century Fox, has given between $1-$5million to Clinton Foundation
yes and he said he agreed with James Murdoch's Edinburgh speech
Saudi Arabia’s prince backs James Murdoch for top position at .
No, no, no! James Murdoch has a relationship with crazy Welsh fan of Ireland!
Rupert Murdoch owner of News Corp.& FOX Also owns the copyrights to THE KING JAMES BIBLE, the preface was purposely removed, WHY?
Murdoch / New Labour / Sun supported untermensch James Purnell lead the attack on the poor and disabled.
Murdoch owns 5% of Vice . His son James is on Vice's board.
Andrew Melville told James to his face :
What's the bet Jones vets audience questions to make very sure no one asks K ODwyer about murdoch tax rorting dudding Oz …
Murdoch is the biggest James Bond villain never to go up against 007
James MacLeod, Rupert Murdoch’s grandson, digital news entrepreneur, will vote Green as "sound policies"
This is true right across the western world. Take Lachlan Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, Justin Hemmes, James Packer...
Rupert Murdoch's grandson talks about young voters, election coverage in the media and why he'll probably vote Green
Don't agree with all of it, but some well-argued speculation on why James Murdoch met Narendra Modi.
Gillard's popularity was destroyed with Murdoch's complicity. is even less popular with his support. How b…
We're welcoming Gerry Morita from for Acid Trip & James Murdoch is providing secret music for under___score!
if u hate the Murdoch press & MONSANTO u will like this but it is shocking to watch. PLS rt.TY.
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