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James Murdoch

James Rupert Jacob Murdoch (born 13 December 1972) is the younger son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the deputy chief operating officer of News Corporation.

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Ahead of Sky deal review, James Murdoch says, "We are in an era of ultimate plurality"
Does Jeff Sessions have a worse memory than James Murdoch?
James Murdoch decries use of 'fake news' by politicians
Fox CEO James Murdoch says he worries term “fake news” is being co-opted by politicians to dismiss tough coverage
James Murdoch builds 'end of times' home in Canada | Daily Mail Online ➜…
Days before US election, wife of Fox boss James Murdoch used her influence to draw MSM attention to c…
.Fox boss James Murdoch is building 'End Times-proof' compound in your Canadian wilderness. Sounds suspicious. Cancel visa.
Wonder why Fox boss James Murdoch is so interested in Japanese sex robots and human head transplant surgery? The mind…
Fox boss James Murdoch used secret during US election to let "Leftist" friends know he and his wife w…
Megyn Kelly's $25 million offer from James Murdoch landing with a thud across TV land this very minute.
James Murdoch indicating that there’s no desire to change Fox News opinion programming…. but says there’s more of desire to…
I would just like my children to be able to eat fish when they grow u...
Love it when people come together for The Guardian into business with (Vice board director) James Murdoch.
“James Murdoch involved in News International email deletion”
Less chat and more news for Fox? James Murdoch: "I think there is a desire to break news, to focus on the news side”
Is this email deleting James Murdoch son of the Grand-High-Witch Richard Murdoch?
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Brighton defender James Murdoch has deliberately walked in on his extradition to Greece getting changed!
Far from being in the dark on phone hacking court hears James Murdoch was up to his armpits in deleting emails: https:/…
Funky! James Murdoch has claimed have discovered violet of his own home!
James Murdoch has made no secret his affinity toward direct-to-consumer digital distribution. Here's why:…
What any manager will try to bring to a company first and foremost...
James Murdoch talks NFL ratings, sports rights, VR, streaming and more at
Opinion does not mean fake. James Murdoch on Fox News.
Rupert Murdoch's son James was complicit in authorising the deletion of emails when the News of the World hackin...
James, Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch gave themselves massive multi-millionaire dollar pay rises just before
If you don't count sports and crappy American shows, you're behind Murdoch Mysteries!
James Murdoch involved in News International email deletion, court told.
–asks James Murdoch at if Fox News is really "Fair and Balanced," prompting some laughter from the roo…
James Murdoch on Criticisms of Fox: We Have a News Team That’s ‘Absolutely Fair and Balanced’
21st Century Fox CEO: Fox News 'to focus on the news side' even as it maintains 'engaging' opinion shows
Seeing newly released movies at home is on the way, says James Murdoch
Little Giant Ladders
The Murdochs Hacking Scandal is not over. For 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, it may have just really begun https:…
But where can I read its coverage of the phone hacking trial involving James Murdoch ?. I'd like to know what it has to say
And Turnbull's turning the ABC into a Murdochracy. Pffftt
Hey! We're officially launching of James Murdoch announces that app is ready to downloa…
James Murdoch 'involved in agreeing email deletion in hacking scandal' via
James Murdoch gives his father an A+ for handling of Roger Ailes sacking over sexual harassment
Multi-generation ability for Murdochs to breach basic corporate governance continues in the UK with big Sky protest
my roommate james murdoch told me the rothschilds told him to go D + squidillion or be purchased by the mob.
James Murdoch cops a protest vote from Sky shareholders
Over a quarter of investors oppose James Murdoch as chairman. Read more: $BSY
James Murdoch reappointed as Sky chairman despite 50%+ of independent shareholders opposing https:/…
shareholders register protest over James Murdoch. Read more: $BSY
Over a quarter of Sky investors oppose James Murdoch as chairman: Almost 30 per cent of voting shareholders at the…
I will never have any dealings with Sky. This is one of the many reasons. .
Affirmative action for the Murdochs?. Shareholders revolt against Murdoch's appointment as chairman, gets job anyway.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
50% of independent shareholders vote against James appointment to run eventually approved.
Nicola from Murdoch James (Martinborough, NZ) is with us all evening! Drop by for a drop of the best Kiwi wine...
- Investors complain he won't be an independent chairman
Sky revolt over plan to crown James Murdoch: Investors complain he won't be an independent chairman. .
Almost 30 pct of Sky shareholders oppose James Murdoch as chairman
Sweney: Sky shareholder calls for James Murdoch to be replaced as chairman.
Sky shareholders register protest over James Murdoch: Sky posts 13% increase in sales in latest quarter as it...
Sky shareholders register protest over James Murdoch via
Sky shareholders register protest over James Murdoch
- Sky shareholder asks for removal of James Murdoch as chairman
So 21st Century Fox enabled the deal for James Murdoch to return as Sky Chairman, James Murdoch is CEO of 21st Cent…
Almost 30 percent of Sky shareholders oppose James Murdoch as chairman - Reuters
Hi what did you talk to James Murdoch about yesterday?
James R. Murdoch. Murdoch, the co-chief operating officer of Fox News donated between $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Murdoch's Agenda with the ABC is clear
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Violence in capitalism : devaluing life in an age of responsibility / James A. Tyner
The polls of YouGov are based on leading questions and it is a mouthpiece for Murdoch's "Times" :'-)
Who owns the media, James? Hmm? Murdoch and his minions do as he tells them to do! LNP stooges, one & all!
Another garbage yarn that's been proven wrong just 2 hrs afterwards. Go back to Murdoch James
The real c. of interest with Wallace is that he was specifically ordered by Murdoch to "take out" Trump.
. Season 10 MUST! have the return of James Gillies! Murdoch & Gillies need one final epic show down.
James Murdoch New Chance for Redemption 'RESET BUTTON' This is why the settlement
James Murdoch gave millions 2 Killery switch to OANN -for now the best Payne Varney Dobbs Reagn Francis you go. William Murdoch/James Pendrick. Um. Yeah. As I said, all fault.
Latest news on James Murdoch:He's at Europa station waiting for you to stop hacking his groundcontrol module so he can descend to the planet
James Murdoch, in particular, is known to favor a model more like the Murdochs’ Sky News in Britain,
fyi "we can see the new headache James and Lachlan Murdoch now have before them."
He's just preparing for James and Lachlan Murdoch to take over.
There are bad people and there are bad corporations. Just as there are good people and good
I didn't know that Rupert & James Murdoch were female, tbqh. You learn new things every day!
..think Murdoch thinks he's some kind of super villain straight out of James Bond. Reality... *** !
I agree with James, it sounds like stress to me (not crazy). Hang in there Diana!
Drone captures rare footage of white whale calf having a frolic with mum: . Researchers from Murdoch Univers...
Here comes the news: James Murdoch has pointed gun at Morrisons.
Rupert Murdoch's son "James, whose wife had worked for the Clinton Foundation" - very telling indeed!
complained to 21stCentury that James Murdoch wanted rid of him to elect
Don't forget James Murdoch son of Rupert. is in tank 4 Clinton. Just look at Megyn, Wallace, Hume..
This would be a good way for Fox to redeem itself. Murdoch. James or Lachlan
And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay. They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay! Buzzing for Saturday
A-Z of grapes: Chardonnay, so ve... Wine from Murdoch James Estate via app:
Has James Murdoch bought Astana while the race is still on?
We need more journalists like James O'Brien, calling out Murdoch and his cronies here.
Ryan has stole the show im hame James
Rupert Murdoch knew about Roger Ailes behavior 20 years ago. James and Lachlan have known for 10 years, or more https:…
believed James trying 2 nix him 2 help elect Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn, is former employee of
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Joy of grammar [electronic resource] : a Festschrift in honor of James D. McCawley / edited by Diane Brentari,…
Ailes thought James Murdoch was trying to get him fired because his wife worked for the Clinton Foundation
Pungent quotes. Ailes on James Murdoch: "Tell me that mouth hasn’t sucked a *** ” according to a source.
Look at the hit Rupert Murdoch is taking aligning with this guy. And the pure hatred / bile vs. James Murdoch. Wow!
'Tell me that mouth hasn’t sucked a *** ' Ailes said of James Murdoch, watching him smoking via surveillance
CBS and Viacom vice chairman Shari Redstone, and 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch were just a handful of the bigwigs who descended on
James Murdoch: Fox's Streaming Deal with Hulu is 'Precedential,' Will Drive Growth of Other OTT ...
James Murdoch: Fox’s Streaming Deal with Hulu is ‘Precedential,’ Will Drive Growth of Other OTT Services
All you need to know about Jeremy *unt is he hid behind a tree in case he was seen meeting with James Murdoch of...
The Dungarees are heading to Nashville to write some big hits! — traveling to Nashville, Tennessee from Edmonton...
James Murdoch returns as chairman of Sky, 4 years after Britain's hacking scandal
Another sign we are living at a time best called/The End of Accountability/ James Murdoch to Return as Sky Chairman http…
James Murdoch returns as Sky chairman - Financial Times
James Murdoch is now chairman of Sky again — four years after r
Clifton's and James Murdoch hold up their brackets as county wrestling champs.
wedged by the LNP & Murdoch to back the unimaginable to win votes but fracturing the left vote... mission accomplished
He also part-owns BSkyB and James Murdoch has not ruled out putting in other bid for 100%
A pro-Apartheid dirty energy company you've never heard of is illegally drilling in . htt…
in the context of the political reality of a Murdoch cheered LNP anti refugee gov about to win gov.
Like Rebecca Brooks, James Murdoch returns to his old job. Like nothing ever happened.
James Murdoch's return as Sky chair is a major concern, says investor
James Murdoch returns as chairman of Sky
James Murdoch awarded top job at Sky for successfully keeping a lid on that phone-hacking thing.
James Murdoch, who quit in phone-hacking scandal, returns as Sky chairman
Now in case you missed it I'm about to send my synopsis to James Aubrey to show to James Murdoch...
James Murdoch reappointed Chairman of Sky and days later BT suffers national outage. These two stories are unrelated.
James Packer's father was obscenely wealthy media baron, like Murdoch.
“I’ve gotten to know Al Gore..” James Murdoch told the Financial Times "We thi…
James Murdoch is married to Kathryn Hufschmid, who works for the Clinton Clima…
In the week when the tory-stuffed OFCOM decided there was no need to re-evaluate James Murdoch's reinstatement.   10% Off
James Murdoch was responsible for NoW when it hacked phone of Milly Dowler and hampered the police investigation . Has he N…
James Murdoch back at Sky, Brooks at News UK, meetings with Cameron - Murdoch must feel as if phone-hacking never happened.
It predated James, but NDS 'Operational Security' reported direct to the office of Rupert Murdoch
James Murdoch: has the heir apparent changed more than his look?
That James Murdoch job interview in full:. "Can you start Monday?". "Sure thing Dad."
Tory love in at the BBC. James harding head of former Murdoch's editor & Osborne's best friend,
if Elizabeth Jagger marries James Murdoch and James Jagger marries Elizabeth Murdoch. Poor Rupert will be so confused!
Mark Wallace took a bribe from James Murdoch
too busy arranging playmates for her kids with James Murdoch's sprogs during Select Committees. Still, she got looked after.
"Storytelling will continue to define the world" meint James Murdoch bei
Fox's James Murdoch writes essay about media in 2016
James Murdoch has joined the board of
We agree with Fox CEO James Murdoch, lots of room for innovation and evolution within the realm .
Spotted the Ressence Type 3 on James Murdoch's wrist, the CEO of 21st Century Fox. Another recognition for the...
Why is Fox so pro Trump. Must want Hillary to win. James Murdoch's wife works for Clinton Climate..
If anyone from would like to launch a class action regarding murdoch's hacks & this dangerous libel, count me …
The is already investigating murdoch's press & conservative uk politicians for inciting hate against disabled.
In the new I interviewed Rupert Murdoch's grandson James MacLeod, the founder of…
Following on from James Bond defeating Rupert Murdoch's plan 4 world domination in Tomorrow Never Dies.if only !!
jeff bewkes les moonves mark welch james murdoch & pierre have got to go Now
What makes you think the editor gets a say James?
All the prosecutions arise from News International betraying their sources & staff. Except for one James Murd…
This Could Get Messy: A Guide to Eating, to Drinking, to Doing Both at the Same Time. James Wirth - Murdoch Books.
Lets's throw back to the time I was James Bondage in a adult film.
Supermax staring Jeff Bewkes and Les Moonves and Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch a bunch of CEOS who get sent to supermax
(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is in no doubt that James Murdoch is ready to take a much bigger role at Twenty-First
James Murdoch: Exclude Megyn Kelly as a host from future Fox News debates
Live coverage of James Murdoch at the Leveson Inquiry
Paul Martin MSP motion 27/04/2012. "Rupert and James Murdoch and proper people to run BSkyB in Scotland." …
4 years after a U.K. phone-hacking scandal threatened his ascent, James Murdoch regains his status as Fox's heir
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James Murdoch signals the unbundling of Fox properties from cable is inevitable and positive.
James Murdoch's relationship with Fox News powerhouse Roger Ailes will be closely watched. Good insight here
James Murdoch all set to take the reins of 21st Century Fox from father and ... - via
With mutual disdain simmering between James Murdoch and Roger Ailes, trouble is brewing in billion-dollar paradise:
James Murdoch Views Television as 'Real Killer App': James Murdoch, in partnership with his brother, Lachlan M... http:/…
James Murdoch, in partnership with his brother, Lachlan Murdoch, will be responsible for steering 21st Century Fox through ...
Given that James Murdoch contributed a comic strip to the Harvard Lampoon, it's amazing he hasn't made himself Exec Producer of The Simpsons
James Murdoch, COO of 21st Century Fox, donated between $1 million and $5 million to Clinton Foundation. But why? http…
James Murdoch, COO of 21st Century Fox, has given between $1-$5million to Clinton Foundation
yes and he said he agreed with James Murdoch's Edinburgh speech
Saudi Arabia’s prince backs James Murdoch for top position at .
No, no, no! James Murdoch has a relationship with crazy Welsh fan of Ireland!
Rupert Murdoch owner of News Corp.& FOX Also owns the copyrights to THE KING JAMES BIBLE, the preface was purposely removed, WHY?
Murdoch / New Labour / Sun supported untermensch James Purnell lead the attack on the poor and disabled.
Murdoch owns 5% of Vice . His son James is on Vice's board.
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Andrew Melville told James to his face :
What's the bet Jones vets audience questions to make very sure no one asks K ODwyer about murdoch tax rorting dudding Oz …
Murdoch is the biggest James Bond villain never to go up against 007
James MacLeod, Rupert Murdoch’s grandson, digital news entrepreneur, will vote Green as "sound policies"
This is true right across the western world. Take Lachlan Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, Justin Hemmes, James Packer...
Rupert Murdoch's grandson talks about young voters, election coverage in the media and why he'll probably vote Green
Don't agree with all of it, but some well-argued speculation on why James Murdoch met Narendra Modi.
Gillard's popularity was destroyed with Murdoch's complicity. is even less popular with his support. How b…
We're welcoming Gerry Morita from for Acid Trip & James Murdoch is providing secret music for under___score!
if u hate the Murdoch press & MONSANTO u will like this but it is shocking to watch. PLS rt.TY.
We're hearing reports that James has written a Fathers' Day card to another plane of existence.
.I gave up fear as a basis for life back when the Murdoch press wanted me to fear Asians.
why are u talking *** on air. Story has been totally debunked. Yet u still peddle lies! Murdoch puppet James are you?
1874 The Works of James THOMSON with the life of the author Murdoch First
Following the News International phone hacking scandal, James Murdoch resigns as Chairman of BskyB
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I like to think of Stuart Murdoch as running Belle & Sebastian in the manner of James Brown, only constantly demanding MORE LISTLESSNESS.
Every man needs two women, a quiet home-maker, and a thrilling nymph. Iris Murdoch (1919-1999)
Rupert Murdoch's grandson explains why he's voting for the Greens via
Andrew Bolt sure does cost Murdoch a lot in legal fees.
I was very surprised to see James MacLeod, Rupert Murdoch's grandson backing the Green Party
She got the memo from James Murdoch!
Clarkson, along with Rebekah Brooks, Cameron and James Murdoch was the core of the 'Chipping Norton set': their power was not illusory 1/2
Henry James created more convincing women than Iris Murdoch put together
James Hardie zero tax. Murdoch's 21st Century Fox pays 1 per cent. Yet we have all this effort to try and cut pension indexation.
Remain calm: James Murdoch has refused to allow be into Monday morning TV.
Never mind that, Hague shld ask why he lied to parliament abt his involvement with James Murdoch & BSkyB takeover
true but crucially James Harding, ex Murdoch man, is head of News and Current Affairs
Did you make the call to PC Murdoch personally, James?
So James Gillies gives Murdoch a long kiss on the lips, & no family groups or parents complained, b/c it was a predatory kiss from a villain
Stick to the facts Josh and u will gain respect. Leave the Murdoch untruths behind
Meanwhile on Planet Murdoch voted best channel
Actual photo of Rupert Murdoch preparing for a chat with Jeremy Clarkson...
James Murdoch is a neighbor in Oxfordshire. One guess where will land.
Charlie Brooker on James Murdoch aka Damian and his media empire
your actually starting to make Murdoch and Sky seem good value so sick of your PC drivel
Rupert Murdoch Sells BevHills Estate to Son James: After Rupert Murdoch first floated his spectacular BevHills...
Don't cry for me: James Murdoch has joined French foreign legion to find the terrorist responsible for destroying terrorism offences!
James Murdoch not ready to ditch cable TV for Internet just yet
James Murdoch not ready to ditch cable for Internet just yet - While...
James Murdoch moves 21st Century Fox to the future
I think Brits misread Carey. BSkyB is James Murdoch's thing. Any move by 21st C Fox would reginite succession plan http:…
See current PrivateEyeNews 1373 - News Corp tax returns in the UK - James Murdoch 'denies knowledge' again?
How David O. Russell and James Murdoch are creating the next generation of great directors
James Murdoch's history is distribution. Time Warner is all content Only Murdoch with these skills is Elisabeth
Murdoch says he cannot buy Tribune or LA Times: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Twenty-First Century Fox cannot buy pu...
James Murdoch stands to win in proposed Time Warner deal
Time Warner is girding to fight Murdoch’s takeover offer - Meg James, Daniel Miller
Rupert Murdoch and his Dummy Son James - the Family at the End of the World
James Murdoch back in public at father's
Phone hacker to Fox/TW leader? J. Murdoch in public at father's side in moves for Time Warner | Media | The Guardian
News: Murdoch seeks to reboot son James’s career with Time Warner deal /via
Media news: Murdoch Bid Boosts Carey as James Jockeys for Position via by …
This reminded me of James Murdoch saying he hadn't read an email from Colin Myler which reminded me of
1. Rebekah Brooks’ acquittal a big day for her and a huge relief for both Rupert and James Murdoch
Bill Ford, Ivanka Trump, Samuel Walton, James Murdoch, and the entire Cabinet of the Republic of China.
COMMON ERRORS IN ENGLISH | to appraise vs. to apprise To appraise something = to evaluate * True 360 appraisal seems like an excellent way to determine how a person's skills and performance are perceived by all those around them. To apprise someone of something = to keep someone posted * He needs to apprise shareholders as to whether gains like these will offset WPP's vulnerability to cost-cutting at Ford, its biggest client. To apprise oneself of something = to inquire * We consider that James Murdoch's failure to apprise himself of this information fell short of the exercise of responsibility to be expected of the chief executive officer and the chairman.
Brooks 'sought James Murdoch's approval for Sun's backing of Tories' via
Re post Coulson, David Cameron's former chief of communications at 10 Downing Street, continues to deny hacking phones. It has been heard in court that Coulson authorised payments for three phones of the Royal Household to be hacked, for Dirt digger Murdoch's news scoops. Coulson is therefore set to spend extended time in jail, for being in denial. The more honest character Clive Goodman has admitted that phone hacking went on at the News of the World on an Industrial Scale. This industry of phone hacking was ordered and orchestrated by Brooks and Coulson, who in turn were following Rupert and James Murdoch's orders not only to hack phones, but to bribe police and officials, to carry out illegal surveillance and a litany of other crimes for news scoops and filthy propaganda. The challenge for the police and the courts is to penetrate the Murdoch empire’s codes of secrecy, in order to prove who ordered the phone hacking through the chain of command. The Murdoch empire is directed and managed as a Mafia c ...
Path clear for James Murdoch at 21st Century Fox - Sydney Morning Herald
News that Lachlan Murdoch was returning to the fold and James Murdoch was getting a promotion at 21st Century Fox caught many people on the Fox lot by surprise on Wednesday. Not that it was unexpected in the grand scheme. Rupert Murdoch has always been…
Path clear for James Murdoch: Chase Carey is negotiating a new three to five year contract with 21st Century Fox...
Rupert Murdoch put into place possible succession plans Wednesday by elevating two of his sons, Lachlan and James Murdoch, at News Corp and 21st Century Fox.
Blake Smith's insight: Today’s announcements by 21st Century Fox and News Corp, of new jobs for Rupert Murdoch’s two sons, have widely been seen as favouring Lachlan Murdoch (the elder, prodigal son) over James Murdoch (the younger, loyal son). And, although no wrongdoing was ever proven against ...
Lachlan and James Murdoch have moved into key roles in the Murdoch media empire. Are they up to the job?
Lachlan and James Murdoch on the rise. Overseas fuels box office. - The Skinny:...
21st Century Fox Board appointed Lachlan Murdoch Non-Executive Co-Chairman, James Murdoch has been elevated to the position of Co-Chief Operating Officer.
Media and entertainment company Twenty-First Century Fox Inc said its board has appointed Lachlan Murdoch non-executive co-chairman and elevated James Murdoch to the position of co-chief operating officer.
Tom Watson cross questions James Murdoch on News International's " Mafia" ways of behaving.
"Bald-faced lie": former Independent editor hits back at James Murdoch.
A “Hutton style” report ... Dr David Kelly and Tony Blair’s whitewashing advice to Rebekah Brooks In the wake of the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking in the UK, Rebekah Brooks, former CEO of New International stands charged with 2 counts of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, two charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct ina public office and one charge of conspiracy to intercept mobile phone messages . She has denied all five charges. At the time of writing she has been acquitted of one of these charges. A recently published email between Brooks and James Murdoch intimates that Brooks was contacted by ex UK Prime-minister Tony Blair who made himself available as an “unofficial adviser” to Brooks, James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch (“KRM”). The email from Rebekah Brooks to James Murdoch sent on 8th July 2011 reads as follows: Only got ten minutes before I see Charlie for confiscation! But I had an hour on the phone to Tony Blair. He said: 1. Form an independent unit that has an out ...
Blair offered himself as "unofficial adviser" to Brooks and Rupert and James Murdoch on a "between us" basis"
Read the full email from Rebekah Brooks to James Murdoch on Tony Blair advice
Former Prime Minister Emerges as Figure in Hacking Case By KATRIN BENNHOLD February 19, 2014 LONDON —Tony Blair is the latest high-profile person to surface in the British phone-hacking trial, a high-stakes criminal prosecution of shadowy practices at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World tabloid. Mr. Blair, the former prime minister of Britain, offered to act as an “unofficial adviser” to Mr. Murdoch and to Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Mr. Murdoch’s British newspaper empire, who is one of eight defendants in the case and is expected to give evidence for the first time on Thursday. In a one-hour phone conversation less than a week before Ms. Brooks was first arrested in July 2011, Mr. Blair told her to “keep strong” and take sleeping pills, according to an email in which she relayed the conversation to Mr. Murdoch’s son James. The email was read out by the prosecution in court on Wednesday. The email from Ms. Brooks to James Murdoch, dated July 11, 2011, said Mr. Blair “is available f ...
Tony was "available" to her and Rupert and James Murdoch as an "unofficial adviser" on a "between us" basis.
PDF version of Rebekah Brooks's note to James Murdoch after speaking to Tony Blair
In full: Rebekah Brooks's email to James Murdoch on Tony Blair - BBC News
I wonder if this offer of Tony Blair to advise James Murdoch was before, during or after he was allegedly shagging Murdoch's stepmother
In an email the former News International chief executive officer sent to her boss James Murdoch suggested blaming Les Hinton and Colin Myler, court hears
The full email sent by Rebekah Brooks to James Murdoch in which she claims to have been given advice from Tony Blair during a telephone conversation.
Apparently Tony Blair advised Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks about the phone hacking scandal. Disappointed but far from surprised EDIT: 'He said the inquiry would be "Hutton style" – a reference to Lord Hutton's inquiry into the death of David Kelly – and would "clear" her' - The Guardian Not one for conspiracies, but doesn't that sound suspiciously like him admitting the David Kelly inquiry was a stitch-up?
I hope this doesn't all mean that Andy Coulson and James Murdoch will be back in the news. won't cope.
Old Bailey hacking trial shown this 2011 Rebekah Brooks e-mail to James Murdoch about Tony Blair's offer of help. http:…
"Just as he [American Actor James Murdoch] had become well established, both life and career were threatened in 1841 when he accidentally swallowed arsenic, permanently damaging his health." .uh. what?
Now we'll have to add the RMT union to James Murdoch and Al Qaeida as the people most responsible for getting Britain cycling.
BSkyB 'pay light' push targets Freeview households Now TV: the BSkyB chief executive says 'it is a good way we can get to Freeview households' BSkyB's move to offer Sky Sports channels to TalkTalk customers on a pay-per-day basis is part of a "pay light" strategy that aims to target millions of Freeview households that have resisted its monthly TV subscription packages. Since hitting former chief executive James Murdoch's target of 10 million pay-TV subscribers in 2010, customer growth has slowed to a trickle, reaching just 10.5 million at the end of 2014, with a significant number of those new additions cheaper internet TV users. With Sky's cheapest basic channels package costing £21.50 a month and premium packages – including sport and movie channels – starting at more than £40, the broadcaster appears to have reached the limit of the pay-TV strategy that has served it so well over more than 20 years. On Tuesday, TalkTalk TV revealed that it has signed 732,000 customers just 15 months after launch ...
3rd day without internet after switching to Sky. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Murdoch.
also Peter Such, James Marshall, Steve Murdoch. Awesomely lucky. When I got player of yr in 2011 it was totally down to Marshy.
James Murdoch you absolute arrogant wanker
ABC hires vocal critic from Murdoch press to be media manager via
'Loads of players want out of Old Trafford'- Anderson. PMSL. David Lee Buck James Murdoch Ben Broadley
Hi James, these lectures are for staff & students at Murdoch. You can see the full presentations here ^Jono
Telegraph exclusive: Ecclestone says he is unaware of sale talks with Liberty Media but CVC has had many offers http:…
What happened when Murdoch's Courier-Mail vox-popped people about cutting the ABC: via
The 6th G’s – REVIEW OF 2013 On the 23rd January live from Ujima House in St Pauls capturing the imagination of billions tuning in across the globe The G-Man AKA Roger Griffith and Mic B announced the winners to the one and only award show. Here is the list that matters coming better late than never on the Old Skool Cruising show every Monday 4-7pm on Ujima 98FM and Award winners in CAPS Honourable mentions are in brackets. i. Man of the Year – NELSON MANDELA- as in life with his death a true legend (Idris Elba see above and gained plaudits on Pacific Rim & Luther too. Sir Alex Ferguson, look at them now, made winning seem easy and turned management in football into a respected trade. ) ii. Woman of the Year – OPRAH WINFREY back to the silver screen after Color Purple in The Butler, respectful at Mandela funeral still the one to follow as a media mogul. (Margaret Thatcher continued to divide opinion and Britain after her last breath. Angelina Jolie was brave going public on her ...
As FedGovt/News/ABC agenda heats up, worth watching James Murdoch's MacTaggart Lecture re BBC for key words/arguments
just worried Gobe might pick James Murdoch. ..
FB is really getting to know me, they just recommended I like the fan pages of Ronnie James Dio & Shirley Murdoch...
Come on down to On The Rocks Edmonton tonight!
Eat this: James has emerged with his first album in eight years, titled 'Yelling for Biology'.
Together again: James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch back Bruce Buchanan’s digital marketing group Rokt
Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns a 7 percent stake in News Corp — the parent company of Fox News — making him the largest shareholder outside the family of News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch. Alwaleed has grown close with the Murdoch enterprise, recently endorsing James Murdoch to succeed his father and creating a content-sharing agreement with Fox News for his own media conglomerate, Rotana. Last weekend, at the right-wing Constitutional Coalition’s annual conference in St. Louis, Joseph Farah, publisher of the far right WorldNetDaily, blasted Fox News for its relationship with Alwaleed. Farah noted correctly that Alwaleed had boasted in the past about forcing Fox News to change its content relating to its coverage of riots in Paris, and warned that such foreign ownership of American media is “really dangerous.”
Is anyone else tired of James Gillies messing with Murdoch and Julia??? Get them together for Gawd's sake!
havin a drink chilling with Craig Murdoch James Murdoch
Fairly safe to say by the way he grinned to himself James Murdoch has heard of "wilful blindness"
Alex Salmond offers James Murdoch political asylum. "He'll be safe up here, his dad's a good friend" a spokesman added.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Famous American photojournalist James Nachtwey shot in the leg in Bangkok. Has covered many wars and conflicts.
Fox has a 5% share and James Murdoch is on the board.
Murdoch’s spin doctors go into overdrive to conceal spiralling crisis of the incompetent, dysfunctional Abbott govt.
I am a Murdoch employee. That's why I was viciously pointing out that is in the pocket of Big Grammar.
Lord Leveson : "Murdoch employees seek revenge by high-volume, extremely personal attacks on those who challenge them."
Despite the Edinburgh riots, James has admitted bullying his own reflection.
Interesting to see the emails (with typos) directly between Jobs and James Murdoch
Brooks and James Murdoch acting as members of Cameron Cabinet before scandal broke:.
Is James Murdoch consulting or is he too busy?
Bludgers: via Derek James on the Murdoch media's softening up process for Abbott's attack on the poor.
From Murdoch With Love: How "News of the World" hacked James Bond A reminder of what not to be..
Tony Abbott thinks the ABC is on everyone's side but Aust. So who's side is Abbott on? Rupert Murdoch who gave up being…
It's quite easy to dream/imagine James Vincent McMorrow Or James Blake on a collab with Murdoch : )
Abbott vs ABC continues Murdoch's quest to monopolise media. On Competition RM is the ultimate hypocrite
all presents open and thank you so much beautiful Lisa Bird for all the presents, thank you to Andrew Langton Mandy Butterley Matthew Murdoch Langton & Peter James Murdoch for all the gifts..wish you all a merry christmas
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tnanks to James Murdoch and Don Williams. Over the last few years they have made sure i was able to attend USU BB & FB games.
Remembered today... Senior Constable James Gibson MURDOCH Cholera Burrangong 25 December, 1900 Senior Constable Murdoch is recorded as having "died after he drank bad water whilst fighting bushfires". The constable had been out for the weekend fighting bushfires before returning to Burrangong Police Station where he soon fell ill. Stricken with diarrhoea and vomiting, the constable was treated by the local doctor before being taken to Burrangong Hospital. He died two days later, on Christmas Day, probably from cholera. The Sydney Morning Herald of 26 December, 1900 reported the following. "YOUNG, Tuesday. Senior Constable James Murdoch died this morning from dysentery and colic, supposed to be due to his exertions at the recent bush fires, and to the drinking of bad water. Deceased had been in the force about 16 years, and was much respected." The senior constable was born in 1862 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 7 March, 1884. At the time of his death he was stationed at Burrangong.
Whenever I see James Murdoch I like to close my eyes and imagine his cold corpse swinging from a gibbett. This makes me happy.…
Inconceivable! James Murdoch has been identified having a crap a million dogs.
Well here i am in a damp Wellington after a very Welcome to Windy Welly landing..was great driving my car to the terminal and leaving the keys and it will be waiting at the door when i return(thanks Koru club)...was able to check straight in to my room at 9am when i was going to drop my bag off so brownie points to Trinity Hotel for that.been to visit Simon James Murdoch at his work and will catch up later,done some shoppping and now chilling...big family day tomoro,cant wait to see everyone..Merry christmas to you drink and be merry and keep safe XXX
Y'all know James Murdoch is on the board of Vice now, right?
When will the gorillaz return from hiatus i miss 2D noodle Murdoch and rustle . Not to mention Jamie h and david a
Hi fb peps!! Only two sleeps until Santa is due...make sure you have all your "essentials" for the festive...
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