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James Milner

James Philip Milner (born 4 January 1986) is an English footballer who plays as a winger or central midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

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EA altering FUT 17 in-form card system! Here's one example with James Milner 84 LB in-form for TOTW 2, crazy!…
James Milner sending good messages to Kevin De Bruyne respect 🙏🏽🙏🏽
James Milner is spot on as rout Hull to maintain flying start to the season and leave Klopp purring (report) https…
James Milner: Liverpool FC fans haven’t seen the best of...
Wow. James Milner has never lost a match he has scored in. That's 41 games.. .
Danny Rose cancels out James Milner's penalty as frenetic game ends all square .
Pochettino satisfied with Liverpool draw: Danny Rose salvaged a tie for the home team after James Milner's pe...
James Milner career. Leeds striker . Newcastle attacking mid . Villa centre mid . city right mid. Liverpool left back
Sadio Mane basically had a game of FIFA, James Milner had a day, Joel Matip was on a wee stroll and was absolutely boss. Sound, I say.
Well done to for thrashing Burton! Sturridge, Emre Can, James Milner and the simply whole team played well out there! YNWA 😎
James Milner is not and will never be a left back. That is all.
We actually scored from a corner today, not only that, it was a James Milner corner.
30% of the world is covered by water the rest is covered by James Milner and Sadio Mane!
"James Milner and Alberto Moreno are Liverpools left backs for the season". Me:
James Milner 7/10:. Work rate was evident as always, got forward well. Big improvement from Saturday, but still has a way to go.
If Can misses some games we forgetting James Milner could always try his hand at playing central midfield
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is that James Milner in the bottom right 😂😂😂
Even from left back - 2 (more) assists for James Milner tonight...he has a fair few now this calendar year!
Liverpool fc should not be depending on James Milner filling in at left back this season ffs. Just buy a left back
How bad do you have to be to concede off a James Milner corner
Says a lot about James Milner at left back that he's just assisted from the right hand side of the 6 yard box...
61: GOAL! An own goal from Tom Naylor after a good corner from James Milner. 0-3
Stan Collymore left miffed by Liverpool's use of James Milner
If James Milner played in goal he'd still cover every blade of grass.
Please bring back Moreno! Liverpool fans react to Milner at left-back
The commentator just said Sadio Mané has "deceptive pace.". Yeah, sure, and James Milner is deceptively boring.
fans are not impressed with James Milner playing left-back!
I've witnessed a flurry of James Milner step overs.I'm done.
Stan Collymore miffed by James Milner as Liverpool left-back
fantastic attacking display, mane is so so good. Milner has had a great game but a Lb is still needed
Had a chuckle when the lino waved play on for James Milner in front of the Bob Lord Stand. Clear throw-in. The ball was miles over the line.
Yup. Yup. He's the hindi boring James Milner who himself is a nonce.
boring James Milner hacked your account?
No idea why I've created this considering I'm more boring than James Milner's toaster
Dan Keatings' commentary is so dull, almost as boring as James Milner
Give me a one-legged James Milner or Per Mertersacker at left back any day of the week over Moreno.
If that boring James Milner account hasn't made its way on to the desk of operation yewtree then I've got zero faith in the system. Nonce
are you the boring James Milner account
I don't think John stones read the English players manual. Don't join city!!! Ask Adam Johnston or jack rodwell or even James Milner
Torn muscle for Liverpool star ahead of Arsenal game: James Milner has been diagnosed with a ‘torn muscle’ in...
James Milner injury update: Bads news and good news for Liverpool ace: Liverpool’s vice-captain James Milner ...
Liverpool currently only have youngster Alexander-Arnold and James Milner as back-up in the full-back position.
This day will go down in history as the day when Ragnar Klavan, James Milner, and Simon Mignolet ended Suarez and Messi
Liverpool fans hearing Daniel Sturridge is out injured and James Milner starts at left-back vs. Barcelona
James Milner retires from international football. Here's his best moment in an England shirt...
James Milner announces his international retirement. His greatest moment in an England shirt:.
☺ James Milner Do Liverpool already have full-back cover in James Milner & Trent ... ♥➡️
Trying to work out whether you care about the James Milner international retirement announcement at 4pm on a Friday
James Milner has officially retired from international football, having realised he could never top this moment:
BREAKING: James Milner retires from international football.
come home Luis! James Milner won't mind if you take your old number 7 shirt back, there's plenty more for him
James Milner considering retiring from England duty.
Milner considering England future: James Milner will talk to Sam Allardyce about his England future after sug...
James Milner looks like he's slimmed down a lot!
Milner left to wonder if his England race is run via
First-team player accepts back-up role for next season: "I will do everything for Liverpool."
James Milner starts at left back for Liverpool.
James Milner starts as a left back for Liverpool today against AC Milan and the Liverpool Vice-Captain has told...
Go ahead Gini, ps James Milner left back supreme
Milner tells Liverpool boss Klopp: I'm happy to be Mr Versatile this season. (James Pearce).
Aren't the biggest summer spenders in the ... And James Milner is the starting left back huh?
Milner willing to cover at full-back - Liverpool vice-captain James Milner is ready to step up as ...
I just drafted Georginio Wijnaldum & James Milner on for v
11 years ago won one of the greatest champions league finals in history, tonight a 30 year old James Milner starts at left back.. 🙃🔫
I find it hard to believe that Klopp will go into the season as James Milner as a backup outside back.
This isn't Milner retiring or turning his back on England; just an honest acceptance of where he is squad
James Milner considering his England future. That seems fair enough. If he's not going to play now then it's probably time to move on
James Milner starting ahead of Moreno at left back, a sign for things to come Liverpool?
James Milner: "The team comes first, always has, always will."
you coulda just stopped at James Milner starts tbh
Milner considering England future (BBC Sports): Liverpool midfielder James Milner will speak to England ...
Klopp is using this game to experiment with James Milner playing at left back.
James Milner left City to play as CM, he is playing as left-back. World Class 🐍
James Milner considering his England future ahead of talks with Sam Allardyce next month via
James Milner starts at left back for 🆚
Klopp believes that Milner can provide cover for Alberto Moreno. (James Pearce)
James Milner starting ahead of Alberto Moreno at left-back.
James Milner has told Jurgen Klopp that he’s happy to be Mr Versatile for as he insisted: “The team comes first.” (Jam…
James Milner is considering quitting England, with talks with Sam Allardyce expected next week. (Sunday Telegraph)
gotta feel a little for James player for in 2016 yet on the bench while Hendo (who hasn't played)+Allen getting game time
Leaving a Premier League winner who's scored 24 goals this season on the bench and bringing James Milner on...
1) why did Joe Hart not come and claim that ball? 2) why did James Milner struggle to mark a player on the wing when he'd only just come on?
Gone from having Paul Ince and Gazza to Jordan Henderson and James Milner! Football just isn't as great as it once was.
Well done to James Milner, Adam Lallana, & who all featured. 👏 Next stop, 🇫🇷
The answer always seems to be James Milner. Still trying to work out the question.
James Milner is to the England football team what Jade Dernbach was to the England One Day cricket set-up. Yet more boring.
my mate wants a price on James Milner to miss a vital pen in the euro's can u give us a price bro
Needs to convince people Wilshere and Henderson are fit enough to merit dropping Drinkwater... starts James Milner
Gareth Bale is ranked as the 12th best player at Euro 2016. Wait for it... ... James Milner is ranked 5th.
James Milner is the fifth best player at Paul Pogba is 16th.
According to UEFA rankings, James Milner is the 5th best player in Europe. Even he looks confused.
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James Milner 🤔 or drinkwater 🤔 is Ian Holloway in charge of England?
James Milner is Europe's fifth best player, according to Uefa...
Imagine how much better James Milner would be if he had a neck
Tune in now as Jürgen Klopp is joined by and James Milner to preview tomorrow's final...
Nathaniel Clyne, James Milner, Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge will all join up with the England squad today in Manchester…
I liked a video from Luis Suarez or James Milner: Who Was Better?
James Milner: "Next time we need to finish the job": Liverpool captain on the night James Milner was predicta...
ICYMI, Raheem Sterling has won more trophies this season than James Milner, you know, the guy who left City to win trophies..
Trophies this season. James Milner - 0. Raheem Sterling - 1
A night of crushing disappointment on the European stage. Perfect warm up for Euro 2016 for James Milner and Danny Sturridg…
The difference between Paul Scholes and James Milner shown there, as the ball flies to Milner, volley on the edge of the bo…
KICK-OFF: Daniel Sturridge and James Milner get the under way - come on,
best signing James Milner or Joe Gomez. Milner outstanding season however Gomez long term will be. Same with Ings.
Since when is James Milner the best player in the world?. He must start for England at CM
wonder if Scot Parker is related to James Milner?? Boring or what!
Roberto Firmino, Joe Allen, James Milner, Alberto Moreno & Kolo Toure will all be rested. ( James Pearce )
Roberto Firmino, Joe Allen, James Milner, Alberto Moreno and Kolo Toure have not travelled today, Daniel Sturridge has.
Shouldn't James Milner be the permanent captain now?? Not hating on Henderson but Milner shows true captain qualities
87 touches. 92% passing accuracy. 2 assists . Watch the best of James Milner v
James Milner reminds of Steven Gerard at Liverpool. Arsenal must regret not signing him. He is world class and one of the best.
Ngl I have to apologise for slamming James Milner earlier in the season. He's shown total class in the absence of Henderson.
Did you know that James Milner has recorded...
81: final change and James Milner is given a standing ovation as he's replaced by Jordon Ibe (4-0)
James Milner got taught how to take corners by lee bowyer.
Who do you want crossing the ball? James Milner or Jesus Navas? Wait, that assumes Navas can create space for a cross. Sorry.
I still can't find any humanly reason why Man City let James Milner go while Navas I'd still there. It's probably because he is Jesus. 😆😆😆
Liverpool deservedly 2-0 ahead at half-time in the Merseyside derby. All over Everton. Two great crosses from James Milner, too.
I really hope no one Adam Lallana, James Milner or Jordan Henderson go to the Euro's
What goes through your mind when you choose to actively support a club with Jordan Henderson as captain and James Milner as his deputy?
! SportsJOE_co_uk: James Milner makes a great Forrest Gump...
Forgotten heroes: James Milner will stay for another year. Andre Wisdom will be given a chance in preseason.
- Jurgen Klopp was 'brilliant' in Liverpool's half-time team talk says James Milner: 'He told us we had no...
James Milner hails Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp after half-time team talk inspired Dortmund comeback
Please don't play James Milner in Centre Midfield for LFC ever again Jürgen, please. Oh and the corners
James Milner has been world class tonight
James Milner is such a Liverpool sort of player, just like Stewart Downing and Sebastian Coates were
George tried that in the Eddie in Stratford I can't type Why can I James Milner euro And so to welcome you don't actually plan to operate
James Milner has contributed to more goals than Anthony Martial but uno golden boy and all that
James Milner: Daniel Sturridge is a better trainer than...
wrong Gary Mcallister your probably still better than James Milner
James Milner is a poor mans Gary Mcallister
Paul Di Resta is the James Milner of F1, extremely boring
James Milner: Daniel Sturridge is as good as Sergio Aguero. . Aguero:
James Milner is one of the worst players to ever put on a England shirt... He must be flames in training or something
Who’d have thought that a team captained by James Milner could sap the optimism from a nation in 90 minutes? Shock horr…
that James Milner is as much use as chocolate tea pot! . Absolutely useless
Referees had a bit of a shocker. Manager didn't have a great night either. James Milner. FFS.
.James Milner & Adam Lallana pictured during the first half of friendly with
How many years has James Milner been taking corners?
They should call it miseryside . Miserable players. James Milner.
Not watching the game but I'll assume James Milner is playing like James Milner. Pointless.
Why aren't Holland in orange? Why are international teams now completely incapable of playing in their historic kits? Why is James Milner?
Feel like England are missing a natural leader. Like John Terry or David Beckham were. James Milner not the answer 🙈
James Milner gets to start with all that exciting talent in the bench. Sorry Woy, he's yesterday's man & one of the failures of last decade
Is there only me who thinks James Milner is very underrated?
Was looking forward to watching England until I saw James Milner was playing!
James Milner, Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge start for England tonight with Milner the captain.
James Milner on what it means to be captaining tonight:
After the excitement & euphoria of Saturday's slick, quick attacking play tonight sees the return of James Milner to the team
James Milner captain tomorrow night. I bet his speech before the game will be up there with Martin Luther King & other great orators
James Milner backs Daniel Sturridge to come back firing for England ahead of Holland clash - - Paul Joyce -
Unpopular fact: James Milner is Liverpool's best midfielder
James Milner will captain England against Netherlands on Tuesday. News conference shortly. .
We can confirm that James Milner will captain against tomorrow.
Wait until we get Wayne Rooney, James Milner, Phil Jones & Jack Wilshere back!
Mind you though good to see an England team without the plagued presence of Phil Jagielka and James Milner
Joe Allen in midfield brings more to the table than James Milner does, any given day.
How can you have side burns like James Milner and expect me to take you seriously
Question: how do Jordan Henderson and James Milner get in the England squad while Mark Noble doesn't? Hodgson confuses loyalty…
how has James Milner frauded his way into the squad yet again. This has gone massively unnoticed
Footage of Mark Bunn's goalkeeping against Liverpool & James Milner's free kick (minus the ball going in!)
A reminder that James Milner once cost £26m.
Liverpool can still challenge for European place, insists James Milner: Former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol ...
James Milner. joint-second top goalscorer this season. It's March. Strikers like...
James Milner has now scored in 41 different Premier League matches and never lost – only Darius Vassell (46 games) has a better record
Adam Lallana, James Milner and Ashely Williams all score on the same day. This is the day Brendan had always been looking for.
GOAL Liverpool 2-0 Man City (41 mins). James Milner is picked out by Firmino, who races through and slots it home
James Milner has been to the Grant Leadbitter school of set pieces.
If the likes of Jordan Henderson and James Milner go to the euros ahead of Danny drinkwater then Roy Hodgson needs a a bullet
This game is more boring than James Milner going cardigan shopping!
8. Quote with the best:. Your first Central midfielder from: . David Platt, James Milner and Stiliyan Petrov...
James Milner urges Liverpool to catch Manchester United and claim European spot after six-goal thrashing of Aston ..
It's half-time at Villa Park and lead 2-0 thanks to goals from Daniel Sturridge and James Milner
GOAL Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool. James Milner's in-swinging free-kick from the left beats everyone and creeps in at the b…
0-2 – GOAL - 25mins: James Milner's free-kick from the left deceives everyone and goes straight in the far cor…
Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge and James Milner are all on the bench for Liverpool tonight v West Ham
Happy with signings today, but my god, was more boring than james milner😴
James Milner has never touched alcohol... I hate him even more.
Oh I think that I found myself a midfielder . It must be James Milner
id give anything for Arab rich oil money and have world class players rather than the likes of James Milner, Joe Allen and co
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Ohh I think that I've found myself a midfielder, it must be James Milner
who's gonna score the goals to WIN these matches?? Christian i cant hit the ball Benteke or James look i run a lot Milner??
It's going to cost £70 to watch James Milner captain Liverpool.
It's going to cost £70 to go and watch James Milner captain Liverpool.
James Milner has ruled himself out of a deadline day move, citing his cat as the main reason. (Source:
Depends if you compare them to Shaun Wright-Phillips, Joleon Lescott, Darren Bent, James Milner etc
If u were to rate Jordan Henderson, Jonjo Shelvey, James Milner, Jack Wilshere, Ross Barkley, Michael Carrick out of 100 what will they be?
Well in red men! A bit fight and leaving a foot in on the other team goes a long way. Lucas, Toure, Emre Can, Allen and even James Milner 👍
Happy birthday to James Milner who turns 30 today. Let's remind ourselves why he is the complete footballer.
Happy birthday to the most complete footballer in the world - James Milner. (Via: ).
So Marko,. How excited are you to play with the likes of Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Adam Lallana?
Hopes for 2016: family are all ok and mates get what they deserve. And hopefully add and James Milner shirts to museum!
Henderson captain . James Milner vice captain! . Midtable mediocrity RIGHT THERE! . Our fans have allowed this to happen also!
When Henderson and James Milner is your captain and vice captain, you know something is wrong at our club!
when your captain is Jordan Henderson and your vice captain is James Milner, yes it is
Jordan Henderson and James Milner are awful footballers but look how nice this picture is
I wish there was a James Milner option
Quick reminder that James Milner is on 150 thousand pounds. A week.
James Milner is so incapable of anything even remotely creative or quick it's a joke. He makes the simple act of...
he's like a technical James Milner just less boring
Liverpool prospects very exciting on and off the pitch even for boring James Milner
James Milner has scored five of his six penalties in the including the last four in a row
'I take full responsibility' - Monk: James Milner's penalty proved the difference at Anfield as the Welsh side...
James Milner is certainly not boring. When he's taking pens at least.
James Milner scores from the penalty spot to give Jurgen Klopp his first Premier League win at Anfield.
your like the boring James Milner account
A boring game, won by a boring penalty kick, scored by boring James Milner
Jurgen Klopp can't bear to watch James Milner's penalty. WATCH:
FULL-TIME: pick up all three points after James Milner's penalty gives them a 1-0 win over
They might call him boring but James Milner can certainly hit those penalties!
fk this match is as boring as James Milner.
United are too boring even for James Milner.
dunno what would be more boring playing golf or playing with James Milner
1 - James Milner has scored his first penalty since netting one against Liverpool for Manchester City in January 2012. Spot.
He's actually the new boring James Milner
What as life become when the boring James Milner account as actually helped me
Kieron Dyer is more boring than James Milner ffs
Ottawa! 11/23 join Safiyah Rochelle,James Milner, Rachel Vincent at a free lecture on the
Report: James Milner and Jordon Ibe return to Liverpool training ahead of Manchester…
Jordon Ibe & James Milner are ready to return to training ahead of LFC's game at Man City. [Echo].
James Milner and Jordon Ibe should be able to face Man City after completing training on Monday afternoon (Echo)
James Milner and Jordon Ibe will be available to face Man City. [Echo]
James Milner & Jordon Ibe are set to be available for City having come through a full training session at Melwood this after…
James Milner withdraws from England squad with hamstring injury.
Another one bites the dust... England's James Milner to miss Spain & France matches .
domain names
From Milner out of England squad: Liverpool's James Milner has withdrawn from the Englan...
Liverpool midfielder James Milner pulls out of England squad for friendlies against Spain and France
Liverpool star James Milner ruled out of England friendlies with Spain and France
Manchester City were predicted to line up in a 4–2–3–1 formation, with Nasri and James Milner as wide men.
Kids today are lucky that they're witnessing John Obi Mikel and James Milner at the same time.
James Milner is basically Dirk Kuyt without the goals and the assists.
Gareth Barry, James Milner, Micah Richards and Jolean Lescott got treated the same way as Kreis. English or American = not go…
37mins: James Milner finds Lucas Leiva with a deep cross from the right but the header at goal lacks power and is saved 1-0
James Milner, Lucas Leiva and Nathaniel Clyne all felt the force of his criticism during the first half. (Jones)
Nice of James Milner to stop for a photo at Delamere Forest, normal feller walking his dog in his joggers
James Milner and Phil Neville have 116 England caps between them. Let that sink in.
Congratulations to midfielder James Milner, who is set to make his 400th appearance today...
400 - James Milner is set to make his 400th appearance, becoming the 24th Englishman to reach this milestone. L…
Hey Dave, just finished the latest Happy Hour - on the James Milner point, I seem to have noticed that he attacks...
CAPTAIN FANTASTIC James Milner celebrates scoring his 1st ... - -
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Red card for Sadio!? how about the 3 or 4 yellow cards James Milner should have had???!?
This is the 3rd time James Milner was yellow carded by the Andre Marriner in the 15 matches he refereed him.
I hope James Milner doesn't start again today. I've seen enough of him running around aimlessly
Would you rather have James Milner or Angel Di Maria?
Chipmunk coming with that James Milner work rate
Will James Milner keep his place in the team? Will Lucas come in? Here's our predicted XI:
looks like a boring James milner exchange
Sounds like Sakho will be captain tomorrow. Milner dropped for Firmino, Benteke back in for Origi.
Scary how much I look like James Milner yeno😂
STAT James Milner has covered more ground (99.8km) than any other player this season
It does seem that Sakho will wear the captain's armband tomorrow, James Milner will be on the bench.
Rumours are that there's no James Milner in the Liverpool team tomorrow. Seems Klopp has handed the arm band to Mamadou Sakho.
James Milner did worse last week on Danny Rose & we didn’t even get a free kick
Big team news for tomorrow. James Milner is dropped, Lucas replaces him, Sakho to be captain.
Is James Milner gonna be on the Bench and Sakho gonna be the Captain ?
Hamilton Collection
Max is the X factor's James Milner boring but does his job
I was told that James Milner is *** over 2 years ago. I'm so excited to find out if it's him and heap praise on the man!
Adele is overrated just like Nandos and James Milner
It's James Milner but as you've never seen him before. A rare photo from his Leeds days donning an awful moustache.
With Benteke and Firmino back, how would your Line up tomorrow be? Will James Milner be dropped??
Kovacic is about as good as James Milner... I'm so full right now...
Stop and think, James Milner is our vice captain and our number 7. Jesus Christ
Jurgen Klopp has called James Milner the 'complete footballer':.
Santi Cazorla is what Liverpool fans think James Milner is. We wish 😢
Jurgen Klopp: "James Milner is the complete midfielder".
James Milner has run further than any other Liverpool player in every one of their opening nine games in the Premier League this season!
James Milner lucky to avoid a yellow card there. Let's remind ourselves why he's the "complete footballer"...
9 - James Milner has run further than his teammates in every single Premier League game for Liverpool so far in 2015-16. Examp…
Jurgen Klopp: "James Milner is the complete midfielder". (via
I will never forget that newcastle United team of 2004/05..Nicky butt,Patrick kluivert,Craig bellamy,James Milner,babayaro,boumsong, carr
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I can not wait for Jordan Henderson to come back, James Milner is the most bang average footballer I have ever seen.
Jurgen Klopp called out Adam Lallana, Philippe Coutinho, Lucas, Emre Can and James Milner to improve for Liverpool.
James Milner is still out on the pitch trying to make challenges...
Roy Hodgson says Joe Hart, Gary Cahill and James Milner wont go to Lithuania, Jack Butland, Phil Jones and Jonjo Shelve…
Seen people play for Curzon Ashton that are better than James Milner. What an absolute shambles of a player.
James Milner 🙈. The equivalent of David Hillier in years gone by. The standard of England players has plummeted!
MATCH PHOTOS: Adam Lallana and James Milner in action during
James Milner, Nathaniel Clyne, Adam Lallana and Danny Ings called up to England squad. Daniel Sturridge left out.
Brendan Rodgers fired. Not shocked at all; his mathematical skills were awful. He actually thought James Milner was a 380.
Strip Jordan Henderson and James Milner of the captaincy immediately and give it to this boss ***
ASSIST James Milner sent in the corner which Ings met to score his 2nd goal of the season. Everton 0-1 Liverpool (4…
42mins: James Milner connects nicely with a volley at the edge of the area, only it's too straight to trouble John Ruddy
James Milner would get a run out in goal over John Ruddy.
how do you go from John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Michael Owen to Kieran Gibbs, James Milner, Jonjo Shelvey and Jamie Vardy?
Phil Jagielka, John Stones and Ross Barkley in the England squad with Ings, Adam Lallana & James Milner
PHOTO: James Milner, Adam Lallana and share a laugh in training on Wednesday morning
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the black James Milner. You'll all realise eventually.
FULL-TIME: secure a 3-2 victory over Aston Villa thanks to a James Milner strike and two from Daniel Sturridge
1:06 - James Milner's goal for Liverpool v Aston Villa is the quickest scored in the 2015-16 Premier League so far (1:06). Arr…
James Milner is such of a fraud of a centre midfielder. He uses the ball about as good as glen whelan
Farrell/Barritt/Burgess is like Roy Hodgson selecting a midfield of Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Andy Carroll
The club once was captained by Steven Gerrard, is now being captained by James Milner. That difference!
James Milner dip in form very evident as he tries to take the place of Steven Gerrard:
“James only scores world class goals. Is that James as in James Milner ..
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