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James Milner

James Philip Milner (born 4 January 1986) is an English footballer who plays as a winger or central midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

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How a player of James Milner's calibre has won 2 Premier Leagues will forever be beyond me
Have Glen Johnson, James Milner and Tom Cleverley retired from International football too?
I see James Milner looking as charismatic as ever!
id love James Milner.. not hsppning though
Didn't know you were boring James Milner, why didn't you tell me earlier lad
Man City are in Croatia when I fly out lmao gonna meet James Milner omg can't wait
David Bentley, Ashley Young, James Milner and Stewart Downing all peaked at a young age. Why can't Courtois?
lol I don't even dislike him but it's just incredibly underwhelming like signing James Milner
Would love to spend the whole day with Gareth Barry and James Milner
He is an athlete to bdfc new James milner
that should be on boring James Milner
and yet I'd love us to sign James Milner. Only for a similar price though
Imma just type a few names till it sink in zeen? Mohammed Salah. Gareth Barry. James Milner. Erik Lamela. see where I'm going?
James Milner modeling home kit 2014/2015. via:
he is a worse version of James Milner !!
someone told me you love James Milner is this True lol : )
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You've got to laugh at english media, they rip our best players and foreign ones too, but think James Milner is class.
Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere are joined in Las Vegas by...James Milner
I call James Milner a basic footballer 5 times before I wake up in the morning.
Sad cos James Franco isn't in dawn of the planet of the apes
Now after the World Cup, every James in the world will be pronounced Chames😂👌 Chames Milner, Chames Bond, Chames Blunt..
ino ah lad.. But the year 8 from Walton are about as boring as James Milner
even James milner saw villa as a step up from Newcastle!!!
Milner keeps watch over Wilshere and Joe Hart during Vegas pool party via
nah... because they took James Milner from us...
Casually getting my pump on in the gym, look over my shoulder and there's James Milner joining. Whatdaa
Who has more personality you or James Milner?
😂 is that the strength of your argument? James Milner??? 😂😂
Remember when James Milner left to go to a bigger club? Who was it again?
are you gutted 'boring James milner' has loads of followers but 'boring gateth barry' has hardly any?
I can withstand Cricket, but Golf is like listening to Michael Owen and James Milner discuss different methods of watching paint dry.
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I didn't realise is a parody account similar to Boring James Milner. Makes sense now.
That was very James Milner of you...
If Kasabian are making a film it's the equivalent to James Milner writing a biography
That's why I like James Milner so much. A good player and a great person.
Seeing James Milner in a villa shirt depresses me so much
ha ha think I've followed before but got bored of them...back on now though. There's one called boring James Milner too
Why haven't we announced James Milner as our new right back yet?
James Milner keeps watch over smoking Jack Wilshere and Joe Hart during Las Vegas pool party
You're eyeing James Rodriguez, but your club is thinking James Milner. ITKs? STFU! How to survive the transfer window. h…
QUICK QUIZ 1. What's the common link between Nicolas Anelka and Yossi Benayoun ? 2.Name this player, a Leeds academy graduate, who had played for Newcastle before a transfer to Liverpool collapsed. He was then snapped up by Aston Villa. He is the second youngest goalscorer in the Premier League history. 3. Name this legendary player who has played for fierce rivals Aston Villa, West Brom and Birmingham in succession. 4. Name this hefty defender who started his career at Chelsea, before playing for Middlesbrough and currently Stoke City 5. What's the common link between Denis IrwinEric Cantona, Mark Viduka, Rio Ferdinand, James Milner, Aaron Lennon, Danny Graham, Jake Livermore, Alex McCarthy, Micah Richards, Andros Townsend and Connor Wickham?
The German team that annihilated Brazil today had 6 players that won the Uefa u21 final against England in 2009. Fabian Johnson also on the team is at World Cup with USA. England had only James Milner in their team. That tells you everything you need to know about football in the UK & Germany.
James Milner scoring a goal and becoming a World Cup hero
James Milner himself could've beaten the germans.
coming from Rio Ferdinand? That's like Adrian chiles calling James Milner boring.
Hulk worst wife player since James Milner. Ok not that bad
"James would've banged at least 2 today." . James Milner yh?
unreal man, if you compare that with us we took James Milner and Danny Welbeck
it's wild. Worst thing is I don't rate him. He's a German James Milner but more tech lol
James Milner will be mad if you mention that cupboard again ;)
The only England player from that game at this World Cup was James Milner. Which sort of hints at England’s problem.
Boring James Milner gets me all the time 😂
I don't know who is worse. James Milner or Fred...
Boring James Milner makes me so happy
You've got to follow Boring James Milner it's absolutely class.
But James Milner did make him look like a child with his finish last year...
If Brazil had James Milner they would never be in this position!
Brazil just made some game changing subs there its like when England bring on James Milner
wondering what Boring James Milner has to say about this
I rate Fred somewhere between James Milner and my Nan! Hideously overrated!
James Milner was the only England player who played that day who is in the England squad   10% Off
If only they had big game changers like Ricky Lambert or James Milner, Brazil might have a chance here..
I think hulk is a worse player than James Milner
Dante is, got tore apart by James bloody Milner
Brazil don't even have like a Rickie Lambert or a James Milner on the bench to change the game
Wonder what boring James Milner is gonna have to say about all this
Hulk is like the Brazilian version of James Milner, Fred is like Emile Heskey
Hulk is not better than James Milner abeg. Can't wash me with tight jersey
Hulk is like the Brazilian James Milner, minus the effort or ability.
I think Hulk is just a Brazilian James Milner
Muller is like the German James Milner but x10 better
Seen better marking on a Sunday. Wonder what James Milner thinks of it all?
“Sami Khedira the german equivalent of James Milner.”LOL ***
Sami Khedira the german equivalent of James Milner.
lol remember when City fans championed Gareth Barry and James Milner as proof the club was staying 'English'
Joe, would you rather be thought of as a James Milner, pounding like an automaton up and down the pitch?
don't blame him mate, if James Milner's in the team it's got to give him hope lol
I suspect Ossie will be more fun to follow than Jags. Jags could stand in for the boring James Milner account when he's on holiday.
"I feel a bit like James Milner now." - on the fringe? Surplus to requirements?
We are like the James Milner of football teams! We once got an erection under Harry
yeah but he's quick we don't need superstars we need hard workers like James Milner
I feel a bit like James Milner now.
Got some really exciting Athletes joining the team to promote eers!! Always looking for more!! james.milnerfor details
almost as good as borin James Milner
i get like that when realising James Milner is still in the Premier League.. Let alone at City.
We sent James Milner on loan to Aston Villa as part of the deal that brought Nolberto Solano back to the club.
I can already see Osman being like that boring James Milner account
Man City would like to offer Real Madrid 5m James Milner + free membership at local gym for a year for G Bale!
If Adrian Chiles were a professional footballer he'd be James Milner. (A reputation as a professional but no-one seems to know why!) Other pundit/presenter comparisons to footballers?
From a website not so far away - "one of Edison Cavani's pecs is bigger than the whole of James Milner's body"
People are bleating about the price of Shaw. James Milner / Joleon Lescott cost £26 million each. Justify that
I can tell James Milner is the type of guy who still wears bootcut jeans, Umbro astros and his Man City top out
World Cup: v is an hour away. James Milner starts while Joe Hart is on the bench. Will sign off with a win?
Confirmed by Roy Hodgson that City's James Milner will play for the first time at the 2014 World Cup when face to…
you sound more like James milner than Amul does
That'll be another 5 year contract extension for the portugese james milner
look joe Im hoping that James Milner miraculously will appear on pitch with big Andy and win the World Cup
Ahh. I will try and get back earlier to see James Milner run-ragged by Costa Rica! What about somewhere like Sands House?
If only they had James Milner to play instead.
They say that when Gary Lineker and James Milner talk, grass grows 10% faster
Bilyaletdinov being a 'left-footed James Milner' is one of the best comparisons ive ever made
wages might be a bit high cos hes Russain League isnt he, industrial player him. Left footed James Milner
if you want James Milner to start against Costa Rica.
I bet James Milner enjoyed the first 80 minutes of this game
finding my last sticker, and the guy just giving it to me. That and finally getting James Milner
Belgium vs Russia, worst game I've watched so far. Hazard looking like a young James Milner out there
Even boring James Milner would call this game boring
I bet James Milner and Phil Neville are best mates
- I just showed this to Boring James Milner and he said 'no, she's just a fan with a Wig on'
Nothing on Emre Can from me, not heard anything. James Milner is the only other new one, been told we hold an interest, noth…
james milner moments.. Wa u doing today
Wonder how different the situation would be if there was more of Ross Barkley and James Milner.
England need to get back to playing like Italia 90. England got further playing 4-4-2 with James Milner.
Jesus Christ who are you, boring James Milner
no not boring James Milner or Phil Neville! 😴😴
😂 this boring James Milner account is a pisstake
Mark my words, England will only win against Costa Rica if James Milner plays & Rooney is played off the front man
Of Course he didn't expect such thing i'm starting to be like boring james milner it's so hilarious
Interestingly, James Milner is the only player who started that game to feature in the 2014 World Cup squad.
James Milner and lampard need to be in feel sorry for lampard as might be his last World Cup
David Silva, James Milner, Joe Hart and Edin Džeko are the City players that have been knocked out of the World Cup so far.
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Vincent Kompany says he is saddened that Manchester City team-mates Joe Hart and James Milner are out of the World Cup. Belgium take on Russia in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday with a win guaranteeing a place in the last 16. City skipper Kompany has an English wife, Carla, and had hoped Roy Hodgson's side would progress, especially with club mates Hart and Milner part of the squad. Kompany said: "My wife is English and although I like to believe my kids are Belgian, she thinks they are English too. "The English players that I have as friends and that I have a lot of respect for meant I wanted them to have a good competition and I'm very saddened as much as the English fans about the exit of England." The 28-year-old, who has had treatment for a groin strain last week following the 2-1 win over Algeria, says he is feeling 'good' and relishing the prospect of playing in the Maracana against Russia. He added: "I have played in a lot of the big stadiums in Europe and the most mythical stadiums in the world are Wemb ...
Enter to win James Milner's match worn shirt. Here's your chance to win an official shirt!
Kompany sad to see England go out: City defender insists he was hoping Joe Hart and James Milner would have a ...
James milner is so underrated. Quality all rounded player
Why can't anyone see apart from MON that James milner is a class centre midfielder! Play him instead of SG or Henderson!
Gerrard says England are confident heading into Thursday's World Cup clash with UruguayDefeat would put the Three Lions on the verge of an early exitGerrard says he will forget his friendship with Liverpool team-mate Luis Suarez in Sao PauloThe striker is fit and ready to face Roy Hodgson's side after a knee injury By Neil Ashton Follow Published: 16:56 EST, 18 June 2014 | Updated: 05:15 EST, 19 June 2014 132 View comments Steven Gerrard has admitted there will be nowhere to hide if England crash out of the World Cup after only two games. Roy Hodgson’s team will be eliminated if they are beaten by Uruguay on Thursday night and Costa Rica draw with Italy in Recife on Friday. The game could come down to a shoot-out between strikers Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez — team-mates at Liverpool, but deadly rivals this evening. England captain Gerrard said: ‘It could be a terrible, long, frustrating summer if we don’t get it right. VIDEO Scroll down to watch Steven Gerrard talk ahead of the crucial mat .. ...
Edin Dzeko will join team-mates David Silva, Joe Hart and James Milner by returning home next week after Bosnia’s 1-0 defeat to Nigeria.
After David Silva, James Milner and Joe Hart, Edin Dzeko joins the list to return early for our pre-season...
Anyone else out there keen to play indoor soccer.. We were thinking Sunday arv/night we need a few more players Ben Teschner James Milner Sam Gilmore
England unlucky to go out Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has come to the defence of England's World Cup campaign, saying Roy Hodgson's side "played well" and are unfortunate to be going out. Italy's 1-0 defeat to Costa Rica means England have failed to reach the knock-out stages for the first time since 1958. Vincent Kompany, captain of Belgium and Premier League champions Manchester City, also expressed regret about England's exit, which affects his teammates Joe Hart and James Milner. And former England manager Fabio Capello, now coach of Russia, said he thought there was "a little bit of injustice" about England's exit. Mourinho said England were "not lucky" in the draw which pitted them with two other former world champions in Italy and Uruguay, and they were also unfortunate in the way the games turned out. "From the best three or four matches in this competition, England was present in two. It means that England did well, played well, competed well," he said. England "was not afraid of Uruguay, was not ...
Leicester city have placed an offer, which is undissclosed for Manchester City midfielder James Milner.
Defeats against two former World Cup champions booked the plane ready for England before the knockout stage on the brink of World Cup oblivion. Though pre-tournament worries may have focused on a new, appealing generation of emerging young talents and their lack of international experience, it was ultimately Roy Hodgson’s seasoned captain Steven Gerrard who disappointed and downhearted the most. Steven Gerrard was worse than anonymous against La Celeste,heading the ball into the route of Luis Suarez to deny England a crucial point in Group B with his route one winner, but it wasn't his first massive blunder of the career, was it? In the build-up to Suarez's first goal, Gerrard fluffed a tackle to allow Nicolas Lodeiro to steam past him, even after he had initially managed to get his foot on the ball. His challenge proved to be too feeble to stop Suarez in his tracks and Gerrard was left sweating to find his footing to react, let alone keep up with his Uruguayans. Gerrard is not a natural holding mi ...
I suppose it's dead easy to point the finger at a young team, that we never really expected to get out of the groups anyway, and that heat and humidity must of been terribly uncomfortable for the poor lads, hardly enough time to practice any set pieces... especially with all that product endorsing they had to f**king do...! Joe Hart – Head & Shoulders, Umbro, Vauxhall, Dorritos Glen Johnson - Vauxhall Phil Jagielka – Chang beer Gary Cahill - Vauxhall Chris Smalling - DHL Phil Jones - Vauxhall Steven Gerrard – Vauxhall, Mars, Lucozade, Adidas Frank Lampard – Adidas, Walkers James Milner - Vauxhall Jack Wilshere – Nike, Pepsi, Weetabix Raheem Sterling – Nike, Trusox Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Nike Wayne Rooney – Vauxhall, Nike, Samsung Daniel Sturridge - Mars, Trusox, Nike, Subway Danny Welbeck - Mars, Nike
Painful for England. David Silva, Joe Hart and James Milner all guaranteed to return home early from the World Cup.
(It hurts to read this. Some of the points I agree with. Let Stevie G get a long rest and be ready for the Liverpool Season to come. He has been unfairly held up as England's reason for dropping out of the World Cup. If that is the case, why isn't anyone blaming the defence, and also, in my opinion, wasting the talents of a youngster on the bench by playing Rooney. Sterling, in his first World Cup match showed a lot of promise in that position, but NO, it had to be given to Rooney. Why? You may well ask that question. I see nothing in that player that would let him into the Liverpool team, let alone the England team. Roy should have played Sterling in that position, and he should have let Henderson go forward, pressing, as he does for Liverpool. Henderson followed orders and retreated behind the half-way line, after each of his forays into enemy territory. A Henderson, pressing the opposition, would have changed the outcome of that game. We musn't forget here, the brilliance of our Luis, but really, to bl ...
Quote of the day: "I said to Gerrard It was just like watching Liverpool when you set up Suarez. He said This really isn't the time for jokes, James. I said Ok" Boring James Milner
So England will announce a new and exciting line up for their final group gane, building for the future: time for James Milner
Do you think it is good news that Joe Hart and James Milner are joining David Silva on the plane home from the World Cup early?
With people clamoring for Rooney to step down and Gerrard retiring, it is time. England captain James Milner
Goodbye Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Glen Johnson, Phil Jagielka, James Milner, Rickie Lambert, Ben Foster, Leighton Baines and even Wayne Rooney. The time has come for a team built around Ross Barkley, Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge, Jack Wilshere Theo Walcott, Kieron Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Luke Shaw, John Stones, Jon Flanagan, Will Hughes and Saido Berahino. Time to breed in the new blood for the 2016 Euros.
Where was Frank Lampard, James Milner? Im sure they would have turned England's fortunes around. Great players with nerves and experience to kill games of such magnitudes. Hogson has never won anything major before, why expect him to start now? "Raheem Sterling and Ross Barkley" good players but nothing out of the extraordinary , Sterling played well against italy but flopped hard against Uruguay. They Dont come close to plays like Hazard , Pogba, Verratti etc at least for now.
I don't know how many of you guys noticed. England is not playing the best soccer that we have seen many times, but is nice to see that all the players that were there today are currently playing in the English Premier League. Something that I think we can't see in any other team in the World Cup. Different players which play all the year, one against each other, that are playing and fighting together for the same objective. Joe Hart (Manchester City) Glen Johnson (Liverpool) Gary Cahill (Chelsea) Phil Jagielka (Everton) Leighton Baines (Everton) Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) Danny Welbeck (Manchester United) Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) BENCH Ben Foster (West Bromwich) Philip Jones (Manchester United) C. Smalling (Manchester United) Luke Shaw (Southampton) Ross Barkley (Everton) James Milner (Manchester City) Adam Lallana (Liverpool) Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) Frank Lampard (Chelsea) Rickie Lambert (Liverpool)
Glen Johnston is officially the worst right back in the world! No caring bout his assist, James Milner should've been playing instead
Dundee fans will be excited...that's Joe Hart, James Milner and David Silva they'll get to see noo.
R Hodgson who Hart in Henderson, Lambert be they Baines, James Milner come, Jack Wilshere be done, Oxlade as it is in Chamberlain. Give us this day our Danny Welbeck, And forgive us this day our Phil Joneses, As we forgive those who Phil Jones against us. Raheem us not into Glen Johnson, But deliver it to Stevie. For Wayne is the Lampard, The Sturridge and the Barkley. Lallana Lallana, Our Men. Let's go lads!
When Roy read out the team he said "Centre Mid, J..." And I thought he was going to say James Milner but he didn't he sai…
James Milner and Luke Shaw should come in for Glen Johnson and Leighton Baines for England: Martin 'Mad Dog' Allen returns with the l...
Phil Jones? Luke Shaw? James Milner? Andy Hogg? Anyone but Johnson, he's diabolical
is it bad that I can't actually see the real James Milner without thinking about how boring he is...
Phil Neville's commentary sounds like the James Milner parody account
England - Italy Preview: Three Lions after revenge for Euro 2012 exit Raheem Sterling's expected inclusion in Roy Hodgson's line-up is likely to open up the game in the Amazon jungle of Manaus For the many anticipating a slow, cautious opening to the World Cup for England and Italy in the much-discussed humidity of the Amazon jungle, a careless error by Gary Neville on Wednesday will come as a breath of fresh air. It was expected that the essence of the Three Lions’ gameplan would be to shackle Andrea Pirlo, with perhaps James Milner deployed in a midfield role, to prevent the Juventus metronome from dictating the game from the heart of midfield. With Italy’s reputation as slow starters (they have won just one of their opening games in their last five major tournaments), the fact they have drawn more than any other country, and with a defeat far more damaging than a stalemate to start the tournament, it was hardly a recipe for all-action football. But England coach Neville’s notes hint at a fast-pac ...
I'd prefer to hear James Milner and Wayne Rooney to rap John Barnes' rap
WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS: Joe Hart is ready for Italy clash and James Milner believes England could not be better prepared? Read all about it: you think England can win the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
How can he criticise Barkley and then praise James Milner and Glen Johnson?!? is he a *** !!
I'd have him with Barkley not Henderson! England are just tragic all over! Look over at the bench and see James Milner 😳🔫
lol. Henderson is just another James Milner, a runner that's all
Glen Hoddle picked Frank Lampard over Jack Wilshere. I was cursing his Spurs self. Then Ian Wright picked Milner. James Milner. Oh my.
Glen Johnson making James Milner look like Cafu at the moment
UK Sports Paper Round: 'l New Gazza' turns screw on Hodgson Ross Barkley stood out, Wayne Rooney's performance divided opinion and James Milner was a disaster - what the papers thought about England's 2-2 draw with Ecuador. Oliver Holt in the Daily Mirror: Ross Barkley was the pick of the second-string players as he made a series of superb, searching runs. One of those, which started with a nutmeg of Jorge Guagua, led to England’s second goal and strengthened his case for a starting place in Manaus. [Jack] Wilshere stated his case eloquently, too. He has been struggling for fitness since he sustained a foot injury in a tackle with Daniel Agger during England’s friendly with Denmark two months ago. But the longer the Ecuador game wore on, the more influential the Arsenal midfielder became. Wilshere did not produce the kind of performance that demanded inclusion against Italy. But he did show the skill and composure that made it clear why many prefer him to [Jordan] Henderson. Read the full story. - - - ...
JC's More In Depth than Half Time Full Time Analysis. Ben Foster - 6 Few silly mistakes but not at fault for either goal. Hart has nothing to be worried about. James Milner - 2 Absolutely awful, it's almost like he wanted to make us lose. So bad. Phil Jones - 8 Fantastic performance, so solid defensively and even got forward from time to time. Chris Smalling - 6.5 Decent performance from Smalling, did ok when called upon and looked better than he has done previously. Luke Shaw - 5 Disappointing performance, caught out several times at the back and didnt challenge Valencia for the first goal. Jack Wilshere - 3 Another crap display, never got into the game and was sluggish and clumsy all game. Frank Lampard - 5 Disappointing aswell, with that performance it might be his last ever game for England. Wayne Rooney - 6.5 Got himself a goal and got into some good positions but didnt have the exuberance or energy of some of the younger players. Ross Barkley - 8.5 Great performance by Barkley ran at the defence and ...
England goalkeeper Ben Foster and midfielder James Milner pay tribute to Frank Lampard who is leaving Chelsea after 13…
Safe to say James Milner, Frank Lampard and Chris Smalling would be no where near my team vs Italy...
James Milner and Frank Lampard have been dire
James Milner, Luke Shaw, Frank Lampard have all had a poor match.
But then James Milner and Frank Lampard are like excitement sponges, just sucking it all up
Frank Lampard and James Milner have been the worst players tonight.
, Chris Smalling, James Milner and Frank Lampard are you kidding me
Ben Foster in goal, James Milner at right-back, Rickie Lambert up front & Frank Lampard starting, worst team ever!
James Milner is barely a football player, so what makes Roy Hodgson think he is a right back?
James Milner and Frank Lampard should not be in the squad
Ecuado v England Kick-Off 8:00 p.m. James Milner will get a chance to press his claims for a place in England's World Cup starting line-up in an unfamiliar right-back role against Ecuador in Miami. England manager Roy Hodgson has seen enough from the 28-year-old Manchester City player to try him out as a potential alternative to first-choice Glen Johnson. Frank Lampard will captain an experimental England side which is set to include Wayne Rooney in a left-sided role. Liverpool defender Johnson gave an uncertain display in the 3-0 friendly win against Peru on Friday and if Milner excels in the Sun Life Stadium it may give Hodgson food for thought ahead of the first World Cup game against Italy in Manaus on 14 June. Hodgson said: "James will play right-back against Ecuador. He's got the qualities to play there. There may be moments in the World Cup where we'd like to use him there. "This will give him some experience of that position. He's in the squad as a right or left-sided midfield player and that's wh ...
BBC Sport - Ecuador v England: James Milner starts at right-back.
James Milner: 'He [Frank Lampard] never has an off season. Players have ups and downs but every single season he delivers.'. SD
James Milner will play right-back for an England side led by Frank Lampard against Ecuador
Roy Hodgson is set to place an almost completely different starting 11 to the Peru game, and rightly so. how would you set up? we know that smalling and jones are starting as full backs, with James Milner certain to start right back. I think these friendlies are great opportunities to see where people can play as well as developing partnerships on and off the field. My starting 11; taking into consideration the above as well as Rooney on the left flank would be: Forster Shaw Jones Smalling Milner Rooney Wilshire Lampard Chamberlain Barkley Sturridge What would your starting 11 be? - Mike
Not that keen on judging what women wear either. Its normal to wear something different once you're rich. My wardrobe is like James Milner.
In an England squad with several exciting young players James Milner likely won't set pulses racing, but the versatile Manchester City midfielder could play a vital role in Roy Hodgson's plans in Brazil. The 28-year-old Milner has been part of the England set-up since making his debut Read More...
"L'pool have warned Southampton they will look to other options, notably Xherdan Shaqiri & James Milner." What? Milner instead of Lallana?!
LFC would now turn their attentions to other targets such as Bayern's Xherdan Shaqiri / Man City's James Milner. [Times]
Roy Hodgson would do the English a favor if he dropped Wayne Rooney, played a 4-2-3-1 with Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain behind Daniel Sturridge. And the coup de grace, James Milner at right back - better than Johnson as a player.
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I keep reading stories saying City are likely to miss out on Mehdi Benatia and Eliaquim Mangala.GOOD!, I hope we do, we don't need either of them, there is a young lad called Karim Rekik who happens to be a Full Holland International and Matija Nastasic who spent last season injured, they will be back next season, matter of fact, I cannot really think of anyone other than one midfield player we actually NEED.would like a Marco Reus, Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Angel di Maria or Isco type to be snapped up for next season and leave it at that. The biggest worry for City this season and the thing they definately need to get sorted and start shaping themselves doing it, is getting contracts signed by existing players, we have got Boyata signed up for another 2 seasons, but the top players like Joe Hart, Edin Dzeko, Samir Nasri, Aleksander Kolarov, James Milner and Micah Richards for me should be given new deals as a matter of urgency, and especially when 3 of them are not in Brazil, there is no reason why ...
Got me first swap from me Panini stickers. James Milner!!! Only Roy Hodgson wants him!!!
James Milner comes on whilst Ross Barkley sits on the bench...
Watch the video «James Milner talks about Tony Yeboahs goal v Wimbledon uploaded by Weareleedsmot on Dailymotion.
The England team enjoyed their first training session of the week at St George's Park this morning. 23 of Roy Hodgson's 25-man group were in action, as James Milner missed out through illness and Leighton Baines due to family commitments. The team are gearing up for Friday's game at Wembley Stadium against Peru - their final on home soil before heading to the World Cup. For tickets visit
Louis Van Gaal is looking at Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger as one of his major summer transfer targets.Galatasaray will offer Tom Cleverley a way out of Manchester United this summer after a less than positive season.Samuel Eto'o hopes to stay in London next seasonand would love to join Arsenal or Tottenham.Robin van Persie is certain Louis Van Gaal is the man to turn United's fortunes around.Former Celtic boss Neil Lennon is in the running to take over from Pepe Mel at West Brom.Spurs defender Danny Rose has opened talks withthe club over a new contract.James Milner is likely to opt for free agency next summer by letting his Manchester City contract wind down - he has been linked with Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal.Newcastle full-back Mathieu Debuchy is likely to leave the club this summer with a move to Monaco on the cards.Fulham could launch a £2m bid for Ipswich striker David McGoldrick.STAR ON SUNDAYAtletico Madrid could look to Tottenham striker Roberto Soldado this summer as th ...
Today's Transfer talk: Director Of Football Txiki Begiristain is planning on holding 'peace talks' with Yaya Toure before the World Cup. Ashley Cole is reportedly a target for City if he fails to get a move to Real Madrid. Cole wants to prove he is still amongst the best in the world by playing at the highest level and winning more trophies. James Milner will hold talks with City over a new deal, Arsenal, Liverpool and more Premier League clubs are looking at the England International as contract negotiations have stalled. Cesc Fabregas has been offered to City for around £40m, and could be involved in a deal which includes Yaya Toure. Valencia are interested in bringing in Edin Dzeko and are ready to offer around £25m for the Bosnian. Bacary Sagna is set to sign for City on a deal worth around £100k a week. This would confirm that Micah Richards would be on his way out of City. 'Money is not an option' for City as they plan on keeping Yaya Toure until the end of his career and won't be tempted by the ...
Everton still keen on Cleverlely Everton are interested in a deal for Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley but are not prepared to let James McCarthy leave. Man City won't sell Milner or Richards Manchester City will not sell James Milner or Micah Richards this summer. Cech to stay as Chelsea's first choice Petr Cech is set to stay as Chelsea’s first-choice goalkeeper next season but Thibaut Courtois will take his role next summer. Lampard to discover Chelsea future Frank Lampard is set to discover his future at Chelsea this week. The midfielder’s contract with the club expires next month. Tottenham open Rose talks Tottenham will open contract talks with Danny Rose as West Ham consider a move for the left-back. Ince snubs Inter for Monaco Tom Ince is set to snub Inter in favour of a move to Monaco. Liverpool need to up Lallana bid Liverpool will need to increase their £20 million bid for Adam Lallana in order to sign the Southampton winger. Fulham want £15m for Roberts as Man Utd swoop Fulham ...
And then over the weekend, Michele Vorm, Micah Richards and James Milner, but come Monday, we'll have the same existing squad
EPL ALL CLUBS NEWS; - » Latest Arsenal Arsenal and Liverpool both want to sign Reading left-back Jordan Obita this summer. (Mirror) Arsenal target Morgan Schneiderlin has declared he wants to leave Southampton and play for a Champions League side. (Express) Bacary Sagna has opened talks with Manchester City but Arsenal remain hopeful of keeping him. (Telegraph) Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle want West Ham midfielder Mohamed Diame. (Sun) Arsenal and Liverpool are interested in signing the £10m-rated City midfielder James Milner. (Daily Star) Bayern Munich are eyeing a move for Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey. (Daily Star) Nine players Wenger could spend £100 million on Arsenal transfer news and rumours - Aston Villa Aston Villa are interested in Man City defender Joleon Lescott, who is available as a free agent this summer. (Daily Star) Newcastle have set their sights on Villa striker Darren Bent after giving up on Arsenal and Liverpool target Loic Remy. (Express) Newcastle also want to sign mid ...
James Milner, Mario Mandzukic or wilfried Bony, Gareth Barry, serge aurier and Micah Richards.
James Milner wants to leave Manchester City, with Arsenal interested in landing the midfielder this summer.
I bet James Milner is taunting Yaya Toure with this photo...
WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS: Yaya Toure wants to quit, James Milner to be offered a new contract and Aston Villa want Joleon Lescott? Read all about it: do you make of today's headlines?
Transfer talk Van Gaal handed £200m transfer budget The new Manchester United manager will be allowed to spend big as the club look to "make history" after a worst ever Premier League season. Bayern Munich trio Toni Kroos, Arjen Robben and Mario Mandzukic are all on his list of desired targets. Source: Daily Mail Sagna to sign £140k-a-week deal with City Arsenal right-back Bacary Sagna is set to sign a contract worth £140,000 a week with Manchester City. Source: Daily Star Man City could block Milner exit Manchester City could block James Milner's exit due to Uefa's Financial Fair Play regulations. The midfielder is wanted by Arsenal and Liverpool. Source: Daily Mail Man City & Newcastle consider Shawcross move Manchester City and Newcastle United are considering a move for Stoke City centre-back Ryan Shawcross. Source: Daily Mail PSG prepare £50m Hazard bid Paris Saint Germain are ready to launch at £50 million bid for Chelsea star Eden Hazard this summer. The French club are only able to spend arou ...
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Manchester City may stop 28-year-old midfielder James Milner from leaving the club this summer as Uefa's financial fair play sanctions begin to make an impact on their transfer strategy.
Tuesday morning's transfer rumours are starting to trickle in, and there are some big'uns out there... Louis Van Gaal to be given up to £200m for new Manchester United signings, PSG to make £50m bid for Eden Hazard, Manchester City FC could block James Milner exit, but will pay Bacary Sagna £140,000 per week, and Liverpool FC want Matija Nastasic. Check out all those and more with your No.1 source for Transfer Talk
James Milner,dani alvez and radamel falcao wouldn't be a bad idea
ANDRONDROA: *Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will reportedly sign a new contract at Emirates Stadium within the next 48 hours. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will sign a new three-year £7.5m-a-year contract and be given £100m transfer kitty. Arsenal are set to kick-start their summer spending with a £10million move for Manchester City’s James Milner. The Gunners are looking to add a box-to-box midfielder to their ranks, and the England international fits the bill. *Liverpool are keen to add more firepower to their already fearsome attack next season with Swansea striker Wilfried Bony and Barcelona’s Alexis Sanchez both attracting the interest of manager Brendan Rodgers. Bony made a huge impact in his first campaign in the Premier League – scoring 25 goals in all competitions for the Swans. Meanwhile, Chilean forward Alexi Sanchez is another on the Reds radar. Sanchez has scored 21 times for the Catalans this season, including a fine strike in the final day 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid. Rodgers is said ...
PLUS: Everton and Spurs interested in Man City midfielder James Milner; promoted Burnley wan...
Transfer Rumors : "Arsenal and Liverpool are interested to sign Manchester City's Midfielder James Milner."
Arsenal are reportedly interested in signing Manchester City midfielder James Milner. The 28-year-old is believed to have asked for a move away from the club, after starting only 12 matches in the Premier League this season. According to The Guardian, Arsenal are planning a £10m offer, with Arsene Wenger promising to play Milner in his preferred position in the centre of midfield. City are reluctant to allow Milner to leave, as they need to have eight home-grown players in their Champions League squad. With the likes of Gareth Barry, Joleon Lescott and Micah Richards all expected to depart the club in the summer, Manuel Pellegrini would be wary of losing another English.
Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton are interested in James Milner, who wants to leave Manchester City . THE GUARDIAN
In Sunday League terms, James Milner is Roy Hodgson's son, which makes Tom Cleverley his fat nephew who he feels bad f…
Transfer news: James Milner looking to leave Manchester City exit, say reports - SkySports
The Times: Arsenal are expected to make contact with City this week with a view to making a £10m bid for James Milner.
I just had a thought about buying James Milner and having him play right-back for us. I'd do a lot less "can we stop the cross please".
Petr Cech, Auier, one or two centre halves, Ilkay Gundogan, James Milner, benzema.
James Milner's sudden desire to leave Manchester City has put both Arsenal and Liverpool on alert, with both sides expressing an interest in the England international, according to The...
I'm a big fan of James Milner but we need better. Lots of squad players already - any midfield additions need to be top cla…
"Arsenal are keen on signing James Milner, with the opportunity for more playing time and potentially a central role enticing him" cool
Rodgers is interested in James Milner as a possible Lucas replacement, but LFC have yet to decide whether to proceed wi…
Arsenal show interest as James Milner wants to leave Manchester City
According to Oliver Kay, James Milner has asked Manchester City if they'll let him leave - Liverpool are rumoured to be in…
Arsenal first club to react after James Milner informs Man City he wants to leave. Liverpool keen too.
James Milner wants out of Man City -- Arsenal, Liverpool possible destinations
in for Loic Remy and James Milner according to reports...
James Milner Rooneying his way to a £200k a week deal at City, who need to keep their home-grown quota up. What a world. P…
Sky Sports: City plan to offer new contracts to Joe Hart, James Milner, Samir Nasri, Aleksander Kolarov and Edin Dzeko this…
Exclusive: James Milner will reject Newcastle United move. not willing to pay 60k a week for his services.
James Milner in as a better Henderson and *** that squad just got scarier :/ good thing FFP will most likely block the move
When you read the James Milner article you realise that his agent is probably just using Arsenal interest as leverage over City.
Rumors floating that LFC are looking at James Milner to replace Lucas Leiva.
James Milner has handed in a transfer request at Manchester City. (Source: The Guardian)
Rumour Mill: Blues face competition for want-away Milner: Everton are again being linked with James...
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James Milner hands in a transfer request. . NO
TRANSFER TALK | Liverpool FC and Arsenal to battle over Man City midfielder James Milner
Arsenal are leading in the race to sign Manchester City's want-away midfielder James Milner.
I'd take James Milner all day. Very good player.
Arsenal lead race as James Milner tells Manchester City he wants to leave
League 2: Monday's gossip column - Arsene Wenger to have £100m to spend, Hull want Shola Ameobi, James Milner is...
I wouldn't sign James Milner if YOU paid ME to have him. Crap player.
Manchester City's James Milner 'to seek transfer after the World Cup' -
is that a joke. James Milner. Another Ashley Young. Completely Average player.
James Milner started only 17 League games for Manchester City this season
James Milner could leave Manchester City this summer after becoming frustrated ... -
Manchester City’s James Milner is set to quit the club after the World Cup. (Source: Sunday People)
James Milners departure could leave Joe Hart as Manchester Citys only homegrown player. Photograph: John Sibley/Action Images Arsenal want to sign James Milner from Manchester City after the England midfielder informed the newly crowned Premier League champions he wants a transfer. Liverpool are...
Looks like Arsenal fc lead on the race to sign James Milner! I wanted him in our team tho... What about you?
Arsenal reportedly have an £100m summer transfer budget but are likely to face competition from Liverpool for the signing of James Milner.
The Times are reporting that James Milner has told City he wants to leave and find a new challenge, with Arsenal and Liverpool keen. Hope this is not true as Milner is a massive part of the City squad.
FA Cup final man-of-the-match Aaron Ramsey is the top summer target for Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola. Guardiola concedes he still has much work to do despite leading the club to four trophies in his first season. The Bundesliga champions won the DFB-Pokal at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on Saturday. Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea, 23, is discussing a new contract with Manchester United that could see his wages rise to £85,000 a week. Glen Johnson will not be handed a contract extension by Liverpool, who will let the England right-back run down the last 12 months of his current deal. Brighton are hoping to make Real Madrid coach Paul Clement their new manager. Swansea are hoping to land Ravel Morrison from West Ham for a cut-price £3.75million. Chelsea are stepping up their interest in Everton kid John Stones and want a £12million done before the World Cup. West Brom are hoping to sign Cardiff striker Fraizer Campbell. Fulham have made Stoke striker Cameron Jerome one of their key summer transfe ...
Manchester City, Everton and Tottenham are locked in a battle for Fenerbahce striker Emmanuel Emenike, who has previously been linked with Liverpool and Chelsea. Shola Ameobi has turned down a one-year extension to stay with Newcastle United and he is set to leave this summer. Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini believes the £20m signing of Porto's Brazilian midfielder Fernando, 26, will be key to the club's Champions League challenge next season. Pellegrini also wants Porto's French defender Eliaquim Mangala, 23, and could sell Matija Nastasic and Javi Garcia to boost his transfer funds. Liverpool are set to offer £18m for Barcelona's Chile forward Alexis Sanchez, 25. Sunderland may try to make their loan deal with Liverpool for Fabio Borini permanent if the Reds are able to land Sanchez. Sacked Spurs boss Tim Sherwood, 45, is on Southampton's shortlist of candidates as they prepare for life after Mauricio Pochettino, who is favourite to replace Sherwood at White Hart Lane. Sunderland boss Gus Po ...
Joe Hart, Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko, James Milner and Aleksandar Kolorov will all be offered new contracts at Premier League champions Manchester City this summer.
Read loads of stories this weekend, players who could be leaving us are Lucas, Daniel Agger, Iago Aspas, Pepe Reina, Sebastian Coates, Luis Alberto and Fabio Borini seem to be the bigger name signings that could leave, also academy products Martin Kelly and Suso. We are apparently in for, Wilfred Bony, from Swansea for £20m, Bayern Munich’s Switzerland midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri, 22. Adam Lallana and defender Dejan Lovren from Southampton for a combined £40m. £18m for Barcelona’s Chile forward Alexis Sanchez, 25, also we always seem to be in for Cristian Tello also from Barca. This evening according to German media a deal for Germany under 21 midfielder Emre Can is done. Heard about 2 or 3 left backs also. Was interested in us wanting Micah Richards in the last transfer window and apparently James Milner also wants to leave City, would be happy to get Garry Barry also if that was possible. Anyone know any more??
The Premier League has ended and I am thinking about the transfer window all ready. Teams like Everton will need to increase their team as they will be in the Europa league. They would know doubt like to keep Lukaku but that may not happen. I wonder if they have even have players like Nelson Oliveira, Luis Muriel, on their radar. Jack Colback and James Milner along with Barry to go into their midfield possibly. Steven Caulker should be a target as well Mateo Musacchio from Villarreal. Young players like Vitenho, Steven Zubar who recently went to Russia to play might like the Premier League.
Arsenal are interested in luring Swansea City front man Wilfried Bony to north London. (The Sunday Mirror) However, the Gunners will face competition for the Ivory Coast international's signature this summer from rivals Liverpool, who are also keen on signing the £20m-rated striker. (The Sunday Mirror) Manchester City are desperate to sign Porto midfielder Fernando to aid their Champions League challenge next season, while the Blues are also keen to land centre-back Eliaquim Mangala as well and could offload both Matija Nastasic and Javi Garcia in order to fund the purchases. (The Mail on Sunday) Liverpool are pondering a move for out-of-favour Bayern Munich wide man Xherdan Shaqiri instead of Southampton's Adam Lallana. (The Liverpool Echo) The Merseysiders are also hoping to be able to land FC Barcelona forward Alexis Sanchez in a deal worth £18m this summer. (The Daily Star Sunday) West Ham and Sunderland are set to go head to head in the battle to sign Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon next season. (The ...
So Manchester City are letting former Villa players James Milner and Gareth Barry go in the summer transfer market, would you have them back at villa along with rumoured target Joleon Lescott?? - Daniel
Think it's disgusting the fa allow so money foreign players to play in the Premier League. Example Manchester City only usually play Joe Hart. James Milner now and again. If the league only counted for points with goals scored from English players Liverpool would be top Southampton second and Manchester City second from bottom!!
James Milner 's remarkable talent is being wasted at Manchester City whether he's on the pitch or not...
TRANSFER TALK # BPL A day ago, Bacary Sagna was thought to be a shoo-in to move to Manchester City. But the deal won't be completed anytime soon if Manchester United have anything to say about it. Multiple newspapers are now reporting that the Red Devils are interested in bringing the French defender to Old Trafford. United could bring Sagna in to compete against Rafael, but the 31-year-old right-back isn't convinced he will leave Arsenal, saying, "I don't know. ... I've been talking with the club for a long time and we'll try to find a solution." City moves Speaking of the Premier League champions, a few other bits to note. Man City are nearing a new deal with goalkeeper Joe Hart to fend off a bid from Tottenham, reports The Express. There had been suggestions that Spurs were planning a swap deal to send Hugo Lloris to the Etihad, but any new deal for Hart would end that speculation. Meanwhile, The Sun says James Milner is also set for a new deal, but The Mirror disagrees, saying the 28-year-old midfield ...
Sunday People is reporting that Manchester City midfielder James Milner is looking to leave Etihad in the summer transfer window.
Just read another Man City report that adds James Milner to the list of departing homegrown talent. Maybe the clubs name might be the next on the list
Man City scored 102 goals this season with only 1 scored by an Englishman. James Milner.
102 Premier League goals were scored by Manchester City this season-but only 1 of those was scored by an Englishman (James Milner).
Despite winning the Premier League with Manchester City this season, James Milner has this weekend revealed a desire to leave the Etihad this summer. The Sunday People claim that he will tell his m...
so then, the papers reporting James Milner and Micah Richards want to leave city and Glen Johnson leaving liverpool. I'd be happy with any or all 3 oft them if we could get them with the new owners.
James Milner will look for a move away from Man City after the World Cup (Mirror). DMT.
Premier League champions Manchester City are set to reward five of their key men with bumper new deals. Joe Hart, James Milner, Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko and Aleksandar Kolorov are all set to pen new contracts at the Etihad Stadium. Nasri, who netted in the final day win over West Ham, is keen to extend his stay in Manchester, as is versatile England man Milner. Striker Dzeko, who looked set for a move back to Germany earlier in the campaign, has been offered fresh terms after finding form in the end-of-season run-in. Left-back Aleksandar Kolarov will also extend his three-year stay at the Etihad after being offered a new deal.
Transfer targets shud be all in place befre the World Cup. 5 current players to be offered new deals. Joe Hart, alex kolarov, Edin Dzeko, Samir Nasri and james milner. Realy pleased for milner as he deserves it. He gives 100 percent everytime he plays!!
Imagine charging a team 48 million for breaking financial fair play rules that spent 26 million on James Milner. -VS
Samir Nasri isn't in the France Squad. England are taking Phil Jones and James Milner with Tom Cleverly and John Flanagan on stand by😬😩
MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS United will look to have a deal signed and sealed for £27m target Luke Shaw before the Southampton left-back flies out to Portugal with England next Monday for a pre-World Cup training camp. Mats Hummels and Bruno Martins Indi are being considered by Manchester United as potential replacements for Rio Ferdinand. Micah Richards has again dropped a big hint that he is set to leave City this summer. James Milner has revealed that ice man Manuel Pellegrini only lost his temper once during City 's title-winning season - after their FA Cup exit at the hands of Wigan. LONDON EVENING STANDARD Daniel Levy is weighing up a move for Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino or Ajax head coach Frank De Boer to replace Tim Sherwood at Tottenham. LIVERPOOL ECHO Liverpool have tabled a £20m bid for Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana, with Brendan Rodgers making the Saints star his No.1 target this summer. Four Everton fans are suing police after claiming they were "maliciously" prosecuted after cro ...
Was Phil Jones banned from the England photo shoot?. The official squad pic has his head stuck on James Milner's body. ht…
had an expensive day off today. £680 on car service and work doing, £38 on new trousers for work and £51 on new DVD's. And in addition I've been overlooked again for the England World Cup squad, whilst James Milner, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling are in. Gutted!
England squad is decent, apart from Phil Jones and James Milner. Even got big lambo in there for the flick ons!
Also, James Milner proving his versatility by providing cover as Phil Jones's body:.
congratulations on the victory of Manchester City in the English League final primer .. congratulations to Pablo Zabaleta, Vincent Kompany, Martin Demichelis, Joe Hart, David Silva, Edin Zeko, James Milner, Alvaro Nagredo, Alexandar Kolarov, Samir Nasri, Yaya Toure, Javi Garcia and Steven Jovetic .. congratulations on his victory in the English Premier League..:)
if James Milner was a builder and he said he'd show up at 7:00, he'd arrive at 7:00!
James Milner and Joleon Lescott have now won as many titles as Thierry Henry and Robert Pires. Staggering.
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FA chairman Greg *** has said that he will be ‘depressed’ if Manchester City win this season’s Premier League due to their lack of English players, the Daily Telegraph has reported. Greg *** Goalkeeper Joe Hart has been the only English player who has started regularly for Man City all season, with James Milner having been left on the bench more often than not, with Jesus Navas and Samir Nasri among those often preferred in the wide areas. Fellow England player Jack Rodwell has been given few opportunities to prove himself under Manuel Pellegrini, while Gareth Barry and Scott Sinclair were both sent away on season-long loans back in August. Only a point against West Ham United on Sunday would see Man City win the Premier League title, and *** admits that he would be disappointed if they were to emerge as champions. He said: "It's been a great league this year. But, if there is only one England player, maybe two [in City's team], that's pretty depressing. I think the figures that we produced showe .. ...
City's squillionaire benefactor, Sheikh Mansour, has been "keeping tabs" on Messi ever since he took charge of the club in 2008 and, after almost six years of hard thinking, he has decided that the Argentinian striker is indeed good enough to play alongside the likes of James Milner, Micah Richards and Martín Demichelis. With that decision made, Sheikh Mansour presumably took the £146m he had in his wallet, spread it out on a bed and sent Barcelona a selfie with the message that it could all be theirs in return for their prized possession. Given that Messi has only scored 36 goals in 37 games this season, that he is only the greatest player to ever play the game and that the money would allow Barcelona to buy a decent defence, the club are considering a positive response to Mansour's offer. However, even with this talking done, Müller is still going to cost United a cool £37m but sure, won't it be money well spent because all of the club's problems are up front, right? Müller, the Mill should mention ...
GOAL Everton 1-2 Man City (43 mins) Edin Dzeko gives the visitors the lead, rising highest to head in James Milner's cro…
Again putting it out there, James Milner is a fantastic player who would add to any squad in world football
James Milner must be one of the hardest trainers! To get in the team constantly ahead oh Jesus Navas!
DAILY EXPRESS Manchester City could make a stunning move for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, who used to play for Manchester United. City will defy England boss Roy Hodgson's wishes by taking Joe Hart and James Milner to Abu Dhabi for an exhibition match at the end of the Premier League season. Manager Alan Pardew says he will not walk away from his job at Newcastle as fans plan a mass walk-out during Saturday's final home game of the season, against Cardiff. THE SUN Chelsea have finalised a deal for Diego Costa and will pay Atletico Madrid £32million for the striker this summer. Stoke manager Mark Hughes wants to beat Newcastle to the signature of Hugo Almeida this summer, according to newspaper reports in Turkey. Hatem Ben Arfa has revealed he is desperate to stay at Newcastle next season - despite being exiled by current manager Alan Pardew. Louis Van Gaal wants Manchester United to announce him as their new boss this week. DAILY MAIL Chelsea are believed to be chasing Hamburg's Hakan Calhanoglu, who ...
Anyone think Ross Barkley, Oxlade Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere, James Milner, Kyle walker and Raheem Sterling will be going to the world up in the 23 man squad?
England duo Joe Hart and James Milner played their part for Manchester City FC as they won 2-0 against Crystal Palace Football Club to move three points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool. Under-21s winger Tom Ince came on for the home side, but Palace couldn't find a consolation. Read more:
TEAM NEWS- Crystal Palace v Man City (1510 GMT) Manchester City are boosted by the return of Yaya Toure after the midfielder sat out the last two matches with injury. The Ivorian is one of three changes, along with Alexsandar Kolarov and James Milner. Manchester City XI: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany (c), Demichelis, Kolarov, Milner, Garcia, Toure, Nasri, Dzeko, Aguero. Marouane Chamakh returns to the Crystal Palace team for the visit of Manchester City as the Eagles look for a club-record sixth consecutive league victory. Crystal Palace starting XI: Speroni, Mariappa, Dann, Delaney, Ward, Jedinak, Ledley, Bolasie, Puncheon, Chamakh, Jerome.
SUB David Silva is taken off after falling awkwardly, James Milner comes on to replace him. 18p down the drain lad
Sparta Prague 1-3 Queens Park Rangers (Champions Cup ) Youth was no match for experience on a wet evening at Letna as a young Sparta Prague side suffered a 3-1 defeat at the hands of a much more experienced Q.P.R. side. England captain Ryan Shawcross got Queens Park Rangers off to a flying start by scoring a weak close range effort in the 8th minute. Midfielder Roman Strnadel then equalized for Sparta Prague in the 31st minute with a finish tucked away with consummate ease. Tireless midfielder James Milner then put Queens Park Rangers in front after 58 minutes with a nice effort from 13 meters. Queens Park Rangers' Ryan Shawcross was back in the dressing room after earning himself a second yellow card in the 77th minute. Striker Mauro Sperdutti finally rounded off their victory in the 90th minute with a well struck effort. Player of the Match: Glen Johnson (Q.P.R.) Attendance: 20,040
Barcelona are preparing a huge £120 million bid for Manchester City duo. James Milner and Martin Demichelis.
“100 games for AFC, 14 for ENG, PFA young player award". Similar to James Milner!
My opinion on a few players this season. Best performer - For me it's Samir Nasri, he's been a completely different player this season almost seems like a new signing. Best signing - Fernandinho has been brilliant, possibly the signing of the season. I thought £30m was a little steep but he's proved his worth and has been very impressive alongside Yaya. Who's not impressed - Jesus Navas had a great debut against Newcastle but for me he needs to improve. He has the pace to cause any defender problems but I'd like to see him run more with the ball and play a couple one two's and get in behind the defenders. It's a bit harsh but if he's getting ahead of Milner he must improve. Underrated performer - James Milner, I've always liked him, he's a great professional who always gives it 110% regardless. Changed the game against Liverpool recently. Best individual performance of the season - So many choices, but I'm going for Milner against Bayern Munich, involved in all 3 goals to help us get a memorable 3-2 vict ...
TOURE OUT FOR TWO WEEKS. Toure injured a groin after only 18 minutes of City's 3-2 defeat at Liverpool on Sunday and is definitely out of their next two games against Sunderland tomorrow (Wed) and West Brom on Monday - both at the Etihad Stadium. But manager Manuel Pellegrini played down fears Ivory Coast international Toure will be out for the rest of the season and hopes he will be fit for the trip to Crystal Palace on April 27 - the day the other title contenders Liverpool and Chelsea play each other at Anfield. Pellegrini said: "Yaya has a muscle injury. We will see with the doctor how many days he will be out. Maybe it is not so bad. But he needs at least 10 days or two weeks to recover." The absence of midfielder Toure - who has scored 22 goals this season - is a serious blow for City. Javi Garcia, who replaced him at Anfield, is likely to keep his place but James Milner is set to start after impressing as a second half substitute on Sunday. Can Man City excel without their best player so far?
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Countdown to World Cup 2014 ~~ 60 Days !!! SHOOTING ENGLAND Behind the scene of England new kit photo shooting session~~ Let's have a look behind the scenes at the Nike photo shoot for the new England kit, and the players seemed to be enjoying themselves, laughing all the way, having fun. The video features Wayne Rooney ,Steven Gerrard, Leighton Baines, Daniel Sturridge, Danny Wellbeck, Gary Cahill, Phil Jagielka, Glen Johnson, John Ruddy, Fraser Forster, Joe Hart, Chris Smalling, Kyle Walker, Ross Barkley, Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana, Raheem Sterling, Frank Lampard, James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Andros Townsend, Jack Wilshere, Jermain Defoe, Rickie Lambert and more... Could this be their year???
Joe Allen is playing like James Milner... James Milner is playing like Ronaldo
I really, really, like James Milner. There, I said it.
SUB Pellegrini makes his second change of the match, bringing on James Milner to replace Jesus Navas. It's Liverpool 2-0…
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