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James McAvoy

James Andrew McAvoy (born ) is a Scottish stage and screen actor. He made his acting debut as a teen in 1995's The Near Room and continued to make mostly television appearances until the early 2000s.

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ATOMIC BLONDE. Charlize Theron is Lady Wick, but props also go to James McAvoy, a stonkingly sleezy agent rocking a sweater…
Rarely do I deem actors as Gods. James McAvoy makes that cut. I'm shaking having watched
but UK has James McAvoy. Gotta have that eye candy lol
💫 a thread of James McAvoy as Valentin Bulgakov in The Last Station 💫
Split. James McAvoy did great as usual. Every personality has their own presence. They have many different ways to capture me.
Scottish star James McAvoy reveals he drove without licence 'for years'.
I liked a video from SPLIT Official TRAILER (2017) James McAvoy Thriller Movie HD
“So they put me in the back of their car and made me feel like a drug dealer.”. -James Mcavoy. https…
Did I mention that Fiyero's voice sounded like James McAvoy. Yeah. Dreamy.
James McAvoy admits he drove for years on film sets without having a licence
Saw SPLIT with a very young audience who probably didn't get the ending. But man, how amazing James McAvoy was! It was a fun mo…
You mean to tell me they spent 6 movies building up to a Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy sex scene, and they're quitting NOW…
I honestly love james mcavoy so much guys it just hit me again that boy got me snatched
I liked a video from James McAvoy talks about SPLIT - LIVE with Kelly (Jan 19, 2017)
Why is it going viral that James McAvoy has acted in different movies? That's literally his job?
I liked a video Amy Schumer Plays Double Dutch with Jimmy, James McAvoy and The Roots
"Don't let anyone tell you how and where to sit" a book by James McAvoy
James McAvoy deserves an Osvar for every single characters he played... 👏👍 [pic] —
REMINDER - James McAvoy is the 1st guest on new on Sunday 20:00 - & on S…
Please tell James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender that I love them so much.
REMINDER - prem. on tonight. Whether you watch, DVR or play DVD, enjoy James McAvoy complete transfo…
James McAvoy honestly deserves an Oscar for his work in Split
Time for a James McAvoy movie marathon because he's one sexy man!
was truly something special! An incredible performance by James McAvoy! One of best films!
I protest that if some great actor, James McAvoy. -Ted Allen
James McAvoy makes me feel some type of way
Now I don't like to be controversial, but on CBeebies Bedtime Stories, James McAvoy > Tom Hardy..
James McAvoy in Victor Frankenstein is kinda annoying. But great nonetheless
was truly amazing ! The way James McAvoy plays is just woaw, especially for Hedwig!
Ironically the contracts for James McAvoy, Michael Fassbinder and Jennifer Lawrence are up. Problems going forward *AND* back.
James McAvoy deserves a few awards for his acting in Split btw, how amazing
why was the first thing i noticed James McAvoy
Ps. James McAvoy and Jake Gyllenhaal still deserve their Oscar
Is James McAvoy the actor of the year yet?
James Mcavoy in "Split" gave the best performance since Mathew Mcconaughy in "Dallas Buyers Club"
I need a NEW FRESH James McAvoy interview with lots of jokes and cute looks. Because I rewatched the old ones way too many times
Sounds more like the James McAvoy portrayal in no?
James McAvoy on being mentioned in Deadpool.
James McAvoy's performance in Split though ?! just absolutely amazing...
Spilt is a really good film ... Fair play to James Mcavoy
INTERVIEW: We interviewed the star of the new film James McAvoy spoke to us about the challenge of his role…
James Mcavoy's acting in Split is the best I've EVER seen🙌🏻
SPLIT is a spectacular movie, James McAvoy is a talented actor!He deserves an Oscar 😭💓
James McAvoy was rather good in Split though. Quite an interesting wee film; elevated by the awesome performances (imo) and last 15 mins-ish
Are you sure that wasn't just James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender again?
Just been to see Split. Kinda meh but though James McAvoy was pretty good. Would have rather went to see Resident Evil to be honest.
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James Mcavoy was objectively incredible in his role .. everything else is subjective to your proclivity for movies/sci-fi effect
What an incredible actor James McAvoy is! Hope he wins an oscar someday.
I'm so glad the movie Split has helped me discover the talented, charming, and gorgeous James McAvoy.
So...are James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender going to attend the 2017 or...I mean, it's cool if they're not…
my mom said James McAvoy is ugly what is wrong with her
Did I mention how much I love this dude!! . Wanna congratulate him for Split's success! . Gonna watch it SOONER than…
I liked a video James McAvoy, Fassbender joking with Peter Dinklage ( X-Men: Days of Future Past)
If James McAvoy doesn't win any awards this year for his acting in split there's something wrong with the world
James McAvoy & M Night Shyamalan discuss Split .. can't wait to watch this. Have you? Like it?
James McAvoy in Split. Legion just got released. Coincidence much?
Finally got to check out Split last night.. What a performance by James McAvoy... 😱
was strangely compelling, James McAvoy's performance was bloody outstanding , incredible acting!
on the other hand is a movie that I am going to watch tonight and I'm excited to see James McAvoy's performance!
James McAvoy has reportedly donated £50,000 to Kelly Turner
Hundreds show support for Kelly Turner after James McAvoy donation WILL YOU?
- James McAvoy donates £50k to a cancer-stricken teen, Cancer patient Kelly Turner, 16, from Kent has be...
In a perfect world, James McAvoy's performance would get nominated for the Best Actor Oscar at next year's Ac…
Hundreds show support for Kelly Turner after star James McAvoy donated thousands to fund
Brilliant donation from James McAvoy to Kelly Turner today. What a great guy.
MartinTurnerdcr "GaryLineker Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20t…
Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th https…
MartinTurnerdcr "piersmorgan Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "HSBC Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "SonyPicturesUK Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "EdgwareNews Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "CrowdfundCentre Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
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MartinTurnerdcr "Virgin Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "ELLEmagazine Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "seventeen Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
MartinTurnerdcr "WilliamShatner Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
Thank you James McAvoy, you're wonderful. 20th
An absolute legend James McAvoy - Please also help She's our girl and she needs more help..
James McAvoy is a brilliant actor, his role in Victor Frankenstein was truly something special. I can't wait to see Split.
for those of you who loved James McAvoy's A+ performance in Split, check him out in the mind-bogglingly underrated Victor Frankenstein
It's been a week already *** I developed a crush to James McAvoy after watching Split 😆😲 I always liked him as Charles Xavier
James McAvoy as young Charles Xavier is just wonderful. 😍👏
Round of applause is in order for James McAvoy (Or whichever identity he is currently embodying) for his incredible performance in Split!
that movie was insane. James McAvoy is phenomenal
So, im wondering with now out that i am just one of James Mcavoy's personalities 👥
Split was easily the best film I've seen in a long time! James McAvoy is an amazing actor 😍
If you combined Jude Law and Josh Charles the person that you would get would be James McAvoy.
Split was one of the best thriller's I've watched. James Mcavoy deserves an oscar for that role, some of the best acting I…
Unless one of James McAvoy's personalities turns out to be Professor X, I'll go ahead and skip "Split."
Psst! Hey guys... I saw in September. If you care about spoilers and you plan to see it, go ASAP. Also, James McAv…
Split personality sufferers refused to talk to James McAvoy for research, so he had to get creative. https:/…
Coming up at 11.35pm, James McAvoy is a corrupt copper in adaptation Filth.
Reminder - James McAvoy will be promoting on on Wed. 1/18, recording is tod…
I love James McAvoy! And I think his comment on making himself cry in a scene is ONE of the funniest comments ever on the show😜
In M. Night Shyamalan's new film SPLIT, James McAvoy plays a man with 24 personalities. They are:
Here is a lengthier review of 'Split' from M. Night Shyamalan starring James McAvoy!
James McAvoy deserves and Oscar for a stunning performance in The depth of his characters is breathtaking & spel…
Who knew that James McAvoy was a fan then? 🤔🔥💅
Watch James McAvoy star in M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller In cinemas Friday. Book your tickets now at
Five Times James McAvoy Proved He's the Life of the Party at Premiere
it was happy days. Such an enjoyable movie because of James McAvoy but I thought the film itself wasnt amazing
Early Screening Review of "Split":. -James McAvoy is as engaging as Hannibal Lecter & Heath Ledger's Joker. (Award winnin…
James McAvoy and I take the Ramen Challenge by via
WATCH "SPLIT"!!! M. Night Shyamalan should keep doing these psychological thrillers with James McAvoy as his muse.
Little Giant Ladders
It's that time of the week. James McAvoy takes on Lawro in their Premier League predictions. Watch:
James McAvoy is coming for that Oscar
James McAvoy's truly multifaceted performance in "Split" is memorable (and terrifying). A film masterfully directed by…
26 things you’ve always wanted to know about James McAvoy.
How will James McAvoy spend inauguration weekend? "I’m not American, so it’s your f—in’ problem." http…
is an undoubtable return to form for James McAvoy was phenomenal. His performance alone had made the film worth it.
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: James McAvoy talks about his movie Split, it's 'your royal ruler' Tony Prince.
It just takes 10 years for you to go from James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. Skincare is important.
Just seen split at the scream unseen and James Mcavoy is absolutely amazing cant get over him!
The emotional scene between Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy in X-Men: first class is so raw
James McAvoy would love to continue playing Charles Xavier in more X-Men movies
James McAvoy praises the upcoming Logan, and says he would love to return to the X-Men universe as Charles Xavier in the futur…
Anya Taylor-Joy hints at New Mutants involvement, suggests James McAvoy will appear as Charles Xavier in it:…
I love how everyone is suggesting that and I go to watch a James McAvoy film for our first 2017 date nig…
Was up dancing last night and they put Graham Norton on the TV and I stopped dancing to stare at James McAvoy 😍😍
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If you missed James McAvoy on watch it on >
James McAvoy is so freaking talented!!! why isn't he casted in more movies??
- James McAvoy is on '100 Sexiest Men 2017' Thanks to all who voted - drunk o…
Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy is true definition of bromance tho, younger ver. of Sir Ian and Patrick.
James McAvoy and Jeff Daniels are such underrated actors
For the love of James McAvoy and the mighty Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland is on MBC MAX.
Rehearsing a scene with James McAvoy for X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)
James McAvoy goes for bike ride with estranged wife Anne-Marie Duff after link to co-star
James McAvoy ‘cosied up to co-star’ HOURS after announcing split from Anne-Marie Duff
don't say a word James McAvoy spotted at home with wife Anne-Marie Duff amid links to X-M... RT
Honestly sad to hear that James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff are divorcing. I liked them together.
James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff via How dare he be friends with a costar! Sham…
star James McAvoy separates from Anne-Marie Duff after nine years of marriage:
James McAvoy close to Alexandra Shipp after announcing his divorce from Anne Marie-Duff
James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff talk outside their London home before split
James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff deep in discussion outside their London ... https:/…
James McAvoy has been seen with wife Anne-Marie Duff at their marital home, despite split:
James McAvoy announces divorce from wife Anne -Marie Duff after a decade of marriage
RelNews: James McAvoy spotted with wife Anne-Marie Duff after pair announce their marriage break-up -Daily Record- http…
Very very not okay about Anne Marie Duff & James McAvoy getting divorced, they were always the ultimate relationship
Honestly I rly rly want James Mcavoy as young Dumbledore
Johnny Depp for the next Fantastic Beast movie? why not!! can't wait AND James McAvoy for young Dumbledore, hmmm..
Kevin has 23 distinct personalities. The 24th is about to be unleashed. James McAvoy stars in – in cinemas JAN…
James McAvoy is one of those guys. Have you watched Victor Frankenstein?
There's no disputing how awesome Scotland is. As pointed out by James McAvoy in Filth, it's a nation of...
I enjoyed when James McAvoy addressed this on the Late Show:
– Top Rated Movies This Month: Wanted – Wesley’s (James McAvoy) life is over – his pathetic old…
James McAvoy's character has gone to a friend's house for new year. Charles Dance (cont)
and in my head I swore his other jumper "friend" dude in the movie was James McAvoy. But nahh.. some really bad knockoff of him.
"Eddie Redmayne wants James McAvoy to play dumbledore in the next movie" . Le gioie, amici.
James McAvoy and his bright blue eyes and red beard 💎🌅
James McAvoy looking very dapper again tonight! That is two weeks in a row. Who's up for next Sunday?
James McAvoy, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund and Chris Hemsworth were up for the role that went to Ryan Reynolds
Eddie Redmayne, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman photographed by Gavin Bond for GQ UK June 2015 is dazzl…
He's back! James McAvoy returns as Richard in Neverwhere follow-up How The Marquis Got His Coat Back: https:/…
23 identities live in Kevin’s body. Watch the new trailer for starring James McAvoy. In cinemas January 20. https:/…
James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe were amazing in Victor Frankenstein!!
James McAvoy, Ed Skrein, Mark Strong and Rupert Friend. How can they still be hot when they're bald?
"perfectly played by Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy" is on Entertainment Weekly's '50 Most Powerful Superheroe…
I just want to see a play with James McAvoy that's directed by Jamie Lloyd once in my life. JUST ONCE.
What is dissociative identity disorder, the condition affecting James McAvoy's character in 'Split'? via
Am I just finding out that my parents James McAvoy and Anne Marie Duff are divorcing
Actually love has been officially dead since May, when it was announced James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff were splitting.
w/ James McAvoy, Keira Knightley & Dir Joe Wright had a N. American prem at TIFF in 2007 https…
- w/ James McAvoy was produced by Tom Hank's & Exec. Producer Sam Mendes
There some actors I can listen to forever:. Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy and Jeremy Renner.
I mean some guys are hot asf. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Sam Heughan. just in terms of relationships, I'm done with guys.
I liked a video Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy on meeting fans – The Graham Norton Show…
and Tom Hardy, and Jimmy Fallon, and James McAvoy, and Colin Hanks.
Looking at the down-list cast members on Band of Brothers is fun. Michael Fassbender! Tom Hardy! Simon Pegg! Andrew Scott! James McAvoy!
now don't tell me James McAvoy distracts you from Patrick Stump. I will end him if he does 😂
James McAvoy deserved an academy award for his role in Atonement tbh
Tonight turned into an accidental James McAvoy evening. Watched amazing Trance followed by Victor Frankenstein. Bonus brilliant Andrew Scott
James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe are literally the perfect pair I could watch Victor Frankenstein 100 times
James McAvoy outdoing himself in Split wew
James McAvoy's a dangerous man in the first trailer for Split:
That movie "Split" starring James McAvoy looks really good. Even though M. Night Shamalan directed it.
II Split...A movie I am DEFINITELY watching because James McAvoy is in it and I cannot wait to see how he portrays that…
Me after seeing James Mcavoy in the Split trailer
Split looks like it's gonna be a crazy *** horror/thriller movie, and James McAvoy seems all too creepy in his role
19 - Your favourite actor. Michael Fassbender and Jesse Eisenberg and James McAvoy ( I can't choose)
A nun, a 9-year old kid, a professor in a single body. Who can't be excited to a James McAvoy with multiple personalit…
James McAvoy has 23 personalities in the trailer for 'Split'
Watch the trailer for an original thriller from Writer/Director M. Night Shyamalan, starring James McAvoy.
📷 oswintheniffler: James McAvoy talking about filming ‘X Men: Days of Future Past’
Shymalan's Split looks "never look at James McAvoy the same way again" good.
Here is the first look at Split, the all-new terrifying suspense thriller starring James McAvoy. Coming Jan 2017.
James McAvoy is a creepy kidnapper in
This looks awesome!!!. Plus I wholeheartedly trust James McAvoy as an actor.
James McAvoy has 23 different personalities in the new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's
James McAvoy. The literal human personification of the :D emoji.
Could James McAvoy's performance in set a standard? From what we've seen, yes! https:…
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So much yes for James McAvoy in this trailer. Looks like a huge return for Shyamalan!. https:…
Okay, I just watched the trailer for Split and James McAvoy is officially the creepiest I've ever seen him. Excited and terrified to see it.
See James McAvoy in the first trailer for Split:
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Prepare yourself, the new trailer for starring James McAvoy is here. Coming soon. https:/…
In all honesty, I think James McAvoy's hottest character is Victor Frankenstein
New Shyamalan movie gives James McAvoy multiple personalities... one's a monster:
James McAvoy, Tye Sheridan, and answer fan questions at a special Apple Q&A event in NY.
I'd been wanting to work with James McAvoy since I was in drama school. I suppose there are par
James McAvoy. When he was pure. And innocent. And not the living incarnation of Satan.
James McAvoy was so following Stewart as Prof X that I kinda wanna see him on the Bridge in a Starfleet outfit telling Riker to "Make it so"
James McAvoy talks about kissing men
Micheal Culdiltz, Donnie Wahlberg, David Schwimmer, even James McAvoy! And Simon show or movie comes close to this cast.
This wknd see James McAvoy's Atonement costume & storyboards in
Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy star in the film Wanted - Grimsby Telegraph
📷 namwoohyu: James McAvoy as Robbie Turner in Atonement (2007) How old do you have to be before you...
2006 - Atonement began filming. James McAvoy was perfect as Robbie Turner 'cuz of his "eyes of optimism" http…
Jennifer Lawrence will be on Good Morning America this Thursday along with Sophie Turner, James McAvoy & Oscar Isaac h…
I love James McAvoy and will watch literally anything he is in (except Victor Frankenstein). He’s like one step below Andrew Garfield.
"Wanted" Action thriller stars James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, & Angelina Jolie. Sequel was planned,but ultimately has stalled.
Wow I hope they keep making more movies for the bants | Graham Norton Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy
James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender are two of the greatest actors to ever hit the screen.
Jennifer Lawrence telling James McAvoy that he can’t have both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in his apocalypse squad
I liked a video from Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy on ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’,
Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and others are back to inspire, teach and most importantly, kick some evil mutant butt in X-Men:
Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy talking about Katy Perry and Taylor Swift 😂
Catching up on Graham Norton show from 2 weeks ago, James McAvoy & Johnny Depp both wearing wedding rings. 2 weeks on, not so much...
📷 khylinrhambo: James McAvoy responds to Charles and Erik fanart on the Graham Norton Show **
Is it inappropriate for me to put James McAvoy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the same category?
James McAvoy on 'The Late Show' discussing the need for arts in our lives &
True Romance, starring Lucy Liu and James McAvoy. Directed by Irvin Kershner, music by Robert Plant. Budget: $100,000
I believe James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are the perfect cast for Professor X and Magneto as to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are a more convincing duo as Xavier and Magneto than Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.
James McAvoy. Luke Evans. Gaspard Ulliel. 3 of my sweethearts who wears watch on right hand
Ryan Reynolds, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman attend Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center
X Men: Apocalypse star Jennifer Lawrence will only return if Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.. Related Articles:
. Saw X men and loved James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in it together with Jennifer Lawrence's acting. 😍
Jennifer Lawrence unsure if she'll return for next "X-Men" film: Unfortunately, James McAvoy, Michael Fassben...
Forever in love with James McAvoy in both Becoming Jane and Atonement 😍😚💕
Evan Peters, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender is too much for my little heart to take all on one screen
LMAO James McAvoy is officially done™ with jl
The Graham Norton Show episode with Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy is still my favourite. . I'm laughing so hard.
I hate James McAvoy but he's the reason I'm still here well.
When you wake up to the news of James McAvoy's divorce 💔💔 I want to go back to sleep again
Jack Black as . Ed Norton as Dan. James McAvoy as Joe Starr. Michael Chiklis as JTE. Jason Lee as Ken.
I think Jennifer Laurence might have upstaged James Mcavoy on Can't think why
Jennifer Lawrence & James McAvoy star in this new clip. Get now: https:…
*** celebrities: James McAvoy shot Jennifer Lawrence with a BB gun while she was peeing: . Jennifer Lawren...
"Michael B. Jordan will be in Black Panther!". "James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff split up.". Truly, we have ridden the rolle…
Jennifer Laurence, James McAvoy & Jack WhItehall have good chemistry
going on previous games - will Ferrell, Mike Myers, James Mcavoy, Sam worthington, ed Norton, host of names from
I jus luv Pweds, Shane, The beatles, SebStan, Anthony Mackie, the beatles, the 1975, Matday Parade & James McAvoy, TStank and my ***
Oscar Isaac , Jennifer Lawrence & James McAvoy at the carpet in London tonight!
James McAvoy at the carpet in London tonight!😍💯
they didn't even try to look for actors: Eddie Marsan, James McAvoy, Paddy Considine, Jamie Bell, Jenna Coleman top of head
have I ever told you guys how much I love James McAvoy
When I first fell in love with James McAvoy. ❤️
James McAvoy & Nigel Harman in Three Days of Rain Apollo Theatre 2009 See the full album at
I considered becoming a priest very seriously. I wanted to travel the world...
me: ya know who is underappriciated. person: don't say james-. me: JAMES MCAVOY XMEN CHRONICLES OF NARNIA ATONEMENT FILTH…
I may be drunk, but at least I'm not lying to my heart, James McAvoy
Going to the Graham Norton show on Monday with J-Law, Johnny Depp, James McAvoy, Jack Whitehall and - can't EVEN 😭👌
Here we go. I give you Atonement era Keira Knightley + James McAvoy. . You're welcome.
When is James McAvoy's Little Red Riding Hood next on? My 3yo has been waiting a long time to see it again. Her favourite.
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Jennifer Lawrence & James McAvoy will be be doing an interview with for X-Men promo in London next…
told my uber driver he looked like James McAvoy & he said he gets that a lot (*_*)
Finally getting around to watching that Daniel Radcliffe/James McAvoy Frankenstein movie.
I've done enough for a while and people get fed up of seeing you, but apart...
Me gustó un video de How James McAvoy gets out of auditions - The Graham Norton Show
Said, "oh I hope it's James McAvoy!" before taking it. It was. God bless Geminis and God bless Buzzfeed writers
I love james mcavoy, the best nicest white man.
Omg when X-Men comes out I can see it now, James Mcavoy, Michael Fassbender, and Oscar Isaac...I'm hoping to survive.
I love the fact that Jen and James McAvoy will be doing interviews together
Off to London to interview Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac and James McAvoy for X-Men!
I don't know why I get cast in a lot of period pieces. Stephen Fry told me ...
NEW PHOTOS of James from the X-Men : Mon pote James McAvoy video. You can watch it here
James McAvoy better be rocking these sick eyebrows now that he’s finally bald.
Jude Law and James Mcavoy are all I need in life.
Next year, if no one gives me any work, that's fine. I'm not going to do we...
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Old Nicholas Hoult interview for Vs Magazine, talks James McAvoy, Felicity Jones, his normal life and more
2 of my most fave talents of Hollywood. James McAvoy and Rose Byrne 🎬
yeah 1/2 of my tumblr is RDJ blogs. I've seen everything he's been in. You will learn this 😂😂 James McAvoy is a worthy choice!
Found a guy on tinder who looks like James McAvoy. So that's my Cinco de Mayo. 🌮
the best thing that happened to Fox's X-Men series that rejuvenated the franchise was casting James McAvoy and Michael Fa…
Excited to watch Victor Frankenstein because James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe and Andrew Scott! Yes to Professor X, Harry Potter and Moriarty!
~*FROM THE GUARDIAN OCTOBER 15, 2006*~ The real McAvoy~James McAvoy tells Harriet Lane why he's fallen on his feet
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