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James Madison

James Madison, Jr. (March 16, 1751 (O.S. March 5)  – June 28, 1836) was an American statesman and political theorist, the fourth President of the United States (1809–1817).

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MVA 100 block James Madison Hwy traffic circle so be alert in the area!
3/3/ Quoting Letter from James Madison to W.T. Barry (Aug. 4, 1822). clearly does not understand American governmental values.
"A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.". - James Madison. Truth is on our side. Stay inform…
My latest for the legal battle to put Donald Trump out of business. (Featuring and James Madison)
Humbled and Honored to receive my 9th Division 1 offer from James Madison University
New artwork for sale! - "Madison Square Park and the Flatiron" -
Who says jocks and nerds can't get along? used stats to help his high school baseball team succeed:
2018 Millwood (VA) G Deandre Thomas has received an offer from James Madison.
This week James Madison has mostly been eating morbid Dill seed
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and others all served here! TY
Thomas Jefferson & James Madison weigh in against guns on campus: …
Friendly reminder James Madison is 5'4 and Thomas Jefferson is 6'2 and i just ship them so much .
Henry Clay, like Alexander Hamilton, was a monarchist - or, at least, an elitist. Sure, they helped create the federal system we have today, but the concessions made by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and later Andrew Jackson were too great. As the revered Socrates would say, (paraphrasing)"A democracy is only as good as its educational system." The monarchists distrusted democracies due to this fact. Americans have to ask themselves: Capitalism teaches us that the separation of labor leads to specialization. Do you wish to have a voice of whether we go to war or when? James Madison said, "The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."
A day after receiving an offer from James Madison, Hershey's Drew Painter (picks up offer from Richmond
Sadly, Alexander got married 22 hours ago. -James Madison
Thankfully, Alexander had an affair 4 seconds ago. -James Madison
In the words of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, "tee-hee."
Alexander Hamilton and James Madison are rolling in their graves right now
Fun fact: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay argued that local governments are more likely to be oppressive to minorities .
Logan Driscoll and Greg Popatak each drive in a run in the bottom of the 6th to cut the James Madison lead to 4-3.
I got Alexander Hamilton instead of James Madison so that's dissapointing
"Enlightened statesman will not always be at the helm." - James Madison, The Federalist Paper, Number 10
James Madison wrote the Constitution ,Thompson Jefferson wrote the Declaration of In…
Congratulations to of Eta Kappa/James Madison - recipient of Distinguished Achievement Award!…
Thankfully, Lafayette had an affair 57 seconds ago. -James Madison
John Jay got sick after writing five. . James Madison wrote twenty-nine. . Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one!
Tianna Wallpher led the defense with 5 caused turnovers but Towson fell at James Madison, 9-5. Read more:…
James Madison on protecting the minority of the opulent. - Democratic Underground
Awesome day at James Madison can't wait to go back!🐶👑
Blessed to receive a offer from James Madison
The primary responsibility of government is "to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.". -James Madison
Here are the lineups for game one of today's DH at James Madison. Live Stats: No video wi…
City of Puyallup WA claims First Amendment right to protect former councilman's emails. We'd love to ask James Madison about that.
"James Madison probably wasn't like, a mad stoner." Uh, I'm gonna have to disagree
Angie Benson has six saves but James Madison leads the Tigers 7-1 at the half.
James Madison was only 5'4 and never weighed more than 100 pounds, making him the smallest U.S. president in history.
Here at Latham Park for the Phoenix matchup against James Madison. First pitch coming up from Elon senior Jordan Barrett.
have signed long snapper Derek Hart. He went undrafted out of James Madison in 2015 and has not played in the N…
Cougars face James Madison in CAA doubleheader this afternoon in Harrisonburg, Va., beginning at 3:00.
Tbt when i took a pic with James Madison
Towson takes on James Madison at 1 p.m. Follow for updates. Live Stats: LSN:…
Our lineup for game two vs James Madison.
Tragically, Theodosia had an affair 100 years ago. -James Madison
Dolly Madison & James Madison cuz, you know, that would be wrong
Aaron Burr: Alexander Hamilton had a torrid affair, and he wrote it down right there. James Madison: HIGHLIGHTS
22 Mar Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn & square Jupiter, Eris & Uranus "Liberty may be endangered by ... the abuse of power" James Madison
Happy 266th birthday to my colonial lover James Madison. 4th president, the man behind the constitution. This guy i…
James Madison made more amendments than wins this season. N. Kentucky was the best last rd pick
"If men were angels...". --- James Madison. (Fourth President of the United States (1809-1817) and "Father of the…
In 1817, James Madison vetoed a federal infrastructure spending bill on the grounds that the federal government ...…
Constitution's Bill of Rights: James Madison kept the promise made to the American people during ratification fight
So, Connor Mitch is leaving James Madison after playing sparingly in 2016 on NC team. Only one thing to say:
Very important people of the 1790's were George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams, and John Jay.
Finally, James Madison had an affair 200 days ago. -Alexander
James Madison's Vince Holmes picked up his 3rd foul
James Madison was a co-author of the Federalist Papers with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.
Some of the important people of the 1790s are George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.
Did you know? Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Barack Obama were all home brewers.
that was such fun to watch James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington firing a cannon for Pres…
James Madison, the Bill of Rights Freedom of Speech was written up for AMERICA - NOT FOR: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somali…
read the Federalist Papers by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
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thank goodness for James Madison and the First Amendment!
Stephen Miller should read about how James Madison and Alexander Hamilton wrote about checks and balances in the Federalist Papers.
John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hanilton are going to rise from the dead to devour these false federalists.
Scarborough . “Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. It was enshrined in Madison’s Constitution.
Dunbar High (MD) 2018 guard Dashawn Phillip (picked up an offer from James Madison and head coach Louis Rowe, per
"A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty." ~ James Madison
The Constitution of the United States. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
Bishop O'Connell SG Matt Lewis was the MVP of the game. James Madison commit played tough on both ends, scored 15 p…
"James Madison definitely does not have pants." – Cassandra Meyer.
Eeek! Anyone else want to dream about James Monroe Iglehart playing Hercules Mulligan/James Madison one day?
James Madison defeats Youngstown State 28-14 for its second NCAA Championship!!!.
Biggest win for James Madison since he defeated Charles Pinckney to win the 1808 election, right
well James Madison is dead and there are millions of living penguins, so
Honestly more interested in the FCS Natal Championship game Youngstown St v. James Madison than I am Bama v. Clemson
To their credit, James Madison & Gouverneur Morris weren't religious men who wanted to control people by inventing fiction.
If Youngstown St beats James Madison, they'll be the 1st unranked team to win the FCS Championship. Game on ESPN to…
William & Mary and he wanted to coach? the former James Madison coach who had met Tomlin when the young
So tmr at 12 James Madison vs Youngstown St. On ESPN2 for FCS Nat'l Champ. Who knew?used to be on consecutive weeks in Dec. much better.
Any thoughts on James Madison vs. Youngstown St. on Saturday?
"The accumulation of all powers may justly be pronounced the definition of tyranny". James Madison, Federalist Papers
Who was the President of the United States during the War of 1812? (from foxphilam). A. James Madison. B. James...
Don't let up now . James Madison still going hard. We gotta go harder & VOTE!. Last 7 min 😰.
James Madison, a team UMaine could have beat early in season, up 10 in FCS Semis vs. powerhouse North Dakota St.
Hillary Clinton had the most electors who casted votes inconsistent with their states' election for President since 1812. (James Madison)
Well then let me give YOU a history lesson: James Madison was opposed to the direct election of the president because
James Madison helped to create the Electoral College, he never supported the way we vote for our presidents today.
- James Madison wrote in Federalist 10 that systems of government based upon “pure democracy … have ever been...
Schools:. 1.James Madison. of Alabama. 3.UMD college park. of Ohio. 5.Al…
The president obviously thinks he's smarter than John Jay, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and a few others. What...
Bo Pelini and Youngstown State upset Eastern Washington, will face James Madison for FCS championship.
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(More interested in Youngstown vs. James Madison than Alabama vs. Washington)
What a finish in the Eastern Washington-Youngstown State game. Congrats to both YSU and James Madison for advancing to the FCS…
...America should let the people elect their president through a popular vote, James Madison said that "Negroes" ..…
James Madison was over rated as a President
DUKES DOWN NO. 1!. James Madison upsets 5x-Champ North Dakota State to advance to the
Franklin native Mike Houston has coached the James Madison football team to a berth in the FCS national finals
I'm curious if more people know James Madison for being a president or namesake of school that ended the NDSU run.
James Madison was always my favorite president
🎵"...James Madison, never has a son, and he fought the war of 1812..."🎵 - Animaniacs president's song.
I saw James Madison trending and I was hoping people were discussing the fourth U.S President, but unfortunately its a football player.
In 1808 James Madison was elected the 4th U.S. President, his wife Dolly started baking little cakes to celebrate.
James Madison goes to Fargo and ends North Dakota State's dominance of FCS football. Props to the Dukes.
James Madison seals the win over NDSU! Whoa, Dolly!
James Madison is trending. Got scared that Dolly's husband died again.
This running back Abdullah from James Madison. I want the to draft him. He looks like Jamaal Charles with two healthy ACLs.
The FCS semifinals are underway! Follow along as North Dakota State hosts James Madison in Fargo. Live updates:
IT'S GAME TIME!. James Madison & North Dakota State battle for Frisco on ESPN2. . Winner goes to
Please say something extra good about James Madison football. Anything at all should do it.
"All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree." ~ James Madison.
THE DUKES DOMINATE!. James Madison is on to the Quarterfinals after a 55-22 victory over New Hampshire.
please read the words of James Madison from the Federalist Papers with dignity
Wise Central grad with a fine game for James Madison.
True Joe but James Madison wrote wife he designed/created to solve problem of Being Conned choosing
Congrats to Soph WR on his offer from James Madison! Many more to come.
I'll believe that right now and my father are grilling James Madison on the need for the Electoral College in '…
Electoral College was developed by federalists Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to include the amount of slaves between north and south.
I have a handwritten note to the homies B Frankz, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, T Jeffz, GDubs, John Jay, and James Madison. Im sorry.
mind as well be protesting James Madison. how many even know what I am talking about?
"Whenever there is an interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done." James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, 1788
Watch Ana Ortiz Dressed Up as James Madison to School Everyone on the Constitution via
I'm down with Zobrist being Lafayette. Maybe Jefferson is... Andrew Miller? Allen is James Madison.
On this day in 1787, the Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay were published. ht…
"John Jay got sick after drinking five. James Madison drank 29. Hamilton drank the other 51."
Reminder to Seniors Oberlin College rep visit 12:25 followed by James Madison at 1:15 Request permission from teacher and join the session
Neighbor and longtime secretary of James Madison, Illinois governor Edward Coles, recalled Jefferson's nasty quip as the 1824 election...
"James Madison, folks. Low-energy, no stamina, I have great stamina, the best."
Good luck to as they face James Madison, Louisville, & Vanderbilt today as part of their 2016 fall schedule!
You know who would have supported ballot selfies? James Madison:
Abdullah's career day helps James Madison top Maine 31-20 - Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog)
SET THREE | An attack error from Elon gives James Madison its first lead of the set! Dukes up 15-14!
James Madison just announced the final decision. Ladies and Gentlemen,please let us introduce the Bill of Rights.
Did You Know?. The tallest U.S. President was Abraham Lincoln at 6’4″ and the shortest was James Madison at 5’4″.
"James Madison has the unfortunate distinguishment of being the first President of the United States to ask...
People implying that a person couldn't be president. Talk to James Madison, Honest Abe and FDR and get back to me.
2) Yes. James Madison, Father of our Constitution, was also shockingly frail and sickly. Many say the most frail president ever.
1809-1817 James Madison 4th President USA Father of the Constitution~ Unique~
40' - James Madison gets on the board with a header from Aaron Ward-Baptiste.
Donald Trump would be the first president tricked by a King since James Madison
I've already got that James Madison look! Now I can be president!
Gary Johnson gives a shout out to James Madison, factions, and the Federalist 10 in his most recent Op-Ed!
James Madison was the shortest President elected to date. He stood 5'4 and was nicknamed Little Jemmy/His Little Majesty.
James Madison is the shortest president, whereas Abe Lincoln is the tallest
Tragically, Aaron Burr had an affair 22 years ago. -James Madison
King George III was "the only choice" for Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.
According to James Madison, the worst political decision of George Washington's career was criticizing "certain self-created societies" in
are reanimated corpses of James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry and Alexander Hamilton?
Thankfully, Alexander had an affair 837 years ago. -James Madison
Hey just the let you know George Washington, James Madison & Alexander Hamilton all have rolled over in their graves.
Tragically, Aaron Burr had an affair 47 centuries ago. -James Madison
James Madison is the father of the constitution and his the 4th president
5. James Madison, the war of 1812 was as unnecessary as Iraq and Vietnam combined. 4. Herbert Hoover, 2nd worst GOP President ever!!
James Madison: Fourth President 1809-1817 Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents -
I would highly recommend the book Madison's Gift by David O. Stewart. Excellent book about James Madison.
I thought that James Marsden's name was actually James Madison but no James Madison was America's fourth president
At our 3rd founding fathers/president's home of the day. James Madison's Montpelier
“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” . ― James Madison
thank James Madison and George Mason for the entire bill of rights (including 2A)
Read the Federalist Papers. Authored by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison supporting a larger federal government.
Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president. The shortest president was James Madison.
James Madison || 1751-1836. Drafted Constitution, only sitting president to ride into battle. Shy and small.
I belive he was the 5th Vice President, serving under James Madison?
God given? But God didn't give us the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, and John Adams did.
Speaker Ryan the ghost of James Madison has some advice for you. Will explain definition of treason. We are at war.
Y'all I just rang up the producer of the James Bond movies and I don't know how tf to feel right now
UPDATE: James Madison Pkwy near Dahlgren still jammed. Will add 26m to your drive
Happy Father's Day to James Madison, the father of our U.S. Constitution
A handwritten letter by James Madison, commending John Leland. A jewel in the 1st Baptist of Cheshire collection. https:/…
A universal it is to be feared, is in the catalogue of events, which will never exist but in the James
not only does he play Hercules Mulligan but he plays James Madison too!!
Why in the Wide Wide World of Sports is James Madison University not in FBS?
Right of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. James Madison
Happy Father's Day to George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison our founding fathers
James Madison: "Thomas, we are engaged in a battle for our nation's very soul". Me: "ok glenn beck"
On this day at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, James Madison declared that if the federal…
In Thomas Jefferson and James Madison clear some things up about the Second Amendment.
It's tough being the new kid in school... especially when you have a secret:. ETHAN'S SECRET on Amazon at
Unfortunately, is no longer a part of the Janoskians. There's no explanation, just take it or leave it, no…
Madison Keys powers to 6-3, 6-4 win over Barbora Strycova to capture title:
I'm delighted to announce that Cornel West will be joining the James Madison Program at Princeton as a Visiting Professor in the Fall.
James Madison amended the original Constitution so that the federal government wouldn't be able to take away weapons fro…
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Off Season: continues his camp work at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.
my church, like James Madison, is grappling with the fact that not every issue can be settled by committee
The FBI was right not to arrest Omar Mateen before the shooting - The Washington Post this is james Madison's "line" h…
I think back to the rip scherer days when our commits also had Austin Peay, James Madison & central Arkansas on their list
Good to hear USF, James Madison, Stetson and Wyoming all remember how good David Pierce is and on him while he is figh…
James Madison and hungry And either of their sense of other side of the individuals would be altogether at all, or a regard
If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy ~ James Madison
Hillary once dressed up as Dolly Madison at a costume party. Bill Clinton as James Madison. So disgraceful to their legend.
"They just make stuff up and then dump it on the prairie" - James Madison ltr to Dolly 1813
News flash La State Congresswoman Norton. The Constitution was written by James Madison, a white man. Do you want to toss out this too?
"you must first enable the government to control the governed; and [then] oblige it to control itself.". James Madison (Fed. Papers
"prior secretaries of state-turned-president have included Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams"
The only other James's I'll recognize in history is James Madison(one of my fav people to ever live) James Monroe, and James K.Polk
2017 forward Kevin "KJ" Davis has picked up his latest offer from James Madison.
Tourney time! The Cardinal faces James Madison on Friday in L.A. for a chance at another rematch with host USC!.
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Thomas Jefferson -- founder of the University of Virginia -- and James Madison -- father of the Bill of Rights --...
October 4th, 1824: James Madison and Thomas Jefferson promote a dry, weapon-free campus at the University of Virginia.
When I study federalist paper I imagine feminists being one of the factions James Madison was referring to
WHISKEY REBELLION: AN ADDISON HOLMES MYSTERY. My name is Addison Holmes, and I teach history at James Madison...
Trump vs. Hillary. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Ben Franklin are rolling over in their graves
. As a matter of course, James Madison speaks of people like you, when in Federalist Paper 10 he said:
Every group project has the John Jay who gets sick after writing 5 essays, the James Madison who writes 29, and me, wh…
Anyway, as a devotee of Oscar Madison & Captain Kirk; not James Madison & Russell Kirk; here's my read on
OK Senate hearing about how Dolly Madison published James Madison's secret notes of the Constitutional Convention
Our friend Jim Melcher recently sent Stewart this post card portrait of James Madison from a museum visit. It...
Went to a party at James Madison during Passover--some quite un-kosher things happened to a good bit of previously kosher food.
The staff at James Madison's Montpelier invites Junior Girl Scouts to Montpelier on May 14…
Andrew Jackson and Winfield Scott only saved the Union in the War of 1812... with James Madison's guidance.
Tyler Kardas strikes out the side in the top of the 4th. Mason a 5-2 lead over James Madison. Due up for Mason: Aponte,…
Kent Blackstone with a RBI single in the bottom of the 11th to give Mason a 6-5 win over James Madison at Spuhler Field.
Mason with the bases loaded in a 5-5 game vs. James Madison in the bottom of the 9th with only one out.
James Madison ties the game 5-5 in the top of the 8th on a solo HR. Due up for Mason: Popatak-1B, Hansen-3B and Sturek-CF.
James Madison scores two runs in the top of the 7th to cut the Mason lead to 5-4.
took down Navy and James Madison over the weekend. has the recap
Where in excess of power prevails property of no sort is duly respected... - James Madison
What has been Christianity’s fruits? Superstition, Bigotry and Persecution. -James Madison
James Madison warned us, WE must be vigilant and MANLY to fight tyranny. But, we have allowed the wussification of America.
2017 Norcom (VA) SG Travis Ingram (picks up an offer from James Madison. (HT
"Where an excess of power prevails, no man s safe nhis opinions, person, faculties or his possessions.”. James Madison
James Madison has offered Jeff Prophete (Ft Laud HS, 2017) Furman & UNF will be in to see him workout tomorrow.
If men were angels, no government would be necessary. James Madison. https…
A history book recommendation: The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington, and a Group of..., more at:
The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money. James Madison ~
Dolley and James Madison are the ultimate historical otp
As per Trump, his plurality, and the convention in Cleveland, James Madison already gave us the answer:
This should fail. "Being armed...forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition.." James Madison
When I read these documents I step into the minds of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and many others, and explore their ideas of govt
You know, James Madison literally declared war on Britain in 1812.
James Madison wasn't the first to suggest checks and balances in gov't, but nobody else used them in a republic. https:…
James Madison has offered Team Loaded 2017s: Greg Jones, Kaleb Hunter and Jordan Davis.
La Salle's John Giannini has hired former James Madison head coach Matt Brady as an assistant, source told
"that couldn't happen at my school": Alpha Sigma Tau of James Madison says
James Madison quarterback Vad Lee worked out yesterday with an East team -
This is the most amazing New York exchange ever in an otherwise cringe-worthy interview. Take that, James Madison.
Bowling Green Assistant Louis Rowe named James Madison hoops coach today. Winthrop's Pat Kelsey had talks with JMU.
like come on people George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks
woo officially going to James Madison University go dukes 💜💛
Alexander joins forces with James Madison and John Jay to write a series of essays defending the new United States Constitution, entitled Th
Federalist No. 51/ Alexander Hamilton or James Madison: 'If men were angels, no government would be necessary.'+...
B8 | Now pitching for the Huskies: Isaac Lippert. leads James Madison, 19-5.
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B4 | McPherson homers for James Madison and the Huskies' lead dips to 10-2.
Go and vote for your very own ETSU Campus Rec! We cannot let James Madison beat us!
B3 | McPherson hits a two-run home run for James Madison and the Dukes go back up by three, 5-2.
Si excited, I finally going back to school, no not GED, a real high school diploma, at James Madison school, yes online school,
"Anyone who breaks up with someone over a text message deserves to be alone the rest of their life" - James Madison
Alexander Hamilton historically read Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to FILTH over slavery.
Sanders and Ginsburg attended the same high school James Madison, years apart.
I may be a dummkopf, but I know John Jay & James Madison used jus soli in Article2. No foreign-born.
James Madison! Celebrate Madison's 265th birthday by sharing our infographics about his life:
Happy Birthday, James Madison--born March 16, 1751! If that name doesn't ring a bell, what about the phrase We...
On this Day in 1751,James Madison "Father of Constitution" was born. Today Maury Povich reveals DNA test results
Happy Birthday to our main man James Madison!
See our rare 1788 first edition of The Federalist, written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay:
. President James Madison on charity & that it's not the legislative duty of the
James Madison, our fourth president and the father of the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, was born in 1751.
265 years ago today, James Madison was born, 1751.
Happy Birthday to our fourth President, James Madison, “Father of the Constitution”
A day in history on a day like today!. March 16th 1751 our 4th President of the U.S is born! James Madison also...
Please stop saying "James Madison wrote the Constitution." He didn't. He wrote the VA Plan that has ALMOST NOTHING in common with the Const.
Happy 265th Birthday, James Madison! We're celebrating with a green candle, but it's rumored black was his fav color
Celebrating President James Madison and his efforts in promoting openness in government.
Today is Freedom of Information Day (in honor of birth of James Madison, chief author of the Bill of Rights)
James Madison screaming the aforementioned phrase.
Happy 265th James Madison!: James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution because of his pivotal ro... http…
USA Archery held it's US National Indoor Championships this past weekend at James Madison University in...
_ being harassed and threatened at 829 East 14th Street in Brooklyn by two teachers from James Madison High School
President James Madison was born 1751. He contributed to the creation of the Constitution and drafted the...
James Madison (born 1751) can be found in many Capitol campus works of art: https:/…
TODAY IN 1751—Birth of James Madison, our shortest and our most Constitution-writing President.
I hope James Madison & Abraham Lincoln descend from heaven and kick the daylights out of you. I'll be their legal frees
In 1751, James Madison, fourth president of the United States, was born in Port Conway, Virginia.
Schoonover has cake in the lobby for James Madison's birthday and if that doesn't scream journalism and communication kids, idk what does
March 16 is - celebrated on the bday of James Madison, Father of the Constitution & champion of U.S. Bill of Rights
in honor of James Madison's birthday, I think you guys should tell us WHAT HAPPENED TO MADISON? IS HE OKAY?
James and Dolley Madison fled Washington ahead of British invaders in 1814; after the White House was burned, they neve…
James Madison, one of the authors of 'The Federalist Papers' and the 4th US President, was born
Today is a special day... Happy 265th Birthday to James Madison!
what do you think Hamilton would say to James Madison today, on his 265th birthday?
to James Madison, whose work on the Constitution and Bill of Rights made a free society a reality.
Today, commemorates the 265th anniversary of the birth of James Madison. Th…
Happy Birthday to James Madison, our 4th president (1809-1817), born today in 1761.
President James Madison was born on March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia.
"The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home." -James Madison via
Freedom of Information Day 2016: Meaning & History of the Timely Holiday Madison Bio
What other school besides would celebrate the birthday of James "Jimmy" Madison?
Happy Birthday James Madison, one of my fave presidents! And happy Freedom of Information Day! Free information is another thing I like!
TWO new story poles were just unveiled by Tulalip carvers Joe Gobin and James Madison! More:
Good thing James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights and also believed that the Alien and Sedition acts violated it!!
Network/cable TV paid pundits have worked hard to hide James Madison's Constitution
Washington DC lawmakers ignore limits to power created by James Madison's Constitution.
Ted Cruz supporters misapply, misunderstand & ignore relevant law when they attack James Madison:
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