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James Loney

James Anthony Loney (born May 7, 1984) is a first baseman in Major League Baseball who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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James Loney can fix healthcare, and first base.
Jay Bruce with the nice scoop. He's using James Loney's glove.
Jay Bruce putting James Loney's old mitt to good use.
former 1B James Loney interviewed with Korea Media first time after signing LGtwi…
The imaginary James Loney fan club so heavily derided by can breathe a collective sigh of relief
Lucas Duda is going to Tampa, which is where James Loney was before he came to NY. The brand is going south,
Dominic Smith seems to be James Loney 2.0. Time will tell.
Dom Smith will probably be a similar player to early career James Loney
Too bad that's not a fair comparison. He has more power than sucky James loney
Former ML'er James Loney made his debut today for the LG Twins. He went 1-for-3 with a single vs. Nexen Heroes.
LG's made his KBO debut today. Here's his pre-game interview
Former big leaguer James Loney, now with the LG Twins, singled off Nexen's Choi Won-Tae for his 1st hit
LG's made his KBO debut today and in his first at-bat, got his first hit.
James Loney smokes a linedrive single in the first inning for his first KBO hit in his debut with the LG Twins.
LG Twins newcomer James Loney will make his first KBO league debut later today against the Nexen Heroes (@ Jamsil)…
Cal DE James Loney iss excited about the Bears new 3-4 defense. "It will give us a lot more freedom athletically."
Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Manny Ramirez, Andre Either, James Loney, And Casey Blake all on one team and one video…
He is James Loney Jr... I hope people dont have higher expectations
I thought you had already decided on the 'James Loney Dead Horse' to kill over and over (and over and over)
Manny Ramirez, Orlando Hundson, James Loney, Juan Pierre, Russell J Martin. I just got the chills.
James Loney has never hit a ball that far in his life
The James Loney homer in game 1 of the 2008 NLDS remains a traumatizing experience
I also once did a comparison between him and James Loney and he did not come out on the good side of that
he was hurt and released last week and LG signed James Loney to replace him on the roster.
Rick: James Loney, by the way, I just read the other day, he's playing in Ko-ree-a. Charley: Really.
James loney plays in Korea now? Maaan that guy fell off worse than kemp
I guess I should know because Ackley was my comp when I was in my "David Cooper can replace James Loney phase"
Looking forward to when James Loney comes back to US to play for the Giants but has lice and someone runs the headline LICE-A-LONEY
In essence, he doesn't have any real comps at the major league level, except James Loney, which I don't t…
Well, the Dodgers are losing, but I got to see flirt with a dancing girl in a James Loney jersey, so it kinda evens out.
In that game, James Loney hit a PH, walk-off HR (off Tommy Hunter!) for 5-4 win. Rays then embarked on epic road trip to NYY/TOR/TEX/CLE/BOS
And James Loney in the background lol
A new must-read voice, Andrea J. Loney, author of Bunnybear, Take a Picture of Me, James Van Der Zee, and Double Bass Blues…
Not the same same since James Loney went to Korea
Keith just mentioned someone who never got his uniform dirty, but failed to talk about James Loney
I can't believe I actually thought James loney would be better than Matt Adams😅
Does anyone know if James Loney plays anymore. He would be the perfect guy to play 1B. Good glove and pretty good hitter last year for Mets!
James Loney failed on a Triple-A stint with the and asked for his release from the AAA team. Do not see him a replacement.
why don't the yanks take a flyer on James Loney?
Why do Yanks keep sticking with this guy? Never have I personally valued just being able to catch a throw…
If Cashman can't find a better option, he should find another job. Call James Loney.
Sign James Loney for the time being. At least he has a glove and a pulse
I hope. But I'm they'll trade, or sign for another has-been instead. James Loney?
How is this possible? He's supposed to be James Loney without any power...
No. 1B is not SS. James Loney is available. Literally anybody in the infield can fake it at 1B for a while.
James Loney is just waiting for a phone call. Even being out of BB for a few weeks he can do better than this.
At this point, I'd rather see James Loney at 1B for NYY as opposed to Carter...
Remarkable indeed! Scary to think where they'd be if hadn't traded for Matt Adams and stuck w James L…
Crap, can someone call and see if James Loney is available, at least he's a good glove.
Please let it be Braves legend James Loney!
James Loney could be a savior. Why tf won't the Yankees sign him and sign Loney? Maybe a nice golden som…
James Loney is a FA. Good lord he must be better than Chris Carter.
need to know why this team is not looking to sign James Loney. Enough of Carter already enough!
Been asking that myself about Choi nobody seems to bring his name up or james loney who is a FA.
James Loney is a FA why aren't they looking to sign this guy?
James Loney would not be an upgrade? Free agent as we speak.
Anyone interested in interior design, check out my wife's Instagram page. design_by_nadia
Beating a dead horse here, but I refuse to believe there isn't a better 1B available SOMEWHERE. James Lo…
Austin Barnes at Petco Park needs to go all "James Loney at Coors" right now IMO
Go sign James Loney. Better fielder and hitter and more importantly he's available...
you should be playing 1stbase for the Yankees right now I have been saying we should sign you for two months now!!
YAY! shares TAKE A PICTURE OF ME, JAMES VAN DER ZEE! (and how it’s all about the dance.
Why don't Yanks sign free agent James Loney? Good glove & upgrade over Carter & Romine.
Doesnt make him a HOFer. especially after the move to 1b. hes been a poor man's james loney since the move...
Of course in this time the Braves will sign James Loney then release him 3 days later, of course.
It's this simple. Just sign James Loney and stop pissing us off w/ Chris Carter.
The Chris Carter nightmare continues. Andujar is a player. If the Yanks need a first baseman on the c…
A James Loney type would be a better option that anybody they have right now...
Actually, why not James Loney? Cost them nothing. Puts ball in play and good glove
They need to sign james loney I can't deal with Carter again
Yankee fans can not deal with Carter, james loney is a free agent yanks should look into signing him
I still havent recovered from that James Loney play in playoffs last year, so anything else is just anti…
Yankees would rather try to sign Chris Carter back on a minor league deal than sign James Loney lmaooo
Hosmer is a FA next year..get him now before the Yanks go after him. But, Mets will wait til James Lone…
... a nation turns it's loney eyes to you James! ... Godspeed
This has some validity. See James loney as a dodger
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
3/3 Proud of Cdns who have broken barriers like Viola Desmond Muriel Duckworth, Jean Vanier, James Loney.
Train is the James loney of bands, cool shoes
how would you feel about James Loney playing some first base on the other side of New York?…
And i remember when people wanted James loney to play over him last year 😂. I still think Duda sig…
You see this terrible defense❔Just one of the reasons Dodgers need "Big Game" James Loney.
Pablo Sandoval impact on the hot corner gave James Loney NIGHTMARES. Had to pull the ball everytime. QUANTIFY THAT!
The 2016 Mets at this point were 39-33. James Loney was their first baseman. These are facts, Green Man.
James Loney granted release from now that they have Matt Adams
James Loney was signed just before were able to complete Matt Adams trade. That obviously changed things at 1B fo…
MLB: James Loney requests and receives release from Braves
First baseman James Loney has requested and received his release from the Braves’ Triple-A Gwinnett team…
James Loney asks to be released from Braves' minor league team as sad fall from Mets continues
Braves: 1B James Loney receives release from Triple-A Gwinnett; signed with team on Thursday
Room for James loney now that he was released from Gwinnett , right
James Loney's tenure with was brief; he's heading back to the open market:
sad to see no one wants to compete for starting positions anymore. Smh
James Loney a few days ago: The Braves have an opening at first base...
James Loney asked for and was granted his release from We wish him all the best going forward.
.release 1B James Loney from his deal.
SpeedeNews: Loney released from Braves' Triple-A team - Loney released from Braves' Triple-A team
i'm so annoyed at the Braves if i'm James Loney. but not as annoyed as Darnell McDonald must forever be at the Yankees
Mets are so bad at evaluating talent they gave long chances to Eric Campbell, Ty Kelly, Matt Reynolds, and James Loney over TJ Rivera.
So the after losing Freddie Freeman for a couple months, sign James Loney and then trade for Matt Adams. Not messing around.
If you are happy the Braves signed James Loney then I have a Robert Fick I would like to sell you.
Had a fun time at Whiskey Junction tonight. The sound was great and the crowd was so kind. Thanks to James Loney...
Just saw that former killer James Loney has been released from the Rangers. I'll never forget what he did.
Rangers have released former 1B, James Loney today, according to Hit .174 in 46 spring at-bats, w only 2 XBH.
The Texas Rangers have released former Met first baseball James Loney per
That's not how you spell James Loney, Mark Ellis, Justin Sellers, and Adam Kennedy
He is very polarizing. Is he going to be Keith Hernandez or James Loney? 2018 I believe.
Watching a clip from Fallon and David Blaine is James Loney with Vin Diesel's voice. I feel like I needed to tell you this.
Does this mean one day James Loney might be good?
Cubs starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks was acquired in 2012 for Ryan Dempster, who gave up the James Loney Grand Slam in 2008 NLDS.
When people tell me James Loney is better than Lucas Duda.
can we just sign A-Rod and James Loney and get this underwhelming offseason over with?
In hindsight, the parting with James Loney was still the right move:
that slider (and the one before it)hung so much I think James Loney could have hit them out
Not even the mention of James Loney's Grand Slam can dent my happiness. Will Clark a tad but I'm over it now.
Makes up for James Loney! His ghost has officially been laid to rest.
Where's James Loney when you need him!!
Probably from 2008, when James Loney hit a Grand Slam in the NLDS. And the Dodgers swept the heavily favored Cubs.
Yup, correct. Last GS was by, ironic enough, James Loney '08 Dodgers NLDS.
it's James Loney all over again...except for them
The role of James Loney Grand Slam hero will be played by Miguel Montero tonight. That's not how the script was supposed to go.
Remember that time James Loney hit a Grand Slam at Wrigley in the NLdS... do it, !
Bases loaded for the at Wrigley in the playoffs. Where's James Loney when you need him?
Anyone know what James Loney is up to right about now? Asking for a friend.
Where's James Loney when u need him?
Corey gonna go james loney on the Cubs right now!
Where is James Loney when we need him?
that moment when you'd give anything for Corey Seager to imitate James Loney
Dodgers have 3 postseason Grand Slams in their history, last by James Loney in Game 1 of the 2008 Chicago.
Okay let's make sure James Loney is not in the building, for one.
also regardless of injuries to the pitchers. I wonder how much James Loney inflated their ERAs in 2016
We're a James Loney Grand Slam away from a 5-3 lead
Even if the Dodgers sign James Loney mid-game to take an at-bat, I think Game 1 belongs to the Cubs. No ghosts here.
"Hi friends, 2008 James Loney here. Just wanted to remind you we were down early in a Game 1 against these dudes eight years…
I'm not that crazy, James Loney>Harold Reynolds and it's not close.
Eric Campbell, Ty Kelly, Jay Bruce and James Loney all had at least one at bat in the wildcard game. Michael Conforto did not.
James Loney is starting the Wild Card game and I would like to go back in time and pick a new baseball team please.
Gotta feel for David Hernandez, not only is he playing for the hopeless Phillies in Sept, but James Loney just pimped a HR against him too
James Loney got a David Hernandez special. He's not alone this season
James Loney has a lower WAR in a Mets uniform than Mo Vaughn and Eric Valent. But he plays everyday. That's insane.
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 5:55: chats with Brian Snitker. Plus, hear from Tyler Flowers and James Loney.
Hey, we got a new podcast coming! and I talk about Tim Tebow, James Loney, and Mystery Diners. It was fun, you'll like it.
James Loney had the same about of extra base hits (1) and walks (1) in August as Bartolo Colon did.
personally, I like James Loney. he hasn't been good recently. (Walker also had that kind of stretch, but hey, whatever)
Wilmer Flores runs as if he's in quick sand. James Loney runs as if he's carrying a piano in quick sand
Jose Reyes had 3 hits and James Loney capped the night off with a 2-run home run in the 9th inning as the Mets...
Jose Reyes has 8 extra-base hits since joining the on July 5. James Loney has 15 XBH since 5/31. Neil Walker has 12 XBH since May 1.
Mets beat the Cubs 2-1 thanks to Rene Rivera, Jose Reyes and a James Loney scoop, just like everybody thought in March.
The are trying to become "Rays north." Rene Rivera, James Loney. Can they get Matt Joyce and Jake McGee too?
Lagares triples in James Loney to put the mets up 1-0, then Eflin gets Rivera to line out to right, ending the top of the 2nd
Maybe just a coincidence, but James Loney is wearing John The Hammer Milner's number.
James Loney drives in Kelly Johnson with an RBI double and it's now 10-0!
Double Switch, Jerry Blevins in on relief for Jim Henderson and Matt Reynolds in for James Loney, Wilmer Flores moves to 1B.
Mets’ power show rubs off on James Loney at perfect time
Substitute Mets come up big in 6-2 win over Marlins: James Loney, Rene Rivera and Wilmer Flores all made big ...
After a walk to Wilmer Flores, James Loney hits his 1st HR as a Met, a 2-run shot that puts us ahead 4-2 in the...
James Loney is a very handsome man, but slightly less tall than Wilmer Flores.
Mets are starting Wilmer Flores, James Loney, and Kevin Plawecki every day with Ty Kelly and Matt Reynolds on the bench. Let that sink in.
Am I ok to put mob on at 6 for the Mets v White Sox? (Assuming the Mets can field a team these days - James Loney?)
James Loney has been activated to the Mets roster. Eric Campbell has been demoted and Jeff Walters has been DFA'd.
Why is Logan Morrison a starting 1B. Bet Rays wish they never released James Loney.
Justin Hancock throws at 4:00. James Loney at 1B. April 10 years ago Loney was 1B for Chad Billingsley. They both got called up right after.
Padres sign James Loney to minor-league deal - James Loney has managed to catch on with the San Diego Padres.
Padres sign James Loney to a minor league contract
San Diego sign James Loney to a minor league deal, according to Jon Heyman.
the salient incorrect fact that James Loney played for Tampa. It's provably incorrect.
In which any attempts to talk about James Loney and Travis Ishikawa were met with profanity
send James Loney and cash to CWS for Tommy Kahnle.
When the question is James Loney, Travis Ishikawa, or Jerry Sands, I’m not sure how you choose anybody other than Loney.
James Loney is going to sign a minor league deal with the Giants in June and turn into 2014 NLCS Travis Ishikawa every PA
Really hope there comes a point this season where Logan Morrison, Logan Forsythe and James Loney are in the same lineup.
After allowing a single to James Loney, Tanner Roark strikes out the side in the Rays' half of the 2nd. We're at 0-0 heading to the 3rd.
Rays could trade first baseman James Loney this spring - ESPN (blog)
Joe Mauer might be the rich man's version of James Loney, but he's good with a T-shirt cannon
actively shopping James Loney, now must trade Desmond Jennings. If Tim Beckham doesn't make bench, only black player is Chris Archer.
like, until power shows up, a good comparison for Dom Smith is James Loney. Solid prospect who can hit .290, play good d, 15 Hrs
He's Adam Dunn Lite and the next guy in line Dom Smith looks like James Loney clone
Debut surprise favourite to win Costa book of the year | | The Guardian
I remember when I was 10 and in love with James Loney 😭💔
he projects to be James Loney. Not very exciting.
Rays would like to trade James Loney but market stocked with better (Morneau, Kelly, Hart,) -- very tall task
Ladybird meets The Loney on the Publishers' shortlists for 2015's best campaigns:
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
James Loney, once a defensive whiz, now just whiz.
Rays need to keep James Loney- Shaeffer not ready & Loney is a bargin . The only real natural hitter on team. Very slick fielder too.
we need to start scribing a list of games/people to go boo. . 1) Donnie coconuts. 2) Daniel Murphy. 3) James Loney
Ryan Hanigan grounds out, third baseman Evan Longoria to first baseman James Loney.
Chris Davis snares James Loney's line drive, and have a chance to win it in the 10th.
TB 1B James Loney has received a 1-game suspension for making contact with Umpire Paul Nauert on Saturday at OAK.
E-3 on James Loney extends inning, but Billy Burns turns too wide at second base, Sam Fuld forced into rundown, tagged out.
If Utley says no, Evans should go get James Loney and let Belt play LF. Loney provides great D and he'd be good at AT&T
Can't forget James loney not hitting anything at the plate
i'm in the middle of arguing w/ someone telling me James Loney is fat, so i'm trying to get myself away from that dumbassery
James Loney isn't fat, why does he have to be chiseled anyway? some 1B are. He was skinner in his younger days,did it matter?
mr is critiquing James Loney's body again.
good thing James Loney is 6'3 300lbs and not 6'3 100lbs or he wouldn't have gotten those 3 hits to the OF ;)
Here is a waiver trade that actually is feasible that the Pirates could pursue and would help. James Loney straight up for Pedro.
James Loney 3/4 tonight take that haters I guess woulda been 4/4 if he were 6'3 100 lbs like you shallow folks want
I do too.. I don't care about his lack of home run power. I'll take James Loney.
James Loney gets the right back in it with an RBI double to right. Longo holds up on 3rd. NO outs. trail 6-4.
Jake Odorizzi looking like James Loney at first with the pick on the inning ending double play!!! still trail the 3-1
What in the world was James Loney doing?
James Loney has a beautiful set of hair. Love that fro!
follow-up: give our facilities/tech guru a shout about RCC tours: Tours are planned for orientation day
thought you would appreciate knowing that James Loney's walk up song is "6 God." Even though he's from TX.
I'd call Granderson out simply because James Loney did a freaking SPLIT.
"James Loney [of the Rays] up for the Mets," - a lost Ron Darling without Gary Cohen
yes, we have done cleats for James Loney
have you guys done shoes for James Loney of the Rays?
James Loney is so weak! Why are guys like him able to stick around the bigs so long?!??
Since 2012, some of the players that have been intentionally walked more than Bautista:. AJ Ellis. Jay. Loney. Hanigan. Mercer. LaRoche. Crawford
How has James Loney never faced bartolo
would you say that smith is just a James loney replica?
Daniel Nava? Grady Sizemore? James Loney? Asdrubal Cabrera? Tampa Bay is doing a wonderful job of collecting all the bum *** players in MLB
strikes out Longoria for the second out of the inning. James Loney coming up with 1 runner on. .
There's just something about James Loney that makes me not surprised his walk-up music is a Drake song
nyn, 2, Daniel Murphy grounds out, second baseman Logan Forsythe to first baseman James Loney.
2 run double by Kevin Keirmaier plates James Loney and Asdrubal Cabrera as the take a 4-3 lead on the in the 1st inning.
James Loney might be slower than Wilmer Flores
James Loney comes up to the plate to "Ms. Jackson" and for that he has earned my undying respect.
Wow! I just won this for free, 2015 Topps James Loney
James Loney felt compelled to take a moment and admire his very, very long home run
Omg my nina's son has a ball signed by Mattingly, James Loney, and Mark Ellis and then he has another signed by Lee Lacy 😩
Life comes at you fast, so .wanted to take a moment and admire his moonshot:
Alejandro De Aza strikes out swinging, catcher Rene Rivera to first baseman James Loney.
Remember when the Dodgers had that boss squad back in 09 with Rafael Furcal, Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, Russell Martin, James Loney etc.
Great call by the way. Last saw Brent at the state baseball tournament his senior year against James Loney and Fort Bend Elkins.
Matt Moore is back, Jake Odorizzi and James Loney return soon for the who are in AL East race - great job by 1st yr MGR Kevin Cash featured in NBC s Science of Love
"If there's a bigger fan of James Loney than Pat Tabler, I've never met him."--James Loney's Mom
James Loney will never be confused with Pete Rose or Rickey Henderson
105 PA no HR he is now a poor mans James Loney. Slap hitter. Juice ran out
James Loney makes a souvenir out of one from Wei-Yin Chen
Source: have agreed to send Allen Webster, James Loney, Jerry Sands, Ivan De Jesus, and Rubby De…
"Just 7 years ago, the Dodgers almost traded Kemp, Kershaw, and James Loney for Erik Bedard.
James Loney might be as slow as Jose Molina. Pathetic gotta score.
Tampa Bay Rays put James Loney on disabled list ...
No Smyly, no Cobb, no Matt Moore, no James Loney, no Jake McGee. 3 starters, a closer, and our best average at the plate. Just not fair
Juan Francisco opted out on Sunday. . John Jaso hurt on Monday. James Loney hurt on Tuesday. Allan Dykstra promoted on Wednesday.
I miss the 2008 Dodgers club that had James Loney, Andre Either, Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, and Rafael Furcal. ⚾️😔💙
Nah all former Dodgers started kicking *** when they left. James Loney, Russell Martin, Santana, the list goes on. Watch Kemp win
If Andrew Friedman has a sense of humor, he brings James Loney back to LA.
I know one thing, Andrew Friedman likes James Loney more than
One some level it's funny that Dodgers upgraded the GM spot (different title, but bear with me) by hiring the guy who gave James Loney $21m
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Thanks, Magic. Stan. Good to be here.". /takes sheet off 10"x20" poster of James Loney's face. "Now, what, exactly, do the Dodgers *need*?"
James Loney to double as the Rays GM.
So what was Friedman's biggest misstep as Rays GM? Price trade? Rays catching terribleness? James Loney signing?
Just what we always wanted, a GM who wanted to give James Loney a bunch of money!
I hope Dom Smith doesn't pan out to be a James Loney type player
But still cool enough. Lol at the James Loney appearance though.
If u have 1 let me know only u can tell me where we got this. Courtesy of James Loney signed by
the James Loney part is my favorite
It is James Loney days TIL the wedding !
Gonzo was better player for us than James Loney!!!
Had table fellowship & Community with Audrey Loney Misty and James Brooks
But to who? I don't need to know that James Loney will probably be average. But you have to admit Brad Miller, 3rd best SS...
he also made notes to James Loney about opposite field hitting and gave him challenges (swear jar but for oppo field hits)
A site where "third baseman James Loney" was a hill someone was willing to die on
I didn't even know James Loney had a pony tail. He must tuck it under his hat
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Rays sign James Loney, a good player, but they NEEDED to sign him because Rays never hit on any of their 1B draft picks.
Dear your texts to james Loney piece isn't loading. This must be shared as part of Beckett's retirement.
Jose Molina and James Loney, and they stole 7 bags
at least when the postseason first began. James Loney's home run squashed my optimism right quick.
Even James Loney slugged .557 at 18, with 36 xtra in 64 games
Wasn't Carpenter a high school teammate of James Loney? Plenty of opportunity to see him.
Nick Franklin hit his first home run with Tampa Bay and Chris Archer pitched shutout ball into the seventh inning, leading the Rays to a 3-1 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Saturday night. Franklin connected against Hector Noesi in the second inning, belting a drive to right after a leadoff double by James Loney. Franklin had to wait 79 seconds for a replay review to determine if it was fair after it hit off a catwalk at Tropicana Field. …read more Source:: Daily Herald – Sports
I see Justin Morneau is having a nice year in Colorado. I pandered for Morneau to be a ray but no, James Loney... smfh
Watching James Loney inside the rays ya
Tough Rays loss, but I enjoy watching these highlights of James Loney as a little kid.
At this point Hosmer has been nothing more than a poor mans James Loney in his prime. Check the facts
Kevin Kiermaier two-out, Grand Slam (8) to right scored Evan Longoria, James Loney and Jose Molina. Desmond Jennings due up.
James Loney was 2 for 4 w/RBI double as Rays held off Royals 4-3
James loney just proved why he's one of my favorite Rays!
Like a good neighbor, James Loney is there.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
YES!! James Loney is the definition of clutch.
James Loney now to bat with two men on base
Once again, Vargas puts a man on base -- James Loney singled -- and once again he posts a zero. Scoreless through four at the Trop.
Paging James Loney: what you doing now a days?
James Loney forever stays one of my favorites
But I'll tell you I did shed a few tears when the Dodgers traded James Loney :(( 😭
5 years from now will Hosmer's legacy look like a James Loney? I once thought younger/better Joey Votto. What say you?
baseball today At this point, James Loney is a better play than Votto.
Do not rule out both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony coming to play here in Cleveland.
James Loney looks a little beefier than I remember.
James Loney was 3 for 5 as Tampa Bay won 7-3 at Detroit
one day the Rays might put it together. When James Loney isn't hitting into double plays
the other night when TK asked Loney that &James threw that curveball & said"Nah we have no chance" :-D
has it been researched if James Loney and David Price are related?
Anybody else think James Loney and David Price could pass as twins?
James Loney hits a single to left field! He was jammed to, great inside out swing!
what would it take for the Royals to get James Loney? Seems like a realistic add that helps them this year and next.
On a nightly basis Longoria has anyone from James Loney to Matt Joyce hitting behind him. Donaldson doesn't have to carry the A's
hi Wool E., I'm glad you agree with my sentiments that James Loney will start hitting well again soon :)
This lady has been pushing the "what if James Loney's first name was Bo" joke for awhile now.
I would be happy with John Olerud or Mark Grace Lite. At this point, I expect Dodgers version of James Loney.
Loney looking like another James with the "I Feel Good" split to get the out at first.
Did anyone appreciate the stretch by James Loney?
MLB trade rumors: James Loney might to Rays; will David Price? - Regardless of a Price deal...
James Loney popped up on a 2-0 fastball right down the middle. He would never do that against the Yankees.
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