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James Lipton

James Lipton (born September 19, 1926) is an American writer, poet, composer, actor and dean emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York City.

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I want to be the James Lipton of Voice Actors. A weekly podcast talking to voice actors. It would be "I Know That Voice" in podcast form.
Thanks, Michele, for your excellent review on Healthgrades
If James Lipton asked me what my least favorite sound was I'd say middle school graduation rehearsal. (We live across from a middle school)
Thanks, Adam White, for your excellent review on Google
shoutout to inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton, the greatest interviewing series ever lol
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Ei that's Will Ferrell (whom also I adore!). His impression of James Lipton is among the best things that e…
That's glorious. And according to James Lipton, RL is indeed the source.
James Lipton: How did you first get involved in theater?. Thorin: *exhales long drag of vape smoke* That's how
Oh and shame on me. Congrats to my bro James Jones on going to his 7th straight finals. Real winners know your worth.
Doing my best James Lipton tonight at the — love this show
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I just love that James Lipton uses kids to stage his screenplay and not, you know, the inmates he has easy access to.
Breast Cancer Awareness
If you missed going all James Lipton "Inside the Ballers Studio" yesterday, check it here. We'll do it all…
Amateur But We'll Produced Snuff Films with James Lipton is a must see collection
Gonna pick a fight with James Lipton just so I can ask if he wants to take it outside the Actors Studio
. We're British, you don't scare us until you raise the threat level to: "The only tea we have is L…
A local talk show about bad local theater actors and the host is an over the top bad james lipton type of character. I'll write it tomorrow
How come James Lipton never asked you to come onto Inside the Actors Studio?
Was hoping to find James Lipton shouting 'IMPROV!', but this will have to do instead
James Lipton's reading of Popo Zao is delightful
I have subjected my characters to the questions James Lipton asks at the end of Inside the Actor's Studio.
I just threw up in my mouth a LOT and it's still in there!
Am I the only one who watches Inside the Actor's Studio w James Lipton?
I'm pretty sure you are the new James Lipton with and I love it! Good stuff!
I'm thinking maybe James Lipton of the Actor's Studio.
Enjoyed the new show last night , you are like a slightly cooler James Lipton
Mec? Je ne comprends pas. I only think of James Lipton when I hear that word in a French context.
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We really need the scoop on whatever fountain of youth James Lipton has been sippin' from...
Pulling from the James Lipton school of questions, what's your favorite curse word? 😂
In an alternate universe, it's James Lipton channeling an older version of Ainley's rendition of the character.
Inside the Artist's Studio. Which makes JRo our new James Lipton
When James Lipton asks what sound or noise I love, I might say Gary Cohen's voice on opening day.
New video for my song JAMES LIPTON (produced by
Thanks, Dan Z., for your excellent review
Me too,but suspect his iffy treatment of Peggy Lipton helped his exit..though 5 characters exited h…
*in best James Lipton voice*. Mr. Howard, is it true that you found your thrills on Blueberry Hill?
Today I learned that James Lipton is 90 and it's all I can think about.
James Lipton as the warden on Arrested Development is just wonderful.
James Lipton, Host of "Inside the Actors' Studio" once worked as a pimp in 1950s Paris
LeBron James has scored in double figures in 787 consecutive regular season games, tying Kareem for the 2nd-longest such str…
James Lipton: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?. Me: I'm so…
People who have been the same age forever: Pharrell Williams, James Lipton, Conan O'Brien, Patrick Stewart,
Hackman is able to live in the moment which means there is nothing ...
Like yo. I'm bout to boycott and throw some Lipton in the James.
u R a nerd dave! cheersing a soda and bitters at ya 👁
Scored tickets to go see at Pace. Still one of my dream interviews. Getting to see her speak to James Lipton will do for now.
Simpsons S13 Ep:19 "The Sweetest Apu" OMG! That was the genuine voice of James Lipton!! (Inside the Actors Studio & Dan Reid on Lone Ranger)
I can hear Romney laugh at all of trump's mean jokes with that chuckle James Lipton said has "no joy there."
Reminder that James Lipton is 90 and still hosting Inside the Actors Studio. Insane.
"Leeds are one of the 'great teams' of England ... I know this because James Milner always tells me ... even when I do…
While on hold with my health insurance, I photoshopped James Lipton with a joint
I've been drinking only Lipton green tea for 4 years because I thought I was financing James Lipton's career. What is life.
Considering making a petition to change James lipton's official name to "James Lipton, salad tosser to the stars"
James Lipton would call that punt Schumtrulescent.
The difference - the fundamental difference between theater acting a...
loved autobiography. Ooooh and James Lipton’s. Had no idea how much more he is than the “Actor’s Studio” guy.
200400 going to 1200/2400. At tbl with and James Lipton fom the Actors' Studio. Avg 127K
You should get James Lipton to read fanfics, *that* would be funny (too)!
Can somebody please keep The Queen, Al Pacino and James Lipton hidden in a bunker until is over???
I think James Lipton and are the best interviewers I've ever watched.
James Lipton is a class act. Still remember when he had Robin Williams on the show.
Prepare to have your butt smooched by James Lipton
On Sunday, 12/4, James Lipton will sit down with Jessica Chastain as part of Inside the Actors Studio at
Did Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton. Tough Interviewer, questioned my technique but in the end praised m…
They will take a role that scares them over a role that doesn't. That...
I had something called the back of the chair test. Where I sit, we d...
Glazer's acting is transcendent. Can't believe he never did a James Lipton interview
You've probably seen this, but if you haven't, you should check out the one where Chapelle interviews James Lipton...funny
Looks like the head of James Lipton.
(James Lipton: You can't smoke on the set)
I was dealing with craft, and that's the surprising thing, the numb...
Am I the only one who wants to hear James Lipton recite the lyrics to What's Beef by Biggie as if he's explaining it in conversation?
Can 's James Lipton explain to me how to get this bird out?
I was originally going to be a lawyer, and the only thing I remember...
Comedians don't laugh. They're too busy analyzing why it's funny or not. ~James Lipton
inside the Actors Studio is one of my favorite shows. hope former Parisian pimp james lipton is doing alright
Remember the great words of while talking to James Lipton during that infamous Actors Studio episode...
On 12/4, James Lipton will sit down with Miss Sloane star Jessica Chastainas and you're invited!…
Rewatching the James Lipton & Chappelle interview from 2008. He def fulfilled his comments here.
So... Did EVERYBODY really magically remember Dave Chapelle's interview with James Lipton & correlate it w/
James Lipton admits he's never seen a film in his life
That interview with James Lipton is one of the best interviews ever. (How bout them gators?!)
James Lipton is no more than a sad, dishonest sycophant who failed as an actor & so now licks the dark, unwashed rim of Sean Penn's butthole
The difference - the fundamental difference between theater acting and film acting is that film acting is disjunctive. James Lipton
HOW is James Lipton 90 years old? Ninety! He was born in 1926! Everyone talks about and Keanu not aging. What about Lipton?!
Because - Bobby Lewis said this once to us in class, the better you...
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Watch Dave Chappelle on James Lipton Inside The Actors Studio.. then look at Kanye.. be objective.
Seriously only 1 person liked my James Lipton selfie? James is cool, I mean no disrespect.
James Lipton goes inside the "One-on-One" studio with Watch the full ep, now streaming:…
I just asked Joe Hart what happened for Gareth Bale's goal. He said not now, James.
stellar journalism as always and bonus points for the James Lipton mention.
So cool we got James Lipton from The Actors Studio to keep these guys from going over time!
My favorite song about Chinese-American history?Wow, James Lipton, thats a tough one. I'd have to go with "Ive Been Working On The Railroad"
According to James Lipton's 'An Exaltation of Larks' the collective noun for spiders is a 'venom'...
How did the SBC get James Lipton to creep up on the guys making nominations?
There's still nothing quite like a locked-in LeBron James:
We are the only school in America, drama school in America that trains...
I wanted when we began this to have a conversation, the kind that you'...
That guy can flop pretty darn well. He may even be better than Lebron. Impressive acting. James Lipton would be proud 😂😂😂😂
LeBron James: 36 points, 12 boards, 6 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. . It's the end of the 3rd quarter.
LeBron James is just the ninth player to eclipse the 1,000-point mark in history.
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It was tremendously special to interview one of my heroes, James Lipton, for the podcast earlier today! Coming soon.
hey Thomas Kail is sitting in front of James Lipton. Tell him your afavorite curseword.
They change. They're different. There are no two alike, that's the mir...
Come get entertained with our, Funny Video’s, Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton, or our Behind the Music, &…
The definition of genius, really, should be that that person can do wh...
"The clicking noise my MacBook makes when it's about to shut down."- me telling James Lipton my least favorite sound.
Will Ferrell as James Lipton is hilarious. One of his best impersonations.
boss Pep Guardiola is at Game 4 of the wearing a LeBron James jersey. (📷 via
What I didn't know that by sticking to craft we would blow open some d...
James Collins taught Payet how to do that
served a free iced tea by the lovely James before working our , very refreshing !
. 😂😂 Back atcha!. But if you tell another soul... Make it James Lipton. I really wanna be Inside the Actor's Studio...
Just enjoyed a 40 min podcast until right at the end, the host asked the Bernard Pivot/ James Lipton questionnaire and didn't give credit. 😡
James Lipton: "When did you stop thinking he was weird?" Susan: "Oh, I still think he's weird!"
I think that anybody's craft is fascinating. A taxi driver talking abo...
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The foundation for film acting is stage acting.
I'll tell you why, I don't invite the ones I don't like.
If I were to ask you for example right now to go back with me and defi...
Podcasts are like if James Lipton loved to hear himself talk
If James Lipton ever asks me my favorite curse word, it'll be *** because it can be applied to absolutely anyone.
James Rodriguez and Colombia can create something special at
Best ones I helped were Al Leiter, Al Roker and to break the 'Al' chain, James Lipton from "The Actor's St…
Reading from an "An Exaltation of Larks" written by James Lipton, read by Wesley Daniel Price...
I wouldn't mind hearing a segment from time to time where Waddle breaks down film ala James Lipton.
James Lipton lookin really goog here
."Scrumtulescence." (Will Ferrell as James Lipton - hilarious. You can pawn it off as a Scrum/Agile thing)
Real Madrid are willing to sell James Rodríguez for £60m this summer. Man United and Chelsea are both interested. (Sou…
Im the only one in class who knows James Lipton and inside the Actors Studio thanks to you 😂
Olivier was another case of a genius, who couldn't understand why anybody w...
.get James Lipton or some famous actor on the show to talk about it
An Exaltation of Larks or, The Venereal Game by James Lipton (1968, hardcover)
Conan O'Brien, James Lipton, and Larry King! 3 dudes I hope to be interviewed by someday
*in the future, when I'm on inside the Actors Studio*. James Lipton: what is your least favorite sound?. Me: Chelsea Dagger
Can and do a written debate? Maybe James Earl Jones and James Lipton could read them.
Telling Zac that James Lipton was at the show, seeing his reaction & he's grateful you said they were fantastic...priceless
"James Lipton over here looking at me like a real *** -
LeBron keeps climbing as he passes Oscar Robertson for 11th on the all-time scoring list https:…
the best April Foola joke would be of these 20 year old college players pretending thsy've heard of James Lipton when you ask them
Watching on Colbert turns me into Will Ferrell's James Lipton "HA HA HA You are a DELIGHT"
O.K. The line of questioning is standard by the host James Lipton :)
no, my wife watches that crap. James Lipton was before it was cool, and or the crap it is now. I do like top chef though
Look at James Lipton talking about "Follow The Drinking Gourd"...alright.
Cue the theme song! sits down with James Lipton on an all-new TONIGHT @ 8/7c!
not even James Lipton asks people to explain comedy. your patience is a marvel.
Will James Lipton as Chris Meloni about ‘Oz’? He better, he better, he bet.
I'm on an improv team garbagecomedy & we do dumb stuff like dress like James Lipton from…
James Lipton pretty much begging me to do Actors Studio. Keeping my options open for now.
get the book 'An Exaltation of Larks' by James Lipton and blow them out of the water!
start asking if they've seen Will Ferrell AS James Lipton. Batting average goes from .000 to at least .300.
Nina Foch was married at one time to Inside The Actor's Studio's James Lipton.
Known nowadays for his voice acting, James Woods admitted to James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio that he...
on I'm listening to '04 James Lipton Tape by Sternthology
Howard called James Lipton a kiss *** and that's exactly what Howard's become, a celebrity *** kisser
Ooh with the 7-years-later zinger! Can't wait to see what James Lipton has in store for Will Ferrell!
I've wanted to punch Kiefer Sutherland ever since he told James Lipton his favorite word is "gravitas." LOL
So you're not the next James Lipton? Shame.
Pshhh The Oscars is no different than the Teen Choice Awards. Slammy's are as prestigious as a James Lipton interview.
Accounting is the James Lipton of trades
True story, I was walking by the Kodak Theater, Snoop Dogg was walking out toward James Lipton's limousine, totally gave me a high five.
If James Lipton can be 89, then I can go out whenever I want!!
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My prep for being famous involves figuring out answers to James Lipton's questions. Except I still don't know what my least favorite word is
It's all about tonight on at 8 ET on Preview:
Two word audition spec: Steve Carell. I woodshed overnight. Today in the booth, CD says, "Right, so they want a James Lipton read." :-)
gets treatment tonight Inside the Actors Studio 8ET on Get the popcorn ready
Who doesn't love And w/a live audience..on Inside the Actors Studio tonight at 8ET Preview:
I would love to see all of the cast on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton . Make it happen! 😊 💙
Trump's Doc Harold N. Bornstein looks like James Lipton. Can Will Ferrell do Lipton doing Bornstein on Sat?
He's no James Lipton, but not bad: Bryan Cranston Performs Drake’s "Hotline Bling" via
James Lipton wrote the Thundercats theme, and Chuck Lorre TMNT!
I thought Trumps doctor kind of looked like James Lipton. Sorry James. :(
When I saw Harold Bornstein's pic, he looked like James Lipton, to me, which'd prove he was "acting" as a Dr to Trump.
lest we forget... I think I hear James Lipton calling
ever since he called women *** during interview with James Lipton,I can't stomach him or his acting
LeBron James on James Jones: "I love him. He's the greatest teammate I've ever had”
DiCaprio's transformation into James Lipton continues apace.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
yep. Right up there with *** Cavet, Marc Maron and James Lipton.
Who do you like playing better, Harry Caray or James Lipton???
IDEA: I do a web series where I dress up as James Lipton & do "Inside the Opera Singer's Practice Room" with opera stars.
What that he spent campaign funds to hire James Lipton to wear a wig ?
On anniversary, James Lipton to host special roundtable edition of Inside the Crisis Actors Studio
Don't tell Trump but his "Doctor" is actually James Lipton wearing a wig.
wait that's the doctor or James Lipton?!
Is that James Lipton with flowy hair?
99% sure Donald Trump's doctor is James Lipton in a wig.
Has anyone reached out to James Lipton to find out why he dons a wig to give Donny Checkups?
Does he look like James Lipton in a wig also?
And from James Lipton in a Wig. . Does trump give us clues hes not serious ?
If you believe James Lipton in a wig ->
Im tellen ya also, its a scam -> that Dr looks like a ringer for James Lipton in a wig
Is it me or does Trump's Dr look like James Lipton with a wig?
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never before seen James Lipton screen test for SUPER FLY
Does anyone else think Trump's doctor sort of looks like him and James Lipton only with better hair?
Why would you photoshop that hair on James Lipton??
great job with the Charlie Rose / James Lipton style interview of on the pod today!!
A curse for your enemies:. May your Thanksgiving be filled with so much drama James Lipton invites you to be on "Inside The Actor's Studio"
Oscar Robertson is no longer the only NBA player in the top 25 all-time in pts and assists:
VIDEO: 2 Chainz says LeBron James hooks him up with “boxes” of his signature shoes for free htt…
In 6th grade I played the title role in a dinner theater The Wizard of Oz production. So many anecdotes for my future James Lipton interview
James Lipton: Mr. Future, at what point did you know Free Bandz Gang was a movie?. Future: Walked inside a booth & came out in a Learjet
WLMTrivia: Did you know??. When asked the origin of his last name by James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio,...
I feel like the last one should be revealed to James Lipton during a sit down, in...ten years.
Penn State' s James Franklin - not Harbaugh - poses greatest threat to Urban Meyer, Buckeyes in the future.
I'm 26 and my favorite guests on the have been Alice Cooper, James Lipton, and Joe Moglia. Learn something new millennials.
"You've got that James Lipton daydream look in your eyes."
James Lipton's interviewing style is so strange... Reading his little cards and jumping subjects
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My word you forget how unctuous James Lipton is. He loves a chat about the craft and a chance to kiss some actorly ***
With his 10th point of the evening, LeBron James passes "The Logo" Jerry West on the all-time scoring list!
This seems like a trick question. Where's the answer for "Agree 10,000% and want to be James Lipton"
smug Elvis Costello impersonating James Lipton with his interview program.
13 years ago, Robin Williams described what he hoped heaven would be like:
I saw this. As Will Ferrell/James Lipton would say, it was a DELIGHT!
Huckabee looks like James Lipton the same way that Beau Bridges looks like Jeff Bridges.
Sarah Silverman is not mincing words about her "real-life lover" Michael Sheen. The Emmy winner sat down with James Lipton for Bravo's
. Watched your interview last night with James Lipton, you are effing funny, interesting and adorable.
killed it on James Lipton's Inside the Actor's Studio last night. ISMILEBACK - acting chops!
*** right. The interview w/James Lipton from yesterday is the greatest interview in ESPN history, TV or radio.
Having James Lipton, or Wesely Snipes on the more often would be fine by me. Love how it's not just sports.
Listening to interview with James Lipton. I'm a millennial, and I love the non-sports segments!
bring back James Lipton! That interview was a thing of beauty!
James Lipton was on ESPN radio yesterday. That guy is 89 and commands the mic.
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just listened to the James Lipton interview. Super cool, and I'm relatively young. Keep doing what you're doing.
that James Lipton interview was greatness. Going have to start watching inside the Actors Studio.
Man, the James Lipton interview on was awesome radio. Just entrancing stuff.
James Lipton is asking Sarah Silverman questions with the speed of Macauley Culkin interrogating John Candy.
James Lipton interview was so good on Y'all should check it out
I don't like ppl who r so theatrical like chill James Lipton isn't here 🎬
James Lipton interviews with the cadence of Hannibal Lecter.
btw loved it when james lipton was talkin abt Dan's name, stugotz says "my name is weiner" lipton didnt even pause
Russell Wilson should not be giving the pre-game pep talk... About as intense as James Lipton.
Fun fact: when not taping episodes of "The Actor's Studio," James Lipton is a New York City homicide detective.
I cry every time I watch Inside the Actor's studio just because James Lipton is beyond talented.
Looks like it's time to suck up to my close personal friend James Lipton
Random, bc I only heard it now, but "I won't be governed by the stupid" after an incredible James Lipton interview made my day
bring james lipton in the future. What a great interview. Such an interesting man. Had my full attention the entire time
James Lipton vs. was greater than Godzilla vs. Mothra.
James Lipton doesn't sound like he's from Detroit
James Lipton -"I'll describe John Ramos' performance. and I shall do so now.. Splendiferous.
That interview with James lipton is the best radio interview I've heard in months
is again worth watching--new episode of Inside the Actor's Studio. James Lipton interviews Sarah Silverman.
had James Lipton talking bout his days as a pimp in France too which was equally hilarious
What a great interview with James Lipton on with Seriously awesome.
just play the James Lipton interview on loop forever. And you and take a walk into the ocean.
James Lipton sounds like the teacher that forces high school dropouts into a life of cri…
James Lipton used to be a pimp. I can see it
.discuss Manziel's recent encounter with the police, chat w/James Lipton, + more
Great show today. I enjoyed James Lipton on the program. One of your best ever. Keep up the good work.
if you missed the always great James Lipton with on download it. Great, fun interview.
James Lipton and Sean Casey interviews are the best back to back interviews EVER!
Don't worry about the haters. James Lipton was awesome. You do you.
loved the James Lipton interview, 37 year old white male...
that bit with James lipton was the worst bit I've ever heard on ESPN. You guys are just sitting there with your smug...
James Lipton knows sports about as much as your interns know who Jack Lemmon is!
James Lipton interview was the best I have ever heard on ESPN radio! Well done gentleman.
You should have segments with and James Lipton just talking to one another about anything.
Great interview with James Lipton, keep your show original, keep it funny, keep it as is, and I say that as a millennial.
I am a millennial. I missed James Lipton and I'm upset about it. We aren't all the same!
you have to get James Lipton weekly segment!! call it Lipton hour and get it sponsored whatever
James Lipton was amazing on your show.
I'm a millennial, and I thoroughly enjoyed James Lipton on Brilliant storyteller!
loved the James Lipton interview. I appreciate it when u hav smart and interesting guests despite not talking sports
How about using James Lipton more often and never have B. Jones on again..
Keep bringing great guests like James Lipton on the show. Those who don't like it can keep busy with their coloring books.
the James Lipton interview was great. Thanks for that.
loved the segment with James Lipton has a good mix of sports, lame attempts at comedy and interesting guests.
James Lipton is the best guest on the Give it a listen. Great insight on Jack Nicholson.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
James Lipton was great and I can't get that anywhere else. Thank you, and
I'm 23yr & have no idea who James Lipton is but that was a fantastic interview. Stories for days. No SEA pregame !
no idea who James Lipton is bur that was a great story
James Lipton looks like the CEO of a major corporation but he's really the head vampire bent on hunting humans to extinction
Interview w/James Lipton was amazing. Have no use for those who feel otherwise.
I hate LeBatard more than I hate Brussel sprouts. But if he had James Lipton on his show daily, I would listen every time.
*** is wrong with people!?! The James Lipton interview was amazing! Shut Dan down...
I'm 22 and that James Lipton interview was amazing!
The James Lipton conversation was awesome and one of the best
that was awesome. Can James Lipton be a weekly cohost?
Well said, Dan. James Lipton interview was brilliant.
Is there anything more incongruent than James Lipton on the Yet it works. Maybe that's why it works.
great interview with James Lipton fellas, sometimes you steer your flaming turd of a show pretty admirably
James Lipton is simply awesome. Like the attempt to sneak into the coversation. "My name is Weiner"
best interview ever on show w James Lipton.
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started following the show just to let you know how great that James Lipton interview was. He was fantastic.
James Lipton just beautifully and eloquently owned Masterful
I used to love watching Inside The Actor's Studio, particularly when James Lipton would ask the Bernard Pivot...
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