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James Jones

James Jones (November 6, 1921 – May 9, 1977) was an American author known for his explorations of World War II and its aftermath.

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Hi James, the 3 I've been to are Aurora, Shakespeare and Quincy Jones. Definitely a fan of Quincy and Aurora were amazing!
We are proud to confirm that General James L. Jones, Chairman of will be a speaker at
Hang on, James Earl Jones was adopted by his grandparents? Doesn’t that make him basically his own uncle…?
"Love is justka word until someone comes along and gives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
Were the vandals triggered? Did they feel harmed? Do they need a safe space? Quick, call Owen Jones or James O'Brian!
Young James Earl Jones would've had all of me.
people struggling to survive or give their children Christmas Presents.yet James Jones gets $1.5 Million to sit there and Workout once a day
I dreamed that I met James Earl Jones... and i was like "O-M-G". Why did i have to slapped myself awake? 😭😭😭
Home Architecture will be discussed by James Earl Jones on a new... -
There haven't been enough profound things written about what being black means and what a b
"One of the hardest t:ings in life is having words in you| heart that you can't utter." - James Earl Jones
"Lohe is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meankng." - James Earl Jones
I love when film soundtracks give me goosies. Like, James Bond, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Indiana Jones, Beverly Hills Chihuahua etc.
Got a patient today whose voice sounds just like James Earl Jones.kept asking him unnecessary questions just to hear his cool 😃😃😂
"O|e of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter." y James Earl Jones
305 = the number of postseason games for James Jones, Richard Jefferson & Channing Frye combined. SEASON IN REVIEW:
Harrison Barnes really playing a James Jones roll on team USA
Two nights ago I had dinner @ the same restaurant James Jones,Truman Capote, Irwin Shaw&John Knowles would frequent in the 1970s
Lance Moore wouldn't have been bad , either (or did he retire?) . James Jones too
Stevie Johnson going on IR. James Jones needs big preseason to prove he can still do it. Tyrell Williams, Dontrelle Inman stepping up.
The Packers best group of wide receivers was when they had Greg Jennings,Jordy Nelson, James Jones,Donald Driver and TE J.Finley.
Michelle Williams is like the James Jones of music, salute to her, keep cashing those checks.
...or James Jones and Andre Johnson! ...oh wait, San Diego and Tennessee are going to trot our their carcasses after all!
at least I seen James Jones was somewhat productive last year. Andre was an abomination.
Anyone have contract details for: Andre Johnson, Willie Young, Eric Fisher, James Jones, Dwight Freeney and Navorro Bowman?
James Jones is heading back to the AFC West:
There are worst WR3's than James Jones. If amy quarterback can make it work, Phil can.
OFFICIAL: We've signed WR James Jones to a one-year contract. Details:
What doesnt help the media right now is that James Jones (Formal Cleveland Shooting Guard) just signed a 1 yr deal an hr ago with the Cavs.
James Jones, Brian Hartline, and Lance Moore are all working out with the today. They are thin at WR with S. Johnson's knee injury
Chargers to work out with 3 veteran WRs today: James Jones, Lance Moore, and Brian Hartline
Chargers to work out WRs Lance Moore, James Jones and Brian Hartline today, sources say:
Today's post has news on Jordy Nelson, John Kuhn, James Jones and Morgan Burnett. Enjoy.
Jerry: Wilhelmsen for Leonys?. Jon: Throw in James Jones. Jerry: OK. Jon: Kivlehan too. Jerry: Fine--but we get Tom & Pat back.…
Dave Richards, Charlie Kirk, James Jones and Daniel Udoh on for Ben Garratt, Callum Ainley, Liam Smith and Callum Saunders
Carr had James Jones who's better than anything we had in '13, Holmes=Kerley Rivera the TE and Reese the HB
So happy to play again with my bros and James Jones, we are going to be a crazy team
Watch us get dorrell Caron butler James Jones and green. All 3 chip years combined with Gerald green
If ya'll don't go after Wade atleast go after JR again and bring in Jamal Crawford. Let Shump, Moe, James Jones, and Delly go.
Kevin Love pens an emotional Instagram message to James Jones for supporting him:
Kevin Love paid tribute to James Jones on Instagram, who he calls "the best teammate he's ever had."
Got to dap up James Jones and Ernest Byner
James Jones has played 141 games in his career and has 3 rings. 141! 3!
Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley have combined 0 rings. James Jones has 3 .
Jason Kidd, James Jones, Leandro Barbosa, Channing Frye, Shawn Marion... All players who got rings after leaving the Suns...
Packers Top Plays of 2015, James Jones beats Josh Norman to keep hope alive
Let's deep that James Jones has another ring
He came to Miami and won. He went to Cleveland and won. The question is. Can he do it without James Jones?
S/O to James Jones for the Guinness world record for *** riding
"The Thin Red Line" based on the novel by James Jones, adapted and directed by Terence Malick
"When Tom Brady does it, it’s all good. But when Aaron does it, he’s not a leader and all this stuff." James Jones. https:…
The NFL now has James Jones and Jerry Porter rules:
NFL makes rule to ban James Jones hoodie; but he is not even on a team -
yeah I feel that. Mozgov seems like the better option for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a James Jones sighting lol
The Cavs have to play Mosgov Delly and James Jones a lil more. If Ty Lue wants to keep his job. Or Dan Gilbert gonna fire him as well.
2-year- old James Jones hugs the gravestone of his father, U.S. Army soldier Mark Jones. .
James Jones don't do nothing but follow Lebron from team to team. He a Lebron stan too.
James Jones is coming in. It's definitely time to get Curry out
Highkey, Tyrone Lue's coaching ability is showing. You have Moz, Mo and James Jones sitting on the bench...they can provide.
of we talking GOOD shooters Kyrie, Love, James Jones (who doesn't really play) Frye, JR. & GS has steph and Klay. Lol
LBJ: "Man I thought it'd be easier with Kyrie and Kevin.". James Jones: "I wonder where we're going next."
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
James Jones has been paid to sit courtside for 6 straight finals
James Jones, Dahntay Jones, Mozgov all in the game... OK the Cavs are giving up.
James Jones looks higher than JR and Paul Pierce.
Also congrats to James Jones. 6 straight finals too
Just ONE hour away from the moment the world is waiting for... James Jones' triumphant return to the Finals.
that's a madness man I looked at that this morning. Don't sleep on James Jones though. 6 straight finals
stalled Quinton Patton's development by taking Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson in 2014. No reason to repeat with James Jones.
1st, Whistle by James Jones, Franklin Library, 3rd book in World War II trilogy
. They aren't ready to acknowledge LBJ 6 in a row, you think they're going to give James Jones the time of day?
One other person will be making his 6th straight trip to the NBA Finals: James Jones.
Congratulations to Hurricane great James Jones on his 6th straight NBA Finals appearance
James Jones is the poor mans Robert Horry. I remember Robert as a rookie,my mom thought he was awesome,she was right on that.
But in all honestly, how lucky is James Jones, six straight finals trips. This generations Robert Horry
James Jones wins the Robert Horry Award for Fortuitous Teammates. One more to go James.
James Jones is the new Robert Horry lmao
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
WOW! James Jones heading to his 6th straight NBA Finals! GREATNESS! Oh and congrats to Lebron as well.
James Jones is this generation's Robert Horry. A nobody with a good nose for joining a finals bound team.
James Jones is the unclutch version of Robert Horry
James Jones is the next Robert Horry mark my words.. 😂😂😴😴
James Jones is the next Robert Horry. .. got some rings, and no body cares
Ryan wrote the screenplay, with additional work by Romain Gary, James Jones, David Pursall and Jack Seddon
James Jones is somewhere between poor man's Robert Horry and Forrest Gump.
James Jones is basically a homeless man's Robert Horry...
James Jones would be the modern day Robert Horry if he had six rings from those 6 finals he's appeared in..
That's tough.James Jones, D Wade, TT, and Anderson Varejao all come to mind
Casey, good point...we should start voting Sasha Kaun and James Jones to the ASG!
"The man James Jones replaced in 2015 was not Jordy Nelson, it was Davante Adams, who was still on the field." -
James Jones went from sitting on the bench in Miami to cheerleading on the bench for the Cavs. He's going into the cheerleader hall of fame
in (1865): Raleigh valet James Jones & Confederate pres. Davis are taken by federal troops
_You got it! Driver, Jermichael Finley, Jennings, a couple Linemen, and I think James Jones may have as well.
It was Bosh, Ray, Battier, Miller, Chalmers, Rashard, Rio, Bron was hitting 3s, Norris Cole was decent from 3, and James Jones
Lebron will demand Bugs and Daffy be traded for James Jones and Mike Miller
Jennings, Williams, Vereen, Darkwa, and now Perkins. I didn't add the 2 FBs either. Anybody remember when he cut James Jones over P Parker?
Cavs' James Jones calls for big-time college conferences to issue full scholarships to every student-athlete
Root for Sharks. Holmgren, Morninweg, James Jones, and Joe Pavelski (Plover, WI) all with San Jose ties.
They have Jesus at WR and like St. Peter they've denied him three times for James Jones, Davante Adams, and Ty Montgomery
I am about to have James Jones, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams.
Rebecca Lee and mentor James Jones at Posters on the Hill.
Getting something to eat with James Jones and Diana Lee Inosanto. — eating lunch at Olive & Ivy
Idk if he's Torrey Smith, James Jones or DeAndre Hopkins. He is Seth Roberts tho.
Return of Barclay leaves Brett Goode, James Jones, John Kuhn. Mike Neal, Andrew Quarless and Sean Richardson still unsigned.
Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Birdman,Mike Miller,James Jones are no longer with Miami.Miss old Championship Team
"James Jones likes to say he’s the oldest young farmer in Candler County. "
he took Mike Miller, James Jones and was able to get Kevin Love lmao come on he tried building his team bro
Another game, another early lead! Jared Hoying drives home James Jones and the lead 1-0 at the end of the 1st inning.
James Jones don't get one single solitary lick of playing time but he on every team lebron on.
Why aren't you mad James Jones isn't on the roster? Or Jared Hoying? Aren't they as good as Stubbs?
Thank you Brice Johnson, Marcus Paige, and James Jones for all the memories! Go UNC!!
60' sub: James Jones is coming on to take the place of Billy Bingham (0-2)
James Jones on in place of Billy Bingham
My moment of the game: when Mo Williams and James Jones made big impact off bench in 1st half, then didn't play 2nd half
you can include James Jones and Kenny Bell among NFLers who have come to Nebraska to work with
The should bring in James Jones. The mans still got it!
He might not be the best but he scored the same # of tds last year as Julio Jones, Jeremy Maclin and James Jones
It was a swing & miss on a hit and run by James Jones, tho, so maybe Brinson+
But tbh if we would've chosen James Jones over stone hands I know we'd have the best receiving core in the league with the return of Cruz
I'd say the are more likely to bring back James Jones than Mike Neal.
If the Packers were to bring back James Jones and Mike Neal now , I'd be very happy with our Free Agency.
We are in bottom of 6th. James Jones up for 3rd time. Rangers have not had a hit since Jones led off game with a single.
Column off Yale's historic upset. James Jones: "They love me and I love them. That’s what it’s all about.”
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
James Jones new pastor at Church of the Open Door
you sure about that look at James Jones,Denaryius Moore,Michael Huff,etc all wanted $%
GONE! James Jones sends a 2-run homer over the right field wall. Angels 7, Rangers 3.
James Jones: "I wanted to stay in Green Bay my whole career."
James Jones visited with the Dolphins. If they were disappointed in Greg Jennings...
Tiffany Andre Holmes I think about James Jones he knows the system
James Jones on NFL Network. He just said he believes Derek Carr will eventually be the MVP of this league.
I'd rather have boldin then James Jones. And Chris Hogan before james Jones. And Alfred Morris too. Just not james jones
Big day for as awards were given out. James Jones has now won EVERY Coach of Year award…
offensively? Donald Driver a star? Greg Jennings and James Jones are stars?
we need a veteran wr like colston, Jennings, James Jones or a guy like sanu
yea James Jones and Greg Jennings went and tore up the league outside of GB
James Jones is a free agent. Is he done in GB?. Greg Jennings released. What's next for him?. Are the OK...
how do like idea of McAdoo bringing in Greg Jennings & doing what James Jones done? Familiar w/ system
can we get James Jones and Richard Jefferson back for signing this season
best things about this NBA season: . 1. baron davis is back. 2. hubie brown referring to james jones as “jimmy jones” . 3. no one cares
Would like to tell Jimmy James Jones thank you. He was great & has been great for this organization. He'll always be a fav of mine.
Packers Free Agency: James Jones unlikely to re-sign before Free Agency opens
Jones gonna miss you in Green Bay.hope you go bigger and better with another team
FA WR James Jones: You can put my stats up against any of these Free Agent Wide Receivers and my stats are better than the…
James Jones will not, and should not, return to Green Bay.
Hey, want to know what else is refreshing?James Earl Jones's voice telling me "This is CNN".
I'd like to see James Jones more playing time. He's solid!
WR James Jones expects not to return to the in 2016. As good of a player/person as he is, it's a business. We all saw this coming.
James Jones expects not to return to Packers
Pipe was laid, shirts were free, and James Jones played.
James Jones not expecting to be back with Packers...
I wish James Earl Jones was my grandpa.
James Jones expects not to return to
Bengals G James Jones 13 points, 5 rebounds in win over St. Laurence.
James Jones not expecting to be back with
My voice gets deeper and deeper the more comfortable I am until it just plateaus at James Earl Jones.
James Jones: I was hoping I would return to GB but I don't know what is going to happen. Looks like I'm going to hit open…
I half expected to see James Jones out there for the '76 celebration. Wouldn't have shocked me if he was a rookie that ye…
James Jones was on floor 3 hours before game getting shots up. I know this because I thought tonight's game was at 7 & a…
"I had one of the best seasons out of all these guys that are free agents."
Why the Cavs don't use James Jones more often boggles my mind
It's always good to see James Jones getting some playing time
Love seeing James jones get buckets !
I'm so glad the Cavs traded Andy for a guy who's playing behind JAMES FREAKING JONES.
Didn't know they even let James Jones wear a uniform anymore.
James Jones: I had best year out of all free agent WRs
Would he be good without the 3 pt shot? As if he's Steve Novak or James Jones
Just like Bron and Kobe. Kobe is shooting it even if he's triple teamed, Bron will give it to James Jones for a clutch bucket
Remember how the Cavs won 2 games from Golden State in the Finals with Mike Miller & James Jones in the rotation & Delly playing 40 minutes?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I bet James Jones is not back and Adams has not proven himself to be a reliable receiver. He had 1 TD catch in '15.
As much as I want James Jones to be a Packer forever, keeping him would hinder the development of Adams and Montgomery. Bleh.
Thompson on James Starks & James Jones: They're part of the group we'd like to have back.
James Jones is already in camp. Will Venable MUCH better defensively, and he's available. Also, don't forget about Ike Davis.
I forgot about James Jones. He would be a good candidate for D and can scrap/claw. I see him like a DD or Ben Revere
More recognition for Yale head coach James Jones.
I think the should trade JR Smith and James Jones for Jeff Teague. Or for Gordon Heyward, or for Lou Williams. JR Smith not good mojo.
James Jones wowing the kids at Pierre Elliot Trudeau elementary school!
Wing shooter preferably but even a Marcus Thornton or randy foye would help James Jones would b ideal for a year or a devin booker
And watch the NBA have like Norris Cole Demarcus Cousins Chris Paul and James Jones in the Dunk contest next year... 😒
Would love to see Marvin Jones in Atlanta. But if they need to go cheaper, can do a lot worse than James Jones.
Could this be the Year? A look at James Jones and Yale's quest for an Ivy League title
Bruh, Rick Fox, Robert Horry and a old Horace Grant > Juwan Howard, Chalmers, and the remants of James Jones
James Jones and Hannah Davies StoryThis paper entails giving James Jones and Hanna Davies the most applicabl /services/252290
James Jones was available until late in the season Greg Little Robert Meachem Joshua Cribbs could've signed crabtree
Watch Ernie Grunfeld trade him to the Cavs for Richard Jefferson and James Jones. He's stupid like that.
James Jones loves his hoodies so much he even has a custom suit with one (h/t Eric Wright)
James Jones must have forgotten how the Broncos shut down Aaron Rodgers (77 yards)and the Packers this year. JJ had 1 catch got 2 yards.
yes, however, Raji, James Jones, Nick Perry, John Kuhn, and James Starks don't
check out my profile pic, my lambeau leap w James Jones on a Sunday night blowout vs Dallas in 2010
Anxious for the new season to start our offense is going to be so powerful! Jordy, Cobb, Adams, Montgomery and maybe James Jones 🔥
I'm sorry but I'm still salty that Jerry Reese went Preston Parker over James Jones. I broke one object for every TD he caught w GB this yr
>> Forum Post: In 2015 Rueben Randle was equal to James Jones
should we let James Jones go now that we know what Janis can do and jordy/Montgomery coming back?
As I watch the Cavs trot out Richard Jefferson, James Jones and JR Smith I think man they could use a young athletic wing player.
Shane Larkin, James Jones, is John Salmons still in the league?
Cavs paying Tristan Thompson 82 mil to have in depth conversations with James Jones on the bench.
James Jones is wearing a hoodie indoors... In Arizona...
"James Jones, wearing the hoodie indoors" lmao
James Jones wears a hoodie on the filed. No Cobb. Rodgers is doing this on the road. 😂😂😂 Carson Palmer tho! 😂😂😂 0 playoff wins! I'm good! ✌️
Order Miche Bag Online!
Well done Oneworld's art director James Jones for this fabulous look for our Birder Murders from Steve Burrows!
"This is the 1st time I've seen these Now my hoodie really gotta go on now that I see the - James Jones https:/…
James Jones among popular expert picks in Daily divisional lineups: If you're debating on your divisional-roun...
Stephen A keeps saying Aaron Rodgers has no receivers. But Tom Brady would sure like to have James Jones, Randall Cobb
James Jones was the catalyst. Just like last week, but two quarters earlier
Badly! Remember when we had Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Donald Driver
they gonna have Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and James Jones of 5 years ago running routes?
Sup Derrick. Which WR should I go for? Garçon or James Jones? PPR
Rodgers doesn't make teammates better? Hmm, how did Greg Jennings & James Jones do when they left Green Bay??
Love show but you're off here. Greg Jennings and James Jones left and were never heard from again. Until JJ came back
*** ABOUT ERIC DECKER! got this wrong man smh. And why tf are James Jones and Travis Benjamin in it😒
NJIT No Match For Bulldogs: Yale’s home dominance continued, a little bit to the chagrin of James Jones, The Joel…
So if you're Terrence Newman do you just have to retire after getting worked by James Jones tonight?
James Jones absolutely mincing up former Cowboy Terrence do I remember those horrible days...
Watching Terrance Newman cover James Jones is like a scene from bad grandpa
Because Preston Parker was so much better than James Jones
Wideouts are slow and non dynamic. Cobb is a bust. Richard Rodgers is god awful. James Starks and James Jones?? Playoff team?
James Jones wearing a hoodie looks like he's playing in his neighborhood Turkey Bowl on thanksgiving!
I saw James Jones beat Terrence Newman on a pass play, and I was wondering what Vice President Gore thought about the play.
Someone please grab James Jones by that hood and choke slam his *** Worst style on earth old man.
Lmao Terrence Newman vs James Jones is like My dad going run routes against yo dad in the park
$1400 on the line in 9-9 & I'm up by about 18 points. You've got James Jones & I've got Blair Walsh. Photo finish coming
20 team league championship game. Non PPR. Ivory or J. Gray. James Jones or Landry.
You're not allowed to be a franchise if James Jones makes a layup against you Thems the rules.
who would be better in cash games terrace Williams, or keshan Martin, or nate Washington, or James Jones?
Surprisingly the NFL hasn't fined James Jones for wearing a hoodie under his jersey. This *** must think he's Clark Kent.
you want a lumbering middle aged tight end to compliment James Jones with the skill set of an offensive lineman.
James Jones looks like hes in Assains Creek
James Jones wearing a hoodie indoors is the realest thing, ever.
James Jones or Gio Bernard in the flex
Who to start at flex in the title game?? Ertz, Sproles, James Jones, Tavon Austin?!? .
Talked about this possibility on One reason I am kind of on James Jones.
I was just thinking and its crazy the amount of good shooters LeBron had in Miami... Ray Allen, James Jones, Mike Miller, Shane Battier..
Odell out, 1/2 PPR, Green-Beckham, Wheaton, James Jones, Rishard Matthews, or bare with me, Roddy White?
Waited couple hours to get autographs from B.J Raji, James Jones, James Starks, Mark Murphy, and Tony Fisher!!
TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Aaron Rodgers connects with James Jones down the sideline to put G.B. back on top, 24-20!
James Jones swaggin in the hoodie out in Cali 😎🌴
who to start in 2 WR slots: A. Cooper, D Amendola, James Jones, D. Adams, S. Watkins, W. Snead
Hightower, Bernard, and Edelman if he plays. Otherwise I think James Jones has a good game against his former team
Carr leads Raiders into meeting with Rodgers, Packers: James Jones saw greatness in Derek Carr's future from the…
Raiders: Derek Carr living up to former Oakland WR, now Packer, James Jones comparing him to Aaron Rodgers - Williamson (ESPN) …
"He can shoot the ever living *** out of the ball." GM David Griffin speaking of CLE SF James Jones
ALAMEDA -- Veteran receiver James Jones has played with Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers for years.
Lebron: "James Jones is the greatest teammate I ever had"
LeBron James on James Jones: "I love him. He's the greatest teammate I've ever had”
James Jones is the Russell Westbrook of the NFL.
James Jones still rockin the hoodie, lol
That's what happened to James Jones on the 3rd down but ok.
James Jones is rocking the Bill Belicheck look today with the cutoff hoody
In PPR I suggest T.Lockett over R.Randle, C.Clay over E.Ebron & James Jones over Blue, Woods or Hartline Wk 14.
10 team ppr start one Cobb, James Jones, Devante Adams or V Jax
Three Cavs getting up shots together early in Orlando before shootaround begins: LeBron, James Jones, Jared Cunningham
i picked him up and sat James Jones. Thank god! Just hope when Richard returns it doesn't hurt Parker's value.
In the locker room James Jones was talking about how his contract doesn't let him ride horses. Timofey Mozgov: "In Russia we rid…
Philly Brown, Devin Funchess, and Jericho Cotchery have outplayed Randall Cobb, James Jones, and Davante Adams the past 6 weeks.
Tavon Austin, James Jones, or Duke Johnson at my flex this week?
Phillip Dorsett finished 12th in week 3 WR TDs with 1 TDs, tied with James Jones
please ask if he plans to throw to James Jones tonight. I'd like to make some money back that they made me lose.
John - Would you pickup Davante Adams off waivers and drop James Jones in 10 team PPR? Thanks!
That makes final trade with Rangers: Leonys Martin and Anthony Bass for Tom Wilhelmsen, James Jones and Patrick Kivlehan.
Rangers major league roster at 39 players. Texas acquired RHP Tom Wilhelmsen and OF James Jones in the deal.
for a possible playoff birth: Vincent Jackson, James Jones, or Donte Moncrief?
James Jones and Ray Allen were, Shane Battier was not. He's referring to people who were shooters ONLY
lmao i started James Jones who got 0 catches and benched TY Hilton who got 21 points
Albany 45, Yale 27 half. Halftime speech from James Jones ought to be interesting. Great Danes' guards did whatever they wanted.
The BAD MAN misses his big play receivers. Nelson # James Jones
James Jones , Kenny Bell , and Ryan Grant getting after it in the summer .. It's gotta start somewhere
"Love is just a word until someone comei along and gives it meaniqg." - James Earl Jones
you r awesome ♤James WILD West is one of my all time favorite players along with late great Tyrone Jones guys have drink n chill
Interceptions by Linden's Dequan Charleston and James Jones have kept the Patriots in it.
The cavs missing kyrie Lebron passing the ball finding the wide open man for the three and they can't hit put James jones in for that
James Jones and RJ missing too many wide open threes
(pointing at Terrence Jones, basketball player): "is that Kevin James?"
James Horwill: ‘If Eddie Jones is upset you know about it’
If course people listen to me, I have a voice like James Earl Jones.
James Jones did last night in Green Bay
As I sit here by the warm fire sipping wine I can't help but wonder how things might have been different had James Jones worn his hoodie.
Man this is boring annabelle that is I might watch Jessica jones or one punch man
This current cavs lineup stinks. Moe, Delly, Jefferson, James Jones, and Tristan. Why would Blatt ever play these guys at the same time?
sorry, but James Jones plays way too many minutes- he just ain't that good
The next jumper James jones hits will be his first since he came into the league in 1965
for a supposed "sniper", James Jones shoots some really horrible wide open bricks
Richard Jefferson and James Jones starting here in the fourth.
James Jones is not a sniper. Maybe a drunk sniper. Like a sniper that just pounded a bottle of Hennessy
is soon going to hate James Jones again
Bengals open up with 87-32 win over So Shore. G James Jones 32pts, 7reb, 4asst, 6 steals.
up after consecutive 3s by Jones and James Harden. call timeout with 6:52 let in half
And just like that, Rockets answer by ripping off back-to-back three's from Terrence Jones, James Harden. Houston 5-7 3FG. 42-29.
Also, I kinda just love James Earl Jones and Diahann Carroll together.
I danced with her once. about 10 years ago... "Darling, I want to to dance to James Brown." Yes Miss Jones...
It seems odd that a movie with James Earl Jones would just disappear, though.
Because the voice of James Earl Jones renders all who hear it helpless before him.
James Jones or Randall Cobb did that last week too.
If James Jones not hitting 3's that *** don't need to be on the court 🆗✌
Wondering when the will fire Blatt and make James Jones the coach.
Buh mdf dawg this *** James Jones could miss up a 3 smft!!
James jones I got you one of these for when shump comes back
"Only went in Tescos for a Fanta,came out with Dr Pepper and a TV" - James Jones / Black Friday victim
Everybody on the Cavs bench need to play better!! James Jones, Richard Jefferson, Jared Cunningham, let's go y'all
did you happen to see James Jones last week for the packers? Stupid! Pretty sure that had nothing to do with losing.
James jones is shooting pull up jumpers smh
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