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James Johnson

James Patrick Johnson (born February 20, 1987 in Cheyenne, Wyoming) is an American basketball player for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

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I'm gonna be so happy when Tyler Johnson isn't a bolt
The real game we are here for: James Clemens VS Jemison (Johnson) high.
Florence was Mama, James was Walter, Michael was Travis, Thelma was Beneatha, Willona was Mrs Johnson, and JJ was added for comic relief.
Robert Johnson the "glue guy" for is becoming the Star of IU Hoops
Listen to the park by James Johnson II on
The song that became 'All Falls Down' was amazing in poetry form
I'm pretty sure James said he got it from Cody Johnson's tour manager when he was at his concert in Texas.
Pitt's Pinstripe Bowl injury disaster reminds us these games are stupid, writes…
Disappointing that James Conner, Nate Peterman and Dorian Johnson had their careers end on the sidelines. Tough way to go out.
Sean Gentille: Bowl games are dumb, as Pitt's Pinstripe injury disaster reminds us
Athletic Marvin Johnson (put on an Above the Rim show to open the Tournament of Champions for Edmond Nor…
"We just have to keep doing the same thing we did in the 2nd half in the 1st half." - James Johnson. More from last night pr…
James Johnson will karate chop your head out of his *** would be a welcomed development in this game.
.LeBron James won't win the MVP this year although he should - just like he should have won the last 10 season…
Pitt battling a bevy of adversity. Nathan Peterman, James Conner, and Dorian Johnson all out.
So Pitt's 3 most important players on offense -- Nate Peterman, James Conner and Dorian Johnson -- have all gotten knocke…
Sounds like a good diet to me!!! Who wants to do it with me?? Jaye Karl, James Johnson, Max Carnage Mike Franken???
James Johnson and Ronald Roberts when he played for like 2 games in the preseason
In 17 games as a starter James Johnson averaged 11.3 PPG on 64.3% shooting. Why not start him at the 4? JJ>Patterson.
yes to Billy Baron. Maybe we needed James Johnson
James Johnson joins Jason Jackson to discuss final play in win
other than J Rich, I don't have a clear cut but like Frank the Tank, Demarre, James Johnson, Kelly, Holmes, Markieff, Lyles
Purely by metrics, James Johnson has been incredible defensively this season. Dude is helping anchor whats been a good Miami second unit
I loved James Johnson in Tor, love him more now. He's been so good. Teams that need a Draymond matchup should try to get him from the Heat.
When Riley trades for Anthony Davis for derrick willlams James Johnson and a bag of skittles y'all going to say Riley The Godfather again
James Johnson cocked that joint back but couldn't bang it home 😂
Coach Casey did the same stuff with James Johnson
Coach Spo - I've seen what James Johnson gives us. Let's see what Derrick Williams got - no??
so Rodney McGruder has been scoreless through 2 games and James Johnson has struggles offensively. Derrick Williams is a scorer!!
James Johnson has been horrible. No Derrick Williams. Rodney looks lost out there. No Derrick Williams. Huh
are you with me when I say Derrick Williams should be playing instead of James Johnson?
Might this be a time for the energy of Derrick Williams? Instead, Babbitt returns alongside James Johnson.
why is James Johnson playing over Derrick Williams?
James Johnson is a superior defensive player than Derrick Williams but i will start giving DWill some minutes over JJ.
I mean.this is the game you give Derrick Williams a shot, right? Could be a fast-paced affair, and James Johnson has been off this year.
Looks like another night of no Derrick Williams (as James Johnson airballs an open three).
Along with Wilkins, OL A.J. McCollum and Sam Jones are out for ASU on offense. James Johnson, Kareem Orr, Salamo Fiso, Armand Perry out on D
Our CEO James Johnson and Prof Steve Peters speaking to about employing psychological techniques to achiev…
Freakn Peyton Siva!😂 we still got James Johnson tho lol
Rudy *** wants out, please trade him and Ben M. to Miami for Josh McRoberts ,James Johnson and Wayne Ellington
Itll be cool when Wake Forest is dope again. Duncan, CP3, Jeff Teague, Al-Farouq, James Johnson, Ish Smith...Danny Manning will have em back
For Heat fans who are wondering who James Johnson is.
announce signings of Wayne Ellington, James Johnson and Derrick Williams
So far in free agency, the Heat have lost Wade, Deng, Joe Johnson, added Derrick Williams, James Johnson, Wayne Ellingto…
The Miami Heat in an effort to replace Dwayne Wade have signed Rodney McGruder, Wayne Ellington, James Johnson & Derrick Wil…
I see why people love Melvin Ejim. But seriously is he better than Jason Thompson or James Johnson? Or even Ronald Roberts? I don't think so
Sneaky solid free agents still on the market: Brandon Bass, David Lee, Jordan Hill and James Johnson.
Here we go Tyrone Thomas and James Johnson. I agree with Steven A right now. no denying it!
I woudl like to thank James Johnson for sponsoring Police Officer Michael Johnson was shot and killed as he and...
I feel like I was the only man who REALY took this in last night.. James Johnson gets benched…
Love watching Kyle Lowry, DeMarre Carroll, and James Johnson play for the Raptors..especially considering the Grizzlies could've kept all 3!
Today I got to swear-in the newest members of the CPPD, Anna Munro, James Johnson and David Smith. Welcome aboard! https:/…
James Johnson. Good to see that guy back on the court.
I'd pay to see a James Johnson vs. David West NBA fight.
James Johnson... Goes to the top of the DFW list. . Hands & reach. That's a baaad combo.
They should put James Johnson on Lebron! He's much more physical than Carroll!
Mark it down now: Bebe, Norm Powell, James Johnson. Delon Wright and Jason Thompson. Of course.
Dwayne Casey today not the day to be playing games put James Johnson in to guard this guy
Raptors might have to put James Johnson at the 5
Casey needs to play James Johnson to close out this game
Congrats to James Johnson who competed in CIF golf today! ⛳️
All purpose parts banner
Dwayne Casey rather lose than put in James Johnson
My favourite is when James Johnson matches up with Kevin Durant.
Although I don't expect Casey to do this but if Turner starts again I would consider James Johnson over Scola but Casey not that creative
Stanley Johnson(on LeBron James bumping/trash talking and the Cavaliers bench. Via/
Stephen A. Smith questions "puppy" Stanley Johnson trash talking LeBron James; "what are you thinking?" -via ESPN
I liked a video from Pistons' Stanley Johnson Shades LeBron James and the Cavaliers
Stanley Johnson is an *** for talking trash about Lebron James
Stanley Johnson, a 19-year-old rookie, claims he's in LeBron James' head. That sounds like some dumb sh t a 19yr old would say.
Why Austin Johnson could be the perfect replacement for B.J. Raji .
Stan Van Gundy met with Stanley Johnson after his comments about LeBron
News from ESPN: Van Gundy, Johnson meet after LeBron remarks
This Stanley Johnson dust up says more about LeBron. Players don't respect or fear the self anointed King James. They nev…
Van Gundy met with Johnson after LeBron comments via
Stan Van Gundy of Detroit Pistons meets with Stanley Johnson after his LeBron James remarks via
Um.I don't think Stanley Johnson said LeBron James was a plastic *** is then?! 😐😁😜
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Stanley Johnson is certainly not afraid of LeBron James 😏 😏 😏 . More here:
Detroit Pistons forward Stanley Johnson says he is in LeBron James' head
Wrote today (I know) how Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson (needs to keep talking:
Morris Peterson aka Mo Pete suggested that James Johnson should see some minutes to guard Paul George... God Bless him.
Not with team for tonight's game at Brooklyn: DeMarre Carroll, DeMar DeRozan, James Johnson, Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valanciuna…
Dwane Casey says the rotation will be fairly normal tonight. James Johnson won't play because of plantar fasciitis.
Outside of James Johnson -- still a bit banged up -- Dwane Casey says everybody is available / will play tonight vs Philly.
Raptors SLOB: A series of DHOs end with James Johnson rolling to the hoop & finishing.
James Johnson is proving Casey right for not playing him much last year. He's been awful
Interesting having Powell start. Casey has usually gone with James Johnson to guard Harden. Casey testing out Powell today.
Casey's decision to go with Norman Powell over James Johnson to guard James Harden appears to have been a bad one.
Congrats to AQ, doing it right way. More great prep stuff from James Johnson: Sportsmanship award goes to Aquinas
ON AIR NOW: Did you miss James Johnson's Mashup Mayhem on Friday night? Don't worry, it's on again NOW!
Interview with & Asia alumni James Johnson, a former Joey, now head of pro football dept
Lineup note: Norman Powell will start for injured James Johnson on Friday.
Boys soccer: Saugus' James Johnson also made the 2016 All-CIF SS Division 4 team, and Caleb Peavy from SCCS made the D7 A…
James Johnson having a productive, under-control game is always a good reminder of how much money he's left on the table in his career
Elijah Fulton led Roger Bacon with 16 points. Justin Johnson had 14 points and James Johnson had 13
Don't think the Rockets counted on super saiyan Luis Scola and James Johnson showing up tonight.
Birdman is going to be a Hamed Haddadi All-Star for beloved Grizzlies by the end of the season. Other members- Beno Udrih, James Johnson.
Late lineup change for Toronto: Norman Powell, a 6-foot-4 rookie, will start at small forward instead of James Johnson. Small lineup for TOR
Norm Powell starts at shooting guard w/ DeMar DeRozan moving to small forward vs. Portland. James Johnson comes off the bench.
James Johnson has filed as a Democratic candidate for Delaware State Representative for District 16.
Full lineup: BoJo, IDS, Farage and Galloway for OUT. Osborne, Caroline Lucas, Alan the AJ Johnson and Tim Farron for IN. Tasty.
yeah, like I have this old LL Bean hunting jacket but it's not...wait nevermind.
so it shows this disconnect they have b/t like the idea of just having something for fun vs ITS WHO YOU ARE DEEP INSIDE
spring is coming. I shall prepare the tissue fortress.
The culture shock of seeing someone w/ a horseshoe mustache and cowboy hat who's not on his way to a costume party is real.
but also just in gen ppl from upstate NY are a special kind of removed from reality IME. Idk what does it.
yeah it’s a lil more defensible when it’s not “omg you own a cowboy hat and want me to NOT start screaming about it???”
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
To be fair, I still act this way about OK sometimes. Though in my defense I reign it in to actual *** things about OK these days
Have you heard ‘Ep 128 Insomniacs Paradise 31.01.2016’ by DJ James Johnson on
have you *been* to upstate NY? the part I was in was like Muskogee with trees. Even played Toby Keith on the bar jukebox.
Watch James O’Brien take on the people blaming the victim in the Adam Johnson case
James Johnson continues to prove why the Clear Liquid Crystal Flats Taper is a must have in Belize!
😂😂😂 wish I screen shot that you would be doing a 5 stretch with you boy Adam Johnson
that's literally like offering James Johnson for Lebron
The Panthers have released veteran DE Charles Johnson, who ranks second in team history with 63.5 sacks.
Russel at the 5, Duncan at the 4, James at the 3, Jordan at the 2, Johnson at the 1
Big Sam says he and the players feel 'let down' by Adam Johnson. Was told all along he would plead not guilty to al…
Boothbay Region High School grad James Johnson is rockin' it in NYC, in part because of the financial...
Britain Needs Europe: Boris Johnson sees himself as James Bond against Brussels. He’s on the wrong mission. NYTimes
X-Files season 11 episode pitch: Mulder gets catfished by an elderly merman, played by James Hong. hit me up, I got a lot of em!
Hi James, will take if SJD drops out
Op-Ed Columnist: Britain Needs Europe: Boris Johnson, who sees himself as a kind of James Bond against Brussel...
Actually that's what economist James Rickards suggested on Bloomberg yesterday
That's actually a James Brown lyric: 'Spotlight on Sunderland for allowing Adam Johnson to... Go, Maceo!'
How Adam Johnson groomed his victim on WhatsApp... and the 31 messages read out at his trial
James Saunders talk ahead of a concert featuring his and Tom Johnson's music. 6pm -
This is powerful message to people who blame the victim in Adam Johnson's case
Scola has been starting all yr, Bennett is in because James Johnson has 2 fouls
As good as James Johnson is on defense at times you see plays like that last one from him that hurts the team and he does it a lot
Still think LeBron's dunk over James Johnson was the best of his career.
In terms of why James Johnson didn't play, its because Dwane Casey is absolutely the dumbest man to live on this Earth what else is new
makes both FT's 51-50 James Johnson put back. 49 seconds left
Kings are going to sign Salmons and. trade for Spencer Hawes and James Johnson.
James Johnson is a boxer. Also, Tony Allen would destroy Rondo.
James Johnson (ankle) no timetable to return - James Johnson | TOR: Raptors head coach Dwane Casey said on Thu...
News Alarm: James Johnson (PF - Tor) Coach Dwane Casey said James Johnson (ankle) has no timetable on a return.
why would the Bulls even do that deal... The Bulls drafted James Johnson and he terrible and delon wright can't shoot a lick
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
DeMarre Carroll & James Johnson out. It'd be nice if the had a guy like Rodney Hood to step in. Oh wait Masai had to draft
What the dont need right now is another injury. Bad ankle now for James Johnson. Hoping for the best
If they're just going to leave James Johnson anyway, wouldn't be surprised to see Bradley on Lowry, Crowder on DeRozan some.
Jamiel Shaw Sr: Not Invited to the SOTU- Illegal Killed His Son (published by James Johnson)
Definitely planned on James Johnson and Brandon Jennings getting us more than 13 points and still almost cashed. Hit FD easy though. 🔥✌💰
Deciding between Tony Allen and James Johnson is not a choice I am enjoying
TIL from commenters: James Johnson is literally Kawhi Leonard, Dwane Casey is Byron Scott with worse ball movement in his offense.
I miss on my TL clowning donks for playing James Johnson
how's ya LU doing? I fell for the James Johnson and Shane Larkin trap so i'm boned
The Patty Mills, James Johnson, and Shane Larkin support group will be meeting shortly. Bring your tears.
When the Bulls stayed in the allegedly haunted hotel in OKC, Derrick Rose chose to room with James Johnson.
Aaron Taylor Johnson fancasted as James.if memory serves me right
Wow, man, it's like Robert Johnson reborn, love this.and his guitar is awesome, too!
James Harden was cookin' in the 3rd. Back-to-back 3️⃣'s.
to vote James Johnson for the NBA All-Star Game
of the The great stride pianist James. P. Johnson playing his own composition CAROLINA SHOUT in 1921. https:…
Apparently Samuel Johnson nicknamed James Boswell "Bozzy" and this has made my night 😍😍😍
Practicing blues scales in the style of billy gibbons - which is to say in the style of jimmy reed Elmore James & Robert Johnson
Radiohead's rejected theme song for the James Bond movie Spectre / Boing Boing
Is he? He seemed to do pretty well before Nix showed up. See no issue with 22 w/ Johnson/Miller/Spaeth. Mix in James
No real stand out performers for me, great team effort all round. Shout to Brad Johnson who got us promoted.
Behind a door off Fleet Street...Who knows what skulduggery will occur just round the corner from Dr Johnson's house
The worst shooter from outside the paint this season? LeBron James
'Fragmented Touch' acrylic on linen painting by James W Johnson.
'Fragmented Heart' acrylic on linen painting by James W Johnson.
Starting The Butcher of Anderson, by James S.A. Corey: I'm ready for this. Fred Johnson w...
James Johnson's OSI network model has only one layer - Physical.
Sing along with interns in these 4 parody music videos.
Paul Phillips You'll get a kick out of this.
The ambassadors check out the original Apollo-era Mission Control roomy today at
Maybe II and III wouldn't have sucked so bad. He would of told George to throw that script in the trash and start...
Product Owners never argue with James Johnson after he demonstrates the DropKick feature.
Gorgeous e-book on hi-alt flight suits like those worn by pilots today.
I added a video to a playlist Kandee Johnson Transforms James Corden into Barbie
The best players I saw today at the . Josh Langford. John Petty. Trai James. Javan Johnson. Ashton Ray. A.J. McGinni…
Long ride from to had no effect on in Brogden opener...James Johnson w/ game-high 10pts,
With what Patrick Patterson has done tonight, pretty sure James Johnson deserved more minutes Good old DuuuhWayne Casey
I want Taj Gibson for the Raptors so bad but I don't really want to give anything up outside of Anthony Bennett and, like, James Johnson
The will start James Johnson on Friday instead of Terrence Ross.
Fond memories of playing against Cheyenne East in high school, when current Toronto Raptors forward James Johnson dunked on me.
VIDEO: James Johnson cleans up the trash, throws down nasty putback: Jeremy Lamb has been having n...
Jeremy Lamb should try blocking out. James Johnson upside his 💫😣💫
James Johnson perfectly times his jump for a massive follow slam over Jeremy Lamb
They had Landry Fields, Julyan Stone, Jose Calderon, James Johnson when he wore 0 and the best of all Amir Johnson ($100 each)
and your back up and starting big, Bismarck and James Johnson vs Duncan and LA, GOOD LUCK
Congrats to Stacy Glass on her brand-new 2015 Armada purchase!Sold by James Johnson at 94 Nissan of South Holland.
Johnson Finishes Kyle Lowry dishes to James Johnson cutting down the lane for the big slam.
Casey says Lowry is feeling good after battling the flu last night. Also expects James Johnson to be available tonight vs Nuggets
Dwane Casey expects James Johnson to return tonight after he sat out last night in Atlanta.
I don't understand why Dwayne Casey doesn't like James Johnson and Norman Powell. Patterson and Ross aren't going to happen.
Casey for god's sake put James Johnson on.
Patterson has been awful so far. Ross has been invisible. Where is James Johnson!?!!?!?!?
I hope we see more Bruno and Wright and less Ross since James Johnson's out tonight.
Love to see a 5 game experiment with James Johnson & Norm Powell getting all the bench minutes at the 3 & the 2. Guaranteed > Ross.
nah he is a ghost out there most of the time. He is always so disinterested! Rather get James Johnson out there! Or cory Joe!
James Johnson has every right to feel underused. The only thing Ross has going for him is "floor spacing". Such a bust.
Cory Jo drops Beal and finds James Johnson! (Vine by
breaks Bradley Beal's ankles and finds James Johnson for the dunk! . Final Score : . TOR…
Most intelligent raptor fans know tell issue is the coach not James Johnson. .. Doug Smith is a colossal king sized *** ..
Very disappointed with Casey's reply to James Johnson's frustration, I have no idea why Casey is still our coach
Robert Sacre, Joel Embiid, Brandon Jennings, James Johnson the list goes on
yea Doc is treating Lance like Dwayne Casey treats James Johnson out here. "He'll help us, but not right now"
what's up with Coach Casey and his reluctant to play James Johnson dating back to last season playoffs?
spot-on summary of the 1st half, thanks, hope James Johnson & Corey Joseph will up the game and we will win this one on the road
James Johnson threw a 2 beside the 3, put on some pads and tackled Coach Casey since he isn't in the game
I think black pants would work better than the gold in the picture. Still cool to see a new variant jersey.
Lesean mccoy, mark Ingram, Chris Johnson, James starks.. Who do I start this week
Hey James Johnson CHR ,thanks for the follow! Check out . it powers this site!
Lol! I relate to this so much growing up as a wannabe Verity Johnson: How James Bond ruined me
"Aquaman" Adds David Leslie Johnson as New Writer: The "Wrath of the Titans" scribe has boarded James Wan's...
If JLaw still needs a date for Saturday nights, I'm totally available and not a creeper.
the James Wan- David Leslie Johnson on tells me is looking for chemistry between the creative people behind the
I have Hill, Duke Johnson, and James White. Would you use any of those if you had to?
Someone dropped Calvin Johnson..Should I pick him up and drop James Jones??
James Johnson Watch Week 3: This is why we can't have nice things
BREAKING: THE CONJURING 2 co-writer David Leslie Johnson to work with director James Wan (again on AQUAMAN.
Famed architect James Johnson to sell home: Architect James H. Johnson lists home in Penfield.         
I could see Johnson being in by halftime
David Leslie Johnson is writer of movies like Conjuring 2 (with james Wan), Wrath of the Titans, The Orphan. [+]
David Johnson is also working with James Wan on the Conjuring 2.
CB excited for 1st matchup vs. Calvin Johnson: "Reminds me of LeBron James. Fast, big, strong and he's a monster."
Bath playlist was on form tonight, Jack Johnson, Buble, Johnson, Johnson, James Morrison
Don't know if this is true but it would be cool if it was. .
Ross injury been a blessing to us, James Johnson does everything for us except for spacing the floor.
maybe The Sun should cover Boris Johnson talking through the mins silence. or James Wharton MP on his phone
Positives to take away from this game. a) James Johnson is feeling it, helps with Ross now out. b) you play Philly tomorrow! (woo.)
Demarre Carroll and Terrance Ross OUT for TOR. James Johnson should see a ton of minutes. Helps Derozan too.
Jeff. Please tell me why James Johnson has not seen the floor in a game that needed him? Makes 0 sense to me.
My goodness. Virginia Tech is paying ~$50K a month for Seth Greenberg and James Johnson not to coach basketball.
In 2 more days we get to complain we get to complain about Terrence Ross' existence, James Johnson lack of minutes, &Demar's shot selection
Bobcats, Toronto, & Boston has depth that we use, Troy Daniels & Evan Turner, and James Johnson would elevate our DEF wit TA
James Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Evan Turner, Justin Holiday, Matt Barnes, are some UFA's that shouldnt cost much
James Johnson becomes a depth guy with the acquisitions of Carroll Scola Biyombo Bennett. How will Coach Casey utilize him this yr
ICYMI. Kyle Lowry will miss tonight's game along with James Johnson, Lucas Nogueira, and Axel Toupane.
Toronto, which played Sunday night in Vancouver, is sitting James Johnson (Achilles), Kyle Lowry (groin) and Lucas Nogueira (hamstring).
James Johnson. Luis Scola. Bennett. All free agents after this season. Patterson will be on the year after.
I want to wish Al-Faroug Aminu,Tim Duncan,James Johnson,Chris Paul,Ish Smith,Jeff Teague good luck at NBA training camp …
Nastiest dunk I've seen was James Johnson on Andre Drummond
We would like to congratulate James Johnson on the purchase of his 2016 sold to him by...
“Great photo of James Johnson by Cam Springs photographer Jeff Bobin from the West Middlesex game.
absolutely. Ross and James Johnson and a pick if need be
James Johnson this is for you!! He achieved an amazing first roast dinner for me!!! I'm shocked!! He…
featuring James Johnson who avoids a diving tackle, steps up in the…
Got a picture with James Johnson earlier at the celebrity basketball game at CGC
I wouldn't be surprised if he put James Johnson at the 4 b. I mean he put Chuck Hayes at the 4. And chuck like my height
The victims are James Johnson age 72, and Beverly Johnson age 76. Police have a 16 year-old male in custody.
I'd do a Jamal for James Johnson trade any day. Johnson backing up Pierce would be perfect.
Miami's new director of basketball operations is Jim Larranaga friend and former Virginia Tech head coach James Johnson.
Miami's Jim Larranaga has hired former Virginia Tech coach James Johnson as Director of Basketball Operations, source tol…
I think the should trade Corey Brewer and Jason Terry to the for Louis Williams and James Johnson
I think should trade Corey Brewer & Jason Terry to the for Louis Williams & James Johnson
Good luck to PND soccer alumn James Johnson as he coaches St Thomas Moore in the Class A State Semi-Final tomorrow!
a bit off topic from what your recent posts, but are either James Johnson or Patrick Patterson likely to be moved this summer?
Photo: Congratulations to James Johnson on your purchase from Steve Blank at Wesley Chapel...
Standing with Doug Dillon, James Johnson, Bill Sturtevant, and at in Costa Mesa
The new EP from James Johnson ( Elk Gang / ex- Shields Up) is available now on CD and pay what you want download.
Tonight! DHSHS, our very own Max Powell, and James Johnson in "Mutually Assured Destruction" Come see the show, $5, at 7:00pm! Last show!
Demar DeRozan made me hate Dwane Casey less. Give him one more season (first Alan Anderson, then James Johnson though) START THEM!
This is funny at this point. Not playing James Johnson is one of the biggest blunders of the postseason so far.
And maybe Casey (if he's not fired) will realize there's a guy named James Johnson on his bench that could probably guard Paul Pierce better
James Johnson coming in the game to counter Washington's small-ball lineups, but then not guarding Paul Pierce, was a wei…
Gilbert Arenas' latest celebration goes after James Johnson
Next year they are probably gonna sign either Al-Farouq Aminu, James Johnson, or Wes Johnson. That's how bad their SF depth is.
trade James Johnson for Otto Porter so Raps can beat Paul Pierce next year.
If this guy claims he's a defensive coach I just don't understand why he doesn't play Chuck Hayes and James Johnson
They need James Johnson, Landry Fields and Chuck Hayes out here
Since the James Johnson thing was a disaster, the Raptors should give Chuck Hayes a shot.
James Johnson enters the game & you'd swear the late 90s versions Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady & Damon Stoudamire all show…
If Chuck Hayes gets in the game, but we don't play James Johnson, I'm gonna be bent
There is no "strategic decision" that could justify not playing James Johnson. If you are willing to play Tyler Hasnbrough you can play JJ.
James Johnson said he's not worrying about whether or not he'll play tomorrow, plans to prepare the same way and stay ready r…
James Johnson posterizing slam on 6'10 Brandon ...
Only logical thing I can think of that Casey didn't play James Johnson is because he probably smashed his wife or something.
What's going through your mind right now if you're James Johnson?
You signed James Johnson specifically to guard a guy like Pierce. Use him.
Fantastic slate of presentations. Refueling at lunch and excited to hear Dr. James Johnson deliver the keynote.
The book of American *** Poetry - Produced by James Weldon Johnson...
If James Johnson puts Paul Pierce on a poster, I will dye my hair red.
Here's your key to winning...PLAY JAMES JOHNSON
If we make it to round 2 I'm dying my hair James Johnson red 🔴🔴🔴🔴
Hopefully we can't have Patt on Pierce again, best bet is James Johnson
I expect to see James Johnson playing today, he's one of if not our best defender and probably the best dude to guard Paul Pierce
If James Johnson isn't going to get consistent minutes, we already lost this playoff series. That's all I have to really say.
The kick off of Illinois Reads has begun! I can't wait to meet the authors: James Klise, Jaleigh Johnson, and chat with Sally Walker!
Raptors signed James Johnson to guard bigger wings cause Joe Johnson/Paul Pierce killed Ross last year. Let's see if casey plays him
I could probably listen to Jack Johnson everyday for the rest of my life.
Got a good chance of going to state this year, I beat Johnson's yesterday
Don't miss a great show tomorrow: SUNDAY JAZZ with Johnson and James is at 3pm on our mainstage. This music...
James Johnson better get minutes against pierce today. Literally the reason we signed him
Dr. Johnson paraphrasing James Baldwin. "We are like bumper cars crashing in American culture."
45 + 1: GOAL for James' corner from the right flies straight into the net past Grant at the near post (3-1)…
same to you , i also have Johnson, Nash, bryant eslava, Justin bieber, James Arthur and Ryan Beatty if you want 😊💕
no punchline needed. Johnson is a complete joke
James Johnson needs to shut down Paul Pierce
James Johnson with the NASTY dunk all over Andre Drummond.
What possible reason would justify James Dipple-Johnson meeting with a senior GMP officer? Wait! Are the IPCC not meant to be independent?
E L James put it in our imagination. Sam Taylor-Johnson brought it to life.
Dennis James-Johnson & company from were too much for and crew. The
"In 2008, LeBron James recorded back-to-back triple-doubles. He was the first player to do this since Magic Johnson 20…
James Johnson's "nasty right" dunk on Andre Drummond was my favorite dunk this season.
Lou Williams,Tyler Hansborough, and James Johnson all need to be resigned this off season
Jonas Valanciunas, Tyler Hansbrough, Lou Williams and James Johnson all have more win shares/48 minutes than Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan.
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