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James Irwin

James Benson Irwin (March 17, 1930 – August 8, 1991) was an American astronaut. He served as Lunar Module pilot for Apollo 15, the fourth human lunar landing; he was the eighth person to walk on the Moon; he was the first of those astronauts to die; and, the one with the shortest life.

David Scott Alan Shepard Edgar Mitchell Alan Bean Charles Duke Eugene Cernan Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin Pete Conrad John Young Harrison Schmitt Lunar Rover Michael Jackson

"Jesus walking on the earth . is more important than . man walking on the moon" . James Irwin, Apollo 15 Moonwalker…
Grant James Gatdet access to adequate medical care, lawyers of his own choosing, and family visits!
I'm going to jump onto this. Does this mean you now cannot get off at Irwin Avenue?
You want to write a sentence as clean as a bone. That is the goal. JAMES BALDWIN. htt…
'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's family are returning to TV.
It Steve Irwin as a bird, the hair a give away
no power Tucker Irwin St. James. Some sort of explosion heard...
.talks to author James Whitman about ‘Hitler’s American Model’
Joel Marquez-Medoza gets the Jags on the board 7 min in w/a goal. 1-0 James Irwin
Hi. I'm James. I have an album out now called How I Like It. It's pretty *** good. I'm also…
James Corden has apologized for making tasteless Harvey Weinstein jokes
American Flag on the Moon Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin NASA by EclecticForest via
Eric Trump to James Dobson in 2014: "We don't rely on American banks. We have all the fund…
🎬VIDEO II Niall with Greg James today, *the way he says I love you to him* ✨
But normal is boring james and you are far from boring so this is a false statement it's good to be a little weird 😊
Would love to see UVA take on James Madison. Just don't know if Charlottesville can handle that...
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James Irwin found safe and well 👍🏼 Thank You to all those who got in touch, helped and prayed. . I ❤️ good news! 😀…
James Irwin's family is worried for his welfare - he's been missing since yesterday.
That my John Brady of Ebenezer +Jane Irwin, Indiana/Westmoreland Co, PA is . *NOT* the father of a James S. Brady b. Abt 1811.
On Aug.2, 1971, a lunar liftoff was televised for the first time. Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin spen…
What does Eddie Izzard tell us about - even in the office?
July 30, 1971: . Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin landed on the moon with the first Lunar Rover. https:/…
Living with Luke & James is gr8. Everyday is gr8. Today they had battles with knives & threw boxes of skittles screaming…
3. I've met Ashton Irwin from 5sos, James McVey from The Vamps and Jacob Whitesides (had to travel to meet 5sos & jacob)
good idea. Then we can put it on Drop the mic - new show coming to 😉
if you're turning 22 you are a legit dummy cause you went to James Irwin while I was a freshman so that would make you 20 in hs
& check out James Benson Irwin - an American astronaut and scientist (& believer). ❤️🇺🇸
Good to make a statement. Perhaps with these remarks he will lose some more of it. But spending is good for the economy, we hear
This September is 10 years since the passing of Steve Irwin. What will you do to honour the memory of the worlds greatest…
Could LeBron James' new contract set up a future formation of the "Banana Boat" gang?
Two nights ago I had dinner @ the same restaurant James Jones,Truman Capote, Irwin Shaw&John Knowles would frequent in the 1970s
The Earth reminded us of a Christmas tree ornament hanging in the blackness of space. As we got
0.8 earthquake occurred 59km NNE of Fort Irwin, California at 22:54 UTC!
Wait are you one of the girls talked with? I feel like you asked James to follow you so we all typed your user 😂
James Irwin Charter Academy opens today after 'security issue' on first day. Read Blog:
James Irwin Charter Academy opens today after ‘security issue’ on first day
The displays a moon rock brought back by Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin.
James and Luke lied their not following everyone back
I have the same issue 🙁 I'm just hoping James will follow us back. Good luck
Security concerns cancel first day of classes at Colorado Springs charter school
Students and staff at James Irwin Charter School in Colorado Springs were supposed to start school today but a...
James Irwin's online project -Could Ecopsychology cure my Cyberchondria - is now live at https…
Eddie Izzard as an unlikely model for good in a business context.
James Irwin Charter School closed for security threa
En route to James Irwin Charter School to follow the latest on closure due to security threat.
James Irwin Charter School closed for security threat
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Story posting on James Irwin Charter School closing for security threat today. School said to release more info within the hour
HAPPENING NOW: CSPD says James Irwin Charter School is closed for the day due to a security threat. Working to confirm more info
Working to learn more details about the James Irwin Charter Academy first day cancellation. We know at least one campus is shut down.
Parents reporting first day of school canceled at James Irwin Charter Academy. Automated phone message claiming "security issue" on campus.
Police tell us James Irwin Charter School's Astrozon campus is CLOSED today because of some sort of potential security issue.
Apollo 15 Mission – David Scott and James Irwin on Lunar module, Falcon, land with firs..
James really was the best member, such a shame
James Benson Irwin, Colorado Springs, CO, was the 8th person to walk on the moon.
James: "Calum youre my best friend, why dont you and me leave?". Calum: "his best friend? I dont even have his phone number…
Is your favourite member also James the lost one? 5 Seconds of Summer
Girls Basketball loses their 1st game of the year 35-38 to James Irwin.
*trying to kick James out of the band*. Ashton: It's not working out . James: I couldnt agree more. Luke, you've got to go.
"Why are you called 5 Seconds of Summer if there's only 4 of you?" . "We lost James, but then we found him..."
5SOS used to have a 5th member named James 5 Seconds of Summer
Michael talking about his fire incident on stage at Wembley Arena on The Late Late Show with James Corden (Part 1) https:/…
Michael talking about how he fell off stage at the Radio1 Teen Awards on The Late Late Show with James Corden
Michael calling James a *** on The Late Late Show 5 Seconds of Summer
So… who knew there used to be a FIFTH member of
Sort of like how the actual Snowden is indicted on felony charges while James Clapper goes free & even keeps his job https:…
You'll never guess who original fifth member was:
I just went on James mcveys profile and saw the follows you and practically died but the remembered it happened ages ago
Thank you so much for the pizza as always it was AMAZING!!! Love you! 😏❤️ - James
for a solo dm with Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Beau, Jai, Daniel, Luke, James, Cher Lloyd or Little Mix. i trade for other solos and ffs
all I need in life is ashton irwin and theo james
James Irwin needs to chill with their dress code.
The amazing event is not that man put his foot on the moon, its that God put his foot on the earth - Astronaut Col. James Ir…
8 years ago today... RIP Steve Irwin ' '
for a solo with Beau Brooks. Fav for one with James Yammouni . Mbf. Picking one of each
Happy birthday our favorite Haley James Scott! One Tree Hill wouldn't be the same without you.
IM JAMES BOURNE. Except I can't sing, play guitar and I'm not a dude BUT IM STILL
I'd like to trade Harry who do you want for it? I have James McVey, Tristan Evans, Ashton Irwin, Justin Bieber, Niall and Liam
I have no idea. I only have James', Jai's, and the main accounts. If I ever find out I'll let you know!
if James Bourne can talk about his music, why can't mcfly talk about mcfly?¿?
Foto: Harry attends the Glam Rock Christmas party at The Scotch of St James
Our own James Irwin speaking at the Low Investing Summit in June. Learn more & register here:
my brother lied to me about getting ed sheeran tickets for April fools :(
Best press release I've seen in some time!! Bravo !! …
JamesBourne please please follow me James you're my fav and my idol man love you lots 🙈❤️x32
USCG HISTORY: On this day, December 7, 1988 - The Coast Guard hosted an international summit between Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, President Ronald Reagan, and President-elect and then-Vice President George H. W. Bush on Governors Island on 7 December 1988. The summit occurred after Gorbachev had addressed the United Nations. In planning his trip to the UN, Gorbachev requested a meeting with Reagan and the White House selected the Coast Guard base at Governors Island as a meeting site since it was a secure military installation in the middle of New York harbor and just minutes away from the United Nations. The leaders met for lunch at the LANTAREA commander's [VADM James Irwin] home. The summit was characterized as "just a luncheon" and the meeting was the last time President Reagan and Gorbachev would meet during Reagan's remaining term. - Tourist's View of N.Y. on Soviet Chief's Agenda November 30, 1988|JOHN J. GOLDMAN and DON SHANNON | Times Staff Writers NEW YORK — Because of the need for ...
Men's volleyball games this week! All three teams play at james irwin. Black at 7 and 8, Red at 6 and 8, and White at 7 and 8. Come out and watch :)
HB Inline will be starting our Sunday Women's Beginner League April 13th 2014. Sign up now at!! Email James Irwin for any questions.
ATTENTION ADULT HOCKEY PLAYERS HB Inline will be starting their Spring adult leagues the Second week of April 2014!! If you want to add a team or have a team that is returning, please email James Irwin @ jirwinor click on the link below to register. We offer Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, 40+ Leagues, Women's and 49er Leagues!!
"There is only one thing better than man walking on the moon... That is God walking on the earth". Col James Irwin, Astronaut.
Leaving James Irwin was thr best thing I ever did lol
iTunes best selling song: Losing My Religion - James Irwin
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How does one simply get an Ashton Irwin follow bc all he follows is verified accounts like how, please tell me your secret
this is like twilight . TEAM JAI. Or. TEAM JAMES
it seems like you and Jai are always fighting..
Demon soccer girls pick up first win of the seaon 3-0 over James Irwin on a windy day in BV
I wish I could make you smile the way you make me smile
I made this trend for my Beau girls, id take a bullet for you guys, Luke Jai Daniel and …
Great decision so far, Dennis Irwin's just scored a banger.
I'm like fuq da photo I've got priorities
Alexa and Tiffany are just side chicks and James and Luke are actually dating
My latest beat with. Alex James Irwin uploaded by SUPER BEATS!!
In total twelve people have walked on the Moon. Besides Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – who were the first two astronauts to leave their bootprints on the Moon — there were also Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, James Irwin, John Young, Charles Duke, Eugene Cernan, and Harrison Schmitt.
I got chills from the guy that turned 0 chairs last season & all 4 this year. James Irwin
was Shock City on The Voice the other night? Looked like it might have been where James Irwin? recorded in the video.
Every blasted time I go onto James Irwin property, I all but puke.
Love to see rep'd on Way to go, James Irwin! I thought u should have been picked last season, but this might be it.
How do you make Losing My Religion by R.E.M so epic? Ask James Irwin.
Thanks to you James Irwin came back and got chosen
James Irwin is a hard school with stricked teachers
to bad I can't get out cause james irwin wont accept me backk in.
“James Irwin: home of the hipsters and the hypocrites” come back to sc :(
Go to bottom of article and vote for Joe T cousin Will Chaplin..
Watched the first hour of Tuesdays episode of The Voice it was great seeing James Irwin come back and do so great.
Lamar boys soccer to host James Irwin on Friday, Oct. 4 at 4 p.m.
Unexpected double post week. New songs from and James Irwin and our obsession with technology.
WOW! From no turn to last season to a four-chair turn this time! Congrats James Irwin!
I remember how just... soft and subdued James Irwin was last year. This performance is so powerful and really shows off his voice!
The Voice: Adam Levine is moved as James Irwin wins over all 4 judges a »
Two thumbs up to James Irwin for having a 4-chair turn after being rejected from last season. Go
So happy seeing that James Irwin got a second change on The Voice
James Irwin comes back to win all four judges on The Voice via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
This James irwin guy is average. Just sayin
The guy James Irwin from the voice is so sexy, he looked better with his buzz cut tho 😻
James Irwin stops by NewsChannel 5 to talk about 'The Voice' via
KSDK-TV: James Irwin is in studio talking about his Voice audition with NewsC...
James Irwin is in studio to talk to at 5pm.
Omg. James Irwin came back to audition. His story made me cry last season and it made me cry now.
(AP) — Adam Levine says James Irwin is making history on "The Voice." He auditioned last season but didn't get...
The Voice Recap: James Irwin Sets Record as Show's Most Successful Comeback Kid - The Voice is on the...
James Irwin, from STL, tried out for The Voice last season and didn't make it through...this year, he got a very...
Just got follows from James Irwin & Ashley DuBose. Only one from the team I am missing is
James Irwin returned to the stage of w/
Congrats to St. Louisan James Irwin who joins after 4 chairs turned around last night on James will be on today at 4pm.
Oh and by the way, James Irwin will win The Voice. You heard it here first.
Today in In 1971 Apollo 15 (with David Scott, James Irwin and Alfred Worden) launched.
LOST IN SPACE Here are some quotes of astronauts… "I had an enormous feeling that there had to be a power greater than any of us-that there was a God, that there was indeed a beginning."~ Frank Borman "I felt the power of God as I'd never felt it before."~ James Irwin “To look out at this kind of creation and not believe in God is to me impossible”~ John Glenn I imagine that being out in the middle of space is a lot like being in the middle of the desert…the wilderness….. it’s probably a lot like having the umbilical cord cut off from the world. It a great place to come awake….for a number of reasons…..the sheer awesome scenery….the lack of human support…..a sense of powerlessness….and abandoning of oneself to life itself. Simple faith...simple awareness can be found in the wilderness where there is no defined path or road traveled on by be in the middle of no-place.and outside direction.brings one to one’s center. At first one may feel abandoned.then ...
Warriors, I came arcross this article and becasue I am back involved with the Jr. High Ministry I thought I would pass it on. The article is by Mike Woodward. “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-36a) Many years ago I spent a day with Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin. I was hosting him for a speaking engagement. It was a memorable day for many reasons but mainly because it was January 28, 1986, the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded just moments after launch. I heard the news as I drove to the airport. When we met, I broke the news to him. On top of his regular schedule various media outlets wanted interviews with him because of the Challenger disaster. He handled each event of the day with such calmness. As we walked through the day I learned he had four grown children. I was the father of four small children so I was looking for advice. In a qu ...
"just stood there preeing LOOL james, stop lying. I was conversating
headed to Irwin. where I spend half my week
That awkward moment when Jasmine knows all of my friends from James Irwin...
my Favourite segments you ever did was with Steve Irwin and Jesse James. Love your podcast too.
James Irwin was a test pilot on the YF-12 (aka SR-71), walked on the moon, and had a heart attack in space.
The DTH's birthday coincides with Steve Irwin and James Blunt's. The most important of these? That's for you to decide.
If James Irwin is closed im done. Lol
as well as Steve Irwin, James Blunt and Drew Barrymore too.
I take my placement test for James Irwin Saturday. So excited and nervous
My sister doesn't have school again tomorrow. Stupid James Irwin!
I'm Levam Neesons, along with Bear Montgomagrills and Micah Irwin. And this... Is. THE APOCALYPSE!!!
just a revelation...I share my birthday with Edward Kennedy, Steve Irwin, Jules Renard, James Russel Lowell, oh and also George Washington!
Tonight will be filled with liquor, babes in killer jerseys, and the crocodile hunter's son James Irwin doing a scorpion shot like Skyfall
Thank u James Irwin charter students for our conf centerpieces!
Great Hoop session tonight with the Varsity team at James Irwin. Y'all boys are are on the come up.
Even more charter schools may be coming to the region. James Irwin is planning two different takes on education:
"‏My mom thinks she found a house up by James Irwin :D swag swag" Dx
people used to call me James hot lips watts back at home
James Fallows zooms in on a WH photo of a heavily annotated speech by Obama.
Water in moon's 'Genesis Rock': Astronaut James B. Irwin, lunar module pilot, works at the Lunar ...
March17th, Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe, Peinnar (booo) John Sebastian and for Karl - James Irwin
"we are never ever getting back together...oh my god somebody needs to assassinate that girl!" ~my dad, Bill Irwin
A sampling of tracks from this year and beyond - stuff we like, from artists we worked with, past 2012 playlists, and more.
A chance to practice for FREE this week. Guess the winner of Saturday night's SuperCross event at Anaheim and practice for FREE on Sunday! You must post your guess along with your name & bike number by 9pm Friday. Race is Saturday @ 9:30pm live on SPEED.
John Grinder (co creator of NLP) discusses Know Nothing States. What are your thoughts upon listening to his remarks? What questions spring to mind? What answers have you found? Full credit to NLP Academy for posting this material online. Some of his "off the cuff remarks" provide great insights. Note: Headphones recommended (poor sound quality).
James Irwin stays on his feet and puts in a patient challenge
Mr James Ng is my P.E teacher next year? No! I want Mr Irwin!!! T_T
she wishes that she can go to Widefield, but she only goes to James Irwin.
Hypebeasts we know about ya don't buy the sneakers unless they poplar - I'm not mad at Trinidad James' definition. Thoughts?
James Livingston scores off a rebound from Matt Irwin Blast. Livingston's 2nd from Irwin and Hamilton at 9:25 in the 1st. 1-0 WOR
James Livingston scores on a rebound on a shot from Irwin. Sharks lead 1-0.
thatwetsp0t: amazonpoodle: Big sister drops to her knees to show affection to newborn Photo by James Irwin …
The real thanks comes from making as much noise as possible in the kitchen while slaving away on my " day off " while my favorite nephew ( James Irwin) tries to sleep off his way too much fun last night, party my *** off, drink too much & try to pick up chicks on my couch. While all his aunts work their butts off to make a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!!
James Irwin...Happy Thanksgiving!! Sure wish you were here with us today. I could listen to you and Matt Irwin argue about who's the best at everything. Ray Lambert would tell us about "the one that got away" and Pen Irwin and Brandi Irwin would sit back with me and just shake our heads. It would be the perfect family dinner!! LOL Love and miss you guys.Germany is just too far way. Tell Jacob Grammy loves and very much!
Hey guys! Could you please pass this to any parents/schools you know that may need my services. Serious inquireis only please Thanks :) Dear Parents and Guardians: My name is Courtney Halligan, I am offering my exceptional services as a professional tutor. I have just completed my Masters in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix. It has been an amazing learning experience to be an Instructional Assistant and Student Teacher at James Irwin Charter Elementary School since the fall of 2011. I have also had the privilege to improve confidence, build foundations, and provide tools for success by tutoring students since the summer of 2012. As your student’s tutor I would provide individualized and caring instruction in the areas that your student needs the most support. I offer my assistance for students in grades kindergarten through fifth who need help in the subject areas of math, reading, and writing. I am primarily available Saturdays from10:00am to 3:00pm and Sundays from 1:00pm- 5:00pm ...
It's been one *** of a year but threw the ups and downs and distance we have made it!! Thanks for the memories and all the laughs and even the tears. And thank you even more so for giving us a 2nd chance I love you Cary James Irwin!
Astronaut Col. James Irwin’s voyage to the moon changed his life forever. He says in To Rule the Night: “I wish I had been a writer or a poet, so that I could convey more adequately the feeling of this flight. The ultimate effect has been to deepen and strengthen all the religious insight I ever had. It has made my faith... "On the moon the total picture of the power of God and his Son Jesus Christ became abundantly clear to me.” Elsewhere he writes that the moon’s mountains, “at first sight, were not gray or brown as I expected. They were golden.” He adds that as he gazed at them the words of Psalm 121 kept echoing in his mind “like the refrain of an old hymn: "I look to the mountains; where will my help come from? My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 21:1–2
I was asked to share that there will be a craft fair at James Irwin tomorrow from 10-6. Thanks all.
William Mackrell, an artist I selected for has been selected for the Royal British Sculpture Bursary
USA: When James Irwin was lynched on January 31, 1930, pieces of his corpse were taken away by onlookers as souvenirs.
Love the fine art from James Irwin Elementary Kids Club 360! This one's titled "Superhero Mom"!
Fountain Valley vs. James Irwin Charter School soccer live on Ihigh today -
We have lost 2 sweet, sweet men the last 2 days. Saturday Mr. Wallace Cochran went to be with the Lord and Garner McCullar, Jr. went to be with the Lord this morning. Joe is on his way to make arrangements. Garner is the uncle of James Irwin, Robert Lee (my brother-in-law), Terry and Melvin Toole and Betty Jane T. Mathews and Carolyn T. Via. Please be in prayer for these families.
First People to Drive on The Moon: In 1971, the US astronauts, David Scott and James Irwin, were the first peopl...
Chris. That wasn't said by Neil Armstrong but by James Irwin, the 8th man on the moon - see wiki here
James Irwin,the 8th man to walk on the Moon,spent his money and his life searching for the lamentable is that?
Why haven't we been back to the moon? The answer is simple. Because we only stopped to pay attention when Neil Armstrong died and not when Peter Conrad, Alan Shepard, and James Irwin died. We don't care about third, fifth and eighth place.
"Apollo 15 astonauts David Scott and James Irwin left the Fallen Astronaut on the surface of the Moon as a memorial."
Sad for the loss of Neil Armstrong. Now only 8 moon walkers live. We'd already lost Pete Conrad, Alan Shepard, James Irwin, and Michael Jackson.
Space History Photo: Irwin Next to Rover: Astronaut James Irwin alongside the LVR on the lunar surface.
First Day of August Starts a 90 day Blitz. What can you accomplish in 90 days if you really Focus on it? 1st Aug. , 1968 : The Beatles finish recording their first record "Hey Jude" for Apple Records part of Apple Corps Ltd which they had created earlier in the year. The single went to number 1 on September 28th and stayed for 9 weeks ~ 1st Aug. 1971 Apollo 15: During a moon safari on "Lunar Rover" astronauts David Scott and James Irwin have uncovered a rock ( Genesis rock ) believed to be about 4,500 million years old which may date back to the origin of the Moon. ~ 1st Aug. 1981 : MTV the music video cable channel whose original purpose was to "play music videos" launches. ~ 1st August 1994 : The king of pop and the daughter of the king of rock confirmed they were secretly married 11 weeks ago. Michael Jackson, 35, and Lisa Marie Presley, 26.
Today in Science History: In 1971, astronauts David Scott & James Irwin drive on the moon in the Lunar Roving Vehicle.
Today in Space History: In 1971, David Scott & James Irwin land on the Moon with the first Lunar Rover.
The Duke returns. Sunday July 22 at the Workers Club, Fitzroy with Sweet Jean and Roscoe James Irwin. Doors 1:30 pm.
Are you looking for a job, or a NEW job? I am looking to hire someone who loves technology, is a problem solver, and s…
Its really sad to see James Irwin go...he is a one of a kind dude. Our kickass friends in Metal Down are looking...
Know a great teacher looking for a great school? We have Math, Chem., Spanish, History teaching positions open.
Today at Said the Gramophone, a song from the best LP of any unsigned act in Montreal. From James Irwin.
A very lovely folk show at Divan Orange tonight, Rah Rah's Kyrie Kristmanson with one of the best undiscovered acts in Canada, James Irwin.
Happy B-Day to Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin. He also lead many expeditions to Mount Ararat in search of Noah's Ark!
James Irwin left a photo of his family on the moon
FHS boys to travel to James Irwin: By BRANDON HOPPER hopperb@ The Huskies (8-11) will t...
indeed, James Irwin devoted his life post-Apollo to trying to find Noah's ark.
Win Free Books about the Moon by Master Books Today! via
"I swear James Irwin, if you don't stop it, I'm turning this Rover around. Straight back to Earth." - David Scott
James Irwin, an astronaut, was quoted as having said: "Wadi the closest thing on Earth to what I saw when I walked on the moon”
Australian Institute of Architects have awarded the Sir James Irwin Presidents Medal to the Integrated Design Commission. Terrific!
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