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James Ibori

James Onanefe Ibori (born 4 August 1958) was the Governor of Delta State in Nigeria from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007. He is a member of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP).

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Have we forgotten in a hurry when James Ibori's corruption case was struck out from our court while Honourable PDP…
What is Ifeanyi Okowa doing in Delta State? Even James Ibori that took all the money home didn't owe pensioners not to to talk of salaries
I guess your legal handlers have told you that naija prosecution/trial will be more cooperative tha…
When your likes prefer to be "plessing computa". Please let's just invite James Ibori and apologize for calling him a thief.
Exactly, that why she wants here. The james Ibori experience
can this present Govt bring back the trial of James IBORI
Judge free James Ibori that he was not corrupt,but he found corrupt in UK
She knows judgment can be bought easily... James Ibori has set the example long before now...
who is actually responsible for the bad name that former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori has broug…
This is to tell u that the Nigerian legal system is the most fair & just ( flawless) in d world. J…
Mallam Nuhu Ribadu's refusal to pocket James Ibori's $15,000,000 bribe is probably the most commendable act of...
I think every Nigeria agrees with that. It's a general consensus that is corrupt. James Ibori was c…
2019: Sule Lamido berths in S/East for Presidential Campaign. So what is James Ibori doing? If Sule Lamido can dream it, so…
James Ibori ended up in UK jail because Goodluck Jonathan wanted his head at all cost.
I think I just saw James Ibori on TVC news attending a US embassy soirée in Lagos ahead of Fourth of July.
So the US embassy invited eminent Nigerians like James Ibori to their Independence day celebrations? OK na
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It's like Britain released James Ibori and decided to detain President Buhari instead. This is not funny!
Men! I need to get a Biography of M.I Okpara. They don't make such politician breeds anymore
James Ibori stole 250 MILLION DOLLARS yet his citizens are likening him to Jesus, at this point I think I've seen/ heard it all
Will beg to differ sir. James Ibori had a thanksgiving after been released from a UK jail.
Am not sure the ppl at this ever heard of OlaBode George, Major Al-Mustapha or James IBORI
Okowa is James IBORI's stooge just like Ikpeazu in ABIA is T.A Orji's stooge; It's the PDP way!
Eid I Mubarak Have you guys by any chance read or listen to any Sallah message from James Onanefe Ibori?
PCC KEITH LINSAY HUNTER ISC ltd Global he hires his bent consultant cops to ipcc ccrc cps no justice just corruptn
Live in the country home of our Leader ,Chief James ONANEFE IBORI after the Delta Central PDP Mega rally in Sapele
Convicted Nigerian fraudster James Ibori has been awarded £1 for being unlawfully detained in the UK
Looks like what they seized from James Ibori..
How much was spent on James ibori ...after his spell in jail .tell me
I've learn't over the years not to believe everything the judiciary throws at us, take for instance the case of Jam…
Even if for laughs - it will serve as lesson learnt. . I read about how Strive Masiyiwa was st…
Thank God, the ex-convict -James Ibori is still alive to witness this absurdity.
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This is so true, many examples of misplaced sympathy. Bode George. Alameseigha. James Ibori. Dammy Krane. and many more... https:/…
James Ibori was unlawfully detained in the UK, for 42 hours pass his lawful detention time. Granted 1 pound in damages. Life.
,invited guest were not complete Cos I couldn't see James Ibori,Bode George,and Rep.of Alamesigha,Afolab
Except I missed them, the roll call should have included the likes of James Ibori, Bode George, Ka…
Ex-convict, James Ibori conferred with chieftaincy title "Ezi-Oyi Anioma" (i.e. a good friend of Anioma nation) at Ogh…
Dear one James Onanefe Ibori who was convicted in UK for laundering Delta State's money is back. find him.
Bode George and James Ibori all received a heroes welcome. Nigerians celebrate despicable people, as long as they a…
WORRIED by the crowd of sycophants milling around former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, since his...
Urhobos back James Ibori for appealing 2012 fraud conviction.
which country will that be.If u feel this way about some1 like I wonder how you feel about GEJ or James Ibori, Diezani
tell that to James Ibori or Bode George, they are celebrated despite they stole.
Hello. James Ibori and co need their money. Remember Delta statr has legitimate owners
TVC E. Former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, has filed a full appeal in the British Court of...
The senate under the leadership of Saraki will rather prefer either Deizani or James Ibori 2b an EFCC chairman than Magu…
Convicted former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, was spotted at the Funeral ceremony of the elder brother...
Between 1999 and 2005 (6 of the 8 years James Ibori was Governor) Delta State got 321,002,165,222.70 from the FGN = $1,020, 514,003.6 today
James Ibori received N250m as pension while in UK prison. Delta State govt says he is entitled to it because it is the law -…
Ex governor shema of katsina was called a thief by his own people but people of Delta State were celbratin of James Ibori return..
Abacha is a hero. Abiola is a hero. Ojukwu is a hero. James Ibori is a hero. Jonathan is a hero. Nigeria is not a country, it…
the same has been done to Sani Abacha for years, A former IGP(I can't recall his name) even James Ibori etc.
After Years Of Penalization JAMES IBORI has been Relinquished: After so many years in parturiency, former Delta……
James Ibori – BusinessDay : News you can trust BusinessDay : News you can trust
No doubt in mind that James Ibori will be Nigerian next president or kingmaker, in Nigeria only Thieves can rule the country. Anything goes
Sent as Copied:. IBORI: London, Cesspool of Stolen Monies. For those anxious for James Onanefe Ibori's touchdown...
You were just James Ibori last week, Sanni Abacha this week, I know it's not some midlife crisis, so what's up?
James Ibori was a scumbag thief but at least he developed Oghara small. Even though that's the only place he developed in Delta State.
...When Bode George was released from kirikiri, the yorubas danced and others abuse them! Now James Ibori from U.K prison.
[VIDEO] James Ibori celebrates with friends & Political Allies after release from London Prison
The man that libereate the people of Nigeria is coming out prison. Hail the man with great power and dignity. Chief James…
don't know much about Africa, but stealing £110 million & trying to use it to buy dream London home reminds me of h…
James Ibori, Almaseigha are confirm convicts I know
via Former Delta State Governor James Ibori has been released from prison
Ex-Governor James Ibori's welcome party after release from UK jail
So uncle and his boys went to comgratulate James Ibori ???😹
via James Ibori holds prayer session after his release in London (Photos)
Gud mornin dear,to me,,one of d tin dat trend in 2016,,was hw my oga on d top Chief James Ibori been released frm prison
hypocrites!! same people defending magu & tinubu abusing those defending James ibori and diezani in the same country...
As Pope John Paul II was dying; he sent for James Ibori and Diezani alison-madueke. On their arrival, he motioned...
If the Niger Delta were a Country, James Ibori's head would be on her highest money denomination. He's a true hero by ND standards.😂
A former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, who evaded arrest in Nigeria was recently released from a London...
James Ibori is your problem . Yet TInubu is a saint. Buhari is Mr. integrity . El-Rufai is a Great leader. I laugh
James Ibori = as corrupt as most of his political contemporaries. Only difference is he was apprehended, tried, and senten…
It's a welcome development that James Ibori has been released from prison - spokesperson for Delta State govt. . Imagine.
Deltans celebrates James Ibori's release from UK prison. Residents of Asaba, Delta State, who are currently...
Residents of Asaba today celebrated the release of former Delta State governor, James Ibori from a…
Reports that James Ibori has been released from London prison after serving 5yrs of 12yr sentence for stealing millions f…
No street in should be named after living people. Ibrahim Babangida Blvd and James Ibori close. People that ruined…
- Same cell with Lucky Igbinedion and James Ibori.
James Ibori Set To Be Released . The rumour mill is seriously agog with the the tale of the the…
James Ibori kinsmen to UK Government: Release our son now
James Ibori took that route and ended up in jail.
Kinsmen of former governor James Ibori have told the British government to release their son NOW. The issue is, they don't…
The new president of NBA, A. Mahmoud was employed to appeal James Ibori's case and up till now, nothing has been heard. - Femi Falana (SAN)
They murdered you - Convicted Nigerian thief James Ibori to pardoned Nigerian thief Dipriye Alamiesiegha
“Nigeria’ll never be the same for me without Alamieyeseigha,” – James Ibori
Tribute to Alamieyeseigha: Nigeria'll never be the same for me without you- James Ibori such inspiring truth
PHOTONEWS: of ovation with James Ibori in 2012! via
Coker was named,ex-MD of Nigerian Ports Authority was named too...and James ibori
3. we commenced investigation into yourself & James Ibori in same 2005 see attached, your time is NOW https:/…
If Buhari, a coup plotter who truncated our democracy can become the president of a democratic Nigeria, then there is hop…
Cheer up! It could be worse. If you're mad at Amaechi, imagine if James Ibori is the one leading the charge.
When will my governor return back pls give us back our governor U K send us back Chief James Ibori
James Ibori will return home by July to help sanitize Nigeria -Emami Ayiri. How did we get to dis point dat we don't even know what is shame
James Ibori:. An enigma, pacesetter, etc. That, is greater than any other thing you ve to say about him. . If you are wise, ar…
James Ibori to Return to Nigeria in July, Joins APC - APC Stalwart, Chief Ayiri Emami.
APC Chief, Ayiri Emami – “James Ibori will return in July to help sanitize Nigeria”: TheInfoNG. via
The same way a known thief in person of James Ibori was presented to run for governorship of delta is the same with Deji.
The EFCC under Ribadu felt President Yar’Adua was somehow lukewarm to investigating and prosecuting James Ibori and others.
The James Ibori case is taking a new twist!. Tunde Gabriel Alabi took on Stephen Kamlish QC on BEN TV as exclusive...
I hope it's not a repeat of James ibori
British Paliament to querry London Met Police Chief, Hogan-Howe over "deliberate cover-up" by Scotland Yard officers in Jam…
I seem to remember some left as cash in suitcases. But UK prosecuted James Ibori & is returning money.
what should we call people like Alison Madueke, Dasuki Sambo, James Ibori? upright Nigerians..u simply said d truth
E say Fashanu! First, John or Justin? Second, if na John, ask Oceanic bank.and James Ibori. RIP Justin.
Saw the university James ibori attempted to start building in Delta State. I wonder what's going to happen to all that land ..
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James Ibori’s brother-in-law sentenced to 2 & a half years in the UK for money laundering
Yet *** continue to blame President Obasanjo or Yardy and the Lucky one while James Ibori eats pie & mash.
Dear Ethiope East is not the LG of Chief James Ibori. And, this news is misleading and malicious.
Econet was sent packing from Nigeria by James Ibori because they refused to give him $5M bribe according to their former CEO
Farida Waziri couldn't prosecute James Ibori who was later convicted in UK.
I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that behind the scenes it is a very similar situation to what that Econet Wireless and James Ibori
DESOPADEC MD gives commission N350 million to Daily Independent owned by James Ibori as payback
James Ibori looted Delta but he's still a god in Delta till today. You may want to ask why
James Ibori is now the S.I unit of politicians who are supposed to be in jail.
Is all abt being on the winning side or losing side. James Ibori is where he is for losing out in the game. Amaechi betted on the right horse
PRINCE Abubakar, Lucky Igbinedion, James Ibori were best of friends...Do the maths
had James Onanefe Ibori still be around in delta, I bet you Clark would have been a forgotten man.
to deport 29K must be those hustling, trying to make ends meet.won't they deport james ibori
I don't think anybody voted for him based on his personality. If APC used let's say James Ibori we'd still vote because APC
UK Government Plans To Deport 29,000 Nigerians. I just went through the list. I didn't see James Ibori or Diezani Allison-Ma…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
More seriously, here's another opinion on the Tony Baldry MP/James Ibori story, from Craig Murray (anyone know him?)
Alamieyeseigha had only one house in his village – James Ibori via
55 years after, corruption bars Nigeria from Eldorado: The former Delta State Governor, James Ibori, who curre...
But we can conveniently call James Ibori and Lucky Igbinedion thieves.
War Against Corruption: Everybody is doing the wrong thing: When a former governor of Delta State, James Ibori...
After James Ibori, is yet to get a leader with a sense of rapid development. I'm informed started very bad.
I cannot be probed by- Amaechi. Yes!A James Ibori cannot be made the head-prober of someone or something.
for whatever ridiculous reason, James Ibori is loved and reverred in Delta State, make no mistake. Reverse Robin hood mentality?
'Let him come and steal again, we'll support him still'--From a lady on my BBM, referring to James Ibori.
The day James Ibori will be freed will be saddening. It's not his release that would be saddening, but the fanfare and celebration.
Aregbesola is the best governor in Africa after James Ibori and Lucky Igbinedion. Please don't @ me. Thanks and God bless you all
😒😒😒 let's keep an eye on this kid, This is how James Ibori started.
Those refs were the worst thing to ever happen to football. Id rather endorse James Ibori's honesty!
Who meek? Sorry bros my mentor de jail Chief James Ibori ... Bite me 😉
same way he endorses James Ibori in UK!
If you have nothing to hide why challenge the probe? What befall James Ibori is beckoning on you Amechi.
Even James Ibori had to stay clear of Donald Duke's dealing with his estranged Deputy! A killer is a killer! Mean guy!
There are so much secrets that I wish I can reveal but I cannot. Like how James Ibori still controls Delta from prison. Lord sa…
Only an *** who was not properly brought up will use Stella Oduah or James Ibori to justify Fashola's loot. Corruption …
Hey! Wonders they said wil never end. A prayer crusade for the release of former Delta State governor. Chief James Ibori, som…
Photo-Speak! Delta State preparing for the return of Pastor James Ibori
"A crusade poster inviting Deltans to come together and pray for the release of James Ibori htt…
Prayer Crusade for the release of James Ibori? |
Prayer Crusade for the release of James Ibori?
Prayer Crusade for the release of James Ibori? - via
Prayer Crusade for the release of James Ibori
Lol! Prayer Crusade for the release of James Ibori
We know the Governor's wives that were drop-dead gorgeous. James Ibori's wife was like on her own lane
The legal system protected James Ibori's criminal enterprise...but not forever. He answered for his crime. Buruji Kashamu, take note."
With the Buruji Kashamu & NDLEA drama, Chief DSP Alams may join his brother, Chief James Ibori in the UK in coming weeks. Who knows...Hmmm!
People like Aliyu Babangida can only run,they cant hide!What is happening to James Ibori now?Bon voyage
Number 1: James Ibori a thief and a shameless politician is a member of the PDP.
This subsidy thing is not about GEJ or GMB.. If it was James Ibori that removed subsidy, I would have supported him. Subsidy is a waste
why you no go add Ayodele Fayose to your list. James Ibori.
And trust me, nobody want to end of like James ibori.
Obasanjo messed up Alamiesegha, tamed James Ibori, screwed Al-Mustapha, caged Bode George, politically buried Atiku cos he is bad like that.
fmr govnr. James Ibori still in prison for stealing Dealta state fund for years.
Buhari will demand for James Ibori and Henry Okah to return to and finish all the unfinished businesses.
Part of d reason I love 2 see GMB as President come May 29th & beyond In shaa Allaah is that James Ibori will not come home & be celebrated
One good turn deserves another: UK spent tax payers money to prosecute James Ibori. Nigeria is ready to fling Buruji to the US to face trial
This ruling, perverted as it is, bears semblance to the ruling on James Ibori: perpetual injunction. Fraud!
Delta is far better than Kwara oh! James Ibori is in jail! Deltans wrote petitions against him! Kwara wake up! An emperor lurks
Even in his money laundering specialty, James Ibori was a far more relevant Governor than Uduaghan. A pity he is left to rot in UK jail
Read this on the James Ibori case & our urgent clarification: Fraudsters Know no limits!
Important clarification from & re someone using our names re Ibori corruption case
Your Excellency James Onanefe Ibori, the Odidigborigbo of Africa, I remember you today once and again. I can feel...
Delta State governor-elect is meeting James Ibori in London prison. He needs Ibori’s ‘felonic’ blessing before he resumes as governor."
Do we all remember James Ibori in UK prison. President Jonathan never get it right from day one. Am sure Ibori is having a laugh.
Rotemi amaechi really deserved a good respect from all apc stakeholder,Gej will hav rope him lik james ibori or okar if he win
Same was said of James Ibori even the local court affirm it.
Re Ghana Must Go, most fascinating story I know is the one in which James Ibori sends $15m cash to Nuhu Ribadu. . Ribadu annual salary: $50k
,Mr President can u please grant James Ibori a presidential pardon lik u did for Alamesia b4 u leave? It is very important o.
Delta State polytechnic British prison inmate James Ibori has bagged a fellowship award of the Delta State...
Ibori, Others Bags Fellowship Award Former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, was among persons that...
James Ibori anointed and enthroned a Governor in Delta State.. From UK PRISON...Boss!!!
If a politician is looking up to James Ibori as his political idol then I think we have no future in our current generation of politicians
TY Danjuma advising too? . How to kill corruption in government - Soon, James Ibori w send his own advic 2 Buhari. BenMurrayBruce is preachin
Ijaw group asks GEJ to grant Presidential pardon to James Ibori before he leaves Aso Rock
Notore Chemical Industries was formerly National figure,now the condition has dilapidated. It was acquire by James ibori
Now I know prof Soyinka has gone mad. Was he expecting OBJ to handover power to a corrupt James Ibori who was lobbying for the position?
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James ibori was Jailed in d Uk because of the availability of 'Empirical evidence'.We must begin to seek empirical evidence for convictions
Buruji will end up in jail like James Ibori.
Is Kashamu about to become this year's James Ibori.
Is it just Tinubu? how about Amaechi, Silva and the others?...Tinubu Is General Buhari’s James Ibori...
The reality is that Gov. Uduaghan is unpopular in Delta State. He is so unpopular that the inhabitants even prefer James Ibori.
What is Tompolo saying about Onanefe James Ibori?. Maybe GEJ is set to grant him Presidentia pardon. What have we not seen in this country!
ESABOD GLOBAL NEWS: James Ibori, man of political intellect —Senator A...
James Ibori is being called James Bond in UK prisons.
That's the trick they can sell. Why did James Ibori and Victor Attah buy into Armed Struggle? No be development?
Resource control is James Ibori's biggest dream.
It felt good when the GEJ government dealt with James Ibori. Let's see what GMB will do to some persons from the GEJ's government. Smiles
Bala James Ngillari has always been a criminal, he thinks he can milk Adamawa dry like his mentor James Ibori did...
some youngsters see Ibori James as their mentor in Delta State,it's nothing new
GEJ sir please before you leave office, set Edmound Ebiwari, James Ibori, and Henry Okah free. Do this for the Niger Delta nation
James Ibori was a *** Legend! All these recent thieves are just learners
"Get the writer right. He did state in details what transpired between the two, i.e. Ibori and Tinubu…" — Bekepu
Is Tinubus Hand Clean From Stealing and Corruption ,is Rotimi Amaechis hand + Sarakis hand also clean ,if so den James Ibori is also clean.
Breaking the jinx in Delta The second civilian Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori who hail from Delta...
Tinubu Is General Buhari's James Ibori In a case brought by Mr. Ibori against his trial in Kaduna, an Appeal Court...
Tinubu Is General Buhari's James Ibori A former military Head of State, General Buhari is also incidentally from...
Hmmm..“The more things change, the more they stay the same”. Bola Tinubu Is General Buhari's James Ibori:
, He can run but he can't hide. Soon justice will caught up with him. Remember James Ibori 's saga. Just wait and see.
Wen I saw ijaw people begin GEJ to grant presidential pardon to James Ibori b4 he exits,I jst tank God dat he didn't win d election
No presidential pardon for James Ibori. He is a thief!
. Fwd: SEE WHY Ijaw group pressures Pres. Jonathan to grant pardon to James Ibori ==her to read
Ijaw asks Jonathan to grant Presidential Pardon to James Ibori before leaving Aso Rock
Erhiatake Ibori, daughter of James Ibori is now a member of Delta State House of Assembly. Just thinking.Nigerian value and moral system.
Just found out that James Ibori's daughter won a House of Assembly seat in Delta State: ...
We forget that James Ibori funded UMYA election and he is PDP till today and still controls structures frm prison
and you hav produced world best thieves:Bode George,James Ibori,Stella Oduah,Allison Madueke,Alameseigha,Lucky Igbinedion etc
Saraki is in UK to say hi to his soon-to-b colleague;James Ibori
All these character are free with clear crime to even still in court. Only James ibori. Jailed In UK not Nigeria oh!
well it's actually a rig and belongs to Ex Governor James Ibori. Na so I hear ohhh...
James Ibori wasn't convicted of stealing. He as convicted of not being able to prove the source of his wealth!
So if James Ibori joins the APC today and sings the "Change" chorus, he automatically becomes a progressive.
When James Ibori heard Ribadu is now in PDP with GEJ in Adamawa. His reaction from his London prison!
Wat gives James Ibori hope in prison is knowing he wont be coming out to start from d scratch. His billions hidden somewhere still breathing
Amaechi will surely regrets his actions against Jonathan, he should ask James ibori !
If Buhari wins, most of those who think they will run away will be tried the James Ibori way.
No matter what James Ibori stil remains d govt of Delta State.
Former state governor receives 13-year sentence in Police suspect him to have stollen $250m
UK government-backed fund had indirect links to James Ibori, the former Nigerian state governor convicted of laundering millions of pounds.
Speechless and Shocked, James Ibori needs to see this, he will kick himself and say so this MAN sef get price tag?
How many in APC have been convicted of corruption? Look at PDP: Fani Kayode, Farouk Lawan, Stella Oduah, Buruji Kashamu, James Ibori.
James Ibori could have been given £19m by taxpayer paid development fund MPs told
By the way, why has Jonathan not protested and demand the release of James Ibori since he doesn't believe in imprisoning thieves? Just why?
LOL One of these Hollywood directors should've made a movie about James Ibori's escapades by now. Kinda like The Wolf Of Wall Street.
A lot of religion-based propaganda is flying about! GEJ bears a Christian name so do James Ibori,Peter Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.
Jonathan ill? Concern over Nigerian leader’s visit to London *A News Commentary on Jonathan’s private visit abroad Nigerians have expressed concerns over the reason for President Goodluck Jonathan’s private visit to London on Sunday. In the absence of any official disclosure about the true nature of the visit, Nigerians have been posting all manner of speculations. Some were of the view that the president went to pay a visit to jailed former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori. Some others said he went for a quick medical check-up over a serious ailment, while yet others said the president took his children to boarding school in the UK to allow him concentrate on the coming general election in February. A statement announcing the visit on Sunday signed by Dr. Reuben Abati simply said that the president was embarking on ‘’ a brief private visit to the United Kingdom”. It also said the President was accompanied on the trip by some of his principal staff and personal aides, and that he would ret ...
GEJ AND HIS QUESTIONABLE SUPPORTERS! See the list of GEJ supporters, show me your friends. . . Buruji Kashamu, Bode George, Koro, Ogunlewe, Teslim, Tokyo, Auxiliary, Mimiko(serial betrayal man), Omisore(the man who killed Bola Ige), Jelili(the man who led the gang to Ige's house and killed him), Fayose(he killed many during his first coming in Ekiti), IBB, Asari, Tompolo, SAS( the man who formed Ecomog that transformed into BH), Shekarau(the man who burnt books in Kano), Ifeanyin Uba(main subsidy fuel thief and TANmites supremo), James Ibori(corruption supremo), Arthur Eze ( main Abacha man) etc. The smiling Jackal, GEJ, is full of empty promises: 1) His 2011 campaign promises were never fulfilled. 2) where is the promised electricity? 3) where is the promised 2nd Niger Bridge? 4) where is the promised cassava bread? 5) he promised that BH would be over by Mid 2012, so what happened? 6) where is the Confab Report? 7) where are the other over 70 committees' Reports? Etc. IS THE NATION NOW BETTER OFF THAN 2 ...
Delta State today. Governor Uduaghan has failed to produce a Successor and he also failed to make it to the Senate. Uduaghan's plan was to kill the James Ibori political structure existing in Delta State. At first Uduaghan projected one stranger called Tony OBUH while James Ibori from London prison endorsed Ifeanyi Okowa. It was a battle between the Ibori and Uduaghan political class for months on who to produce the next Governor of Delta State. After several protest from different quarters calling for the withdrawal of Tony OBUH from the race because he's not a politician, Governor Uduaghan yet again ran to the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) with $1m for them to give him a candidate and they brought David Edevbie but again James Ibori from London prison insisted on Ifeanyi Okowa. Uduaghan went about threatening the Ibori supporters to deliver Edevbie while Ibori was busy calling his supporters all through today to deliver Okowa. At the end the Ibori group won. This is a prove that James Ibori remains the po ...
Stella Oduah, James Ibori's son, Sani Abacha's son, Kashamu, Alamesiegha to fly PDP colours in 2015. What has happened to integrity?
7 BEST NIGERIAN BOOKS! 1) Beauty tips by Olusegun Obasanjo, 2) Value of family planning by 2face Idibia, 3) How to live in peace by Boko Haram, 4) Tactics to win trophies, by Arsene Wenger 5) Say no to corruption by James Ibori, 6) My love for America by Osama Bin Laden, 7) How to develop your speaking skill & public speaking by Dr. Mrs Patience Jonathan. Available in all Nigerian book shops, grab ur copy nw & njoy ur xmas. no tell anybody say na me talk am ooo
Two Nigerians, former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori and former Managing Director of Oceanic Bank, Cecilia Ibru
James Ibori remains the best governor Delta State has produced. Obuh is going to clueless and worse than Gov Uduaghan!
WHY DELTANS WILL APOLOGIZE TO JAMES IBORI IF UDUAGHAN IS NOT JAILED: *James constructed roads but Udughan couldn't finish one major road, *James constructed Bomadi, Omadinor/Ughotor forgive my spelling), Asaba-Asse, Ashaka bridges but the man Uduaghan could not do one, * James established three Polytechnics which are functioning, a College of Health Education at Mosogar, College of Health, Ofuoma-Ughelli while Sam Obi as Acting Governor in 2010 opened the School of Marine Technology in Burutu established by James Ibori but Uduaghan shamelessly refused to set even a block in that school yet so much have been stolen through it, *James Ibori introduced Rural Electrification Programme through which many of Delta rural communities got connected to the National grid but Uduaghan did no single electrification project, * James Ibori renovated all the state Government General Hospitals while EEU did not build one but provided a free health care for a defined class, *Ibori introduced Delta City Taxi while EEU throu ...
WHICH OF THESE BEST SELLERS BOOKS... WOULD YOU BUY 1. How to Look handsome by Obasanjo 2. Secret of Successful Marriage by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 3. Foods that wil make you Grow Tall by Osita Iheme 4. MyLove for Nigeria by Abubakar Shekau 5. Tips to get Married by Genevieve Nnaji 6.The Joy of Poverty by Aliko Dangote 7.Tips for Passing English Language by Patience Jonathan. 8. Good Governance by Gov T A Orji and James Ibori. 9. The People are my Friends. by Ebola 10. Peace keeping in the northern Nigeria by Boko Haram ... pick one answer and add urs.
Free! wasting time in jail cuz of haters and jealousy
Proof? You asked same before James Ibori was convicted. No point.
James Ibori won't be anything in 2015. Let's not over exaggerate.
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infact, i would be surprised if James Ibori doesnt turn out as a king and kingmaker. Senator J O Ibori
Is there anyone here who will be shocked if James Ibori becomes a Nigerian Senator in '19?
. James Ibori from prison to Governor (Delta State). Maybe from prison again to Senate/V.P.
James Ibori, Senate President 2019. I am sure wherever they are, Bank PHB are already thinking like that.
James Ibori is back soon enough. Senator James Ibori in 2019.
Don't even go there,a country that acquitted James Ibori. Our referees are not even worthy of Nations cup. Don't try judging Masipa.
We still have a long way to go,a Judiciary that discharged and acquitted James Ibori.
James Ibori the King "Dimgba Igwe was known for fairness and patriotism — Ibori
The cabal consisted of James Ibori, Andy Uba and Nuhu Ribadu as key enforcers. How have the 3 fared politically ever since?
Who would have believed that one day Nuhu Ribadu would be in the same party as James Ibori.
NEW SET OF COMRADES 1) James Ibori, the former governor of Delta State serving a jail term in the U.K 2) Lucky Igbinedion, an ex-convict, whose case was initiated by Ribadu himself 3) Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, whom he also convicted 4) Ayodele Fayose currently undergoing trial for corruption 5) Reverend Jolly Nyame of Taraba state facing a criminal trial of 6) Joshua Dariye of Plateau state who is also under EFCC's watch for state funds 7) Senator Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu state facing money laundering charges 8) Saminu Turaki of Jigawa state facing anti-graft charges 9) Alao Akala of Oyo state facing misappropriation charges of Gbenga Daniel of Ogun state facing misappropriation charges of wish him best of luck
DSS's show of shame By Nura Alkali. In a feeble attempt to justify their harassment of the opposition during the Osun State elections, the DSS now claims APC attempted to bribe them with 14 million Naira. Ex-Gov. James Ibori had also offered a 15-million dollar bribe to Nuhu Ribadu, who lodged the money with CBN and collected a receipt. That evidence was subsequently tendered at Ibori's trial. If a policeman could be that smart, i expected no less from the DSS. So the bribery allegation is a poor attempt at justifying the shameful conduct of a disgraced agency. I support the call by EU observers for Gov. Aregbesola to lodge a formal complaint with them and take the FGN to court. PDP may control our security agencies, but they don't control the judiciary yet.
Delta State GUBER AND THE POLITICAL WOES OF ASPIRANTS As I type this, I am serious laughing at all the guber aspirants for Delta State their and aides over the recent happening that will soon burst open tonight. I can imagine them crying as they are being played like a game of pawn by Governor Uduaghan who has mastered the arts of politics from his mentor, James Ibori. Just after friendly call from a senior brother and good friend over some issues, I placed a call to a serving Commissioner in the State to give me details and shocking they were. How can Uduaghan think of sponsoring 6 candidates from Anioma and Delta Central region and allegedly gave them N200 million each to start one fake campaign in other to perfect plans of imposing his anointed son? This was also confirmed to me by a guber aspirant who fear for their ambition I saw this coming and warned some media aides that the race to stop this should begin early, but like the proverbial beetle, they take your advice but never work on it while milki ...
That's like deciding to support and vote for James Ibori or Lucky Igbinedion to become President of Nigeria.Absolutely preposterous
UK Prosecutor Reviews Alleged Link Between UK Aid And Jailed Ibori Britain’s leading fraud prosecutor on Wednesday started the evaluation of material alleging UK aid might have been channelled to companies linked to the jailed former governor of Delta State, James Ibori. Solicitor-General, Oliver Heald, said that as part of that review, the Serious Fraud Office, was examining whether there was any indication of an offence falling within the criminal jurisdiction of England and Wales as opposed to criminal jurisdictions overseas. “No formal decision has yet been made in relation to this matter and no investigation has been opened,” Heald said in written response to a parliamentary question. The Serious Fraud Office confirmed it had received material from the government’s Department for International Development this February but said it was too soon to say whether it would launch an investigation. A full-blown investigation could be an embarrassment to Prime Minister David Cameron, who brushed asid ...
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The following books are out for the month of July. 1. The secret of a successful marriage. By Rev Chris Okotie 2. The benefits in family planing. Author by 2face idibia. 3.Easy ways to be corrupt free nation written by James Ibori and Dieprie Alaimeisegha. Publish by chief Bode Gorge& lunched by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. 4. Ten ways to a peaceful Nation. By shekarau MD/CEO Boko Haram
James Ibori the ex Delta State Governor was jailed for stealing at a London court and he said it was for political reasons. Chimaroke Nnamani ex Enugu State Governor standing trial on allegation of stealing billions of Naira from Enugu State blamed his political enemies same with Salisu Buhari who blamed his political enemies on allegation of certificate forgery. John Yakubu Yufus the Police Pension Fund criminal blamed his haters. Chief Bode George blamed OBJ for his travails. Alamasiegha ex Bayelsa state Governor said he was jailed for political reasons. OBJ blamed his I'll fated 3rd Term that would have pronged Nigeria into dictatorship on political reasons, Anenih could not give account of the billions he stole from the government, rather he said those questioning him are doing it for political reasons. The Nigerian politicians possess such amazing saintly attributes and disposition that not even an angel can fault them. That is why our country is such a beautiful place.'s called "freedom of association".ask Bode George,Asari dokubo,alameyeseigha ,James Ibori and co.
Whither APC? Politics Friday, May 9, 2014 By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor Coming from a man like Chief Tom Ikimi, one of the country's most enduring political figures, the memo to the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC Chief Bisi Akande was indeed unnerving. The memo dated May 1, 2014 was a narrative of the increasing confusion in the opposition political party across the country with the assertion that the party is losing members in strong numbers across the country. "I am compelled to express strong reservations on the present state of affairs in our Party and my heart bleeds when I look back at the efforts and personal sacrifice many of us made to bring this national platform to fruition," Ikimi wrote. Pioneer state chairman Just few days after the memo was sent out, the base of the party in Ikimi's home, Edo State was shaken following the defection of the erstwhile national vice-chairman (South-South) of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and ...
Onuesoke faults DPP over Delta guber polls WARRI—FORMER gubernatorial aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta State, Mr. Sunny Onuesoke, has faulted Delta State Democratic Peoples Party’s chairman, Chief Tony Ezeagwu and Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru, DPP’s gubernatorial candidate in Delta, over allegations that majority of Deltans were disenfranchised during the Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections. Speaking to newsmen in Warri, Onuesoke said it is absurd for anyone to think that INEC helped Governor James Ibori to disenfranchise anybody in Delta, saying that DPP should stop deceiving Nigerians because it had no hope of winning the elections. Said he: “It is not true that INEC helped Chief James Onanefe Ibori to disenfranchise Deltans, and in actual fact DPP had no hope of winning the general elections, so they should stop deceiving the people of this state (Delta) and Nigerians.” According to him, the people of Delta State voted en masse for Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan during the elec ...
The Nigerian supreme court should be repositioned,the idea where a political party in power uses a supreme court to rewrite wrong laws should be discouraged. Such cases as the identification of James Ibori of Delta State, convict and sentence, to mention but few.This h...
Guest who wil b d room mate of James Ibori prison.
Hello, he was acquitted in Nigeria and was planning to contest before the UK swooped in on him. “ibori James”
PRESS STATEMENT. 2015 DELTA GOVERNORSHIP TUSSLE: URHOBO INTELLECTUAL GROUP WANT POWER SHIFT TO DELTA NORTH. Rising from a brain-storming meeting focused on the way forward for 2015 governorship election in Delta State, the national executive council of Agbon Peace and Economic Transformation Initiative (APETRI) has called on the President of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), General Patrick Aziza (Rtd) to work closely with Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and other major stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of political power in the state come May 29, 2015. APETRI in a communiqué signed by its National President, Dr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, said the UPU Uvbiamuge Declaration which is to the effect that only an Urhobo indigene would be supported and voted for by the ethnic nationality during the next gubernatorial elections requires modification because of the fact that the declaration is capable of creating ethnic rivalry and insecurity if necessary measures were not crafted to diplomatically manage the po ...
Corruption Hierachy in Nigeria: 1. Sanni Abacha - Founding Father. 2. GEJ - Incumbent Commander. 3. Dame Jonathan - Grand Matron 4. Abubakar Atiku - Director in-charge of Operation. 5. Labaran Maku - director in-charge of Media. 6.Stella Oduah - Director in-charge of Travels. 7. Muhammed Buhari - Commander in-charge of Military. 8. Diepreye Almaeseigha - Elder Stateman. 9. James Ibori - Board member. 10. Diezzani Allison Madueke - National Woman leader. 11. Attahiru Jega - Director in-charge of Elections. 12. Olusegun Obasanjo - Chairman B.O.T. 13. Ahmed Bola Tinubu - Lead campaigner. Hit the shepherd and the sheep will scatter... Arrest and deal with those people, Corruption will become a history in Nigeria.
THE RISE AND FALL OF ADAMS A OSHHOMHOLE. An empire that once rise if not properly administered, such an empire always ends in fiasco.Adam Aliuyu Oshomhole was born in a village called Iyamho close to Auchi by poor parents, who were not able to pay his school fees, in the primary school. He stopped his educational career in primary four & went into tailoring, he spent three years with one Mr Jimoh Igbadumeh then a popular Tailor in Auchi. Having spent reasonable years in tailoring workshop, his parents again could not buy sowing machine for the young Adams Aliuyu. Having notice the financial disability of his parent. the man Oshiomhole left his village for Kaduna, he was employed in Kaduna textile mile as obioma the tailor with a forged primary six certificate. He become a unionist as result of his vocabulary & his eloquent in speech. He rose to the pick as a labour leader, because of his noise in the labour industry EDO indingines who were desperately looking for a change as a result of Lucky Igbinedion's ...
OPINION: Is Bukola Saraki An Emergent Statesman? By Adamu Bello Senator Bukola Saraki is not doing bad at the moment. He is enjoying a media spotlight, heavily paid for. On Tuesday, April 15, he posed for what looks like a well-choreographed photo-op showing him donating blood at an Abuja hospital for victims of Monday’s dastardly bombing at Nyanya motor park. Police say 72 died in the bombing; 134 injured according to updated figure. There were calls for citizens to donate blood to save compatriots. Saraki turned himself in. That is a good idea. Aside him, speaker Aminu Tambuwal was also seen in a photograph donating blood. But while Tambuwal stopped at the photo-op probably meant for campaign, Saraki went beyond taking a selfie at a scene of national mourning to sending out a statement announcing he had donated blood for the victims. That is not bad on the surface. But it becomes a show-off when you then discover that no less than 20 senators and several other House of Reps members made similar gest . ...
James Ibori, Alamieyeseigha,Lucky Igbinedion,Odili etc. Do they love Niger Delta?Despite 13% why r Kano roads better than Warri
oh boy! $50 million na moi moi? These APC folks don't want it mentioned! Bola Tinubu is worse than James Ibori! Yet free...
Mention some u know. Farouk Lawan, Reno Omokri, Stella Oduah and James Ibori
Tinubu's private jet purchase is the least of his deficiencies. This is a guy who should be cooling his heels with James Ibori
James Ibori, the virus that wont go away. It is so sad that our people, especially the youths who are the victims of bad leadership by corrupt men in power, now celebrate criminals and criminal acts with so much passion on the one hand, and lament bitterly about the dangerous slide to anarchy nigeria is experiencing on another. Ibori serially robbed Delta State for 8 years and in the process, bankrupted the state and mortgaged the future of its citizens, especially the youths. While he was doing it, he created a huge smokescreen to blind the people from seeing by doling out mischievous more-you-look-less-you-see pittances that the mostly mentally confiscated Deltans thought were real dividends of democracy, not knowing that he was building a future that would eternally place him and his family and their unborn generations as masters of the people's future and their collective destiny. The fraud became manifest only after he left and the state's economy collapsed, leaving a huge crater that brought about m ...
If u decamp to apc, then u have repented and show a patriotic character but if u decamp to pdp then u have been bought with money. If i were Lucky Igbinedion and james Ibori when they return to political arena of Nigeria,i will advise them to join apc bc that the place their fake image will be rebuild and thereafter can go to any party of his choice.
So, this country has gone this bad. Chieve, Doctors, etc protesting in favour of James Ibori, yet the police did not see harm in that. But my colleagues (ASUP etc) were chased in Abuja by thesame Nigerian police. Police, shame on you all!!!
Some protesters in Delta State yesterday demanded the release of Chief James Ibori by the London Court
| There is extensive due process in such matters. A good case study is that of the former Nigerian State Governor James Ibori.
Perhaps DSP Alams, James Ibori, Sir Bode George can aspire towards that exalted office. In Naija, impossibility is nothing
JESUS SAYS “IF YOU HAVE NEVER COMMIT THE SAME CRIME,CAST THE FIRST STONE”. IN NIGERIA CURRUPTED JUDGES ARE JUDGING CURRUPTED CASES. IS ALWAYS THE RICH THAT KEEPS GETTING FREEDOM WHILE THE POOR ARE ALWAYS SENTENCE TO PRISON AFTER JUSTICE IS BEING ANALYSE. Falana slams Nigeria’s senior lawyers, judges; accuses them of frustrating corruption trials Festus Owete - 20 hours ago NATIONAL, NEWS Mr. Falana says the country’s senior lawyers must stop railroading the poor to prison while rich and powerful criminals continue to walk free Lagos lawyer and activist, Femi Falana, has lambasted some Nigeria’s senior lawyers and judges for allegedly frustrating corruption cases in the country. He identified the trials of the former Chief Executive of the defunct Intercontinental Bank Plc, Erastus Akingbola and former governor of Delta State, James Ibori as well as the celebrated Halliburton bribery case as some of the high profile cases the Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SANs, had succeeded in undermining. In a p ...
NOTE! THE IGNORAMUS MENTALITY... ... If the thief profess my faith its okay and understandable, atleast its our own. Its only called a thief when its from the other divides. ... For whatever reason he/she remained incorruptible and never toe the path of looting the treasury like his/her predecessors its his/her business, I don't give a *** to what prompted his/her quest to remain stainless. After all he/she don't believe or profess my faith. He/she should keep his/her integrity to himself/herself. ..., what a pathetic bigoted mindset, and yet on daily basis your kinsmen are looting the treasury dry. Buying private jets, bullet proof cars, and may be next is to build bullet proof houses.. What makes you think honest leaders are only within the clime of your faith? You think the corrupt politicians do ask what tribe or faith each of them belong to when sharing our money?? Do you think they care to know if you are a Muslim or Christian? Have you at anytime pose to ask yourself why Baraje & Tukur were fierce ...
last night i had a dream abot two hero fighting over a kingdom d two people are buhari and Ebella Jonathan two of dem were real in fight who to rule nigeria in dat process federal government order realse of Chief James Ibori aka d odidigborigbo of african to rule d country. And peace was regine over d country dere were no bokoharm and millantant . As ibori wil be ruling dis country 2015 dat mean were ever u are or any problem u are into it has soluction dont lose hope keep praying God wil anwer u in jesus name amen
Jailed Ibori sacks Daily Independent newspaper management from prison By Sani Tukur Jailed former Delta State governor, James Ibori, has ordered the management of his newspaper, Independent Newspapers Limited, INL, to proceed on compulsory leave with immediate effect. The order from Mr. Ibori, who is currently serving his jail term in a London prison, was handed top editorial and senior management and operations staff of the embattled newspaper by the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Lawan Gambo, during an emergency management meeting on Saturday, December 18. Mr. Gambo, who presided over the brief meeting, held at the Corporate headquarters of the newspaper in the Ogba area of Lagos reportedly told some top editors and management to go home till January 31, PREMIUM TIMES learnt. The board chair also indicated that only those of them relevant to the future of the company would be recalled. Those not recalled, he said, would be disengaged and communicated. Those affected in the purge are Managing Editor ...
Merits of Sanusi's case? When did we start to trust our legal system. Same system thats acquitted James Ibori. Is sanusi so is…
I'm not a Lawyer and I never pretended to be a learned person, but as a lay man as far as Law is concerned I get very disturbed with legal inconsistencies particularly as it affects Nigerian law and lawyers A poor man steals a phone worth 3K and he is beaten blue black, handed over to the police who locks him up and forget him there. After staying for a very long time someone remembers to take him to court. Not necessarily because they love him, doubt his guilt or wanted to exercise his fundamental human right but probably because he has stays too long at the police station and there s need for another tenant in that cell.He goes before a judge without a proper investigation of his guilt or innocence by the police and the judge just by looking at this young man dirty and unkept concluded the guy must really be guilty as alleged and slams him in jail. He stays there for years without his case decided until . A rich man steals millions or billions and he is INVITED to efcc or police station to come defends ...
that one, a 3rd party came to court to say he was the ex-con James Onanefe Ibori, not the politician/governor. State didn't refute
: former Gov. James Ibori was once given perpetual injunction from arrest by the EFCC eventhough he haf 140 charges.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
James Ibori was on bailed in 9ja flee abroad wia he was convicted
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