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James Hook

James William Hook (born 27 June 1985) is a Wales international rugby union player for French club Perpignan.

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What Wales don't want, with Scott Wills, is a James Hook situation. Where the poor bloke is expected to create a miracle with every touch
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Totally agree, Hook. Loved the focus on Miss James this week.
James Hook should be in there and maybe Gavin Henson?
Add Luke Charteris, Richard Hibbard, James Hook, Leigh Halfpenny, etc. Gatland' Law is ridiculous as is the English, NZ + Oz ones
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While watching Pan. James Hook, "I lied, I do that sometimes it's called being a grown-up!". Sophie, "No it's not.".
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VIDEO: Beneil Dariush knocks out James Vick at UFC 199 with a brutal left hook
White Sox acquire James Shields from Padres, on hook for about $26M left on his deal. Details from https:…
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Jacob Rowan off for Glos, Matt Kvesic on, and Gloucester miss a penalty via James Hook
ICYMI... Mike Phillips says Wales just don't like James Hook
Mike Phillips sticks up for his pal James Hook
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Loving Mike Phillips controversial column. Speaking the thoughts of the nation on James Hook.
Mike Phillips: James Hook is one of the most gifted footballers I’ve played with but he doesn’t get a look in with Wales. Yet the coaches
Strong stuff from Mike Phillips who says James Hook could score 4 tries in training and Warren Gatland still wouldn't loo…
Former Wales star Mike Phillips has expressed his amazement at James Hook's ...
Mike Phillips claims Wales coaches 'just don't like James Hook'
Gloucester 28-6 Harlequins: James Hook, Ben Morgan and Steve McColl run one-sided show for Cherry and Whites
left by Tommy Bowe, James Hook etc about 5 years ago ☺
Fab Four alert: James Hook on sport from 7, also joined by Mike Phillips after 8.
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I thought Captain Hook was called 'Hook' because of his hook, but apparently his name was already James Hook. I did not know that.
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James Hook and Tyler Morgan are Wales' outside-centre options for the World Cup quarter-final, says backs coach Rob…
Garrett Hedlund is James Hook, future captain, in ‘Pan’: "TRON: Legacy"…
Wales tired of Australia 'heartache': James Hook says the pain of recent narrow defeats by Australia will moti...
Okay so we just did shots with James Hook and Mike Phillips 😂😂
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Dancing with Jamie Roberts, James Hook & Mike Phillips in Retros.. Best night ever
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With the Wales team hotel feeling more like a hospital ward than a World Cup base, Warren Gatland called on James Hook and Gareth Anscombe
Wales squad update: Scott Williams (knee) and Hallam Amos (shoulder) ruled out of RWC squad. James Hook and Gareth Ans…
James Hook has 78 caps, 352 Pts, 2 Grand Slams, a 6N Championship and is a Lion. That's none too shabby for a replacement.
James Hook receives call up to Wales' Rugby World Cup squad
James Hook and Gareth Anscombe have been called up to Wales' squad as Scott Williams and Hallam Amos are ruled …
Good. I'm expecting James Hook to join the squad shortly. We need an utility player to cover centre and fullback
Ok what are Wales' centre options outside the squad? I've got Ben John, James Hook, Gavin Henson & Gareth Owen. Anyone else?
Centre options if Cory Allen is ruled out:. Tyler Morgan, James, Justin Tipuric... then this man?
Tyler Morgan replacement for Cory Allen if James Hook still out of favour? Can't afford to have only 2 centres, since North needed on wing.
With Cory Allen almost certainly out of the World Cup, who do Wales turn to? Tyler Morgan, James Hook, Rhys Patchell, Anscombe? Or who else?
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Dan Biggar is a good goal kicker. I would like to see Mike Phillips and James Hook coming back. Liam Williams at fullback.
he's too pretty to become James Hook! Agreed re Farrell at 12, think we may see quite a bit of that a la Mike Catt 2003
Jonathan Davies questions James Hook omission from Wales squad
Why is Eli Walker the only one trying? Why do we continue to play James Hook at 10? This is an absolute shambles
Nice 2 hear where James Hook priority lies 4 coming welsh sporting events. Nt to win RWC but For to have top 5 finish in PL' 👍
Quitting Wales was not an option for fly-half James Hook (via Belfast Telegraph)
47-man Wales World Cup training squad, Nine players uncapped:  Fly-half James Hook is included in the long lis...
James Hook and Richard Hibbard taste Challenge Cup glory as Gloucester defeat Edinburgh
► Wales and star James Hook reveals the secret to the perfect rugby kick » http:…
For once I agree with Austin Healey. Cipriani is in real danger of becoming the next James Hook. A real waste.
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-James Hook was in his chambers that very morning. He was still trembling in fright because of another --
James Hook isn't playing for but he thinks club-mate Jonny May could match-winner...
Cardiff Blues fly-half Gareth Anscombe is in Warren Gatland's Six Nations squad, but there is no James Hook or Adam Jones.
Anscombe inclusion means no place for James Hook. Other uncapped players are Rob Evans, Tyler Morgan, Kristian Dacey.misses out
Four uncapped: Rob Evans, Tyler Morgan, Anscombe, Dacey. Sad to see no James Hook.
Hate cleric Abu Hamza has been found to actually be Pan-hating Captain James Hook
James Hook drop goal attempt straight out the George Ford coaching manual...
Ohh!. A pirate's life is a wonderful life You'll find adventure and sport!
The two women riding in the truck that killed James Anderson admitted to convincing the driver to run him down.
Prof. James Fetzer - "Sandy Hook was a Fabricated…: The whole case is littered with oddities says Fetzer
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Two years ago today was the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Take a moment to remember the families and victims.
Here's how the issue of guns divided in the months after the Sandy Hook shooting, two years ago today.
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How to be manipulative and still make people like you. -- a lecture on leadership by Captain James Hook.
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Nobody really meant Walken was awful as James Hook, because Walken is awesome. The challenge is finding the funny in it.
absolutely class finish tonight mate! I tapped about 10 times watching with how tight you had that heal hook on! Beautiful!
Stars PK for a defensive hook. James to the box.
if ospreys had the likes of James,hibbard,hook, and Ryan Jones in this squad they would win games like these
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George North, Mike Phillips and James Hook bent over infront of me, not complaining😏
James Hook has been named as injured flyhalf Dan Biggar’s replacement in Wales’ squad for Tests against Fiji & New Zea…
Wales: No Adam Jones and James Hook in autumn squad - BBC News
Dan Evans, Nick Cudd, Rob Evans, Sam Hobbs, Owen Williams, James Hook, Eli Walker missing out shows strength in depth or mistake by Gatland?
Young Ospreys prop Nicky Smith is the only uncapped player in Wales' Autumn Series squad & Justin Tipuric is in but James Hook misses out
Has Robbie Rotten and James Hook been seen in the same room?
James Hook. Fierce Captian James Hook enjoys a meal worthy of his status.
Capt. Hook- How are you stranger?. Peter Pan- I am James Hook. Captain Of the Jolly Roger.
Love this picture of Mike Philips and James Hook out on the town with Rafa Nadal
Thanks for the tag Leanne Walker, I have lots to be positive about. So the aim is: 5 days - 3 positives, 3 nominations each day. My positives for day 1: 1. I have an immeasurable amount of love in my life. I don't get why, but somehow all the people I love, love me back. How amazing is that?! 2. Housework and laundry are both up to date, so I can just concentrate on making this weekend fun for Matthew. 3. I still have my precious Dad. So many people have suffered losses this last year, it makes me so grateful that I can still hug my dad whenever I want. I nominate Sara Waterhouse, James Hook and Rob Checksfield - enjoy xxx
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See the full Wales team to face Eastern Province Kings on Tuesday - with Dan Lydiate captain & James Hook at fly-half
So the likes of Matthew Morgan, Cory Allen, James Hook and Dan Baker will play for Wales v Eastern Province Kings.
James Hook on linking up with Richard Hibbard - 'I thought I'd seen enough of him at school! It'll be good to see him again though.'
have made some great signings in John Afoa, Mariano Galarza, Richard Hibbard, Greig Laidlaw and now James Hook
Possible players should go to S.A Gareth Davies, James Hook, Andrew Coombs, Ellis Jenkins. Jordan Williams has a bright future!
Liberty Stadium erupts as Gareth Davies gets the Possibles on the scoreboard. James Hook converts. 48-7.
This is a farce. Should've been East V West. This tells no one anything. How are Gar Davies & James Hook supposed to impress with no ball?
Wales lock would welcome the return of fellow international James Hook to http:/…
Dude. The new Tinkerbell is the prequel to Peter Pan. Its the story of how James Hook became Captain Hook. We are enjoying it so far.
Sonny Parker reackons James Hook can freshen up Warren Gatland’s game-plan
Just finished watching The Pirate Fairy. SO CUTE! And loved it that Tom Hiddleston is James Hook. ^^ Swooon! The man can do Anything, even Sing apparently
Movie News - Phase 3 of Marvel is being dubbed "Age of Miracles" and will focus on the more magical, mysterious side of the Marvel Universe. Thor 3, Avengers 3, Ant-Man are confirmed along with Captain America 3 which is looking at a May 2016 release. Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) has been cast as Tiger Lily in the Peter Pan origin story "Pan" alongside Garrett Hedlund who will be playing a young James Hook and Hugh Jackman as BlackBeard. Also unknown Levi Miller will be the star Pan. Wolverine 3 is going into production after X-Men : Apocalypse in 2016. As of now Hugh Jackman & Wolverine director James Manigold are set to return. Rumors are swirling that director Josh Trank is abandoning ship along with screen writer Simon Kinberg on the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot months before shooting. Along with that there may be a total change to the cast which was just set weeks ago. Although multiple battles wage whether there is truth to this, it seems nothing is certain. Lupita N'Yongo (12 Ye ...
Come on Wales :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D. For god sake wheres James Hook, with no Leigh Halfpenny hes badly needed. Wow well done Wales pity you didnt play like this last week, it would be a Six Nations win today :-D. My poor Scotland feel badly for them :-(. What a try from my gorgeous Jamie Roberts :-D.
James Hook not in the 23, he may aswell just retire from international rugby. Whatever it is Gatland wants, Hook doesn't …
I think it's ironic that England are about to blood George Ford to international rugby this weekend. An 10 who plays with a bit of flair yet Wales will not use similar talents such as Mathew Morgan, James Hook or the young scarlet Jordan Williams (I think that's his name)
In the weekend papers John Taylor said "James Hook for 10" & Barry John said "Dan Biggar" Who will Warren Gatland go for? Find out today.
Six Nations Round 2: 5 things we learned February 12, 2014 1. Where now for Wales? Warren Gatland has been saying in the media recently that Wales do not need a ‘Plan B’, because they are yet to even execute ‘Plan A’ properly. This does not seem to make a great deal of sense. Surely if you can’t get Plan A to work, as was the case against Ireland when aggressive tackling and dogged breakdown work prevented Wales from getting their powerful runners going, then you need some sort of other option? James Hook, a man capable of mixing it up a bit, was again left on the bench against Ireland – what’s the point in having him there if you’re not going to use him even in a game when you so obviously need to try something a bit different? Fitness may also be an issue for some of Wales’ big names, but whatever the problem is it needs to be sorted before the visit of the in form French. 2. England’s tighthead crisis Dan Cole has played more rugby than most tightheads this season. The absence of Ca ...
After Wales performance o Saturday against the Irish, who thinks its time for a change? Maybe bring in a quicker paced scrum half like Rhys Webb instead of Mike Phillips, and also a change at 10? Maybe it's time for Gatland to give James Hook the chance at 10, your thoughts?
That kick takes Leigh Halfpenny to 349 points and into 3rd in all-time Wales list, past James Hook. Only Jenks and S Jones ah…
Leigh Halfpenny (344 points) needs to score just 3 more points to overtake James Hook to become Wales’ 3rd highest poi…
HT: Wales 17-3 Italy. Tries: Alex Cuthbert & Scott Williams. Facts: Alex Cuthbert becomes the first try scorer of the 2014 6 Nations. Marco Bortolami is now playing in his 100th appearance for Italy. Leigh Halfpenny has become Wales's 3rd all time top points scorer passing James Hook. Some big hits happening too.
Leigh Halfpenny is in the Six Nations squad,you will be happy Gwenny.x Im happy so is James Hook lush.xx
Hello I'm James Hook, the one who make Dan Carter go home you know?
I genuinely love our current rugby team bloody fabulous - George North, James Hook, Leigh Halfpenny osssh keep it together now boys and lets get the game moving faster. You can do this WALLLEESSS
Luke Charteris joins Perpignan pal James Hook and Bath's Paul James in missing the Australia Test due to club calls.
Rugby News: The Welsh tradition of picking medics in their rugby team will continue on Friday when the 19-year-old Hallam Amos follows the likes of JPR Williams and, more recently, Jamie Roberts by making his debut against Tonga. Amos is studying at Roberts' old hospital in Cardiff and can play at centre as well as full-back. But he gets his first cap on the wing alongside two of Warren Gatland's Lions from the summer in a team showing 11 changes and more than a whiff of experimentation after Saturday's victory over Argentina. Only Leigh Halfpenny and George North – Amos's back-three partners – the prop Rhodri Jones and flanker Justin Tipuric survive from that starting XV. James Hook gets his first start in two years – and in his favourite position of fly-half – with Ashley Beck and Owen Williams filling the holes left at centre by injury, and Luke Charteris is named at lock for the first time since his right knee was reconstructed. Charteris, one of the standouts in Wales' successful 2011 World C ...
BRO RADIO SPORT: Wales have made eleven changes for the clash against Tonga on Friday evening with Newport Gwent Dragons' Hallam Amos making his debut on the wing in a side captained by Ryan Jones. The 19-year-old, who featured for Wales U20 last season, made his debut for the Dragons aged just 17. He comes into the side to line-up in a back-three alongside British and Irish Lions duo George North (Northampton Saints) and Leigh Halfpenny (Cardiff Blues). In the midfield Ashley Beck (Ospreys) makes his first start of the Dove Men Series after featuring from the bench in the opening two games. He is joined in the centre by Cardiff Blues' Owen Williams who will earn his third cap after making his debut on the summer tour to Japan. Perpignan's James Hook has been named at fly-half alongside Lloyd Williams (Cardiff Blues) at scrum-half. There are six changes in the pack from the side that beat Argentina by a record margin last weekend. Bath prop Paul James and Scarlets hooker Ken Owens come into the starting-l ...
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WALES RUGBY UNION: James Hook looks set to make his first Wales start for more than two years in next Saturday’s Millennium Stadium clash against Argentina. The battered and bruised RBS 6 Nations champions will regroup today after summoning four reinforcements as training cover ahead of the Pumas encounter. Wales coach Warren Gatland has called up Scarlets props Samson Lee and Rhodri Jones, together with Newport Gwent Dragons backs Tom Prydie and Hallam Amos.
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10 areas that will decide Cardiff Test Former All Blacks, Force and Lions coach JOHN MITCHELL looks at where Saturday's big match will be won and lost. Five points or less have separated the Springboks and Wales in their last three outings and at the 2011 World Cup, when the Boks won 17-16, James Hook missed two penalties and Rhys Priestland two drop kicks. I expect another close contest on Saturday, with the Boks edging Wales yet again. Let's look at the the 10 key areas ... 1. Exit kicking. We should see Fourie du Preez kick more than Morné Steyn from the immediate kick receipt or set piece. When Steyn kicks, it will be into stands with a territorial gain of 50m. If he kicks infield after the Springboks have been under pressure, I expect the Welsh to bring this ball back and build more pressure with the ball in hand. I don't understand the selection of Pat Lambie at fullback because he does not have the running lines or pace that an international fullback requires. However, his longer exit kicking for ...
Rugby Update - Lions skipper Sam Warburton captains Wales against South Africa, in the first of four autumn internationals at the Millennium Stadium this month. On the other flank is Dan Lydiate, now based at Racing Metro in France, who lines up for Wales for the first time since the summer of 2012 after long-term injury. Prop Gethin Jenkins will win his 99th cap on Saturday. Backs: Leigh Halfpenny, George North, Jonathan Davies, Scott Williams, Eli Walker, Rhys Priestland, Mike Phillips Forwards: Gethin Jenkins, Richard Hibbard, Adam Jones, Bradley Davies, Alun Wyn Jones, Dan Lydiate, Sam Warburton (c), Toby Faletau Replacements: Ken Owens, Paul James, Scott Andrews, Luke Charteris, Justin Tipuric, Lloyd Williams, James Hook, Liam Williams.
Priestland gets No 10 jersey Rhys Priestland will start at flyhalf ahead of James Hook for Wales' match against the Springboks on Saturday. Hook was named among the substitutes, with Dan Biggar falling out of the match-day squad altogether. Ospreys star wing, Eli Walker, will make his debut in place of Alex Cuthbert, who is out injured. The 21-year-old Walker will start on the left, as George North shifts to the right. Wales have nine players in their starting line-up who started against the Springboks in the 2011 World Cup pool match, the last time these teams met. Wales pushed the Boks all the way before losing 17-16. Ten of the team remain from that which started their last game against England in the Six Nations decider, which they won 30-3, and nine of them were in the starting line-up for the British & Irish Lions which hammered Australia 41-16 to clinch the series 2-1 in July this year. 'We always say we like to test ourselves against the best and Saturday is going to be just that with a huge game ...
Perpignan's James Hook could miss out as Wales coach Warren Gatland prepares to name his squad for the autumn internationals.
Wales Squad for Autumn Internationals October 22, 2013 Wales boss Warren Gatland has named three uncapped players in a 35-man squad for next month’s Tests against South Africa, Argentina, Tonga and Australia. Ospreys wing Eli Walker, Cardiff Blues centre Cory Allen and Scarlets scrum-half Rhodri Williams have all been selected. But there are no places for injured British and Irish Lions backs Jamie Roberts and Alex Cuthbert or Blues captain Matthew Rees. Racing Metro centre Roberts is recovering from an ankle injury, while Blues wing Cuthbert suffered an ankle problem during last weekend’s Heineken Cup victory over European champions Toulon. The Blues have today announced Rees will be out of the game for an enforced period after undergoing testicular surgery. Perpignan back James Hook, who last started for Wales against another Test-playing country two years ago, has made the squad, which is based largely on last season’s RBS 6 Nations title-winning group. There is also a place for scrum-half Mike P ...
Latest Sports News: Hook's deal 'frustrates' Gatland - Warren Gatland says George North's Northampton deal is better for for his Wales career than James Hook's Perpignan contract.
Well I wonder if Warren Gatland picks George North in place of Jamie Roberts, Halfpenny on the wing and Leigh Burne at full back, have Scot Williams and James Hook on the bench to break the game up???
Great talk today! You can get a lobster roll at James Hook and Co. on Northern Ave. Here is the link:.
Planet Rugby News Hook in doubt for Edinburgh clash: Perpignan full-back James Hook will not train this week a...
My sister just said her version of James Hook is like Theon Greyjoy. An accidental comparison or a Freudian slip?
Plot twist Killian Jone's father will be Jason Isaac aka James Hook.
So, when did James Hook *** in Gatland's cornflakes? Barritt, bleh. Hook or Madigan would be much better options because they know more than just getting in the way and running straight and hard Smokey
Brad Barritt called up by lions! James Hook must really have upset Gatland!
"Resting players" who's idea was that? James Hook must have the most smug look on his face the rugby world has ever seen.
Pleased for Twelvetrees but livid about James Hook. He can cover so many positions!
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Billy Twelvetrees? I can only presume that James Hook's number was going straight to answerphone.
If Kearney does indeed go home from the tour, who would you pick to replace him? A natural full back like Mike Brown or Foden or a utility back like James Hook or Zebo/Madigan? Smokey
"I am James Hook, captain of the Jolly Roger" "If you are hook then who am I?" "you are a codfish"
Don't miss the joke. James Hook for captain. Peter will hate it.
"Who are you stranger?" "I am James Hook,captain of the Jolly Roger" "if you are Hook,than who am i?" "You're a Odd's fish!"
I can't compete with the likes of James Hook :-)
It's the only way we know Rhys! The likes of N Evans, Fotuali'i & James Hook aren't shy of an attack..
Hook set to face Lions with Baa-Baas: Wales fly-half James Hook is poised to be invited to play for the Barbar...
Ryan Jones left out of Wales squad: Ryan Jones and James Hook are not in the Wales squad preparing for the two...
“'Lions omission for James Hook would be rugby heresy' - Stuart Barnes' message to Gatland oooppss!
I agree with you on this occasion! James Hook was a must for me and I would've liked to see Zebo or Wade over Maitland
See a few surprise inclusions today .. Christian Wade and James Hook would be on my plane to Oz! Wilko has to be in squad tho!
Centres: Jamie Roberts, Manu Tuilagi, James Hook (has to go based on form for Perpignan), Jon Davies, Brian O Driscoll
Mike Phillips will be happy, his gym and tan bro James Hook is on
Hey there pan, take me to your Neverland. Make friend with the lost boys, Indian, Mermaid, and fight with captain of Jolly Roger James Hook.
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What the world be like with Captain James Cook? (:
Hook a follow on Instagram jamesstuder77
Anybody wanna drop this rap cd wit me? If Trinidad James can get on we in there. Just heard worst hook ever. Catchy beat, but *** ..
don't cha know any Disney associates who can hook ya up, just James still work there as associate GM?
destroyed in Brisbane last night! James sounded old school voice again and Kirk was off the hook as always!
LeBron James has been playing off the hook recently. But a while ago, I was in "Hook."
James Jamerson's right index finger was known as 'the hook'
My genes can afford to hook me up with major recognition. But my talent could.
nah was looking good just got caught by a hook when inside just behind the ear, senses scrambler! The legs had gone
Let us off the hook james. Do it for the greater good
Just wrote a bad ahh hook really bout to go off on dis song...!!! FWM...!
1st points of the half for Syracuse, a hook-shot from James Southerland. SU down 26-25 under 16 min left 2nd half
Wearing a cozy sweater today. Love my clothes from Also visited "James Hook and Co...
What are the odds that a guy named james hook loses his hand?
Shall I tell you something I've noticed today... James Hook = Great Cheek Bones!
"Until James Hook calls it a day! Full time! 9-26 the final score! well done lads, thats more like it!!
hook up with the Russinas yo, they're trying to go to Mars. or blaze a few blunts, you'll be there :-p
agreed! Players holding onto the ball instead of passing is a constant annoyance for me (hint hint James Hook)
James Hook is as useful as a chocolate teapot
but he's James Hook. James Hook I tell you ;)
I don't blame all the Italians throwing James Hook to the ground. I'd do exactly the same if I had the chance. Phwwwooaaarrr!
James Hook is a *** We need points incase championship goes down to points different and he kicks ball out in an attacking position
So Wales being Lloyd Williams and James Hook on to play, a kicking game?
I've got knickers that give better control than James Hook
this girl expects me to follow her back when she calls James Hook no hun
I'm still getting over fact that James Hook was given 12 minutes by Howley. He should be starting but Gatland/Howley aren't fans of the Lion
Lad playing for Wales rugby team called James hook, I hope he has been made captain at some point
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