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James Holmes

James Holmes is a West Midlands-born comedy actor, best known for playing the character of Clive in the 2009 BBC sitcom Miranda.

Adam Lanza Dylan Roof Dylann Roof Eric Harris Timothy McVeigh Dylan Klebold Jared Lee Loughner Jared Loughner Ted Kaczynski Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Ted Bundy Elliot Rodger

I love you LeBron James you're still my hero
In 1892 Basil Rathbone was born.Several actors played Sherlock Holmes, he was the best.He was to Holmes what Sean Connery was to James Bond
you don't see anyone rushing to interview Dylann Roof or James Holmes
- spending time with Sebastian, but that didn't seem to ease his mind. . It was quite late and Jame…
Just imagine we kept konsa and Holmes!! Signed Marshall and madison, and watt in top form 😩🙏🏻
Is James Holmes next Megyn? Will you tell us he's just a misunderstood kid who had a bad day?
Adam Lanza was Catholic and James Holmes was Lutheran. Horrible comes in all sizes.
But what are we to do with Timothy McVeigh, Robert Deer, Dly…
James (Jim) Kanala would love to show you the at 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy
This needs to happen. The public deserves to know.
james holmes . - protestant. - necromaniac. - killed 12 people & injured 70 others at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on…
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: James Coombes (Gennaro Lucca) played Paroli in Warriors of the Deep in 1984...
I'm 90% sure there is a Sherlock Holmes story where this is how the murder was done
You don't suffer because things are impermanent. You suffer because things are impermanent and you think they are permanent —…
Just picked a bunch of randoms for that, huh?. James Holmes (red haired guy) had no racial leanings…
She's attacking James Holmes for his Jewish roots, and I won't have it! We must…
Oh my god. Priest Holmes was a stud. Edgerrin James and Rudy Johnson were good too.. Duce McCalister too
James Holmes shouldn't be in this lineup.He was in a psychotic break from the onset of schizophrenia…
Apparently James Holmes was a white supremacist. Killing white people in a cinema is typical white supremacist thing to d…
CSS is easy. It's just a few thousand key value pairs that have quirks in each browser that you have to…
The common method is to turn up at the person's desk no more than two minutes after sending it…
Apparently James Holmes he wasn't motivated by race. It isn't clear at all if…
Khan Noonien Singh tagged as Douglas Richardson, Thanatos Zinovia as Blackwall, and James Moriarty as Mycroft Holmes. Like, how ⁉️
Jared Lee Loughner a democrat and Giffords voter. . James Holmes. Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign;
On "Justice," slammed James Comey for his conduct during and after his time as FBI Director.
Not sure If I'm more excited to see Sean Holmes again or James Manziel take *** like a true champion? hmm... >>
James Holmes and Ted Kaczynski are not Dylann Roof and Timothy McVeigh. This is no different than fa…
James Holmes was actually insane, MvVeigh wasn't a white supremacist, Kacyn…
Um. James Holmes isn't a white supremacist, my dude.
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Dear Microsoft, can I introduce y'all to my friend "sustainable pace"
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For those who need it, look at this:
It's after 5 o'clock that we write tomorrow's bugs. It's counter productive to work while tired or stressed. Relax, get re…
Just FYI: James Holmes was not a white supremacist and is diagnosed with serious mental illnesses, you numpty
Have people juggling chainsaws in the background?
I'm sure James Holmes read the Christian bible too. So we can assume that all Christian's…
I figure the children and adults who were MASSACRED by Adam Lanza and James Holmes suffered…
Jared Lee Loughner, James Holmes, Gary Ridgway, and Dennis Rader are multiple murderers in death penalty states, sentenced to life in prison
Listening to The John Batchelor Show (Ghosts of Yamamoto, Togo & Nimitz in the Sea of Japan.. James Holmes
Executive Director at James Holmes talks about the castle's history:
Dylann Roof. Adam Lanza. James Holmes. Jared Loughner. Timothy McVeigh. TJ Lane. But immigrants are who we should be afraid of
I've seen James Holmes blueprints they waiting for me to lick shots, hence the Aston
easy, off the top of my head, Dylan Roof, James Holmes and Robert Dear
- when are you going to vet homegrown white male terrorists? Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes, Robert dear, Adam Lanza, etc.
Adam Lanza & James Holmes & Dylann Roof is like Santa Claus opening presents for , excusing 8x crime.
Trump hasta have short term memory loss---Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes, and many other white terrorists...
Update your maps at Navteq
Dylann RoofAdam Lanza,Ted Kaczynski,Timothy McVeigh,James Holmes just a few TERRORIST! Anyone is capable of being one
A Muslim ban would have done nothing to stop James Holmes.
So we're just going to ignore: Dylan Roof, Adam Lamnza, James Holmes, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and Seung-Hui Cho. Just to name a few.
You must be thinking of Timothy McVeigh or Adam Lanza or Aaron Alexis or James Holmes or...
we have more issues with Homegrown terrorists. Or did you forget Sandy Hook, James Holmes, Virginia Tech and the many others.
and what of the domestic terrorists here? Dylan Roof, James Holmes?
Happy Birthday to Peter Devine, Helen Dickson, James Holmes, Alastair McAuslin and Dr Andrew Quinn from everyone...
Dead or alive? Dead: Ted Bundy, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris . Alive: James Holmes, Jahar and TJ lane(to roast)
PDF of James Holmes' journal... evidence of mind control? This is not what is expected from the honor student who…
I don't see anyone comparing Skittles to Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes,. Adam Lanza or any other white, American terrorist.
Yo If I had a bowl of cheerios and three of them were Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, and James Holmes would you take a handful?
Timothy McVeigh was a real stand up guy then. James Holmes and Adam Lanza should've followed his lead and used bombs, I guess
and James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, Dylan klebolt, I could go on
Nice try but I have more of a chance of being shot by home grown lunatics like Adam Lanza, Dylan Roof & James Holmes
explains how Adam Lanza and James Holmes get guns? So, we should stop selling guns AND talking in refugee…
Still waiting on Trumps plan to stop terrorists like Adam Lanza, Dylan Roof ,James Holmes etc...
Say the bowl represents Trump supporters & Adam Lanza, Dylan Roof, Robert Dear & James Holmes are in it. No one's t…
How did Dylann Roof get through the system? James Holmes? Adam Lanza? Your racism is showing.
Or Adam Lanza? How about James Holmes or Jared Loughner? And surely you've heard of Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold🙄😡
Spent the last 2 hours in the James Holmes conspiracy rabbit hole. Please learn from my mistake & never go there
as the righteous King of James wood I allow FIRESAC to co-rule with me
What are the best in your opinion. IMO James Harrisons pick 6 was more important than Holmes catch
They let James holmes out? 👀😂😂 but seriously yall both look like trailer park trash 🚮
This is random but America dropped the ball when they didn't sentence James Holmes to death
White men, be they mass shooters like Dylann Roof (Charleston), James Holmes (Aurora), or Jared Lee Loughner...
July 20, 2012: James Holmes kills 12 and injures 70 in a shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater.
While James Holmes was being interrogated by police, he had this to say:
Dylan Roof +James Holmes can make it out alive after mass murder +multiple weapons, a woman with a baby +one weapon can't ?
I've been playing a lot with the Make array -> map / filter / reduce thing in place of loops. Does cut down that noise.
The Aurora shooter is James Holmes. The one that got Burger King was Dylan Roof.
Universal Gantt Chart. from 'devops for normals' at
The truest thing conspiracy theorists can prove is how few large project meetings they ever sat through.
Lately I have to hard restart just to get my Mac to wake from sleep. These things are garbage.
I'm not saying I agree with what he did, but James Holmes would have got a lot more sympathy if he waited and shot up Sui…
Dylann Roof is alive. James Holmes is alive. The Bundy Family (armed w/guns in Oregon had a standoff w/police for 3 WEEK…
Dylann Roof and James Holmes are still very much alive. So that's interesting.
James Holmes and Dylan Roof are still alive. Don't tell me Korryn Gaines shouldn't be.
: Some other criminals were armed and taken into custody. Dylan Roof & James Holmes are alive.
So cops can apprehend & arrest mass murderers like James Holmes w/o killing them but they kill & shoot her 5…
James Holmes ambushed a movie theater full of ppl, with assault weapons and body armor. Brought him in alive.
Byran Uyesugi, James Holmes, One L Goh,. Michael McDermott, etc can have chances at jail but y'all just bomb this guy
you mean like Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, James Holmes, Michael Mclendon, should i continue
James Holmes(white) shot up a theatre and was calmly arrested. Mike Brown (not white) was shot to death WHILE he had his hands up
James Holmes made up a reason for his actions only after he had committed them?
You guys imagining James Holmes shooting up the movie theater acting like Jack Nicholson's joker is absolutely hilarious
Could be worse. Your name could be Jerry Sandusky or James Holmes.
hmm...Dylan Roof or Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold or Adam Lanza or James Holmes?
How come James Holmes, Dylann Roof, Chris Harper Mercer, Trench Coat Mafia, etc... don't make it on your neat little chart?
James Holt out caught by A Keates off of H Short. Next in is Matt Holmes. Score is 221 for 8 (54.2)
Rana ayyub should be given the role of the first female James Bond... Or even Sherlock Holmes character... 👏👏👏
Mother of Aurora theater shooter speaks out for mental health education. Watch video here
has there ben aney word on my problem yet,aney thing .21 ships when will I get them back. james holmes
Throwing bootstrap over it isn't enough?
LOL, as long as you don't go all James Eagan Holmes (google that and you'll flinch lol)
Here's the guy holding it... kinda has that James Holmes look to him. Creepy.
I’m taking great care that those kind never happen. Want to be a positive example :-p
No logging, huh? Let me know how that works out for you.
Irony is that James Holmes graduated from the same university I did. had some same professors.
Lebron James is the definition of a basketball player / super star . Holmes talent is crazy
I found the creepy side of tumblr that is obsessed with that 2012 Aurora shooter James Holmes. ABORT MISSION.
Holmes or james Harrison's super bowl 43 TD
A *** of a lot better than some other classes of firearm accident...
Your reaction in 2020, when you're asked to rescue a legacy monolithic application:
That's possibly how TDD came about, anyway. But someone who picks up TDD (an established method) is at Shu, or Ha at best.
If a makes life more difficult for a team, why would s/he expect the team to make the manager's jobs easier?
Does anyone know whether kmart stocks agile coaches yet?
Shared opinion. Even for most non-agile, professional certifications.
Kimber Cassidy - the brains of Sherlock Holmes, the libido of James Bond - Smart as a Whip
There simply is no greater respect to witness than that of the child.
Can put an end to worker injustice? We knew this intuitively, but this article puts numbers to it. https:…
Imagine how much better James Milner would be if he had a neck
Good to see Holmes and Newhouse with pet dog supporting the 17's. James Woods has disappeared into the trees with his young lady.
I'm pretty sure James Holmes was bumpin Chief Keef when he shot 50 people in the movie. Good point
Board member Jamey Holmes blended two events that happened at HISD yesterday to make a wonderful video. See it at https:/…
Anna Holmes and James Parker on the difference between empathy and exploitation, and who can tell orhers’ stories.
RAS - Overall - Matt Holmes of in 2nd on GC, James Gullen of in 7th
No she's not. It's one of the actors from Miranda. James Holmes the one that plays Clive.
James Holmes, who played Clive in BBC One comedy Miranda, will reportedly star in the new series of Sherlock.
Dylann Storm Roof, James Holmes, and Jared Loughner, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris. I can go on.
US & Japan Prepare for Conflict with China. James Holmes, via
Umm Timothy Mcvaye,Jeffery Dalhmer,Ted Bundy,Jim Jones,James Holmes,Dylan Kelbold,Eric Harriss,is it the Muslims we really need to-
you're forgetting Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza, James Holmes. ( Insert white Christian name for next month)
Patrolling Muslim neighborhoods because of terrorist threats? Why not patrol white suburbs because of Timothy McVeigh and James Holmes?
People at whispering during screening that they wish James Holmes was invited to the premiere. It's that bad.
has anyone ever told you you look like James Holmes
"I'm sorry I couldn't send him packing to Satan's lake of fire" says man who beat James Holmes in prison -
Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes moved to secret prison after jailhouse beatdown. https…
Aurora theater shooter James Holmes assaulted by inmate and moved to undisclosed location.
Aurora theater shooter James Holmes just had a close brush with Jeffrey Dahmer's parole board.
James Holmes in custody after the Aurora movie theater shooting.
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These guys actually killed multiple people. Why weren't they gunned down? Guys like James Holmes and Dylann Roof.
I thought James Holmes had no chance of parole?
Remember after James Holmes massacre in CO, Scalia suggested right to bear rocket launchers.
and when it comes to Adam Lanza or James Holmes what will you say?
Just like Dylan Roof, or James Holmes, or Adam Lanza or...
Why not just get James Holmes to play Jared Lee Loughner in a TV Miniseries or on Netflix
had no idea Adam Lanza, Dylan Roof and James Holmes were immigrants dude. Thanks for letting me know.
Seng, and H.E. Fall/Winter 1992, 25- Not all. James Holmes shoots up a church. The threat of lawsuit has been unbearable. Yes! YES YOU DO!!
James Holmes, Virgina Tech, Columbine, Charles Manson; you can't ban crazy
James Holmes chose to be armed, so did Chris Dorner. Shall I continue? I could!
You think Adam Lanza, Dylann Roof, Eric Harris, James Holmes, Jared Loughner are all criminals or illegals that he let slip?
Many mass shooters have a severe mental illness, such as Adam Lanza or James Holmes.
James Holmes, Dylan Roof and Craig Hicks killed people and didnt get shot "on sight" by police like John Crawford and Tamir Rice did.
I'm more afraid of Jared Laughter's gun, and Dylan Roof's, James Holmes ', Oregon, Washington Navy Shipyard...
Ironwood boys soccer team is 7-1, led by James Holmes' 13 goals, Carlos Avechuco's 11 assists
By Keith Coffman DENVER, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Colorado cinema massacre gunman James Holmes was moved on Monday to a prison that specializes
James Holmes has moved from the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City to the San Carlos Correctional...
Not in the case of Dylan Roof, or Adam Lanza or Chris Harper-Mercer or James Holmes or Robert Dear or Jared Lee Loughner...
and Adam Lanza and Robert Dear and Tim McVey and Elliot Rodger and James Holmes and Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and
Dylann Roof, Robert Dear, Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, all mass shooters, all white.
last I remember Adam Lamza,Dylann Roof,James Holmes,& Jared Loughner are white.Were those crimes not violent?
Adam Lanza, killed 28. Timothy McVeigh, killed 168. James Holmes, killed 24. I could go on but you get the point. Our cou…
That way we don’t get Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, or Columbine … brilliant.
Wow. You mean like last Friday in CO at PP? Or Adam Lanza? Or James Holmes? Or...
Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza and James Holmes. All Caucasian and all committed mass murders. Bring WHITES under control.
can we just address something Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold all white
So where Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Mark Barton, Jeff Weise and James Holmes not white?
an Army Veteran is among the dead. Feds got involved when James Holmes killed an Active Duty Navyman
The Death Penalty exists for criminals like James Holmes, Nathan Dunlap and Robert Dear.
Maybe you should be telling that to Americans born here:. Dylan Roof. Terry Nichols. James Holmes. and many more featured in NBC s Science of Love
Good thing no American's are terrorits.. right? Dylan Roof, James Holmes, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Ted Kaczynski
James Holmes. Adam Lanza. Tim McVeigh. Jared Loughner. Eric Harris. Dylan Klebold. All American. All terrorists. Now who should we keep out?
oh, did you? lol. James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, etc. were Christian terrorists?
The fact is Obama was right. ISIS are the JV squad. If Aurora shooter James Holmes had 6 friends in on his plan, the r…
A lot of them are sick. James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Jared Lee Loughner, etc.
Rough Seas Ahead for the U.S. Navy: Op-Ed by James Holmes (F98) in The Boston Globe | Tufts Fletcher School
What was the faith of Dylan Roof? Or James Holmes? Chris Harper? Eric Frein? . RW terrorists more deadly in U.S.
Wed 10/28/15 Hr 1, JBS: Gordon Chang, James Holmes, professor of strategy at the
An inmate assaulted Colorado theater shooter James Holmes and a security officer at the state penitentiary, officials said Friday.
Colorado theater shooter James Holmes uninjured in assault at state penitentiary
Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes was allegedly assaulted in prison by another inmate:
why dont you just put James Holmes , Dylann Roof , Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , & Jared Lee Loughner in a New Revamped Netflix show
It quoted this sentence "James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev all knew about this proposal but didn't tell anyone."
via Lanza probably was connected with James Holmes.
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