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James Holloway

James Holloway (died 1684) was an English merchant from Bristol, and a conspirator of the Rye House Plot.

This week we won a major victory vs the strategy of extremists who are determined to subvert democracy in America. https:/…
I wouldn't give up four first-rounders for anyone not named Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James.
Welcoming advisors Jeff Holloway and Sean Harman, who have joined our independent channel in Kansas City, MO:
NEWS: Trump told Comey to stand down on Flynn investigation, 1st evidence Trump tried to influence Russia inquiry
Swear it's Melissa James not Melos Tori gal but whatever floats ya boat
experience modernity in all its weirdness and embarrassment in THE CHECKOUT by james holloway (//
Might look like I was like a James Joyce novel. I have an Xbox One games are stupid.
Two great talks this morning in St James' church: Richard Holloway and
Join us in welcoming Professor James Knowles, who will take on the role of Dean of Arts and Social Science…
Beautiful photograph of Myrtleville beach taken by James Holloway last week
Seen the light. Ian Holloway to take over after Wenger. Man's gotten Blackpool and Crystal Palace promoted. Imagine what he…
Yes! Boy is GREAT. Taika Waititi, James Rolleston & Cohen Holloway ❤️ Be sure to check out Taika's other movies too!
Celebrating victory as Warwickshire PPC with our brilliant agent James Holloway. A great team!
1Samuel30 David Smote Amalekites from twilight even unto evening of next day:Face The Giant-Bishop James E.Holloway
Today: Names will be added to Fallen Officers Monument including: James Bennett Jr, Vernell Brown & Daryle Holloway
Do we really believe Holloway is closing as a result of "humanity" rather than the real estate value of where it is cu…
Our Audits and Compliance Team is meeting this week in Atlanta: Leigh Ann Hendrix presented James "Lee" Holloway...
Duke Martin Chip Holloway pass this over to Steven Morgan. A6. the
As Tom James, Hugh Laurie is able to use his real accent, after spending the first part of his career pretending to be…
Brilliant for Leicester. Ranieri humble throughout the season. Amazing achievement.
Why do use Ian Holloway as a expert? Relegated us, relegated Leicester & Blackpool. Sadly just missed out on…
Journalists groan into their beer and book 5 more nights in Leicester Premier Inn
Jamie Vardy's having a party! Leicester players arrive at striker's house to watch Spurs
Wow, Mike Holloway is her new boyfriend, I hope you will find a better girl James
Ninjas want to grow up to be just like James Holloway. But usually they grow up just to be killed by James Holloway.
We have a few spaces left today with James Hill or Samuel Holloway call now on 01202 314649 to take these last slots!
Ian Holloway promised Millwall fans he will get us playing in the Premier League, instead hes got us playing in the John…
Derby "a dark horse" - We're the joint favourites, Ian Holloway. Do you not understand what it means to be a dark horse?
Josh Holloway would've made the best Gambit. For those that don't know, James "Sawyer" Ford in LOST
I wish Arsenal would sign a top class striker like Bentner.
Look Douglas Holloway we had a UFO on Lake James
Ah, found a 1798 pastel portrait by James Sharples of SLJ
Lol lmfao yooo Theodore James Holloway Ronnie Griffin yall miss it. . Reggie vs Ming . They going to war right...
Scott Lunger-shot in traffic stop. James Bennett-shot in cruiser. Daryle Holloway-shot in transport. THUGS kill notRace
I take it you meant to Holloway fight? was injured too *** !
Amazon Prime - sign Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for new show
Been watching the cricket in the sun in Turkey. Great bowling today from England now don't go and screw it up with the bat.
Ian Holloway joins us on now, and he'll be joining the team as a pundit for next season!
Ian Holloway confusing James Chester & James Wilson on was a bit cringeworthy 🙈
St. Louis!!! Checkout drummer James Holloway from (The LOU) behind the scene with bassman Bassist Bernard Harris...
“Full Time 3-1 2 goals from James Constable and a solo goal from Will Evans”BEANO
Bonnie Lige nominated me and I nominate Kim Coss Odette Mathew S Benham and James Holloway.
Photoset: marcusmccormick: James Holloway giving us our LIFE in these briefs by 2(x)ist!!!  Work It Out!!!...
Photo: marcusmccormick: James Holloway modeling XTG Underwear Collection.  Photography and styling by...
Photo: marcusmccormick: Papi Underwear briefs with James Holloway by Marcus McCormick Pic 1
Photo: marcusmccormick: Calvin Klein never looked so *** good!  James Holloway by Marcus McCormick
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Photo: marcusmccormick: Model of the Month - James Holloway by Marcus McCormick
Holloway men are the best kind. James Remar
We have a new manager in time for the new season! Welcome aboard James Holloway. Season starts 3 weeks today!
Max holloway with the finish in rd 3. I'd watch that again for sure. FOTN!
Max Holloway def. Clay Collard via TKO (strikes) at 3:47 of R3 at 49 --
Of the realistic options out there, Bradford's James Hanson seems a good fit for Holloway considered him earlier in the summer
REACTION: Ian Holloway remains upbeat despite first loss of 2014/15:
Max Holloway and James Vick are both on the card tomorrow!? thats tight
As much as I dislike James Harden, that pull back was nasty
Richard Holloway introduces Has Psychiatry Silenced God by referring to William James' Varieties of Religious Experience
absolutely bossing TLOU Factions with and Holloway
Challenge accepted! ALS ice bucket challenge now goes to James Holloway, and
Said to a lad at work before season started that Millwall under Holloway could be a surprise package this season... Confirmed t…
The savage beheading of James Foley ended the life of brave man and a valiant journalist
Did pro-Assad forces hand over James Foley to ISIS?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Exactly one month today I will be moving to Royal Holloway, University of London.
Check out Urban Geography by Steven Holloway, James O. Wheeler and David Kaplan (2008,... via
Ian Holloway: "I gave the lads a bit of a rocket at half-time because we were trying to move the ball almost too much."
Another goal for James Hanson, scores again tonight. fits the profile holloway wants & may well be worth a punt in my opinion.
How high could Nick James launch Brandon Holloway off a see saw?
[NEWS] Holloway: have to show more belief in their passing:
are signing former Lens youngster Sofiane El Bekri to their U21 squad. Holloway rates him very highly.
People from the world of the arts express their concerns about the impact of separation on the arts: Eddie McGuire, flautist - The future of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, which is funded by Radio 3, is of particular concern to McGuire. "The splitting up of the BBC post-independence would be a dire scenario. I have grave doubts that a Scottish broadcasting corporation would have the resources to fund such an orchestra." James Holloway, former director of Scottish National Portrait Gallery, has similar doubts that pan-British relationships benefiting Scotland's museums and galleries will be viable post-independence. "Scottish galleries get hundreds of thousands of pounds from charitable foundations which are only allowed to give to UK bodies. Scotland only makes up 3% of membership of the Art Fund [the UK charity that helps organisations to buy works of art] but it gave us 15% of its funds last year. We famously share the Three Graces with the V&A, and two Titians with the National Gallery. But Londo ...
Randy Nelson and James Holloway putting Z-Man baits to work!
One thing that has been strange throughout SFS's history. We make predictions of the future that seem far fetched and then within a short period of time, they become reality. So I'm going to add another = Before the end of 2014, we will hold a PRO/AM SFS vs the World. Consider this, the state legislation requires 30 scheduled rounds... that's 10 fights or 5 regular fights and 3 SFS vs the World Title fights. Considering we will have James Gray, Amanda Cooper, Michael Wojciechowski, Michael Jordan, Korey Kuppe, Calie Cutler, James Holloway, Konnor Kuppe, Josh Parisian. That's only.1 pro short of meeting the requirement without making any of them 5 round fights. Visel and others are chasing down that pro status. It will happen my friends and its going to be one of the sickest cards ever when 10 pros of the same team take on pros from across the country. Not to mention our amateurs will be competing with us as well. Making waves? No, Tsunamis? Yes
Just ran into James Holloway today. Again. I'm thinking we all need to get together for breakfast, dinner or maybe a cook out and get back in touch ( without any cops this time around) Scott Boyd Darren Darr Bruce Bennett Theodore Beebe Rick Myers Charlie Bouchez Billy Davis and I'd we graduated together you're invited too.
SCIENTIFIC METHOD / SCIENCE & EXPLORATION Hospitals can save money just sorting their trash Hospitals are burning millions of dollars per year due to poor waste processing. by James Holloway - June 22 2012, 8:20am PDT EARTH SCIENCE A report recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that hospitals could save considerable sums of money by adopting a handful of common sense measures to reduce waste. The report asserts that 50 to 85 percent of regular waste is incorrectly disposed of as biohazard waste, which is estimated to cost eight times more to process. This alone can result in a hospital spending tens of thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary costs. Operating rooms are responsible for between a fifth and a third of a hospital's waste while consuming a much smaller proportion of a hospital's budget. It's on the operating room that Yoan Kagoma MD and co-authors from University of Western Ontario’s medical school have fixed their gaze. Using 65 prior studies, the team ...
I have to give a MASSIVE Thank You to everyone who came out to Daytona for SparkStorm to help out and participate, making it a huge success. Of course, first and foremost, I have to thank Joshua Campbell for partnering with me to help Red Spark rise from the ashes and put on one *** of a show for everyone. Thank you to Geoff Konstantino and Stephen Kowalski for helping me throughout the weekend with setting up and overall supporting me with everything. Thank you to Joshua Fonseca, Robert Oriol, Maxwell Alexander King-Wilson and Mechelle LaFlamme for making SparkStorm the fastest post-tournament clean-up job I've ever seen, despite the sea of hundreds of people we had to move through. Thank you to Chris Princler, James Holloway, Bonita Regina Lattimore, Joshua Fonseca, Keith Kelly, Jamaal Bushara, Matthew Smith, and Levi O'Rear for running brackets. (Special thanks to y'all, I know how maddening running brackets can be!) Thank you to Cary Cruz for making an AMAZING stream layout for SparkStorm. Thank you . ...
Mr. James Holloway says: For normal people living like me it takes at least 6 months to get back into shape. The guy on the cover had some advice and Coaching that most of us can only dream of. Normal people don't look this way even athletes.
1 Jan 2013 Promised Land New Years Day Tues 1st Jan 2013 Club York Way Kings Cross N7 9AX 8pm-6am Due to the massive public demand and the fact that last years NYD event was such a great night, we are plea...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
James P. Holloway, a principal in the law firm Ober|Kaler, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc. (BCRI) for a two-year term.
The Tea Box Richmond, are hosting a poetry night tomorrow. Poetry Jam is back with another sizzling slice of (free!) poetry and plenty of generous open mic spots. Our hosts this month are part of a special 2 for 1 deal featuring Richmond born performance poet James Webster, who has been gigging around London, Oxford and Coventry and Dan Holloway, a poet, writer & host to The New Libertines, a spoken word show that’s played to full houses across the UK. Following the success of a previous unadulterated open mic event, we will again attempt the creation of “The Thing” a compilation of all your own work… reworked! • James is the only poet in the UK who will text poetry directly to your mobile for free • Dan promotes the very best in writing via the eight cuts gallery he runs and. The Tea Box serves an impressive array of exotic teas including the Baileys-soaked Irish Velvet, as well as beer, wine, scones you'll want to stuff into your face with abandon and all manner of other tasty tucker. Come d ...
Service for Mr. James Louis Holloway will be held on Monday, December 17, 2012 at the Salisbury National Cemetery. Military Rites - Graveside - Committal - 1:00 p.m. Please pray for the Holloway Family.
Sorry, I wasn't on yesterday, or the day before that. I had things to do...but I'm here now! Anyway, so this is how the interviews are going to work. I will ask questions, and such. You can describe how you felt, what it made you think of, your answer, anything. This is going to be really weird, but meh...OK Comment your district with your response if you please! What are you leaving behind, what will matter the most to you on the brink of death? GM Alex
Who would like free gym memebership & a free pt SESSION! with NOTHING to pay till january 2013? if so hit the like button or inbox me or comment! what a way to start off ur new years resolution!
Of the sale horses who went today in the World Bronc Futurity Finals ... here's our top picks. For one to please ... a solid 'good one' we're going with 'Big City' of Dan Russell's. The Johnny Holloway bred 'Buckskin Salley' buried Townsend Prince in the shadow of the chute gate. The Doug Vold bred 'Rockafeller' of Kling's is inspirational, but it was 'Joy Ride' of Mossbrucker's and Tim Bridwell's 'Pony Man' who brought us to our knees along with Jesse James Kirby and Chuck Schmidt.
I have 7 baby daddies. And I love them all. ~Snowie
"You're not going to out-work me. It's such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren't getting the places they want or aren't achieving the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle. It's strictly based on being out-worked; it's strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time...if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready.” ― Will Smith
A little over 24 hours until the show tomorrow night with James Riley, Becky Holloway and Lori Campbell. That means I've also got a little over 24 hours to figure out how their sound system works...
I just used to discover A La Carte by James Holloway.
Uncanny Landscapes 4th-8th March 2013 Centre for Creative Collaboration 16 Acton Street, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9NG Speakers include: Prof. Steve Pile (Open) Dr. Tim Edensor (MMU) Prof. Jane Rendell Uncanny landscapes is an exhibition, workshop and conference which brings together artists and academics whose work addresses ambiguity between subject, object and landscape relations. The uncanny (unheimlich) was perhaps most famously sketched out by Freud (1919). Defined as ‘”everything that ought to have remained secret and hidden but has come to light.” (Schelling), the uncanny represents that which upsets, disrupts or disturbs our engagement with the world around us. ‘The Uncanny’ was a unique work in Freud’s oeuvre; unstable, oscillating between analysis and fiction itself blurring the distinction between the real and the imaginary. The idea of the uncanny has since been revisited and reworked in numerous ways, from the architectural to the technological uncanny. At its heart there remains ...
Trivia question number two. How many current UFC fighters* have a moniker that involves a dog... And go!
A sneak peak at a track I just finished for Dean James. Hope you enjoy.
An awesome musical week ahead! Supporting the Beatrix Players' video launch tomorrow at the Waiting Room, and playing with Becky Holloway, James Riley and Lori Campbell on Friday! Can't wait!
BMX Rider James Holloway gets a lick at the finish line
“Cruciform skyscraper proposed in Liverpool" by James Holloway - gizmag
Countdown for the Neuse Backwater Open fishing tournament is underway. James Holloway and I will be second boat out this Saturday and ready to find some heavy fish. Can't wait :)
James Holloway: "You come in, the first thing you see is Susan Boyle, you think oh I know her, I've seen her on the telly."
Congrats to James Holloway for making 30under30
Congratulation to winners of our 30 under 30 competition. A list of our rising stars of manufacturing can be seen here
Busy day for M&F.. James Holloway is at the Local Government Conference – highlights from the morning on the to follow...
"Prototype" Fraunhofer research center opens in Stuttgart -
California start-up inks FEMA deal to provide disaster relief solar villages -
FIFA trial goal-line technology in international soccer match ahead of key vote -
Just like me and my cousin James Holloway's love for RON PAUL!!!
Ferry converted into movable floating swimming pool to open in August -
Plans afoot to tap Iceland's geothermal energy with 745-mile cable:
Watchers, carers, and administrators: the smart homes of tomorrow - Ars Technica
Sway unveils its sporty tilting three-wheel e-scooter prototype -
Maritime and Beachcombers Museum: Daylight done right -
Hot, crowded, and running out of fuel: Earth of 2050 a scary place: By James Holloway | Published March 28, 2012...
California DoD bases sitting on 7 gigawatts of solar potential:
Ion-beam manufacturing halves production cost of PV panels:
Sandberg BatteryCase for iPhone 4/4S delivers more bang for your buck -
Prototype control pad offers generational leap in tactile feedback for games -
Multi-use solar collector inspired by lotus flower -
Hand-manipulated objects and transparent displays - the computer desktop of tomorrow? -
3D printing, Kickstarter and old-fashioned perseverance: The tools of the modern inventor -
James “Red” Holloway, a noted saxophonist who played with the greats from the big band era...
SOM wins master plan competition for Beijing Bohai Innovation City, by James Holloway Check out this post SOM
Tokyo Flash Kisai Stencil LCD watch makes you read between the lines -
easyJet to trial greener electric taxiing -
The latest edition of "Blinds | Shades | Shutters | Oh My" is available for your reading pleasure.
125 MW solar power plant to land in Arizona by end of 2013 -
It’s Director James Holloway’s last day - first 20 RTs of his fave work vid win poster and bag!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
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