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James Hewitt

James Hewitt (born 30 April 1958) is a former British household cavalry officer in the British Army. He had an affair with Diana, Princess of Wales for five years, receiving extensive media coverage after revealing details of the affair.

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James Hewitt ‘suffered a heart attack and stroke'  | Daily Mail Online
ENOUGH! Diana hadn't even met James Hewitt when Harry was conceived. They met in 1986 for goodness sake.
Paul Burrell to Trevor Rees jones so James Hewitt so throw in Martin bashir the mirror links with john Helena Jessie Hannah ware to panarama
Princess Diana's lover James Hewitt denies rumour he is Prince Harry's father
Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt speaks out. .
+Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt speaks out
Princess Diana's former lover, James Hewitt, has spoken out about the rumours surrounding Prince Harry's...
New post (James Hewitt made bold headlines just before Princess Diana 20th death ...) has been published on Vi ...…
James Hewitt denies he is Prince Harry's father as he says he feels sorry for the royal having to put up with…
In an interview with Australia’s Sunday Night host Melissa Doyle, James Hewitt who has been rumored to be the...
'I've got Princess Diana letters you've NEVER seen' Paul Burrell drops BOMBSHELL
'Are you Prince Harry’s dad?’ James Hewitt addresses rumours he fathered Royal with Diana
Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt denies he? Can we not leave this now! 😡😡enough! 😡
frankly disgusted that would give James Hewitt more publicity. What purpose did it serve but ratings? RIP Princess Di x
Why the Prince Harry conspiracy doesn’t add up
James Hewitt is telling the truth about not being Prince Harry’s dad, expert says >>
I love it they could use dna but don't and the resemblance is uncanny! this is the problem with the elitists of...
James Hewitt saying he's not Prince Harry's dad is like me writing my name on an exam and denying its mine when I get a U
Coming up: Diana’s dashing young lover, James Hewitt, talks about the love of his life.
I agree he does now. When he was a kid he looked like James Hewitt.
Princess Diana’s former love, James Hewitt, finally answers question that has intrigued royal observers for years.…
James Hewitt finally denies he's Princes dad.
James Hewitt is 'telling the truth' about not being Prince Harry's dad, expert says -
James Hewitt denies he is Prince Harry's father - James Hewitt, pictured here in 2004, had a five-y...
James Hewitt is a time travelling cad from the 50's
I get confused between James Hewitt and that Paul the butler guy whenever they are in the news.
James Hewitt emotionally denies he is Prince Harry’s father in documentary marking Diana’s death via
James Hewitt says he is not Prince Harry’s dad in Sunday Night exclusive.
You simply cannot dismiss rumours that are still talked about decades later. Not even royal speculations...
Princess Diana's former lover speaks out on affair
James Hewitt denies he is Prince Harry's father
'I'm not Harry's dad' James Hewitt opens up ahead of 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death
considering he is James Hewitt's kid he is alright
I lived in London at the time - Maybe that helped, but google James Hewitt & Diana & you find a lot!
looks nothing like him! He looks much more like his dad, james Hewitt.
James Hewitt is a *** of monumental proportions. There is nothing he won't sell.
😱 James Hewitt needs to save this article link in his phone and whip it out next time there are rumblings about hi…
BREAKING NEWS→ The House just moved to block President Obama from issuing ANY new regulations before leaving office. https…
yes the Tottenham wagon is gaining momentum at the right time of the season... think LFC's wheels are stuck though :p
Well done Tottenham. Stopping Chelsea's run 2-0. Only Liverpool and Spurs remain unbeaten at home must be pumped
well I've been in the camp for many years that his real father is James Hewitt. 🤔
did you know that Justin Hoytes father is actually James Hewitt?
Hope James Henry scores again today so there will be more headlines like this! 😎👌
Harry endured endless gossip about his physical similarity to James Hewitt
Will Casey Prather be the first Wildcat since James Ennis to average 20+ points per game over a season?
Not having Hewitt & James over Steff. His O's cameo aside he's been awesome
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
*For the millionth time - mum begins to bring up James Hewitt whenever Prince Harry is shown on TV*
still with you the man behind the jams. James Ingram took me to my high school year...Peabo and Howard Hewitt..2017 on a high note!
you never know. James Hewitt could become the King's Father if Wills ever abdicates
little known fact - James Hewitt takes his holidays in Greendale
so the news is that James Hewitt is Charles' brother!
maybe an announcement that James Hewitt is Harry's dad 😀
Second Round Matchups on November 11th. Enterprise at McGill-Toolen. Auburn at Central-PC. James Clemens at Hoover. Gadsden City at Hewitt-Truss
CMS Corporate colleagues James Parkes and Simon Howley are co-editors with Ian Hewitt of the new edition of "Hewitt…
Who knew Phil the Greek was James Hewitt's dad?
I bet tabloids UK soon will say that Prince Harry is actually son of Prince Phillip and not Charles or James Hewitt
He is the *** son of James Hewitt and won't get anywhere near the throne. A bad example none the less.
Hugh Hewitt now says he's 'inclined' to vote for Trump
I just heard Hugh Hewitt say that Trump is "coming from behind" in some states and my *** instantly fell off
the dems are getting desperate as Obama slams HIS OWN FBI chief Comey for operating on 'leaks' and 'innuendo'
Yoga And You by James Hewitt, pb,1968, G, by MusicAndMuse via
Hugh Hewitt: James Comey shouldn't clear up email case if it clears Clinton via
Thinking about it, TV never really has improved on Rebecca Loos & James Hewitt on Celebrity X Factor
Happy birthday Harry! I expect that James Hewitt will be making an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show
Untrue about Hewitt &controversy: He made a racially-tinged comment once against James Blake that got him in hot water.
a lot of recent (mostly male) tennis players have been poor though - Hewitt, Kyrgios, Roddick, Murray to a degree.
Hugh Hewitt said he thinks Bernie Sanders will win Iowa. Wow. I shouldn't be surprised though.
Hugh Hewitt really thinks Hillary Clinton will have a very unpleasant surprise. I find this very interesting...
Your show is super funny. That James Earl dude was awesome in that Jackson Hewitt commercial! I knew I recognized him.
On Holocaust Memorial Day, I recall: (3) .the Nazi slaughter of *** by celebrating my friendship with Hewitt
jumpin James McCormick in Billy D's league at HEWITT! Crazy
Ian Veitch from All Sat Communications and James Hewitt from Ocean Signal alongside the Triton.
just reminded me of when my professional work email signature was a picture of a grinning James Hewitt. Thems were the days
Lleyton Hewitt thanks his family after defeating James Duckworth at Australian Open 2016
him and that James Hewitt. Cut from the same cloth
just lost probs number one lob in Hewitt
Indeed. I've said I think Ibrahim Hewitt was a great guy, knowing he thinks *** should be killed. That IS honesty
main diff between LH & Nick is Hewitt had James Blake racism stuff/called linesman 'spastic', Nick is mainly just obnoxious
Hewitt's comments during a US Open match w/ James Blake was worse than any Kyrgios has made.
I've spotted you, Dafydd Hewitt, Tal Selley, Rhys Webb and Aled Thomas. Maybe James Merriman and Rhodri McAtee too?
I love how people are using Hewitt's argument with the chair to bring up the James Blake incident one more time.
Luck only gets you so far, both Hewitt & Murray have 2 GS's but Andy has won Double the prize money at $40million!
Lleyton Hewitt was a good player but also a lucky player, got to be No.1 at just the right time before the Fed took over.
A take on alleged tennis match fixing. Has a link to flagged matches, inc. James Ward d Matthew Ebden in Bogota 2014
Lleyton Hewitt’s career ends at Australian Open DISLIKED him since that incident with James Blake,COMMENTS
Last local to take on Lleyton Hewitt at Australian Open has advice for James
Farewell Lleyton. Loved his style on the court. .
I've got two words for that slime ball ..."James Blake"
Did I miss the James Blake tribute to Hewitt?
You know you've had a good career when you've got your own hashtag, Lleyton Hewitt you absolute legend 👏🏼
Remember when L Hewitt put on a white hood and called James Blake a black F-ing C. I still like Hewitt more than Tomic.
Leyton Hewitt had a few faults (always beating Henman, James Blake incident) but I never saw him tank once, unlike today's generation
Interesting to compare Ferrer & Hewitt on win/loss, titles, prize money. Harder to be top 10 now than early 2000s.
All I remembered of Hewitt,is that RACIST comment he made playing against James Blake.Saying why the black chair umpire gave JB THE POINT.
Congrats on an amazing career LLeyton Hewitt! Your Passion and fight will always be remembered by the tennis family!!!
I wonder if James Blake will dedicate a few words to Hewitt. 👀
Lleyton draws fellow Aussie James Duckworth in the first round of the
Good luck to Nolan as player/manager of the O's. Happy retirement to leyton Hewitt! Alex Teixeria to Liverpool? Shrewd move if it comes off!
The Hewitt family on court to celebrate a great career
What a send off tonight for Hewitt!Such respect for this champion. What an amazing career!
I don't agree that Hewitt's best is better than Ferrer's. Different era since he was at top and without weapons he's exposed now.
Lleyton Hewitt's son Cruz holds up a sign for his father during his match against James Du… htt…
That bit at the end of Braveheart. James Hewitt will be whispering the same to Charles.
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – James Hewitt, Kieron Dyer, Carol Kirkwood, Imran Khan…
Best comment from today: yeah Prince Harrys dad is that tennis player isnt he? Lleyton Hewitt 😭😭😭😭 think he means James Hewitt
James Jones has been on 🔥 since he's put that uniform back on
Website Builder 728x90
I didn't know James Hewitt was related to Henry VIII
Why would James Hewitt be interested in this non-story?
James Hewitt must have been a busy man.
Love how Nottingham balloons tell you what a good deal is. Only an *** buys 11 boxes..
What a match that was! Thought everyone played a very high level.. Hoping that's last time I'm across the net from hewitt …
Is it just me or does Kevin De Bruyne really look like James Hewitt?
Don't want to cause any controversy, but is James Hewitt Kevin De Bruyne's secret dad?
Is Kevin De Bruyne another james hewitt love child
Kevin De Bruyne looks like an off spawn of Princess Diana and James Hewitt
He was once mistaken for James Hewitt by an American Diana fan.
you want to be Harry's cuckold clean up boy thats up to you. Personally id like to see James Hewitt jr in jail
Can you please draw an episode of Jeremy Kyle where James Hewitt, Prince Charles and Prince Harry find out paternity results
as for the Rugby last night. I still don't understand how the illegitimate son of Major James Hewitt gets gigs at major sporting events.
James Hewitt must be proud of his son's speech at the opening of the
Nice to see james hewitt given chance of limelight opening rugby world cup keeping diana's memory alive
didn't know James Hewitt was challenging charles' throne quest! Gladiators ready!
"Prince Harry looks like every 31 year old man on every dating site ever. & the son of Major James Hewitt
James Hewitt has lots of hair though
Opening ceremony rugby world cup. So emotional. Bet Prince Williams Dad James Hewitt was emotional & proud too
he might have be treated to a match ticket by his dad James Hewitt
what job is she keeping James Hewitt out of, Ian ?
I see James Hewitt lad is at the game, loves his rugger does Prince Harry
Prince Harry's name is actually Henry!?! That's even worse than knowing that your real dad is James Hewitt.
Good to see James Hewitt enjoying the rugby. Not sure if the beard suits though.
Truth time Prince Harry, the beard is hip and all that but we can still make out James Hewitt's chin
James Hewitt must be terribly proud of his boy.
James Hewitt done a moving speech there didn't he
Watching Prince Harry in the opening ceremony,the older he gets,the more he looks like Prince Charles,think we can rule out …
James Hewitt must be a proud dad right now.
Doesn't Harry look like his mums friend James Hewitt
Update your maps at Navteq
Why is James Hewitt's boy making a speech?.
I think the son of James Hewitt has done well to just be at sporting events all the time and not work for a living!
Ben Stokes with a hint of Jonny Bairstow and a massive dollop of James Hewitt.
what's James Hewitt's son got to do with rugby?
I reckon he looks like James Hewitt 😂
Seems appropriate to circulate the Prince Harry / James Hewitt photo. . Of course Diana's death was an accident!!
Major James Hewitt will be sat in his hotel in Spain watching his son Prince Harry doing England proud :)
Nice of James Hewitt, letting his son do the opening ceremony of the
James Hewitt can be proud of his son there, great speech.
James Hewitt must be so proud of his son opening the Rugby World Cup 😂😂😂
James Hewitt- Prince Harry's Father. Prince William cloned to Look like Shroud of Turin.
James Hewitt, A Quick simple step for FUT 15 275000 Coins is on My Profile Bio, Check the Detail secret now
. The best news is that Prince Harry is an uncle again and his father is a great uncle. No news from James Hewitt?
heel stable of wrestlers made up of Prince Charles, James Hewitt, Dodi Al Fayed and Will Carling: Right to Spencer
Prince William is developing into a proper royal horse face - bet he really wishes his dad was James Hewitt too
New Diana play 'suggests James Hewitt could be Prince Harry’s father' . Thought this was Harry Enfield
Who did betray Princess Diana the most Prince Charles or James Hewitt?
Princess Alice of Battenberg also had an affair with James Hewitt?
“Harry father may be James Hewitt writer claims wud ruin his life finding out
James Hewitt has reportedly collaborated on a play that claims his affair with Princess Diana began 18 months before birth of Prince Harry.
If you had to pick from 1000 fathers' photographs, who would you pick as Prince Harry'S FATHER?. James Hewitt-bingo!
"Play about Princess Diana suggests James Hewitt fathered Prince Harry" yall only gotta have eyes to "suggest" this ***
Outrage over James Hewitt's backing for West End Play about Princess Diana that suggests he may be Prince Harry's dad
Controversial new play suggests James Hewitt is Prince Harry's father
I see what you mean but he doesn't resemble James Hewitt at all except in colouring
James Hewitt's popular tune from early nineteenth c. is used here for alternative setting. Pianist: Donna Long, In honor of The Defense of Fort McHenry on 09/14/14 . All four verses. Released on Folk_legacy Records lable.
I'm fed up with the slurs suggesting James Hewitt is Prince Harry's dad a blood test would put this to bed once and for all.
What a load of nonsense Prince Harry looks like Prince Philip
James Hewitt has got a new play coming out in London - Truth, Lies, Diana - and he's suggesting he's my dad, the cheeky …
What do you guys think of the rumours surrounding Lady Diana and James Hewitt? Harry Hewitt anyone?
I wish they'd leave them alone "Prince Harry was fathered by James Hewitt, play
Mail on Sunday have it as front page cover (bottom story - not Hewitt nonsense) with other papers featuring as well.
James Hewitt is just a sponger always looking to make a quick buck out of royal connections
Prince Charles not being Prince Harry's father is the worst kept secret in the country. We all know it's true
James Hewitt had told the press conflicting stories over the years. Fact, though, is Harry was a toddler when his affair…
Only one way to settle this, a Kyle Show dna royal special.
Prince Harry was fathered by James Hewitt, new play claims
Cottage where Princess Diana and James Hewitt spent secret weekends has gone on sale for £700k
Princess Diana and James Hewitt's country love nest up sale
Princess Diana and James Hewitt's secret country love nest up sale
Theres a place for you in our home today. Come join us
Happy belated birthday Prince Harry from your "uncle" James Hewitt 😂😂😂
upholding family tradition, in for tonight and W tomorrow.
Also, interviews with Josh Hart and winning coach Mark Hewitt to watch out for - Two-page spread in Mon…
James Wharton fighting to save nhs? Erm. NO is the answer I took away from meeting.
Got to love this woman preaching this morning
Im confused. My wife is out preaching and she left this in middle of room. Possible hint?
GOAL Colchester - Sanchez Watt. Low finish, Reds defence failed to clear cross on right from Hewitt 1-1
I'm joining on HBO's tonight to discuss & more. Tune in at 10pm ET!
Kids come to work with daddy day redcliffechurch and they are destroying it all!
Glad Hewitt has gone back out on loan to get more games/experience, as with the defence/record ATM he won't get much of a look in!
Props to for going into the lion’s den in an attempt to have a civil convo. But of course Ed Schultz berated her the whole time
Yeah, funny how dementia works that way.
Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't know who Jonathan Gruber is. She touted his work in 2009.
Ignoring the gossip aspect, a lovely home . We don't think it's worth £700k though!
The cottage that will capture your heart: Lady Dianna's secret country retreat via
With Obama sporting his James-Bond-villain suit, Dems are now the Party of (Dr) No.
House to vote on Cassidy Keystone bill.
Signs will soon be heading all over the peninsula. Take a selfie and tag in it to win a santa prize h…
Hi girls there's still time to book into this Saturdays breakfast. Its going to be amazing. Phone Julie today on 07328…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Lady Di & James Hewitt's love nest goes up for sale!
For me to live is christ and to die is gain. What a truly remarkable sentence
Interesting convo w lifelong Dem MD voter today who voted for Hogan: "Voted GOP for 1st time in my life, Maryland taxes ar…
ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber: Americans "too stupid" to understand
James Wharton should listen to the residents of Hartburn as they tell David Cameron to stop selling off our NHS!
Lady Di & James Hewitt's love nest for sale | PrimeLocation
ICYMI I was on last night discussing race and the president
100s of households tell Wharton to of NHS. Action Wed 12 Nov 2pm 
Sometimes it's just a James Taylor kinda day. Mama would be proud.
Jennifer Love Hewitt photographed by James White for MAXIM magazine 2009.
Winters nights infront on the fire, check out the home used by Lady Di via
Greatful to and and for hosting us today at hillsong leaders network. My brain is fried... so good!
and the power of God is real and active ! Praise Him
Also,there's no such thing as good pizza in DC.
Agreed. Jumbo on U st is the worst.
This seems like a great quality for a president to have:
The best candidate of the 2014 election.
Sex sells. But will Princess Diana & James Hewitt's love nest in Devon capture the hearts of buyers?
And the Democrat infighting begins ... POLITICO: Harry Reid picks another fight with Obama
“Apple launches Web tool to delist cell phone numbers from iMessages for you???
Sept. 24, 1995 -- Last time had sole possession of first place. Until today.
Pretty cool: After 42 years, the nation's last drafted Vietnam veteran retires
a man who takes after his father James Hewitt
church: where your associate pastors gets abused, whistles get blown during your preaching and the church gets real! Love it!
James Ellroy interview: LA Confidential author on promoting books and settling scores
Thundering Herd Captains vs. USM: Rakeem Cato, Neville Hewitt, Chris Jasperse and James Rouse. Need great leadership in this…
Super sentence work by Bethany and James
Planning our diary entries on the Gunpowder Plot. Will we write as Guy Fawkes or King James?
Look out lawyers from the dark side--Schlichter is coming for you!!
I am now a fully accredited and authorized law guy in DC. So that's occurred.
I see is taking in his undeniable love for Washington DC today
Looking forward to joining & tomorrow morning. Be sure to tune in!
James Hewitt done ok with a Harry as well :-o
I never knew Paul Whitehouse's "with MY reputation?" voice was a straight copy of James Hewitt. Cos that's what he bloody well sounds like.
that ginger bloke doesn't even look like James Hewitt.
Kevin De Bruyne has got a look of Prince Harry. I wonder if James Hewitt ever lived in Belgium?
Prince Harry says his nephew Prince George looks like former PM Winston Churchill. Like Harry looks like James Hewitt
Testimony from James Hewitt speaking about last week's outreach (Thursday 16th May): 'One of the crazier days of my life! Hallelujah! Muslim gangster guy comes up to me on streets of Soho when im doing outreach, says that he doesnt know whether Jesus is the Son of God or only a prophet. I tell him that if Jesus is alive (which He can't be if He's only a prophet) then He can heal him. He sits on a chair, and his left leg is 2 inches shorter. His friend comes over laughing "Bruv what are they doing?!?!?" They both freak out when we pray and his leg grows out in line with the other. His friend (who by now has become really attentive!) asks if we can pray for his hip and leg (which have been operated on multiple times, causing him awkward walking and pain, twisted hip, shorter leg). We pray for 20 minutes. His pain goes first, then his leg grows out, then his hip moves into place and he's walking normally. Both have no idea how to react and freak out. "What did you Christians do?" Both realised that it was Je ...
My Uncle Larry Fry used to run with a guy named James Hewitt in Nowata. Is he still around those parts?
Well, let's vindicate the real Prince Harry via a blood test shall we? Or at least get James Hewitt to give the nod...
Forget those tawdry rumours about James Hewitt. Harry's real dad can now exclusively be named as... Graeme Souness
James Hewitt possible father of Prince Harry may have suffered from mottling and discoloration due to poisoning.
Prince Harry has one impressive ginger beard! Hm! James Hewitt was also ginger! Very interesting! Just sayin!
it won't be; Kevin, Michael, Patrick, Sean, Wayne, jack, Mark. James Hewitt might make James embarrassing?
"James?" I doubt it. It's Kate's brother, but also James Hewitt gets brought up again and William's uncle, Prince Edward, has a son James. "George"--is this because they are Downton fans? Charles wants to reign as "George VII". I've put Alexandra top of the list all along, but it is "Tiggy's" name.Charlotte--well, Earl Spencer just named his umpteenth child "Charlotte Diana".not likely. I'd love it to be Camilla! Susan Braun
Interesting day here in San Pedro...when having a coffee on the beach after our morning walk James Hewitt was having an orange juice at the next table . Tonight we ate at the cheapest local restaurant (€27) for us both including wine for me and coffee for himself..who was next to us but Claudia Schiffer and for once it was my husband who spotted her first (her picture has been in all the local papers) but he of course didn't remember her name..think he thought she was Madonna! So good news folks we all seem to either be on tight budgets or else know the best places to eat local food!!
Wonder if James Hewitt got any mail today...
Your week ahead from Monday Lisa's live lounge mon 9pm James Hewitt sits in for Chris Phillips from 9-11pm..Wednesday Chris is live from the coast from 9pm...Thursday night James Hewitt sits in for Chris Phillips..Friday Susanne Fraser from you can tune in 24 hours a day on the website or check out spreaker for a wide selection of past shows!!
Good morning Chris Phillips hope James Hewitt had a great 1st show last night, can't wait to listen to it back on Spreaker
if you're retaking the UKCAT this summer try this app! Scores improve loads with some descent practice
"Why does Justin bieber always walk like Quasimodo ?" lol.. The Hunchback of canada?
Why does Justin bieber always walk like Quasimodo ?
Totally had a sexual fantasy about a teacher last night. Oh well.
I woudl take a gap year, graduate entry medicine Is x... — Yeh, it was my UKCAT scores, they were on the low sid...
If anyone even tries to pull a prank on me ... I will drop-kick them in the crotch.
April fools day ... Must be THE most pointless day of the year.
Easter Monday coffee with this handsome man :)
Reward yourself with a chapter of a good book after doing a bit of revision
What is your thought on a 15 year age difference between 2 men?
do it in a mirror or your laptop :P — Maybe tomorrow !!! Chill your bean ;) I don't look that good naked.
Do you ever wake up and wish what it would be like to be a unicorn?... — Every single day.
would you post a full photo of yourself in your boxers just now? :D... — There is no-one to take a photo for me.
Thank you so much! ill text him now oh my he better b... — You'll be fine regardless of what happens. You need t...
If it's not hard that means you have a big *** I'm coming into bed with you... — Okay ... Then ;)
Have you ever thought about becoming a therapist? — I would love to !!
what uni offers did you get:D maybe we got the same?:p — A big fat zero. I was rejected by all 4.
how any questions do you get on an average day? — Maybe 100 ... Maybe more
If you ever need advice about modelling I will dm you (I... — Oh no not at all !! That's a lovely offer thanks :) x
Hey I don't know what to do I'm 16 and a boy and my b... — Tell him ... Text him now, ring him whatever ... Don'...
you just made so many people happy lol :D
Would you ever kik/dm someone who was looking for advice?... — Sure thing !!
I was seeing this guy in the summer, and he really li... — It's horrible when that happens ...I have no idea why...
Me and you are freakishly alike you're like me long lost soul mate and yes I wil... — That's cute !! I love that !!
I have found your I am literally in love with you... — Thankyou babay ;)
erm ... That's kinda just how it normally is, but I am very warm ... So it's a little larger than usual I suppose ;)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
ha, wow. Nice pic tbh, classy or not :-)
dude you're like a freaking helpline,do you like givi... — I know !! I actually love it !! I wanna help the worl...
Mine certainly has lol. One thing bugging me, are you a tad 'excited' there, or were you born rather lucky? lol
oh never mind ... I'm sure everyone's lives have been enriched by it slightly !!
Just realised I have a really obvious bulge in my last picture ... I'm so classy.
Oooh check you out ;) You look rather sexy in them I must say
Gotta go onto the House Of Holland website and order online. They do some glow in the dark pairs too!
nice view actually , an a nice bulge too I might add
nice, but not as nice as my House Of Holland boxers ;)
Ma view right now ... Pink boxers ano.
Saw this cute little thing in Tesco today ... It's like a midget chicken !!
You say you're a 'health freak' and don't eat process... — Hey, we all have our vices ... I don't eat any bad fo...
I have decided to write a blog ... Again ... This time it's devoted to advice and stuff ...
I would love to talk to you but I'd seem like such a beg — Not at all !
how come you're so amazing dude omg? — I guess it's just natural.
You helped my best friend out. Thank you so much. I know this won't even make sense t... — I'm glad I could help ;)
If i was speaking to u in person i would either hyperventilate or hug u and say how a... — I'm sure you wouldn't ;)
I have every time I try she tells me not to worry abo... — I guess you're just gone have to tell her ... And if ...
So,I have an awful temper and that doesn't help. I ha... — Firstly you need to channel your anger somewhere othe...
And when Mr Bigglesworth gets upset, people die.
I'm like the 'agony aunt' of the Internet.
Do you give or take?;) — I'm such a giver ... In every sense of the word.
Whatever your so good looking it wouldn't matter — Oh good god it does. :/
The person you miss the most?! — I won't even go there. There is one person who I think about almost every day :...
not gonna bother tonight Caz, save some pennies for next Thursday, shouldn't be as busy
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