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James Harden

James Edward Harden, Jr. (born August 26, 1989) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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ESPN story co-reported with James Harden locked into $228M deal, Rockets in hot pursuit of "Melo.
James Harden just agreed to the biggest contract extension in NBA history. and with more:.
James Harden is about to get $228 million to keep playing in Houston... and Texas has no state income tax
American basketball player James Harden is signing a 4 year, $228 MILLION EXTENSION. , £400k a wk for Alexis sounds like chips now!
James Harden: Signs extension with Rockets through 2022-23 -
If you don't think James Harden is at LEAST a top 10 player in the league you don't know anything about basketball
Paul George will wear No. 13 with the Thunder, which once belonged to James Harden.
For reference, Paul George isn't the first Thunder player to wear No. 13 since James Harden. Nazr Mohammed got it for half…
Carmelo Anthony and James Harden have been in touch and are interested in playing together, per
Pat Beverly and Sam Decker will be traded kapalit ni Chris Paul? Hmmmn I think CP3 will just frustrate James Harden.
A source close to Carmelo Anthony tells Legion Hoops that he and James Harden are in contact, both interested in teaming u…
Nick Wright and Cris Carter on CP3 joining James Harden, Paul George to Boston in doubt | THE HERD. Watch Now 👉…
U can add James Harden and Jeremy Lamb to that
IF YOU WEREN'T WITH US WHEN . - OKC lost to the Heat in '12 finals . - James Harden got traded . - OKC lost the 3-1 lead . - KD wen…
Don't let Paul George to OKC distract you from the fact that Sam Presti traded James Harden to Houston for Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb.
He also flipped James Harden for Jeremy Lamb and something else
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Kevin Durant would not have left if Sam presti had ponied up the money to keep James Harden
Chris Paul and James Harden blaming each other after they choke in the 2nd Round
Doc on CP “He left because he wanted to be with James Harden. Let’s not get that twisted. I wish him well. I have no problem…
Mike D'Antoni on Rockets' trade for Chris Paul and fit with incumbent star James Harden
Chris Paul & James Harden about to be on the same team but they vetoed the Kobe & Chris Paul trade.
Chris Paul and James Harden practicing late game situations
James Harden and Chris Paul have already started recruiting Paul George to Houston, reports
*James Harden, sporting a headband and short shorts welcomes Chris Paul at Toyota Center*. "You ready to train, the pac…
We got Bron, Kyrie, KLove up outta here in 5. I ain't worried bout no *** Chris Paul and James Harden man
I just want to point out that both Chris Paul and James Harden love to have the ball. Like, all the time.
This team can put up a fight against the Warriors🔥🚀. PG: Chris Paul. SG: James Harden. SF: Trevor Ariza. PF: Ryan Anderson…
CP3 and James Harden have started recruiting PG13 to the Rockets already. (via:
James Harden and Chris Paul on the same team? I hope CP3 and Harden glide across the playoffs
A3: has been great. Tim Duncan getting excited, James Harden being defensive and Lonzo Ball tal…
According to reports, Chris Paul is heading to Houston via trade to join James Harden and the Rockets!
James Harden currently celebrating after Houston lands Chris Paul.
"Chris Paul takes a ton of pressure off of James Harden, in terms of when you get into the postseason, it's not all on him." -
CP3 and James Harden team up in Houston, per
James Harden and Chris Paul will now turn their focus on recruiting Paul George to Houston (ESPN)
Ever since July of 2016 the Warriors made Tim Duncan retire, Lebron go bald & made James Harden a Shooting Guard again lmao
Chris Paul and James Harden placing blame after the Rockets 2nd round loss
Chris Paul + James Harden could be sick but CP not throwing any alley’s to The Beard I promise that
James Harden: "Join us and I'll show you how to choke in the 2nd round.". Chris Paul: "No. I'll show YOU how to choke in…
James Harden plays his best ball ever running the point and now you're gonna pull him off it
Chris Paul and James Harden were determined to play together, and found a way with Rockets-Clippers trade agreed upon t…
The Rockets are pairing Chris Paul with James Harden. report.
team with dwyane wade, James Harden, Anthony davis, Chris Paul, and lawrence carnes
James Harden looks more focused here on Nicki Minaj than he was in game 6 against the Spurs lmfao
James Harden was ready to risk it all 😩
I had a dream I was hanging out with James Harden, happy June 27th 🤘🏽🔩
James Harden made a team of nobodies good. Russell Westbrook destroyed Steven Adams' and Oladipo's seasons
James Harden not interested in MVP anymore…
Somebody hook it up with the James Harden gif
James Harden out there with the Killer Instinct in his eyes... I'm ready for next season
*** the MVP, James Harden has his eyes on the prize
James Harden bouta catch another L trying to hook up with Nicki
team with lebron jordan, Nick young, Paul George, James Harden, and Deandre jordan
team with James Harden, spongebob, spider-man, justin riley, and puss n boots
statesman: Report: Rockets to offer James Harden contract extension
Report: Rockets to offer James Harden contract extension
How does compare to D'Angelo Russell, James Harden, Dwyane Wade & Brandon Roy at the same age?
team with klay thompson, James Harden, Deandre jordan, ross teeter, and jahlil okafor
Nah Ricky Rubio, James Harden and Johnny Flynn had more hype and the Timberwolves& Thunder bought into it
Lebron took Boobie Gibson and Ilgauskaus to the finals .. Durant could only with James Harden and Russ…
James Harden is still cursed my guy
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Hopefully Russell Westbrook & James Harden will join Golden State next year so we can tell how great they are.
Well that's not uncommon. It happen with Kris Humphries, James Harden & now Tristan Thompson
team with justin riley, Mr.crabs, patrick, Trey ebert, and James Harden
team with Michael Jordan, Shaq O'Neal, James Harden, John Wall, and justin riley
There is nothing worse than a Cubs or James Harden fan 😤😤😤😤
team with derrick rose, Anthony davis, justin riley, klay thompson, and James Harden
You're telling me that KD is willing to take a paycut to keep players like ZaZa or David West, but not for James Harden when…
team with scooby doo, jackson wells, James Harden, lawrence carnes, and dan barnes
Lil B lifts curse on James Harden, paving the way for Rockets star to win MVP
lifts Curse off James Harden live on ESPN !!! WOW! AMAZING! My brother
I'd leave a team too that traded James Harden for Kevin Martin Jeremy Lamb and Steven Adams
ICYMI: has officially lifted the curse on James Harden.
Lil B on with a suit on just lifted James Harden curse lol
team with Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, joakim noah, captin crunch, and James Harden
team with Trey ebert, dan barnes, david west, Tim Duncan, and James Harden
Guys I'm in a music video. And Travis Scott is awesome. This is a great day. Also, 👋🏼 James Harden.
James Harden interesting facts you didn't know
👀 drops "Way Back" video starring James Harden... plus we spy a Complex news screengrab 👋🏽ht…
Travis Scott drops brand new 7-minute video featuring James Harden
Did you know these things about James Harden?
Y'all think James Harden could lead this current Phoenix Suns team to the playoffs?
team with Russell Westbrook, captin crunch, James Harden, lawrence carnes, and Michael Jordan
Shooting guards with a better career Box +/- than Manu Ginobili? Michael Jordan, James Harden and Clyde Drexler. That's…
team with Michael Jordan, lebron jordan, James Harden, Paul George, and justin riley
team with James Harden, patrick, Anthony davis, Vegeta, and Mr.crabs
team with jackson wells, kobe bryant, larry bird, James Harden, and Garfield
Russell Westbrook,James Harden & Kawhi Leonard are all great players but The MVP should be LeBron James.He is in a League…
David Luiz, James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry will never be a defender.
2016-17 All-NBA teams are in. James Harden was the only unanimous player named to the First Team.
I completely agree with the 1st team ▶️All-NBA first team: James Harden, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and A…
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Kawhi Leonard named to the All-NBA first team, joining James Harden, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.
When I see James Harden on the street
Moses Malone Jr. sues James Harden for allegedly orchestrating an assault/robbery.
team with stewie, James Harden, jerry west, dan barnes, and Dwight Howard
I can't believe James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Kelly Olynk are the MVP candidates
James Harden finally met his twin at Compound in Atlanta. 😂😂
Jalen Rose said " yall better get James Harden out of that sunken place" lmaooo
"You're not James Harden! You're just a wannabe that looks like him." 😂😂
Jalen Rose said James Harden is in a sunken place...I'm done.
James Harden looking like the SPACE JAM Monstars took all of his basketball talents before the game.
Good Morning, James Harden got blocked by Manu in Game 5 and proceeded to play like Michael Carter Williams in an elimin…
How dare Tracy McGrady fix his crossed eyes to say James Harden should apologize to the city after he was apart of this…
Lil B offers to end James Harden's curse: "It's time to talk and be the leader everyone believes you are”
NEVER GIVE UP!. Tonight, Jonathon Simmons started in place of Kawhi Leonard and outplayed James Harden.
Live footage of James Harden walking to the locker room after the game.
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Call me crazy but this is the only thing that explains James Harden continuously choking.
BREAKING: ready to lift curse on James Harden
Grandpa Ginobili blocked James Harden so hard he forgot how to play basketball
For those wondering why James Harden played the way he did.
When will James harden learn? he's under "The BasedGods curse" for not paying homage to lil b cooking dance sports cel…
Rockets fans: James harden is the MVP . Thunder fans: jAmEs HaRdeN iS ThE mVp
After that James harden performance tonight the fix may b real 🤔🤔 what y'all think ?!
This is the trophy Drake is going to give James Harden at the NBA Player Awards
.on James Harden's uninspired finale: "His passivity and lack of energy was shocking in this kind of situation."
How Mike D'Antoni looked at James Harden in the locker room...
James Harden still may win the MVP award which will be given out in 6 weeks.2 REGULAR season MVP candidates are ELIMIN…
Don't fret fans. ready to lift the curse on James Harden.
Like james harden must be scared of success to let that happen lls
I apologize to James harden I'm ready to talk and end the curse... it's time to talk and be the leader everyone believ…
James harden congrats on fighting through the curse, you are strong. maby not wise but strong... stay tuned - Lil B
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"MVP" James Harden scored 10 points in a 40 point loss in an elimination game, but...
James harden curse has not been lifted - Lil b
Media: James Harden looks disappointed and admits he let his team down. . James Harden in an hour:.
James Harden got paid hella stacks to throw that game 😂😂
James Harden trying to explain how The Rockets got eliminated by The Spurs with no Kawhi.
James Harden looked like he was Drugged lol 😂💊💉🏀
I'm sorry, James Harden. I had to do this.
James Harden had something in his eyes tonight.
When rocket fans see James Harden in public
Why did LeBron kick James Harden like that? 😕
People talk about the Morris twins conspiracy when James Harden's twin brother Jason Harden played for the Rockets tonight.
Looks like James Harden had a Jason Kidd-like elimination game.
Basedgod curse is very real. James Harden was warned to stop stealing the Lil B cooking dance.
James Harden been "cooking" all season but couldn't cook in the most important game of playoffs LMAOOO 😭😭
"James Harden had something in his eyes tonight." 😳😂
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Reporters: So what happened out there tonight James??. James Harden:
I still don't think that was the real James Harden out there tonight. Probably his clone or sunken place James.
"Everything falls on my shoulders. I take responsibility for it..." - James Harden after Game 6 series-ending loss.
Someone please find James Harden in the second half.
LOSER James Harden is the most overrated player in the NBA . The fake news media said the Rockets were REALLY good thi…
There is blood everywhere. Paramedics are here. The police are now arresting James Harden for manslaughter. Tough night…
😂😂😂😂 Stephan A is stuuupid, bull said there needs to be an investigation because James Harden looked like he had been drug…
Vernon Maxwell didn't punch that fan in the crowd for James Harden to play like he did tonight
James Harden's play got the entire city of Houston devastated. Even the Rockets' mascot is wilding
James Harden tonight looked like the players in Space Jam looked when the Monstars took their talent
James Harden turns over the ball too much
James Harden is supposed to be the MVP of the league? LOL.
Rockets: "We need you to show up big tonight James, it's an elimination game.". James Harden:
James Harden and Alexander Ovechkin walk into a bar to watch the rest of the playoffs
James Harden basically Corey Brewer with more touches
Getting finessed in the year of our Xenu 2017 by Kyle Anderson, Jonathon Simmons, and Patty Mills, man. Peak Game 6 James Harden.
Alexander Ovechkin and James Harden knocked out of the playoffs on back-to-back nights? I've never felt that I understand sports more.
When Jonathan Simmons outplays James Harden in the first half of an elimination game...
Why is James Harden personally hurting my feelings
James Harden has been outplayed by Patty Mills, Kyle Anderson, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Johnathon Simmons 🤣🤣🤣
Russell Westbrook is the MVP! - Lose 4-1. James Harden is the MVP! Getting destroyed by Spurs. Kawhi Leonard is the MVP! Sp…
James Harden really let glorified Jason Kapono take him off the dribble
Colin Cowherd just said James Harden = Danny Granger...I almost crashed my whip
Colin Cowherd said James Harden is the same player as Danny Granger. Seriously...he ACTUALLY said that. He clearly watch…
Agree re: Horford. But a metric that rates James Harden as a plus defender has me, uh, skeptical?
You really just compared Jarius Wright to James Harden?
James Harden didn't show up when Kawhi was on the bench.
How many times James Harden gotta get blocked to understand
Ginobili denies James Harden in the final seconds of OT to secure the Spurs 110-107 Game 5 win!
Ginobli is legit 52 years old.. he was in 2k on dream cast .. and he blocked your game winning shot James Harden..
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maybe James Harden should stop shooting
James Harden\'s woeful clutch play in Game 5 might have torpedoed the Rockets\' season. (SPEEDonFOX)
Big Black is dead. James Harden got blocked by a fossil. And the president fired a man investigating him for treason. What…
James Harden passed Ray Allen, Jo Jo White, and Wes Unseld for 61st all-time in playoff assists.
James Harden joins Magic Johnson as the only players with a triple-double on the road vs Spurs in NBA postseason history.…
Rockets fans: Stop turning the ball over. James Harden: StOp TuRnInG tHe BaLl OvEr
James Harden is Roger Mason Jr. with a beard,
When Manu Ginobili made his NBA debut, James Harden was in the 7th grade.
James Harden single handedly lost that game
Eric Gordon and Lou Williams have to hold the fort down until James Harden enters the 4th quarter.
honestly I have no idea how James Harden has STILL not won a James Beard award
Jury still out on James Harden post season play.. but he MVP right? FOH
I will love Steph Curry til the day I die but man I am enjoying both John Wall and James Harden in the playoffs
Kawhi Leonard dunks on Clint Capella, James Harden returns favor on Pau Gasol
team with James Harden, Bill russell, Garfield, Damian Bates, and joakim noah
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Wizards passed on trading Beal and Chris Singleton for James Harden
team with batman, blake griffin, James Harden, larry bird, and jared west
team with Vegeta, James Harden, captin crunch, spider-man, and blake griffin
Metta World Peace absolutely TAKES OUT James Harden with his elbow. (2012)
I see James Harden is getting the Dwyane Wade 2006 Finals treatment from the refs
The Spurs had no answers for James Harden in Game 1. San Antonio, you have a problem. ht…
Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Serge Ibaka, & Reggie Jackson were all on the same team. & All under 23 years…
James Harden has passed Moses Malone for the 2nd most points in history.
team with max burton, Caleb Barnes, James Harden, Chris Paul, and Tim Duncan
James Harden being guarded by Andre Roberson, Kawhi guarded by ??? Vince Carter? 😂😂
James Harden and Nene or Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills?. Best 1-2 punches in the playoffs so far
Didn't mention James Harden's greatness or any of the efforts by Houston. Only "Did this series…
The Houston and James Harden eliminated the 2017 MVP Russell Westbrook and OKC Thunder in 5 Games of the…
WATCH: James Harden reflects on Westbrook's historic season
James Harden Face Art design on a phone case!.
Nobody can say Russ isn't the MVP!! If you think anybody else is you're either...A) Not a BASKETBALL Fan or B) A Fan of J…
Still a better defender than James Harden
A Chris Paul or *** even James harden fr 😭 but rondo would be a good move, he should go to the spurs.…
If he gets James Harden and the rockets in the first round then yes.
Compare how James Harden plays with his team vs how Westbrook plays with his team.
James Harden & the rockets winning the series in a Game 5 against the thunder.any bets ?
Westbrook is an amazing player, no doubt, but is why James Harden should be
REPORT: James Harden bumped a customer at Starbucks and NBA refs issued a Flagrant 2 foul on the customer and ejected…
James Harden dunks on kid at a basketball camp
Kyah just said that James Harden's teeth look like stalagmites 💀💀
in 2012 Oklahoma City traded James Harden to Houston. In 2017 James Harden led Houston team eliminated OKC from the playof…
James Harden is the 1st player to start a postseason with 3 straight 35-point games since Michael Jordan in 1990 https:/…
I'm a James Harden guy just because of his beard. Sue me.
James Harden is without a doubt the most hated player in the NBA.
Russell Westbrook will probably win MVP, but James Harden should win this series. Just like 1995.
Russell Westbrook delivered a season for the ages, but now it’s over. James Harden, however, is moving on.
*James Harden clearly travels his *** off*. Reggie Miller: Truly a magician with the ball in his hands!
NBA: James Harden and the Rockets eliminate Thunder, 105-99 - Los Angeles Times
James Harden was 13-41 and 2-20 from 3 the last 2 games he truly carried the Rockets
Russell Westbrook blows by James Harden then finishes! 🔥.
But James Harden was 8 of 24 from the field..I'll take 44% over 32% any day of the week.
Don't act like James Harden played better than Russell Westbrook this series. Numbers don't lie, Harden's team is just…
The advance to the 2nd Round behind James Harden's 💪 performance in Game 5!
Footage of James Harden winning the MVP race against Russell Westbrook!
How does Steven Adams outscore James Harden and the Rockets win?
Ya dude cause James Harden is suddenly Dennis R…
We're seeing so many superstars in 1 day:. Russell Westbrook . James Harden. Gerald Green. Jimmy Butler. LeBron. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul. Crazy
OKC at one point had Reggie Jackson, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Surge Ibaka, Kevin Durant , Jeff Green on the SAME TEAM
James Harden gets more calls than a 1-800 number.
Friendly reminder the thunder traded James Harden for Kevin Martin
James Harden and Russell Westbrook talk about who should be MVP. 😂
Column: The difference between James Harden and Russell Westbrook? Trust and team.
Through 2 games, Russell Westbrook has scored 1 more point than James Harden while shooting 21 additional FGAs. https:…
James Harden, despite putting up amazing numbers in the past few seasons, made history this season.
James Harden is winning the series over Russell Westbrook
Imagine if James Harden was kicking it out to Kyle Singler & Andre Roberson instead of Eric Gordon & Lou Williams.
Sad to say that my thunder might get swepped by James Harden, not the rockets
That moment when Russell Westbrook likes a video of his teammate getting exposed by James Harden
Thunder fan: "Russell Westbrook is better than James Harden". Me: "How?". Thunder fan:
The best line up right now. Who can beat me?. PG- James Harden. SG-Kawhi Leonard. SF-Paul George . PF-Gianni's Antetekumbo. C-Hassan Whiteside
Left hand shooter like James Harden but I'm good with the right like Quentin miller 🔥🔥🔥
On Sunday, James Harden, John Wall and Jimmy Butler show playoff value of Best Player on the Floor (by https…
James Harden likes to show his visitors around the court
Pat Beverley, James Harden fuel Rockets' rout of Thunder in Game 1 - Houston Chronicle
Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder on James Harden of Houston Rockets -- Ball only friend on court - ... -…
James Harden called last year the worst of his life. Will this year be the best? (by
James Harden to Clint Capella for the emphatic slam was the final nail in the coffin for the Thunder.
James Harden passed Tayshaun Prince, Jason Terry, and Jimmy Jones into a tie for 84th all-time in playoff assists.
Is it me, or does James Harden look like Grady from Sanford and Son? Aunt Ester needs to come off the OKC bench w/ her purse
Jason Terry just passed James Harden and Tayshaun Prince for 86th all-time in playoff assists.
James Harden ready to lead Rockets to championship glory
James Harden, LeBron James & John Wall all eclipsed Steve Nash's record for assists on 3-pointers in a single season. ht…
Miller: if there will be a first round matchup that all eyes are on, it will be James Harden vs Russell Westbrook.
James Harden will join Magic Johnson as the only players to EVER finish in the top 5 in assists, FTM & 3s & the 1st EVER to…
He's facing stiff competition, but James Harden is the MVP favorite of at least one writer.
team with jahlil okafor, Dwight Howard, James Harden, Tim Duncan, and kyrie irving
can i on Dwight Howard,LeBron James,Giannis Antetokounmpo,James Harden & Russel Westbrook all to post a double double
team with kyrie irving, Michael Jordan, jared west, spider-man, and James Harden
My favorite players of all time in order. Allen Iverson. Russell Westbrook. Tracy McGrady . James Harden. Dirk Nowitzki
Russel Westbrook should definetley be MVP over James Harden.
team with derrick rose, scooby doo, James Harden, derrick rose, and Anthony davis
James Harden plays basketball like Paul Rudd's character in Wet Hot American Summer
When you realize regardless who wins MVP, we're getting a Russell Westbrook vs James Harden matchup in the First Round of…
My Exec of the Year is He extended James Harden for 4 years, hired Mike D'Antoni, added Ryan Anderson, Eric Go…
James Harden thinks wins should be a top factor in the MVP race.
team with Anthony davis, derrick rose, Anthony davis, James Harden, and damian lillard
James Harden can only do so much for the MVP award
"I thought winning is the most important thing." - James Harden responds to Russell Westbrook's late run for MVP.
Houston Rocket players and their fans should be campaigning more for D'antoni COTY than they are for James Harden being the MVP
True story: I was building James Harden trades back in 2012 that included him
Mike D'Antoni says he'll try to limit his starters' minutes over next 4 games. When asked if that also includes James Harden, Mike laughed
Horford ain't the type of defender you want in a Mike D'Antoni offense featuring James Harden at al
James Harden is reaching the babies 😭😭. Love it.
Russell Westbrook has 38 triple doubles. James Harden's team is in 3rd place in the West. MVP?
Here in Phoenix for Suns-Rockets. James Harden (flu) out for Houston. No T.J Warren or Barbosa for Suns. Dragan Bender expected to play.
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So Joel Berry II gets his acting training from James Harden
Was totally worth that trade for James Harden
Dorsey like James Harden tonight with the free throws
Steph Curry has now outplayed Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, & James Harden without Kevin Durant and during a tough…
I like how James harden is helping the homeless out here in these streets.
there is no way James Harden winnin the MVP because he still cursed by
I'm not gonna lie... I think James Harden is MVP. I've thought this all season but have been scared to say. Sorry to m…
I liked a video from Warriors Win 10 Straight! Hold James Harden to 22% Shooting!
Isn't that where the James Harden late tip Arizona State game take place?
How is this loser in the league still? Purposely punches James Harden's injured wrist. It's very sad and embarrassing…
3. Klay Thompson > James Harden. If you had to choose one of them join your team, it's obvious you would choose him,…
Mj, Kobe, James Harden, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, D Wade and that all i can name
Draymond Gree on why he punched James Harden’s recently-injured wrist
Of all the people at this hipster, art show, I'd say I make the best argument for James Harden to win the MVP.
James Harden really be killing on and off the court
Here's the alleged pinch and admitted punch of James Harden's injured wrist. Draymond just can't help himself.
Most rockets fans hate westbrooks guts because they don't want him to beat James harden for MVP
Idk why people keep thinking the Rockets can actually beat out the Warriors lol. James Harden only has decent games against Warriors
Draymond Green explains the slap down on James Harden's wrist. Said Harden pinched him. Called it "adolescent"
Draymond Gree on why he punched James Harden's recently-injured wrist
NBA Video: Draymond Green admits to punching James Harden's sore left wrist Friday; \"He pinched me, so I punched his wrist\" (ESPN) …
Draymond Green calls James Harden "adolescent" and says he punched Harden's injured wrist because "he pinched me"
Dillion Brooks with the ode to James Harden and D Wade with that attempt
Draymond Green said he punched James Harden's wrist because he pinched him.
James Harden said he thought Draymond Green used a closed fist when he hit his forearm.
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