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James Garner

James Garner (born James Scott Bumgarner; April 7, 1928) is an American film and television actor, one of the first Hollywood actors to excel in both media.

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Dreamed of a better world last night, one in which James Garner goes on SNL every week to discuss his career for ten minutes.
Wasnt this already a movie with Jack Lemmon and james garner? I think its called, "my fellow Americans."
Also, there would be h/c, which isn't unimportant either ;) And James Garner was a handsome dude back then, hehehe.
James Garner starred in The Rockford Files. Give a listen to what songwriters produced for TV viewers of that era
1929 James Garner, Marlon Brando, Red Buttons and Miyoshi Umeki on the set of Sayonara, 1957, d…
This is like the darker and more action-packed millennial version of James Garner in "Tank"
James Garner and Steve McQueen might have a claim.
Please have Donald talk about James Garner. Coolest pace car driver ever!!!
Northern Iowa has extended an offer to / Garner-Hayfield-Ventura forward James Betz.
Dr James Garner to present tomorrow in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast with - details below!
When Miller sent the ball in for Joey Garner
James Garner was a master of light comedy and his self-effacing, sardonic, less than heroic slacker was his gift to…
I saw a very young James Woods on Season 1 of Rockford Files, I sure do miss James Garner
The Children's Hour is such an incredibly moving film. I watched out of my love for James Garner, but the whole film has me awestruck.
I really want to watch Grand Prix because of James Garner, but I have the attention span of a 4 year old.. and its a 4 and half hour movie.
James Garner in the ending scene . Sad
Im watching The Childrens Hour and !!James Garner!! His voice. He sounds like a little baby. I LOVE HIM.
James Garner. No one made laid back more cool than him.
they are showing you now on in movies The Children's Hour with James Garner & Shirley McClaine. 1961 flick.
"The year was 2017. We just won a title the year before and this year we only had 8 games to go to win another..."…
🎥 | Joe Garner last minute goal vs Partick Thistle.
Not to mention getting thrown off a river boat by James Garner! Still a good day!
I saw an episode of Maverick yest where James Garner introduced the story but the rest of the episo…
.Then Joe Garner scored a superb header after great play by…
Watch "My Fellow Americans" with James Garner and Jack Lemmon. In it the Presidents are INTENTIONALLY funny, unlike some others we know.
90+4' GOAL: Kenny Miller with some excellent work inside the box and clipping a great ball in for Garner who headed home for…
James Garner, Steve McQueen and James Coburn at a private screening of 'The Great Escape' (1963).
I just watched a "very" young in the Season 1 Rockford Files. Sure do miss James Garner
Warner Brothers Studio television western stars who had programs on ABC:Will Hutchins, Peter Brown, Ty Hardin, Jame…
Watching one of my favorite James Garner movies "Support Your Local Sheriff".
"Never cry over spilled milk. It could've been whiskey." . - James Garner as Bret Maverick
James Garner, and James Coburn were cool, but Christopher Walken is scary…
Tonight my Friday night DVD double bill is "Grand Prix" starring James Garner followed by "The Wicker Man" (not the remake)
James Garner, Doris Day, Carl Reiner on the set of The Thrill of It All
James Garner was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1990, see more
In Memoriam of the late and great James Garner. Happy Birthday and RIP.
Happy Birthday James Garner. Only man cool enough to make bad sport coats look good.
Happy Birthday to the legendary actor James Garner! (1928-2014)
James Garner was born on this day in 1926 and would be alive today if it wasn't for his death. Happy Birthday James. h…
Happy Birthday, Jimmy! James Garner would have been 89 today.
Happy Birthday to the charming James Garner, who would have been 89 today.
Happy Birthday, James Garner! Garner seen with Audrey Hepburn photographed by Bob Willoughby on the set of The Childre…
Was she married to James Garner in those camera commercials?
Your weekly reminder that you'll never be as cool as James Garner, Steve McQueen and James Coburn in the mid 1960s.…
Tim and Faith will be on the Blair Garner Show tonight at midnight and Ty Kelly and Chuck tomorrow at 6! Tune in if yo…
Home and watching Support Your Local Sheriff. James Garner- circa1969 Great movie!
james garner..anmie .the rock...and COMIC BOOK MOVIES!!
I added a video to a playlist Dead Silence (1997) James Garner/Marlee Matlin
they were both in Twilight (1998) together. Pretty cool neo-noir with a baby Reese and has Gene Hackman and James Garner.
I loved the Rockford Files, James Garner was the best.
Justin Stadtfeld, James Garner, and Jesse Lowman think we could knock this out?
Asked about the key to longevity, my 96-yr-old nana credits a watermelon diet, bridge & complicated sexual fantasies invol…
Marriage is a lot like the army, everyone complains, but you'd be. surprised at the large number that re-enlist. -- James Garner
Duel at Diablo is one great little western. A personal favorite. James Garner, Sidney Poitier, Dennis Weaver. If yo…
Of all the Fox News hosts I've tried garner friedship, only Dana Perino and James Rosen reached out. Thank you both for your courage.
Wonderful short film about Alan Garner, home, landscape and work.
Along with James Garner, Newman was a 'likable" Democrat.
Very interesting talk by James Garner on strategic licensing in the industry &
Bruce Lee & James Garner on the set of MARLOWE
James Garner, Billie Holiday, Walter Winchell, Jack Black, & Jackie Chan are the only famous ppl I know of w/ the same bday 😂
Also, James Garner was apparently a jeet kune do enthusiast, which I realize sounds like the kind of thing I would make up.
were you aware that James Garner made a movie where he plays Philip Marlowe and fights Bruce Lee?
Remember When: Bruce Lee and James Garner in "Marlowe" When I recently wrote about the pas
I really feel like I missed out on my chance with James Garner and Clint Eastwood 😢
This is from 'the Grand Prix' movie with James Garner.
Both were private Jeet Kune Do students, as was James Garner.
And was trying to recruit his buddies Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and James Garner.
James Lee and Tiffany Eng Lee, Thank you for believing in Jed and Drew Garner. You traveled through Asia and God …
big fan since meeting you and the late James Garner whlle you were filming "My Name is Bill W." in Richmond,Va.,years ago.
James Garner and Rod Taylor star in 36 Hours (1962) coming to Blu-ray in April with a new HD master!
James Garner and Lee Remick star in The Wheeler Dealers (1963) Coming to Blu-ray in April with a new 1080p HD master htt…
Only week away from the Northeast Arkansas Weld-A-Thon. Here is Ace Sales Manager Tim Cronin with coordinator James Garner at…
James Garner Beef 1987. Isn't it time we see some good commercials again. Check off $ spent wisely
I thought that was James Garner. Love Sam Elliott's voice though.
when John Ritter died, that series was devastated also.Spade and James Garner couldn't help.
Norman native James Garner's family finds comfort in heartfelt responses to his death, daughter says
James Garner in the Rockford Files was an irresistible force on our TV screens
James Garner working with Joe Bowman - Hollywood 1959 via
Not to sound cynical, but I get Milo/James O'Keefe images in my head. Staged anarchy to garner "sympathy", + demonize the left
...yes, that's who I meant... Her, as the Imperial captain, and modern day James Garner. Not Rockford Files age.
*gasp* See... maybe my problem is seeing James Garner and the Imperial Captain from the beginning of Skyrim in my head.
unfortunately he died after rule 7 and was replaced by old James Garner/David Spade
2 votes. Wow. I guess the Venn Diagram of my followers who also recently watched James Garner in Grand Prix (1966)…
Third pic looks like it's from Grand Prix with James Garner. I'm dizzy just seeing the woman out on that ledge, phew!
*** sad to hear about James Garner passing away.. One of my favorite actors ever. Always wanted to meet him...
Genes. My dad looked like James Garner until he was 75 or so.
Maybe he should try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem! He is no James Garner.
Goal: 7-0 Burnley [Garner]. Penalty netted in the 80th minute by James Garner.
Dixk had a small part in The Americanization of Emily. James Garner intimidates him into supplying his Admiral with the best foods
it's my go to cry face movie - James Garner breaks my heart every time - also I cry at this gif
Murphys Romance is on - best movie Sally Field James Garner.
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So proud of yall. I walked from the den to the kitchen when James said 'Supper's ready. ' 😜😜😜
Happy valentines to the flat of girls I just walked past drinking wine in a huddle listening to James blunt
I added a video to a playlist James Garner - Hour of the Gun 1967 Full Length Western Movie
tbh, I'm surprised this poem didn't garner more scorn in general
Skin Game was a great western discovery. Terrific Peter Stone script, first rate performances by James Garner and L…
I saw it late one night on TV, completely unaware of the hype. I only carried on because James Garner was in it, but enjoyed it.
Back then it took guts, many supported, but James Garner and *** Van *** were warned that their careers would be ruined.
Somewhere James Garner is smiling, because 'Maverick' just threw his cards on the table |
Tulane Law School Faculty unanimously promotes James M. Garner to the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor in Law, effective Spring 2017.
I adore James Garner and Gena Rowlands (the older version of the couple) in this. Their chemistry makes me want a foreve…
.In the remake "Move Over, Darling" with Doris Day and James Garner on Grant's role, Michael Gordon filmed it exactly the same.
Mary Tyler Moore. Jimmy Stewart. James Garner. Shelly Winters. Phyllis Diller. Basically Anyone who was a regular on Joh…
Jackie Stewart (R) chats with James Garner (center) at Questor Grand Prix at the Ontario Motor Speedway in which... https…
I think wee James is gonna join Garner in A+E , Scott Sinclair broke his ankles
James Garner played Johnson in Barbarians At The Gate, one of the best films about corporate excess ever made.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Played by James Garner in Barbarians at the Gate: Former RJR Nabisco CEO F. Ross Johnson dies at age 85 via
Hard to imagine anything cooler than James Garner & Johnny Carson together in 1972.
Joe Garner can 2 foot tackle a Xmas tree but can't take a nudge off big Erik.
Best writing of 2016 condemns widespread ‘ignorance, self-interest and greed’ .
The SEX oozing off of James Garner and Debbie Reynolds BRO 😏😏😏
The last movie that I will probably watch this year is How Sweet It Is! (1968) bc both James Garner and Debbie Reynolds
Ohmygosh I'm watching with Jack Lemmon &James Garner. I am literally this emoji right now 🤣
Another film of Doris's I cherish is James Garner was hot AF. Their comedy chemistry was impeccable.
J: watching Jennifer Garner &her dad, "hey that's not James Garner!". Me:that's her RL dad. J: are you sure?* Google's furiously*you're right!
You know you're getting old when you reference James Garner & some Millennial says "Is that Jennifer Garner's dad?"
is there a New Mold?? a new model for families to garner (james) off after years after a passing?? Data base Words will be the Key2$
Rangers vs Celtic BTTS, 12+ match corners and Garner and Brown to be carded
No, I posted a quote that James Garner said that Reagan was not qualified. Never put words in my mouth son.
You ask him what James Garner was like? What about Darren McGavin? My theory is, both those guys were probably very nice.
Just because, the brilliance of James Garner. Enjoy! via
Bronson was highly abusive towards film crew members, James Garner fed up with him decked him during Great Escape filming.
We are so excited to welcome Dr. James Garner to .
best Joe Lewis. Worst Joe Garner..just shades it fae Barton. 2 million reasons. Goal James Maddison v rangers .
One of my fave James Garner films DUEL AT DIABLO 1966 Dennis Weaver and Bibi Anderson
59 years ago tonight.Werner Klemperer and Ed Prentiss in "Comstock Conspiracy" on 'Maverick' starring James Garner on
James Garner: Tribute to a marvelous maverick
James Garner, Bruce Dern and Johnny Carson in 1972. We still have Bruce.
MARLOWE 1969 James Garner Gayle Hunnicutt and a marvelous cameo from Bruce Lee as Winslow Wong.
i’d pick Raquel Welch. One who unfortunately passed away but underrated when young was James Garner. https:…
I don't think I've heard the James Garner story, Laura! How'd that come about?
James Garner & Bruce Lee on the set of 'Marlowe' (1969).
James Garner and Audrey Hepburn having fun during the filming of THE CHILDREN'S HOUR
My header pic is James Garner, the Rockford Files
Those sound like fantastic experiences!! I have truly been lucky - lunch w/James Garner & other fun "meets."
.The late actor, James Garner was VP of SAG when Reagan was its President. Quote: "I was a vice president of the
He’s Murdock. As surely as James Garner is the Spirit.
James Garner & '95 Pace Car. Note: No white pinstripes on red nose stripe. White pinstripes on publicity car only.
See you next Wednesday at the Show at 8 pm. Tix:
Like James Garner in Rockford Files, did you do all your own driving?
Remembering James Garner and the Fastest Soap Opera on Wheels, the 1966 Movie "Grand Prix"
James Garner tells that he was nominated for a Hollywood Women's Press Club Award. Peter Falk won it
.Ellen Burstyn tells that she and James Garner starred in a play called "John & Mary" in 1960 & not seen each…
I met Robert Wagner when I lived in LA and he was one of the nicest man in town, so were Dean Martin & James Garner, not many others
Nuthin' like a little James Garner and Julie Andrews to get prepped for the holidays. 'love this movie. — watching One Special Night
Several of Natalie's costars served in the armed forces, including Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Garner, and Ge…
Throw in Karl Malden and James Garner and you have yourself a deal!!
Somehow forgot just how good Support Your Local Sheriff is. Jack Elam's brilliant. And of course James Garner 😍
First time seeing Shout-Out at Medicine Bend and I'm loving it. James Garner & Randolph Scott!! 😍😍.
Article for on buried objects in Folk Horror: Kneale, James, Garner et al.
The Americanization of Emily most recently influenced Edge of Tomorrow. Plus James Garner is terrific in AoE. Now *I* want to watch it.
Ken Stabler and James Garner celebrating the Raiders' win in Super Bowl XI may be the coolest *** thing ever.
Nothing good to watch Found a gem on Fire in The Sky! . Chilin with some James Garner! 😃😃
Steve McQueen, great! British co-stars, sad! James Garner, not enough screen time!
We love this image of Teddy Yip Snr back in the day with movie legend James Garner h…
Tranny in birmingham Sissy spacek james garner streets of laredo CLICK TO WATCH ➡
Great film! Julie Andrews & James Garner had such great chemistry!! 😍
We'll be airing this film on August 27th at 10am ET as part of our tribute to James Garner
It was the favourite film of stars Julie Andrews & James Garner. Hiller also made the best Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor movie, Silver Streak.
You can never have too many friends.
Gutted Joe Garner has gone 😢😢 thanks for the memories especially this one. 🔥🔥 good luck at
I'm a Steeler fan but this is a great shot of your Dad and James Garner.
Corinne Michaels (Camacho) and James Garner in the TV series THE Rockford Files 1974.
Will This Be the First $1 Trillion Tech Company?: Though Apple and Alphabet both garner the bulk of tech inve...
Stolen from a brilliant idea by James Garner IS Captain Marvel...
the only downside to Batman 66 is that it never featured a James Garner Shazam.
on me i have nothing for this man Isaiah James Garner
Well that's not good for us juniors
cool it's an interesting movie. Not really concerned with the story or anything tho. James garner plays him in one!!
One of the coolest TV theme songs ever, and James Garner was very cool!
Being told Preston striker Joe Garner has made it clear to club he wants to talk to - and he will do shortly.
If you smoke cigarettes you nasty af😷
I fr thought this summer was gonna be better...smh!
Dinner show at Country Estate in Stockton September 17th:
Marlon Brando and James Garner having a laugh on the set of Sayonara, 1957, directed by Joshua Logan.
Watching A Football Life on careers of Kenny Stabler and Lyle Alzado, I would swear actor James Garner was a coach.
People who don't know me think I'm easy-going, but I'm a pessimist by nature and an old cur...
If "dating" Taylor Swift doesn't garner you the publicity to get the James Bond role, are you gonna regret t…
I'll tell ya how they got their bad name? James Boyd, Kelly Thomas, Eric Garner, ok?
James Garner is one of my all time favorite actors... was one of his best friends... What's your point?
Today is the 2 yr anniversary of the MURDER of Eric Garner. 2 yrs since his KILLERS have been walking the streets with…
James Garner was a funny, easy going badass. Only one that comes close is Olyphant.
Body cams are a joke. Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and MANY others were murdered on camera. No…
see James Blake or Eric Garner. You can't abuse and kill citzens indiscriminately and not get called on it.
Too many actors have run for office. There's one difference between me and them: I know I'm...
RIP Eric Garner, who died 2 years ago today.
James says Garner's death has "only been made worse by the indecision of the Justice Department"
I feel like there is a bit of sarcasm in this reply James
When I started working, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, in that I was just wandering...
Ronald Reagan wasn't qualified to be governor, let alone president.
Good guys deserve to be spoiled and loved idc idc
I don't have any theories about acting, and I don't think about how to do it, except that a...
Actor James Garner, 86, found dead at Los Angeles home
Its not love until James Garner reads his diary to you.
My goal has always been longevity. Not fame and fortune, just get a job and keep it.
I spent most of my time playing pool instead of studying.
It occurs to me that James Garner would have played a great Morris Townsend.
New Post: Murphy’s Romance (1985) - with James Garner and Sally Field -
I still don't understand why DJT wants me to think it's a sheriff's star. Who's the sheriff in all this? HRC? James Garner? Cleavon Little?
Watching the TV show James Garner did before ROCKFORD and *** Margot Kidder was hawt!
Overview of Darby's Rangers, 1958, directed by William A. Wellman, with James Garner, Etchika Choure
'Move Over, Darling' from 1963 is my review for this week. It stars Doris Day and James Garner...
Doris Day and James Garner star in the wacky comedy, 'Move Over, Darling' - heres me trying to make sense...
Morning! My review of 'Move Over, Darling' staring Doris Day and James Garner will be online this evening
I love Doris and James Garner together. Now I want to see Move Over Darling
he is loosely based on jk Simmons, mixed with James Garner's character from "The Rockford Files" (Jim Rockford).
James Garner was awesome. And I loved the theme song on the Rockford Files!
Admittedly bringing the actor back as his twin is more a move (James Garner, 1970s).
for if you ever do model his appearance (and personality) after the Late actor, James Garner. Just an idea.
James Garner in the cockpit of his Formula One racer during the filming of Grand Prix in Monaco.…
Nate & James Garner?!? What'd I miss? 😵 Watch the video and help me figure it out
I think you'll need James Garner (RIP) and C. Thomas Howell as expert witnesses.
Barbarians at the Gate - used DVD - James Garner, Joanna Cassidy, Jonathan Pryce
Oh how I love this movie! Richard Donner(director),James Garner, Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson were amazing. :)
.James Garner is killed in Nichols. Big shock! "Ever'body seen him draw."
U know! B613 has an Ace of spades. Lyk a James Garner & Mel Gibson, James Coburn "Maverick" kinda Ace! Chill Molina!
MAVERICK - Gallery - 1959, James Garner stars as Bret Maverick, an adventurous, charming, poker-playing...
Support Your Local Sheriff with James Garner on iTunes 50 inch TV surround sound. Screw the AMC Theaters App.
This reminded me of James Garner... Oh King Marshall... *sighes*
In honor of the late, great James Garner, remember to always Support Your Local Sheriff. RIP, sir!
Love this movie. "This is Von Luger's butter!" "Keep it". Loved James Garner as the Scrounger.
i hear is going to b the new Rockford Files. James Garner was a class act ... 💜 but the question is are you?
Stunning new chamber opera 'dust child' by James Garner and
James Garner, and Aaliyah's death was too close for me.
Rockford Files, The - Emmy winner James Garner stars as the offbeat Jim Rockford, an ex-co...
Top ten performance is in My Name is Bill W with James Garner
Sally Field reveals Tommy Lee Jones was her worst ever screen kiss but was the best
aww! your SN, i grew up near James Garner's nephews with a huge crush on one of them few yrs older. no chance. Ha!
I liked a video James Garner and Waylon Jennings in 1980
It was rockfish. the James Garner of bottom feeders.
James Garner, Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland as former astronauts? What movie am I watching?!
Muncie Southside grad James Garner ('97) will also be running if you want to add him to the bottom of the article
For all your real estate needs, contact James A. Garner, Jr. in the NC area.he is amazing!
Yeah, I don't have a whole lot of problems.
Only mistake James Garner ever made, on that list. . Never gonna happen.
You cant get tired praying. The biblical remedy to afflictions is PRAYER. Pray until change comes. . James 5:13
James Garner on the four stages of an actor's career
James Garner, Gena Rowlands, a love story and a whole lot of perfect.
Sadly James Garner and I were out carousing & borrowed two Rockford Firebirds and raced them on Malibu Beach.
James Garner is so great. Fun as Maverick too.
And that theme tune x on my play list with Cash & Clash etc. James Garner who every boy wanted to be wh…
Met a number of celebrities and famous golfers.. was with a group that hosted a tournament. James Garner stood out. NIce!
Happy Birthday Jennifer Gardner:. Jennifer Anne Garner (born April 17, 1972) is an American actress and film...
"If you begin to practice forgiveness , it has the power of the drip of water that wears away the stone." – Lesley Garner
Acting is just common sense. It isn't hard if you put yourself aside and ju...
It ISN'T Crazy... I've been saying that David would make a BRILLIANT Jim Rockford, he's LIKE James Garner.
If you haven't seen it yet, MK Dons striker Alex Revell saved Joe Garner's penalty today! 👏
Happy Birthday to the wonderful James Garner, who would have been 88 today!
STRIKER Alex Revell denies Garner from the penalty spot. How about that?! 1-1
Saturday Apr 16, 2016. James Garner celebrates the life and music of the legendary 'Man in Black' Johnny Cash...
Joe Garner's penalty is saved by MK Dons striker Alex Revell
Steve McQueen, James Garner and director John Sturges on the set of The Great Escape, 1963. http…
Sending birthday s/outs to the late James Garner & Wayne Rogers both born OTD. Thank you
07.04- TV's Jim Rockford and star of 'Maverick' and 'The Notebook', James Garner, was born on this day in 1928
Go Magnum or Jim Rockford. You won't make it 3 episodes into TJ Hooker. Whereas 10 minutes with James Garner & you're in love.
James Garner, racer and Hollywood legend, dead at 86 - James Garner in 1987. Photo by Alan Light. To some, he was ... htt…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Apparently he was modelled on James Garner (Jim Rockford) if that helps :)
Sally Field telling about how James Garner "kissed her to her toes" in Murphy's Romance is such a great story.
so I'm watching Hap & Leonard, and all I can think is that Purefoy (Hap) looks like a young James Garner.
i met James Garner when i was in grade school, still coolest moment of my life. Alan alda wld be close my dad was huge mash fan.
James Garner and Bruce Lee first worked together on the set of Marlowe, a 1969 film.
"Lindsay Wagner and James Garner in the pilot for THE Rockford Files 1974.
Just discovered the 1988 movie, "Sunset" kinda in love right now. Mariel Hemingway, James Garner, Bruce Willis, Malcolm McDowell. Cast, WOW!
James Garner was the best actor & if it happens I agree to see David with Patrick! 😉 best buds!
it's a terrific movie. The cast is fantastic. I agree about James Garner and
Lyle Alzado on the field, James Garner on the sideline? I'm in TV heaven!
James Garner developed his character from his own personal experiences in the military during the Korean War.
Underrated comedy, anti-war classic with Julie Andrews and James Garner! You see this great poster ?
Sense and Sensibility. Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon is my role model. Along with James Garner in Murphy's Romance.
Iconic spot. You just needed James Garner and Francoise Hardy with you!
James Garner, Marlon Brando, Charleston Heston marched with King. And why shouldn't I hate the racist before me?
For some, the left *** is larger than the right one. For James Garner, each *** is larger than the other one.
Officially too tired to make bagel bites. What have I become? -James
Attn James Garner fans: "Nichols" is coming to GetTV. I've never seen but heard it's good, created by Frank Pierson: h…
Roger Ebert's Twilight review has one of my favorite James Garner compliments https:/…
Jay Leno goes berserk in James Garner's off-road Olds via
.For what it's worth, according to James Garner, "Bumgarner" means "orchard tender" in Prussian.
Dwight Garner says that Clive James is "burning out, not fading away."
James Coburn in the sidecar with Steve McQueen and James Garner. Supercool Dudes
I am very interested in your story about my Father James Garner and Macau!. Does it have anything to do with Teddy Yip?
NBA players making their voices heard as new civil rights movement rises
When substitutes take their job way too seriously
My Fellow Americans It’s presidents Jack Lemmon, James Garner and Dan Ackroyd - what more do you want??
Johnny Cash Tribute show at Sutter Creek Theatre on March 19th! Tix:
. Here's another one.. which Hollywood Star will be seen on sideline most? Used to be James Garner!
I've never seen it but I have a hard time believing Jack Lemmon and James Garner are half as funny as these guys would be.
I love the Rockford Files. James Garner rocks. Lot's of old stars as well. 😀
Lightning stack from a storm in Seldon, Kansas | Photography by ©James Menzies
Watching "The Longest Ride" basically it's "The Notebook" with Scott Eastwood instead of Ryan Gosling and Alan Alda for James Garner.
The only leading man I ever had a crush on was James Garner.
James Garner joined the National Guard serving seven months ... -
I love big burly Greek-American ex-jock, Alex Karras, kissing James Garner on the cheek.
Yea! is coming on TCM at 5:30pm with James Garner, Julie Andrews & Lesley Ann Warren
Just arrived late to Great movie w/a perfect pairing of Lou Gossett, Jr (gorgeous!) & the always cutie, James Garner
I'm watching The Rockford Files and James Garner is mercilessly owning Lou Gossett Jr
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