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James Frain

James Dominic Frain (born 14 March 1968) is an English stage and screen actor. He is possibly best known for his role in the Showtime series The Tudors in which he appeared as Thomas Cromwell from 2007 to 2009, and for his role as vampire Franklin Mott in season three of the HBO drama True Blood, as well as his role of Chief Magistrate Gérard de Villefort in The Count of Monte Cristo.

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You're out of your element, Burnham.
Mudd has a personal vendetta against Lorca.
Jimmy Nail looks like James Frain drank out of the incorrect grail.
any guesses as to who I'm dressing up as???
Oh my god, James Frain is perfect as Sarek.
Thoughts on MacBeth on the Estate - “If Shakespeare is kept traditional, then it’s just for the tourists...
I think you can buy it online to watch. I didn't realise You Tube sold movies. That's how I got Transit.
Awesome! That's the next movie I need to get.
 My Cat Star Lord can’t get enough of Star Trek Discovery
Made space on the wall and finally our poster of THE ARCHITECT is up!
I don't think Sarek is looking down on you here it's that you're looking at him from a different angle. Plus he'd just had…
Methinks MacBeth you think too much...
📷 Daily photobombing, with love from MacBeth…
James Frain KILT that role tho. I can't read about Cromwell w/o seeing him in my head. Same w/ Anthony Brophy.
Oh there you are...on the far right beside James Frain
I think it will be discovery people for Birmingham, only one of them I'd meet is James Frain
What was your favorite Sarek moment in this week's
James Frain's Sarek seems perverted and creepy to me, very much unlike Mark Lenard's portrayal.
📷 So, Vigo arrived today. I have actually been hanging out to see this as the subject matter alone is...
We spoke with about the complexities of playing Sarek on
And Garak? I'd have to pick James Frain or maybe Fassbender. oooh bring Viggo Mortengenson back, better yet
What's it like to play Sarek on chats with James Frain:
I love that their off-duty clothing says Disco. On a Vulcan-trained human, it struck me as funny. Also,…
The folks at interviewed James Frain (a.k.a. Sarek) about ST: Discovery, Vulcan extremists, and more!
James Frain on Sarek's very touching "affinity for humanity" and his relationship with Michael
Mark Lenard? James Frain? Pardon -- need more information to arrive at logical appraisal.
‘Star Trek: Discovery’: James Frain on Sarek’s ‘Sophie’s Choice’ - Great interview on Sarek and what it...
Sarek, James Frain, talks the secrets of Spock’s father. .
Okay, I got to say it: Sarek's wardrobe is the best & James Frain slays in it!
We spoke to James Frain on returning for this week's excellent episode of
The cast of this show is nuts! Sonequa Martin Green, Jason Isaacs, Rainn Wilson, James Frain, Michelle Yeoh, what?
actor James Frain will play Spock's father in
I'm a fan of James Frain's work, especially in 'True Blood.' He was...
Rebecca Ferguson with Janet McTeer and James Frain behind the scenes of the White Queen, 2013
Krystal just found out there's only one season of left...
Awww bless! Must get annoying though, I mean what if he wants to go on a night out? 😂😂
Characters who have some kind of free rein on their darker selves are always fun because they'v
More monsters, more An all-new season premieres on September 19 at 8/7c on
The only one who gets my obsession with James Frain. ❤😆😍
One of Frank Lloyd Wright's last designs is up for sale.
The city of gets madder in Season 3.
Me right now... with all my homework.
best left back since Sir John Frain
Some great films there, including THE ARCHITECT!!!
Gotham season 3 premieres Monday Sept 19th on
I have so many questions. What are Donnie and Alison up to?
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
LMAO! Yep that's always been my excuse LOL! 😂
'The Buccaneers' was an Edith Wharton novel, and she never finished it, and a screenwriter ad
Aww bless the dog wanted to help him! :)
Cable series have more time to focus on characters, and a structure that allows for a develop
i like james frain I'm okay w this + that stubble
Lol! As long as I don't forget who it is and mistake it for a Burglar lol! 😂
I need this... and one of Theo Galavan for me and
btw I'm sure it's been said but you look like actor from The Tudors and Gotham... James? Frain
I don't keep a record of the parts I've played, and I don't compare characters, but maybe I sho
Sometimes it's fun to be the guy who doesn't know that he's bad, like the character I played in
We're afraid that we still don't have a return date for season 3 but we'll let you know as soon as it's confirmed by
To all our younger Gothamites, good luck with your today. Make Ed proud!
Run to to watch the latest episodes of
Cinematographer Crescenzo Notarile on his Emmy Nominated work on
Excited to announce I've chosen James Frain for the role of Marko in the film adaptation of NOT ON FIRE, ONLY DYING. htt…
Tabitha tries to get Azrael to remember his true identity in Monday's new
Enter if you want to find Azrael's sword.
You heard right Uncle Harvey. A lot like a late monster once said...
It was definitely a big sword! I think Azrael's clone though definitely should get a Bazooka lol! 😄 🌋
if james frain was still going to lfcc I would have considered dragging myself there because he has worked with tat and also he is amazing
James Frain. He really is the best bad guy ever!
Why must you cause me so much pain.😭
We should go find that sword. Who knows maybe we'll run into mean Azrael. lol😂😂😂
Cheers, have a great Bank Holiday weekend! xx
That moment when you remember has been nominated for a (vote here:
I honestly don't know how to properly prepare everyone for tonight's episode.
Lol yeah me too! If it wasn't for James, I would have missed out on this awesome show! 😄👍
I just wanna take a minute to thank for introducing me to Thank you.😉😃
I'm not sure. I'll ask about London venues. Likely because James Frain stars. What is your short?
Watching this week's episode of & was excited they showed a pic of James Frain but I'd have heard if he was in this series???
Now it's all about the word of mouth, and watching a series on Netflix...
NEW PODCAST our review of this week's S02E19 Azrael
Lol but is it a mug, or something far more sinister?! 😊
James Frain is in everything. I love it
If Bruce has a clone does that mean that Theo could have a clone, just like said!!😝😍
The Tudors was really a vastly underrated show. Sam Neill, Natalie Dormer, Jeremy Northam, Henry Cavill and James Frain were amazing in it.
It's time, needs YOU. Tune into for a brand new episode.
No the AzBats costume is not as yet in effect. Although we do get James Frain in a REALLY angry tactical monk outfit
I really enjoyed watching S2 Episode 19 this morning. and James Frain ruled that whole episode. Great performances!!!
'X-Files' wasn't a big show in England.
I never want to be trapped in an elevator with James Frain.
I've got this thing where I think great shows have great credit sequen...
Yeah and James Frain! Im gutted LFCC line up isnt great for me now tbh
I know I love James Frain too. Leet Branis Indeed! I hope that Victory doesn't sell out (it will won't it).
Me too! He has always been Cher's brother to me. Like James Frain as Fornie in Where the Heart Is. Lovable guys.
Can't believe I picked out a young James Frain in
That was so badly handled. They should defo replace him. I'm gutted about James Frain! The guest list is pretty weak so far.
James Frain is fabulous as the architect if he doesn't build your house he just may seduce you.
The local setting was the draw but James Frain as the Architect steals the film, every single scene!
Here's the trailer for next week's And now - we think we all deserve a little breather.
Last night's ep was rough but at least we had a LITTLE bit of fun
Clonecast James Frain (Orphan Black 4.06): This week on the Clonecast, Kaitlyn and Ma...
Also, Ferdinand said he knows things about bots iirc. Maybe he could help. Excuse to use James Frain again
I was watching the last season of 'Mad Men,' and they're now so in the...
Bruges is a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. If you l...
Krystal saw everything. It's the sneak peek from tomorrow's that broke
*** is a who's who: Ciaran Hinds, Jonny Lee Miller, David Thewlis, Mark Strong, Peter Capaldi, James Frain...
Does anyone else think that James Frain is the bizarro Ty Burrell?
James Frain has become the new Melissa George. Whenever he walks into a scene you immediately know one thing: TROUBLE.
I'm frankly pretty tired of seeing James Frain on my television screen.
They should have cut the middleman out and just made James Frain the pre-Joker.
I just pledged to watch a film by a woman every week for a year!
Love this guy... Why gender equality is good for everyone — men included
LOL! :D Yeah same here! And she knows the band and all the lyrics (well, almost!) lol! :D
James Frain always plays the bad guy. And he does it well. Still loved him in The Cape
lol in French subtitles... lol. Yeah, one of my fav Sarah/Helena scenes
Many thanks and you, have an awesome weekend!:)xx
I have seen 4 movies between Wednesday and today and James Frain was the lead villain in all of them. Haba! Career bad guy!
I like the guy playing the Joker and weird Ed. I'm curious about James Frain's role too.
Sneak peek at season 4 just for you, 👀
Meet Jerome and the Maniax in this week's
I swear... I feel like Mark Sheppard and James Frain are in everything I watch, and I have zero complaints about that.
i'm always confused by james frain in things that are not period drama. remember that time he was in Fringe? still can't deal.
Did you know that James Frain is on Gotham this season?
Barbara Kean isn't crazy...she's free.
Sestras and the meaning of their names
"Monsters are coming, Mr. Mayor. Monsters who will cleanse this city in blood and fire.".
What an absolute honour to be invited to talk all things . Check out Sean Pertwee on "Gotham"
Lol it's great news that he's going to be back in Season 4! :D
Has been bugging me that I should know who the new guy in Gotham is... d'oh, James Frain, Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors. Went to my school!
Rewatching and James Frain & Denis O'Hare were the best parts of Season 3. Fangs down.
I'm impressed by how villain-y Cameron Monaghan and James Frain are.
You know there is officially too much tv when we let 2 shows oblige James Frain's apparent bird mask fetish.
Will James Frain never let me rest.
Definitely! I've only just seen the 1st episode so far and am definitely loving crazy, bad boy Ferdinand! :D
hi, thks 4 fav, Ferdinand stole his last scene in s3 . I am impressed with brit badass Frain lol
Hope S4 will explore what made Beth in the end jump in front of the train-dark secrets to be discovered? h…
West Coast civilians — your time is coming. 15 more minutes until you may enter the city of
Marathoning 24 and Orphan Black at the same time just got confusing.
Forever the bad guy, but he's *** good at it so I am not complaining. .
Am just lovin the creepy campy craziness of
James Frain's American accent is so bad, just let him be English
First few seconds and someone has his head in a box. The master scares me but also james frain
I also had that reaction to Grimm; maybe neither of us like James Frain?
James Frain is so good at playing villains
well either way James Frain makes everything better. Don't kill him.
I'm just so excited to see James Frain on
james frain was a psychopath on True Blood too, so it doesn't surprise me he's one on Gotham too.
you think he could be Delphines shooter? !
it was character Tabitha Galavan, Theo (James Frain)'s sister
James Frain's next project should be a multi-cam comedy just to throw people off
Frankly, I'm SHOCKED that it took until Season 2 for James Frain to be on Gotham.
James Frain speaks so calmly as a psychopath.
I'm hate watching Gotham and was just thinking "I do love James Frain though"
I may not like but I do love James Frain though
Why is Gotham starting like Saw? - marsofbrooklyn: James Frain is a master baddie and I’m getting Jigsaw...
James Frain is an affable, capable, enchanting actor... so I'll blame for not getting a dialect coach to address his crap US accent
James Frain is just as terrifying in as he is in Grimm.
why are James Frain and Harry Treadaway in this movie? They are legit actors.
I predicted who'd be the bad guy on True Detective once I found out James Frain would be on it
James Frain as Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors. *fans self* he may be 47 but LET ME GET THAT.
Thing I noticed watching the S2 trailer: . has a fantastic agent. . Every show I watch, there he is. Wh…
That is where my love for Natalie Dormer and James Frain started.
Right? But for True Detective, I don't know why if you HAVE James Frain, you wouldn't just make HIM the star of the show.
Most TV shows suffer from too little James Frain, actually
I'm not done with True Detective 2 yet, but so far I see two problems: too little James Frain. And also too little James Frain.
Just watched Born of War. You're amazing! Btw, I desperately need rescuing...
Thank you for the super-role in the 2nd season from all Russian fans!!!. ht…
Mega Buzz: Meet the Man Behind Gotham's "Rise of the Villains" via
That said, Michael Chiklis and James Frain are both captivating and I really wanna catch up for season 2.
James Frain could be this 'MAJOR' Villain in Gotham Season 2 - James Frain could be this ‘MAJOR’ Villain in...
INDY Film Lovers? Here are some original movie posters in my EBAY STORE from some Indy films: http:…
thanks for sharing Totally James Frain, have a great Friday :)
Gotham's James Frain to introduce 'very famous DC villain' in second season | |
James Stride, I beleive the ice cream was a 99 because the mini flake mould was number 99 not the price
I liked James Frain, Tylor Kitch, and Rachel Mac Adams. That's it that's all. I did not like nor believe Vince V.
Fun fact: because of James Frain, two of my favorite characters ended in jail: Hank Moody in Californication & Anne Boleyn in Tudors xD
James is the younger version and Mark the older easy thing to decide. ( Well they play both same things...)
Wow! Your portraying of was just superb in Like I thought of Cromwell. Very well d…
So excited you're going to be on and working with the talented & beautiful YAY!
Frankie just compared the bartender to Mr Bean. No no no, he's the spitting image of James Frain, from The Tudors. 👍
Check out the brand new trailer for starring & exclusively on now!
Wishing you all a happy hump day or Wednesday :) xx
I honestly can't wait for the scene between James Frain and I'm very terrified yet very very excited.
Cal's back. Cosima is still adorable. What is Delphine doing with James Frain's Ferdinand?
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James Frain + the puppy. Michiel is back this season?! And Cosima looks so cute. And healthy! yay yay ❤️.
it really was brilliant. I loved it. :)
Yeah definitely! I thought The Tunnel was fantastic! Best crime drama I had seen in a while! :)
James Frain is eerily good as Kieran Ashton.. He actually scares me tbh..
Saw these at the Broad on Friday. A-maz-ing. Check them out:
“Moderating a Q&A tonight for SHE'S LOST CONTROL in Dumbo. Good movie. C'mon out. awesom…
This photo of John Simm, Mira Sorvino, and James Frain is my favorite of them together. (I tweaked the photo a bit.) ht…
Justin Chatwin and James Frain join Orphan Black for Season 3 Orphan Black has added new cast for the 3rd season which is currently shooting in TORONTO and will return to air next year. The new cast members joining the Graeme Manson and John Fawcett-created series include Justin Chatwin (Shameless) in a recurring role as a savvy drug-dealer in the guise of a charismatic businessman. James Frain (Intruders) is to guest star as a well-educated “cleaner” who is both charming and intimidating; he’s a powerful player in a secretive, multinational political faction that operates with questionable ethics and a ruthless approach. Also joining the cast is Ksenia Solo (Black Swan) as a soulful and compassionate holistic healer with a great sense of humor destined to become a new friend to Tatiana Maslany’s Cosima Niehaus. Further, Kyra Harper (Warehouse 13) will play a ruthless advisor to the military. Rounding out the additions is Earl Pastko (Murdoch Mysteries) as the silent, imposing and violent personal ...
SPACE Announce Justin Chatwin & James Frain to Join cast of Orphan Black: SPACE have announced new cast member...
James Frain's portrayal in The Tudors was very sympathetic to Thomas Cromwell
I could keep ALL your secrets and anything else you wanted!
The only way we beat them is from the other side.
Next Saturday, October 11th, is the season finale of
Every episode your character grows. Excellent acting
I will never open a door for someone named Shepherd!
Creepy Coldness? I am sure they meant Dark and Sexy.
is the best and most original new series this year! & have excelled themselves. And …
Jesus. James Beattie is an awful pundit to have in the studio. Who on earth picked him?
this episode is A Lot of james frain i was not prepared
James Frain photographer & actor. Check out his about town photos they're good
The People's Eyebrow. for Getty Images back in August at BAFTA LA's Tea Party. How did I miss this one?!?
107 “The Crossing Place” Promo – Jack Attack Just because you can do something doesn't mean…
Any news as to when the superb Intruders airs on BBC UK?
Is the best thing about Intruders...
Watching "The Tunnel" in my quest to watch all the adaptions of "The Bridge": enter Making my wait for
Thx so much for the t-shirt! Glad i'm not seeing Richard Shepherd this bday!
Despite Richard's warning, we advise you episode 6 "Bound" encores tonight on at 11:30 ET.
Just because you CAN live again, doesn't mean you SHOULD. . Watch new Sat. 10/4 at 10/9c on
well. grimm WAS dumber than expected, but any show that casts sasha roiz james frain & alexis denisof as relatives is a blessing from jesus
Still annoyed that Grimm couldn't even give us an on screen death for James Frain's char
Everytime I see James Frain in a new show or movie I wonder if I should start a poll to see how long he lives
I think James Frain might be a lot more talented than average television audiences realize.
In interview with they ask how his True Blood character is like his character:
So far as I can see, my feedback is *not* improving adverts on YouTube. I REALLY DON'T WANT A GALAXY NOTE, THANK YOU.
Good news: You got the part! Bad news: Meet Marcus Fox, 9 years ago.
A shot for tonight's episode, BOUND. Monday. 7am. John Simm had suffered the weekend with a stomach virus.
So happy people are discovering the deliciousness that is we love sharing our dark secrets w/you!
Question: why is James Frain playing a Spanish Ambassador.
p.s. James Frain is a wicked actor. Gotta love the characters he plays.
John Simm, Mira Sorvino, James Frain and Millie Brown Star in on Based on Michael Marshall's book.
On stage is the panel for “Intruders” including John Simms, Mira Sorvino, James Frain and child actress Millie Brown. Clip looked good.
His characters usually are but he's sexy as *** with it:-)
I have this ridiculous weak spot for James Frain. Just always. Even when his character is a ***
And the best Sex God Award goes to.
I'm only interested in the episodes with James Frain. Haven't seen any of it, only clips on YouTube
Was going to send you some Warwick/James Frain love if not. He was in one of the series, will see if I can dig it out :-)
The protagonist Queen in her finery
The Intruders trailer featuring Mira Sorvino, James Frain & John Simm, filmed in the Lower Mainland of BC. .
James Frain on BBC America's Intruders. Gonna give it a chance because he is in it :)
He does a great American accent though! In fact, he's brilliant with pretty much all accents I think! :)
James Frain is American in Intruders? That should not be allowed.
actor James Frain needs the blue mark He deserves it!!
An amazing free audiobook opportunity in honor of author Jules Verne's birthday! (More good news: 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA is narrated by actor James Frain!)
Say what you may about but they do get the best guest stars. James Frain, now Mark Pellegrino. Miss being on this show.
Yep, I'm catching up on The Tudors since I only ever saw S1 back in the day. Now not only do we have the obvious Jonathan Rhys Meyers in it but also Natalie Dormer (Margaery GoT), David Alpay (Professor Shane/Silas in Vampire Diaries), David Bradley (GoT, Doctor Who, Harry Potter etc.), Sarah Bolger & Colin O'Donoghue (Aurora & Hook in Once Upon a Time) and of course the late Peter O'Toole. And let's not forget Henry Cavill (Superman), James Frain (who shows up everywhere including True Blood and Sleepy Hollow) and Joss Stone! I'm sure I'll be stumbling across more familiar faces as I finish the series but, it's so cool to see all these people I know and love from other shows. xD
James Frain and Angel Coulby filming "The Tunnel" down at Margate! :D
Also, James Frain has never played a good egg in his life. & I rather like him, esp as T Cromwell.
bloke who wrote Skyfall went to my school. So did Jamie Oliver. (The one in Sleepy Hollow is James Frain)
A new independent film crew chose Everett to shoot a movie. This flim stars Eric McCormack, Parker Posey and James Frain.
Welp, Tonight I bar tended for Parker Posey, Eric McCormack from Will and Grace as well as James Frain from True Blood, That was a trip.
Everett is amazing! A film crew is back in Everett. On Monday they were on Rucker Avenue filming a movie called " The Architect. It stars Actress Parker Posey, James Frain and Eric McCormack. Pretty cool hu? Everyone come down and see.
REALLY looking forward to The Architect! You, Parker Posey & James Frain--stellar cast! (Oh-Loved you in 'Some Girls" in NY!)
Movie stars spotted filming in Everett — Erick McCormack, Parker Posey and James Frain were in Everett ( ) today.
New movie starts shooting in Everett today. Stars Parker Posey & James Frain. - how to be an e…
Hot off the presses! off the computer screen?!? From today's WILMYWOOD DAILY (catchy motto -- "Where Hollywood and Wilmington (N.C) Collide") -- "When Sleepy Hollow comes back on November 4th following its baseball break, James Frain will put in his first appearance, and it looks as though Stretch Armstrong aka John Cho —will have his return. A few weeks later, on November 25th, Amandla Stenberg will make her debut as Macey, Captain Irving’s daughter. The Sleepy folks head to The Graystone Inn, on South 3rd Street, this evening. There will be one of the horses at this location, but I cannot tell you if it will be Zach. That’s Headless’s horse. Also, it looks like we will see James Frain on set today. Another reported location for the day is the Cape Fear Club on Chestnut." So--Looks like Wilmington, N.C. is the winner of the "Where's James Frain?" mystery (see post below -- Eric McCormack must be strutting and filming in the streets of Seattle Frainless today!)
Bro comes into kitchen, grunts "Mmm. Sesame chicken," & now I want to watch w/Dougray Scott, Rufus Sewell, James Frain, etc.
Craig & Purefoy, too!! MT This picture has both James Frain & Rufus Sewell. Therefore it is awesome
I haven't mentioned James Frain as a fave actor much. To me, he's kinda like Jeremy Irons, an A-list pro.
Film with star actor James Frain at our for Fringe series for Warner Bros!
WHAT? I don't know James Frain, I never talked to him. But I like him and I definitely will check out his work a bit more.
You can dream with James Frain, you told me that he liked you. :)
James Frain, Michael Fassbender and Edward MacLiam are literally my top 3 most beautiful people ever. Well, for today …
nearly all the male cast on the white queen are so beautiful so its kind of ok James Frain isn't in it anymore
its a good one! All though my interest has gone down a little since James Frain was killed off
Desperately missing James Frain on The White Queen. Sunday nights will never be quite the same...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I miss Warwick being unnecessarily smug. James Frain is ace at unnecessarily smug.
After James Frain's exit in the last episode, it's a saving grace that they've brought in Rupert Graves
Now catching up on The White Queen, complete with James Frain crush.
Also lol hi James Frain. I thought you worked for Bess' dad, like, fifty years ago. You look fab.
Watching Elizabeth. James Frain is in this as well as The Tudors and The White Queen. Talk about typecasting.
and don't let me start with james frain I mean neville ... gosh I just love this guy...always happy to see him in different..
Franklin is SO CRAZY. I LOVE it. And he was Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors. More love. Oh, James Frain. Oh.
I love James Frain and think he is sexy as ***
James Frain who played Warwich in the White Queen is a big fav for some, he wd be good (looks like young Patrick Mower!)
is James Frain evil in real life too? ;) keep seeing him play evil-ish people. hot tho. *sigh*
The White Queen Episode Five: Faye Marsay and James Frain shine in a well-paced instalment that features plenty of plot de…
celebrity spot of James Frain tonight - underacted actor known for playing the bad guys in history
Sorry, but James Frain can't play Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors AND Lord Warwick in The White Queen...
yeah, bad casting to have James Frain there too. Keep thinking its Thomas Cromwell
James Frain, aka Thomas Cromwell is now Richard Neville in The White Queen. YES. I love this man.
Directed by John Frankenheimer. With Ben Affleck, James Frain, Dana Stubblefield. After assuming his dead cellmate's identity to get with his girlfriend, an ex-con finds himself the reluctant participant in a casino heist. Visit IMDb for Photos, Showtimes, Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Com...
Never mind James Frain! Aneurin Barnard and Nick Hendrix are in it. Amazing actors, all 3
Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film released by Walt Disney Pictures. A sequel to the 1982 science fiction film Tron, it is directed by Joseph Kosinski, produced by Tron director Steven Lisberger, and written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, based on a story by Horowitz, Kitsis, Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal. The cast includes Tron veterans Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, who reprised their roles as Kevin Flynn and Alan Bradley, as well as actors such as Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, Michael Sheen and James Frain. The story follows Flynn's son Sam (Garrett Hedlund), who responds to a message from his long-lost father and is transported into a virtual reality called the Grid, where Sam, his father, and the algorithm Quorra (Olivia Wilde) stop the malevolent program CLU from invading the human world. Interests in creating a sequel for Tron arose after the film garnered a cult following. After much speculation, a concerted effort to devise Tron: Legacy began in 2005, w ...
Cromwell is about to die. Great performance from James Frain.
Directed by Matt Williams. With Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd, Stockard Channing, James Frain. A pregnant 17-year-old rebuilds her life after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma.
Ben Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Damien Molony, Rory Kinnear, or James Frain? They are the Top 5 odds on favorites to be new Doctor.
"ANNE NEVILLE - played by Faye Marsay Daughter of Lord Warwick "The Kingmaker" (James Frain). Anne is a timid girl who becomes a pawn in her unruly father's struggle for power. As little girls, Anne and her sister Isabel (Eleanor Tomlinson) pretend to be Queen and dream of the royal life along with the finery it will bring. But as Anne grows older, she begins to understand the reality and danger associated with actually wearing the crown. Those who possess it must always watch their back for those trying to take it. And those who want their hands on it will lie, cheat and kill to make it happen. Anne is not sure if constantly living in fear is the life she wants to lead." Starz' official website (link below).
I forgot just how attractive this show's cast is. JRM, Henry Cavill, Callum Blue, James Frain, Natalie Dormer...
is that James Frain in the foreground? He played Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors .
Adalind is back! Also, James Frain is here. He will forever be Franklin from True Blood even though I'm a HUGE Tudors fan.
BORN OF WAR - Darclight Films, the edgy genre-driven division of Arclight Films announces the world premiere screening of one of its latest acquisitions, action-thriller BORN OF WAR in Berlin, starring Sophia Black D’Elia and James Frain, Friday, February 8th at 19:10 at CineStar 6. An encore screen...
What is TRANSIT w Jim Caviezel and James Frain? Like both of these actors ok, never heard of this movie ever
It's fun to see James Frain in the The Count of Monte Cristo and then, later with Henry in the Tudors.
So does anyone else have James Frain on their weird crush list or is it just me?
Staying up late to finish Wolf Hall. Wish I hadn't seen "The Tudors" first. Can't get Jonathan Rhys Meyers and James Frain out of my head.
James Frain, even though I knew you as Cromwell 1st,now I see you as Franklin from True Blood and expect your fangs to pop out at any moment
How come James Frain always ends up playing somebody I can't help but like? First Thomas Cromwell and now Brutus!
Yes Cromwell in the titles I love you James Frain
Dreamt of Jonny shooting a rare Season three promo photo with James Frain and and some other season three characters. :)
Anne Boleyn was certainly no the real Lady Mary looked more like James Frain...
I cannot take James Frain seriously on The Tudors...I keep seeing him as Tom the schizophrenic from an episode of Grey's Anatomy...
Photoset: liona5: → JRM at the Tudors season 3 launches with Joss Stone and James Frain
Every time I see "the rumors are true," I read it in the voice of James Frain in TRON: Legacy.
Seeing james arthur's face really does annoy me!
Watching both The Tudors and Deadwood has led my bf and I to an important debate: who is creepier, James Frain or Brad Dourif?
James Frain, AKA Thomas Cromwell, on SVU. It's so weird seeing him wearing modern clothes!
Someone should inform the creators of the Wolf Hall t.v. show that casting James Frain as Thomas Cromwell would be a brilliant idea.
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