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James Ennis

James Tench Ennis (27 February 1900 in County Dublin – 15 October 1976 in Dublin) was an Irish cricketer.

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Israel's Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty with James Ennis via
Senator James Risch questions Comey on use of the words “I hope you can let this go” in regards to dropping the Flynn…
President Trump should re-hire James Comey just so he can fire him again.
Former FBI director James Comey is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Here at Mold Crown Court for the sentencing of Jake Melia, Anthony Baines, James Davies and Mark Ennis in the Mark Mason murder trial
His name was James Ennis from the Memphis Grizzlies
James Ennis is his name apparently 😂
Canterbury Cptn James Graham defiant on Bulldogs' problems . Really in trouble if a grub like ennis is giving advise
I'm at Mold Crown Court for defence mitigation and sentencing of Anthony Baines, Mark Ennis, James Davies and Jake Melia
Big thanks to inspirational feminists John Ennis, Stephen Plunkett & James Harrold and
Christian Bale will always be Batman for me. Guess its a bit like wh…
it's his success that brings so much hate doe son in football it's Tom Brady in the NBA it's Lebron James
LeBron James’ teams lost Game 1 each of the three years he won the NBA title.
Lmfao my basketball encyclopedia is extensive and no lie I had to look up who James Ennis was lol.
YouTube is worse. If you watch James Ennis' pre-draft workout videos there's people comparing…
Nolan Patrick said he liked the because of his Uncle James. Tyler Ennis was his favorite.
James Ennis has better handles than Klay Thompson
On LeBron James, white fear & how black athletes - no matter how rich or famous - will never escape racism's grasp htt…
Brandon Wright, Troy Daniels, James Ennis??? I wonder if they just trying to get rid of him the Grizz could use…
James Ennis posterizes the on Opening Night (Vine by Sports Spectrum)
James Ennis isn't a starter on a good team. Troy Daniels isn't a 20 to 25 minutes a night player on a good team.
Troy Daniels, James Ennis, and Vince Carter are combined 4-22 shooting.
Day after I'm not handling benching Tony Allen and James Ennis for Chandler Parsons, Andrew Harrison and Toney Douglas super well
Players Toney Douglas and Andrew Harrison got more minutes than tonight-. Zach Randolph. Vince Carter. Tony Allen. Troy Daniels. James Ennis
Toney Douglas is 1 for his last 19 from 3, while Troy Daniels and James Ennis have zero minutes.
Guys I'd like to see the Grizz gauge interest on today . James Ennis . Jamychal Green. Troy Daniels. Wade Baldwin. Tony Allen
Players who have played more min than Embiid this year (cont):. Mike Muscala. Isaiah Whitehead. James Ennis. Dorian Finney-Smith. Joe Harris
James Ennis broke the time space continuum in a speed warp to Mike Conley.
Will Casey Prather be the first Wildcat since James Ennis to average 20+ points per game over a season?
BOSTON -- The pump fake at the 3-point line sent James Ennis skidding past, but as Boston Celtics point guard...
Finally, some good news- Report: James Ennis will return next week for the Memphis Grizzlies http…
James Ennis (toe sprain) will play in Friday's game vs Dallas.
Memphis Grizzlies HC David Fizdale on James Ennis: "He's what today's NBA is. He's a Swiss Army knife." (Via Memphis Comm…
The Grizzlies have agreed to a 2-year/$6M deal with James Ennis. This is a steal, finished with 15.9PPG in 15/16 season.
Vertical Sources: Memphis has agreed to a two-year, guaranteed $6M deal with free agent James Ennis. He averaged 15.9PPG…
Pacers on the clock at 50. Last three chosen at that spot: Marcus Eriksson, Alec Brown, James Ennis. Also, Lavoy Allen in 2011.
Hang on, Ennis wrote Helter Skelter, which was terrible :/
Can Rick kamla tell me if James Ennis is a fit for the Hawks. As well Adrien Payne, Kelly Obrue
you are correct. Same for Birdman, James Ennis too.
Bazemore/Parsons as well but maybe a flier on James Ennis and target MKG if he's healthy
16U Team Ennis w the win over King James. Ben Hendriks (2019) continues to impress with a solid game on both ends 13pts, 4rebs,3blks.
16U Team Ennis beats King James in overtime. Keshaun Saunders in the crunch w 26pts and 4 Rebs to lead all scorers
I'd be targeting James Segeyaro too. As good as Ennis has been, he is 33 or so. Ennis/Segeyaro Half/Half could work
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The vertical testing results can be weird at times. Tyler Ennis had a higher vertical than James Sutherland lol.
Boy, if Garth Ennis had created a religion, I would sure like to be a part ...
ESPN gonna give James Ennis a ton of attention.
Ok not all R&B. I had to sneak in one Irish record. A set of reels by Tom Ennis & James Morrison
James ennis, Levine, gerald green and Griffen
James Ennis, Joe Southard and Ignacio Lalo Malave checked in at Holiday Inn Binghamton.: James Ennis, Joe Sou...
Josh Richardson is everything James Ennis was supposed to be
James Ennis finished with a career-high 29 points for New Orleans, Toney Douglas with 21 points,...
Bulls up 89-88 after three. James Ennis and Toney Douglas each have 18 points.
Oop to Ennis - Toney Douglas lobs it up to James Ennis for the Alley dunk.
Casey Prather follows in James Ennis' footsteps as Wildcats club MVP in a championship year. Well deserved
James Ennis led Iowa with 30 points (11-18 FGs), 13 rebounds and 3 steals in the Iowa win
James Ennis takes over the game again with 30 points and 13 rebounds vs. Maine!
James Ennis And-1 with 1:37 left should be the final nail in the coffin for the Red Claws, trailing 121-104
End of Q1: Maine leads 26-24. D.J. Stephens and James Ennis lead with 7 points each.
Someone in that ask Ira nonsense really said Haslems roster spot could be going towards James ennis
Energy win 106-102 over Erie. James Ennis led the Energy with 24 points and 10 rebounds. Ramon Harris added 19 points.
End of Q1. Erie leads 30-22. James Ennis leads the Energy with 7 pts.
for sure. But James ennis a bad comp imo, dude never knew how to dribble and we were excited for anyone after LeBron left
James Ennis did. Ijs ... let it play out.
lol it's alright, but the James Ennis experiment failed horribly.
Don't sweat it man, I was just playin with you😂, but you dudes need to leave that James Ennis stuff in the past.
Michael Beasley, James Ennis, Henry Walker, and now 3/4 aren't in the NBA.
Good for James Ennis, now he'll get a fair opportunity to show what he can do.
Someone check in on my good friend Heat just traded away their future in James Ennis
Look at how big his hands are. They say size doesn't matter... well go ask James Ennis.
my mans was out there stealing James Ennis life yesterday smh
Henry Walker, James Ennis, Shabazz, Dragic's brother. lol we were forced to start Beasley at center one game
That first game last season vs legendary, James Ennis even made his only good NBA play that game too.
Few things compare to the feeling of excitement when the announced James Ennis as their new import!
Looks like James Ennis has really been making some major improvements on his outside shot
It's funny because I loathed Micheal Ennis & James Maloney, but now that they're at the Sharks I've grown to not like them a little less
I added a video to a playlist Highlights: James Ennis (11 points) vs. the 905, 3/12/2016
James Ennis Dunk of the Year signed 11x14
Halftime: Energy lead 51-46 over the Raptors 905. D.J. Stephens leads with 13 points. James Ennis has 9. Energy shot 46% in the first half.
End Q1: The Energy and raptors 905 are tied up 22-22. James Ennis leads Iowa with 6 points.
Tonight's starting lineup for the Energy: Andrew Harrison, Patrick Christopher, D.J. Stephens, Ramon Harris and James Ennis.
Nba live mobile kill your self. Your telling me James Ennis has a better rating than Tyler? Why is Tyler so low!!
Grizzlies to re-sign center Ryan Hollins, waive James Ennis
Grizzlies have waived former import James Ennis
because I assume he means Shabazz Napier, James Ennis, and Justin Hamilton
The Memphis Grizzlies have waived forward James Ennis to open roster spot for center Ryan Hollins, the team has officia…
There were two fellas named James Ennis and Rotnei Clarke who went alright too.
see if James Ennis and Jordan Adams can play
Best of 2015: When Jessica Ennis-Hill proved she was the golden girl once again
I actually cried over that reunion in snaps
happy New Years and thank you to Australia for raising my expectations on James Ennis
Syracuse starts ACC play tonight at Pitt. You might recall our last visit there ended in a Tyler Ennis miracle.
go to his media and I'm still the first one there
James Ennis outlasted his partial guarantee Saturday, yet MEM waived fully guaranteed Russ Smith to free roster spot for Ryan Hollins today.
Lebron James has an 11yo son. could have easily been his. Would he demand justice then? Of course he would.
Give James Ennis a try. Think he can help.
James Ennis must have been secretly been wearing his blast motion sensor on this dunk! . He…
That being said, Ryan Hollins is a great signing with Brandan Wright still out. Keeping Russ until now netted Chalmers & James Ennis.
Barring trades, either Hollins or James Ennis would probably be vulnerable if Griz suffered a point guard injury.
Re: Russ vs James Ennis - Grizz really like the idea Ennis developing wing skills on a reasonable contract.
Willie Reed will be James Ennis is a couple months.
Do you think it's likey that the Grizzles will start playing James Ennis more after the new year?
No thanks. Rather see James Ennis get those minutes or Jordan Adams when he returns.
Oh great. James Ennis, welcome back to Memphis!
Love seeing the young guys get some action. Where's James Ennis?
Always sending James Ennis to the D-League when we have blowouts. But at least this is a good blowout.
James Ennis has been assigned to the D-League.
James Ennis has been sent down for a D-League stint.
Ohhh, and James Ennis continues to rack up frequent flyer miles to Iowa.
NEWS: have re-assigned James Ennis to the Energy. This is his 6th assignment with Iowa this season.
Grizzlies re-assigned forward James Ennis to the team’s NBA Development League affiliate, the Iowa Energy
Grizzlies re-assign James Ennis, Jarell Martin and Russ Smith to Iowa Energy -
James Ennis (inactive) is out for Saturday's game vs Charlotte.
Here's a name to add to your list of intriguing players to go after at the deadline: James Ennis.
Gerald Green's inability to dribble is almost as bad as James Ennis'
James Ennis, Jarrell Martin and Russ Smith have been recalled from the D-League.
James Ennis has been recalled from the NBA D-League.
Reminds me of when Casey Frank came out of the commentary booth and got dunked on by James Ennis
Congrats to our player and fan of the game, James Ennis and Carmine!
NEWS: recall James Ennis, Jarell Martin and Russ Smith from the Energy. All 3 played in last night's Energy game.
James Ennis with another 23 point explosion in the D-League!
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. To put the nail in the coffin is it 😁😁😁😁
Russ Smith, Jarell Martin, and James Ennis have all hit three pointers in this game. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'
Tonight's starting lineup for the Energy: Lazeric Jones, Russ Smith, Jarell Martin, James Ennis and Alex Stepheson.
Watch future stars James Ennis, Jarell Martin and Russ Smith in action tonight for the Energy on assignment from the
Chris Wallace says the Grizzlies have been tracking James Ennis for a while. Says they're intrigued to see how he fits in their system.
Nov 10 (The Sports Xchange) - The Miami Heat traded guard Mario Chalmers and forward James Ennis to the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday in
Also, based off the interview with Chris Wallace the Griz will keep James Ennis and they will develop him. Rotation player next year.
officially traded PG-SG Mario Chalmers and SF-SG James Ennis to for PG Beno Udrih and PF-C Jarnell Stokes.
The Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies have agreed upon a trade of Mario Chalmers and James Ennis for Beno Udrih...
The Miami Heat have traded Mario Chalmers & James Ennis to the Memphis Grizzlies for Beno Udrih & Jarnell Stokes.
First trade of the season: Mario Chalmers and James Ennis of the Heat to the Grizzlies for Beno Udrih, Jarnell Stokes & a 2nd round pick.
OFFICIAL: HEAT acquire Beno Udrih and Jarnell Stokes in exchange for Mario Chalmers and James Ennis. Full release:
Okie dokie. James Ennis wasn't that bad, they just didn't really have a spot for him.
After acquiring Mario Chalmers and James Ennis from Miami, the Grizzlies are expected to further shop them in other tra…
Miami & Memphis close to a deal that includes sending James Ennis & Chalmers in exchange for Udrih & Jarnell Stokes (Y!)
I think cutting James Ennis and adding Dorell Wright makes sense. After he clears waivers, Ennis can go to Sioux Falls.
I love how the heat rookies poster someone in their first NBA game, last year he had James Ennis and this year we have Justice Winslow 😏👌🏾
He should be back soon Nick. But jury's still out whether he's the right import. James Ennis anyone?
If James Ennis played that many minutes he'd already have 10-15pts, but Winslow still did pretty decent.
bruh I ain't want to say NOTHING but you know how they get. Wonder what happen after James ennis? 🤔
Tyler Johnson, Chris Andersen, James Ennis only active Heat players yet to play.
why is Josh Richardson inactive and James Ennis active?
Hmm, the Heat future with James Ennis, Tyler Johnson and Justice Winslow
No Amar'e Stoudemire for the Heat tonight. I'd assume the other inactive player will be James Ennis.
personally - am glad Ennis and Herc got opportunities even though still 16. They will also
Trading Winslow is no big deal because you still got James Ennis & Josh Richardson. Zach LaVine NEEDS to be mentored by Wade.
Potkey: Dennis Pitta, James Ennis and Nelson Spruce highlight this week's column.
they got James Ennis, Chris McRoberts, and Hassan Whiteside so they rebuilding lol
did that when james ennis was in Perth for a year. You shall be entertained
James Ennis would be guaranteed at least $313K of his $845K, which would project to cost the Heat at least $1.2M when including the tax.
I believe Heat have guaranteed 37% of James Ennis’ $845K contract, which if so would be equivalent to two months (through 12/28).
Wilson played a fair few, Ennis playing a lot since big clubs came sniffing.Trying to keep him
Ennis only started last two I think.
Only decision I disagree with is that we should have kept Whittington and let James Ennis go. 🔥🏀
Recommendation by :James It looks like James Ennis will...
James Ennis practiced fully today despite dislocated finger.
Trolling is an art I’ve yet to master. Takes trollerific effort to properly troll. I’m the James Ennis of trolling…
congrats on the final spot God answers prayers.
James Ennis has 37% of his salary guaranteed as part of modified terms with per
Just to clarify without rounding out, 37 percent of James Ennis' salary has been guaranteed for the season
James Ennis has left ring finger in a splint but says he will practice tomorrow.
I think that the Heat should assign James Ennis to the D League to polish his ball handling & shooting
The James Ennis modification is still being finalized.
Miami Heat continues to search for chemistry, faces decision on James Ennis
James Ennis' contract terms restructured: 30 percent now guaranteed if on opening-night roster, fully guaranteed if with t…
That gets the Heat down to the regular-season limit of 15 and should be good news for James Ennis.
(VIDEO) Heat's Scores 19 off the Bench vs the Hawks:
Following the Heat's roster cuts on Saturday, James Ennis' spot on the 15-man roster is safe.
James Ennis starting in place of Deng, Chalmers in place of Dragic. Also starting are Bosh, Wade and Whiteside.
Potkey: James Ennis, Cierre Wood, Deena Kastor and more in this week's Local Chatter.
[For you lil boys] James Ennis has more potential than Justise Winslow. What can Winslow do that James Ennis can't do?
James Ennis, Tyler Johnson and Udonis Haslem now the only three Heat players left from that epic win over Philly on closing night.
On the newest Heat Check podcast, and I talk about if Josh Richardson and James Ennis will make the team.
if you had to choose between James Ennis or Greg Whittington, who would you pick if one slot remained?
at this point, I think id rather have Greg Whittington than James Ennis.
Greg Whittington is showing some confidence & skills out there. Watch out James Ennis!
Heat depth chart at the moment (before possible trades): On outs now? Tyler Johnson, James Ennis, Henry Walker, rest of su…
Basically... I'd be a catch and shoot guy because I dribble like James Ennis.
lol dumb. I'm taking Hassan Whiteside, James Ennis and Shabazz Napier, Tyler Johnson and infamous rookie Andre Dawkins.
James Ennis' with the DUNK of the year.
The are countering with James Ennis, Henry Walker, Michael Beasley, Tyler Johnson, and Zoran Dragic.
Mario Chalmers rebounds the ball and heaves it ahead to James Ennis for the high-flying finish!
Like I just watched James Ennis throw a lob to Bumpy Johnson on the break that was Wade to LeBron last year...
What he said => “James Ennis gotta work on those handles. It's never too late”
Of course you're otherwise forced to go with James Ennis or Henry Walker vs. LeBron if Deng can't go.
Imagine how terrible James Ennis must be in practice every day that he cant get on court ahead of Beas, Walker or Tyler.
Tyler Johnson, James Ennis, Henry Walker and Hassan Whiteside making a huge impact for
IF all the Miami GTDs are out (very unlikely), that leaves Henry Walker, Michael Beasley, Shabazz Napier, James Ennis and Chris Andersen
Milwaukee's opened a 42-36 lead, taking over this 2nd Q with Jerryd Bayless (7 points) and 4 apiece from Tyler Ennis an…
yes, James Ennis not playing is the problem. What a team that can't score needs is dudes who can't dribble
I really thought James Ennis was NBA ready I guess I was wrong oh well can't be right every time
Love how he just referred to James Ennis as "Jeff"
Now and forever,,, Dwyane Wade signs a 2 year deal, Welcome back! Luol Deng and James Ennis also officially,,,
Signing Michael Beasley because James Ennis can't get the job done off the bench..
James Ennis will eventually hit his stride, you'll see.
James Ennis is one coach away from turning into a Kawhi Leonard type of player, and it's really that simple lol.
James Ennis' younger brother playing ball at the 24 right now.. I think I'm about to challenge him a 1 on 1
James Ennis should never see another minute if Walker keeps this up.
Release Tyler Johnson or James Ennis Henry Walker can replace them. Go sign Andray Blatche and
Can James Ennis do something tonight please?
James Ennis outchea air balling threes in warmups.
I think James Ennis would be amazing on the Spurs. They really know how to maximize guys with his skill set
should still be considered in the running even with the foul. But James Ennis still got everyone beat
James Ennis needs to stop dribbling and moving laterally. Just stop. Know your role and be good at it.
James Ennis with the early dunk of the year candidate.. OMG
Well Girgensons up Griegornko. ...Ennis out call up Armia.oh wait...
Former England captain James Graham will skipper Canterbury in 2015 with the star prop to be announced as Michael Ennis' replacement at
Remember when people thought James Ennis was going to save the Miami Heat?
James Ennis (45-10) on career night in MSG: "I feel so blessed to have these guys trust me. All credit to God and my teammates."
James Ennis Joins Big O Show: The Miami Heat forward joined WQAM to talk about Goran Dragic settling in with the…
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it looks like you have not been watching the Heat roster -Henry Walker, Tyler Johnson, James Ennis - Whiteside
James Henry "Red" Duke, Jr. was born on November 16, 1928 in Ennis. He is a trauma surgeon and profe
Next on the F James Ennis discusses his rookie season and the recent ups and downs surrounding the team.
Had a nightmare that James Ennis had to dribble through cones to save my life ...
Sixers wait on Motum to give ‘all clear’: ADELAIDE 36ers coach Joey Wright expects Brock Motum to “do a James Ennis…
Great Britain international James Graham will replace Michael Ennis as Canterbury captain for its 2015 campaign.
Dwyane Wade, Josh McRoberts and James Ennis are all listed as inactive for tonight's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
James Ennis (someone drew a "P" before the name on his jersey in black permanent marker) will not play Wednesday in C…
James Ennis (illness) & Shawne Williams (hip) have both been ruled out of tonight’s vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Dwyane Wade & James Ennis & Shawne Williams out for the Heat tonight. Hassan Whiteside is a game-time decision. Haslem …
Dwyane Wade (hamstring), James Ennis (knee) & Shawne Williams (hip) have all been ruled out of tonight's vs the Kn…
Danny Granger is not productive. James Ennis is. I don't understand their minutes allocation.
I would rather have James Ennis on Durant then Danny Granger
James Ennis out of Long Beach St on floor end Q1 Miami up 26-22 v
I'd say a good starting five of bronze would be Tony Wroten, Troy Daniels, James Ennis, Johnny O'Bryant, and Tyler Zeller
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James Ennis, Luol Deng, Glen Rice, Andrew Wiggins, James Ennis RT"Who are the top 5 SFs in NBA history???"
Have you seen many of James Ennis' highlights from his Perth Wildcats career? How do you think he is coming along??
James Ennis and Justin Hamilton need more minutes
Zadorov bolted right in at Hedman just like he did in St. Louis with the Ennis situation. Kid gets it.
Very VERY GOOD PLAYER an just fouse fouse this all an keep play ing hard fouse
make sure u have a man bun December 16th xoxo thx qt
Just stumbled across this cool page for James Ennis via
Shabazz Napier with the steal, dishes to James Ennis for monster slam
Wait, Shabazz, James Ennis and Dawkins carrying us and I'm missing it?
Shabazz Napier and James Ennis : How are they developing?
That boy Jaron punch hard boy I don't think u wanna fw him boy!
Silver lining to Deng possibly missing time. MY MAN JAMES ENNIS COMING AT YA
Miami Heat Podcast: Rookie James Ennis on his unusual path to the NBA via
wrong Ennis. James plays for Heat. Tyler plays for Suns.
Heat lose Luol Deng to bruised hand: Rookie James Ennis came out to start the second half for the Miami Heat a...
Hamilton Collection
James Ennis throws down the dunk of the night over Rasual Butler
Luol Deng took a hard fall in the first half of Wednesday's game against the Hawks and injured his hand. James Ennis starte...
At this point, I'd let James Ennis get minutes. He is the future. Let him make mistakes.
James Ennis is angering me. I know, I know. "Be patient, he's raw"
James Ennis gonna start now cause Deng injured?
James Ennis making a great job on Korver in defense.
Deng didn't start second half for Heat. Not on bench. James Ennis in at small forward.
Lineup note: James Ennis starts at SF for Luol Deng to open the second half. Deng took a hard fall earlier.
James Ennis starts second half for Heat. Deng went down on a hard fall in first half.
Rookie James Ennis starting for Luol Deng to begin the second half. Deng presumably injured.
James Ennis starting the second half for the Heat in place of Luol Deng
“Who has been the best rookie, best coach and best player so far?" James Ennis, Erik Spoelstra and Shabazz Napier
“James Ennis Poster Dunk been warning people about James Ennis
Does James Ennis still hold the best dunk of the NBA season thus far? Hard to argue otherwise...
Luke's at the gym, and you seen 127 hours isn't that James Franco?
I know who they are James Franco and Seth rogen are like best friends
no no this is one off the very few films I will give my money away for we are goin ! Seth rogen an James Franco were goin !
I have all though, Ty was easiest, Chris, Dan, Can was hardest, & James Ennis & band accnt.
James Ennis posterized Rasual Butler on opening night, but Butler ...
boys I've found what we are doing tomorrow
Mario Chalmers, Shabazz Napier & James Ennis shoot 11-of-13 in 1st half vs. Bucks, making up for Wade's absence. Heat up 46-38 at half.
With no Wade tonight, rookie James Ennis is taking advantage of the start. He has 9 points on 4-4 shooting early in the se…
James Ennis might be the best player in the NBA we'll never know tho cuz Spo rarely gives him a chance.
Good to see Spoelstra give rookie James Ennis the start at SG as Wade sits with sore hamstring. Smart to get Ennis/Nap…
probably the most annoying thing ever, they should have acted like heat fans and just moved on to James Ennis and Luol Deng
ESPN Video: Miami Heat forward James Ennis ends the play with a slam dunk over Rasual Butler during their win over the Wizards.
we don't need to be the favorite.we have James Ennis
Miami Heat Basketball..Wade wit 21..Bosh wit 26. Norris Cole was hooping. James Ennis boomed on this *** too. Good start.
Tonight was a good night, the heat won, Cole, Bosh, wade played well, and James Ennis got a poster. I'm happy 😌
That leaves Heat with three rookies: Andre Dawkins, Shabazz Napier and James Ennis . . .
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Shabazz Napier, James Ennis, and Tyler Johnson can be a strong supporting cast if not this season but in 2-3 seasons.
Not even James Ennis is in the game right now. That HAS to mean something. Interesting. See you in the D-League, Tyler Johnson. -sad face-
“Already told y'all Blake Griffin was winning MVP.” misspelled James Ennis
Daniels not exactly providing the floor spacing that James Ennis did from the same spot last season.
With a lineup of Shannon Brown, Shabazz Napier, James Ennis, Khem Birch and Shawn Jones, Ennis effectively the closer.
Heat now going with Khem Birch, James Ennis, Danny Granger, Shabazz Napier and Shannon Brown. No Udonis Haslem tonight or Reggie Williams.
There should only be one 99 in 2k15. James Ennis. Then Shabazz as a 95. Maybe Tyler Johnson as a 96. Justin Hamilton as 91. Dawkins 87
no love for James Ennis and Tyler Johnson?
James Ennis and Justin Hamilton better play well
The re-up two years each with mainstays Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem. Also signed James Ennis
National Basketball Association roundup (Reuters) - Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem are returning to the Heat, even if LeBron James will not, and Luol Deng will join them in Miami. The Heat re-signed Wade to a multi-year contract on Tuesday. The 32-year-old All-Star guard will make at least $15 million per season, ESPN reported. Riley touted the addition of Deng as "one of the most important free agent signings that we have ever had in the history of the franchise." The Heat did not disclose contract terms, but previous reports put the deal at two years and $20 million. Haslam agreed to a two-year deal worth $5.6 million, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The Heat also announced the signing of forward James Ennis. Acquired in a trade during the 2013 NBA Draft, Ennis spent last season playing in Australia. The Houston Rockets signed Joey Dorsey to a two-year, $2 million contract to replace Omer Aski as center Dwight Howard's backup, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski. The Ro ...
Could have been fun seeing LeBron with James Ennis and D Wade on the break 😭😭😭
Heat may have lost the king, but the name James will stick around in Southbeach! James Ennis is ready!
James Ennis can be better than Dion Waiters. Ennis needs to spend a lot of time learning from Wade.
dont even need lebron they got James Ennis. Dude is a !
Interested to see if James Ennis can crack heat rotation this upcoming year, was really fun at long beach state
I don't know what league he is in, but James Ennis, the Heat's draft pick last year, he is balling! I think he was MVP.
Heat still have to see what they can get out of James Ennis and Justin Hamilton and The future is bright!
He'll get his chance. James Ennis and Justin Hamilton will be in the mix for the Heat.
Miami Heat: James Ennis Is a Building Block the Heat may need. The future of the Miami Heat is uncertain at this point, as Norris Cole and Chris Andersen will be the only players locked in contractually after this season. It casts a vague image of who to expect in a Heat uniform going forward, but one player Miami can rely on is James Ennis. Ennis, a 6'7" small forward out of Long Beach State, was drafted with the No. 50 overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft by the Atlanta Hawks. He was immediately traded to the Heat, but no available roster spot has Ennis playing out this season in Australia. Ennis is currently the starting small forward for the Perth Wildcats, where he has taken the National Basketball League by storm. The Wildcats are 16-6 to lead the NBL and, while the team deserves credit, Ennis has played a big part. Offense He's currently averaging 22.3 points per game (which trails the league-leading ranking by just 0.1 points), in addition to 7.3 rebounds while shooting 47.8 percent. Ennis' 6'11" wi ...
Riley says Heat needs to be "layered" with some young guys, mentions James Ennis & Justin Hamilton.
MUST WATCH! Postseasons facts and rumors! Now that the season is over: -Wade and Bosh very likely to stay, LeBron is 50-50 to stay (all 3 with player options). -Toney Douglas, Michael Beasley, Rashard Lewis, Mario Chalmers, Greg Oden, James Jones will become free agents. Beasley and Lewis are likely to resign, Chalmers and Oden will test free agency. No news for the others. -Shane Battier retired, Ray Allen might too (If not he will be a free agent). -Udonis Haslem has a player option that he will probably accept (Pure loyalty). -Chris Andersen has opted out and will officially become a free agent. -Justin Hamilton has another year on his contract but could be amnestied. -James Ennis who was a draft-night trade in 2013 is very likely to sign a multiple years contract. -If Haslem decides to opt out and sign a new veteran minimum contract, the HEAT could afford a quality point guard as Lowry (whom the HEAT is interrested) -The HEAT also has 2 draft picks (26th and 55th) in which the HEAT count on to "rejuve ...
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