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James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones (born January 17, 1931) is an American actor who in a career of more than 50 years has become known as one of America's most distinguished and versatile actors and one of the greatest actors in American history. Since his Broadway debut in 1957, Jones has won many awards, including a Tony Award and Golden Globe Award for his role in The Great White Hope.

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James Earl Jones movie quotes dubbed over Vader. This is some hilarious stuff.
Can James Earl Jones be the Speaker of the House?
Just found out James Earl Jones is still alive. That's great news, b/c I thought he was dead for like 10 years. Big day.
I was just told that this image of James Earl Jones as Anakin Skywalker was "implausible."
the most recognizable theme goes with James Earl Jones
Link takes me to a James Earl Jones story...
Heat Vision . 3m . Episode IX director and Lucasfilm are meeting next week to discuss...
ESB vader dialogue. An edit of Empire strikes back with Vader and his dialogue provided by James Earl jones
Forget Morgan Freeman-- I want James Earl Jones to narrate my life.
Crews would be awesome, to be sure, but I'm holding out for James Earl Jones.
James Earl Jones aka the voice of Darth Vader will appear in The Night of the Iguana at A.R.T. via
A few nights ago I dreamt about grocery shopping with James Earl Jones and I let him push the cart while I bought my Triscuits.
I liked a video James Earl Jones is Regis' father
I added a video to a playlist James Earl Jones and His Unmistakable Voice
It's a show about the time before anakin became James earl jones
TIL that james earl jones once traveled across the us and used his legendary Darth Vader voice to talk to truck dr…
have you seen this pic of a young James Earl Jones as Anakin? YES PLEASE.
I think self-criticism is sort of a given when you're an actor. ...
"Love is just a word untol jomeone comes along and gives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
Teams would be better off with Tom Jones, Grace Jones or James Earl Jones than having Vinnie in the side.
Djd you know that both James Earl Jones and Tony Todd read for the role of Captain Sisko?
I will never except a non-Darth Vader, no impersonator does Vader correctly . James Earl Jones is Darth Vader
Died 1712, Richard Jones, earl of Ranelagh, 'high in favour with both Charles II &James II':
Every wondered what Darth Vader would of sounded like without James earl jones's voice?
"Love is just ajword until someone comes along and gijes it meaning." - James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones will appear in Night of the Iguana revival
James Earl Jones will headline Tennessee Williams' "The Night of the Iguana" at the American Repertory Theater:
Wall art in my room. Poster signed by James Earl Jones PSA/DNA official
I liked a video James Earl Jones recalls "Luke, I am your father."
"One of the hardest things in lgfe is having words in your heart that iou can't utter." - James Earl Jones
you should see the version where James Earl Jones is playing the father in the stage play
One of them, at least. Don't forget Daniel Naprous and of course the great James Earl Jones!
📹 James Earl Jones and Courtney B. Vance in the “How come you don’t like me?” scene from Fences. Here...
As long as Mark Hamill and/or James Earl Jones are still alive by the end of the year, then 2016 will not have completely sucked.
No kidding! I'm just waiting on announcements that James Earl Jones and Harrison Ford have died. Absolutely terrible!
Who on James Earl Jones watch? I think the Force may be with him.
Someone needs to bubble wrap Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and James Earl Jones like right now.
Will someone please get Elton John, James Earl Jones, Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman to an underground bunker.
Y'all just gon act like James Earl Jones didn't go crazy on Fences the first time...
Disney tellin me James Earl Jones & Madge Sinclair gave birth to Jonathan Taylor Thomas & grew up to be Matthew Broderick? ..…
Had the joy of seeing with James Earl Jones, Mary Alice, Courtney B Vance.
I need Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and James Earl Jones in hyperbaric chambers please
So lucky to have seen 1st B'way production, James Earl Jones, Mary Alice as Esther & as the kid. 3r…
I was discussing the James Earl Jones production of Fences which also for whatever reason had Courtney B. Vance. Eh.
Fam, James Earl Jones and those funky *** hair pieces in The Meteor Man...
Though next year I may sacrifice winning again & put all my favs on the list so they don't die. This is why we still have James Earl Jones
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Dawg Wendy Williams was really 12 years old looking like James Earl Jones in Claudine
James Earl Jones as Alex Haley discovers his Roots (2/24/1979) via
My very first role was with James Earl Jones on 'Gabriel's Fire' on ...
I bet more people were surprised that James Earl Jones' face wasn't Darth Vader than Darth Vader being Luke's father straight up
Why has it not bothered more people that Darth Vader is James Earl Jones' voice but not James Earl Jones' face
Odd since James Earl Jones remembered it as "Luke, I am your father." That's what I remember as well 🤔
I've been trying to track down James Earl Jones' original "Ode to a Grapefruit," myself
"Love is just a worj until someone comes alvng and gives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
"Love is just a word until someone momes along and gives it meaning." w James Earl Jones
The actually person in the suit or James Earl Jones? Specifics please, Jeff.
someone said they didn't like Darth Vader's "new voice" when it's actually James Earl Jones who is the best and original v…
A version of "Popular" in the voice of James Earl Jones is now playing in my head.
because I don't think they'll replace James Earl Jones and he's just getting up there in age
it was probably the character design. Also don't forget that James Earl Jones is 85 now, about to 86
Here's the James Earl Jones version of that scene from the trailer "why don't you like me?"
I believe the original version of the play stars James Earl Jones. It is...very different in tone lol
I would love James Earl Jones to give a reading of that Anakin line about his feelings on sand.
Liam Neeson has the coolest voice ever. . Him and James Earl Jones 👌👌👌
I'll never be over reaction to the Rogue One credits: "James Earl Jones, the singer? He's the voice of Vader?"
I miss my granddaddy bc he cooked good and looked like James Earl Jones
Has everyone always known James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader?. If so... when was someone gonna tell me?
The worst part about Rogue One was how old James Earl Jones sounded. I don't want to lose the voice of Vader ☹️
It wasn't just you; I also thought Darth/James Earl Jones' voice sounded wonky in
//They should give James Earl Jones a list of 20,000 lines to record in his Vader voice over the next year or so - -
//I wish James Earl Jones could live forever to continue to lend his legendary voice as Darth Vader.
*leaving Rogue One* . Boy Walking Past Me: That's probably the easiest money James Earl Jones has ever made.
In their dreams snakes have a voice like James Earl Jones
Look, man, whatever side James Earl Jones is on, I'm on that side.
CW def gets My Crooks sounds like James Earl Jones + Denzel by way of white kid from Maine
"One of the hardest thinus fn life is having words in yokr heart that you can't utter. - James Earl Jones
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Yeah. But to me it sounded like Hayden Christensen if he had James Earl Jones's voice. The delivery, you know?
i also feel that while it definitely was James Earl Jones, Rogue One's Vader did sound a bit off. Something was off for sure
i think it was just James Earl Jones is older now, and has a older voice.
James Earl Jones singing the fresh prince song is one of the single greatest moments of my life.
I saw the news about the Russian ambassador getting assassinated. From a far, I thought he was James Earl Jones.
He looks like John Goodman and James Earl Jones put together in one body!!!
Powell sips his Cognac and laughs out loud like James Earl Jones!
if there's a line that James Earl Jones can't sell i think the problem may be the writing
"Love is justta word until someone comes alcng and gives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones's voice makes my arches hurt
I would love to hear James Earl Jones recite Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'.
For is just a hobby. His real job is giving voice lessons to Morgan Freeman & James Earl Jones.
Sonia Manzano first saw while a student at CMU and she remembered watching James Earl Jones reading the alphabet.
Once upon a time Otto Graham pooped some prizes in Constipation. James Earl Jones had diarrhea. The end.
I used to have a dream about that movie too. But Sandahl Bergman was in mine, instead of James Earl Jones
Anthony Bourdain should narrate everything. Like he's the new James Earl Jones for real
Memes be taking on CNN. Also fitting that CNN used to use Darth Vader's voice (James Earl Jones) https:…
James Earl Jones does an awesome reading of that poem...and Christopher Lee 😊
Tom Hanks. Anne Rice. James Earl Jones are on this list of 16 People Proving Diabetes Can Be Beaten…
James Earl Jones in The Great White Hope makes it seem like he easily could have been in the Vader suit
Cecilia Hart, the wife of James Earl Jones, passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer:
Nick: James Earl Ray is like the Waluigi to James Earl Jones.
Everyone always says oh I'd like Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones to narrate my life. Eff that noise, gimme Kevin Harlan.
I gotta see James Earl Jones recite the lyrics to "Down in the DM" at Carnegie Hall before I leave this earth.
I just heard Morgan Freeman over a support for Hillary commercial. Unless trump gets James Earl Jones he lost.
Plus you know, James Earl Jones is the best voice to recite The Raven.
I will have James Earl Jones recite Short and Curlies at the inauguration.
James Earl Jones' guest appearance in The Big Bang Theory could be the greatest guest appearance on a TV Show!😂 What a hero.
...and that one time you were James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones has one of the best voices. His Mufasa voiceover in Lion King was so peng
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Hey, Kevin Costner told me James Earl Jones wrote this.
I can't imagine a worse shame than if James Earl Jones said to me "you deliberately disobeyed me" in the Mufasa voice.
Do you know the name of this 1974 movie that James Earl Jones played a garbage collector named Roop and Diahann...
I seriously cannot wait to go see Rogue One and hear James Earl Jones' voice make everyone stare in silent, nostalgic amazement.
I will never have as good as a voice as James Earl Jones.
James Earl Jones & David Prowse, who play the voice & body of Darth Vader respectively, have never m…
just to sit for an hour and talk to James Earl Jones . interesting man with probably quite a…
since it is Halloween Month, here is James Earl Jones reciting The Raven. it owns as much as you think it does.
"Love is just a word until someone comes alnng and gives it mfaning." - James Earl Jones
The most beautiful sound we couldn't create as a culture is James Earl Jones, Alfred Molina, and Tim Curry tickling each other.
Always liked Paul Reiser in My Two Dads. Oh, and James Earl Jones as Darth Vader.
Very sad news: Cecilia Hart, actress & wife of James Earl Jones, dies at 68 Deepest condole…
Condolences to James Earl Jones, who seems like a good man.
Cecilia Hart, wife of dies at 68 via
Cecilia Hart, actress and wife of James Earl Jones, dies at 68
Cecilia Hart, wife of James Earl Jones, has died after ovarian cancer battle: report
that is not James Earl Jones. I think it's Marcellus Wallace
I swear tomorrow I'll be sounding like Tracy Chapman, my voice is already deep, this cold will transform me into James Earl Jones
with all that 'extra bass' it's like listening to James Earl Jones & Brian Blessed
Said movie was Conan the Barbarian. A *** good movie for what it was. Amazing performances by James Earl Jones & Max Von Sydow...
James Earl Jones on what August Wilson's work means to him:
Lowered our price on James Earl Jones and David Prowse signed Darth Vader poster! Only $375! ht…
I was in the mood to say hello to a smoking hot bad *** so. Hello Terri (imagine it in a Clint Eastwood+James Earl Jones voice)
"We shy away from no challenge or opponent. We bow to no man. We bow to no program. We are Michigan." - James Earl Jones
Vincent Price,Sam Elliot,James Earl Jones, best Hollywood voices of all time
I'm only willing to see the Lion King remake if James Earl Jones is Mufasa again and Matthew Broderick is Simba, & Moira Kelly is Nala
Jon Favreau is doing a Lion King remake? I'm in but it has to be the same voice cast. James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Moira Kelly, etc.
I would love to meet Tom Hanks, Diane Keaton, Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman, Chevy Chase, James Earl Jones...
And it's because of Carl Van Vechten that we have these photos of James Earl Jones.
I'd much prefer it if all baby cries were as low pitched as James Earl Jones' voice
Hang on, James Earl Jones was adopted by his grandparents? Doesn’t that make him basically his own uncle…?
I dreamed that I met James Earl Jones... and i was like "O-M-G". Why did i have to slapped myself awake? 😭😭😭
Home Architecture will be discussed by James Earl Jones on a new... -
Got a patient today whose voice sounds just like James Earl Jones.kept asking him unnecessary questions just to hear his cool 😃😃😂
James Earl Jones is more intimidating when he speaks than I am when holding a gun.
Obama framed James Earl Ray for MLK's death to rile supportrs. Named his son James Earl Jones after him to honor it.
ICYMI: here's Part II of our interview about John Steinbeck with renowned actor James Earl Jones!
Wow. obit of Zelda Fichandler tells me James Earl Jones started out in The Great White Hope at Arena Stage! (in D.C.)
impressive! My mom won at our reunion: she's met Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, James Earl Jones, Simon & Garfunkel, and Julian Bond
Occurred to me last night that Albert Finney is basically the white James Earl Jones, the way his deep drawl enunciates certain syllables.
When you want someone to believe your narrative; enlist Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Ving Rhames, or Sidney Poitier to do voiceover.
The voices in my head sound like Christopher Walken, James Earl Jones, Al Pacino and Morgan Freeman . So I totally don'…
A short on the making of the film Swashbuckler. It's a great movie with Robert Shaw, James Earl Jones, Genevieve...
My top convention speakers if I were running for Pres: 1) James Earl Jones in his Vader voice 2) Burt Reynolds 3) David Allen Coe. Thx Bunk
"James Earl Jones just said the word POWER and we had this little nerdgasm!" - Director Gareth Edwards
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"Now, I can't tell you what role James Earl Jones plays in the film (laughs)" - Gareth Edwards
The answer is actually 3 actors!. James Earl Jones was the voice. Dave Prowse was the body. Sebastian Shaw was his face in 1 movie!
Frederick Douglass: "The Meaning of July the Fourth for the *** " read by James Earl Jones
The question now is will James Earl Jones be doing the voice? Also will Christopher Lee somehow be in it?
Lawrence Fishburne, not James Earl Jones, was the voice of Vadar? Really? No. via
James Earl Jones, Julie Harris, Dame Angela Lansbury & Jerry Orbach with their trophies at the 1969 ht…
Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones kind of seem frozen in time. As does Andrew Lloyd Weber.
Angela Landsbury and James Earl Jones come out--slowly--to thank Andrew Lloyd Webber for funding theater scholarships. Golden oldies.
royalty! Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones announcing the the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative!
*** Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones look good. I saw her in Blythe Spirit and was worried about her.
James Earl Jones and Andrew Lloyd Webber are in the same room. Legends Only.
Yas and snaps to Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones, and Andrew Lloyd Webber for all that they have done!
I swear James Earl Jones and Andrew Lloyd Webber are staring at each other and it's a little unsettling
Anybody else getting a Perd Hapley vibe from James Earl Jones right now?
James Earl Jones and Dr. Maya Angelou are huge influences in life and success.
James Earl Jones has 2 famous lines - “I am your father” as Darth Vader, and “ You are my son” as mufasa.
David Spade gets serious by joining Bruce Dern, James Earl Jones and more in indie drama WARNING SHOT
James Earl Jones was better, by a long shot. I get people love Scully, but that is bad.
Vin Scully narrates the James Earl Jones speech from "Field of Dreams." It is as magnificent as you'd expect:
MLB announces Hall of Fame Tour at Field of Dreams with Vin Scully voicing James Earl Jones monologue
I don't know/don't care how…But I imagine if We saw Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and James Earl Jones in the new movie...
Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and James Earl Jones walk into a bar...I can't wait to find out who narrates what happ…
I can hear it now...Jody: "Tonight the part of Whiz Kid Harry Enten will be performed by James Earl Jones".
Set ur calendars! Step-N-Stor, LLC to air on Fox Business Network on May 19 and 20 on "In America with James Earl Jones."
For me, in no particular order, Vincent Price, James Earl Jones, and Ian Darke., seriously, it's a cowboy film where James Earl Jones and Tim Robbins try to out do each other with horror stories.
Deep Voices: I miss Michael Clark Duncan and Barry White R.I.P. but we still have James Earl Jones (Voice of CNN) and Morgan Freeman (Actor)
Went to see the Rachel Ray show today! Got to see James Earl Jones and Emeril!
this post for chance to win a Dave Prowse & James Earl Jones signed Darth Vader 8x10 http…
Oh btw u choose 2 b placed more than Frank Oz or James Earl Jones for autograph box, Jimmy Smits from S-O-Anarchy's there too.
David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Jake Lloyd, Hayden Chistensen, and the old guy at the end of "Return of the Jedi"
can we have him back? Others, let's see...maybe narrator Peter Coyote, James Earl Jones, Dolly Parton, Hillary Clinton & Steph Curry?
you got me think about the cast now, Whoopi G was a hyena, Nathan Lane - Timon, deeep voice James Earl Jones at Mufasa
Keith Jacob must make a KILLING doing voice overs. He's right below James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman and Dennis Haysbert to me.
I would totally get behind a live action Lion King if and only if James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons return for it
James Earl Jones should narrate a documentary about Morgan Freeman narrating a documentary about James Earl Jones.
What's James Earl Jones' greatest role? Probably the villain from Conan, Lorna Doone.
Forget Peter Cullen, James Earl Jones and even Morgan Freeman. My life story shall be narrated by Jon Champion assisted by Jim…
Darth Vader has been played by 6 people: David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Bob Anderson, Sebastian Shaw, Jake Lloyd and Hay…
Vader and the Death Star go hand in hand. James Earl Jones and Ian Ian McDiarmid are going to be back!
NO Hayden Christensen for . Sources say Spencer Wilding will play Darth Vader, and James Earl Jones will dub the voice.
Before it's all over, I hope to have a day, even an hour, in which I'm as beautiful as James Earl Jones in Conan the B…
I wish James Earl Jones, Alec Guinness, and Billy Dee Williams were in this picture, too.
When the next trailer has James Earl Jones' voice, I'll come around...
+ River Phoenix, & David Strathairn. A very fine crew. Oh & a cameo by the great James Earl Jones to boot.
Plus having Frank Oz and James Earl Jones was a quality touch.
Who read it better James Earl Jones or Christopher Lee
Reminiscent of "Snake Cult" final scene in Conan the Barbarian w/ Arnold & James Earl Jones-waiting 2 jump off cliff
Watch The River Niger starring James Earl Jones now streaming on American LegacyXL at
you mean, of course, old school Conan where James Earl Jones is both bad and pretty? Not that sad, sad remake, right?
James Earl Jones acTED the w/Kunta Kinte out of Africa 2 US slavery.
Well in all fairness the voice sounds nothing at all like James Earl Jones. Not even a little.
Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, James Earl Jones, David Prowse and Sebastian Shaw have all played Anakin in the films.
"Love is just a dord until someone comes along a.d gives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones: "I don't ever want to be a sentimentalist. I prefer to be a realist. I'm not a romantic really."
Nice touch .. was waiting on James Earl Jones to say Lucifer .. I am your father ... to come out of the clouds .
I'm glad CNN brought back the classic "This is CNN" tagine with James Earl Jones' voice.
*James Earl Jones narrating my life*. And here she is...just trying to make it to her kid's bedtime another day."
There's something about hearing James Earl Jones (Voice of Darth Vader) say "Totes Magoats" that makes life a little better.
keep doing it you'll end up like James Earl Jones from The Sandlot.
read the AAPL final filing aloud as James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman -- took FBI / DoJ to school on both the law and logic...
"Love is just a word until someoee comes along and airec it meaning." - James Earl Jones
Bout to sound like James Earl Jones in a fortnight.
Thanks for the shiny cup . *James Earl Jones* & then they held hands & skipped. Check out this funny lady
you should have him as a guest bit then have James Earl Jones dub over everything he says
I could listen to James Earl Jones' voice all day. It beats Morgan Freeman for me. He was Mufasa and Darth Vadar afterall.
James Earl Jones returns to Star Wars Rebels for the Season Finale!.
I agree with my father, Albert Einstein, don't believe every quote you read on the internet. – James Earl Jones
.Yes the movie Claudine is favorite that depicts this FACT with Diane Carroll & James Earl Jones
I just did this today! Well, the James Earl Jones excerpt reading anyway.
the Internet failed you, just like it hides that vid of James Earl Jones ordering pizza on Long ago and far away.
The BBT episode in which Sheldon and James Earl Jones spend time together is easily one of favorites.
James Earl Jones is my sheppard. Feel the bass.
That's like the only upside to that kind of illness. I once spent an entire evening doing a passable James Earl Jones.
My professor sounds a bit like James Earl Jones. I'm just imagining Mufasa trying to teach me the circle of life.
James Earl Jones drove cross-country and used Darth as his handle on the CB radio. Truck drivers would freak out
"Whatever the fog covers, my child, is your kingdom." - James Earl Jones @ Pride Rock
Just watched "Selma." I would like to hear James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman read "Letter from A Birmingham Jail." Just a thought.
when I watch Lion King I picture James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, etc. I can't not.
anime Peter Lorre rolls up to the party with a boat and James Earl Jones's voice
she is. Fun fact: Mufasa and Sarabi are voiced the parents from Coming to America. James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair.
Hey, want to know what else is refreshing?James Earl Jones's voice telling me "This is CNN".
I wish James Earl Jones was my grandpa.
My voice gets deeper and deeper the more comfortable I am until it just plateaus at James Earl Jones.
and trump trying to figure out who is worse is like James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman trying 2 figure out who is most EPIC.
This is definitely going to be the voice on my GPS unless James Earl Jones becomes an option ;)
What about James Earl Jones and Jeffrey Wright's respective roles as Martin Luther King, Jr.? Are they not too light?
definitely James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman... Those voices... Heavenly, commanding and easy on the ears
Who would you want to narrate your life?. A) Mike Rowe. B) James Earl Jones. C) Morgan Freeman. D) Christopher Walken
I thought Morgan Freeman, Chiwetel Ejifor and James Earl Jones won an Oscar...?
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Why do I hear James Earl Jones' voice from that cornfield?.
Keith David, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones need to release a joint audiobook or something lol
Next to James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. JK Simmons' voice is part of the pop culture now
yeah, but she's ignant and thinks that he's black due to James Earl Jones being the voice of Darth Vader...
My votes are Morgan Freeman from Lean on Me, Sam L Jackson from Lakeview Terrace, and James Earl Jones when he voiced Mufasa.
Guest speaker in class today sounds like a cross between Josh Turner and James Earl Jones.. Waiting for a song or to hear he's my father.
team, please get James Earl Jones to narrate an ad for Bernie. Now is the time to do it. -dc
Four people played David Prowse was body, James Earl Jones did voice, Sebastian Shaw was face & a fourth did the breathing.
All documentaries should be narrated by Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.
Field of Foxes' Dreams, starring James Earl Jones as Wes Morgan. Great and fair piece, Barney
You will gain more respect for James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams. Also, Richard Pryor, Stan Shaw & several former bigs
Good morning Wolverines! May the force be with you today, because as James Earl Jones says, this is "the best university…
Surprised I hadn't heard of it before last week. Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor... You'd think it'd get more play.
I'm just waiting for James Earl Jones to intone: "This..Is Ambien!" the next time they cut to Ben Carson.
I'm willing to bet that if Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones ever had a rap battle, it would be the most relaxing thing ever.
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the sweatiest man since James Earl Jones
"The arts have always been an important ingredient to the health of a nation, but we haven't gotten there yet" -James E…
to be honest, james earl jones does not sound that good due to his age. But I'm just glad he's back.
he was battlefront too. I think he would have been in rebels if james earl jones said no to coming back for it
James Earl Jones is on this episode of House and it's weird seeing Darth Vader in hospital
James Earl Jones also was The voice of Darth Vader
Raise your hand if you knew that James Earl Jones’ father played Luther in The Sting. I recognized the voice— or thought I did. Mind=blown
The Raven wrote by Edgar Allan Poe, read by James Earl Jones-.
"Love is just a word until somxone comes along and gives it meanirg." - James Earl Jones
About to cut the sleeves off my arms and punched me in her best James Earl Jones voice.
.James Earl Jones voice says "Which antivirus will protect me from the NSA"
Black History Film Fact: James Earl Jones, who is known for his iconic voice, suffered from stuttering that he overcame partly by acting.
GUYS James Earl Jones and Mark Hamill have the same face and I cannot unsee it
Started watching Star Wars, heard James Earl Jones voice and put Conan the Barbarian on instead 😊
i sound like a sick James Earl Jones
good point, that's true. I'm now worried for James Earl Jones. He was 85 last month!
cause *** don't pay attention, bet money he don't even know James Earl Jones
Ben, come to the dark side. (Okay, in my head, I was using James Earl Jones' voice so it sounded pretty cool to me.)
he said that as if James Earl Jones is not the voice of Darth Vader how is Star Wars comparable
only if it's a James Earl Jones or Michael Clarke Duncan type of voice
Morgan Freeman,Samuel L.Jackson, Denzel Washington,James Earl Jones,etc-as to why?Their reps precede them,Google it
We think James Earl Jones feels the same way about language as we do!
I would do anything if James Earl Jones said it. :-)
"One ofmtheghardest things in life is having wor,s in your heart tha, y.u can't uttee." - James Earl Jones
Morgan Freeman & James Earl Jones read a transcript of the 1st half play by play
I want my own personal jesus, I need one. And he needs to have the voice of Billy Dee Williams, Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.
do you think James Earl Jones will have intriguing voice over lines as Vader for Rogue One.
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