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James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones (born January 17, 1931) is an American actor who in a career of more than 50 years has become known as one of America's most distinguished and versatile actors and one of the greatest actors in American history. Since his Broadway debut in 1957, Jones has won many awards, including a Tony Award and Golden Globe Award for his role in The Great White Hope.

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Lmao.."Where is Akeem"in my James Earl Jones Coming to America voice..󾆔󾮞󾮖󾮜
Wow! Just watched the Simpsons's version of The Raven from the first Treehouse of Horrors. James Earl Jones provides narration. Chilling.
The Simpsons' take on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" from the first Halloween episode. James Earl Jones narrates.
coming to America w/ Eddie Murphy & James Earl Jones. Oh and Arsenio Hall
The crew broke out in spontaneous applause after he shot his first scene. Olivier was a British James Earl Jones. https:/…
My favourite reading of Poe's "The Raven". James Earl Jones and The Simpsons:
Hey geniuses. Darth Vadar (voice) was Black (James Earl Jones), and Creator George Lucas's wife is black..…
"Love is just a word uotil someone comes along and qives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
I should go as James Earl Jones from the Sandlot
"One of the hardest things in life is wordsqin yoqr heart that you can't utter." - James Earl Jones
. "Misery" on Broadway cannot touch "The Gin Game" on Broadway with James Earl Jones and Cisely Tyson. Check it out!
For my money, the first Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, with James Earl Jones reciting "The Raven," will always be the best. 🎃
"Lovemis just a ,ord until someone comes along and gives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
Check out my video sounding like James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer ruler of...
Listening to James Earl Jones read The Raven on Simpsons. ."You know what would have been scarier than nothing? Anything!" lol
James Earl Jones reading "The Raven" on The Simpsons is one of the best things about television.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out today that James Earl Jones is still alive.
Keith David's voice is every bit as intoxicating as James Earl Jones'. If I weren't already *** if go *** for that voice lol
Darth Vader, narrator of the Raven. He can give quite a creepy vocal performance that James Earl Jones!
Rob Lowe, Gabrielle Union, Sarah Hyland, James Earl Jones, Madison Pettis; Disney got actual famous people to be voices for The Lion Guard.
like obviously you've never even heard of Lando Calrissian or James Earl Jones, lmfao buncha racist crybabies
Lemme just pay this respect to James Earl Jones real quick.
Went to see the Gin Game on Broadway with Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones. Two of the greatest. Had great visits with both …
You see baseball Ray, is what is commonly known as boring. (James Earl Jones)
So if a main character in Star Wars is black it's a big deal. But Billy Dee Williams, Samuel L. Jackson & James Earl Jones get a pass.
For those who want to boycott Episode VII, remember James Earl Jones & Billy Dee Williams made their characters.
The Raven wrote by Edgar Allan Poe, read by James Earl Jones
I think it's worth remembering that one Simpsons Halloween episode was just James Earl Jones reading an Edgar Allan Poe poem...
Field of Dreams 2: Ray sells field to cover legal costs after being charged with James Earl Jones' murder. Convicted cause town hates him.
listening to your podcast. Billy Dee is a pimp. James Earl Jones is a BAMF. Boyega is gonna be badass.More tix for us.
Samuel L. Jackson starred as Mace Windu, Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones, and Billy Dee Williams acted as Lando. …
Why does the voice in my head sound like, James Earl Jones?- Rob Alex
…they know about James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams, right?
Asia: wasn't James Earl Jones the guy who shot Abraham Lincoln. Me: no... Asia: Oh wait that was John Wilkes Booth. Lord come save me.!
To all the Star Wars fanboys boycotting the black Star Wars characters you do know D. Vader is technically black right? James Earl Jones!
you know Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones, not James Earl Ray, right? 4 black actors out of 100…
Who is going to give the narrative of his life at Morgan Freeman's eulogy since James Earl Jones is dead?
Yeah, don't tell those *** about James Earl Jones or Billy Dee Williams...
They really trying to boycotting Star Wars VII because of a black main character.So what about James Earl Jones lol smh
Ok people; this is going to melt your brain, but you need to know...James Earl Jones voiced Vader & La…
wait until these folks find out who James Earl Jones is
Can we talk about how James Earl Jones (black man) was the voice for Darth Vader though for 3 of the 6 movies? You enjoyed that, didn't you?
Or do you think realized that Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones? (Cont)
To those who started I have three words for you: James Earl Jones.
Big deal. James Earl Jones was just a voice-over artist. Not seen in the movie. Few were aware or cared.
Don't tell the racists that James Earl Jones was Luke Skywalker's real daddy.
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For all you nerds out there, remember this. Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones. . Lando...
wait till the find out who James Earl Jones is
James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson are outstanding in four-star revival of ‘The Gin
Are Samuel L Jackson and James Earl Jones also no longer black? 😶
. And it's mostly leftists and cucks shocking us with the revelation that James Earl Jones did the voice of Darth Vader.
Do you think actor Robert Earl Jones ever said the words I AM YOUR FATHER to actor James Earl Jones ..
Stand with James Earl Jones. Sign the petition. >>>
Hennessy never stop never settle TV ad. What happens when you put James Earl Jones voice over on Nick Cannon.
I have GOT to see Hamilton the musical. Gonna see The Gin Game next week. Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones? Yes please 😎
For that, I go to Simon Callow, James Earl Jones or Patrick Stewart.
From left to right: Cee-Lo Green, Bill Cosby, James Earl Jones, and Danny Glover
Bill Simmons' voice has deepened on his podcast. A list of comparable voices over the years:. 2007: David Beckham. 2015: James Earl Jones
Can the get James Earl Jones to announce the starting lineup during one of the playoff games? He knew Babe Ruth
"It means we're going to Minnesota to find Moonlight Graham" - James Earl Jones
Spent the evening honoring James Earl Jones at the Plaza Hotel with George Lucas, Samuel L Jackson and Co.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
So excited to perform at the benefit honoring the great James Earl Jones!!
Must be a great honor to be right up there with James Earl Jones and Darth Vader, so immortalized you are with SIRI. Nice.
Don't go with the "High voice Peyton Manning"... I'd get James Earl Jones to do VO... That would be bad *** ...😎
"Love is just a word until someone codes along and gives i meaning." - James Earl Jones
For some reason, the comments section is in italics. I'm imagining all comments are voiced by James Earl Jones.
My wife and two beautiful children have transformed into James Earl Jones and two dual-spigot buckets of snot.
What movie star would you most like to meet? — James Earl Jones or Samuel L Jackson
James Earl Jones is the obvious choice, he built the Death Star and is also the father of Simba
Thanks, Marion. Over the worst of it but it hit the three of us hard. Daisy still sounds like James Earl Jones.
James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson Will Star in &Game&on Broadway
Who did James Earl Ray assassinate? Did he throw an interstellar despot down an unsecured shaft? Am I thinking of James Earl Jones?
And how was Brock Peters' Vader different than James Earl Jones'? He is less professional, more fanatical, & a touch unhinged.
Me and the amazing James Earl Jones on the set of Agent X on
Who is this Idris Elba wannabe trying to talk like James Earl Jones?
Espn's use of a woman in the broadcast booth is akin to James Earl Jones on a women's gymnastics competition
Well, it's not James Earl Jones, but the Lion have Keith David doing their intro voiceover, which is pretty cool.
"This is the University of Michigan." - James Earl Jones
Was there ever a time when James Earl Jones wasn't 80 years old
5 Dove-approved movies, new James Earl Jones, Reese Witherspoon, family love
5 Dove-approved movies, new James Earl Jones, family love
Stop what you're doing & watch Michigan football pregame video narrated by James Earl Jones |
James Earl Jones was first winner of The Voice.
Tom Jones was adopted this week, and James Earl Jones will be going to his forever home tonight - Congratulations to their new families!
I want an alarm clock that wakes me with info about the vastness of space. Voice modes: James Earl Jones, Sigourney, Krista Tippett, Sagan.
i like the *idea* of audiobooks but the voice has to match the book. or just have James Earl Jones, Christopher Lee & Wanda Sykes do em all.
Jeezuz... James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman & the Allstate dude better watch their cussing backs for Reg E Cathey
Between him, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, old black men just say everything better.
His voice is everything! It reminds me of Barry White and James Earl Jones.
He sounded like the love child of Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones.
C'mon, now, James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom? Is the best. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Finally watching Driving Miss Daisy with Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones on PBS. Wow. Amazing talent.
Bob Ufer and then let’s add some narration by James Earl Jones. . THAT’S A WOW MOMENT, DAVE!
Obvious casting choice for King Triton is James Earl Jones.
So which do we think James Earl Jones loved more, voice of Vader, Mufasa, lot actual King in Coming to America?
You just made James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell cry.
One person I've always wanted to work with who would be an amazing guest star would be James Earl Jones.
Ugh, loved that - especially how Matt Damon's narration just nailed James Earl Jones doing David Attenborough -
My grandfather (James) met James Earl Jones in 1992 when he was a detective in Patriot Games, and they had lunch together. (He's super nice)
James Earl Jones and Cecily Tyson at the John Golden Theatre in The Gin Game! Previews: Sept. 23, opens Oct. 14.
How can James Earl Jones be terrance mann, and Darth Vader, SO CONFUSIES! :/
Xavier woods really needs to cut that hair. He looks like James Earl Jones from Conan the Barbarian.
Black Actors on Instagram: “A look back at James Earl Jones and Courtney Vance in a powerful...
Meteor Man classic just for how corny Robert Townsend is & James Earl Jones got the high top fade
Imagine it in other voices ... perhaps James Earl Jones. But how about Peter Lorre? Or my favorite, Edward Everett Horton?
Who dare makes such a hoax... Don't y'all know James Earl Jones was the dark side, Darth Vader in 1977.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
James Earl Jones is not dead, he's rehearsing for the Broadway show The Gin Game starting Sept. 23rd.
Had the honor of hearing James Earl Jones in person at the Hollywood Bowl, 2003, at a John Williams concert. Rest in peace Lord Vader.
If Nagash is James Earl Jones, Who is Settra? I want to… — Either Clancy Brown or Carl Lumbly. Posssibly Michael I…
that's wasn't James Earl Jones, it was John Amos, from Good Times.
This just came in the mail. Yes. James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson on Broadway together. (Last time was 50yrs ago)
"Love is just a word until someone comesvalong and gives it meanibg." - James Earl Jones
. [Wanda wandered when JARVIS began James Earl Jones voice lessons. Popping a piece of popcorn into her mouth, she +
God definitely sounds like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman.
.im all about Movie and Tv quotes from great actors. Anthony Quinn, James Earl Jones, and Morgan Freeman.
Everyone is wanting Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones to narrate their lives but Sir Patrick Stewart is my first choice
l. Lawrence Fishburne is the modern James Earl Jones and we don't even know.
Super throwback movie. James Earl Jones & Diahann Carroll lol
The King and Queen in this movie are James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair! JUST LIKE IN THE LION KING
Mufasa lives! James Earl Jones will return for sequel:
R2-D2 went on to write My Two Dads, which is loosely based on Dave and James Earl Jones' struggle over Mark's paternity.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Correction: James Earl Jones + Madge Sinclair= Jonathan Taylor Thomas who grows up and becomes Matthew Broderick???
Another movie in the park...Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones and Richard Pryor flick...nice night for it
Pretty sure the new pastor at my church is somehow related to James Earl Jones.
There's nothing James Earl Jones can't do, so that was reality right there. He's a legend. And ironically the voice of Mufasa
I picture James Earl Jones shootin that chic in Conan, lol
Eric, I'm sure you'll want to see this new play with James Earl Jones --
I type them in the voice of James Earl Jones.
I know, especially with the anthology films coming out. Maybe they'll let James Earl Jones voice Vader again for Rogue.
Order Driving Miss Daisy DVD starring the legendary Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones now: h…
I thought of James Earl Jones, not James Brown when I read that...
Now I'm intrigued and will now quit further missing important plot points. Commencing rant. James Earl Jones just beheaded Beverly D'angelo.
Hear the power of the Bible through the most recognized & talented voice in America: James Earl Jones.
If you deprive a chipmunk of helium it sounds just like James Earl Jones.
Future is two years of drug abuse away from sounding like James Earl Jones.
SN: James earl jones was mufasa. In coming to America, he wore a lion. Justice?
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Idk what bizarro world I'm in, but on the episode of that I'm watching McCoy is a private lawyer played by James Earl Jones!!
James Earl Jones on an early Law & Order ep playing an attorney named.McCoy.
James Earl Jones is on this ep of Law & Order I'm currently watching.
The only time it's acceptable to kill a lion is if it's about to kill James Earl Jones. Just saying.
Its better if you imagine it in the James Earl Jones voice.
If James Earl Jones recorded messages for IVRs, we would gladly wait on hold
A7 Or have James Earl Jones record messages. If you're going to act like Darth Vader ...
I would like a really distinctive voice with lots of gravitas. Like Sean Connery, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons or Russell Crowe.
Wish I had money to buy the MLB so I could change all the mascots cuz I'd watch baseball if it was like the Shreks vs the James Earl Jones's
Not James Earl Jones please stop trying to sell me a crappy sandwich
I imagine james earl jones is also there
reserve judgement until finding out if Cecil was a James Earl Jones or a Jeremy Irons type of lion.
James Earl Jones's speech about baseball in Field of Dreams always gives me chills
Throat hurts from trying to sound like if James Earl Jones and had a kid.
If James Earl Jones ever tried adding the brown sugar bacon to a pecan chicken sandwich he'd plotz from the paroxysms of meaty joy
"Love is just a woed until someone comes along and gives it meanixg." - James Earl Jones
I do! Imagine if Vin Diesel and James Earl Jones had a child.
Lions have better PR. If I'd seen a cow, voiced by James Earl Jones, trampled to animated death it'd be another story
James Earl Jones Hand Signed Photo Inscribed to Rex Trailer... - Full read by eBay
Owen Wilson's voice doesn't go with Marmaduke. Just sounds like Owen Wilson reading out loud on the toilet. Should have got…
If you guys don't get James Earl Jones to be a king with the title "The Lion" in OUAT, i will be so sad. IT'D BE PERFECT! :D
Thinking about getting a card graded/slabbed, just to see what the process is like. Maybe my James Earl Jones auto Masterwork?
"What to the Slave is 4th of July?": James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech.
Edgar Allan Poe-The Raven- Read by James Earl Jones via He found a way to turn darkness into beauty.
Not only did bring in Billy Dee Williams to voice Lando Calrissian but they got James Earl Jones to voice Darth Vader!!!
Anyone want to watch the 1970s Billy Dee Williams/Richard Pryor/James Earl Jones 1930s *** League/barnstorming baseball movie together?
People who I'd want to narrate my life: . 1) Morgan Freeman. 2) Patrick Stewart. 3)Common. 4) James Earl Jones. 5) Michael Caine
Driving Miss Daisy. It was not great, but it's always nice to hear from my forever beloved Mufasa - James Earl Jones)))
The score announcer in this match sounds like the love child of James Earl Jones and Isaac Hayes and he's making me giggle.
So Tim Burton did an episode of Faerie Tale Theatre with Leonard Nimoy, James Earl Jones, …
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James Earl Jones reading some basebally thing moments before the Loma Prieta earthquake. GO USWNT!
I liked a video Frederick Douglas - 4th Of July Reading by James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones reads Frederick Douglass's historic address on the meaning of the Fourth of July.
James Earl Jones, 1961. Listen as he reads Douglass's "What to the Slave Is the 4th of July." . h…
Did a trivia thing tonight and not one of my teammates knew the freaking James Earl Jones quote from Lion King. Know how you feel LeBron.
look at that James Earl Jones is doing a great black face.
I feel like watching a movie with James Earl Jones in it. Lol doesn't matter which one, but he needs to be in it. 😂😏
James Earl Jones using an old oil-can insecticide sprayer at Costner because he's a hippy: priceless
New glasses needed. I misread and thought you wrote,"James Earl Jones". What? LOL
The only "Essential" I disagree with is "Field of Dreams"--what a load of BS that movie is. Salinger played by James Earl Jones?
Leading worship should be fun tomorrow since this cold is giving me a constant headache and I sound like James Earl Jones...
Hrmmm who would win a narration war between Leonard Nimoy, David Attenborough, Neil Degrasse Tyson and James Earl Jones.
no seriously. I'm a combo of Barry White and James Earl Jones. I'm better doing Type O Negative covers.
It's a real shame. I remember when they got James Earl Jones todo the bumpers for the Gulf War. .
Brittney Griner has a deeper voice than James Earl Jones
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CNN needs a recording of James Earl Jones saying, "Whoops. Our bad." for days like today.
James Earl Jones's voice never looked so sexy!
LOVE that James Earl Jones is voicing Darth Vader in season 2 ❤️❤️
You can almost hear James Earl Jones saying "THIS is CNN..."
A friend of mine is insisting this is really James Earl Jones performing Paul Robeson. Hope he's wrong...would mean BMA are wrong
Danny DeVito as Scalia, James Earl Jones as Thomas, Aaron Ekhart as Roberts, Kevin Spacey as Alito
My wife absent-mindedly confused James Earl Jones with Edward James Olmos and now I want him to be the gravelly voice …
Sam Elliott, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Mike Rowe - tons of jobs for u today. But I'm think'n they want the voice w/out ur rate?
I'd love to hear Jake Lloyd's version of events, just to find out if he now has the voice of James Earl Jones.
When Jake Lloyd goes to court, if he's tried as an adult, does James Earl Jones have to answer the questions?
I know we have our Great American Voices - James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, etc. But work on the Ken Burns docs is GREAT.
I could listen to James Earl Jones read the senate judiciary notes as lord Vader and still be entranced.
How didnt I realize that James Earl Jones was Mufasa & says "This is CNN". Ik he was Darth Vador. He was also brilliant in Field of Dreams.
James Earl Jones returns to voice Darth Vader as Star Wars Rebels begins its second season on ...: "It was act...
I want to hear James Earl Jones speak-sing The Impossible Dream with Morgan Freeman. That's my Impossible Dream.
James Earl Jones aka "Darth Vader" on Big Bang Theory has cheered me up for the evening. If you need some cheer...
Does anyone know what James Earl Jones has been up to recently? Haven't seen his face in forever except on The Big Bang Theory.
The Big Bang Theory episode with James Earl Jones is hands down my favorite episode ever 😂😂😂
His voice is so identifiable; like Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Don Pardo and Al Pacino.
I love the narrator on could he do the voice over for my life either him or James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman.
...Price, James Earl Jones, Basil Rathbone, Christopher Walken and one by John De Lancie. Still hoping for a Patrick Stewart.
Isn't Homer Simpson's version James Earl Jones' version, punctuated with "D'ohs" and "Why you littles"?
Everyone would want James Earl Jones to quote Darth Vader if they met him but tbh I'd cry if I met him and got him to quote Mufasa.
Over volumes of forgotten lore.. *** I'll have to watch the YouTube video of James Earl Jones reciting it, now...
going all James Earl Jones on us with his baseball nostalgia. I'm buying the man a hot dog and beer!!
You make Morgan Freeman and James Earl jones sound like kids!
“Writing can give full meaning to characters and avoid pure stereotype.”. --James Earl Jones.
The Lion King AKA James Earl Jones spent all his Star Wars money
James Earl Jones’ voice might work for Arby’s, but not for Playtex. Don’t try to hide YOUR design voice, just choose clients wisely.
James Earl Jones, voice of Darth Vader & Mufasa, was mute for eight years of his life.
he will have a deep but inviting voice, like James Earl Jones, and will speak sage advice during long trips.
James earl jones was a great mentor. Jimmy lent me his rental car once
randomly thought about the Man James Earl Jones.. he's 84 now
Every time I see pictures of young James Earl Jones I get moist.
.is it true that you're voiced by James Earl Jones?
Charles Lawrence has a James Earl Jones type voice
I just listened to a rendition of "Casey at the Bat" read by James Earl Jones. My goodness it was incredible
The ugly whoopi beast has no eyebrows because maya molested james earl jones (mayas brother) to make whoopi. Monkeys have no eyebrows
The dinosaur hall James Earl Jones is wandering through in the Making of Jurassic Park special...
Check out James Earl Jones at the 1969 Tony Awards in "The Great White Hope":
I added a video to a playlist From stutterer to star: How James Earl Jones found his voice
James Earl Jones recites Casey at the Bat = Gold!!! Check out this cool episode:
gossip about Jimmy Caan & James Earl Jones fr Gardens of Stone set?
Today in history: Video -- James Earl Jones reciting 'Casey at the Bat'
When James Earl Jones gives the "people will come" speech in field of dreams, gives me straight chills.
Now for the special features. . The Making Of Jurassic Park . Hosted by James Earl Jones 👊 . Excited for J. World
Now 84 y.o, actor James Earl Jones as photographed by Carl Van Vechten on May 29, 1961. http…
if you're ever feeling stressed or blue here is a clip of James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowel saying Totes Magotes
If I could pick anyone to narrate my life it'd either be James Earl Jones or the gravelly voiced narrator of Gangsters: America's Most Evil
If you really think about it, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman tickling each other would be pretty much the greatest…
Jordan Wow! What a beautiful an eloquent voice! She could've given James Earl Jones a run for his money as a speaker
you mean Joaquin Pheonix and James Earl Jones reading the paper
Seriously. As a young black kid I was utterly confused when Darth Vader took his helmet off & wasnt a large black man named James Earl Jones
Everybody's crazy about Morgan Freeman's voice and I'm over here thinking: "Have you ever heard James Earl Jones?"
To quote James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory, "I like Star Wars, too!"
im uncomfortable at how much Things Darth Vader's voice makes me feel. im sorry for sinning, james earl jones
Encore: 'Driving Miss Daisy' starring Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones returns to the Mary D. Fisher Theatre...
Drinking and watching this old *** movie Claudine with Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones
My vote is James Earl Jones.. Imagine the voice of Darth Vader addressing the UN.
James earl jones from coming to America ?
When you go through the entrance, I hope James Earl Jones approaches you and says "This Is CNN"
lmao yo it's crazy cause everytime I envision it speaking it always has James earl jones voice or like Morgan Freeman's 😭
The voice of James Earl Jones is one of the best sounds in the universe.
This came on TV and I realized James Earl Jones is the voice of the ghost! Garfield - Ghost of a Chance (1992) -
Next person who says, "Urban. You know, like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman" is getting socked.
Felt a bit like the end of The Sandlot. After all the effort, James Earl Jones asked "why didn't you just ring the doorbell?"
I'm not in the mood to shade your James Earl Jones looking *** right now.
"Love is just f word until someone comes along andzgives it meaning." - James Earl Jones
It's out of place because it doesn't remotely even sound like James Earl Jones. It's like the "prepare for my arrival" line
I keep thinking about the "Ear" ep. Aren't there certain individuals easily defined by there sound (James Earl Jones) or a dj
one of my favorite episode ever. When Sheldon got to hang out with Mufasa/DarthVader aka James Earl Jones.
Next you'll be saying James Earl Jones played Vader :p
James earl jones turned into the snake. We're approaching peak Conan the Barbarian, people
James Earl Jones was a street rapper with a crooked box in Meteor Man 😂😭😭
Bacall, James Earl Jones, & Leonard Nimoy leap to mind. And the Lina Lamont-like one for me is Mira Sorvino as Romy.
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Chris Hogan's voice is amazing. Aside from his great advice, it's a treat to hear him speak. Reminds me of James Earl Jones.
I'd like a threesome with Patrick Stewart's and James Earl Jones' voice.
29/365 arrives featuring Lando and Vader! James Earl Jones delivered this line so well.
James Earl Jones to host episode of 'In America' focusing on atrial fibrillation | PRWeb
One of my all time favorite films . . . James Earl Jones played a garbage collector
Ah, Peter Sellers' genius - and a young James Earl Jones aboard the B-52. Interesting juxtaposition of the two videos. 😊
actor has such a distinctive like the Asian...James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman.
Watching one of my favorite movies "Claudine" starring Diahann Carroll,James Earl Jones on Soundtrack is by
I just ordered my copy of that arbys DVD for two reasons. 1. James Earl Jones rules. THULSA DOOM. And 2. The *** of it.
Fo Sho a lion! With the voice of James Earl Jones ;)
This cold is ridiculous, now I sound like James Earl Jones.
The mind-blowing reason these kids are desperate to retrieve a baseball they hit into James Earl Jones' backyard.
If I croak early, I want James Earl Jones to deliver the eulogy while says "May the Force be with you" before I roast.
James Earl Jones, Gena Rowlands, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara and Angela Lansbury on the cover of Legends issue. htt…
I'm an upcoming comedian who's bday same day as yours 1/17 as well as Ali,jim Carey,James earl jones,& more
James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman have best voices for any commentary or character
When you talk to God do you hear James Earl Jones?
Thinking about all the cool zippers and Ethel Rosenberg is how old they looked at her best James Earl Jones voice.
Trivia: In what film did James Earl Jones play a priest named Fr. Frank, after me? Find out at 6 pm ET
“In America” with James Earl Jones is discussing the most innovative phone apps available this month on Public Television.
James Earl Jones' monologue from Othello at "Shakespeare in America" 🎭
Who would you rather have narate your life, Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones
You look like a young James Earl Jones rocking with a high top fade wig in Meteor Man.
Wishing Betty White or James Earl Jones could read to your class? Make it happen here: Amazing!
A Sandlot sequel where the kids reunite to find the lot is now a CVS. James Earl Jones is a pharmacist.
Feel your pain,sweetie. Just dragging myself out of last week's lurgy - still sounding like James Earl Jones (I like!) get well
just watch James Earl Jones and his snake cult in Conan and follow his example
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