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James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones (born January 17, 1931) is an American actor who in a career of more than 50 years has become known as one of America's most distinguished and versatile actors and one of the greatest actors in American history. Since his Broadway debut in 1957, Jones has won many awards, including a Tony Award and Golden Globe Award for his role in The Great White Hope.

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James Earl Jones is the only 'great american' on CNN.
now what would be hilarious is if James Earl Jones was the voice of the Arkham Knight. Batman + Iron Man + Darth Vader.
I have been blessed to have accountability partners for Lent. I was assigned to give some response to Psalm 119 . It is the longest Psalm as well as the longest chapter in the Bible. With its 176 verses, Psalm 119 has more verses than 14 Old Testament Books and 17 New Testament Books.Having been busy, having rearranged my schedule, I had not read it yet. So this morning while getting dressed I listened to James Earl Jones read it to me via my "smart phone." I am NOT that kinda girl. I hate "googling" a book that I have in my possession. I must admit. I loved listening to it. Something I will do more of now! My favorie verse: Verse 81: My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word.Psalm 119 gives this message: "Ashrei temimei derech" ("happy are those whose way is perfect").
In the Star Wars saga four people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was his body. James Earl Jones did the voice. Sebastian Shaw was his face, and a fourth person did his breathing.
Photo: Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones in a scene from the Off-Broadway production of the playThe...
James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman should get together and make a rap album before they both die.
Question. Who would you want to narrate your life story...Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones?
Wish I had some old classic movies. like Mahogany with Diana Ross & Billy Dee Williams, or whatever happened to Baby Jane, with Bette Davis, To Kill a Mockingbird... Claudine with Diane Carroll & James Earl Jones .
I would love to hear a conversation between Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Marv Albert, and Mitch Holtus
If you really think about it, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman tickling each other would be pretty much the greatest thing ever.
It's forever amusing to me that my internal God voice is James Earl Jones yet my internal Satan sounds like Justin Bieber.
And my list of actors able to convey emotion convincingly without even showing their face or whilst wearing a mask are throughout the whole movie (in no particular order) are: 1. Hugo Weaving as V in "V for Vendetta" 2. Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime in "Transformers" 3. James Earl Jones (the voice & David Prowse as Darth Vader in "Star Wars" 4. Kane Hodder as Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th 5. Kevon Peter Hall as the alien in Predator I & II
Either one works for me. I'd also accept James Earl Jones or Gilbert Gottfried.
“will it be read by James Earl Jones?” No-either Michael Sweet Jones:-)
With James Jones going to Raiders, Jets are now shifting focus to James Earl Jones.
will it be read by James Earl Jones?
Hamilton Collection
If James Earl Jones or Christopher Lee inhaled helium they'd probably just sound like a normal human beings...
"Trying to make someone fall in love with you is about as pointless as trying to control who you fall in love with." -James Earl Jones
Learn something new everyday!! I've just learnt that James Earl Jones did the voice for Darth Vader. I don't care if I'm late in knowing this I'm impressed.
One of these beer carriers is SO LOUD and sounds like James Earl Jones.
Wow, Cleveland paid somebody to come up with that new slogan? Yeesh. They might pull it off if James Earl Jones narrates the commercials.
No matter what kind of day you're having, I bet you'd laugh if you imagined James Earl Jones saying, "Milk, milk, lemonade- 'round the corner fudge is made!"
The incredible James Earl Jones is on a hilarious new tonight! Here's a pic of my "Field of Dreams!"
The kids are watching the remastered version of The Lion King. James Earl Jones, that voice...
Have you read my interview with EDGE Magazine (NJ)? I talk about the actors I admired while growing up, like Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, Montgomery Clift and James Earl Jones. Have a read before the next issue comes out! :- )
You ever talk to a fine female on the phone, but she gotta voice like James Earl Jones...u try your hardest to get over it cuz she so fine
.. So when you imagine the voice of the VOID, is it James Earl Jones, or HAL from 2001 with the lights dimming when he speaks?
The OTHER great baseball film of 1976, starring James Earl Jones and Richard Pryor.
Hearing a deposition in court is very much like the recent commercials with James earl jones. Minus the amusement.
The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings, starring Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones and Richard Pryor. Though uneven, it was notable for being Hollywood's first attempt to bring life in the *** Leagues to the silver screen, and it would have been the best baseball film of 1976, had The Bad News Bears not been released a few months earlier. Rookie director John Badham was able to parlay Bingo Long's success into an even better sophomore gig: directing Saturday Night Fever.
I had more to say to you but I cut it short lov what I see, I will never add up to who you are congrats on you'r success we love you from the other side of you'r Jones family... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Well Grandpa here gose nothing. I'm 28 my birthday is 6-4-1985. I been starving for a few years of work! I'm Lorains grandson. Luretta son. I was suppose to meet you last year at a crusie in San Mateo, I think you and a friend host for a crusie line I was going to bring my son. I met with Lovell a few years back, untie Tonya two weeks ago, at her church in Berkley. I need help I need a purpess. Every since my son came into my life I been awake to certain things he's three and a will be turning 4 in june while I turn 29. Just found out who you are after being stuck on the thought you were gone in the millatary. Two weeks ago I started to relise the actor and narrator, what whould you like me to do? aaronjr 101 Hyde St. General Delivery San Fransisco 94142 Marcell Aaron
I think should narrate everything always. Terrific voice. If Fred Rogers and James Earl Jones had a kid who told bedtime stories.
pretty deep, unless I'm tired, then I drop into Seth McFarlane territory. With some warm up I can do James Earl Jones
Best part about reading The Lion King to preschoolers: I get to dust off my James Earl Jones & Jeremy Irons impressions.
"I sound like James Earl Jones in my head," -Ian Brun
we could add James Earl Jones for a little Darth Vader action
Our yard is turning into James Earl Jones' in The Sandlot.
WHM - Celebrating Model & Actress Ellen Holly.An Ophelia DeVore find (1st photo CENTER). Appeared on Sam Benedict and The Nurses then ABC Soap One Life to Live as " Carla Benari Hall" In 1962 she appeared Off- Bway with ODV's Cicely Tyson(jet cover), James Earl Jones , Bill Gunn in Errol Jones "Moon on a Rainbow Shawl." Read her book, " One Life." I'm looking for her now. if you contact her, please ask her to call me!
Michael Ealy favors James Earl Jones in his younger years.
If I get to sound like James Earl Jones, I can live with the mouth breathing.
James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory. Does it get more perfect?
James Earl Jones speaking at a low volume about his cat Mittens and that white cat that sometimes comes into the garden
CNN identifyer from the early 1990's with voice of actor James Earl Jones.
James Earl Jones is probably my new favourite guest star on the Big Bang Theory.
May 12, 2009 James Earl Jones (born January 17, 1931) is an American actor. Since his Broadway debut in 1957, Jones has spent ...
Freaking out, to early to have a flight attendant that looks just like James Earl Jones in Conan the Barbarian. She could be his twin.
If you think James Earl Jones had a golden voice - have a listen to on (or star talk radio podcast!)
Just thinking this morning, I know a stretch for me. There are about five voices that when i hear them change my mood. Not the five in my head real people's voices. James Earl Jones is one when ever he speaks it relaxes me don't know why just does. Anyone else make that same claim or am I just plain crazy.
In a comment, reflecting on both the racist theme dealt with in the play and Sackler's notion that the play is about a man fighting society, Muhammad Ali, greatly impressed with James Earl Jones' performance in the play, apparently commented to the actor, "That's my story. You take out the issue of white women and replace it with the issue of religion. That's my story!" Ali was fighting being drafted into the army at the time on grounds of being a conscientious objector.[4]
When this movie wasnt a complete drag some of it was comical, especially the nonsensical james earl jones locust fying bits. 3is really the only good sequel
Somebody in my building got a new subwoofer and has been listening to something that sounds like a telenovela narrated by James Earl Jones and set to alternating planetarium music and industrial music, which apparently airs from around 10 pm to 4 am. I can tell it goes until 4 am because the motion-sensing light that the landlords installed directly under my bedroom window goes off whenever there's an intruder, or a neighbor leaving, or someone walking past on the sidewalk, or a car driving by, or a subtle change in air pressure. And instead of turning on, it flashes a piercing white light on and off for several minutes. And repeats on through the morning. The landlord told me, "Yeah, we've had a problem with raccoons." But the construction crew that's been working on the building for the past two months doesn't want me to sleep in, so they've been sawing and sanding in the hallway right behind my bed. A couple weeks ago my landlord called me at 7:30 to find out why I didn't answer the door when the contr ...
I gotta rig it so I win, James Earl Jones?
TV turned on to only channel it could receive for some privacy, James Earl Jones saying “This is CNN" every 2 mins…
The voice in my head when I read 'silently' is the voice of James Earl Jones. If I read in BM, its Jalaludin Hassan.
True, but admit it, you're just jealous of James Earl Jones's voice.
Star Wars Anniversary In this 1977 image provided by 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation, Darth Vader, played by David Prowse and voiced by James Earl Jones, and his Imperial stormtroopers take over the Rebel Blockade Runner in a scene from "Star Wars." The intergalactic adventure launched in theaters 35 years ago on May 25, 1977, introducing the world to The Force, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo and a pair of loveable droids named R2-D2 and C-3PO. (AP Photo/20th Century-Fox Film Corporation) AP
This is pretty much spot-on with my luck these days-especially St. Patricks Day . In my case ever woman I talk to sound like a combination of Barry White/James Earl Jones/and Michael Clarke Duncan
my voice of reasoning speaks in rhyme but sounds like James Earl Jones...
I wish there was a voice recognition engine that would turn my dogs moans and grumbles into human tones. That'd be sweet. He sounds a lot like James Earl Jones as he rolls around, scratching his back, on the ground. If only "rawlrorrr-rowlarwr" meant something more? One day.
This is one of my favorite movie speeches of all time. James Earl Jones as Terence Mann makes his famous "People Will Come" speech in the ending of Field of ...
Smart move by the Raiders getting James Earl Jones.
What do Political Science Majors do for down time? (or at least me). Google political affiliations of celebrities. This was how I read the list. Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford--Democrats. My reaction--oh well. Natalie Portman--Democrat. My reaction---NO! Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader), Chuck Norris, The Rock, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Swarzenegger--Republican. Reaction--Padme and Thor's gf (Portman) is a Democrat? Needless to say, I'm a GIANT Natalie Portman fan. At least forces in the Star Wars universe are balanced out by Darth Vader. What will I do to pass the time next...
So if James Earl Jones' voice and Jeremy Irons' voice got together and had a baby you'd get Theo James' voice
James Earl Jones 1st movie was Dr. Strangelove. A movie that I wish was outdated. Republicans Bandy Brinksmanship far too easily.
Off the top of your head can you name James Earl Jones first movie? No cheating Hint; It came out 50 years ago.
Random fact of the day, James Earl Jones used to be a stutter. Amazing
I enjoyed the afternoon with the legendary Geoffrey Holder - "The New James Earl Jones!" (9:40): via
Isn't it?! It's like if James Earl Jones ran a 1-900 number.
Yea he's gonna come in as a strapping young lad with a James Earl Jones type voice.. That'd be impressive.
Addendum: Shiki sounds like James Earl Jones with that gas mask on.
"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It's been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that could be again". James Earl Jones.
What was James Earl Jones occupation in this classic hit?
Billy Dee, I don't care how old, slow, and confused you looked last night, you're still the epitome of cool, suave, and smooth. From playing Chicago Bear, Gale Sayers, to playing Bingo Long alongside James Earl Jones and the late great Richard Pryor; from being Diana Ross' leading man in Lady Sings The Blues and Mahoghany, to imprisoning and saving Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, you've always been a class act.'ll always be the classiest Schlitz Malt Liquor man that ever was.
"This is, Sportscentimeter. Oh man, that's definitely not right, sorry guys." - James Earl Jones mailing it in.
"It's not Samuel L. Jackson. Who's the other guy with the really nice voice?" "James Earl Jones?" "No, the other one." "Morgan Freeman." "That's the one."
James Earl Jones was fine as a young man. And that voice SWOON !
Would be like James Earl Jones & Malcolm McDowell reading teens text messages.
It'd be great if Malcolm McDowell and James Earl Jones text each other regularly now just to talk.
LFL should really troll the racists and state that James Earl Jones is playing the role of Darth Vader's voice in EpVII.
James Earl Jones has a black face. He's a black man!
James Earl Jones...he does a great blackface!
Follow Peppers to Green Bay, with James Jones off to Oakland, you can contribute, as the packers spread the b...
Lindsay Lohan has the female version of James Earl Jones' voice.
Morgan Freeman voice overs are this generation's James Earl Jones voice overs.
Forget Morgan Freeman, I want James Earl Jones narrating my life
If Morgan Freeman & James Earl Jones released a duet, the world would be dangerously overpopulated in 9 months.
John Hurt would be the best life narrator. Way better than Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. Samuel Jackson would be a fun choice though
James Earl Jones and me backstage on Broadway where he had portrayed the part of my Grandfather Will Coleman as the chauffeur in the play "Driving Miss Daisy".
House, M.D.: Season 6 @ 6. Sparda-Bank Crosstriathlon By SH Photography .de @ JHedzWorlD 2013-09-15 14:04:37 House, M.D.: Season 6 Condition: New Format: DVD AC-3; Box set; Color; Dolby; DVD; Subtitled; Widescreen; NTSC Get equipped for a full dose of medical mysteries with 21 episodes of the riveting drama series, House. Hugh Laurie is tied by James Earl Jones (Star Wars), Laura Prepon (That ’70s Show) and David Strathairn (The Bourne Ultimatum) in guest appearances as he returns to his Golden Globe® winning and Primetime Emmy® Choice-nominated role as Dr. Gregory House. In this brilliant sixth season, House finds himself in an uncomfortable position— away from the examination room. As he works to regain his license and his life, his coworkers deal with the personnel shakeups, moral dilemmas, and their own tough relationships with House. And when House returns more obstinate than ever, Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital will never be the same again.The sixth season of House, M.D. ...
Me: 'You sound like Mufasa' guy: 'funny people always say James Earl Jones' I can't be friends with anyone who doesn't know their Lion King
Pretty sure James Earl Jones is conducting this train.
It's cause he was black “James Earl Jones only made $7,000 for doing the voice of Darth Vader.”
Yall ever seen Claudine with Diane Carroll and James Earl Jones or no?
Sesame Street: Old School - Volume One (1969-1974) - K50 for a 'copy'. Availability: Wednesday 12th of March 2014 Location: BSP Waigani Banking Centre (opposite Bemobile Building), Waigani Drive Actors: Fran Brill, Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, Caroll Spinney Directors: Jim Henson Format: Box set, Color, NTSC Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Run Time: 440 minutes Special Features: Celebrity appearances by Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett, Jackie Robinson, James Earl Jones, Lena Horne, Johnny Cash, and more The premiere episode from each of the first 5 seasons, completely restored 45 bonus segments Original sales pitch film from 1969 Product Description: Were some of your first friends named Grover, Mr. Hooper, and Bob? Do you remember the Ladybug Picnic? How about Pinball Number Count? Sesame Street Old School is a time capsule of the early days of the ground-breaking series you grew up on. Take a trip back in time with Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus. Sing along with classics like "C is for Cookie," "I Lo ...
"Your voice is like a mix of James Earl Jones and Johnny Weir." Thanks David Charles
Bingo Long (Billy Dee) and Leon Carter ( James Earl Jones) face off against each other in the opening of the movie. Bingo uses his famous "Invite Pitch".
Man, so many cool actors in this; Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Chris Penn, Tom Everett, John P. Ryan, and...Kane Hodder!
Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, William Defoe, James Earl Jones, Ben Affleck, Anne Archer, Samuel L. Jackson and many more. What do all these actors have in common? They were in movies based on books by novelist Tom Clancy. Why do I bring this up, because, Tom Clancy passed away in October 2013 and the producers of the Oscars left him off the list of notable deaths in their industry.
Last Oscar thought - Why am I upset? James Earl Jones didn't win for Great White Hope, Denzel Washington for Hurricane Carter or Malcolm X, Sidney Poitier for Mandela or Paul Winfield for Sounder. Hollywood isn't prejudice, they just don't know how to award real life African American free men. Chiwetel your day will come.
OMG the Big Bang Theory in 7 seasons is still so amazing! James Earl Jones and Carrie Fischer in an episode I'm so happy!
Just watched the Big Bang episode with James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher. Fangirling a bit right now.
Watching "Being" on Centric. Her dad reminds me of James Earl Jones. Love Wendy ! How youuu doing ?!
It’s February, African American History Month…and so today, February 28, 2014, I recognize William “Bill” Franklin Walker, the hard-working, and seldom recognized actor, but a legend in his own time—an actor who appeared in two Hollywood movies filmed in Globe, Arizona: “A Kiss Before Dying”, with Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, & Joann Woodward, released in 1956. Wagner portrays a college student wooing a rich girl but kills her when she tells him she’s pregnant. Many scenes were filmed at the open-pit mining operations at the Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company near Globe. And the second film is “The Great White Hope”, starring James Earl Jones and Jane Alexander, & released in 1970. The film is a fictionalized account of Jack Johnson, the first African American World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, 1908-1915, portrayed by James Earl Jones. In this film, you'll see familiar Globe landmarks on south Broad Street, like the Holy Angel's Catholic Church & the Dominion Hotel, and the “G ...
“I’mma set my txt alert sound to James Earl Jones saying TOTES MCGOTES in that Sprint commrcial” & other bad ideas, today on …
Darth Vader has been played by 6 people: David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Bob Anderson, Sebastian Shaw, Jake Lloyd and Hayd…
You've got to be You can't let little things crush you. Take every encounter & make yourself larger.― James Earl Jones
I was just watching one of this season's Big Bang Theory episodes (on-demand if you care) where the guys are aced out of ComicCon tickets and Sheldon decides to create his own convention. The thing that gets me was that the people he contacted on screen or off were Robert Downey Jr., Wil Wheaton, Zachary Quinto, Patrick Steward, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Adam West, and James Earl Jones. Also mentioned were Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy, but they have restraining orders against Sheldon. Now, can anyone tell me what these people (except Stan Lee of course) have with comic books? Not movies adapted from comics, or movies that were made into comics, but actual comics?
- I’m so surprised when I see how fine these old *** actors used to be. James Earl Jones. Laurence Fishburne. Robert DeNiro. geez.
Hey dummies, how can Darth Vader be Luke Skywalker's father if James Earl Jones is black and Mark Hamill is white?
John Stossel, VP Joe Biden, Carly Simon, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones --- AND what do these folks all have in common??? They were all famous, successful AND all of them stuttered. Thank you to our guest speaker Leon "Jigger" Siriros, who presented "My History of Stuttering" and brought awareness and education about this issue that affects millions of Americans.
Wait. Does that make me Mufasa?! I mean, James Earl Jones, but I still don't like where this is headed...
I want to support if only so we get more of those James Earl Jones/ Malcolm McDowell commercials.
Once Malcolm McDowell & James Earl Jones say it, it's now real
Now that I've seen Malcolm McDowell and James Earl Jones do funny ads together, I insist on five more full length movies.
Sam Neill, James Earl Jones, and Sean Connery in the same movie, I can't even deal
or join James Earl Jones & Malcolm McDowell in those commercials? Imagine Kevin as Frank saying "amazeballs".
Morgan Freeman as Petruchio in Taming of Shrew, Denzel Washington as Richard III, James Earl Jones as Benedick in Much Ado?
Worth seeing again. Richard Pryor, James Earl Jones, Billy Dee Williams...Shot. Either that or Movin with Richard Pryor, lol.
With apologies to James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell from the Sprint commercial.!!
Never seen God as an old bearded white guy. Or Morgan Freeman. Rather I have seen him as Anthony Hopkins. Joe Morton. James Earl Jones.
Just finished watching the movie "Dr. Strangeglove." It had been awhile since I had. I had forgotten what an all star cast it had. Slim Pickens, George C. Scott, Peter Sellers, and James Earl Jones. Pretty cool movie too!
"Build it and they will come!" ...excerpt from the 1989 baseball blockbuster movie, Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones and Burt Lancaster. I will be participating today in my church's 1st 1km Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Charity World Wide Walk at Cuyumaca Community College in Rancho San Diego, Ca. It is to benefit the typhoon victims of Yolanda in the Phillippines. Similar events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and all over the world. Here are pics of this same event already happening in Australia and the Phillippines. You are welcomed and invited to join me, $40 registration is 7am, you get a race t-shirt, race starts in waves by 8am. See you hopefully there! We are INC strong! Lol
If I was to be given a week or two to live by the doctor and if I could have my choices of famous people I would want to meet. I think it would be the following... Keep in mind, this is purely hypothetical situation. I don't plan on dying any time soon, unless some natural (or unnatural) disaster happens. It was just something that popped in my head. Males: Leonard Nimoy with William Shatner - Reasons are obvious... Star Trek - nuff said. Patrick Stewart - Same as above. Christopher Lloyd - Back to Future. James Earl Jones - Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian. Christoper Walken - Did some good quirky type of roles for films. Christopher Lambert - He did bunch of good films in past. Eddie McClintock - Warehouse 13 series. Nathan Fillion - Cause he did the Firefly series. Stan Lee - Grew up reading Hulk comics And possibly Stephen King -wrote The Dark Tower Series... Females: None in order or priority. I highly doubt that it would ever happen anyway. Honestly, there are less female actresses I would care to ...
OMG there are actually 5 BLACKS on the list! Number 17 Densel, # 31 Jamie Foxx, # 55 Sidney Poitier , # 77 Morgan Freeman, # 95 Angela Basset. But no Cicely Tyson, James Earl Jones, *** Halle even won an award and didn't make the list.hum Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time Peter O'Toole as T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Marlon Brando as Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront (1954) Meryl Streep as Sophie Zawistowska in Sophie's Choice (1982) Al Pacino as Sonny Wortzik in Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Bette Davis as Margo Channing in All About Eve (1950) James Cagney as George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) Dustin Hoffman as "Ratso" Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy (1969) James Stewart as George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life (1946) Gene Wilder as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein (1974) Robert De Niro as Jake La Motta in Raging Bull (1980) Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown in My Left Foot (1989) Jack Nicholson as "Badass" Buddusky in The Last Detail (1973) Ka ...
James Earl Jones, voice of Darth Vader, had a stutter as a child. I feel so much better about mine.
Charles Gordone - (October 12, 1925 – November 16, 1995) was an American playwright, actor, director, and educator. He was the first African American to win the annual Pulitzer Prize for Drama and he devoted much of his professional life to the pursuit of multi-racial American theater and racial unity. a heritage of African American, Native American, and European background. Gordone served in the U.S. Air Force and, afterwards, moved to California where he soon married his first wife Juanita Barton in 1948. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Gordone continued acting and began directing. At one point, he sang and played guitar in a calypso band. He co-founded both the Committee for the Employment of *** Performers and the Vantage Theater in Queens. His acting credits included Brother Jerro in "The Trials of Brother Jerro Bohem," Hickey in "Of Mice and Men," and The Valet in Jean Genet's The Blacks (1961–1966) alongside of James Earl Jones, Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson, and many other Black actors who went . ...
Please introduce yourself by standing in front of his car and booming "MOONLIGHT GRAHAM" in your best James Earl Jones voice.
Eight people have been awarded the key to the city of Detroit: Sammy Davis Jr. - Entertainer (awarded 1961 by Mayor Louis Miriani ) Santa Claus - Given annually at the city's Thanksgiving Day Parade James Earl Jones - Actor Elmo - Sesame Street character Benjamin Carson - Neurosurgeon Jerome Bettis - football star Steve Yzerman - received the key to the city after his retirement and having his Hockey jersey retired Mike Ilitch - businessman and sports team owner Saddam Hussein - former Iraqi president, given key in 1980 in recognition of large donations to a church.
James Earl Jones was in my top 3. Considered golden voice too. Didn't make it though.
Only good thing about cnn was james earl jones, now they don't even have that.
James earl Jones, and of course this guy.
ONE OF THE BEST SLEEPOVER PARTYS. About 11 years ago, sleep over with girls and boys. All lights are out for about 10 minutes. We have all settled down and gotten silent for sleeping. Then we hear a grown male voice clearly enunciate the word "what". Now, let me be clear. This was not a child's voice. This was like hearing James Earl Jones say "what". There was about a 10 second silence and then one of the girls says "who said that?". Silence. Then one of the boys starts laughing uncontrollably. We turn the lights on and he is laughing so hard that he's crying. Here we are all freaking out about some strange man in our room while we sleep and he's pissing himself laughing. He finally calms down enough to tell us that it wasn't a person who asked "what". He farted the word. His fart sounded exactly like the word "what". We all cracked up. To this day everyone from that party still answers phone calls from each other with "what?".
Whatever happened to those James Earl Jones/Malcolm McDowell commercials? They were more than sufficiently entertaining.
you need to cite who said that. It'll be cool if James Earl Jones said that; uncool if your roommate said that
I’ve never seen a photo of James Earl Jones when he was that young. WOWZERS.
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Many kudos to David Prowse for wearing the Darth Vader suit and blah blah blah. But David Prowse was literally Vader's stuffed shirt whereas James Earl Jones IS Darth Vader. End of discussion!
"He has redefined the term professional entertainer." - James Earl Jones
I'm watching Claudine an old 70's movie on the retro channel. There are so many old movies I have never seen. Diahann Carroll is so beautiful. And James Earl Jones was so young in this.
Watching Claudine!!! Love that movie. James Earl Jones. Diahann Carroll. Gladys Night singing the score.
Who is the one celebrity I would want me meet more than any others? James Earl Jones. No doubt. Morgan Freeman is a close 2nd, but no close enough to matter.
I think apple should start using people like Morgan Freeman, James Earl jones, for Siri's voice. Sales would sky rocket.
I wish James Earl Jones made a narration of both the Old and New Testament. Guess I'll settle with Matthew to Revelation...
I would listen to an audio book voiced my James Earl Jones or Idris Elba (the Guy that plays Heimdall in the movies) in a heart beat!
Big Bang Theory putting James Earl Jones in one of their episodes is probably one of the best moves they've made this series!
James Earl Jones chillin w Sheldon so cool
Watchn Claudine.,1976..idk how to feel about this young James Earl Jones...smh. Dianne Carroll was a beauty...
James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell agree: "Jeter is toatsmagoats"
Ryan Reynolds's character is named Quigley and he tried to kill James Earl Jones.
Sometimes I have dreams about waking up with James Earl Jones's voice, it was the best dream ever!
Im a barbie girl in a barbie world. Life as plastic, its fantastic. (In the voice of james earl jones)
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christopher walken as terminator with directors cut commentary by James earl jones
Classic Movie on..Claudine with Diane Carroll and a very young James Earl Jones!!
There is currently a movie on TV with James Earl Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Lillard in it. What. Is. This.?
Claudine is on...but y'all don't know nothing Abt that (James Earl Jones &Diane Carroll) jack! Mo
as Lawrence Freeman as Morgan Fishburn as Cowboy Sith Lord - Jesse James Earl Jones
I feel like I'm in the sandlot and james earl jones isn't here to save me
When I read great literature, great drama, speeches, or sermons, I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language. James Earl Jones
episode 3 is funny AF! . " and you is 7 years old why sound like james earl jones?" . "i hit puberty when i was seven months"
Whoopi Goldberg is the only Black American to hold the EXTREMELY prestigious honor of being an EGOT. That is, she has earned an Emmy award (actually 2), a Grammy, an Academy Award (Oscar), and a Tony. Essentially, she has shown outstanding talent in most forms of entertainment. There are only 11 people to hold this honor. James Earl Jones is an honorary EGOT, because of his honorary Oscar in 2011.
HOLLYWOOD HEAVYWEIGHTS James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman were inducted into the Actors Hall of Fame at a star-studded ceremony celebrating their life achievements in front of the camera.
Remember when they dedicated the civil rights statue to James Earl RAY, not JONES?
I liked a video To Be A Drum read by James Earl Jones
This reminded me of you, for some reason. Not because it's a video of James Earl Jones.
Catching up on Big Bang Theory. James Earl Jones and are awesome.
x_x "Lawrence Fishburne built like James Earl Jones now."
Why are so many people posting videos of James Earl Jones getting angry at a reporter?
Congrats You're right. James Earl Jones's stutter actually made him functionally mute.
The opening of a new hope could have been highly daft it not for a really bloody brilliant vocal delivery from James Earl Jones.
Today's success was were from the Country group Gloriana via email and an awesome trade from my friend Aimee of James Earl Jones as he is another one of my most will be posted soon -Kyle
Thinking of having my status posts released in leather bound volume sets, or having them read in audiobook form by James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell.
Oh my god. This episode with James Earl Jones is killing me. Funniest thing ever.
A scene from the original Broadway production of Fences at the 1987 Tony Awards by the incredible James Earl Jones. This is a piece of acting that I thought ...
Not much for letterman, but I do love james earl jones.
I'm glad my husband thinks it's funny that I lost my voice... I think I sound very distinguished kind of like James Earl Jones with hair ;)
That preview is on at 9 in glorious HD. listen to Peter Dinklage talking like James Earl Jones.
Stunning. Carl Van Vechten was a piece of work. But he could shoot. James Earl Jones, 1961.
Allot of people would want Morgan Freeman or James earl Jones or Sean Connery to narrate their lives. Me? Give me Samuel L Jackson to narrate mine lol..good vibes
James Earl Jones needs to remind me about the circle of life, because this Marius the giraffe story makes me incredibly sad.
Sheldon: My friend Leonard said if I bothered you while you were eating, you'd think I was a creepy stalker. James Earl Jones: Well, your friend Leonard sounds like a real weeny. Sheldon: He is, Mr. Earl Jones. He is
*** Robert Earl Jones*** b, 1910-d, 2006***He,s the fahter of the actor James Earl Jones***
why am I reading this in James Earl Jones' voice? 😂
Catching up my DVR a bit, so forgive my lateness. James Earl Jones on Big Bang a couple weeks ago was hysterical!
I was in a recording session doing TV commercial tags today, and I dont know why, but the first thing the producer makes a point of saying to me before I even start reading the copy was "Don't try to sound like James Earl Jones! Thats not what we want!". which kinda caught me offguard, but I reply with "Sir, I couldn't sound like James Earl Jones even if I started taking Elephant Hormones.".tension broken. :P
I gonna have to go out on a limb and have James Earl Jones narrate mine
Hoping to get my voice back in time for - if you want to hear a voice deeper than James Earl Jones, give me a call!
OMG just saw the Big Bang Theory with James earl jones. So hilarious!!!
I will not waiver from, compromise or negotiate my moral values, decisions or beliefs. Allah gave them to me. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X Shabazz, W.E.B Dubois, Paul Robeson and Muhammad Ali, Harriet Tubman, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy and Ray Charles, Bill Cosby, Jack Nicholson, George Mason and Charles Morgan, Marnie Till Bradley Mobley, Billie Holiday, Booker T Washington and Dizzy Gillespie, Josephine Baker, Medgar Evans, James Earl Jones and Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Edger Allen Poe, Harriet Beecher Stowe and my Momma & Poppa, my Aunts, Uncle Sammy, Sisters & Brothers and Huey & Riley, Catcha Freeman and the Black Runner have helped me build a temple upon Allah's foundation. Never go easy! GO HARD! SWEAT! So when they grab you, they lose their grip! Keep running and never stop!
Totes magotes *said as Michigan alum James Earl Jones*
Never knew James Earl Jones played Darth Vader. Wow. Vader was actually a black man wit a white son. Learn something new everyday
just like in 1970 sandra rose .dies for being a hair on james earl jones. she is not supposed to do this.. and now..this slander about "absorbing me" will cost her family. eddie...must now...first being drawn in to the james earl jones wakeup...must bang out a wash. then richard and clarence and james see his names up in lights. and is gone. so fathers of foo...aim up to signal a war wash upon hairs for demonizing black people to us as enemies...just like 1968. with that...enemies run for black people...within hollywood to announce via broadcast..just like 1968. enemies in hollywood enter from cops and robbers. who was sent, like an angel, to help people way back? Amos...elder all of you who dont remember
I love this episode! James Earl Jones and Sheldon ding-dong ditching Carrie Fisher roflmao! -
James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, Mufasa, and more, was functionally mute for 8 years when he was young.
florida *** again...good times *** ..amos. since they are trying to do a state of florida decoy maneuver to claim false victory over amos...everyone fights back...just like 1980 with hair being a sare. so again we take our old positions and destroy michael douglas. and again...split the spoils with good times and black hair wayers. they keep kidnapping us to attack these people...and we will press criminal charges...because they just dont leave us alone. the florida fare? again...good times. actors got conned into belieiving there was a real florida fare to bake with...a decoy maneuver...just like 1970...when james earl jones was a spectacle for farler (kirk dougas). and again..we take our old positions to fight being used to attack the james earl jones ways...leading to revolutions inside hollywood to rebel against Hair as Hair 1963 infull...towards Richard Roundtree agains.
Anyone remember when James earl jones was narrating everything? pepperidge farm remembers.
Voice is now going... Right now it sounds like James Earl Jones. By afternoon I should sound like Chewbacca!
After the guys can't get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon tries to hold his own convention and winds up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, the girls see if they can act like "grown-ups."...
With spring training underway I decided to watch field of dreams. The scene where james earl jones says what baseball means to its fans is why I love baseball.
I wish i had a deep sexy voice like James Earl Jones.
Good Morning your children can now go to Favor TV and watch Christian animated Bible Stories also you can view our Black History Movie for this week " The Vernon Johns Story " with James Earl Jones, before there was Martin Luther King, there was Vernon Johns, go to also watch Church services from Sunday 2/9/14
Morgan Freeman is an vampire, who drinks the blood of young people 2 stay alive him & James Earl Jones that *** 11…
In the world of actors, voice overs, and celebrities. Label the top 3 whom you would want to hear them read to you. Mine are... 1. James Earl Jones 2. Sam Elliot 3. Morgan Freeman What's yours?
| One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter. ~ James Earl Jones
just been crying off the episode of Big Bang with James earl jones
One of the hardest thing in Life is. Having words in your Heart that you cant utter. James Earl Jones
Good Morning! Was awakened this morning by my beautiful wife. I finally got a full nights sleep. In bed before 10 and slept til 7:30. Yep! Feeling good! My voice sounds like I could back up James Earl Jones or replace that one guy from the Statler Brothers. But feeling actually refreshed! So devotion time, shower, and out the door to prepare to bring my family home. Make it a great day today and make it count.
Oh my lord, James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher in is my favourite cameo EVER! Good work CBS.
More a completely deadpan Eric Roberts being tutored in the way of the samurai by James Earl Jones.
James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman honoured: Screen icons inducted into Actors Hall of Fame along with 13 others... http…
Weird Tylenol dream: Anthony Kiedis killed Flea and their manager "Dexter-style" and was eventually arrested by James Earl Jones.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. As usual our Olympic athletes are doing us proud. Seeing them give everything they have is always inspiring. In honor of the Olympics I listing my favorite sports movies today. Two honorable to start. First is Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. Kind of a magic story with baseball as a backdrop. One little quirk from that movie, is that Ray Liotta played Shoeless Joe Jackson. Liotta played him batting right-handed and throwing left. Well the real Shoeless Joe batted left-handed and threw right. Second mention goes to The Bad News Bears from 1976. I played Little League baseball for years and this movie is the most accurate representation of what it's actually like. 5. Rocky Not much to be said about this one. Stallone was involved in this one completely and it is still one of his best movies. 4. Major League As a kid, I nearly wore out the VCR watching this movie. I love baseball and this comedy about a thrown together major league team really did ...
James Earl Jones on a date with Sheldon Cooper = amazing!
It would be awesome to meet James Earl Jones -Eric-
James Earl Jones Turned Fear Into Fame Many of us allow our fear to stop us in our tracks.
"I'm on a Ferris wheel with Darth Vader and he's a lot nicer than you think" - Sheldon Cooper "I am!" - James Earl Jones
The voice of James Earl Jones is enough to turn me to the *** Side.
So I'm at the bar buying a drink and this random guy is standing there leans in and says something. I didn't hear him so I asked what did he say? He said, "Can I have a dollar?" I gave him the JAMES EARL JONES face. SMDH. Nice function tho Donyae PrivilegedOne.
Finally watched The Lion King. James Earl Jones should be the king of everything. His voice alone rules kingdoms.
Black History Month The time is always right to do what is right. -Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., activist I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear. -Rosa Parks, activist and "the mother of the freedom movement" Have a vision. Be demanding. -Colin Powell, the first African American appointed as the U.S. Secretary of State Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated. -Coretta Scott King, activist Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations. -Dr. Mae Jemison, first African American female astronaut The battles that count aren't the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself--the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us--that's where it's at. -Jesse Owens, U.S. track and field athlete The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression. -W.E.B. Du Bois, author and activist In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute. -Thurgood Marshall, first ...
Few people know that James Earl Jones wasn't always the voice of Darth Vader. Full credit goes to the "Nostalgia Critic" for this video.
Insert inspirational quote with the voice of James Earl Jones here:
I'm a little behind in Big Bang Theory so I just saw the episode with James Earl Jones. I love him!!
Wayne and Hal's version of the James Earl Jones Sprint commercials was priceless!
I am behind but James earl jones on Big Bang. Is awehme
Mason Barnes James earl jones is singing on abc ! Lol
When they make the biopic about my life I want it narrated by Dennis Haysbert or Keith David. Sadly, by the time it rolls around James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman may not be around. To my peoples that have played a substantial role in my life. Who would you want to play you in the movie? Just curious...
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe As requested by Alesia and Peter Grijze Brought to life by Peter Bradly: by James Earl Jones:
If Morgan Freeman and James earl jones got into a debate... That would be so great
Just watched a Big Bang Theory episode with James Earl Jones and now I want to hang out with him!!
Thank you allergies for taking away my voice and replacing it with the voice of James Earl Jones
Conan the Barbarian You know what makes this movie? The villain as portrayed by James Earl Jones. You know why the second one sucked so much? There was no James Earl Jones. That is all.
Lysol all the things! voice sounds like Morgan Freeman with a deepness of James earl Jones...I should narrate something..
I think I posted this before... but... Mufasa is voiced by James Earl Jones. Mufasa Lion King= MLK= Martin Luther King. Both having origins in Africa and both Kings were murdered. tell me I'm over thinking this.
This morning I caught a cab. When I walked up, the cabbie casually rolled down the window to eye level and said, "Good morning...Earth..Angel.." in the deepest voice he could manage without coughing up James Earl Jones. And I was like you win all the points awkward sir, thank you. Then, I *Got in the cab* and he pressed a button, no not a button- a magic device that activated neon lights on the ceiling and Mint Condition. So naturally I asked if I can have some of his meds because he was beyond serious about this life!? I screeched, "Oh! my! Turn Up!" And...That he did ladies and gentlemen (he did to the tenth power!), singing (no, screaming off key!), snapping his fingers and dancing (cuz the car drove itself off of sheer love apparently), and practically looking back at me the entire time to talk about Stevie Wonder and tell me how charming I am. After safely arriving to work, I felt like I should have made it rain confetti or lollipops and puppies with gold collars... He opened the door, told me hi ...
I think GOD'S voice might sound like James Earl Jones with a mix of Michael Clark Duncan . just some high thoughts
James Earl Jones' role in Big Bang could be my favourite part he's ever played.
I can only hope that if they ever make a movie about me. It is narrated by James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman.
Hmmm... Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones and Bill Cosby.. what was this show?
"Your own need to be shines out of any dream or creation you imagine." - James Earl Jones
A bit of Doctor Who trivia for the Oddly UnHip out there. Be careful, they're tricky. Which actor who played Doctor Who has also performed with Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze, Anjelica Huston, and James Earl Jones? Name the actress who has twice been the Doctor’s daughter and once his wife. Name the actresses who not only travelled with the Doctor in the TARDIS, but also married him. Which actor who played Doctor Who was arrested for indecent conduct with a prostitute in a public place? Lastly, name the actor or actors who have appeared onscreen as the first Doctor?
Because summer is nice to look forward to, we wanted to let you know about this- we cannot do any movies in which James Earl Jones is a king (human or otherwise), for various, entangling legality reasons. But we *can* do the baseball flicks. Still, we need some replacement (non-Sith) suggestions, preferably a two-pack. You can help?
I bet Dennis Haysbert has James Earl Jones tied up in his basement. © 2014
An announcement (in the voice of James Earl Jones) from the high command at Grease Masters, "We here at Grease Masters officially love ALL you likers!"
Angela Bassett Born on August 16, 1958, in New York City, Angela Bassett attended the Yale School of Drama and went on to star in the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got to Do With It, for which the actress received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award. Other films have included Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Strange Days, Supernova and Mr. 3000. She wed fellow actor Courtney Vance in 1997. Born in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City on August 16, 1958, Angela Bassett is known for her many dramatic roles in films, television and on stage. Bassett was raised with her sister, D'nette, in St. Petersburg, Florida by her single mother, Betty, a social worker. On a high school trip, she became inspired to act after seeing a Kennedy Center production of the classic story Of Mice and Men, starring James Earl Jones. Encouraged by a teacher, Bassett went on to study at Yale on a scholarship, earning a B.A. in Afro-American Studies and an M.F.A. in drama. While there, she stud ...
Looking forward to a Sega Genesis game called "Legion of Boom" where Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, and Malcolm Smith defend Earth by intercepting missile attacks from aliens on planet Mediocra. Also, whenever one of them gets an interception James Earl Jones says "embarrassing." I'm done.
Well, this was quite a find. Nearly 60 minutes worth of computer animation work from the late Robert Abel. His Abel & Associates group was responsible for many graphicly-pleasing 1970s and 1980s TV ads, as well as contributions to motion pictures, such as "Tron" and "The Black Hole". Listen out for voices from such actors as Burgess Meredith, Leonard Nimoy, Norman Rose, James Earl Jones, Paul Frees and Richard Basehart.
Tonight, Movies! celebrates Black History Month with a pair of movies starring one of film's most notable stars, James Earl Jones. First, he stars alongside Diahann Carroll in Claudine (1974), the story of an unlikely romance set against hard times in Harlem. Then, in The Great White Hope (1970), he's Jack Jefferson, boxing for more than the title - he's boxing for his life. Jane Alexander co-stars. Tune in tonight, starting at 8ET/5PT.
So sexy today. Looking like warmed over crap and sounding like James Earl Jones.
In my head I'm like "Oh gosh he's gonna sound like James Earl Jones." I know I am a terrible person lol
It is Black History Month on Movies TV Network! Check out this photo of a young James Earl Jones on the family farm in Michigan!
I hate it when i get wicked tired and sound like james earl jones
Happy 83rd Birthday James Earl Jones! As I say every year, he is almost as handsome as his father, Robert Earl Jones. h…
This is James Earl Jones's dad, actor Robert Earl Jones (1910-2006). I don't see in him but SO many do! ht…
Have you listened to the latest SWU Podcast yet? No? Then what are you waiting for? On this episode Chris, Ben, and Dominic go Chopper crazy! They share their thoughts on the new droid from Star Wars Rebels and his action figure counterpart. Then, Darth Daddy drops by to talk action figure customizing. And possibly the last for a while. Also, Sam Witwer reads 'Maul Lockdown', James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory, and Dominic pitches the Huyang and Chopper show. Plus JJ Abrams discusses Star Wars Episode VII secrecy, new Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Lost freakin' Missions" rumors, Moriband, new Rebels character names, Lego, video games, voicemails, live calls and more! NOW: ON iTUNES:
Jim Parsons and James Earl Jones seriously cannot stop laughing right now.
James Earl Jones only got paid as a voice-over for Star Wars...special effects pay, not actor pay
literally James Earl Jones' best role. ever.
James Earl-Jones on TBBT was hilarious. Good sport.
Sheldon has a long night with the great James Earl Jones. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists - geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged ...
Imagine if Attenborough, Morgan Freeman, and James Earl Jones had a voice off?
what are the chances I'd use the exact same words as james earl jones ?
Sheldon's night out with James Earl Jones looks like so much fun!
The giggling pain. James Earl Jones - Why don’t you and your friends come to Comic-con with me? Sheldon - …
The James Earl Jones episode of Big Bang Theory makes me so happy. :)
Fun fact; Mufasa and Darth Vader were both voiced by James Earl Jones. That's right folks Disney's most devoted dad and the galaxy's most dastardly dad are basically the same person!
The episode of the Big Bang Theory with James earl jones 😂😂😂😂
If I had the voice of James Earl Jones it wouldn't matter what I said, it would always be awesome
James Earl Jones is absolutely hilarious in the Big Bang Theory oh and Sheldon😂. "Hey Los Angeles! I'm on the ferris wheel with Darth Vader!"
Malcolm McDowell and James Earl Jones. My life is complete.
The actor James Earl Jones was first lauded for his portrayal of whom?
Tommy Lee Jones? James Earl Jones... finally I can think of some!
Morgan Freeman is an *** I hate him. James Earl Jones is Darth Vader he can't be God duh bro.
Paula Thornton, of WAND-TV, our local NBC affiliate, just left my office with her cameraman. Thankfully it wasn't Mike Wallace with the 60 Minutes crew, especially because he's deceased. I did a brief interview discussing eyestrain related to digital device and computer use. Supposed to air today at 4:00 PM and online later, if I didn't break the camera and my James Earl Jones-ish TV voice registered on the microphone.
"I love those commercials with James Earl Jones and that other guy"...Poor Malcolm McDowell.
Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. Goodman is an acceptable replacement though.
Aww who knew James Earl Jones was such a cute old man?
James Earl Jones was a fantastic guest star on the most recent Big Bang Theory.
James Earl Jones on the Big Bang Theory is the best cameo to have ever been done
If only you can reprogram Siri's voice to someone cool like Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones or Batman. 👌
James earl jones on the Big Bang Theory!! Funny as *** !
NBC Olympics big opening tease has won many Emmys & has been voiced by such greats as James Earl Jones, Ewan McGregor, Andre Braug…
James Earl Jones should be a regular on The Big Bang Theory. So funny!
instead you spend money to have James earl jones do poor commercials. Fix the network with my $. Not on actors.Time for
Do you recognize the baby in this photo? It is James Earl Jones with his mother, Ruth Connolly Jones, in 1932!
I have never laughed so hard at The Big Bang Theory as I did today. Classic! James Earl Jones is AWESOME!!!
Who do you want narrating your life story; Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones?
About to watch Big Bang Theory with James earl jones in it
James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory...lmfao! Comedic genius, watching sheldon swoon. S7E14
James Earl Jones officially has the sexiest voice ever! ❤️🙌👑
Crazy dream. Got shot three times, somehow gained super strength and ability to fly, to top it all off James Earl Jones was my grandpa. Nice
To have Billy Dee Williams, Richard Pryor, James Earl Jones in the same movie was epic. One of my favorite sports movies.
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