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James Dobson

James Clayton Jim Dobson, Jr. (born April 21, 1936) is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founder in 1977 of Focus on the Family (FOTF), which he led until 2003. In the 1980s he was ranked as one of the most influential spokesmen for conservative social positions in American public life.

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James child’s leads by 8 at the break. Ruining the ga…
Judge Roy Moore has endorsements: 19 State Legislators, NRA, Chuck Norris, Sean Hannity, Phil Robertson, Dr. James Dobson, the people of AL
is another term for rape. Read more: Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
Life will trash your trophy. If you live long enough you will see that the approval of men means nothing in the end -Dr. James Dobson
Landscape Stories are sharing some pictures of mine from the series 'Tumuli'. See it here:
Yes, their names are Franklin Graham and James Dobson...
Iceblink James and on Here's the spammer article Slate: Did you ever find it? I can’t find it in your algo? Awesome.
Listen to Part 1 of Victor and Eileen’s interview with on their High Risk Missionary Ops in
Honor to be on Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson today. Thank you Sir for the impact you have had globally.
'"Unseen landscapes"...belong to the world that lies,. visibly, about us. They are unseen merely because they are not pe…
James Dobson's show did an incredible segment on forgiveness. Incredible. If I can find the link I'll ping it over to you.
"Great beginnings are not as important as the way one finishes." James Dobson
I believe in the death penalty. by James Dobson @ Like Success
What Jim Dobson, luxury travel writer from says about our service. See more at
We had James Dobson, Dinesh D'Souza, and Mike Pence as speakers and the largest group on campus was college Republicans.
BOYCOTT this Perverted Netflix Show and FOCUS on STRONG CHRISTIAN VALUES. ALL should CALL - Dr. JAM…
when you realize your parents' parenting guru has sold out to the ultimate "Strong-Willed Child."…
Focus on the Family founder James Dobson to speak at Woodland Park chapel hour
Focus on the Family founder to speak at Charis Bible College
Tune in today to 93.3 FM and 770 AM WCGW at 12:30 to catch Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk.
Focus on the Family with James Dobson is starting now! Listen live here:
Pride is a weird disease. It makes everyone sick, except the person who has it. - James Dobson
Lots of unproductive argument for & against abortion. If you want to go deep, study James Dobson; otherwise, it's legal but very excessive.
I feel like if I ever personally see James Dobson somewhere in the Springs I'm going to personally challenge him to a duel.
You must be talking about religious fundamentalist cult leaders Pat Robertson,Jerry Falwell JR,and bigo…
Dear annoying buzzing fly in my study -- you're still better than the robocall from James Dobson I got this morning.
The only religion the GOP subscribe's to is the fundamentalist cults of Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell…
Iceblink James and on //Not as dissimilar as you'd like to believe. And both way off the grill. Tina: My crotch is!
A parent’s priority is to gradually transfer a child’s dependence away from them until it rests solely on God. – Dr, James Dobson
Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without. - Jame…
The Christian Hagiography of Robert E. Lee Endorsed by James Dobson and Tim LaHaye via
When I say leaders I should be more specific- Bryan Fischer, Franklin Graham, Falwell, Jr, James Dobson.…
Sorry to all my Christian friends who want me to live a happy *** life: James Dobson and Francis Chan don't think u…
EP 15: Life and Leadership Today with Guest, James Dobson via Ronnie Floyd - This week on Life ...
More specifically evangelicals & hate groups like Focus on the Family w/James Dobson & Tony Perkins
Here's George Lakoff on the connection between the philosophy of Christian parenting expert James Dobson and right…
This week is a landmark anniversary for Dr. James Dobson: 40 years in broadcasting! For the past four decades, he...
Dobson: Christians need mass exodus from public schools: Dr. James Dobson, who started Focus on the Family and now…
thanks for apology. Wish I could get one from James Dobson, Pat Robertson, etc. know what I mean?
Children's religious belief. Televangelists Pat Robertson and James Dobson said a few beatings would be good for
There I go again thinking Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, James Dobson & Jerry Falwell, Jr. has some integrity.
Driscoll and it's epic. James Dobson and WBC on Newtown New Blog Post: James and on Here's the spammer article Slate:?
Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson - The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty - II
Romans 1:32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things are worthy of death, they not...
Dobson is not the only leader to rebuke Kasich's actions. . "History will not look kindly on Gov. Kasich for...
"Now, I join with millions of evangelicals and Catholics in condemning Gov. John Kasich's veto of the bill. This...
Should Sen. McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe...
The attitude should be, ‘I love you and am totally committed to you, but I only control my half of the relationship.’”…
Trump is an arrogant, ignorant vicious bully, so is his crony Betsy DeVos who agree with Preachers Pat Robertson and James Dobson
James Dobson calls out Kasich, says vetoing heartbeat bill was cowardly
this is me whenever anyone mentions Franklin Graham or James Dobson
As an Ohioan, I am very disappointed that Kasich and Ohio Right To Life sought to strike down the heartbeat bill.
Although individual temperaments vary, boys are designed to be more...
Even if marriages are made in heaven, man has to be responsible for maintenance. ~James Dobson
Clearly, the Scripture tells us that we lack the capacity to grasp God'...
We need to address the (religious cults). Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson , James Dobson and those like them!
and he wanted to be the next prez?? James Dobson: Kasich's 'Heartbeat Bill' Veto Was 'Cowardly, Shameful Action'
and Preachers Pat Robertson and James Dobson encourage Bullying/TORTURE in schools…
yo it's friday and Bosley's good, AND I hit 90 subscribers on today's been good 😀
So apologies for the repost but i really need to get this out to as many people as i possibly can. To make this...
I hope all of my Republican friends are taking notes! I am a union members who is also a registered Republican...
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Kasich chickened out on saving lives!.
Fauxlife Gov Kasich shld b ashamed 4 veto Hrtbt bill Bravery, not pragmatism should have ruled this decision.
Republican Gov. Kasich's veto of ban on abortion on fetuses that have heartbeat is "cowardly" - James Dobson
Betsy DeVos Trump's Secretary of Education, Pat Robertson/James Dobson are vicious evil. Sue them,keep them in court for eternity
We are finding out, pal. SOE Betsy DeVos is the most evil of the Trumpeteers, she, Preachers Pat Robertson and James Dobson have
I'm certain that most couples expect to find intimacy in marriage, b...
New From Me! Short film I shot earlier this year for Channel 4 on Cerebral Palsy, check it on their site. 😉.
she, Pat Robertson, James Dobson have said some beatings and torture, a lot fewer *** hippy/freak/agnostic
Dr. James Dobson on Trump's Christian Faith Something for those self righteous Trump haters to read.
Can you imagine being in the congregation of Jerry Falwell Jr, James Dobson or Franklin Graham and are assaulted. Would you…
So Missing in Action: James Dobson, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, anyone from the Graham family, David Barton.
and Bible Belt "Christians". James Dobson and Pat Robertson called on "Christian" kids to bully and beat up
You know when Pat Robertson or Westboro or James Dobson talk and Xians have to say "we're not all like that"? Pence is, and proud of it.
With everything I read about Trump, it blows my mind when Christian leaders like James Dobson & Pat Robertson urge christians to vote
It's about the corruption of 35 years of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and the whole pack of American…
Falwell,James Dobson,Pat Robertson were allowed to take over GOP during Reagan & totally reshape it into party don't recognize
Ok. Andrew Wommack (pictured) is NOT on the board but a "Supporter" of trump. Kenneth Copeland and James Dobson are. .
Where are the godlike Trump groupies>Falwell Jr,Mike Gallagher and ringmaster James Dobson?
Tell that to Franklin Graham, David Barton, and James Dobson. ;-)
Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Ted name a few
The whole "carpet bomb" innocents, hate your fellow man, the poor suck platform IS Evangelical Christianity via
I don't trust anything James Dobson says. He could be spitting out gold and I wouldn't take it.
Oooo, maybe James Dobson won't be this year.
James Dobson heard that Paula White led Donald Trump to Christ? . I'm like...
James Dobson is Trump's latest scam victim. Sad!!
So it turns out the person who supposedly "evangelized" Donald Trump was... Paula White.
Many more Americans have been duped believing in Trump.
James Dobson, don't try to pretend you aren't supporting yet *are* advising Donald Trump. . . "Whoever is not...
Demagogue Trump will assume role of Born Again Christian if rouses crowd; A ploy.
Yeah, me either. (James Dobson is getting up there. I wonder if he's slipping.)
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James Dobson should have known better.
By their fruits Dr. Dob, not if they're the color of fruit.
Trump's ability to damage the credibility of his supporters -- in this case -- is sad/breathtaking. https…
That's not Franklin Graham in the photo. It's James Dobson. Unless you're referring to something in the article.
Didn't your mother tell you to be careful who you hang with?.
Evangelical leader backpedals on story of Trump’s recent conversion
Trump still silent on SCOTUS abortion outrage? Someone interrupt his Bible study with James Dobson to tell him to engage.
James Dobson Doesn’t Want to be a Sucker for Donald Trump Anymore
I see James Dobson says Trump's now a "baby Christian," which makes Dobson as big a sucker as Eli Sunday was for Daniel Plainview
Chris Dugan: Would you trust this man alone with your dog? I do not "accept" Dr. James Dobson as lord of dachshunds.
Earlier this month Christian conservative James Dobson suggested it's ok to shoot trans people in bathrooms.
James Dobson "Be a man and shoot a transgender in the bathroom." What a lovely "Christian"
Trump insulting Glenn Beck is on the order of Franklin Graham and James Dobson engaging in a bible throwing contest.
• "James Dobson, a conservative Christian leader who helped found two anti-LGBT groups, has a suggesti…
Leave it to and lover James Dobson to use 3rd Grade logic to explain "evil" trans folk.
Sunday, Nat'l Prayer Breakfast will feature Dr. James Dobson & One of the Benghazi heroes & author of 13 Hours, Mark "Oz" Geist!
Parade your endorsements from Mark Levin, Op.Rescue, Alan Keyes, James Dobson, Center for "Medical" Progress.
Many years ago, Dr. James Dobson said : " a vote 4 the lesser of two evils is still a vote 4 evil!" I will never align with evil.
I will be on Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk talking about my new book "Finding Truth" on Thursday and Friday, May 12th and 13th.
Gen. Douglas MacArthur on Fatherhood - Listen to Dr. James Dobson from My Family Talk
Congrats for sticking it out ... being a pastor can severely test any relationship (according to Dr. James Dobson)
Listen to our interview with Dr. James Dobson today on Family Talk. Missing . . . Our Children!.
Family Man - The Biography of Dr. James Dobson by Dale Buss - Hardcover
Great interview between Fathers in the Field founder, John Smithbaker and Dr. James Dobson.
Dr. James Dobson has endorsed me in my campaign for Congress in NC-13.
What a day that will be when you greet your children as they enter heaven. – Dr. James Dobson
I'll take endorsements from Dr. James Dobson & Phil Robertson over Mike Tyson any day of the week.
4. Dr James Dobson says: ‘A friend of mine once asked his grown children what they remembered most fondly from their childhood.
I've always admired this man for his religious convictions and his integrity! God bless James Dobson!
Ted Cruz ~ Endorsed by James Dobson, Founder of Focus in the Family!
Nine-year-old asks local sweet shop for a job to ‘help people find tasty sweets’:
Check out Fatherless by Kurt Bruner and James Dobson (2013, Hardcover) BRAND NEW via
The Focus on the Family founder and Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
90+3' - "Happy birthday to you" rings out around St. James' Park towards 🎉🎊🎁
Apologies, James Piercy is in the middle of defence instead of Eddie Atkinson. Bench is Tom Giblin, Phil Dobson,...
*** Armey is an economic conservative. He is not a social conservative. He...
If you want your child to accept your values in his teens, then you must be worthy of his respect during his younger days. -James Dobson
Dear Brannon, We may disagree w/ Dr.James Dobson, but he left Focus on the Family in 2003.
James Dobson’s Flawed Take on Population Decline (no.1: We’re Not in Decline) by T. Grant
"the problem Dobson is really attacking becomes clear: women aren’t fulfilling their role as mothers"
James Dobson the most Conservative of Evangelical will give opin on Cruz.Simple!.
Privileged to see Dr James Dobson receive AZ Christian Univ Daniel Award- courage, leadership. Funny as he is Godly!
.says the U.S. faces under-population. says that's totally false
Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson now available on click here to start shopping now!
"To keep a marriage vibrant and healthy, you simply have to give it some attention.". –Dr. James Dobson
Even if you believe being *** is sinful, you can’t support James Dobson or Franklin Graham’s views
The Risks of Compulsive Parenting: Dr. James Dobson - The Risks of Compulsive Parenting now streaming online a...
endorsed by Focus on the Family founder James Dobson
James Dobson should lose his tax exemption after deciding to support Ted Cruz. How in the *** could he ever call Cruz a man of integrity?
WATCH: Dr. James Dobson supports for President and I do too!
A conservative challenges the ungodly remarks of Franklin Graham and James Dobson (and their ilk):
A man of excellent character Dr. James Dobson endorses another man of great Character
I've put the beginnings of a new work about the English landscape on my website. See it here
Are you aware of the endorsements Cruz as from Christian leaders? James Dobson, Bob Vander Plaats. Tony Perkins. Michael Brown.
I enjoyed meeting with Dr. James Dobson this morning. does great work.
Modern, young evangelicals, not James Dobson evangelicals and yes, they suck.
James Dobson who conducted the interview was a Christian hack
This week marked the end of an era for Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk Program. In a special broadcast, Dr.
Many singles violate the laws of freedom and respect in romantic relationships~ Dr James Dobson
The most vulnerable victims of family instability are the children~ Dr James Dobson/ Love Must Be Tough
Should have Ryan Dobson Glenn's show. He is leaving Family Talk - great radio show with Dr. James Dobson. Interesting young man!
Sometime down the line you should have Ryan Dobson, Dr. James Dobson's son, on your show. He lives in Colorado Springs as U know
Vikings complete a league double over Reserves with a 3-1 away win. James Duffy, Keishon Wilson and Joe Dobson net the goals
"The impact and responsibility of dads in raising kids cannot be overestimated." James C. Dobson
Wake up to WAY Radio & your favorites: 6:00 a.m. Family Talk with James Dobson, 6:30 a.m. Walk in the Word with...
.brings up endorsements from and James Dobson.
Happening now - Iowa Pastors Call with Dr. James Dobson, Bob Vander Plaats. Still time to join the call. Questions welcome o…
"Marriages are fragile. They must be nurtured and protected if they are to survive for a lifetime.". Dr. James Dobson.
“Marriage succeeds only as lifetime commitment with no escape clauses.”. –Dr. James Dobson.
This is the James Dobson Ted Cruz is so proud to be endorsed by.
Focus on the Family founder Dobson endorses Ted Cruz
James Dobson is repeating the claim that bisexual means "orgies." No. Bisexuals, just like *** or straight, can even be virg…
James Dobson and the flight from autonomy: By Gavin R I found this graphic on my FB feed. It seems innocuous b...
Iowa State engineers Zhaoyu Wang, James McCalley and Ian Dobson are part of an effort to modernize the grid:. ht…
John Hagee, James Dobson & Richard Land were among the Religious Right leaders who met with Ted Cruz in TX this week ht…
James Dobson started Alliance Defending Freedom, and Rick Warren has always told his church he wouldn’t support anyone.
Attention Jo and James family! This year Eve of Xmas Eve menu. Fruit salad w/blueberries*. Cheese and *** ..
Congratulations on your endorsement from James Dobson!
You know what is in Colorado Springs? The James Dobson Focus on Family.
Brass Band Treize Etoiles (James Gourlay) about to play Journey of the Lone Wolf (Simon Dobson)
A boy on the bank of the Thames, Hoo Peninsula, last year.
James Dobson warned Christians 30 yrs ago to get their children out of public schools, but Christians ignored him and the culture was lost.
what are your thoughts on James White now with amendola, Dobson, and Edelman out? Could he play the slot?
Town today confirm James Dobson will manage the reserves alongside Altman welcome onboard
Why Colorado Springs, why Planned Parenthood.? The Deceit of Rev. Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family.!
the home of Focus on the Family & James Dobson and being featured on ’Jesus Camp’
it's been that way for decades. James Dobson's Focus on the Family refuge.
Marriage is so important in a culture because it serves to harness masculine aggressiveness for the benefit of the family. Dr. James Dobson
Bit of CSprings history re James Dobson Focus on the Family terrorists and the SOB callin POB "Abortion President".
how long before a tearful repentance before James Dobson?
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hi I didn know u had a new manager I heard its James Dobson
Was it really James Dobson yelling John3:16 over the staccato tones of his .50 cal?
No, wait: Focus on the Family HQ is in Colorado Springs. It James Dobson with a .50 cal & a fifth of Jose, no?
Ironic that James Dobson's empire isn't far from that clinic. I don't trust any of them whatsoever.
Yes, James Dobson has driven many to a murderous rage. 🙄
yup..home of James Dobson’s ‘Focus on the Family’ and other far right fundamentalist ‘christian’ groups
Remember: "Burnout is an occupational hazard for parents who reserve nothing for themselves." Dr. James Dobson...
"What is the use of climbing the ladder of success only to find that it's leaning against the wrong building."~James Dobson.
I added a video to a playlist Interview with Dr. James Dobson - Part 1 - The Gospel Tru…
With Aaron Dobson heading to the IR, expect Keshawn Martin and James White to get some looks.
Another Patriots WR to the IR. Get better soon Dobson.
Reading an interesting book by Dr James Dobson,entitled "When God Doesn't Make Sense", I can't help…
Nothing else really matters. God is Good! . Thank you Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk!
Maybe Dr. James Dobson wasn't so wrong about America after all. The family matters. Morality matters.
Each divorce is the death of a small civilization. Two people declare war on each other, and their screams and...
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And of course Tamara Dobson was Cleopatra Jones. James Doohan was in the first season. *** solid cast.
James Dobson, the Pearls, the Duggars. It's not just denial, it's active support.
IMPROVED DAILY PROGRAM. Dr. James Dobson's "Focus on the Family Minutes" will air at the top of every hour. On...
Having a in freaking Boulder is like having an A-Rod Day at Fenway. Maybe the next DNC debate can be at James Dobson's house.
Leyah refused to wear Vols gear that 2 "team spirit" day preschool b/c she likes the Hogs. Dobson is there a book to help with this?
From the pen of James Dobson who has lived through the process.
Limerick on demeanure, demeanour... by James Dobson: "We're discussing your conduct," I sigh,. "Your de...
Parental Authority - I: Gender matters, and on this edition of Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, Dr. Meg Meeker ...
If it is desirable that children be kind, appreciative and pleasant, those qualities should be taught - not hoped for - James Dobson
.Ben Carson and James Dobson are doctors in the same way Bernie Madoff is a great banker.
THIS is how you do it! Michelle McCombs Dobson, Richard Dobson, Lisa Hatch James, Mitchell James, Jack Burnette,...
Comparison is the root of all feelings of inferiority. James Dobson
we're so concerned about giving our children what we never had growing up, we neglect to give them what we did have. ~ Dr James C. Dobson
James Dobson: Connecticut Shooting a Result of God Allowing Judgment to Fall on America via
3/3. . to be loved and accepted as they are. Dr. James Dobson
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A great hour of programming starting at 7 PM: Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson and family life today with Dennis Rainey.
There isn't much difference between James Dobson and the late Fred Phelps
4 of 5 stars to Preparing for Adolescence by James C. Dobson
Yep, they sold their souls for a mess of GOP pottage a long time ago (e.g. James Dobson, Franklin Graham, etc.)
Was Bill aware of Palin's provenance? She was eyed James Dobson of Focus on the Family and peddled to his cult/GOP operatives.
Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper by James C. Dobson, Edwin Cole and Bill...
It's a big time for the school to show off for donors, board members, local religious leaders. They're fans of one Mr. James Dobson, too.
It may have been Huckabee & his friend James Dobson who turned evangelicals against Romney...maybe so Huck could run in '16.
"Trust involves letting go and knowing God will catch you.". James Dobson
The Home Secretary, Theresa May has personally asked me to congratulate Cdt James Dobson for his reading in church this morning.
A person is only a victim if he accepts himself as one. . Dr. James Dobson
On page 46 of 168 of Preparing for Adolescence, by James C. Dobson
To succeed in our career at the expense of our family is no real success at all. -- James Dobson
The Majors get their first victory of the season. gets his first win in his first start in net.
Mental and spiritual health begins with an acceptance of life as it is. -James Dobson
James Dobson in the book for Aylesbury. Cynical trip on Hoban. Visitors frustrated, Diamonds in the ascendancy 1-0
Good read - James Dobson usually has really good advice ~ . Lindsay Brooke, Sam Bishop, Heather Smith, Brian...
Bonus: James Dobson continues to freak out, "Pure fascism," & Jailing Kim Davis is a win for evangelicals?
A world without children is a world without newness, regeneration, color, and vigor. -James Dobson
Nile Rodgers, creator of the video promoting diversity tat James Dobson attacked, responded with this
In 2005, James Dobson (founder of a Christian group) accused of SpongeBob being a vehicle for "pro *** propaganda"
"Keep praying for your family. God is hearing you." -Dr. James Dobson
I walk on top of ( over) the devil and demons when I am under the authority of Jesus. For the Christian, under is over. - Dr. James Dobson
My observation is that women are merely waiting for their husbands to assume leadership.-James Dobson
5 of 5 stars to What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew a... by James C. Dobson
Heritage is what you give to someone, Legacy is what you do in someone. Dr. James Dobson
Curious Thursday picture of James II. Started by Dobson (head and collar), and finished by Richardson 100 years later htt…
Prehistoric round barrow on the South Downs Way
Love Quote Of The Day!. “It is our uniqueness that gives freshness & . vitality to a relationship”. ~ James Dobson ~
Here's the evil truth about what is really going on with the homosexual marriage issue. Stand p and be counted.
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Masha Gessen, a *** journalist, activist and author, expressly admitted this fact in a 2012 interview with...
Dr. James Dobson: Time spent with family is worth every second.
Is going to get support from Family Research Council,Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins, James Dobson or will they trash him as evil?
If this is true, we had better get on our knees hard and ask God to preserve our souls during the very dark time...
It takes a very steady hand to hold an overflowing cup. -James Dobson
"Children are worth everything they cost us." . - Dr James Dobson
10 principles to creating a Forever Marriage.
Check out James Dobson's excellent photos from Glastonbury
James Dobson's Focus on the Family is a Christofascist hate group bent on banning abortion and opressing homosexuals.
Dr. James Dobson interviews the young lady who won the 2014 National .
A good message from Dr. James Dobson!!! The Supreme Court and The American People
Dr. James Dobson needs your financial support now. If anyone deserves it, he does. Please consider giving any amount
Did you know that Dr. James Dobson called for a Convention of States before the Supreme Court even made their...
"I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbie dolls or look at fashion magazines. I was given a purity ring and books to read by Dr. James Dobson."
"The most successful marriages are those where both husband and wife seek to build the self esteem of the other." Dr. James Dobson
I prefer Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family to Joshua Feuerstein.
Can you believe this audio of describing what to do when your
Are you meeting us tomorrow at St. James's Park as I have to meet Emily? Stupid question!💖
Humility will give you the stability in any relationship.Dr James Dobson
James Dobson used to head up Focus on the Family but I’m sure they have plenty of Klan members there:
Marked as to-read: Building Confidence in Your Child by James C. Dobson
I think I need to read The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson again.
James Dobson: I grieve most for what it will do to our children, our grandchildren and future generations. They...
James Dobson: Children "are the real victims of the Court’s ruling" b/c in the twisted RW mind, having married parents makes you a "victim."
James Dobson: "judgment will befall this once great nation” as a result of coast-to-coast Red Lobsters. Leviticus 11:10.
James Dobson says anti-LGBT activists have lost, predicts that pastors will be hauled off to jail
James Dobson: Christians soon to be ‘hated minority’ via
James Dobson claims that the children of *** parents "are the real victims of the court's ruling"
"Jesus Christ will ask you to put Him in first place. He will be lord of all or not Lord at all" -Dr. James Dobson
How do you determine God's will for your life? Download the free PDF from Dr. James Dobson.
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Instead of getting "the talk", Mom made me read "Preparing for Adolescence" by Dr. James Dobson.. Scarred me for life..
I thank God for men like Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk who continue to support the rights of Christians. God...
"Children are a gift from God, and we are stewards of their welfare." Dr. James Dobson
Marked as to-read: Dr James Dobson Talks about Anger by James Dobson
thanks for sharing Dr. James Dobson, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
(2/2)Besides, living by that priority when kids are small will produce the greatest rewards at maturity. - Dr. James Dobson
(1/2)Raising children who have been loaned to us for a brief moment outranks every other responsibility. - Dr. James Dobson
Dr. James Dobson warns if Supreme Court redefines marriage ruling will presage the “fall of Western civilization.”
Ron Paul-79. Rafael Cruz-74. Pat Robertson-85. James Dobson-78. Bigotry tends to die out. Millions of young not willing to be…
Dr. James Dobson's Even during difficult times in your marriage, remember to love one another.
We may never know the purpose of our suffering. We do know that God will always keep His promises. . Dr. James Dobson
Check out Family Talk W Dr. James Dobson - "Dads and Daughters" - Advice Religion Children
Feb 2008 James Dobson“I cannot & will not vote for Sen John McCain” if he becomes Rep Presidential nom…
and Anita Bryant and Pat Buchanan and James Dobson and Tony Perkins. And *** as-abomination.
"The most vital word in all human relationships is respect." - Dr. James Dobson
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
James Dobson on his interview with serial killer Ted Bundy, hours before his execution.
With Colin Dye, pastor of Kensington Temple, and Lyndon Bowring, England’s James Dobson.
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