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James Comey

James Brien Comey, Jr. (born December 14, 1960) was United States Deputy Attorney General, serving in President George W.

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Donald Trump is bothered that Robert Mueller and James Comey are friends? I'm more bothered that Trump and Putin are frie…
James Comey's Howdy Doody fetish with the UK Royals along with Jeffery Epstein,...
Former F.B.I. director James Comey takes his seat @ the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence witness table.
Interesting. Daily Mail has shots of James Comey today apparently going into the New York Times building.
EXCLUSIVE - Ousted FBI director James Comey visits The New York Times.Going to pick up his PAY CHECK for leaking.
Donald Trump admits he did not record conversations with ex-FBI boss James Comey - National ~…
Pres. clears up lingering Q about James Comey, new vid of Diamond Reynolds & daughter & more top stories…
"James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" . "I'll tell you about it over a very short period of time." . Pathetic little drama queen
Newt Gingrich claims Trump lied about tapes of White House conversations to scare James Comey
So Trump was either lying or trying to tamper with witness James Comey. Take your pick, Trump hicks
...whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have,…
RAND PAUL: "I wonder how long James Comey has been leaking for — I think he's covering for Obama's many crimes!"
A word from before James Comey got fired. Enjoy 👌🏾.
Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow told its not Trump but James Comey who should be under investigation. What do you thin…
How to watch former FBI chief James Comey's testimony and what to expect via
This isn't anywhere close to but I sincerely wonder what G. Gordon Liddy thinks of James Comey & his openi…
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James Comey and Jamie Gorelick should have been twins. Destruction follows them everywhere.
Why doesn't Donald Trump just release the 'tapes' to destroy James Comey's credibility and to prov… by Alex Johnston
Texas lawmakers react to testimony from former FBI Director James Comey.. Related Articles:
ready to grant asylum to former FBI Director James
Deputy Rosenstine should let Muller go due to new investigation scope that now involves James Comey, his good friend.
Mueller must recuse himself. He is no longer independent, given his long-standing friendship with James Comey.
Former FBI director Mueller is too close to his successor, James to be impartial on Russia investigation.
Why Trump Fired Comey - it's not about obstruction, it's about correcting the public record.
DOJ Spokesman Matt Miller: James Comey Broke With Loretta Lynch expressed her groundbreaking commencement speech at the expense of
Mr. Comey took government records and the FBI and Justice Department are obligated to get them back.
In his annual live call-in show, Putin offers James Comey asylum in Russia, should fired FBI director need it
.is suing the FBI for not making James Comey memos public: "We think the public has the right to see them."
I'd say the real scandal is the spying on 20M Americans including supreme court justices and judges. Black…
Now they are demanding AG Jeff Sessions explain James Comey's uncomfortable feelz. These people are a complete disgrace.
THIS TOWN: Pence's Russia probe lawyer is the godfather to one of James Comey's daughters. https…
Feinstein wants more testimony from Comey, says Dems will back subpoena via
Oh. Then FBI Director Comey had concerns about Rosenstein becoming Deputy Attorney General.
Jeff Sessions can’t remember anything about his meetings with Russian officials by
Get your popcorn: Senate bringing back James Comey for more testimony in Donald Trump obstruction probe
I may have my differences with James Comey, but I truly love that quote!!!
A section in our history books will be on Russian trolling. Putin offers fired FBI director James Comey asylum
To use your words, James Comey, I am "queasy" and "mildly nauseated" that you ever served as FBI Director. You are, in…
contradictory testimony before Congress opens him up to possible Obstruction of Justice for Comey firing.
SUCKER PUNCH: Putin offered political asylum to James Comey 'if he continues to be persecuted'
Former FBI director Comey isn’t above the law and current FBI leadership should stop protecting him and take action. https:/…
BINGO!. The impression that Trump was under FBI investigation was Jim Comey's job insurance. Trump called his bluff. https:/…
Even for Putin, this is some epic trolling...
Senator wonders how long has James Comey has been LEAKING!!. I think Comey is covering for Obama's crimes! https:…
BREAKING: JW warns FBI of its obligation to recover any memos & records that were unlawfully removed by htt…
Hannity last night -> "James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch are the people, in fact, who should be under investiga…
24. It's true here, too. Ask Paul Ryan about James Comey. Then ask him about Dodd-Frank.
So, Andrew Weissmann worked for Loretta Lynch who ordered James Comey to suppress Clinton investigation.
Evelyn Farkas & James Comey - "yeah, we broke the law to go after Trump" - they are so far gone they confess like it's a g…
Andrew Weissman, James Comey, and worked with Loretta Lynch to obstruct and s…
Andrew Weissmann worked with James Comey, Loretta Lynch to obs…
Interesting William and Mary student paper interview with James Comey talking about his…
So, has now attacked James Comey and Bob Mueller. has yet to criticize Vladimir Putin.Hm
Russian President Vladimir Putin scoffs at former FBI director James Comey's disclosure of his conversations wit...
Vladimir Putin mocks James Comey by offering asylum in Russia: Russian President…
AG Sessions says he had no third meeting with Russians at the Mayflower Hotel as James Comey asserted. Someone is not tel…
Sen. Warner ends the the way he began it, by trying to PROTECT LIAR & DEMOCRAT MOLE James Comey. This is s…
James Comey and Bob Mueller and Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu and Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris ...
On my radio show TONIGHT 7-9 p.m. ET: Exposing the fake news Russia probe and James Comey's possible criminal activiti…
Because he was a teenager justice department Moller was Attorney General and James Comey was Assistant Attorney General.
ICYMI: North Carolina GOP falsely accuses James Comey of admitting to classified leaks
Liberals STILL think Trump is under investigation even though James Comey just testified that he is not under any investigati…
Trump lawyer accuses fired FBI head James Comey of perjury over leak testimony
A friend of Trump, Christopher Ruddy, says Trump is 'considering' firing Mueller, who is a friend of James Comey
🤔Does Secret Service have footage of James Comey visiting Epstein's Island? Are those "tapes" is referr…
I added a video to a playlist James Comey: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
James Comey is no coward , He did the right thing. You sir are a coward!
Voters say they trust James Comey more than Trump by double digits, 51/39:
James Comey should forever be remembered as the man who put Martha Stewart in prison, but said Hillary was innocent.
Source telling me Loretta Lynch pressured James Comey to lie about Guccifer 1.0 failing to hack &
Trump's Comey claims contradicted by... - Donald Trump Jr. claims he knows what his father said to James Comey,...
Within 90 seconds of being on air, Trump Jr. undermined the denials made by his father refuting James Comey's testimony.
Donald Trump Jr just seemed to back James Comey
Donald Trump Jr. just admitted his father is lying and James Comey is telling the truth
Donald Trump Jr seemed to back James Comey inadvertedly... . . Like father, like son... https…
We examine James Comey's statements about one of our articles on the Russia investigation
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James Comey insisted on testifying in public, and Jeff Sessions is insisting on testifying in secret. That tells you all…
Bill O'Reilly on James Comey's testimony, Fox News and more.. via
Donald Trump's son suggests his dad did tell James Comey to lay off Flynn probe
President Trump calls James Comey a "leaker." I believe the more accurate term is "whistleblower."
On "Justice," slammed James Comey for his conduct during and after his time as FBI Director.
Republican senator: Trump engaged in "very inappropriate conversations" with James Comey
Donald Trump says 'cowardly' James Comey has leaked more 'than anyone ever thought possible' https…
Matthew Dowd just said on This Week with George Stephanopolous that James Comey and Robert Mueller are BEST…
.Why is James Comey so comfortable leaking information?
James Comey beat you, Sally Yates beat you, you've lost. Now we get to watch your car crash presidenc…
I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very 'c…
Judge Judy would wipe the floor with James Comey. He's contradicting himself over and over again.
Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways
Robert Mueller is a very close friend of James Comey, Barack Obama and also Hillary Clinton
Reality Winner should have just slipped those documents to James Comey's friend if she wanted to avoid getting in trouble.
Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways - DT doesn't believe in laws via
In Irony appears James Comey was the one under investigation, not *DOJ/OIG Release from Jan 1…
Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways - Democratic Underground via
BREAKING - Sources in FBI tell me they are unable to locate James Comey's memos on their servers.
Check it out, America believes James Comey. You? Not so much.
Pres. Trump charges that James Comey lied to Congress; Trump said Friday he will testify before the special counsel:
LORDY, James Comey did his best Gomer Pyle impression at his Congressional appearance. "Gaw-le, Sarge, I just wish I was stronger."
US: James Comey takes on Donald Trump as millions watch, mesmerised By J BROOKS SPECTOR
Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways - PBS NewsHour
I liked a video Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways
A VERY Concerned wants to know just how long James Comey has been LEAKING !! .
Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways - YouTube
From Shields and Brooks offer their takeaways from James Comey's testimony:
Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways via
Survey of the Day: Do you believe James Comey?. 91.2% YES. 131,500+ votes
James Comey is a cunning, calculated, manipulative and self serving political operative who is out for revenge after being fi…
Inspired by James Comey, I can no longer tell you the time of day because that would impose on me the "duty to correct."
James Comey, is far closer to being an American Truth Teller,…
The key figure to watch in the next week is not James Comey but Jeff Sessions. If his position is compromised Trump is in ve…
James Comey crushed the media's credibility yesterday when he declared that they often get stories dead wrong...
."This is the complete collapse of James Comey and the Comey narrative about this case. It's over, there is no ca…
Ooh-ooh, I know, I know. Truth teller is boy-scout James Comey, Trump wouldn't know the truth if slapped him in the face.…
Reality Winner is in jail for leaking ,James Comey leaks & still walking free
.Trump had a lot to say about James Comey today… except for the "simple truths" he actually needed to say. htt…
James Comey is not a leaker. He is a whistleblower.
Trump and his associates are firing back at James Comey.
James Comey is a nut job. Kathy Griffin is a nut job. . Reza Aslan is a nut job. . Bill Maher is a nut job. . Maxine is a nu…
Senator Angus King of Maine with analysis of James Comey's testimony before the Senate: via
Trump has now accused former president Obama of illegal wiretapping and former FBI director James Comey of perjury.
James Comey needs a photo op with a Thompson sub-machine gun, it would do wonders for his reputation as a mewling boob.
Reality Winner says she'll play the Pretty, White, & Cute card to get out of trouble. James Comey used that defense yest…
James Comey: Lordy, I hope there are tapes - CNN Video
St. Tammany Parish residents react to James Comey testimony in DC
GOP Sen. James Lankford asks James Comey to re-leak his Trump memo to Congress
As Donald tries to convince you that he is the arbiter of reality and James Comey is a liar, here are 623 lies he has to…
James Comey, the Clooneys, and Apple’s new device in the Slate News Quiz.
James Comey admits leaking his Trump memo to the press
For the first time, publicly, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford question former FBI director James Comey about the i…
Analysis: James Comey just made it clear -- He is trying to expose President Trump
James Comey says it's a "big deal" that he might have been fired to change the nature of the Russian investigation
And leaker(s) found. Reality Winner and James Comey.
“The President’s new at this”: House Speaker Paul Ryan defends President Trump's interactions with James Comey
I want a NatGeo show that's just Tony Robbins and James Comey traveling the world together marveling at how small everything is.
My mom, who voted for Trump, and has defended the orange tyrant outright, just said she would vote for James Comey.
& never forget that James Comey was appointed by former President Barack Obama in 2013 so of course Obama wanted Comey to drop all charges!
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The ethics James Comey follows are lost. . The U.S. has become a pathetic fascist regime.
Sen. John McCain spent most of his time asking James Comey about Clinton's emails via
John McCain's questions for James Comey left Comey and observers confused
James Comey on Obama Atty. Gen. Lynch telling him email probe was to be called a matter, not an investigation: https:/…
The Rachel Maddow show: James Comey told other people at the Justice Department about Trump but not Jeff Sessions. "criminal investigation"
."I don't think Loretta Lynch, or Hillary Clinton, or anyone else thinks James Comey was taking a dive for the Democ…
"Those were lies, plain and simple." James Comey didn't mince words in his testimony today.
On question about Donald Trump talks with James Comey, Dem Rep Mark Pocan says Trump behavior "is to be a thug."…
I think the most damning part of the testimony of James Comey was the Connection between Carter Page, Russian Oligarchs and Cat Stevens
Yeah Mark Carney is our version of James Comey only Canadian and more maths
While you were all focused on James Comey, House Republicans were voting to give big banks everything they want.
I'd rather watch "A Few Good Men" with Mike Missanelli than watch the James Comey hearing
I bet more people are watching the testimony of James Comey today than inauguration.
James Comey, a man at the center of a fight between a brash antagonist and the protection an institution, in 1980:
James Comey testifies that Donald Trump is a liar who defamed him and the FBI - Palmer Report
James Comey reveals he leaked word of his Donald Trump memos to get a Special Counsel appointed - Palmer Report
US secret police chief James Comey expected to testify against Donald Trump assisted by anatomically correct doll, and thera…
Ed Helms for James Comey. Ray Liotta in a rug and fat suit for Trump. Written by Scott Alexander Larry Karaszewski. Directed by Jody Hill.
James Comey calls on Donald Trump to release any tapes of their meetings that might exist
Wouldn't be surprised if there's a Hollywood film about James Comey in the works. Who should portray him? Tom Hanks? Tim Robbins?
If Kasowitz's strategy is to make this a credibility contest between Donald Trump and James Comey, that would be ... let's…
Attorney General Lynch instructed James Comey to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton a 'MATTER' and not an investig…
Former FBI director James Comey hopes that there really are tapes of his 1-on-1 conversations with President Trump
Sen. Kamala Harris drew a parallel to Trump telling former FBI director James Comey “I hope you can let this go”
James Comey hoped leak would lead to special counsel on Russia
Reality Winner & James Comey both leaked docs from a classified computer to NYT. One is in jail, on…
Yes you heard that right. James Comey is a leaker. No better than Reality Winner
How can you put Reality Winner in jail and not James Comey? They both leaked classified info !
James Comey is like a combination of Principal Skinner and a Terminator.
TODAY: Republicans use James Comey buzz to collude w Wall Street, undermine bipartisan protections of all Americans ht…
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James Comey's comment is an instant hit.
Stephen dishes on James Comey opening remarks, reveals her inspiration, & htt…
James Comey says that Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner probably knew they shouldn’t leave him alone in Oval Office with Presiden…
I was talking to you Ryan. James Comey crushed the Russian collusion narrative. Donald Trump Jr is right.
James Comey on Trump: "Why would he kick everyone out of the Oval Office?"
Donald Trump Jr is a true *** His comments on James Comey's testimony shows how little the American people matter to them. He is stupid.
Everything you need to know about obstruction of justice for today's James Comey hearing
Interesting to watch some Republican senators challenge James Comey more in seven minutes than they have Donald Trump in…
It may be my 3rd bowl of Super Golden Crisp talking but if u close ur eyes & listen to James Comey, I swear he sounds just like Saul Goodman
James Comey on the importance of Democracy via
President Trump should re-hire James Comey just so he can fire him again.
The Russian attack on the American election is as un-fake as it gets. -James Comey
Fun fact!. James Comey worked for Bridgewater Associates. Do a word scramble and you get "Secret Tapes". Almost.
James Comey is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee right now. Watch here:
"Lordy, I hope there are tapes" of Trump's Flynn request, James Comey testifies at hearing
"I took it as a direction." . James Comey on Donald Trump asking him to drop the Flynn investigation. . This is obstruction…
James Comey says he took notes after Trump meeting due to concerns “he might lie” about it
Yes, James Comey, we all hope there are tapes.
I had no idea James Comey grew up in Allendale and graduated from Northern Highlands. I knew I can recognized that North Jersey 'tude.
Traffic to James Comey, Michael Flynn, and Donald Trump over last 20 days on Wikipedia
Traffic to James Comey article on Wikipedia, over the last 20 days:
James Comey putting all that practice Trump gave him in staring ahead, not moving any facial muscles, to good use
5 things to know on for Thurs., June 8, 2017: James Comey, stroke rates, ingredient for life
James Comey, United States congressional hearing, Director of the Federa
Current FBI Special Agent Josh Campbell has an op-ed on James Comey: "we are very much an organization in mourning." https…
James Comey's opening statement proved to be what we expected – and more. via
Donald Trump's approval rating hits all time low heading into James Comey testimony - Palmer Report
James Comey, FBI, and others sued by Whistle blower Dennis Montgomery. is fake news is silent.
There’s at least one American thrilled James Comey has taken over the news – Bill Cosby.
2017-06-08 James Comey, FBI, and Others Sued by Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and His Counsel Larry Klayman for...
James Comey sued by intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery over spying on Americans | Circa News - Learn. Think. https…
James Comey asked Attorney General not to leave him alone with Donald Trump
Former White House ethics czar says former FBI Dir. James Comey's testimony is "the equivalent of the Nixon tapes"
Speaker Paul Ryan says it's "obviously" inappropriate for President Trump to ask James Comey for his loyalty
Donald Trump responds to James Comey's leaked testimony by admitting to a felony - Palmer Report
Latest: Ohio State drops Fred Hoiberg plan; moves on to Bob Stoops in ground-shaking spec; Friday it'll be: James Comey!
BREAKING NEWS! James Comey peeked over the shield at my "Anthony wiener" in a public restroom in 1998, I have a private memo I wrote in 2017
James Comey's opening statement gets posted in advance, and it's a stunning takedown of Donald Trump - Palmer Report
That time Christopher Wray and James Comey threatened President Bush with resignation by…
Tim Robbins will play James Comey in the movie, duh
James Comey just leaked his own testimony. Now watch Donald Trump panic and incriminate himself. - Palmer Report
Democrats and the liberal media are hyping up James Comey in order to thwart Trump's agenda. via
James Comey didn't prove anything on Trump and Russia.
The intense beauty of selling James Comey, the person you get when you try to Weird Science principal Sk…
Let's review what right-wing media have previously said about James Comey.
I plan on asking James Comey this same question tomorrow.
This is what James Comey will say tomorrow. Read it for yourself. via
June 8 2017: will launch his book, UK General Election, James Comey to testify, and Sean Spicer will be restless. Busy Day!
Christopher Wray who is litigious will replace James Comey who was political. I like it!! 🤔👍
James Comey pardoned Hillary Clinton for removing and leaking highly classified material in the Anthony Wiener…
I am 83% certain that James Comey has resting Ross Geller face.
MUST READ:. Powerful new lawsuit against the and James Comey for unlawfully spying on 'millions' of Americans. .
Washington, country wait with ancitipation for former FBI director James Comey to testify Thursday on Michael Flynn inves…
has been arrested under the identical statute that James Comey said did not warrant prosecuting Hillary Clinton. -El Rushbo
James Comey approached Attorney General Jeff Sessions with concerns about Trump
Donald Trump reportedly asked the Director of National Intelligence to intervene with James Comey's investigation
Trump dining with several Republicans on Senate Intelligence Committee ahead of James Comey hearing…
Trump just said Jared Kushner "has become much more famous than me." He said the same thing about James Comey on Jan. 22
Man who made death threats to then-FBI boss James Comey gets community service -
What did women afraid of being hit-on and James Comey have in common? None of them wanted to be left alone w/Trump. https:/…
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Pro-Trump group labels James Comey a political ‘showboat’ in new ad set to air the same day as Comey testifies
Trump has dinner with Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton at the White House tonight. Both senators will question James Comey on…
James Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn't want to be alone with President Trump after being unnerved by his request to end an F.B.I. inquiry
Tweak this in a few spots and James Comey suddenly has a lot in common with scores of women.
DC bar will start serving drinks at 9:30am for a James Comey testimony viewing party
What will Trump be doing while James Comey testifies Thursday? "He has a full day," Spicer says.
James Comey is formally refusing to answer questions submitted to him by a bipartisan group of senators. So what questions WILL he answer??
Donald Trump will not use his presidential powers to prevent ex-FBI director James Comey from testifying before ...
Donald Trump will not block former FBI director James Comey testimony: White House..
James Comey is actually less credible than Hillary Clinton. He was the FBI director who had the chance to do the right thi…
James Comey's career has been shaped by unusual public dramas, in which he has been cast as a central figure.
President Trump will do his best to keep media and public attention away from James Comey's impending testimony. Don't t…
"Maybe if I attack the mayor of London shortly after a terrorist attack, everyone will forget James Comey is testifying t…
Vote on a Are you going to watch James Comey, former Director of the FBI testify?.
- President Trump could still block James Comey from testifying before the Senate. Will he?
James Comey's testimony on June 8 will be one of the most highly anticipated events on Capitol Hill in years
5 things to expect when ex-FBI director James Comey testifies on Russia
James Comey will testify at the Senate on June 8 as questions over Jeff Sessions' Russia contacts grow
JUST IN: Ex-FBI Dir. James Comey to testify to Senate Intelligence Committee next Thursday at 10 a.m.
First on CNN: Senators asked James Comey to investigate Attorney General Jeff Sessions for possible perjury
blamed Russians, James Comey, Wikileaks, & the DNC. The best thing about that is that she's not doing it in t…
What's the over-under on James Comey disappearing under mysterious circumstances before his testimony next week? Asking for a friend.
Fired FBI Director James Comey has been cleared by Robert Mueller to testify before Congress--in public.
Hillary Clinton slams the New York Times, the DNC, and James Comey for her loss
With the Comey testimony ready for takeoff, says Trump's attempting to hide something.
Jeff recommended fire James in letter |
APPROVED: James Comey plans to testify about his conversations with President Trump
Former FBI Director James Comey to publicly testify that Trump obstructed justice. . This no doubt puts Trump in a real…
Ex-FBI Director Comey could testify in an open hearing before the Senate Intel Committee as early as next week.
Our President bit the head off the snake‼️. Oh how I LOVE ❤️ our POTUS . beginning ⏬.
James Comey ready 'to confirm Trump pressured him over Flynn investigation'
James Comey to testify about Trump's attempts to end Flynn investigation
"Trey Gowdy to James Comey: We Need The Truth! STOP F**CKING LYING!". Why aren't all Americans watching this?!
So Mr. Met threw a covfefe catfish on the ice as James Comey covfefe'd about the early signing period. Sound about righ…
Karl Rove on James Comey: " Of all the people I met in Washington, he's the most sanctimonious and condescending of all"
James Comey is set to testify in the Senate as early as next week, a source says
James Comey is expected to testify before the Senate, but President Trump could try to block him
The is a big fan of ratings. Well, ex-FBI Dir James Comey's testimony will be the most widely watched & DVR'd sho…
BREAKING: James Comey plans to testify that Trump pushed him to end FBI probe into aide’s Russia ties, a source says
James Comey to testify before Senate as soon as next week against him & now wants to clear his name by showing "the false or misleading testimony by James Comey, John B…
The White House will no longer answer questions about James Comey's firing and the Russia investigation
James Comey will publicly testify as early as Tuesday of next week
James Comey on the stand saying the FBI had been denied access to the DNC servers & John Podesta's personal devices.
Breaking: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has cleared James Comey to testify publicly next week, a source close to Comey…
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I just realized we're still in the same month of James Comey's firing.
Special counsel clears Comey to give what could be most consequential congressional testimony in a generation.
."We know that the President of the US is trying to stop the investigation."
James Comey plans to confirm bombshell allegations against Trump in public testimony: report
*** Durbin: Rod Rosenstein was 'duped' into writing reason for James Comey's firing - Washington Times
They did it to James Comey when he was out of town, now Scott Pelley. Beware when you go on…
Jared Kushner assured Trump that James Comey's ouster would be a political "win," according to 6 West Wing aides
James Comey used possibly fake Russian document to justify Clinton press conference: Report via
Full text: PDF of letter to James Comey on the alleged conflicts of interest of the (now FBI acting director) McCabe https:/…
BREAKING: James Comey acted on Russian intelligence during the 2016 election that he knew was fake, sources tell CNN
The FBI declined the House Oversight Committee's request for the James Comey memos
Rep. Chaffetz: James Comey wanted to speak with Robert Mueller before testifying publicly
RIght. I'm James Comey. I'm going to tell Jason Chaffetz where my only protection is kept. He won't take them…
James Comey isn't a 'nut job'. The President got me & James mixed up again. I keep telling him I'm the shorter one. https:…
."James Comey is not a nut job" but Trump IS & YOU said he was qualified to be President
James Comey instead pretty much was working for Hillary Clinton and was proven the moment he dismissed charges against her.
Suffice to say James Comey became yet another fall guy for Hillary Clinton while she continues to walk without a criminal record.
Paul Ryan disagrees with President Trump's assessment that James Comey is a 'nutjob'
Paul Ryan disagrees with President Trump's characterizing James Comey as a 'nut job': via can speak??
"This is a guy with a story to tell." A friend of James Comey said he'd be scared if he were President Donald Trump http…
James Comey's brother Peter works for the law firm that handles taxes for the Clinton Foundation. His firms is D. L. Piper.
for acts of treason for giving out classified information, income tax disclosure, for James Comey,
EXCLUSIVE: The Big show boat James Comey fully exposed.I NIXONED HIM! Great guy, one of the great tapers.
James Comey is expected to publicly testify after Memorial Day. His friend tells what we ca…
“James Comey will testify in a public hearing before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee after Memorial Day”
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