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James Comey

James Brien Comey, Jr. (born December 14, 1960) was United States Deputy Attorney General, serving in President George W.

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James Comey was "uneasy" about White House dinner invite, James Clapper says
My is that is very, very scared of what James Comey will tell the American people.
Susan Collins, a frequent Trump critic, faults the judgement of James Comey, writes for
JUST IN: Mitch McConnell says he's inviting Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to brief the Senate on James Comey's firing
The new cover from features James Comey, Trump's new, worst nightmare, and Jeff Sessions, the Bull Conno…
From the controversial firing of FBI director James Comey to Emmanuel Macron's triumph in France's presidential ...
Yall Politics | Haley Barbour talks about James Comey firing on Fox Business News
FBI agents are changing their profile photos on social media to James Comey, a gesture usually reserved for fallen agent…
The Democrats are gonna be FUMING when they see that massive secret that James Comey told Senator Chuck Grassley...
Trump admits 'this Russia thing' was part of reasoning for firing James Comey
Jason Chaffetz asks DOJ inspector general to investigate firing of James Comey - Salon
And why you are not leading the charge on laws violated by leaking intelligence. Why didn't James Comey investigate? https…
Trump just decimated the White House’s entire James Comey narrative
Jason Chaffetz asks DOJ Inspector General to expand probe to include the decision to remove James Comey.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders admits Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing James Comey
I fired James Comey because he was doing a bad job! He was much worse than Betsy Devos, Scott Pruitt, Sean Spicer, Rei…
Peter Alexander and Maxine Waters doing "Who's on First" with James Comey firing. She doesn't even realize how...
Sen. Rand Paul is lone dissenter as James Comey confirmed for FBI post . Flashback!...
Who will replace James Comey? President Trump is considering Republican lawmakers and FBI veterans
President Trump details calls with James Comey: "I know that I’m not under investigation"
Yesterday on Comey firing -->. KARL: "Sarah, isn't it true that the president had already decided to fire James Comey...?"…
.suggests the firing of James Comey could lead to the reopening of the Hillary Clinton case. RUN HILLARY!.
If President Hillary Clinton had fired James Comey, she would have been impeached right away. DOUBLE STANTARD!
Mike Pence caught in apparent lie over Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey
Democrats' love/hate relationship with James Comey has more on again/off again episodes than Ross & Rachel!
Instead of a special prosecutor, should nominate Merrick Garland to replace James Comey.
Peter Alexander is on MSNBC trying to play a gotcha game with Maxine Waters on James Comey's firing, and it's not going w…
I hope literally every day someone asks James Comey if he's proud of how he conducted himself during the election.
James Comey: Fired while investigating Donald Trump. democracy is so overrated.
US: Senate intelligence committee invites James Comey to appear next Tuesday Bet Trump did not see THAT coming.
James Comey asked to testify before the Senate as a private citizen   10% Off
“The Intelligence Committee should hire James Comey to direct our investigation"
. "Donald Trump needs to explain why he fired James Comey, now? Why now?. Actually, no. President Trump doesn't owe you…
BREAKING: James Comey had been concerned about potential evidence of collusion between Trump campaign and Russia. (Via…
Rep. Adam Schiff on the firing of James Comey: “I think this could force the appointment to a special prosecutor”
The only person having a worse day than James Comey is Lil Bow Wow.
Breaking News , Trey Gowdy in the running to replace James Comey at FBI , White House news -
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told Jeff Sessions that James Comey had to be fired for damaging the Bureau’s "credibi…
NBC News: Multiple FBI insiders say they believe James Comey was fired because he would not end Russia investigation, Pete…
New Post: Why James Comey had to go, by Michael Goodwin
FLASHBACK: Democrats have been calling for the firing of James Comey for MONTHS. Now Trump Fired Him, Democrats FLIP F…
Sen. John McCain: The Hillary Clinton email investigation is not “sufficient rationale” for firing James Comey
When it came to James Comey's firing, CNN commentators were in meltdown mode. On Fox News, the mood was upbeat.
."James Comey... had just basically lost the confidence of a lot of Republicans and a lot of Democrats."
James Comey lives in my neighborhood. So do Colin Powell and *** Cheney (who pumps his own gas btw). I was so fascinated by that but only…
He fires Sally Yates and James Comey, but he fights to keep Michael Flynn😂🤐 He's a moron, and he thinks…
Trump meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia today. Special guests: the ghosts of Michael Flynn,James Comey &Sally Yates.
I would not feel good about myself if I did not make clear that I have come to know and admire James Comey as a man of integr…
Donald Trump fires James Comey over Clinton emails, in the same way that Theresa May called a general election over Brexi…
'STAND THE *** UP': Joe Scarborough goes off on Republicans after Trump fired James Comey
Carter Page, who is under scrutiny in the Russia probe, praises Donald Trump's firing of James Comey
I think a lot of Americans are curious to what Colin Powell thinks about the firing of James Comey. Please invite him to analyze
BREAKING: Sen Mark Warner (D-Va) says James Comey asked to appear at Senate Intel Cmte on TUESDAY!
James Comey, James Blow Me, my Thurber prize for American humor is inevitable and will get me laid, as well as restore honor to my family :)
Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on James Comey: 'Was he fired? You're kidding!'
"Was he fired? You are kidding!" – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asked in US about ex-FBI chief James Comey.
"Was he fired? You're kidding," Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said of James Comey's firing.
One day after firing James Comey, President Trump has his first face-to-face meeting with a top Russian official
Late night comes for President Trump over James Comey firing via Only *** care about this BS.
Report: Donald Trump demanded James Comey end the grand juries before firing
BREAKING: Trump on decision to fire James Comey as FBI director: `He was not doing a good job'
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James Comey reported to Deputy Dir Rod Rosenstein. He had every right to recommend firing Comey.
Roger Stone was among those who recommended to President Trump that he fire FBI director James Comey. PO-27WE
The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey, including the fact that he should be fired, but no…
James Comey will be replaced by someone who will do a far better job, bringing back the spirit and prestige of the FBI.
Jeff Sessions had been charged with coming up with reasons to fire James Comey, administration aides said
Noticed the James Comey looks a good bit like actor Richard Thomas, who played Agent Fran Gaad on The Americans. Didn't end well for Gaad.
James Comey's firing shows how wildly inept, self-serving and Nixonian Donald Trump can be, says
Last Oct praised James Comey of FBI for handling Hillary's emails inquiry. Now sacked him for it. Som…
Question of the Day: Do you think President Trump made the right decision by firing James Comey?
Trevor Noah: Trump's reason for firing James Comey is "gangster" via
Jeff Sessions should've been the one who was fired, not James Comey
Full text of AG Jeff Sessions recommendation to fire FBI head James Comey and President Trump's letter firing him
1) James Comey is probably unfit to be FBI Director. 2) Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are definitely unfit to make that…
How about a hand for Jeff Sessions for helping get rid of James Comey!.
Spicer getting ready for Jeff Sessions/James Comey conflict of interest questions.
"This is insane." gives the first late-night reaction to James Comey firing: https…
James Comey fired: calls for special prosecutor after sacks director – live updates
By firing James Comey, Trump is continuing the work Putin started | Lawrence Douglas
.on firing of James Comey: There's one really big winner in all of this; "the winner is Vladimir Putin"
Trump has fired Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey; all investigating his connections with Russia..
Comey is a rich *** FBI director James Comey lived like a king in one of America's wealthiest towns
What message does the firing of James Comey give to the country? by Thomas L. Johnson
MUST WATCH — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz team up to tell James Comey: "YOU'RE FIRED!" (via
Live updates: Reaction to firing of FBI director James Comey
Wow. While he is under criminal investigation by the FBI, Donald Trump just fired the Director of the FBI, James Comey.
Breaking News: President Trump has fired James Comey, the FBI director
Now that James Comey has been fired should the Justice Department reconsider charging Hillary Clinton?. .
How a Justice Department memo made the case for firing James Comey
"The canary in the mine has died." What's next for James Comey now that he's the ex-FBI director?
James Comey is welcomed back into the Democrat clubhouse
Cryin' Chuck Schumer stated recently, "I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer." Then acts so indignant.
Michael Goodwin: Why James Comey had to go via
50/50 Trump goes George Steinbrenner and hires and fires James Comey a few more times.
The explanation for the firing of James Comey is impossible to take at face value, writes the Editorial Board
Now that he’s free, James Comey can investigate why Fernando Abad is pitching in a close game.
thank you Greg Jared and Fox News this is Ben coming for a while and now it's a fact we all knew James Comey choked
To be fair to James Comey, I thought the firing announcement was a joke as well.
I wonder if Ben Affleck or Matt Damon will play James Comey in the Martin Scorcese Film of the future called " The Apprentice".
Trump hires Scott Baio to replace James Comey as director of the FBI. Also, plants need electrolytes. It's what they crave.
Editorial: Absolutely nothing about James Comey's firing passes the smell test (via h…
week before the election. a within every right to ask for a private investigator after the firing of James Comey.
Donald Trump on the campaign trail: woo hoot James Comey yeah let's lock her up. . Donald Trump now: this is a bipartisan decision.
James Comey is a patriot, and his firing is bad and wrong. . Trump is bad and wrong. We're bad and wrong for voting him…
this is an open invitation to James Comey to let me interview him at an L.A. taco stand of his choosing.
Democrats like and are calling for an independent prosecutor asap after James Comey fired by Trump
Pam Brown reports James Comey found out he was fired by seeing it scroll on TV while he was speaking to FBI agents in LA. Classy POTUS!
U.S. President Donald Trump firing Director of the FBI James Comey at the White House in Washington,. REUTERS/Joshu…
JUST IN: James Comey was addressing the FBI's LA office and found out about his firing from TVs on in the room
Imagine if Barack Obama fired James Comey when it came out that he was investigating Hillary Clinton's emails. This…
: Ali G to replace James Comey as FBI Director - as appointed by MacDonald Trump
Jeffrey Toobin just told us how he really feels about firing James Comey:
Devin Nunes is running to the White House right now to tell them that James Comey was fired.
So, Pres. Trump says he fired James Comey for something he praised Comey for at end of campaign: how he handled Clinton…
"A new Mac Demarco album AND a new Norm Macdonald comedy special?! I think today's gonna be a great day." - James Comey. 14 hours ago
Liberals literally a half an hour ago: "James Comey affected the election & needs to go!". Liberals now: "How could your…
Getting rid of James Comey throws a giant wrench in the Hillary Clinton machine. . She's no longer protected by the swamp…
Here are all of the documents that the White House released in announcing that James Comey had been fired:
James Comey was incompetent and cost Hillary Clinton the election, how dare Trump fire him.
Gordon Bennett! Trump has sacked James Comey head of FBI.
James Comey stepped on my foot in a full stiletto at the club but then we became better friends when we were both drunk in the bathroom.
Herridge on info released on dismissal of James Comey: "He colored outside the lines. He had brought disrepute on…
letter to POTUS advising him to fire James Comey. He has served his function, time to GO. h…
Donald Trump has fired FBI director James Comey. The White House says he was let go on the recommendation of AG Jef…
BREAKING: FBI director James Comey has been fired by U.S. President Donald Trump.
So who is he going to appoint. J. Kushner? Trump fires FBI Dir. James Comey via
For the Wolf Hall viewers, playing the part of Richard Cromwell in our drama will be James Comey.
If President Hillary Clinton had fired James Comey, John Roberts would currently be walking across the street to preside over a trial.
The main lesson from the last year is James Comey isn't fit to run a fast food joint, much less the FBI
Bots didn't publish James Comey's letter above the fold on the NYT cover. Russian trolls didn't boo Democrats at the D…
You can put your faith in me if you must but I'm putting mine in James Comey, Eric Schneiderman et al that the rule of…
'James Comey is a danger to the country': Former US atty slams FBI director
Joe Digenova: "James Comey is a danger to the country."
If Congress were honest they would be calling for James Comey's head and the prosecution o…
Crooked AG Loretta Lynch is gone, now its time for her partner in crime, James Comey to be given his walking papers, prosecute the crooks
"James Comey is a danger to the country!" says former US Attorney Joe Digenova
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James Comey couldn't have been any clearer. Russia is STILL helpin' the Trump administration.
Joe Digenova: "[FBI Director] James Comey is a danger to the country."
because of the hard work, idealism, professionalism and sheer tenacity of dedicated public servants like James Comey,…
US secret police commissar James Comey testifies only American who could have lost to wretched *** Donald Trump was Hillar…
Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, FBI director James Comey casually dropped the news...
James Comey via I was severely nauseous when you broke the Hatch act. You should be indighted!
Patient Al F describes his feelings about the F.B.I after a Senate hearing wherein director James Comey lied to the…
James Comey accidentally makes ironclad case for independent Russia probe via
James Comey just admitted Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton "potentially" committed a crime. .
It's clear now that James Comey installed Trump so he could be the FBI Director who took down a traitor president. They'l…
James Comey is admitting that Huma Abedin broke fed intel laws, the FBI was aware, yet did nothing. I don't see how he ca…
If you wonder where James Comey gets his news from to shape his thoughts on Anthony Weiner, Russia etc, this is his Twi…
If CNN and James Comey said "there are little pieces of alien *** floating around in our atmosphere that we breathe
just eviscerated James Comey bs line about protecting the reputation of the FBI! History will judge the liar…
James Comey confirms the FBI has been investigating Rudy Giuliani via
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In a just world, James Comey would b forced to resign in disgrace, Clinton & Obamaites would b indicte…
Why did James Comey decide to inform voters about the Clinton probe while... by vi…
OMG -- James Comey is Mike the Cop from the Abbott and Costello Show.
James Comey just mislead the Senate while under oath when said Wikileaks "doesn't call us". We did over and I kn…
Is the Aryan Brotherhood or other terrorist group paying James Comey to give Mike Flynn a pass?
James Comey says it makes him nauseous that he might have had an impact on the election. There is NO DOUBT Comey interfered!…
Hillary Clinton blames Russia, James Comey and herself for her 2016 loss
I'm no James Comey, but it's pretty clear this is a conspiracy by the Scripps National Spelling Bee for spelling it "fyre."
James Comey is a liar. He should be fired. He is covering for the past administration. HC is a crook but you didn't have the balls.
fwiw, I made my case here -- I'm more focused on Comey than media, and I agree Clinton camp made many…
FBI director James Comey arrives in New Zealand for Top Secret Spy Gathering
Comey didn't try to shield the FBI from "politics" in general, he tried to shield it from attacks by Republicans https:…
Comey's election actions make sense when you understand he's scared of Republicans & he's not scared of Democrats https…
Really good ( & painful) analysis on 2016 Election. Regardless of everything else Comey's role "indefensible "
6) What are the chances that the Justice Department inquiry into Comey and his letter will answer all my questions? https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Trey Gowdy Makes James Comey Laugh!
The most comprehensive story to date on why Comey did what he did during the election. w/
This remarkable reporting by NYT details how FBI Director Comey inexcusably helped Russia make Trump president
More evidence that FBI dropped the ball. James Comey didn't agree w/ CIA assessment that Russia wanted Trump to win until…
Shaping an election was NOT his DRCTRjob w/ Now he needs to SAVE United States of America! You too
NYT: Comey wrote a newspaper op-ed to announce Russian interference in the election, but Obama killed it:
What students of political science will read 25 years from now: Comey/2016 -->
On James Comey, Jason Chaffetz, and demanding answers on Trump, Russia, and the election
Yes, Comey had huge impact. Yes, Clinton made mistakes. My effort to sort out who's to blame for her loss:.
in the public interest and is actually making more progress.After all, the House Intelligence Committee was where FBI Director James Comey
So if James Comey has a recommendation to indict Trump for treason, does he go to Congress or to his boss AG Sessions…
Who is to blame for Hillary Clinton's loss? A lot of people are - James Comey included.
The left went from blaming them losing to James Comey to the Russians, then to Steve Bannon for influencing the ELECTION.…
James Comey changed the shape of the 2016 election. Here’s how he made his decisions on Clinton, Russia and Trump.
If I were President Trump I would see to it that Paul Ryan and James Comey were replaced immediately.
President Trump please start draining the swamp by firing Paul Ryan, and James Comey
VA roundup of most influential ppl in the world: James Comey, and Steven Bannon.
John McCain gave a physical copy of the dossier to James Comey... Tr…
James Comey: 'People need to be aware of the possibility that what they're reading has been shaped by troll farms.' https:…
Donald Trump hints he might fire James Comey in a last ditch effort to hinder Russia investigation
, James Comey should have been fired and Hillary Clinton should have been in prison
Is it time to start draining more of the swamp? Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus & James Comey.
42:. was brought up in today's James Comey & Mike Rogers testimony, but anemic Dems do nothing. mo…
Will never understand *** James Comey was doing, sitting on this and dumping on Clinton.
So funny... Just earlier, today, Trey Gowdy was basically telling James Comey "there WILL be prosecutions" and then this…
so susan rice unmasked. john brennan ordered her to. James Comey said it was possible JBrennan would have access.Always comes back to Comey
E no go better for James Comey and his intelligence people
regard Russian spies as a cancer on American national security. James Comey has to do best to get it all, or it will retu…
Senators have asked Jeff Sessions and James Comey to *** whether the Trump Organization violated the law.
Comey's secret account tracked down by journalist
The FBI should hire this reporter instead. I'm impressed.
FBI director James Comey's secret account may have been found 
This story is, among other things, a great example of show-your-work journalistic storytelling.
If you read one story on the internet today, make it this one
It looks like we have quite the lead on who might've been illegally leaking FISA information to David Ignatius.
James Comey seems to be taking his social media outing by gracefully—he just posted this Instagram:.
TRUMP: "Nancy [O'Dell - former co-host of Director Comey was going to know when you weren't a joy get there are a half bringing
Great sleuthing on chief sleuth Comey went from from 1 follower to 9,000 in hours! via
I think just confirmed that he is FBI Director James Comey and now he wants to hire
I finally read this and oh my goodness this is groundbreaking investigative reporting via
In 2017 every journalist should know how to do this. 🔑 So should every college j-school teacher.
FBI Director James Comey tried to reveal Russian tampering months before election
James Comey got outsmarted by Gawker. Let that sink in. Then consider the possibility that we're led by ***
Can Donald Trump fire FBI chief James Comey? What would happen if he did?
Does Trump have another Saturday Night Massacre in his sights this weekend w/ James Comey instead of Archibald Cox?.
Joaquin Castro defends questioning James Comey on Russian dossier | |
This is a direct quote; Less than forty minutes into the hearing, James Comey, the director of the F.B.I.,...
I'm just happy the FBI was able to find Tom Brady's jersey. whew! Thank you James Comey. This was a matter of national security.
if they can find Tom Brady jersey why can't the FBI find the leaker of classified info. U should fire James Comey. MAGA
Would have loved to see James Comey turn up at the hearings this a.m. wearing Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey recently fou…
please Mr. President fire James Comey he can find Tom Brady's jersey but can't find leaks
If you missed yesterday's congressional hearing with FBI Dir. James Comey, you didn't miss much...
James Comey confirms Russia rigged election for Donald Trump, as GOP blames "Elaine Something"
Wow, this letter to James Comey from Oct. 30, 2016 about Trump campaign and Russia. Worth re-reading.
James Comey testifies about the White House, Russian hacking and Trump's wiretapping claims -…
James Comey is the most bizarre & disappointing yet consequential figure of the 21st century. He is the modern vers…
Why the FBI doesn’t deny false media reports, according to James Comey
LIVE NOW:Sean Spicer begins WH daily press briefing as FBI director James Comey has confirmed Trump cam…
Ok. James Comey on "romance." Should we have a lunch break or something?
FBI director James Comey's undergrad dissertation compared the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and the televangelist Jerry Falwell.
Website Builder 728x90
FBI Dir. James Comey to testify about Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election. LIVE BLOG:
Hon. James Comey is more intelligent than NSA Director by name Admiral Mike Rogers...
James Comey is a fox and Rep Adam Schiffer is trying to outfox him
COMING UP: FBI director James Comey testifies before the House Intelligence Committee
Tight-lipped Feinstein & Grassley looked like they just witnessed an alien autopsy after their James Comey briefin'. Somet…
Chuck Grassely and Diane Fienstein have no comment after meeting with James Comey gotta believe FBI investigating illegitimate presidency
Nancy Pelosi says James Comey needs to dispel any "mythology" of Trump wiretap allegation
The FBI’s James Comey says Americans should not expect ‘absolute privacy’
Say it with me again: James Comey elected Donald Trump president via
FBI chief James Comey has rejected President Trump's claim that Barack Obama tapped his phone, US media report.
President Trump rejects James Comey's assertion that the wiretapping claim is false, a White House spokeswoman said
"I think James Comey should've been removed on January the 20th." ~ .
The relationship between the Democratic party and James Comey reminds me a lot of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
Thanks, I did not know that. I would say that James Comey is One of those people who IS part of the SWAMP that needs to go.
James Comey... political hack!. Now we know that last summer, at the same time he was protecting Hillary Clinton, he was…
FBI director James Comey has reportedly asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump's allegations.
I don't need to James Comey of the FBI already told the Justice Dept to knock down Trump's ridiculous charge
James Comey Asks Justice Dept. to protect Obama from Time for Trump to say You're fired!.
Why not bring in Loyalists Rudy or Christie for FBI Director? The level of disrespect James Comey showed
. FBI parallel construction!. Shame on James Comey. Too late to cover his *ss. Go to:
Please FIRE James Comey. We pay his salary and I believe CANNOT be trusted!
Please answer honestly. With our government full of rats and obama holdovers like James Comey, will Potus Trump be able to d…
is trying to bring our country to the BRINK. The only way evil triumphs is for good men 2 do nothing.
James Comey. Will others follow his example & resist?
James Comey asked the DOJ to publicly reject Trump's wiretapping claims. . The public asks that James Comey realize we alre…
FBI Director James Comey is desperately trying to prevent an investigation which would expose his complicity.
I guess the magical "air kiss" moment he shared with Trump has faded.
P.S. no swamp creatures allowed to do the investigation! No James Comey or Andrew McCabe!
James Comey asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject Trump’s claim that Obama tapped his phones https:…
NY Times: Comey has asked DOJ to publicly reject Trump’s assertion that Obama ordered the tapping of Trump’s phones ht…
Little Giant Ladders
James Comey told a FISA court three separate times he believed was a Russian agent of influence
James Comey doesn't want the FBI to investigate the wire tapping. This is the same guy who let Hillary off.
Yes, in fact it is true Mr. President. The incompetent DNC was hacked & didn't allow FBI access. For reference: https:/…
James Comey has proven time & time again, that he is incompetent to lead the He can't lead ANYTHING! Time to ride o…
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.". Zero Trump supporters believe Buttcrack Obutthead and Jam…
James Comey is getting pressure from corrupt Democrats to talk out of pursuing This is the Armageddon I…
Bottom Line Comey is useless! Trump gave him a chance but it's time for him to recuse himself permanently! Retire!. ht…
Not sure what James Comey is up to, but AG Jeff Sessions has to make sure the DOJ has all of the positions filled with curr…
I call for the immediate firing of FBI director James Comey for his dishonesty & inept job performance.
Do you think can trust FBI director James Comey?
What is James Comey and the F.B.I. trying to tell us (or not)?
there is no statement from James Comey!!! This could b fake news
FBI director, James Comey, asked Justice Dept to reject such an assertion b/c the claim is false
James Comey needs 2 b fired. He has no credibility. I get dizzy trying 2 figure out which way the wind is blowing today in his world!
a woman but will happily ignore the worst facts about a man. Much like Bill Clinton pointed out, James Comey cost Hillary th…
James Comey is tell the bird the scope of his investigation. I heard that dog whistle
Proposed Constitutional Amendment:. Repeal everything in the document, put James Comey & Anthony Kennedy in charge. . Cut out the middle men
FBI director James Comey coming to BC for cybersecurity talk. FireEye Laura Galante is there too via
C'mon Nicholas, you are not serious. James Comey is one of them.
James Comey needs to treat Trump like he treated .
Donald Trump is NOT the LEGITIMATE president-elect! James Comey, Vladimir Putin, Voter Suppression, & election rigging put him into office!
As FBI agents close in on taking Donald Trump down, James Comey is no longer in control
James Comey was General Counsel for Bridgewater Associates (CIA corporation), Board Member of HSBC (CIA Bank)
Opinion | James Comey's behavior looks worse and worse ...Purge the of rogue traitors
Let's go for Rudy Guliani, James Comey and Carter Page too.
BREAKING: James Comey is about to release a letter about the Falcons.
Donald Drumpf reportedly plans to keep James Comey as FBI director via
I will never forgive James Comey or the news outlets that turned an election about stopping a monster into an election abou…
James Comey, the controversial FBI director many believe handed the election to Trump, will be interviewed at on 3/13. I'll be there.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has more credibility than James Comey of the FBI!!!
Uh huh. . Well, I'm sure we can just take James Comey's word for it. Given that he was so dead on about those emails... ht…
Bernie Sanders: fighting hard to protect health care. Bill Clinton: calling friends to complain about James Comey & Russi…
Trump just literally blew a kiss to James Comey at a WH reception for law enforcement
Thank God for James Comey, otherwise we would still be importing 450+ Muslims from hostile countries under Crooked…
At best, James Comey is an unscrupulous actor with no regard for norms or the country. At worst, he's a traitor.
James Comey kept a copy of the MLK wiretap request on his desk as a reminder of the FBI's capacity to do wrong:
Like Chris Cillizza, I'm still bummed that James Comey besmirched the great organization of Clarice Starling and El…
Bernie Sanders says 'it would not be a bad thing' if FBI boss James Comey resigned
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