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James Cameron

James Francis Cameron (born August 16, 1954) is a Canadian film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer, screenwriter, visual artist and editor.

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Terminator will return in 2019 with the help of James Cameron via
I liked a video James Cameron & Tim Miller on 'Terminator' Reboot & Dangers of Artificial
Lynda Carter to James Cameron: 'Stop dissing Wonder Woman, you poor soul'
Lynda Carter goes after James Cameron for his Wonder Woman comments
Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter is so done with James Cameron's nonsense
Lynda Carter, who played the original Wonder Woman in the 1970s' show, has slammed filmmaker James Cameron
Lynda Carter wants James Cameron to stop with all this ‘Wonder Woman’ talk:
Lynda Carter calls out James Cameron's "thuggish jabs" at Gal Gadot and
Lynda Carter slams James Cameron for his 'Wonder Woman’ criticism.
Lynda Carter hits back at James Cameron's 'thuggish jabs' -
Lynda Carter calls out James Cameron: STOP dissing 'Wonder Woman' with your 'thuggish jabs'…
Lynda Carter calls out James Cameron over his 'thuggish' Wonder Woman criticism
James Cameron stands by his controversial 'Wonder Woman' remarks.
James Cameron is not backing down about his criticisms of Wonder Woman
James Cameron is still full of hot air. Now Avatar 2-5? I remember blue people. Does that make the movie memorable?
James Cameron is unrepentant over 'Wonder Woman' criticism, says it was not grounbreaking...JEALOUS MUCH NEITHER WAS Titanic LMAO 😂🤣
James Cameron has some more things to say about Wonder Woman
I got bad news about some other James Cameron movies
Will James Cameron play Hugh Hefner in the biopic
James Cameron is so salty that was a cultural phenomenon and he didn't make it. 🙄
Man really hating James Cameron right now why pick a DC film ?
James Cameron on the writer's room: "We're gonna make 3 really f—ing great movies"
James Cameron Sounds the Alarm on Artificial Intelligence and Unveils a 'Terminator' for the 21st Century - The Hollywood Reporter
James Cameron: "Technology has always scared me, and it's always seduced me ... the machines have already won."
Cameron: Trump ‘Psychotic, Delusional’ for Pulling Out of Paris. NO CLIMATE worshiper. We don't donate to ur church
“Hey, I’m James Cameron from Avatar, and you’re watching Disney Channel.”
James Cameron's comments concerning are sexist and totally ridiculous. His movies feature the s…
True Lies, Abyss, Strange Days... This is starting to sound like a James Cameron issue more than a rights issue.
James Cameron on asking his ex-wife to come back to franchise: "Took me a week just to get up the nerve"
James Cameron just does not know when to close his cake-hole. Seriously, from one Jim to another, please do us all…
James Cameron has confirmed that Linda Hamilton will be returning alongside Arnie for They'll be back 7/26…
TERMINATOR 6 Will Be a Direct Sequel to T2 -. and the rest of the films won't be considered canon! Details:
Watch James Cameron and Tim Miller announce Linda Hamilton's involvement and more! . . https:/…
.cover: and Tim Miller talk the return of Linda Hamilton and their plans for new the https…
James Cameron on returning to "What was science fiction in the '80s is now imminent." https:/…
this could easily become like Battle Angel Alita was for James Cameron
They even said Tim Miller sent James Cameron the Deadpool script, he loved it, & said he should do the movie.
First look at James Cameron's new "Avatar 2" cast angles for a younger audience
Advancing sex technologies "James Cameron Unveils a 'Terminator' for the 21st Century ... - Hollywood Reporter"
If you aren't aware of the many benefits of pea protein, you should really jump on my Healthy Happy Hour FB live...
I liked a video James Cameron doubles down on Wonder Woman criticism
I forgot James Cameron married Linda Hamilton then divorced her after 2 years cause she wasn't sexual enough for hi…
After watching the James Cameron & Tim Miller interview w/ i think anybody excited for Deadpool 2 should be scared…
When you read a James Cameron quote and get angry - because you never actually noticed how sexualized Sarah Connor imagery…
Most people don't get hyped "Oh, it's a James Cameron film!" like they do with Nolan. They just absorb w…
Well, James Cameron isn't wrong about WW. It's exactly Raquel Welch. A cheese story with a babe done right. Can't argue that.
James Cameron on bringing back "This is a continuation of the story from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2"
James Cameron on Wonder Woman: "Not breaking ground. They had Raquel Welch doing stuff like that in the '60s"
Steven Spielberg and James Cameron did not go to film school. Here's a bonus puzzle about filmmaking:…
Lol he's even ahead of James Cameron and Christopher Nolan
The next Terminator will be the first since T2 to bring back James Cameron and the original Sarah Connor
Okay... Color me interested in James Cameron's "Terminator 6" reboot.
Linda Hamilton is ready to step back into Sarah Connor's shoes for a new James Cameron sequel:
Burton have a goalkeeper called Connor Ripley. Guess his parents were big James Cameron fans.
Terminator 2's James Cameron, Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1992 MTV M…
A new Terminator movie with James Cameron to produce, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton to star and picks up from T2:…
James Cameron confirms Linda Hamilton will return for Terminator 6
Well this is the only way to get me excited about a sixth Terminator film. Nicely played James Cameron.
is LIVE - Linda Hamilton Joins 3 Terminator Sequels from James Cameron & Tim Miller
Ok so if Linda Hamilton is coming back, and Arnie, and James Cameron maybe the new film is worth some interest? Kind of?
James Cameron says Linda Hamilton will return to the Terminator franchise:
Exclusive: Linda Hamilton set to return to franchise, James Cameron and also involved
James Cameron producing. Arnie. Linda Hamilton. Film continue off from second film. Is this the terminator film we've all be…
Excl: Linda Hamilton set to return to new TERMINATOR movie from Tim Miller & James Cameron
i want to be Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarintino, James Cameron, William Goldman, & Martin Scorsese all mixed into one.
We don't want a rehash of Return of the Jedi. Hire anybody but JJ to direct Episode IX. Give us Peter Jackson or James Cameron.
I liked a video James Cameron fights Paul Newman
stop teasing us and get to work on VR. Although we do love Avatar.
James Cameron's foray into webcomic adaptations
is just trolling for attention now. matters to many of us even if James Camer…
Like I thought James Cameron's rant re Wonder Woman was kinda fair. I like my female crime fighters…
"Louis Tomlinson lowkey shading Trump - saying we need more female superheroes on national radio". Actually he is shading James Cameron.
James Cameron on Terminator 2, Avatar and the future of cinema | WIRED UK
You killed an alien for that heel. Uh oh James Cameron.
I agree with almost all of the time.
Poor 2nd half. Game changed when Kyel Reid was taken off... Why did John McGreal bring on Cameron James when we needed a goal
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James Cameron is a creepy old poop, but let's not act like it's only men who think strong female characters have to be dark and troubled.
"There is no right and wrong kind of powerful woman." -
When will the "isn't great" chorus ever stop? Also, please point out an ugly male superhero, Hadley.
Male Hollywood type James Cameron dismisses ‘Wonder Woman’ as just more male Hollywood BS
"Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own." James Cameron
Then James Cameron needs to sit down, and allow WOMEN to speak for women, whic…
She's right, I didn't think Wonder Woman did anything for women past the lead character for 5 minutes.
James Cameron's criticism comes from a mouth who has vowed to love 4 women to death do them part. All l…
Where did Arnold Schwarzenegger famous phrase "Hasta la vista" come from.
He’ll be back just as soon as he finishes his indie franchise, Avatar.
Hey look, a measured and reasonable response... In 2017!
Today's column is about the time I missed story that was literally right in front of my face
I think I see James Cameron in there. 😄
"I know this list exposes my taste in drama - crime - but the female leads are phenomenal with actors of talent ..."
James Cameron Needs to Sit Down and Take a Lesson From 1 of the Most Iconic Films Made For Women via
New post ('Wonder Woman' Director Patty Jenkins Slams James Cameron's ...) has been published on -…
Bravesheart you might want to read the follow-up article by the…
09-02 Could David Cameron's junk food ad ban force ITV to CANCEL the X Factor and
Five-star prospect Cameron Reddish has committed to Duke. He’s the player I wrote about earlier this week.
The journalist who did the original James Cameron/Wonder Woman interview has published a response titled "Is Wonder Woman
You don't have to think Wonder Woman is a master piece to think James Cameron shouldn't be the arbiter of what's a step back fo…
The Guardian: My interview with James Cameron prompted outrage – but is Wonder Woman worth the fuss?
In a race...James Cameron was just inches ahead of Michael Bay in the fight for champion. Where Bay lacked was the intricacy aka the details
I've just learned... and I am SO EMBARRASSED... that James Cameron, not Ridley Scott, directed (and wrote)
Hardly likely to be re used in The Telegraph. One of the best modern journalists in the James Cameron tradition.
The whole James Cameron vs Wonder Woman thing, I'd be curious if you stacked up both films and their investors, how progressive either are
Did you know that our can train a new James Cameron? fun will enhance the kid's imaginations. 🔽.
'God Revolves Around Aliens' by ( this song was very influenced by the James Cameron & Ridley Scott f…
James Cameron's Titanic continues to make its mark -- this time in the music world!
Turns out, James Cameron criticized Wonder Woman because she was glamorizing Heroine Chick.
Happy birthday Earl Cameron, UK cinema's first black star, still going strong at 100 years old
Incomes of highest-paid rose fastest under Labour. The lowest-paid did the worst. Under Osborne and Cameron, the reverse…
I think of James Cameron exclusively as "that dude who didn't manage to hold Kathryn Bigelow down."
I want to hear James Cameron's thoughts on feminism about as much as I want to see two more Avatar movies
I think it's high time James Cameron lost his next Oscar to his ex wife again.
James Cameron criticized Wonder Woman for ""objectifying"" its female lead, and I am here with RECEIPTS.
If only James Cameron had put this level of thought into the *script* of Avatar.
*** white guys of the week. - . - James Cameron . - White Supremacists . And as always, our chief *** is
If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success. - James Ca…
Women do not need James Cameron to spell out what is/isn't objectification. .
📷 crmjewelers: On the prowl and Ready 👑 Everyone has their number one, for me its the James Cameron in...
James Cameron thinks the Wonder Woman film is "a step backwards". & I discuss this & more!
That time James Cameron used tape to make special effects on
While we are on the subject of James Cameron lecturing us on great storytelling... unobtanium . Back to the forest, James.
Anyone know how I can get these photos to James Cameron??
James Cameron has created some of the strongest female characters in film history. Not using our he…
oh my god I found a movie abt the britannic that is basically a cheap ripoff of the james cameron titanic
"When all our perspectives are from the white male point of view, we see a skewed world.".
It kinda cracks me up James Cameron was tryna have a *** measuring contest with people who have no *** over "feminist" movies
whatever- i was once a Teacher's Aide at James Bay…
TMZ video of LeBron James (and Rich Paul/Cameron Reddish) offers a glimpse at how Klutch Sports operates. COLUMN:. https…
Is Wonder Woman is "a step backwards"?. The discuss that in part 1 of this week's podcast h…
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins fires back at James Cameron for saying the film is a "step backwards" for women
"He is not a woman" - Director Patty Jenkins fires back after James Cameron calls "Wonder Woman" a "step backwards"…
Patty Jenkins reminds James Cameron that “strong women” aren't all the same
James Cameron why Patty Jenkins' is an "objectified icon" tho...Okayyy
Patty Jenkins to James Cameron: Men and women are the same, can be everything. . Reality to mankind: No.
I can't believe the 'drama' surrounding James Cameron and Wonder Woman... it's a garbage film. Patty Jenkins wants to question James Cameron
Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron: 'He doesn't understand Wonder Woman'
An interesting reply from Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman, to criticism of the film from director James Cameron. What…
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Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron for mansplaining 'strong' women via
The director of 'Wonder Woman' responds to James Cameron calling her film 'a step backwards' via
James Cameron will think twice before messing with Wonder Woman again. . .
James Cameron said "Wonder Woman" was a "step backwards", this is how Patty Jenkins responded . https:…
QUEEN would like James Cameron to STFU about ‘Wonder Woman’ (preach!!)
Patty Jenkins responds to James Cameron's criticisms: he has an "inability to understand what is"…
Patty Jenkins has responded to James Cameron's criticism of
Patty Jenkins' response to James Cameron 👌 she did THAT
'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins fires back at James Cameron
How are women going to know if a film is good without James Cameron telling them? I will 'splain this…
Once again James Cameron acting like he's the best filmmaker ever; Wonder Woman is a better female character than t…
James Cameron says 'Wonder Woman' is “an objectified icon”
James Cameron practically rewrote Pocahontas but with aliens and thinks he has a say in Wonder Woman
James Cameron says objectified its star and was "a step backwards" from Sarah Connor
James Cameron on "She’s an objectified icon, and it’s just male Hollywood doing the same old thing"
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I wrote this about James Cameron while covering the 2010 Oscar campaign. Thought of it today when I saw his Wonder Woman
I mean, with all due respect, the fact that James Cameron can't see how Sarah Conner led to Wonder Woman and how they're…
I mean no disrespect when I say I can't imagine why I would value James Cameron's opinion of Wonder Woman.
Phew! I was feeling empowered, but thank goodness James Cameron stepped in and mansplained how I should feel watching Wond…
James Cameron called the standalone female superhero film "a step backwards" for Hollywood.
Hey Wonder Woman is not a "step backwards" & women don't need you to tell us what is/is not empowering. ht…
It's a fine movie, and in some ways really powerful/progressive. There even moments of all-time greatness, and James Cameron is dumb.
"I'm glad I made all those movies about money not being important," sighs James Cameron as he tucks himself in with a blank…
James Cameron trash and so is Avatar
According to James Cameron, all the "back-patting Hollywood’s been doing over Wonder Woman has been so misguided." http…
James Cameron congratulating his ex wife Kathryn Bigelow on being the first female to win a best director Oscar. What a sup…
Do we genuinely care what James Cameron things about a female lead female directed film? I mean really who was his last fema…
James Cameron should probably shut his mouth forever after those Wonder Woman comments.
James Cameron: Wonder Woman objectified its star & was a step backwards. Small men just can't handle women who are both…
James Cameron says the film was a step backward for women...
James Cameron hasn't directed a great movie since Terminator 2.
I will never watch another James Cameron movie ever again.
James Cameron has this all wrong. makes me want to jump from my seat with excitement! It so empowering.
James Cameron, who turned the story of the Titanic into a chance to get Kate Winslet nude, complains about
James Cameron certainly knows what sells, but are we really gonna pretend he's a filmmaker for the ages?
I don't entirely agree with James Cameron's Wonder Woman remarks, but I shall defend unto death my right not to give a…
James Cameron kept tweaking his Na'Vi aliens, asking his all-male crew over and over, "Would you want to do her?"
James Cameron has time to talk about Wonder Woman but not enough time to side with me in my argument on the titanic…
Somebody tell James Cameron the only reason we saw Avatar was to see it in the new 3D, before we knew enough to know we hat…
James Cameron: 'Wonder Woman' was a 'step backwards'
Somewhere, James Cameron and Joss Whedon are in a bar, toasting their drinks and braggin…
Another thing that James Cameron did was call Kate Winslet "Kate Weighs-a-lot." So...shut up? Maybe?
James Cameron may have just proved the existence of a multiverse because there's no way in *** we're navigating the same rea…
James Cameron literally just went on about what I said about "strong female characters" eschewing femininity in my Arya Stark piec…
Remember how the world of James Cameron's "Avatar" looked like a blacklight poster from Spencer Gifts?
James Cameron: Wealthy person says something stupid. Everyone goes crazy. Meanwhile we have a maniacal dictator in th…
Me when James Cameron says that was "a step backwards":
Can we please all agree to stop talking to James Cameron?
Don't you have 10 Avatar movies to make for no one
James Cameron says ‘No one is talking about me rn so here goes nothin’
"Be careful in the world of men, Diana, for they do not deserve you.” . James Cameron proving how relevant
Okay but why is anyone paying attention to what James Cameron has to say about anything.
I'll take "James Cameron tries to mansplain feminism AND fails to understand womanhood" for $200, Alex.
I think Mr. James Cameron should take a step backwards! In the hands of & was anyt…
Lol. I wonder how many people who are angry at James Cameron know Steven Mnuchin was the Executive Producer of Wonder…
Is James Cameron arguing for female characters who are defined not just by their appearances, but by t…
James Cameron is the most overrated director of the past 30 years. Titanic trash, Terminator trash, Avatar trash.
James Cameron seems insane, seems insane he didn't have a truck driver operating the ship's wheel in 'Titanic'
James Cameron got the most famous line from Terminator 2 from Check out the story behind "Hasta La V…
James Cameron: I have 4 Avatar sequels planned. Nobody can match me in cinematic tedium. Hollywood executive: Hold my beer. ht…
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James Cameron approved of Terminator Genesis and George Lucas made the prequels so what's your point?
Twice in his career, James Cameron has made a perfect sequel, but ruined both of those franchises by making them in the first place.
'I've not retired!' Earl Cameron, UK's first black star, on Bond, racism – and turning 100
The war on wildlife over one food choice continues. There's a way to stop supporting the killing. Less beef= less... htt…
"James Cameron Says 'Terminator 2' as 'Timely as It Ever Was'" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
James Cameron on the lack of imagination in 'The Force Awakens,' how 'Alien: Covenant' was great and why Zack……
It may be the first of a possible trilogy from James Cameron.
director shares what he thought of Covenant!
Don't *** off Brolin Jimmy. If he don't want to be in Avatar then leave him the *** alone.
James Cameron says 'Terminator 2' as 'timely as it ever was'
MSU Sophomore's James Moore and Cameron Maddox transforming transportation in Starkville. They're bringing the Cowb…
James Cameron interview: 'Arnie was nervous about not killing anyone in Terminator 2' via
[Author: allison] Things don't sound too chummy between Josh Brolin and CGI-loving dire...
Providing T2 does the business, could be next in line for a 3D re-release -
He'll still see the next one, though.
Me neither honestly I just don't like James and I think Cameron is cute
Terminator 6: CONFIRMED for 2018 but he’s NOT the T-800 this time
Experience James Cameron's 2 in 3D starting August 25, exclusively at AMC! Tix:
It's time to write about Katheryn Bigelow (w or w/o James Cameron, she's still amazing + w/o tackling…
It is worth the martyrdom if it truly can stop James Cameron once and for all unlike Jason no on…
No be quiet James Cameron almost heard you there!
First was George Lucas that it was Steven Spielberg now James Cameron
“Don’t you do that, don’t say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me?”. Titanic (1997) dir. James Cameron
'Avatar': James Cameron confirms villain of sequels – NovaMage |
Avatar 2: James Cameron confirms chief villain will also appear in 3, 4 and 5 — The Independent
Chief villain to return in Avatar sequels, confirms James Cameron
James Cameron to visit Australia, Japan and New Zealand and Most probably India to promote which releases on 25 August.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, & James Cameron on the set of Titanic, 1997
Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 will all have the same villain, James Cameron reveals
James Cameron is handing out Avatar sequels like an 80s movie high-school principal hands out detention. "YOU WANNA MAKE IT SI…
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James Cameron to come to Mumbai for 'Terminator 2', Bollywood stars to attend premiere - Mid-Day
When legendary directors like James Cameron say Zack Snyder inspires him. Who do the Russo…
Snyder,whedon,and James Cameron were on my wishlist for directors of JL. At least two came true. Way hyped for JL
Kathryn Bigelow is just as good of a director as her former husband James Cameron
James Cameron to make doc, continue to sell the lie that they both couldn’t have fit on that piece of wood
i'm now making a thread where people can reply with their unpopular opinions on the filmographies of James Cameron & Paul Verhoeven
Lance Henriksen talks ‘Flashback Weekend’, working with James Cameron and more
Lance Henriksen talks 'Flashback Weekend', working with James Cameron and more - WGN Radio
Why the Real IRA was shocked to see James Cameron
We should do a T2-only episode when this comes out on August 25. More info here:
Not so “secret” bid? There will be other bidders too $PRXIQ James Cameron launches bid to rescue Titanic artefacts
Probably one of the films by James Cameron I have rewatched the most...
papam James Cameron ani zoners ni cover cheylekpoyadu hope he covers next time thanks bunny for ur valuable suggestion
Father Peter falls for a forbidden love!.
Avatar 2 will mark a historic first for cinema
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
James Cameron's Spider-Man: the greatest superhero movie never made?
Cameron never did negotiate with the EU, it was all a con, he never had any intentions of getting a better deal for th…
director James Cameron has launched a 'rescue mission' to bring the ship's treasures back to the UK
I wanna know why theres going to be a 3rd, 4th and 5th installment of Avatar. Why is James Cameron so extra.
James Cameron better come through with that Avatar Sequel. I would've asked for a Titanic sequel too, but that's asking for too much.
Celebrate the 26th anniversary of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY by listening to us shower it with praise on
to help us wish TE Cameron Brate a happy birthday!.
James Cameron pitched the movie Titanic to studios to get them to fund his diving expedition, not because he wanted to make the movie
James Cameron: "TERMINATOR 2 is headed back to the big screen!". Me: "Cool!". James Cameron: "In 3-D!". Me: "...oh."
James Cameron launches bid to rescue Titanic artefacts
It's James Cameron guys, it's great cinema. Ya know... Aliens, Terminator? Oh wait,…
James Cameron launches bid to rescue Titanic artefacts. . Oh my God!
James Cameron launches bid to rescue Titanic artefacts. .
TIL James Cameron pitched the movie Titanic to the movie studios so that they would fund his diving expedition; no…
"Anyone who is genuinely concerned with the poor is a supporter of capitalism." —Ann McElhinney
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Will James Cameron and Robert Ballard save the Titanic artefacts?
Man, i really want Jake Gyllenhaal as Peter Parker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Jane, and directed by James Cameron.
Bourne Identity, starring Neve Campbell and Casey Affleck. Directed by James Cameron, music by Sisqo. Budget: $100m
James Cameron: Director of Avatar and Titanic. Kirk Cameron: 80's child star…
What Would the Ocean Say? - a short film by James Cameron launched on
I'm sorry you've been lead to believe James Cameron created Terminator and Wachowski Brothers created The Matrix…
Gary you'd be better served watching the second half of James Cameron's aliens than vids of fat bellew
James Cameron was a great man, Kilgore, Sulphur Springs, etc. left us too early in life. Proud for his family.
Double Indemnity, starring Ed Harris and Julie Walters. Directed by James Cameron, music by Graham Coxon. Budget: $75m
Unpopular Opinion: Someone should take the Alien franchise away from Ridley Scott and give it back to James Cameron. HMU
I think she should have to watch James Cameron's Avatar over and over and over again too...
Watch Bob Iger and James Cameron hold a dedication ceremony for now open at Disney's Animal Kingdom: https:…
VIDEO: Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron react on new "Avatar" ride at Walt Disney World via
The real Jack Dawson? Man suing James Cameron for allegedly stealing his life story for Titanic…
Central FL man sues James Cameron for $300 million -- says Leo DiCaprio character in Titanic is based on him.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
James Cameron stole the life story of a Florida man who worked ...
Titanic director James Cameron sued by Florida man who claims he inspired the love story.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron are making a new Terminator film
They are making a live action movie of Alita: Battle Angel written by James Cameron. I'm ...surprised.
And by Tuesday dangal will cross james Cameron avatar. 😝
Great job Celine Dion I wish James Cameron would have seen it he would be very proud great job
James Cameron has finally come up with a plausible explanation for an elderly Terminator
The Abyss? It's gotta be The Abyss. It's gotta be why you love James Cameron so much.
Morning its on the the year James Cameron's was Huge! & we lost the peoples princess.
James Cameron is an artistic genius 💕
So Arnold is back as Terminator and James Cameron is producing? Producing as in he will be texting the film crew "g…
Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back for Terminator 6
Miley is one James Cameron film away from knocking on Celine's back door
James Cameron's 'Avatar' getting an 8-movie reboot after sequels release.
Why didn't James Cameron make a sequel to Titanic? He did for The Terminator and he's making some for Avatar.
'Arnold Schwarzenegger is Back' with another The Terminator Movie and James Cameron will produce this one.
"The Jacques Cousteau shows actually got me very excited about the fact that there's an alien world here on Earth." -- James Cameron
Schwarzenegger says he'll be back for 'Terminator' sequel with James Cameron.
Excited to hear confirms he'll BE BACK in James Cameron's produced T6! “I will b…
i mean. HR GIGER: the star beast is an ever-shifting projection of one's sexual fears and mortality. JAMES CAMERON: what if…
LeBron James named the recipient of the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for his community service efforts.
"Aliens come down. You have one game to save humanity. Who's your first pick in the history of the world? This LeBron James."—…
Terminator 6: They send a computer back to delete James Cameron's Screenplay.
Arnold Schwarzenegger & JAMES CAMERON RETURNING FOR NEW TERMINATOR MOVIE. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back for...
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