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James Brown

James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist.

Maxine Waters Funky Drummer Michael Jackson Bobby Byrd George Michael Isaac Hayes Cold Sweat Frank Sinatra Little Richard Bruno Mars Tina Turner Keith Richards David Axelrod Nina Simone Bob Marley Marvin Gaye Wilson Pickett

as if they won't be next. Michael Jackson, James Brown, O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Mel Rynolds, Ray Rice, and others
James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Sade, Andre 3000, Kendrick and Three 6 Mafia all I been vibin too lately. Lol
Hi to everyone on tonight!. Hope U R feeling better than James Brown. . We're all busy with all kindsa stuff, mi…
Anderson paak kinda sound like young James Brown to me
Get on the Good Foot by James Brown 1972 Polydor 1st Press 2xLP
I need a hype man in my life like Bobby Byrd was to James Brown
Ugly too, like her partner in crime, Corrine Brown! I do believe James Brown could be their biological father!
I put on my cape and pretend I'm James Brown. Hah!
I hear a James Brown tune. I knew that I would now.
Looks like James Brown's crazy sister is at it again with her hate and lies:
James Brown talking rubbish,does he really think Utd don't have a scouting network in EFL looking for worldie
Joshua Flipping Ledet killing THAT James Brown song. You know which one lol
Make no mistake,your James Brown wig is on crooked☺️
You Maxine Waters is the joke How in the *** did a drag queen W/ a James Brown wig win a seat in con…
Maybe they thought she was James Brown, having risen from the dead. Hollywood is filled with ***
Then y not use James Brown, Bob Marley etc. Beyoncé's costumes r not sexy ? like I said he had no apologies for his…
"Diggin on James Brown" by Tower of Power. Vocals by Donna Gray
Been so stuck on album! Feels like Zapp and Roger, Ready for the World, Jamiroquai, and James Brown but oh so Bruno! 🔥🔥
When O'Reilly said Waters' hair looks like James Brown did you call for him to be fired? But vile Colbert is your…
Trumpet king Randy Brecker has graced hundreds of albums with everyone from James Brown to Frank Sinatra. Tix:…
Maxwell Waterpick is a James Brown impersonator! & she sells nose candy to Nancy Poosay!
This man is jamming for us at He is a Legend: Lee Robert Coleman played with James Brown
At 76, Beverly Watkins is still the queen of blues 🎸. Though she played with James Brown back in the day, her style…
...also the Chief Police officer looks like the lovechild of Esther Rantzen and James Brown - interesting hairdo...
So dope ! Imagine being at this concert. Thanks ". Luciano Pavarotti & James Brown - It's a man's world " http…
Hey dog face, you look like the offspring of James Brown and Wesley snipes. Now sit down and shut up while the adults work
Joan Biaz! Peter, Paul and Mary! Aretha! Curtis & The Impressions, James Brown and Sam Cooke, all said, 'be true to what you said on paper.'
Wow - that's pre-James Brown hair... back when she had Tina Turner hair. 😂
OMG, Dumbest person ever. Korea? DCCC? Dade County Comm College? & it still looks like James Brown wig. .
Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown. You will always live in our heart.
The civil aftermath of this will be like Prince, Whitney Houston, and James Brown combined into one big CF. Shameful.
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Bruno Mars is the love child of Micheal Jackson, Lionel Richie and James Brown. So Good.
What we really like White People take. I'll take you back: Lionel, Tina, Michael, they took James Brown but gave him back - Paul Mooney
Bill O'Reilly gonna get himself a James Brown wig he can wear when he goes to cash his…
Bill O'Reilly has been fired from Fox.And on behalf of the Black community, I present Bill with a James Brown wig as a pa…
From Jackie Robinson to James Brown and now THE BLACK PANTHER! This brother is hitting licks! Legendary roles only. http…
I performed on a stage James Brown, Little Richard, Donna Summers, Tina Turner, etc performed on back in the day.
They take things you like: they took Lionel Ritchie, they took Tina Turner, they took James Brown...but they gave him back.
.Published on Jun 2, 2016. Prince , Michael Jackson and James Brown together in A LEGENDARY REMIX. Please subscribe and share
Joe just said he threw his back out on stage and I really wanna pull some James Brown antics for him.
James Brown's son Jackson was kind of a disappointment, kind of like Eagle Eye Cherry's son Buck.
Ain’t gonna bump no more. Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's 'Funky Drummer,' passes on at 73:
I liked a video James Brown and the Original JB’s (with Bootsy Collins) italian TV-show 1971
Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's 'Funky Drummer,' Dead at 73 How did I miss this?? R.I.P.…
Groovin' to some James Brown in honor of the late great Clyde Stubblefield. 🙌🏻…
On April 5, 1968, a concert film starring James Brown was recorded at the Boston Garden the night after the...
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The social impact of culture: On April 5, 1968 - the day after Martin Luther King's assassination - James Brown...
This day in 1968, James Brown brought calm to Boston after the assassination of Martin Luther King…
James Brown, good stuff. Haven't heard his stuff for a bit.
What a great pic!! . Keith Richards, James Brown and John Belushi❤️. Than…
Dude looks like James Brown! Can't believe knuckle-dragging Libtards of her SoCal distr…
James Brown teachin Johnny Carson a little sumthin sumthin. Enjoy ur Sunday and two-step into this next week.
The James Brown performance in ROCKY IV doesn't last the whole movie.
I hope this happens so you eat and choke your James Brown joke, . Your Irish *** fo…
I didn't hear a word you said... I can't get past that James Brown hair do. What the *** is wrong with your hair, bro?
We have to do something. This has to end! Who cares if Ivanka has an office in WH, Maxine Waters is really James Br…
"I mean, what kind of man is Bill O'Reilly?" -jen, over cereal, while listening to James Brown.
my ma and her BF in here fussing abt whether or not James Brown had actual lyrics in his music or just screamed the whole time 😂😂😂
SO glad I watched James Brown on Letterman after listening to your conversation with Paul Shaffer!
And that era of live shows are my favorite. Big band with a James Brown drive. Sounds so good.
Congresswoman is our political style muse.
I wish I had James brown like footwork.. 🤔
that's a lot of cheese for an innocent man to pay out. Perhaps it's your hair, try a James Brown wig.
Unlike James brown she ain't feeling good 😂
Was O'rille's James Brown comment about Maxine Waters a linguistic kill shot? Libs made it worse by talking about it. Al I see is James hair
I know Bill likes James Brown. Here's one for him: "It's a Man's Man's Man's World"...
Thugger is our James Brown, I'm ready to war with anyone over that.
People make fun of Trump's hair 24/7 and now pointing out Maxine Waters buys her wigs at the James Brown store is an outr…
Applying for jobs in the Economic Zone of America... James Brown. Maxine Waters.
This is US b/c of Sleepy eyes, James Brown wig, blood coming out her eyes, Clinton needs to smile more & do…
Kinda like saying Maxine Waters wears a James Brown wig is just poking fun at her ugly wig?
Will someone tell James Brown to shut his pie hole.
Ooh I want to play April Fool's Day! "I just saw something honest on C…
Peep the ep of my podcast on our top 5 sample flips from James Brown, David Axelrod, Bob James & Isaac Hayes!.
.on Maxine does NOT look like James Brown. Stop that! is a farce. Why w…
A new favorite: James Brown Old School Beat by Professor301 on
Good grief, he was joking, besides James Brown had nice hair. Dont see the insult!
James brown kinda just yelled random stuff over beats. Got out of hand a lot. Couldn't understand hi…
They called Young Thug the James Brown of rap lol
I think they were talking about O'Reilly at that point who said Maxine Wat…
Bill O'Reilly is a big mouth blowhard. Put a James Brown wig on him and he's still and ignorant RACIST Rapist! Fox…
Her wig did look like a james brown one tho
James Brown spoke 2 The Neighborhoods in `68 to cool out the Riots and when he supported Reagan? Let The Man Rest in Peace
This lovely picture of Shoreham has been sent to us by James Brown.
Maxine Waters' hair does not look like James Brown's. April Fools.
Our lives, our hair, and our voices are not a joke. This country was built on the backs of Black women.
Aretha Franklin is truly the Queen of soul music. James Brown was the King of funk and soul. We need to hear that … h…
This my projected top 5 for mesquite prom :. 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. . 5.
James Brown of tells about complaints of "chattels blindspot" in divorce settlements (
Love this footage from a 1971 Italian TV show featuring James Brown, Bobby Byrd and The J.B.'s.
Discover 100+ years of history at the Kennedy Farm, from John Brown to James Brown, at the on 4/1:
Bill O'Reilly apologized for his "James Brown wig" comment about Maxine Waters. Then he went on the attack.
.said Congresswoman Maxine Waters' hair looks like she's wearing a James Brown wig. James Brown is on the…
FFS, are we still insulting the hairstyles of women instead of talking about the substance of their arguments?
That O'Reilly insulted is typical of him. That he compared her hair to a man (James Brown) is historically pa…
WATCH: On Fox and Friends, Bill O'Reilly on : "I didn't hear a word she said, I was looking at the James Brown wi…
I never thought of Bill O'Reilly as being funny, but saying Maxine Waters hair looks like a 'James Brown wig' is absolutely H…
Bill O'Reilly is correct. Maxine Waters has James Brown wig.
It's ok to call Kellyanne Sewer Rat Barbie but not ok to say Maxine Waters hair looks like a James Brown wig 👌🏻
Bill O'Reilly compared Maxine Waters hair to James Brown's wig.RT if you are laughing & agreeing w him! You're racist accordin…
Hey O'Reilly, Carl Bernstein had on that same *** "James Brown Wig" when he took down Nixon. Seems like that look wo…
Bill O'Reilly apologizes after mocking Rep. Maxine Waters by saying she has a "James Brown wig" http…
Read the full transcript of his racist remarks against Rep. Maxine Waters here:
Congresswoman gave a passionate speech about democracy. Then Bill O'Reilly said her hair looks like "a James Bro…
When will Nasty Black Racist Maxine Waters finally get voted out of office? Wake up California! Get rid of this James Brown Lookalike
Maxine Waters Fires Back at Bill O'Reilly for "James Brown wig" Joke via
I think Wayers is mad cuz James Brown was -- no lie -- a Republican.
If only James Brown were still alive to chase Bill O'Reilly with a shotgun.
Guess his comment got off on the wrong foot. Let's put it on the good foot! Don't insult…
.and her James Brown wig need a comedy show...cuz this woman's a JOKE. https:/…
4. Bill O'Reilly dismisses WoC US rep. Waters and says he can't listen to her "because of her James Brown wig"
O'Reilly the racist *** HOLE: O'Reilly's has paid millions to his former producer to settle a sexual harassment suit
How is comparing Maxine Water's hair to James Brown's "racist" More from the Most Fake Name In News htt…
Maxine Waters responds to Bill O'Reilly's 'wig' insult: 'I cannot be intimidated'
I just heard about Bill O Reilly's joke about Maxine Waters' hair looking like a James Brown wig. HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂
I'm black, and I thought it was hilarious. She indeed DOES have a James Brown wig. -VJ
insulted James Brown he's much prettier than
This is...disgusting. "I didn't hear a word she said bc of the 'James Brown wig.'" This is racist, degrading, and…
🤔 can't hear a word that Maxine Waters is saying because of her, "James Brown wig." But he hears EVERYTHIN…
a. Its a wig. b. It looks like James Brown. c. The wig has greater intelligence & more knowledge than "Bill O'Rei…
Also, he chose James Brown, a man, for the comparison on purpose. Misogynoir. WW wear wigs & he wouldn't say it like that.
She really does have James Brown hair, guys
Bill O’Reilly apologizes to Maxine Waters for comparing her hair to "James Brown wig"
OReilly owes an apology to James Brown
Bill O'Reilly said Maxine has a James Brown Wig on and the left is triggered ? . More Proof that Liberals hate FACTS ! 😂 htt…
No, it's not racist. Bill O'Reilly is right. Maxine Waters is a delusional clown with a James Brown wig on her head.
Mr. Paulus: "Michael Jackson got a lot of his moves from James Brown.". "OH! like the random screeching?!" 😂
Whoa— Bill O’Reilly says he couldn't hear what Maxine Waters said because he was distracted by her “James Brown wig” https:…
People call on Fox News to fire after he called hair a "James Brown wig."
In Glory I'd love to be a combination of Jonathan Edwards and James Brown. But maybe the Lord wants me just to be me, me like him. Glory.
. Whoa! entered the comedian arena? James Brown wig comment: When is he getting to the…
Racial overtones aside, O'Reilly nailed it with the James Brown wig. I mean spot on. Maybe Farah Fawcett without the length.
I loved James Brown's music. Maxine Waters lib *** .James Brown came to the arena in New Haven years ago and I we…
Bill O'Reilly hates wigs, ESPECIALLY James Brown wigs! What the *** s he supposed to drag women down the stairs by, t…
Sounds like Bill O'Reilly is the one who should be compared to James Brown - and at least Brown could fault PCP 🤔
James Brown had the finest of wigs by the way. They always had the perfect bump.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
James Brown, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Maceo Parker,... they are waiting on...
James Brown's Please Please Please will now go into rotation on karaoke nights in Capitol Hill bars.
James Brown radio on Pandora to start my day
😔 We are loosing our greats. Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown and now Chuck Berry are gone. Thankfully we still have Little Richard. 👌
Most of Lyn Collins’ musical career was at the service of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.…
Completely missed this: James Brown's Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield dies at 73
Let's play funky white man bingo...check off what you hear and Donald Fagen vox. James Brown rhythm...
it's like trying to argue that James Brown had a bigger impact on pop culture than MJ. We know JB is the father but MJ's reach
I dug Father John Misty on SNL but whatever that thing he did with his feet/body... not dancing. Somewhere, James Brown's shaking his head.
is like James Brown and his cape man, Danny Ray, rolled into one.
My Daddy is blaring random country songs, James Brown and Celine Dion. I am my father's daughter.
'With hints of James Bond, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and yes, it must be said, the Dan Brown novels...there isn’t a dull…
Nobody has averaged 25-8-8 since Michael Jordan in 1989. Westbrook, Harden, and James are all doing it this season.
How the art of the civil rights era moved a nation toward justice via
reeled off fast as poss. Kicking myself that I missed James Brown, Marvin Gaye, The Stooges and The Attack off the list...
The top 10 best video games of all time, by Pulled Apart By Horses' James Brown
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Gordon Brown who bailed out the banks? As Labour PM Gordon Brown... Not a Conservative G…
Extremely grateful and blessed to receive an offer from Brown University. Thank you to Coach Frisone and the Brown staff!
Can you recommend anyone for this Business Manager, Administration, James Graham Brown Cancer Center,... -
That's Woodstock 99. Weirdest lineup ever. James Brown opened that stage and Sheryl Crow was on right before DMX.
"I think James Comey should've been removed on January the 20th." ~ .
My music will go from Frank Sinatra to J Cole to AC/DC to DMX to James Brown to Guns N Roses. Always getting the weirdest looks
L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead (92) listen to MP3 Stream from RadioMaxMusic
"My expectations of other people, I double them on myself." . — James Brown.
Bianca is in here yelling like James brown 😂 I'm dying
I was watching (James Brown) get on up movie last night it was an interesting movie on BET
Where is that James Brown thing you posted? I can't find it! It may be user error.
Junkies dancing like they James brown 👯👯👯
Can you recommend anyone for this RN-Clinical Director, Outpatient Medical Oncology/BMT, James Graham... -
The relationship between the Democratic party and James Comey reminds me a lot of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
One of my Tuesday night football compatriots, has written a book, and a piece, about 5/7 a side...
Lunch, learn and network! TOMORROW at 12:30 p.m. at the PDEC. SAGE Brown Bag speaker is James Bishop, GT teacher...
Dude said your WCW look like James Brown when she get her hair done 😂😂😂
Waking up knowing you were added to a playlist alongside the legendary James Brown. U.K LOVE…
James Brown will get ya morning started off right
This evokes memories of my own 6-a-side glory with MK Mons. Those guys are a great constant in my life
8:36am I Got You by James Brown from Star Time - Mr. Dynamite
Listening to James Brown, drinking my iced coffee black, and inputting data like it's my job (which it is, but still)
this aint a "DMX concert" this is Woodstock 99. I love X, but SOME of that crowd there to see Muse, James Brown, Korn, R…
I rediscovered red headed stranger. got down with old James Brown. and found new grass revival. if you find your way back I owe you a beer
Football: the bond that lasts longer than many marriages
he doesn't play there anymore, he's happy so leave him be. Thanks for YOUR comment James
What’s your favorite (can be more than 1) James Brown and or related artists (JB’s, Lynn Collins, Bobby Byrd, etc) tracks?
yes...I used to say if James Brown and Bobby Brown had a baby it would be Chris Brown!
sir maybe u remember the beef between Joe Tex and James Brown. It's been going on for years
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bob Marley liked Exeter: James Brown had to get to Widnes
I feel nice, like sugar and spice ... James Brown - I Feel Good.
James Brown, Bobby Brown, Chris Brown, Orlando Brown. I'm not saying there's any correlation, but isn't it worth taking a…
Saul Williams: "My mom was rushed from a James Brown concert to give birth to me." 😎 @ 29:32
James Brown - "Cold Sweat" live. I just learned that Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield passed away on Saturday.
RIP Clyde Stubblefield, world-renowned drummer for James Brown. Funk simply wouldn't be Funk without this man >>…
SotD: Cold Sweat, James Brown, Live at the Olympia in Paris in 67. RIP Clyde Stubblefield. W/Jabo Starks.
He is on my song 2001...I got to thank him. RIP the ‘Funky Drummer’ for James Brown, Dies at 73 https:/…
one of James Brown's Funky Drummers made some of rap's most sampled beats & was in the documentary Copyright Criminals.
RIP Clyde Stubblefield. 'Funky Drummer' was sampled in 1,364 tracks, and counting:
RIP to one of the most influential musicians of the past 50 years, James Brown's Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield.
I added a video to a playlist James Brown - The Boss
Clyde Stubblefield - the man behind the Cold Sweat and Funky Drummer breaks for James Brown - has died aged 73.
(PS I all for James Brown pgms, just like, there are SO MANY SONGS to use)
RIP Clyde Stubblefield 🙏🙏 backbone of James Brown's rhythm section and easily the most sampled drummer in classic hip-h…
Jumps are not here for Julian tonight, but he wins at James Brown on Ice.
From spoken word sessions to street protests to iconic appearances by James Brown and Nina Simone, TV captured the voices of a…
Rest In Power to James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' Clyde Stubblefield, one of the most sampled musicians of all time.
Died today, Clyde Stubblefield, drummer best known for James Brown's iconic & often sampled "Funky Drummer" He was 73 y…
RIP Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's "Funky Drummer," who passed away today
Clyde Stubblefield, best known for playing on James Brown’s “Funky Drummer,” has died
James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' dies. He created one of the most widely sampled drum breaks ever..
The Mack by Willie Hutch. Shaft by Isaac Hayes. Black Caeser by James Brown. Superfly by Curtis Mayfield. Trouble Man b…
would u come to a James Brown themed bar run by me, vanessa, jake, eva, caroline, and maddie
This bold sunset was taken in Sittingbourne by Matt Edwards, and James Brown sent us this shot of Sheffield Park.…
Reminded me of Marvin, What's going on? James Brown, Say it Loud! Curtis, If U Had A Choice of Colors. O'Jays, Ship Ahoy.
this Prince tribute. Holy.. I'm so speechless. Not to mention that James Brown spin! He know what's up! Could watch all day
Do you see the LIGHT?! Whut light? James Brown, A young Chaka Khan, Dan Aykroyd & fab dancing by John Belushi!
“The future of the economy is in says James Brown, ex. director of the h…
Michael's hair at James Brown funeral. He did not come to play with one single ***
Chadwick Boseman is James Brown in the bio pic, 'Get On Up' (2014) with Nelsan Ellis as Bobby Byrd
James Brown was born poor in the woods of Barnwell, South Carolina and went to become the greatest entertainer of all time…
4. James Brown was higher than a cloud
Owl lino cut print by James Brown. Find more great prints by James in our shop and online …
good job w/ Allman Bros. playlist. I nominate James Brown for
Undercover Brother is a forgotten great, it had James Brown, Dave Chapelle, Billy D Williams, and a song by Snoop and Bootise Collins lol
Matter of fact i need every last one of these 2x James Brown and the Stevie wonder in a sweater, the other 2 in Long Slee…
no one more deserving of outstanding contribution to East Belfast than the legendary James Brown https:…
Many thanks to James Brown for his outstanding contribution to the Skainos Project as well as East Belfast. Hugely…
James Brown's 1963 version of Ivory Joe Hunter's "Waiting in Vain". From the album Prisoner of Love. …
Janelle Monáe review – a dizzy blend of James Brown, Prince and Jacko
James Brown and John Butler talk about Glasgow and Barren County basketball. Also, the…
Don't think I've ever wanted to punch someone so hard in the face than big brothers Stacy, she looks like James Brown on meth!
. '...Dennis Chambers had an offer to play with James Brown when he was just 13 years old '.
Music is universal I like Billy Joel also Frank Sinatra and James Brown and etc
I also ADORE how he got his idols to tour with him. Maceo Parker of James Brown fame is currently being spotlighted. "MACEO PAH-KAH!"
rock out to the James Brown classic "I Feel Good"
Funk Gets Stronger Week 36, spinning some Oneness of Juju, David Axelrod, Isaac Hayes and James Brown
James Brown decommits from Montana. Brown was just offered by ACU
No such thing as a "hardest working Chef" they all fickn crazy. ain't James Brown, but he do know how'…
The hilarious James Brown's *** has plagiarised Brown by pencilling a drawing of Dr. Lecter'.
Number 2 of . James Brown, Live at The Apollo, 1963. The live atmosphere on the album is totally magnetic, I…
I know I can pull of an Eric Estrada costume. But I think I can def do James Brown just based off the hair.
Just saw movie "Hidden Figures"James Brown described it best "It's a man's world but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl"
Reserve your seat for The James Brown Family Historical Tour this…
Yo! Mr. James Brown! 'Get Up, Get into It and Get Involved' by James Brown via
Take on Tuesday y'all! I'm still being annoyed by my cold but I will spend the day singing 🐸 with James Brown
The James Brown track that would sit happily on Ege Bamyasi:
The flu got me and I missed a few days of really moving around. I'm like James Brown..."I'm BAck!!"
Food for your soul. 32 inspiring stories of NFL players who overcame tremendous obstacles. James Brown, of "The...
1997 - James Brown got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
I think you should personally invite Prince, James Brown, Natalie Cole and George Michael to perform at your inauguration
Currently educating on the legend that is James Brown before united kick off!!.
Hanks and Howard Collaborate on Another Adaptation of a Dan Brown Best Seller RT
JUST ANNOUNCED: James Brown Dance Party at on 3/30. Tix on sale Friday at 10am! Link:…
James Brown said this "war!! what are we fighting for? nothing absolutely nothing!!" guess what it is still true today and always will be
The Isley Brothers always jumped to my mind with this. James Brown, Stevie also pointed out in replies.
As James Brown said..."that that feeling baby, can't help it"
Once you dedicate your life to God you'll live a better one.
'L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead' smashing it at ShoutDRIVE!
James Brown The Godfather of Soul live @ the Roundhouse, London 27th October 2006
⚽Live on Wednesday from 6.30pm: - Blackburn Rovers vs Aston Villa with Steve Brown & James Smith on:…
James Brown swag poppas got a brand new bag . idk how to act.
Who is better Al green or James brown?
he didn't do a James brown split. This *** busted a WHOLE one 😂😂😂
Got my 💩 together then I stepped up, got tired of people telling me I'm next up.
Still this day in 1997, James Brown was honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
I try to write in plain brown blocks of American speech but occasi...
The ice is forcing my to do the James Brown in the parking lot 😩
& 60s had Otis, Ray, Aretha, Etta, James Brown, Sam & Dave, Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett and the whole of Motown & Stax.
Pop raised me on Jerry Butler, James Brown, Johnnie Taylor, Sam and Dave and Bobby Blue Bland
Oh come on, it's like asking me if I heard of the king, James Brown, "I feel good",even Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder
'Get up and drive your funky soul, James Brown' Good favourite of Alex's
hiding history and saying just because you make a film about James Brown, one has seen them all like Wilson Pickett and Brown
Lou Donaldson covered a ballad that was a James Brown & The Famous Flames US chart hit. Find out which one here:
Now watching 'The Blues Brothers' . With James Belushi, Carrie Fisher, James Brown and lots of other great artist that are now gone.
Most likely a quote from SNL when Eddie Murphy was playing James Brown in a hot tub skit.
Listen to James Brown, Muhummad Ali, and young Spike Lee) THEREALPOPEYE1 FEAT by TheRealPopeye1 on
George Michael, James Brown & more music stars who died on Christmas
James Brown also left Cape Town City in October. Hard to settle in Cape Town?
Thinking about Miles Davis, David Ruffin, James Brown...the greats man. Very unhealthy men
Listening to thinking, *** Bruno Mars is like the modern James Brown *next track* no wait MJ *next track* no wait R Kelly. 🔥🔥
I can NEVER watch this & not cry!!. Michael Jackson honoring his Idol, James Brown, at the BET Awards. Man...
Once you hear my music and my voice, you'll hear IZ, Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Zapp & Roger, & 70's & 80's vibes
Funeral arrangements, obituary and more for James Brown are available on the Ellis Funeral Homes website:
Tune in: Tom Sachs made us a mix of essential songs by his hero, James Brown.
Remembering the James Brown who died 10 years ago
Many would credit George's showmanship as a part of their own careers, including James Brown, Little Richard, Liber…
whenever a huge star dies on Christmas Day, I enjoy it a tiny bit b/c it suits them. when else would James Brown go? same for George Michael
I used Clark Griswald, Buddy Hall, a leg lamp, Jake Elwood, James Brown and Robert Louis Stephenson. Do you see the light?
Godfathers of rock, soul & comedy. 1980. James Brown, who died today in 2006, at Studio 54, with Keith Richards)…
Today in 2006 died James Brown. Founding father of funk and often referred to as "Godfather of Soul". https…
James Brown, Charlie Chaplin, Dean Martin and W.C. Fields all died on Dec 25th. Merry Christmas!
Prince, James Brown, Rick James, & Maurice White are looking down from Heaven applauding Childish Gambino right now https:…
James Brown is starting to look like a giant version of Sherman Hemsley
I'm a fan girl: speaks about plywood and playlists, mortality and James Brown.
James Brown is a great moderator, but Michael Irvin / Brandon Marshall, I could care less what they think.
Studio Visit: speaks about everything from plywood and playlists to mortality and James Brown.…
met your good friend James Brown today and built a badass AR15. Rock on Uncle Ted!
Otis Redding x James Brown x Michael Jackson ... roll them up into one you got Bruno Mars.
James Brown was one of the first artists who found four bars that...
Love this rendition of Roy Head by has a super dope James Brown feel to it
yes, up on the couch working on today's playlist. Pink panther and James Brown santa in the ghetto.0:dark:30
SWV, Fat Joe, Jon B., Lenny Williams, Case, Dave Hollister After 7, and James Brown will be featured on the tenth seaso…
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