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James Brown

James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist.

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What’s your favorite (can be more than 1) James Brown and or related artists (JB’s, Lynn Collins, Bobby Byrd, etc) tracks?
yes...I used to say if James Brown and Bobby Brown had a baby it would be Chris Brown!
sir maybe u remember the beef between Joe Tex and James Brown. It's been going on for years
Bob Marley liked Exeter: James Brown had to get to Widnes
I feel nice, like sugar and spice ... James Brown - I Feel Good.
James Brown, Bobby Brown, Chris Brown, Orlando Brown. I'm not saying there's any correlation, but isn't it worth taking a…
Saul Williams: "My mom was rushed from a James Brown concert to give birth to me." 😎 @ 29:32
James Brown - "Cold Sweat" live. I just learned that funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield passed away on Saturday.
RIP Clyde Stubblefield, world-renowned drummer for James Brown. Funk simply wouldn't be Funk without this man >>…
SotD: Cold Sweat, James Brown, Live at the Olympia in Paris in 67. RIP Clyde Stubblefield. W/Jabo Starks.
He is on my song 2001...I got to thank him. RIP the ‘Funky Drummer’ for James Brown, Dies at 73 https:/…
one of James Brown's Funky Drummers made some of rap's most sampled beats & was in the documentary Copyright Criminals.
RIP Clyde Stubblefield. 'Funky Drummer' was sampled in 1,364 tracks, and counting:
RIP to one of the most influential musicians of the past 50 years, James Brown's funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield.
I added a video to a playlist James Brown - The Boss
Clyde Stubblefield - the man behind the Cold Sweat and Funky Drummer breaks for James Brown - has died aged 73.
(PS I all for James Brown pgms, just like, there are SO MANY SONGS to use)
RIP Clyde Stubblefield 🙏🙏 backbone of James Brown's rhythm section and easily the most sampled drummer in classic hip-h…
Jumps are not here for Julian tonight, but he wins at James Brown on Ice.
From spoken word sessions to street protests to iconic appearances by James Brown and Nina Simone, TV captured the voices of a…
Rest In Power to James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' Clyde Stubblefield, one of the most sampled musicians of all time.
Died today, Clyde Stubblefield, drummer best known for James Brown's iconic & often sampled "Funky Drummer" He was 73 y…
RIP Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's "Funky Drummer," who passed away today
Clyde Stubblefield, best known for playing on James Brown’s “Funky Drummer,” has died
James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' dies. He created one of the most widely sampled drum breaks ever..
One of the greatest. Rest in power. . Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's 'Funky Drummer,' Dead at 73
The Mack by Willie Hutch. Shaft by Isaac Hayes. Black Caeser by James Brown. Superfly by Curtis Mayfield. Trouble Man b…
would u come to a James Brown themed bar run by me, vanessa, jake, eva, caroline, and maddie
This bold sunset was taken in Sittingbourne by Matt Edwards, and James Brown sent us this shot of Sheffield Park.…
Reminded me of Marvin, What's going on? James Brown, Say it Loud! Curtis, If U Had A Choice of Colors. O'Jays, Ship Ahoy.
this Prince tribute. Holy.. I'm so speechless. Not to mention that James Brown spin! He know what's up! Could watch all day
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Do you see the LIGHT?! Whut light? James Brown, A young Chaka Khan, Dan Aykroyd & fab dancing by John Belushi!
“The future of the economy is in says James Brown, ex. director of the h…
Michael's hair at James Brown funeral. He did not come to play with one single ***
Chadwick Boseman is James Brown in the bio pic, 'Get On Up' (2014) with Nelsan Ellis as Bobby Byrd
James Brown was born poor in the woods of Barnwell, South Carolina and went to become the greatest entertainer of all time…
4. James Brown was higher than a cloud
Owl lino cut print by James Brown. Find more great prints by James in our shop and online …
good job w/ Allman Bros. playlist. I nominate James Brown for
Undercover Brother is a forgotten great, it had James Brown, Dave Chapelle, Billy D Williams, and a song by Snoop and Bootise Collins lol
Matter of fact i need every last one of these 2x James Brown and the Stevie Wonder in a sweater, the other 2 in Long Slee…
no one more deserving of outstanding contribution to East Belfast than the legendary James Brown https:…
Many thanks to James Brown for his outstanding contribution to the Skainos Project as well as East Belfast. Hugely…
James Brown's 1963 version of Ivory Joe Hunter's "Waiting in Vain". From the album Prisoner of Love. …
Janelle Monáe review – a dizzy blend of James Brown, Prince and Jacko
James Brown and John Butler talk about Glasgow and Barren County basketball. Also, the…
Don't think I've ever wanted to punch someone so hard in the face than big brothers Stacy, she looks like James Brown on meth!
. '...Dennis Chambers had an offer to play with James Brown when he was just 13 years old '.
Music is universal I like Billy Joel also Frank Sinatra and James Brown and etc
I also ADORE how he got his idols to tour with him. Maceo Parker of James Brown fame is currently being spotlighted. "MACEO PAH-KAH!"
rock out to the James Brown classic "I Feel Good"
Funk Gets Stronger Week 36, spinning some Oneness of Juju, David Axelrod, Isaac Hayes and James Brown
James Brown decommits from Montana. Brown was just offered by ACU
No such thing as a "hardest working Chef" they all fickn crazy. ain't James Brown, but he do know how'…
The hilarious James Brown's *** has plagiarised Brown by pencilling a drawing of Dr. Lecter'.
Number 2 of . James Brown, Live at The Apollo, 1963. The live atmosphere on the album is totally magnetic, I…
I know I can pull of an Eric Estrada costume. But I think I can def do James Brown just based off the hair.
Just saw movie "Hidden Figures"James Brown described it best "It's a man's world but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl"
Reserve your seat for The James Brown Family Historical Tour this…
Yo! Mr. James Brown! 'Get Up, Get into It and Get Involved' by James Brown via
Take on Tuesday y'all! I'm still being annoyed by my cold but I will spend the day singing 🐸 with James Brown
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The James Brown track that would sit happily on Ege Bamyasi:
The flu got me and I missed a few days of really moving around. I'm like James Brown..."I'm BAck!!"
Food for your soul. 32 inspiring stories of NFL players who overcame tremendous obstacles. James Brown, of "The...
1997 - James Brown got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
I think you should personally invite Prince, James Brown, Natalie Cole and George Michael to perform at your inauguration
Currently educating on the legend that is James Brown before united kick off!!.
Hanks and Howard Collaborate on Another Adaptation of a Dan Brown Best Seller RT
JUST ANNOUNCED: James Brown Dance Party at on 3/30. Tix on sale Friday at 10am! Link:…
James Brown said this "war!! what are we fighting for? nothing absolutely nothing!!" guess what it is still true today and always will be
The Isley Brothers always jumped to my mind with this. James Brown, Stevie also pointed out in replies.
As James Brown said..."that that feeling baby, can't help it"
Once you dedicate your life to God you'll live a better one.
'L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead' smashing it at ShoutDRIVE!
James Brown The Godfather of Soul live @ the Roundhouse, London 27th October 2006
⚽Live on Wednesday from 6.30pm: - Blackburn Rovers vs Aston Villa with Steve Brown & James Smith on:…
James Brown swag poppas got a brand new bag . idk how to act.
Who is better Al green or James brown?
he didn't do a James brown split. This *** busted a WHOLE one 😂😂😂
Got my 💩 together then I stepped up, got tired of people telling me I'm next up.
Still this day in 1997, James Brown was honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
I try to write in plain brown blocks of American speech but occasi...
The ice is forcing my to do the James Brown in the parking lot 😩
& 60s had Otis, Ray, Aretha, Etta, James Brown, Sam & Dave, Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett and the whole of Motown & Stax.
Pop raised me on Jerry Butler, James Brown, Johnnie Taylor, Sam and Dave and Bobby Blue Bland
Oh come on, it's like asking me if I heard of the king, James Brown, "I feel good",even Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder
'Get up and drive your funky soul, James Brown' Good favourite of Alex's
hiding history and saying just because you make a film about James Brown, one has seen them all like Wilson Pickett and Brown
Lou Donaldson covered a ballad that was a James Brown & The Famous Flames US chart hit. Find out which one here:
Now watching 'The Blues Brothers' . With James Belushi, Carrie Fisher, James Brown and lots of other great artist that are now gone.
Most likely a quote from SNL when Eddie Murphy was playing James Brown in a hot tub skit.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Listen to James Brown, Muhummad Ali, and young Spike Lee) THEREALPOPEYE1 FEAT by TheRealPopeye1 on
George Michael, James Brown & more music stars who died on Christmas
James Brown also left Cape Town City in October. Hard to settle in Cape Town?
Thinking about Miles Davis, David Ruffin, James Brown...the greats man. Very unhealthy men
Listening to thinking, *** Bruno Mars is like the modern James Brown *next track* no wait MJ *next track* no wait R Kelly. 🔥🔥
I can NEVER watch this & not cry!!. Michael Jackson honoring his Idol, James Brown, at the BET Awards. Man...
Luciano Pavarotti & James Brown - It's a man's world ᴴᴰ. This is so not supposed to work .. but does 👋👋👋
Once you hear my music and my voice, you'll hear IZ, Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Zapp & Roger, & 70's & 80's vibes
Funeral arrangements, obituary and more for James Brown are available on the Ellis Funeral Homes website:
Tune in: Tom Sachs made us a mix of essential songs by his hero, James Brown.
Remembering the James Brown who died 10 years ago
Many would credit George's showmanship as a part of their own careers, including James Brown, Little Richard, Liber…
whenever a huge star dies on Christmas Day, I enjoy it a tiny bit b/c it suits them. when else would James Brown go? same for George Michael
I used Clark Griswald, Buddy Hall, a leg lamp, Jake Elwood, James Brown and Robert Louis Stephenson. Do you see the light?
Godfathers of rock, soul & comedy. 1980. James Brown, who died today in 2006, at Studio 54, with Keith Richards)…
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Today in 2006 died James Brown. Founding father of funk and often referred to as "Godfather of Soul". https…
James Brown, Charlie Chaplin, Dean Martin and W.C. Fields all died on Dec 25th. Merry Christmas!
Prince, James Brown, Rick James, & Maurice White are looking down from Heaven applauding Childish Gambino right now https:…
James Brown is starting to look like a giant version of Sherman Hemsley
I'm a fan girl: speaks about plywood and playlists, mortality and James Brown.
James Brown is a great moderator, but Michael Irvin / Brandon Marshall, I could care less what they think.
Studio Visit: speaks about everything from plywood and playlists to mortality and James Brown.…
met your good friend James Brown today and built a badass AR15. Rock on Uncle Ted!
Otis Redding x James Brown x Michael Jackson ... roll them up into one you got Bruno Mars.
James Brown was one of the first artists who found four bars that...
Love this rendition of Roy Head by has a super dope James Brown feel to it
yes, up on the couch working on today's playlist. Pink panther and James Brown santa in the ghetto.0:dark:30
SWV, Fat Joe, Jon B., Lenny Williams, Case, Dave Hollister After 7, and James Brown will be featured on the tenth seaso…
My other brief brushes with fame: George Stephanopoulos, Ted Koppel, James Brown, one of JFK's kids, George Clooney.
Awesome & inspirational. Maceo Parker chatting with about love, music and James Brown
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Bruce Forsyth says *** Jagger 'tries to copy' James Brown but his dancing is 'grotesque'
Before he was Black Panther, he was both Jackie Robinson and James Brown. Happy birthday to
this album is so honorably referential of Roger & Zapp, James Brown, Michael, & George Clinton yet still fresh and curren…
September Song - James Brown - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
You know James Brown, the farmer at Octomore offers his Highlanders butchered, a quarter beast at a time?
2017's Unsung lineup is good. SWV, Fat Joe, Jon B., James Brown and more. That's a good season.
Highest paid NFL center James Brown quit football to farm for the needy. We all have the ability to give back.
Having now seen him play both James Brown & Black Panther, may very well become the next Gary Oldman.
Uncle Charlie, James Brown, Babyface, Teddy, Jimmy n Terry all on 1 album
Luciano Pavarotti feat James Brown - It's a man's world
I got this video of us in the black history program, you were Rosa Parks and I was James Brown 💀
Anyway, that's what I think of when I hear Led Zeppelin: John Bonham being heavily influenced by James Brown and wanting to remain funky.
There's an old white dude here dressed like Crocodile Dundee and his name is James Brown
Is that James Brown with Brian Jones, *** Jagger, and Justin Hayward? lol
Etta James, Sam Cooke, Brenton Wood, and James Brown are always a good choice before bed
On a few tracks he sounded pretty close to James Brown, So.
Soul singer Sharon Jones, the 'female James Brown,' dead at 60
Back on air with Soul Plane at 7pm. Tonight's playlist includes Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge and James Brown but...
This *** Bruno tapped into James Brown, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Prince and New Jack Swing in one album. KING
Love how Cam is channeling his inner James Brown and Rick James. He's a super Freak! I love him! 😂
I need a friend like Bobby Byrd was to James Brown.
Working on new song w/engineer Ryan Walsh, kinda Daft Punk meets James Brown in a whirling minor chord vortex of...
One night all the James Brown band was playing on stage and I look i...
negative, it sounds like James Brown reincarnated.
This comparison is ridiculous, Chris Brown is a legend that mark generations. compared with only Michael Jackson and James Brown
Please stop calling everything Iconic, Michael Jackson and James Brown rolling in their graves right now
Rickey Smiley is the absolute best! . Calls to Cora, Red Fox, James Brown, Michael Jackson. Hilarious
10 greatest ever songs about America, inc Father John Misty and James Brown
Great to catchup with James Brown today over coffee at ☕️. A quick meetup turned into a 4 hour...
Will you be playing some James Brown or Perry Sledge to accompany that.
Stafford senior running back James Brown rushed for a TD and caught a TD in Friday's 31-20 loss to El Campo. h…
Blasts from the past! Blasting off with James Brown, Helen Mirren, Halston -- and back to a time when Steve Martin'…
my kind of Pop: Prince, James Brown, Michael & Janet Jackson, and Tina Marie🤔😋
Tina. James Brown. Beyoncé . MJ. Janet. I fixed it for you boo😘
the Bee Gees, Cindy Lauper, Janet Jackson, James Brown and so many ❤️😭
I liked a video Django Unchained OST: The Payback (remix) - James Brown (cut from the trailers)
“When I was young, the people I watched were the real showmen –James Brown, Sammy Davis, Jr., Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly.…
Just over a week to go... Featuring Megan Knowles-Bacon, James Brown, Mel Mellers, Al-Prendo Taylor
lol Richard Pryor was my second pick after James Brown
I guess I really outta call and thank you. Ive rediscovered Red Headed Stranger. Got down with old James Brown and found New Grass Revival 🤘
My entertainment attorney is the best in show business. Jay B. Ross has represented by James Brown, Ma Rainey, Moms Mabley and more 🌹🌹🌹
Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday, James Brown and more - Listen to Craig Charles' Civil Rights Anthems playlist
Ain't much better than heading to work listening to James Brown's "Hot Pants". Ungh!
Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke and James Brown. Read all about Craig Charles’ top 10 civil rights anthems
Obligatory Hogarth by James Brown on the long view of alcohol licensing
Congratulations to James Brown and Dominic Brambani who made Championship players' of the year.
LIVE: Norman Pickavance and James Brown of Grant Thornton share how business transformation starts with your people at…
Shot from James Brown well saved by Wallace keeper
Including mention of answering machine messages from James Brown, Prince, George Clinton & the lost one from Miles Davis. (!)
James Brown returning to host ‘Inside the NFL’ on Showtime after 2 years on the sidelines: We need less Adam Schein in…
That time, I was a backup dancer for James Brown.
My family group text is going off.. Laughing about my James Brown and Erykah Badu obsession when I was younger. 🙄 lol
Do you remember when Gerald Ford died but I didn't hear about it so I thought everyone was flying at half-mast for James Brown
Cheers for the Eric Andre recommendation James Brown. . I'm hooked.
I've met James Brown, Chuck Berry - Michael Jackson... and this had met off balance.
Shuffle starting my day with James Brown and Cypress Hill back-to-back and we live in a golden age of technology
sunday slowday. music biopic recommendations? I still haven't seen James Brown but since most of the others over the years
Hey Chadwick thanks so much for James Brown movie /We are doing Night Train & more at Ballys!
Loving the Little Richard & James Brown meet up; don't care if it really happened, works so well on screen
Hillary Clinton ends speech with 'I Feel Good' by James Brown, who died of pneumonia
I love the fact that Hillary Clinton ended her rally with "I feel good" by James Brown. Who died of pneumonia.
Clinton intro music was "I Feel Good" by James Brown. James Brown died of pneumonia.
Just watched a 10-minute Antonio Brown highlight pack and I'm pretty sure I'll own him in every auction league I ever enter until he retires
Black leather jackets may be eternal, but the color of the moment is brown.
I found a checklist to success, from the late great performer James Brown
Clinton returns to campaign trail after three sick days, takes to stage in N Carolina to James Brown's "I Feel Good"
No James Brown has shown up. This movie is ridiculous.
Hillary, in her $1,500 Armani jacket, just walked out on stage in University of North Carolina to James Brown's "I Feel Good"
Hillary is taking the stage to James Brown's hit "I feel GOOD!" LOL
And Hillary walks out to James Brown's 'I Feel Good.'
walk out music in Greensboro, NC-- James Brown's "I Feel Good" She says "it's great to be back on the campaign trail"
Hillary Clinton actually came out to James Brown's "I feel good"...
This DJ gives thumbs up to whomever picked James Brown's 'I Feel Good" for to walk out to!!
A+ trolling: Hillary Clinton takes the stage to James Brown's "I Feel Good"
Clinton, or her body double, who knows, takes the stage to James Brown’s “i feel good"
As if to imply something about her health, HRC walked out to James Brown's "I Feel Good" in Greensboro, NC just now
Ha! Clinton comes out to James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)" in North Carolina.
Ray Charles, Otis Redding, James Brown always performed for white people but still had to use a "Colored" toilet
Sharon Harry and James Brown you have to do these for erin and izzy
"A Man’s World, by James Brown, as performed by, American Idol's Joshua Ledet..."
I like a lot more when the dude in front of Penn Station is blasting James Brown and not yelling swear words at children
Today is amazing! World Cup of Hockey and oldies music. Otis Redding, James Brown, Etta James and Stevie Wonder. So content with life...
Now Playing, Otis Redding — Papa's Got A Brand New Bag from Doing the James Brown: in the Footsteps of the Godfather of Funk A
I thank my dear brothers James Brown, Alvin Patrick and Sister Gabriel.
stardom is totally different - white kids loved James Brown, Sammy Davis. I like the Chevy Chase, John Bellucci -bridges race
OK, that was a fun read. Pete Rock thinks Lil Yachty is trash. And in other super obvious news the sky is blue & James Brown is still dead.
Tally and Squill written by Abie Longstaff, illustrated by James Brown, reviewed by Dawn Finch: First the blu...
Little Richard, James Brown - here's additions to our GA playlist:
Maceo Parker! Saxaphonist for James Brown, Prince & more! In the Musikfest Cafe on 10/12:
PLEASE make sure when you have kids they hear you playing James Brown, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Smokey…
A pity. My fave show, by far. Kuralt and Osgood: great. I'd love to see Harry Smith, ex-CBS; or (outside-the-box) James Brown.
Wow we were surprised to see James Brown substituting for Scott Pelley on the Nice change. We enjoy it.
favorite trombone solo? The solo on Yellow Submarine. Only 1 right answer for trumpet solo, Baba Booey with James Brown
What you won't see in *** Jagger's James Brown biopic: Soul star' legs were hacked off in fight ... via
And I feel so good like James Brown in his day. ~
I used to break dance. I can do some good James Brown footwork. But now I think I've danced to
I gotta balance this age of whining music with a dose of brawny!!! James Brown - It's a Man's World, Paris 1967
Cyrus Washington makes his way to the ring to some James Brown.
Bruce Warren is the James Brown of Philly radio. Check him out and The best in new music discovery.
Drew's James Brown returns the kickoff to Newton's 10-yard line. First and goal for the Titans.
James Brown with a huge kick off to the Newton 10-yard line to begin the half.
IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT! Get on up with Johnny Carson and James Brown!
Listen to James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti It's A Man's World by hedyl on
Elizabeth O'Brien reviews James McBride's new biography of musician James Brown
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In a perfect world, a huge chunk of James Brown's royalties from sampling would have gone to Clyde Stubblefield.
Yesterday I sat with Fred Wesley and asked him why James Brown was such a good bandleader and entertainer. We...
Madonna on the panel of a 1984 NY New Music Seminar panel with Lou Reed, James Brown, George Clinton and others
They've played Alexander Oneal, James Brown, WuTang, Jackson 5, Outkast, Total, and more. So glad I found on Radio. 🙌
Daniel Johnston to James Brown is a bit of a leap.
If Queen Victoria had an affair w/ James Brown would that make her the true Queen of Soul? Lol, I…
Gettin' my James Brown on this morning.
ever thought about doing a James Brown mixtape like the Michael Jackson one you did a few years back?
The DNC is already like " A Night at the Apollo " Already, you want to add James Brown, why not Amos and Andy !
City improve in the 2nd half and goals from Henry Dasofunjo and James Brown seal a 2-1 victory.
Happy 80th birthday to the legendary emcee and "cape man" to James Brown for more than 40 years, Mr. Danny Ray http…
🎶 (abstruse) my boy leo just posted on this dope funk mix where we sampled James Brown!!...
can't believe you didn't know that was James Brown
I follow all of your conventions... a great song to play at future conventions would be "Living in America" by James Brown
I love Frank to depth of my soul and yet I'm willing to admit that this James Brown version is the best. This Man!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
How about that cape? Funny right? We're somehow managing to pay tribute to James Brown and Elvis at the same time! http…
i have melodic tones of the Beastie Boys, the Cult, T Rex, James Brown, oh too many to list but i don't 'snooze' much
Listening to James Brown at the Apollo... getting in the mood. Will be great to play an intimate theatre after all the huge venues this tour
Today, we visited Lincoln Theatre. Lincoln theatre has hosted jazz greats such as James Brown and Etta James!
Think by Vicki Anderson, James Brown no. 100 in '67, duet cover of his 1960 hit ♫
You heard new yet? Danielle’s loving that new tune. Some classic James Brown and Depeche Mode to come too..
James Brown and I probably wouldn't have gotten along, but I appreciate the beats he served up, and his capes
Theresa May is a PM who uses her first name - unlike Robert Eden, Maurice Macmillan, James Wilson, Leonard Callaghan and James Brown
Discussing 'musical Einsteins' over dinner. Obvious list so far: Bowie, Elton, Queen, Stevie W, James Brown, Aretha and MJ, and Marvin.
Ok, settle in with a beverage for this one: James Brown & Dee Felice Trio - Sunny
Dee Perry of tells us about how James Brown connected her to Africa.
Coming up later: It's a man's man's man's world - James Brown, no. 13 single this week in 1966
More tomorrow from 1966. Tracks by Simon & Garfunkel, James Brown, Georgie Fame and the Kinks.
On this Day July 06, 1963: James Brown went to No.2 on the US album chart with 'Live At The Apollo'. Recorded on…
James Brown got his signature moves from a pastor when he was a boy. "Say it loud" and dropping to his knees.
just played 1/2h of James Brown, Sly Stone and other vintage Soul. So far so good…
I added a video to a playlist The Very Best of Soul - Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, James Brown...
The world godfather of soul, sir James Brown
Driving the Will Rogers Turnpike during the daytime can suck the soul right out of you. James Brown could've come out a white boy!
‘…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and James Brown is acknowledged as “The Godfather of Soul”.’
Pimp hard like Rick James and my soul James Brown
I need a stay up brother with a James Brown soul
James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul," was a prolific singer, songwriter and one of the most iconic figures in funk.
" The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing. ". The Godfather of soul, James Brown
Changes, James Brown impersonator makes great soul music.
How to Bring Soul Power into Your Life According to James Brown via
Yeah, James Brown and Ike Turner were really talented people.
"Shake It Fast" from Mystikal is pretty fierce, a hardcore rap song doing good by its sampling of James Brown's "Soul Power."
Shaggy infuses the soul of James Brown in collab ‘I Got You’ ft. Jovi Rockwell
I added a video to a playlist James McBride on James Brown and American Soul
Music is the soul of culture, James Brown proved it to be undeniable
I added a video to a playlist I know you got Soul/I need help: The Soul of James Brown @ The
The latest Soul Man is now online. Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Marvin and more.
Today would have been the legend that is James Brown's birthday! Happy Birthday to the Godfather of Soul https…
The dance troupe Philadanco's moves are versatile enough for Philip Glass and James Brown.
I mean.. I guess... but Prince WAS right. I'm thinking if Ali, James Brown or Stevie said similar to Prince - *crickets*
Michael, James Brown, Prince, Rick James 😩 Stevie can't perform no more
Stevie really out lived James Brown, MJ and Prince he not blind
THE TAMI SHOW includes James Brown, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, Lesley Gore, The Supremes and many more!
always there for you: Desiree Auger. is there for life: James Brown. is your homie: William Caleb Wade.
James Brown, Allman Brothers, and Coca Cola. In no particular order.
Richland delegation calls on Recreation Commission to suspend Exec. Dir. James Brown
Got down with old James Brown. And found New Grass Revival. If you find your way back, I owe you a beer. For my record year🎶
Richland delegation calls on Recreation Commission to remove Exec. Dir. James Brown
got down with ole James Brown. and found New Grass Revival
I agree with you Matthew.Flew with him once,First class BA,so much jewellery thought he was James Brown! Lol
Sometimes you need a laugh to start the day: Eddie Murphy impersonates James Brown
I feel like people would be really surprised at how much Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Jeffery Osborne, James Brown, and Prince I listen to
so no one was going to tell me that i looked like James Brown and Eddie Murphy 👀😂🤗
Coming on tap at the Troy taproom: English Summer Ale, Bretta the Riveter, . and James Brown was 6’3”.
Now this bruh done played Jackie Robinson, James Brown. AND Black Panther? How am i supposed to reach him now!? 😩😂😭
This Is A Man's World by James Brown (cover by Ray and Brooke Simpson) via
Another gem from the artistic pages of James Brown ~
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