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James Brady

James Scott Jim Brady (born August 29, 1940) is a former Assistant to the President and White House Press Secretary under U.S.

President Ronald Reagan President Reagan White House Brady James John Hinckley John Lennon Larry Speakes Secret Service

I'm sorry if everyone who knows me has just gotten a load of posts I've shared in groups. I'm not sure whats...
James Rodriguez took a selfie in front of 90,000 fans at Colombia's welcome home party (via
confused as to why you tagged Keaton in this. Lol
goes out to this guy with the most perfect smile I've ever seen in my life. 😍😍😍 love you Brady James!
Monday night hints: press secretary James Brady | Take on Me | mens singles finals at Wimbledon.
16. "WOOHO Brady Boy in the House Yooo. Well, Let's live this party guys! James' we should make truth or dare party" Trist said.
lmao they said that about Brady Quinn Lebron James and Kelly Pavlik but hey it's all good
But this is an awesome skill to have. You're in training to be not-the-Brady-Bunch. Which is important.
I just love when St. James announces play by play. said no one ever.
maybe it was you 😘 even though I was Hittin right over you
"Just saw oomf at the high school gym😍"
took James O Donaghue off my team thinking he was still injuredneo,scored 0-10.gutted!
Just watched Common on BBC about Joint Enterprise. I never realised that our legal system was so lazy that they...
When I found Coach Brady I was overjoyed! My son now works with James 2 days a week.
no Brady's is better but you're second James
Brady is best ever followed by Montana. My humble opinion. &
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Caitlin Moran's 5 rules of Feminism—James (and Juno) share.
James O' Donohoe is the best forward in the country at the moment without doubt! Unmarkable.
I thought today I would bring you Lucky Leprechaun items to see if they help in any...
a night in with is just what I need
Seeing how successful James Brady was on the field as a player made me want to learn from the best.
"If I had one day when I didn't have to be all confused and I didn't have to feel that I was ashamed of everything. You know?" . - James Dean
The Brady 6 is the most beautiful piece of cinematography ever created
Almost drowned in the James River for 10 bucks 💰never even got my money tho
Okayy now I HAVE to be follow by you because all I wanna be is Somebody to you ❤ tris, James, Brady, Con ❤
I'm just watchin you on hollyoak later just at the bit where you have micheal tied up in your club proper funny BRENDAN BRADY
Throughout middle school and St. Anthony�s, I worked with James Brady and the All Long Island Football Academy.
Mario and Luigi actually have a third brother. His name is James Brady.
In the time since the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan that permanently injured James Brady that...
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James Brady thinking long and hard about his table tennis career
I'll decorate it for you James Brady! I'll write, "I'm a *** one." 😉
Brady James wanna hold that retirement back a year?
5 techniques James Patterson uses to sell books. Join me at,
: Didn't we just resign Brady James on a one day retirement deal? Maybe he could strap on some bionic legs and give it a go!
John Lennon was killed and James Brady was shot by a mentally ill man. Mental illness and the lack of resources is the issue
John Lennon killed by mentally ill man. James Brady shot by mentally ill man. Sandy Hook caused by mentally ill man.
it's crazy how things change bud. It all happens so fast
Andrew Garfield is my bae. And Leonardo Dicaprio and Ansel Elgort and Josh Hutcherson and James Franco...etc
“This is LeBron James Jr. they breed em young
ICYMI: Age is just a number with Tom Brady
idk why but I was expecting a picture of Gronk or Brady
Didn’t help Ronald Reagan or James Brady much
I'm going to miss the coaching staff and players at James Madison I want to thank coach Brady for the opportunity to learn from him
I'm old enough to remember the 80s, when Reagan and his gun control poster boy James Brady were gonna take all of our guns away.
CONGRATULATIONS: Huge congratulations to and his wife Leigh on the birth of their first child Brady!
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solid list, but Brady has to be above Peyton, sorry
Brady Quinn just said "shouldn't have went to Vegas before OTA's" bro stop necking him because he gets more …
James Franklin is just a slimmer version of Brady Hoke, you know.
Brady Quinn was garbage and Phil savage picked Brian Robskie over James Laurinaitis.
With Father's Day Sunday, June 15 these would make great presents for any dad that loves...
you need to stop talking about Tom Brady. LeBron James is getting jealous.
LeBron James- 74th postseason game with at least 25 pts, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, passing Michael Jordan for most all-time…
I nerd out every time I get to come here. :B (@ James S. Brady Press Briefing Room)
Lance Stephenson: 1 point. Lebron James: 29 points . Who's weak now you ***
Brady has one of the strongest arms in the game! He doesn't check to rbs like Peyton to Knowshon, Edge James
LeBron James has 22 Pts to lead Miami as Heat lead Pacers by 12. This easy dunk was part of a big start to 3rd qtr: http:…
“Next to Tom Brady, Lebron James is my most hated athlete”
It took James Brady getting shot to get what little we have accomplished. Richard Martinez could be the next advocate.
More like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and LeBron James fan but okay
Wayne Brady should have gotten the James Brown acting job. Lets get on up, and stay on the scene. Like a sex machine. James Brown
4 Congratulations to James Kennard on your F-150 purchase from Brady White at Randall Noe Ford!
Yes, Paul Brady will launch the Musicshowcase on Sunday 8 June at Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Great James Street, 7pm-11.30pm
The Queen's at home, so the Brady Bunch are going to say hello. @ Buckingham Palace, St, James Park
I remember just a couple of years ago at beef o Brady's celebrating ur birthday. It seems like it was not long ago, now we are old
It's like saying John Hinckley Jr shot James Brady and Pres Reagan because he loved Jodie in "Taxi Driver"
Aye boys on my boy Brady's phone rfn and we are schemin on the lake. Stay clean and shine on ladies and gents
How cute are these two? ♥ & Brady James watching the fireworks together. leasamarie03
If you need to contact call him on his Stone Age phone.
Wayne Johnson wins the dash and earns the pole position. Dale Blaney, James McFadden, Brady Bacon, Greg Wilson, and Jac…
Lots of position swapping in the All Star Sprint Dash w/ Wayne Johnson winning over Dale Blaney, James McFadden, Brady Bacon, Wilson & Haud
Can't sleep with so much on my mind.p.s. Tyler James Brady is snoring n it sounds painful
Jimmy Garappolo main job with the Patriots will be to make sure Tom Brady is never left hanging on a high five.
he sounds a lot like Tom Brady. Skill wise.
Tom Brady commented on the draft pick by saying that Jimmy Garoppolo is "kind of cute"
he can learn a lot from Brady really quickly
I really enjoy how every 4 years the pats draft a successor to Brady, forgetting that like Pharell, he is immortal
I remember my grandma used to love watching Brady Bunch, i don't recall watching it myself.
.is back in a Cleveland jersey...but not the one he used to wear:
A Juab County judge has slapped a California attorney with a $3,000 fine for zapping a witness with a trick pen during an October trial over whether electrical currents from a Delta power plant are harming nearby dairy cows. In an order released this week, 4th District Judge James Brady wrote that e…
LeBron James wears Manziel jersey on flight to Brooklyn:
Just like they took notice on Brady, and Rodgers, and Marino, and Russell Wilson.Plus who said James is ELITE???
Portraying James Topham Brady in a on the Dan Sickles murder case.
Breaking News!!! PSU to hold Summer BBQ to entice recruits to commit. Further proving that James Franklin is Brady Hoke 2.0 Beta Version
Well Brady Quinn still plays or played in the NFL. The only person I see not associated with the NFL is James.
Robbie Brady, James McCarthy, Stephen Ireland, James McClean with Shane Long and Kevin Doyle upfront would be alright.
I think he is son...of course he not getting no Tom Brady, LeBron James money but he def making more than the avg cold ***
We enjoyed a great evening last night celebrating the seniors of RBC: Luke Gilbert, Brady Tate, April James, and...
A new committee has been formed and we are calling on all to join the supporters club and support YOUR COUNTY- YOUR TEAM. There is a new energy about the club as a result of the teams tremendous start to the season ,challenging at the top of the league, in the cup quarter finals and playing great football on the way. We want to harness that energy and we have started with the away-day supporters bus .We would like to thank Paul French for sponsoring the supporters bus this season ,his generosity is greatly appreciated . We returned with all three points ,a good omen for the next away-day special which is to Shamrock Rovers B on Sunday May 25th.To book a seat see contact details below. Supporters Committee Chairperson - James Brady Vice Chairperson - Sean Keane Secretary - Carrie Brady Vice Secretary - Jennifer Miller Treasurer - Katie Duggan PRO - Jennifer Miller Join the Club Membership is open to all and you can sign up on match days at Ferrycarrig Park. There are plans to accept membership online short ...
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Wild. Stomping around in my old hood was fun Jenn Putrzenski got Kayla Mae drunk for her 21st John Lindeman and James Brady sang some good karaoke... And a good time was had by all cheers :)
“How Arsenal made my teenage years a misery:
Owen James putting in work in the stairs
Working on playing in 25/16 time signature. It's a little rough. But really fun Noodle James Cary Joey Brady...
One Super Bowl means nothing, I see Brady making it deep with no defense or offensive weapons
In my perfect world there would be no New England Patriots. Tom Brady..Cam Newton. Oklahoma football. LeBron James. .and Duke basketball!
Seahawks aren't a great team yet, and there are always exceptions, I'm talking Brady and the Pats level
no Manziel is just another Brady Quinn. All hype, drama. I hope James works out too bro. Just win damnit...
So, Teddy to NE to replace Mallet as Brady's protege?
The people of Cleveland can now finally forget about LeBron James. It's Johnny Manziel time!
Will Johnny Football be more like Brady Quinn or LeBron James in turning around his team?
Brady Quinn pt. 2 or he will become the next Lebron James and the whole city of Cleveland will hate him when he goes to the Dolphins
Browns took Brady Quinn 22nd overall, Brandon Weeden 22nd overall, and now can it be Johnny Football at 22nd overall? …
Browns QBs also taken at 22: Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden. Just sayin.
Lol it's the same pick they drafted Brady Quinn 😂 lol @ Cleveland
Hi James Brady welcome to the group
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Off to PT or tourcher as James Brady calls it.
shew. its early. lets hope this 8 goes by fast. is it 130 yet :) smiling :) I love you James Brady Caleb and Haley :) JNCH
Today is Sunday, March 30, the 89th day of 2014. There are 276 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously wounded outside a Washington, D.C. hotel by assailant John W. Hinckley Jr. Also wounded in the attack were White House press secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy, and District of Columbia police officer Thomas Delahanty. On this date: In 1135, the Jewish philosopher Maimonides was born in Cordoba in present-day Spain. In 1822, Florida became a United States territory. In 1867, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward reached agreement with Russia to purchase the territory of Alaska for $7.2 million. In 1870, the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited denying citizens the right to vote and hold office on the basis of race, was declared in effect by Secretary of State Hamilton Fish. Texas was readmitted to the Union. In 1909, the Queensboro Bridge, linking the New York City boroughs of ...
The story of James Brady, the ironworker who filmed himself parachuting from the top of One World Trade Center.
Helmet POV Cam captures it all. James Brady, Kyle Hartwell, Marko Markovich, and Andrew Rossig have been charged with burglary, reckless endangerment and jumping from a structure, according to a statement issued by NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.
WTC parachute jump condemned as 'selfish act': (AP Photo/Richard Drew). James Brady, left, and Andre...
It's cool how a lot of sports stars know you. have you met d wade, LeBron James or Tom Brady before?
I just got the best call from 6 drunk guys going to the gas station. They had a beautiful roll-call
With James Brady Sally Hinchliffe and Hinchy at Red Hot Summer Tour and it is hot as!'
Arthur flocka chamberlain ken Griffey James Brady jr$ is what stuck tho we cut it down to Arthur Flocka tho
Press Briefing - White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Ro...
Today on Manning Brady 15, Dagny Brynjarsdottir starts her blog, and James lives with "what ifs"
I think should make a offer to buy oxford united and take the club back to the top, great business woman
James Scott is such an He wouldn’t allow me to accept that anyone else but Samantha Brady was it for EJ DiMera.
Brilliant it has been a long wait but I hope this is as good as the last
The day I met James Brady in Wash. DC about 1983 or 1984. What a nice guy! I believe that is his wife with me and Chuck Shobe.
"If you have to finance your fun, it is not time to recreate. -Christopher James Brady
Zach Schwarting netted 11 points and Brady Place 10 for the Huskies, who travel to sub-section for St. James Area Saturday.
James Brady press secretary, Eric Lawson, a former actor who played a rugged man in a commercial for Marlboro in the 1970s, has passed away. He was 72. According to the Associated Press, Lawson died at his home in San … Continue reading →
James Brady press secretary, Larry Speakes, who spent six years as acting press secretary for President Ronald Reagan, died Friday in his native Mississippi. He was 74. Mr. Speakes died at home in Cleveland, Miss., where he had lived the … Continue…
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If i sent one of these snaps to anyone but Matt or Brady I would definitely move away
Peyton won 1 with Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Edgerrin James just imagine Brady with them WOW
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The claimant count - the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance - fell by 24,000 to 1.25 million in November.^ In its first year the unit received $47m in donations, mostly from Gulf states. It says that by the end of 2012 $34m had already been spent inside Syria.20633580.00 British Pound Sterling.^James Brady lost his benefits after police returned money he found in the street (Picture: AP / The Record of Bergen County) DFJ
on Mount Rushmore you should see Tom Brady LeBron James Rick Vaughn and Richard Sherman
I think I've worked out why I've been so stressed today. Finally had to admit I have gotten old (well most of...
Concentrate on the road and remember no one is an expert driver, I know hard to believe even I'm not good enough...
This is such a great offer it has to be advertised alone. Own this fantastic piece of football memorabilia for...
check out this swag roster. Rose, James, D Williams, Durant...Let's go!
Right back home no so rants over, no need to go outside and deal with fools again today. Back to my cyber world...
The RNIB net to stop stereotyping people by their looks. TKMax today had 2 guys from the the charity stopping...
"is playing at higher level than LeBron James RIGHT NOW offensively & defensively." -
Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong to hit people cars with my door while exiting my car in a car park. I am...
UTAH STATE COURTS PLAN COMMUNITY FORUM AT ST. FRANCIS CATHOLIC CHURCH How does the Utah State Courts ensure equality and justice for all? This question will be answered at community forums planned by the courts as part of a judicial outreach initiative. The forums have been planned with the understanding that judges and court personnel can make a difference in helping the public better understand the justice system. The belief is that public dialogue about the court system will benefit judges and court personnel by providing a means for them to better understand the issues in our communities, while the system as a whole will benefit by developing appropriate responses to public concerns. The next community forum is planned for Wednesday, February 5, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at St. Francis Catholic Church, 65 West 500 North, in Orem. Panelists include: Judge James Brady, 4th District Court Judge Mary Noonan, 4th District Juvenile Court Judge Rick Romney, Provo City Justice Court Brent Johnson, General C ...
I sort of understand why, it's age... But then why Nowell when Brady pisses all over him...
Very very strange, have never heard anything about this before
Eye Ladd thanks for the nomation Paul Gott ..I nominate Jason Higgins and Joseph James Brady
A question. Why are people so quick to say Durant > James, yet so hesitant to say Manning > Brady?
This is my post from yesterday and I would like to get some interaction. Where were you, and how did it impact or shape the person you have become? 28 years ago today, I was a freshman in high school, sitting in Mr. (Marty) Duffys history class at Kennebunk High school. Some kid, (who now reminds me of Paul Revere), was running classroom to classroom yelling that the Space Shuttle Challenger had just exploded shortly after take-off. A small portion of the school was in the library watching the launch live (since Christa McAuliffe was on board). It is one of the earliest (do you remember when & where you were) memories that I have. There are few BAD historic instances that we will remember in our lifetimes, but many personal. I remember the Sox losing in '78 (Yaz pop-up), the Reagan assassination attempt in '81 (James Brady etc.), seeing my father cry for the first time 6/18/1982 (Grammie dying unexpectedly), the Challenger explosion in '86, my daughters births in '91, '00 & '03, and of course 9/11/01. Th ...
lol today on the field trip c: took "free "sticky pics xD with Alex Lacoste but yeahhh had fun cx Kaly Olazo Zachary James Brady Isa Thomas
Jacob Leigh Layzell Chrle Jay Wilkey James Brady and James Charman , can't wait to win all your money's Friday! ;) Xx
Decent lineup for groovin.anyone keen? Nathan Debono Matthew James Brady not sure if much u like except Parkway Drive but still a decent day out. Chris Parsons u not around that weekend huh? Scott Kendrick, Craig Stewart wanna come? Liam Kendrick u goin this year bro??
Commissioners Eugene Berry and RS Shiver lead challenger James Brady for commission seat vacancies
LIFE Leadership Co-Founder, Christopher James Brady does an AWESOME job summarizing the concept of The Slight Edge!!! Very important and powerful success principle!
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Roll up! Roll up! The 'utterly brilliant' Liane Carroll is coming to Cambridge to play with CUJO! We promise groove, beauty and passion, not least in the arrangements of James Brady and Chris McMurran. Also featuring the marvellous Matt, and wonderful Wil(l)s, Lever and Finch. Don't miss incredible Karl, awesome Orlando or the splendid Simon; rocking Romilly, perfect Peter and, last but most certainly not least, kick *** Karys Orman. BOOK TICKETS HERE! via ADC ticketing: Online - for everyone and an excellent price for students! (£6 as opposed to £14) See you there :-D
Had a busy day with Little man Kaylen James Brady :)
Loves his besty with all his heart. & especially all he holds dear. James Brady & Lesley Delihant Brady will always have shelter in my Maytag box.
James Brady (born 20 May 1920, date of death unknown) was one of two Irishmen known to have served in the Waffen-SS during World War II.
James Brady! Little league ball park...his sheriff uniform...his red wagons! "James, how do you spell Brady?" " Captiol B M O S Y!" I sure do miss him!
Since we are on a roll about old memos, I was working at the Beethoven office when President Reagan was shot and the printer with API, UPI, NASDAQ was printing out stories as they were being released. Later the stories would be updated and some would be removed completely. I have IN PRINTING that James Brady was dead, and later they recanted. I have almost a full box of tractor feed paper printout of the event.
Joseph James Brady desperately trying to get any Leeds fan to bite over the McCormack bid... Don't worry Joseph I'm sure you'll hook yourself one shortly.
Ok all of my HATERS what do you have to say about this : Ever since Obama was elected to the White House, conservatives and gun enthusiasts have been screaming about how likely Obama is to take away peoples firearms. People talk of the "Clinton ban" which restricted assault weapons in 1994 and claim another Democrat in the White House is bad news for gun owners. But is this truthful? Are Democrats more for gun control than Republicans? We examine historical and recent legislation to reveal that a lot of what people are saying is total BS... Reagan's administration passed more restrictive gun laws than any other administration (including the dubiously-named "Firearm Protection Act of 1986 which banned citizens owning automatic weapons without special permission). And the "Clinton ban" was actually named after Ronald Reagan's press secretary after James Brady was shot by a nutjob. In 1969, journalist William Safire asked Richard Nixon what he thought about gun control. "Guns are an abomination," Nixon repl ...
New post: "President Ronald Reagan's press secretary Larry Speakes - who took over after James Brady was tragica...
Speaks became acting White House press secretary after President Reagan and James Brady were shot.
Reagan Interesting President Reagan took a bullet but needed the support of the NRA so did not push to keep guns out of the hands of people who suffered from serious mental problems. John Hinckley was locked up and declared a mental case but Reagan was not about to push for legislation which would prevent Hinckley types from buying guns. We are certain that Reagan felt bad that James Brady took one of Hinckley's bullets. Brady was left paralyzed and permanently disabled. It must have been hard for Reagan to meet with Brady and know there were millions of Hinckley types out there who were buying weapons. Love my guns but do not want to live next to someone who has serious mental issues and owns an assault rifle
Now that the day is winding down I hope everyone had a great Christmas. A big thank you to my wonderful husband Bob Brady and my children James Brady, David Brady, Brianne Brady, Dan Brady, Kristi Marie and Phoebe together with Tess O'Dea and Emily. .you guys made me smile with each gift you opened just like the "old" days. Hope you enjoyed today as much as I did..
We will have our crates when your ready, cheers
for Tom Brady's 20 million dollar mansion in California 😍
ATTN Patriots & Broncos Fans: You might want to sit down. Dave has TOUGH news for you:
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Ill still try and back Sam and Gold and Sullivan And Brady but the lack of fight is beyond worrying. Maybe he has lost the dressing room
Tom Brady and Ellen Celebrate Two Young Boys and Their Act of Kindness | The Good News - Yahoo Shine
Homeless man loses benefits after finding £530 and handing it to police | via
Richard, James, Colin, Brady?(the one weird kid idek what his name was, simon,
This I did not expect walking in the gym. James Island leading West Ashley 39-8 in 3q!
So stoked right now! Playing for the 'ship tomorrow in the Darrell James Shootout!
After 3 superbowl countless playoff appearances and Brady still doesn't get respected. Sounds like LeBron James situation. FOH
What do Tom Brady and Lebron James have in common? Both have small ***
Brady Hoke purposely led his team to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl for free wings.
Past performance does not predict how it goes for you tomorrow...Yesterday's growth is not a model for tomorrow's. At any moment in time, your story can begin. You're closer than you think... -Christopher James Brady
With a win on Sunday, Tom Brady (146) would tie Dan Marino (147) for the 4th-most wins by a starting QB in NFL history.
brave and courageous boys. High five to the Pats and T. Brady!
Off to ded nice an early as busy day tomorow need sleep. Yeah I wish sitting in bed till midnight watching tv,...
Specifics are this: California's budget is screwed, so they are pulling funds out of the education budget. Community colleges are going to now be grades 13 and 14, helping to "fix" the K-12 system. The first shot across the bow was when MPC stopped allowing students to repeat classes. So, if you took Dan Beck's shop class , you would not be allowed to repeat the class as many times as you wanted to, or the acting or directing classes; but this was true across the college. It is the same in the jewelry classes, dance, photography. All of the community enrichment programs were affected mightily. Many seniors take MPC yoga classes, and art classes over and over again. This is the point of a COMMUNITY college. Theatre arts was able to get around this due to the hard work of Gary Bolen who rewrote the play production classes and therefore bought local actors more time to do more shows. Otherwise people like James Brady, Michael Robbins, or even Nancy Kocher (RIP) would not have been able to do anymore acting o ...
We went through 60 waffles in 6 days. James Brady ate 41 of them...
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Peyton Manning needs 4 TD in his two games left to break Tom Brady's single season TD record.
Game Day James Island vs. West Ashley should be a good game
Quiet weekend In. And a long trip to tottenham Sunday to watch the reds
Mountain Dew, ducktape, cardboard, and music from the hobbit equalls bad idea?
Me, James and Brady scored every run at every game
You know what 47 TDs and a MVP season gets you? 2nd place in the AFC behind Tom Brady.
Jake in charge, Mama pope in Baltimore, Cyrus & James on a blue & red nap matt playing hold my meat... only Tom Brady can fix this
A single winner of Friday's $400 million jackpot would be almost twice as rich as Tom Brady & LeBron James combined
*** Manning's about to break Brady's record..
My dad is always talking smack about how Peyton manning is better than tom Brady.
Peyton Manning has 46 TD passes already Sheeesh about to beat Brady's record
Can you imagine Tom Brady's numbers if he played indoors with Harrison, Wayne, Dallas Clark and edge James in his backfield all those yrs?!
Who do I start, Edelman, Donald Brown, Golden Tate or James Jones? Brady is my QB so I'm suspicious playing Edelman.
West Ashley vs James island.. It's going down tomorrow at 8..
Well done to our U-16 team who beat Breifne College 3-1 today in round 2 of the Ulster Cup. Goals by James Brady and Daniel Rourke
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James Brady is surprising me with more awesome photos from the shoot! hehe.. will be posting soon
President Reagan got shot. And LIVED! PLUS, secretary of state James Brady took a bullet trying to protect him! The honor and character displayed in that one act alone, is what I miss mostly about the 80's because it was the last time any of us would ever see it...
The difference between a pat on the back and a kick in the butt is only a foot. Christopher James Brady
Thanks to James Brady and Ashton for the stuff this morning
James Brady tiss like yor jd and d herron some bus
American leading man, Beau Bridges, brother of Jeff Bridges. Check out his best performances in "Gaily Gaily," "The Landlord," "The Descendants," "Max Payne," "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "Losing Chase," "For Love of Ivy," "Without Warning: The James Brady Story" (as James Brady), "The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom" (as Terry Harper), "We Were the Mulvaneys," "PT Barnum" (as P.T. Barnum), "Inherit the Wind," "The Second Civil War," "Hidden in America," "Kissinger & Nixon" (as President Richard Nixon), and "Norma Rae." American leading actor of icy demeanor, from the stage. Born in Benton, Illinois, and educated at Illinois State University, John Malkovich was a co-founder, with Gary Sinise, of the Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago. Don't miss his best performances in "Dangerous Liaisons," "Being John Malkovich" (as himself, of course), "Burn After Reading," "Empire of the Sun," "In the Line of Fire," "Places in the Heart," "Heart of Darkness," "Death of a Sal ...
Person I am thinking about today is John Lennon, who was killed 33 years ago yesterday. His death by firearm was one of a series of successful and attempted assassinations by gun in a short period: President Reagan and Pope John Paul II were both badly wounded by gunfire just a couple months after this. The current firestorm over gun control really started with Lennon's murder, as Reagan's press secretary, James Brady, was also badly injured in that March 1981 incident. Brady went on to press for major gun control legislation requiring background checks.
Welcome James Brady, like 300... Keep on sharing these nice collections ;-)
Melissa Nielsen Brady James Brady Jr Jayden Brady, Emma Grace Brady and Addyson Brady! I love you this much!
James Brady this is for you LOL love you :D
Top 10 Reasons People Quit Something Worthy: 10) Pride (Unwilling to look the fool while going through the necessary failures.) 9) A Besetting Sin (Addictions, closet sins, or something destructive in their life that's tearing them apart at the very foundational fabric.) 8) Lack of Character (Pathological liars - convincing themselves of their own lie & then selling it to others.) 7) Distractions (Most men fail because of broken focus.) 6) Comfort (Settling for the good instead of earning the great.) 5) Dream is not Big Enough (Therefore they have no focus, passion, or long-term vision.) 4) Relational Challenges (Can't get along with other people.) 3) Unwillingness to Accept Personal Responsibility (Starting to blame little bits and pieces on something or someone else.) 2) Self Doubt (Can't see themselves in the big picture.) 1) Lack of Mental Toughness (Not having the courage to see it through.) -Christopher James Brady
Bill fetters and James Brady Thank you Randi Fetters this was the best lunch
Had the BEST surprize visit today my very own Pastor James Brady came by to say hello and pray for me and my family, once againb he proves hw much of a shepherd he is,a man worthy of Gods favour!!I'm stil in shock, and filled wit joy my dad came to say hello!:)
The Duke Diving Team is performing in Canada! Christy Cutshaw (aka the Flying Tiger) completed her first international meet event on 3m with a strong Finals to place 7th; The entire Duke Boys National Team made the finals on the 1 meter springboard from a field of 16 divers from around the globe! Jordan takes home gold; James Brady gets the silver; Quinlan Deval 5th; Andrew Capobianco 6th; and Connor Callahan 7th! GREAT JOB TEAM!!! Hoping De Cutshaw, Meg Doyle Callahan, or Suzanne Brady has some photos to post soon!!
Woke up this morning thinking that I have been living in the real life town of "FOOTLOOSE"! No music or dance in the schools. Football has status equal to the Texas Aggies and DON"T diss the Redskins! Lynchings and Public humiliation and burning at the stake is routinely recommended in the E Paper because our "fine" citizens don't want their taxpayer money supporting them in the fancy accomodations called PRISON. Please no more houses and we have a Walmart but COSTCO will provide jobs for our undereducated children that didn't get GT stamped on their butts at Fauquier Hospital when they were born! And DO NOT say anything negative about this town because the mental health services are underfunded and run by Nazi's who treat patients with experimental drugs with incentives from pharmaceutical companies! Don't let the hospital tell you they don't use handcuffs as restraints in the ER! (even if you don't need them because of the haldol IV cocktail) Oh! And 2 Armed Guards for calling a service provider a basta ...
James Brady anyone you know who can get me on the Kempsey Buy Trade & sell. Have been waiting a long time to get accepted. My profile has been made public all info is there so don't know what else you have to do?
Good morning everyone. I would like to take this time to ask for prayer for James Brady and his family. They are in Miami Florida to attend the sentencing for the man that killed his daughter Amber Brady in a drinking & driving accident. Court starts at 9:00 this morning. Have a blessed day family.
So I had a customer today they called and said oh James Brady, are you related to Tom Brady? I replied, no, no I'm not. He then said yes it was a sight to see Tom Brady on Sunday beat off all those guys. My response was… Yes it was! The customer was 89 years old
Theres only 1 james brady;) Josh McCann Joshua Clarke , we got the last 6:L
So proud of my son James Brady. He won the British national wheelchair tennis doubles in London over the weekend. He also came 3rd in the singles and is now ranked no 3. Well done James. xx
James Brady just cry to her she'll forgive yu!!
The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International is proud to announce that Gail Pace with Equest in Wylie, TX, is the recipient of the 2013 James Brady Professional Achievement Award.
Just drove to London and back to get my brother and his friends, now that's what I call a good brother James Brady Alex Lear Hannah Blucher Chloe Smith Sam Suckers
Me: You bring turkey home for the dog and not for your wife? James Brady: We have chicken patties at home. shared the following link: United Way fund set up for James Brady, whose public assistance was cut off after he received $850 he had earlier turned into police, has grown to more than $9,000.
About to see what this 5link Business Opportunity is about. James Brady Danielle Robinson Sheri Poet.
Day 29: I am thankful for my church family. They are a great bunch of caring and loving people that love the Lord, and other people. So supportive of me and all my mission projects as WMU Director. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by these people. I am also thankful for our pastor, Bro. James Brady, and his family. I have never seen anyone visit and witness as much as this man. He preaches the true gospel and loves the Lord and everyone he comes in contact with.
Sad. James Brady: Because one supports profits and the other supports a fair deal?
HACKENSACK SAMARITAN LOSES BENEFITS OVER $850 HE FOUND AND TURNED IN. James Brady, the formerly homeless man who earned national praise for turning in $850 he found on the street in Hackensack, learned the hard way this week that no good deed goes unpunished. VIOREL FLORESCU/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER BUY OR LICENSE THIS PHOTO James Brady holding a letter from Hackensack denying him General Assistance and Medicaid benefits for not reporting as income $850 he turned in to police. He got the cash when no one claimed it. Brady was denied General Assistance and Medicaid benefits by the Hackensack Human Services Department through Dec. 31 because he failed to report new income he received. The income, according to the agency, was the cash he found on Main Street last spring and that police returned to him in October after no one claimed it. The good deed turned Brady, who was homeless at the time he found the money, into a minor celebrity. He was featured in news reports across the country and honored by the Hackensac ...
I think it's someone along my side, I think
I wouldn't mind but its pissing down in are road
whose your best male friend? — I would say Chris Jim or James Brady :)
I want to get my "What Would Brady Do?" tattoo but no one should aspire to be like James Brady because he's a *** and he can't even swim
Anybody know if it true that Ian Ayre has given 200 tickets in our end for the derby at Goodison to Toyota!!
Fellow sailor James Brady's lovely blog on Sea Change - looking for new bearings
"if my daughter ever gets married, which she won't." -James Brady
Swansea City website after someone hacked it last night.
Always worth a try. Got to be better odds then the lotto
The storm has ripped through Thanet causing not much more damage than a group of teens after a drinking binge.
Saw this and thought of the tattoo you are going to do David Tutt
Why hasn't James Brady responded to my emojis yet?! 😠😤
Borussia Dortmund take a row of seats down at Arsenal on Tuesday
With the storm heading our way I wish all my friends and family here in the UK a safe 24 hours. I hope the storm...
Wizard of Oz house, Velma from Scooby Doo, one half of a horse, James Brady, I have great costume ideas!
James Brady AUTHOR of DESIGNS. 1st Edition 1986 . Book by OldBooks via
WIill Arteta miss the cup tie against Chelsea or the game against us next Saturday?
I share this because it must be true as my daughters are like their father
Pop quiz Mississippi: who filled in as Ronald Reagan's press secretary for 7 years after James Brady was wounded by the Hinckley shooting?
Congratulations to Michael Dunlea & James Brady, they were appointed last night by Board of Selectmen to Police Officer (Recruit) positions.
Me james brady eoin connery darragh sheehan + few more
Remember when Frank Reynolds got upset for misreporting James Brady as "dead" - ratings were driven by reality in those days
You bunch of *** insulting me coz you bet on the wrong result its not my failt if you are stupid
Because you've got iMessage and it's better
Seeing a donkey get kicked off a cliff has ruined my day
James Brady on Leadership - The higher the monkey climbs the tree the more you can see of his behind. Read More
It just seems there could have been a better outcome to this situation...When John Hinckley SHOT President Reagan, and James Brady in 1981, his life was spared. They have even considered letting him out of the mental hospital! This woman just rammed a gate with her car. Now she is dead. Edited to add: I know that I was not there, so I do not know exactly what went on. Just making a comparison to 1981 and 2013, basically.
Here is the recap of the big win yesterday by James Brady that ran in today's Chronicle-Telegram
One of the weirdest face swaps I've seen for a long time.
So I've just had to walk home, but de-bagging James Brady in tescos whilst he was holding donut. Worth the walk.
I no dat kida, messed up like messi
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
it's my cousin sorry Brady I forgot you have to approve everything
Dropped a massive bag on mkat didn't he
"James Brady got a girlfriend before me aww" MERCY IS ***
Barry will be ok for us, better than Osman and not sure about McCarthy myself will have to wait and see!
Lukaku, quality loan for Everton it must be said
Breaking news: bid accepted by from Manchester United Football Club. Confirmed.
Whether we do or not the Herrera situation is nothing short of embarrassing whatever way you look at it
he's a good player lukaku but I couldn't imagine him at Everton, we'll have to see
buzzin when we get £30M for him mate shame we won't spend it on a mid and striker pair
Training really hard and will be treating every game as if its a final. The fans have been incredible.
I'm not arsed I'd take him back tomorow
Im on about when he said he was joining a 'big club'. He's a nobhead
nah, no chance. Better players than him out there and the stuff he said about the club
Has seriously just asked if your still a teenager when your 19
You don't, especially if you mean the asylum
Apparently the Hererra deal is done, not sure what he's like though, and on going with felliani, just need to get it sorted
Yer deffo. Reckon you'll sign anyone
I know yeah, Napoli or Arsenal for Ba isn't it? Think it's Woodward that's the problem but probably partly moyes too!
Meant to be sellin Ba though so if that happens, Lukaku deffo wont go through. Moyes doesn't no what he's doing
I'd hate to be a Everton fan on Deadline Day. It's like going the Pound shop with 70p, ya just not getting nothing.
I will always be a red. It's been my house and I will never forget it. Thanks to all you fans for the support and hope w…
One of the best players the prem has ever seen, enjoy it Stevie
Goodluck James Brady with your wisdom teeth. Let me know how it goes
"Never forget that everyone has something to offer. some just need to have it coaxed to the surface" - Christopher James Brady
Looking forward to the start of the season!!
James Brady's answering machine makes me wanna walk to his crib nd wreck his phone
TONIGHT: CNN's Crimes of the Century examines Reagan assassination attempt & wounding of James Brady. 9pm ET/PT
Mad how useless I feel without electricity
Sickk night with the birdd an the kuzz
oh my brother went this morning, James Brady xx
I legitimately met James Brady today. THE James Brady. Nothing compares to shaking the man’s hand who took a bullet for Reagan.
Very close. Unconfirmed reports of argreed fee.
No full stops now. Mkhitaryan signing a Liverpool shirt.
Exclusive coming up for Liverpool football club.
Delighted, very proud and priviliged to be the first Belgian signing for such a big club Many thanks for all the …
We so at minimum 1 a week. That's not including BTEC
Brady you just get jack Belsten to do yours for ye!
I do more than you and I haven't even started the NVQ yet
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