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James Brady

James Scott Jim Brady (born August 29, 1940) is a former Assistant to the President and White House Press Secretary under U.S.

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Work by James Brady - a recent 2014 1st Class graduate in Mathematics – was presented by him this last Sept
Brady vs. Manning, wins vs. stats. Here is today's cartoon:
MMQB4: Why exactly was James Harrison retired? ... "THINK!" ... Recalibrating the sked: Brady at Manning, prob, in 2015, 2016, 2017.
What records did Tom Brady and Peyton Manning set in their showdown yesterday & more in Elias Says
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Death of Reagan Press Secretary James Brady ruled a homicide: police - Reuters
one day one of these celebrities will be mistaken for James Brady.
“Tom Brady has at least 3 TD passes in 4 straight games. In those games, he has 15 TD, 1 Int.
L.James, T.Brady, P.Manning,D.Rose the and all don't matter right now compared to playing for life.
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You know what ESPN is still gonna talk about more... The patriots game. Because you know Tom Brady is the Lebron James of football
Have a day Brady 5 games straight3+ Dt 7-2 goodnight. I'm feeling good James brown voice
"Everybody's stupid in an election year, Charlie." @ James S. Brady Press Briefing Room
If that was Brady Manning or Brees, Upshaw gets ejected. Now I hope James Harrison rips Flacco's head off and throws it to the moon.
Just in case you were wondering. Yes Brady and Manning shook hands.
Tom Brady has played 200 games and has a 77.5 win percentage averaging a 12-4 season ( via ) That is ins…
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Big win for the patriots! As tom brady beats denver broncos and payton manning
Remember when people said Tom Brady was finished? Yep. I bet those people feel pretty dumb right about now. .
| The words walked right out of my mouth. ~ James Brady
imagine if brady played for this Broncos team
Brady has maybe the best coach of all time... Imagine if Peyton played for him
he had Reggie Wayne plus edgrine James was a 1500 yard back Brady never had a good back either
Man, I love watching Brady and Manning play. I could watch them both play each other in a game of Yahtzee. Now that would …
Peyton can beat Brady but Brady is 11-5 vs Peyton tho.
Tom Brady has been DOMINANT in his last 5 games:. • 5-0. • 18 TD, 1 Int. • 1,601 pass yds. • 72.6 comp. %
talk to me when Peyton can be a manning brother that can actually beat Tom Brady and not get pointless stats on a loss
Yas James “Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback Ive witnessed play football”
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The Patriots blow out the Broncos 43-21 behind 4 TD passes from Tom Brady! Patriots move to the top of the AFC at 7-2 h…
Peyton is overall better than Brady. But 1 on 1, Brady is better. Hate to say that but stats don't lie.
. James Brady, former Reagan Press Secretary, gun-control advocate, dies on
James Brady, the former Press Secretary of President Ronald Reagan and ardent gun control advocate, died today at age 73.
1/3 Former White House Press Secretary James Brady's death this week was directly related to wounds he sustained in the 1981 attempted
Will John Hinckley Jr. face murder charges for the 'delayed death' of James Brady?
Former White House Press Secretary James Brady, who was wounded in the Reagan assassination attempt, has died at 73. http:…
James Brady, Ed Joyce, Jake Hooker, Charles Keating, Marilyn Burns, and Robin Williams have all died within 10 days. What is happening? 😞
The death of James Brady, who survived a gunshot to the head during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan 33 years ago, has been ruled a homicide by a Northern Virginia medical examiner, a spokeswoman told The Associated Press. Beca...
Peggy Noonan recounted this about how a neurosurgeon helped Mike Deaver overcome guilt over James Brady's injuries.
So there was a reason for autopsy - Could John Hinckley Jr. face charges following James Brady's death?
I saw on the news earlier that James Brady, former Press Secretary for President Ronald Reagan, passed away earlier this week and that they are attributing his death to the shooting which occurred in 1981. the report also indicated that a murder charge was forthcoming against John Hinckley. I feel this is kind of a moot point but something that has to be done nevertheless because Hinckley, like Madoff, has a long term reservation in the federal Hylton with no check out date anytime in the foreseeable future. this has obviously offered me a segway into a post about the second amendment. I subscribe to the theory that guns don't kill people, people do. I never knew a gun ever killing anyone solely by itself. it has always been the fool with one eye and a family tree that doesn't fork standing behind the gun that caused all the chaos. furthermore, you hear people often times say they (and of course were back to those people again) are gonna take our guns away. to me this is a myth created by the gun ...
We trace the legal history of 'delayed death' after a medical examiner ruled James Brady's death a homicide stemming from complications from his 1981 shooting at the hands of John Hinckley Jr.
James Brady, murdered 33 years ago by John Hinckley, Jr., died at his home earlier this week…. Wait, what?
Eugene Volokh concludes Kinckley cannot be tried for the murder of James Brady. via
'Wait, WHAT?!' Can John Hinckley be charged with homicide in death of James Brady?
John Hinckley probably won't be tried for James Brady's death, argues
I am assuming now that James Brady's death was ruled a homicide... will give John Hinckley his own show.
Hamilton Collection
James Brady is survived by the man who shot him, John Hinckley Jr., who remains in a psychiatric hospital
James Brady shooting declared a homicide… more than three decades later: No expiration date. I have to confess,...
Why John Hinckley's insanity verdict, and not double jeopardy, precludes prosecuting him for James Brady's murder.
Analysis of whether the government can prosecute John Hinckley for the death of James Brady:
Looks like John Hinckley Jr. may be in for some more courtroom time after Reagan Press Secretary James Brady's...
May the government try John Hinckley for James Brady's murder? - Washington Post
Saw that former White House Press Secretary James Brady passed away and they're ruling it a homicide - saying his death was a result of the 1981 shooting by John Hinckley, Jr. Very sad BUT what I find disturbing is that Hinckley has been able to leave the "hospital" where he "resides" to stay with family 10 days a month and while he is out of that hospital he has Secret Service that follow him at all times!!! Boy how money is wasted!! Throw him in jail - where he should be, or keep him locked up (as he should be) and do not waste money on this guy!!! Money spent on Secret Service for John Hinckley, Jr?? Ugh.
Former President Reagan aid,James Brady's death ruled a homicide? It never ceases to amaze me.
Follow with Me If You Will: March 30 1981 an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan-In the process "Hinckley" the"alleged" shooter severely wounded Press Secretary James Brady-As a result extensive Gun-Control and magazine restrictions were enacted "Brady Bill" James Brady who passed away this week has been ruled death by homicide from gunshot wounds that occurred over Thirty Three(33) years ago: Also rulings for defense on grounds of insanity have been changed-There is no Statute Of Limitations on Homicide-Lets Watch what the JUSTICE Department does to twist this to meet their agenda on GUN-CONTROL and Second Amendment Rights.
The BBC's take on Bradley death - US police to investigate James Brady death as homicide via
Sadly, a new twist some might have seen coming. Hinckley was found insane for assault with intent to kill in the US President Reagan assassination attempt. Hinckley is still in a psych. ward. But now that James Brady that was shot in the head in that attempt has died 33 years later from complications of that attack - it is now ruled a homicide. Assault and homicide are two separate crimes as you know. That means double jeopardy law does not protect Hinckley another trial I think. The attack was in D.C. which doesn't carry the death penalty, but The FBI is investigating. We haven't heard the last of this.
Very sad to hear of the death of James Brady- loyal aide to President Ronald Reagan at the age of 73
Sadly, James Brady has passed. He was shot in 1981, and now his death had been ruled homicide. Interesting case:
Death of James Brady, Reagan Press Secretary, ruled a homicide | Fox News
James Brady, the White House Secretary who was wounded in 1981 during an attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, died last week. Now Medical Examiners are ruling his death a homicide. Accor...
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The death of James Brady -- President Ronald Reagan's Press Secretary who was wounded in the attempt on Reagan's life in March 1981 -- was a homicide, a medical examiner ruled Friday.
Death of James Brady, former Press Secretary to Ronald Reagan, has been ruled a homicide
John Hinckley, Jr. should be charged with the murder of James Brady
John Hinckley Jr. could be charged with federal murder in death of James Brady via
"Death of James Brady has been ruled a homicide resulting from John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted 1981 assassination of Pres. Ronald Reagan"
Autopsy on Reagan's press sec James Brady is ruled death a homicide from 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald by John Hinckley Jr.
James Brady's Death Was a Homicide, Medical Examiner Rules ... from being shot by John Hinckley Jr. in 1981.
James Brady's death officially ruled a homicide. Now John Hinckley Jr. can be tried for murder.
I did not just read the John Hinckley Jr can be tried for the homicide of James Brady. How about finding out *** happened in Benghazi?
James Brady's death is ruled a homicide, so does this mean John Hinckley Jr. needs to be charged with murder now?
John Hinckley Jr. to be charged with murder in James Brady's death
John Hinckley Shoots President Reagan and James Brady while trying to impress a lady for a date !
James Brady's death being ruled a homicide will not change how John Hinckley Jr. is monitored by the Secret Service, agency officials say
Ronald Reagan and James Brady died in old age and Jodie Foster turned *** John Hinckley Jr should consider alternate life choices
Death of James Brady ruled homicide. What it means for John Hinckley Jr.:
. on coroner ruling James Brady's death a homicide, 33 years after Hinkckley shot him.
James Brady, former Press Secretary wounded in Reagan assassination attempt, dies at age 73:
Rest In Peace, James Brady. So sad that the leaders of the NRA cared more about the rights of John Hinkley than his.
"This level of violence must stop," Ronald Reagan supporting the Brady Bill, named in honor of patient activist James Brady, who died Monday
James Brady, profile in courage. Fresh ink from
Statement of Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy on James Brady: "I was greatly saddened to hear of James Brady's p...
Congresswoman Kelly statement on the passing of James Brady
James Brady was an inspiration to countless victims of gun violence & to Americans living with disabilities.
RIP James Brady. Unbelievably more Americans will die from guns than from cars this year.
RIP James Brady a good man and Patriot. Dana Perino: James Brady Taught Us About Courage |
James Brady, former White House Press Secretary, dead at 73..
James Brady, White House Press Secretary under Reagan, dies.
James Brady, Press Secretary under Reagan, dies - VIDEO: James Brady dead at age 73 - DANA PERINO: Brady taught us about courage - F...
We at Sandy Hook Promise are saddened to hear that James Brady has passed at the age of 73:
DIED TODAY; James Brady, former assistant to the President & White House Press Secretary, AND one of four individuals wounded during a 1979 ASSASSINATION attempt on then President Ronald Reagan (Reagan was also wounded). -- All four shooting victims eventually recovered, but it was Brady, the FIRST to be shot, who was left to suffer the most serious injury... the result of a bullet lodged in his BRAIN. -- While enduring the limitations of the slurred speech that remained a constant reminder of that tragically faithful day, he FOUGHT for 30 YEARS to finally WALK again and leave his wheel chair behind... and devoting the REST of his LIFE to the passage of GUN-CONTROL legislation. -- The FIRST Federal BACKGROUND CHECK law (with a mandated 5-day WAITING period) the "Brady Bill", was named by Congress in his honor.
'An untold number of people are alive today who otherwise wouldn’t be, thanks to Jim.' - Pres. Obama on …
RIP James Brady. A brave man with a brave wife.
Ronald Reagan Press Secretary who devoted himself to cause of better gun controls dies more than 33 years after...
James Brady I just want to wish the Brady family my deepest Condolences. Secretary Brady may you "Rest in Peace" Amen
James Brady, a champion of gun control known for his charm and wit (Christian Science Monitor)
James Brady lived 33 years with the ravages of a bullet intended for Ronald Reagan
James Brady, the Press Secretary injured in an attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan in 1981, dies at 73
The NYT obit for James S. Brady, a symbol of the fight for gun control
RIP James Brady, a man who turned a tragedy into a lifelong cause. Proud that Sen. Kennedy was an original Brady Bill c…
RIP James Brady You and your wife made a real difference - thank you for your service.
R.I.P. James A. Brady. Took a bullet for the Gipper, then spent his life trying to stop bullets.
A look back at the life and legacy of James Brady: James Brady was the White House Press Secretary when he was...
The Fix: The remarkable story of James Brady’s shooting and recovery
James Brady, gun proponent, RIP: What I was, I am not now. What I was, I will never be again.
Rest in peace James Brady. Thank you to you and your wife Sarah for making it your life's work to put the out of business.
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Sad to hear of the passing of James Brady. Thoughts & prayers for his family. A well loved man.
RIP James Brady. Let's all honor him with a sensible approach to gun control. There is too much gun violence in America.
President Obama is mourning the death of James Brady, praising his "remarkable legacy of service."
Powerful piece--James Brady and the Fallacy of Good Guys With Guns via
Jim and Sarah Brady made a home in Delaware.
RIP James Brady. The least Congress can do in his memory is pass a universal background check bill.
Sad to hear about the death of James Brady, an exemplary public servant and a pioneering voice in the fight for gun vio…
RIP James Brady. The Hollywood liberals tried to exploit his shooting to take away your guns:
“James Brady dies - he was the Press Secretary hit by bullet meant for Ronald Reagan in 1981 assassination attempt.” Inspiring man👌
James Brady RIP, 6-4-2014. "Discouragement is a temporary thing, just get back on and ...
James Brady survived for 3 decades after taking a bullet meant to kill Reagan. May his law go on forever & be expanded to all g…
A lot of people are feeling very sad that James Brady is gone.
So I'm sure the James Brady gunman owned his gun 100% legally right?!
Truly grateful for everything that James Brady contributed to this country, rest in peace sir.
James Brady took a personal tragedy and turned it into a cause for peace. Reflecting on his example and thinking of his fami…
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Ronald Reagan's Press Secretary, James Brady, dies ... 33 years after assassination attempt
Listen up GOP. Even Ronald Reagan was . For GUN CONTROL. After he got Shot. Remembering Jim Brady ht…
America lost a great man who turned his pain into our gain through activism. Thank you, Mr. Brady via
RIP James Brady+props to Sarah Brady and other caregivers who face everyday the human consequences of gun violence. He w…
James Brady dead: Former press secretaries remember colleague
A beautiful portrait of James Brady by Platon for the RIP.
Thank you, James Brady, for turning your personal tragedy into a lifelong commitment to firearms sanity. RIP
In honor of the life and mission of James Brady, the man who helped persuade Ronald Reagan to support background checks, follow…
The surgeon who saved Jim Brady's life after John Hinckley's bullet slammed into his head 33 years ago
James Brady died today if you guys remember he was the press sec that took a bullet in the head during the Ronald Reagan attempted assassination. The name sake to the Brady Bill. RIP James
James Brady died today. He and his family were pioneers in gun safety regulations. Which our "Congress" has seen fit to un-regulate. RIP and thank you. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
James Brady, who served as White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan, has died, his family confirms.
RIP, James Brady, a man of courage, a champion of gun control and one of the last Republicans I could admire.
Aug 4 (Reuters) - James Brady, a former presidential Press Secretary critically wounded in the assassination attempt on U.S. President Ronald Reagan, has died, a family spokeswoman said on Monday. He was 73.
R,I.P Mr. James Brady. You served President Regan well. You for sure didn't deserve to live the life you did
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James Brady, the thumb-up White House Press Secretary who became a crusader for gun control legislation after being critically wounded in a 1981 assassin
Former Press Secretary and prominent gun-control advocate James Brady has died. Dana Bash reports on his life and legacy.
I mourn the passing of Brother James Brady to the Chapter Eternal. He was a great man; a great spokesman for the Great Communicator; and a champion of victim's rights having faced the wrong end of an assassin's gun. He was always gracious and a true Gentleman. He was the epitome of a Sigma Chi. We pause to take in the strength of this man's character. Comfort and blessings to his family. IH my brother..."in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."
James Brady, former Press Secretary to President Reagan and a champion of gun violence prevention, passed away earlier today. We at CeasefirePA are thinking of the entire Brady family as we mourn the loss of a man who dedicated his life to making our nation safer. Dan Gross, President of the Brady C…
James Brady dies, President Reagan . Known for taking1 for the Gipper, Brady gun control bill questioner gun purchase.
Where were you when James Brady & President Reagan got shot March 30th, 1981? Ironically, I was lying on a Red Cross gurney table giving blood... "President's been shot" I heard, "but you need to lay still" I think Reagin got 10-12 pints that day. I'm not a Republican, but blood saves everyone. It was needed then. And it's needed now so please consider giving again for for the first time. Jim Brady died today. Right guy. Wrong spot. Thanks for helping to inspire the Brady gun laws. A nice legacy Jim ...
James Brady will not be down for breakfast... 21 gun salute at funeral unlikely
James Brady, Press Secretary wounded in President Reagan's assassination attempt, dies at 73
"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I have several stands around here." - James Brady Jim Brady -- a courageous patriot who loved his country, who dreamed of all our country could become, and who worked tirelessly even after life "gave him lemons" to make communities across our nation safer and thereby stronger -- may he rest in peace.
RIP James Brady. I admired you very much.
Farewell James Brady, aka the man who took a bullet for the Gipper.
James Brady, (the dude who took a bullet to the head saving President Reagan) died today. Didnt know much about him, but what a brave thing to do.
James Brady, gun-control advocate wounded in ‘81 attack on President Reagan, dies at 73
About 20 years ago I took a group of junior high students, including one of my daughters, to Washington DC for a week. We hit all the sights and had a wonderful educational experience. While there I was in the building where all the senators have their offices and was looking for Sen. Packwood's office. The hallway was practically deserted so I was moving forward yet looking behind trying to find his office. The next thing I knew I had bumped into something, almost did a somersault and landed in the lap of wheelchair-bound James Brady. I was startled and embarrassed beyond words! I knew exactly who he was and my face had to have turned as red as a cherry! He was laughing and thought the whole incident was pretty funny. I apologized over and over and he said "It's okay Honey. Not every man has a blonde land in his lap." He laughed and laughed. He then showed me where Sen. Packwood's office was and I thanked him and again apologized. He continued to laugh and wished us a great experience in DC. Today James ...
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RIP James Brady. You were a brave man.
James Brady, President Reagan's Press Secretary shot in 1981 assassination attempt, dead at 73
The NYT front page from March 31, 1981, the day President Reagan, James Brady and 2 guards were shot
James Brady, who took a bullet meant for President Reagan, died today. Little known fact: James Brady & I had the same brain surgeon, Dr. John L. Fox!!! Small world . . .
Last week in Baltimore, a little 3 year old girl name Mackenzie was shot and killed while she was sitting on a porch. No mother or father should have their children die due to violence. The person or persons who did this are still wondering the streets. Why dose our children have to suffer because of gang violence or shootings. James Brady died today he was the Press Secretary of Ronald Regan. He works so very hard to pass gun laws. Apparently we did not learn our lesson from Connecticut. Congress is trying to find ways to sue President Obama, how about passing stiffer gun laws. This child could have found a cure for diseases, or help mankind settle their differences. Write to you Congressman, Mayor, Senator and community leader that WET HE PEOPLE ARE TRIED of this violence. Let’s save our children please. ; _ - (
RIP James Brady. So sorry gun violence is worse than when you got the bullet aimed at President Reagan.
James Brady was Reagan's official Press Secretary for all eight years. Everyone else was "Assistant to the President for Press Relations."
RIP James Brady. Let us take his cause to heart please.
Had a quite a day with friend and I went to Claremont NH to Walmart and Hannaford Grocery Store. Went to the laundromat evening. RIP James Brady. Going to sleep. Good night and God bless. tomorrow is another day!
RIP. James Brady. Ronald Reagan's former Press Secretary who was shot and disabled when Reagan was shot. Remember it like it was yesterday.
James Brady lost his first career when he was shot with President Reagan. His next career was to save others. A truly g…
RONALD REAGAN SUCKED, he was a rotten President, but he stood by James Brady, good for him...
Ex-Press Secretary became advocate for gun control: James Brady was left paralyzed by the 1981 shooting and be...
James Brady dead at 73: Friends, lawmakers react to Reagan Press Secretary’s passing
James Baker, now James Brady. The Old Guard is moving on JW. Rest in Peace Mr. Brady.
James Brady, Reagan spokesman and anti-gun activist, dies at 73
Welcome to the world my new Brady James Morris 😍👶💙 7/7/14
REPORT: Cleveland now favored to pick up LeBron James and entire Heat fan base
Press Briefing: White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Pr...
I'm sorry if everyone who knows me has just gotten a load of posts I've shared in groups. I'm not sure whats...
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goes out to this guy with the most perfect smile I've ever seen in my life. 😍😍😍 love you Brady James!
Monday night hints: Press Secretary James Brady | Take on Me | mens singles finals at Wimbledon.
16. "WOOHO Brady Boy in the House Yooo. Well, Let's live this party guys! James' we should make truth or dare party" Trist said.
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But this is an awesome skill to have. You're in training to be not-the-Brady-Bunch. Which is important.
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Just watched Common on BBC about Joint Enterprise. I never realised that our legal system was so lazy that they...
When I found Coach Brady I was overjoyed! My son now works with James 2 days a week.
no Brady's is better but you're second James
Brady is best ever followed by Montana. My humble opinion. &
Caitlin Moran's 5 rules of Feminism—James (and Juno) share.
James O' Donohoe is the best forward in the country at the moment without doubt! Unmarkable.
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Seeing how successful James Brady was on the field as a player made me want to learn from the best.
"If I had one day when I didn't have to be all confused and I didn't have to feel that I was ashamed of everything. You know?" . - James Dean
The Brady 6 is the most beautiful piece of cinematography ever created
Almost drowned in the James River for 10 bucks 💰never even got my money tho
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Throughout middle school and St. Anthony�s, I worked with James Brady and the All Long Island Football Academy.
Mario and Luigi actually have a third brother. His name is James Brady.
In the time since the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan that permanently injured James Brady that...
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James Brady thinking long and hard about his table tennis career
I'll decorate it for you James Brady! I'll write, "I'm a *** one." 😉
Brady James wanna hold that retirement back a year?
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: Didn't we just resign Brady James on a one day retirement deal? Maybe he could strap on some bionic legs and give it a go!
John Lennon was killed and James Brady was shot by a mentally ill man. Mental illness and the lack of resources is the issue
John Lennon killed by mentally ill man. James Brady shot by mentally ill man. Sandy Hook caused by mentally ill man.
it's crazy how things change bud. It all happens so fast
Andrew Garfield is my bae. And Leonardo Dicaprio and Ansel Elgort and Josh Hutcherson and James Franco...etc
“This is LeBron James Jr. they breed em young
ICYMI: Age is just a number with Tom Brady
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idk why but I was expecting a picture of Gronk or Brady
Didn’t help Ronald Reagan or James Brady much
I'm going to miss the coaching staff and players at James Madison I want to thank coach Brady for the opportunity to learn from him
I'm old enough to remember the 80s, when Reagan and his gun control poster boy James Brady were gonna take all of our guns away.
CONGRATULATIONS: Huge congratulations to and his wife Leigh on the birth of their first child Brady!
solid list, but Brady has to be above Peyton, sorry
Brady Quinn just said "shouldn't have went to Vegas before OTA's" bro stop necking him because he gets more …
James Franklin is just a slimmer version of Brady Hoke, you know.
Brady Quinn was garbage and Phil savage picked Brian Robskie over James Laurinaitis.
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you need to stop talking about Tom Brady. LeBron James is getting jealous.
LeBron James- 74th postseason game with at least 25 pts, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, passing Michael Jordan for most all-time…
I nerd out every time I get to come here. :B (@ James S. Brady Press Briefing Room)
Lance Stephenson: 1 point. Lebron James: 29 points . Who's weak now you ***
Brady has one of the strongest arms in the game! He doesn't check to rbs like Peyton to Knowshon, Edge James
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LeBron James has 22 Pts to lead Miami as Heat lead Pacers by 12. This easy dunk was part of a big start to 3rd qtr: http:…
“Next to Tom Brady, Lebron James is my most hated athlete”
It took James Brady getting shot to get what little we have accomplished. Richard Martinez could be the next advocate.
More like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and LeBron James fan but okay
Wayne Brady should have gotten the James Brown acting job. Lets get on up, and stay on the scene. Like a sex machine. James Brown
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Yes, Paul Brady will launch the Musicshowcase on Sunday 8 June at Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Great James Street, 7pm-11.30pm
The Queen's at home, so the Brady Bunch are going to say hello. @ Buckingham Palace, St, James Park
I remember just a couple of years ago at beef o Brady's celebrating ur birthday. It seems like it was not long ago, now we are old
It's like saying John Hinckley Jr shot James Brady and Pres Reagan because he loved Jodie in "Taxi Driver"
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How cute are these two? ♥ & Brady James watching the fireworks together. leasamarie03
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Lots of position swapping in the All Star Sprint Dash w/ Wayne Johnson winning over Dale Blaney, James McFadden, Brady Bacon, Wilson & Haud
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Can't sleep with so much on my mind.p.s. Tyler James Brady is snoring n it sounds painful
Jimmy Garappolo main job with the Patriots will be to make sure Tom Brady is never left hanging on a high five.
he sounds a lot like Tom Brady. Skill wise.
Tom Brady commented on the draft pick by saying that Jimmy Garoppolo is "kind of cute"
he can learn a lot from Brady really quickly
I really enjoy how every 4 years the pats draft a successor to Brady, forgetting that like Pharell, he is immortal
I remember my grandma used to love watching Brady Bunch, i don't recall watching it myself.
.is back in a Cleveland jersey...but not the one he used to wear:
A Juab County judge has slapped a California attorney with a $3,000 fine for zapping a witness with a trick pen during an October trial over whether electrical currents from a Delta power plant are harming nearby dairy cows. In an order released this week, 4th District Judge James Brady wrote that e…
LeBron James wears Manziel jersey on flight to Brooklyn:
Just like they took notice on Brady, and Rodgers, and Marino, and Russell Wilson.Plus who said James is ELITE???
Portraying James Topham Brady in a on the Dan Sickles murder case.
Breaking News!!! PSU to hold Summer BBQ to entice recruits to commit. Further proving that James Franklin is Brady Hoke 2.0 Beta Version
Well Brady Quinn still plays or played in the NFL. The only person I see not associated with the NFL is James.
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We enjoyed a great evening last night celebrating the seniors of RBC: Luke Gilbert, Brady Tate, April James, and...
A new committee has been formed and we are calling on all to join the supporters club and support YOUR COUNTY- YOUR TEAM. There is a new energy about the club as a result of the teams tremendous start to the season ,challenging at the top of the league, in the cup quarter finals and playing great football on the way. We want to harness that energy and we have started with the away-day supporters bus .We would like to thank Paul French for sponsoring the supporters bus this season ,his generosity is greatly appreciated . We returned with all three points ,a good omen for the next away-day special which is to Shamrock Rovers B on Sunday May 25th.To book a seat see contact details below. Supporters Committee Chairperson - James Brady Vice Chairperson - Sean Keane Secretary - Carrie Brady Vice Secretary - Jennifer Miller Treasurer - Katie Duggan PRO - Jennifer Miller Join the Club Membership is open to all and you can sign up on match days at Ferrycarrig Park. There are plans to accept membership online short ...
--FREE-DELIVERY-FREE-DELIVERY. Today's offering from are these...
Wild. Stomping around in my old hood was fun Jenn Putrzenski got Kayla Mae drunk for her 21st John Lindeman and James Brady sang some good karaoke... And a good time was had by all cheers :)
“How Arsenal made my teenage years a misery:
Owen James putting in work in the stairs
Working on playing in 25/16 time signature. It's a little rough. But really fun Noodle James Cary Joey Brady...
One Super Bowl means nothing, I see Brady making it deep with no defense or offensive weapons
In my perfect world there would be no New England Patriots. Tom Brady..Cam Newton. Oklahoma football. LeBron James. .and Duke basketball!
Seahawks aren't a great team yet, and there are always exceptions, I'm talking Brady and the Pats level
no Manziel is just another Brady Quinn. All hype, drama. I hope James works out too bro. Just win damnit...
So, Teddy to NE to replace Mallet as Brady's protege?
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